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29-11-15, 07:49 PM
2010/11 turned out to be a disappointing season. Well, disappointing to me anyway, I'm sure a lot of the Carlisle fans would be quite happy with 3rd place in the league, a League Cup trophy and going out against Milan in the CL quarter finals. I'm not sure what went wrong, it was just not quite good enough all over the place, while Leeds were still very strong and Chelsea a lot stronger than last season.

I did a couple of signings in the summer, and was quite happy with how the squad looked.
Yepes and Given were about as good as I had expected, and I think they did well enough for a title winning team, but Choutos wasn't the new Vasilyuk I had hoped him to be. 31 goals in 46 games isn't bad, but using only one striker I need more from him than that, so I'm probably going to sign a new one in the summer. Tacchinardi was signed as backup when Keith Andrews fucked his ankle and was ruled out for 5 months, and did ok but his stamina dropped fast and is down at 4 now so he's not an option anymore. Trying to sell him on in the summer again.
My backs weren't performing well enough so I bought Hertzsch who did pretty well but not amazing. Henrik Kristensen is homesick so he'll be sold in the summer, and Adolfsson is 35 now and had a poor season so he's also transfer listed.

The only player I'm really satisfied with is Oliveira, he's possibly the best £10k I've ever spent. Not as good this season as last year, but still a good season.
Mendonca, Jensen, Roy, Schrøder and Palumbo did fairly well in midfield, but not quite title winning-well. Roy at 23 and Palumbo at 21 are only getting better and better though, so I expect more from them next season. Mendonca is for some reason shocked that I don't treat him as a first team regular, despite missing something like 2 games when he hasn't been injured, and with 55 games playing more than anyone except Yepes.

Shopping list for the summer: 2 DMCs coming in at the end of May when the transfer window opens, a young and very promising DRL also coming in then, and I'm trying to sign 2 more backs and am looking for a striker.

01-12-15, 05:47 PM
I recently started a career with Marseille with the october update.

I bought one player at the start. I wanted a striker on the bench but couldn't really find anybody. So I took Al-Soma, not knowing if he would be a starter.
I'm now in february, we are 3rd, and in the end I put Batshuayi and Al-Soma both on the pich (only since 4-5 games). And during winter, I bought Van Rhijn because he was transfer listed
So this is going pretty good.

01-12-15, 07:46 PM
@Pegster; some way off in the league there points wise. Did the cups get in way of your primary goal?

01-12-15, 09:13 PM
The 2011/12 season has been an eventful one, with much more transfer activity than I had anticipated. First the summer transfers, which went pretty much as expected and which I am mostly happy with:
Out went 3 players of note:
Henrik Kristensen to Brøndby for £1.4M; he had a few good seasons at the club and started to get homesick during the last season. Nice for him to finish his career home in Denmark.
David Romo's contract ran out and he left, he was an important player for us in 0708 and 0809 when we had back to back promotions from the 2nd division to the Premier League, but he wasn't quite good enough to make it at the top level and hasn't played much the last two years.
Alessio Tacchinardi retired, but he was out of my plans anyways as he had no stamina. I support his decision to retire.
A few reserve players also left as their contract ran out, but they had either only played one game long ago or not at all. I considered replacing my third keeper when he left but with two grey keepers with better stats than him I didn't think it was important and I haven't regretted that so far.

Four players were brought in, for a total sum of £18.65M, which is far more than earlier seasons. I think it was money well spent, though.
First in the door when the transfer window opened on 31 May was a versatile player I knew from his and my days at Burnley. From Arsenal for £1.3M:

He was joined on the same day by two more players. From Middlesbrough for £4.1M and from Brøndby for £4M respectively:


I then made my third attempt at finding a top class striker for the club, and this time I was successfull. Had to pay a bit for him, though. From Deportivo for £9.25M:


Expensive signing for such a relatively small club, but with a goal a game in the league I'd definitely say he was worth every penny and three or four times that too. His average rating is insane too, the next player in the league is a Man Utd defender with 7.88.

Guayre looked very promising when I signed him, but having learnt from last sumer when I thought I had bought a new Vasilyuk but hadn't, I tried to snatch Crespo as backup when he became a free agent, as he still looked very good. There is however no reasoning with the infamous British Home Office so I don't know why I was surprised by this:


I was happy with my signings and my new striker looked wonderful, so I figured this could be a nice season with a good chance at winning the league without too much trouble.
My players wanted everything else than a nice season. One after one they started talking about wanting out and disliking eachother and generally spreading unhappiness all over the place. Mendonca claimed he didn't get to play already last season, but until now I figured he'd just been joking, after all he played 2nd most of all. He kept being unhappy about not playing while playing this season, and when bids came for him he started being unhappy about not being allowed to leave. After securing replacements I sold him to Rangers for £10.25M.
Then Eric Roy told a newspaper he wanted to go to some random club or other, and then Daniel Jensen did the same, and when Jensen's contract became unprotected and he refused to sign a new one, Leeds came for him and when the transfer window opened in December he went to them for 2.4M.
To top it off, Goncalo Oliveira suddenly wanted to leave, and became more and more angry when I at first didn't want to sell him. He also had a fight with Mendonca, apparently. I bought replacements, dumped him in the reserves and sold him to Sheffield Wednesday at the end of December for 900k.

Former first keeper, now backup keeper Wilburt Need also refused to sign a new contract when his became unprotected, and Wednesday snatched him from me too. I snatched Roy Carroll from Ipswich as replacement backup goalie.

December thus saw 4 important squad members out the door. Thankfully there were replacements to be had:

From 1. FC Köln for 4.9M:

From Getafe for £2M:

From Lille for £7.25M:

From Anderlecht for £2M:

And finally, from Ipswich, paying 1.3M to buy him out of his contract:

Now for the important thing: The league!
The season started decent but not outstanding, a double win against Roma in the Champions League where we qualified with ease from the first group stage was a highlight of the first few months. Liverpool and Man Utd took turns at the top with Leeds and us just behind them, while last year's winner Chelsea had a bad transfer summer and were trailing behind the top four. A 5-1 win away against Sunderland on 26 November saw Carlisle at the top of the table for the first time of the season, and we have stayed there since, Liverpool 12 points behind as of March 10th with 9 games to go. This looks promising.
I am very glad I have a good lead on the competition though, as Guayre was just ruled out for three months with a torn groin muscle and won't be back in full training until june, and Choutos is also out for a few more weeks with a twisted ankle. The most annoying thing about that is that Guayre was rested in the game he was injured (a CL game against Real Madrid) but Dean Shiels was getting tired so I put him on midway through the 2nd half. he lasted about 13 minutes before injuring himself for the rest of the season.

Anyways, 12 points ahead with 9 games to go, it's all ours to lose now!


01-12-15, 11:39 PM
Started a new game with the view to switching clubs and nations fairly regularly. Decided to get myself and decent rep first and took over Ajax. Won League and UEFA Cup double in season one. Bought in the usual suspects to like Al-Soma and Sidney Sam (didn't play much). The team is brim full of quality so only added a bit here and there.

Will be leaving them in good shape as I've signed a lot of top youngsters to add to the bucket loads that are already there. I've also tied the very top players like Cillessen, Bazoer, Veltman, El Ghazl and Klaassen to big minimum fee release deals.

Now it's time to look for a new job in a new country.

02-12-15, 05:59 PM
First season with Marseille is over! And I'm happy with it!

With a custom tactic (I'm bad at making tactic), I was 3rd for the most part of the season. At the 33rd game, I beat PSG (2nd) and I have now played as much game as Lyon (1st), and I have more points! So I'm first. I play Lille for the last game, a win is enough, and we get it! So we end up first. I don't know how PSG let that one slip. They finish 3rd! They probably spent too much energy in the Champion's League, which they lost in the final.
In the 2 national cups, we reached the semies, where we lost to PSG and Toulouse (4th in league). I played an hybrid team in the cups (starters, benchers, youngsters).

I was also playing the UEFA Cup. The first draw wasn't easy (Southampton) but then we got Belenenses. Next one was Dortmund, and they killed us 2-0 on the second leg. But we had won the first leg 3-0 so we were through. And other german team next, Augsburg. Easy win 8-1 and we're on quarter-finals, against Stoke. 2 new wins and we are against a third german side, Hoffenheim. First leg as enough, 4-0, and we're in the final! Tottenham is a strong side and the game is really balanced but it's a penalty shoot-out. Al-Soma almost cost us its outcome, but in the end, we win 6-5 on PKs!

Honestly, 3 weeks before the end of the season, I was in semi of UEFA and 3rd in the league, and I was very happy with these results. Was not expecting such an end of season!

Individually, my CDMs were aweomse (Lass Diarra, Diaby & Lucas Silva). Batshuayi score 25 and assisted 12 in 50 games and he is 2nd best scorer in the league and 3rd in assists. Al-Soma scored 26 in 27(15) games. Ocampos and Alessandrini were amazing.
My defense sometimes let me down. My CDMs did so well, they covered what my DCs didn't do. N'Koulou particularly, he is supposed to be the anchor and he finished the season on the bench.
The one player that suprised and pleased me is Boutobba, 17, from the youth squad! 12(14) games, 10 goals, 5 assists. I have nice hopes in him!

For the new season, I already have some nice things coming! Lucas Silva will join permanently, Kabasele will join for free and Ntep will come as he was unhappy. Very happy with these signings.

02-12-15, 06:27 PM
Don't know how Crespo didn't get a work permit for you Pegster, just as well it hasn't effected you too much.

03-12-15, 11:51 AM
Beats me as well, I guess he didn't play regularly enough for the national team any more, or misspelt his uncle's middle name in a form or something.

Anyways, finished the season, and even with more attacker injuries - both Choutos and Shiels were out for a few weeks each leaving me without a pure attacker in the squad - we had little trouble keeping ahead. We also won the League Cup final for the second consecutive year, but lost 1-0 to Chelsea in the FA Cup Final. Champions League participation ended after the 2nd group game where Real Madrid and Porto proved too strong.


Guayre was out for the last three months of the season, but he did enough to get some well earned recognition before that:


Resigned from the club and started looking for a D job, which might take a while. October now and no jobs so far, only job offer was from Millwall and they'll have to wait in line. Last in the Premier League with a 41M transfer budget sounded tempting though, I have to admit that.

03-12-15, 02:23 PM
What are the options? Doncaster, Derby, erm, Daventry? Dagenham & Redbridge?

03-12-15, 03:06 PM
Currently in the league are Derby, Doncaster, Dagenham & Redbridge and Dorchester. Dover and Darlington have been relegated from Conference and might pop in again at some point.

03-12-15, 04:24 PM
Dorchester would be a good challenge.

03-12-15, 04:48 PM
I'm hoping for them (but will take the first one that comes, of course), as I had a good save with them on FM09 once, and it would be fun to play from the bottom. I think my favourite teams from the last time I did this are Folkestone and King's Lynn, both teams that were promoted into Conference after a while where I could take them all the way from the bottom.

04-12-15, 08:08 PM
A year later and still no job, though Fulham offered me one and I guess they were closer to getting a "yes" than Millwall were. Chelsea won the league again, Carlisle finished 15th, and I'm not exactly sure what the new manager John Collins is doing to/with José Guayre but it's certainly not good!


04-12-15, 08:09 PM
Not good mate, why did you resign and not just stay at Carlisle till one came up?

05-12-15, 06:10 PM
To speed things up, much quicker playing a year and a half without a club than with a club :p.

Anyways, I have a new job, and again it's a different club from last time when I had Derby at D.



A club I have very little experience managing, but which it fits well that I manage as my first name is Dag. Just outside the play-off spots in 2nd division, with instructions to stay clear of relegation. The squad doesn't look too good but it's ok and with a few good signings promotion should be doable this year with some luck.

05-12-15, 07:56 PM
Nice one.

You say Dag and I hear "d'you like dags?"
Memory's a bit hazy but I think Brad Pitt in Snatch.

06-12-15, 02:06 PM
Never heard that one before... :D
Brad Pitt, yeah. Great movie!

08-12-15, 10:22 AM
Nice work Pegster, onwards and upwards now. How does the club look financially? Are they in the shit or do you think you can straighten them out?

08-12-15, 07:48 PM
Season two complete and my god, what a clusterfuck of a season. I signed far too many foreign players too soon and completely ruined the balance of my team. As a result every game was a fight for points and we ended the season in 8th place. Over the summer I'm going to have a massive clear out and get some players who fit the correct moulds. On a positive note though we did win the Spanish cup!


Damn I'm finding this difficult! A big overhaul in the offseason saw nine players leave whilst two new faces were recruited. I still had my issues with having too many foreign players to begin with but towards the end of the season a lot of them gained Spanish as their second nationality which meant I was able to be more flexible with my team selection. We placed one place worse than last season (9th) and I have a lot of players moaning about us underachieving...


I did experiment with a new formaiton this season as I wanted to try to create a new tactic that I hadn't used before but... it wasn't great.

11-12-15, 07:13 AM
Finally Mansfield got his golden page in European football


Kenny Dalglish's Smile
11-12-15, 08:51 AM
Shocking league cup record

11-12-15, 05:45 PM
Shocking league cup record

I swear every year I play against the same two teams at League Cup and one of them knock me out. Either I play Southampton and Szczesny super-keepers me or i face Aston Villa and Benteke destroys me :(

14-12-15, 03:15 AM
who killed JFK????? :suspicious:

http://i.imgur.com/ux5fKj6.png (http://imgur.com/ux5fKj6)

scored all of his goals vs me, including this vital goal in the 94th minute to win the league for Chelsea. A draw was good enough for my 1st title....:puke:

http://i.imgur.com/5SZFKUP.png (http://imgur.com/5SZFKUP)

A few days later he scores during normal time and hits the winning penalty in CL final!!! :nono:

http://i.imgur.com/FnahyFU.png (http://imgur.com/FnahyFU)

So I fucking killed Kenedy :smash:

14-12-15, 07:22 AM
Nice. I assume you moved Rangers into the English league so they could play proper football? [emoji14]

14-12-15, 04:44 PM
Nice. I assume you moved Rangers into the English league so they could play proper football? [emoji14]

Yup the Old Firm now ground-shares Wembley and batters the English on their own holy turf!

14-12-15, 09:54 PM
Nice work Pegster, onwards and upwards now. How does the club look financially? Are they in the shit or do you think you can straighten them out?

Finances are ok, almost a million in the green, but very little transfer funds and much higher wages than the income can handle in the long run. Trying to sell off a lot of players but they're not good enough for anyone to want :p

Don't really have the squad to use my (in this save) preferred 4-2-1-2-1, but I'm sticking to it regardless. Mid-february now and I'm 8th, was in the play-off spots for a short while but have had too many losses recently. Promotion is still fully possible, via play-offs, but far from certain. It's nice having some difficulties getting up again after getting promoted a bit too easily with the last clubs!

16-12-15, 04:33 AM
If you can't beat em, buy em.

This lad Kenedy has now scored in 3 successive CL finals for the winning team - twice for Chelsea and once for me

http://i.imgur.com/DzO2kEy.png (http://imgur.com/DzO2kEy)

16-12-15, 09:05 PM
Finished the 2013/14 season, and no great success was achieved. Ended 10th, 5 points outside of the play-off spots, after a bumpy half year in charge. Was 5th at some point, but too many losses meant that promotion will have to wait.



The squad is weak, and needs strengthening in pretty much every area just to be good enough for promotion. I've signed a few players on free transfer, but they've not been overly impressive. The wage bill is also way too high, I've lost almost a million since taking over in November, bank balance is down from somewhere around 1.3M to just over 300k. More than half of the players are transfer listed, and some contracts are running out in the summer, but I expect to see red numbers in the autumn. Signings will be limited to getting players into the areas I really need them until the finances are sorted out.
This was my best performing DMC, promoted from the reserves to the first team in the spring because my two of my other three DMs were utter rubbish, and the one who wasn't was needed at left back most of the time. His attributes are everything but impressive:

I've signed two full backs and two defensive midfielders in June, hoping to add one or two attacking midfielders to the squad before the next season starts, but with no funds it's difficult to find quality, and I don't expect any of the signings I've done to be more than just temporary solutions.

16-12-15, 09:09 PM
Sounds like your biggest challenge yet on the save mate, I'm sure once you've sort the finances out and got the squad you want you'll soon be heading up the leagues.

16-12-15, 09:14 PM
I enjoy being challenged a bit instead of the easy ride up it was with Burnley and Carlisle. :)

Also, I hope the board will invest some in expanding the stadium. Currently it's a 6000 capacity stadium with 1012 seats, a bigger one would pay back in ticket sales soon I think.


Also, I forgot how much TV money there is even in the lower divisions in England, just got 2.5M and my transfer funds are at 1.7M. Should be able to get some better quality then, there's been some decent-looking players found by my scouts that have been too expensive with their valuations being set at several thousand pounds :p

17-12-15, 11:31 PM
Started a new game with the view to switching clubs and nations fairly regularly. Decided to get myself and decent rep first and took over Ajax. Won League and UEFA Cup double in season one. Bought in the usual suspects to like Al-Soma and Sidney Sam (didn't play much). The team is brim full of quality so only added a bit here and there.

Will be leaving them in good shape as I've signed a lot of top youngsters to add to the bucket loads that are already there. I've also tied the very top players like Cillessen, Bazoer, Veltman, El Ghazl and Klaassen to big minimum fee release deals.

Now it's time to look for a new job in a new country.

The plan was to go to a semi decent size club, not a current big club. Maybe a big club that's a bit of sleeping giant like Villa or Hertha. Not much going on in terms of jobs though.

Then one caught my eye. One of the Seven Sisters from the glory days of Serie A - Parma. The club had been pretty much wiped out due to bankruptcy after years of mismanagement (what else was going to happen with a squad of nearly 130 professional players). The new owners had steadied things and the club had gotten out of Serie D at first attempt. We only would only have 20 players to start with.

So 4 leagues to transcend to get Parma back where they belong with the ultimate goal being to 95 and 99 Cup Winners Cup teams and win the Europa League, and not the Champions League. And being a bit seasonal and my love of Parma ham, we are going to have to win the Europe league with 5 ham/pig themed players (Bacon, Ham, Trotter etc.)

Anyhow, time to clear out the dross, get the balance in the green and get out of Serie C2/A where we are joined by other fallen giants like Piacenza, Padova, Ancona & Messina. Giants as in they have had all had a decent stint in Serie A at some stage only to run into financial trouble.

Time to bring the home the bacon to the Tardini

17-12-15, 11:35 PM
Nice job mate, will be nice to see Parma back challenging at the top of the Italian game.

17-12-15, 11:48 PM
Gonna try for the old values and systems too. 442 diamond back in the days of Veron, Cannavaro, Buffon and Crespo. Just a shame it's the black and white kit and not the yellow and blue

18-12-15, 07:36 AM
I know a man who could adjust that in the editor...

18-12-15, 09:13 AM
I know one or two also but I'm in season 2 so it would still be the white and black kit :ok:

18-12-15, 09:15 AM
I was going to say when you're back in Serie A get the blue and yellow back.

18-12-15, 10:15 AM
Editing anything always taints a game for me.

Instead of diamond I've gone for some ODB memories and using 4132 default.

21-12-15, 10:09 PM
First season at Parma went well. Struggled early on but that was due to the shockingly bad players we had. Spent most of the my budget on Themba Zwane

http://i898.photobucket.com/albums/ac186/Lowskys/Zwane_zpsrc5ucu2t.jpg (http://s898.photobucket.com/user/Lowskys/media/Zwane_zpsrc5ucu2t.jpg.html)

Money well spent I think you'll agree. Most teams from Latin countries have a trequartisti or fantasisti as main attacking midfielder or number 10, my teams playing 4132 have a Riquelme after the great man (central of 3 MC's). Zwane filled that role for us and absolutely killed it. Shame I didn't have a bigger minimum fee release but he did lead us to a comfortable promotion. We got a 34yr Cristian Zaccardo who stabilized the defense. Angolan Dominique Kivuvu was the pick of the rest. Not much else to report about the squad. Decent for Serie C2, most will be out the door over the summer if we can generate some funds.

Hopefully we'll pick up some decent old timers on freebies over the summer and be competitive in Serie C1.

21-12-15, 10:17 PM
Some good updates so far lads keep them coming.

Nice to see you reviving Parma Dermo, a nice little challenge for you.

Pegster, good work with Dag&Red so far. Looks like you've got a good season ahead of you.

26-12-15, 08:00 PM
Only a few months played since last week since I've been busy with work and also have played a bit on other saves, but here's an update from January 2015, and it's not going very well.


Until the season update I had little money, but season tickets and TV money gave my finances a boost so I was able to sign players and paying for them rather than just getting freebies. That didn't mean I was able to sign players that would do a good job, and out of the 7 first team players I signed in the summer, only one has performed acceptably. He's not been anything more than acceptable, though, and I'm not sure I think he was worth the £110k I spent to get him to London from Canon Yaoundé.


The season started decently, and we were just outside the play-off spots for a while, but after going without a league win from the middle of October to early January we've been closer to relegation than promotion lately.

Things are looking like they might be improving, though, and I've made three signings that I am quite happy with so far, especially the Icelandic striker whom I signed in October on a free transfer.


Arriving in mid-November from Greek side Ethnikos for £30k was this defender:

And the final signing of 2014, from French side Istres for £45k, primarily bought as a defensive midfielder:

Montero started poorly with a rating of 6 in his first two games, but has since improved and I think he will be an important part of the team for the remainder of the season.

The rest of the squad is not performing at the level they should, with a couple of exceptions. Last year's 3rd choice goalkeeper, who also started as 3rd choice this season after I sold one and bought a new one, was given a chance due to injuries and bans, and he has taken it well and is now my first choice. His attributes says that he shouldn't be, but his performances says that he should.


Finances are one of the few things that are going decent this season, currently just over £2M in the bank with 1.1M to spend on transfers. wages are still much higher than the income though, and the higher quality players I am attempting to sign now have higher demands than the players I signed last season and in the summer generally had.

Overall I'm obviously not happy with how the season has progressed, but I think we're about to turn it around, finally started winning again and won at home against Tamworth and 4-1 away at QPR before losing away to 1st placed Blackburn in our last three games. I don't think there's any chance of promotion this year, though, at least not while sticking to the tactic I've used throughout the save, which I plan on doing. I haven't put many restrictions on myself, but I stick to that tactic and only sign players that my scouts find. It's good enough to win the league anyways, with a good enough team. :)

27-12-15, 01:54 PM
Finished the season, ended up closer to promotion than relegation but the season was a long way from being successful.


Tempting players are few and far between, so summer signings were limited to a new right back and a defensive midfielder who can also play as a right back. Neither look overly impressive, but they are better than the ones I replaced, I believe. Skulason wants to move to a bigger club, but I denied his request to be transfer listed for now at least; I need to keep the few quality players I have. Thankfully he doesn't have a release clause, so I'll keep him until I feel I can let him go.

I'll most likely buy several players throughout the season as my scouts find new potential improvements and I see where I most need to make replacements, but I'm a bit worried about the size of the squad now. 46 players in the squad, and only around 20 of them are in the first team squad or promising youngsters. No one wants to buy my reserves (understandably), so I can't buy many more without getting rid of some first.

I'm hoping for play-offs this season, but it will be difficult. My goal for the season is to compete for play-offs. My board wants to avoid relegation so there shouldn't be any danger of losing the job, at least.

29-12-15, 02:48 PM
I'm actually playing a rather strange and silly project :

- Each season, I take control of the two teams promoted to NI First.
- Then I randomly pick three handicaps out of a list of more than seventy. They range from benign (only short pass, no wingers...) to rather problematic (no physio, only loans...). Of course, some combinations are harsher than others. Or impossible.
- After this, I try to fill the team with enough not too badly skilled players before the season's start.
- Finally I must find a tactic to fulfil the handicaps and allowing me to align the "best" players I found. And I can't never change it after.

The goal ? Just doing my best to improve the teams, considering their initial state (often full of grays and without budget) and the handicaps. I will get fired, I will get relegated, but so far I enjoy this weird experiment. I just hope I'll never have to manage 16 teams at the same time !

Call me a fool.

Treated Unfairly
29-12-15, 08:46 PM

Just started a new game with Barry Town on old database, 3.9.60 I think it is. My aim is to win the champions league and club world cup with free transfer players from nations with the lowest fifa rankings. Im playing with all leagues in the background with Wales league active and maximum database.

As with the EU work permit thingy, getting players from the likes of New Caledonia and Vanuatu is going to prove difficult so its going to have to be San Marinese, Andorrans and Liechtensteiners with the odd Icelandic and Faroe Islands player being snapped up too. From previous experience this will mean a lot of wheeling and dealing but I think it can be done.

Barry Town are champions in 01/02, but they hardly have any players, god knows how they won it. Also. the AI has decided to start me off with first team striker Matt Davies injured for 9 months with damaged cruciate ligaments.

I like a squad consisting of 10 defenders, 10 midfielders and 6 strikers, and never start anyone under 96% fit so I think its going to be a transitional first season.

Before the season started I made some signings :

Yves Schaak, 19, Luxembourger, DM LC
Marcel Welscher, 19, Luxembourger, DM C
Juli Sanchez, 23, Andorran, S C
Uni Arge, 21, Faroe Islands, F RLC
Marc Welscher, 19, Luxembourger, M C
Petr Marzer, 23, Liechtenstein, F RLC
Kristian Selnaes, 21, Faroe Islands, DM LC
Agusto Pol, 24, Andorran, M C
Alfonso Calvet, Andorran, D L

This brought my squad to my preferred size and I started the season with no unhappy players.

First games Levski of Bulgaria in the CL qualifier 2nd stage, we had already beaten Triesenberg of Liechtenstein in round 1 before I joined. They beat us 2-1 on aggregate, my team was knackered and we were a bit unlucky in the home leg.

By November I was fifth in the league still 4 points from the leaders, we had qualified from the league cup group as winners but we were crap in the premier cup group and were bottom of the group with two games to play.

A few players had become unhappy, some asking for new contracts, some had already lost confidence in my ability.

On the transfer list went :

James Jenkins, 22, Welsh, D/DM L had been at club for 2 years and played 32 times last season, but he wanted a new contract so he's a gonner to LLangefni Town for a nice 24k

Mike Flynn, 21, Welsh (called up for u21's but didnt make first team), AM R, had scored 15 goals for us last year but he was being greedy asking for new contract so hes gone to Scunthorpe for a nice 80k transfer fee.

Yves Schaak, 19,Luxembourger (No caps, unsurprisingly) , DM LC, scored 1 goal in 10 appearances,0 assists, 6.4 average rating, £180 quid a week,then after only being at the club 2 months he decides he's lost confidence in my abilty. He's a gonner as soon as I can find a buyer. Hes in the reserves with personal problems. Useless wanker.

Gary Lloyd, 30, Welsh, D LC, had been a key member of the squad for 3 years, possibly more, his history only went back until 1998, however in 8 appearances he was playing crap and had lost confidence in my abilty. Hes still moaning in the reserves waiting to for someone to cough up 16k. Please somebody take him.

So it was time for some more signings to get the squad up to full quota. In on free transfers came :

Adrian Grima, 20, Maltese, AM C
Toni Lima, 31, Andorran (18 caps1 goal), D LC
Jesmond (yes, really) Cardona, 33, Maltese (2 Caps), F RL
Elis Kodra, 20, Albanian/English, (now capped at under 21s for Albania), DM RL
Johnny (so crap they named him..err..once), 27, Andorran (1 cap), D C

All 3, yes all 3 San Marinese players in the whole game currently have clubs. I have them shortlisted and hopefully some new ones will generate in the future.

Midway through December we were top of the league and into the League cup final where we would face Flexys Cefn Druids in January.

Then, my central defender came back from injury and thought he could get a new contract. Not likely pal. Onto the transfer list went :

Lee Phillips, 23, Welsh, D RC, Joined the club previous summer and made 31 appearances during title winning season. Made 15 appearances for me and was quite solid but i'll be the one to decide when he gets a new contract. So for that he's gone to Blackpool for 85k, which is helping to get my finances in check. We are only 140k in the red now.

Then our form kind of dipped a bit as I bedded in the new guys, thus another defender became unhappy and felt the media were being too critical of him. Im sorry buddy but if you can't handle the pressure of playing for a top welsh club, you're not for me. On the transfer list went :

Kenny Brown, 34, English, Sweeper/D RLC (He was very useful), again another stalwart of the title winning side, 34 appearances but he hasnt been great for me, 24 apps, no goals or assists and I need players who can handle the pressure. Currently listed for 16k.

Again, I needed reinforcements of the free variety. In came :

Chris Vella, 19, Maltese, Sweeper C

We won the welsh league cup on penalties after a 1-1 draw, that will do nicely but our league form slumped and after 27 league games we are stuck in 5th. Doesnt look like we'll qualify for Europe this year but the board are pleased that i've built a rapport with the fans.

More players became unhappy after our dip in form. On the transfer list went :

David Forde, 22, Irish, GK, Signed from Galway Utd just before I took over. Played 6 games let in 7 goals then lost the number 1 jersey avg 6.83 rating, then lost confidence in my abilty. Arsehole. Sold to Monaghan Utd for a nice 30k.

Marc Welscher, 20, Luxembourger, M C. The more difficult Welscher twin lost confidence in my abilty after making 6 apps 6.00 avg rating no goals no assists. Absolute shithouse. £180 quid a week to boot. In the reserves and listed for 7k. may be a while before anyone dares to take a chance on him. He can rot in the reserves. Bell-end.

In on a free came :

Alfonso Sanchez, 26, Andorran, GK

Roderick (Pffft!!) Camilleri, 19, Maltese, M R

When my first choice keeper Matt kiellor, 21, Australian, got sent off and banned Sanchez promptly made 2 appearances, 1 as sub and let in 4 goals avg 6.5 rating. He then lost confidence in my ability !!! What a prick. So.......

Alfonso Sanchez, 26, Andorran, GK, £110 a week. Rotting in the reserves, can be bought for no less than 7k.

In on a free came :

Michael Oehry, 35, Liechtenstein (No caps), GK

Oehry has grabbed his chance straight away avg 7.71 in 7 appearances. He has the number 1 jersey.

So we finished the season in 5th. (bloody loads of injuries throughout the season including broken leg and rehab for Andrew York, 34, Welsh, D RC, which didnt help my defence, hope the injury retires him so I can rebuild the defence)

League Cup winners on pens vs Flexys Cefn Druids after a 1-1 draw.

Premier Cup finished bottom of Group B with 3 points.

Welsh Cup knocked out in 3rd round on pens by Rhyl after 1-1 draw.

Champions League knocked out by Levski Sofia 2-1 in 2nd qualifier

I will soon be starting season 2 so watch this space for further updates.

Oh and my best player was Kristian Selnaes ,22, Faroe Islands (3 caps), DM LC, £180 a week, Value 100k ,who is brilliant. Avg for season 7.57 11 goals 14 assists, 7 MOM awards

Thanks all

29-12-15, 09:45 PM
Kristian Sælnes is a classic, he's usually decent and it appears to be completely random what nationality he has! I've seen him both as Soviet Union and Czechoslovakia, I think.

29-12-15, 09:59 PM
Started with Paris FC. I havent set myself many restrictions other than no wib/wob tactic. I want to be the Parisien version of Man City. I am the Noisy neighbour!

This is my current tactic which will evolve as seasons go on when my squad becomes bigger and has players able to fit various positions. Right now though this is the best fit for a rather sleek squad.

Managed to sign 3 freebies - Darcy Blake D/DM RC, Ondrej Mazuch DC and Lucien Aubey DLC.. Also have brought in one striker on loan as current options were poor.


Currently 4th after 7 games. W4 D2 L1. F19 A10

Found this guy in my reserves who is the main striker.. If he continues this kinda form then may struggle to hold onto him come season end..


Treated Unfairly
29-12-15, 10:05 PM
Cheers. I knew positions changed randomly but not nationalities. First time i've ever bought him on cm 0102 and he's been a great free signing.

29-12-15, 10:21 PM
Interesting-looking tactic, that, and a rather promising-looking striker! Make sure he doesn't have a release clause, those are easy to forget and they're always exploited when you least want it.

Treated Unfairly
29-12-15, 10:30 PM
Also, Bologna finished top of serie A in 2001/2002. Don't think i've seen anything like that happen before

Treated Unfairly
30-12-15, 02:18 AM
Pre season 2002-2003 update :

The board inject 130k to help with running costs, I now have 12k transfer funds, though I will only sign free players, and crap ones at that.

As I suspected the broken leg and rehabiltation for a groin problem retired my defender :

Andrew York, 34, Welsh, D RC, retires.

Also noticed that Kenny Brown, who I transfer listed is also my assistant manager. That's awkward. Oh well.

Also I have to transfer list another defender :

Toni Lima, 31, Andorran (18 caps/1 goal-no wonder they are shit), D LC. Finds it hard to adjust to the Welsh lifestyle. In 5 appearances he avg 5.8 rating. Welcome to Barry Town reserves Toni. He can be bought for a mere 5k.

So I need defensive reinforcements, time for free transfers. In comes :

Daniel Hasler, 26, Liechtenstein (No caps), D C

Actually, i'm finding it hard to find free players from crap nations for the positions I need that aren't asking for stupid wages. This may take a while.

I am allowed to sign dual nationality players from obscure countries but finding them is a nightmare.

The search continues......

Treated Unfairly
30-12-15, 04:25 AM
Pre season 2002-2003 update part 2 :

I got a youth team player through the ranks at the end of the first season :

Richard Jackson, 17, Welsh, M LC

And pre season I got two more :

Richard Perry, 18, Welsh, M RLC
Paul Cable, 17, Welsh, D C

Pleased to get a D C youth player as I was having trouble finding free defenders from crap EU countries.

I also signed on a free :

Ragnar Arnasson, 26, Icelandic (No caps), D/AM R

Thats my squad ready to go though I am a bit overloaded with midfielders.

Bring on the new season.....

30-12-15, 12:04 PM
Started a new, rather challenging save, of trying to rescue Yeovil Town. In real life, they are in freefall after a short stay in the Championship, they are now in real danger of being relegated to non-league.

So I've took the reigns. No wib-wob allowed, and only signing players scouted by my, er, scouts!

Here's the squad


We've signed right-back Curtis Obeng since that official screenshot was taken. He's promptly got himself injured and missed most of pre-season.

Our tactics are a theoretically solid-looking 4-5-1...


Pre-season has been uneventful. We've done ok in the three friendlies I organised, albeit against lower-league opposition. We've signed a few more coaches and scouts. I'll see how the first quarter of the season unfolds before I see if the squad needs strengthening. It'll be worth seeing if any of our better players are on contracts that expire next summer.

Onwards! :flypig:

30-12-15, 01:18 PM
Had a stroke of good fortune, thanks to one of my scouts, who unearthed this gem of a striker from Clitheroe. We snapped him up for £40k before the transfer window closed, as he looked like someone who would do the business as a lone striker. I was initially hoping for a '1 goal every 2 games' type return from him, but instead I've got this...


Quite an incredible start to his Yeovil career! We've had a good start to the season, too. Plenty of chances created in each game, with our only defeat coming away at Portsmouth, and even that game we came from 3-0 down to narrowly lose 3-2.


On the injury front we're ok, after a dodgy start when it seems our opponents were playing with razorblades as studs going by the amount of players we had with gashed legs! Our other stroke of luck has come thanks to the oppositions' lack of discipline - we've had three opponents have a man sent off already this season, which has helped us no end!

Here's our current non-wib-wob 451 line-up, with main GK Chris Weale injured (presumably with a gashed leg)...


Remember the name James Walker, and check him out on your early saves if you're able! I'll cross post his stats in the talent section should he keep this up :)

30-12-15, 02:14 PM
Love the recent activity in this thread. Keep them coming :ok:

30-12-15, 05:47 PM
I shall keep them coming! (I hope Pegster does, too!)

Going into the final quarter of the season, we are sitting pretty at the summit of the league. It is close though, and any loss of form will be punished by dropping into the lottery that is the play-offs, which I really don't want.


We've got a good squad though. Our star left-back (Nathan Smith) and midfielder (Simon Gillett) have both left in January for a combined £1.8m. Goalkeeper Chris Weale went as well, but we brought in Frank Fielding from Bristol City which is an excellent swap.

My next post will be a summary at the end of these season, plus the players we're signing on frees in the summer :)


30-12-15, 06:03 PM
Love the recent activity in this thread. Keep them coming :ok:
Agreed. Some great sounding games going on.

Treated Unfairly
31-12-15, 01:35 AM
2002-2003 update..

2 days before the first game my Andorran midfielder Agusti Pol knocks on my door and tells me he will never be able to adjust to life in wales and asks to be put on the transfer list.


Agusti Pol, 25, Andorran (2 caps/1 goal), M C is available for around 20k. He can adjust to reserve team life. He made 44 apps last season, 5 goals 6 assists and looked promising to be fair.

Anyway this brings my squad size down to a more manageable figure so all's well.

Then after 3 games of the season, my defender Lee Jarman asks for a new contract the same wage and length as his old one but with a release clause.

So ive transfer listed him..

Lee Jarman, 24, Welsh, SW/D C. Made 43 apps for me last year after signing from Oxford, got a few assists and was quite decent but he played a 5 and got sent off in his only game this season. Time for him to go. He's the most expensive player in my squad at 130k which will bring a nice transfer fee.

This left me short of centre backs. After spending hours searching I had to go for a player from a playable league, there were no obscure EU nation centre backs to be found and my club are skint.

In came on a free :

Eddie Mahon, 15, Irish, D RLC

Lee Jarman went to Bohemians in irish prem for 130k. Cheers but could have done with that money earlier. Only 6k in the kitty anyway

A few games into the season my right back decided he wanted a new contract. I transfer listed him

Terry Evans, 26, Welsh, D R. Sent to the reserves and listed for 65k. He made one appearance for me this season and played a 5.

His replacement came in on a free :

Ulli Kauf, 24, Liechtenstein, D R

Im now 9 league games into the season and to be honest we are shite. We are 17th in the league but have 3 games in hand on everyone else.
We are out of the league cup finishing bottom of group 1 with 3 points but we are still in the Premier Cup group mix with 3 games to play.

Kristian Selnaes has started the season in poor form and Oehry in goal has been dropped, Matt Kiellor has been recalled.

Ive also had to bed in Chris Vella, a SW C which has led to some interesting formations.

I had to transfer list another defender too :

Scott Morgan, 30, English, D LC. Made 23 apps for me last year and did ok. This season he played 2 games and got a 5 in both then he felt he should be a first team regular. Hes now rotting in the reserves listed for 28k.

His replacement came in on a free, again I couldnt find any DCs from crappy EU countries. Norethern Ireland had the worst coefficient out of the playable leagues so in came on a free :

David Millar, 19, Northern Irish, D RC

So this is going to be a slogger of a season working my way up the league whilst bedding in new players as some become unhappy.

Speaking of which I transfer listed this guy :

Johnny, 29, Andorran, D C. 31 apps 1 goal 2 assists 1 MOM avg 6.23. Now rotting in the reserves as he felt the club was underachieving. No wonder with donkeys like that in our squad. Listed for 7k.

We've drawn Newtown at home in the Welsh cup 3rd round which is gonna be tough the way were playing.

Onwards and upwards...


31-12-15, 03:04 AM
January 23rd 2016

We are currently sat 5th in the league with 38 pts and just currently out of the promotion places, but have 2 games in hand over the 4 above me. Win those 2 games and we could sit in 2nd place but would still be a mighty 11pts behind leaders Strasbourg who show no signs of slowing down.

Since the last update which was shortly before transfer window closed I had signed just 3 players due to financial restrictions, I soon picked up Mounir El Hamdaoui FRC on a free to bolster a slender squad with the idea of him playing either AMR, AMC or even as striker. But with the main mens good form coupled with his poor early form restricted his chances to 4 starts and 4 sub appearances with just 2 goals scored and no assists.

In January a bid came in for my main midfielder who was worth 250k, Lille bid 500k so being cheeky I asked for 700k they accepted and off he went..


I scoured the market for some value and found Darren O'dea DLC who i picked up for 2k to bolster my defence. Another striker called Adewlae Sunday Amusan to put pressure on the main 2, A nigerian DMC called Sani Keita for 22k as backup and then found this little gem who could turn out to be decent at 250k. Didnt have the best of starts, but the whole team had a poor game too in his only appearance so far. As well as having bids in for a couple of loans and one or two more cheap bids.


31-12-15, 11:10 AM
Frank Fielding has made a good start to his Yeovil career...


10 games without conceding is unprecedented for me using a non-wibwob formation, but our direct 451 is proving to be very solid indeed. We've conceded just 21 goals in 35 games :)

We've actually gone 11 straight league games without conceding as Chris Weale's last game for us was a 0-0 draw. Promotion is looking a near certainty now, as we're 9 points clear of 2nd and 17 points clear of the play-offs, with 11 games to go.

Full season stats to follow :drama:

31-12-15, 02:20 PM
Final season update from 2015-16

Our clean sheet run ended at 11 games when Stevenage scored against us after just 2 minutes. We had a rare off day but scabbed a late equalizer :D

Thereafter, we cruised like the QE2 to the Third Division (ie, League 2) title, despite 2 losses in our final 3 games.


A busy summer of wheeling and dealing followed - after all I am Del Boy in this save - and we sold a few players, and added depth to our squad by signing more midfielders and central defenders. Here are the players we have bought in...


Our outgoings were not too disruptive, that said we did sell a couple of players in the January transfer window. Our main loss was James Walker, but at 28 years old and an offer of £1m on the table, I was always going to say yes, despite his excellent goal record for us.


Our replacement for him comes highly rated from Tamworth - Liam Mettam. We tried to sign Conor Calcutt from Stevenage, who had scored 47 goals in 46 games, but we couldn't prise him away. He is still on our radar though!

So here is our squad going forward into League 1. As you can see much more depth all round, and a healthy competition for places should follow! :)



31-12-15, 02:53 PM
Solid league performance there, nice to see Dag & Red following you up as well! :D

Arthurworrey is an awesome name! I hope he'll be a top performer that can stay for a while.

31-12-15, 03:04 PM
Solid league performance there, nice to see Dag & Red following you up as well! :D

Arthurworrey is an awesome name! I hope he'll be a top performer that can stay for a while.

He does have a great name. He's a young defender who we had on loan for the season. He's been very solid and consistent for me so I had no qualms about signing him on a free (£100k compensation to Fulham).

In my previous save with Hartlepool, which I was using a wib-wob tactic (unlike this save), we got to the Premier League in 4 seasons, and guess what, so did Dag & Red! :D

Kenny Dalglish's Smile
31-12-15, 03:29 PM
Kristian Sælnes is a classic, he's usually decent and it appears to be completely random what nationality he has! I've seen him both as Soviet Union and Czechoslovakia, I think.

Every word of it is true. Classic 3.9.60 signing

31-12-15, 05:50 PM
Holy fuck there has been some good Christmas activity in here. Keep it up everyone!

31-12-15, 05:52 PM
Season 18-19 is over in my Northern Ireland handicap game.

4 teams were manually managed this year, all of them in NI First. Let's take a small look at them...

Lisburn Distillery, since 2016-2017

Handicaps :
- Everyone stays behind when a free kick is awarded to the team
- Passing is long
- No pressing allowed

Not the worst challenge here. But the absence of offensive when playing a free kick leads to miss something like 10-15 goals per season. Of course, Distillery never had a budget.


Armagh City, since 2017-2018

Handicaps :
- Passing is direct
- Unhappy players have to be put on the tranfert list
- No transfert outside of the transfert windows

Armagh was full of arubans, caymans, bermudans... I don't know how the former manager did his choices but I can tell you were he took his holiday. Doing all the transferts during short periods is problematic because it gives only a few time to bring guys to the club and prevents me to secure future tranferts like Bosmans. So when the scout spots a potential recruit, it can take months before a contact can be made, and there is a chance that he already signed a deal before I make an offer. Of course, Armagh never had a budget.


Queen's University of Belfast, since 2018-2019

Handicaps :
- Pressing for midfielders and attackers
- No real M C (arrows to M C position accepted)
- A Sweeper is a mandatory

Pressing means the players need strong stamina. No M C and Sweeper at the same time limits the tactical possibilities. "QUB" has some good players (M C unfortunately) and 40k as transfert budget. So nice.


Ballyclare Comrades, since 2018-2019

Handicaps :
- Players are 24 years old max
- Players are 30 years old min
- No arrows

Two conditions which make the challenge easier. I just need to check no one turned 25 when the season starts. The same applies to recruits of course. No arrows is a small penalty. I already managed this club during 2016-2017 and failed to secure it, but the handicaps were harsher. So I retrieve the same players (who won the League Cup last year. My recruitment wasn't so bad it seems) but without a scout there is only a few volunteers to play for us (I'm playing with 2.21). Of course, Ballyclare have no budget, and never had anyway.


Next time, the final tables :-)

31-12-15, 06:12 PM
final standings make the title look closer than it was. man utd blew a 13 point lead and had to win on the final day to secure the title. we won our last four to get within three points but couldn't take second place.

http://i610.photobucket.com/albums/tt187/ajra21/Screen%20Shot%202015-12-29%20at%2023.11.30.png (http://s610.photobucket.com/user/ajra21/media/Screen%20Shot%202015-12-29%20at%2023.11.30.png.html)

question: this is the first season i've completed with the tapani patch installed. finishing third saw me get £30m. does the tapani patch increase the amount of money for finishing in certain places in the premiership?

Treated Unfairly
31-12-15, 07:48 PM
2002-2003 update :

I'm ashamed to say I got fired.

But i'm starting again, same team, but with a different strategy. Smaller squad, more leniency and more scouting.


31-12-15, 07:57 PM
Sounds like you weren't treated particularly fairly there...

Treated Unfairly
31-12-15, 08:25 PM
Sounds like you weren't treated particularly fairly there...

Im going again mate. It's loading now. Im gonna do this

31-12-15, 09:23 PM
Sounds like you weren't treated particularly fairly there...

beat me to it.


31-12-15, 10:41 PM
Season still ongoing.. But wanted to show you what will be my first derby game of this career and first cup final appearance. A brief summary of my wins in the cup are as follows..

Amiens 2 - 5 Paris FC
Paris FC 2 - 1 Le Havre AET
Paris FC 2 - 1 Tours
Paris FC 3 - 1 Lyon (they were 2nd in the table)
Evian 2 - 4 Paris FC
Nantes 2 - 3 Paris FC AET - Nantes were 2-0 up right until the 87th minute when we pulled one back, 88th minute we equalised then got the winner in FH of Extra time.


31-12-15, 11:53 PM
Final didnt go too well.. PSG were just too strong for me and win 0-2

01-01-16, 12:53 AM
End of season Review

League - At times we played some good stuff, some convincing wins even if it is only the french national division. We finished the season in 3rd place on 72pts. A little dissapointed with this total if I am honest. We drew 12 times, a few of those we should have won easily and a few where we threw away 2 goal leads to draw. Winners Strasbourg finished on 90pts. They were like a juggernaut!

French league Cup - As you can see from the posts above we went all way to the final eventually losing to PSG who would also go on to claim the League and League cup as well. Can they be stopped? Only time will tell.

French cup - Rather dissapointing effort in this one. We went out with a rather limp performance in 9th round to Laval.

Star Players..

The youngster Kante I previously posted about hit 29 goals in 42 games overall. Some of his attributes have increased a little, while his finishing has gone down a point. Still a nice return in a non wib/wob tactic with 2 strikers.


My rock in the DM position..


This is another DM who I bought for 2k as he was leaving on bosman. Did nicely in the 20 games he played. Bargain


And finally the youngster I bought during last window who seems to have settled in nicely and starting to improve a little.


This squad requires a massive overhaul if we are to get out of League 2.. About 5 of the current squad are out of contract at season end and wont be renewed. 1 other is leaving for 250k who didnt get a look in all season.

Now to get looking for more bargains or freebies to bulk us out for next season!

01-01-16, 01:52 PM
Hello all, and a Happy and Prosperous New Year :hat:

Del Boy and his Yeovil team are enjoying life in League 1, after a very dodgy start it must be said!
Here is our position after the first 13 games of the season:


As you can see, respectable, and steady as she goes. The board wanted us to battle bravely against relegation. After our comprehensive success in League 2, I was hoping for a play-off push in League 1, or a consolidatory mid-table finish at the very worst. These aims had to be re-evaluated after our start...


We lost 6 out of our first 7 games, and were rock bottom of the league for a short time. Our defence was suddenly very leaky, and Frank Fielding in goal wasn't having a great spell either, just to compound the misery. Our performances just weren't good enough, the 451 that served us so well in League 2 was failing spectacularly in League 1 - it was time for a subtle overhaul in the tactics department to steady the ship, so I introduced a defensive midfielder, turning our 451 into a 4141 (still non wib wob)...


As you can see from our position in the league, our form dramatically improved, with 5 wins from our next 6 games. The key signings who I had hoped would make an impact started to gel within our current team, and I'm pleased to say the mighty Yeovil ship has righted itself and is back heading up the league!

Our goalkeeper Frank Fielding is back to his solid best...


Late in the summer transfer window, we signed right back Conor McLaughlin, a N.I. international who has proved to be an excellent and reliable acquisition for us. He replaced Jason Sokolik, who we quickly sold as he'd backed up an earlier 'late from training' episode with a complete absence from training a few months later. We don't need that kind of unprofessional half-wit in our squad! McLaughlin has made the RB position his own, relegating Curtis Obeng to the bench.


Our new defensive midfielder position has been filled by Michael Bostwick, another late transfer window signing. He was excellent in this position, despite not being naturally gifted in it, before injury curtailed his progress. We are aiming to sign Wolves DMC Jack Price on loan in the January transfer window to provide some competition, as we don't actually have a true DMC in our squad!


Finally, our replacement for the prolific Jason Walker was Leon Mettam. He started ok, a few goals here and there, but he didn't blow my bollocks off, so he alternated with John Marquis until one of them found some form. Sure enough, the extra solidarity the 4141 formation gave us provided some much needed spark up front, and Leon certainly delivered!


Onwards and upwards! :D It'd be nice to challenge for the play-offs, and if we can get a solid DMC on loan in January, I feel we'll have that extra bit of consistency needed to climb the table. The upturn in form as helped us stick with a similar team each week - I was furiously chopping and changing things in the first few games of the season, hoping to stumble upon a winning formula to end the bad run of form. Turns out all you need is a DMC :car:

01-01-16, 02:04 PM
I reckon you will still win the title and comfortably :ok:

Dodgy start but with the new tactic and players now looking settled i reckon you'll go on a big run.

01-01-16, 04:46 PM

Things are going rather slow at the moment. Although I have a £4m budget for players I am finding it hard to find players to accept a wage that is within my budget and that are an improvement upon what I already have. I have managed to bring in a couple of players already who will not only bulk the squad up a bit but push others for a starting place.

First in is Sam Johnstone who was released on a free transfer by Man Utd, A youngster with a bit of potential who will challenge my starting keeper for his position and one who should generate a bit of profit if he performs well enough

Secondly in comes another youngster from Manchester. This time from the blue side of the city, Seko Fofana a young AM RLC who provides me with Valuable width from either side or sat in the hole behind the strikers. Lacks a little in determination, but a massive improvement upon my current winger.

Next in was Peter Pawlett AM RC from Aberdeen. My squad lacks centre mids, Peter should be challenging for a place in the team this season.

And last of the current signings is a DLC from Iceland, Yes Iceland the country not the place where they sell lots of frozen food and put dodgy adverts on tv. I give you Jón Guðni Fjóluson. 27 years old with 7 caps. He looks likely to be a first team player right from the start. I have to choose between him and Darren O'Dea for either DC or LB positions. I guess I'll play em in both positions in pre-season and see who performs best in either position.

Still currently looking through leagues for bargains and also checking out the free transfers as well as looking through the smaller national/u21 teams to find any hidden gems..

Screenshots will follow for the transfers in as and when I get time to do them.

01-01-16, 05:04 PM
Currently on a save with AFC Wimbledon. I like starting in the lower divisions, it is so easy to assemble a good-enough team and then steamroll over everybody. :D Just managed to beat Man Utd in the league cup 3rd round, however Sunderland knocked me out in the 4th.

My only concern is that my strikers aren't scoring. I offloaded most of my strikers after we won promotion from 3rd to 2nd div. The new guys should be better, their attributes are better all over, but they don't score. We don't concede that much either, so we're good for now. Will have to improve further on, though.


01-01-16, 10:39 PM
As promised my signings for this season.. As well as these signings I have sold 2 of last seasons main men Mazuch (£825k) and Bocundji Ca (£1.5m) after both wanted pay rises. All transfers in cost me £1m with whatever signing on fees and outgoings brought in £2.4m in total. Should see me through the season and leaves me with a nice size squad.

Johnstone - GK - Free transfer after being released by Man Utd


Fjoluson - DLC - 55k - GIF Sundsvall


Cisse - DC - 140k - Ajaccio


Fofana - AM RLC - Free after being released by Man City


Bamford - SC - Free after release from Chelsea


Kane - RB - Free after released by Chelsea


Kone - AMR - Free - Released by Wyad Casablanca


Ninkovic - AMC - Free after released by Partizan


O'Brien - DC - 65k - Luton


Ongenda - AM/F RLC


Pawlett - AM RC - 140k - Aberdeen


Sankhare - DM LC - 210k Guingamp - Cant believe they werent using him!


Stewart - AM/F RLC - 325k - Ipswich


Thome - DC - 50k - Vestsjaelland


Turnbull - DC - Free after released by Southampton


01-01-16, 10:56 PM
I expect nothing but the league and cup double Toppo.

Revenge on PSG!

01-01-16, 11:07 PM
I expect nothing but the league and cup double Toppo.

Revenge on PSG!

Dunno if that's possible, but by heck I'll give it my best shot!

02-01-16, 01:32 AM
Well French league cup wont be ours after a dissapointing 3-4 Loss at home to Nantes. We were 0-2 down in first 2 mins a Howler from Keeper kicking straight to their player and then another goal was scored in 9th minute. And we were soon 0-3 in the 17th minute when my defender fouled their striker, Freekick was saved by Johnstone who could only push ball into path of their player.. We pulled one back before HT and then another on 79 mins. Only for them to get another in the 82nd min. We did grab a consolation in the last few mins of the game.

League is a different ball game..

P19 W16 D1 L2 scoring 52 and conceding just 13.. Sochaux are 2nd and 4pts behind but played 1 more than us.. Nantes are 3rd 11pts behind us.

02-01-16, 12:09 PM
So we have reached the Championship. I just realized that we are losing money, and we're losing it fast. Our stadium only has a capacity of 4700, and I haven't had the funds to improve it. Now I have brought in a fair few players of championship standard, and their wages of 5000/week are killing us. I can't really afford to sell them, that will ruin our chances of promotion, which isn't looking so obvious anyway. We're in December and currently 9th. If we don't get promoted and get some more income, I think we're screwed.

02-01-16, 01:56 PM
Now, the real 2018/19 ending...

WC2018 winners : Brazil
An unimpressive Seleçao beat Spain in finals. France grabbed the 3rd position and surprising tunisians failed at the foot of the podium.

CL winners : Real Madrid
Madrid, 4th in La Liga, saved their season beating turkish champions Trabzonspor

UEFA Cup winners : Werder Bremen
Serie A champions Inter failed against Werder (10th in Bundesliga)

NI Premier table


NI First Table


Carrick won the playoffs and are promoted to NI Premier

New NI First records :
- Lowest attendance : 447 - Institute vs Carrick (Playoff leg 1)
- Most goals conceded : 114 -Queen's University of Belfast

League Cup winners : Coleraine
Irish Cup winners : Bangor

Well, Ballyclare easily got their ticket to the NI Premier, leading the league during the whole season. They have no scout, no training facilities, no money in the bank, but a strong formation. The players (who I brought here two seasons before) did a wonderful job but the lack of new recruits is threatening the team's improvement. They loose two key players due to the age restrictions I'm enduring. In 2019/20, the board expects nothing but survival in NI Premier.

The players to follow


Steve Scholes is the main (and now only) club's stricker. He has been rated 8.26 last year in league, scoring 19, assisting 9, and "MoMing" 10 times. Adding his penchant to dribble opponent, and he was voted best NI First player season 2018/19. He thinks the club is a stepping stone for him, so I won't be surprised if he demands to be transfered. For now, he doesn't want to sign a new contract.


He's not the best gifted player but his key position as AM C gives him a good spot to shine. 2016/17 and 2018/19 best NI First young player of the year, Mark scored 14, assisted 5 and MoMing 3 times last season. His rating was 7.65.

Distillery had ups and downs last year. Like every year in fact. Fluctuating between 3rd and 8th, they maybe have the best defense, but fail when it's time to attack. Their weak point remains the middle and they still need to loan better passing M C to cope with the long play they have to perform. The board expects a respectable position this year.

The players to follow


Peter showed a lot of potential for his first professional year. He scored 16 times in 2018/19, with 7 assists, 4 MoM and a average rating of 8.00. With a better jumping ability he would have been a total beast. Good news are his pride to play for the club and his enthousiam about his future here.


Nathan Robertson played only two games for Ipswich Town before being released. It didn't took him much time to become the starting D R here. 20 in positioning is a luxury. He averaged 3.0 tacles per game last year, did 5 assists and was noted 6.84. A good potential for this 17 year old guy.

Queen's University and Armagh leave us for now. QUB had good players but I showed myself a little too enthousiastic when I settled the tactic. For sure, they scored a lot... their record of conceded goals will be hard to beat ! And thinking about Armagh, they never be able to secure the good transfert at the right moment, but I'm certain that some players will improve and become little gems...



And the newly promoted teams are...

Limavady United

Handicaps :
- Every player but the GK will hold up ball
- No training
- Max aggression : 10

No training ! As good as it sounds ! And for everyone holding the ball... I never tried to give this order since I play CM. This will be a new experience, and a weird one for sure. The max aggression condition forces me to discard two of the three players who were playing here (and one of them was a cayman, they really are everywhere !). And their scout is 62 year old, so there is a strong chance he retires just as I send him to work. The board expects nothing good this season. They are right. I won't bet on Limavady... Oh, they have no budget of course.

Harland and Wolff Welders

Handicaps :
- No loans
- Max influence : 10
- No arrows

H&W will play in NI First again after a two years disappearance. There are 9 players here, which is good. And 6 of them don't match the influence handicap, which is sad. The two other conditions are OK. The staff is OK, yet the chairman is very ambitious (18) and has very little patience (3) at the same time. So even if the board expects nothing but battling against relegation, I suspect the chairman would be happy to sack me at the first occasion. Of course, they have a lot of debts, and no budget.

02-01-16, 02:13 PM
Afternoon folks :panda:

After a busy festive period, with injuries and suspensions alike, we are in a good position going into the last third or so of the season...


2nd place looks great, but the league is very tight this year, and a dodgy run of results is all it takes to not only slip out of the automatic promotion spots, but out of the play-off picture too, such is the competitiveness of the league.

It's imperative that we achieve at least a play-off place this season, as clearly we are capable of challenging for the top. Our defence has tightened up somewhat, we are now joint 2nd best in the league in terms of goals conceded.

Our squad has had a couple of changes during the January transfer window. We sold the able, but always not quiet match fit, Ryan Dickson and brought in like-for-like Sean Kelly to replace him. We've strengthened the squad via a couple of loan signings, Jacob Butterfield (ML/C) and Solomon Somethingorother (DMC) whose actual name I've forgotten.

Here's our new left back, and occasional left midfielder Sean Kelly...


Finally, our striker Leon Mettam is proving to be a very fine acquisition, as he keeps firing in the goals :high5:


We have a few targets should he get poached by a bigger club in the summer. Nahki Wells is an absolute beast on this save, and his contract is running out. It's 90% likely that he'll join a bigger club in that time, but I'd love to poach him if not!

End of season report to come tomorrow :yo:

02-01-16, 07:44 PM
Update time! After two unsuccessful seasons, things finally went my way again in the 2015/16 season with solid performances both in the league in the cups. In the FA Cup we were knocked out by fellow second divisioners Rotherham after a 3rd round replay, while in the League Cup we were knocked out by Arsenal on penalties after winning and losing 1-0 in the two legs of the semi final. On our way to the semi finals we played only teams from the two divisions above us, with the exception of York whom we knocked out in the first round. They ended last in the 3rd division and will play non-league football next season. Bolton, Bradford and Leicester from Division 1 and Liverpool from the Premier league all had to see themselves beaten, much to everyone's surprise. In the Van's Trophy we came even further, winning the southern final against Bristol Rovers before ttaking the not very long trip to Wembley where we beat Doncaster. Then a couple of weeks later we secured our second trophy of the season when we clinched the second division title ahead of Grimsby!


I'm mostly happy with the squad this season, but I'm particularly happy with a few of my signings, who have shone.
Olafur Skulason banged in goals like he did at the end of last season, and with a total tally of 42 goals and 13 assists I can't complain about his contribution. This will be his last season at Dag & Red, unfortunately, as he started wanting away before Cristmas, and after negotiating bids beyond what the interested clubs were willing to pay for a while, he will join Celtic for £9.5M at the end of the season. His auto-value is now £925k, so I think that's a pretty good sum to get for him, and with him turning 30 next season I might have had to replace him at some point anyways.
Sérgio Nunes signed on a free as one of my first signings before Christmas 2014, and while he was good last season he has been outstanding this season. He has played every single game as MC, and when Luke Walker was injured at some point, he took over the captain's armband and didn't even consider returning it when Walker was back. 34 goals from central midfield is absolutely excellent, and he's 2nd in the goal scoring list for the division, after Skulason. He had a release clause at 1.1M, and I just got him to sign a new contract with one at 2.8M, but I'm going to keep trying to get him to sign one without a release clause. This guy is potential Premier League material, if not he's worth a lot more than 2.8M.
David Bennet is a new signing this season, he joined from Raith Rovers for £40k in October, and has been an important part of the team since then. Together with Vicente Viñas, another of the free signings from my first season who also has shone this season after not impressing too much the two preceding years, he has been part of a very solid DM pair.
It also appears that making William Bald first choice as goalkeeper was a good idea.

On the transfer front, I've bought 5 players since last season, one of whom was a success. Two have been pretty good; German DC Marco Petzold and English D/DM RC Paul O'Connor, and the two people I bought to play right back have been poor, so I need a new one. I also need a new left back, as well as an attacking midfielder and a striker to replace Skulason. Other than that I think the squad could cope pretty well with the 1st Division, so I'll just strengthen it when I come across players that look like they will improve it, or if anyone fails to perform as well as they should. With more than 10M coming in from transfers there should be financial room both for expansion of the 6000 capacity stadium (failed to go through due to lack of funds last summer), as well as some quality players.

02-01-16, 08:28 PM
Excellent update Pegster. You certainly got your money's worth for Skulason!

02-01-16, 08:44 PM
Certainly did! He was a free signing as well when I got him. It will be interesting to see how he does at a big club.

02-01-16, 10:16 PM
End of season 2 review.

French cup.. We managed to get further than the first match in it this year. We didnt however manage to make the final, We were knocked out in the 11th round just before the quarter finals. A rather poor defensive performance resulted in a 4-2 loss to Nice. PSG would go on to retain the trophy for a 2nd year running.

French League cup.. An even poorer performance in the first round resulted in a 3-4 loss to Nantes who we had hammered 3-0 at home in the league just a few games prior to the cup game. PSG failed to retain it after being knocked out by Marseille who got to the final to lose to Rennes 1-0

League was a whole different ball game.. I only had aspirations of making the top 3 but the whole team outperformed my expectations by managing to win the 2nd division.. None of my strikers really set the world on fire this season. Last years top scorer Kante asked for a transfer at the start of the season which was rejected at which point he he asked for a transfer again. It was at this point I thought there was no point in keeping him so listed him and denied his request. Fee was set at £1.8m, He had a few admirers at this point but no bidders, window came and went and he was still at the club. Others were failing to score goals regularly so he got given a chance at which he soon started complaining again about not being a regular. January came and finally the bids came in for him for £1.8m as well as my keeper worth £600k who was sold for £1.6m. In came Sebastien Haller for £1.9m and broke club transfer record in one swoop. Despite the extra firepower we still didnt have one player who scored as consistently as last season, they were however shared amongst the team.


Now to scour the markets for some more quality to strengthen further. I already have an idea of who I will sell or release.

02-01-16, 11:42 PM
Our first season in the Championship saw us finishing 5th and qualifying for play-offs. Actually there were three teams competing for the last two play-off spots, all with 79 points. Luckily we had the best goal difference by far.

We drew QPR in the semi final. The first leg on our ground finished 0-0, our strikers just could not find a way past their goalie. Shots on target 11-1 says it all, really.

The return leg was to be played at Loftus Road. Both teams looking for a win, all or nothing! Although everyone gave it their best efforts, there were no goals in the first half, and both teams looked a bit tired coming on into the second half. Nothing really changed for the second half, and both managers started preparing for extra time, fearing the dreaded penalty shoot-out. Then, out of nowhere and in the dying seconds of the game appeared Northern Irish international Oliver Norwood ...



Brighton and AFC were to fight over the promotion. AFC's morale was sky high after the thrilling semi final, and Brighton looked nervous. Nobody really left Brighton any chance, and it turned out they were no match for the steamrolling AFC train. Two goals for Cullen, and when Maguire got sent off for Brighton the game was over.


So, AFC are in the Premier League! With £ 4.7 million in the green, I sure hope our board decides to expand our 4.700 capacity stadium. Our awful training facilities could use an upgrade, too. And we will need more than 18 players. Oh lord, the coming season will be rough. Up the AFC - return of the crazy gang!

03-01-16, 11:35 AM
Pretty good

03-01-16, 12:43 PM
Good morning beautiful people! :wave:

The mighty Yeovil bandwagon rumbles on! After a rollercoaster season, we somehow finished 1st after a fine run to end the season. The only time we led the table in the whole season was during the last two games :clap:


As you can see, it was tight right until the end of the season. What helped our cause this season is that there was no 'outstanding' team that dominated the league. Looking at our record, it is far from spectacular, and we rather flew under the radar and pinched the Championship from under our rivals noses :heh:

Here is our position graph through the whole season...


Play-off contenders from mid-season onwards, we finished with a flourish as other teams faltered around us. Our tactics remained the same, although we did switch to 442 and 451 again near the end of the season (all non wib wob, of course).

Our form in the last 5 games...


The real story is our rivals form in the last 5 games...


Notts County and particularly Port Vale suffered a dramatic loss of form when it mattered most. Vale had top spot for most of the second half of the season before slipping to 5th.

I need to single out one player in particular, who performed above and beyond expectations to help us surge into top spot. Goalkeeper Frank Fielding did not get less than an 8/10 rating in his last 8 games, what a beast!



The other star performer in our squad was striker Leon Mettam, who hit 40 goals in 40 games. So far we have kept him under the radar, with no interest from bigger clubs yet.


So a busy summer is going to follow. We seriously need to strengthen in defence and our winger positions if we are going to survive in the Championship. Our target will simply be consolidation in the league, and to keep our finances in the green.

Over and out :pizza:

03-01-16, 01:12 PM
I was right then that you'd win the league, but then again It wasn't comfortably!

I'm going to go ahead and say you'll win the championship now. Don't let us down! :lol:

03-01-16, 01:30 PM
I was right then that you'd win the league, but then again It wasn't comfortably!

I'm going to go ahead and say you'll win the championship now. Don't let us down! :lol:

Haha, I think it was sheer luck that we won League 1 :lol:

We'll see what happens in the Championship. I'm certainly not expecting promotion, but we've strengthened the squad nicely so who knows?

04-01-16, 11:55 AM
Started a new game with October update and managing Preston North End.

Just signed Ronaldinho.

Restarted the game!

04-01-16, 06:38 PM
I noticed when i was Swindon manager i was able to sign players like Adebayor, Ron Vlaar etc in league one and for small wages :lol:

04-01-16, 08:31 PM
Hello boys and girls :mod:

We've only just begun our season in the Championship, winning 3 out of our first 4 games and drawing the other. More to come on this tomorrow :D
In the meantime, here are our new signings to strengthen our squad for the long season ahead...

Experienced defender Adam El Abd

Promising, and scouted left back Joe Whight

Reliable defensive midfielder Ryan Leonard

Versatile right-sided defender/midfielder Jackson Irvine

Defender Marcus Fraser, who is Scottish

Young midfielder Christian Oxbridge-Chamberpot

Forward Luke Williams

Long-term target, and powerhouse striker Conor Calcutt

Player/coach and versatile midfielder Jack Collison

and finally, the excellent Peter Pawlett

These signings have given us the chance to experiment with a 41311 formation with Luke Williams sitting behind Calcutt or Mettam up front. The left and right MC's push forwards to support attacking midfield.

More updates to come :fencing:

04-01-16, 08:49 PM
Calcutt is going to score a shit load!

04-01-16, 08:53 PM
Calcutt is going to score a shit load!

Nearly a perfect striker for when I am buying :ok:

05-01-16, 12:41 PM
Yeah Calcutt looks excellent. I predict he'll get 5 goals in his first 3 games for you.

06-01-16, 06:23 AM
what is it about him, specifically, that will make him "excellent" or "perfect"

06-01-16, 06:40 AM
what is it about him, specifically, that will make him "excellent" or "perfect"

For me mate, I always lookfor strikers with 15+ in the following, especially as a lone striker.

Off the Ball


Those 4 are key for me. anything on top is a brucey bonus. With good pace and Stamina hes destined to bang em in

06-01-16, 01:24 PM
I'm managing Sweden and just went through the euro qualifiers without letting in a single goal. Feels like I've found the swedish way of playing football. :D

06-01-16, 07:33 PM
Paris FC season 3 Review

Season 3 over and done with. Season went better than I expected. We went into preseason with a reasonable budget of just over £10m. This was soon up to £15.5m with several sales of players who were no longer going to be up to standard for the division.

Out went 6 players on free transfers who were at end of their 1 year contracts as well as several other squad players..


In came several players to help in the battle to stay in the division.


A reasonable start to life in French first division, we started off well with 8 wins and a draw before we would come face to face with our mega rich neighbours PSG away from home who would end our unbeaten run with a 2-1 win. After that defeat our form fluctuated quite a bit. A massive upturn in fortunes came about with a change in tactics..

Changed from this.


To this.


This helped me to get to this final position in the league.. As well as winning both the cups!!



[B]French League cup


French Cup


Best players

My beastly striker signed for £1.8m


And my RB signed for 325k a proper bargain!


06-01-16, 08:06 PM
Just had a message through..

David Marshall has been named French First Division's Goalkeeper of the year.. Despite him conceding 53 goals he was pretty solid for most of the season averaging 7.55 overall.

Gelmin Rivas was 3rd in French First division player of the year awards and 3rd highest league goalscorer with 27 goals level with Falcao and 1 behind Wissam Ben Yedder.

And I also had 4 players selected in team of the year..


Kenny Dalglish's Smile
06-01-16, 09:24 PM
Next stop - the league! Maybe not with that defence, though

06-01-16, 09:24 PM

Despite returning to work this week after a glorious Christmas holiday of fun and frivolity, I have not neglected my mighty Yeovil possé :high5:

We are 21 games through the season, and ready to enjoy the festive schedule. We are sitting pretty at the top of the league, on goal difference.


It's a competitive season though, and our defence needs to remain as excellent as it has been in the first half of the season if we are to achieve promotion. Much of the credit must go to Frank Fielding, our inspirational captain and top shot-stopper...


At the business end of the pitch, Conor Calcutt has been firing in the goal, and has the highest av.rating of anyone in the league this season...


In midfield, Peter Pawlett is the star performer, although we are getting solid ratings across the board it must be said. As you can see, Pawlett is scoring the goals rather than assisting them - the selfish prick (jk love you bro) ;)


Here is our current line-up, a non-wibwob 41311 that is building on our often excellent defence as we head up the league. Build from the back people! :peep:


Finally, our best result of the season, and biggest win of my Yeovil career so far, a 7-0 demolition of Chesterfield despite losing our DMC after 33 minutes to a red card. Their keeper got a 7/10 too after making many key tackles. Could have been 10! :D


Onwards and upwards! (hopefully) :tea:

06-01-16, 10:09 PM
Next stop - the league! Maybe not with that defence, though

Attack wise we are fine. Especially with Rivas banging the goals in.

Just couldnt stop shipping goals.. I need to figure out how to as the 2nd tactic is reasonably solid, just looks damned ugly :lol:

08-01-16, 12:56 PM
That new tactic does look a bit more defensively solid.
I kind of miss the 'left hook' of your previous tactic though!

08-01-16, 06:01 PM
January 2020 update as the season is in process...



As you can see, Ballyclare are performing well for their first NI Premier season. They made a good affair by grabbing two scouts and after the last arrivals the squad is now 21 players depth. Not very depth for sure, but enough relief for a fatigued team made of youngsters (team average age is 20.57).

Regarding the NI First, Institute is really flying over it, and H&W is the biggest surprise so far. There is a big gap behind these two clubs, so big that the league looks over concerning the first positions. Althought H&W start was rough due to my management style...


But everything is allright now and their tactic looks like this...


Yes, not very sexy, but efficient even with mediocre players. Anyone playing the FL position seems touched by grace.

Behind Institute and H&W lies a stack of 7 teams including Distillery which are sometimes doing good stuff, and sometimes doing bad stuff. Stability has not been achieved yet.

And for Limavady... Their only hope would be an unexpected and excellent performance from the mercato arrivals. They are playing this way...


... and are looking for one or two offensive genius to save the year. They were near rubbish until now. Let's see if the new players will improve their condition...

08-01-16, 06:39 PM
This is without a doubt my favourite thread on this forum. Just spent my past half an hour reading through everyones progress.

@Pegster; what an update. Skulason sold for a whopping £9.5million and Sergio Nunes banging them in from midfield. Absolute bargain as well considering he was a free transfer! At 24 years old you've got to keep him around as long as you can, fingers crossed he signs that contract without a clause.

@ViK; Frank Fielding is an absolute rock for you it seems, I hope you've got his contract tied up so he doesn't get pinched from under your nose. Excellent work to be sitting top of the first division in your debut season. Goes to show what a few good signings can do for you. As predicted by others Connor Calcutt is tearing it up and his stats are only going to get better as well (look at that form and average rating!)

@El-Toppo; What a formation to switch to - you should post that in the How Does Your Wib-Wob Look? thread! Congratulations on the cup double and Gelmin Rivas looks absolutely ridiculous. Sign him on a long term contract as soon as you can!

@JLa; Love your background pack mate, where did you download it from?

@Sure; I love what you're doing with your current save, it's such a unique way of playing the game. You play some bonkers formations though. Is that down to the players in your squad or do you just enjoy trying to work with wacky formations?

08-01-16, 07:24 PM
@Sure; I love what you're doing with your current save, it's such a unique way of playing the game. You play some bonkers formations though. Is that down to the players in your squad or do you just enjoy trying to work with wacky formations?

You're right, I force myself to adapt my formation to the players I find. And because the teams I take control have few to no squad when it starts, and the three conditions I have to respect, the tactics screens are showing obscene things ;)

Of course, I'm not trying to "win the game" but adding flavour to it. And the good side of NI is that a new well gifted player, even a 16 year old one, can have a great and immediate impact on the way the team performs. So I'm always curious of what will happen when I bring a new guy in a club.

08-01-16, 08:18 PM
@JLa; Love your background pack mate, where did you download it from?

It's the wallpaper from Football Manager Mobile 16. Found it hidden in the folders on my phone. Converted it to rgn and uploaded it to CM.

09-01-16, 01:02 AM
That new tactic does look a bit more defensively solid.
I kind of miss the 'left hook' of your previous tactic though!

Still shipping goals at an alarming rate compared to other teams in the league. :(

10-01-16, 05:23 PM
2019/20 ended. Time for an update ! A bigger one. Crap ! I didn't turn off french language on some screenshots ! :doh:


H&W won the playoffs and reach the NI Premier. Portadown are relegated.

New NI Premier records
- Worst discipline (player) : Kristian Gibson (Dungannon) - 4 yellow and 3 red cards
- Worst discipline (team) : Dungannon – 30 yellow and 7 red cards
- Most team goals : 82 – Cliftonville
- MoM : 11 - Johnny Breen (Warrenpoint)
- Affluence : 2897 – Linfield
- Biggest win : 6-1 – Ballyclare vs Coleraine

Ne NI First records
- Lowest attendance : 445 – Portadown vs H&W (Playoff leg 2)

Charity Shield winners : Warrenpoint
League Cup winners : Bangor (vs Armagh, a team I managed last season)
Northern Irish cup winners : Cliftonville

CL winners : PSG (1st in Ligue 1) destroyed Real Madrid (2nd in La Liga) 4-0
UEFA Cup winners : Real Sociedad (9th in La Liga) won against Porto (2nd in Portuguese Premier) 3-2

Ballyclare Comrades (since 2018)

Ballyclare did it ! They won the last season game and ousted Linfield from the first place ! Coleraine took advantage of this and conquered the second position. All of this was unexpected as Ballyclare seemed to lack enough quality and manpower to achieve a title. Praise the tactics here. O'Flaherty and Scholes were elected 1st and 2nd best young players in NI Premier this season.

Talking about the guys, Steve Scholes did a very good season (14G/9A/4MoM/7.53) but his aptitudes decreased a little. He was in fact surpassed by an unknown 18 years old, a newcomer from Carlisle, Ryan Hugues, who was named 3rd best NI Premier player...
Mark O'Flaherty didn't improve at all. He played very well too (22G/7A/4MoM/7.63). But just to prove that the club quality is far from exceptional, just take a look at James Hodson, their best midfielder...http://i.imgur.com/KbnwIle.jpg
New club records
- New affluence record : 1743 (NI Premier vs Carrick)
- High scoring : 5-4 (NI Premier vs Cliftonville)
- League appearances : 107 - Steve Scholes

H&W (since 2019)

A great year for H&W which played wonderfully since august. The barrages were full of suspense as the team lost the first leg 0-2, but won 3-1 away with a late killer goal. A team without a real captain (as one of my conditions is max influence 10). But why ? Their crappy formation with a FL who looks abandoned, alone on the edge of the pitch ? I never imagined it could work, but with the order to pass the ball to the left, it became alchemy. Here are the stats for Luke Varney, the starting FL, and his backups, Kyle Casciaro the gibraltarian (was here before 2019) and the marvelous Ian Stokoe (those attributes !)...
Let's go for the title ! No, just kidding. Luke will soon retire, Kyle will be transfered to the spanish D2B, and Ian... Ian... Oh no, please not Ian ! In this happy anarchy, I will rather follow two players in particular. Lucas Martinez arrived during the mercato. He looks fairly good for NI First, but never played before H&W. I wonder if he can evolve to a better striker. His debuts were strong.
Next is Matt Davis. As we can't count much with the fullbacks at the moment, it's good to see a man devoted to defensive tasks. He's is by far the most assiduous tackler of the club, and I hope he will pursue in that manner. He was designated as 3rd best youngster in NI First. 1st and 2nd were the unimpressives James Hunter and John Mason...

Distillery (since 2016)

A new disappointing season for Distillery. The forwards were once more underwhelming. Peter Blackwell was supervised by some clubs, but his performances (9G/5A/4MoM/7.15) in 2019/20 must have cooled their intentions. The situation around him is very calm now. The best player this year was Jordan Chapell, a low profile player who will be released as his contract expires soon. I expected much from Nathan Robertson (1G/3MoM/6.72) but he's still young... We can wait for more. Despite they play with the same formation as Ballyclare, success is a mirage until now.

Not much arrivals this year. The only promising youngster is Matthew Leech but I'm not certain of his will to recover the ball from the opponents feet...

New club records
- League appearances : 180 - Lee Windrum
- Most league goals : 337 – Jordan Chapell

Limavady United (since 2019)

The fun part of Limavady were the very first transferts. As Limavady and H&W were running after the same players (Tapani made scouting an obligation when it comes to players with low reputation, youngsters...). And Limavady get them all. All of them. But nothing worked really as the team was crippled by elderly and the no training condition. 90 minutes was too long for them. And much of the scouted youngster had too much aggression (the second condition of this trial), the kind of aspect which killed the defensive aspect. The best tackler did only 2.2 per game.

So... It's hard to find a player with good potential here as it was a collective failure. Too bad, because some of the scouted players looked very promising without the max aggression cap !

Next update : preseason 2020/21. Ballyclare playing the CL, Ian Stokoe leading H&W attack, Distillery new signings... and two new and stupid challenges ;)

10-01-16, 07:13 PM
Haven't had much time to play lately but here's a mid-season update from February 2017:

The loss of Skulason is noticeable, but not to the point where it has more effect than what is manageable. We don't score much, 44 goals in 30 league games, and top scorer Sérgio Nunez has 13 goals in 29(1) appearances. Not too impressive, even if those are nice numbers for a central miodfielder. I bought the best-looking attackers my scouts could find in the summer, but they are not impressing. 18-year old César Brito looks quite promising though, and I believe he will be an asset in the future. With transfer fees of 24k (Sergio) and 90k (Brito) they will most likely be sound economic investments anyway.


Two players who have been impressing are Vicente Viñas and Matthias Schmuck. Viñas has been my best performer this season, while new signing Schmuck has established a very good partnership with fellow German Marco Petzold.


The results this season have been better than expected, and after 30 games we are 1st in the 1st Division, 4 points ahead of Middlesbrough in 2nd and 10 points ahead of Coventry in 7th. Promotion should be doable. I've also secured a pre-contract with a player that I believe will bring quality and goals back to the attack again, in French striker Cédric Leroy. His attributes and goal scoring history looks rather promising, I think. 4 years into his contract and not getting much game time at Lens, he is joining us for a record fee of £1.5M in the summer. I even remembered to remove the minimum fee release clause he wanted and he still accepted, so no fear of loosing him cheaply at once! :D


10-01-16, 08:06 PM
@Pegster; Leroy seems an upgrade one who you have bought previously, he has all the right attributes in the right places.

@Sure; Congratulations on the League title. Looking forward to your upcoming season.

10-01-16, 09:55 PM
Season 4 review

Nothing much to shout about this season. We limped out of the Europa league in the 3rd round after a rather limp and bemusing performance where we gifted 3 away goals in the return leg after beating Marseille 0-1 away. We went out of one of the french cups in early rounds while getting knocked out of the other by a sublime PSG side.


We continued to improve upon previous seasons performance but ultimately we are still massively behind PSG who finished a whopping 24 points ahead of us. We did however manage to improve upon last seasons defensive side of the game but are still conceding a few too many goals than what I would like to see. Especially seem to be the ones conceding first which allows the opposition to sit back and counter attack us.

We did manage to finish 2nd though which will give us Champions League football next season, Although whether this squad is good enough to get out of the group stages is another thing.



I brought in a few too many signings this season but knowing I had several players whose contracts were running out or werent up to standard it was necessary.





Player review

Schmeichel came in to battle with Marshall for the No.1 Jersey, but proved to be erratic and when both him and Marshall were sent off in one league game he found it hard to reclaim the No.1 Jersey from my yth Star Keeper Olivier Da Silva who would go onto play 18 games and conceding on avg 1 per game.

Gelmin Rivas was again our top scorer with 18 goals. He didnt play as much as last season due to being rather inconsistant for the first few months before finding some resemblance of last seasons form. Even Haller was firing blanks, So when Nice came in with a £6m bid I had no hesitation in selling him and replacing him with Omar Al Soma who took a few games to settle in before starting to fire.

Youssouf Soro was mr dependable at RB and was an almost ever present, He is however angry with me for turning down a bid of £5.1m for him which to be honest was derisory considering his worth is £4.3m and has a release fee of £12m which he signed about 3 months prior to the bid.

Francis Coquelin while not that consistent was a big improvement upon last seasons Defensive midfielders but continues to pick up a few injuries which have stopped him playing as many games as I would have liked.

Mumin Nurishi I had high hopes he would help provide more of a creative and goalscoring threat, He came to the club lacking Match practise along with a few more I had signed on the cheap or free. It took him a little while to gain that sharpness, but once he did he chipped in with a few assists and goals.

Harry Winks I had never seen this guy before and assumed he was a regen at first, He wasnt getting much game time at Spurs and his attributes forced me to take a closer look and brought him to Paris. While not a regular he was still a very good squad player.

Not doing lots of screenshots, so just a few to look at..



PSG are simply too strong right now and I would literally need a brick wall for a defence and a hybrid of Messi/Ronaldo to outscore them, Especially with a non wib/wob tactic. Quite where I go from here I just don't know.

10-01-16, 11:41 PM
Inspired by El-Toppo, I started a game with a Paris club, I picked Racing Club Paris in the 3.9.68 database.

Well... I'm about to get fired. Things started great, I was second after 12 games, but I only won a few games since then and now I'm 10th in National after 22 games. Half the squad hates me and with the board that wanted promotion, my days are counted, I'm afraid.

10-01-16, 11:54 PM
Big clubs can piss right off..

Roma unsettled Hervin Ongenda with an £8.75m bid which was refused. He asked to be listed, Roma came back in again with £10.25m so upped it to £12m which they accepted. Now I have Youssouf Soro wanting to leave so he has been listed with a £12m asking price.. Awaiting bids from 4 interested clubs.

Marseille have bid £11.5m.. Reluctantly I have accepted the bid. He is my only RB and is brilliant but is becoming a pain asking for a transfer. Besides, I only paid £325,000 for him so it's a massive profit and gives me a lot of cash to build squad up further.

10-01-16, 11:57 PM
Inspired by El-Toppo, I started a game with a Paris club, I picked Racing Club Paris in the 3.9.68 database.

Well... I'm about to get fired. Things started great, I was second after 12 games, but I only won a few games since then and now I'm 10th in National after 22 games. Half the squad hates me and with the board that wanted promotion, my days are counted, I'm afraid.

Took me a while to sort out a tactic but once I got going its not been too bad. A little bumpy, but the board love me.

11-01-16, 02:40 AM
Toppo - I'm playing as Chambly with 2.5k stadium

Back to back promotions but first season in Ligue 1 was tough - mid-lower part of table - I hope to improve next year!

Back to back promotions with Portsmouth and Racing Santander as well

3rd in La Liga with Racing.

Will be interesting how 1sr Prem season will go with Pompey

Pool and Swans doing fine - some cup successes but haven't got into top 2 in league in a with either yet :(

11-01-16, 04:06 PM
Uhm, I can not say I didn't see it coming.

http://i1200.photobucket.com/albums/bb335/julb2011/CM/sacked_zpsmmhmkcel.jpg (http://s1200.photobucket.com/user/julb2011/media/CM/sacked_zpsmmhmkcel.jpg.html)

11-01-16, 07:20 PM
Season finished, and what a season it was! A relatively easy league win was very close to being topped by cup success and subsequent European qualification! Unfortunately, Premier League side Sheffield Wednesday were too strong for us in the FA Cup final, and won 2-1. They finished 8th in the top flight so they'll take the FA Cup UEFA Cup spot too. Had they won just one more game in the league we would have been in Europe, as Burnley in 4th finished 3 points ahead of them with only one goal better goal difference. So close! Ah well, next year! And at least we'll be playing Premier League football in the autumn :D


The FA Cup semi final was a thriller, and I think I can safely say that Brito won the substitute of the year award in that game.


I'm mostly happy with the squad this year, with a couple of exceptions. My attackers aren't scoring, and my full backs haven't been at the level I want them to be. The rest of the squad has done well and I'm not planning to strengthen it much before I see how they perform at the highest level. I am getting two attackers in the summer, plus a 17 year old FC who I expect will play a little but not too much yet, and I want to buy at least two defenders who are adept at playing full backs.


Highlight of the season was definitely the FA Cup final, hopefully there'll be another chance for that next season!

11-01-16, 10:21 PM
Interesting title race this year

11-01-16, 10:44 PM
Just great.. Looks like Champs league will be over for me in 6 matches :lol:


13-01-16, 10:08 PM
Ouch! Tough draw :D

Thanks for the updates everyone. As Jesus says, this is a fantastic thread :hippie: I'm particularly enjoying yours Pegster, mostly because it's not a million miles away from my save in terms of characteristics :)

keep em coming!

Got my own Yeovil update coming tomorrow - just been busy with work and music recently but we've finished the season so I'll write something up tomorrow :boom:


13-01-16, 11:48 PM
Just great.. Looks like Champs league will be over for me in 6 matches :lol:

Well it sure could have been a lot harder. Like Celtic instead of Malmö... :violin:

14-01-16, 08:09 PM
Hello champs, an update from me after finishing my third full season with the mighty Yeovil Town.

We won the league! Again, like League 1 it was quite close. We made it difficult for ourselves by enduring a poor run of form towards the end of the season, and promotion was confirmed more because of the teams below us losing crucial games rather than us running away with it. As you can see from the league table below, there wasn't a team who really impressed too much and walked the league. We just happened to play a better season than most and take advantage of the unpredictability that is the Championship!


League progress...


Our best player of the season was our powerhouse striker, Conor Calcutt. He got 28 goals in the league and finished joint top scorer in the division. He's unhappy with me after I played down media praise (his form was not spectacular and I wanted him to "prove me wrong" in our next match in a bid to overturn our poor form :D

Here are the average ratings for our squad this season, and a screenie of Calcutt's performances...



Another consistent performer for us was goalkeeper Frank Fielding. His form was always going to tail off a little after his amazing start to the season, but a 7.22 rating is not to be sniffed at, and he'll continue as our deserved no.1 in the Premier League next season.

Our forward Luke Williams, who mostly played behind Calcutt, chipped in with a useful 15 goals, and, together with Peter Pawlett and Calcutt, gave us enough firepower to win the league.


It goes without saying that our debut season in the Premier League will be a very tough one. I feel we have a good balance with our tactics, but our main desire is to strengthen our defence further, to help support a busy Frank Fielding. Our finances are ok, but not great. Our wage bill is higher than ever and our income is rather pitiful thanks to a crap chairman and small stadium/attendances. We might need to be creative in the loan market if there isn't much quality to buy direct.

Our aim next season is simply to survive. The TV money will be a Godsend, and if we can string a few seasons together in the Premier League we can think of a longer term plan to establish the club at the top end of English football, but there is a long way to go :photo:

Thanks for reading! :cheer:

14-01-16, 09:17 PM
Whoo, league win! Congrats! Solid season there and excellent contrubution from Calcutt. Disappointed in Arthurworrey though, he needs to up his game!

I'm just over halfway through my first Premier League season with Dag & Red, and after a fantastic start it has turned into absolute rubbish. we've taken 1 point in the last 7 league games, and barely managed to beat 1st Division team Everton in the FA Cup. The only consolation is that we've statwise been the better team in most of the games, we just can't score (except for Leroy).


Leroy is scoring for fun as I'd hoped, but no one else are. Enrico Rocco and Robert Held are the only two others who are delivering at an acceptable level, and then I'm being nice to them since they are both only nineteen. Apart from not scoring, we are also horrible in defence, with 3rd most conceded in the league.
After things started to go bad I made some transfers, a goalkeeper and four defensive players; most of them haven't had a chance to make much impact yet as they're too new. Trying to sign an additional Portuguese D LC who looks fantastic, but he's going to be expensive. Valued at 22k, I most recently had a 1.7M bid rejected, so I might give up.
Leroy is finding the English lifestyle disagreeable, and signing versatile defender Joachim Berg, his old team mate from Lens, didn't help. He's made no noises indicating that he wants to leave, though, so I'm not too worried about his future at the club. Said team mate broke his leg in his 3rd game and was ruled out for three months, so he hasn't been much use on the pitch either. Bummer.
I was conceding way too much goals, so even if my William Bald had good average rating in goal, I decided to invest in a new keeper. Dutchie Bert Grunholz was bought cheaply from Roma, and he looked pretty good. He has so far conceded 16 goals in 9 games and haven't performed particularly good, but seeing as the season is over already I'll not invest in a new one until the summer. Maybe he just needs time to settle.
I believe Ivan Álvarez has a good chance at becoming an important player for me, he was discovered by my Spain-infiltrating scout a while back and was available on a free transfer. I was signing him for the first team but he wanted to be a decent young player so he's not digging much into the gold reserves either. Good start, hopefully he lasts longer than Berg did before injuring himself.


Hopefully my improved defence will stop us from falling even further on the table, but I think my pre-season goal of European qualification will be difficult. The board's goal of battling bravely against relegation is a more likely outcome the way things are going.

15-01-16, 10:45 AM
This thread is hopping, great to see.

Forgot to do a season recap after season 2 with Parma.

We won the Serie C1 title fairly straight forward after signing this destroyer
http://i898.photobucket.com/albums/ac186/Lowskys/Janczyk_zpsr4mcypnk.jpg (http://s898.photobucket.com/user/Lowskys/media/Janczyk_zpsr4mcypnk.jpg.html)

Also took the Mali job, won the African Nations cup, capped every player that I could find with dual nationality and quit before I got sacked for winning the competition. A nice quick job to top up the rep in case a few big jobs come up.

We are about 6 games into the Serie B season with a record of W2 D1 L3 and also dumped out of Italian Cup at the group stage. With the window closed we are stuck with the players we've got and I was a small bit arrogant and only added 4 or 5 squad players instead of 4 or 5 starters. Amazingly after a great season in Serie C1, not a single bid came in for one of my better players.

Oh, and I turned down the Porto job :shocked: Might regret that but hopefully it will come up again.

15-01-16, 09:05 PM

So tempting to jump ship! But no, their chance was ten years ago or so.

Played another month and a half, and the new defence is slightly better than the old one. Seemingly completely randomized performances from the new guys, with forms along the line of 6-8-5-8-5, but I'm conceding fewer goals than before, 1 on average per game for the last 7 games. Still not scoring, 5 goals in 7 games including 2 against Peterborough in the FA Cup means 1 cup win, 1 league draw and 5 defeats in those 7 games. I think the defence just needs to settle a bit, the players look good enough on paper, so I'll give them the rest of the season. Probably going to try to sign a central midfielder as Nunez isn't at the level I need him to be and Robert Held is young and more of an AM and isn't performing well enough either.

Also, I want this guy but my board won't let me. Bastards. Valued at 22k, I got a bid accepted at 6M after a few weeks of increasing bids, and then the board blocked it. Would be worth it I think, if nothing else I could probably have sold him on for more if he didn't work out.


15-01-16, 10:22 PM
That's a shame Pegs, he looks great. I'm guessing your chairman has a reasonably high 'Interference' stat?

15-01-16, 10:35 PM
Yo homies,
A quick post update you all on the summer transfer window for the mighty Yeovil Town, before we start our maiden Premier League campaign! :rockon:

Unsurprisingly, our board are expecting us to battle bravely against relegation, and it's an expectation I agree with. We have expanded our stadium to just under 18,000 (all seater), but our training facilities need upgrading and we don't have the funds to do it :(

Speaking of finances, our budget to strengthen the squad before the start of the season is a mere £2.6 million, which if anyone is unaware, is about 20p in football money.

Nevertheless, with this 20p we have been creative and cunning, and I'm pretty happy with our recruitment, as you can see below...

Here is our full list of permanent transfers this summer:

Highlights include flying winger George Baldock

Defender Christian Burgess

Defender Murray Wallace (both these players at a good age and look solid in stats + potential to improve further)

Midfielder Matt James, who comes with Premier League experience with Leicester

Winger James Dayton, bought from Chesterfield

We've made two season-long loans, Ryan Petrie (a young D/MLC from Derby) and this fella from Watford, who should provide stiff competition up front with Calcutt and Mettam

Josh Vela, who looks a real find and a bargain at £180k

Jordan Houghton, a free transfer after he was released from Chelsea

As for tactics, we have gone to a 4-1-4-1 (we have used it before a few times) which we might adapt to a more attacking 4-5-1 depending on how we start the season. Again, it's a non-wib-wob formation!

So wish me luck for the new season. It'll be a tough one, but I'm much more optimistic of survival after an encouraging transfer window :)

Onwards and upwards :target:

16-01-16, 12:18 AM
@ViK; congratulations on promotion, you say it was down to other teams being worse but you lead the league for most of the season! I can see you having a tough debut season in the Premier League though but I do wish you luck! Here's hoping your new singings can bed in and support Calcutt and Fielding!

@Dermo; That Janczyk is a freak with that finishing and dribbling, you mentioned in the Natural Born Freaks thread that you had him set to run with ball and I don't blame you! Keep us updated as to how he performs with a step up to Serie B. That Porto job could have been a better option though...!

@Pegster; A pretty disappointing decline from where you started. At least you're in no danger of slipping in to the relegation zone. Maintain and consoladate at the end of the season and see if you can bolster that squad. It's a shame you can't get that youngster in but I'm sure there's plenty other prospects just as good as him. Keep him on the shortlist though, he may get unhappy!

16-01-16, 02:45 PM
2020/21 NI season is about to start. Preseason update is here !

Lisburn Distillery (since 2016)

Club rep 1522 (-10 this year)

Handicaps :
- Passing is long
- No pressing
- Everyone stay behind when a free kick is allowed to the team

Lots of departures and 5 arrivals for a 2020/21 season which should bring the club at the NI Premier doors. Still no good midfielder unfortunately. Board expects no more than staying clear of relegation this season. They reduced their ambitions and that's not a comforting signal. Nevertheless, those newcomers could bring the club higher this year...

Two problems occured : the loss of Peter Blackwell (sold to QPR in English Premier for 250.000 pounds) and the disappearance of the physio. The second one is the worse as there is no other physio willing to join Distillery ranks. Peter was about to sign a new contract when new offers were made. At this point he was still happy to stay at the club but didn't want to agree with his new contract. So instead of losing him for free in 2021... I accepted a deal. At least, half of the yearly expenses are covered by this. Finances are bad and nothing can be done.

I'm certain of the improvement of the team ability, but at the same time worried about the future injuries. Those long term absences will determine the final rank.

Ballyclare Comrades (since 2018)

Club rep 1910 (+908 this year)

Handicaps :
- No arrows
- Max age 24
- Min age 30

A transitional season is coming. Even after the title the board doesn't expect much than battling against relegation. Only two arrivals here because the scouts were too busy detecting colombians and malaysians folks, who never received their work permit... But one of them looks pretty tasty...

CL was not a great experience as Ballyclare were outclassed by Dynamo Tbilissi. Aggregate score was 1-5 and a red card. The club managed to win the Charity Shield and beat Cliftonville 3-2.

Still no cash nor decent infrastructures here. I think it should be a quiet year save the never ending search for talents. Some players will reach the age limit in two seasons, so new blood has to be pumped into the club.

Harland & Wolff Welders (since 2019)

Club rep 993 (+221 this year)

Handicaps :
- No arrows
- Influence max 10
- No loans

The megalomaniac chaiman only wish would be to stay in NI Premier this year. How disappointing. The whole defense needs... Well, real defenders ? James Hunter and Matt david were sold due to their raising influence. Luke Varney retired, so Ian Stokoe is ready to become a first-team player. Or not. We signed a young spaniard to take the FL role. We promised Ian the mascot position, still on the pitch, but to the other side of the lines :)

No great recruits, but some young and potentially decent defenders made their arrival. I hope for their development. Hard to guess how the club will perform this year.

And now, the two new challengers are...

Queen's University of Belfast (since 2020)

Club rep 766

Handicaps :
- Getting rid of players coming from the youth academy
- Technique max 10
- Defensive mentality

QUB are back ! 26 players which I brought in two years ago are awaiting their revenge. Unfortunately, the max technique handicap means that 16 of them are now over the limit. The best of them of course. It's a tragedy...

OK, a tragedy scaled to the NI football size. The loss of quality is tremendous. And 3 of the survivors are GK. There are profits at least. We sold for 400.000 pounds and finances are now OK. The technique cap is naughty. I don't like defensive mentality either... It's easier to find defensive players with those handicaps.

The directors want the club to battle against relegation. If they don't sack me for all the mess I'm putting in their beloved team. There is now a little money in the bank, and 18.000 pounds allowed for transferts. So an emergency purchase could be done if necessary.

Loughgall (since 2020)

Club rep 990

- Players name ends by -er
- Max age 24
- Official warning for a 5, fining if the note is inferior than 5

A foolish handicap here, maybe one of the worst when you start a game with only two players available. Initially it was a "only job names handicap" and I felt it would be too difficult to respect. But I agree that a team consisting of guys named Carpenter and Mason would lead to a solidly framed formation... The two fools still waiting for a new contract were expelled from Loughgall, and the scout lashed until he discovers some matching finds... which he never discovered apart for a Gallacher... There are enough players matching the criteria ready for a loan, but you now how cracked is the loan system... So we actually managed to bring and to loan only 6 players... After more than 50 tries. Of course, the max age condition makes it even worse. And the third condition drives the challenge further impossible.

Battling against relegation is all the board want this season. I'm quite pessimistic for this trial. Finances are OK until next month when they will turn to insecure. No, really nothing to expect for Loughgall this year.

Next post : January 2021. :)

16-01-16, 04:18 PM
On a side note : every manager whose preferred formation is 4-5-1 is now playing a 4-3-3. It's a worldwide tactical change.:rolleyes:

16-01-16, 05:23 PM
I absolutely love the handicap-limited game, brilliant idea and interesting to follow :)

16-01-16, 11:53 PM
Sure, your Lisburn Distillery tactic is essentially the only tactic I (and my housemates) played for years, until I discovered this site in fact!
Love the restrictions too :ok:

18-01-16, 04:07 PM
Can I ask why people spend so much time and energy on small leagues?

Like OK u might wanna check out Scotland, NI or ROI, Scandinavia, minor euro leagues, USA etc if you live there (and I do) but I lose interest if I don't know who all of the players are. I also get annoyed by financial limits and glass ceilings. So why choose the Irish League (NI) if you can choose a lower division club in England, Spain or Germany instead?

18-01-16, 07:27 PM
Can I ask why people spend so much time and energy on small leagues?

Like OK u might wanna check out Scotland, NI or ROI, Scandinavia, minor euro leagues, USA etc if you live there (and I do) but I lose interest if I don't know who all of the players are. I also get annoyed by financial limits and glass ceilings. So why choose the Irish League (NI) if you can choose a lower division club in England, Spain or Germany instead?

The game allows the player to do this. It's a matter of taste. I'm just playing CM personally, and not the way I used to do :)

19-01-16, 11:28 AM
Doesn't NI have a Champs League place? It's the worst league with entry into the top European competition. It's not really my thing but I can totally understand why people do it.
I've played a save on S America and loved the variety of the leagues and the random end of season champion play off etc. Sometimes it's nice to play something other than England (where 99% of my champ life has existed)

19-01-16, 07:30 PM
Doesn't NI have a Champs League place? It's the worst league with entry into the top European competition. It's not really my thing but I can totally understand why people do it.
I've played a save on S America and loved the variety of the leagues and the random end of season champion play off etc. Sometimes it's nice to play something other than England (where 99% of my champ life has existed)

NI starts with a place in CL and the team must pass through three qualification turns before acceding to the groups. I managed Warrenpoint in an older game and after 16-17 in game years reached CL semi twice, and won UEFA cup once. So after these feats NI was granted a second seat in CL... but that's not the "story" here ;)

19-01-16, 08:25 PM
Hello friends and family,

A three-quarters-of-the-season update from Derek Trotter and the mighty Yeovil Town, as we tackle the beast that is The Premier League! :ear:

It's been a rocky effort so far, with the main aim to stay clear of relegation, and we've been battling that fear all season long. Here is where we sit after 27 games...


Not bad, although it's largely thanks to a very welcome upturn in form, culminating in a resounding 4-1 victory over a very poor Arsenal side. Calcutt scored his first hattrick in the top league, and here are his overall season stats:


As you can see, his goal return is still more than respectable, despite the tougher defences.

Our league progress has been rather up and down. We were top after 1 game as we beat Sunderland 4-1 at home! I wasn't getting carried away as their 'keeper got a 5/10 and Fielding got a 9/10 so the scoreline was a little flattering. After that our form did slip and we settled into a position just above the relegation zone...


Our main problem was scoring goals. Our defence is nowhere near the worst in the division, but we had so many 2-0 and 2-1 defeats, so I experimented with a variety of different formations from our original 4-1-4-1, eventually settling on one with AML/AMRs and one of the two MCs pushing forward along with the fullbacks. That's given us a better balance and you can see from game 21 onwards we have begun an upward trend :flypig:

Another factor that has assisted our recent improved form is January signing Raúl Garitano, a left-footed DC who has had a very solid start to his Yeovil career. He's only 20, but I've thrown him straight in as our existing central defensive partnership was proving rather troublesome at times, with too many 5-6 ratings for my liking. Garitano was picked up for free, after our scout covering Southern Europe found him walking the Spanish streets alone.


So, still more work to be done. We've got to continue the upward trend, as I'd like to guarantee survival before the last game! If we can stay in 14th that would be worth a fair bit of extra cash, which, as we're in £1m of debt, will come in handy!

Ciao :wave:

19-01-16, 10:06 PM
So much pressure. Every game is a final.

20-01-16, 10:49 AM
@ViK; Raúl Garitano looks like an excellent find especially as he didn't cost you anything. As expected you're battling bravely in the bottom half but at least you're not in the bottom three!

20-01-16, 12:48 PM
Streak ended after 185 Serie A-games without losing. Did 243 on av previous save so no personal best.

20-01-16, 01:03 PM
Streak ended after 185 Serie A-games without losing. Did 243 on av previous save so no personal best.
Your screenshot made it on to the official Twitter feed for the forums. :D

20-01-16, 04:57 PM
Your screenshot made it on to the official Twitter feed for the forums. :D

With how many subtle references to referees and match-fixing?

20-01-16, 08:09 PM
Hello everybody :)

Our first season in the Premier League is over and.................WE SURVIVED!!!!1!

Our form coming through to the end of the season wasn't great, but it wasn't catastrophic enough to be drawn into the relegation battle too heavily. We survived with a few games to spare.


The game of the season was a fantastic comeback at home to Spurs...


The player of the season was reliable DMC Jordan Houghton, who was often a rock in front of the defence...


Frank Fielding and Christian Oxlade-Chamberlain were 2nd and 3rd behind Houghton in terms of average rating for the season. Connor Calcutt ended up joint 2nd top scorer in the league, with 18 goals.

Our summer business will be to strengthen our attack. Calcutt wants to move to a bigger club and he's still unhappy with me so he's on the transfer list. He'll still play if is effort is good. In the meantime we have already signed Armand Gnanduillet, a strong striker from Carlisle who could well be Calcutt's replacement should he leave. We are also negotiating with Porto B's André Silva, a right-sided forward who is just 20 years old and our scouts say he has potential. He'll join on a free should he agree to the contract.

In other news, we have finally upgraded our training facilities, so we have a youth academy in place and a new set of coaches, now our reputation is higher.

I'll post screenies of our summer transfer window business tomorrow.


21-01-16, 01:47 PM
I forgot to take screenshots and suddenly it was the next season, but here's an end of 2017/18 update:

Ended 14th in the Premier League with 44 points, so safely above the relegation zone but too close for comfort. The new players settled and started performing better after some time at the club, so we managed to get a few wins in during the last couple of months of the season. Cédric Leroy isn't scoring enough, thinks England sucks and wants to move to a bigger club, so I'm currently looking for a new striker. I have three targets that I am trying to sign, we'll see who I end up with. Beyond that I would like a new MC, but the rest of the squad is decent enough as it is for now, they just need to settle and grow older. I'll probably sign a few players during the season, or if I find someone really good, but I'm not actively searching any more than having my scouts out.

Middlesbrough, who ended 5th in Premier League, should be filing a complaint with the UEFA for being utterly ridiculous after non-league team Braintree were awarded a UEFA Cup spot ahead of them:

Hoping for European qualification this season, the squad should be good enough for it.

21-01-16, 05:23 PM
Guys, I am running France and Portugal, with four other leagues in the background (Tapani patch, October 2015 update). Do you think it will slow my game up or cause serious issue to bring England into the foreground? I want to manage a team in each of these countries... i'm running a Lenovo ideapad with Intel celeron... so far no problems with the two leagues + 4.

I'm managing Benfica in Portugal. Only my first season but I cannot get any young starlets to come. I have agreed fees and terms with Scuffet and Bazoer, but the boards vetoed the moves because i had to offer over the odds. How can I get these guys before the big clubs come in for them?

21-01-16, 07:49 PM
Hello champs :hippie:

A quick screenie update of our summer signings before our second season in the Premier League with the might Yeovil Town. In short, we've strengthened in a number of key areas across the pitch, and pretty much blown our whole £7m budget! It's the right thing to do, as I'm hopeful of a mid-table finish assuming we don't get unlucky with injuries...

French striker Armand Gnanduillet (free)


Tricky forward Clinton N'Jie (£1.8m)

Portuguese forward André Silva (free)

Young Spanish defender Jesús Vallejo (£1.5m)

Finnish midfielder Kann Kairinen (£1.5m)

Striker Yaya Sanogo (£800k)

The rest of our budget went on new contracts for 'keeper Frank Fielding, and forward Luke Williams. :clap:

Star signing has to be our young defender Jesús Vallajo, who has stats to die for and will hopefully stay with us for a long time. We got him from Real Madrid's B Team. He wanted first team football but we had no info on him so our scouts went out and found he was a gem of a player!

Looking forward to the new season! :fish:

21-01-16, 07:53 PM
Vallejo looks quality.

21-01-16, 10:36 PM
He is! We've had a good start to the season, on the whole. No fireworks, other than a very injury-prone Sanogo. Our defence is really starting to click now :)

22-01-16, 02:49 PM
Finished my 1st full season with Gateshead...

Ready for 3rd Division....:peace:


22-01-16, 05:26 PM
From Boreham Wood...for 35K...the great Billy Lobjoit...
Look FINISHING... ;)


The season in 3rd Division is being awful...thanks to this players in list...


2nd season finished...and as I said...very awful...


My best defender...


The two wingers and assists-master...



And the beast...


Now...to the conquest of Second Division... :clap:

22-01-16, 06:46 PM
@ViK; well done on surviving your first season in the Premier League. Looks like the club is starting to build a solid foundation with the news of upgraded facilities and a youth academy. Next stop - stadium expansion and a better finish than 16th! Gnanduillet doesn't look anywhere near as good as Calcutt, you should try and keep hold of Calcutt and make him happy. N'jie however looks the business! Maybe a change of formation is in order to slot him in to an AMC? André Silva isn't a bad looking player for a free transfer, Jesús Vallejo is a massive signing with those attributes (positioning 20, marking 19, tackling 19... wow), Kairinen looks great for his age and Yaya Sanogo should help add some quality depth to your squad. Best of luck next season!

@Pegster; 14th isn't bad but it isn't good either. I guess you are still transitioning forward but it seems that the letter D has had you stuck for quite a while now! Fingers crossed you can have a stronger season and get close to moving on to the next letter!

22-01-16, 06:49 PM
Nationals Only - Season One
Ref: http://www.champman0102.co.uk/showthread.php?t=266

Started this last night and have enjoyed the first season immensely. I immediately started chopping and changing my team and brought in the likes of Javier Zanetti, Martín Palermo, Mattia Graffiedi and Antonio Nocerino. We started brightly, battling it out with the Italian titans that were AC Milan, Roma and Inter but could never get a consistent run of form together. We darted between fourth and second place all season and finally reached the summit with two games to go. However a shock 1-0 defeat to Fiorentina opened the door for AC Milan and we finished in second place by just three points. Too many games drawn and not clinical enough in front of goal was the main problem.

We also battled it out in both the Italian Cup and managed to reach the final where we came unstuck in the first leg and sucummed to a 2-1 defeat at the hands of Inter. The second leg was a typical Italian 0-0 and we had missed the chance to win our first piece of silverware. In addition to the Italian Cup we also made it through the CL qualifiers and all the way to the semi-final. Real Madrid proved too strong at home in the first leg and we were dispatched 1-3. The second leg favoured us better and we were 2-0 up and on the way to the final on away goals only for Ruud van Nistelrooy to get the game deciding goal in the 86th minute.

How disappointing...

22-01-16, 09:06 PM
Hi Jesus, great to read your save as well, some fantastic names in your team. Martin Palermo was always a beast! Unlucky to lose in the CL semis - Ruud was a goal machine on CM.

Got a little update myself coming up....

One classic line can sum up the first half of the season for the mighty Yeovil Town - Everything's coming up Milhouse! (or should that be Yeovil?) :D
We've had a fantastic first half of the season, currently 3rd after 19 games! In the Euro places! :brick: Not sure it'll last, but then again why not? We're strengthening again in January with a couple more signings and our current crop are doing a fantastic job. We've got a settled side and we are putting in some gritty performances and standing toe-to-toe with the big fish in the league.


Here are our results since an excellent comeback against Aston Villa (3-0 down after 60 mins, won 4-3!)...



During the season, we got a new sponsorship deal that was worth just over £9 million, so that has boosted our finances nicely! We've added a few new scouts to our roster, including the inimitable Djimi Traore, who despite spending much of his career in England, is apparently not even slightly fluent in English! Oh well, we've signed him as a scout anyway. We sent our scouts out to Portugal, France and Italy to hunt for potential stars, and the reports came thick and fast. As such, we'll be adding a couple of new recruits when the January transfer window opens...

Ramos is an excellent DMC by the looks of things and will compete with Houghton (who is doing very well as it is) for the midfield enforcer role in our team. We got him for about £120k, so a bargain!


Secondly, we're signing a promising young French striker for £625k.


His attributes and goalscoring record are already encouraging, and he should compete well with Gnanduillet (note for Jesus - we originally signed him as a backup for Calcutt. He's done well when called upon and had an excellent goalscoring record for Carlisle. Also he was free!) and Sanogo. A word on Calcutt - he's leaving us on a Bosman at the end of the season. he was on the transfer list as he wanted to move to a bigger club. He later withdrew his request but by then he'd fallen down the pecking order. Since then he's turned up late for training once and generally doesn't see eye to eye with me anymore. I'm sad to see him go, but we've got able replacements in and I wish him well wherever he ends up.

Another fondly remembered player departing at the end of the season is Stephen Arthurworrey, who Pegster is a fan of.

Arthurworrey just doesn't have the attributes to get into our first team in the Premier League, and is in some ways a victim of our rapid rise to the top. A lot of our lower league signings have either left or will be leaving (Leon Mettam and Peter Pawlett are another two who can't get a game at the minute).

To wrap this up, here is a look at our average player ratings so far this season...


Sanogo is our star performer so far, with 8 goals in 9 games. He's missed 10 games this season due to injury. We sent him off to a specialist to cure his persistent groin problems (lol) and he has come back with a clean bill of health which is just as well as he looks like being an asset our team. Goalkeeper Frank Fielding is having another excellent season. It;s so nice to have a reliable 'keeper between the sticks, and many of our wins are down to his 7 and 8/10 performances, which can be the difference between scraping a 1-0 or 2-1 win and drawing/losing.
A special mention to our defence as well, all of whom have a good average rating. Joe Whight as developed into a very solid left back. We're bringing in Scott Tanser as backup but for now Joe has that position on his own. There are a few who need to improve their rating. I'd like to see Luke Williams repay his new contract by getting his rating over 7/10 by the end of the season. In his defence he's filled in a few positions as cover so far this season, AML/R and SC. Clinton N'Jie has disappointed overall, but more recently has has been playing better. he started with about six consecutive 6/10s and I wasn;t sure what to do with him in terms of his best position. He has recently settled better in an AML position pushing up to FL, so for now we'll keep him there and hope he continues to improve.

Finally, I'd be remiss if I didn't post our current non-wibwob tactics. We improved in the second half of last season pushing our 4-1-4-1 to a more attacking shape, so we've stuck with that really, occasionally playing with a couple of the arrows here and there. It seems to be working well and the players we have are enjoying the system. We have our defenders passing direct, and our midfield duo passing short to the wide areas. Wide players cross direct to the centre. We use an offside trap and press as well. What is also good to see is, now we have better training facilities is 1) players coming through the youth system - we have a couple of promising strikers who are just 16/19yo respectively, and 2) attributes improving as we have the reputation to get better coaches in :)


Phew! Onward and upwards, although I'm quite happy in 3rd in what looks like a very competitive second half of the season to come! :)

Europe? Maybe, just maybe! :bolt:

22-01-16, 09:40 PM
ViK; bumper update there. Nice to see you flying high in your second season. It's almost as if you're doing a Leicester. Some solid January signings who have been picked up for peanuts too. Are you playing by the rule that you can only sign somone who your scout recommends?

22-01-16, 09:44 PM
Nooo not Arthurworrey! At least he's going to a nice club!

Ramos loks like an excellent signing, Portugal is often a treasure trove of cheap talents.

22-01-16, 10:02 PM
ViK; bumper update there. Nice to see you flying high in your second season. It's almost as if you're doing a Leicester. Some solid January signings who have been picked up for peanuts too. Are you playing by the rule that you can only sign somone who your scout recommends?

In a way, yes. I have the attribute masking on, so most of the time it's from a scout recommendation as I'll send them out to get a report. Sometimes I'll see a players partial attributes and have a fair idea of how good they are and go from there, but I get a scout report too just so I have full access to our funds, although I'm already sold on the player.

@Pegster, you're right about Portugal's talents. This guy was rotting in Porto's B team and was available for next to nothing. Some good talent in France too :)

We've just surrendered our 14 game unbeaten run away to Newcastle, losing 3-1. Fielding got a 6 and their 'keeper Ospina got a 9! This followed a wonderfully dull Christmas period with two successive 0-0 draws vs Stoke and Everton :D So we're down to 7th but it's still tight.

22-01-16, 11:17 PM
Nationals Only - Season Two
Ref: http://www.champman0102.co.uk/showthread.php?t=266

Season two involved shipping out the rest of the foreigners in the squad and I instantly upset the board by releasing Salihamidzic for free (in fairness though I had tried to sell him multiple times only for the board to block the transfer because they thought the fee was unrealistic). This was soon forgotten though with the arrival of Robert Acquafresca and Martín Demichelis amongst others. I strengthened in areas I felt we lacked and we continued out challenge. The season started well for us and we were at the top after three games, however we soon plummeted down to 6th place and unease started to creep in to the squad who felt that we had more potential. We kicked on and soon found ourselves trailing Roma, within touching distance with every passing game week. It wasn't until the penultimate game of the season that we leapfrogged them in to first place and all we needed to do was win our final game to be crowned champions...


FUCK. OFF. We drew with 17th place Lecce whilst Roma demolished their opponents to steal the crown on the last day

In the Italian Cup we made it through round by round comfortably to set up a date with Napoli in the final. The first leg brought back memories of last season's Italian Cup final as a 0-0 result haunted us despite Napoli playing 60 minutes with ten men. The return leg saw a nervous affair but a 3-2 win for us saw the first piece of silverware in the cabinet.


In the Champions League it was touch and go when we made it to the second phase after all teams in our group were on six points after four games. However, we won our last two fixtures to set us up with Bayern in the quarter finals. A 3-1 aggregate win was followed by another 3-1 aggregate win against Chelsea and it would be AC Milan who we faced in the final. The final, which was being played in Rome, got off to a bad start with Milan going ahead in the 20th minute. We tried and tried and tried to get a goal back but it wasn't meant to be and we lost...

I didn't think it could get any worse from last season but it did... Another last day of the season upset.

23-01-16, 09:12 AM
Small january update...


Ballyclare are performing well despite a rough start. They were 8th after 12 matches and are now struggling for the first place. The mercato was calm with only two young strikers arriving. They were needed.

H&W season was predictable as the club reached NI Premier too fast and without decent defenders. The team is unbalanced at the moment. If only they could catch the 9th position... there's still hope ! 4 arrivals during the mercato - more young defenders to test in the back.

Distillery are doing nice at the moment but crippled by the injuries as expected. Players stay out of the pitch for months each time so the recent performances improvement remains fragile. Only two more youngsters during the mercato.

QUB suffer heavy difficulties. 7 new players from the mercato will try to save the season. 10 points to fill... I don't feel they can do it as a defensive playing style is not the key to achieve victory !

Loughgall... Goodbye Loughgall ! It wasn't a mercato but more like a whole tourism bus which dropped 11 guys in front of the stadium. They will visit the country between two games. I didn't look for quality but all their names end by -er at least. Too bad they still have no goalie. It looks too late to save them.

23-01-16, 12:33 PM
@Jesus - you're getting bad luck at the wrong time! I think you'll have the league next season though. Roma nearly threw it away and you can't get lucky every season like that. Congrats on winning the cup though! As for the CL, at least you're getting closer. Again, one more step forward and you're looking at a CL win so keep going :D

@Sure - another fascinating update and good to read a different 'type' of save, if you know what I mean. You are certainly challenging yourself with the restrictions you're implementing!

23-01-16, 03:24 PM
@Jesus - Unlucky on that last day upset, it'd have been a great steal if successful, at least you got the cup though as a consolation prize!

@Sure - Love playing in Northern Ireland, are you playing on a network game or are you all of those managers?

23-01-16, 03:48 PM
I've been trying to get my head around wibwob after doing some reading. I've taken charge of Worksop Town in the Northern Premier (Tapani 2.21 patch) and will eventually conquer the world. I started with the 4-4-2 diamond and after wibwobbing my tactic looks like this:

It seems to perform quite well despite all the arrows as a respectable position as turned into us looking good for promotion:

Hopefully we can hang on - but if we do go up I feel I've have to make a lot of new signings because I'm not sure this team could survive in the conference.

23-01-16, 06:00 PM
@Sure - Love playing in Northern Ireland, are you playing on a network game or are you all of those managers?

I (do my best to) manage those teams alone. But I'm not handling all the aspects in details. Most of the time I let the scouts do their work and only scan the player or staff list myself when I just take control of a new team or when I need someone in particular (GK most of the time, or to fill a missing position). The matches are played very fast and I don't sub unless there is a red card or an injury during the game. I don't play holiday mode because I want to give each player some time on the pitch, but for the rest, I tend to simplify my life... Memorizing players roster for each club is enough for my brain :)

23-01-16, 07:55 PM
3rd season completed...and the adventure is always more exciting...



And the beast is always on fire...


My 352 is unbelievable...

The road to Champions League continues...it's time to destroy First Division...:eyebrows:

23-01-16, 08:41 PM
Nationals Only - Season Three
Ref: http://www.champman0102.co.uk/showthread.php?t=266


The pre-season of season three got off to a difficult start. First we lost Del Piero to retirement and then bids started to flood in for Amauri and Iaquinta. Iaquinta decided it was time to move on started to fuel transfer rumours which lead to a wave of unrest sweeping through the squad. At this point Iaquinta was deemed surplus to requirements so I shipped him out; unfortunately though contract negotiations were finished after the deadline so I had to let him rot in the reserves until January. What this meant was that the unrest was in the squad throughout the whole first half of the season due to Iaquinta still being at the club.

In the league we got off to a very slow start and were eighth after five games. We kept our cool and climbed steadily towards the top of the table eventually reaching it by the 10th game. It felt as if this was going to be our year as we continue to lead the pack for the majority of the season. However, in true Juventus style we were suddenly under pressure from AC Milan who leapfrogged us with five games to go. It went down to another photo finish as we were back on top with one game to go and with a three point gap separting us...


Thank fuck for that. A draw for Milan meant that we were crowned champions by a slim two points.

Our focus on the league meant that we struggled to an extent in the cups. First we were beaten by Milan in the Italian Cup quarter finals and then we were beaten by Ajax in the Champions League quarter finals to end our dreams. Up until the quarter finals of the CL we had steamrolled the competition which involved a double win over Real Madrid in the group stages. Unfortunately it wasn't meant to be and now I'll be looking for a new adventure abroad.

23-01-16, 08:47 PM
I still think that's a success, Jesus. Shame the CL couldn't be added but like you say not the most ideal start to the season with such unrest! Well done on getting the league trophy though - a great ding-dong battle again with AC Milan - a proper rivalry just like it used to be! :D

Looking forward to hearing the next step in your career.

23-01-16, 08:48 PM

I feel like I'm doing a Mourinho.

23-01-16, 10:41 PM
Make sure it's like his first chelsea reign and not his second :D

24-01-16, 12:19 AM
Hola amigos! :love:

I bring you my end of season update from the mighty Yeovil Town. Our second season in the Premier League and my 5th season in charge of this great club.
So, it's been a very positive season. The target was simply to improve on last season's 16th placed finish. With the players brought in, I was hoping for a mid-table finish, but we went better than that...


5th brings us European football next season, as we tackle the UEFA Cup for the first time in the clubs history. That is all to come, but for now it's time to bask in the success of our highest ever league placing. Here is our season progress. After a slow first quarter, we really found our stride and went toe-to-toe with the more established clubs.


Nearly every player played their part in the success. Our star performer was January signing Francisco Ramos, a young but very combative DMC. Houghton, our previous DMC, has moved further forward into the MCR position and has continued to do well.

Our two main strikers Doumbia and Sanogo have traded runs in the team. Sanogo has scored more but Doumbia has proved he will be an asset in the years to come with several outstanding performances. Sanogo ended as our top scorer, although several players, including a resurgent Luke Williams, contributed vital goals. Williams came in when N'Jie was at the African Cup of Nations and revelled in a more central role behind Sanogo. Speaking of central roles - we were struggling to get the best out of N'Jie and Andre Silva on the left and right wings, but we've tried them in a central role behind the lone striker and set through balls instead of crosses and they've performed better. I'm still expecting more from them next season, however. ;)

Goals/assists this season.


As for next season, the board refused a stadium expansion, and then came back to me saying they expect another season in the lower reaches of the league. 'Staying clear' rather than 'battling' relegation though, which doesn't match my ambition of consecutive top half finishes though. In terms of ins and outs, we have lost Frank Fielding during the January transfer window. Sunderland met his £4.5m release clause and signed him up. I don't mind too much as it was a good fee/profit for us and there are some excellent goalkeepers out there. We scouted Stanek of Everton as his replacement, and we are also getting Callum Burton from QPR, http://i.imgur.com/dEr4SVg.png a young GK who was on loan for us as backup for the second half of the season. He impressed while here, so we've got him permanently. We have released some deadwood in the reserves, and will be signing two more forward thinking players after scouting Holland and Belgium in the second half of the season...



So can we match or better our placing next season? The main challenge will be the addition of European football to our busy fixture list. A cup run would be nice, too. We got to the semis of the FA Cup before losing to Arsenal, maybe one better next season.

Onwards and upwards! :alien:

24-01-16, 12:19 AM
Started a game with Fleetwood Town. Managed to win the league at the first time of asking but the squad will really be challenged in the Championship.

================================================== ==============================================
================================================== ==============================================

No Name Position(s) Nat Born Age Caps Gls Wages Expires Value
21 Andrew, Danny D L ENG 23.12.76 25 - - £200 29.6.02 £20K
30 Ball, David S C ENG 14.12.75 26 - - £1.8K 21.6.06 £1M
18 Bell, Amari D L SCO 4.9.80 21 - - £1.6K 28.6.05 £200K
14 Bocaly, Garry D R FRA 20.4.74 28 - - £1.8K 23.6.04 £230K
29 Della Verde, Lyle M RLC ENG 9.1.81 21 - - £100 30.6.03 £400K
- Dsane, Eddie S C ENG 5.2.83 19 - - £100 30.6.02 £14K
5 Dudgeon, Joe D LC NIR 26.11.76 25 - - £1.7K 20.6.04 £230K
22 Grant, Bobby F LC ENG 1.7.76 25 - - £1.8K 30.6.03 £400K
- Gregson, Daniel D RL ENG 6.11.77 24 - - £1.1K 19.6.04 £60K
7 Hammill, Adam AM RL ENG 25.1.74 28 - - £2.5K 20.6.04 £700K
8 Haughton, Nicolas M C ENG 20.9.80 21 - - £1.7K 6.6.05 £90K
15 Hunter, Ashley S C ENG 19.10.80 21 - - £975 27.6.07 £240K
24 Jónsson, Eggert D/DM RC ISL 18.8.74 27 18 - £1.8K 11.6.05 £400K
2 Jordan, Stephen D C ENG 6.3.68 34 - - £1.3K 30.6.02 £5K
23 Lucas, David GK ENG 23.11.63 38 - - £1.6K 26.6.02 £2K
25 Maxwell, Chris GK WAL 30.7.76 25 - - £1.6K 1.6.07 £140K
3 McLaughlin, Conor D R NIR 26.7.77 24 13 - £1.6K 26.6.07 £500K
16 McManus, Declan F LC SCO 3.8.80 21 - - £300 30.6.04 £250K
27 Nirennold, Victor D C FRA 5.5.77 25 - - £100 30.6.03 £18K
19 October, David D L ENG 29.11.80 21 - - £0 5.6.02 £110K
6 Pond, Nathan D/DM C ENG 16.6.71 30 - - £1.6K 28.6.05 £300K
9 Proctor, Jamie S C ENG 25.3.78 24 - - £1.8K 28.6.05 £625K
13 Ryan, Jimmy AM C IRL 6.9.74 27 - - £400 30.6.03 £475K
12 Sanogo, Vamara F C FRA 22.4.81 21 - - £100 30.6.02 £40K
4 Southern, Keith DM C ENG 24.4.67 35 - - £700 30.6.02 £26K
10 Sowerby, Jack S C ENG 25.3.82 20 - - £375 28.6.05 £150K
11 Tonge, Michael M RLC ENG 7.4.69 33 - - £2.5K 20.6.04 £250K
28 Wright, Akil M C ENG 21.8.82 19 - - £1.8K 17.6.07 £210K

================================================== ==============================================
2001/2 Senior Club Stats
================================================== ==============================================

No Name Apps Gls Con Pens Asts Yel Red MoM Av R
21 Andrew, Danny 2 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 6.50
30 Ball, David 42 25 0 0 15 0 0 6 7.86
18 Bell, Amari 19 0 0 0 8 0 0 0 6.89
14 Bocaly, Garry 2 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 7.50
29 Della Verde, Lyle 34 20 0 3 (3) 7 2 0 4 7.53
- Dsane, Eddie - - - - - - - - ----
5 Dudgeon, Joe 9 (11) 0 0 0 3 1 0 0 6.95
22 Grant, Bobby 24 (7) 8 0 0 5 1 0 0 6.90
- Gregson, Daniel - - - - - - - - ----
7 Hammill, Adam 49 9 0 0 11 0 0 1 7.37
8 Haughton, Nicolas 4 (3) 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 6.71
15 Hunter, Ashley 0 (3) 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 6.67
24 Jónsson, Eggert 43 0 0 0 4 5 1 1 7.16
2 Jordan, Stephen 16 0 0 0 0 2 0 0 6.88
23 Lucas, David 0 (2) 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 7.00
25 Maxwell, Chris 49 0 61 0 0 0 0 0 7.14
3 McLaughlin, Conor 45 6 0 1 (1) 5 5 0 2 7.27
16 McManus, Declan 42 (2) 20 0 0 1 1 0 2 7.34
27 Nirennold, Victor - - - - - - - - ----
19 October, David 23 2 0 0 1 4 0 1 7.35
6 Pond, Nathan 46 0 0 0 4 4 0 3 7.43
9 Proctor, Jamie 12 (10) 4 0 0 2 2 0 2 7.23
13 Ryan, Jimmy 46 12 0 1 (0) 8 5 0 4 7.22
12 Sanogo, Vamara 1 (2) 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 6.67
4 Southern, Keith 23 (14) 5 0 0 2 2 0 1 6.92
10 Sowerby, Jack 9 (12) 5 0 0 1 0 0 0 6.90
11 Tonge, Michael 17 (12) 5 0 0 7 2 0 3 7.34
28 Wright, Akil 4 (2) 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 7.00

================================================== ==============================================
2001/2 Transfers
================================================== ==============================================

Date Player In From Fee
24.7.01 Joe Dudgeon Free Transfer Free
24.7.01 Adam Hammill Free Transfer Free
25.7.01 Michael Tonge Free Transfer Free
28.7.01 Scott Davies Tranmere Loan
5.8.01 Junior Agogo Free Transfer Free
5.8.01 Ian McNeil Free Transfer Free
12.8.01 James Shea AFC Wimbledon Loan
25.8.01 David Ball Free Transfer Free
28.10.01 Stuart Moore Reading Loan
6.11.01 David October Ipswich Loan
28.12.01 Garry Bocaly Free Transfer Free

Date Player Out To Fee
20.7.01 Brendan Moore New York City £24K
21.7.01 Jamille Matt Stevenage £40K
29.8.01 Nick Haughton Mansfield £18K
6.11.01 Dean Howell Barnsley £14K
7.12.01 Antoni Sarcevic Blackburn £325K
21.12.01 Alex Titchener Chester £45K
9.1.02 Tyler Hornby-Forbes Brighton £150K

================================================== ==============================================
2001/2 Fixtures
================================================== ==============================================

Date Opposition Ven Competition Res Attend Scorers
18.7.01 Wycombe A Friendly 2:0 6250 Ryan, McManus
11.8.01 Crewe A Second Division 2:1 5929 Ryan, McManus
18.8.01 Port Vale H Second Division 1:1 3960 Della Verde
21.8.01 Brentford H League Cup 1st Rnd 0:4 2584
25.8.01 Chesterfield A Second Division 1:0 6350 Proctor
27.8.01 Scunthorpe H Second Division 2:3 4188 Ball, Southern
1.9.01 Swindon A Second Division 5:0 7801 Southern, McManus, Ball, McLaughlin pen, Grant
8.9.01 Colchester H Second Division 3:3 4526 Tonge, Ball 2
12.9.01 Millwall A Second Division 5:0 8819 Ball 2, Grant 2, McManus
15.9.01 Coventry H Second Division 4:1 4608 Ball, McManus 2, Grant
22.9.01 Rochdale A Second Division 1:1 4201 McLaughlin
29.9.01 Burton Albion H Second Division 3:1 4464 Ball, Sarcevic, Grant
13.10.01 Bradford H Second Division 3:2 4671 Hammill, Ball, Southern
16.10.01 Shrewsbury A Second Division 1:1 8778 Sarcevic
20.10.01 Southend H Second Division 3:1 4659 Hammill, McManus 2
23.10.01 Doncaster A Second Division 2:1 9426 Ball, McManus
27.10.01 Peterborough H Second Division 4:1 5060 McManus, Ball, Sarcevic, Della Verde
31.10.01 Wigan A Second Division 4:2 14390 McManus, Hornby-Forbes, Ryan, Della Verde
3.11.01 Gillingham A Second Division 4:0 8067 Ball, Della Verde, Ryan, Proctor
10.11.01 Sheff Utd H Second Division 3:0 5079 McLaughlin 2, Sarcevic
17.11.01 Oxford H FA Cup 1st Rnd 1:1 2656 Sowerby
24.11.01 Blackpool H Second Division 4:0 5070 Della Verde pen, Sarcevic, McManus, Proctor
28.11.01 Oxford A FA Cup 1st Rnd Replay 2:3 8719 McManus, Ball
1.12.01 Walsall H Second Division 1:3 5061 Grant
11.12.01 Mansfield H Vans Trophy North 1st Rnd 4:1 2449 Ball, McLaughlin, Ryan, Della Verde
15.12.01 Barnsley H Second Division 3:1 4964 Ryan 2, Hammill
22.12.01 Oldham A Second Division 0:1 5911
26.12.01 Port Vale A Second Division 3:1 13126 Della Verde, McManus, Ball
29.12.01 Crewe H Second Division 2:2 5072 Southern, McManus
1.1.02 Colchester A Second Division 2:3 4040 Della Verde, Hammill
9.1.02 Bury A Second Division 4:1 4700 McManus, Ball, Della Verde, Ryan
12.1.02 Millwall H Second Division 3:1 5082 Ryan, Ball, Della Verde
15.1.02 Oldham H Vans Trophy North 2nd Rnd 4:0 2484 McManus, Tonge, Southern, Ball
19.1.02 Scunthorpe A Second Division 2:0 4089 Della Verde, Ryan
23.1.02 Chesterfield H Second Division P-P -----
30.1.02 Chesterfield H Second Division 2:2 5079 Tonge, Sowerby
2.2.02 Swindon H Second Division 4:1 5061 Tonge, Ball 2, Della Verde pen
5.2.02 Shrewsbury H Vans Trophy North Qtr Final 2:0 2523 Hammill, Tonge
9.2.02 Coventry A Second Division 4:1 4095 Della Verde, Sowerby 2, Proctor
19.2.02 Bury A Vans Trophy North Semi Final 2:2 2944 McManus, Sowerby
23.2.02 Rochdale H Second Division 1:1 4802 McManus
27.2.02 Wigan H Second Division 3:0 5089 October, Haughton, Della Verde
2.3.02 Southend A Second Division 1:1 8026 Hammill
6.3.02 Shrewsbury H Second Division 0:1 4803
9.3.02 Bradford A Second Division 2:1 18997 Ball, Hammill
13.3.02 Burton Albion A Second Division 2:1 4010 Grant, Ryan
19.3.02 Gillingham H Second Division 2:1 5043 Ryan, McManus
23.3.02 Sheff Utd A Second Division 3:3 15502 Ball, Della Verde, Ryan
30.3.02 Doncaster H Second Division 3:1 4819 McManus, Ball, Della Verde pen
6.4.02 Peterborough A Second Division 5:2 8390 Della Verde 3, McLaughlin, October
13.4.02 Bury H Second Division 1:3 4467 Grant
15.4.02 Blackpool A Second Division 2:0 15393 Ball, Hammill
20.4.02 Walsall A Second Division 2:3 9095 Hammill, Della Verde
27.4.02 Oldham H Second Division 0:0 4499
5.5.02 Barnsley A Second Division 2:1 19822 Sanogo, Ball

Southern, Andrew, Sanogo, Lucas and Jordan are all leaving at the end of the season as their contracts expire. Have some decent looking free transfers lined up. Hammill and Ball undoubtedly the signings of the season. Small stadium will probably be a hindrance as we try to push forward - not a lot of income. It's only player sales and prize money that have kept us in the black.

24-01-16, 01:12 AM
@ViK - Cracking update + Season! Champions league football next season ;-) the players you're bringing in look quality, no reason why you can't get top 4 in my opinion. Now go win that UEFA Cup :D

@Dorling - Nice first season, there's some big scores in that fixture list - I'm sure you'll be able to stay up at the very least!

24-01-16, 11:00 AM
@ViK - A great season there pal, you set yourself up well with the first half so to finish fifth is a great effort. Really gutted that Frank Fielding has left the club though, he seemed to be your most consistent performer. I was hoping he was going to retire at Yeovil! It will be interesting next season to see how you hope with a few more fixtures. Your scouts continue to pull up some gems as well.

24-01-16, 11:15 AM
@ViK - A great season there pal, you set yourself up well with the first half so to finish fifth is a great effort. Really gutted that Frank Fielding has left the club though, he seemed to be your most consistent performer. I was hoping he was going to retire at Yeovil! It will be interesting next season to see how you hope with a few more fixtures. Your scouts continue to pull up some gems as well.

The scouts can't fail at the minute. On the latest update there is so much talent in Europe, particularly Holland. A lot of the big clubs but the best talent from Ajax, Feyenoord and PSV, but there is still a lot left over coming through their academies!
I was sad to lose Frank as well, but he is an ambitious player and we couldn't stand in his way. He 'believes he is indispensable' at Sunderland lol!

Our squad has had such a heavy turnover in the last few years but that's solely due to our rapid rise and the need to keep it going with scouting better and better players. Here's hoping we enjoy another season of progress! :)

24-01-16, 11:24 AM
Nationals Only - Season Four
Ref: http://www.champman0102.co.uk/showthread.php?t=266

With the league wrapped up in Italy I immediately applied for jobs abroad. Two jobs caught my eye in England and that was Chelsea and Manchester United. Both clubs would be a great stepping stone to continue the challenge and it was Chelsea who answered the call first and offered me the job. "A small amount of money available in transfer funds" did worry me slightly but then I figured I would be able to raise enough capital from selling foreigners to offset that and I accepted the job.

The Chelsea squad was in a bit of disrepair when I arrived at Stamford Bridge but I was happy to see some quality English talent waiting for me; John Terry, Ashley Cole, Ryan Bertrand and Scott Sinclair were amongst the best looking players that I could keep. There was still one game left of the domestic season left in England which meant that I would have a full summer to ship out the foreigners and bring in the nationals. I immediately transfer listed those who didn't fit the mantra and by the end of my wheeling and dealing I had raised a whopped £79million from the sales of Dimitar Berbatov, Michael Essien, Branislav Ivanovic, Alex, Salomon Kalou, Adriano, David Trezeguet, Tim Cahill, Ricardo Carvalho, John Obi Mikel, David Villa and Antonio Valencia.

With the squad now completely purged I set about signing the best English talent available to me; unfortunately it wasn't anywhere near the quality that I had shown the door. To make things worse I soon learnt that I could have kept Michael Essien, Salomon Kalou and Antonio Valencia as they had all gained English as their second nationlity (something which I had completely overlooked). Before the transfer window slammed shut I had a squad consisting of Brad Jones (yep, the goalkeeper), Ciaran Clark, Stewart Downing, Kevin Davies, Ji-Sung Park (I know right?), Scott Parker, Gary Cahill, Glen Johnson, Nicky Maynard, David Vaughan, Simone Perrotta and Victor Anichebe. Like I said, it wasn't great.

Considering our handicap of average players we did well domestically to retain our status of a club that was battling for the European places. We got off to a slow start which saw us in 10th place after 10 games but we built on that and slowly rose to third place in the table. We couldn't quite match the pace of Manchester United who lead the league for most of the season and we ended up finishing 8 points behind them. However it wasn't United who won the league; Arsenal almost did a full season unbeaten and finished with a staggering 103 points. The only blemish on their near-perfect record was a surprise loss to Bolton.

In the domestic cups we had strong runs reaching the league cup semi final only to be dispatched by Arsenal and we also made it to the FA Cup semi-final where we came unstuck against United. In the Champions League we battled through the group stages and through to the semi-finals where we had to face Arsenal (for what felt like the millionth time this season). Arsenal proved too good for us and dumped us out of the competition in exactly the same manner as the league cup. Bollocks.

All in all a good debut season. I need to strengthen my bench in the offseason and up the quality of my strikers but onwards and upwards.

24-01-16, 01:06 PM
Congrats on winning in Italy and on getting a good job in England! Are you playing with the patch that makes getting jobs abroad easier or were you just lucky?

24-01-16, 01:34 PM
Congrats on winning in Italy and on getting a good job in England! Are you playing with the patch that makes getting jobs abroad easier or were you just lucky?

Using the Tapani patch which fixes the manager job bug yes.

It did help that I have English nationality and that I was ranked 5th in the world too.

24-01-16, 02:50 PM
Halfway through the 2018/19 season, and after a terrible start things are looking a little better. Currently in 11th place after spending most of the season trying to stay above the relegation line. The league is very even this year, though, I'm only 12 points behind 1st place after 23 games, and 8 points above 18th place. The season's goal for me was European qualification, and if the recent good form continues, closing the 5 point gap up to 5th place shouldn't be an impossible challenge.


The squad is doing decent, but my new Danish striker Jens Nørgaard doesn't score anywhere near as much as I had hoped, and my defence is shaky. I just bought a Spanish midfielder that I have high hopes for from Athletico Madrid from £3.9M, a club record, and I'm working on deals for a couple of defenders. I'm not actively looking for a new striker just yet, as the two I have are both young and they may score more with a better midfield behind them.



The best performer so far this season has been Shane Lynch, who is in his third season at the club following his free transfer move from Braintree two years ago. He's also held the captain's armband for most of the season. His old club Braintree who were randomly placed in the UEFA Cup this season instead of Middlesbrough managed to get to the third round before being knocked out by Grasshoppers. Not a bad feat for a non-league club!



If my mid-season signings perform as expected and we keep up our present form with 18 points from the last ten games, a top half finish should be the least to hope for.
I have to admit I am somewhat torn between being frustrated at doing poorly and enjoying this save being somewhat more realistic than normal. Dag&Red is the most challenging team I've had in a while, took 3 seasons to get out of 2nd Division, and most of last and this season has been like a newly promoted Premiership team ought to perform as well.

24-01-16, 07:25 PM
@Jesus - a great season for you considering the rebuilding job you have taken on. 3rd is an excellent achievement. Hopefully one or two better next season?

@Pegster - well done on arresting your poor start. Your star players definitely need to pull their fingers out and start performing to their expected levels. They have excellent stats and will hopefully come good for you in the second half of the seaosn. I think you'll achieve your target though - you are building up some nice momentum.

24-01-16, 09:12 PM
Finished the season, and I am quite happy with how it turned out. The good form from late autumn on continued throughout the season and ensured European qualification through both league and cup! The UEFA Cup slots were decided in the last game, with Manchester United falling from 5th to 9th after losing to Burnley.

Nørgaard did indeed score more in the 2nd half of the season, and the team as a whole performed better than in the autumn. New midfielder Vázquez played well, but had his debut season hampered by injuries. First he was out for a month in March, and then in late April he was ruled out for another two months. Looks promising for next year though, provided he doesn't keep getting himself injured. My 2nd mid-season signing was Omar Flores, a 28 years old Mexican DRC with more than fifty caps who played decently in the nine games he got before being injured for three months. I tried hard to sign an Argentine left back as well, but after making increasing bids starting at just over 1M in January and the last one being close to 9M in late March (with the usual 2-3 weeks before getting them rejected) the transfer window closed and I am trying again now in the summer. Clubs taking forever to respond to bids is one of the more annoying things in the game.
Vincent Viñas has been one of the top performers at the club in most of the seasons since joining back in 2nd Division in the summer of 2014, and he's still performing very well at the top level, even if he doesn't really look like he has the quality needed. He started the season as 4th choice, but for the last few months he's been first choice together with Shane Lynch.


I was planning on signing a new goalkeeper in the summer as the contracts of 3 of the 4 at the club expired in the summer, but William Bald impressed in the few games he got at the end when Grunholz was suspended (including the FA Cup final) so he was given a new contract instead. Still want a third goalie, but it's not a pressing issue for now. Nørgaard started scoring more and he's just 20 so he will hopefully improve even more and a new striker is not something I'm looking for, which is not what I was foreseeing half a season ago. the only thing I am looking to sign is the aforementioned Argentine left back, and possibly a central defender.

The goal for next season is Champions League, I think I need an even better squad to win the league but I'm not sure where to put the money at the moment, beyond a defender or two. I expect mid-season signings this season as well.

26-01-16, 10:57 PM
Nationals Only - Season Five
Ref: http://www.champman0102.co.uk/showthread.php?t=266

My main objective in the summer was to recruit better English talent to give me a better impact off the bench. In addition I wanted some quality players to rotate throughout the season and I also aimed to poach some players who's contracts were expiring to fill out the reserves. The summer spending was abundant and I splashed a total of £58million to revamp the squad. Coming in on a free transfer was Ashley Young, Phil Jagielka, Michael Kightly and James Milner whilst Joe Lewis, Elano (who had gained English as his second nationality), Kolo Touré, Salomon Kalou and Michael Essien made up the bulk of the spending. I was particularly pleased to see Essien and Kalou return to the club after selling them by mistake last season.

The league challenge started off slowly as we found ourselves languishing midtable after the opening five games. A couple back-to-back wins got us back in to the hunt and we were soon top of the table by Game 14; however our position was fortuitous as Arsenal had to go and defend their World Club Championship title which meant they had a handful of games in hand over us. It didn't take long for a dominant Arsenal to overtake us and although they lost one more game than last year they still amassed a whopping 102 points to finish 16(!) points clear of us. Arsenal really are an immovable object right now.

In the domestic cups we were knocked out of the league cup quarter final after Nottingham Forest took us to penalties. Some poor shooting from Maynard, Kightly and Parker meant we wouldn't be winning that one. In the FA Cup we showed good displays in all of our matches and were fortunate to avoid the bigger teams. We made our way to the final where it would be United who would be challenging us for the FA Cup.


An incredibly early goal by Joe Cole was all that separated us and I had won my first piece of silverware in England.

In the Champions League we showed as good a spirit as we did in the FA Cup which saw us safely through to the Quarter Finals. Werder Bremen were the better side in the first leg and we were beaten 2-0. In the return leg (which was at home) we managed to claw back to two goal defecit and force extra time; unfortunately tired legs took their toll and in the dying minutes Bremen scored the important goal to go through.

26-01-16, 11:03 PM
Congrats on the FA Cup win! Bummer that Arsenal are unbeatable in the league but teams rarely stay that way for long so next year might well be your turn. :)

26-01-16, 11:06 PM
@Pegster - A solid season which is an improvement on the last one.

Have you checked your backroom staff? You seem to be picking up a lot of long term injuries, perhaps you're short on a physio or two?

26-01-16, 11:38 PM
Fully stacked on physios, but playing with hard tackling increases the number of injuries, unless I remember wrong. I don't think I have that many injuries, Vazquez was just unlucky and had two different injuries not long after each other. He hasn't been injured at all this season.

I also found out how to make Nørgaard score more goals! I tried to sign a new striker in November/December (and failed due to a failed work permit application) as he was still scoring less than a goal every other game on average, and that made him up his game. 9 goals in 5 games and then he's been scoring for fun ever since. I think he had 6 in 17 in late November, and now in mid-february he has 31 in 32(2). Decent enough, I'd say.

Leaguewise it's going very well, only one team ahead of us, and we play at home against them in the penultimate game of the season in a potential season finale. Out of the League Cup, but in quarter final of the FA Cup and the 4th round of the UEFA Cup after ousting Sedan, Anderlecht and Motherwell. Napoli should be a team that's possible to beat as well in the next round.


I've made two signings, a FLC that's played as AMC with occasional games as striker, and the young Portuguese defender I tried to sign a couple of seasons ago. I tried to sign an extremely talented Argentinian left back, but despite him being a mainstay in the U21 team and having a couple of caps recently, and a transfer sum of £17M, he couldn't get a work permit. Ah well, next club I'll get him!


Bernardo is impressing, and while Cordeiro isn't impressing too much so far he's doing a solid enough job and after a somewhat poor start has melded well into the defence and he'll likely be a quality player for the club for many seasons.

Another one who is impressing is Enrico Rocco, who signed on a free 5 years ago and who has had a very nice evolution.


One first team player has left the club; German centre half Marco Petzold was homesick and wouldn't sign a new contract, so he went to Bristol City (the famous German club) for 1.8M when they decided to take advantage of his unprotected contract. He played most of the games in the autumn, but was one of 3-4 about equally good players who could play next to captain Schmuck, so not a big loss. He is now happy to be at a successful club in Bristol. Former first choice now third choice striker Eduardo Sérgio might also be on his way out, he got a chance to play when Nørgaard was rested against 1st Division team Millwall in the FA Cup, and impressed them enough to try to sign him. His contract is unprotected and I don't need him and wasn't planning on offering a new one, so I won't mind him leaving.

Three exciting months are left of the season, and even if we don't manage to pass Liverpool and get the league trophy, I think it will have been a very good season.

26-01-16, 11:55 PM
@Pegster - Looking good at this point in the season. Finally we might see you move on from 'D'! Rocco has developed in to an excellent asset and considering you signed him for free you've done well. 11 assists in 29 games is some return so far. How did you get your striker to score more goals then? You never elaborated.

27-01-16, 12:00 AM

£30.5million well spent :evil:

27-01-16, 05:43 AM
I didn't do anything except attempt to sign a replacement, so either he got scared of losing his place in the team or he was just finally able to release his full potential.

27-01-16, 08:47 PM
Finished the season, and while we had an excellent period from late November to late February, the players decided to say fuck it to the league and both the cups in March and went on holiday more or less. Managed to scramble in to 2nd in the league (barely), but we never looked like title challengers after the end of February. Maybe next year!


The squad, apart from the end of season half-collapse, did pretty good. Nørgaard's goal tally ended at a quite respectable 37 goals in 45(2) games, the only problem was that 25 of those goals came in 19 games between 18. November and 22. February. If he can keep that form through all or most of next season I think the league is ours. Joaquín Vázquez and Bernardo Rogério both had excellent debut seasons, and the Rocco had a good season too. He wants to move to a bigger club now and is a bit grumpy about that, but I'm not having any of it as I think he will be a key player next year. Maybe if I sign someone who is good enough to replace him as first choice I'll sell him, but only then.
Iván Álvarez is also impressing and is on his way to becoming a world class defensive midfielder. He's not had a real first choice partner this season as neither Bennet, Viñas or Lynch has played well enough. The defence has been decent but not outstanding. 30 goals conceded in 38 games is 3rd best in the league, and it's at the other end of the pitch the problems have been.

I think I have gotten very good value for my money, the 6 best performers based on average rating, all of whom I consider to be key players, cost a total of 7.260M.


There will be some transfer activity in the summer, both to improve areas that need it and to replace players that leave. Portuguese attacker Eduardo Sergio never fulfilled the potential I hoped he had, and is joining Millwall for 2.9M. One of his few games this season was a cup game against them where he scored a goal and impressed them to make a bid the following week. Good signing for them in the 1st Division I think.
Robert Held has been good but not outstanding in midfield, and at 21 hasn't improved as much as I had hoped. He's third choice MC now, and 4th/5th choice AMC, so even if I didn't really ant to sell him I agreed to let Sheffield Wednesday have him for 9.5M (negotiated up from his auto-value at 2.9).

I have three defensive midfielders, a DRC and an AMC coming in, at least if work permits are given for a couple of them, and I'm looking to sign another attacking midfielder/forward and I may need a keeper if my now 36 years old backup retires.

Goal for next season: Win the league.

30-01-16, 12:36 PM
2020/21 season is over. And it was a failure.

New NI Premier records

Highest attendance : 6150 – Glentoran vs Linfield
Highest average attendance : 3040 – Glentoran
Most games without losing : 18 - Ballyclare
Most team goals : 89 – Ballyclare
Most team conceded : 86 – H&W

New NI First records

Highest attendance : 2936 – Glenavon vs Portadown
Most team points : 80 – Portadown
Worst team discipline : 23 yellow and 5 red cards – QUB
Most games lost in a row : 11 - Loughgall

Bangor won the playoffs

Charity Shield winners : Ballyclare
League Cup winners : Institute
Irish cup winners : Institute

CL winners : PSG (Ligue 1 champions) beat Man. City (3rd in Premier League) 2-0
UEFA Cup winners : Arsenal (6th in Premier League) beat Dortmund (8th in Bundesliga) 2-0

European Football Championship : France beat Holland
Olympics : Gold – Nigeria / Silver – Argentina / Bronze – Brazil
FIFA Club World Champ. : PSG 4-0 Bahia

Lisburn Distillery

A new blank season for Distillery. They were once more playing erratically, still they were more dominating. Portadown were irresistible and Ballymena more attacking. Their free kick malus is a calamity. By comparaison, Ballymena scored 15 times during free kick movements... To make things worse, all but one newcomers were suffering long term injuries after only 3 matches. This year was Johnny Fenwick out during more than 4 months, Gerber more than 2 months, Bonde 2 months, Cowan-Hall and and Richard Robinson more than 3 months... It's difficult to accomplish great achievements while being plagued this much. And still no physio around...

Who was the best player this year ? Not Paris Cowan-Hall, although he does well despite his injuries(23Apps/8G/6A/1MoM/7.58). No, the surprise came from a youngster who escaped heath problems and offered to his partners some real aerial possibilities...
Bishop was prolific (NI First second top goalscorer of the season) but at the same time very indolent. He was 16 in jumping a year ago. I don't think that the team can rely too much on a so low determinated player.

The team was homogenous with ratings ranging from 7.81 to 6.63. Not bad, but it could have been better ! Tim May, an 19 rookie, was elected best NI First young player this year.
New records :
Most games won in a row : 5
Most games lost in a row : 6
Most league apps for the club : 208 – Lee Windrum
Average attendance : 691

Ballyclare Comrades

I talked about a transitional season and I was pretty right. Ballyclare last year success wasn't repeated this time. Board expectations were fulfilled and the club was able to hold the 3rd position despite a mediocre form during the last games. I'm concerned about the raise of conceded goals (+17) because there were not a lot of changes in the back but our defenders average ratings decreased by 0.4 in 20/21. How ? Why ? That's a mystery.
The big man was Mark O'Flaherty. He performed brilliantly an set several new records. And his attributes increased a little more. Maybe he did too much. Seems he sucked the ball all for himself and was sure he could do the job alone (he managed to score 12 goals in 3 games). He was voted NI Premier player of the year and best scorer...
Ryan Hughes renewed is performance (33Apps/16G/7A/5MoM/7,61), was elected best NI Premier young player of the year, but didn't improve. He's going to be in competition with the two mercato arrivals who showed some skills, each a in a different area. On the other side, Steven Scholes was honnest (16Apps/6G/2A/2MoM/7.50) but behave lazily. His capacities dived and his departure happened at the best moment for him as for the club. Bye bye Steven !

A last word about Ballyclare : I hope this young finnish defender to be our future Hyypiä. He thinks I'm very competent and seems extremely loyal to our cause... Moreover, he's growing fast :)

New records :
Highest gate receipts : 9,000 pounds (NIP vs Linfield)
Highest scoring game : 7-3 (vs Linfield)
Highest scoring league game : 7-3 (vs Linfield)
Most league Apps for the club : 127 – James Hodson
Most goals in a match : 5 – Mark O'Flaherty (NIP vs Linfield)
Champ. Goals in a season : 26 – Mark O'Flaherty
Goals in a season : 27 – Mark O'Flaherty
Most league goals for the club : 69 – Mark O'Flaherty
Most games won in a row : 6
Mots games lost in a row : 5

Harland & Wolff Welders

H&W is relegated and the board delighted by the season outcome. This chairman is a damn weird dude. No miracle happened and the team stayed at the bottom of the league all year round. I already wrote about our defence so I won't enlarge on this aspect... apart from the fact that our four DC ratings were under 6.00. They were more burdens than team mates for the rest of the club. Something has to be built to protect the goal.

The offensive side was much better. Ian Stokoe didn't play much (10Apps/2G/2A/7.00). But all of the guys at the front get more than 7.00 this season. Four of them in particular did their best to keep the hope alive. They failed, but stayed united...
Alvarez Alvarez is the third best young player in NI Premier for 2020/21. Lastly, I will follow these two recent recruits, and wish they will bring something good to H&W anarchists...
New records :
Most league Apps for the club : 128 – Jamie Douglas
Highest affluence : 2674 (NIP vs Glentoran)
Highest gate receipts : 10,000 pounds (NIP vs Glentoran)
Lowest affluence : 84 (NI Cup vs Glenavon)
Most league goals for the club : 39 – Jamie Douglas
Worst discipline : 3 yellow 1 red – Jon Mason
Average attendance : 1622

Queen's University of Belfast

QUB defended as promised. And it wasn't sufficient as feared. Not enough qualities here and no one to make the difference. Attack is a mess. Still did some players decent performances...
...while some others were just going through the motions when they were skilled enough to help the team...
I see no future star emerging from this team and I failed this challenge miserably despite the title of third NI First manager of the year :)

New records :
Average attendance : 892


I failed this one badly too. Playing without a real goalie only leads to catastrophic outcome ! Yet I spotted one GK who was interrested to play for Loughgall and asked more than 30 times to his team to let them loan him to us. They accepted each time. But he refused the loan each time. It's such a nuisance !

So no goalie, so almost no chance to defend ourselves. And only low profiles players recruited during the mercato. No ingredients to save the team ! I have the feeling that the tactic wasn't too bad and that the poor dudes did their best this year. They never complained against the rain of official warning I poured on them. Poor guys, but good guys ! The two most deserving of them being those loaned ones...
I will extend the -er handicap to -ers and -ert because it was too restrictive. Too harsh is no fun !

30-01-16, 01:02 PM
@Pegster - thanks for that update. Very well done on getting the runner up position. The upward trend continues and you're getting the best out of your key players now. I think you will win the league next season. Good luck!

@Sure - another fascinating update. Seems you might have unearthed a gem in Jarvinen - he has good attributes in the right areas :)

30-01-16, 01:19 PM
Good afternoon team, :kev:

I bring you a mid-season update from the mighty Yeovil and manager Derek Trotter. We are bouncing into 2021 with a decent first half of the season behind us. We haven't set the world alight yet but there are a number of positives which I shall get on to...


Not a bad position to be in during the mid-Xmas period. We are right in the European mix again and I really think we'll kick on during the second half of the season. Our performances have been rather erratic however, with some excellent 3-0 'brushing-asides' of established PL teams, followed by a 1-0 defeat to a relegation contender. To expand on this further, here is our home and away form...


As you can see, our home form is our weak link this season. I'm scratching my head over it too. We've lost 5 of 9 home games, yet we have a positive goal difference! We haven't had this problem in my other seasons in charge, so I'm putting it down to an anomaly and I'm expecting it to be rectified during the second half of the season, without too much tweaking needed. Conversely...


We have the best away record in the league. Our tactics and mentality don't change from home to away, and in previous seasons our away record has been nothing to write home about. Oh well, I'll certainly take this away form for the rest of the season!! :D

As for our players, here are the average ratings...


Sanogo has continued where he left off - having a good goalscoring run then getting a niggly injury. Physio says nothing is wrong anymore so he must be a little prone that's all. Doumbia has stepped up when needed and is slowly blossoming into a useful player for us. I accidently captured the 'available players' only ratings - both our DCs are suspended so Vallejo and Garitano aren't in that list, however they are both continuing to play well. Luke Williams has a grudge with Vallejo now after the latter wanted a move away to Betis, which we flatly denied. Vallejo has gotten over it but Williams hasn't. It's not affecting his form though.
Goalkeeper Jiri Stanek has seemingly taken lessons from Frank Fielding as he is proving to be a very consistent and capable 'keeper.



Sanogo remains our top goalscorer and, if he stays fit, should remain so for the rest of this season.

Finally, a little note on the cup competitions. As mentioned in a previous post, this is our first foray into European football, in the shape of the UEFA cup. We are still in the competition, beating Sociedad in the third round recently, and we'll play Tottenham in the 4th round in March.


Whatever happens I'm glad we're still in and we'll try and go as far as we can. We suffered in the League Cup though, playing a weakened team and losing on pens to MK Dons (whoops!)


The FA Cup is still to come so hopefully we can progress well in that. As for targets for the rest of the season, I'd like us to at least match the 5th place of last season and get European football again. That is the absolute minimum! :D

Onwards and upwards :spy:

31-01-16, 01:21 PM
2021/22 is about to start. Things happened, stuff occured. Presaison update.

Lisburn Distillery (since 2016)

Club rep 1591 (+69 this year)

Handicaps :
- Passing is long
- No pressing
- Everyone stay behind when a free kick is allowed to the team

Distillery board wish to reach a respectable position after another blank season. The club attracted some better midfielders to achieve this ambition : Kwesi Appiah from Crystal Palace, Reece Flanagan from Walsall, and Jorge Grant from Nott. Forest. We hope they can push Distillery up to the NI Premier...
Three others players are joining our ranks this year, all scandinavians : Kalle Heikkinen will be Bonde backup, Espen Rodsand is intended to take the third slot in the middle, and Terje Sorum is a versatile player able to fill any hole in this team accustomed to long term injuries...
There are 27 players and no contract will be renewed unless some skills will be showed this year. The lack of physio is still highly prejudicial : Bonde, Bishop, Appiah, and long term left defender Bradley are out for two months when the season starts. Finances are worrying and the stadium is shrinking. It is becoming urgent to reach the NI Premier !

Ballyclare Comrades (since 2018)

Club rep 2240 (+330 this year)

Handicaps :
- No arrows
- Max age 24
- Min age 30

Ballyclare qualified for Intertoto. But the european competition was a single turn again (and a sadly short trip) as the physically unprepared players lost 2-0 at home versus Dundalk. 2-2 by their neighbours wasn't sufficient to go further.

Regarding the transfers, we signed the arrivals of three players...
Jakubiak and McMann will hit the 25 years limit this season. So they have one year contract. Why ? Because the team is still young and some experience is welcome. And I thought : If an O'Flaherty can win the title of best league performer, what can a Jakubiak (who looks much better) do ? And our right flank was the team weak point since two seasons, so are McMann and Sierra coming. I hope they will assist well Ballyclare this season. The board expect a battle against relegation this year. Their wishes should be fulfilled.

Harland &Wolff Welders (since 2019)

Club rep 749 (-244 this year)

Handicaps :
- No arrows
- Influence max 10
- No loans

Firstly, I have to face an influence epidemic ! It seems that H&W players are building their charisma instead of their football skills ! This could explain why our defenders were so bad last year ! So I cleaned the club a little...

After this short interlude, let me introduce you the 7 newcomers of the year. 4 defenders as this area was horrible during 2020/21...
... one midfielder as Jon Mason plays nice but isn't the best player out there...
... and two strikers who were strongly recommended by the scout : the first come from Southampton and looks like a passing machine. And the second... oh wait, he's 22 and never played before ? I can retrace his injuries since 2019 ? And he's half swedish, half bosnian ? No, I can't believe he's...
Whoever Svesson is, H&W are ready. The team just lacks someone on the left back, and a new promising goalie. Mantegazza and Martinez don't want to resign. The mad chairman wants the club to attain a repectable position. My feeling is that he can ask for much more... he can ask for playoffs... he can ask for the title... he can ask... for money ! No, there is still no money boss !

And the two new nominees are...

Armagh (since 2021)

Club rep 722

Handicaps :
- Easy tackling
- Aggression max 10
- Defensive mentality

Armagh gather 3 handicaps which will aggravate the difficulty. The team starts with 16 players but only 7 of them fulfill the aggression handicap. We can't use some of our best looking players, those who I brang to the club 2 years ago. Damn. I was really in need of good DM like Grandi and Montoro... Hopefully I can still count on Myroforidis and Walters. At least this season. I strengthen Armagh with the best I found. The attack will be led by newcomer Maikel Davids, who looks clumsy but capable...
The tactic I chose is plain but correpond with the player roster. I hate the defensive mentality and I hardly believe I will keep the team in NI First. There is no money in the bank as expected. Tough times ahead !

Crusaders (since 2021)

Club rep 758

Handicaps :
- Zonal marking for everyone
- Contesting each referee decision
- 18 players max, no B team

Crusaders stayed for one year in lower league before making their come back. The team is aging and a lot of players were planned to be transfered to another clubs. Not a bad thing because of the 18 players max restriction. But it turned bad when the board canceled all the scheduled departures. There are some decent dudes and the challenge should be doable. The board want the team to struggle against relegation. There are 4 scouts and two physios which is admirable. Finances are bad, very classical.

With 4 scouts I had plenty candidates to populate the club. We are now 17 and are waiting for a striker who will come in january. Crusaders seem adequately fitted to keep a place in NI First this year. With the not too bad guys who were already here and the max player limit I restrained myself to the essential. Here are the 3 most important summer recruits...
Adding some potentially good youngsters and I'm certain I can do well with Crusaders, althought the players cap is nasty and will bring a lot of fatigue. I think the defense will be the weak point. But I'm confident for this one !

Next update : january 2022 :)

31-01-16, 07:20 PM
Greetings loyal CM0102'ers! :grouphug:

I bring you end of season news and festivities from the mighty Yeovil Town, brought to you by the incomparable Derek 'Del Boy' Trotter.


It's been a very positive season, with another year of progress behind us. After an average start, compounded by poor home form, results picked up substantially after Christmas, as we went on a 17 game unbeaten run in the league and cemented our position in the Euro places. We could afford a dodgy spell towards the end of the season, and a final victory in our last game ensured we pipped Chelsea to 4th place in the league and our first ever Champions League qualification! :D



As you can see, our good run kept us in 4th/5th until the end of the season. We had no chance of catching the leaders as their form was too consistent. However we can be delighted with 4th as it provides us with extra revenue from Euro games and a continuing rise of our reputation :)

Here are our final player ratings. Sanogo is our top rated player, although once again he played less than I would like due to multiple injuries. I have bought another striker post-season as I'm not confident Sanogo can play more than 3/4 games without getting injured. Doumbia has stepped up brilliantly and was our top scorer, plus he won the PFA Young Player of the Year award. Our goalkeeper Jiri Stanek got into the team of the season, despite a late season dip in form. Garitano was an absolute rock in defence for us. Vallejo has been good as well, although both have a shocking disciplinary record. Vallejo picked up 15 yellow cards - his last on the final game of the season so he has a 3 game ban for the new season - grrr! We got fined this season for our poor disciplinary record! :shocked:


Our young players tearing it up this season...

Our European escapades ended in the quarter-finals. We lost to Juventus in controversial circumstances. Again the referee cam back to bite us! :pout:

On a happier note, we won the FA CUP! Our first trophy and it came thanks to a gritty performance against Newcastle in the final. We knocked out Man City, Liverpool and Man Utd along the way so we definitely earned our success :first:

The board want us to achieve a respectable league position this season, and after seeing the billions of £s spent by the top clubs in the summer transfer melee, I am setting us the same target of European football and a good cup run. I'd like us to progress past the first group stage of the Champions League, too. We have sold Luke Williams to Man City for just under £9m, and Jordan Houghton has gone to Man Utd for just under £5m. Hector Hernandez has gone to Barcelona for £12.75m. Here are our summer recruits...

Defender Fabrice Gamiette, a player who was recommended by our scouts a season or two ago and has been on our shortlist. We've picked him up for £675k and he'll rotate with Garitano and Vallejo.

Another scout recommendation, this time signed on a free from Feyenoord. Yet another one of the many extremely talented Dutch playmakers on this update, Slabbekoorn not only has an epic name, he should provide some epic creativity and dynamism to our midfield! :bowl:

On the face of it, this striker doesn't look like he's worth a place in our team, but he's a cheap £140k gamble after a scout recommended another player from his team. We didn't feel the need to go for him, but this fella stood out with 20 finishing and 20 off the ball. I'm hoping his intrinsic stats are high as the rest of his stats aren't overly impressive - so I'm hoping his CA/PA is i the right area. I'm not going to look it up on the editor though as it isn't that kind of save. He's a gamble and with a goal record of roughly 1 goal a game for his previous club, he might prove a useful acquisition.

Finally, a word on Sanogo, who may prove surplus to requirements (rather harshly!) as his injury record is terrible. The screenie below only shows half of his troubles, and I hate having players out injured all the time - it really grinds my gears! Sanogo, if you're reading this, step it up lad! We need you fit :drama:

Thanks for reading my nonsense,

Onwards and Upwards! :ban:

31-01-16, 07:43 PM
Season twenty finished, and team number four finished! After a good start to the season, late autumn and the winter were not very good either in terms of performances or squad stability/happiness. Lots of random defeats to inferior teams, including going out of the FA Cup after losing at home to Conference team Stevenage, made me fear that the season was to be one of frustration all the way through. Good performances in the Champions League meant that we were in the 2nd group phase, and I sort of hoped that we would go out of the competition there to keep the players fit for the league, especially as main competitor Liverpool were also in the latter stages of the European Cup and also in both domestic cups. During April we were as much as 4 points behind Liverpool with 1 game more played, and Chelsea were ahead of us too for a little while, but an impressive end of season run and a couple of draws and losses for Liverpool let us celebrate the league win after 37 games! After ending top of the Champions League group consisting of Lazio, Rangers and Standard Liège beside ourselves, we defeated Milan and Benfica to meet Lazio again in the final. Having the league secured after 37 games let us rest some players in the last game, but that didn't help and the players were still far below full fitness for the great Final, and Lazio won 2-0.


All in all a frustrating season, even if it ended well, with a lot of players being unhappy. Iván Álvarez, Enrico Rocco, captain Matthias Schmuck and Robert Karlsson all want out, the two first because they want to move to a bigger club (Álvarez is joining Arsenal in the summer), Schmuck wants a new challenge (apparently trying to win the Premier League and the Champions League is not the right kind of challenge for him), while Swedish defender Karlsson is homesick and goes home to Swedish club Sheffield Wednesday in the summer. Nobody wanted to score goals, or rather nobody wanted to score a lot of goals but a lot of players wanted to score a few so I still ended up with a decent goal tally. One player I am very happy with and that I wish I could keep managing is French super talent Olivier Lachuer. Bought from Troyes for 7.75M in October, he's been a good addition to the squad and I believe he will be one of the best players in the league for many years if he stays in England.

Off to find a club on E now, which may take a while as both Everton and Emley are doing decent enough (mid-table plus) for their managers to be safe and not good enough for their managers to look like prime targets for other clubs. both managers are also in their forties so no chance of them retiring. Hopefully some E-club will be promoted into Conference without a manager, I would't mind going to the south coast and take over Exeter, for example.

This was my 20nd season, so I think it's time for a little recap of my career so far:


I started making an excel sheet with a career overview with league/cup performances for each season but that won't be done in a while as it's a chore to fill in everything :p

31-01-16, 08:03 PM
@ViK: Congrats on Champions League qualification and a very good FA Cup run! Especially impressive to win when they tried to superkeeper you ;)

Doumbia looks like he'll be a good player for many years for you, make sure you have him on a long term contract without a buyout clause!
Absolutely love the name Slabberkoorn! Looks quality too, will be fun to watch his progress.

@Sure: Good luck with the season, looks like there's some good signings done. The Greek defender for Armagh in particular looks promising.
Contesting all the referee decisions with Crusaders will have the fines rolling in! :D

31-01-16, 08:23 PM
Thanks Pegs, and I owe you many congratulations too. The league title for Dag & red, who'da thunk it? You've done a phenomenal job, though the board will be wanting the daunting "great success in every area" target soon enough! Keep it up, it's a great read.

We'll have to compete for the greatest player names. I think you've got the crown at the moment with Matthias Schmuck though - brilliant :D

31-01-16, 09:31 PM
I thought I was going to be without a job for a while, but I was wrong! Middlesbrough needed a new manager, and luckily for me they saw the Everton manager as an ideal choice, which left the Everton job open for me to take. It took them four days from I applied until they decided to give me the job.


A club with a rich tradition, they've spent most of the last two decades outside the top division, most of it in mid-table obscurity in the 1st division. Hopefully I'll change that pretty soon, and I'm aiming for promotion in the first season. Having a look at the coaching staff there are some familiar names there, and most of them look like they've turned into good coaches after they hung up their boots.


The player squad is decent but lacking in midfield and attack, which is something I'm going to try to do something about rather quickly. There's plenty of money in the bank to buy players, and even without recent success it's a pretty big club so attracting decent players should be doable.
My first signing was a free: Brazillian star striker Jéfferson Machado was released by Dortmund in the summer, and was willing to join us for a weekly wage of £22k. By far the highest at the club, but I am certain he is worth it.


I always give my regen Brazilians nicknames and tend to go with a theme throughout a save, but this is the first Brazilian I sign in this one so I haven't decided on a theme yet. He'll most likely change name at some point during the season, though.

01-02-16, 01:57 PM
Great updates everyone :ok:

The Everton job looks like fun Pegster, you were lucky that came up so soon! Best of luck!

01-02-16, 07:54 PM
Good luck with the Everton job Pegs! I must admit I didn't see the last line of your previous report with you leaving Dag & Red. :angel:

01-02-16, 08:41 PM
Nationals Only - Season Six
Ref: http://www.champman0102.co.uk/showthread.php?t=266

The summer was full of us hitting the headlines as we aimed to strengthen and break Arsenal's strangehold on the league. The acquisition of Wayne Rooney from United for a whopping £30.5million showed out intent but he was the only superstar that we were able to lure to Stamford Bridge; still I felt we had a decent enough squad for the upcoming season. Our hopes were boosted by the news that Wenger had finally decided to retire and in his place Louis Van Gaal would be taking the reins.

The season started wonderfully with a 3-0 win over Arsenal in the Charity Sheild. I hoped this would bode well for the domestic campaign and we got off to a strong start sitting in second place for 15 games. Although we had our chances to go to to the top of the league we didn't really make them count and we continued to trail Arsenal who still looked as good as previous seasons. The squad began to fatigue towards the back end of the season and we trailed off losing out on second place to United. I really need to revisit this tactic...

In the League Cup we had a great run which saw us with favourable draws all the way to the final. Bolton would be our opponents and we squeezed past them 1-0 to add another trophy to my collection. In the FA Cup we were matched up with a tough game vs. Liverpool in the fourth round which went to a replay after a stalemate 0-0. In the replay we were outclassed at Anfield and dumped out of the cup.

In the Champions League we battled comfortably through the group stages which at one point saw us face Barcelona. Real Madrid were swept aside in the quarter finals but it would be Arsenal who would be our brick wall in the semi-final. A 0-0 draw in the first leg meant it was all to play for in the second but we were demolished 3-0. I fucking hate Arsenal.

Back to the tactic drawing board...

01-02-16, 08:56 PM
@ViK - Excellent update ViK. So much to take in! First of all congratulations on pipping Chelsea to that CL spot. European football for the mighty Yeovil will be fantastic. How does your stadium look at the moment? Would be nice to see your board expand it. Second of all congratualtions on winning the FA Cup despite the fact their keeper winning the man of the match award! You've also continued to buy well, that dutch fella looks the business. I wonder who's regen it is? (or did you start in 2015?). Rather unfortunate to come unstuck in the UEFA Cup the way you did but it's all positive; "onwards and upwards".

@Pegster - Season twenty already!? Seems you've been at Dag&Red for ages! A big pat on the back for finally winning the league especially as you beat last years champions to it. You were unfortunate not to make it a season to remember as well, a win in the CL would have been the icing on the cake. Best of luck with Everton, a very good club to jump to.

01-02-16, 10:11 PM
Season 5 review

Season five took me a little longer to complete due to work commitments and was rather bored of CM.. But I eventually completed it.

I signed a few players for a fair amount of cash seeing as I had a wack available after the sale of my two stars RB Youssouf Soro went to Marseille for £11.5m While Hervin Ongenda AM/FRLC went to Roma after moaning about me rejecting a bid, he eventually brought me in another £12m. I let a few fringe players go who were at the end of their contracts and sold a few more bringing in a total of £51m

In came Nicolas Isimat-Mirin for 700k, Davy Propper for £3.7m, Eder Alvarez Balanta for £7m, Stefan Reinartz for £2m, Terry Lartey Sanniez for £2.7m, Loris Nery £4.5m, Gaston Pereiro for £9m and broke my transfer record as well as free signings Mascherano, Yaya Toure, Rodrigo Battaglia as well as a couple of promising yth regens.
In January I swapped Marcelo Brozovic who was as erratic as hell for Ante Coric.

League was a long hard slog, PSG are like a steamroller who hardly put a foot out of place in the league until towards the end. And yet again despite my best attempts I still cannot bridge the gap between us and them. Another massive points gap between us!


French cups

PSG Would go onto win the French cup with a 2-0 win V Troyes in the final, Whilst we bowed out at the 11th round with a bitterly dissapointing defeat to Reims who are in the league below.

While in the French League cup we would again reach the final but who should stand in our way, None other than our great rivals PSG who would come away with a 0-1 win thanks to Luis Suarez. :(

Champions League

Drawn with Roma, Barca and Malmo I feared the worst and an Early exit out of the competition, but some plucky performances saw us sneak a few wins, Including a now historically and famous 1-0 win at home against Barca in the final group game.

Our first meeting with them was a feist affair Stefan Reinartz was sent off after 6 mins for us, Then Barca had Hugo Mallo and Neymar sent off but still managed to sneak a 1-0 smash and grab win grrrr. In the return meeting with us yet again there were two sending off. Jordi Alba was first to go and then Neymar got a 2nd yellow in the dying minutes to have the honour of being sent off in both games against us :lol:


Round 2 of groups went relatively well and we got through with yet another 2nd place finish.. To which we were awarded a quarter final clash with Chelsea who beat us 1-0 at home and 0-3 away and ended our Champs league adventure.

A few of the team underperformed this year, Al-Soma and Gelmin Rivas in particular both underwhelmed me with their performances so both got place on the transfer list at end of the season along with David Marshall, Jon guoni Fjoluson, Mumin Nurishi and Mabidi Lema. The first two didnt get much of a look in all season, while The latter 2 found themselves on the fringes of the team all season and their performances didnt warrant them getting an extended run in the side despite some of the players struggling at times. Javier Mascherano and Yaya Toure who were signed for a bit of experience have also been released after their contracts ended.

Our outstanding youth Goalkeeper however really impressed me with some of his performances. While still a little erratic at times he has been the shining light almost all of the season culminating with the award of French Goalkeeper of the year.


A slightly satisfying season but the gap isnt getting any smaller between us and PSG. I have tried changing tactics, but again the defeats are costly while PSG hardly draw or lose. Quite where I go from here I do not know.

Suggestions, Tactical help, anything that may help me bridge that gap would be appreciated.

06-02-16, 09:36 AM
I don't believe it. Aréola has wanted to leave to club for over a year, and I have of course let him to, after 10 seasons with us. During these 10 years I've won Champions league 9 times, and he has been my cup goalie every time he's been fit. He has been awarded European keeper of the year 6 times and only let 9 goals in during 28 games this season. Then this is how he performs at the second leg of the CL semi final... He was set to be a club legend that got to lift the trophy in the CL final. Now he's banned from training ground, down in the reserves and despised of by all the fans.


06-02-16, 10:16 AM
Emma Dawson? Girl must be pretty good to be suiting up with the men's team!

06-02-16, 11:20 AM
Nah, she only got a 6. Stupid bitch.

06-02-16, 06:30 PM
Nationals Only - Season Seven
Ref: http://www.champman0102.co.uk/showthread.php?t=266

With an ageing squad and a lack of English talent available to me I was determined to make season seven our year. In the pre-season we didn't bring in any new recruits and the league started as expected with us setting the pace early whilst Arsenal were preoccupied with yet another FIFA Club World Championship. However, before they left to travel to the other side of the world they left with the following record...


They had started strong and it was going to take a lot to overturn that sort of form. We kept ourselves well drilled throughout the season and desperately clung on to top spot for the majority before dipping and diving between Arsenal and Manchester United in the final third of the season. In the end we just weren't good enough to overturn Arsenal and they won the Premier Division for a fourth year in a row. I must admit, it feels disappointing to lose the league when you amass 91 points.


In Europe we sailed comfortably through to the second phase. However, the second phase did provide us with a bit of a scare as we only just managed to get through to the finals by a single point. In the quarter final we got back to form by despatching Atlético Madrid 5-2 on aggregate to set up a semi-final against Fiorentina. In the first leg we were demolished 3-1 away from home but the away goal did provide us with a life line. In the return leg Kalou got us off to a fantastic start with an 11th minute goal, Ashley Young hit the back of the net in the 76th minute and we were on our way to the final. However, as we desperately tried to wind down the clock Perulli for Fiorentina collected the ball on the half way line and a superb solo run resulted in a goal in the 90th minute and we were cruely put out.

In the League Cup we made it to the quarter finals only to be derailed by Manchester City in a close game that took extra time to determine the winner. We were a bit more fortunate in the FA Cup with wins over Grays (who were in the conference), Carlisle, West Brom, Portsmouth and Brighton to set up a final against Manchester United. In front of a crowd of 89,991 Salomon Kalou scored the vital goal to hand us the FA Cup.


08-02-16, 01:56 PM
The january 2022 update has come...


Distillery are doing their best to follow the rythm and they have not said their last word. The team has two side : they never lose when Heikkinen was in duty, but were less convincing when Bonde was the starting goalie. To make it worse those two guys were injured at the same time, for a long time of course, and Distillery had to rely on a loan who performed very poorly. Bonde only played 8 games so far and is enduring his third absence since the season started. On a brighter note, Appiah is supporting the team with great talent, although he only played 13 games because he was injured too. Distillery can still do it.

NI Premier is very open this season and Ballyclare are still well classed. They only need a few more consistency to lead the convoy, but a single poor performance could ruin their effort. We had to wait for 3 months before Jakubiak agreed to show his skills and the assistance of O'Flaherty is still strongly required . McMann was our first player to value more than 100k pounds. He was also the first to be hardly and regularly fined as his performances were abysmal. Now I have to face a mutiny as half of the team are supporting him. Luckily he will leave the club in may and Mikel Sierra has enough potential to take his place.

What to say about H&W ? They are battling for the promotion. The pair Seager-Svensson is remarkable and the rest of the team are taking the most of their high rated display. The defence is still fallible but (the splendid) Tom Wilshere (http://i.imgur.com/H0Wdnqg.jpg) is superkeeping at the moment. They just have to keep this momentum.

Armagh are safe for the moment. The players are doing their best to stay away from the relegation. I'm a little worried about Glenavon actual form but Armagh (and Crusaders) are still scoring points. They are sustaining their defensive playstyle, building a stronghold led by a great Myroforidis. The middle is nice and the attack correct. They can save themselves this year.

With a thundering Meurs and a middlefield sector where every mate is rated more than 7.00, Crusaders possess all the cards to avoid relegation this season. Kenny Hildeby (http://i.imgur.com/7C7hQvo.jpg) is the mercato recruit and a good looking striker. I hope he will put even more pressure on our opponents. I'm pretty happy with Crusaders so far.

Next update : The end of 2021/22 :)

08-02-16, 09:00 PM
Nationals Only - Season Eight
Ref: http://www.champman0102.co.uk/showthread.php?t=266

Eight seasons had passed since I began this challenge and I had spent four of them in the capital of England, desperately trying to overthrow a resiliant Arsenal. Four years since my arrival and I had been second (and sometimes third) and I had started to grow tired of England. I wanted a fresh challenge but first I had to win the Premier League. Over the summer of 2008/2009 we lost Scott Sinclair who had become unhappy with life in London and wanted a new challenge too - as it happens he was quite hot property and Ajax met his minimum fee release clause and he left us for £10.75million which was not a bad return on a player who had been playing a rotation role for the past two seasons. Joining him was Nicky Maynard and Andy Robertson who both left on a free transfer. I moved quickly to sign replacements and an out-of-contract Jermain Defoe caught my attention and I immediately signed him, giving him the indication that he was going to be purely backup material. Joining him was Jay Rhodes, a ridiculously good looking prospect who was clearly a regen (although I can't figure out of who) and Tom Huddlestone.


The past four seasons had been spent using a 442 which I had developed in the hope of playing attractive, compact football. Although it had been stable and somewhat successful it lacked the cutting edge required to get us ahead in some games and left us begging for more. With that in mind I made the decision to go with a top heaving 451 formation which would hopefully lead us to the Premier League title; it also played very well to our teams strengths.


The season kicked off with a disappointing defeat to Arsenal in the Charity Shield and I feared that it may be a sign of things to come. We began the season slowly in comparison to the previous season as the players tried to find their feet in the new formation. It took us ten games to eventually get past Arsenal to the top of the league. Fortunately for us Arsenal didn't look like the team of seasons gone by and the pressure of winning a fifth straight league title seemed to be taking it's toll. We sat at the top of the league for the majority of the season until there was four games to go and Arsenal were now ahead of us! :doh:


Thankfully we had three games in hand over Arsenal and we continued our great form to take the Premier League crown. At last we had overthrown Arsenal and topped the Premier League! Victory felt ever so sweet.

In the League Cup we were halted at the quarter final stage with Tottenham taking us to a penalty shoot-out and sealing the win. Penalty shoot-outs had become a bit of a problem for us and our record was not the best. In the FA Cup we had an excellent chance to make it to a second consecutive final after making our way to the semi-final where we faced Leeds. A hard fought battle saw a both sides level after 120 minutes and it was a penalty shoot out that would again decide our fate.... again though we proved to be absolute bottle jobs with FOUR out of four of our kicks being missed. Absolutely horrendous.

In Europe we looked stronger than ever and we smashed our way all the way to the semi-final where FC Bayern would be our opponents. In the first leg we took a very early two goal cushion lead only to let it slip in the second half and allow Bayern to score two important away goals. In the return leg a sixth minute strike from Breno (of Bayern) was all that separated the sides and we crashed out at the semi-finals once more.

A change in tactic was clearly all that was needed. Essien proved once more that he was a key player notching 20 assists over the course of the season whilst debutant Jay Rodes scored 14 goals as well as assisting 14 goals. Wayne Rooney really came to form in the lone striker role scoring 33 whilst assisting 12 and verteran Jermain Defoe (who was originally signed as back up) at one point kept Rooney out of the team eventually finishing with a record of 18 goals in 20(8) appearances.

08-02-16, 09:04 PM

A slightly satisfying season but the gap isnt getting any smaller between us and PSG. I have tried changing tactics, but again the defeats are costly while PSG hardly draw or lose. Quite where I go from here I do not know.

Suggestions, Tactical help, anything that may help me bridge that gap would be appreciated.

So what tactic are you employing at the moment? I think you might need to employ all the tricks in the CM0102 book to try and overthrow the super power that is PSG. Keep signing quality players no matter the cost and go all guns blazing for PSG. Make sure you're playing with a back four, make sure you've got a DMC, and make sure you've got a lone striker. I'd suggest going 4-1-2-2-1 (DL/DR/DC/DC) (DMC) (MC/MC) (AML/AMR) (FC) and getting the most out of those super positions.

09-02-16, 08:27 PM
The first season at Everton went extremely well, the First Division was won without any trouble at all, and apart from a few players wanting out (and one of them being let go because of a release clause) the players have been excellent as well. Probably my easiest season in the save so far. 108 points is 2 more than Blackburn's old record of 106, it's always nice to break records in the lower leagues on the way to the top :)



The squad I inherited was pretty strong, but I felt it needed a few players to be where I wanted it. It had too little cover in defensive midfield (I like to have four DMs in the first team squad as I play with two), and the attack didn't look too impressive, nor did the goalkeepers. 4 signings were done throughout the autumn, and all four did very well. There were also a few players who were already there who impressed a lot, in particular central midfielder Barry Davies, and Tony Burns who started in defensive midfield and ended the season as a centre half and as captain. Burns is also very popular among the other players in the squad, several are even honoured to train alongside him. That's the kind of aura a captain should have, I think.
My Brazillian got a nickname, I will be very impressed if anyone manages to guess what I ended up using as nickname-generator!


I will probably need to strengthen the squad more, but for now I'll just see how they do in the top division. I have a left back coming in as my current one is a whiny crybaby who is pissed at me for not selling him. Unluckily for him he is under contract until 2025 with no release clauses, so my current plan is to replace him and not sell him unless he makes too much trouble to be worth it. Many of my players don't have attributes that are good enough for them to play as good as they do, which is a bit confusing, but hopefully they'll over perform in the Premier League as well. Money shouldn't be a problem if I need new players, with a 55k stadium and a big fan base. European qualification should be possible, but I've learnt from the Dag & Red experience that the difference between Premier League and 1st Division can be big. We will see how it goes. :)

09-02-16, 08:45 PM
Thanks for that terrific update, Pegs! Congrats on a fantastic season with Everton, that is an excellent record indeed! Some great players you've got as well. You can never not strengthen, by the way. The lure of scouting out a gem of a player is too much to resist :D Best of luck in the Premier League :)

I've got a Yeovil update incoming in the next couple of days as I plod through the season :)

09-02-16, 08:59 PM
Indeed you can never not strengthen, but there's a difference in actively searching for improvements and just picking them up when they appear out of the blue. The scouts are always out!

Edit: Seems I need to go searching anyway, as this probably mean he'll retire within the next couple of weeks. He was old and free and had a very good season so I'm very satisfied with what I got from him, and with a stamina now at ten he'd not be first choice anyways. Too bad his non-playing attributes are poor, or he could replace my ageing scout.


09-02-16, 11:49 PM
@Pegster - Excellent first season at Everton, absolutely smashed the league with that points total. Always pretty satisfying to have an easy ride after so much struggle with a previous club. Looks like you have a solid spine to work with, a few major improvements can be made and you'll settle right in with the Premier League big boys I'm sure. Can we have a recap on what your previous teams are doing now?

11-02-16, 02:00 PM
Good day kind gentlefolk :boxing: Scroll to the bottom for a handy tl:dr version of this post.

It's that time again - time to post another end of season update from the mighty Yeovil Town, under the safe stewardship of wheeler-dealer manager, Derek 'Del Boy' Trotter... :P

League Review


That's right, we won the frickin' league! :D We were there or thereabouts all season long, but after the halfway mark we dug our heels in and made first place ours until the end of the season. The best way to describe our season is 'finding a way to win', or on the other hand, simply avoiding defeat. We ground out many crucial draws in the second half of the season, when our rivals were faltering away from home especially. :cheer:


A key game illustrating the point I'm trying to make! #neversaydie

Cup Competitions Review

Other than the PL trophy, there was no other silverware this season. Our first Champions League jaunt was a success though, progressing to the second group stage and more than holding our own. We just missed out on qualifying for the knockout stages, as you can see.

A poor defensive performance halted our progress in the FA Cup this year, as we lost to Southampton in a 5th round replay.

The League Cup was even worse, as we crashed out on penalties away to Watford.

Player Review

This is where I go screenshot mental, which is why I've spoilered these so this post isn't longer than Sarah Jessica Parker's face. Anywho, the excellently named Marlon Slabbekoorn was our best performing regular season starter, as he chipped in with goals and assists throughout the season. Other notable good performers include strikers Popovic and Doumbia, defender Raul Garitano, and DMC Francisco Ramos who is always a rock in front of our defense. Goalkeeper Jindrich Stanek had another reliable season.


As you can see, I think we have unearthed a guy (Popovic) with excellent intrinsic finishing and off the ball stats. Even though he was in and out of the side he pretty much scored in every game he played. Only rarely did he ever score two in a match though, interestingly.

Transfer Review

We splashed the cash for defender Sven van Beek from Leicester in the January transfer window (£14.5m). He's not exactly charmed my undies yet but I'm overhauling our tactics for the next season so hopefully he'll bed in better after the summer. Speaking of summer, we will be getting accomplished left back Rico Henry from Hull (free), defender Suentley Alberto from PSV (free), young midfielder Eric Scott from Southampton (free) and we're hoping to get Fernando Lopes who was scout recommended from Braga, but they're refusing to sell as he's not been there that long. We'll see if we can prise him away later in the summer.

So on to next season, where the targets are qualifying for the knockout stages of the Champions League, defending our Premier League title, and hopefully having a better cup run domestically, too. I am overhauling the tactics a little too though, so hopefully I won't codge that up too much! Still non-wib-wob by the way, as it has been since the beginning!

Onwards and upwards for the now 'world class' Derek Trotter and his mighty Yeovil! :cool:


Ciao! :sleep:

tl;dr - won the league, 2nd phase CL, crap in the cups, bought new players again, world class del boy.

11-02-16, 11:45 PM
Nationals Only - Season Nine
Ref: http://www.champman0102.co.uk/showthread.php?t=266

With the title in the bag it was a case of waiting for the right job to come up. News filtered through to me about an opening in Spain at a little club called FC Barcelona but they didn't think I was a good enough manager to take over. No other jobs came available that appealed to me so I set about making preparations for another season in England. We were somewhat quiet again on the transfer front with the biggest signing being Jack Wilshere from Arsenal for a modest £3.6million. We also re-signed Michael Woods, Lee Grant and Kolo Touré after their contracts expired and they decided they did infact want to be a part of the Chelsea revolution.


The league was a much easier affair than previous seasons with Arsenal losing a grand total of 9 games throughout the course of the season. In the end we wound the league up with two games to go, 12 points clear of Arsenal in second place, scoring 83 goals and conceding 24.


In the league cup we advanced easily to the semi-final where a date with United was in order. The first leg went swimmingly with a 1-0 win giving us the advantage. However we came undone in the second leg and shipped four goals and crashed out of the cup (Everton went on to beat United in the final on penalties). In the FA Cup we were given an early scare as Dag & Red held us to a replay in the third round. Thankfully we demolished them 5-0 in the replay and went on to beat Ipswich (5-0), Bolton (3-1), Man United (2-0, sweet revenge!) and Middlesbrough (4-1) to set up a final with Man City.


Champions! A fitting finish to a successful campaign.

In Europe we excelled in our group games to set up a quarter final clash with Real Madrid. A 3-2 win in the first leg followed by a 0-0 draw saw us through to face Arsenal (our old nemesis'). A first leg demolition of 5-1 was a perfect result as we marched on to the final with a 1-0 in the second leg. Our opponents for the final would be Atlético Madrid and I felt confident of a result.

The game kicked off and we were immediately on the front foot with an eighth minute strike from Rooney giving us the lead. However in the 41st minute Ryan Bertrand decided he didn't like the look of Susaeta and landed a left hook which resulted in a red card. With the advantage going in to half time I told the lads to park the bus for the remaining 45 minutes. We held firm until Montagna of Atlético burst our bubble by scoring twice in the space of 7 minute (59' & 66') and we were on the back foot. I urged the lads to do something, anything, to get us in the game and we were given a lifeline in the 86th minute with Rhodes converting a penalty! Extra time followed and as the clock ticked down I dreaded the possibility of penalties. 120 minutes. Final whistle. It was going to be penalties....


:frusty::frusty::frusty::frusty: It's been a long time since CM0102 has made me feel so deflated. So fucking close...!

12-02-16, 06:16 AM

Inspired by this thread I decided to start a new game with a club I used to play for a few years ago, Lincoln United.

- October 2015 Update
- Tapani 2.20.1 Patch (Start Year 2015 & x20 speed)

I had to move them into the Northern Premier league, Lincoln United. They only had 7 players in their squad when I took over. I will be using a tactic I am creating as I go based on default 4-1-3-2.


We played a first friendly at home to non league Histon, we won 2-1, fielding the 7 existing players and the rest were made up from the youth team (greyed).

Having no cash and no staff interested in joining me I had to do the scouting myself, looking for young cheap players to fill the squad and/or old players who could possibly join the squad and help me our with coaching/scouting.

First two signings were a young striker Phil Roberts, and right midfielder, Liam Bennett. Phil had a bit of potential having played over 60 games in Scotland, while Liam had only ever played reserves/youth team. Either way they would both be in the starting 11 as I had no choice right now. The good thing about them both is that they had decent enough workrate which I am hoping will carry us through this first couple of seasons.


Finance wise, the board injected £300k, this made me quite happy until I checked the books and saw despite this we were still 85k in the red.


A few more Freebies were added over the coming months, 19 year old french right back, his best attribute being a 13 for acceleration...a 19 year old spanish striker, Paco Santamaria, who looked half decent actually and a DC with a positioning attribute of 1, yes 1 was added, Portuguese, Bruno Miguel Agostinho. 18 & 19 year old Scottish Strikers, Scott Wright and Dylan Dykes both joined along with a Belgium right back Frederic Braal.

Before our first league game of the season at home to FC United of all teams, we managed to secure a croatian left back, a northern irish centre half who could also play right back, a 19 year old spanish playmaker by the name of Manuel Angel Dorado and a young scottish defensive midfielder who will plug that hole in front of the back 4. Veteran Shaun Fagan (DMRC) joined as our oldest player at 31 years old and also joined the coaching team, Fagan was a massive disciplinarian (19) so hopefully he would keep these youngsters in check.

Here is my star striker, Paco Santamaria and decent looking right back Braal


A few more rushed additions were made before the first game, Sean Ray, a 34 year old no nonsense centre half joined, he would also help me with the coaching. Another striker, 19 year old Dave Parry (English) and 18 year old english utility man David Underwood, who could play centre half or defensive midfield also joined our very youthful squad. So we had assembled a squad of 25 players.... but we didn't have a keeper....although we did have a couple of bids in for a couple of promising kids from the UK.

In other news, Chelsea just splashed out £22,500,000 for Thomas Muller from Bayern Munich. Bayern in return signed Lavezzi for £12,500,000 from PSG. The youngster with so much potential Breel Embolo joined Fiorentina for just £6,500,000.

Arsenal beat Chelsea in the Charity Shield (2-1)

Season 1

So the season got underway, 1st game FC United. We started off well scoring after just 21 minutes through Paco Santamaria before 35 year old belgium striker Soetaers, knocked in a hat-trick, Tom Fisher also scored to put United 4-1 up before defensive midfielder Logan scored to make it 4-2 on 77 minutes. Despite the loss I was quite happy, our stand in GK had a 1 for handling...we actually had the better of the play with former belgium international Soetaers proving to be the difference between the two teams.


We quickly snapped up 2 young keepers, Kevin McLeod, just 19, Scottish and has a bit of potential and Barry Wharton, also 19 and Welsh. McLeod would be our number 1 for now.

Our first win came in the second match of the season away at Curzon Ashton, a game we deserved to win with goals from striker Roberts, Brooks, who was at United when I took over and spanish youngster Dorado getting the winner on 69 minutes.


Following that win the confidence seemed high, Santamaria was on fire scoring 4 goals in the next 3 games which we won 3-0, 3-1 and 2-0. Influential midfielders Dorado (10 days) and Brooks (1 month) both sustained injuries which meant shuffling the midfield massively. In -come Ryan Wilkins and Liam Bennett, both just 19. We were sent crashing down to earth with defeats at Guiseley, and a draw at home to Chorley. We suffered a massive loss at local rivals Gainsborough Trinity 4-1 which saw us end September in 11th spot.


In other news, Barcelona snapped up Sergio Aguero for £29,500,000 and Graziano Pelle left Southampton for Napoli for £8,000,000

Season 1 - October

October got off to a dreadful start as we were hammered 5 - 1 at home by Tamworth. We were drawn in the qualifying round of the FA Cup in a home draw against Basingstoke. Dorado came back from injury straight into the starting line up and was influential as we beat Lowestoft 2-0 at Crown Meadow. A 4 - 1 win away at North Ferriby was probably our best result so far, Santamara was back in the goals as we recorded 9 shots on target from a total of 11. 19 year old Wilkins scored the winner against a resilient Basingstoke as we were drawn an away tie at Peterborough in the first round proper. Massive game for the youngsters. Young striker Roberts was now out for 3 weeks during the undeserved home defeat by Bradford Park Avenue. We then beat Telford and got beat at Solihull to finish October in 8th Spot. Very up and down and inconsistent.


In other news, Sunderland were top of the Premier League....

Season 1 - November > December

A few players who were already at the club were complaining they should be more involved in the first team, I sold Andy Toyne for 7k, he was the biggest whinger and was upsetting the squad, he was far from good enough to oust the youth from the starting line up.He would join Harrisburg in America when the window opened.

On the point of finances we were losing money left right and centre, debt was now at £140k

On 7th November we travelled to London Road, Peterborough for our FA Cup first round tie. We held them 0 - 0 at half time, being the better side, 6 chances to their 2, however both of theirs were on target and only 50% of ours where. This concerned me a little so I pulled off one of our strikers and replaced him with a defensive midfielder. Now playing a 4231 formation we went out for the 2nd half, I was desperate for a replay or even a win to bring in some money if we were to meat a bigger club in the next round.

The 2nd half went well, they had a few more chances and so did we, the game ended 0-0, their keeper being Man of the Match, I questioned my decision not to go for the win. A cracking result from The Whites. The board were delighted. The draw was made for the next round where, if we beat Peterborough we would face conference team Southport, the dream of being in the 3rd round with the big boys was achievable.


Back to the league, local rivals Boston beat us at home 1-0, we dominate the game but couldn't put the ball in the onion bag, we were missing Paco and he was still 2 weeks away from training. Same story when we faced Alfreton at The Impact Arena, hammered them but the game ended 0-0.

Fa Cup replay Peterborough, young strier Roberts jumped back into the starting 11. We were dealt a massive boost after 22 minutes when Peterborough midfield Payne was sent off for a dangerous 2 footed challenge. We then proceeded to dominate the game. Young striker Roberts scored what turned out to be the only goal of the game on 59 minutes as he picked up the loose ball and smashed it home. A fantastic win in front of 1475 fans at Ashby Avenue which was a club record attendance.


Another dominant display at home to Nuneaton ended in a defeat as again we failed to convert. we were then well and truly hammered 3-0 by Bradford Park Avenue.

FA Cup 2nd Round at Home v Southport... cracking start to the game, the first half 14 chances between the two teams with The Whites slightly edging it with 9 shots and 7 on target. This reflected on the score at half time despite going behind after 5 minutes, goals on 21 and 29 sent us into the dressing room 2-1 up. Despite us dominating again we failed to score in the second half, however Andy Bishop bagged a brace in the space of 9 minutes. We were beaten 3-2. A win would of seen us facing QPR at Loftus Road. The boys were gutted, so was I.


A defeat in the league at home to Worcester (2-1), a 4-1 hammering of Guiseley at home, a 2-1 away win at Gloucester, a 1-1 home draw at North Ferriby, a 2-0 defeat at home to Corby despite absolutely smashing them and a 2-1 defeat away at Nuneaton saw us end December in 12th spot. We were struggling and conceding goals left right and centre, having loads of chances but not converting.


Once the transfer window opened the big clubs splashed the cash while our chairman had to inject a further 160k to help towards running costs.


12-02-16, 10:31 AM
My game just crashed :painkiller:

12-02-16, 11:40 AM

Hi gents, it's been a while. Just wanted to share with you my current epic save with Curzon Ashton.

Started in Northern Premier with 0 players. My challenge was to have PL and Champions League success in as few seasons as possible with no cheats and no WIBWOB tactics. Managed to get there in 7 seasons!



Had a fine run until I was knocked out for the first time by Barcelona in the Q Finals last season.

Manager stats and tactics



Key players

A stalwart between the sticks. Signed from Birmingham for a million aged 21.

Fulgini has been immense playing that Dani Alves role. Cost £3.5m from Monaco, hopefully has a good few years in him yet.

Has been the beating heart of midfield. "Splashed out" £6.75m for De Jong but he has repayed that 10 times over.

It's always raining goals and assists when Driessen is around. A snip at 200k from Dordrecht.

Polito is not the most consistent on the team but in form he is unstoppable. Unbelievably signed on a free at 16! Scout got a raise for that one.

Not blessed attributes wise but O'Reilly knows how to finish. Almost 200 career goals at Curzon now. Signed on a free as a youngster.

Now to win back that CL trophy...

12-02-16, 11:50 AM
Fuck me that's some achievement especially with Non Wib Wob.

Willing to share your tactic? :)

12-02-16, 12:08 PM
Fuck me that's some achievement especially with Non Wib Wob.

Willing to share your tactic? :)

This is my current tactic https://www.sendspace.com/file/q26kyu

I also used a 4-3-3 in the early days https://www.sendspace.com/file/s0bp6e

I think as well as the tactics, keeping my players happy and finding the right players for the right positions has helped. Sounds obvious but not always easy.

12-02-16, 12:48 PM
This is my current tactic https://www.sendspace.com/file/q26kyu

I also used a 4-3-3 in the early days https://www.sendspace.com/file/s0bp6e

I think as well as the tactics, keeping my players happy and finding the right players for the right positions has helped. Sounds obvious but not always easy.
Awesome stuff, love that return with your tactics. I'm gonna give them a download and see how you had your player instructions set. Nice work.

12-02-16, 06:28 PM
This is the end of 2021/22. And you know what ? You know what ? OK : [insert you favorite 4-letters-word here]
New NI Premier records
Highest scoring game : 7-4 (Coleraine vs Bangor)
Most team goals : 90 – Warrenpoint
Most team conceded : 87 - Portadown
Highest attendance : 6421 (Glentoran vs Linfield)
Highest average attendance : 3368 - Glentoran
Top goalscorer : 30 – Neil McVeigh (Linfield)

Warrenpoint and Linfield dueled for the title, the opposition losing control one after another. Ballyclare were cleared off 3 games before the end. A very good effort, but not enough. Cliftonville played without a goalie all along. Why not, but they lost too many games because of this.

New NI First records
Lowest attendance : 427 – Institute vs Ards (playoffs)

Ards won the playoffs and will play in NI Premier next season.

Damn (http://i.imgur.com/hrIpPmd.jpg). How did Knockbreda won the league ? They were 15 points behind in january ! Carrick played at an execrable level most of the time and dived into the relegation zone at the last moment. And goodbye Glenavon ! I will miss your libero ! Anyway, a difficult year without a real leader to control the league.

Charity Shield winners : Linfield (0-0 vs Institute)
League Cup winners : Dungannon (4-3 vs Coleraine)
Irish cup winners : Distillery (3-2 vs Cliftonville)

CL winners : Wolfsburg (9th in Bundesliga 1) p2-2 Man. Utd (2nd in Premier League)
UEFA Cup winners : Dortmund (2nd in Bundesliga 1) 2-1 Man. City (3rd in Premier League)

Lisburn Distillery

Crap ! Distillery crumbled at the feet of promotion. They played their last match against Knockbreda for the first place...and instead were ridiculised, losing 4-0. It's good to know we have the best defense this year. But there was a great victory in the NI cup, as we won against Cliftonville. They overdominated us but their lack of goalie was prejudicial. This success put some light on our feet and we suddenly discovered what seemed to be a physio spring. We enjoyed the situation by grabbing a couple of them. Mad mad world...

The squad wasn't very impressive. Bonde averaged 7.00 and is actually out for 3 more months. If I add his other heath problems, he's missing 8 months this year. OK, this fact is impressive at least. Heikkinen finally lost his superpowers and conceded 8 goals in the last 3 games. He didn't let in more in his 10 previous league appearances. And he's not happy after being disciplined. Morons. I have mixed feelings about the defense. Roberston and Bradley performed well during most of the season. Poorly looking Robail was consistent, while his compatriot Hamel gave his worst effort since his arrival in 2017. A deeply decaying Fenwick and a dimly inspired Richard Robinson lost their football during the winter and never recovered it. Mattew Leech was on loan to Glenavon. He showed once more his incapacity to tacle his adversaries and and will quit Distillery soon. We need serious guys.

The middle was average, and the recruits underachieving in my opinion. Reece Flanagan was the one to give what I expected from him. Grant maybe is a good relay but rarely took part of the core of the action. Rodsand tricked us and his attributes melted under the NI sun. The young Tim May is not improving. We had some contacts for a transfert but I prefered to keep him one more year.

Regarding the offensive work, Appiah was by far the best performer despite booking a personnal bed at the sick bay. Simon Bishop (NIF third best young player) was rated around 0,5 less than during 2020/21 and scored a lot less too. We were lucky to rely on Jacob Blyth as he was one of the few to sign his best performance since he joigned Distillery. Terje Sorum filled the gaps as intended. Cowan-Hall is diying due to his injuries and we will release him.

I can't feel any improvement in the squad. Youngsters stagnating, key players enduring repetitious injuries... A third place is not that bad, but the idea of staying at this level is troublesome. A poor record was broken during 2021/22 despite a better squad. The club is deeply in debt (3M pounds !) but the need is now to attract a new staff, possibly by recruiting old and free players as player/staff. Whithout this, Distillery will never take it to the next level.

New records :
Average attendance : 717

Ballyclare Comrades

Ballyclare struggled and succeed to stay on the podium. Another good season here, with a solid play all along the league. It's good to see a group young and unknown boys playing the first roles with this consistency.

In the back, Yohan Puel was a rock. He accustomed us to strong shows and yet delivered another great exploits this year. The defense was not bad. They didn't have much to do as the team usually monopolized the ball. Andy Mills and Mikel Serra are to follow. Another rookie who could become a nice player with some experience is Brian Douglas. Jarvinen, if not a star, is still bringing a good ambiance even during the McMann incident, the latter to be transfered to Raith Rovers in July. On a last defensive note, Andy Hamilton was fairly good, which annoyed me because I have to let him go now he reached the 25 years old limit.

O'Flaherty was once more the team's cornerstone. He stole the show from Jakubiak who had to play between AMC and FC because Mark was so important. The two of them provided most of Ballyclare punch. They were backed as usual by the rather bad looking Andy Coulter, Ian Keogh the eternal substitute who never disappointed me, and the versatile Doherty who took a middle slot as Serra secured our right back. Our traditionnal midfielders, Hodson and Gordon, were almost transparent this year. Our strikers did a good job too : Dickinson, Swift, and regular Hughes (NIP second best youth player of the season) took their parts of Ballyclare's success. Moreover, two rookies got a few time on the pitch and proved themselves to fit well with the rest of the squad : Dave McGhee and Gordon Milsom.

There are no freaks nor superstars here, but the team has now a robust backbone. I'm looking for more (free) talents off course. I'm certain that we have a tactical advantage because we can reach the podium without very good looking players.

New records :
Most league apps for the club : 153 – Yohan Puel

Harland & Wolff Welders

H&W... What did you do ? I thought you could crush the opposition and kick your way to the promotion. I was damn wrong ! Not you, Tom Wilshere, our old and trusty goalie. I'm talking to the defenders here. You were ridiculous. Connolly, Fish ? Rubbish ! Leggett, the welsh with an U21 cap ? Bad ! Gilson da Thingavera ? Mmm... lazyveira ! Celli ? To be honest, you did what I expected from an DL interim. Cunliffe and Shaw ? OK, you guys are greens, but how did you dare to start your careers with some 7 and 8 before settling yourselves to this awful level ? Joking (is allowed) when victory is achieved ! But the prize goes to Dominic Iorfa. Of course he's not on the team report. He started whining in September and bothered me to join a bigger club. He's now playing in minor russian league and seems to enjoy it.

In the middle, Millicevic was just OK as our DMC. Merryfield (MC) and second best NI First young player Alvarez Alvarez (FL) did a good job and were clearly the best and most complete players on the field. Mantegazza will not prolong, his replacement Ed Burke performed the same. Even Stokoe played, scored and assisted when necessary. Maybe should I keep him for real ?

Another sector which caused us problems : the strikers. Seager and Svensson. Their ratings are good. But their statistics were modest. Svensson broke the club MoM record of 5 awards in October. What did he do since ? Was he acting as a decoy ? And Seager was by far our best... defender ! He got the title of "second best NIF player" this year. Yep, something is wrong with this pair. Burgess was our only real striker.

A lot a players will leave H&W. Because of their contracts ending and my bad mood. The first season was a dream and it's now time to start the squad afresh.

New records :
Most league apps for the club : 158 - Tom Wilshere
Most MoM : 6 – Roger Svensson
Highest average rating : 7,79 – Ryan Seager


A pleasant year for Armagh. They managed to secure their position easily enough despite three stacking defensive handicaps. The goalies were far from exceptionnals but the defence was strong. I expected a lot from Myroforidis and he didn't disappoint me. Piqué was ferocious on the right side while Gajda (a recruit of mine during 2017/18) and Richardson secured our left. Jimmy Porter was the second regular DC but he suffered the comparison with Jörg Wulf, a good looking DC who was formed in FC Köln youth academy. Dario came from Benfica but is a lot less gifted. This defence looks really good for NIF standards.

The middle was rather OK. Centers Esajas and Saïd did their part, as did Walters on the right. Leflochmoan was the best of them but is frustrated about the NI way of life. He's acting like an idiot and his departure is imminent. Regarding the strikers, Davids was good but his debuts were not too bright. Jean-Sébastien Delacourt has a noble name and a strong sense of the aerial play (18 in jumping). Marie was our third choice, while Kazsubowski was relegated to the reserves.

The difficulty will be to find skilled defenders in order to overcome the handicap. I was lucky this year. I don't think a promotion could be reachable by playing this way. At least, this formula looks sustainable for now. And they got a surprinsigly high amount of yellow cards despite tackling easy and their nice temperament.

New records :
Most league apps for the club : 141 – Jimmy Porter


Crusaders didn't encounter too much problems during 2021/22. Their defence needs a boss. But the bulk of the work had been done by our two DMC, Carlos Nunes (NIF best young player this season) and Vigier, who got the best average ratings of the midfielders in NIF this season. Those guys are really tough and able to launch the offensive with talent. Hecht, Long and Troupkos are young but promising, if I manage to keep them at the club... Strikers Meurs (best NIF player this season ant third best goalscorer) and Hildeby were lethal, with Smith as the supporting AMC. Yet Osobe is an awarded and strong regular player in NI !

A compact team and a enjoyable challenge. So I'm now looking to strengthen our back, and to replace some actual players by more versatile ones. Since the squad must be tight, we must be able to fill the absences when needed.

New records :
Highest average rating : 8.03 – Jeroen Meurs

Next update : 2022/23 pre saison. I need to think how to display it. It's not easy to follow someone's progress in the game, and I feel it's going to be very difficult to explain how my future 7 teams are competing without giving too many complicated screenshots and details. And this is exactly what I don't want to do :). So I need to be more concise. If not, it will take a painfully long time to write my reports and no one will be able to understand them :)

13-02-16, 08:50 PM
This is my current tactic https://www.sendspace.com/file/q26kyu

I also used a 4-3-3 in the early days https://www.sendspace.com/file/s0bp6e

I think as well as the tactics, keeping my players happy and finding the right players for the right positions has helped. Sounds obvious but not always easy.

I've been using a similar formation in my long Yeovil save. It first started as a 4-5-1 before changing to 4-1-4-1 and occasionally 4-4-1-1. Eventually we went more attacking and had a few variations on a 4-3-3, such as 4-1-2-2-1 and 4-2-3-1 (similar to yours). I fiddled about with the player instructions more than you and certainly haven't achieved the astounding results you have. Then again, I'm not always sure I really need to alter player instructions much - I tend to do it just because I think I'm supposed to as it's a non-wibwob so I have to create an edge over the opposition elsewhere! :D

What I have found with my 4231 is I tend to draw a lot of games. It can be weak away from home, too. I had a DMC in the left MC position with more defensive player instructions to counter that.

13-02-16, 09:45 PM
@Pegster - Excellent first season at Everton, absolutely smashed the league with that points total. Always pretty satisfying to have an easy ride after so much struggle with a previous club. Looks like you have a solid spine to work with, a few major improvements can be made and you'll settle right in with the Premier League big boys I'm sure. Can we have a recap on what your previous teams are doing now?

Arsenal have done reasonably well, after a (for them) poor decade after I left, they were the dominating team in the 2010s, with 5 titles in 6 seasons from 2012/13 to 2018/19. They also won the UEFA Cup in 2006 and finished second in the World Club Cup in 2007.

Burnley haven't done quite as well, they finished 2nd the year after I left, and then they were a lower mid-table team for five years before qualifying for the Champions League again for four years in the second half of the 2010s. They then finished 14th in 2020, before getting relegated twice in two seasons, and now they are in the 2nd division. They have no cup wins, but were in the Champions League final in 2017, losing to Standard Liège.

Carlisle stayed a top team for a few years after I left, finishing second, third and first in the three years after the first title. Then they have finished between 9th and 16th every year since. They also won the FA Cup in 2021.

Dagenham and Redbridge went on a shopping spree the season after I left them, spending 36.5M on 17 players. Finishing 17th in the league shows how great a success that was.

14-02-16, 01:54 AM
Started a new ODB game at Stockport County (I always do well with them for some reason, not sure why), and we're currently in the playoff positions. Not expecting promotion this season (or next season, as Second Season Syndrome always knocks me flat on my arse), but it might still be doable. Staying up afterwards will be another matter entirely. I guess I like the challenge though, that's why I tend not to go for stronger teams like Arsenal or Man U.

14-02-16, 12:09 PM
Good mid-season update to all you love bugs :grouphug:

Just past the halfway point in my 8th season in charge of the mighty Yeovil Town. Our season is going well so far, given we've had to deal with a number of annoying issues that could have held us back.


We're within touching distance of the top, and unbeaten in 7 games after an indifferent spell of form, especially away from home. I've tweaked the tactics so we overload at home with 4-2-1-3 and play a keep-ball style 4-1-4-1 away from home, which seems to be working nicely.

We've strengthened during the January transfer window, bringing in experienced Italian GK, Mattia Perin...


and to solve our right-back issues (Sven van Beek seems better as a CB), we've signed a man called Terry...


Both have settled in ok but it is early days. As for the aforementioned issues I hinted at - our best defender Raul Garitano became homesick and decided to be absent throughout pre-season. We let him rot in the reserves but we had to call on him after a major injury crisis which affected most of our defence, midfield and attack during the autumn. Kairinen, Lopes and Lulic were all out for three months (Lulic for 7 as he required surgery), Doumbia, Henry, Ramos, Tapia and Scott all had a month out as well, with Silva and Johansson out for a few weeks each, too. Add to this our card happy defenders and we had a few suspensions to deal with too! Not all of this happened at once, but it all occurred in the space of a month so during the worst of it we had at least 6/7 players out.

That's all passed now though and we can finish strong! We cruised through the CL first phase and are one for one so far in the second phase. FA Cup is in its early days still, and our depleted side lost comfortably away to Arsenal in the League Cup 4th round earlier in the season.

That brings you bang up to date, I'm off to spend time with people :jaw:

Love you all xoxo


14-02-16, 12:43 PM
No injury for Sonogo? Shocked!

14-02-16, 07:07 PM
I've been using a similar formation in my long Yeovil save. It first started as a 4-5-1 before changing to 4-1-4-1 and occasionally 4-4-1-1. Eventually we went more attacking and had a few variations on a 4-3-3, such as 4-1-2-2-1 and 4-2-3-1 (similar to yours). I fiddled about with the player instructions more than you and certainly haven't achieved the astounding results you have. Then again, I'm not always sure I really need to alter player instructions much - I tend to do it just because I think I'm supposed to as it's a non-wibwob so I have to create an edge over the opposition elsewhere! :D

What I have found with my 4231 is I tend to draw a lot of games. It can be weak away from home, too. I had a DMC in the left MC position with more defensive player instructions to counter that.

I try not to change the player instructions to much to be honest Vik, even in-game. If I'm winning don't change to defensive, if I'm losing continue to attack. Even with a sending off I'll just take off centre attacking mid to fill the position and continue to attack. I always use Attacking, short passing, hard tackling, and offside trap, no matter what formation I use. Everyone on forward runs and run with ball except the centre-backs. Entire team pressing except centre forward. Pacey attacking wing backs are important if you're playing with a narrow midfield IMO. No need to set through balls or long shots, players will do this themselves.

Got some great results this season and managed to get back to CL success, Liam O'Reilly managed to top Messi's league record of 37 league goals and in the league: Invincible :ok:





14-02-16, 07:15 PM
Stunning effort!

14-02-16, 07:39 PM
Nationals Only - Season Eleven
Ref: http://www.champman0102.co.uk/showthread.php?t=266

Arriving in Germany so soon after conquering Spain felt a bit surreal considering how long it had taken me to be victorious in Italy and then England. Still, I was now in my fourth out of five countries and the light at the end of the tunnel was getting brighter. A quick assessment of the Hamburger SV squad revealed nine foreigners on the books which I knew would not be shipped out in time for the first game of the season which was just one week away. As a result I would be spending two seasons in Germany by default.

I worked quickly to strengthen the areas of the squad that were clearly lacking and eight new faces arrived at HSV. Amongst these were Manuel Neuer (who had spent his whole life at Schalke), Ivan Rakitic (who had acquired German as a second nationality) and Marco Marin (who some may know as a bright prospect for Chelsea). The HSV squad itself wasn't too bad and they had got the UEFA Cup Final the year before as well as finishing fourth in the league. Players of note within the squad I inherited were Jerome Boateng and Vágner Love.

We started the season with a game in the German League Cup quarter finals but the inbalance of the squad showed and we were beaten on penalties by Werder Bremen (I fucking hate penalties!). Following our league cup defeat we were given the chance to get revenge on Werder Bremen but came unstuck in our first league game and were demolished 3-0 which put us at the bottom of the league.... However with the lads settling in and the new signings finding their feet we soon found ourselves racing up the table in to second place after 13 games. From there we pushed on to first place for a brief period before a bad run of form sent us down to fourth. We didn't give up though and a strong finish to the season saw us win the title by two points over FC Bayern.


In the German Cup we saw ourselves comfortably in to the semi-final where Stuttgart were our only obstacle to the final. I'm not sure if it was the fact we were playing away from home or if we were just shite on the day (probably the latter) but we were dispatched 3-0 by a dominant Stuttgart (who had won the league two seasons in a row).

In the UEFA Cup we found it ourselves through to the finals without breaking much of a sweat to meet Lyngby of Denmark. A 5-2 aggregate win was followed by a 6-1 aggregate win against Real Sociedad in the semi-final and we were en route to yet another final. Our opponents? Atlético Madrid. Fuck. We had been beaten by Atléico Madrid a few seasons ago in the Champions League final whilst I was at Chelsea and the memory of being beaten on penalties was still fresh in my mind. We started the game well with Rakitic opening the scoring but fell apart in the second half an a brace from Torress condemned us to losing. Fuck.

14-02-16, 09:16 PM
Buying this guy feels like cheating. 17.5 million + 2.5 million sign on fee - I can't wait to see him in action!


15-02-16, 12:07 AM
Howdy folks, a quick end of season round-up from me. After 8 seasons with Yeovil Town, I still don't fancy jumping ship and managing somewhere else! Who'da thunk it?

Let me get the rubbish out of the way first - no cup wins as we lost in the FA Cup semi-final to Man Utd, the League Cup we lost to Arsenal, and we got to the Champions League 2nd phase again but failed to progress from a group including Valencia, Leverkusen, and PSG. This was not helped by going four consecutive games having a man sent off! :lol:

Anyway, back to the league. This was a thriller! Our form was improving during the second half of the season, and we got first place with a few games to spare, however Man Utd, with their European escapades, were lagging a few games behind everyone else and duly won their games in hand, before drawing 0-0 away to Stoke. That meant they had a two point lead with one game to go. Who did they have to face?.....


What happened next was a performance worthy of an Oscar. Derek Trotter is a Yeovil legend forever. You listening, Leo? This is how you win an Oscar you fanny.





I didn't shit myself and go 'men behind ball' for the last 20 minutes after we went 2-1 up, no! Anyway we got a third on the counter with a rare off day for De Gea helping us no end. Thanks David :hail:

So, what the muthafuckin' 'ell is going on in the off-season, you ask? Well as a matter of fact we have a sad depature, with rock-solid beautiful Portuguese defender Francisco Ramos leaving us for a new challenge. We pocketed a cool £12mil though, which I will use to buy the whole team a hooker each for the summer.


In other news, our awful disciplinary record continues to haunt us. We proudly sit at the top of the yellow cards table again. Only Stoke beat us for red cards, although if you include our Euro adventures we have 10 red cards, which is a nice number. During one particularly angry spell I counted 8 red cards in 13 games. What a bunch of mentals I manage! :nerd:





Star player? Well our January signing Mattia Perin was immense in goal for us, despite his own red card contribution and 3 match ban during the second half of the season. His average rating is mighty impressive for a GK. (edit, this is the wrong screenie, his stats were 14 games played, 7 goals conceded, 7.79 average rating)


Calogero Buglio is our 'blossoming player of the year', as his attributes have shot up during the season, to the point when he is challenging the regular starters for more games. It'll be interesting to see how he gets on next season with more games under his belt (shorts).


Doumbia once again supplied the goals, with Popovic an able back-up. Slabbekoorn got the fans player of the year for us, but I can't single out a bad player for us, apart from the absent Garitano (DC), but even he was useful in the latter half of the season.

Finally, we've signed Lionel Messi as a player/assistant manager, and a young player from Southampton who looks handy as a backup striker.

Targets for next season? Title defence again, knockout stages of Champs League, more red cards :smokin:

Ciao! :first:

15-02-16, 06:46 PM
Th first season back in the Premier League or Everton was a quite god one, with trophies collected even if the most important trophy is just out of reach for now. 2nd place in the league behind Arsenal is absolutely acceptable, and if not for a terrible run at the end of 2022 the title could have been won. A cup double with solid wins both in the FA Cup and League Cup finals makes the season one to remember though, and I am satisfied with what the team achieved.


This run of form in November/December ruined the league season I think. The 0-1 losses against Bristol City and Carlisle came after conceding goals after 86 and 90 minutes, just to make it even more annoying... I've rarely been so tempted to reload the game!

The players performed reasonably well, with young defender Shaun Allen impressing mightily when he was given a run as centre half towards the end of the season. One who has not impressed particularly much is the young Swedish forward Lars Lundström. He looked very promising at Manchester City, and I met his release clause at 13M in the summer, but he hasn't been anywhere near worth that price. Hopefully he'll do better next year. I also spent some money on an old acquaintance, spending close to £10M on bringing Joaquín Vásquez (of former Dag & Red fame) back to England after a spell at Athletico Madrid. He hasn't impressed overly much either but he's been used mostly as AMC and I think he is best as an MC.


For next season, the goal is to win the league, and to do that I need to strengthen the team. I need a goal scorer, a right back and a defensive midfielder. All three are coming in (as long as the transfer funds are available when the transfer window opens again), as well as another former pupil from the Dag&Red days. Enrico Rocco's contract there runs out in the summer, and he's joining us on a free. Hopefully those four will be the quality additions I need to be able to dethrone Arsenal.

15-02-16, 07:15 PM
@ViK - what a way to win the league! Last day of the season, a 3-1 win over the main title contenders to pip them by a point. Magical! I'm hoping for a stronger performance in Europe next year from the mighty Yeovil.

@Pegster - cracking debut season that, a second place finish and a cup double isn't to be sniffed at. Fingers crossed for a final push next season.

15-02-16, 10:27 PM
Season 6 review

Once again PSG are pure beasts in the league. Sadly for us they were relentless in their quest to win a record 11th Title. We again finished 2nd place and an astonishing 24 points behind them. My league form is inconsistent while PSG Smashed away anything they found in front of them. A change of tactic mid season helped a little in keeping the gap as close as it actually was even if it was that large :lol:

We went out in the french league cup yet again with a rather poor display against Reims who knocked us out of the League cup in similar circumstances last season.

While in the french cup we reached another final. This time we would come away with a 2-4 win against League 2 Frejus, but not without a scare. We went 1-0 down in the 6th minute and New signing Bergwijn would react to that with a push on a Frejus player and get sent off (Twat!). Frejus put on a brave defensive display until we broke their resistance in the 71st min and then took the lead on 76 mins. Frejus werent going to roll over though and pulled it level in 82nd minute to force extra time. We finally broke their resistance in the 100th and 104th minutes with 2 goals to secure the French cup.

Champions league 1st group stage we were drawn with Bayern, Fenerbahce and Shakhtar.. We beat Shakthar 3-0 at home, Beat Fener 2-1 away, then we would lose 2-1 and 0-1 to Bayern in both games but then go on to beat Shakthar 1-4 away and Fener 3-0 at home to secure progress.

Group stage 2 we would get drawn with Cardiff, Wolfsburg and Real madrid. We drew 1-1 with Madrid away and beat them 1-0 at home. We Beat Cardiff 2-1 at home and lost 3-0 away while we beat wolfsburg 4-1 at home and 2-0 away to progress to Quarter finals.

Quarter finals - We were drawn with PSG our arch rivals. Dooooooooooooooom or so you would think.. We would draw 2-2 in the first leg and then a famous 2-1 victory at home saw us through to the semi final :dance:

Semi Finals - We were drawn to play Chelsea who knocked us out of the CL last year at the quarter finals. We Beat them 2-1 at home, following that up with a 2-2 draw away from home despite being 2-0 until 71st min when we took the tie to extra time where our defender got his first goal of the season to go 3-4 up on aggregate from which point we saw out the remainder of the game to reach the final :dance:

Final - Liverpool v Paris FC

And after an almighty battle v Liverpool we somehow managed to come away with an unlikely Champions league victory :D http://i63.tinypic.com/2j0jct2.jpg

Some screenshots..



French cup






Fantastic end to the season has persuaded me to stay on for a couple more seasons. Hopefully PSG will start to disintegrate and allow us to start winning a couple of league titles. A man can dream cant he ;) :D

16-02-16, 01:46 AM
This is my current tactic https://www.sendspace.com/file/q26kyu

I also used a 4-3-3 in the early days https://www.sendspace.com/file/s0bp6e

I think as well as the tactics, keeping my players happy and finding the right players for the right positions has helped. Sounds obvious but not always easy.

Great tactic that 4231 :ok:

16-02-16, 08:57 AM
Whada lotta jargon

Brilliantly fun read that, m8! Looking forward to the next ses!

16-02-16, 10:18 PM
I am growing a bit restless playing only one save in England, so inspired by Sure's crazy northern Irish game I decided to make a multi-manager save taking over the entire Danish second division.


I have all leagues loaded (and fake player names!), and plan on moving abroad after winning the league. Will probably move abroad with some of the four managers that get relegated too, I'm guessing some of them will end in Sweden as there are always tonnes of manager jobs there. I won't micromanage each team, but I'll do transfers and stuff. For the first season all teams are playing the same tactic, so it'll be down to player quality and luck who gets promoted and relegated.
I probably won't take too many screenshots or do in-depth updates, but if I keep playing it I'll update from this save as well as the A-Z one.

17-02-16, 06:54 PM
Good luck Pegs! I look forward to the update once you've finished the season sometime next century :D

17-02-16, 07:52 PM
Pegster, you're mad. 16 unknown teams à the same time ! Well, it's going to be... special ! Good luck and don't burn your brain ! :)

18-02-16, 02:20 AM
Season 7 review

League was a bit more of a closer affair this year around and we were still in contention running into the final month and a half of the season. But we would fall short again by 8 points despite finishing the season with a total of 93!! PSG remain dominant and lost just once in the league. Am happy with this progress, but felt we could have done better overall. I will be on the lookout for one or two quality additions in the summer - a dominating MC and a striker to complement my regen - Zlatan Mk II who I payed just £2m for from Norrkoping


The french cups were a dissapointment this year, mainly due to playing the fringe players to keep them up to match fitness if it was possible.

While in the champions league we sailed through our first group, and then this happened in the 2nd stage of groups which left me a little pissed off at the last minute goals conceded in the draw away to Napoli and in the 0-2 defeat at home v Valencia.


Although we did manage to at least nab some silverware this season in the form of the European super cup and the World Club championship.

European super cup


World club championship




18-02-16, 07:39 PM
Unsurprisingly, managing sixteen teams takes longer time than managing just one, even if you don't go much beyond team selection (which basically is ditch anyone who gets a rating of 5 if there's someone else who can play, and replace any injured/suspended players) and only do a minimum of transfer activity. The teams all play the same high quality 4-4-2 tactic (I need passing), and for the teams that lack players in some positions (there seem to be an abundance of right backs, but a certain lack of centre/left defenders, and one of the teams doesn't have a goalkeeper).
I am enjoying it so far, though, so I think I will keep this one for a while. I plan on starting to manage the teams somewhat more seriously when they're not all in the same division, but the first season I just want to get the game going.

One third into the season this is what the table looks like, and a couple of the teams even made it to the semi finals of the national cup which will be played in the spring!


18-02-16, 08:21 PM
@EL-TOPPO - seems you're making slow but steady progress to close that gap. A bad season is all it take for PSG to slip up, you just need to keep signing quality players and hoping you come off the better side when you come up against them during the season. Looking forward to seeing your signings.

@Pegster - you are mad mate. Denmark and controlling all teams. Mental.

18-02-16, 08:59 PM
Nationals Only - Season Twelve
Ref: http://www.champman0102.co.uk/showthread.php?t=266

My aim in the offseason was to strengthen the aleady decent squad that had found me the success of winning the title in my debut season. A whopping £47.5million was splashed out on seven new signings amongst who were Toni Kroos (now 30 years old in game) and Benedikt Howedes (now 32 years old in game). Going the opposite way was the last of my foreigners, Hedwiges Maduro, a dutch fella who went to Tenerife.

My squad for the upcoming season now consisted of Manuel Neuer, Jerome Boateng, Benedikt Howedes, Ivan Rakitic, Toni Kroos and Vágner Love amongst others and I felt I had the perfect blend of talent and experience to suit my tactic.



NOTE: the stats screenshot was taken five games in to the season but I assure you that I had no foreigners in my squad.

We started the season with something that was familiar to last season; the German League Cup. What was also familiar was that we didn't advance past the round we were drawn in to as we were narrowly defeated by FC Bayern. 10 days later and we opened our season with a win against Jena and went on a run of five games without conceding a goal. By this time we were already comfortably sitting at the top of the league and it remained that way all the way until the end of season. At one point I thought we were going to do an "Invincibles" season but with 7 games remaining we lost 2-0 to SVW Mannheim which was a blow considering how consistent we had been in the league. In the end we broke the record for the most points in one season and finished 14 points ahead of Bayern.


In the German Cup we cruised through the first (5-0 and second (5-0) round before beating Duisburg in the third (1-0) to put us through to the finals. Frankfurt were our obstacle in the quarter final and another 1-0 win meant we would play Stuttgart in the semi-final. We had met Stuttgart at exactly the same stage last season and had suffered defeat but this time we were the ones on the right side of three goal thrilled and a 2-1 win meant we were in to the final.

Dortmund were really no match for our form at the back end of the season and I had rested my players prior to the game as we had wrapped up the league early. As it happened I decided to field a second XI in this game but we still ran riot against Dortmund and secured the double.


Europe. A beast I had not tamed or conquered. Granted I had come close in a previous season with Chelsea where we lost in the final to Atlético Madrid on penalties but I still longed to add the Champions League to my managerial CV. Phase one almost went pear shaped as we struggled to find form but eventually qualified in second place, three points ahead of third. In phase two we put our foot down and five wins and a draw meant we were sailing through to the finals. Real Sociedad were our quarter final opponents; we had met them earlier in our campaign in the first phase and had lost both times to them in our group. However this time we found ourselves on the other side of the fence after finishing with a 1-0 win in the first leg and following it up with a 2-1 win in the second. Revenge is so sweet sometimes. Our semi-final opponents would be Liverpool who found themselves in the relegation places in the Premier League despite having Cristiano Ronaldo, Gareth Bale and Alex Song on their books. The first leg ended in a 2-1 win away from home and a 3-0 win in the return visit meant we were through to the Champions League final!

SVW Mannheim stood in our way. The same team that had ended our 27 game unbeaten streak in the league. I was thirsty for revenge and instructed the lads to show them no mercy. The game kickedoff in front of 89961 fans who had travelled to Wembley to watch two German teams play. We started well, positive play drew saves from their goalkeeper and we were on top. 30 minutes in to the game we tested Iker Casillas more times than I could count yet we still weren't ahead... and then... disaster SVW Mannheim hit us with a sucker punch with Sahin feeding Jasse who put it past our keeper. I shouted at the lads urging them to make something happen but nothing did and we were 1-0 down at half time. An emotional team talk followed as I stressed how much winning this cup meant to me as well as enacting our revenge. The lads emerged from the dressing room after half time and we continued in the same fashion as we had the first half; chance after chance after chance. But still nothing. I was close to tears of frustration as Casillas pulled off save after save. We were now in to the final 10 minutes and I could see the light at the end of the tunnel fading...

86th minute. Vágner Love is blocked with a good tackle... The loose ball falls to SVW Mannheim who looked to break quickly only for Ottl to win an aerial duel that put the ball to Marin who laid it to Vágner Love who struck the ball with fury and we were back on level terms with four minutes left!!!

The whistle went indicating full time and I was grateful we were still in it. Extra time continued the game ensuring that the fans got their money's worth but neither team could break the deadlock and the dreaded thought of penalties loomed ever closer.

The whistle went again. It was penalties that was going to decide it. I was already having flashbacks to the Chelsea-Atlético game and I was already getting in a panic. Here we go then... Hopefully lady luck smiles upon us.



19-02-16, 12:43 AM
I started a game in Brazil only to run into some issues.

I have decided to start something in here. I have been inspired by Pegsters A-Z challenge. Can I ask what the plan was if no club began with that letter?

I am thinking of doing something similar maybe moving across to all of the major leagues.

19-02-16, 06:00 AM
Just skip to the next if there's no team on that letter. There's no team on J, for example.

19-02-16, 08:13 AM
@Jesus: Brilliant! Love reading about your career.

@Pegster: Isn't there Juventude in Brazil? And of course Juventus and Juve Stabia in Italy.