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03-06-12, 02:35 PM
Hi Guys,

I have been playing Champ Man 0102 for years and have somehow never come up with this problem before. I am using Windows 7 but again it wasn't a problem last week or for the last year, nothing has changed as far as I know.

I have the original game, used the patch cm 3968 and also the eec hack and the September 2008 update. Was playing it fine for months and months.

2 days ago I tried to update the game (for a change!, wish I HADN'T!) to the FINAL SIM UPDATE .

This did not work and the game crashed. Even the compatibility to Windows 98 didn't help. I abandoned this update and went back to my original September 2008. Now it just isn't the same :(

I have tried everything from using the EEC Hack before the 3968, after it, before and after the september update, everything seems fine it says the file is patched but I STILL have the foreign rule. I have system restored to a previous time, used a previous version , everything. It is really annoying, the hack has not failed before. Everything else is fine but the foreign rule still stands after everything I have tried..any ideas???



03-06-12, 02:37 PM
run the hack as Administrator

03-06-12, 05:27 PM
Ah I see...that's why the little padlock was on the nation.dat...doh!, thanks dude...life saver :D

22-01-13, 08:18 PM

When trying to open the programme by clicking on thr globe icon i get a message saying 'component comdlg32.ocx or one of its dependencies not correctly rgistered: a file is missing or invalid'.

Anyone had this before or know what im doing wrong?


22-01-13, 08:23 PM
Seems the issue is with your comp, you can add it back by following the here instructions here - http://windowsxp.mvps.org/comdlg32.htm

18-05-13, 01:54 PM
Can this hack be used to edit a save game or does it need to be used before starting a game?

18-05-13, 06:44 PM
Don't think EEC Hack works on saves but my EEC Editor does.


19-05-13, 12:56 AM
Don't think EEC Hack works on saves but my EEC Editor does.


Thanks John,
Flex2 so out of interest what does this do exactly?

19-05-13, 06:39 AM
Flex 2 is just a collection of applications - most of my applications rely code for editing data in the game so it's easier to release them together than it is to release them individually.

10-08-13, 04:43 PM
I play pure vanilla 3.9.60, cause love this oldschool feeling. But would like, playing in England, to have easy access to all those nations that joined UE actually back in 2001 like Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, czech Republic etc. Tried EECHack, but it doesn't work. Yes, I started a new game. Nothing. Still when buying some Czech stars have info about waiting for work permit. Is it because of such early version of the game I play or what?

10-08-13, 06:55 PM
Do this and try again

run the hack as Administrator

11-08-13, 12:15 AM
Do this and try again

I did it, tried again, and of course worked all right. Noticed btw that the original inside editor didn't work neither cause I did'n run as admin. So simple! :doh: Thanx a lot, Dermotron!

21-11-13, 02:51 PM
EEC hack download appears to be broken.

08-12-13, 09:26 PM
The requested URL /files/cm3/eec14.zip was not found on this server.

Please update, thanks.

03-08-14, 05:33 PM
I have applied the hack and all nations are ticked, patched it and it says it has worked. Started many new games but still have players with the blue foreign tag. Any ideas?

03-08-14, 05:37 PM
What league are you referring to? It really only works for nations that have EU Foreigner rules, some nations have ANY foreigner rules (Turkey, Croatia)

Download Flex 2, the Restrictions editor has more specific options :ok:

05-08-14, 07:44 PM
So trying to use this with the newest tapani patch, plus march 2014 update, but my players are still (FGN) and needs work permits.


05-08-14, 08:10 PM
Read the post just above yours, should explain why is hasn't worked

05-08-14, 09:45 PM
Im reffering to the premier league, maybe it helps to run the hack as an administrator then?

06-08-14, 12:05 AM
Run everything as administrator tembo_86 :ok:

17-08-14, 05:30 PM
Hi guys

I may be a total amateur with this! I'm having difficulties downloading the EEC Hack.

I'm on Windows 8. I've downloaded the programme and trying to run Setup. I get this message:

C:\Users\aaa\AppData\Local\Temp\7zOD604.tmp\setup. LST

Can anyone help? Thanks

18-08-14, 02:40 AM
Try extracting to your desktop and then right clcik on the setup, choose properties and run as administrator!

20-02-16, 01:16 PM
Hey guys

Using EEC Hack, and when I start a new game in Spain there are still foreign players. Anyone know any tips to make it work fully?

20-02-16, 02:30 PM
Run it as administrator

Right click on the icon
Run as administrator

30-04-16, 10:31 PM
When i run the hack it says: invalid picture
Does anyone have an idea what the reason is?

Thanks in advance

26-10-16, 06:51 PM
Dermotron is the EEC hack also compatible with Championship manager 3 (98/99) season or is it only compatible with CM 01/02?


26-10-16, 08:31 PM
I'd say try it firstly. But realistically do this if unsure open the editor and do this http://champman0102.co.uk/showthread.php?t=9049&page=2&p=322969#post322969

21-10-17, 09:55 AM
Need a bit of help, if the EEC editor is applied and working, will players still have the work permit proces in game? Is there an easy way to check if it has worked? Thank you so much
Best regards Marc