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Craig Forrest
03-03-12, 05:50 PM
Well, the challenges are back, this time for real http://champman0102.co.uk/forum/images/smilies/thumb.gif

This challenge takes you to Notts County. You, and only you are given the chance to lead them to glory! Just as in real life, you have 5 seasons to conquer the EPL http://champman0102.co.uk/forum/images/smilies/eek.gif http://champman0102.co.uk/forum/images/smilies/wink.gif



-use any tct, but centralised tactics are forbidden as usual (you have to have at least 3 players in the defensive line and/or wide players somewhere)

-buy anyone you like, no free transfers allowed

- loans allowed (but you deduct the points for them as well - see below)

-points deducted for total of age of players bought (buy 3 players age 25, 75 points deducted)

-you have to use the September 2009 update


season 1: title 50 pts, League cup 50 pts (runners-up 40 pts), FA cup 500 pts (runners-up 400 pts)

season 2: title 40 pts, League cup 40 pts (runners-up 30 pts), FA cup 400 pts (runners-up 300 pts)

season 3: title 30 pts, League cup 30 pts (runners-up 20 pts), FA cup 300 pts (runners-up 200 pts)

season 4: title 20 pts (250 pts if it's an EPL title), League cup 20 pts (runners-up 10 pts), FA cup 200 pts (runners-up 100 pts)

season 5: title 10 pts (200 if it's an EPL title), League cup 10 pts (runners-up 5 pts), FA cup 100 pts (runners-up 50 pts)

Good luck!


You can choose to create the game yourself, or download a pre-loaded save
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06-01-15, 01:24 PM
If I buy a player for 1M after playing 50 games, is it considerated as a free transfer? I have a solution, adding 1k to transfer fee!!!
For those who did it: Using the 4-1-3-2 default tactic of the game, I need help to begin this challenge...
The total of points deducted for players bought will be huge at the end...
1- few signings but futur good players (Ben Tozer and Stefanos Siontis for example)
2- no transfer (could I win something?)
3- A lot of good young players expecting winning a lot of trophees...
I really don't know how to begin this difficult challenge...

30-01-15, 09:55 AM
Alone on this challenge!!! I had to take responsability, it is without any transfers... Because of the good team at the beginning, because of the huge number of points deducted for buying players and because of using a default tactic with default parameters...
Season 1: No problem with this, totally alone in this challenge!!! http://imgur.com/WuudCYx with no transfer: http://imgur.com/hro6DHE
Season 2: Total surprise!!! Good battle with Norwich for the tittle and finishing first!!! http://imgur.com/EfXqagC with no transfer: http://imgur.com/3nO5kt4
Beating Manchester Utd in 1/2 final of FA Cup!!! Lucky (playing a D3 in 1/4 for example!). But losing in final... http://imgur.com/dr67R60 , http://imgur.com/mCTh7XP
Total: 390PTS
To be continued

31-01-15, 06:13 PM
Great start Kiki :eek:

01-02-15, 02:20 PM
Fighting against relegation this year, 2 good young players arrives from my youth academy...
Wondering if it wouldn't be a good thing to be relegated...
It will be tought to score any points from now If I stay in D1...

02-03-15, 11:54 AM
Season 3, relegated!

02-03-15, 11:54 PM
Ouch - how's the squad looking for the next season?

03-03-15, 08:24 PM
The team is older...with 2 young players. I'll be back! Middle of the 4th season, first of D2.

24-03-15, 02:55 PM
I finished this challenge...Boring strategy I used...
No transfer...During 5 years, I didn't buy a player...Only 2 arrived from my youth academy.
At the end, only 17 players available...Only 1 GK...
So, boring, but useful. I don't think I could make more points with a default tactic and with tones of points deducted...

Season 1: No problem with this, totally alone in this challenge!!! http://imgur.com/WuudCYx with no transfer: http://imgur.com/hro6DHE

Season 2: Total surprise!!! Good battle with Norwich for the tittle and finishing first!!! http://imgur.com/EfXqagC with no transfer: http://imgur.com/3nO5kt4
Beating Manchester Utd in 1/2 final of FA Cup!!! Lucky (playing a D3 in 1/4 for example!). But losing in final... http://imgur.com/dr67R60 , http://imgur.com/mCTh7XP

24-03-15, 03:12 PM
Season 3: Relegated from D1, No transfer, 0pts

Season 4: 1st of D2, and another time FA cup final!!! http://imgur.com/JtLVFJr and http://imgur.com/KcqmaKJ

Season 5: 1st of D1!!! http://imgur.com/Rxg9JnP and no transfer for all 5 seasons: http://imgur.com/MJMeV0r (joueurs achetÚs 0 in french!)

TOTAL: 50+340+0+120+10= 520pts

24-03-15, 11:56 PM
Hey - conrats and completing the calleng Kiki and after a rough middle patch you came back big time winning 2 leagues! :hail:

What was the difference/changes you made in you getting relegated then getting 2 first place finishes?! :confused:

25-03-15, 12:12 PM
No tactic change, always using the 4-1-3-2 default tactic without any changes. I have changed with training 2 midfieldiers to left and right back, and my 2 young players were SC but I changed them in FC, so they can play as midfielders too). I think my training was good, all the players are better than the first season.
The 2 young players are very good players, perhaps because I have invested each year in youth development. Carson and Ashby are regulary called for English -21 team (And I played in D1!). These are the changes, details.
The first year I played in D1, lot of injuries, and after 6 months, I was 12st or 13st, far from the 1st place. I was qualified for the 2 cups. I really played with the cup objectives with sometimes 12 valid men... At the end of the season, very close of the last positions, I have played with my B team, and I've been relegated... I only have won 10pts more with this strategy, but i'm sure that playing and winning a lot of games in D2 give more confiance at your team when it plays a big club in Cup. Reaching a second FA Cup final in D2 next year so...
You have the explication of the bad and the good season in D1...But for this "boring" challenge (Or I would say the boring strategy I used), the key was the luck... 2 times in FA cup final without transfer and my default tactic...I noticed that when you plays a big club in FA 1/4 or 1/2 final as a D2 club, if the big club is playing the champions, the premier league, it always plays with a B team, making it easier for you.
Before playing challenges, I recognize that I always sell and buy a lot of players. But now, with the few challenge I've done, I realize that when you keep a big part of the players you have, you have an avantage. Thanks to improve after so many years playing CM!

04-05-15, 11:29 PM
Finished this one yesterday, at the same time fun and frustrating challenge. Bought a total of 19 players in those five seasons, no loans. Won the league every year. Disappointed in the cups, but maaan it's hard to go for both cups and the league with such a small squad.
Made it to the UEFA fourth round in the 4th season and the CL semis in the final season but sadly no points for winning those throphies, I think the bastard who thought up this challenge deserves a hard kick in the nuts for that.
Used the "reserves" in most of the European games and in the Johnstone Paint-tournament, since they awarded no points on the final score.
Unbelievably high scores on some of those who have finished this challenge before, if I had save/load-cheated I could have gained a really strong score, but that's not how I roll.

Transfers, all seasons:

Transfers, age of all players (4pics):

Tactic used:

Results league and cups:

Season 1 (50): League 2 title (50). Transfers (0). Cups (0).
Season 2 (-151): League 1 title (40). Transfers (-151). Cups (0).
Season 3 (68): Championship title (30). Transfers (-162). Cups (FA runner up 200).
Season 4 (183): Premiershipship title (250). Transfers (-87). Cups (Leage Cup title 20).
Season 5 (180): Premiershipship title (200). Transfers (-25). Cups (Leage Cup runner up 5).
Final score: 330.

07-05-15, 08:05 AM
I didn't need save/load cheated!!! I did it with my brain!!! You need to be luckyer and play with more strategy!!!
And I used a default tactic for this challenge...

19-08-17, 09:35 AM
Enjoyed this challenge, but now worried the fury of the beast tactic makes things too easy - will go back to my not quite as well designed 4-2-3-1 formation in future I think...

Season 1

Decided to just go with the squad I was given, there was enough there for 1 reasonable player in each position (Schmeichel in goal is a gift) so didn't buy anyone, and had quite an easy season, didn't lose in the league (50 Points), but did get knocked out of the FA Cup by a team in the Conference! But comfortably won the title.

Season 2
This was my best season, only signed one player (Yala Bolasie) (-21 points) but he was amazing for me, whilst the league was a little trickier, we still topped it (40 points) but actually manged to win the FA cup (400 points)! Was an incredible run, knocked out Chelski in the 5th round (home game), Newcastle in the Semis and a hatrick from Lee Hughes took the title against Man United. (All of whom foolishly played weaker teams, if memory serves I think Utd had had a Champions League semi go to extra time on the Wednesday before it so timing was perfect). Had had a strong League Cup run too before being knocked out at Old Trafford.

Season 3
With a season in the Championship, and now UEFA cup football to look forward too a lot more players were interested in playing for me so I decided to invest lots of the points gained in season 2 for a stronger squad, obviously weighting the transfer fees to pay as late as possible (50 league games, 50 int games) whenever the other club would accept that. Giampaolo Pazzini (-26) was signed before the data updated to lead the line, Arzo, Luke Garbutt and Anthony Vanden Borre (-66) were signed to sure up the defence and Mohamed Diame (-24) to add some steel to the midfield. This resulted in another strong domestic season, for the third year running broke the 100 point barrier in the league (30 points), and won the league cup (beating Everton in the final) (30 points), Arsenal were much too strong however in the FA cup final (beating us 3-0) (200 points)... were also crowned UEFA cup champions - it turns out Europe is much easier when you only have one active league.

Season 4
For my first season in the premier league decided we needed more attacking options, and Theo Walcott (-23) was brought in before the data update then to bolster the spine, Scott Sinclair, Javi Martinez and Thomas Vermaelen were all added (-72 Points), but this did the job, despite fading towards the end of the season as injuries took their toll still got over the line and won the league (250 points). Unfortunately tough cup draws saw us get knocked out of both cups at Old Trafford so no further points were added, but all available none domestic trophies were also added.

Season 5
In the previous season I had been relying on basically a team of 11 (10 signings + Schmeichel) and the bench options weren't the best (and getting old) so I added two more players to add a bit more defensive cover with Daniel Opare (-22 points) and more attacking options with David Silva (-27). This did the job in respect of the league which was a little easier (200) but still struggled in the cups again, getting knocked out by Chelski in the league cup semi and surprisingly Ipswich in the FA cup! I did though lead Notts to a Champions League success, but no points for that!

Leaves with a points table of:


More Screen shots:

24-08-17, 10:29 AM
Well done on completing the challenge mate :ok:

12-09-17, 02:31 PM
Season 1

Won D3 title with 2 Signings, age at date of purchase are 27 and 24. (-51)

http://images.temppic.com/08-09-2017/images_vertis/1504895751_0.28764300.jpg (http://www.temppic.com/img.php?08-09-2017:1504895751_0.28764300.jpg)
http://images.temppic.com/08-09-2017/images_vertis/1504895751_0.83475900.jpg (http://www.temppic.com/img.php?08-09-2017:1504895751_0.83475900.jpg)
http://images.temppic.com/08-09-2017/images_vertis/1504895752_0.00475800.jpg (http://www.temppic.com/img.php?08-09-2017:1504895752_0.00475800.jpg)
http://images.temppic.com/08-09-2017/images_vertis/1504895752_0.22524100.jpg (http://www.temppic.com/img.php?08-09-2017:1504895752_0.22524100.jpg)

Season 2

5 Signings, age at date of purchase are 26, 21, 19, 24 and 23. (-113)

http://images.temppic.com/08-09-2017/images_vertis/1504901111_0.31312600.jpg (http://www.temppic.com/img.php?08-09-2017:1504901111_0.31312600.jpg)
http://images.temppic.com/08-09-2017/images_vertis/1504898092_0.01575200.jpg (http://www.temppic.com/img.php?08-09-2017:1504898092_0.01575200.jpg)
http://images.temppic.com/08-09-2017/images_vertis/1504898092_0.24951500.jpg (http://www.temppic.com/img.php?08-09-2017:1504898092_0.24951500.jpg)
http://images.temppic.com/08-09-2017/images_vertis/1504898144_0.81332900.jpg (http://www.temppic.com/img.php?08-09-2017:1504898144_0.81332900.jpg)
http://images.temppic.com/08-09-2017/images_vertis/1504898145_0.02415800.jpg (http://www.temppic.com/img.php?08-09-2017:1504898145_0.02415800.jpg)
http://images.temppic.com/08-09-2017/images_vertis/1504898145_0.23218000.jpg (http://www.temppic.com/img.php?08-09-2017:1504898145_0.23218000.jpg)


http://images.temppic.com/08-09-2017/images_vertis/1504901111_0.62362800.jpg (http://www.temppic.com/img.php?08-09-2017:1504901111_0.62362800.jpg)


http://images.temppic.com/08-09-2017/images_vertis/1504901111_0.84839600.jpg (http://www.temppic.com/img.php?08-09-2017:1504901111_0.84839600.jpg)

Season 3

Winning FA in the season 2 secured ticket on european stage. This attracts decent players. 7 Signings, age at transfer date are 21,23,24,28,17,18 and 20 (-151)

http://images.temppic.com/12-09-2017/images_vertis/1505221894_0.16360400.jpg (http://www.temppic.com/img.php?12-09-2017:1505221894_0.16360400.jpg)
http://images.temppic.com/12-09-2017/images_vertis/1505223049_0.98443500.jpg (http://www.temppic.com/img.php?12-09-2017:1505223049_0.98443500.jpg)
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http://images.temppic.com/12-09-2017/images_vertis/1505221963_0.34993000.jpg (http://www.temppic.com/img.php?12-09-2017:1505221963_0.34993000.jpg)
http://images.temppic.com/12-09-2017/images_vertis/1505221963_0.59040200.jpg (http://www.temppic.com/img.php?12-09-2017:1505221963_0.59040200.jpg)
http://images.temppic.com/12-09-2017/images_vertis/1505221963_0.79902000.jpg (http://www.temppic.com/img.php?12-09-2017:1505221963_0.79902000.jpg)
http://images.temppic.com/12-09-2017/images_vertis/1505222002_0.23939800.jpg (http://www.temppic.com/img.php?12-09-2017:1505222002_0.23939800.jpg)
http://images.temppic.com/12-09-2017/images_vertis/1505222002_0.43187500.jpg (http://www.temppic.com/img.php?12-09-2017:1505222002_0.43187500.jpg)


http://images.temppic.com/12-09-2017/images_vertis/1505222042_0.45875000.jpg (http://www.temppic.com/img.php?12-09-2017:1505222042_0.45875000.jpg)

Knocked out from FA Cup in the first match but we won UEFA CUP

http://images.temppic.com/12-09-2017/images_vertis/1505222043_0.05541900.jpg (http://www.temppic.com/img.php?12-09-2017:1505222043_0.05541900.jpg)

Season 4

1 Transfer at the age of 25

http://images.temppic.com/12-09-2017/images_vertis/1505222110_0.32556900.jpg (http://www.temppic.com/img.php?12-09-2017:1505222110_0.32556900.jpg)
http://images.temppic.com/12-09-2017/images_vertis/1505222110_0.52714000.jpg (http://www.temppic.com/img.php?12-09-2017:1505222110_0.52714000.jpg)


http://images.temppic.com/12-09-2017/images_vertis/1505222110_0.88901800.jpg (http://www.temppic.com/img.php?12-09-2017:1505222110_0.88901800.jpg)


http://images.temppic.com/12-09-2017/images_vertis/1505222152_0.17887700.jpg (http://www.temppic.com/img.php?12-09-2017:1505222152_0.17887700.jpg)

World club championship

http://images.temppic.com/12-09-2017/images_vertis/1505222152_0.64408700.jpg (http://www.temppic.com/img.php?12-09-2017:1505222152_0.64408700.jpg)


http://images.temppic.com/12-09-2017/images_vertis/1505222152_0.45149200.jpg (http://www.temppic.com/img.php?12-09-2017:1505222152_0.45149200.jpg)

Season 5

3 Transfer at age of 26,28 and 17 (-71)

http://images.temppic.com/12-09-2017/images_vertis/1505222338_0.00678000.jpg (http://www.temppic.com/img.php?12-09-2017:1505222338_0.00678000.jpg)
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http://images.temppic.com/12-09-2017/images_vertis/1505222406_0.00563300.jpg (http://www.temppic.com/img.php?12-09-2017:1505222406_0.00563300.jpg)


http://images.temppic.com/12-09-2017/images_vertis/1505222406_0.72299500.jpg (http://www.temppic.com/img.php?12-09-2017:1505222406_0.72299500.jpg)

World club championship

http://images.temppic.com/12-09-2017/images_vertis/1505222406_0.51604400.jpg (http://www.temppic.com/img.php?12-09-2017:1505222406_0.51604400.jpg)


http://images.temppic.com/12-09-2017/images_vertis/1505222498_0.77458600.jpg (http://www.temppic.com/img.php?12-09-2017:1505222498_0.77458600.jpg)


http://images.temppic.com/12-09-2017/images_vertis/1505222499_0.01716500.jpg (http://www.temppic.com/img.php?12-09-2017:1505222499_0.01716500.jpg)

12-09-17, 02:43 PM

http://images.temppic.com/12-09-2017/images_vertis/1505223797_0.15998800.jpg (http://www.temppic.com/img.php?12-09-2017:1505223797_0.15998800.jpg)

23-03-20, 05:35 PM
Man I thought I'd done well on this challenge until I noticed I have the 5th worst score... some of you guys did amazing to get such high scores!

Season 1 - Champions - 50 pts
Season 2 - Champions - 40 pts
Season 3 - Champions - 30 pts
Season 4 - FA Cup Winners / League Cup Runners Up - 210 pts
Season 5 - FA Cup Runners Up - 50 pts
Signings (8) - -183 pts
Total Score - 197 pts