View Full Version : So i bought Football Manager 2013...

13-06-13, 10:30 PM
And the result was roughly as expected.

I am, of course, back to this game - and as far as im concerned, the best football management game ever.

Football Manager is obviously a decent game, but my god, if it packed of un-fun, useless and unwanted features. I didnt particularly care about the decision about changing the pitch dimensions. Neither did i care for having an in depth meeting with my backroom staff. It is just too much for a game, too much info that it did literally feel like a job i should be paid for.

Champman0102 is nothing more than pure fun so i am of course back, and i am loading up a game with A.C. Milan as we speak.

Long live Champman.

Hear hear.

13-06-13, 11:14 PM
lets be fair here, there are things within football manager that make it a great game too. I'm talking about simple things like being able to ask players to come out of international retirement, or having your Director of Football buy your players, so you can run the club "continental style". But I much prefer CM 01/02. The speed of the game, the features, the look and feel of the game and much more.

14-06-13, 09:21 AM
The newer games have certainly lost sight of the fact that a game first of all, should be fun.

14-06-13, 10:18 AM
Last tried to play those games in 2007 :)

Far too much going on. I reckon the media side of CM could do with a bit more from that series, like asking players questions etc or team talks (which always seemed to make the team hate me in 2007 after i berated them for being shit :lol:)

The thing that pissed me off was how long it took to play, felt like in a session say 2 hours, you would only get a couple of months finished in game. Obviously that would speed up the more you play but I just don't have the patience for that.

The familiar screens of cm0102 were back on the PC monitor before long, naturally

14-06-13, 12:10 PM
I think the thing is you can play those games fast if you want to, but only by not playing the game fully.

The tactics are too in depth and mysterious too.

I do not have the time to learn to play them properly.

17-06-13, 08:36 PM
Football Manager 2007 is the only FM game I still play to this day. The entries in the series after that just get on my nerve somehow.

17-06-13, 11:45 PM
Ive been dabbling a little more with the latest Football Manager and the tactics just dont seem to make sense. I even took the time to use the most well known 'cheat tactics' and you can even lose to a bottom table side at home 4-0 with those.

Its at the point now where i wouldnt even classify FM as a game. Its like a mini job you dont get paid for.

19-06-13, 01:00 PM
It is definitely too complex, and too hard. The series could do with a back to basics reboot.

01/02 is good because it is not too hard, so you can mess about a bit and set little challenges and styles and still succeed. Trying to win ECL with only 15yo Tanzanian's called Dave or whatever.
On FM you can only succeed playing in the most boring, sensible way possible. That is not fun!

19-06-13, 02:26 PM
Played FM 13 on and off for the last week or so, as England. Won all the World Cup 2014 qualifying games, beat the likes of Spain, Italy, Germany and Colombia in Friendlies. Got to the world cup and drew against Canada and Croatia in the group stage, and only beat the 3rd team 2-1 then lost to Cameroon in the 2nd round. All using the same tactics and having my strongest possible squad playing. The same tactic and squad that dominated for 2 years. Pissed me right off.

19-06-13, 04:59 PM
Ye, thats somthing i found incredibly annoying in FM13.

With Roma, won my first pre season 8-0, though cant remember who it was against. Won the other 3 comfortable, and lost 3-2 away against Man Utd in the last one.

Then geat beat 3-0 at home to Cagliari on the opening day of the season.

Definitely not a fun game, not because i couldnt win 100% of the time, but because it seems COMPLETELY random.