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04-03-12, 09:05 PM

We are embarking onto a trilogy of CMSG Ltd Pass the Parcel events, from the first one that was solely handled by Rossinho and one which was co-run with myself and CMAdventurer. Both of which can be found in the links below:

CMSG Ltd - Pass the Parcel (http://www.champman0102.co.uk/showthread.php?1177-CMSG-Ltd-Pass-the-Parcel)

CMSG Ltd Returns - Pass the Parcel - Part II (http://www.champman0102.co.uk/showthread.php?1147-CMSG-Ltd-Returns-PTP-Part-II)

After the disappearance of CMAdventurer, and due to the problems that arose from the save from the previous CMSG Ltd challenge, I will be co-heading this for a second time, but this time with my new partner, AMC.

What is CMSG Ltd?

CMSG Ltd (Championship Manager Sports Group Limited) is a sports based international investment fund. It works similar to the well known MSI group where the company owns rights to certain players and sells those rights on to interested sports clubs. Most famously they loaned Carlos Tevez to Manchester United over a 2 years period spanning 2007-09 where he helped United win an array of trophies including the English Premier League and the Champions League.

CMSG Ltd owns the rights to an array of managerial talent that are waiting in the wings to prove themselves to prospective employers. You are these managerial talent waiting for the opportunity to take over a club for one season to show your worth.

Back by huge investments from around the globe by an anonymous consortium, which has made us possible to branch out our expectations for the future and the long-term goal for the companies success in terms of the successful employers we want to have under our surveillance – as we start our new journey in the African continent, but playing the Spanish leagues.

How it Works:

It works like this
-A game will be set-up of CM 01/02 September 2011 ODB update, with the 8 nations that is stated below.
-Normal database will be used to reduce the game size as well as the minimum storage for matches (5000).
-Various forum members who have signed up will take control of the teams, one at a time.
-Each participant has a week (7) days at most to complete one season only. If they haven't completed it by that time, the next guy in line will pick up the save game from the previous participant.
-When the season is effectively over (last game of the season or end of May for European leagues works well), the person in the hot seat must save and upload it for the next player.
-If CMSG Ltd are sacked whoever is responsible has to own up to their inadequacy post their progress, and the next person takes over at that point, until the end of the NEXT season. Therefore they will be playing for longer than 12 months and applies to domestic jobs only.
-Players must read and stick to the rules set out below.

The Rules

Rules for playing the game
When it’s your turn
-Each player will control the club for a maximum of one season at a time.
-Your season should be completed within 7 days, but everyone is encouraged to be as quick as they can. This thread requires a good momentum to keep the story going. If you can't complete the season within seven days, you may ask for an extension which may or may not be given. If we feel that you've had too long, the parcel will be passed on to the next in line. AMC and I will make the final decision on whether to grant an extension or not.
-You must use compressed saving. This reduces the size of the file, hence upload/download times.
-Please use auto save. It’s disappointing when people lose their game and have to replay or give up.
-You must be using the latest available patch (3.9.68) and an untapanified version of your game.
-Everyone has other commitments. If you feel you can’t complete the season, please let us know so we can work out how best to progress. You will most likely go back of the list

When you’re finished
-The game must be saved after the final game of the season, and no later than May 31 for major European leagues. For other countries with seasons running at different times (such as Brazil), just use your own judgement but I recommend that you do it as soon as the final game of the season is over to give the new manager as much time as possible to prepare for next season.
-The save game file must then be uploaded for the next player (using filefront, megaupload or similar)
-You takeover as the existing manager in the game. Edit the nickname to your username for correct identification if you like but DO NOT delete the existing manager.

Signing players
-Each manager has a free reign over signings. However, be sensitive in regards to players that other participants have said they like, or who've been at the club a while...be courteous and engage in some conversation before making anything that looks like a big decision. Following the story should identify such players to you as well as PM’s with previous managers if possible.
-Please try and cut down your shortlist by the end of the season and only leave players on there that you feel are relevant to the club on your departure. Otherwise, we will be building up pages and pages of possibly useless players.
-The next manager is not obliged to sign any bosman signings negotiated by the previous manager and hence has the power to cancel any signings that does not figure in their plans. Remember to check the future transfers page out first!

What’s considered cheating
-Please do not exploit flaws in the game by offering players who wouldn’t realistically join the club month to month contracts or hijacking bids for any players who may be on loan to your club.
-Downloaded tactics may not be used. Each player should create their own tactics for their team. It's not meant to be easy and does of course give you greater bragging rights when you do well.

Rules of the thread
-This is an interactive thread for dedicated forum members who take a keen interest in the ups and downs of CMSG Ltd. Therefore if you're taking part:
-One post per season. You can make this post as long as you like but try to refrain from a complete match-to-match review. Make it a summary and highlight key players, runs, transfers, league positions, cup runs and games if you wish. Anything you think is relevant...and try to back up with some screenshots. Using one post means that I can edit the post below so that readers can navigate themselves to relevant seasons more easily once the story starts to take shape.
-At the start of the season, try to provide at least the following: the board's expectations; your OWN expectations; player predictions and players to look out for.
-At the end of the season, provide a summary of the season, with screenshots.
-Also provide some feedback to the next person, with a discussion of which players to keep, sell, and potential signings. Also provide the squad print outs that include Transfers, Fixtures and squad details. The print button for these can be found in the top right corner of the squad screen.

How to Post a Screenshot
-While in CM, press 'Alt + Prt Sc' buttons (Prt Sc is usually next to F12 on your keyboard).
-Open an image editing program such as Paint and paste the image, delete any white bits around the edge
Save the file as a JPEG
-Upload the image to an image hosting website such as Photobucket or Imageshack or Tiny Pic.
-Post the direct Url to the image here with IMG tags around.

There are a couple of menubars available to use in game should you wish, these can be found in the first pass the parcel thread below,

Menubars (http://www.champman0102.co.uk/showthread.php?1177-CMSG-Ltd-Pass-the-Parcel&p=15510#post15510)

Manager Restriction, External Tools and Overall Objective

- At the end of their writeup, the manager may set a restriction for the next manager in line. By all means make it a challenge but don't make it impossible. If we think that the restriction is too harsh, AMC and I will ask the user to change it. Restrictions are NOT compulsory but they make the game more of a challenge, which makes for better reading.

- A saved game editor may be used to change the manager's nationality ONLY. Do not use external CM tools (CM Scout, CM Explorer etc.) for any other purposes, such as scouting players, editing attributes, CA/PA, reputation or anything like that. It can be notoriously difficult to find a job abroad if you're not the right nationality so we have decided that in this case it would not be cheating. Swiss nationality is selected by default, which gives French, Italian and German languages so there may not be any need to change it anyway.

- Please do not delete the save until the next in line has completed their season. That way, you'll definitely be able to pass on the link if the next manager does not complete their season in time. It is not enough just to keep the download links as they expire after a certain period of time.

-Due to the high level of changes of team during the last seasons of the previous save, I and AMC have concluded that we will aim to win the WCC with each team we are in, and then will move on after winning it to another club in the lower leagues of another nation. This way we would be spending more time at one club, with an aim for the more experienced members. We also want to win the WCC from teams from different continents from the chosen nations (posted below) in order to ensure there is a more length of continuity of the save. An example would be; a Turkish side would represent Europe once won the WCC, and then we moved to a Asian based nation side, and start from stratch for the same goal.

Selected Nations

In order to correspond with our over-all objective, AMC and I have selected nations that will ensure a large amount of length needed in order to fully complete the long objective, which branches out of different continents, while also have enough to go back to do it again if needed. Our overall aim is to win the WCC with teams from each continent, and have therefore selected the following leagues - Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Portugal, South Korea, Spain, Turkey and USA:

Africa - Spanish league selected for Ceuta and Mellila who are geographically in Africa but play in Spain.
Asia - South Korea
Europe - Belgium, Portugal and Turkey
North America - U.S.A
Oceania - Australia
South America - Argentina


CMSG Ltd (Championship Manager Sports Group Limited) is a company which has a bizarre policy of rotating managers every season. The new setup sees AMC and ZanSnake appointed as joint leaders, with AMC taking over from CMAdventurer, whilst ZanSnake continues in his role. As well as rotating managers every season, each outgoing manager placed a restriction on the incoming manager to make their job just a little more difficult. Despite the strange policy, CMSG Ltd has had unprecedented success in the past. Brazil was the first destination for their last project, and 3rd division side Ituiutaba were the lucky participants of that project.

CMAdventurer was the first manager to try his hand in Brazil, and consolidated Ituiutaba’s position in the 3rd division finishing 5th in the table, as well as achieving a 5th place finish in the State Championships. ZanSnake was next to take over, and this saw Ituiutaba’s first silverware under CMSG’s control, as they were crowned champions of the 3rd division, after a playoff win over Mirassol. ZanSnake also signed striker Clayton Carioca.during his tenure, and Carioca’s exploits for the club over the next few seasons surely enlisted him in to Ituiutaba history. The Eejit was the manager for the team’s first season in the 2nd division, and he made sure we didn’t get relegated as they finished comfortably in mid table ending the season in 11th place. The Eejit’s greatest achievement though, was breaking the duopoly of Cruzeiro and Atletico Mineiro in the State Championships as the club finished 2nd, ahead of Atletico Mineiro on goal difference. AMC took the reins next, and it proved a fruitful season for the club, as they achieved a remarkable double of the State Championship and 2nd Division, as well as runners up in the Champions Cup. ozchampman retained the State Championship, but astonishingly also won the 1st division at the first attempt! Mark made it a 3rd State Championship in a row as well as keeping our place in the top flight.

Merkezekrem’s time at the club saw further success, as the Champions Cup was won for the first time, as well as the State Championships once again, and a 5th placed finish in the league. The next 3 seasons saw the club win the 1st division as Fodster, Kuy and Centurion all win the league, and the club also won a couple of State Championships and a Champions Cup in that time, and achieve a runners up spot in the continent’s biggest competition, the Copa Libertadores. When Filthy Monkey took over, the club was one of the most feared not just in Brazil, but in South America as well, and this was clearly evident as the club enjoyed their most successful season ever, winning the League, State Championship, the elusive Copa Libertadores title and the Intercontinental Cup. That would be CMSG’s last full season with Ituitaba, as they turned their attentions east.

Dermotron ensured Ituiutaba’s place as the best club side in the world, when he won the FIFA World Club Championships, before moving to Japan to start a new adventure for CMSG with Yokohama F. Marinos. Dermotron only had a few months in Japan, but made a big impact, winning all 6 of the league games he managed, moving the club up from 13th to 4th, as well as getting to the final of the Japanese Cup coming unstuck against Urawa Reds on penalties. CMAdventurer would be the first manager to work for CMSG twice, and would continue Dermotron’s good work, by achieving a great double, winning the league and the Japanese Cup. AMC would retain that double as well as add the Japanese Super Cup to the trophy cabinet, and leave the club with a place in the Emperor’s Cup Final, and through to the group stages of the Asian Club Championships. Dermotron wouldn’t have long to enjoy a full season in Japan as he replaced AMC, and despite losing the Emperor’s Cup Final in his first game in charge, he went on to achieve fantastic success, winning the treble of the Asian Club Championships, the 1st division title and the Japanese Cup. Winning the Asian Club Championships gave new manager ozchampman the chance to win the FIFA World Club Championship for the 2nd time under CMSG management, and he made no mistake with a pulsating 3-2 win over Hamburg in the final, but he also retained the league and won the Asian Super Cup.

Oz’s replacement The Eejit decided that CMSG had achieved all they could in Japan, and so he decided to take a job in Europe for the first time, taking over at English League One side Darlington. With half of the league season already played, The Eejit did a tremendous job lifting the club up from 18th to 3rd in his time their, but he unfortunately lost the Playoff Final against Southend in his last game. With a full league campaign at his exposure, Filthy Monkey romped the league, finishing top by 28 pts, but the main story was the unbelievable run in the FA Cup, that took the club to the final, were they unfortunately lost a narrow game 2-1 against Spurs. It was only a short stop with Darlington though, as ZanSnake moved to Spain to take on Spanish 2B side Legrones. Despite fielding several unusual tactics, Zan met the boards objectives of staying in the division, as his 15th placed finish was enough to stay up. CMSG was on the move once again though, as we would head for French giants Paris St. Germain, were Merkezekrem achieved promotion from the French 2nd division after finishing 3rd.

Sadly, this signalled the end of the road for the 2nd incarnation of CMSG Ltd. In a career which spanned nearly 20 years, their numerous managers had achieved great success in South America and Asia, as well as try their luck in Europe. Unfortunately, due to problems with the speed/size of the save the project ended somewhat prematurely compared to the original CMSG project. After a short break, the new CMSG Ltd is looking for a fresh start, with the emphasis on creating special relationships with smaller sides and bringing them to glory, just like our time with Ituiutaba. ZanSnake and I would like to thank and congratulate everyone who participated in the previous thread and ask people to sign up for the new one in order to make it just as good, if not better than the previous two.

How to Take Part

Incase some of you intrigued people want to join this awesome function, post ''Football" in bold, and you will be added to the waiting list. After a player has completed his season, and posted it in this thread – he shall pass it onto the next person in the list, and after that it will go, until every person in the list has played, where the next round will be starting, which could mean an added element or not – but will be essentially the same process as before.

The List!

AMC - In Play

Remember to post the code in bold to ensure your passage into the third re-enactment of CMSG Ltd's Pass The Parcel


In order to fully develop the continued ambition and hard work of keeping up to the task, we shall record every season that is played and posted here - passed on for teh long haul, or a failure with the passing of the save - in order to fully be able to respect the people who have had an effect on our journey of gaming glory, and the little hinderous we put on each other to fully test our skills with the game we love!

Round 1:
Year of Season -- Member -- Continent/Nation -- Club -- Seasonal Acomplishments

2001/02 -- AMC -- Africa/Spain -- Melilla -- 1st Spanish Second Division B (Promotion!)
2002/03 -- Centurion -- Africa/Spain -- Melilla -- Spanish 2nd Division Champions!
2003/04 -- merkezekrem -- Africa/Spain -- Melilla -- 4th La Liga (CL Qualification!)
2004/05 -- wato20 -- Africa/Spain -- Melilla -- 4th La Liga (CL Qualification!)
2005/06 -- Dermotron -- Africa/Spain -- Melilla -- 6th La Liga/UEFA Cup Winners!
2006/07 -- Jesus -- Africa/Spain -- Melilla -- 3rd La Liga (CL Qualification!)
2007/08 -- The Eejit -- Africa/Spain - Melilla -- La Liga Winners!/Spanish Cup Winners!

Round 2:Year of Season -- Member -- Continent/Nation -- Club -- Seasonal Acomplishments

2008/09 -- AMC -- Africa/Spain -- Melilla -- Champions League Winners!/3rd La Liga (CL Qualification!)/Spanish Cup Winners!/Spanish Super Cup Winners!
2009/10 -- Dermotron -- Africa/Spain -- Melilla -- Intercontinental Cup Winners!/European Super Cup Winners!/La Liga Winners!
2010/11 -- wato20 -- Africa/Spain -- Melilla -- Champions League Winners!/La Liga Winners!/Spanish Super Cup Winners!
2011/12 -- merkezekrem -- Africa/Spain -- Melilla -- Champions League Winners!/European Super Cup Winners!/La Liga Winners!/Spanish Super Cup Winners!

Round 3:Year of Season -- Member -- Continent/Nation -- Club -- Seasonal Acomplishments

2012/13 -- AMC -- Africa/Spain -- Melilla -- La Liga Winners!/European Super Cup Winners!/Intercontinental Cup Winners!
2013 -- Dermotron -- Africa/Spain, Asia/South Korea -- Melilla/Jeonbuk -- FIFA Club World Championship Winners!/Korean FA Cup Winners!/4th Korean League
2014 -- Chris_3_16 -- Asia/South Korea -- Jeonbuk -- Korean Super Cup Winners!/2nd Korean League
2015 -- wato20 -- Asia/South Korea -- Jeonbuk -- 2nd Korean League
2016 -- merkezekrem -- Asia/South Korea -- Jeonbuk -- Korean League Winners!
2017 -- kuy -- Asia/South Korea -- Jeonbuk -- Korean League Winners!/Korean FA Cup Winners!

Round 4:Year of Season -- Member -- Continent/Nation -- Club -- Seasonal Acomplishments

2018 -- AMC -- Asia/South Korea -- Jeonbuk -- Asian Club Championship Winners!/Asian Super Cup Winners!/Korean League Winners!/Korean League Cup Winners!/Korean Super Cup Winners!
2019 -- Dermotron -- Asia/South Korea -- Jeonbuk -- FIFA Club World Championship Winners!/Korean League Cup Winners!/Korean Super Cup Winners!
2020/21 -- wato20 -- South America/Argentina -- Independiente Mza -- Argentinian 2nd Division Champions!
2021/22 -- Lo.Fi -- South America/Argentina -- Independiente Mza -- 7th Argentinian 1st Division Opening Stage/2nd Argentinian 1st Division Closing Stage
2022/23 -- Patinoz -- South America/Argentina -- Independiente Mza -- Argentinian 1st Division Closing Stage Champions!/7th Argentinian 1st Division Opening Stage
2023/24 -- merkezekrem -- South America/Argentina -- Independiente Mza -- Argentinian 1st Division Opening Stage Champions!/Argentinian 1st Division Closing Stage Champions!
2024/25 -- Baz -- South America/Argentina -- Independiente Mza -- Copa Libertadores Winners!/Argentinian 1st Division Closing Stage Champions!/2nd Argentinian 1st Division Opening Stage
2025/26 -- Cam F -- South America/Argentina -- Independiente Mza/France -- Copa Libertadores Winners!/Argentinian 1st Division Opening Stage Champions!/Argentinian 1st Division Closing Stage Champions!/Intercontinental Cup Winners!/World Cup Winners!

Round 5:Year of Season -- Member -- Continent/Nation -- Club -- Seasonal Acomplishments

2026/27 -- AMC -- South America/Argentina -- Independiente Mza/France -- Copa Libertadores Winners!/Argentinian 1st Division Opening Stage Champions!/Argentinian 1st Division Closing Stage Champions!/Intercontinental Cup Winners!/Inter-American Cup Winners!
2027/28 -- Dermotron -- South America/Argentina, Europe/Belgium -- Independiente Mza/Cercle Brugge/France-- FIFA Club World Championship Winners!/European Championship Winners!/1st Belgium Third Division Group A (Promotion!)
2028/29 -- Patinoz -- Europe/Belgium -- Cercle Brugge/Italy -- Belgium 2nd Division Winners!
2029/2030 -- wato20 -- Europe/Belgium -- Cercle Brugge -- 16th Belgium 1st Division
2030/2031 -- ozRooster -- Europe/Belgium -- Cercle Brugge -- 12th Belgium 1st Division
2031/2032 -- kuy -- Europe/Belgium -- Cercle Brugge -- 2nd Belgium 1st Division (CL Qualification!)
2032/2033 -- merkezekrem -- Europe/Belgium -- Cercle Brugge -- 2nd Belgium 1st Division (CL Qualification!)

Round 6:Year of Season -- Member -- Continent/Nation -- Club -- Seasonal Acomplishments

2033/34 -- Patinoz -- Europe/Belgium -- Cercle Brugge -- Belgium 1st Division Winners!
2034/2035 -- wato20 -- Europe/Belgium -- Cercle Brugge -- Champions League Winners!/Belgian 1st Division Winners!/Belgian Super Cup Winners!
2035/2036 -- ozRooster -- Europe/Belgium -- Cercle Brugge -- European Super Cup Winners!/Intercontinental Cup Winners!/4th Belgian 1st Division (UEFA Cup Qualification!)
2036/2037 -- AMC -- Europe/Belgium -- Cercle Brugge -- Belgian 1st Division Winners!/Belgian Cup Winners!
2037/2038 -- Dermotron -- Europe/Belgium -- Cercle Brugge -- Champions League Winners!/Belgian 1st Division Winners!/Belgian Cup Winners!/Belgian Super Cup Winners!
2038/2039 -- merkezekrem -- Europe/Belgium -- Cercle Brugge -- Champions League Winners!/Intercontinental Winners!/Belgian 1st Division Winners!/Belgian Cup Winners!/Belgian Super Cup Winners!

Round 7:Year of Season -- Member -- Continent/Nation -- Club -- Seasonal Acomplishments

2039/2040 -- ozRooster -- Europe/Belgium -- Cercle Brugge -- FIFA Club World Championship Winners!/Champions League Winners!/Intercontinental Winners!/Belgian 1st Division Winners!/Belgian Cup Winners!
2040 -- kuy -- North America/U.S.A -- Chicago Fire -- US Open Cup Winners!/Major League Playoff Quarter Finalists
2041 -- Cam F -- North America/U.S.A -- Chicago Fire/Italy -- MLS Champions!/US Open Cup Winners!
2042 -- Dermotron -- North America/U.S.A -- Chicago Fire/Italy -- CONCACAF Champions Cup!/MLS Champions!/US Open Cup Winners!
2043 -- AMC -- North America/U.S.A -- Chicago Fire -- FIFA Club World Championship Winners!/CONCACAF Champions Cup!/Inter-American Cup Winners!/MLS Champions!/US Open Cup Winners!
2043/44 -- Patinoz -- Oceania/Australia -- Sutherland Sharks -- 4th A-League
2044/45 -- wato20 -- Oceania/Australia -- Sutherland Sharks -- 4th A-League
2045/46 -- merkezekrem -- Oceania/Australia -- Sutherland Sharks -- A-League Winners!

Round 8:Year of Season -- Member -- Continent/Nation -- Club -- Seasonal Acomplishments

2046/47 -- AMC -- Oceania/Australia -- Central Coast Mariners/Germany -- 5th A-League
2047/48 -- ozRooster -- Oceania/Australia -- Central Coast Mariners/Germany -- A-League Winners!
2048/49 -- kuy -- Oceania/Australia -- Central Coast Mariners/Germany -- European Championship Winners!/7th A-League
2049/50 -- merkezekrem -- Oceania/Australia -- Central Coast Mariners -- FIFA Club World Championship Winners!


This is a collection of the competitions and cups we win over the course of the challenge with each club in each nation.


5x Spanish First Division Champions
2x Spanish Cup
3x Spanish Super Cup
1x Spanish Second Division Champions

South Korea

3x Korean League Champions
2x Korean FA Cup
3x Korean Super Cup
2x Korean League Cup


5x Argentinian First Division Closing Stage Champions
3x Argentinian First Division Opening Stage Champions
1x Argentine Second Division Champions


6x Belgian First Division Champions
4x Belgian Cup
3x Belgian Super Cup
1x Belgian Second Division Champions


3x MLS Champions
4x US Open Cup


1x A-League

Continental Competitions/Cups

6x FIFA Club World Championship (Melilla, Jeonbuk, Independiente Mza, Cercle Brugge, Chicago Fire, Central Coast Mariners)
7x Champions League (3x Melilla, 4x Cercle Brugge)
3x Copa Libertadores
2x CONCACAF Champions Cup
1x Asian Club Championship
1x UEFA Cup
7x Intercontinental Cup
4x European Super Cup
2x Inter-American Cup
1x Asian Super Cup

National Competitions/Cups

1x World Cup (France)
2x European Championship (France, Germany)

04-03-12, 09:22 PM

Me: Hello

Mystery Man: Hello, is this AMC?

Me: It is, how can I help you?

Mystery Man: I represent CMSG Ltd a Football agency you signed up with some time ago. After having some trouble with a previous candidate, we are pleased to offer you the position.

Me: Great stuff! When do I start? Where is it?

Mystery Man: You'll be managing Spanish Division 2B side Melilla and you start straight away!

Me: Wow! But how am I meant to get to Melilla?

Mystery Man: That has been taken care off, this very minute an envelope will be falling through your letter box containing your flight tickets. Your assistant manager Felipe Sanchez will meet you at the airport. Please note this is a one year temporary contract, with no guarantee of a permanent position at the end of it. Goodbye.

(Races to the door to see an envelope with the CMSG Ltd logo on, and hastily opens it)


On reaching Morocco, Felipe informed me that Melilla and rivals Ceuta are both autonomous Spanish cities situated in the African mainland, as can be seen in the following picture.


After a short trip in Felipe's car, we arrived at the 12,000 all seater stadium known as "Municipal Alvarez Claro", where I witnessed the first team going through their paces by a couple of coaches. They didn't look much, but I was informed they were good enough for this level, and that striker Samuel and midfielder Azrack Mahamat had bright futures. Under a load of files in my office, I found a scrap of paper with the following tactic scribbled on it, which I considered an omen so decided to use it for the season ahead http://champman0102.co.uk/forum/images/smilies/biggrin.gif (My UTL tactic)


It was a wise decision. With zero funds to play with I had to make do with the squad already at my disposal, although I was given £200k to spend once the transfer window had shut! It mattered little though as we overcame rivals Ceuta 1-0 away with a late goal in my first game in charge, and then embarked on an impressive 9 consecutive league wins, before drawing 1-1 at home to Badajoz, despite being down to 10 men from the 27th minute. We were scoring goals for fun, with 5-1 being our most common scoreline, and Samuel was really excelling in the formation, averaging 1.5 goals a game! We also played non league Extremadura in the preliminary rounds of the Spanish Cup, and beat them 3-1 at home to set up a 1st round tie against fellow Division 2B side Cadiz.


With our first dropped points in the league I'd expect us to settle down after our great start, but instead we found another gear, with 5-1, 4-0, 3-1, 4-1 and 3-0 wins in our next 5 games. Our good performances were coming at a cost though, as the big teams became interested in my players, with Mahamat and Fragoso attracting attention from the likes of Barcelona and Real Madrid. Before the cup game I agreed to sell Mahamat for £1m to Atletico Madrid (he turned down Barcelona and Twente), as he became unhappy and I couldn't really stand in the way of such a great chance for the defensive midfielder. Centre back Fausto was next to leave in a £250k deal to Osasuna, and right back Daniel Fragoso also left in the new year to Real Madrid in another £1m deal. All were still in the side when we narrowly beat Cadiz 1-0 thanks to a Fragoso goal. Our next game after the short winter break would be the 2nd round which would see us play La Liga side Granada at home, and with them sitting rock bottom of La Liga, I thought we had a good chance of a cup upset. The wins kept coming in the league, and come the start of 2002, we had a 14 point lead at the top of the table.


It weren't all one way traffic in terms of transfers, as we brought in eight new faces for a total £1.8m, with the two big signings of forward Mario Rondon from Nacional and right back Isidoro from Betis, both for £600k. They both started the cup game against Granada, with Rondon having to play on the left wing, with Samuel now boasting more than 30 goals to his name! It was the other winger who opened the scoring however, as Beninian/Nigerian Salomon Wisdom scored after 21 mins to put us ahead, and it was all Melilla as we battered the 1st division side, but met an inspired Julio Cesar (obviously not the Inter keeper). We eventually got a second though, as ironically midfielder Granada scored against his namesake, and when the final whistle was blown, we had a scalp to our name. The 3rd round drew an even bigger name. Despite a number of 2B sides left, and even a non league side left in the draw for the last 16, but it would be Sevilla we would play. I was happy we would be at home for the game, but club official Alan informed me that the game would in fact be over two legs. At the very least we'd get a good share of the gate receipts, but instead we would have two pulsating games. Things didn't start well in the home leg when Negredo gave Sevilla the lead after 19 mins, but Samuel levelled the scores just before half time. Midfielder Velasco became a hero when his 2nd half strike gave us the lead, and when the 90 mins were up I was cursing this was a two legged affair. Our team was short on fitness for the second leg, but despite this we made it to half time at the Ramon Sanchez Pizjuain at 0-0. Unfortunately it didn't last, a terrible opening 15 mins in the 2nd half saw Sevilla go 2-0 up and ahead in the tie, and they added a 3rd 15 mins from the end. A Samuel goal shortly afterwards gave us some hope, but it weren't to be. Still a great learning experience for the club, and some money into the bargain http://champman0102.co.uk/forum/images/smilies/smile.gif


Still we were going great in the league, running into little opposition as we recorded our 19th consecutive win, which put us 20 pts clear with two thirds of the season gone, although we did almost come unstuck at home to Ceuta, but despite conceeding an equaliser in the 90th minute, we went straight up the other end to regain our lead. It was around this time that club official Alan also informed me that no Champions are actually crowned in this division, instead the top 4 teams in each of the 4 Spanish Division 2B leagues, go into a promotion group stage featuring 4 mini leagues, with each team playing home and away, and the winners of these 4 groups would be promoted. We couldn't make it 20 wins on the bounce however, as we finally lost in the league 1-0 away at Almeria B, but our playoff position was ensured in the next game as we beat Linense 3-0. We finished the league off in style winning 5-0, 4-0 and 6-0, giving us great confidence going into the Promotion Group stage.


Our mini league would contain Hospitalet (had finished 2nd), Leganes (3rd) and Palencia (4th) and our first game would be away at Leganes, and we started poorly conceeding after just 5 mins. We got more into the game after the goal and by half time we were 3-1 to the good. We ran riot in the 2nd half, scoring a further 3 goals without reply, and midfielders Curras and Enguix as well as forward Samuel could all boast braces (2 goals not dental ware or clothing http://champman0102.co.uk/forum/images/smilies/biggrin.gif) Another comprehensive win over Palenica at home (5-2), and when we recorded our 31st goal in just 6 games in a 5-1 win over Hospitalet we were in a very good place. A 0-0 draw at home to Leganes was just a minor blip as consecutiv 3-0 wins made sure we finished top of the league, and thus promotion!


Star of the show was undoubtedly striker Samuel, who unfortunately has been attracting Barcelona amongst others, and has a £375k minimum fee release clause, and won't negotiate a new contract. The next manager has a real task getting him to stay next season, although Rondon should be an decent replacement (and looks a better player stats wise).


Restriction for next manager: I've sent Klosec a detailed report on the squad and what not. There's a fair bit of money about, £1m in the bank, with £1.3m to spend, and more to come in the shape of TV revenue, Season tickets and potential player sales. I didn't want to set anything too hard as it is still early days, and I don't know how we'll fair in the 2nd division, so I've told him that no free transfers are allowed, i.e. all transfers must be bought.

Best of luck klosec!

04-03-12, 09:26 PM
It's the day after my birthday and I'm having a not so well deserved lie in.

http://us.123rf.com/400wm/400/400/stockbroker/stockbroker0808/stockbroker080803616/3476570-man-lying-in-bed-sleeping.jpg (http://us.123rf.com/400wm/400/400/stockbroker/stockbroker0808/stockbroker080803616/3476570-man-lying-in-bed-sleeping.jpg)

I'm not in the mood to do much today and just as I have convinced myself of this the phone rings...

Me: Grmpfh...eh..Hello?
Caller: Hello Centurion
Me: Yeah, hello...
Caller: It's time, are you ready?
Me: What?!
Caller: You have to go to Africa right away.
Me: Africa?!!
Caller: I have here in front of me a contract that you have signed with CMSG Ltd. stating that you are one of the chosen elite managers signed for their next mission. U.D. Melila need a new manager to steer them towards success. Again I will ask the questions. Are you ready?
Me: Yes, yes of course. Please send me the details and I'll be sure to make it.

On arrival at the club I notice that things aren't as bad as they seem, some of the players seem up the the task for the Spanish 2nd tier but we really need a keeper. Some of the scouts are already busy looking for a stopper so I make myself busy introducing my new modern 4-3-3 system to the players.


The board informed me that they feel we have a good squad and they would settle for a decent final position in the league. They did tell me however they were very willing to give me money for whatever players I needed to buy. At the time I was very confident in my new tactical system and I informed them that I would do my best for the club. And then it all went horribly wrong.

I was feeling so confident that things at the club were so well set up that I, well...., I fecked off to the pub. One pint turned into two and I was always planning to "Get the next bus home". On a quick toilet break I was grabbed from behind and a bag put over my head. The next thing I know I'm in a dark room somewhere with a light shining in my face. I quickly realise that this is a serious situation and have a dead pain inside telling me this is not going to end well.

"Comrade Centurion, I do apologise that we have to meet like this. This is not our country so we have to be careful, yes? Now listen to me and do as I say and everything will be fine. You and I have a mutual acquaintance yes? Sergei has informed me that you too used do some jobs together before.

Then the realisation hits home hard. The bloody Russian Mafia!

There is no need to be worried Centurion. As I said if you do what we want then there will be no problems. My boss has asked me to to ask a favour of you. He has heard you are in charge at Melila now. He knows you are a good manager and maybe you can be useful in the future so he doesn't want to ruin your career. He instead expects that you...how do you say...become a checkbook manager I think is the expression yes? What my boss expects is for you to spend spend spend yes! He doesn't care about where the club finishes...just once it is on the brink of going out of business. You don't need to know why he wants this, but you do need to know that if my boss is not happy then we are going to have to use this!

http://conflicts.rem33.com/images/Russia/RUSSIAN%20ORGANIZED%20CRIME_files/image001.gif (http://conflicts.rem33.com/images/Russia/RUSSIAN%20ORGANIZED%20CRIME_files/image001.gif)

Immediately a bag is placed over my head again and I am dragged outside, driven away and thrown in a ditch.

I had no trouble buying players and the board were happy to make funds available to me. 21 players were brought in altogether and I as determined to make this a brilliant season after all the hassle with the Russians. Here are some of the better prospects.






And of course Andreev who was sent to spy on me


After a flurry friendlies our league campaign got off to a great start winning most games by a 2 goal margin.


We had the perfect start. Star striker Samuel hadn't produced the same form as last season but was scoring prolifically all the same. Jaoquín Moso was
marshalling a very tight defence from between the posts and I was very proud of my signings and worrying less and less about the Russian Mafia. Valladolid were the only stumbling block in the league and close-to-bankrupcy Mallorca were chasing us too.

My tactic and it's 4-5-1 variation were working a treat . In the cup we despatched Oviedo 3-1 with goals from Quinín, Jonan and Rondón. We faced Elche in the next round and my confidence turned into overconfidence as I rested a few first teamers and played some youngsters. We crashed out by the odd goal in 5 after extra time.


From here we began to stutter a little as I tinkered with the tactic and Valladolid were closing the gap on is at the top of the league...

In the end we got our winning streak going again. We won the league by 9 points with Valladolid in 2nd. The club is in a bit of debt but funds are still available for transfers. The poor board have every trust in me. The high wages will make the situation worse in the summer and with loss of out keeper Moso and AM/FC Bastres both on minimum fees it's going to be a tough season in La Liga.

I never did see those pesky Russians after...

My restriction(s) for you if you can do them are:

On promotion to the top division the club will need a new talisman. The fans will need someone to be entertained by even when they could be struggling in the division. A relatively big signing would show your intent on staying up this season. This signing will have to come in the form of a quality goalkeeper or a new "Number 10". If you see someone in the squad who you already think can be our new number 10 then a keeper is your main priority.

04-03-12, 09:26 PM
It was 6:22 am. I've been awake for 14 minutes when the phone rang. I pushed the green button on the phone before the first ring was over and said:

- Which airway?

- Eh? ... Iberia...

I hung up the phone, took my suitcase and left the apartment. 3 hours of flight, 3 hours of boat trip and some minutes later I was at the boardroom of U.D. Melilla, telling them I wasn't going to stay here another minute if they didn't improver the training facilities. That they did, for about 3M £, the awfull facilities changed to top training facilities plus youth academy.


I said. Went to my room and checked the team sheet. Some player came and said he'll be leaving the team with a min fee clause. Told him to http://champman0102.co.uk/forum/images/smilies/censored.gif off.

Heard sneaky footsteps outside, put my gun in the drawer and left it open. Pretended to check the team sheet. It was a very young lad, telling me that his name was Angel Saez and he's been promoted to the A-Team from the youth academy. I nearly told him that my A-Team days were over but came to my senses. He looks like a good player. Gave him a ball and told him to http://champman0102.co.uk/forum/images/smilies/censored.gif off.

Man, this was a team full of useless overpaid http://champman0102.co.uk/forum/images/smilies/censored.gifers.

Carlos Ruiz; http://champman0102.co.uk/forum/images/smilies/censored.gif off.
Migue; http://champman0102.co.uk/forum/images/smilies/censored.gif off.
Sergio Rodriguez; http://champman0102.co.uk/forum/images/smilies/censored.gif off.
Llamas; http://champman0102.co.uk/forum/images/smilies/censored.gif off.
Jeremy Huyghebaert; http://champman0102.co.uk/forum/images/smilies/censored.gif off.
Inaki Casado; http://champman0102.co.uk/forum/images/smilies/censored.gif off.
Roberto Casabella; http://champman0102.co.uk/forum/images/smilies/censored.gif off.

They did.

Heard sneaky footsteps outside again. Thought it was another youth coming to claim to be Messi and kept my head down. Turned out different. A Russian thug pointing a gun at my head gave me simple instructions.

- Play with Centurions's tactic and play for relegation. Otherwise he dies!


I told him. Waited for him to leave and put my gun back to the drawer. Picked up the phone and called the police.

Found the note Centurion left me, asking me to buy either a kepper or a "No 10" player. Looking at the team sheet, I decided we needed a keeper more. Called in the scouts and after listening to their suggestions decided to gamble on Cristiano, the back up keeper of Portugal. 475£ paid to him. While looking at the scouts reports, I realized that David De Paula of Palencia was worth his min fee clause. A FRC his calibre for 180K £ was a bargain so signed him with a min fee of 500K £.

After some friendlies the league started. Playing with Centurion's tactic was a disaster, as bad as the new keepers start. A red card for him in the 2nd minute of the first match against Betis destroyed us. 0-5! After the second lost 0-2, to Espanyol the Spanish police called me and told me to play one more game with Centurion's tactic as they were closing on the Russians. Another 0-2 loose helped the police to round up and jail the Russians which gave me my tactical freedom. Whatever happened to Centurion, I don't know. We'll porbably learn about it when he works for CMSG again.

We played well for the rest of the season, only loosing once to the Giants Barça and Real, getting 3 draws and 1 win. Shame the loose was against Barça in the first leg of q-final of the cup. We finished a great 4th, 3 points behind the 3rd Atletico. We managed 20 wins, 12 draws and 6 looses. Scoring 64, conceeding 31.

I don't know who won the league as when I left the town Barça had 2 games in hand (coz they won our aim cup) with 96 points and Real had 100.

The Team:


Domingo Alonso: The young keeper played good after coming in in a friendly but didn't manage to impress me in the 5 matches he played in league. He probably needs 10 years to become a good keeper.

Arturo: Veteran sub, subbed very veteranly. 6 goals he conceeded in 3 sub apps was fair, 3 of them was penalties. Good sub, good vet. http://champman0102.co.uk/forum/images/smilies/censored.gif off.

Cristiano: My hopes of fullfilling Centurions wish..wasn't fullfilled. Altho he played a 7.10 rating in 21 games, conceeding 18, well, he was shitty. Conceeded when he shouldn't. Giving away penalties and getting red cards. Conceeding in the last minutes. Thank god he's only 23. He'll surely be better than Alonso. He also gets to be Portuguese 2nd keeper. But as I said I needed a better keeper so in the imd transfer season I bought:

Sebastian Viera: My best buy, even for his high 2M £ price tag and mind blowing 13,250£ per week wage and 5M£ min fee, the guy took us to another level. He didn't conceed for his first 7 games, only to be beaten by Pedro. And Higuain was the only other player to score in the 15 matches he played. http://champman0102.co.uk/forum/images/smilies/hail.gif Awesome keeper. Here you go Mr. Centurion.



24 y/o Manu started to play in Dl, was doing eh and sometimes meh. Then he got injured for 2 months and French Camille got in and played ehher and mehher. But even his 7.21 rating couldnt stop Manu getting his shirt back. (Coz he had lots of 6's) Manu finished with a 7.29 and a great looking future.


32 y/o Alegre did well, 7.12 with 4 assist and 2 goals. Not so good in defence tho, 1.2 tackels avarage. Isidoro the DRC was his only sub and he managed a 6.96 in 20(8) matches. So Alegre gets injured and unfit a lot. We probably need a transfer here.


Thank god Capo retires at the end of the season. He's shit. Or he might not be but i havent played him for a match.

Henrique looks good but plays shit. 6.63 in 16 matches and 3.2 tackles. Dont be misguided by tackles, last form: 6-7-6-6-6.

David Rives is much more consistent. At age 30, he managed not to play bad in most of his 22(4) matches. 7.04 and 2.7 tackles combined with solid performance. Like.

Xabier Etxebarria. I tried. Not much but 6 matches and he was unhappy all the time. Decided to join Puertollano when his contract ends. Well, http://champman0102.co.uk/forum/images/smilies/censored.gif off.

Quinin is solid and reliable. 18 games, 2 goals and 7.22 avarage. But not a constant player. Got into a 6-6 form so made way to my transfer:

Saifoulaye Bagayoko! The transfer like a boss, paid 85k£ for him. 1.900 a week and min fee of 1.8M. He played 21(3) matches with a rating of 7.42! Tackle avarage of 5! and last worth of 1.5M. He made me proud.



Vainqueur, another http://champman0102.co.uk/forum/images/smilies/censored.gif French. He played awesome 7.43 in 6(1) matches but I dont like him. "jösvi, lö lö" http://champman0102.co.uk/forum/images/smilies/censored.gif off.

First I bought Icelandic O. I. Skulason, aged 31. Cheap, for 300K. He started well and played 7.15 but got injured for long and I bought:

Abdoul Karim Toure for 100K from Fello Stars Labe (?). He was looking promising but didnt get more than 1 started. Managed good tho, 7.

Now, the Italian Andrea Bertolacci is a great buy. Not that he played great, only 7 rating, 4 assist and 1 goal in 25 matches but he has been called twice to the Italian National team (The Boots). Which is http://champman0102.co.uk/forum/images/smilies/rant.gif in a way coz we'll have to pay 875K if he gets 10 caps. He looks awesome and sure to be awesome as he has a non-playing release clause of 1.9M. Wato, If you dont play him, info0 will come after you!


Fernando Velasco is a good back up player. He played well in 13 straight 11's and 3 subs. Good to keep.


Garcia is right only,

Cabello is 18 only,

Curra Iglesisas, I have to apogolise to this guy. Forgot to play him http://champman0102.co.uk/forum/images/smilies/redface.gif he played 8 games and managed a goal and 2 assist. meh.

Sergio Moreno played both in AML and FC but couldnt impress me anywhere. Good price tag if can be sold.

Lider Meija played veryvery well, 7.63 and 5 goals 6 assists in 16 matches. But he decided to retire at the end of the season. Farewell Ecuadoran!

That kid i gave the ball to play has some potential, Saez managed to get 4 goals and 2 assist in 3(3) matches, most important was a dramatic equilizer in R.Madrit match. Wato: DON'T SELL HIM!


Our weakest position as De Paula is not playing well here, Garcia is not playing well here and our only AMR Iriome sucks balls. 22 matches, 3 goals and 6 assists rounded up with lots of 6's and some 5's and then a 9. Pfft. Wato: Get an AMR!


The no"10" Centurion asked for was in the team, 31 y/o Jonan was simply magnificent all season. 40 matches! 11 Goals! 8 assists! 7.47 Avarage rating. http://champman0102.co.uk/forum/images/smilies/hail.gif

Wisdom: good but signed for another team. http://champman0102.co.uk/forum/images/smilies/censored.gif off.

Sergio Moreno scored 5 goals but 2 in one match and 3 in another. Did shit zip on the other 19 matches. http://champman0102.co.uk/forum/images/smilies/censored.gif off, imo.



Mario Rondon was our highest valued player. 1.9M http://champman0102.co.uk/forum/images/smilies/eek.gif Did he play so? Do they ever! 25(5) matches, 7 goals 5 assists 6.97. Just enough to save his ass.

De Paula, my buy wasn't impressive too. 17(10) and 5 goals.


Yeah, the "Great" Samuel! FUCK YOU! (unhttp://champman0102.co.uk/forum/images/smilies/censored.gif) 8 matches, 1 goal 2 assists.

Cervera was the highlight of the season here. He scored 8 goals in 10(7) matches. Great prospect.

Andreev? who?

I bought a giant, Juanjo for only 275K, hoped he'll score tons with crosses with 20 jumping and heading but think he has some adaptation problems. he sored 5 and asisted 2 in 13(4) matches. Give him a chence, wato.

So I leave my chair to wato, I dont know if we can get in the CL, being fourth. Hope so. You!, wato, Shall only buy African players! Second nationalities, i don't care of. You shall find your shortlist full of only africans, for a bit of a help. Alright, don't cry. You can buy only spanish players if you have to. But only you really have to! Othervise I send the Turkish mafia after you!

04-03-12, 09:27 PM
It was 10:45am, and the Phone rang.
http://t3.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSU2Uhle9L3BuWoG1szgxZL5xLIkvIpt y1J4VWelKYSodTxbeu4hg

I was having a lie in since i was out on the piss the night before, but I thought it could be something to do with the taxi ride home, and answered.
I had just flagged down a normal taxi, or so I thought, but inside the taxi, a man was already sat in the back and i was pulled in as the door opened.
He had a briefcase of money.

The strange man Said.
"Are You Wato?"

I confirmed.

He said, he had seen my excellent man management with players from all over the world, and my name had come up in several meetings, with "The boss"

I was the one chosen to lead the african assault on Europe.
With U.D. Melilla.

Last season they had managed to qualify for the Champions League qualifying round.
And it was my responsibilty to get them to the group stage, and further increase the clubs image in europe.

As I was leaving the taxi with the briefcase and airplane tickets http://sp.life123.com/bm.pix/bigstockphoto_air_tickets_139748.s600x600.jpg
The man added one thing.

"You can only buy African players... We need to improve the african image"


The Phone call was a Limo Driver confirming he was picking me up to take me to the airport for my 1 season contract to begin.


On arrival, looking at the squad, it was obvious a striker was needed.
There were some decent players in the team, with the Goalkeeper, Viera.
The Defenders Bagayoko and Quinin.
And the italian Midfielder enforcer - Bertolacci
And the Spanish playmaker Jonan...
All looking decent enough.

But before the Season started, a solid player from the previous season came to tell me he was retiring with immeadiate effect.

The Board were not expecting much this season.

I made my first signing, an all round decent African Striker who also had a Belgian Passport.

The Draw was made for the Champions League Qualifer.
Tough Draw, Kiev, but the 1st leg would be at home.

My 2nd signing was a Congelese international winger.
I hope'd he would have a good impact and could replace the retired veteran.

I made my 3rd African Signging, a back up defender for free.

My Tactic for the 1st match would be 4-4-2. With just a few runs in the midfield.

All the build up was to the Kiev Game. It was massive for the club.
What a first game of the season:
A 3-0 Thumping of Dinamo Kiev to surely seal the passage to the Champions Leauge Group.
It was all about the Debutants, as Mokulu and Gangate bagged all 3 goals between them.

A 0-0 away draw made it look easy, as the club was awarded £1.8 Million for qualifying for the Group Stage.

After the fantastic qualifying, the group stage draw was made.
It was a tough draw. Ajax, Dortmund and Zenit.

The1st League Game of the Season would be away to Barcelona.
They dont get tougher than this:
a 3-0 Defeat.. Spoiler:

It was pretty tough in the Champs League too, and it wasnt helped in a big game away at Zenit, having both my Keepers sent off by the 41st Minute.
I had to put an outfield player in net, and decided to change to a very defensive tactic.
I only went on to lose 4-0, which i thought was a great result. Spoiler:

In my 2nd League Game, I had to come back from 1-0 down.
And managed to win 3-2.
This showed great Character in the Team, with my New Striker scoring his 1st league goal for the club.

I was wanting to make a marquee signing, but Anderlect would not let go of a promising striker. Spoiler:

The league was looking pretty good though:
8 Games in.

The Champions League journey would come to an end.
At one point in the final game though, Melilla were in 3rd in the group and looking at a possible Uefa Cup place.
But a late goal by Ajax V Dortmund and a late equiliser for Zenit, left Melilla bottom of the group. Spoiler:

I hoped to shore up the Defence with a 4th signing, the Nigerian English Man - Nedum Onuoha

Melilla had money to spend, but no good African Strikers seemed to want to join.

By The New Year, the Table was still making pretty good reading...
January 1st Table: http://img59.imageshack.us/img59/2707/newyeartable.jpg

But as with all teams, Melilla hit a sticky patch.
2 Draws followed by 2 defeats....
But right at the end, a Lucky 4-3 away victory, followed by a narrow 1-0 home win in Early February put an end the rough patch.

With 10 games to go, Melilla were still in 4th, but only 3 points clear of 5th.
So all was to play for: Spoiler:

The End of season fight for the top 4 was not aided by various injuries to my better players.
This being one of the worst. 2 months out for the best player. Spoiler:

However with 5 games to go, there was now a 4 point gap back to 5th. Spoiler:

2 games to go and 3 points clear of 5th placed Villarreal, and fate would pit us together for the penultimate league Match.

And I managed to sneak a draw. A Massive point.
Which left me 3 points ahead of them, with 1 game remaining.
So all I needed was a point from my last game to secure the 4th spot again, and Champs League Football for next season.

And it was away to Real Madrid.

Melilla lost 1-0......................

Which as it turned out, was just enough to sneak 4th place. http://champman0102.co.uk/forum/images/smilies/thumb.gif
a 2-0 defeat or an extra goal in Villarreal's home win V Athletico and U.D. Melilla would have finished 5th.
Final League Standings:

It was the good Away form that helped Melilla to finish 4th. Only losing 5 on the road and winning 7. Spoiler:

The Valencia Job came up.. and I applied.. But didnt get it. Spoiler:

The Spanish Cup was won by Real Madrid

The Champs League Final was between Real Madrid and Barcelona

Two of Melilla's players were fantastic Tacklers... Amazing.

The player of the year for me, was the Keeper, he had a stormer with a 7.54 average rating.
Some defenders also played well, with Henrique filling in at left back towards the end of the season and playing well.
With Quinin and Bagayoko also playing well.
The New Striker scored 15 goals, but was never on top form, and never had a consistant partner.
End of Season Stats:

The Team is losing a few players as a lot refused new contracts and are moving on Bosman free transfers: Spoiler:

The Finances are looking pretty good though with £11 Million to spend.

So with this. I hand over the challenge to Dermotron.

My restriction, if you can call it that, is that your most expensive signing must be a striker.
So plan your spending wisely.

04-03-12, 09:45 PM

The sun was beating down on me for what must have been the 500th day in a row, life on the beaches of Antigua was suiting me fine. Rich from my prize money cut when winning the World Club Championship with one time giants of Brazilian football, Ituiutaba, I chose to go to ground and get out of the management game and chillout. Even though I was still well connected to the world (what with the Japs sending me tons of new gadgets every year as thanks for winning the J-League and Asian Club Championship), time lying on the beach everyday was just the ticket to unwind from the stresses of the modern game. Of course I spoke to soon.


Jeeves arrived down with my phone explaining that ‘The call is quiet urgent sir’. I was a bit surprised by this as I’d told him never to answer or take a call on my behalf let alone tell me about one. Once I took the call I found out why he’d taken it

“Afternoon Dermotron, how is the tan coming along”

“Eh, who is this”

“Come now, you surely remember the voice”

“No, and how did you get this number”

“Why our boy Jeeves of course”

Jeeves? WTF . . . . . our boy? Oh fuck . .

“Listen here you CMSG prick, I’m done with you and your fucking . . “

“Now, now Dermotron, you owe us a favour”

“I owe you? You’ve gotten plenty out of the titles I’ve won”

“Yes, but business has been, a little slow. Things weren’t moving as quick as we’d liked but now we’re back and we’re calling in the tried and trusted to get us back in the black”

“I’m out of the game”

“Hmmm, no you’re not I’m afraid”

“How so?”

“Jeevesy boy has a rather interesting video of you”


“Yes, of you . . . and Miss Antigua”


Shit, fuck, fuck, cunt

“Eh, ok, let’s talk”

“Indeed, let’s. Her husband might not take to kindly to you showing up in a vid banging the daylights out of his wife. . . We have a job for you. We’ve recently ‘acquired’ Spanish club UD Melilla. You might know of them but they are a Spanish club based in North Africa, Morocco to be specific. It’s an autonomous territory of Spain and thus their football club plays in the Spanish leagues.”


“Doesn’t sound so bad, at least I’ll be able to keep the tan”

“It’s not going to be so bad at all. As you know Morocco produces one of the world’s finest variation of a product – whilst on away duty we will supply a plane and our own pilot to bring to the games to bring this product to the mainland”

“Ok, sounds fair enough, takes the hassle away from the club. Saves on the shipping costs too”

“Sure, sure, George is a good pilot with a decent record in ‘profit making’ and ‘transporting’”

“What is this product that ‘George’ will be transporting?”

“Mr. Jung would rather you didn’t know”

Mr. Jung? George Jung (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/George_Jung)? . . . Oh you gotten be fucking kidding me

“Oh you gotten be fucking kidding me, George fucking Jung. I thought he was locked up?”

Moroccan fucking hash trafficking. Christ, Miss Antigua wasn’t worth this . . . (well almost not worth it http://champman0102.co.uk/forum/images/smilies/wink.gif)


“He’s been out since 2009 and he’s an ideal candidate for our side job, just like you’re the ideal candidate for the Melilla job”


“Ok, give me the job details”

“You have about £11m to spend on new players and the previous imcumbent, wato20 has made a fairly straight forward request – your most expensive player be a striker”

“That’s not so bad”

“That’s not all, you are also in the UEFA Champions League after wato secured 4th spot in the league. You start in 2 weeks. Our personal request is to not bother George when he’s flying. He will get you there on time every time, what he does while your landed is none of your business, just concentrate on the football side of things”


“Great, speak to you in 12 months, ciao”

Fucking CMSG
Fucking George fucking Jung
Fucking Miss Antigua (yeah that was good)
Fucking Jeeves

What could possibly go wrong?

A lot.
9 league games played.
2 wins
4 draws
3 losses
16th in the league. Distastrous start. Thank fuck we had gotten to the group stages of the Champions League. A group that contained Chelsea, Lyon and FC Copenhagen was doable but unfortunately not to be. Whilst we beat the group whipping boys Copenhagen home and away (5-0 away), we only took 2 points from our meetings with Chelsea and Lyon and 8 points was never going to be enough. At least we had secured UEFA Cup football to keep us in Europe.

The league form was slowly improving as the 19 players I’d brought in (to be joined with another 10 at Xmas) were taking awhile to gel. Also, after a blistering start, new ‘biggest transfer striker’ Lucas Oscampos form dropped dramatically. I had bought him as a striker (£3.7m and record signing) and though I persisted in playing him, he was clearly a winger – which his form towards the end of the season proved. We had still managed to pull ourselves up to 7th and back up to within range of the top 4, which was becoming an obsession of mine. So much so I probably chopped and changed the side so much we never really got into a balanced rhythm to push for the top 4.


Also the refusal of our best player, Bertolacci, to sign and new contract and agree to terms with Valencia, hit the team hard. Amalfitano was an adequate and willing replacement but just didn’t have the same class.

By the end of March the chance to break in there was gone but ironically, due to all the wheeling and dealing, we had a settled squad for the European competition due to the squad only be 18 strong. This wasn’t a hinderence at all as we powered through round after round

3rd Round Vs Anorthosis (CYP) 4-0, 2-0 (6-0 agg)

4th Round Vs Ajax (HOL) 2-0, 1-0 (3-0 agg)

Quarter Final Vs Marseille 5-0, 0-1 (5-1 agg)

Semi Final Vs Man Utd 2-0, 1-2 (3-2 agg)

Final Vs Valencia


Our league form improved a bit too late but it was the form of Nigerian striker Obinna that provided the catalyst. I switched him from the left wing to striker (Oscampos going to the wing) and his power and industry proved invaluable. We had a decent run of 4 wins in the last 4 games to leave us in 5th place when all was said and done. Even with the extra 5pts wato managed to get we’d have still finished 5th as the gap was just too large.


We proved to be Cup specialists as we got to the Spanish Cup final where we went done on penalties to League runners-up and Champions League semi-finalists, Real Madrid. Unfortunately the lottery of penalties went the way of Real and the UEFA Cup was our ‘only’ piece of silverware.


It was the 9th of June and private flight to the mainland and ultimately Antigua, awaited. George was nowhere to be seen thankfully but I did get one last call.

“Enjoy your holiday, we’ll be looking for your services again soon”

This time I look forward to it.


Stats & Stuff

The clubs finances are in good shape for the next manager to work with - £12.5m in Transfer Funds. The main issue with club is the club is still semi-pro and the CMSG management aren’t willing to budge on that – it seems to be a deterrent for a lot of the top players. It makes scouting a bit more important but there are still some top players around if you put in the time to find them. DC's are needed and probably a beasty striker but I think the midfield is very strong with Oscampos, Callejos and Canales in there.

Getting to the WCC by winning the European Super Cup might change that http://champman0102.co.uk/forum/images/smilies/wink.gif

http://champman0102.co.uk/forum/images/misc/quote_icon.png Originally Posted by Chris_3_16 http://champman0102.co.uk/forum/images/buttons/viewpost-right.png (http://champman0102.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?p=356737#post356737)
The Messiah can take us to the promised land

Yes he can http://champman0102.co.uk/forum/images/smilies/thumb.gif

If he can overcome this restriction:

Sign 4 players from 4 of the 8 playable leagues. All must be of the nationality of the league they are bought from. ALL must be used in every game they are available for. Only 1 from each league. Screenies required if players get badly injured. Simples http://champman0102.co.uk/forum/images/smilies/smile.gif

04-03-12, 09:47 PM
*** RING RING – unknown number ***

JC: Uh.. hello?
??: It is time Mr. Christ.
JC: Chico?
??: Chico..? No! No, it’s not Chico time. I do however, have a parcel for you.
JC: Oh an early Christmas present! How nice of you!
??: Er. Whatever. Make your way to Picadilly Station. It’ll be waiting for you there.

So a random bloke had rang me and had instructed me to go to Picadilly Station where there would be a random package waiting for me; “what’s the worst that could happen?” I grinned. I quickly grabbed a festive jumper, bid farewell to my Gran and jumped on my only mode of transport…


I finally made it to Picadilly Station without too many troubles (if you exclude being chased by dogs, the numerous break downs and being held at knifepoint for my shitty scooter). When I got there I made my way over to a shifty looking guy stood near the portaloos.


JC: The names Jesus. Jesus Christ.
??: And a big fucking hell to you too!
JC: So, have you got it?
??: You what? Listen son, if you wanna use the loo you’ll have to pay 20p.
JC: Twenty fucking pence to piss in a hole!?
??: If you don’t like it you can fuck off.
JC: *rummages in pocket* Got change for a fiver mate?
??: Have I fuck! Now fuck off, I’ve got a job to do.

And with that he waddled off to buy a Yazoo from the nearby shop.

Confused, I walked over to where the trains were when a sharp “PSSST” caught my attention. A man emerged from the shadows, dressed from head to toe in black and wearing a big sloppy hat.


Without saying a word he pushed a locker key in to my hand and vanished in a puff of smoke. “Doesn’t he know passive smoking is a bigger killer than smoking itself!?” I grumbled as I took a look at the key in my hand. The number 18 was etched in to a small keyring and using my logic, wit, intelligence and pure cleverness, I made my way over to the lockers nearby.


Inside locker 18 was a set of train tickets, a CMSG contract signed by yours truly and a note from the previous manager.

“Good fucking luck with this pile of shit mate. You’ve got your work cut out. Oh. And to make it harder for you I’ve set some restrictions for you. Basically, you’ve got to sign four players from either Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Portugal, South Korea, Spain, Turkey or the USA. One from each country and they’ve got to play most, if not all games during your season. Oh yeah, and they’ve got to be the nationality of from where they’ve come from as well, just to be a twat. POTATOE!”

Sighing, I made my way to Platform 9 and three quarters and waited for my first of seventeen trains to Africa.



I arrived in Melilla and immediately made my way to the Municipal Álvarez Claro where the squad was already busy training hard in the African heat. I opted to sit in the stands (and the shade!) whilst I reviewed the squad’s calibre. In short, they were shit. Nobody really fitted in to the dream team I had in my head except a keeper and a handful of midfielders come attackers.


Once training had concluded I met the lads on the pitch and one by one told them that their futures fell outside of the semi-professional outfit. There were many disappointed faces but the previous manager had done well to build up their reputations so they were immediately shipped out of Africa. In total, 29 players left U.D. Melilla which left me with a lot of work to do; however it also armed me with a tidy £26.5million warchest. The most notable faces to leave were Carles Puyol, Nedum Onuoha and Sergio Canales.


************************************************** ********************************************** U.D. Melilla - Sunday 3rd June 2007 ************************************************** ********************************************** ================================================== ============================================== 2006/7 Transfers ================================================== ============================================== Date Player Out To Fee ----------------------------------------------------------------------- 9.6.06 Ion Mosquera Released Free 9.6.06 Javier Orta Released Free 9.6.06 Manuel Antonio Fernández Released Free 9.6.06 Marco Antonio Verdejo Released Free 9.6.06 Rigobert Song Released Free 9.6.06 Santiago Peña Released Free 9.6.06 Antonio Vílchez Released Free 9.6.06 Jaime Moreno Released Free 9.6.06 Joan Espinosa Released Free 9.6.06 Juan Ruiz Released Free 9.6.06 José Ramón Arcos Released Free 9.6.06 Víctor Manuel Aguado Released Free 9.6.06 Julio Vílchez Released Free 15.6.06 Cristiano Levante Bos 15.6.06 Andrea Bertolacci Valencia Bos 15.6.06 Nicolás Colazo Mallorca Free 20.6.06 Julio Cabello Released Free 22.6.06 Ángel Sáez Albacete Free 23.6.06 Pichu Atienza Deportivo £300K 23.6.06 Iñaki Castillejo Shandong £825K 24.6.06 Nedum Onuoha Chivas £4.5M 25.6.06 Juanjo Released Free 25.6.06 Carlos Soriano Numancia Free 25.6.06 Francisco Feito Olympiacos £725K 27.6.06 Walter García Albacete £35K 29.6.06 Kiko Femenía Atlético Madrid £4.4M 30.6.06 Pape Diakhate Cúcuta £700K 1.7.06 Sergio Canales Zenit £3.6M 1.7.06 Umberto Della Monica Inter £1.3M 1.7.06 Oskar Hatten Engerbakk Hércules Free 3.7.06 Agustín Gomez Released Free 9.7.06 Juan Carlos Iriarte Released Free 13.7.06 Kaby Necaxa £500K 23.7.06 Jack Barmby Middlesbrough Free 24.7.06 Ignacio Panadero Vélez £425K 24.7.06 Benjamin Mokulu Tembé Platense £525K 24.7.06 Saïfoulaye Bagayoko Racing £700K 24.7.06 Stéphane Adam Independiente £600K 24.7.06 Hugo Blanco Belgrano £675K 24.7.06 David Addy All Boys £250K 24.7.06 José Callejón Racing £1M 24.7.06 Lucas Oscampos Vélez £1M 26.7.06 David De Paula Released Free 8.8.06 Carles Puyol Released Free 13.8.06 Baba Ousmaïla Gavá Loan 24.12.06 Sergio Cortés Oviedo Loan 26.12.06 Rubén Pérez Atlético Madrid £4.4M
Upon reviewing the funds that I had at my disposal, I decided to plump for the most exciting, brightest, magical, fantastic, amazing, inspirational, game-winning, technically-gifted, passionate, superb, wonderful, outstanding, exceptional, marvellous, dazzling, astounding, genius, magnificent, splendid, impressive players in the whole entire world…


Unfortunately he didn’t fancy a life in Africa (and who can fucking blame him!?) so I pressed forward on and rebuilt the squad to my taste. In came a total of fifteen new faces but this wasn’t enough to keep everyone happy; throughout the whole season there was a distinct lack of squad depth and this was reflected in some of the players attitudes.


************************************************** ********************************************** U.D. Melilla - Sunday 3rd June 2007 ************************************************** ********************************************** ================================================== ============================================== 2006/7 Transfers ================================================== ============================================== Date Player In From Fee ----------------------------------------------------------------------- 15.6.06 Ben Amos Man Utd £500K 21.6.06 Ione Sporting Gijón £500K 21.6.06 Josh McEachran Chelsea £75K 21.6.06 Michael Ortega Osasuna £1M 21.6.06 Joselu Real Madrid £2.8M 21.6.06 Saïd Mehamha Lyon £1M 21.6.06 Emmanuel Riviere Lyon £1.5M 22.6.06 Rodri Celta £500K 22.6.06 Jack Rodwell Everton £1M 22.6.06 Marc Torrejón Racing Santander £900K 22.6.06 Frédéric Nimani Lyon £2.9M 27.6.06 Jesús María Cabanillas Glenn Hoddle Academy Free 27.6.06 Manuel Antonio Fernández Free Transfer Free 28.6.06 Juan Francisco Falcón Chantrea Free 28.6.06 Xabier Costa Negreira Free 28.6.06 Sergi Benítez Free Transfer Free 28.6.06 Santiago Peña Free Transfer Free 28.6.06 Marco Antonio Verdejo Free Transfer Free 28.6.06 Juan Luis Fuentes Free Transfer Free 1.7.06 Óscar Valverde Amurrio £12K 1.7.06 Pedro Espinosa San Roque Free 2.7.06 José Ramón Espinosa Cardassar Free 17.7.06 Joeri Dequevy RC Genk £1.4M 26.7.06 Maxime Gonalons Marseille £2.2M 5.8.06 Emanuel Nosa Igiebor U. Madeira £1.8M 17.8.06 Mauro dos Santos Banfield £2.5M 17.8.06 Diogo Salomão Benfica £675K
Out of the players I had bought, four of them would be playing regular football at Melilla (due to Dermotron’s shitty restrictions!). My first signing was 31 year old Ione from Real Sporting de Gijón B. The Spaniard moved to us in a £500,000 deal and would be a rock at the back. My second signing was 30 year old Joeri Dequevy from Belgium side RC Genk. Joeri fitted the perfect template that I have in mind for a winger and at £1,400,000 I couldn’t grumble. My final two signings were Mauro dos Santos and Diogo Salomão. Mauro came to Melilla from Argentine side Banfield and was of duel nationality; Argentina and Italy. He cost a pricey sum of £2,500,000 but in the end it was well worth it for the 27 year old defender. Diogo came to Melilla from Portuguese side Benfica for paltry £675,000. The Portuguese star would play on the opposing wing to Dequevy.


The Tactic

I decided to adopt my hugely successful non-wib/wob tactic that I had used with AS Everton (my all Italian Everton side) and this fit in well with the players that I had purchased.


Board Expectations



My first game in charge of the African outfit would be against Mallorca after we received an invite from them to play in the Friendly League. Athlético Madrid and Zenit had also been invited to the shindig. We got off to a super start beating Mallorca 4-0 before drawing to Athlético and then polishing it off with a win over Zenit (2-0) to leave us top of the group and with a good idea of what my squad was capable of. Unfortunately it seemed as this was a sabotage move from Mallorca on our trophy cabinet as four days after the fixture with Zenit we would face AC Milan in the Super Cup.

The Super Cup

The AC Milan team of the 2006/2007 was a very different outfit from that of 2001. Boasting the likes of Rossi, Nani, and David Luiz, I knew this was going to be a tough match. In addition, all of our players weren’t 100% fit. We managed to fend them off in the first half but it was only a matter of time before sheer class put AC Milan ahead and they won the game 2-0.

The League

The league was a bit of a rollercoaster for me despite what the statistics said. We got off to a flyer in a thrilling 3-2 victory over Málaga and continued to win for the next three games. However we were brought crashing back down to earth after being beaten by Valencia and Real Madrid. We managed to brush these two defeats under the carpet however and by the 19th game of the season we were sitting in a respectable 4th place. I spurred my players on and we finished strongly, finishing in a commanding 3rd place, a whopping 12 points ahead of 4th place Villarreal. During the last 19 games of the season we beat a tough Real Madrid side (who had acquired the signature of Wayne Rooney by this point) at their place and but lost to 3rd place contenders Villarreal.


The Spanish Cup

Not much to say here other than that I think it helped us to finish in such a good position in the league. We crashed out in the second round to Mallorca and it was Celta caused the biggest upset by beating Real Madrid in the final.

The UEFA Cup

I was hoping to follow in Dermotron’s footsteps and campaign successfully in the UEFA cup. First round pitted us against Portuguese side Nacional which we won comfortably 4-1. This put us through to the second round against Belgium side AA Gent. Again, we won this battle by the same scoreline to propel us in to the third round. Who would it be? No other than... Manchester United? “What the fuck” I muttered as I watched the draw. Man United had bowed out in the first phase to Barcelona and Zenit after only gaining 7 points which wasn’t enough. I spurred my Melilla side on and we took the first leg at home 1-0 thanks to a Rubén Pérez goal. The second leg was a scrappy affair and Rooney had scored in the 12th minute to tie the aggregate score. We pulled one back thanks to Dequenvy and we went in to half time in the lead. I instructed my players to defend with all their hearts but two quick fire goals from Lisandro sunk our hopes of progressing to the next round and we crashed out.

Squad Review (for Chris)

Favourite Lineup:

GK: Amos
DC: dos Santos
DC: Rodri
DC: Ione
DMC: Gonalons
MC: McEachren
ML: Salomão
MR: Dequenvy
AMC: Ortega
AMC: Igiebor
FC: Riviere

Goalkeepers need investment. Neither were consistent enough for me and so a world class keeper would be a good idea to make a priority. In defence, make sure you keep dos Santos. He averaged 5.0 tackles per game despite his 6.97 rating. Other than that I’d suggest investing a new back line. I got rid of all Full Backs so make sure you bring in some quality there in case you play a back four. In midfield make sure you keep hold of Gonalons. He was absolutely amazing for me all season, averaging 5.5 tackles per game and a very cool 8.07 rating. Also Belgian Dequenvy was brilliant for me on right flank, chipping in with 14 assists. Salomão also put in a decent shift on the left although I think you could get better. Up front.. well.. I don’t know. No striker impressed me immensely and my main signing of Riviere only score 14 goals. Investment up front would be wise, as would selling Obinna. Nimani and Joselu make good back ups.

Well my adventure is over at Melilla and I leave with this restriction for Chris:

With the upcoming World Club Championship you must play a 4-4-2 Defensive tactic to show that defensive power is the way forward. You already have Gonalons as an ideal DMC so give him a half decent partner and boss that midfield. Wib/wob, player instructions, arrows and team settings can all be altered but you must play a 4-4-2 formation with two DMCs.

04-03-12, 09:49 PM
“You have got to be fucking joking”

It was an outburst which to me summed up a bizarre day which was just getting worse. It all started with Mrs Eejit and myself planning a little holiday. We wanted to go somewhere different, but didn't want to stray too far, so I had rashly written on a piece of paper “To Madeira”, dismissed the idea as there were no direct flights from Manchester, crumpled up the piece of paper and threw it into the bin. To my surprise it landed in the middle, first time ! Why was it a surprise ? It is a technique that I have been using with lottery tickets for years. If I scrunch up the worthless ticket and can throw it in a beer glass then next week it will be a winner. It is a system that I have been using for some time and so far with a 100% success rate. I have never got the ticket in the glass and I have never won a brass farthing. However, I digress.

Little did I know that eddies in the space time continuum had permeated the base of the bin, opening up a wormhole which swallowed up the paper, spitting it out thousands of miles away on the desk of an executive of a shady organisation known as CMSG Ltd. This organisation have been compared to The Mafia, however while the Italian based gangsters pimp prostitutes, rip off drug users and rape the wifes of opponents, CMSG Ltd are a football based organisation who pimp players, rip off agents and rape the leagues of any country they play in. Little did I know that the codeword “To Madeira” was the binding agreement to work for the organisation for a year on whatever was their latest project. It was fortunate for CMSG Ltd that I was an experienced football manager with time on his hands.

As soon as that ill fated, scrunched up piece of paper hit the bottom of the bin, an unmarked van drew up outside the house. Masked gunmen forced entry, bundled me into the van and depositted me on a private jet heading for god knows where. As the jet sped over mainland Europe, I was briefed on my mission. I was to take over a club who had been previously managed by “The son of God”, but who looked nothing like Diego Armando Maradona Sinagra. He had guided the club to a 3rd place finish in the league, but had failed to defend the Continental title that the previous manager had won. That title had gained the club entry to this season's World Club Championship and my first mission was to take that trophy back to CMSG Ltd headquarters. Should I do that, I was then to find a new opportunity for CMSG Ltd in another continent. If I fail then I would have to see out the season at this club. However, while this “Son of God” geezer had adopted an open attacking style, often with 3 players up front, I had to show CMSG Ltd the advantages of defence, with a 4-4-2 formation that included 2 holding midfielders. No big ask then, especially as divine intervention had managed only 3rd !Eventually the plane landed at the tiny airport of Melilla.


An anonymous black Mercedes drew up and I was ushered into the back seat.

“Where the fuck is Melilla ?”
“North Africa” said the goon who was preventing me from opening the door and jumping out.
“Afri-fucking-ca ! I know nothing about African club football other than it is shit. It this club were only 3rd in their league, they must be really shit !”
“Shut it ! They play in Spain and were only beaten by Barcelona and Real Madrid”

Maybe this wouldn't be so bad after all. I decided to make the most of it and see out the deal. Anyway, the local beach did hold some attraction for me.


It was straight to the training ground to meet the new squad. It was here that the “You have got to be fucking joking !” exclamation came.

It wasn't a result of the squad size although only 20 fit players was a disappointment. One guy ( Emanuel Igiebor) was out for 3 months while 2 others were almost back to fitness following injuries. 2 others, a keeper and a striker were away on loan.

It wasn't a result of the transfer budget which had been set at £21 million. Enough to make some improvements to the squad.

It wasn't even a result of the exceedingly boring blue strip that UD Melilla played in


What got me was when I asked the defenders to take a step forward. Just 5 players did so, although a 6th did take a step forward, went back, took another forward, then went back again.

I asked the same of the holding midfielders. 3 guys stepped forward, while same guy took a step forward, went back, took another forward, then went back again. I think that I was fully justified in saying

“You have got to be fucking joking !”

I was later to discover that the ditherer was none other than Jack “Captain Jack” Rodwell and all would be forgiven. For now though I had work to do to improve the squad. I had earlier been warned of a potential fixture clash between the World Club Championship semi final and the Champions League final qualifying round, so squad numbers would be a important as quality. With just 6 weeks before the WCC, I left training in the hands of the new assistant, Eric Abidal, who was heading up a brand new coaching team. The previous one had been very biased towards fitness.

As said I had £21 million to spend and if that meant buying a trophy then so be it. I was after some marquee signings, the sort of name that would put Melilla on the map. I was amazed at some of the deals that I was able to set up Marcello and Coentrao from Real Madrid, Gabriel from Juventus and van der Wiel from Ajax. When it came to personal terms though, some refused to talk to us while others wanted Minimum Fee clauses of less than we were paying and refused point blank to negotiate. Time therefore to look at less famous names, especially when the squad was further depleted when Real Sociedad met Maxime Gonalon's £10 million minimum fee release clause and left me 1 down in the defensive midfield department that I was trying to enhance.

So, who came in ?

Young French defender Cedric Buigues was a bit of a panic buy, although he did have a great record at Martigues. He looks like one for the future, but his versatility at either full back would be invaluable in a small squad. Right back was sorted when Chilean Bryan Carrasco cost £3.6 million from Racing Santander. Malian captain Ladji Niane and Serbian Ivan Obradovic would be battling for the left back slot. They cost £450K (Djoliba AC) and £500K (Zaragoza) respectively. The final defensive addition was KV Mechelen's Iranian international Saeed Lotfi (aka “Lofty”) who can also cover as a defensive midfielder and was well worth the £500K spent.

In midfield I was after a replacement for Gonalon and settled on Racing Santander's South African George Maluleka who at £2.3 million left me with a significant profit on my DMC changes. (Ghanaian George Osei King would later arrive on a free transfer after his release by Rangers). I can't resist a bargain and so Osasuna's Keko came as an extra man for the right wing slot £1.6 million was all that they wanted for the former U21 starlet. Finally, just before the transfer window closed, a deal was settled at £2.3 million for Betis winger Vadillo who can play either flank.

Finally up front where I didn't fancy either Obina or Baba Ousmaila which left me with just 3 starters. With money still to spend, I took up an option on Sevilla's powerhouse Alberto Perea who became the clubs record transfer at a cool £5.75 million. All of that would be repaid if he scored the winner at the Olimpico in Rome.


Perhaps I should have paid more attention to the training. Perhaps if I had maintained the fitness bias it may have helped. Perhaps it would have made no difference. After the rollercoaster of the transfer market, I met up with the squad again on the eve of our World Club Championship opener with Enyimba in Milan. I was appalled at the fitness levels with most of the squad less than 70% match ready. Even so, it should be enough to take on a shit African club. I did the best I could with selection, keeping players in position and playing the ones closest to match ready. The formation was a derivation of my flat 4-4-2 with the central midfielders pulled back when we were defending.


Despite my concerns at the tactic being untested with this squad, things were looking hopeful as we dominated the early play. A goal was on the cards and it came in the 20th minute, but at the wrong end and with Enyimba's first attack. Plenty of time to get the goal back, but as much as we huffed and puffed, nothing was happening. With time running out, Parea finally combined with Riviere and we salvaged a draw. Damage limitation although we would now need something from the Santos game. Fintness resulted in 9 changes for Al Gharafa, also at the San Siro. This time we were totally out played, however Nimani stuck the ball in the net 1st half and we hung on for the 3 points. We did though have to beat Santos. They were above us on goal difference, so a draw would put us second on 5 points. In Group 3, Inter and Orlando already had 6 points and one of them would be best runner up. Again we were out played, but survived until just past the hour when Diogo put the Brazilians in front. All or nothing, I attacked as well as the strict formation allowed and 3 minutes later Everton Mello levelled. Sadly though there would be no dramatic late winner for either side, and we were out, but unbeaten.


That answers Zan's question as to where he will be playing. Still with Melilla !

Time to concentrate on domestic matters. You can't win the league in the first 10 games, but you can loose it. It is therefore important to stay with the leaders and to be hard to beat. Another 2 1-0 wins over Moldovan opponents earned a Champions League spot while a 1-0 win at home to Sociedad made it 6 games in a row where we had scored a single goal. Watching Melilla was like watching paint dry. For Betis, the tactic was changed to bring the wingers inside in the final quarter to support the attackers. Bingo ! The most boring team on the planet come out best in a 5-2 mauling. Any thoughts of a new beginning were unfounded though as we went back to the boring 1-0 or 1-1 scorelines in the league. Never out of the top 6, we finally found some form, winning the last 4 games of the opening 10 and Beating Barcelona 2-0 and Bilbao 4-0 to finally take top spot from Osasuna in a very tight league. Happy days looking down on Spain's ugly sisters who had been struggling.


So much for the league, but what about Europe. Milan, Lyon and Valerenga were the challenge. We almost beat Milan who needed a late goal for a 2-2 draw. We should have taken Lyon but couldn't find the net so 0-0. Valerenga were the whipping boys, loosing every game and 5-1 from the back to back fixtures left us still unbeaten off to Milan wher we shocked the home side with an early goal, played 80 minutes with 10 men before again conceding a late equaliser. That left us on 9 points, 1 behind Lyon who had beaten and lost to Milan. With Milan expected to beat Valerenga and move onto 11, it ment that we had to beat Lyon to qualify. A draw would unbelievably send us home from our second tournament unbeaten. Could we pull of the win ? We'll find out after the next round of league games !

Consolodation was the name of the game, however the unbeaten record went when Villareal took us 1-0 and that put us behind the wee team from Madrid. Indeed we trailed them for most of this quarter which was again dominated with 1-0 wins. “Boring Boring Melilla” sang the fans, and I was more than tempted to join in. The 3-0 thumping of Gijon being an island of happyness in the dismal gray of North Africa. Once again though a win in the final game, 1-0 over Betis, put us back on top after 20 games, but we did have a game in hand. It was looking ominous when we saw who was in 3rd and 4th, especially with a 6 pointer at home to Atheltico next up.


OK. Back to Europe and the crucial visit of Lyon. It looked like being a typical Melilla game. Perea netted first half and with 5 minutes to play, that looked to be that. In an astonishing (by Melilla standards) last 5 minutes we had a red card, a penalty and 2 goals, in that order !


This was dream land taking this team to the second phase, but could we go further ? Beating CSKA in Moscow and Man City in Melilla said yes, however Dortmund were next to come to Africa and their 1-0 win put qualification in the balance. Perhaps the winter transfer window signings would help. We'll find out after we have seen who they are and what happens in the important 3rd quarter of the league program.

First though some departures. As an attacking midfielder, there was no role for Kevin “Irn” Bru who had not even made a sub appearance. Likewise Obinna, Baba Ousmaila Ortega, Torrejon, Ben Amos and Amalfitano were not getting games, so I cashed in especially as some had contract up for renewal.

With the last round of transfers, I had not appreciated the 3 foreigner rule in Spanish league games. This time I was going for EU players, and looking for youth, as there were some aging players in the squad.

Valencia's Xabier Terroba was the 19 year old direct replacement for Ben Amos who had left for Sunderland at £1.1 million, we still had £100k change from the deal. In defence Lorenzo Acosta (19) and Roger Ely (24) were both already quality central defenders. Acosta could also cover at right back where young Buigues had been struggling when Carassco was unavailable. Borja Castro (19)was also brought in following a short trial. Castro and Ely were both free signings while River wanted £1.2 million for Acosta

Right wing was the other problem as Dequevy was simply no backup to Keko. Markel Susaeta and Juan Ignacio Surraco helped to pad out the right wing department at a combined cost of £4.2 million from Bilbao and Santander respectively.


And that would have been that. The squad now had a nice balance with good cover for every position. Indead the “B” team was perfectly capable of winning games as well as the “A” team. However, on the last day of the transfer window, an old deal suddenly came back to life. Betis had a bid accepted for a player that I had been after from the start, I matched the bid and too my delight, the 63 time s capped Portugal defender became a Melilla player.


Sir Alex Ferguson will tell you that the League starts after Christmas. This is the time for the real challengers to stake their claim. Our bid for the title started with a late Josh McEacheran goal that put us 6 clear of Athletico. It also ended the Wee Madrid teams challenge as they went on a run of 4 consecutive defeats. Barcelona took up the baton of challengers, however they were completely outgunned at the Nou Camp. Mehama, Riviera and dos Santos all finding the net in the game that ended the Catalan's challenge. Rearranged fixtures resulted in the league games with Real being back to back in a 4 day period. They won one and we won one. The end result, a 16 point lead with 8 games to play. By my calculation we needed 9 points to be champions.


Champions play in the Champions League, so we return there, with a promising start to the second phase undermined by a home defeat to Dortmund. The return match in Germany was a dismal afair, with a total of just 4 goalward efforts in the entire game. Just the sort of match to suit Melilla and when Perea scored on the hour, qualification was back on track. It was secured by a Keko brace that sunk CSKA 2-1, so I could play a reserve team at the Etihad and not worry about the 1-0 defeat. I wanted Porto or Marseilles. I got Barcelona.

January brings the start of the Spanish cup. The first round with Guijuelo was a no contest as we racked up a 4-0 win. Sevilla away was a sterner test, but a 1-0 win was celebrated with news that both of the Ugly Sisters were out ! The cup was certainly up for grabs now. From the third round the games are 2 legged. Granada should have been easy but were anything but. A single Perea goal in the first game was all that separated the sides, but that was enough for a Quarter final encounter with Elche. 4-0 in the first game ended the tie and although the minnows gave us a fright by scoring first in the second leg, Riviere's leveller ended the contest. The gods smiled by sending us Compostella for the semi final. They might as well have give us a bye as the D2B side offered little opposition to a largely second string side. Both games ended 2-0 and so we were through to our second final in 3 years. Last time Real Madrid had mugged us on penalties after a man of the match performance by Casillas. Could we go one better against another Real, this time the one from Zaragoza.

First of all, lets wrap up the league. At first glance, a 0-0 draw with Osasuna might be thought of as 2 points lost. That became 4 gained when Athletico Madrid lost again. 5 points needed from 7 games. That became 3 from 7 when Barcelona beat Athletico in the midweek game and with a home game against virtually relegated Castellon next on the schedule, they might as well have handed us the title. To be fair though, both Barca and Athletico won on the Saturday which did make us win it, but a goal in each half, from “Captain Jack” and Riviere was way too much for the visitors. Melilla were champions with 6 games to spare. Those involved with Melilla are a fickle lot, and the hard work of previous managers was instantly forgotten in the excitement. Not that it bothered me in the slightest.


The run in was unimportant and so it was a chance to play some of the fringe players and rest the “A” team for the cups, hence the winning margin was only 15 points in the end.


And so to the cups. Could we make it a treble to remember ? It was 3 wins on the spin against Barcelona, going back to the second league game of last season, and with the first leg at home, I was looking to make that 4. In typical Melilla style Everton Mello scored the only goal to give us a slender advantage. Could we make it 5 in a row ? Could we make the semi finals ? A third queston. Can you guess the score ? Yip. Riviere got the only goal at the Nou Camp. I crossed my fingers wishing for Porto. Atleast we missed Real Madrid, but another 2 games with Milan could have been kinder. An early Mehamha strike put us in the driving seat. Rossi leveled midway through the second half only for Vadillo to restore the lead 4 minutes later. We had the lead, but would that away goal be costly ? It was the best of starts at the San Siro. Riviere cancelled out the away goal just 17 minutes in. Rossi levelled straight away to put the pressure back on. 72 minutes to hold out. That was how it stayed until 9 minutes into the second half when Riviere put us firmly in control. 2-1 up on the night, 4-2 on aggregate. Milan had to score 3, a feat that noone had done this season and indead we had only let in 2 goals 4 times. The Ultras started to leave, but soon returned to their seats when Douglas Costa levelled on the night. We were still in control and just had to defend the way we normally do. Alarm bells started wringing when Douglas Costa got his second and Milan had 20 minutes to find a winner. They threw everything at us, but somehow the defence stood tall and held out. The ref looked at his watch. He put his whistle to his lips. I left the dugout ready to celebrate with the players. Nani was on the ball. He beat Carassco. He beat Mehamha. He took aim for the top corner. He found the top corner ! The ref blew for full time. Milan were through


That leaves just the Spanish cup final to round off the season we had already beaten them twice this season, both league games ending 1-0. Bookies stopped taking bets on another 1-0 Melilla win, however all bets were off when Keko netted after just 89 seconds of play, surely there would be more this time ! 88 minutes and 31 seconds for any of the 22 players on the park to score a goal. They all failed and yes, it was another 1-0 win



A domestic double and a Champions League semi final should have made me happy, but I can't say that I enjoyed the season. Watching Melilla record 1-0 wins was dull, dull, dull and when Real, Barca and Wee Madrid surrendered the title in the 3rd quarter kind of took the excitement out of the last 12 games. From then on it was always a when not an if. Comparing this to Ituataba there was no contest. Somehow the Brazilians had some sort of emotional tie that Melilla never managed to match. With luck we will be onto another club before I get another chance. I have to say (and you can probably guess this) the write up was far more interesting than the game play !

The tactic I am pleased with. It did what it was supposed to, 16 goals conceded in 38 league games proves the old cliche that “attack wins games and defence wins titles”. It was though the nightmare challenge for me. Restricted to the 4-4-2 defensive left no plan B when we went behind and had to chase games. I can honestly say though that I played every second with that formation (even when we had players sent off. I'd love to have another crack at the World Championships with a free hand at tactics. Even so, that is going to be a really hard challenge for Melilla with fitness levels so low for the group phase.

Notes for the next manager

Firstly, I want to know who gets the fans player of the year. Everton Melo is the favourite and to be fair he was brilliant all year. Second highest scorer from the left wing shows the attackers what they should have been doing. I would love to see what damage he could do in a more central role behind a solo front man. My player of the year though is Bryan Carassco. Played as a right back he managed to average 7.50 in 55(3) starts, which is pretty good for a full back. The clincher though was 18 assists ! Absolutely awsome and it was no surprise that the big clubs were bidding close to his 10 million release clause. I offered him a new contract without any clause which I was delighted he accepted. I hope he will be a Melilla player for a long time.


Who else to note. Sebastian Viera is the undisputed number 1. Cortez and Terroba did well when called on, but neither had the confidence that Seb gave. Problem is that at 35 he must be close to calling it a day and if so, a new number 1 will be needed. It would be risky to rely on the youngsters for a full season.

I've already said that I want to have Carassco's babies, but with Contreao and dos Santos in the middle we have a very solid defence. Niane was fine at left back, but if it was me, I'd be looking at moving Contreao out wide and brining in another Centre Half (hint …. look in the future transfers). Another hint, dos Santos does like collecting cards !

“Captain Jack” Rodwell is another superstar and with Maluleka formed an excellent central pair. Keko takes the nod for right wing. Up front I expected more from Perea, maybe with better service he would have done more, but he always seemed to score in streaks. Riviere was the only striker to get pass marks from me.

I have done a bit of work to tidy up the short list, and to get shot of unessential foreign players. Everton Melo now has a Spanish passport which helps a lot ! The squad does look quite big, however I would expect a few retirements, particularly from the 3 player coaches. You also have several key players with contracts up next season and almost daily bids coming in for players with release fees. It won't be long before another is forced to go. Keeping the current squad is the first challenge you face.

Which brings me to the challenge. What Melilla needs is a marquee signing. The sort of name that will set the hearts of Melilla fans racing (currently they are on pacemakers after the 1-0 wins). I want you to start the story of the Melilla Galacticos !

Good luck. I'm off to watch some paint dry.

04-03-12, 09:56 PM
It had been six years since I left Melilla and a lot had changed in that time. Melilla were now one of the top clubs in Spain, and had also made an impact in Europe. A League and Cup double last season followed on from the marvellous UEFA Cup win the season before. When I first took the reins of Melilla, it was a small club in the Spanish 3rd tier, and truth be told there was not much pressure on me to do much, that certainly wasn’t the case now! After meeting the Chairman, I attended the Fans Player of the Year awards, and it raised a few eyebrows when French striker Emmanuel Riviere was given the honour, ahead of favourites Everton Melo and Bryan Carrasco.

I was told that I had to sign a marquee signing, and with £32.5m available in transfer funds I was confident I could attract some world class players to the club - how wrong was I? Over the course of the season offers were accepted for Messi, Sanchez, Busquets, Di Maria, Higuain, Pato, Douglas Costa, Neymar, Gotze and many others, but not one would even entertain talks! Hopefully two of the big guns I brought in at the start of the season would satisfy the fans. The first of these was the Portuguese and Real Madrid tenacious defender Pepe, who would add great experience and ability in central defence. Next to join was a former World Cup winner, and could boast the likes of Roma and Man Utd on his CV, and that was defensive midfielder Daniele De Rossi. Both players joined on a free after their contracts expired at their previous clubs.

Also joining the club was Colombian winger Victor Ibarbo who joined on a free from Milan, Goalkeeper Vincenzo Fiorillo from Juventus for £1.4m, Ghanaian forward Ransford Osei from Granada for 975k and the pre-arranged transfer of centre back Mikel San Jose from Athletic Bilbao for £1.2m, although the transfer of Mehmet Topal was cancelled. Leaving the club were several reserve players, but first teamers Said Mehamha (£5m to Lyon), and Frederic Nimani (£1.2m to PSG) were also shown the exit door.


My first games of the season would be the two legged Spanish Super Cup against Real Zaragoza, and despite the players lacking fitness we managed to take the trophy, winning the first leg away 2-0, before securing our advantage with a 1-0 win at home. Two games, one trophy, I could get used to this! Our first league game would be at home to Extremadura and we continued our 100% record with a 3-1 victory, De Rossi with his first for the club. Our start in the league was solid if not flashy, with tight wins away at Malaga and home to Osasuna, until we finall dropped points in a 1-1 draw away at Atletico Madrid. Another draw away at Getafe sandwiched home wins over Tenerife and Real Sociedad, and we finally recored a comfortable away win at Betis 4-1 which set us up nicely for the home tie against Real Madrid. Unlike last year Barcelona and Real Madrid had started well, and so we would need to be at our best to get anything from the game. On the day however we had no cutting edge, and goals from Sahin and Benzema had Real 2-0 up before a Riviere late goal set up a tight finish, but the capital side hung on. We looked to bounce back away at Deportivo, but despite dominating proccedings, we met a brick wall in the Depor goal, and we would have to settle for a 0-0. Still after 10 games we were still up there, be it with Barcelona and Real Madrid just above us.


At the same time we were contesting our Champions League 1st group stage, that featured ourselves, Marseille, Olympiakos and Rapid Bucharest, and I was confident we could make it through. A 4-0 win at home over Rapid Bucharest was a great start, but losing late in Greece after sharing 5 goals was a blow. Things were looking bad in France too as we were 2-0 down at half time, until we got our act together and salvaged a point. A nervy 1-0 win over Marseille at home put us in a good position for the next stage, and a win over Rapid away would make sure of it. Unfortunately, we could only manage a 2-2 draw, so it was all down to the home game against Olympiakos, and despite having De Rossi sent off late on, we’d already sewn the game up, and a 4-0 win put us through to the 2nd group stage to take on Man Utd, Inter and Lyon - it certainly could have been easier!


In the league a 2-0 win over Valencia and a 4-1 win over Almeria at home kept us up at the top, but back-to-back 1-0 defeats home to Barcelona and away to Sporting Gijon prompted a change of formation from 4-2-3-1 to a 4-4-2 as I looked to change our fortunes. It started well as wins over Mallorca, Zaragoza, Athletic Bilbao and Sevilla, closed the gap at the top, before a 1-1 draw at home to Atletico Madrid marked the halfway stage of the league.


In the new year, I’d decided to bring in a few more players. Biram Kayal arrived from Huesca for 2m, and right back Gaston Diaz joined him at the club after a £1m deal was struck with Godoy Cruz, although striker Joselu did leave for Olympiakos for £5m which was a good deal with his contract up in the summer. Oscar De Marcos later came in from Athletic Bilbao for £2.5m as a replacement for Joselu, although Oscar could also feature on the wings if needed.

The Spanish Cup had also commenced, and as defending champions I wanted a good show. After overcoming Osasuna and Ejido in the first two rounds we were handed a nightmare draw against Real Madrid in the new year. Thankfully the rounds were now over two legs, and being away first may be seen as an advantage, but after losing at home to them already, I didn’t see it like that. We performed well in the first leg, and a 2-1 scoreline in favour of Real probably flattered them, but we were still in the tie. A remarkably half empty stadium was not a good sign for the 2nd leg, but midfielder Keko put us 1-0 on 25, but Ronaldo hit back mins later. Midfielder Josh McEachran restored our lead midway through the second half, and at the end of 90 mins we would go to extra time, all be it down to 10 men after Acosta was sent off on 89, for a challenge that was no more than a booking. Robinho scored mins into the first period, but fellow Brazilian Everton Melo equalised for us, and then another red card ten mins from time meant we had to survive ten mins with 9 men and then the lottery of penalties. Despite missing our first 3 spot kicks, scoring our last two was enough to progress!


Our good run in the league continued as we recorded 17 pts from our next 7 games, with draws away at Osasuna and Real Sociedad the only hiccups. Despite this good run we were still a bit behind the ugly sisters, and an away game at the Bernabeu was being dubbed a must win if we wanted to retain our league title. We took a shock lead after just a minute, but once again it was short lived with Higuain levelling on 10. Benzema gave them the lead early in the second half, but a Perea goal on 81 looked like we salvaged a draw, but a 90th minute Ronaldo winner was a cruel blow. A 3-0 win at home over Deportivo kept up our faint hopes, but defeat away at Valencia practically ensured we wouldn’t be lifting the league trophy.


If the league was out of reach, the Champions League and Spanish Cup were still very much in sight. We stormed through the 2nd group stage, with our only dropped points coming in a draw away at Utd and a 3-1 defeat in the San Siro, but we were never in trouble of going out. AC Milan were our opponents in the quarter finals, and we came back from 2-1 and 3-2 to equalise late on and get a great 3-3 draw in the San Siro. Come the home leg and there was only one team in it, with a brace from Everton Melo and a goal from Mikel San Jose took us through 6-3 on agg. The semi final draw contained Melilla, Werder Bremen, Barcelona and Real Madrid, and we got some luck when we were drawn against Werder. Again we were away first, and although De Rossi was giving his marching orders early in the first half, we gave Werder few chances of scoring, and we escaped Germany with a 0-0 draw. It was another close game in the 2nd leg, but a 2nd half goal from Riviere finally separated the two sides, and after the heartbreak of going out in the semis last year, we were through to the final!


In the Spanish Cup our reward for beating Real Madrid was a tie with Valencia, but unlike in the league we were much the better side, going through 4-1 on agg, to take on Barcelona! I had been guilty of giving Barcelona too much respect so far, fielding a 4-5-1 against them in previous games, and so I decided to take the game too them this time. It worked a treat this time as we won the first leg at home 2-0, and managed to hold them at bay in the return leg 0-0. Villarreal would be our opponents in the final after they over came Real Betis.


The last 9 league games were played with a weakened side as I decided to rest the first team for the CL and Spanish Cup. It could have failed spectacularly but they obviously were looking to impress, and we only lost one of them games. We revelled in a 4-0 win over Almeria at home, and then drew away at Barcelona and home to Gijon. A good 3-1 win away at Mallorca proceeded the CL Final, and an entertaining 3-3 draw away at Villarreal was our first game after the CL final. Back-to-back wins over Zaragoza and Athletic Bilbao and a defeat in our last home game to Betis was not the kind of farewell I wanted. The last game of the season saw a 1-0 win away at Sevilla, and meant we finished the league season in 3rd place.


So just two games left to speak off. First the Spanish Cup, and all I can say is total domination! Everton Melo scored after just 5 mins, and Kayal and Ibarbo made it 3-0 after just 21 mins. We showed no sign of stopping as a second from Kayal and one from Riviere put us 5-0 up at half time, and the Villarreal fans were already leaving in their droves. Melo got his second from the pen spot in the second half, but thankfully for Villarreal that was the end of the scoring as we retained the Spanish Cup and in style!


The Champions League, we were just 90 mins from being crowned Champions of Europe, a remarkable achievement given where Melilla were when I took over them the first time. Our opponents would be Real Madrid who overcame Barcelona 2-1 on agg in the semis. Our record so far against Real this season was played 4 won 1 lost 3, but in a final anything can happen! It was a very tight game with both sides just registering the one shot on target in the 90 mins, but one of them resulted in the only goal of the game, but who’s was it? On 36 mins Riviere flicked on a long ball from the back which Ibarbo chased after. He collected the ball and with defenders closing him down he tried a shot at goal, he hit it hard and sweet and it crashed into the top corner! Real tried to level but we were defensively solid, despite the injured De Rossi, and we hung on to win the Champions League!


For the next manager:

You'll find plenty of money at your disposal, with £49m in the way of transfer funds, but only since the CL win have any world class players shown on the interested list. Hopefully with the CL now under our belts we can get some of the players I missed out on!

To the squad I'll go through each area one by one,

Goalkeepers - The most inconsistant area all season, but Fernandez finished the season well and was my No. 1 for the last couple of months. Despite being magnificent for Eejit, Viera seems past it to me now, despite decent stats, and my signing of Fiorillo who showed some early promise, seems to have fallen away, which hopefully is just down to him settling in.

Defenders - Definitely the weakest area of the outfield positions. First choice we look good, but we need some better backups for sure. Coentrao and Carrasco are great full backs, and centre back San Jose surprised me. Pepe is getting on, and consistency seems to be a problem with the other centre backs so I'd definitely try bring some in (Tony Huston is unprotected but he isn't interested unfortunately, maybe try again though). Niane is a good left back too, but suffers due to being a FGN player, and Carrasco and Ibarbo were the 2 FGN players picked when available.

Midfield - Pretty strong I'd say, with the wide areas particularly decent, Everton Melo and Ibarbo arguably the two best players at the club. Because of Eejit's restriction, there isn't much of a creative presence in the centre, with all the centre midfielders defensive minded. I'm not going to set you a tactic restriction so I'd recommend bringing in some some attacking centre mids.

Strikers - Riviere is the pick, while the others look good on paper, but blow hot and cold, and in the case of Osei mainly cold. As you can see from the marquee signings I went for, a world class forward was high on my agenda.

The restriction:

Seeing as there's no aim of winning the CL/UEFA for the WCC, which will be the season after yours, I'll just say this. When I took over Melilla, France had just won Euro 2008, what I'd like is you to bring in 5 French players to the club, and they must start at least 20 games over the season, so no crap players just to meet the restriction! I'd also like to get back the league title but that goes without saying, so I'll just say this, good luck!

04-03-12, 09:58 PM

It had been 4 years taking Melilla to UEFA Cup glory and to be honest I can't remember much in between. Being connected to Morocco I took advantage of the countries local produce and flew back to Ireland with a nice stash of the finest ganga I've ever known. So much I've been pretty much stoned for 4 years and only recently run out. Probably just as well I got the call to return to the North of Africa then. Yep CMSG Ltd. Had come knocking again. Fucking lovely.

When last I'd been here we hadn't much luck in the league and only the 2003 Second Division title to our name. My 1st spell added the UEFA Cup to the cabinet but since then, CMSG Ltd.'s finest recruits had added the La Liga (2008), Spanish Cup (2008, 2009), andSpanish Super Cup (2008) titles to the trophy cabinet. Abroad we had won the Champions League (2009) and I had an early chance to add the European Super Cup and Intercontinental Cup to the cabinet.

Before I'd arrived I gotten a fax from previous manager AMC with a list ofwho had been the star players from the previous season. I was excited to see that the class to keep winning titles was there. But within 3 weeks a couple of those big names had gone. Lorenzo Acosta went to Palermo for £7.5m (with us retaining 25% of his next paid sale) and the really unfortunate sale of Alberto Perea to Milan for £10m (but he's sinced caused trouble at Milan so hopefully it was for the best). The sales kept going and I was really disappointed to see Victor Ibarbo go the other Milan side, Inter, for another £10m. Afew old players (like great servant Viera) left and it was time toget into the market. First off, I had to keep the previous managers restrictions -

Buy 5 French players and all had to start more than 20 games in season

1st man in the door was Senegales international Kara to stop players giving out about the squad not having enough depth. He was in the door an hour and start moaning too, hence he only played 5 games all season.

Our realistic 1st signing of the season was Frenchman Christophe Tafer who met the criteria by starting 22 games during the year. The other players to meeting the criteria were Hassan LeBris, Etienne Capoue, Tony Huston, Romain Alessandrini and god himself Sebastien Haller.

My 1st game was the chance to take win a coveted Euro title, the European Super Cup. Our oppenents Chelsea looked strong on paperbut were dispatched 3-1 after an early scare.


We next beat Barca 3-2 at home in the 1st leg of the SuperCup but lost the 2nd leg 2-0. http://champman0102.co.uk/forum/images/smilies/frown.gif Disappointing but was still only getting used to the squad of players and what system, suited best.

The domestic season started slowly but mostly due to a heavy schedule with competing in Europe and we had games to make up. During the 1st few weeks Emmanuel Riviere announced he wanted to leave and just aswell, jungle beast Cristian Nazarith was leading the line well andtop of the La Liga goalscoring charts.

I started to figure out my best 11 and a few new players were starting to shine. Huston and Le Bris were the best I'd signed but the likes of Coentrao, San Jose, Everton Melo and Eto'o's 'cousin', Komol were leading the way too. We kept nicely within range of Real Madrid and Barca up until Xmas but then disaster struck. San Jose's min fee release clause was activated by rivals Madrid for £10m and we had no hope of keeping hold of him. We wobbled a bit after Xmas and found ourselves 14pts behind Madrid in the 2nd Week of February (albeit with 2 games in hand).

In between we landed some silverware by beating Argentina's Boca Juniors 2-1 in Japan.


One of the shining lights of a poor run of form was Guinea-Bissau winger Bruma who amazingly ended the seasons with 11 assists . . . . . from only 20 starts!!!!!

We also landed one of Europes hottest prospects, David Alaba from Bayern Munich. Sure to be a big fan favourite in future. His versatility proved an asset for the 2nd half of the season.


But the shining light was the arrival of French Haller. 15 goals in th 1st 6 games, we had found the missing piece of the puzzle. I brought in a few players to plug the gap left by San Jose (Jack Rodwell was constantly injured and poor when he played) but we didnt need to worry so much due to the form of Haller.


With 10 games to go the table looked ok with us 4 points Madrid but we were starting to get up a head of steam. The last 10 games looked like this with our future Euro fixtures to come.


Our focus on the league had its downside though, we went out of the Spanish Cup 2-1 to Sevilla and had a Champions League capitulation against Man Utd. A result that nearly had me selling star goal keeper Fernandez.


That aside the juggenaut kept on rolling 8 wins and a draw left us 3pts clear with only one team that could catch us – our final day opponents


The build up to the game was tense. A sandstorm threatened to cancel ourtrip to Madrid but thankfully it passed and we got to the game with 30mins to spare. The team changed on the coach to the game, 1st time I'd experienced that since my schooldays. With all the omens against us heading to the Bernabeu should have had the players on edge. But maybe not. We exploded out of the blocks and could well have been 4 up after 35mins but 2-0 would have to do. Rooney pulled one back before halftime as Real started to get back into the game.The 2nd have was so open that is could have ended 5-5 but alas it didn't and we held on for a famous victory, especially since a point would have done the same job.



So 28pts for 30pts ended a magical run-in for us where they were so many heroes.
Huston, Coentrao and Le Bris were majestic at the back (backline only really needs a DC).
Capoue was the surprise of the season, ending as joint top assister with 10 as DMC and 11 in allgames and nearly an 8 average over 36 games.
Everton Melo is a great servant to the club and it was great that he wanted a new contract which we gladly agreed to.
I wish we had signed Bruma earlier as he was a great compliment to De Marcos when both lined up on the right side of the midfield 4.
Spanish u21 international Dani was a great future and was a solid performer.
Komol played well and after a season settling in could be an explosive player for the next manager.
But it was upfront where the team excelled, Nazarith found himself terribly unfortunate to have been replaced by the all conquering Haller. Nazarith was more a team player but 25 goals in 22 starts shows what a goal machine he is.


And just like that season was over and alas my 2nd stint at the Alvarez Claro was over. But 1st I went by some 'souvenirs', just in case my next CMSG job wasnt in North Africa.




Restrictions for next manager:

As we struggle to buy the top players due to wages and being semi-pro,we need to find proper gems. At DC we are really struggling. So we need an excellent DC, to play in a back line of Huston, Le Bris and Coentrao. Yep, part of the restriction means these 3 must be 1st picks in the starting line-up, along with the new DC. The new DC needs to be signed BEFORE the 1st transfer window closes and must form part of the awesome foursome atthe back. So 30 starts minimum for each player (screens needed if injured for long spells, upgrade contracts if necessary).

04-03-12, 09:59 PM
The first thing I remember is waking up in darkness.
My hands were tied and my mouth taped.
I was in the boot of a moving car.

The Car stopped. The boot opened.
"Hello Wato, nice to see you again...
Sorry we had to do this to you, but we had to make sure you would come.."

As I tried to move, they helped me out of the car.

"We need you Wato. U.D Melilla needs to win a European Trophy to get back on the world Scene."

I was handed a bag of money and keys to an apartment and a car.

"You have a lot of money to spend at U.D Melilla. You must sign a central defender.
Also, Three of our players are good friends with the boss, if you know what I mean.
So, when fit, you must play Fabio Coentrao, Hassan Le Bris and Tony Huston."

"Right, get some rest and be on the training ground at 10am tomorrow."

I arrived at the training ground after I had been to the stadium to look around and check the dimensions of the pitch and make sure the grass was the right length.

When I got to my office, I rang the Board member and asked that since we had so much money, could we upgrade the stadium.
The board concured and expanded the ground by 1250 seats.

A couple of days later and my services were in demand.
The Spanish job had become available.
I didnt realise there was a tournament going on, or I may have accepted it just for the World Cup.
But i decided against it.

I looked at the squad and it seemed to be massive.
A few players were going out of Contract at the end of the season, and so I cashed in on them.
Selling Jack Rodwell for £4.9 million.
A winger Tafer for £7.5 Million.
The Keeper Diego Fernandez for £10.25 Million.
And got rid of a few other players, some i released....
I felt we needed a Centre Back and a left Winger.

I started looking for a defender but couldnt find one that I felt was definitely going to improve the team.
I put in a few offers...
Nothing happened.
I looked further afield at non interested players. And Noticed that Neymar was unhappy at Santos.
He wasnt on the list but wanted a new challenge and was unhappy with the treatment of a team mate.
I eventually had a £26 million offer accepted.
He spoke to me, but didnt want to move due to the change in Lifestyle.
I offered him everything i could.

I saw that Rooney was on a free.... He wasnt interested but i thought i'd bang in an offer..
He took his time but rejected my offer for Barcelona's.

I eventually got myself a Centre back from Lille OSC for £3.1 Million.
Benjamin Stambouli.

The Super Cup came round. It was a good chance to see how the Tactic from last season would work.
It was a League Winning Tactic and so I didnt want to change it much.
The Super Cup was a formality.


It showed me the great players we had in the team and how Haller in front of that midfield 5 was going to be great.

So after 8 Games in, things were looking good.

Things were also going well in the Champions League Phase 1 with a comfortable qualification despite resting key players in the later games.

By The midpoint of the season it was still tight between Melilla and Barcelona.

We played them off the park in the 18th game and won 2-0 to take a 4 point lead at the top.

Things were going well, but after selling the keeper from last year who had only 1 year on his contract left for a sizeable £10.25 Million.
Star Striker Haller was unhappy at the sale and the bids began to come in.
Luckily no one reached his £20 million buy out clause.

The Team were also unhappy with reserve left back Niane. They hoped he learned from his mistakes so i quickly got him out of the door.
With the threat of losing Haller, I had full faith in back up Nazarith, who was a classy Columbian.
But behind that, i wasnt sure.
So I agreed to bring in 34 year old legend Falcao as cover on a free.

I was dominating teams but went on a sticky patch losing away to Barca and drawing three in a row 1-1.
It looked like things werent going my way after having 20 shots to Villarreal's 2, but still drawing 1-1.

Things started to turn back my way, and I again eased through the Champions League 2nd Phase Group Stage.
Resting players in the final 2 games.

With 10 games to go in the League, it looked like they were starting to put UD Melilla on the Trophy.
13 points clear with 10 games to go.

Dortmund were picked out of the hat for the Champs League Quarter Finals.
Both games were tight affairs but it was Melilla who won both legs 1-0.

The Pressure started to Build and a few sendings off, including the keeper twice in a couple of weeks, threatened the Melilla Dominance.
And I was fined by the FA.

With Barca 2nd in the League, in the Opposite Semi Final in the Spanish Cup and in the Draw for the Champs League Semi's.
I felt sure we would be meeting in the final.
But we were drawn together for the semi's.
It was all over after the 1st leg.

The rest of the league was a formality with Barca not really putting up a fight.
Final League Table.

Haller finished the season as Top Scorer despite being rested for the Cups in the last 5 or so matches.
Spanish League Goals:

So it was to the Cup Finals.
I was into the Champions League final after a 5-1 Aggregate Victory over Barca. I was sure of Victory.
It was 0-0 at half time. I was the better side, but not dominating like I had other teams.
My wife came in, i told her to come back in 10 mins....
Werder Bremen took the lead against the run of play with 20 mins to go.
Time was ticking away.
I decided I had to stick Nazarith on and go with 2 up front.
Only minutes later he scored. It was the 87th minute.
Surely extra time now.
No..... There was to be 1 more goal.

So onto the Spanish Cup Final. I had won 7-0 on aggregate over Sevilla in the Semi's after an amazing 5-0 1st leg win in Sevilla.
It was Barcelona in the final. UD Melilla going for the Quadruple including the Spanish Super Cup.
We took the lead through Haller.
Bojan eqaulised. It stayed 1-1 and went to Penalties.

So an amazing season all round.
It was definitely down to the tactic I inherited.
Even the reserves were too good for some teams in the league and Europe when selected.

End of Season Squad Stats:

The new goalkeeper was a great signing considering I sold the last one for £8 million more than I paid for him.
A few of the bigger clubs were coming in and making bids for him.

The Defence were amazing.
A lot of teams want Hassan Le Bris and Barca started bidding near his clause fee, he signed a new deal without a clause.
Tony Huston was my Captain. He was amazing. His release clause is a massive £29 Million, teams were bidding but he didnt mind when they were rejected.
The new centre back didnt do too well. Only a 7.15 rating.

The Midfield were also amazing.
Oscar De Marcos, who I didnt think would be much good, moved to Left Mid and scored 11 and got 14 assists.
But he would be moving on. He didnt sign a contract and his contract was not protected.
Bruma was also brilliant getting 19 assists.
Some of the bigger clubs want him, but I gave him a new deal without a Clause.
Everton Melo is a genius. He was voted Fans Player of the Year at the awards ceremony when i arrived.
Not sure who will get it this year..
Neymar was pretty good, getting 14 goals from midfield.

But the stars of the show were the Striker and his deputy.
Haller banged in 41 goals in 46 games, getting 8.07 average rating.
Nazarith when called on scored 19 in 20 starts.
And getting the important 1st goal in the Champs League final was a great end to a great season for the lad.

Other bit part players deserve a mention.
Gerrard who was a free at the start of the season, played well but is moving on...
As is David Alba. He was unhappy, the bids starting flooding in, players werent happy with him.
And so £6.5 million was too good to turn down.

Transfers out:
Transfers in:
Future Transfers:

So overall..
I would keep that Tactic.
The World Club Cup is coming up next month but we arent involved.
So i guess we must win the Euro Super Cup and Intercontinental Cups this season.
To be involved in 2 years time.......
But the issue will be keeping the squad and team together.
I was getting some high bids in for Haller, close to his Release Fee.
I moved his value to £1 Million to stop this, but I was rejecting about 10 transfers a day.
I decided in April that if someone wanted him they could have him, and put his fee at his £20 million release fee.
but no one has bid as of yet.

We have too many foreigners in the Squad.
So for my restriction:
You must buy two EU Players and play them.
A Centre back and an Attacking Midfielder and play them in at least 19 league matches.

04-03-12, 10:04 PM



This e-mail explained it all. Ah, never thought doing sweet bussiness with Derm would get me to work for GMSG again. Well, it was worth it.

So I took a cab to the club, got in the manager's room and started to read the team sheet and previous manager wato's "will".

I was supposed to buy a DC and an AMC. But we'll get to that later.

I sold some players, bought some. We'll get to that later too.

The season started with the Spanish Super cup, for some reason played in 2 legs. The season started horrible! Terrible!


Loosing in our first match, in front of our wild 14248 fans, giving Barça the hope of the Super Cup! That cost a lot.

Next match was again a Super Cup, this time against Paris SG, the Europian Super cup.

It was played in Stade Luis II, Monaco. In the end it was a happy day for Monaconians, We beat PSG 1-0, thanks to Melo's goal.

Next up was the 2nd leg of Spanish Super Cup:

Well, Beating Barça 2-0 in Nou Camp in front of 85.249 Barça fans was priceless.


League came underway. I was very frustrated to let in a goal in the 8th match, a 2-1 win against Villareal. Before that we scored 22 goals in 7 matches. No thanks to Haller, but we'll get to that later.

The first group stage of CL has also started. We Lost 4 points to Beşiktaş (http://champman0102.co.uk/forum/images/smilies/wink.gif) but 0 points lost against Chelsea and Zillina meant that we were up and Chelsea was down.

The first lost of the season came from Barça, the first upsetter of the season. 1-0 http://champman0102.co.uk/forum/images/smilies/rant.gif

It took 21 more weeks to get beaten again. Right after we calimed the La Liga Championship! and breaking our non-loosing rercord to 32 games!

The CL second group was a bit tougher, ManU, Ajax and Bayern. We lost 4 points, two to Bayern and two to Manu. ManU came second.

Somewhere in between we lost our first cup, a 1-0 loose to International in Intercontinental Cup. This meant we had to get the CL. Right?

Oh, then Spanish cup started. We eleminated Hercules, Teruel, Salamanca, Getafe and Valencia to play against Real Madrid in the Final.

In the CL we proceeded. 2-0 and 1-0 wins against Barça and 4-0 and 1-1 against Marseille got us to the final against Milan.

But we'll come to the finals later.

Now the team and transfers:

First, generally this being a Semi-por team sucks. So many players was frustrated for not being allowed to move clubs, it was annoying. And so little players wanted to come to us. Even the ones that were interested hold a hard bargain and low min.fees.

The Goalkeepers:

The first player to jump the ship was Terroba. He went to Atletico for 2.9M.

J.P Caminero somehow declared that he wanted to move to a club for some fee while he was "happy to stay at the club". Made lots of players dislike him and become unhappy. So he was dropped from the team, filling in for unimportant 19(3) matches. Conceeded 14 with 7.39 rating.

Sergio Cortes (25) became my first keeper. In his 5th season in Melilla he played awesome, 16 goals in 48 matches! 7.48 rating. Good chap.


Lots of going and coming happened here. Sadest to see go was Le Bris. He didnt want a new contract so went to Real for 4.6M. Hofstede, Quinonez and Machalicky also left. Good right back Castro leaving under bosman and Coentrao, Mijuskovic will also leave.

My buy for Wato was Victor Bleda a 23 y/o Spanish DC. He played 37 and got 7.08... not so good.

Also bought another Castro, DRL, Wynter a D/M RC, De la Pena D/DMC and Perez another D/DM C.

Best buy was Castro 16(4) in 7.45

Best defender was Tony Huston, 8.26 in 44(3) http://champman0102.co.uk/forum/images/smilies/hail.gif

Defender Mids:

Capue left to PSG, he was 33 ffs.

Best buy was Jesus Garcia, a free from Real. 7.56 in 15(3). was injured for 5 months.

Kayal was best with 7.76 in 31(6) but now he's 34 http://champman0102.co.uk/forum/images/smilies/frown.gif

Mid Centres

De Marcos and Mota left.

The wanted AMC to come was Greek National AM/F C Dimitris Raptis. Meh, wast so great. 7.14, 2 goals and assists in 20(1)

Best buy was English international Ross Barkley. Played 7.16 in 28(16) scored and assisted 6.

Best player was Neymar, of course. He keeps the team up in the big level. 13 goals 7 assists and 7.58 in 42(6).


Verdu and Komol leaving soon. Sold Bruma for 6.5M but deal was cancelled later.

Best buy and player was Alex Chamberlain, 10 goals 9 assist and 7.24 raitng in 44(2)

Another buy Alfonso Dominguez was also good, 7.42 - 5 goals 6 assists in 35(5)


Haller left for Celtic for 20M. Wanted to go and i couldnt stop him.

Best buy was from youth team, Iker Rico. Scored 5 in 8(8) matches and 6.69 http://champman0102.co.uk/forum/images/smilies/frown.gif . But aged 17. Jesus: Dont sell him!

Best player was Nazarith. Colombian scored 29 in 39(2) and 7.98 rating.

Soooo, the CL final:

Nazarith injured in 13th!

Milan scored first with Pato in 14th!!

But was disallowed http://champman0102.co.uk/forum/images/smilies/bounce.gif

Milan scored first again in 55!

Neymar equilized in 59th!!

No goals from then on took the game to penalties....





Then we lost 3-1 to Real in Spanish Cup final http://champman0102.co.uk/forum/images/smilies/frown.gif

So, for Jesus:

There are 5 players to come and 8 to leave. Just dont cancel Tolga Cigerci.

And try to buy these guys:


They're worth 180 and 130K. Sounds like a piece of cake?

04-03-12, 10:10 PM
Fair fucks to you copying that across AMC :hail:

04-03-12, 10:13 PM
Weren't too bad really, left out the comments though. Next to do is my Sir Bobby Robson story though! I feel for Eejit if he's going to do it with his Centurion story :D

Just so people know Jesus has had to pull out, so I sent the save to Eejit before.

06-03-12, 09:16 AM
Sorry guys, but after the 2 least enjoyable sessions of CM in my life, I'm calling a halt on my stint and would like to pass on the parcel again. I just don't have the heart to sort out the mess that Melilla is in.

Neymar won't sign a new contract, so the minute that he goes unprotected, Madrid snap him uo for about £3m
Nazereth wont sign a new contract. He is pissed of at Coentrao being sold and gets pissed off further when he is not allowed to move to Madrid. That pisses off all the others who have 1 year left on their contract and none will sign. Huston and Melo go unprotected and both move for peanuts and Bruma will be off for free before the WCC unless he is sold first.

Replacing them is virtually impossible. I can't get anyone to sign without a min fee clause that is less than what I am paying. I did sign 2 players and within a month both were off when the min fee clause was activated and I lost another £5m. As for the 2 players that Merk asked me to sign, it is not hard to do deals with the clubs, but neither has the slightest interest in signing for Melilla. They won't even begin to talk terms.

On field, what is left of the squad have picked up 2 points in 10 games after 7 superkeeper performances and are bottom of the league. My job is "Slightly Insecure" and to be perfectly honest, I don't have enough interest to sort it out.

I think what this is telling me is that I need to take a break from CM. I won't be moving Centurion over here, too much work and I'll loose the individual posts which is part of the point. It will be impossible to find the story for each individual club, which was part of the pleasure in it for me. If anyone wants to finish it off for me, I am happy to pass over the save and the tracker spreadsheet if they want to e-mail me - eejitian@gmx.com. I'll post up the final updates that I've already written once the old forum is back online.

I'm going to take a break now for 6 months. I may or may not be back and I have broken my game CD just to ensure that I'm not tempted to pick it up again. Thanks to all who have given me support over the years and I hope that the new site flourishes.

06-03-12, 10:11 AM

06-03-12, 10:49 AM
Fuck me Eejit..

That is some way to bow out...

Cant sort the Melilla mess out, and has given up on CM...

We've all felt like that at times.
But Melilla will come back strong.

06-03-12, 11:22 AM

wow. Sad to hear about all that.

Hope to see you back later.

06-03-12, 01:41 PM
Sorry guys, but after the 2 least enjoyable sessions of CM in my life, I'm calling a halt on my stint and would like to pass on the parcel again. I just don't have the heart to sort out the mess that Melilla is in.

Neymar won't sign a new contract, so the minute that he goes unprotected, Madrid snap him uo for about £3m
Nazereth wont sign a new contract. He is pissed of at Coentrao being sold and gets pissed off further when he is not allowed to move to Madrid. That pisses off all the others who have 1 year left on their contract and none will sign. Huston and Melo go unprotected and both move for peanuts and Bruma will be off for free before the WCC unless he is sold first.

Replacing them is virtually impossible. I can't get anyone to sign without a min fee clause that is less than what I am paying. I did sign 2 players and within a month both were off when the min fee clause was activated and I lost another £5m. As for the 2 players that Merk asked me to sign, it is not hard to do deals with the clubs, but neither has the slightest interest in signing for Melilla. They won't even begin to talk terms.

On field, what is left of the squad have picked up 2 points in 10 games after 7 superkeeper performances and are bottom of the league. My job is "Slightly Insecure" and to be perfectly honest, I don't have enough interest to sort it out.

I think what this is telling me is that I need to take a break from CM. I won't be moving Centurion over here, too much work and I'll loose the individual posts which is part of the point. It will be impossible to find the story for each individual club, which was part of the pleasure in it for me. If anyone wants to finish it off for me, I am happy to pass over the save and the tracker spreadsheet if they want to e-mail me - eejitian@gmx.com. I'll post up the final updates that I've already written once the old forum is back online.

I'm going to take a break now for 6 months. I may or may not be back and I have broken my game CD just to ensure that I'm not tempted to pick it up again. Thanks to all who have given me support over the years and I hope that the new site flourishes.


First of all I'm sorry to hear that mate, but it's fully understandable. I've taken many 2-3 month breaks when CM isn't doing it for me, and out with my own story and the challenges, I can't remember the last time I embarked on a new long term save despite downloading the updates when they come out.

It really is a shame there is no easy way round copying stuff from the old site to hear, and after the heartbreak of losing your A-Z story when so close to the end this is a double kick in the balls.

Even if you aren't playing the game I hope to see you around the forums, others like Churky, Merv, info0 and Cam (well hardly) play the game anymore but still visit the site due to the excellent community.

Once again I'd like to thank you for all your work on the site, and especially your stories, and your support with the challenges and the feedback on mine and many other people's story.

I'll forward the save on to Chris when the old site is back up and I can get the link for the save from my PMs.

06-03-12, 01:54 PM

+ 1

06-03-12, 09:36 PM
wowzers, you broke the game CD?
that is harsh, I'm well proud of mine I don't even use it but would never part with it!

You'll be back Eejit, the fans of your stories will demand it :D

This sounds like a fucking hot potato rather than a parcel by the way, lets have a look through and see what can be done :lol:
Perhaps demanding the board upgrades something to make the club pro, what would that be? staduim, training facilities?

06-03-12, 10:20 PM
The only way of becoming professional is to make sure everyone (players and staff) are on pro contracts, which everyone probably is except ourselves, so we'd have to resign and apply for the job again and hope we get it. We could also use a saved game editor to change it, but we won't be doing either.

All going well this will be our last full season with Melilla anyway, as the WCC is next summer and if we win that we are free to leave there.

06-03-12, 10:30 PM
+1 AMC

Part of the lure of this challenge is the toughness of it.

Anyhow, many left til next round, getting itchy for another spin :)

06-03-12, 10:34 PM
I'm glad someone else is mate!

Just klosec after Chris actually so I'll wait till Chris has done his season and I'll get the waiting list for round 3 sorted.

07-03-12, 11:04 AM

Bring it on! :typing:

07-03-12, 11:06 AM
Could well turn out to be the most epic story on the forum. Still at 1st club after what, 11 seasons. With 4 more continents to go, this could indeed reach the 50 mark!

07-03-12, 01:27 PM
On the surface with the money in Spain, Melilla should be the easiest to do it with, although the semi-pro thing really does make it a challenge!

Plenty of legs left in this, I just hope we can continue to attract several managers.

07-03-12, 05:44 PM
Tidied and updated the OP with all the seasons completed so far and the trophies won.

13-03-12, 09:34 PM
Whats going on here?

13-03-12, 09:46 PM
Chris's week is up tomorrow and he'll have his review up then.

14-03-12, 01:39 PM
Can I just ask all the people who have played this have they been using a patch at all?

I've got a copy of Chris's season now, and not only has the WCC been changed from the August to the December (although some of it is still in the Aug), but the clubs entered are different to the ones that are entered if I holiday Chris's season on the save before that.

Having never used a patch I'm unaware of the changes, but obviously this can cause a problem if and when we qualify for the WCC.


14-03-12, 01:43 PM
it was fine when i had it... and i think the tournament was all happening in July too...
But it was the tournament 2 years before we were entering...

I dont use any patch, but i know Chris does use the tapani patch....
So maybe it has just been him....

14-03-12, 01:48 PM
I take it that was without a patch?

If I use the save after merk's season (the one Chris was given) and holiday it till the next WCC (the season after) it's in the July and we're entered in it.

However, the WCC on the save after Chris's season starts in Aug, then starts again in December and we aren't in it.

From the looks of things, rather than the CL winners being entered into the WCC if they won it in an odd season, ie 1st season, 3rd season, 5th etc, it's changed to an even season so we aren't in it.

14-03-12, 01:57 PM
yes, all mine without Patch...

Strange that the patch can still affect Saved Games....??

Blame Chris.. Sorry Chris...
Bless him..

A week's worth of work wasted...
:D :ok:

14-03-12, 02:04 PM
I've never used a patch so was unaware of the changes.

It does say in the rules to use an untapanified version of the game, but I thought others may have missed that but not experienced these problems.

14-03-12, 02:15 PM
I mentioned twice in this story that a patch had been used :rolleyes:

Not by me though :ok:

14-03-12, 02:19 PM
Cheers Derm, I didn't know of the changes they made, if I knew about the changes to the WCC I'd have clamped down straight away.

Just to be clear and as stated in the rules, no patches are to be used!

16-03-12, 07:28 PM
Yeah patched up, stupid not to read the first post quickly before starting my week :doh:

Good Luck Klosec :ok:

16-03-12, 10:44 PM
Even though the Eejit has made it sound like a poisoned chalice, I wouldn't mind having a crack at this! wib-wob

16-03-12, 11:00 PM
Do you want to go after Klosec's season which he's playing now, or wait for round 3 mate?

17-03-12, 04:09 AM
don't think it would be right to bunk the queue it was my bad (plus i got sacked :lol:)
i'll wait AMC, cheers mate

17-03-12, 12:42 PM
I'll wait for round three too I reckon, cheers :ok:

18-03-12, 05:14 PM
klosec has the save now and then I'll get round 3 underway.

The new code word to get your name on the managerial waiting list for round 3 is... "Training"

18-03-12, 08:44 PM
My clicking finger needs training!

18-03-12, 10:21 PM
Now i have had my training, I know how not to fuck it up this time :redface:

19-03-12, 06:16 AM
I always set my teams to tactical Training

19-03-12, 11:35 AM
Training is overrated

19-03-12, 11:36 AM
My teams dont need Training....

27-03-12, 11:34 AM
Klosec has till tonight to post his update or we move on for a fourth time in a row :(

Deadline was Friday but as it was my birthday then and I had a busy weekend I gave him till sunday night, but still nothing up.

Must be about 6 weeks since Merk's season, what did you do to us Merk? :D

27-03-12, 11:50 AM
Oh dear...

It has gone wrong...
1st with Centurian or whoever it was taking forever and not getting his post up.
Then Chris's problems with the patch..

Bring it back !!!!

29-03-12, 12:55 AM
who's go is it?

29-03-12, 10:37 AM
Mine! :D

29-03-12, 11:35 AM
I guess Klosec never got round to it then.. Shame..

Go Go AMC...

Bring it back up to speed...
Whats the crack?
Are u in the World Club Cup?

U better keep playing the season til u win it.... :D :ok:

29-03-12, 11:38 AM
WCC is the start of the next season so that will be Derm's job, and hopefully if we win it, on to pastures new!

29-03-12, 03:29 PM
Are we a pro club now though AMC?

29-03-12, 03:40 PM
No mate, your season didn't count so we're still on our semi-pro contract. Keeps things interesting anyway, and hopefully in little over a season we will be moving on.

29-03-12, 07:11 PM
Training :ok:

29-03-12, 07:22 PM
Managerial list updated.

03-04-12, 06:37 PM
Save sent to Derm, I'll post up my season review tomorrow. Off out to watch the Barcelona game now :D

03-04-12, 06:56 PM
With the new restriction, roll on another 3 seasons at Melilla :lol:

03-04-12, 07:00 PM
Sod off, no problem there :D

03-04-12, 07:02 PM
Have we the players to fit into iodine? :lol:

03-04-12, 07:08 PM
Possibly :P

04-04-12, 09:12 PM
The trip to Melilla was not a new one for me, but having left the club for a second time just three years ago it was strange I was heading back to take the managerial position. Truth be told I didn't expect to manage Melilla again, as with a long managerial shortlist before me and the World Club Championships next year, there was every chance CMSG Ltd had moved on to another country, or another continent to be exact by the time I took the reins of a club side once again. However, after a late night bender involving The Eejit, Centurion, Chris_3_16 and klosec12, the four of them were posted missing, including some reports that Chris had lost an eye in a bar room brawl, which had resulted in him using a patch :D This all meant one thing, and that was I would be manager of three times winners and current Champions League holders, as well as four times Spanish champions Melilla, for what could be the last full season with the side under CMSG Ltd control.

Despite being away for only three years, the squad had certainly changed since I left the club, with only talisman Everton Melo, midfielder Biram Kayal, and goalkeeper Sergio Cortes at my disposal for the forthcoming season who were with me during my last stint as manager (Fabio Coentrao had a pre-arranged transfer to Getafe already agreed). Still it looked a very good squad, with Neymar the world class striker I could have done with a few seasons back. Tony Huston was a player I had long admired, and I was pleased to see him at the club, brought in by manager Dermotron just after I left the club. Previous manager merkezekrem had lined up a number of transfers in and out for the upcoming season, with Iban Torre (£2.9m - Valencia) a more than adequate replacement for Coentrao at left back, while Dutch keeper Cees van Hoogdalem (£1.4m - FC Twente) looked a great option between the sticks. Versatile winger Antonio Freitas Meira (bosman - Santa Clara), forward Jose Miguel del Val (bosman - Ejido) and defensive midfielder Tolga Cigerci (bosman - Fenerbahce) completed the pre-arranged transfers coming into the club, but I wanted to bring in a few faces of my own. 31 yr old Ivory Coast midfielder Abdoulaye Sanogo was my first signing for just £100k from ASEC Abidjan, and he had the look of former Barcelona midfielder Yaya Toure. 21 year old keeper Alexis Frutos was next to sign, who looked a good prospect for the future, and the transfer of Dutch International defender Stefan de Vrij for £2.5m from AA Gent looked a good bit of business also. I can never resist a free signing, and it was a no brainer to sign Cesc Fabregas on one, and although he was 35, he still had great ability. We also received a few youth players from the academy, with Christian Herrera looking a fantastic talent, with a bit of the David Silva about him, even though he was only 16.

The biggest challenge I faced initially was getting some of the current players to sign new contracts, free of low minimum release clauses, or at least bigger release fees. Neymar and Huston both agreed after some teething problems, but unfortunately striker Nazarith and winger Bruma were both adamant they wouldn't sign new deals, and so I decided to cash in on them before they left on a free later in the season. Wolves snapped up Nazarith for £4m, while Bruma left for Bordeaux for a nice fee of £7.75m. Biram Kayal was no longer the player he once was, and so I decided to sell him to Newell's for £750k, and apart from a few reserve players leaving the outgoings were kept to a minimum.

My first game of the season would be the 1st leg of the Spanish Super Cup against Real Madrid. Despite Madrid being restricted to 10 men in the first half, we still went down 2-1 at the Bernabeu. We had a chance to bounce back in our next match, as we contested the European Super Cup versus Panathinaikos, and this time we didn't disappoint as Neymar hit a fantastic first half hatrick. It gave us great confidence going into the second leg against Real Madrid, and Neymar tied the game up 15 mins into the home leg. Unfortunately, from there on in we fell apart, and another brace from N'Sue and one from Higuain made it 5-2 on agg :(


The league season would begin away at Getafe, and after a tight game that seemed destined to finish 0-0, we received a penalty in the 87th minute, that Everton Melo dispatched with ease to get us underway with a win. It was 0-0 in our next domestic game though as we drew a blank at home to Salamanca, but we returned to winning ways in a 2-1 triumph of Mallorca away. Deportivo were next to succumb to our away exploits as we squeezed through 1-0 at the Riazor. We were in 3rd position after 4 games, stalking the early leaders Betis, however we suddenly we couldn't buy a win although we did play some top teams. Barcelona beat us 2-1 at home, and we managed consecutive 1-1 draws away at Sevilla and at home to Real Madrid. The draws continued as goalless draws away at Valencia and Villarreal saw us slip to 10th at the beginning of December, with the biggest concern our scoring record, just 7 scored in our first 9 domestic games.


Things weren't going well in the league, but in Europe it was a different matter. Lyon, Celtic and FC Copenhagen made up our 1st group stage, and a 4-0 win over Lyon at home in our first game, set us up nicely for the rest of the group games. A 2-0 win away in Copenhagen set up the double header against Celtic, and although I imagined a tough game in Glasgow, we actually stormed past them 4-0. The home game was a little more troublesome, but we collected the 3 pts once again thanks to a solitary goal from Neymar, and with that win we had qualified for the 2nd group stage. Lyon managed to beat us 2-1 in game 5, which confirmed their progression to the next stage of the Champions League, before we returned to winning ways with a 1-0 win over Copenhagen at home. The draw for the 2nd group stage would see us face Milan, Arsenal and Rubin, and we made a terrible start going down 2-0 at home to Milan, but a 5-1 win away at Rubin put us right back in contention.


We looked to take our European form into the league, and we finally got our act together in a hard fought 1-0 win away at Malaga, and we could finally boast a second league win in a row as we finally overcame a spirited Castellon 3-2 away. The Intercontinental Cup was up next, and another chance to land some silverware, and we rose to the occassion out classing Fluminese 3-1, with all the goals coming in the first half. Following the game I was pleased to announce the signing of England forward Wayne Rooney, who despite a lack of pace still knew were the back of the net was. It was actually a case of one in and one out at Melilla, as left winger Kamal Le Lan left for Sevilla in a £2m deal, after finding opportunities hard to come by.


We managed to secure four wins on the bounce, which also saw the Spanish Cup get underway, but it was the manner of these wins that really impressed me, 3-0, 5-0, 4-1 and 5-0. We had managed to find our way up to 3rd with this run of results, and a big game against leaders Betis was on the horizon, but we had the 2nd round of the Spanish Cup to navigate through first. Division 2B side Alcorcon, and a second string side was enough to deal with them, as Rooney scored his first goal for the club in a 3-1 win. The Betis game was a classic, with the final score 3-2, but to who? Betis took the lead just after the half hour mark, but left winger Dominguez equalised before half time. Markovic handed the home side the lead once again, minutes into the 2nd half, but Ross Barkley scored to tie the game up once again. Neymar went close hitting the post, but we were undone by a swift counter attack that saw Markovic get his second 3 mins from time, and keep Betis at the top of the pile.


The 3rd round of the Spanish Cup saw the format change to two legs, but we had a terrible result at home to Mallorca going down 3-1, but we still had a chance in the 2nd leg. A 3-0 win over Atl. Madrid in the league proceeded the 2nd leg, but a repeat scoreline against Mallorca did see us through to the quarter-finals to face Almeria, although a red card to Mallorca keeper Sergio Asenjo certainly helped us. We were finally beginning to get into our stride, and Levante and Osasuna were both put to the sword with ease in what could of been tricky away ties. The quarter finals of the Spanish Cup sandwiched a nervy 2-1 home win against Getafe, but 3-2 and 2-0 wins over Almeria saw us notch up our 7th win in a row! Salamanca ended that run as they held on for a 0-0 draw in our home game, but for the first time this season we finally hit the summit of La Liga!


Finally claiming 1st place in the league coincided with the re-commencement of the Champions League, and back-to-back games against Arsenal. A 3-0 win at the Emirates was an outstanding result, and a similar one in the home game would see us in great shape for the quarter finals. As it was we exceeded that 3-0 win, as we recored a 4-0 victory, with a late brace from Neymar adding the gloss to a great team performance. A draw with Milan in the next game would see both sides through, and that's exactly what we got as Neymar equalised late on to level the scores after Varane had opened the scoring. A 3-0 win over Rubin by a weakened side completed our 2nd group stage fixtures, and we were through to the Champions League Quarter Finals for the sixth time in a row!


During our progression in the Champions League, we went down to Barcelona 2-1 for the second time this season, but we managed to stay top. Home games against Sevilla and Numancia ended in 2-1 and 3-2 wins respectively extended our lead at the top, and allowed us to concentrate on our upcoming quarter final against Galatasaray. It was a cauldron of noise that greeted us in Turkey, but we weren't put off by it, and Neymar gave us the lead after 27 mins. Galatasaray hit back straight from kick off, and both teams were guilty of poor finishing as the game ended 1-1, not a bad result, but it certainly could have been better. Draws were back on the agenda as once again we recorded 4 in a row, drawing 1-1 and 0-0 at home to Valencia and away to Villarreal in the league, and a 0-0 draw in our home leg of the Spanish Cup Semi Final against Deportivo. Thankfully we turned on the style against Galatasaray, as a brace from Alex Chamberlain, as well as goals from Dani, Cisse and Neymar gave us a well earned 5-0 win. A tough 2-1 win over Malaga at home saw us stretch our lead at the top of La Liga to 7 pts, and with two games in hand!



8 games left in the league, semi finals in the Champions League and Spanish Cup, this was as they say squeeky bum time. We showed no frailty in the league as we overcame Castellon 3-1 at home in our next league game. Wins over Hercules and Cadiz left us on the cusp of winning the league, and despite drawing 0-0 with Espanyol, any sort of dropped points by Real Madrid would hand us the title before our game with Betis. As it was Getafe managed a surprise 1-0 win at the Bernabeu to gift us the title with 4 games to spare, although a 2-0 win over 3rd placed Betis would have given us the title no matter Real's result the previous night. It was June until we finally finished the league season, and home wins over Atl. Madrid and Levante were only soured by a 2-0 away defeat away at Real, which came only 2 days after the Atl. Madrid game. Still the title was ours for a fourth straight year, and fifth in six seasons!


But what of the other competitions? The Spanish Cup semi was delicately poised after a 0-0 draw at home in the first leg, but we travelled to Deportivo in the middle of a good run. It clearly showed as Raptis and Neymar scored both goals in a 2-0 win to take us through to the final to play Numancia. Anything can happen in a final, but we battered Numancia, recording twice as many shots, and 3 times as many on target. Unfortunately for us though keeper van Hoogdalem decided to have a shocker, and somehow Numancia managed to win the game 2-1, with a late goal from full back Alex Wynter giving us a chance but to no avail.


The big one was the Champions League though, and a semi final draw against Real Madrid was a tough ask. Earlier in the season they had shown their class in the Spanish Super Cup, and we couldn't boast a win over them in the league either, with a 1-1 home draw the best we could boast. I always prefer to be away first, and this would be the case here, but despite a promising start, Real Madrid took the lead midway through the second half thanks to Mario Gotze. Striker N'Sue doubled the lead minutes later, but Chamberlain gave us a lifeline with a late goal. Still a 1-0 home win would see us through and we made a great start as we were given a penalty that Chamberlain tucked away, although I felt the Real Madrid keeper should have been sent off as well. The lead didn't last long though as N'Sue levelled within 10 mins, and our away goal advantage was cancelled out. We had the best of the game, but sloppy finishing from Neymar really let us down, and despite going all out attack in the last 15 mins (5 forwards and 2 wingers on the pitch!) we couldn't find away through and were dumped out 3-2 on agg.


For the next manager:

Hard to say as hopefully we won't be here long :D Neymar is the undoubted star with 46 goals in 56 games, and Huston was a stand out at the back. I had the usual problems with complacent keepers, with van Hoogdalem, Cortes and Frutos all making at least 20 apps. £82m to spend, but we all know the problems with attracting players to a semi-pro club.

The restriction:

Nothing too difficult (I don't think), and that is whoever we are in charge of, Derm can only name 2 subs, one keeper and one outfield player. He's got it easy as on the last pass the parcel I could only name one sub!

Best of luck Derm, and win that WCC!

04-04-12, 09:24 PM
well played mate :ok:

i had sonogo in my last effort he looked better in the ratings than his performances though....

wait til i get that Centurion bastard, he is lethal with a barstool :eek:


04-04-12, 09:27 PM
Same with me mate, I couldn't get him to play consistently well either. A pity as he looks quality as you say.

04-04-12, 09:33 PM
History and waiting list updated in OP.

05-04-12, 11:14 AM
Great Write Up AMC....

GO Dermo....

05-04-12, 11:59 AM
Short twist this one . . .

05-04-12, 10:23 PM
Save sent to Chris, write-up tomorrow :ok:

06-04-12, 10:13 PM
"Bbrrrinnnggg, bbrrrinnngg" . . . . . . "Hello"

"Dermotron, time for a 3rd spell in Melilla. Catch the 2:15 flight to Malaga and the connecting flight to Melilla. You have 2 restrictions this time. 1St, no smoking, buying or even looking at any dope. The 2nd you'll receive on the flight. CMSG Ltd are upholding your contract again. Get moving."

Aw shit, why couldn't he tell me now so I could prepare . . . or is it that bad they want to ensure I fly?

I got my answer when catching the flight to Malaga


Fucking great. C***s. Bad enough in the normal league program but the WCC starts in the middle of August meaning most of the squad will be barely fit from a summer doing fuck all. The positive is we were actually in the comp thanks to previous managers AMC's domination of the League and the Champions League, I had big boots to fill.

With a fit squad this would be a pile of piss, but of course that wouldnt be the case. Which was a shame because the squad I was left was fantastic. Stalwarts I'd previously signed like Everton Melo and Tony Huston were still there. Added since was Brazilian superstar Neymar, English internationals Ross Barkley, Alex Chamberlain and a veteran Wayne Rooney. The squad had some excellent locals too like Iban Torre and Alfonso Dominguez but both unfortunately left quickly after I arrived but both were good deals for the club.

With the WCC starting in a few weeks, I need fit new players fast. The scouts got to work and I had a look at what the bargain basement was offering. In came Emanuel Frimpong and Adao Guedes on frees and Polish MC, Tomasz Raczka for a very small price. In all 11 players signed before the WCC and we would need them all.

The Group draw was kind, PAO of Greece, Al-Hilal of Sudan and Al Ahli of Saudi Arabia. I had given all the players a week of training to be mentally, if not physically fresh before the PAO game (I was banking that this would be our toughest game and held the key to winning the group).

The game was tit for tat but we thankfully won by the odd goal in 5 when Wynter scored in the 84th minute, shortly after PAO had equalised for the 2nd time.
The games over Al Ahli and Al Hilal were straight forward with wins, 4-0 and 4-1 respectively.


The semi final saw us paired with Mexican giants, Necaxa. In almost a reverse of the PAO game we twice came back from a goal down with Neymar grabbing a the winner in the 77th minute. We were blessed to win the game given Necaxa were far the better team. The restriction was really hurting us now as I hadnt been able to choose our best XI since game one.


The final saw face Dutch PSV from Eindhoven. The final ended up being a timid affair after a couple of previous cliffhangers in the competition. We controlled the game from start to finish and a goal from Raczka just after the hour settled the game. AT LAST MELILLA WERE CHAMPIONS OF THE WORLD.


Time to get the fuck out of dodge.


I was quickly looking for jobs but after a brief look at what was a avaible I decided South Korea or USA were going to be my choice. Given that their top league was also their bottom league I felt a bit of smarmy satisfaction of getting one over the c***s in head office. I really only wanted one job in either Korea or USA, Jeonbuk or Red Bull New York. Of course the day I accepted the Jeonbuk job I got offered the New York job :doh: I wasn't too unhappy though when I found out Jeonbuk had £12m to spend on new players.


A quick look at the squad showed on huge problem, no width. Only 3 players could play in the 4 wide positions and I wasnt going to change a winning formula. We were in 6th when I arrived and thought 3rd would be a good run. I got in a lot of players on loan to fill the gaps as the transfer window was closed but I'd snapped up some good deals for my replacement. We had a good run in the league but designs on winning the league died when we lost our game in hand to move within 2 pts of the leaders, Busan and Seoul. We then lost the next and the dream died. A bit of poor form towards the end saw us finish a disappointing 4th even if we were only 4 points from winning the league :shocked: The restriction probably cost us a league title in my debut (half) season at the club.


We had a dream run in the cup, no league opposition except for Busan in the quarters and Gyeongnam in the final, which we won with a late goal from Cho. It's possibly good enough to get into the Asian Cup Winners which would give us a chance at the Asian Super Cup and a possibly chance at entry to the WCC in 2 seasons time.


Restriction for the next manager.

The starting XI must contain 8 players named Kim or Park (first name or surname is fine – screens of first names). Doesnt matter if its only all, 1 or 4 etc of either once there's a total of 8 in the starting XI (not just the squad). Make sure to buy enough :) and good luck

06-04-12, 10:25 PM
Great stuff mate, and having looked at the save, you brought some class players into Melilla before you left, so hopefully they'll continue to do well in our absence.

Plenty of decent Park's and Kim's from what I could see in Korea as well.

Don't blame me for fucking up the league either!

06-04-12, 11:10 PM

null to read for a month and a 2 season update in a day :shocked:

Well done you both.

Amazing to keep the team together AMC :ok:

Awesome to get us out of Africa Derm :hail:

arent they all kim^s and park's ? (as we turks are all mustached and smoke and are called achmad and muhammed and ... :P)

06-04-12, 11:18 PM
They've sold Huston and Neymar already for fuck all money too. Currently 10th after 10 games. The new manager has been sacked from 4 jobs already so they could be relegated within a couple of seasons :(

07-04-12, 02:04 PM
Yes! Great stuff lads :ok:

09-04-12, 09:42 PM
well played dermo

lets go parkim!

got the save, having a dig at it tonight!

10-04-12, 04:29 PM
Dont use the tapani patch though chris........ :D

10-04-12, 06:14 PM
:lol: that will be included in the story, quite looking forward to a bit of creative writing

11-04-12, 06:30 PM
The sun was just setting at George Best city airport as the plane lurched from the tarmac, leaving the less frequent flyers’ stomachs feel like they were still on the ground for a brief second. The newest manager of the Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors club of Korea was Chris_3_16, sitting at the front seat of the EasyJet 2045 to Gunsan, feeling a sense of trepidation at the task ahead of him. The deal had been done again by phone, but this time the voice was a different person than had spoken to Chris the last time. His stomach had been feeling funny for a different reason.
The final words of that conversation with the CMSG “representative” reverberated in his mind:
“This is your last chance Mr. _3_16, failure this time will result in permanent termination. I hope for your sake that you know what this means.”
There were rumours between the current roster of managers of what this meant, strange disappearances of former managers in the employ of CMSG had made everyone nervous. There was a collective sigh of relief breathed by everyone involved the season before when Dermotron had managed the impossible and closed things down at Melilla. They expected to be taking over at the relative foot of the pyramid in a different continent, only to find that the next job was the top league in it’s country, albeit the only league.

The Jeonbuk squad was decent enough, their 4th place finish last season was a good result for the club and their young star striker, Park Dong-Joon was being talked up in the loacal press after finishing top goalscorer in the league , indeed a few of the pundits and rival managers were calling for Dong-Joon to have his opportunity at international level. _3_16 joined in the calls for this to happen, this wasn’t to be during this tenure but Park Dong-Joon did become the talisman of the team and the top goalscorer for the team once again the _3_16 campaign.

The Koreans were not a welcoming bunch at first, the rigid hierarchical mind-set in the country is not the same as Chris was used to in the UK. Where in the UK, a manager can speak their mind and has a pivotal role in the direction of the club, in Korea everyone is expected to know their rank in society and it is considered extremely rude to speak out of turn to ones “superior”. The fact that CMSG’s standing at the club was eroding the power from the original big cheese, Chairman Park Jin-Woo caused a huge flare up at the initial meeting with his new manager.
Chris _3_16 came in and it was a round table meeting with the board of directors in the clubs boardroom. After the introductions and pleasantries the chairman read a mission statement aloud detailing the clubs targets for the coming season, the main objective of which was to improve the squad in light of the 5 year plan that CMSG had laid out for the club. At the conclusion of this somewhat vague statement, Chris_3_16 piped up:
“So do we have a league target this season?”
“Also, how much funds are available to spend and what is the scouting team like here?”
“Yeah and I don’t know who deals with this, but could you have a box of Tayto Cheese and Onion delivered to my office every, let’s say month or so”
The director of football, Lee Yong-Hoon shook his head and averted his gaze downwards at the think wooden table, the other board members sat with their mouths gaping, aghast that this outburst, as they would look at it, had occurred..
The Chairman stood up to his full 5’3” size, snapping his knees back to ensure that the chair he had been using flew backwards and hit the wall. His face had turned a strange shade of red and a vein bulged in his fore head.
“You need to learn your place Mr._3_16”, Park Jin-Woo bellowed.
“I am The one in charge of this club and you will learn to revere the name ‘PARK’. During your time here you will only sign players named Park and Kim. Now get out of my boardroom and get about your business”
With that the Park/Kim dynasty was born at the club and although relatively successful therefore creating harmony between the manager and the board for most of the season, by the end of the season, Chris_3_16 felt that he had proved his point and began to ship in players that were not called Park or Kim, although the Chairman allowed this to happen, they agreed that there had to be 8 of the Park/Kim players on the pitch at all times while _3_16 remained at the club, for the sake of the chairman saving face and retaining his superiority in the eyes of the board.

While the hierarchy worked against the manager in this initial meeting, once the culture was learned and _3_16 assimilated into the Korean society, he realised that this was actually an advantage to be seized upon in managing in this league. There were countless times that during a match under the evening sun of Jeonjo Stadium when stonewall penalties had been turned down by a referee and the assistant flagged like crazy trying to let the ref know that the spot kick should be awarded. In most cases the referee completely ignored the assistant, as if to show who was really in charge of the game. Also, the players behaved very subserviently towards the manager. Many of the players had to be formed into a reserve team, some because they were not lucky enough to have the right name while others were old and in the twilights of their careers, others still were simply not making the grade. Very few of the players ever complained about their squad status being reduced to “backup”, many of them signing additional contracts at this status without any fuss. If players were sent off or reported by the coaches for laziness or lateness and disciplinary procedures had to be opened they were mostly humble and accepting of the discipline, no-one ever seemed to question their boss in this place.

There was one exception to the rule, coach Yoong Hong Chang was dismissed but decided he would not be leaving. In fact on playing on gthe game a bit this coach actually joined another club but still appeared in my list of coaches, quite annoying!

Although a moderately successful season saw Jeonbuk win the super cup and finish second in the league, this system of the Park/Kim Dynasty stifled a lot of the quality players that the club had simply because they had the wrong name:
There were a couple of players that stood out even though they were not named Park or Kim, Sung-Ho Jang the commanding and powerful left back and Min-Chul Moon the crazy keeper played the most games for non-dynasty members
The conveyor belt of Parks and Kims was relentless during the first few months of Chris_3_!6’s reign, 16 or so players drafted in with the magic names, with some pretty impressive talents in there. Park Young-Sun and Park Sang-In were 21 year old defensive midfielders who could strike the odd goal and always gave 100% for the shirt and Park Young-Kuen was a 20 year old tough tackling centre back that could run all day:
While Park Chul-Ho was previously a striker for FC Seoul he learned to adapt to the inside forward role that he was given, creating chances for the fan favourite Park Dog-Joon whilst grabbing a few spectacular goals himself.
Chris_3_16 was pleased with the scheduling of the Korean competitions, the league cup began in March and ran until May, The league cup was set up in two groups of 6 teams, the top 2 in the round robin league tournament qualifying for the semi-final, however Jeonbuk would not get past the semi-final at this attempt, unable to overturn 10-man Seongnam in their Tancheon Stadium. This meant there was quite a lay off until the next game and not wanting to allow the players to go off the boil the manager arranged for a couple of friendlies before the league proper began in June.
The league itself was an enjoyable affair for the Jeonbuk squad, winning most of their matches and probably deserving to lift the league title, if it weren’t for the craziness of some of the players. Chris_3_16 never understood how these players that were so obedient in training and did exactly as they were told by their manager at all times could suddenly lose all sense of control and headbutt opponents, two foot them and generally just assault opponents viciously. Several times during the season suspensions were handed down to the Jeonbuk players, and the way the FA does it in Korea is that they ban the player initially for 1-2 weeks. Then they look at the tackle or the incident and by enlarge they seem to hand down another 5-7 match ban.
By the end of the season it was neck and neck between Jeonbuk and Busan. Quite a rivalry had been built up between the clubs throughout the season, so when the week before the teams were to clash at the Jeonju stadium to settle the score, Jeonbuk took to the field at the Ulsan Munsu stadium, expecting a standard victory against Ulsan, who lay mid table. After only 3 min utes the keeper, Moon had been sent off (for about the third or fourth time that season incidentally) and things only went from bad to worse as Ulsan took full advantage of the extra man and dealt Jeonbuks titles hopes a massive blow. The players were dejected after the match and Moon was duly fined 2 weeks wages, which he felt was unfair but some of the younger Park players let him know exactly what they thought of his rash tackling. They had to be split up by Park Dog-Joon, who pointed out that it wasn’t over yet, Busan were only 3 clear and they were the next match.
The next week he was proven right and even though there was another red card, Jeonbuk had the mental strength to see out the game and hold on to their narrow lead. The crowd at the World Cup Stadium were ecstatic after the game. Chris_3_16 stood at the dugout and looked up into the crowd and thought to himself how wrong he had been dreading coming to this country, that football is basically the same everywhere.
The euphoria would soon disappear though, to be replaced with a quiet sense of satisfaction in the World Cup Stadium’s faithful. The next week in Suwon’s Big Bird stadium (not sponsored by Sesame Street) saw Jeonbuk’s young team fall short of lifting the coveted league title, they were spent from the physical and emotional exertion from the previous week and narrowly lost out to Suwon. It may sound strange that the fans were accepting of this failure but this again comes back to the culture in Korea. They see the progress over the short time CMSG have been involved with the club and are looking forward to bigger things to come, this is only the start in their eyes.


Suwon would also beat the Jeonbuk team out of the Korean FA Cup that season, with crazy keeper Moon being sent off again in the early stages of the match. The FA Cup begins more or less immediately after the league ends in October and the final will usually be played towards the end of November. 3 players from Jeonbuk were announced in the team of the year, including the crazy keeper. When he did manage to stay on for 90 minutes he was the best in the league, and he dethroned the previous winner who was also a Jeonbuk player, and a Kim :D and Dong-Joon Park, the club’s hero and talisman.

In a way Chris_3_16 was filled with a sense of things that could have been as he boarded the plane back to Belfast but at the end of it all, the manager was just glad that CMSG had deemed his season acceptable and that he wasn’t joining The Eejit, whatever the shady group had done with him. Again they contacted him on the phone to say it was an acceptable season and that the club had been moved forward and to return home and await further instructions. He looked forward to Christmas at home with the family and wished the next manager well in the Far East.

Restrictions: The next manager must sign European players only, this will be difficult as they are not very willing to join, and you are also only allowed a certain number of foreigners in the squad in Korea, but I think we need some Europeans in to take the top prize in this region.
Also, you must sign Victor Fuentes from Colon, not sure if the transfer is set up already by me or not but he is a smashing defender. There are a couple of good coaches and an assistant on the way, it’s up to you if you want them or want to find your own but they are much better than what we already had.


11-04-12, 06:47 PM
Awesome write up mate, almost makes up for you cocking up the last couple of times you were meant to be manager :D

Sounds like we've got a bunch of aggresive shits, hopefully Centurion can knock some skulls together, as well as overcome Busan (can't believe we did a Celtic :D)

Any chance you can send me the save please mate, as I'll need to check if the transfer of Victor Fuentes is feasible.

Cheers, and well done once again, shame there was no silverware.

11-04-12, 07:02 PM
Nice one Chris :ok:

Crazy shower of bastards :D

The Iranian lad looked a cracker, was looking forward to a season with him (would have had a crack if I was around the weekend)

Good luck Centurion

11-04-12, 07:04 PM
History and Managerial list updated in OP.

11-04-12, 07:05 PM
Well done and a great write up mate :hail:

So, what do we need to do to get in the wcc? and how many seasons after doing that we play the wcc?

When does the season end and the asian cup begin and end? feck me asia is big :D

11-04-12, 07:17 PM
History and Managerial list updated in OP.

Hey! I won the Super cup as well....

11-04-12, 07:22 PM
The whole season is in a calendar year like Brazil, starts around March ends in Nov.

Winners of the Asian Club Championships in an even year so 2016, 2018 etc are entered into the WCC the following year, 2017, 2019 etc

Looks like only winning the league gives entry to the Asian Club Championships.

EDIT: Holidayed the next season and we do enter the Asian Club Championship in the 1st round in September (2nd in the league must have been good enough), and it will be in the "right" year so we could be gone by the end of 2017 if we win the ACC and WCC :D

11-04-12, 07:24 PM
Hey! I won the Super cup as well....

Sorry mate, a screenie of the game in the write up would have helped :peace:

13-04-12, 01:26 PM
Seeing we've got this running smoothly again, I'm going to implement a new rule.

As you know everyone has a week to complete their season (extensions of 1 or 2 days may be given), but when it's your turn you have 3 days to let me know that you will be having your go. This is to ensure we keep this ticking over, and not waiting a full week before moving on which we have done before.

I'll send a PM to Centurion now to see if he's ok to play his season.

13-04-12, 01:30 PM
I've not seen Centurian for ages. I am on holiday between 18th and 22nd April.. But want my go.. and will do it over a couple of nights.

Although i think i am far down the list for some reason...

13-04-12, 01:33 PM
PM sent, he was online yesterday according to his profile.

After Centurion is merk and then you wato, as was the order determined by quoting the code word Training on page 2.

13-04-12, 02:45 PM
i know.. but before we changed the word to training, i was about next in the list.. and then i went to the back...

oh well...

onwards and upwards..

13-04-12, 02:51 PM
I don't understand what you mean mate.

At the start of every round I choose a new code word, for the start of round 3 I posted it up, then Derm, then Chris etc so I don't know how you were next in the list.

13-04-12, 03:55 PM
ok sorry...
i'll sit back and relax.. :lol:

13-04-12, 07:03 PM
If wato is going to be in holiday about the time i will finish, we can switch places. (not sure but read some date up there and too tired to do the math)

13-04-12, 11:17 PM
Can't do it at the moment lads, really sorry. Can I go to the end of the q?

13-04-12, 11:37 PM
Can't do it at the moment lads, really sorry. Can I go to the end of the q?

No problem mate, I'll put you at the back of the queue.

If wato is going to be in holiday about the time i will finish, we can switch places. (not sure but read some date up there and too tired to do the math)

In that case do you mind if wato goes next mate, so he can do his season before he goes away, and then he can pass it on to you?

14-04-12, 06:18 AM
Sheesh, from 4 fails to complete, this has fairly turned around.


14-04-12, 07:46 AM
Back to the problem of the listing again?

Great to see that we have finally been able to master the WC with Mellila, time for another 11 year stay in Korea :D

14-04-12, 11:09 AM
merk has kindly stepped aside so you're up wato, I've forwarded you the link to the save.

Waiting list updated.

14-04-12, 02:53 PM
Thanks lads. I just don't have the time at the moment. Best of luck!

15-04-12, 06:15 PM
wato your turn mate! Did you get my PM?

16-04-12, 11:13 AM
I got a pm.. yes.. I am on Holiday from Tuesday Evening.
I will definitely get it done by Next Monday AM.

If not sooner....

16-04-12, 11:43 AM
The whole point I swapped it round was so you could do it before you go away :D

If you can't do it till next Monday I may as well have just let merk have his go, and his season will probably be done by the time you're back.

16-04-12, 12:07 PM
its ok.
I'll get it started 2nite, and get it done on tuesday, and it will be up tuesday evening..

16-04-12, 12:20 PM

17-04-12, 08:32 PM
I was chatting to a Sexy woman in a bar...
http://t1.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcT0LQNWLBW0VE99wyBEAj_Ej6SEqpNq1 1hhsTlCD-tY9QwW0v2x

It was all going a bit too well.

But the next thing i know, i wake up in a Helicopter.

"I'm sorry we had to do this to you Wato..

We knew women would be your weakness."


"We have drugged your drink and we are taking you to our Private Airfield.
We have a job for you.

After the success of your Time with U.D Melilla. We want a similar job from you in Korea.
With our ties in the Motor Trade we have aquired a Korean Car company and have therefore taken over Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors in the process."

"The Ultimate aim of the club is to Win the World Club Cup. And as you helped to build a team that could compete for that at Melilla, you have been selected again."

"This is a 1 year Contract Mr Wato.
After we put you on our Private Jet, a Man will meet you in Korea and take you to your house for the next year, and give you a suitcase of cash."

"I do not need to warn you of the consequences should you bail out on this job, or do not deliver some success.

With the car trade on its arse in Europe, we want you to only bring European Players to the Club.
This will help us to do some underhand dealing with different agents and organisations across europe.

We also have our eye on 1 argentinian who would be very beneficial to us financially.
So do try and sign him.
His name is Victor Fuentes.

Good Luck Mr Wato, and Goodbye."

http://t2.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRCtV_RqGHSKayL9y1gxd6XOdAfnr0YN PhG7t7qx-Cideb6LB3onQ

On arrival, i noticed the squad was pretty big.
But I still brought in the Centre Back Victor Fuentes.

I attempted to sign a European Player, as per the Stipulation.
It was blocked, the team were allowed no more foreign players.

I released a Ghanian, and signed a Striker, Cesar Ibarrondo from Alaves.
A Transfer already arranged by the previous manager also joined.

With the transfer restrictions, it was a slow start, with no match for 4 months, it was just a case of getting to it.

I would go out each night, sometimes with the team.
I'd never go home alone.. a different woman every night.

http://t0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcT35f2kPIbjYrlbtJXHChfdtlA52owRa JgwLNshR2bmsrJ8Y58LUg

Evetually, the season started.

I had signed only the players stated above.

I picked a strong tactic.


It was the League Cup.

8 Group Games.
I qualified from the group easily enough with 6 wins from 8 games.


I would play Suwon in the Semi Final.

It was a battering.


Finally the League Campaign could get under way.

It started pretty averagely and it was a tight league.

After 8 games, i was in 7th, but only 3 points off top.

I improved from there.
Winning 4 in a row.

I continued to put some distance between myself and the middle pack and joined a 3 horse race at the top of the table,
With Ulsan and Suwon.

I gained ground on Suwon but it was Ulsan who were in amazing form.

During this time, there was news from Europe.
U.D Melilla were Winning.
Only the Uefa Cup, but it was nice to see our old side continuing to do well.

After 20 games.
Ulsan were 7 points clear at the top.


I only won 2 of the next 6 games.
A bit of a crisis.
Luckily, none of the teams below could take an advantage in a league where anyone could beat anyone.

With 1 game to go. I was in 2nd.
But needed at least a point in my final game to secure that position.


I was playing mid-table Chunnam.
I went 1-0 down.

There were to be three more goals...


2nd in the League was Secure.

After the season ended, it was stright into the Korean FA Cup.
I found a bit of form and won again, 2-0 away.
I played Chunnam again, this time it was tighter, but i prevailed 2-1.

I thought the Jeonbuk name was on the Cup as I was drawn against a non league team at home in the Quarter Final.
A 5-0 thrashing did much for my confidence in the team.

It was onto the Semi Final.
Where i would play Ulsan.
The League Winners.
There were 3 goals in it.


I was victorius, beating them 2-1.
With a last minute goal.

So, I would finish the Season in the Cup Final.

Again, a late goal would decide the contest, again, 3 goals were in the match.

But this time, it wasn't to be.

So I was happy with the Season overall.

2nd in the League, a League Cup Semi Final.

And A Day out in the FA Cup Final,
Despite being on the losing side.

The squad was pretty good.
Competing players for each position.

The 2 main Centre Backs stood out.
Victor Fuentes and Sung-Yong Park.

Striker Chul-Ho Park also did his bit, but only scored 9 goals in 41 games.
A new striker is needed i think.


I left the club with over £6,000,000 to spend.


My restriction for the next manager:
He must play Victor Fuentes and Sung-Yong Park in as many games as possible. The games come thick and fast and so they may need taking off in some matches.
But I want to see at least 30 Games played by each of them at the end of the season.
Injuries or Lenghty bans must be screenshot.

Come on Jeonbuk....

17-04-12, 08:41 PM
3rd time finishing 2nd in a row :eek:

17-04-12, 09:09 PM
Great stuff mate, hard luck on the trophy front mate, so close yet so far away, Ulsan looked like a team possessed in the league. Where you not entered into the Asian Club Championship though? When I holidayed the save we were entered into the 1st round in September.

Good to see Melilla still winning trophies, don't forget to send me the link to the save as well as merk.

Well done once again!

EDIT: Got the link, cheers!

17-04-12, 09:14 PM
no, i wasnt entered into anything, i thought u'd said that before.... but cos i wasnt i thought u must have meant the year after me...


17-04-12, 09:18 PM

I'll investigate, maybe we've been entered later on for some reason. Downloading the save now anyway so I'll have a look.

17-04-12, 09:33 PM
Think I've got to the bottom of it :rockon:

On your game wato, Busan didn't win the 2015 Asian Club Championship, so South Korea only gets one place in the current ACC, for the team who won the league - Busan. In my test save Busan did win the ACC, so South Korea were given an extra place, which we got as we finished 2nd last year.

Nothing to panic about, as long as we win the league we're guaranteed to be entered for the ACC :D

History and Managerial list updated in OP.

17-04-12, 10:25 PM
3rd time finishing 2nd in a row :eek:

2nd :ok:

17-04-12, 10:31 PM
Oh yeah, the league I finished in was so tight felt like 2nd :lol:

17-04-12, 10:33 PM
Good work wato :ok: challenging on all fronts is a good sign - winning something is really down to a slice of luck, it'll come sooner or later.

Great to see the updates coming thick and fast, hopefully I can keep it up when it's my turn!

17-04-12, 10:45 PM
You should get it within a week mate, when Merk's done his season I'll get the new code word up for round 4 so we can go straight into it. Really good to see the regular updates indeed!

17-04-12, 11:48 PM
well played watson, that league is as you said anyone can beat anyone but it also seems that two other teams emerge each year to piss on our party, gonna take a mighty run to take that scalp.

I especially liked your thriftiness :lol:
leaving the next player a good kitty.

Lets Go Jeonbuk!

22-04-12, 10:12 PM
Season done and save passed to kuy and AMC.

write up tomorrow or tuesday :ok:

22-04-12, 10:29 PM
Season done and save passed to kuy and AMC.

write up tomorrow or tuesday :ok:

Save received from merk, I'll be playing it tomorrow!

23-04-12, 07:39 PM
*Whhhiiiiiii Whhooo! Whhiiii Whhhoooo!

I answered my iphone, and was surprised to hear legendary Turkish manager Şenol Güneş introducing himself:

- Hi merk, I am Şenol Güneş.

- Hi Mr. Güneş!

- Dont get so surprised to hear from me boy. You are a legend yourself, winning the Spanish league and Champions League and Europian Super Cup and Spanish Super Cup with Mellia exceeded any other Turkish manager.

- Uh, Thank you Sir. I was just expecting a call from a certain company. It's just that time of year.

- Yeah, sadly, this is kind of that call.

- What?

- You see, in 2007, I went to South Korea to manage FC Seoul. In fact certain copmany made me to. I am to call you to tell you to do the same.

- Am I to manage FC Seoul?

- No boy, the company has taken the control of Jeonbuk. You have to take control of Jeonbuk. The company is a bit pissed of as 3 managers before you failed to reach the Asian champions cup. You have to do this. And as I understand, you have to play 2 certain players in defence whenever you can. A Park and a Fuentes.

- Isnt this a kind of backward move for my career? What would you suggest Mr. Güneş?

- I would strongly suggest you to go, as strong as a red dot on your forhead.

- Deal! Off I go!

Although I was forced to go, I was excited to go to South Korea after Mr. Güneş. He did good there as far as I remember. I checked his history in S.Korea and found this:

Şenol Güneş managed FC Seoul for a three year period from December 8, 2006. The club started the 2007 season with 3 consecutive wins and a draw, and a spectacular result in the Seoul–Suwon derby match with FC Seoul defeating Suwon Samsung 4–1. Following a draw with Gwangju Sangmu in round 16, FC Seoul was defeated 1–0 by Suwon Samsung . 80% of the regular squad was injured and FC Seoul failed to qualify for the play-off phase of the season. However, they succeeded in getting into the final of the K-League Cup. The second season under Güneş was different. There were no major injuries and although Park Chu-Young, the ace of FC Seoul, was transferred to Ligue 1 club AS Monaco, the double dragons of FC Seoul (Ki Sung-Yong, Lee Chung-Yong) made big progress and Dejan Damjanović scored 14 goals. This resulted in a second place finish in the K-League regular season, and progress to the playoffs. FC Seoul defeated Ulsan Hyundai in the play-off semi-final but was defeated by Suwon in the final. Despite the loss, the club still qualified for the 2009 AFC Champions League. The Şenol Güneş era ended on November 25, 2009, with the manager returning to Trabzonspor.

When I landed in Seoul, I was nobody. Well a bit more than anybody, being tall and roundeyed and beared. I was picked up by Kyoung-Jun Yoon, director of football and first of the many confusing names. I decided to nickname him Yoon. So mistaken I was thinking he'll be the only Yoon I will meet.

The team sheet was a mess for me. Full of Kim's and Park's. Later I learned that it was a certain Irish funny guys idea to make the next manager to only sign players with those names. You bastard!

As I was checking the team, trying to make some sense of the names a Kyung-Soo Kim arrived from Chunnam. I snapped and got a boardmarker and wrote "Kyung" on his shirt and send him to training. The lad was good. An AM RL, what we needed. Thanks to the former manager.

Then Sung-Hwan Han came, also from former manager. I wrote "Hwan Han" and sent him to practice to b a better AM F LC.

Then I went and bought players I wanted. There was lots of money. I called my former agents in Spain and they recomended me to buy Jose Luis Aragon, 28 y/o AML for 1.3M.


Then I called Mellia and told them to send me my leftover "cargo". They told me they cant just send it like that so i agreed to "buy" Jose Ramon Rua for 2.5M


Then I dived into the Korean market and bought no less than 13 players. We'll look into the good ones later.

The season started with the League cup groups. We smashed the groups by 22 points. 7 wins and one draw. Later I learned that after I left the stadium after the Gyeongam 0-0 draw, the match went to extra time and penalties. We got 1 points for winning the penalty shootout :loco:

After easing past Jeju with a 4-0 win, our first encounter with our rival Busan was ahead in the Final. Their veteran keeper Musa played awesome to see us loose 2-1, managing to save 10 of our shots. In the second match we were nearly there but a terrible game by our usual 2nd keeper "Young Jang", despite our 3 goals we lost the cup on a 4-4 agg.

Hwan Lee the 22 y/o DMC was our best player of the cup with an avarage of 7.86 and 3 M.O.M's. Chul-Ho scored 4 goals.


The league started with 3 wins. We managed 7 wins, 1 draws and 1 loose in first 10 matches.

We won the next 10 matches, last of them 2-1 against Busan. But the next match was against Busan and ended our win run, 1-1 draw.

The last 5 match of the season was ahead of us, needing only 6 points to win the league. It did happen in the next 2 matches.

And wins in the next 3 matches saw us win the league by 14 points ahead of Busan!

Breaking the League point record and goalscoring record on the way was good too.

Then started the FA Cup. After beating FC Seoul 3-0, the non league Sangji Univ. (6-0) and Pohang Technical High School (!) 7-0 we went to the semi against Jeju United. 2-0 win was enough for our 2nd final of the year. Sadly we lost 1-0 against Ulsan in the final. Kyung (AM RL) was the star for us in the cup, 4 assist and 8.6 avarage. Hwan Han (AM/F LC) was also good with also 8.6 avarage and 4 goals.

Somehow, the young midfielder Kwang,


whom I bought from Gangwon for 100K was crowned the Top Goal Scorer of the Year with 6 goals :confused:

He also came second in "Most Assisted Player of the Year"


I was very angry. He should have won it FFS!!!

But we were happy again when he was selected the "Young Player of the Year"

Sung-Hoon, the awesome D/DM R was selected 2nd best player of the year and I, Merkezekrem was selected the best manager of the year. Fuck yea!

When I left the club, there was 6M to spend for transfers but sometime in the season I decided that all the in game injuries was caused by the Training Grounds poor condition so I asked the board to fix that and some of that money will go there.

Still with the good wage structure, we are making money every month.Hope the next manager can keep it that way.

This is how players played:


Sadly I just missed last managers demand to play Park for at least 30 games by one game :( I parked Park on the wrong spot and another Park played for some matches. Very sorry but he did got sent off once and got 5 yellows and missed 1 mantch for that too. Still my bad. As I waited for a lightning to struck me, nothing happened.

I aske the next manager to drop the first teams avarage age by 1 year, at least. The more the merrier.

Good luck fella, wherever you are being threated now.

24-04-12, 11:36 AM
well done on the league title...

What happened in the FA Cup?

24-04-12, 11:50 AM
:redface: I'll edit it tonight :D

24-04-12, 01:52 PM
Great performance mate, looks like you had the team rocking!

Have you nicknamed the team to remove all the Parks/Kims in their names?
Chul-Ho was the main star in the country when I was there, looks like he's keeping it going, the only one to get picked for the national team in my tenure.

24-04-12, 02:13 PM
He got called a couple of times more and scored in the Asian cup :ok:

But I didnt fancy him much. 30 years old "Young Lee" D/DM/S C played as much as he did. I also bought another striker but will come later.

Yeah, cant believe you played without nicks.

24-04-12, 02:46 PM
it was the best way to see the Kims and Parks in the lineup :D

25-04-12, 11:01 AM
Well done on winning the league mate and thus getting us qualification to the ACC, hard luck in the cups though mate.

kuy can you confirm you've got the save and are able to play?

I'll start taking names for round 4 tonight when I post the new code word.

25-04-12, 11:23 AM


25-04-12, 11:32 AM


25-04-12, 12:33 PM
Well done on winning the league mate and thus getting us qualification to the ACC, hard luck in the cups though mate.

kuy can you confirm you've got the save and are able to play?

I'll start taking names for round 4 tonight when I post the new code word.

Yep, I've got it and played most of Monday :lol: I'm in roughly May of the season, I think. I won't tell you how I'm getting on though - you'll have to wait for the write-up to find out...

25-04-12, 12:41 PM
Or when you send me the save with Centurion, whatever comes first :D

Just realised I already thanked your post on the previous page saying you've started :facepalm:

History and Managerial list updated in OP.

25-04-12, 06:32 PM
As per my PM the new code word is Carioca.

25-04-12, 06:53 PM
Carioca pissflaps

25-04-12, 06:54 PM
i love doing a song on Carioca

25-04-12, 07:38 PM
Carioca Pudding?

Whoever that guy was he ain't no


The best thing about champ IMO is when all the players are regens :D

25-04-12, 07:40 PM
Carioca pissflaps

As sure as day must follow night, Derm must follow me on PTP :D

Carioca Pudding?

Read the Pass the Parcel II thread in the HOF, then you know you're being stupid :D

25-04-12, 11:51 PM

26-04-12, 10:29 AM
Great to have a new manager on board, cheers mate!

That's 1 out of the 9 new people I PM'd, hoping for a few more!

Managerial list updated in OP.

Kenny Dalglish's Smile
26-04-12, 04:00 PM
If I can have 2 weeks I'll Carioca. Else, no Carioca para mi

26-04-12, 04:02 PM
2 weeks to play once you've received it? Can do 10 days mate.

26-04-12, 10:16 PM
Guys, just to clarify something - the South Korean season runs from March 2017 (Super Cup/start of League Cup) to November 2017 (end of FA Cup), but the Asian Club Championship runs August 2017 - May 2018.

I end my turn at the end of the Korean season right (i.e. in November 2017)? Meaning I hand over partway through the 2017-2018 Asian Club Championship? I took over right at the end of the previous Korean season, the previous November (2016).

Cheers! :ok:

26-04-12, 10:49 PM
You finish at the end of the Korean season in November mate.

26-04-12, 11:18 PM
Thought so, cheers :ok: Finishing tonight, I'll send the file when I'm done and the write-up will be posted tomorrow/on the weekend

Kenny Dalglish's Smile
27-04-12, 09:13 AM
2 weeks to play once you've received it? Can do 10 days mate.

Should be OK

28-04-12, 01:24 PM
When the phone rang, I glanced at the Caller ID and smiled. I had heard lots of stories about CMSG Ltd, about how intimidating they were and how they made preposterous demands on their managers, backed up with unspoken threats, but I was sure these were just rumours, urban legends. For me, unemployed and with no ties to hold me in one place, the promise of being sent to exotic corners of the world to manage a football team filled me with excitement, not fear.

I answered the phone. “Hello?”
“Good afternoon kuy” said a pleasant female voice. “I'm calling from CMSG Ltd. We have a job for you. You are to take over Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors in South Korea. Under our management the club has become one of the best in the country and we are the reigning league champions. This should grant us entry to the Asian Club Championship, and we hope for a good showing in the tournament. Our ultimate goal for the club is to win the Club World Championship. But as well as immediate victory, we are looking to build a dynasty of success at this club, so during your time as manager of Jeonbuk we want you to lower the average age of the players by at least a year. The current average ages are 25.56 years for the first team and 24.56 years for the squad. Good luck!”


The line went dead before I could say anything. Just as I was starting to wonder how to get to the club, a car pulled up outside my house. “Very professional!” I thought to myself.

Upon arrival at Jeonbuk, my first act was to check any arranged transfers. The previous manager had agreed to sign Joon-Suk Cho from rivals Busan. Averaging a goal every two-and-a-half games over his last few seasons, £300K looked a good price for the striker, and at 25 years old he wouldn't have an impact on the squad age. We were also losing two players, both also 25, from the fringes of the squad for a total of £250K in. Neither would be a great loss, and since the squad contained 50 players already I knew I'd have to move players on.

Looking at the squad, I was glad to see that we had quite a centralised group, with only two out-and-out wingers. This meant I could play my favoured 4-1-3-2 tactic.


This selection brought the average age of the first team down to 23.73 years immediately. Of course, by the end of my tenure, this would be 24.73, still too high, but it's a great start!

The squad was excellent, with lots of talented players fighting for selection. However, with only three goalkeepers, one of whom I'd be looking to move on in order to bring down the average age, I went shopping. I was also looking for one or two first-teamers in attacking roles. The good news was I had £6M to spend! The bad news was that I only had three scouts.

With my backroom staff bulked up by the addition of four new scouts (I also wanted to sign more coaches, but four seems to be the limit in South Korea), I quickly decided upon 23-year-old American Bryan Green as the man to wear the gloves:


We had plenty of defenders in the squad already, but I couldn't pass up the chance to sign some youngsters to bring down the average age further:

Tasty looking right-back Jung-Hwan Jang for just £75K

Young-Keun Park, a bit pricey at £170K but Busan were also sniffing around

Versatile Sang-Ho Yoon, another where we paid over the odds to beat off the competition, this time shelling out £130K

Finally, I managed to find some attacking youngsters:

Chul Park, £80K from rivals Ulsan

Dong-Jin Park, who despite costing £140K would go into the reserves for now

Finally, one for the future in free transfer Seung-Yong Park

These additions brought the average age of the squad down to a pleasing 23.54. If I could shift one or two more of the older players in the reserves, I should be well set to meet my target of 23.56 at the end of the year.

With these signings in place and an undefeated pre-season against three of last season's Asian Club Championship semi-finalists under our belt, I went into my first real test as Jeonbuk manager, the Korean Super Cup. In the build-up to the match, I received a shock when I learned that only three foreign players were allowed in the match-day squad! I was starting to regret my signing of Green.

Despite missing marquee signing Joon-Suk Cho through injury, we had the better of the game, with six shots on goal to opponents Ulsan's three. However, we were on the wrong end of both an inspired goalkeeping display and the single goal of the match, scored on the hour by veteran South Korean star Ji Dong-Won. I hoped the 1-0 defeat wouldn't set the tone for the season to come! The average age of the first team selected for the match was 24.31 years.

The League Cup got off to a much more encouraging start, where we won every game to top our group. However, a 1-0 defeat was again our undoing as we were knocked out in the semi-finals by Busan, a result the media labelled 'disappointing'. I could already see that matches against our rivals would hold the key to success this season, and I knew that I was going to have to start winning them, sooner rather than later.

Ulsan went on to win the League Cup, defeating Busan 2-1 on aggregate in the final. In other news, Napoli won the Europa League, their South Korean star Son Heung-Min scoring in their 3-1 victory over Lille, Real Madrid beat Olympiacos 2-1 to lift the Champions League, and the final of the Asian Champions Cup was an all-Korean affair, Busan gaining revenge for the League Cup defeat by triumphing 3-2 over Ulsan.

The K-League got underway, and it soon became clear that Busan would be strong contenders. Indeed, they went undefeated for the first twenty games of the season! However, despite an early loss, 2-0 at Ulsan, we were able to convert more draws into wins than Busan, and by the time they returned from competing in the Club World Championship in France, we held a slim one-point lead.

The Club World Championship was won by New York, who defeated Ajax 1-0 in the final. It was a good showing all-round by the United States, as Chicago came third.

The middle part of the league campaign was a reversal of the first part, with Busan putting together a strong run while we drew too many games. We slipped to second, and with Busan's games in hand, our fate was out of our control. All we could do now was to keep the pressure on.

Respite from the league came in the form of the Asian Club Championship, where we were drawn against April 25 of rivals North Korea. A 3-0 win at home made us strong favourites to go through, and when we scored on the hour mark of the return leg our progress was assured. April 25 finally managed to get the ball in the net with the last kick of the game, but it was no more than a consolation as we triumphed 4-1 on aggregate.

In the next round we played South China, Hong Kong's only representative in the competition and first-round conquerors of Malaysians Selangor. Again a big home win in the first leg put the tie to bed as we won 5-0, Joon-Suk Cho bagging a brace. A 1-0 victory in the away leg merely served to assure us of our progress to the East quarter-finals, where our group consists of: Singapore's Home Utd, who have played in the Club Championship every year but have not reached this stage since 2011 (their best showing to date); S-Pulse of Japan, on their Club Championship début; and our fierce rivals Busan! These matches will be played in March 2018.

I was eager to translate our good form in continental competition to good form at home, and the players responded well as we picked up 22 points from a possible 24, the only blemish a 2-2 draw at home to who else but Busan. With just two games remaining, we stood top with 56 points and a goal difference of +28, while Busan had 53 and +22. The title was ours to lose, surely?

Gameweek 26:


A hiccup, but we still held a one-point lead and had a superior goal difference. I worried that the pressure might be getting to my players though, as they'd never come through a real title fight before – their only league title had come last season, when they won with three games to spare. This year though, it would go to the wire...

Gameweek 27:

Disaster! Seongnam, who had rolled over for Busan the week before, got the reaction their manager and fans had surely been hoping for as they bounced back to end their season on a high. The destination of the league title was out of our hands now and I rushed to find a radio to hear the result of Busan's match, away to mid-table Jeju United...

We'd done it! Just! Despite so nearly throwing it away in the last two matches, the K-League trophy was coming back to Jeonbuk!

In the end we won the league on goal difference, +27 to Busan's +25, after we tied on 57 points each.

With the end of the league season came the Korean FA Cup, and I held my head in my hands as I saw who we had been drawn against in our first match:

The game itself was a dull affair, the only incident of note the ridiculous dismissal of our star striker Joon-Suk Cho on the 41st minute, a straight red for complaining to the referee! Nevertheless, we held our own despite being down to ten men for the entire second half, plus half an hour of extra time, and the match went to penalties...

Move over Germany, we're the new shoot-out kings!

This was the sixth time we had played Busan this season (including one friendly), and every match except the League Cup semi-final had been a draw - we are clearly very evenly matched! Since they're the reigning Asian Club Champions, I find that encouraging...

After the hardest possible third-round draw, fate took pity on us and gave us non-league opposition for each of the next three rounds of the Cup:
Keumho High were dispatched 6-0, and with all the goals coming before the hour mark I thought we might break the club record win, which stands at 7-0. Alas it wasn't to be! Gwangju FC were next to fall, in a game that was more one-sided than the 2-1 scoreline suggests, and in the semi-final Bucheon 1995 were swept aside 3-0. After two goals were scored in the first ten minutes, the result was never in doubt.

In the final, our opponents would be Jeju United, whose 0-0 draw with Busan on the last day of the season had handed us the title...


Another 2-1 victory that was more comfortable than the final score made it appear, and we had won our second trophy of the season! It was my last match in charge of Jeonbuk, and I was delighted to go out on a high.

I was in the mood to celebrate, and I encouraged the players and staff to go out and party with the fans. And party we did!

I woke up the next morning with a throbbing headache, and realised that I'd forgotten to call CMSG Ltd. I dug my phone out of my pocket (I was still wearing the suit I'd been out in!) and rang the contact number they'd given me. The same woman's voice answered, and I gave her the run-down on our season.
“Congratulations!” she said. “I'm glad you managed to retain the league title and are still in continental competition. As you know our goal is to win the Club World Championship with Jeonbuk, so regular participation in the Asian Club Championship is vital. How did you get on with lowering the age of the squad?”
“I got on fine” I replied, proud of my work in this area. “I've always loved looking out for up-and-coming talent – I signed seven players, aged between 17 and 23, and shipped out eight, all but one of whom were over 28. The squad now has an average age of 23.43 years!”
“Brilliant! How about the first team?”
“Well, that's a bit tricky to say” I admitted. “It just depends on who you pick, doesn't it? But the team I played for the FA Cup final yesterday had an average age of...

...24.45 years!

“Great news!” she said. “Well, I think that's pretty much it. Do you have any advice or information for the new manager?”
I'd talked this over in some detail with my staff the previous night. “There are one or two things” I said. “There aren't any transfers in the pipeline, but a couple of players have contracts that are either unprotected or expiring soon. The new manager should definitely look at that, see if he wants to extend anyone's deals. Also, the squad is quite deep already, so any new recruits should be signed to add another level of quality, not just warm a spot on the bench. Therefore any new signings must play at least twenty matches.”
“That could be tough” the lady responded. “There are only twenty-seven matches in the league altogether!”
“That's true” I said “but don't forget there are two domestic cups, plus continental competition. Oh, and warn the new manager that you're only allowed three non-Korean players in your match-day eighteen. We've already got six foreigners!”
“Okay, thanks a lot” she said. “Just fax over the squad details from the season then you're free to go!”

As I put the squad stats in the machine, I looked over the names.
Joon-Suk Cho, the star striker. Signed by my predecessor for what was fast becoming a bargain £300K, he'd rattled in 22 goals in 36 appearances to become our top scorer.
Chul-Ho Park, my club captain, had missed the FA Cup final through injury. He was the only other man to score in double figures.
Bryan Green, the American I'd signed to be our goalkeeper, had suffered due to the three-foreigner rule. I'd preferred Hernandez, Rua and Aragon most of the time. Still, Green had played well whenever called upon and was probably a better keeper than Jae-Young Jang, my regular man between the sticks.
There were so many others, too. I'd used 24 players all together. I wasn't surprised to see that the players with the most appearances were the versatile Sang-Ho Yoon and Sung-Hwan Han, along with goalkeeper Jang. Yoon had been a regular at the centre of defence, while Han made a great number of his appearances from the bench.


Although they seemed to have trouble in big games and came close to bottling it in the league, that wasn't unusual for a young team. I knew they'd only improve with experience, and I hoped they'd do well for the next manager, whoever he might be.

28-04-12, 01:28 PM
Great right up kuy :ok:

Now for the next man to launched an assault on the Asian Club Championships :ok:

28-04-12, 01:34 PM
Great right up kuy :ok:

Now for the next man to launched an assault on the Asian Club Championships :ok:

Cheers! I was disappointed I didn't get to use this picture though



28-04-12, 01:39 PM
Fantastic write up mate, especially like the way you kept mentioning the average age of the squad. Well done on retaining the league as well as the cup success.

All going well if Centurion wins the ACC, I'll have a crack at the WCC!

History and Managerial list updated in OP.

28-04-12, 08:34 PM
Fantastic write up mate, especially like the way you kept mentioning the average age of the squad. Well done on retaining the league as well as the cup success.

All going well if Centurion wins the ACC, I'll have a crack at the WCC!

History and Managerial list updated in OP.

Thanks! :ok: To be honest I mainly kept mentioning the squad age because if I didn't, I'd have forgotten about it until the last minute and have to release a bunch of old-timers from their contracts :lol:

28-04-12, 08:47 PM
nice stuff kuy :ok:

never followed this much before amc made me copy all the old ptp's across :rolleyes:

might have to give this a whirl in the future

28-04-12, 09:39 PM
Go on Pat, you know it makes sense!

29-04-12, 03:39 PM
Well done kuy! And a great write up too. :ok:

What happened in the most scorer and assisted player? I have no idea how they are chosen tho :D

29-04-12, 03:55 PM
put me down amc :ok:

29-04-12, 06:08 PM
You're missing a word mate.

29-04-12, 06:22 PM
fuck me, first I thought you were offended cuz i didnt say "please" (we all know how much there is at stake here so no time to exchange pleasantries)

neeeeevertheless, after thoroughly reading the OP, i got what you meant



please :)

29-04-12, 06:56 PM
Carioca me too :ok:

30-04-12, 04:01 PM
Centurion has till midnight tonight to confirm if he's playing his season otherwise I'll get round 4 underway.

History and Managerial list updated in OP.

01-05-12, 03:55 PM
Sorry lads, just don't have time to get it done by Sunday. Probably best to leave you guys to conquer the world now!

01-05-12, 05:22 PM
Well done kuy! And a great write up too. :ok:

What happened in the most scorer and assisted player? I have no idea how they are chosen tho :D

Sorry, totally forgot to mention the awards in the write-up!

- I won Manager of the Year :D,
- Joon-Suk Cho was 2nd place in Player of the Year,
- none of our players made it into Top Goalscorer of the Year (Hyun-Ho Yoon of Ulsan won with nine, even though Cho had 13 K-league goals and Chul-Ho Park had 11 - WTF?!)
- Jose Ramon Rua came third in Young Player of the Year,
- Kwang-Soo Lee and Jose Ramon Rua came second and third respectively in Most Assisted Player of the Year,
- We had four players in the Best 11 of the Year, more than any other club (although if you include the subs' bench as well, Ulsan also had four and Busan had five :tsk:): Jae-Young Jang in goal, the strikeforce of Cho and Park, and Sung-Hoon Park on the right wing (although he actually played full-back for me)

07-05-12, 05:45 PM
Just to keep everyone updated I'll have my season done by tomorrow evening and will send the save on to Derm then. Write up will be done Wednesday afternoon/evening.

08-05-12, 10:05 PM
Save sent to Derm, write up tomorrow.

09-05-12, 07:17 PM
Sorry guys will be tomorrow before I do my write up.

10-05-12, 02:45 PM
It had been five years since I'd last worked for CMSG Ltd, but a lot had changed since then. After my last season with Melilla I handed the reins over to Dermotron who won the World Club Championships, and thus CMSG Ltd could move on to another club. That club would be South Korean club Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors. Since then a number of managers have established Jeonbuk as the top team in the country, having won the league the past two seasons as well as a couple of FA Cups. My job was to take the club to the next level, and make an impact in continental competition, and I had the perfect chance after previous manager kuy had guided the club through the early stages of the Asian Club Championships.

The first thing to do though was to meet up with the squad and it came at no surprise to find a very talented pool of players, after all they had just won back-to-back titles. Joon-Suk Cho was a born goalscorer, and after grabbing 22 goals in 35 apps last season I was looking forward to more of the same from the International striker, while Argentine centre backs Victor Fuentes and Guillermo Hernandez would be a formidable centre back partnership. Despite this I decided to do some wheeling and dealing in order to fine tune the squad. My favoured formation was a 4-2-3-1 and it seemed quite a good fit for the existing squad but we were lacking a few wide players, and with that in mind my first signings were of two wide men, Sang-Hwa Cho (£220k - Chunnam) and Sang-Jin Han (£300k - Daegu). Two more midfielders signed on the dotted line as defensive midfielder Joon-Suk Lee (£220k - Daegu) and right winger Won-Il Kang (£210k - Pohang) decided to join the Jeonbuk revolution. With only 3 foreigners allowed in a match day squad I continued with my policy of signing domestic players, as centre back Hyun-Woo Song (£210k - Seongnam) added competition to the back line, and a new keeper was signed in the shape of Ulsan stopper Jae-Won Lee for £200k. It weren't all one way traffic though as four players did leave the club, including American keeper Bryan Green for just £80k to Seongnam and versatile defender, midfielder and striker Young-Hoon Lee who joined Jeju United for £150k.

With the squad sorted for the season it was time to get the season underway, and we would start with the Korean Super Cup against Jeju Utd. No fewer than five of my new players started the match, with attacking midfielder Sang-Jin Han particularly impressive as he grabbed a brace in a 2-0 win, and already I had won some silverware in my first game.


Unlike what I had experienced before it appeared that in South Korea each domestic competition would be played seperately, but first we would kick off our Asian Club Championship campaign. We had been drawn in a group of four along with fellow South Korean side Busan, as well as Japanese side Shimizu S-Pulse and Singapore outfit Home Utd. Once again it was another 2-0 win for ourselves as striker Chul-Ho Park got his name on the scoresheet twice, and we continued our good form as we battered Home Utd 4-0 and overcame a stubborn S-Pulse 4-2 to ensure we topped the group and qualified for the semi finals, although it did seem strange to me we only played each team once.


It would be a couple of months before we would play the semi final against UAE side Baniyas, and so we could concentrate on the upcoming League Cup. We were drawn into Group B containing FC Seoul, Jeju Utd, Ulsan and Gyeongnam, with each team playing each other twice, with the top 2 from Group A and B going through to the semis. Despite dominating the first game at home to Jeju, at the end of 90 mins it was 0-0, and just as I was about to shake the opponent managers hand and head down the tunnel, assistant manager Joseba Etxeberria explained we would play for another half hour or until someone had scored. Unfortunately that goal came soon after and it was a Jeju goal, my first defeat. We bounced back in style though as wins over FC Seoul, Ulsan and Gyeongnam set up the return game against Ulsan were we had our best performance of the season in a 6-0 win!


We gained our revenge on Jeju in a 2-1 win before we slipped up once again in another defeat in extra time, this time to Seoul in our penultimate game. It didn't matter though as that win over Jeju ensured our place in the semis, and we wrapped up the group with a 2-1 win over Gyeongnam which put us top of the group ahead of Ulsan.

http://img513.imageshack.us/img513/4944/leaguegroup.jpg (http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/513/leaguegroup.jpg/)

As we finished 1st in our group we would play the team who had finished 2nd in Group A, which would be Seongnam. In a one legged semi final we had the clear advantage of playing at home but I still expected a difficult game. Despite a Seongnam defender being sent off in the opening 15 mins, it took till the 84th minute until we made the break through, substitute Chul-Ho Park. So to the final and this would be over two legs! Busan would be the opponents and we needed a good start as we were at home first. Forward Davy Vercruysse put us 1-0 up just before half time, and after Busan were reduced to 10 men in the second half we put our foot on the gas with goals from Joon-Suk Cho and Kwang-Soo Lee giving us a good lead going into the 2nd leg in four days time. We made a great start when J. Cho (shorter :D) headed home a corner on 12 mins, and moments later we doubled our lead through midfielder J. Lee with a piledriver from the edge of the box. There was no way back for Busan now, and a late penalty from J. Cho made it yet another 3-0 win, and 6-0 on agg for yet another trophy.


We had developed a habit of winning things now, and the Asian Club Championships was a great opportunity to keep that going. We were at home for yet another one legged semi final against Baniyas and we were met by a brick wall in the away goal, and we would once again go into extra time. It didn't take long for the golden goal though as super sub C. Park scored the decisive goal, and we would go through to the final to play... Busan. The final was an absolute cracker with us taking the lead just after the half hour mark, only for Busan to equalise on the stroke of half time. Busan would then take the lead in the second half, but we were soon level through C. Park. C. Park would bag another minutes later and going into the final 25 mins we were 3-2 up. Busan through everything at us but some last ditch defending and some great saves from keeper Jang kept the score at 3-2 and we were champions of Asia! It also meant we would be entered into next years WCC.


Finally the league season was upon us, and as defending champions I didn't want to relinquish our title. We'd already played a lot of games this season and it showed as we laboured our way through our first few games, but we were still getting the results, be it by not many goals. After 9 games of a 27 game season, we were top of the table with 7 wins, 1 draw and 1 loss, but we finally clicked back in to gear ahead of the Asian Super Cup. We would face Al Gharafa from Qatar who would be in their 15th Asian Super Cup final in a row, with the first game at home. Goals from J. Cho and Vercruysse gave us a 2-0 lead going into the away leg, and another 2-0 win in the 2nd leg made sure of the trophy.


We were still going well in the league, and come the halfway stage we had developed a decent lead at the top, and come game 18 we practically had one hand on the trophy as we had a 15 pt lead over 2nd as well as 4 games in hand! We didn't have to wait long for the title as it was all wrapped up by game 23, and come the end of the season the advantage was a staggering 23 pts!


The end of the season would see the FA Cup start and after a long season I used it as a chance to play some of the fringe members of the squad. They seemed to relish the chance as they impressed in a 3-0 win over the Korea Rail Company, and followed it up with a routine 3-1 victory against Kyungsang University. Busan away in the quarters would provide a much tougher ask, and so it proved as we went down 2-1, despite taking the lead after 4 mins, but two lapses before half time and full time put paid to our hopes of winning the FA Cup.


The defeat to Busan would be my last game with Jeonbuk as I would hand over to Dermotron once again, who will have yet another chance of winning the WCC and moving CMSG Ltd on to another country. His restriction isn't too difficult and comes as a consequence of the restriction placed on me. As all the signings I made had to make a minimum of 20 apps, I could never use the centre back partnership of Fuentes and Hernandez as much as I liked, so for Derm he has to play the two whenever possible. Speaking of the restriction on me, I had a couple of problems, firstly right winger Sang-Hwa Cho picked up an injury ruling him out for 8 months of the season so he only made 8 apps, while forward Son Heung-Min was signed towards the end of the season although I thought I'd done the deal for him to come at the end of the season so he never had a chance of getting near 20 apps unfortunately.


Best of luck Dermotron!

10-05-12, 03:05 PM
The Quadruple !! A fantastic achievement.

Great write up.

Go Dermo...

Get us away from South Korea...

10-05-12, 03:10 PM
Quintuple I think you'll find :D League, ACC, Lg Cup, Korean Super Cup and Asian Super Cup.

10-05-12, 03:31 PM
Forgot to mention, some sad news, and that is that Melilla were relegated from the Spanish First division in May :(

History and Managerial list updated in OP.

10-05-12, 04:24 PM
good stuff amc.

hurry up dermo :P

10-05-12, 08:53 PM
Awesome work! And well done with the restriction too :ok:

Go Derm, grab yourself a WCC double :D

11-05-12, 12:22 AM
Well played AMC :ok:
Clean sweep!

Chul Ho Park still got it then some important goals there from him.

Some of those teams sound like they should be squares on a Korea Monopoly set :lol:

Go Dermo, make it a short stint in Korea,


Before these guys get wind of CMSGs prescence :lol:

12-05-12, 07:06 PM
Dear Leader Dermo is on the case :)

Sweet with the later write up AMC, 5days left :D

Awesome season :ok:

14-05-12, 12:07 PM
Great season AMC :hail:

Go Dermotron!

17-05-12, 09:14 AM
Should have this up this evening. Got side tracked last night!

18-05-12, 11:10 PM
I knew it was coming , I just didn't know when. Surprisingly it didn't feel like 6 years since I'd had my last rendevous with CMSG Ltd. Being the 1st of their stable of managers to lift the World Club Championship, I was expecting the call a little sooner but CMSG have such a high class of managers at the minute, any one of us could land them the World Club Championship again. From Dublin via London, Dubai and Seoul, I was back in Jeonju to take over Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors again.

I was the one to be having our next turn at trying to win the WCC after the terrific efforts of the previous manager AMC (http://www.champman0102.co.uk/showthread.php?378-CMSG-Ltd-Trilogy-PtP-the-Third-Phase!&p=20377#post20377) who landed a quadruple in 2018 and presented me the chance to land the glory.

The 1st bit of news was the draw for WCC. Tough as WCC draws as it's usually one tough game and 2 gimme's. This group unfortunately was 1 tough game and 2 potential banana skins


Like all jobs I take, I went shopping for players to fitted into my tried and trusted 4-1-4-1 system. There was some decent quality in the squad to sure but I thought we needed to add some strike power and a bit of improvement on the wings. In came Argentine Maxilmiliano Silva, Mali winger Sekou Mazel, promising English midfielder Simon Giles, creative Turk Ugur Ahmet and Nigerian defensive Alex Musa. Given the restriction of having to play both Argentina DC's, signing that many foreigners may have seen short-sighted but I was signing these to adapt in time for the WCC in August.


My 1st game was the Korean Super Cup, which we were the defending champs. Of course we were against chief rivals Busan. A goal from Kang Won-Il was enough to get the job done, especially after Busan had dominated the game.


We cruised through the Group stage of the Asian Club Championship with 3 wins over South China, Home Utd and our arch enemies Busan. The semi final draw saw us get Uzbek giants Pakhtakor but we would not face them until our domestic campaign got started with the League Cup. The League Cup was a formality, 11 wins that saw us only concede 3 goals. We beat Jeju 3-0 on aggregate in the final.


Next up was the semi of the Asian Club Championship but the shock of the season occured when Pakhtakor beat us 3-2 on golden goals :( It was part our own part with Park's sending off but the injury to Hernandez meant we spent most of the extra time with 9 men and numbers done us in the end. We beat Al Urooba of Oman in the pointless 3rd place play-off.


The league campaign started off very similar to the League Cup campaign except this time we had 1 draw and 10 wins out of the 1st 11 games. Maximilliano Silva was killing it, 18 goals in 15 games, I felt I had the man to lead the line in the World Club Championship . . . which was the next port of call. Whilst making preparations I noticed the club had a rat. One of our coaches, Yong Hong-Chang, was moonlighting as a scout for the Pohang Steelers. How the fuck he done it I'll never know


:confused::confused::confused::confused::confused: :confused::confused::confused::confused::confused: :confused::confused::confused::confused::confused: :confused::confused::confused:

World Club Championship & rest of the season:

The opening game of the WCC was against Australia side Central Coast Mariners. After dominating the game in which CCM keeper was inspired, a goal from Maxi Silva landed us the 3pts. Next up was Tunisian giants Esperance. Again we dominated but a much more comfortable 2-0 win was achieved. The last match of the group was against Lyon in a winner takes all match. Unfortunately their was no winner. But Lyon had managed to score 1-0 extra goal than us and we were out :( Fucking superkeepered by Central Coast had done us in.


Fucking head wrecked!!!

But . . . I forgot one thing

Best ranked 2nd place take the last slot in the semi-finals :) A chance for revenge was imminent - we drew Lyon!!!!


We got that revenge straight away - the best type of win, play crap and win. Lyon dominated us but Moon Min-Chul had the game of his life to keep the Frenchmen at bay. Maxi Silva was the hero once again with 2 goals, one of which was in the 89th minute, hurray!!


We drew Al Gharafa of Qatar in the final, who were twice 3rd in the WCC, once Asian Cup Winners Cup champions and record Asian Super Cup holders with 7 titles


With there record in International Comps, I thought Al Gharafa would have been a big challenge, but it seems Lyon was the real final - Al Gharafa didn't even manage a shot on the goal in the whole game! I guess I'm being a little harsh given that they were down to 10 men after 18 minutes but I don't think so. Of course Maxi Silva was the hero, scoring in the 54 minute. WOOHOO, job done, again :):):)



And here's the story of where we went :)

There was tons of jobs available to me on 3 of the continents we had yet to win the WCC on - but it was not contest when I found my beloved Boca Juniors job up from grabs. One application, one job offer, one happy man. There are 3 football clubs I follow closely, and along with Barca and Man Utd this was one of them. Was only too delighted to take the job.


The club had been progressive since the inception of the CMSG plan, expanding La Bombonera to and impressive 95000 to add to there already top class youth academy. More impressive was the clubs ability to fill it regularly. The economy in Argentina was booming and the football clubs were showing it. Boca alone had £202m in transfer funds but given a couple of economic collapses in the nations past, the board were only allowing a sensible cap of £12m max transfer. I didnt mind as the transfer window was closed until July, save for the small window that would allow me to bring in 2 players.


The squad was in good shape even if a few players were deluded about their abilities and wanting to seek bigger clubs. Fuck them, the rest would make up them. The best looking of the lot was attacking midfielder Ariel Rojas (perhaps he'd perform a bit like the man in the background ;))


My 1st match was a disappointing draw against Univ. Catolica of Chile in the Copa Mercosur - the South American equivalent of the Europa League.
We would eventually make the quarter finals after a record of 4 wins and 2 draws in the group phase.

In the League we were starting to motor. The fans and board really wanted to win the league. We may have been reigning Copa Libertadores champions but league success had been none existent since 2011, which is a long time given the size of the club and the fact that the Argentine Premier Division is ran twice a season with the Apertura and Clausura championships.


After an almost flawless Apertura campaign we landed the elusive title with distinction. 17 wins and a draw from 19 games was a great effort and broke a new points record along the way. Performance of the Apertura was against our fiercest River Plate. And we absolutely trashed them :)


It was a busy time of celebrating, we won the Apertura with 3 games to go, which happened to be the week before the 1st of 3 Mercosur Cup decider legs against Cruzeiro - that we won 6-2 on aggregate but had to eventually win the comp on penalties :confused:

It would prove the 1st of 2 titles decided by penalty shootouts in 3days, both which I'm delighted to have won. The 2nd was the Intercontinental Cup win our my euro nemesis - Lyon.


We had the chance to sign 2 players between the break of the Apertura and the resumption of the Clausura and one of them happened to be an old (proper old) friend of CMSG managers of the past - esp those who had some time at Melilla. He may not be able to last the full 90 minutes anymore (doing well to last 22 to be honest) but his talent was still there :)


The resumption of the league in the form of the Clausura championship also saw the start of South America's premier cup club competition, The Copa Libertadoras. Being the holders of the comp, I really wanted to land this. We started fantastic, 6 clean wins over Medillin of Colombia, Libertad of Paraguay and Nacional of Uruguay. The other 3 teams finished on 6pts but it would be Medillin who would follow us out of the group on goal difference.

In the league we were stuttering a bit compared to the Apertura even if we had back-to-back 5-0 wins over Central Cordoba and Moron. We drew Santa Fé of Colombia in the last 16 and recorded a 4-0 aggregate win.

When the league resumed, we hit a great run of form that would see us land the Clausura with Colon in 2nd. It was the 1st time Boca had landed it since 2005. It was a fantastic reward for a fantastic effort from a decent group of players


Next up in the Libertadores we drew Fluminense of Brazil. Fluminense were 6 times Libertadores champions since 2001 and had won 3 of the last 5, they would be no pushovers. And so it proved. A disaster in La Bombonera saw us lose 2-0. It would take everything to turn that deficit around. Some how we did it. 2-0 win in Rio had tied everything up. After a scoreless extra time, penalties would have to decide who would progress. Unfortunately we were the odd 1 in 10, and went out galantly 5-4. I was deflated.


In the end I was absolutely delighted to manage my beloved Boca, land 4 titles (and 3 with Jeonbuk) and sign a 'highly promising' player known as Luis Zarate - some call him the 'New Messi' . . . . . He hasn't joined yet but something tells me he may be key to use winning the next World Club Championship :)

Time to put the feet up after a longer spin than usual!


There are 10 players on the way into the club - none can be sold or put up for sale by the next manager and all must start 10 games minimum (there are plenty of games to get the amount of games covered - players can obv play more than 10). Good luck :)

18-05-12, 11:20 PM
sweet stuff :ok:

19-05-12, 12:38 AM
Amazing stuff, Derm's done it again! For Jeonbuk Silva and Musa both look pretty tasty, and landing Boca is a big coup, I assumed we'd have to start small and work our way up but well done :ok: I had the same issue with Yoon Hong-Chan, except then he wasn't even signed as a scout elsewhere - he was unemployed!

19-05-12, 12:46 AM

It was indeed a stipulation, fuck it. Maybe the next man can move on now since we 'cant' win it with Boca. Fuck!

Give wato a crack at moving where he wants within the stipulation? Either drop a division in Argentina or move to Europe/USA? Or continue?

19-05-12, 11:24 AM
Oh yeah, I forgot that too - I just meant you'd done well to land a big job! :lol: How many divisions are there in Argentina?

19-05-12, 02:22 PM
Hmm I'll have a think. I'll have my go and post it up on Wednesday. Well done Dermo

19-05-12, 03:31 PM
Well done on the WCC again mate, bad show on Boca :D

Up to you wato if you want to move to a 2nd div team in Argentina, or onto another continent.

19-05-12, 03:35 PM
I sacked Yoong Hong Chang in our first full season in Korea :D
He just hung around anyway and prevented another coach being employed.

Super stuff Dermo, the "go to guy" for CMSG at the moment :D

Good luck wato, bring on Serie C :lol:

19-05-12, 03:44 PM
Italy isn't selected mate, leagues picked are in the OP.

23-05-12, 11:57 AM
What did wato do I wonder :)

Looking forward to seeing how we progress :ok:

24-05-12, 01:07 PM
So, I was holidaying in Lisbon.

It was late.
I was having a good time.

The next thing i know, i'm being dragged into the back of a van by 4 big fellas....


"Good Afternoon Mr Wato.
You look well."

"We have a job for you
You must go to Argentina.
Here is your ticket and here are your instructions."

http://t3.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSLJ99oadZD0B3w1zyUbZCBx9o4s65GI IUln9hiV8wG9qg9urdoRQ

My ticket was for Argentina.
I was excited as I read, that my club would be Boca Juniors.
But in the very next line, It was saying that to put Boca into disarray, I was to resign.
And to take a job in the Argentine 2nd division.

I arrived at Boca. I was paraded by the club in front of the press.
http://t0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQhiTBZFp3tDA9QW5jhZPMQ_WFiiEOAk vwKxzO_GcpMrlCz9-edROKulauF-A

Then I resigned.....

Boca were a laughing Stock. The Rumours in the press were crazy.
I made no comment.

There were 2 jobs in the 2nd division available.

Rafaela and Independiente Mza.

Both had been non-league for the last 10 seasons.

I applied for both jobs and both were offered.
With Independiente Mza. having the bigger stadium. I took that job.

The Squad was pretty slim...

I had a decent defence, a couple of good midfielders and a decent striker.
So I wanted a Left Winger and 2 centre midfielders.
And I only had 2 keepers. One was 39 and the other looked pretty poor...

I went to the transfer market. And then realised that the transfer deadline had passed.
Oh dear.

I tried for some loans.
All rejected.

I attempted to sign a few free transfers thinking that maybe these were allowed after the deadline.
They werent and the ones I signed would join at the end of the season.

Finally, 1 loan offer was accepted and the midfielder joined.

I'm not one for Tactics and so I kept the one that was already there.
I would take Alaniz and Ledesma from the bench and put them in the 1st team after the 1st couple of games, for Re and Bruno.

After only a handful of games.
My number 1 keeper decided to retire. And it wasnt like a retirement at the end of the season.
It was immeadiate.
Oh dear.
Down to 1 keeper.
At least i got a couple of coaches in and a couple of physio's.

But my first match with my sub keeper now the number 1 didnt go to plan....

2 shots and 2 goals against. Typical.

In the Next match. Things changed again.
During the match.
My now only keeper got injured.
I hung on for a 2-1 win.
With the Fake Sub Keeper making 1 save.

In the next match.
My fake keeper didnt make any saves.
4 shots, 4 goals against.

I had been doing well though.
And so the little dip in form didnt worry me too much.
I would have been happy with a mid-table finish.
But i'd won 7 of my first 12 matches.


I only won 3 of my next 7 games, as my fake keeper, a keeper I managed to get in on loan, and the original reserve keeper Viera kept on letting me down.
So with 5 games to go, it looked like promotion was beyond me.
But for a better chance during the 2nd promotion and 3rd and 4th promotion I wanted to come as high as possible to get the average points up.

But, the teams around me stuttered. I beat Central, Away from home.
In the next 4 games, my rivals only won about 1 game each as I went on a 4 match winning streak.
And with 1 game to go, surely promotion was in the bag...

My Rivals couldnt buy a win.
Promotion was secured.
Premier Division Football would be at the Estadio Bautista Gargantini next season.

But that meant 6 months for me now without football at the club. While the Promotion group stages were finished.
Some building could be done.

I finally made a couple of signings.

A quality striker from Estudiantes. Mariano Iglesias.
And a midfielder from Lanus, Claudio Bastia.

My Team stats for the games played were thus:

The Sub Keeper eventually turned good.
My defenders were very solid, I had the tightest defense in the League.
The Defensive Midfielder helping them out, Boyero, getting a 7.83 average rating.

2 of my midfielders were top notch.
Fabian Sanchez, I played him right midfield, was attracting interest throughout the season, from Premier League clubs and I rejected a £2.5 million offer at one point despite his worth only being at £250,000. He became unhappy but eventually signed a new contract at the end of the season.
The other good midfielder was the one i got in on loan.
Leandro Alaniz. He settled in well and so I agreed to make his loan deal permenant.

The other star player was the striker. Ricardo Ledesma. I tried Miguel Re in the striker role to start with, but soon dropped him when his performances were average.
Ledesma proved me right as his average rating shot up as he banged in the goals.

In conclusion.
An Average team, with a couple of decent players.
And a good tactic, and fantastic manager took this bunch of players to the top.

I have added a few further signings.
A couple of freebies (Goalkeeper and Centre Back) and a cheap versetile forward/winger...

Restrictions for the Next manager:
You must play my main 3 signings and Fabian Sanchez in all the matches next season when they are fit.

So thats:
Fabian Sanchez - AM RL
Leandro Alaniz - AM RC
Claudio Bastia - AM LC (I think)
Mariano Iglesias - S C

Also - Avoid Relegation. Good Luck.

I will pass on the save tonight. Thanks

24-05-12, 01:15 PM
Wonderful stuff mate, Independiente Rivadavia de Mendoza looks like a club in the mould of Ituitaba on the old pass the parcel.

Great stuff on the league win mate!

24-05-12, 01:53 PM
Nice one indeed Wato :ok:

Nice one on moving clubs so quick. Glad to have filled the trophy cabinet with some Argentine silverware but winning with Indie Mza will be all the better :)

good luck Chris

25-05-12, 10:07 PM
Great stuff :ok:

Independiente Rivadavia de Mendoza looks like a club in the mould of Ituitaba on the old pass the parcel.

Was just thinking that myself!

26-05-12, 11:58 AM
Did you send the save on to Chris wato? Can you send me a copy as well please? Cheers.

28-05-12, 10:35 PM
PM sent to Chris, if no reply by midnight tomorrow night we'll move on.

28-05-12, 11:02 PM
chris you lazy git. lets go!!

29-05-12, 11:07 AM
Chris can't play the save at the moment so I've forwarded on the link to the next in line which is a new face in Lo. Fi

History and Managerial list updated in OP.

29-05-12, 12:22 PM
make sure Lo.Fi doesnt play with a patch etc...

We've had that issue before..

Go Lo.Fi..

Remember the rules, That Sanchez on the right wing will keep you up.

Aim for the top 8.

30-05-12, 03:59 PM
Ever the maverick, i've decided to start Sanchez on the left wing! May shift him around though - i like my midfield to be fluid. I predict a star role for Juan Pablo Vasquez during this testing season, and if Iglesias stays fit he should score a fair amount of goals. Wish me luck !

01-06-12, 05:13 PM

I was summoned via an answer phone message to the chairman’s apartment at 5:30pm on July 30th to “discuss operations” and “synchronize aims”. When I got there, I was met by the person of Colonel Ricardo Raul Augusto Bernardo Garcia Sanchez Geraldo Lilloy, the chairman and lifelong president of Independiente Mendoza.


A bear of a man, who had fought in the Falklands and Gibraltar, I had come to learn that, contrary to what I read in the newspapers, this guy called the shots – his son, the club’s managing director Ramon no more than a puppet for his father’s bombastic actions, schemes and business dealings. I sat down in a wicker chair, glancing at an array of huge ballistic weaponry displayed above the mantelpiece, while the Colonel chomped on a fat cigar, blew a thick puff of smoke into my face and began speaking in a tone much like Marlon Brando in The Godfather.


“So…in all seriousness, the job you did for us last season we like very well. We like the players you bought… we didn’t lose a dime on either of them. But I and my son require no less than survival in Division 1 this year. No less. Do I make myself clear?”

“Sure chief, you got it.” I fired back, in a tone I later realised came off as too breezy.

He looked at me with mild disgust. “I am Colonel.”

“Colonel, sure. Anything else I need know before I get cracking?” I asked, while his son the managing director served drinks.

“No. Just deliver the goods, and if not, then God help us all. We have a lot of dough invested in this project.”

“Okay then, Pop. I’ll just go home, thrash out a quick list of transfer targets and fax them to you later on”.

“One more thing…” I held my breath as the Colonel gesticulated for me to remain seated and spoke, “the sponsors want me to make it clear to you that there are four players…four of our star boys, who need to be playing this season. The sponsors pay their wages, so they play. Comprendo?”

“Look, pal,” I grinned and shook my head slightly, “when you hire me you aren’t just guaranteeing success on a shoestring budget… you’re getting a trailblazer, a maverick, a leader of men, a master tactician, a genius and a…” I searched for a final killer phrase “…a leader of men. You run the business, but when I’m managing a team I don’t gotta do what I don’t wanna.” I added with a fair amount of gusto.

“No!” He boomed. “You do as I say or you are finito! I’m the boss here! When I say to you do as I say, you damned well do as I say! You no say to me you no do as I say. No? Do I make myself clear?”

Faced with this outburst I could do no more than assent. “Ya alright, mate. Crystal.”


And with that I swallowed the rest of my sparkling wine in one gulp and sped out of there to hammer out some loan deals and survey my squad.


The four boys he mentioned were decent. All but one of them. His name was Leandro Alaniz. He’d done well whilst on loan last season, so well that the sponsors felt fit to bring him on a permanent deal, paying his wages so long as he played, along with the other three. I took one look at his name on my teamsheet and shook my head sadly. This wouldn’t do. Right wing or centre midfield, the guy was as ill-fitting to the top league as an F1 crash helmet on the Elephant Man. But still, I had no choice. Barring injuries, I would have to pick this guy to play.


Allotted just two weeks before the transfer deadline and the start our first Division One game to mould my squad, I signed two experienced centre backs, Mario Alvarez and Victor Salvatierra. They were journeymen, and nothing extraordinary, but they would do to keep us in the division. I signed two goalkeepers on loan, Ricardo Mercado pencilled in immediately as the number 1. I bought a midfielder for 500k named Norberto Barraza, a couple more loans to provide squad depth, and finally for £600k I bought a new captain: defensive midfielder Javier Montenegro, signed from Velez Sarsfield. We were all set.


(I also sold regular right-back Manuel Re for £1.6m to Lanus.)

When it came to the big day, an away outing to Quilmes, my nerves were jangling. I had prepared a formation with a real attacking emphasis. 3 centre backs, a holding midfielder who would orchestrate play, 4 across the midfield with the wingers making direct runs to the central attack, a support striker, and lone target man to bag us shitloads of goals. It would comprise short passing, an attacking mentality, a mixture of zonal and man marking, and pressing. It had style, verve, and va-va-voom.


Iglesias gave us the lead on 11 minutes, but try as we might the second goal would not come. Inevitably on minute 69 Quilmes made us pay. End to end stuff. Just 2 minutes later and bang! Iglesias, the man in form with a shot to put us in front once more, and seal us the points. A lot of worry about nothing. All new signings making great showings, and a vital away win to get us off to the perfect start.


After 5 games we had 9 points and all was going swimmingly. Even an injury lay-off for main man Iglesias couldn’t hamper us. The Colonel was delighted when he called me into his underground bunker later that week for what he described as “conciliatory talks”.

“Eh…I treated you….a little harshly before. But I want you to know I respect you, and love you like a son” he chirped, as his actual son Ramon massaged his shoulder blades with a hurt look on his face. “Now take a look at this....” he said, waving his long stick pointer at the maps of the Falkland Islands plastered on all four walls of the bunker and launching into a lengthy and precisely detailed account of key battles.


It was late and we had a match away to Lanus the next day so I made my excuses and left with him still in mid-flow. Ramon showed me the way out and went to fetch the Colonel his dinner on a tray.

That Sunday, Lanus beat us 2-1 and Iglesias limped off with what I thought was a recurrence of a thigh strain. It didn’t stall us for long, but it began a poor run of games in which we went 3 matches without a win, our club captain Montenegro was banned for a rude gesture given to members of the opposition crowd, and more niggling injuries began to surface.


We recovered with some rather tense 1-0s and saw more fluctuating form after that. By game 15, we were clinging on to 6th place, but star striker Iglesias’s form was giving me sleepless nights.


“Listen Sunshine, if you don’t get your act together sharpish you’ll cost me my job, you’ll cost yourself your job, and I dare say you may even cost your family their lives. I gotta pick you - the sponsors and the chairman demand it – but if you don’t find the net soon the gangsters that bankroll this club are gonna turn your wife and kids into brown bread. So pull your ruddy socks up! Are we clear now, laddy?”

“Sí señor”

Like a man who has seen it all, and ridden many conflicts, I feared nothing for my own safety, instead only the poor wife and younglings of this wide-eyed 24 year old kid. Bless him. In his naïve way he had no idea that their very lives depended on him bagging some goals for Independiente Mendoza. Or not - I couldn’t be sure - but I hoped it would be a rousing piece of man-management nonetheless.


Two weeks later I sat on the bench at our stadium the Juan Bautista Gargantini in Mendoza and smiled a smile that would never leave me. Recent loan signing Luis Veron had just fired a brace to seal a 5-2 victory against Gimnasia La Plata – our biggest win so far. I puffed on a fag and daydreamed about the title. Maybe not this time, but the closing stage was just around the corner and well…what if? Our form had picked up, and it all felt possible.

2 draws followed this and we slumped back down into 7th place. The smile had gone from my face.



I had doubts again and when the opening stage finished and the season went into a break, Ramon was on the phone to me.

“Father wants to meet you for ‘mid-season calibrations’. You better come over. Enter through the back door”

I walked the long walk up the driveway with trepidation and foreboding. Was I in for a bollocking? Ramon was scrubbing away at the side of the swimming pool when I got to the back door. I thought I saw fear in his glance, but maybe it was just sadness and concern (for me?). Something wasn’t right.

The sight that met me as I silently entered was an appalling one. The Colonel was slumped in an arm chair, whiskey in one hand, cigar in the other, wearing a pair of Boca Juniors training shoes and nothing else - not even a hand towel to shield his 70 year old crown jewels from the eyes of the world. A mound of cigar ash was on the floor beside him where the ash tray had overturned.


I recoiled in horror. I was about to turn around to go when out of the corner of his eye he saw me and beckoned me.

“Young Fi.Do. Eh…” he coughed and spluttered, “I... need…. More….”

“More whiskey?” I asked, to be helpful.

“More goals…..more thrill….more………sex….” The slurred delivery made his words sound no less awesome.

“Understood boss, I’m on it! Closing stage will be a doddle. Just you wait and see. What did you mean by more sex, though?” I regretted the question as soon as it left my lips.

He shut his eyes, flicked the TV remote to the Boca Juniors club channel, keying in the numbers with his chubby fingers blindly as if the combination were second nature to him, and issued a slow, moaning, primordial sound that chilled me to the core,

“Sexxxxxxxy football.” Something translucent appeared on his bottom lip before slithering from out his mouth and down onto his wrinkled chest. It was a string of drool, like a wet silk thread emerging from an obese spider’s anus.

As he upped the TV’s volume setting on the ‘Best Boca Goals’ compilation commentary to a near deafening level, I ran to the door, knocking over a clay scultpure of a rhinoceros as I did so which shattered into a million pieces. I knew if things didn’t improve, and our style didn’t change, my career would be shattered into billions more.


I used the mid season break between Apertura and Clausura to assess each individual’s performance so far.


The majority of them were reasonable - the talismanic captain Montenegro had distinguished himself particularly – but when faced with the figures, one fact hit me smack in the face: the ‘sponsors four’ players, with the exception of misfiring striker Mariano Iglesias, all had averages well below what was good for them. I punched the wall. Dear God, why are you punishing me like this?

The Argentine transfer window opened, with the restriction that I could buy only 2 more players in this time, and 2 more on loan. I went hell for leather to agree contracts for two men I had admired for a while: Gonzalo Rodriguez (http://img528.imageshack.us/img528/7042/gonzalorodriguezbanfiel.jpg), a classy midfield all-rounder, and Hector De Bruno (http://img826.imageshack.us/img826/283/hectordebruno.jpg), an AML/C prospect who was also the younger brother of centre forward loanee Lucas De Bruno. Plus, I brought in yet more loan cover, this time in defence with a young man from Lanus.

The team had been tweaked, but by now I was anxious, missing home, and missing my wife Kristen Stewart whom I had left behind in Watford.


I wrote to my boyhood club and asked for a friendly match to help get this team match-fit again. The away trip to The Hornets would serve dual purposes. I could spend New Year with my wife and family, and the lads in the squad would experience what a real holiday meant. The local shops, the charming Hertfordshire girls, the majesty and splendour of the Vicarage Road pies… But it was not to be. The reply, when it came, was like a hammer blow to my face.


I dialled Elton John’s personal home phone to give the old bastard a piece of my mind. But he was away performing in Taiwan at the time so I vented my spleen at his husband instead. I was stressed to buggery.



Fast-forward several weeks and the season had resumed. What should have been a comfortable victory over Quilmes in game 1 ended 2-2 (De Bruno scoring on his debut), and in game 2 the same result occurred. To make matters worse, Brazilian forward Leandreto (a key man) was ruled out for a month due to injury. An inauspicious start was soon forgotten with 6 wins on the bounce (scoring 12 goals in the process and conceding only 2).


Our best ever run had elevated us to 1st place, but was this sexy football?


I was working so hard it almost came as a surprise to me to find us, just 5 games to play, perched on the top of the table, with daylight between us and the Colonel’s beloved Boca. As one of the club’s most berserk fans, and attending home games arm in arm with his godchild Diego Maradona, how would he take the news? I felt sure I would be in for something pretty bloody bad. I had no choice, I would go into hiding.

Checking into a hotel under a pseudonym that very night, I issued my team instructions via homing pigeon to my trusty assistant Gabriel Ferro. This was not an ideal set up (the pigeons were a law unto themselves) but it would do until I could be sure the coast was clear from the sex-crazed argie nutcase that was my employer.

Alone, cold, cut off from the world, I jotted down our remaining fixtures on the back of a used paper napkin:

Patronato (Away) – winnable
Boca (Home) – fucking tough
Gimnasia LP (Away) – questionable
Independiente (Home) – mighty difficult
Olimpo (Away) – fairly hard

“Failure is not a word in Lo.Fi’s vocabularly!” I remarked aloud to myself, forgetting to swallow a mouthful of red wine, which spewed down my chin and neck. I would win this title if it was the last thing I ever did. All we needed was 3 wins and 2 draws, I reasoned.

But just a day later, 17th place Patronato would deliver a crushing blow to my hopes. Even worse, Iglesias would miss the run in through a pulled hamstring. Shit.


Boca Juniors when they arrived at Mendoza were a spent force. Having won the opening stage, they were now languishing in 6th place, with 5 defeats in 16 matches. There were no match for us, and even without my presence on the touchline and in the dressing room, my boys hounded them out of town.


Just as it all appeared to be falling into place, disaster struck. A 2-1 loss away to Gimnasia, followed three days later by a home mauling at the hands of our namesakes Independiente – the 0-3 scoreline was the heaviest of my reign. This couldn’t be happening. A quick glance at the table told me Argentinos Juniors had an unassailable lead. The title was lost.


Salvaging all of my pride, I emerged from hiding and strode onto the team bus like a shiny Arthurian knight (with halo atop my head). The lads needed me and I would not desert them in their hour of need. We required an away win at mid-table Olimpo and hope Colon and Boca both lost their respective games in order to secure 2nd place.

I delivered what can only be described as a Churchilian/Shakepearean/Messiah-like oratory which, although met with blank argentine faces, I felt really did the trick.

Kick off.

Iglesias, like a bearded revolutionary general, terrorized the Olimpo defence. And then on 12 minutes….




Then as we headed into added time of the first half…


A 2-1 lead for us. And then I received word that Boca and Colon had both been vanquished. Second place was ours! I felt like a hero on the battlefield of Agincourt. Independiente Mendoza had made history and their mastermind Lo.Fi was to become a legend.



I did not hear from the Colonel again, but Ramon sent me a telegram to say “papa has gone native”. Quite what sent the old man doolally I could not fathom, but I heard rumours of naked expeditions through the grounds of his 200-acre estate armed with rifle, smeared with a kind of marmite camouflage, and eating the heads off bats and other small creatures. This once impressive man would now be club president in name only. Ramon would take on the tri-concerns of managing director, chairman and dad-carer.


Back in my flat in Mendoza, I opened a letter. It was from my wife in leafy Hertfordshire congratulating me on my success.


Enclosed was a plane ticket back to England. I looked at it with sadness. I wanted nothing more than to return home, but the kids here needed me. In my mind’s ear I heard small children stand outside my window shouting my name, and pictured men and women of all ages kissing me in the street and weeping. One day maybe I’d be club president, or perhaps… leader of the nation? I let that thought sink in and shook my head. Sod that, home it was. A trailblazer must keep blazing a trail or else he betrays his very raison d’être. Another, and perhaps better man would pick up where I’d left off.


Players in:


Players out:


Stats and Figures:

************************************************** **********************************************
Independiente Rivadavia de Mendoza - Sunday 8th May 2022
************************************************** **********************************************

================================================== ==============================================
================================================== ==============================================

No Name Position(s) Nat Born Age Caps Gls Wages Expires Value
26 Alaniz, Leandro AM RC ARG 11.10.94 27 - - £1.6K 5.7.26 £550K
27 Álvarez, Mario D LC ARG 11.8.90 31 - - £1.1K 1.7.24 £375K
- Álvarez, Rodrigo M C ARG 14.4.00 22 - - £110 15.7.25 £110K
22 Barraza, Norberto AM RC ARG 3.3.94 28 - - £2.7K 2.7.24 £775K
11 Batista, Claudio AM RLC ARG 3.11.99 22 - - £1.6K 28.7.24 £300K
21 Boyero, Roberto DM C ARG 24.11.88 33 - - £1.9K 16.7.24 £85K
9 Bruno, Jorge F C ARG 10.7.91 30 - - £1.8K 8.8.22 £45K
14 Castilla, Matías SW/D C ARG 4.10.88 33 - - £1.2K 6.7.24 £60K
3 Castro, Juan Carlos D LC ARG 19.10.86 35 - - £1.2K 9.7.24 £30K
- Chaile, Marco S C ARG 14.10.95 26 - - £325 20.7.22 £45K
35 De Bruno, Héctor AM LC ARG 30.1.00 22 - - £2.1K 15.7.24 £725K
33 De Bruno, Lucas F RLC ARG 9.3.94 28 - - £0 5.7.22 £1M
36 Delfino, Federico DM C ARG 1.1.92 30 - - £0 17.7.22 £150K
20 Delgado, Gonzalo D C ARG 12.7.96 25 - - £1.1K 9.7.26 £450K
13 Diaz, Hugo GK ARG 30.11.91 30 - - £300 9.7.24 £95K
- Farías, Luis S C ARG 23.4.90 32 - - £1.8K 24.8.22 £26K
24 Giménez, Emilio D/M L ARG 10.1.94 28 - - £1.5K 11.7.23 £140K
30 Godoy, César SW/D C ARG 13.9.97 24 - - £0 11.7.22 £1.3M
12 Gonzalez, Hernán M C ARG 3.11.00 21 - - £500 24.7.24 £85K
25 Gonzalez, Leandro D RC ARG 6.5.94 28 - - £800 2.7.24 £110K
10 Iglesias, Mariano S C ARG 2.9.97 24 - - £1.6K 2.7.24 £1.1M
15 Leandreto F RLC BRA 25.11.95 26 - - £1.1K 10.7.23 £300K
19 Ledesma, Ricardo S C ARG 6.11.91 30 - - £2.4K 16.7.24 £675K
28 Maidana, Fernando AM R ARG 22.9.99 22 - - £110 15.7.25 £170K
18 Marín, Marcelo DM C ARG 19.2.01 21 - - £0 1.7.22 £475K
23 Marini, Nicolás F RLC ARG 3.10.93 28 - - £1.6K 27.7.24 £300K
17 Medina, Maximiliano M C ARG 20.7.99 22 - - £1.2K 11.7.24 £200K
31 Mercado, Ricardo GK ARG 13.7.88 33 - - £0 5.7.22 £250K
- Miranda, César M C ARG 3.2.03 19 - - £85 3.7.24 £55K
8 Montenegro, Javier DM C ARG 6.3.92 30 - - £2.7K 3.7.24 £1.1M
29 Núñez, José María GK ARG 30.3.98 24 - - £0 5.6.22 £65K
16 Ré, Miguel S C ARG 25.10.97 24 - - £2.1K 9.7.24 £500K
34 Rodriguez, Gonzalo AM RLC ARG 29.11.97 24 - - £2K 3.7.24 £725K
6 Salvatierra, Victor D C ARG 20.6.89 32 - - £2.4K 28.7.24 £650K
7 Sánchez, Fabián AM RL ARG 14.5.94 27 - - £2.1K 13.7.26 £2.8M
5 Torres, Jorge SW/D C ARG 11.6.01 20 - - £1.6K 25.7.24 £12K
2 Trotta, Hernán D/DM RC ARG 17.6.00 21 - - £0 28.6.22 £40K
4 Vásquez, Juan Pablo AM RLC ARG 7.1.93 29 - - £1.9K 9.7.23 £750K
32 Verón, Luis AM C ARG 6.10.95 26 - - £0 5.7.22 £1.6M

================================================== ==============================================
2021/2 Senior Club Stats
================================================== ==============================================

No Name Apps Gls Con Pens Asts Yel Red MoM Av R
26 Alaniz, Leandro 33 (1) 2 0 0 3 1 0 0 6.79
27 Álvarez, Mario 28 0 0 0 1 5 0 0 6.93
- Álvarez, Rodrigo 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 ----
22 Barraza, Norberto 22 (7) 2 0 0 7 3 0 3 7.03
11 Batista, Claudio 0 (19) 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 6.53
21 Boyero, Roberto 2 (2) 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 6.75
9 Bruno, Jorge 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 ----
14 Castilla, Matías 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 ----
3 Castro, Juan Carlos 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 ----
- Chaile, Marco 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 ----
35 De Bruno, Héctor 19 3 0 0 5 1 0 0 7.11
33 De Bruno, Lucas 3 (18) 3 0 0 1 0 1 0 6.67
36 Delfino, Federico 2 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 7.00
20 Delgado, Gonzalo 31 3 0 0 1 3 0 0 7.10
13 Diaz, Hugo 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 ----
- Farías, Luis 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 ----
24 Giménez, Emilio 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 ----
30 Godoy, César 18 0 0 0 2 4 0 2 7.94
12 Gonzalez, Hernán - - - - - - - - ----
25 Gonzalez, Leandro 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 ----
10 Iglesias, Mariano 30 10 0 0 4 2 0 2 7.30
15 Leandreto 21 (10) 7 0 0 2 0 0 1 7.16
19 Ledesma, Ricardo 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 ----
28 Maidana, Fernando 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 ----
18 Marín, Marcelo 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 8.00
23 Marini, Nicolás 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 ----
17 Medina, Maximiliano 4 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 7.00
31 Mercado, Ricardo 37 0 37 0 0 0 1 1 7.24
- Miranda, César - - - - - - - - ----
8 Montenegro, Javier 35 0 0 0 5 8 0 3 7.57
29 Núñez, José María 1 (1) 0 3 0 0 0 0 0 7.50
16 Ré, Miguel 8 (6) 6 0 0 2 0 0 0 7.14
34 Rodriguez, Gonzalo 2 (16) 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 6.72
6 Salvatierra, Victor 37 1 0 0 0 8 0 1 7.49
7 Sánchez, Fabián 34 (1) 2 0 0 3 2 0 1 7.00
5 Torres, Jorge 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 ----
2 Trotta, Hernán 0 (9) 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 6.67
4 Vásquez, Juan Pablo 32 (2) 4 0 0 2 1 0 1 6.88
32 Verón, Luis 18 (13) 9 0 0 3 0 0 1 7.29

================================================== ==============================================
2021/2 Transfers
================================================== ==============================================

Date Player In From Fee
1.8.21 Victor Salvatierra Unión £130K
3.8.21 Javier Montenegro Vélez £600K
4.8.21 Mario Álvarez Quilmes £85K
4.8.21 Norberto Barraza Banfield £500K
4.8.21 Marcelo Marín Estudiantes (BA) Loan
5.8.21 José María Núñez Gimnasia (LP) Loan
5.8.21 Ricardo Mercado Colo Colo Loan
6.9.21 Luis Verón Gimnasia (LP) Loan
6.9.21 Lucas De Bruno Lanús Loan
13.12.21 César Godoy Lanús Loan
15.12.21 Gonzalo Rodriguez Banfield £250K
16.12.21 Héctor De Bruno River £170K
18.12.21 Federico Delfino Quilmes Loan

Date Player Out To Fee
2.8.21 Manuel Ré Lanús £1.6M
8.10.21 Jerónimo Barrientos Colón £12K
13.10.21 Horacio Chávez Released Free
18.10.21 Ariel Casteglione Released Free
23.1.22 Silvio Chávez Released Free
11.2.22 Ricardo Gabriel Veira Released Free

================================================== ==============================================
2021/2 Fixtures
================================================== ==============================================

Date Opposition Ven Competition Res Attend Scorers
8.8.21 Quilmes A Premier Division Open 2:1 21381 Iglesias 2
15.8.21 Colón H Premier Division Open 1:1 15484 Ré
5.9.21 Guillermo Brown A Premier Division Open 2:0 12499 Vásquez, Leandreto
10.9.21 Godoy Cruz H Premier Division Open 0:1 23641
19.9.21 Argentinos A Premier Division Open 2:0 18325 Delgado, Verón
26.9.21 Lanús A Premier Division Open 1:2 21216 Leandreto
29.9.21 Estudiantes (LP) H Premier Division Open 2:1 15076 Ré 2
3.10.21 River H Premier Division Open 1:3 15551 Ré
6.10.21 Estudiantes (BA) A Premier Division Open 1:1 14917 Verón
13.10.21 Huracán H Premier Division Open 0:2 15175
17.10.21 Vélez A Premier Division Open 1:0 21719 M.Iglesias
23.10.21 Ferro H Premier Division Open 1:0 16103 Ramírez og
31.10.21 Belgrano A Premier Division Open 3:0 22313 L.Alaniz, Delgado, Leandreto
7.11.21 Arsenal de Sarandí H Premier Division Open 1:1 14555 Leandreto
14.11.21 Patronato H Premier Division Open 0:0 15556
21.11.21 Boca A Premier Division Open 0:1 34046
28.11.21 Gimnasia (LP) H Premier Division Open 5:2 15040 Leandreto 2, L.De Bruno, Verón 2
5.12.21 Independiente A Premier Division Open 2:2 39112 Iglesias, L.Verón
12.12.21 Olimpo H Premier Division Open 1:1 15229 Verón
30.1.22 Quilmes H Premier Division Close 2:2 15907 Iglesias, H.De Bruno
6.2.22 Colón A Premier Division Close 2:2 19719 Vásquez 2
9.2.22 Lanús H Premier Division Close 1:0 15559 L.De Bruno
13.2.22 River A Premier Division Close 2:1 36825 M.Iglesias, H.De Bruno
20.2.22 Guillermo Brown H Premier Division Close 2:0 18760 F.Sánchez, Barraza
28.2.22 Godoy Cruz A Premier Division Close 3:1 29294 Fernandez og, L.De Bruno, Alaniz
6.3.22 Argentinos H Premier Division Close 3:0 15411 Iglesias, Verón, V.Salvatierra
11.3.22 Estudiantes (LP) A Premier Division Close 1:0 17854 Iglesias
20.3.22 Estudiantes (BA) H Premier Division Close 1:0 18751 Vásquez
27.3.22 Huracán A Premier Division Close 0:1 18110
30.3.22 Vélez H Premier Division Close 2:3 15561 M.Iglesias, G.Rodriguez
3.4.22 Ferro A Premier Division Close 1:1 22843 Delgado
6.4.22 Belgrano H Premier Division Close 1:0 15567 Leandreto
10.4.22 Arsenal de Sarandí A Premier Division Close 0:0 13212
17.4.22 Patronato A Premier Division Close 1:2 19636 Verón
24.4.22 Boca H Premier Division Close 4:2 15559 Ré, Verón, H.De Bruno, Barraza
27.4.22 Gimnasia (LP) A Premier Division Close 1:2 14274 Ré
30.4.22 Independiente H Premier Division Close 0:3 16274
8.5.22 Olimpo A Premier Division Close 2:1 21134 Iglesias, Sánchez

Tables and shit:

[/code] ************************************************** **********************************************
Argentine Premier Division - Sunday 8th May 2022
************************************************** **********************************************

================================================== ==============================================
2021/2 Tables
================================================== ==============================================

Opening Stage

Pos Team Pld Won Drn Lst For Ag Won Drn Lst For Ag Pts
1st C Boca 19 8 0 2 13 5 6 1 2 13 10 43
2nd Independiente 19 5 4 0 10 3 7 1 2 17 10 41
3rd Belgrano 19 6 3 1 12 7 5 2 2 10 4 38
4th Olimpo 19 5 2 2 12 7 4 4 2 12 8 33
5th Estudiantes (LP) 19 5 4 1 20 11 4 1 4 11 13 32
6th Guillermo Brown 19 4 3 2 9 9 4 4 2 11 11 31
7th Independiente Mza. 19 3 4 3 12 12 5 2 2 14 7 30
8th Godoy Cruz 19 4 0 5 9 10 5 3 2 11 8 30
9th Gimnasia (LP) 19 4 1 4 10 6 4 3 3 12 11 28
10th Huracán 19 5 3 2 14 10 2 3 4 6 7 27
11th Colón 19 5 2 2 13 8 2 4 4 11 15 27
12th Ferro 19 7 1 2 14 5 0 3 6 4 10 25
13th River 19 3 2 4 8 10 4 2 4 12 11 25
14th Argentinos 19 4 3 2 7 5 0 7 3 4 8 22
15th Lanús 19 4 2 3 10 8 2 1 7 10 17 21
16th Arsenal de Sarandí 19 3 3 4 12 13 2 2 5 6 10 20
17th Vélez 19 3 2 5 11 14 1 1 7 3 13 15
18th R Estudiantes (BA) 19 2 3 5 10 15 1 1 7 6 15 13
19th R Quilmes 19 3 2 4 7 12 0 1 9 4 18 12
20th Patronato 19 2 3 5 12 13 0 1 8 6 19 10

Closing Stage

Pos Team Pld Won Drn Lst For Ag Won Drn Lst For Ag Pts
1st C Argentinos 19 5 4 1 15 7 5 3 1 8 6 37
2nd Independiente Mza. 19 6 1 2 16 10 4 3 3 13 11 34
3rd Vélez 19 3 4 2 12 10 7 0 3 15 11 34
4th Colón 19 6 2 2 17 9 3 4 2 9 9 33
5th Boca 19 5 1 3 8 3 4 3 3 16 12 31
6th Estudiantes (LP) 19 5 2 2 15 9 4 2 4 14 13 31
7th Gimnasia (LP) 19 7 3 0 12 2 1 3 5 7 12 30
8th Huracán 19 4 2 3 9 8 4 4 2 6 5 30
9th River 19 3 3 4 9 12 5 3 1 14 10 30
10th Belgrano 19 3 5 1 13 7 4 3 3 9 6 29
11th Olimpo 19 4 2 4 14 14 3 3 3 10 11 26
12th Ferro 19 1 4 4 5 8 5 3 2 15 10 25
13th Lanús 19 5 4 1 16 12 2 0 7 8 16 25
14th Arsenal de Sarandí 19 2 5 2 9 9 3 3 4 11 12 23
15th Independiente 19 3 4 3 8 9 2 4 3 6 7 23
16th Guillermo Brown 19 5 0 5 16 16 1 2 6 4 11 20
17th R Quilmes 19 3 2 5 8 13 1 4 4 10 16 18
18th Patronato 19 3 1 5 9 16 1 3 6 11 16 16
19th R Estudiantes (BA) 19 1 2 6 7 13 1 3 6 8 18 11
20th Godoy Cruz 19 0 4 6 9 16 1 2 6 9 15 9


Pos Team Pld Won Drn Lst For Ag Won Drn Lst For Ag Pts
1st Boca 38 13 1 5 21 8 10 4 5 29 22 74
2nd Belgrano 38 9 8 2 25 14 9 5 5 19 10 67
3rd Independiente Mza. 38 9 5 5 28 22 9 5 5 27 18 64
4th Independiente 38 8 8 3 18 12 9 5 5 23 17 64
5th Estudiantes (LP) 38 10 6 3 35 20 8 3 8 25 26 63
6th Colón 38 11 4 4 30 17 5 8 6 20 24 60
7th Olimpo 38 9 4 6 26 21 7 7 5 22 19 59
8th Argentinos 38 9 7 3 22 12 5 10 4 12 14 59
9th Gimnasia (LP) 38 11 4 4 22 8 5 6 8 19 23 58
10th Huracán 38 9 5 5 23 18 6 7 6 12 12 57
11th River 38 6 5 8 17 22 9 5 5 26 21 55
12th Guillermo Brown 38 9 3 7 25 25 5 6 8 15 22 51
13th Ferro 38 8 5 6 19 13 5 6 8 19 20 50
14th Vélez 38 6 6 7 23 24 8 1 10 18 24 49
15th Lanús 38 9 6 4 26 20 4 1 14 18 33 46
16th Arsenal de Sarandí 38 5 8 6 21 22 5 5 9 17 22 43
17th Godoy Cruz 38 4 4 11 18 26 6 5 8 20 23 39
18th R Quilmes 38 6 4 9 15 25 1 5 13 14 34 30
19th Patronato 38 5 4 10 21 29 1 4 14 17 35 26
20th R Estudiantes (BA) 38 3 5 11 17 28 2 4 13 14 33 24

================================================== ==============================================
2021/2 Goals
================================================== ==============================================

Pos Player Club Apps Gls
1st Marcelo Testa Estudiantes (LP) 38 21
2nd Ariel Rojas Lanús 38 18
3rd César Pavone River 38 13
4th Gustavo López Guillermo Brown 36 12
5th Miguel Moreno Colón 38 12
6th Rodrigo Villar Independiente 35 11
7th Nicolas Verón River 33 (1) 11
8th César Ledesma Argentinos 32 (1) 11
9th Luis Zárate Boca 33 11
10th Jonathan Valencia Belgrano 36 11
11th Lucas Romano Guillermo Brown 16 (6) 11
12th Jorge Estévez Estudiantes (BA) 29 (5) 10
13th Christian Rodríguez Gimnasia (LP) 37 10
14th Gabriel Romero Gimnasia (LP) 35 (2) 10
15th Rodrigo Bianchi Godoy Cruz 38 10
16th Juan Carlos Mina Olimpo 24 (4) 10
17th Mariano Iglesias Independiente Mza. 30 10
18th Luis Verón Independiente Mza. 18 (14) 9
19th Luiz Fernando de Souza Sa Independiente 22 (6) 9
20th Mario Chaparro Arsenal de Sarandí 27 (3) 9
21st Ignacio Cardozo Roma 16 8
22nd Félix Andersen Lanús 37 8
23rd Luciano Jiménez Olimpo 32 (1) 8
24th Emmanuel Coronel Independiente 25 8
25th Jerónimo Villa Estudiantes (LP) 30 (5) 8
26th Leandreto Independiente Mza. 21 (10) 7
27th Silvio Moreyra Patronato 38 7
28th Hernán Rodríguez Huracán 38 7
29th Vanderlei Machado Olimpo 27 (5) 7
30th Ricardo Galeano Vélez 28 (4) 7

================================================== ==============================================
2021/2 Assists
================================================== ==============================================

Pos Player Club Apps Asts
1st Cristian Zelaya Lanús 38 13
2nd Christian Bianchi Estudiantes (LP) 33 10
3rd Ricardo Galeano Vélez 28 (4) 10
4th Darío Ledesma Godoy Cruz 38 9
5th Ignacio Cuevas Colón 31 (1) 9
6th Jair Gómez Gimnasia (LP) 34 8
7th Albert Badet Boca 33 8
8th Alexander Rivera Estudiantes (LP) 31 (3) 8
9th César Pavone River 38 7
10th Norberto Barraza Independiente Mza. 22 (7) 7
11th Sergio Pérez Argentinos 28 7
12th Marcelo Testa Estudiantes (LP) 38 7
13th Gustavo Romero Quilmes 28 7
14th José Maria Godoy Independiente 30 7
15th Jorge Basualdo Estudiantes (BA) 28 7
16th Ariel Rojas Lanús 38 6
17th Matias López Arsenal de Sarandí 36 (1) 6
18th Nicolas Verón River 33 (1) 6
19th Gonzalo Verón Belgrano 34 (2) 6
20th Cristian Ferreyra Ferro 24 (5) 6
21st Osvaldo Quintana Gimnasia (LP) 32 6
22nd Luis Zárate Boca 33 6
23rd Jerónimo Villa Estudiantes (LP) 30 (5) 6
24th Marcos Bogado Independiente 29 6
25th César Ruiz Colón 38 6
26th Lucio Castilla Godoy Cruz 37 6
27th Lino López Olimpo 17 (5) 5
28th Maximiliano Villagra Belgrano 35 5
29th Diego Morales Olimpo 22 (7) 5
30th Rodrigo Villar Independiente 35 5

================================================== ==============================================
2021/2 Average Rating
================================================== ==============================================

Pos Player Club Apps Av R
1st Bruno Montoya Belgrano 38 7.84
2nd Carlos Zabaleta Colón 37 7.81
3rd Fabio Maidana Colón 36 7.78
4th Juan Ortiz Boca 20 (2) 7.77
5th Carmelo Seoane Arsenal de Sarandí 33 7.76
6th Hugo Pagés Gimnasia (LP) 32 7.75
7th Alberto Vidal Ferro 28 (1) 7.72
8th Tomas Skoda Vélez 25 7.72
9th Nicolás Rivarola Estudiantes (LP) 32 7.72
10th Martin Soria Guillermo Brown 38 7.71
11th Julián Ledesma Gimnasia (LP) 37 7.70
12th Gonzalo Domínguez Godoy Cruz 36 7.69
13th Luis Quinteros Estudiantes (LP) 32 (1) 7.67
14th Maximiliano Villagra Belgrano 35 7.66
15th Dante Escudero Gimnasia (LP) 19 7.63
16th Hugo Alonso Guillermo Brown 37 7.62
17th Héctor Zapata Vélez 33 7.61
18th Segundo Ayoví Independiente 38 7.61
19th Ariel Rojas Lanús 38 7.58
20th Hernán Rodríguez Huracán 38 7.58
21st Javier Montenegro Independiente Mza. 35 7.57
22nd Agustín Contreras Lanús 32 7.56
23rd Marcelo Testa Estudiantes (LP) 38 7.55
24th Eduardo Islas Olimpo 35 7.54
25th Fabio González Boca 35 7.54
26th Marcos Salvatierra Patronato 36 (1) 7.54
27th Luis Santa Cruz Huracán 36 7.53
28th Cristian Correa Arsenal de Sarandí 22 (3) 7.52
29th Cristian Jiménez River 23 (4) 7.52
30th Sebastián Fuentes Colón 38 7.50

================================================== ==============================================
2021/2 Man of Match
================================================== ==============================================

Pos Player Club Apps MoM
1st Marcelo Testa Estudiantes (LP) 38 6
2nd Carlos Zabaleta Colón 37 6
3rd Gustavo López Guillermo Brown 36 4
4th César Ledesma Argentinos 32 (1) 4
5th Julio Ré Guillermo Brown 31 (3) 4
6th Eduardo Islas Olimpo 35 4
7th Hernán Rodríguez Huracán 38 4
8th Diego Villar Quilmes 37 4
9th Esteban Jara Godoy Cruz 29 (1) 4
10th Albert Badet Boca 33 4
11th Tomas Skoda Vélez 25 4
12th Emmanuel Coronel Independiente 25 4
13th Marcos Salvatierra Patronato 36 (1) 4
14th Fabio González Boca 35 4
15th Hugo Pagés Gimnasia (LP) 32 4
16th Juan Carlos Mina Olimpo 24 (4) 4
17th Julián Ledesma Gimnasia (LP) 37 4
18th Lino López Olimpo 17 (5) 3
19th Martin Soria Guillermo Brown 38 3
20th Ariel García Lanús 36 3
21st César Pavone River 38 3
22nd Ariel Rojas Lanús 38 3
23rd Maximiliano Villagra Belgrano 35 3
24th Javier Frontini Quilmes 38 3
25th Cristian Correa Arsenal de Sarandí 22 (3) 3
26th Jorge Estévez Estudiantes (BA) 29 (5) 3
27th Norberto Barraza Independiente Mza. 22 (7) 3
28th Rubén Suárez Argentinos 28 (3) 3
29th Matias López Arsenal de Sarandí 36 (1) 3
30th Hugo Alonso Guillermo Brown 37 3



Restrictions for next player:

• You must bring a player from lowly Watford to Argentina and turn him into a star. Make sure you play him every game he’s available in.
• You must take an Indian player and do likewise. (You will have to ditch Brazilian forward Leandreto in order to play them both. Sell him or bench him - the choice is yours)

Thanks guys, that was fun. God help you if you read all the way through but congrats nonetheless and good luck next player. :)

01-06-12, 05:40 PM
you were a dick in the sb but this is a top-notch write-up. great stuff :ok:

good luck kds

01-06-12, 05:44 PM
Excellent PTP debut Lo.Fi :clap2:

Fantastic write-up sir :ok:

01-06-12, 05:49 PM
cheers guys i just hope the save didn't corrupt

01-06-12, 06:08 PM
It won't once you played unpatched and didn't arse around with a save game editor :ok:

01-06-12, 08:02 PM
It won't once you played unpatched and didn't arse around with a save game editor :ok:

I take it I missed something there?

Anyway, an unbelievable write up mate, absolutely top class stuff! I know you have a soft spot for Watford but what's with the Indian player?

Did you send the link to the save to the next manager (KDS) as well as myself? I'll give the save the once over now anyway.

EDIT: Sorry mate is there any chance you can change your restriction as I've managed to agree fees for all of Watford's players, but none of them want to move to South America so it's not really feasible I'm afraid.

02-06-12, 12:11 AM
Okay well i'm surprised Watford players would not talk. hmm I'll have to come up with another restriction. maybe sign another guy from Afghanistan or a player from non-league in England let's say

The Indian players on CM have always been poor, and might handicap the next guy a little but not enough to spoil fun. Thats why i made that one.

No sorry I did not send to the next player AMC. wasn't sure how.

03-06-12, 03:27 PM
Awesome write up Lo. Thanks :ok:

06-06-12, 12:14 PM
Sorry guys had a bit of a hectic bank holiday with both my mum and dad going into hospital (both out now like).

I'll forward on the link to KDS, and his week will start from today.

07-06-12, 03:25 AM
Nice to see a continuing flow going on here that is consistent with success as well as different writing styles. Good stuff men ;)

Well done AMC for keeping this going, hope your parents are okay now man :(

07-06-12, 12:19 PM
Yeah mate both doing fine now cheers.

KDS can't play at the moment as he's travelling with work, so I've sent the link on to Pat.

History and Managerial list updated in OP.

07-06-12, 12:46 PM
read lo.fi's write-up again and i got a lot to live up to. brilliant piece of work. caught myself reading the colones statements in the godfathers voice :lol:

07-06-12, 02:34 PM
With shit like that it makes u wonder why they are cunts around the rest of the forum (SB) :ok:

07-06-12, 02:44 PM
aaarg lo.fi, would have been nice if you told me you put everybody on no training :tsk:

now they are an unfit bunch of badly-paid nobodys

07-06-12, 08:12 PM
first things I do, after getting a save before clicking continue: check training :ok:, check future transfers :ok: check arranged friendlies :ok: check wages :ok:

and probably tons of other things i always forget :D

07-06-12, 09:20 PM
Chapter I - Finding oneself

Here I was, sitting around in a random hotel room. The blinds were shut. Darkness covered the 28m² I had been inhabiting for the last few days. I couldn't tell if it was 3am or 3pm and I really didn't care much either. Remote sounds were coming from the street outside my window. I heard a loud bang. Might have been a gunshot. Might have been a car backfiring. I didn't even move.

I wasn't alone though. Jack and Jim were giving me company, the best and worst company a depressed man can have.

http://img94.imageshack.us/img94/8528/alcoholismandalcoholabu.jpg (http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/94/alcoholismandalcoholabu.jpg/)

Here I was, a burned-out football manager. Having led the likes of FC Barcelona and Manchester City to national and international success, malicious gossip was suggesting that I was a one trick pony, only being able to do well with world class clubs and millions of pounds at my disposal; that I wouldn’t be able to successfully manage an average club with hardly any funds. Maybe they were right. I did always manage the crème de la crème of European football. Maybe it was time to prove them all wrong. But how?

Hours later a mix of depression, self-doubts and lots of whiskey made me fall asleep.


Knock knock. Knock knock.

I woke up and heard somebody turning a key in the lock, opening the door and pushing in a cart.

‘Good morning Sir, how are you today? I hope you have slept very well.’ a man said in the most annoying English accent known to man; the kind of accent you only know from call center employees and telemarketers.

He left the cart in the middle of the room, walked towards the window and opened the blinds. Sunlight flooded the room.
I got up and squinted in the bright sun.

‘May I present you today’s breakfast, Sir? Fresh idli with coconut chutney and kadala. Very delicious and also nutritious.’ he said and smiled at me.

http://img27.imageshack.us/img27/6661/rszpreview.jpg (http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/27/rszpreview.jpg/)hhhhhhhhttp://img191.imageshack.us/img191/3250/rsz3223485southindianbr.jpg (http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/191/rsz3223485southindianbr.jpg/)

I decided to ignore the rhyme and muttered "thank you". He left the room and wished me a wonderful day.

"Great", I thought, "Indian breakfast - making you want to vomit straight after waking up."

What I was more intrigued about though, was an envelope next to my plate. I grabbed it and read the letter inside.

"Dear Mr. Inoz,

No need to introduce ourselves since I am sure you have heard of us already.

While we do apologize for disturbing your self-finding trip through India, we need to talk to you in regards to an urgent matter.
We are currently helping Argentine club Independiente Rivadavia de Mendoza establish themselves as a force in the Primera División. Your 2 predecessors have done a very decent job in getting the team promoted from the second division and then securing a great 3rd spot in the first division but our clients are desperately wanting to take the next step and win their first title in Argentina's top league.
We believe that due to your vast football expertise and proven managing skills, you are the right man for the job and will bring great glory to the people of Mendoza.

You'll find an economy class ticket to Argentina inside your rental car's glove compartment.

Failure is not an option.

CMSG Ltd."

My first thought was "what the fuck, economy class???!!", the second one "how the fuck do they know where I am" but the third, and most important, one: "Am I gonna accept their offer and manage some random Argentine team nobody has ever heard of?"

I didn't mull over their proposal for long though and decided to prove all the haters wrong and win whatever there is to win in Argentina. And quite frankly, I didn't even know if turning down CMSG Ltd. was an option. From what I had heard, they were quite a ruthless bunch of people you rather not cross. Plus it's not like anything kept me in India. My self-finding trip had clearly failed so I might as well just get on with life.

I packed my bags as quickly as possible, put on my Ray-Bans and drove to the airport having "Eye of the Tiger" pumping out of the car stereo.

Not before buying myself a First Class ticket to Argentina though, courtesy of the black Amex I received as a gift from Sheik Mansour bin Zayed following my Champions League win with Manchester City.


Economy class my ass... :tsk:


Chapter II - Buenos Días Argentina!

Following an uneventful flight, I finally arrived in beautiful Mendoza. Ramon, son of infamous club chairman Ricardo Lilloy also known as "Colonel", was already waiting at the airport.

Ramon: "Hola hola, bienvenido a Argentina ¿Cómo está?"

Me: "Muy bien, muy bien. ¿Habla inglés?"

Ramon: "Ah inglés, of course I speak English. Welcome to Argentina Mr. Inoz. I hope you had a pleasant flight. Would you please accompany me to my father's home? We wish to speak to you in regards to how we expect you to run the club."

Me: "Thanks Ramon but I have to decline. I am no second-class manager who gets told what to do. You want me to bring success to Mendoza and I will do so. But I expect you to not interfere with my work."

Ramon: "Pero Senior Inoz, that is NOT how we are running things around here."

Me: "No offense Ramon but I don't really care how you usually run things around here. So if you'll excuse me, I have to drive to the stadium and have a look at the squad. If you or your father wish to speak me, feel free to drop by my house, "Casa Patinoza". Make sure you call beforehand though, so I won't be there when you arrive. ¡Hasta pronto!"

http://img684.imageshack.us/img684/8085/9958q.jpg (http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/684/9958q.jpg/)

After leaving a puzzled Ramon behind at the airport, I took a cab to the stadium and practice grounds to check out the players I would have to deal with this season.

I was met by club secretary Yésica Toscanini, also known as Juan Roman Riquelme's ex-girlfriend.

http://img841.imageshack.us/img841/4739/rszyesicatoscanini.jpg (http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/841/rszyesicatoscanini.jpg/)

She handed me a list of all the players who were currently the a club and we sat down on the stands to watch the team practice. I had 39 players at my disposal and while the quantity was most certainly right, the quality definately wasn't.

We had 8 players on loan and since there was only a month left on all those loan deals anyway, I decided to send them back early to their respective clubs in order to get a better idea of the guys I know will still be here next season. Furthermore I sent home the 2 players who already had pre-arranged transfer and were going to leave the club soon as well. Add to that Leandro Gonzalez who was gonna miss the next 11 months with a damaged cruciate ligament and my squad was suddenly down to 28 players.

So I now had left:

1 goalkeeper - good enough to be number 2 or 3 but definately not good enough to be number 1

5 defenders - since I was only going to play with 3 DC's at the back, I didn't need a DL or DR; this meant that left back Gimenez stayed listed. the other 4 guys were all able to play as centre-backs but only Torres and Salvatierra were somewhat good (in all honesty, they were very average but there was nothing I could about that), Alvarez and Delgado were listed

2 defensive midfielders - one of those was captain Javier Montenegro, he looked quality and also had the highest average match rating last season, definately a guy for the starting XI; as good as Montenegro was though as shit was Boyero who got relegated to reserves and listed straight away

4 central midfielders - since I was most likely to play 2 central midfielders, I was quite happy to see we had 4 of those in our team. I got disappointed though since Gonzalez and Miranda had no potential whatsoever and the other 2 were at best back-ups. I listed the former and kept the latter for the moment

8 attacking midfielders / wingers - Maidana, Alaniz, Batista were wank and got listed. Barraza, Rodriguez and de Bruno were all average but would stay in the team for the moment. Then there was Fabian Sanchez who played almost all games last season and was valued at 1 million. I decided his potential return money-wise was worth more than his skills and listed him. This left only Juan Pablo Vazquez who looked very sharp in practice. Definately a keeper.

2 forwards - Bruno got listed but I kept Leandreto for the moment who looked like a good enough player to come off the bench. Only problem was that he was Brazilian and I wasn't sure yet how many Non-Argies I was allowed to play in a league game.

5 strikers - Well, this turned out to be the biggest let-down of all with one guy being worse than the next guy. Farias, Ledesma, Chaile and Ré all got listed. I had a long hard look at Iglesias who was top-scorer for the team last season. 10 goals in 30 matches weren't gonna be good enough for my standards though and he got listed too.

This left me with exactly 11 players of the original 39. A whole lot of work to be done but luckily there was some (drug-?)money in the bank so I could go shopping.

http://img254.imageshack.us/img254/909/49990796.png (http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/254/49990796.png/)


Chapter III - Offense wins Games, Defense wins Championships

One of my first few official acts in my capacity as Independiente manager was trying to bring in a decent goalie and 3 or 4 good defenders. Anybody can score a goal every now and then but Defending is truly an art. Keeping a clean sheet always secures at least a point so getting quality players in and around my goal was extremely important to me.

I was sitting in my office checking the scouting reports when Yésica came in.

Me: "Hola senorita! What's up? Take a seat."

http://img543.imageshack.us/img543/8386/rsz1photoshootofhotmode.jpg (http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/543/rsz1photoshootofhotmode.jpg/)

Yésica: "Senor, before you buy any players, I'd like to remind you of the signings your predecessor Senor Lo.Fi. already arranged. He has agreed terms with 3 players to join Independiente once the transfer window opens on July 25th. Here are his notes."

The first player set to join us was 24-year old shot stopper José María Núnez. His face seemed familiar to me and it turned out that he was one of the loanees I sent away earlier that week. Lo.Fi recognizing his talent made sure to bring Núnez to Mendoza on a permanent deal. That was a welcome surprise and I decided to trust Lo.Fi's judgement and, barring any world class keeper wanting to join us, Nunez would be Mendoza's Number 1 next season.

http://img803.imageshack.us/img803/4869/nunez.png (http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/803/nunez.png/)

Next on the list was Racing Club's central defender Ricardo Cáceres. While there wasn't a lot of info on him available, I liked the bit I saw. Young Argentine defender with lots of potential. I decided that he'd be joining us next season as well.

http://img266.imageshack.us/img266/5198/caceres.png (http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/266/caceres.png/)

The final player was also a DC, 34-year old Dante Silva. Again there wasn't a lot of information on offer and despite buying old players is actually going against my philosophy of building a squad, I decided to keep him since I was really unsure about the quality of defenders I would be able to bring in at that point.

http://img804.imageshack.us/img804/8794/dantej.png (http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/804/dantej.png/)

Nevertheless, I still called some of my contacts and agents I knew to ask if there were any great young defenders on the market.

I spent the next few days exploring beautiful Mendoza and going for a few coffees with Yésica.



At the end of the week I had lots of e-mails waiting in my inbox from agents offering me Centre-backs. I separated the wheat from the chaff and was left with 3 players I was especially impressed by.

Eduardo Moreno from second division side Atlanta was the first one that caught my eye. Only 23 years old, he already showed some remarkable skill and I was gonna try everything to make him come to Mendoza.

http://img833.imageshack.us/img833/5470/morenal.png (http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/833/morenal.png/)

Next was 26-year old Spaniard Rafael Aurrekoetxea. He very much impressed in his last 2 seasons at Extramadura yielding a 7.44 average rating and 14 MotM awards last season and a massive 7.98 avg rating combined with 16 MotM awards the season before that. Playing as a DC, this was just incredible. I contacted his club and agent and started negotiating.

http://img846.imageshack.us/img846/1442/aurah.png (http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/846/aurah.png/)

And last but not least, Cristian Iturrieta from fellow Primera Divisíon side Huracan was recommended to me. Playing on loan for second division team Douglas, he showed lots of promise and potential.

http://img259.imageshack.us/img259/5624/itur.png (http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/259/itur.png/)

After tough negotiations I managed to agree on terms with all 3 players and their respective clubs. I was absolutely stoked and Independiente Rivadavia de Mendoza's defensive core was set for years.

I welcomed all of our 6 new signings personally on the 25th of July and the squad was beginning to shape up. With the team sorted on the defensive end, I could now focus on bringing in some midfielders and strikers.

http://img32.imageshack.us/img32/701/indev.png (http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/32/indev.png/)

Glory times ahead!


Chapter IV - International Baller

What's Gucci my nigga?
What's Louie my killa?
What's drugs my deala?
What's that jacket, Margiela?
Doctors say I'm the illest
Cause I'm suffering from realness
Got my niggas in Paris
And they going gorillas, huh!

I was driving to the training grounds listening to the latest tune by Jay-Z & Kanye West when my phone rang. I got it out my pants pocket and saw Yésicas amazing body as Full Screen Caller ID.

Me: "Hey chica. ¿Cómo estás?"

Yésica: "Bien bien, gracias. Senor Patinoz, I am calling to tell you that there are men dressed in orange waiting for you at the office. They didn't want to tell me where they were from but they sound European. Anyway, they would like to talk you in regards to a delicate matter."

Me: "Men dressed in orange? Hmm, fair enough Yés. Tell them to wait. I'll be at the office shortly. Bye."

I put the pedal to the metal and raced my Aventador to the practice grounds near the stadium.

http://img217.imageshack.us/img217/5235/rsz2012lamborghiniavent.jpg (http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/217/rsz2012lamborghiniavent.jpg/)

A caravan was parked in front of my office and I had a presentiment that I knew who was waiting inside.

I opened the door and thank god I was still wearing my sunnies, otherwise I'd have probably gone blind.

http://img443.imageshack.us/img443/552/judofans014.jpg (http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/443/judofans014.jpg/)

Mysterious strangers: "Goedendag heer Inoz. Wij zijn van de Koninklije Nederlandse Voetbalbond, de KNVB."

Me: "Come again?"

Mysterious strangers: "Excuse us Mr. Inoz. We meant to say that we are from the Royal Dutch Football Association, the KNVB.

Me: "Yeah, I expected something like that. What do you want? I am pressed for time."

Dutch FA: "As you might have heard, we did pretty bad in the world cup which just ended. We now need somebody who can re-establish the Netherlands as the the glorious football nation it once was. Therefore we used our ties to CMSG Ltd. (read the very first PtP) and contacted them. They referred us to you then.
Hence we'd like to make you the following proposal:

http://img265.imageshack.us/img265/8043/holl.png (http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/265/holl.png/)

Well, I didn't expect that one when I woke up this morning. Managing the Oranje. Hmm. I stood there, looking into the eager eyes of the Dutch relegation who awaited my acceptance of their offer. There was an awkward silence.

After a minute or 2, the Dutch broke that silence.

Dutch FA: So, you are going to accept our offer?

Me: "No." I tried to look very determined and spoke with a strong voice. "No, I'd have to decline. No offense but I don't like you Dutch people. It's in my blood and I am not going to betray my German heritage. I don't like you cramping up the German Autobahn with your stupid caravans. I don't like tulips, I don't like your stupid shoes, clogs or whatever they are called. I never liked your football team. I hate Frank Rijkard for spitting on Rudi Völler. I don't smoke pot either. Hell, I don't even like the colour orange. Only reason my car is semi-orange is because they didn't have it in a different colour. No gentlemen, I am not going to manage the Dutch national football team. Please leave my office"

http://img850.imageshack.us/img850/6871/dddeg.png (http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/850/dddeg.png/)

The Dutch were stunned. They most certainly didn't expect me ranting about their country. One by one they silently left my office.

Me: "Jesus, that was tense. Yésica, I can't be fucked doing the practice today. Please tell my ass man to do it. I am heading back home"

I left the office as well, picked up a bottle of wine from the store and drove back home.

Half-way home my phone rang again. "Fuck sake, who's it now?". I checked the Caller ID but it was an unknown number starting with +33. Definately not an Argentinian number. I answered the call.

Me: "Inoz."

Unknown Caller: "Salut Monsieur Inoz. Michel Platini speaking here."

http://img831.imageshack.us/img831/884/rszmichaelplatiniuefa.jpg (http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/831/rszmichaelplatiniuefa.jpg/)

Me: (Michel Platini? The Michel Platini? Ex-UEFA Boss and now President of the French Football Federation FFF? How the heck do these people get my number?) "Hello Mr. Platini. What gives me the honour of your call?"

Platini: "Let's not beat around the bush. I am gonna cut straight to the chase. We just sacked Didier Deschamps following our disappointing loss in the World Cup's Round of 16 against the United Arab Emirates. He had been managing the team for the last 8 years and we felt it's time for a new era. Therefore we would like to ask you to take over the reigns of Les Bleus and successfully lead the team through the European Championship Qualifiers."

Me: (Are you kidding me? Surely this must be a prank. Not even an hour after declining the Holland job, I get offered the French one? The man on the phone did sound like Platini though. It's hard to fake his dirty French accent.) "I don't know what to say Mr. Platini. I would probably have to ask CMSG Ltd. first."

Platini: "I am very sorry but I need an answer right now. This is a matter of national importance. I got the French President on the other line and need to tell him that I found a new manager for Les Tricolores."

Me: "You know what, fuck it. CMSG Ltd. thought I had enough time to manage this piece of s**t dutch team. Most certainly I can decide on my own then if I should manage France or not. Mate, I deffo gonna do it."

Platini: "Excuse-moi Monsieur Inoz, was that a yes or no?

Me: "Excuse my french Mr. Platini. The answer is yes. I have always been a friend of baguettes and I love Paris. Oui oui oui, I am gonna accept your offer."

http://img29.imageshack.us/img29/3039/frace.png (http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/29/frace.png/)

Platini: "Magnifique! I am very pleased. We expect the team to uphold the countries honour in the forthcoming friendly matches. You will hear from us again in the next few weeks. If you'd excuse me now, I have to talk to the president. Au revoir."

I also said "au revoir" but he had already hang up. What a freaking day. Me being manager of France and Independiente Rivadavia. 2 weeks ago I was chatting up Indian women and drank booze by the liter. Now I am living in beautiful Argentina trying to get into Yésica's pants and leading Independiente to glory (in that order) and also going to travel to Paris every now and then and manage France.

Life is funny sometimes, isn't it?


Chapter V - From men and cows

It was the last day of July and I was at office doing my every morning meditation exercises I learned about back in India, when Yésica came in. She leaned against the door frame and whispered:

http://img696.imageshack.us/img696/6413/rszyesicatoscanini24.jpg (http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/696/rszyesicatoscanini24.jpg/)

Yésica: "Senor Inoz, can you hear me?"

Me: "Oooooooooom. Ooooooommmm."

Yésica: (louder) "Senor Inoz, I... I... have... it's... it's very bad news."

Me: (still meditating trying to sound wise) "Aah, Yésica. There's just news. There's no good or bad."

Yésica: "Senor Inoz, the Argentine transfer window closes in 4 days."

Me: "That is bad news... if you do not believe that our squad is strong enough yet."

Yésica: "But Senor Inoz, all we have so far is a few good defenders and a few very average midfielders."

Me: (sighs) "Ok , I guess you're right. A striker or two wouldn't hurt."

I got up from the floor and sat in front of my laptop. The tactic I was most likely going to use was a 3-6-1, or a 3-1-4-1-1 whichever way you look at it.

http://img191.imageshack.us/img191/9273/tacz.png (http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/191/tacz.png/)

I deemed 5 of the 17 players currently in my First Team worthy enough to be in the Starting XI. The other 12 guys were back-up at the best.

Nunez would be starting in goal with the newly-acquired Moreno, Iturietta and Aurrekoetxea ahead of him forming the back three.
Captain Javier Montenegro will play as DMC. Acting as a destroyer, he was gonna be responsible for shutting down the opponent's creative attacking midfielder.
In front of Montenegro was a great blank. Despite having 4 MC's and a few guys who could play left and right, I didn't fancy playing any of them.
The AMC position was occupied by our most creative player, Juan Pablo Vasquez. He was going to be connecting the central midfielders to the lone striker (whoever that will be). Our gameplan was crowding the central midfield, interrupting the opponent's build-up play and then sending pacey wingers (if we were gonna get any) up front when we were in possession of the ball.

All in all, I needed to buy at least another 4 midfielders and 2 strikers. In 4 days.

I started my search by looking for wide men. I wanted a quick midfielder / attacking midfielder who was able to feed the striker with crosses but could also score by himself every now and then.

My first choice for ML was a guy I scouted a while back named Guillermo Russo. Funnily enough he was playing for a team called Guillermo Brown and I don't know if it was because of this strange bond between his first name and the club, but we couldn't agree on terms.

So I continued looking for somebody able to play on the left side and soon found 20-year old César Fernández. He was contracted to our rival and namesake Independiente but was loaned to second division side Douglas last season where he, quite frankly, didn't impress.
Nevertheless, I saw some potential in him and while he wasn't the fastest, he had superior Crossing skill and Off-the-ball movement and that was partly what I was looking for. I contacted Independiente and Fernández' agent and all parties soon agreed that it was best for the player to leave his old club and join us. It could go either way but I was willing to give him a chance in the Starting XI.

http://img43.imageshack.us/img43/19/cesear.png (http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/43/cesear.png/)

Accompanying Fernández in the Starting XI but playing on the other side of the pitch would be Sergio Pascutti. Transfer listed by fellow Primera division side Arsenal de Sarandi, he was looking to find his luck elsewhere. After watching him once at practice, I had made up my mind and put a bid in for him. It soon got accepted and Pascutti was happy to join the team. He has all the skills I was looking for him and is gonna be a definate boost to the team.

http://img9.imageshack.us/img9/6851/pascutti.png (http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/9/pascutti.png/)

I moved on to look for a striker. A contact of mine recommended Los Andes' Raúl Méndez. Struggling for playing time, he was desperate for some first team football and his team accepted my offer without negotiating. He soon joined Independiente Mza.
Méndez is a very determined player who possesses good finishing skill but can also rise high up in the air to head the ball into the net.

http://img403.imageshack.us/img403/4765/mendez.png (http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/403/mendez.png/)

While Méndez was a decent player, there was no doubt in my mind that I was going to need at least another striker. I watched some Primera Division footage on Youtube and that's when Belgrano's young striker Ruben Suarez caught my eye. However, prized at 1m pounds and Belgrano being a rival of ours and just having finished in front of us in second place last season, I was not sure if I could manage to buy him. Cut the long story short, I couldn't BUT I was able to negotiate a loan deal with Belgrano and Ruben Suarez would play for Independiente at least until the end of the season.

http://img600.imageshack.us/img600/1717/suarezf.png (http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/600/suarezf.png/)

My wheeling and dealing was interrupted when a bid for captain Javier Montenegro came in. Arsenal de Sarandi bid a massive 1.6 million for our defensive midfielder. The money was really really tempting and I pondered over the offer for a while but rejected in the end. He was my only DMC and I couldn't sell him. Au contraire, I should probably get another guy in for back-up. I checked the market and noticed Argentinos Junior's Rubén Suárez. He was a class player who would add depth to the team. All parties involved agreed on my offer pretty quickly and Rubén Suárez joined the team.

http://img710.imageshack.us/img710/8348/rubensuarez.png (http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/710/rubensuarez.png/)

My team was now starting to shape up but I realized there was still a piece missing. Having 22 Argies and 1 Brazilian in the squad, that piece was international flair.
I felt like the team needed guys who had played in other parts of world. Their experience would give us the edge in close games.

First of all I was looking for somebody playing in the toughest league in the world, the EPL. I soon realized though that it was impossible to prize away EPL players or even Championship players so I descended into the realms of English Lower League Football.
I wanted somebody who could bring English toughness and dirtiness to the team and that somebody was going to be Frank Warner. Playing for Luton Town, I only needed to mention the beautiful weather and the gorgeous women in Argentina and he was already half-way across the Pacific.

http://img826.imageshack.us/img826/6594/warnerp.png (http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/826/warnerp.png/)

Equally important to somebody tough was somebody who would be able to keep his composure even in heated situation. While I might not be the biggest friend of the Indian food, I grew fond of the Indian people. Friendly and hard-working individuals, I wanted to get an Indian who would act as the team's calm anchor. I decided that Brugge's Subrata Fernandes would fill in that role perfectly. Agreeing on a transfer fee with Brugge wasn't the problem, Fernandes was. His agent told me that he didn't want to go to South America so I asked for Fernandes' number and called him myself.

http://img228.imageshack.us/img228/5803/fernandes.png (http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/228/fernandes.png/)

"Tuuut, tuuut, tuuut"

Fernandes: "Hello, Fernandes speaking."

Me: "Hello Subrata. It's Patinoz, manager of Argentine club Independiente Rivadavia de Mendoza. I thought I'd call you personally to talk to you about a potential move to Argentina. It's a beautiful country with sunny weather, a pretty landscape and more.

Fernandes: Mr. Inoz, I am not rejecting your team or country. I would like to play for Independiente but I cannot leave behind Parvati. She is a member of our family.

Me: "Who is Parvati? Your wife? Don't worry Subrata, I will organize you a big house where there is space for everybody.

Fernandes: "No no Mr. Inoz. I don't care about my wife. Parvati is the holy family cow."

http://img402.imageshack.us/img402/1214/rszholycowindia.jpg (http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/402/rszholycowindia.jpg/)

Me: "A cow? You don't want to join Independiente Mza. because of a cow?? Look Subrata, eehm, I'd really like you to be a member of our team, so I will organize some appropriate transport for Parvati. She will love it here too. Argentina is famous for their cattle. She'll have many friends.

Fernandes: "Hmmm. Ok Mr. Inoz. I will join your club if you can arrange said transport. Thank you very much. I am looking forward to play for you.

Me: "Awesome Subrata. I am honoured to welcome you to the team. And who knows, if you and Parvati ever grow apart, I know a guy who makes the best Rump Steak in town. See you in a few days."

Fernandes: "Mr. Inoz, this is very disrespec-"

"Tut, tut, tut."

I hang up. Finally! Finally I had assembled all the pieces. My squad was ready for the new season and I was confident that we were gonna smash it.

With an eventful few days behind us and the first game of the season only 3 days away, I decided it's time to relax for a night and went for dinner with Yésica. ;)


Chapter VI - La Lepra

It was Saturday, 6th of August. I was watching my boys at the final training and had already made up my mind regarding the Starting XI.

A day earlier Ramon had called. I expected him to tell me which players to start for the first game but he was actually the bearer of good news.

http://img411.imageshack.us/img411/6164/stadium.png (http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/411/stadium.png/)

http://img9.imageshack.us/img9/3705/trainingdu.png (http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/9/trainingdu.png/)

So not only did we have a great team now, we also had great facilities.

However, Ramon didn't seem to trust in the team as much as I did and had a rather grim outlook for the season.

http://img844.imageshack.us/img844/7482/expecta.png (http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/844/expecta.png/)

I didn't really care what Ramon thought though and expected nothing short of exellence from my team. Second place is just the first loser.

We also had a team foto-shooting earlier that day showcasing our new sponsor UNO. The graphic design was magnificent. Whoever thought of the nickname "La Lepra" though, deserves to be fired. "Lepra" meaning as much as "leprosy" in English, you don't really want your team being associated with such a disease.

http://img822.imageshack.us/img822/1641/yesfg.png (http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/822/yesfg.png/)


Our first game of the season was to be played against Ferro Carril Oeste. We started off the season at home and with the backing of our supporters in the freshly upgraded Juan Bautista Gargantini and with Ferro being one of the smaller, less reputable Buenos Aires teams, anything short of 3 points would have been a disappointment.

I sent my team onto the pitch as follows:



The ref blew the starting whistle and the 2022/23 Argentine Primera Division was under way. And how it was. It only took 5 minutes for the first debatable referee decision following a shuffle between our striker Roberto Suarez and Ferro's Fernando Pellegrino.

http://img88.imageshack.us/img88/4245/ferroe.png (http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/88/ferroe.png/)

What a start to the game. I welcomed this decision which saw Ferro playing with one man down for the next 85 minutes. My initial happiness faded though as we struggled in front of goal in the first half despite our dominance on the pitch. 0-0 HT.

At the half-time break I praised my team for their playing style but told them to be more focused in front of goal.

We continued being dominant in the second half but just didn't manage to put one past Ferro's goalie Cabrera.
However, in the 61th minute the Ferro defense finally broke down and our lone striker Suarez put us 1-0 up. YEEEEEEEEEEEES!!!

http://img856.imageshack.us/img856/2800/73050289.png (http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/856/73050289.png/)

Unfortunately we didn't manage to score another one though and the game ended 1-0.
I was very happy with the 3 points and saw a lot of good. I also saw some very unfocused finishing and only winning 1-0 despite 17 shots on goal was unacceptable.

Independiente Mza. - Ferro at a glance

Result: 1 - 0
Goal: Roberto Suarez
Assist: César Fernández
MOTM: Roberto Suarez
League Position: 9th


Our first away game of the season was going to be a tough one. We were visitors at the "Cementerio de Los Elefantes" (which was quite scary) in Santa Fé facing off against Colón. They had quite a good team and finished 6th last season, so it was definately not going to be easy.
I played the exact same line-up as in the first game and hoped for the best.

The game itself was quite a boring one. There wasn't a lot of offense going on and both teams had only 2 shots on goal at HT, none of them challenging the goalies.

The second half wasn't any more exciting and I actually dozed off on the bench. I woke up though when I suddenly heard people cheering. Unfortunately it were the guys in black. My ass man told me that it was a direct free kick scored by Colon's left midfielder Ruiz.
We were 1-0 down now, so I subbed in another striker and expected a bit of a reaction from my team. This reaction didn't come though and we ended up losing 1-0.
Quite frankly, we looked proper shit. It was obvious that the entire team lacked match practice. We had 3 shots on goal the whole game, only one of them being on target. Colón wasn't any better and only had 3 shots on goal too. They did however had one more on target than us and that proved to be the costly one for us.

Colón - Independiente Mza. at a glance

Result: 1-0
Goal: César Ruiz (Colón)
Assist: -
MOTM: Salvador Gomez (Colon)
League Position: 11th


I was sitting in my office the following day watching the replay of our loss against Colón.
The loss was partly on my head too. Instead of arrangies friendlies and preparing the team fitness- and tactic-wise, I spent most of my chasing after Yésica and having dinner with her at my house in the mountains.

The good thing was that the team and I had now 2 weeks off, time enough for some friendly fixtures.
So I called a few of my fellow managers and ended up inviting Celtic and Rangers to get my boys some match practice. However, I wanted my team to be challenged by the opponent, so I didn't go for the 2 skill-lacking Scottish teams but rather for the far superior "Club de Desportes Rangers" from Chile and "Bloemfontein Celtic" from South Africa.

Independiente Mza. - Rangers (CHI) at a glance

Result: 4:0
Goals: Roberto Suarez x2, Subrata Fernandes, Sergio Pascutti
Assists: Subrata Fernandes, César Fernández
MOTM: Roberto Suarez

Independiente Mza. - Bloem Celtic at a glance

Result: 6-1
Goals: Roberto Suarez x4, Frank Warner, Sergio Pascutti
Assists: Aurrekoetxea, Iturrieta, Vásquez, Warner, Fernandes, Fernández
MOTM: Roberto Suarez

We played very well in both friendlies with loaned striker Roberto Suarez impressing a lot and I was confident that we would carry over this form to our upcoming league game against Newell's.


Chapter VII - Unbelievable Jeff!

Saturday, 3rd of September, 04:00pm local time. Our game against Newell's Old Boys was just about to start. Following our convincing play in the 2 friendlies, I was positive that the 3 points were going to stay in Mendoza.

I hadn't even sat down yet when the first 2 goals were scored.

http://img17.imageshack.us/img17/2972/26489945.png (http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/17/26489945.png/)

Newell's striker Ceballos put his team up very early but I loved the reaction from my boys. We kicked off again and went straight down the other end to score. Newly acquired Warner with his first goal of the season. 1-1 after 3 minutes. What a start to the game.
It got even better when Roberto Suarez put us 2-1 up 20 minutes later. My joy didn't last for long though when Ceballos leveled the game again in the 36th minute. 2-2 at HT.

I told my boys that a draw at home would most certainly not be enough. Despite us looking a bit better than in our game against Colon, the team was far off from the performances I expected. The 2nd half kicked off and we didn't look any better.
It turned from bad to worse when Ceballos scored his 3rd goal of the game just 15 minutes from the end. FUCKING CEBALLOS!!!!
The team was stunned and we lost in the end. 4 shots on goal and all on target for us, 4 shots on goal and only 3 on target for Newell's. But all 3 went in. Nunez had a nightmare of a game picking up a match rating of 4. 2nd loss in 3 games. Very disappointing start to the season.

Independiente Mza - Newell's at a glance

Result: 2-3
Goals: Frank Warner, Roberto Suarez - Rámon Ceballos x3
Assists: Rob. Suarez - Veron x2, Martínez
MOTM: Rámon Ceballos
League Position: 14th


I was everything but happy and voiced my opinion quite strongly. We definately needed a win a week later to keep up the pace with the teams at the top of the table.

Our next game was to be played at La Plata against Estudiantes. I wanted to wake the team up a bit and dropped captain Javier Montenegro. I had to sub him at HT in 2 of our 3 games and decided it's time to give our new signing Ruben Suarez a chance.
Cut the long story short, the same 2 players who scored for us against Newell's scored again. This time we completely dominated our opponent though and came away with a 2-0 victory. However, I wasn't happy with our conversion of chances (again). 12 shots on goal and 7 on target were fine; only 2 goals weren't though.

Estudiantes (LP) - Independiente Mza. at a glance

Result: 0-2
Goals: Frank Warner, Roberto Suarez
Assists: Leandreto
MOTM: Frank Warner
League Position: 10th


We wanted to build on the win against Estudiantes (LP) and finally manage to win 2 in a row. Our opponent was Godoy Cruz who had a rather bad start to the season. Since we played at home, I hoped to secure 3 points with the backing by our fans.

We went 1-0 up in after half an hour. The usual suspects were involved with Roberto Suarez scoring the goal and Frank Warner providing the assist.
However, we missed out again on scoring the second goal, mostly due to Godoy keeper Vágner Ramalho having a great game and getting a match rating of 10.
As so often, if you waste your own chances one the one end, you're bound to concede one the other. And so we did. Lucio Castillo finished off his brilliant solo run with a goal and the score was 1-1.
We pushed and pushed but just couldn't put the fucking ball into the fucking net. 1-1 FT and another 2 points pissed away.

Independiente Mza. - Godoy Cruz at a glance

Result: 1-1
Goals: Roberto Suarez - Lucio Castillo
Assists: Warner - Bianchi
MOTM: Vágner Ramalho (GK)
League Position: 9th


I was angry. Very angry. We wasted so many chances, it was ridiculous. Roberto Suarez scored his goal in every game but should have scored three times as much. Raul Mendez, his back-up wasn't doing any better, so I had to stick with Suarez for the moment.

(Luckily?) the next game was also a home game. We were up against Lanus. They had started well with 2 wins but had now lost 3 on the bounce.

The game kicked off and it was groundhog day all over again. We were all over them but couldn't put it in. They have one fecking counter-attack and score. Lanus up 1-0 in the 23rd minute. I blasted my team at HT. They didn't play bad but, fucking hell, it's not that hard to put a fucking ball into a fucking net.
The start of the second half mirrored the first one. Things got better for us when Lanus' right-back Villegas got sent off in the 58th minute for a 2-footed challenge.
Half an hour with 1 man up. And guess what, it didn't change a fucking thing. 12 shots on goal, none went it. It was absolutely pitiful to watch my boys. We ended up losing our home game 1-0 despite being absolutely dominant. Unbelievable.

http://img259.imageshack.us/img259/3645/rszpg70fergiereuters.jpg (http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/259/rszpg70fergiereuters.jpg/)

Independiente Mza. - Lanús at a glance

Result: 0-1
Goals: Aldo Lema
Assist: Ayoví
MOTM: Cristían Peralta (GK)
League Position: 11th

I left the stadium as soon as the final whistle had sounded and went home. I couldn't believe we lost again.

I sat in front of my laptop and looked at the all the games stats. It was mind-boggling. 6 games had been played. 2 wins, 1 draw and 3 losses. We scored exactly 6 goals and conceded 6 goals as well. Despite having on average almost 3 times as many shots on goal, our goal difference was 0 after 6 games.

http://img535.imageshack.us/img535/2305/shotss.png (http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/535/shotss.png/)

I also had a look at the goalies and it didn't do Núnez any favours.

http://img405.imageshack.us/img405/1984/goalr.png (http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/405/goalr.png/)

Núnez was obviously a weak spot in the team. I definately had to look for another goalie come Christmas since he wasn't gonna cut it. Our defense was good otherwise with all 3 defenders having an average rating of 7.00 or more.
Nevertheless, it wasn't all on Núnez. He wasn't responsible for scoring the goals; the other guys were and they didn't get the job done properly.

I was at a loss to be honest. The tactic was working fine. We were very good defensively allowing not even 4 shots on goal / game and created enough chances. But we just didn't convert those. Barring subbing myself in and putting the ball into the net, I couldn't do more.

I continued to stare at the stats but it didn't get any better. And neither did the league table. Maybe it was time to face the truth: that we were just an average mid-table team at the moment...

http://img534.imageshack.us/img534/1057/tablecr.png (http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/534/tablecr.png/)


Chapter VIII - Some you win, some you lose and some you draw

Our next game was against Huracán and I decided to give Nunez one last chance. Having played as a goalie myself for most of my life, I knew how important it is to have the manager’s trust when you are going through a rough patch.

There were also some slight line-up changes. I dropped attacking midfielder Vasquez, moved our Indian lad Fernandes from his regular midfield position to the AMC position (in the hope of him playing a bit better) and reinserted Montenegro into the team. This time as an MC though. So all in all, I played a tiny tad more defensively.

The game started and 10 minutes later, Nunez' career for Independiente ended. He got sent off for a foul on Huracan striker Peralta which resulted in a penalty. This was the straw that broke the camel’s back and I decided to not play Nunez again.
Back-up goalie Hugo Diaz was sent onto the field but couldn’t save the penalty. 1-0 Huracan, also the result at HT.

My boys showed some spirit though and not even a minute had been played in the second half, when Roberto Suarez equalized.

1-1 was also the end result. Diaz in goal having a good game and picking up a match rating of 8.

Huracan – Independiente Mza. at a glance

Result: 1-1

Goals: Roberto Suarez – Hernán Rodríguez

Assists: Sergio Pascutti

MOTM: Sergio Pascutti

League Position: 12th


Nothing spectacular happened in the next 3 games so I am just going to quickly brush over that.

Vélez – Independiente Mza. at a glance

Result: 1:1
Goals: Roberto Suarez (Pen) – Jorge Ríos
Assists: -
MOTM: Lucas Andrade (Vélez)
League Position: 13th

Indepenendiente Mza. – Banfield at a glance

Result: 2-1
Goals: Javier Montenegro, Subrata Fernandes – Gabriel Ledesma
Assists: Leandreto x2
MOTM: Leandreto
League Position: 8th

Olimpo – Independiente Mza. at a glance

Result: 0-0
Goals: -
Assists: -
MOTM: Cristian Iturrieta
League Position: 8th


After the Olimpo game, I received some good news. I had put in various loan bids for goalkeepers in the meanwhile and 2 of them got accepted.

Boca goalie Marcello Lima joined the team and I decided that he’d be starting in goal from now.

http://img827.imageshack.us/img827/4392/lima.png (http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/827/lima.png/)

Only problem with him was his Brazilian nationality which saw us having 5 foreigners now and therefore one over the limit. Since dropping Warner and Fernandes wasn’t an option, it had to be one of either Leandreto or defender Rafael Aurrekoetxea.

On top of Lima, Vélez reserve goalie Mario Orellano also joined the squad on loan.

http://img138.imageshack.us/img138/5453/mariorx.png (http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/138/mariorx.png/)

Despite the new goalie, our results didn't change.

Nueva Chicago – Independiente Mza. at a glance

Result: 1-1
Goals: Roberto Suarez – Damián Ojeda
Assists: Héctor de Bruno
MOTM: Pablo Javier Chaparro (Nueva Chicago)
League Position: 11th

Independiente Mza. – Boca at a glance

Result: 0-0
Goals: -
Assists: -
MOTM: Cristian Ituerrieta
League Position: 11th

Argentinos – Independiente Mza. at a glance

Result: 1-1
Goals: César Fernández – Gonzalo Jara
Assists: Sergio Pascutti
MOTM: César Fernández
League Position: 13th

7 draws in the last 9 games saw us dropping down to 13th place in the league. Some might say "at least you didn't lose" but that was cold comfort.

To make matters worse, we were hosting top of the table River Plate the next game. They were leading the league quite comfortably and were a whopping 13 points ahead of us.

Quite frankly, this was going to be our match of the season so far. Beat them and we were "only" 10 points behind. This win could also potentially spark a run and with enough games left impossible was nothing.
Losing however would mean 16 points behind and we could kiss all our championship hopes good-bye. Relegation would become an issue then.

Whichever way you look at it, this game was going to determine our season.

Vamos 'La Lepra'!


Chapter IX - Do or Die!

10 minutes to kick-off. We were in our locker-room and I delivered a speech many would regard afterwards as one of the greatest speeches ever made.

Today Gentlemen, I am being honoured to coach you,
And more honoured to take you onto the field of battle.
But there is another honour that is being bestowed upon you,
And that is the answer that comes with that question

Who am I?
I am a champion!

That's right and you need to remember that all through this game.

I will conquer what has not been conquered.
Defeat will not be in my creed.
I will believe what others have doubted.
I will always endeavour to uphold the prestige, honour and respect of my team.
I have trained my mind and my body will follow.

Who am I?
I am a champion!

I will acknowledge the fact that my opponents do not expect me to win,
But I will never surrender.
Weakness will not be in my heart.
I will look to my comrades, to those have brought me into this world,
And to those who have trained me and I will draw strength from then.

Who am I?
I am a champion!

I will gladly go out onto the field of battle,
And I will move, groove and do everything I can do,
And I will reach my field of battle by any means at my disposal.
And when I get there, I will arrive violently.
I will rip the heart from my enemy
and leave it bleeding on the ground because he can not stop me.

Who am I?
I am a Champion!

To my side I have comrades,
Comrades that have been with me through thick and thin.
Through sacrifice, through blood. through sweat, through tears.
Never will I let them fall,
Never will I let them down,
And I will never leave an enemy behind,
Because our opponents does not know my heart.

Who am I?
I am a Champion!

No one will deny me!
No one will defy me!
And no one will tell me who and what I am and can be.
Belief will change my world.
It has moved continents,
It has moved countries,
And put men on the moon.
And it will carry me through this battle!

Who am I?
I am a champion!

Defeat, retreat, those are not in my words.
I don't understand those definitions.
I don't understand it when thing go wrong.
I don't understand mistakes,
But I do understand this:
I understand victory
And I understand never surrendering.
No matter how bad things go,
My heart and my mind will carry my body,
When my limbs are too weak.

Who am I?
I am a Champion!

Today will be that day!
Not tomorrow, not next week
But right now, right here,
In your house, in your home.

Who am I?
I am a champion!

History will remember me.
And I will not have to worry about him being kind.
I will define myself.
I will write my own praises,
And no one will tell me what I can and can not be.
I will never go home without knowing
I've given everything I've got.


The boys left the locker-room pumped and ready to go to war.

I also made some changes tactic-wise. I dropped main striker Roberto Suarez and Raul Mendez was going to give his debut in the starting XI. I also dropped defender Aurrekoetxa, Ricardo Caceres was starting in his place. On top of that I moved Fernandes back to the MC position and played Leandreto as AMC. Last but not least, I warned our wingers to be a bit more cautious and let them play more defensively, so we wouldn’t get caught out at the counter attack.

http://img221.imageshack.us/img221/848/rivr.png (http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/221/rivr.png/)

The ref blew the starting whistle and my boys looked sharp from the start.
10 minutes into the game, everybody yelled out at the ref when Raúl Méndez was brought down in the box.

http://img339.imageshack.us/img339/9259/penk.png (http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/339/penk.png/)

I couldn’t believe it. We missed a pen in our most important game. Had the entire world conspired against us?

Luckily the boys didn’t appear to be shocked and continued playing their style and a minute before half-time, our efforts finally paid off.

http://img577.imageshack.us/img577/6851/pascutti.png (http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/577/pascutti.png/)

Thank fuck!! What a lovely free kick by Pascutti. 1-0 up at HT.

I praised my boys in the locker room and told them to keep going and not sit back now.

We continued being dominant but again, didn’t score the second goal to put the game away. On top of that, we had to survive the last quarter of an hour with one man down.

http://img819.imageshack.us/img819/8176/redpae.png (http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/819/redpae.png/)

I paced up and down the side-line, yelling "Don't concede! Don't concede!" and we didn't.

1-0 FT. Independiente Rivadavia de Mendoza were back!

Independiente Mza. – River at a glance

Result: 1-0
Goals: Sergio Pascutti
Assists: -
MOTM: Sergio Pascutti
League Position: 11th


Our next game was going to be against Gimnasia La Plata and it was almost as important as the game against River since a loss now would have resulted in our win last week being totally worthless.
We played good football though and picked up 3 points. 2 games won in a row for the first time this season.

Gimnasia (LP) – Independiente Mza. at a glance

Result: 1-2
Goals: Leandreto, Raúl Méndez – Marcos Bogado
Assists: Warner, Méndez
MOTM: Claudio Palos (Gimnasia)
League Position: 6th

I thought we were going to go on the run I had hoped for 2 weeks ago, but unfortunately I was wrong. We went back to our mediocre play from the start of the season and only got 1 point out of the next 2 games.

Independiente Mza. – Guillermo Brown at a glance

Result: 1-1
Goals: Sergio Pascutti – Gustavo López
Assists: -
MOTM: Juan Manuel Salinas (GK – Guillermo Brown)
League Position: 9th

Arsenal de Sarandi – Independiente Mza. at a glance

Result: 1-0
Goals: Luis Chávez
Assists: -
MOTM: Frank Warner
League Position: 11th


We were up against Belgrano in the next game. They were leading the league now and we were, once again, with our backs against the wall.

The game itself was a complete deja-vu.

Pascutti put us 1-0 up again,

http://img600.imageshack.us/img600/2487/pascutti2.png (http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/600/pascutti2.png/)

Before a player of ours got sent-off and the resulting penalty was missed, luckily by the opponent this time.

http://img16.imageshack.us/img16/3452/pen2.png (http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/16/pen2.png/)

And despite playing with 10 men for almost 70 minutes, we held onto the 3 points and even scored another one in the 90th minute following a counter-attack.

Independiente Mza. – Belgrano at a glance

Result: 2:0
Goal: Sergio Pascutti, Frank Warner
Assists: -
MOTM: Cristian Iturrieta
League Position: 10th


The last game of the opening stage was played away against our namesake Independiente . We wanted to cap the season off on a positive note and did so indeed, putting on an absolute clinic.

Independiente – Independiente Mza. at a glance

Result: 0-5
Goals: Roberto Suarez x3, César Fernández, Javier Montenegro
Assists: Cáceres, Rubén Suarez, Montenegro
MOTM: Roberto Suarez
League Position: 7th

So that was it. Opening Stage finished.

We finished 7th and while I was most certainly disappointed, I was also a bit relieved since it could have been much worse. 6 points away from the top wasn’t great but not impossible to make up in 19 games.

http://img15.imageshack.us/img15/4112/tableva.png (http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/15/tableva.png/)

Quite frankly though, we were a strange team. We won all our games against the Top 5 and drew against 6th, so that was absolutely perfect. Why we only managed to win 2 games against 8th to 20th however, is beyond me.

Goalscorer: Roberto Suarez leading the chase here.

http://img405.imageshack.us/img405/7960/goalscorer.png (http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/405/goalscorer.png/)

Assists: Not a lot to be seen there.

http://img859.imageshack.us/img859/8893/assists.png (http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/859/assists.png/)

Average Rating: Reserve goalie Hugo Diaz leading here. Maybe I should play him more often.

http://img209.imageshack.us/img209/4452/ratinge.png (http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/209/ratinge.png/)

That was it for the moment. The transfer window opened again and I looked for another few players to strengthen my squad.


Chapter X - Operation Clausura!

Despite the team ending the opening stage on a high note, I felt like the squad needed a bit more depth. Unfortunately though, there was no money left. Ramon, having been arrested on drug trafficking charges, just used our entire transfer budget to post bail.
Fuck my life, I thought, the loan market it is.
Surprisingly though, I was able to get decent players.

First and foremost, I loaned out Centre-back Laurent Klein. I knew Klein already as he was part of my France squad and fell in love with his skills at first sight. He was playing for our rivals Ferro but didn't seem to like it there. I finally managed to convince him to play for us at least until the end of the season and quite frankly, he brought our defense to a whole new level.

http://img513.imageshack.us/img513/7983/kleing.png (http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/513/kleing.png/)

In addition to Klein, I loaned another 3 players: defensive midfielder Carlos Aquino, central midfielder Jorge Russo and attacking midfielder Diego Martin Lobos.

http://img24.imageshack.us/img24/6911/aquinoe.png (http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/24/aquinoe.png/)

http://img832.imageshack.us/img832/4354/russov.png (http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/832/russov.png/)

http://img155.imageshack.us/img155/8753/lobosc.png (http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/155/lobosc.png/)

The break passed quickly and on the 29th of January, it was finally time for some footy. We were up against Ferro who had finished 4th in the Opening Stage.

What can I say, we started with a draw. A boring 0-0. I'd like to say that I had expected a bit more but quite frankly, draws weren't something new for me those days.
We did however win the next 3 games against Cólon, Lanús and Vélez and were leading the Closing Stage after 4 games.
My two fiercest rivals in regards to winning the Clausura and the league overall were Belgrano and Ferro. They had finished 7 and 4 points ahead of us, so I had to make up some ground.
Unfortunately they started as well as I did with Ferro also picking up 10 points from their first games and Belgrano picking up 9.

Following our 3 wins, we hit a rough patch though and drew with both Estudiantes (LP) and Godoy Cruz as well as losing to Newell's.
Same fucking old, same fucking old.
The moment I got some hope to actually win something this season, the team turns around and pisses it all away again.

Belgrano won their 3 games and were now leading the Clausura 6 points ahead of us and 13 points overall.
Ferro won 2 out of their 3 next games and were second 4 points ahead of us in the Clausura and 7 points ahead of us overall.
We dropped down to 5th in the ladder.

My only hope was Belgrano players tiring eventually since they had to play a game every 3 days due to their involvement in the Copa Libertadores. Ferro, well, they just had to play shit in general.

Thankfully, my boys picked up their slack again and we won the following 3 games all 2-0.
Ferro won 2 of them as well but lost the third so we gained 3 points on them and were only 1 behind in the Clausura.
The Copa Libertadores also started taking its toll on Belgrano with them losing 2 of their 3 games. The only one they won during that period was against Ferro in fact, so things started to look a bit better again.

We did ok in the next 5 match-ups starting with a win against Nuevo Chicago followed by two 0-0 draws against Boca and Argentinos (feeecking draws) and finished it off with a 2-0 win against River and a 1-0 win against Gimnasia (LP).

http://img404.imageshack.us/img404/4243/fixturesd.png (http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/404/fixturesd.png/)

Talking about River, they had an abyssmal Closing Stage. Having finished second a point behind Belgrano in the Apertura, they were now 15th having only picking up 15 points in 13 games.

Either way, Ferro and Belgrano continued to play decent but also dropped a few points here and there.

So with only 4 more games to play for us, the situation in Argentina was as follows:

http://img228.imageshack.us/img228/2413/clausura.png (http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/228/clausura.png/)

It looked like we were leading quite comfortably but we unfortunately weren't. With Ferro and Belgrano being a few games behind us, we could all 3 be on equal points if those 2 teams were to win their extra games.

Overall, we were still behind a bit with Belgrano who would only need 1 win in 3 games to tie with us.

http://img9.imageshack.us/img9/255/overallp.png (http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/9/overallp.png/)

Last but not least, I had a look at the average points ranking. We had the lead there, just ahead of Boca and Ferro. Belgrano wasn't contending due to their awful performance from 2 seasons ago.
Boca, having finished 3rd in the Opening Stage, was leading that ranking by a mile before playing the worst Clausura in Club history. They were still a few games behind having only played 11 matches in total but they did everything but impress in the ones they played so far, and found themselves last with a measly 8 points.

http://img526.imageshack.us/img526/3212/avggg.png (http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/526/avggg.png/)

Quite frankly, all this stuff was very confusing. I had absolutely no idea what you needed to do to a.) win the league in general and b.) get entry to the Copa Libertadores.
As of right now, I was looking to win the average point ranking and I was also hoping to win the Clausura. However, it seemed like my mediocre Opening Stage was gonna cost me the overall league title.
But anyway, since I didn't know how all this stuff works, I just decided to focus on the remaining 4 games and go from there.


Chapter XI - Allez les Bleus!

I sat on the plane to Paris and was about to decide who was going to be in the selected 25 for the upcoming European Championship Qualfiers.
We were a crazy good team and I would have to leave out some players who might have thought they are definately making the squad.
Platini had called a week earlier and told me that everything but qualifying for the EURO is a disgrace for the country.

I was going to play the same tactic with France as I was already playing with Independiente Mza. so I wouldn't need any Full-Backs again. So I cut 2 or 3 players from the squad and promoted another centreback and 2 midfielders instead.

We were drawn into Group 1 along with Denmark, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Faroe Islands. On paper it was a no-brainer that we were going to win that group and qualify.

Our first game was away at Hampden Park against Scotland. I didn't have a lot of time to get to know my players and practice tactics and all but it was a squad full of elite player who knew what to do.

Cut the long story short, we absolutely smashed the Scottish and won 6-0. Lone striker Guegan putting on a clinic with 3 goals.

We backed up that win with two 2-0 wins against Denmark and Northern Ireland in the following matches to cap off the year 2022 on a positive note.

The new year started with a game against Faroe Islands and they proved to be no opponent for us losing 4-0.

Last but not least, we were hosting Scotland at home and to my surprise, we lost!!
Scottish Goalie Anderson played the game of his life saving shot after shot and their striker used Scotland's only shot on target in the entire game to score and win 1-0.

Not bad :lol:, Credit where credit is due.

It didn't matter much though as we are still comfortably leading the group.

http://img163.imageshack.us/img163/6346/francer.png (http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/163/francer.png/)

Our star players are:

First and foremost, Fabien Guégan. He is one of the deadliest strikers worldwide and is leading all players in goals scored and average rating in the Euro qualifying phase.

http://img43.imageshack.us/img43/5205/guega.png (http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/43/guega.png/)

Also a very important player, Xavier Bernadet is leading all players in assists and his experience is very valuable to the team

http://img814.imageshack.us/img814/5373/bernadet.png (http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/814/bernadet.png/)

I could probably list all 11 here since they are that good but will refrain from doing that.

Highly notable is though that we have 3 players in our squad who earn their money in Argentina.
Ferro's Laurent Klein and Boca duo Samir Soler and Albert Badet have all firmly solidified their spot in the Starting XI.

Quite frankly, we are an absolute world class team and everything short of winning the EURO 2024 will be a disappointment.


Chapter XII - The Last Stand

Following our win against Gimnasia (LP), we had a week off. It was quite an interesting week though with Belgrano playing 2 games and Ferro playing one.

The first match-day saw Belgrano play against Huracan and Ferro play against Estudiantes (LP). Belgrano won their game but Ferro only drew. Tough break for Ferro's championship hopes.

Only 3 days later Belgrano had their next game, against Estudiantes (LP) as well. To my absolute delight, Estudiantes (LP) beat Belgrano 1-0!!
If we were going to win the league now, I would send a whole box of delicious Mendoza wine to La Plata.

Now we were up again and a victory away against Guillermo Brown would take us a long long way to lifting up the trophy a few weeks later.

Fuck my life, of course we didn't win but, you guessed it, drew. Despite leading early following Pascutti's goal, we conceded in the second half and only picked up a point. FEEEEEEEECK!!!

Ferro was playing a day later and despite being 1 man up for 2/3 of the game, they couldn't defeat the mighty Godoy Cruz. 1-1 for them as well.

Quite frankly, what a bunch of chokers were we all?? Everybody was dropping points like crazy and I actually had to check the table to see who was 4th and could stage an upset but Argentinos was too far away already.

However, all 3 teams managed to regain their composure shortly afterwards.
Belgrano won 3-2 against Banfield, we beat Arsenal de Sarandi 4-0 on the back of 2 Roberto Suarez goals and Ferro also managed to finally win a game again and did so away at Huracan.

Slowly but surely though, Belgrano's tough schedule showed its effects. Playing 4 games in 1 week was definately no fun for them, it was fun for us however as we were gonna meet them in the 4th game to decide the title.
Their premiership hopes had suffered a massive blow with a loss against Olimpo just 2 days before our game was to be held.

Nevertheless, this made them even more dangerous. Win the game against them and we pretty much bagged the Apertura. Lose though and the momentum shifts over to the other 2 teams.

I fielded my strongest XI and sent them out to become legends. Not before giving them my best Al Pacino impression though and telling them how important every fucking inch on that field was going to be today.


The game started with an absolute bang.

http://img15.imageshack.us/img15/9870/pascuttttt.png (http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/15/pascuttttt.png/)

Paaaaaaaaaaaaaaaascutti you fucking legend!!! Again he scores with a direct free kick in an important game. Cold as iiiiiiice!

Belgrano looked very tired, but even so, put up one hell of a fight and you couldn't say that any team was better that day. Nevertheless, no more goals were scored in the first half and we went to the locker room with a 1-0 lead.

The second half started as spectacularly as the first one.

http://img696.imageshack.us/img696/7228/goool.png (http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/696/goool.png/)

Gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooal. Raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaul Meeendez!!!

Mere minutes had been played in the second half and we scored again.

Belgrano was now in the ropes like a tired boxer. We didn't manage to deliver the knock-out punch though meaning scoring the third goal.

So come the 86th minute Belgrano scored and it was only 2-1 now. Nooooooooooo.

I feared the lucky punch but it didn't come and we won the game 2-1.

We eliminated Belgrano out of the championship race but Ferro was still there since they had won their game 2-0 at home.

We were leading the Apertura now with 38 points and 1 game left. Ferro was behind us with 34 points but 2 games left.
The team had it in their own hand but we still hadn't won.

Stranger things had happened in football...


Chapter XII - Don't Cry For Me Argentina

It was Wednesday, 3rd of May 2023. I was in my office preparing for our final game on the weekend and still had a smile on my face following the win against Belgrano. We not only picked up the 3 points, but we also set a new club record.

http://img515.imageshack.us/img515/2634/unbeaten.png (http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/515/unbeaten.png/)

Suddenly Yesica bursted into my office and yelled

Yesica: "Senor Inoz Senor Inoz, we did it!!"

Me: "Did what?"

Yesica: "We won the Clausura Senor Inoz!!!"

Me: "Are you serious??"

I turned on the tv and it was all over the news.

http://img577.imageshack.us/img577/4650/winqr.png (http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/577/winqr.png/)

I had completely forgotten that Ferro had a game today. I checked the results and saw that they lost against Nueva Chicago.

Unbelievable, we fucking won it. We heard that the supporters were heading to our stadium to celebrate the party of a lifetime.


We arrived there and it was magnificent. Everybody was singing and dancing and hugging each other because the small Independiente Rivadavia de Mendoza left all the big clubs behind to win the Clausura.

I got out of the car and the supporters lifted me up and carried me on their hands.

http://img98.imageshack.us/img98/3517/fanssn.png (http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/98/fanssn.png/)

I looked around and saw Sergio Pascutti being carried on hands as well. He was smoking a cigar and had a bottle of wine in his hand but I wasn't gonna say anything. We still had a game to play this season but this moment here was so awesome, I wasn't gonna spoil the fun.

The party continued all throughout the night and you could see people still going strong in the morning.

Mendoza was topsy-turvy.

We were to play our last game of the season a few days later. It was a home game against Independiente and most of my players still looked hung-over.
We finished it off with our favourite result. A draw.
Ferro lost their last game and the table looked as follows at the end.

http://img217.imageshack.us/img217/5074/endofseason1.png (http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/217/endofseason1.png/)

We also managed to just scrape in to lead the Overall League Table.

http://img40.imageshack.us/img40/4581/endofseason2.png (http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/40/endofseason2.png/)

We also kept our league in the Average Points Ranking.

http://img802.imageshack.us/img802/2572/endofseason3.png (http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/802/endofseason3.png/)


Here I was, sitting around in a random hotel room. The blinds weren't shut though and I wasn't drinking. I re-found my joie de vivre but quit Independiente on the look-out for new challenges.

I loved the team and the supporters but after this absolute climax a few days ago and all the parties, I didn't think I could do it all again.
As they say, repeating success is much harder than having success and I felt like the team would need a new manager who would introduce other ideas and philosophies.

So I quit on the 8th of May. Exactly a year after I was presented as new manager.
However, I made one last call before quitting. It was Laurent Klein I talked to and to my absolute delight, he wanted to stay at Independiente for good so I made Ferro an offer they couldn't refuse and signed him.

Anyway, I'd be lying if I say it's gonna be easy for my successor. There is a fair bit of work to do, especially with the Copa Libertadores games. But I had no doubt in my mind that CMSG Ltd. would bring in a manager who was just as good as I was...

I got up and wanted to quietly leave the room to go for breakfast. But when I was just about to open the door, I heard a voice:

Yesica: "Honey, let's have breakfast in bed today."

http://img196.imageshack.us/img196/2649/rsz06ytoscanini17.jpg (http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/196/rsz06ytoscanini17.jpg/)

Oh yeah, I forgot, the next manager would need a new secretary as well ;)




http://img821.imageshack.us/img821/7963/goalss.png (http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/821/goalss.png/)


http://img405.imageshack.us/img405/9462/asssgj.png (http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/405/asssgj.png/)

Average Rating:

http://img607.imageshack.us/img607/6061/aaaaakd.png (http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/607/aaaaakd.png/)

Future Transfers:

http://img843.imageshack.us/img843/7590/futured.png (http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/843/futured.png/)

Final Thoughts:

I had heaps of fun and the team is quite good. Quite frankly, the Argentine Premier League is very even. I had 15 draws this season and that wouldn't be enough to win most leagues in the world. But since the Primera Division is so even, it didn't even matter having a mediocre Opening Stage.

The defense is set. Klein, Iturrieta, Moreno etc. are all quality defenders. The next guy will need to buy full-backs though if he wants to play with 4 at the back. There is a fair bit of money in the bank and you'll get even more when the game updates. Plus heaps of guys are going to leave the team at the end of the season, so the wage bill will go down as well.

The midfield is ok. Ruben Suarez is a quality DMC. Fernandez on the left wing and Pascutti on the right wing are good players. Frank Warner also had a superb season as MC. Subrata Fernandes is wank. You will probably need an AMC. Leandreto played well there but his contract is expiring and I didn't extend it yet.

With Roberto Suarez being recalled, you will only have 1 striker. You will also need a goalie or two.

All in all, good luck and have fun


1. You must immediately terminate all loans and are not allowed to loan a single player all season.
2. Back to the roots: You must sign a player from Melilla and a player from Jeonbuk and play them all season (barring injury)
3. Establish Laurent Klein as new face of the team. Make him captain and play him in every game

08-06-12, 12:00 PM
Loving this update Pati...pure class mate.

08-06-12, 01:17 PM
Agreed. This looks really fun, and I'm loving the sexy secretario Yesica already. :hail:

Nice to see Ramon make an appearance too haha

Great signings also btw. I regret not making the restrictions harder for you now that Independiente Mza can have their pick of all the quality players in the land. Oversight on my part :[-(:

(I didn't touch training. I assumed they were all set on general, which probably explains why their attributes all plummeted during my stay lol. But you'll see I organized a revamp of the training facilities :) )

Looking forward to the conclusion.. good luck!

08-06-12, 01:26 PM
cheers mate. cant believe you went through the entire season with no training :lol:

restrictions are quite ok. there are only 7 or 8 indians in the entire db though. since watford didnt work, amc said just a player from any english lower league team would be fine.

this actually proved more difficult than the indian guy. next update will follow shortly.

08-06-12, 05:57 PM
chapter IV is up :ok:

08-06-12, 06:46 PM
Loving the story, though declining the Dutch and then taking on the French job tut tut :lol:

08-06-12, 08:38 PM
I have always been a friend of baguettes and I love Paris. Oui oui oui, I am gonna accept your offer."


08-06-12, 09:10 PM
Brilliant writing mate :ok: Did you really get offered the France and Holland job out of the blue?! :eek:

08-06-12, 10:50 PM
nah. I applied for the holland, france and belgium job. quite frankly, it was just for fun. considering we managed a south korean team and then a 2nd division argentinian team, i never expected to actually get to manage a big european national team. no idea why that happened.

funnily enough, belgium was the only one of the 3 who actually rejected me :lol:

08-06-12, 11:19 PM
Great stuff Pat, maybe as well as global club domination we can go for global international domination?!

09-06-12, 09:29 AM
definately. I didn't know at first if it was allowed managing a nation as well but I read the op and there was nothing being said against it. plus the eeijt did manage holland back in the first ptp as well.

I wont be able to go for international dominance myself but performing a certain way at the euro might be built into a restriction for the guys to come.

09-06-12, 11:50 AM
Great idea!

Yeah no problems at all in taking over a national side as well, and applying the restriction to the national side rather than the club side could be very interesting.

09-06-12, 02:00 PM
Chapter V up. Squad complete :ok:

09-06-12, 02:11 PM
Some great signings there mate, Ruben Suarez looks a star, and the non league player and definitely the Indian are probably the two best you could bring in.

09-06-12, 11:55 PM
finished the opening stage. i can tell you one thing: I went absolutely crazy at times.

10-06-12, 03:01 PM
Great write up Pati. :ok:

Bring on the silverware!

10-06-12, 09:19 PM
Pat has talked me into taking part in this so:


Cam F
10-06-12, 10:26 PM
Count me up next :ok:

... 'Carioca'

10-06-12, 10:33 PM
Great to have a couple more managers on board!

10-06-12, 11:02 PM
Great to have a couple more managers on board!

indeed :ok:

Chapter VI up!

11-06-12, 03:35 AM
Arrrgh.... my Watford restriction didn't work so you went and signed a guy from WATFORD'S BIGGEST RIVALS the Luton scum instead. Typical!!

Glad you stuck by capitano Montenegro. I became quite attached to him even though in the Clausura (closing stage) he seemed to go off the boil somewhat. I must say I'm thoroughly in favour of your team selection generally.

Good story so far, i'm enjoying it :tup:

11-06-12, 09:20 AM

I had no idea they were rivals. AMC told me i wasnt allowed to sign anybody playing for an epl, championship, league 1 and league 2 team. So I checked out the conference teams. Warner wasn't even my first choice. I wanted somebody else but again, I somehow even struggled attracting conference players.

11-06-12, 04:04 PM
I have a question...

Whenever I have been a National Team Manager, i have always then struggled to get another Domestic job, if i applied for one?

Has anyone else experienced this?

We may well be sacked as the france manager before moving on, but if we Win the World Club Cup with Indep. Mza. we may have to resign to get another job..
Just a thought, unless others know different...

11-06-12, 04:10 PM
doubt it. if any winning something with france will increase our rep.

11-06-12, 04:34 PM
i'm not sure, i just remember struggling to get a domestic job once i was a national boss.
we'll see

11-06-12, 11:39 PM
Chapter VII up :ok:

12-06-12, 10:07 AM
Can't say I've experienced having trouble getting a club job when national manager.

12-06-12, 10:32 AM
More Chapters than league games played!!! :slap:

Rules of the thread
-One post per season. You can make this post as long as you like but try to refrain from a complete match-to-match review.

12-06-12, 10:34 AM
:lol: kind of agree with that wato. Checking in to see what happens and then it's only pre season friendlies is a bit disappointing.

2 days to get the whole season done . . .

12-06-12, 10:42 AM
I was going to say get a wiggle on with only 2 days left, but wato makes a good point, and although it says make your post as long as you like, the match to match reports are a bit too much.

KUTGW though!

13-06-12, 07:58 AM
lads, i don't think i'd be the first to need a tiny tad longer with ptp. in fact, dermo himself needed 9 with his last write-up and i didn't see anybody banging on there about the 7. so while i am aware of the rules and respect them and will try to get it done within the 7 days, i am not sure that there is a need to nazi-like enforce the 7 days when a person is making an effort to create a semi-decent write-up.

plus it's not like i havent played the season yet and the thread's been absolutely dead for a week. it's actually been the opposite really.

i am uni and as always, dont have internet there. next write-up will be up tomorrow covering a longer period then.

will refrain from posting a detailed report for every match though and hurry up :ok:

13-06-12, 09:00 AM
:lol: Uve been Naz'id

edit: hold on, didnt Lo.Fi get banned for calling someone a Nazi :)

13-06-12, 10:00 AM
I wasnt being a Nazi over the 7 days...

more a fascist....

13-06-12, 11:38 AM
There's no problem mate, was just a reminder of how long you had left. As you said Derm and others have had a couple days extra, but all of them have asked me for an extension before their 7 days were up.

Can't wait for the update anyway!

13-06-12, 03:14 PM
Then I'd like to kindly ask to get a couple days extra too :)

even went to the fecking library today to post chapter VIII up. covers something like 7 or 8 games so its going forward :ok:

13-06-12, 03:18 PM
Extension granted till Saturday midnight, although you still appear to be posting match to match results, even if they aren't as detailed as before.

13-06-12, 05:34 PM
7 days exactly from when I received the save to when I posted :ok: 12th to 18th 7 days this side of GMT anyhow :)

Don't think anyone has issue with style or whatever Pat but at current rate it will take 3 weeks to complete (and you're own post the day before I received the save was to hurry up!). It's a bit different than those that get caught for time, when it's plainly obvious you have the time so it just looks like dragging it out is all. That's why I gave you the suggestion in CB of writing in Word of something since you don't have internet access - you'd only need to put the framework and pictures around it :ok:

Anyhow, get the lead out and don't get relegated :lol:

13-06-12, 07:26 PM
:lol: chapter VIII :lol:

14-06-12, 06:15 PM

15-06-12, 10:35 AM
chapter IX up. opening stage finished.

15-06-12, 10:59 AM

U mentioned that u are only 6 points behind the league winner and can catch that up next season.
But the overall table position doesnt matter. You can finish top overall after 38 games but u dont win the league. You have to win one of the opening or closing titles...

But it is the Average points that matter to get into the Copa Libertadores which we need to get into eventually.
Although you mite be in it with what Lo.Fi did.. not 100% sure though. It starts in Jan or Feb, so u shud know by then.

But on average points to get into Copa Libertadores we probably need to be in the top 3 or 4..

Just so you know..

nice 1.
Come on England..

Come on Independiente Mza.


15-06-12, 11:19 AM
what? :lol:

i dont get it. i'd have thought i have to win the league table overall. who wins the entire thing then if it aint the team leading the 38 games league table at the end? the opening stage winner? the closing stage winner? the avg points team (though isnt that the same as the 38 games league table, if you got the most points at the end, you also got the highest pts / game ratio.

p.s. i aint in copa lib. already past february.

15-06-12, 11:24 AM
In Argentina, to win the league, u either win the opening stage or the closing stage..

The 38 game season is just to decide relegation...

I think that the winners of the opening and closing stage get into the copa libertadores, or u have to finish in the top 2 or 3 teams in the average table, which is over 3 seasons, not 38 games...

hope this helps!
From wiki..

The 20 teams play two single round-robin tournaments each year: the Apertura from August to December and the Clausura from February to June. The format for each is identical and each crowns a national champion.

Relegation is based on an averaging system. At the end of each season, the two teams with the worst three-year averages are relegated.
The teams placed 17th and 18th in the average table play in a promotion/relegation playoff. Thus, the number of teams promoted each year varies between two and four. Newly-promoted teams only average the seasons since their last promotion.

Copa Libertadores:
The places of Copa Libertadores are allocated to the champions of Apertura and Clausura of the previous season, as well as the three best teams which have gained the highest number of points considering the combined table of Apertura and Clausura, besides the two champions.

15-06-12, 11:31 AM
strange shit. only got 7 / 8 games left to play anyway. I'll see what happens.

15-06-12, 04:16 PM
Cheers for clearing that up wato.

Pat you still appear to be posting match-to-match details! For the closing stage can you make sure you don't do this please!

Many thanks and best of luck with bringing in recruitments and the closing stage!

16-06-12, 12:28 AM
Anyway, get a move on Patinoz. Your writing is great, but writers have to stick to deadlines and brevity is clearly not in your dictionary. Still I trust in you to have a full write up tomorrow. Go Independiente Mza and come on and win the Clausura! (i reckon it's still possible knowing the randomness of the game and how i came back from obscurity to nearly win the thing)