View Full Version : Serie C stadium backgrounds (Italy) 800 * 600

20-06-20, 02:48 PM
Dear manager friends,

today I wanted to share with you a background package of stadiums of the Italian Serie C teams.
Inside the folder, in addition to the backgrounds, you will find:

- the "pics.cfg" file (copy its contents and paste it into the one already present on your PC;
- a file called "Read before adding backgrounds" read it before doing anything.

I hope you enjoy them
Cheers *Baw*

Preview (I have inserted only some of them as an example)


DOWNLOAD HERE (https://mega.nz/file/3CJhiKYY#giR-kBTEI0uc9WAN7glHNrdQIxzZ8NMSlZMT7vaBeWo)