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11-10-13, 11:38 AM
Guam - Latest Transfers and Loans

Please post any information with regards to the very latest transfers and loans taking place in Guam here. You may also post any corrections that you have spotted in our updates and other information such as squad numbers, international caps and goals, contract expiry dates or positional changes.

The 0102 Update Team will then endeavour to enter the information into the database ahead of the next scheduled Data Update release.

When your information has been added to the database, the updater will post 'Done' in the thread to inform you.


16-11-13, 11:46 AM
General Info

Nationality name: Guamanian


Possibly add Malay as Second Language


Douglas Herrick, 02.06.1989, GUM 10/0, 2nd Nation: USA, GK, Unattached
Dallas Jaye, 19.06,1993, GUM 4/0, 2nd Nation: USA, GK, FC Tuscon, USA
Ian Mariano, 07.10.1990, GUM 25/2, DEF, Rovers FC
Shawn Nicklaw (Unattached -> Wilmington, USA)
Jonahan Romero, 17.03.1988, GUM 13/0, DEF, Loyola, PHI
Christian Schweizer, 06.01.1995, GUM 16/0, DEF, Table 35 Espada
Micah Paulino (Unattached -> Niagara Purple Eagles) GUM 19/0
Mark Chargualaf (Unattached -> Table 35 Espada) GUM 22/0
Dominic Gadia (Quality Distributors -> Table 35 Espada) GUM 29/0
Scott Leon Guerrero (LMU, USA -> Quality Distributors) GUM 22/0
Jason Cunliffe (Guam Shipyard -> Rovers FC) GUM 24/10
Ryan Guy (GUM 9/0, 2nd Nation USA)
John Matkin, 20.04.1986, GUM 3/0, 2nd Nation: USA, MID, United Sikkim, IND
Travis Nicklaw, 21.12.1993, GUM 6/0, 2nd Nation: USA, MID, San Diego State Aztecs, USA
Ian Adamos, 03.04.1988, GUM 13/0, 2nd Nation: USA, MID, SoCal Elite, USA
Thaddeus Atalig, 07.05.1995, GUM 7/0, Bowling Green Falcons, USA
Marcus Lopez, 09.02.1992, GUM 11/2, MID, Guam Shipyard
Dylan Naputi, 04.01.1995, GUM 16/3, MID, Table 35 Espada
Zachary DeVille, 23.03.1993, GUM 10/2, SC, San Diego Flash, USA
Joshua Borja (Unattached -> SoCal Elite, USA) GUM 14/5, 2nd Nation: USA
Reyn Johnson (Unattached -> Guam Shipyard) GUM 10/0
Chris Menidola (Central Florida, USA -> Unattached) GUM 1/0, 2nd Nation: USA
Elias Merfalen (Guam Shipyard -> Cars Plus) GUM 17/2
Baltazar Atalig (GUM 2/0)
Fredrick Benton (Unattached -> Crushers
Jude Bischoff (Quality Distributors -> Fairleigh Dickinson Knights, USA) GUM 8/0
Anthony Borja (GUM 4/0)
Edward Crristian Calvo (Unattached -> Cars Plus) GUM 13/0
Alan Jamison (GUM 10/0)
Joseph Laanan (Guam Shipyard -> Cars Plus) GUM 12/0
Kalen Lizama (Unattached -> Islanders) GUM 0/0
David Manibusan (Quality Distributors -> Guam Shipyard) GUM 6/2
Ric Francis Mantanona (Change FN: Ric-Francis) GUM 6/0
Zachary Pangelinan (GUM 10/3)
Eric Sotto (Unattached -> Islanders) GUM 4/0
Carlo Tambora (Unattached -> No Ka Oi) GUM 3/0

05-09-15, 10:21 AM

Missing active Int'l players and other data:

Doug Herrick has 21/0 at Seattle Sounders reserve team
Dallas Jaye plays at FC Tucson
Brandon McDonald has 4/0 at Chainat
Nicklaw has 19/1
Alex Lee has 4/0
Grimes has 7/0
Justin Lee has 3/0 at Guam Shipyard
- Create Nate Lee 6.5.94 DC20/DR10 CA55 PA65
Ryan Gus has 22/3
Shane Malcolm has 11/1 at Stirling Lions
Matkin has 16/1
- Create Travis Nicklaw 21.12.93 MC CA 45 PA60 17/1 at FC Tucson
- Create Ian Mariano 7.10.90 ML20/DML15 27/1 CA40 PA55 at Rovers DI
================================================== =======

12-10-15, 07:40 PM
DONE except Ryan Gus, not in DB