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28-05-20, 12:06 PM
How to play Online Multiplayer using Hamachi

First, the compatibility of your cm01/02 exe needs to be set to Windows XP Service pack 3.
Right click your exe and choose Properties, this screen should appear:

choose the settings that are shown here, Windows XP (Service Pack 3) and if you haven't already, tick the Run as administrator box.

Champman was designed to be played on a physical network, all computers playing the network game should be connected by actual wires. To get around this we use a "LAN Tunnelling Program" called Hamachi. It tricks the game into thinking you are physically connected by LAN cable to the people you will be playing with.

You can download Hamachi here (https://hamachi.en.softonic.com)
It's pretty straightforward, Once downloaded and installed hit the power button and choose a username and generate your Hamachi ip. This is the tunnel that the game will use to connect to other players. The IPv4 address is the one we want, highlighted here:


Next, delete the file in the championship manager DATA folder called "cpuinf32.dll"
[C:/Program Files/Championship Manager/Data/cpuinf32.dll]

Now, In the main Championship Manager folder find the ip.exe application. Double click to run this. It seems like nothing happens but this has created a file called ~net.OUT in the main folder which tells the Champman game which IP it should be using when playing a network game. Find this file and open it using notepad


Below is my ~net file, you will see that the IP address matches the one in the Hamachi image above. You need to make your IPv4 address in your net file match the one you have generated earlier in Hamachi.


To edit this file, sometimes it is easier to drag it from the champman folder to your desktop while you edit the IPv4 address. It will not let you save any changes to the file while it is sitting in the main Champman folder so drag it out and fill the IPv4 bits in with your Hamachi IPv4 address. There is one more step before you return it to the main Champman folder.

The ~net file needs to be write protected, to stop the game overwriting the IP address you have just modified.
So, right click the notepad file while it is still on the desktop, and choose Properties. The screen below will appear:


Click that read only button and apply and the file is ready to be returned to you Champman folder.

Now, if you are going to be the host of your game, you have to turn off your firewall, allowing other players to connect to you. If you are joining a game this isn't as important but the host of the game must do this as they are basically the server that everyone connects to in order to play. If you start typing "firewall" into Cortana it will quickly give you the option you are looking for:

Turn the firewall off (windows won't like this but override the warning it gives you)
and that's it! You are now ready to play a network game with CM01/02!