View Full Version : Tutorial: Speeding Up Championship Manager Without Using The Tapani Patch

03-03-12, 09:08 PM
WARNING: This only works with the .68 database. There is a tutorial on the next post regarding speeding up the .60 database. It also speeds up everything. This includes ingame commentary speeds. Even on the lowest setting the text flies by. You have been warned.

This tutorial involves Hex Editting your Championship Manager 01/02 exe file. If done incorrectly, you face having to reinstall Championship Manager 01/02 all over again. Do so at your own risk.

A word of warning:

I use the above-mentioned method as well (even when not in holiday mode http://champman0102.co.uk/forum/images/smilies/smile.gif ) and it is not uncommon for the game to pause during a game. You can't do anything about it other than Ctrl+Alt+Delete so make sure you save at regular intervals. By Red9

Step One: Download Hex Editor

Step Two: Install FlexHEX

Step Three: Run FlexHEX

Step Four: Go To File > Open > File...

Step Five: Select the 'cm0102.exe' file in your Championship Manager 01/02 directory.

Step Six: Go To Navigate > Go To..

Step Seven: Select 'offset' in the left hand column and type in 5472ce and press the 'Go To' button.

Step Eight: Type the following: 01 00 00 00 (If a warning pops up just click yes to enter overwrite mode).

Step Nine: Go to File > Save and exit the Hex Editor.

Congratulations you've successfully Hex Editted your cm0102.exe file. If you wish to revert it to it's original speed, follow the steps again and instead of typing '01 00 00 00' at step eight, type the following: 10 27 00 00.

Why Is This Useful?

This is particularly useful if you wish to test a tactic. Even on slower machines, seasons will pass by fairly quickly. This allows you to develop a tactic and see it's results quickly.

Special thanks to Tapani who originally posted how to do this.