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28-05-13, 09:08 AM
I'm trying to create a non wib wob tactic with a sweeper.
It's very difficult to find good sweepers in this game (march 2013 database).
Can all defenders and defensive midfieldiers can play in this role?
The AR of my sweeper is always bad 6.50-6.75 for the best.
I suppose someone will have better ideas for my sweeper...(free role? individual marking?)

28-05-13, 10:34 AM
never really used a SW, although in my 3 at the back the central one would be zonal, so kind of a CB/SW

I do find that the role in my team will sometimes have a lower match rating as well but I had always put this down to the player being the sweeper, so while the other two do the man marking (and probably most of the tackling) the sweeper will only be called upon if the strikers get past the CBs.

If a SW is getting a high match rating it would suggest to me that he has been called upon a lot in the game to make last ditch saves when the rest of the defense has been beaten, and the normal 6-6.7 match rating would suggest that the rest of the defense is doing well, meaning the SW is not called upon much. You can always check the tackles/game stat to verify this theory.

It's a bit like when you draw a much lower team in a cup competition and when you play them your defense all get a 6. Sometimes it's because they have very little to do in the game when your mid/attack is dominant.

28-05-13, 10:36 AM
ask guys if there is any good tactic whit a sweeper.....

hmm maybe Cam F made that one if I remember rightly :confused:

29-05-13, 02:39 PM
There was a period when I'd use a sweeper with a three man back line (varying between wide midfielders, DMs and fullbacks as the wide players). I found the key to success was how you played the sweeper. Against good teams, I'd play the sweeper in front of the two CBs (technically as a DM) but with more defensive players on the wings. Against poor teams, the sweeper would play behind the CBs but the wide players would be more attack minded.

Equally, if we were playing a really poor team, I might give my SW a free roll - it would cause havoc. He'd often end up with a rating of 10 with some assists while my forwards would rack the goals.

On some occasions, if my SW was a good man-marker, I'd have him pick up a talented, skillful or creative midfielder if my opponent had one. Recall using this against some Spanish teams who played a AMC behind two strikers.

05-06-13, 07:21 AM
I also notice that with poor match rating. I think that Chris_3_16 is right. The main reason is probably that the opposing team is making long shots or the paar of CBs can easily do the job. To share my knowledge i usually have a SW, which on wib play as an DM ala Beckenbauer. Free Role, Forward Runs, Try Through Balls, Hold ball. His primary position is D/DM and not SW, as i notice that SW aren't equipped with passing or technical skills. That's my 0,1.