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Burundi - Latest Transfers and Loans

Please post any information with regards to the very latest transfers and loans taking place in Burundi here. You may also post any corrections that you have spotted in our updates and other information such as squad numbers, international caps and goals, contract expiry dates or positional changes.

The 0102 Update Team will then endeavour to enter the information into the database ahead of the next scheduled Data Update release.

When your information has been added to the database, the updater will post 'Done' in the thread to inform you.


15-11-13, 03:40 PM
Burundi National Team

Bold = Needs Creating

MacArthur Arakaza, 27.07.1992, BDI 5/0, GK, Flambeau de l’Est
Club needs creating: LN: Flambeau de l’Est Ruyigi
Stadium: Stade de Ruyigi (City: Ruyigi (-3.483333, 30.25), Cap: 2000)
Gilbert Kaze, 25.01.1992, BDI 14/1, DC, Simba (TAN), TAN
Hassan Hakizimana, 26.10.1990, BDI 31/0, DL, Atlético Olympic
Haruna Manirakiza, 01.03.1993, BDI 9/0, DC, Flambeau de l’Est
Emery Nimubona, 01.02.1992, BDI 14/0, DR, Atlético Olympic
Gaël Duhayindavyi, 14.04.1990, BDI 9/0, DMC, Atlético Olympic
Christophe Nduwarugira, 22.06.1994, BDI 5/2, AMC, LLB Académic
Steve Nzigamasabo, 10.12.1990, BDI 5/0, AMC, Enugu Rangers, NGA
Tambwe Amissi, 10.10.1988, BDI 8/2, SC, Simba (TAN), TAN
Fiston Abdoul Razak (NOTE: FN: Fiston, SN: Abdoul Razak), 05.09.1991, BDI 8/0, SC, Rayon Sport, RWA
Claude Nahimana (In DB) Change FN: Papa Claude, Change DOB: 13.12.1987, BDI 18/4

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