View Full Version : Loading all players in cm3?

10-11-20, 08:48 AM
Done alot of editing putting in players for teams who don't tend to have many,likes of Shaktar Donetsk and other eastern euro teams but when I load up the game it only tends to be players with a high reputation or potential that appear.
Is there a way to load every player so they appear in the game,tried running all leagues on max database to no avail.

Cam F
10-11-20, 11:04 AM
Obviously I would back up your exe and db before you try anything!!!

But lots of the tools Tap, JL and Nick have made sometime work on other versions of CM3 if you rename your exe to 0102 so perhaps (and I could be wrong), the load all players patch which is in one of the ones created might work.

10-11-20, 09:13 PM
Just used the search function and alot of posters mentioned it on the Nick's patcher thread but couldn't find the actual link to the download for it.
Will have a further look!