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24-05-20, 07:38 AM
https://i.postimg.cc/Wzs4bCjT/ajax-squad.jpg (https://postimages.org/)

Just for a fly through bit of fun aim is retake the Title back from PSV who won it in the 95/96 season


- Load up Dutch league only
- Can only sign young players based in Holland 23 years of age or under (any nationality is allowed but the most be in a dutch squad) no free's allowed unless Dutch and under 23. (can turn 24 that season)
- But you can sign any Ajax player from the past, present or future that has made at least made one senior competitive appearance for the club
*no age or league restriction on signing Ajax players
- Have to use the default 3-1-3-3 formation (which was actually called the 'Ajax formation on 'CM2') any passing style is allowed

If a player sent off you are allowed to move one of your attackers to cover the defensive positions and make a sub

Points Scoring

League Winners 250 pts
Runners Up 50 pts

Uefa Cup

Winners 200 pts
Finalists 50 pts
Losing Semi Finalists 25 pts

Dutch Cup

Winners 75 points
Losing Finalists 25 points

Goal Bonus

- 1 point for every league goal scored

Player Points Bonuses

Dutch player of the Year - 100 pts
Young Dutch player of the Year - 100 pts
League Top Goalscorer - 100 pts
'Football Writers' Award - 100 pts
European Player of the Year - 150 pts

If there a little interest from others to do a quick one season challenge on cm97/98 will post more in the future or hopefully others could post some as well

CM97/98 is always a great game to play just hammering through a season :-)

24-05-20, 09:22 AM
think i got lucky with litmanen on this load

signed kinkladze, oojer and a couple of frees for depth so far might sign Overmars if Rangers won't put B. Laudrup available for transfer

Both Ajax and PSV undefeated so far

https://i.postimg.cc/0QNLQYjM/litmanen.jpg (https://postimages.org/)

First loss and a big one :-(

https://i.postimg.cc/GhYYN6Kt/psv-game.jpg (https://postimages.org/)

24-05-20, 10:50 AM
probably would recommend buying a back up keeper

https://i.postimg.cc/qBXs1PvL/mvv-defeat.jpg (https://postimages.org/)

knocked out of dutch cup to Zwolle of 2nd division lost on pens with a rotated team (big mistake!)

Knocked out a strong Udinese with Bierhoff upfront in Uefa Cup to get through to Quarters

Half way stage top 'only slightly' with surprise package NAC in 2nd and Feyenoord and PSV both in striking distance

24-05-20, 11:49 AM
Got drawn against Liverpool in Semi of Uefa Cup

24-05-20, 11:57 AM
First leg scored 2 early goals then Liverpool swamped me for the rest of the game. Could go either way in the 2nd leg

https://i.postimg.cc/SxGG1j7D/liverpool-way-leg.jpg (https://postimages.org/)

League is pretty much wrapped up with time running out for the chasing pack to catch up

24-05-20, 12:14 PM
Just wasn't to be couldn't play a full strength team so many injuries and suspensions for 2nd leg

https://i.postimg.cc/CxzFmr81/Untitled.jpg (https://postimages.org/)

https://i.postimg.cc/rpf33qL2/ajax-board.jpg (https://postimages.org/)

Bit harsh I thought Semi Final was tough

24-05-20, 12:56 PM
End of Season

https://i.postimg.cc/ZY1dh3TV/transfer-in-ajax.jpg (https://postimages.org/)

https://i.postimg.cc/X7k7DyXZ/end-of-season-league-table.png (https://postimages.org/)

https://i.postimg.cc/JnXR3s9z/Dutch-awards.jpg (https://postimages.org/)

https://i.postimg.cc/FKM4K975/Jari-EOS.jpg (https://postimages.org/)

Total Score


Not bad but very beatable didn't bring in players i needed quick enough at beginning of season as you need them registered for Europe pretty early

Shouldn't of rotated team in Dutch Cup and shouldn't of waited for ever trying to bring in Bergkamp and Laudrup

24-05-20, 01:03 PM
Were the Board drunk or something?

https://i.postimg.cc/rpf33qL2/ajax-board.jpg (https://postimages.org/)

24-05-20, 01:41 PM
Were the Board drunk or something?

https://i.postimg.cc/rpf33qL2/ajax-board.jpg (https://postimages.org/)

That's what i thought lol

But i suppose Ajax were a huge giant back then apart from a few elite clubs in Europe you can pretty much sign any player managing them back in 97/98.