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Craig Forrest
03-03-12, 04:39 AM
Santos Futebol Clube, usually known simply as Santos, was founded as Santos Foot-Ball Club on April 14, 1912, through the initiative of three sports enthusiasts from Santos. The club won its first state tournament in 1935, and then again, in 1955.


Pelé, arguably the best player in the history of football, started his career with the team in 1956, at the age of 15, and remained with Santos for 17 years. With him, Santos became a record holder Club winning 2 Copa Libertadores and 2 Intercontinental Cup in 1962 and 1963; 6 National Championships, being 5 in a row.


When the club was going to turn 90 years old, in 2002, Santos conquered for the seventh time the most important national title. They repeated this success in 2004. The athletes forming the team were from Santos Youth Divisions. The Meninos da Vila were in the spotlight. All over Brazil Diego and Robinho became a symbol of a joyful and impressive way of playing. Today, those two belong to the cream of football.

YOUR GOAL will be to bring Santos to the days of glory once again. You have 5 seasons to win as much silverware as you can, with a big bonus if you bring home the lost sons, Diego and Robinho...


-no cheat tactics (centralized-less than 3 defs and/or no wing players)

- no month-to-month contracts cheat or any other cheat - if you have the need to bend the rules and rape the game just to win a challenge, go get a life!

- use March 2009 Update, Tapanified or not

- you play 5 seasons


World Club Championship = Winner - 120 pts, Runners-up - 100 pts
Copa Libertadores = Winner - 100 pts, Runners-up - 80 pts
Brazilian National Championship = Winner - 80 pts
Brazilian Cup = Winner - 70 pts, Runners-up - 50 pts
Brazilian Champions Cup = Winner - 60 pts, Runners-up - 40 pts
State Championship = 50 pts

Sign Robinho and/or Diego - 500 pts each


- anything to prove the points you win
- a proof of signing Robinho and/or Diego (if you manage to sign them)

Have fun people. We thought that a non-European league could be fun, and testing proved that

You can choose to create the game yourself, or download a pre-loaded save
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09-02-14, 12:58 AM
some starters:

A yellow for a hook shot?


By the way, I had to play all of those 3 teams to get to that fixture.


10-02-14, 02:12 PM
ah - memories - I loved this challenge! :)

10-02-14, 02:43 PM
It was a nice challenge, surprised no one had tried it before Merk.

16-02-14, 12:21 PM
I didnt enter the Brazilian cup in second season :confused:

16-02-14, 12:28 PM
No points for intercontinental? :rant:

19-02-14, 07:24 PM
3rd season, again not in the cup :( I have 50 players so that i can compete in all the cups alas they wont let me

19-02-14, 11:37 PM
Can't remember now how you get in it as did the challenge ages ago!

20-02-14, 11:06 PM
3rd season, again not in the cup :( I have 50 players so that i can compete in all the cups alas they wont let me

If you're in the Copa Libertadores, you don't enter in the Brazilian Cup.

21-02-14, 11:30 PM
It looks pretty impossible to sign Robinho or Diego. Both not interested, way over my wage bill and cheap board. 28M in balance, 10.5M for transfers.

23-02-14, 04:09 PM
Any points to sign Diogo?

08-03-14, 03:30 PM
A question: I played the last game of the season 2015's fixture but havent played the World Championship final, Inter american cup final and the National First division final. Surely a season cant end before a champion is decided right?

11-03-14, 05:29 PM
Finished this very fun challenge. Never before I had created this much stars in any other save/league.

First off, the Brazilian Cup, a.k.a Loosers Cup. They wont get you in if you're playing in Libertodares :loco:


that is a total of 70 points.

Second, The Sao Paolo State C'ship:


That is 5 x 50 = 250 points

The Brazilian Champions Cup:


3 times winner x 60 = 180 points
1 times runner up = 40 points
Total: 220 points
(Cant remember what happened in 2012)

The Brazilian National C'ship:


5 x 80 = 400 points

Copa Libertodares:


4 x 100 = 400

And finally the FIFA World Club Cup:


2 x 120 = 240 points

So: 70+250+220+400+400+240 = 1580 points.

No way of signing Diego or Robinho. I got an offer accepted for Diego but he wouldnt even give me a chance to offer cheat bid ( :P coudnt do that :) )

But I'm very proud of my players bought / sold ratio :ok: (that sign is supposed to be €)



12-03-14, 11:58 AM
Superb effort mate - really fun challenge in league I not played in before!

I think you got best points for this challenge as well! :cheer:

13-07-14, 02:42 PM
anyone know the points for this challenge??

13-07-14, 04:44 PM
If you look at Merk post in #13 the points for each comp are there but I'm sure CF/AMC will confirm

Great challenge tho!

Craig Forrest
14-07-14, 05:47 PM
Points re-posted :ok:

02-03-15, 11:57 AM
Season 3 ended! Unbelievable, Diego will join Santos in June 2014!!!

02-03-15, 11:45 PM
:eek: :shocked: :eek: :shocked: :eek: :shocked: :eek: :shocked: :eek: :shocked: :eek: :shocked:

You haven't done the part time contract trick have you?! :lol:

04-03-15, 10:05 AM
I play tapanified, it's more difficult to use this trick. I have 50M and 16M for transfer. I have wait the perfect moment to make my offer. If I was Diego, I will seriously think about accepting the contract I propose, a bonus of 7.5M for 6 months, 325 000/month...Not so unrealistic...The challenge is clear, 500pts for signing Diego...(or you have to change it including a minimum number of games played for Santos). Remind that I always play with a non Wib-Wob tactic and with a default tactic each time I can...
I will respect the decision you'll take. No problem with that. This challenge is very funny, didn't think I could sign players like Trézéguet, Lucio, Elano, Coutinho and Adriano for example! Tell me what you think about Diego, and I will accept it, Master!!! :ban:

25-03-15, 07:00 PM
Great challenge!!! And a lot of great transferts! Lucio (Bayern Munich), Elano (Man.City), Trézéguet (Chelsea), Pato (Milan), Adriano The Parma's one(Arsenal), Diego (Werder B.)...
With Coutinho and Neymar with my young players in B team. Helping me to realize a very good score with the 4-1-3-2 default tactic! The key was the money!!! Buying and selling all of the day!!!

Brazilian Champions Cup: 2013, 2014, http://imgur.com/w4SLM4q , 120pts
National First Division Winner: 2011, 2012, 2014, 2015, http://imgur.com/5B0A7s4 , 320pts
Copa Libertadores Winner: 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, http://imgur.com/Qu0in1D , 400pts
Sign Diego from Werder B.: 2014,http://imgur.com/YJDZt7T , 500pts
Sao Paulo State Championship: 2013, 2014, 2015, http://imgur.com/2Dd1iWV , 150pts
World Championship: 2013, 2015, http://imgur.com/kWLnkKt , 240pts

Total: 1730pts

My favourite challenge for the moment!
Here my last regular team: http://imgur.com/UDnqrch with 4 players from the begining (Fabio Costa, Fabiano Eller, Rodrigo Souto, Lucio Flavio)

26-03-15, 12:42 AM
Great effort Kiki on this :hail:

I loved this challenge! Never played Brazil before and it was brilliant (quite long if I remember though!)

CF will give you the green light (or not) for the Diego transfer - still a great thing getting him!

Craig Forrest
26-03-15, 04:54 AM
Diego transfer is good

j'oublie toujours que vous êtes français :D

Only remembered when I saw your screenshots in French :ok:

24-06-15, 12:18 AM
World Club Championship (1x120=120)
Copa Libertadores (4x100=400)
Brazilian National Championship (4x80=320)
Brazilian Cup (1x70=70)
Brazilian Champions Cup (5x60=300)
State Championship (5x50=250)
Total score: 1460

Won everything possible but the National Championship the first season where we lost in the finals.

I see that merkezem and kivi both started their first season in an odd year and got the chance to participate in two World Club Championships, so that is a top tip to future contestants.

No chance of signing Diego or Robinho. Had the money but they weren't interested.


28-06-15, 03:38 PM
Great effort mate - I loved this challenge - also found it impossible to get the players in as well :(

14-08-15, 12:52 PM
I wonder why you earned such much money :doh: I've just finished the 1st season, but my club balance is (-6,1 millions) :redface: Hic hic

http://i300.photobucket.com/albums/nn40/zionmaster84/Santos%20-%20SS1_zpsni2udyhq.png (http://s300.photobucket.com/user/zionmaster84/media/Santos%20-%20SS1_zpsni2udyhq.png.html)

14-08-15, 01:40 PM
You've a 4 man defence so the full backs count a wide men, it's fine :ok:

14-08-15, 09:20 PM
How the heck are you in so much debt?!

15-08-15, 05:46 AM
How the heck are you in so much debt?!

I often renew important players' contracts before starting the game. So I think this makes my club finance condition worse.

Now I'm in middle of SS2, and my club has got injection 2 times :flock: Balance is (-200k) now. I haven't signed any players until now. Luckily, I don't have to sell my best players for money to saving club!!!

15-08-15, 09:17 AM
Lucky with injections!

15-08-15, 12:18 PM

World Club Championship = Winner - 120 pts, Runners-up - 100 pts ===> No = 0 pts
Copa Libertadores = Winner - 100 pts, Runners-up - 80 pts ========> 4 winner = 4 x 100 pts = 400 pts
Brazilian National Championship = Winner - 80 pts =============> 5 winner = 5 x 80 pts = 400 pts
Brazilian Cup = Winner - 70 pts, Runners-up - 50 pts ============> 1 winner = 1 x 70 pts = 70 pts
Brazilian Champions Cup = Winner - 60 pts, Runners-up - 40 pts =====> 4 winner, 1 runners-up = 4x60 pts + 1x40 pts = 280 pts
State Championship = 50 pts ===========================> 5 winner = 5x50 pts = 250 pts

Sign Robinho and/or Diego - 500 pts each ===================> No way to sign those guys!!! :flock:

Total points: 1400 points!!!


- Tactic: 451
http://i300.photobucket.com/albums/nn40/zionmaster84/Tac_zpstjgrfe2t.png (http://s300.photobucket.com/user/zionmaster84/media/Tac_zpstjgrfe2t.png.html)

- Santos History:
http://i300.photobucket.com/albums/nn40/zionmaster84/Santos%20History_zps0b199cya.png (http://s300.photobucket.com/user/zionmaster84/media/Santos%20History_zps0b199cya.png.html)

- Santos SS1:
http://i300.photobucket.com/albums/nn40/zionmaster84/Santos%20-%20SS1_zpsdqlp11mc.png (http://s300.photobucket.com/user/zionmaster84/media/Santos%20-%20SS1_zpsdqlp11mc.png.html)

- Santos SS2:
http://i300.photobucket.com/albums/nn40/zionmaster84/Santos%20-%20SS2_zpsz5usluzt.png (http://s300.photobucket.com/user/zionmaster84/media/Santos%20-%20SS2_zpsz5usluzt.png.html)

- Santos SS3:
http://i300.photobucket.com/albums/nn40/zionmaster84/Santos%20-%20SS3_zpsgoywmu8o.png (http://s300.photobucket.com/user/zionmaster84/media/Santos%20-%20SS3_zpsgoywmu8o.png.html)

- Santos SS4:
http://i300.photobucket.com/albums/nn40/zionmaster84/Santos%20-%20SS4_zps64mtpg79.png (http://s300.photobucket.com/user/zionmaster84/media/Santos%20-%20SS4_zps64mtpg79.png.html)

- Santos SS5:
http://i300.photobucket.com/albums/nn40/zionmaster84/Santos%20-%20SS5_zpsmecwmt9j.png (http://s300.photobucket.com/user/zionmaster84/media/Santos%20-%20SS5_zpsmecwmt9j.png.html)

- Manager Stats:
http://i300.photobucket.com/albums/nn40/zionmaster84/Manager%20Stats_zpsokjdjty2.png (http://s300.photobucket.com/user/zionmaster84/media/Manager%20Stats_zpsokjdjty2.png.html)


20-06-16, 02:32 PM
First time playing in Brazil. First game for my new tactic.

1,360 points

Fun challenge

World Club Championship
2 x 100 = 200

Copa Libertadores
4 x 100 = 400

Brazilian National Championship
4 x 80 = 320 (The game has no season 2006!!!)

Brazilian Cup

Brazilian Champions Cup
4 x 60 = 240

State Championship
4 x 50 = 200

Lost sons

Total 1,360 points


20-06-16, 04:05 PM
Well done mate - I loved this challenge as hadn't played in South America before that

02-08-16, 10:46 PM
Just finished this - didn't look at the past scores, thought I'd done quite well but now realise 300 is terrible compared to everyone else :yield:

04-08-16, 08:30 PM
So here it is then my attempt - Enjoyed it in parts but so frustrating I often had 4-5 of my best players away on international duty for semi-finals and finals after always making the top 4.
Nowhere near getting Robinho or Diego in but finished up with Ronaldinho, Thiago Silva, Neymar, Jo and Alex Tiexeira staring for us and Brazil (to my cost really!) Getting Mido in cheap and selling for £12 million was decent as well.

Season 1 - Brazilian Cup Winners - 70 points

http://i539.photobucket.com/albums/ff360/mjp00le/Season%201%20Brazilian%20Cup%20Winners.jpg (http://s539.photobucket.com/user/mjp00le/media/Season%201%20Brazilian%20Cup%20Winners.jpg.html)

Season 2 - Copa Libertadores Runner Up and State Championship Winners - 130 points

http://i539.photobucket.com/albums/ff360/mjp00le/Season%202%20Copa%20Libertadores%20runners%20up.jp g (http://s539.photobucket.com/user/mjp00le/media/Season%202%20Copa%20Libertadores%20runners%20up.jp g.html)

http://i539.photobucket.com/albums/ff360/mjp00le/Season%202%20State%20Championship%20Winners.jpg (http://s539.photobucket.com/user/mjp00le/media/Season%202%20State%20Championship%20Winners.jpg.ht ml)

Season 3 Brazilian Cup Winners and State Champions - 120 points

http://i539.photobucket.com/albums/ff360/mjp00le/Season%203%20Brazilian%20Cup%20Winners.jpg (http://s539.photobucket.com/user/mjp00le/media/Season%203%20Brazilian%20Cup%20Winners.jpg.html)

http://i539.photobucket.com/albums/ff360/mjp00le/Season%203%20State%20Championship%20Winners.jpg (http://s539.photobucket.com/user/mjp00le/media/Season%203%20State%20Championship%20Winners.jpg.ht ml)

Season 5 - National Championship Runners up

http://i539.photobucket.com/albums/ff360/mjp00le/Season%205%20National%20Championship%20Runner%20Up .jpg (http://s539.photobucket.com/user/mjp00le/media/Season%205%20National%20Championship%20Runner%20Up .jpg.html)

Total 320 points

04-08-16, 08:45 PM
Good work mate :ok:

06-08-16, 12:12 AM
Just finished this - didn't look at the past scores, thought I'd done quite well but now realise 300 is terrible compared to everyone else :yield:

Finishng it is all that matter! :ok:

03-05-17, 04:14 PM
Love this challenge, Brazil is possibly my favourite country to play in, think it shows in my points - the boys were unstoppable.

I think my formation of 4-2-3-1 is within the rules (played for 95% of games, other games a more defensive 4-1-4-1). Ran away with almost everything. Only blip in the first 4 seasons was Palmeiras knocking us out of the semi final of the state championship. Then in the final season I sold some of my better players - left myself with just a core 20 players (+ very young youngsters) in order to try and sign the two legends... it worked as I bagged myself Diego, though Robinho wouldn't even talk to me... That did leave me thin on the ground though and Sao Paulo got some revenge from the 5 finals I'd beat them in previously... then I fell at the final hurdle trying to retain the world club championship, but overall I wont complain!


Full Screenshots:


21-11-17, 10:17 PM
All done and dusted ,

World Club Championship = Winner - 120 pts x1, Runners-up - 100 pts x1
Copa Libertadores = Winner - 100 pts x3, Runners-up - 80 pts x1
Brazilian National Championship = Winner - 80 pts x4
Brazilian Cup = Runners-up - 50 pts x1
Brazilian Champions Cup = Winner - 60 pts x5,
State Championship = 50 pts x5

Total Points = 1520 points :)

Link for screenies - https://imgur.com/a/hSMVJ

22-12-19, 05:45 PM
Revisiting this challenge as the last time i took it the game was pretty buggy.

We have some decent success signed decent players but not Diego nor Robinho, they are proud to be playing for their club pretty much at all time and board wouldn't allow that much transfer budget.

At certain point, I signed Pele as my Assistant Manager :D

https://i.ibb.co/4ZcyLrx/Pele.jpg (https://ibb.co/KjYZgvH)

My Tactic

https://i.ibb.co/jfhBwWD/Tactic.jpg (https://ibb.co/vq1gdQk)

World Club Championship
3 x 100 = 300

https://i.ibb.co/yPYS6VG/WC.jpg (https://ibb.co/JtyQvC0)

Copa Libertadores
3 x 100 + 80 = 380

https://i.ibb.co/q9nv84k/CL.jpg (https://ibb.co/VDNsGh2)

Brazilian National Championship
5 x 80 = 400

https://i.ibb.co/pbxTGVK/ND1.jpg (https://ibb.co/TYkGpj0)

Brazilian Cup

https://i.ibb.co/44VBLRx/BC.jpg (https://ibb.co/j3r7YkF)

Brazilian Champions Cup
5 x 60 = 300

https://i.ibb.co/q09ckzw/BCC.jpg (https://ibb.co/VHDz2d8)

State Championship
5 x 50 = 250

https://i.ibb.co/TgvFCWv/SC.jpg (https://ibb.co/9r8CMZ8)

Lost sons

Total 1,700 points

30-01-20, 08:44 AM
Wib wob formation allowed or not?

30-01-20, 10:53 AM
Wib wob formation allowed or not?

It says no cheat tactics and although doesn’t use the words wib wob, I would assume not