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04-03-12, 09:04 PM
Oh, here is my step by step tutorial on installing the new free download of CM0102 on an Intel Mac. THis will cover getting the game and official patch installed and running, I'm still working on getting the data updates working. There are a couple of key points that I have bolded.

I've just re-installed it using these steps with no issues, but let me know if you have issues.

1) First off, you need a copy of Crossover Games for Mac from www.codeweavers.com. There is a trial version on there, and the full version is £26. Trust me, it's well worth it. They provide great support for running windows games on a Mac, Steam is supported, and it's the best piece of software I have bought in a while

2) Download the iso file from this site

3) Download the official patch

4) Open up your Downloads folder in Finder, and double click the cm0102 iso to mount it.

5) Open up Disk Utility, insert a blank CD and then select the CM0102 iso from the list on the left. Then click Burn. This should burn you a a legit CM0102 CD

6) Unmount the image of the iso.

7) Open Crossover Games. From the Menu bar selcect Configure > Manage Bottles

8) At the bottom left corner, click the '+' icon. Give your new bottle a name (CM0102) and select win98 as the Bottle Type. THis is a key step. Then wait till the bottle creates.

9) From the Menu Bar selsct Configure > Install software

10) Click Install Unsupported Software

11) Click Continue

12) On the next screen, select install into Other Existing Bottle and select the bottle you have just created

13) On the next screen, your first option should be the CM0102 CD. Make sure that the CD is in the drive and that the ISO imaged has been ejected. Then select the pic of the CM0102 CD and click Install

14) Take the default options, until you get to the Setup Type Screen. Then click Custom and DE-SELECT QUICK STARTS. These seem to cause an error.

15) Click next, then continue through with the install. At the end, select Yes for Create Desktop Icon, then de-select Read readme file, and de-select install Direct X. Click Finfihs

16) And Hey presto, game is installed. Click Finish in Crossover.

17) Now for the patch. In Crossover, from the Menu Bar Select Configure > Install software

18) Select Install Unsupported Software. On the next screen, click continue

19) On the next screen select Install into Other Existing Bottle. Select your CM bottle and click Continue.

20) On the next screen, click Choose Installer File and then click install

21) Navigate to where you put the patch files, 242.exe, select it and click Use this Installer

22) Just click the defaults and install it through. When its done, click Finish on the windows install screen and Finished on the crossover screen.

23) You are done! from the Crossover Menu Bar, select Programs, then navigate to CM!

Let me know any issues, I'm working on the data patches. Will update tomorrow.

By duffyma