View Full Version : Tutorial - How to update the game on your MAC

03-03-12, 08:58 PM
Right so after a few requests here is my tutorial for updating the Mac version. I will be updating it to the SIM Update (Same applies for ODB).

First off;

1. Of course install the mac version (I usually install it in Applications due to ease of access), and update it to Version .65 (should come with the MAC cd download) (copy and paste the CM application, and the data files. Replace all).

2. Before copying the SIM/ODB files, open your CM data folder. Then this is very important (will not work if you don't do this correctly)-delete all the files that end in the .dam file extension.

3. Copy all the files from the SIM/ODB update folder, then paste these into your CM data folder. (You should replace three .cfg/cgf files-your mac should prompt you to do this-you should not be asked to replace more than three files).

4. Now open the game and play as normal

The way in which this works, is because Feral ported the game so that when no mac file extensions are avaliable they will use the windows extensions and create there own .dam files.

Now have fun

If there are still some issues, then I can record me doing this process and upload the video. (upon request)

By ja_santacruz