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I hadn't played 01/02 since 2001 I guess. It's bringing back some memories, I had an awesome game playing as Stalybridge Celtic. I remember having the re-incarnations of Edgar Davids, Rivaldo, Beckham and Scholes in my midfield. I seem to remember having to sell my defence to buy them so I didn't achieve what I should have done.

I'm just starting up a game as Stalybridge, going to relive some old memories. Sadly enough, after over a decade I still remember a few of the players (Steve Bushell was a favorite back then).


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Welcome back :)

look around and enjoy :ok:

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:welcome: & enjoy

Also Danny Boshell, Mike Duff & Jamie Forrester to mention a few, are good for lower league teams on the original game

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hello and welcome on board :)

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Weclome, have a good time here

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Welcome dude! :welcome:

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Thanks for the welcomes and player recommendations. I'm not sure if I should worry that I remember some of those players after all these years. I have a memory of signing Ben Watson from palace when I was in the conference which sticks with me, that could have been a different version though (I'm sure that was my Stalybridge Celtic game though).

I was in my final year at Uni when this was out. During Easter '02 all my mates went back home but I stayed to complete my project (I studied computer science). I did 2 hours of programming in the morning when I got up and two hours of write up in the evening. The rest of the day was between me and my Stalybridge save, I got through a fair number of hours of play.

This was probably the version of the game I had most fun with so I'm glad you guys exist.

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Welcome to the site buddy :ok:.