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Offside Trap
15-12-13, 11:17 PM
After 'what Im told' is a new world record of CM online, (almost 12 seasons in) me and the guys, Ian and Pep have tonight set ourselves off on another adventure, although we're staying in the the English league, Ian will manage Wycombe, Pep will take Mansfield and I will control Scunthorpe. So all of us kicking off in Div 3. It's gonna be a fun time as we all lead our small budget clubs from the football leagues bottom division. Who know's, few seasons from now? Maybe 1 of us will have a higher class job through merit, or maybe we could be loyal and aim to bring our small team to the top - only time will tell as we kick off with a session tonight.

If you guys want, Ill happily keep you posted on the game. Due to the last game corrupting (still crying) our aim is to got 1 step further, and why not? :)

16-12-13, 08:47 PM
A good start! - different kind of game, not having the millions to spend!

Bring it on!

16-12-13, 09:12 PM
Great stuff men, I love starting at the bottom.

Theoretically you could all win promotion each season :D

Glad you guys started again, great to see games happening on the forum :ok:

27-12-13, 01:43 PM
A slow burner this one - not the excitement of buying the 30mill superstar....but VERY excited when you buy that 200k defender that will stop the goals leaking in the bottom division! Xmas has got in the way of rapid progress in season one..but we'll get back onto it ASAP...

Mikey has started with a bang wining all his first 5 games...
Pep is hit and miss
me - i havent won a game yet...let down by nit having a GK of any ability what so ever....and not having the funds to replace!

Gonna be a tough tough opening season!
great though!

Offside Trap
03-01-14, 06:58 PM
Xmas has made it a slow start - but.. onwards and upwards as we sail through season 1. I myself am pleased with my own start, on and off the field, tbh, feel abit guilty, especially at that 45k purchase then selling him a week later for 500k :)

It is certainly different, but the spice is deffo there, to make an assult on the record :)

17-01-14, 08:36 PM
Mikey - need the hamachi log/pass again!

did you get your hamachi sorted??

26-01-14, 10:18 PM
ok back on it - !
After a few days break!....getting interesting now

lots of wheeler/dealing to get the funds and therefore the players to propel you thru the divs ...

scunthorpe have been the biggest earners and spenders...but doing them well as they sit at the top of div 2
Mansfield chugging along nicely dipping between auto promotion and playoffs
Wycombe are shocking in the league ...10 pts from the play offs...but have progressed to the 5th round of the FA cup beaten premiership aston villa along the way.

this game is going to have legs!

Offside Trap
26-01-14, 10:19 PM
After abit of a lay-off, we're back up and running. So as we power through season 1, (roughly 3-4 hours today) Its looking good for me (Scunthorpe) as promotion is looking good and am sitting pretty on top, having said that, I've spent some money

Ian meanwhile (Wycombe) may not be looking too good in the league, but boy is he on a cup run, an FA cup 5th round awaits him as he builds his squad slowly and surely

Elsewhere Pep (Mansfield) have had a good run of late which has seen them climb into the play offs and not far off automatic. Some decent freebie's have been hired

Until next time guys!

Offside Trap
26-01-14, 10:25 PM
Lmao :) were we both updating this at the same time?

02-02-14, 09:01 PM
end of season 1...(almost)
Scunthorpe promoted (mikey)...by a mile!!
Mansfield into the play offs....
wycombe - missed play offs by 6 pts...an achievement in itself considering bottom 3 all season!

pre season joy of getting some decent talent in now!

14-02-14, 12:17 AM
Ok cracking along nicely...2nd season!
Scunthorpe flying high in div 1 ...and making nearly 30 mill on player sales!
Mansfield and Wycombe both flying high 1st & 3rd in div 3....

Early days yet....still looking for that perfect squad..and some superstar internationals...might take a few more seasons!

Offside Trap
21-02-14, 11:04 PM
Another impressive session, as come towards the end of season 2. Scunthorpe (Me) looking good for a 2nd promotion, and have a League Cup semi final against Man City to look forward to too, aswell as a 4th round FA home clash again Spurs. Mansfield (Pep) might be out the FA Cup and fell victim to Scunthorpe in the League Cup, but their on course for promotion. Meanwhile Wycombe (Ian) finally creating the squad he wants and looks a good bet for promotion with his rival, question is, can they pip Mansfield to the title?

23-02-14, 02:11 PM
End of the second season....

Scunthorpe walked the 2nd div for a straight 2nd promotion...
Mansfield - won 3rd div
Wycombe - 2nd in 3rd div ...so promoted - Benik Afobe my star player!

all about the rise through the leagues now and making money along the way (something scunthorpe is doing well at!)...maybe a few cup wins.....will be 3/4 seasons before we are conquering in Europe again like we were with the last net game!

onwards and upwards!

Offside Trap
04-03-14, 10:08 PM
As we power through season 3, after Saturdays session - get this guys - we completed a 6 hour session, no lie, 8pm until just after 2am, well so far, Wycombe are looking good in the FA Cup, I thought i did well with Scunny by winning 4-2 at old trafford only to lose at Wycombe

05-03-14, 11:08 PM
working our way thru season 3 (january)
scunny top of div 1
Wycombe and mansfield swapping 1st/2nd place....

personally....built a team capable of promotion probably next season too...but woefully short of funds...need a few million pound sales and 200k purchases to boost the coffers.....hopefully next season in a higher division!...

onwards and upwards!

Offside Trap
06-03-14, 09:50 AM
As I prepare for Premiership (bound) status. Getting some youngster gaining 1st team action on loan. Spent some millions on players, got a couple half decent people coming on a free. Looking forward to the conclusion of season 3,

Offside Trap
06-03-14, 10:09 AM
In light of mine and London35's recent posts, re: our current game along with Pep (not on forums) I thought id share with you where we're currently at. Feel free to have a nose about on the saved game below, and check our the history of the game so far, Chris, if your not busy, a classified summary would be good ;)




Offside Trap
13-03-14, 11:29 PM
After a monster of a 4 hour session last night, we bring season 3 to a close. We all got a good
piece of silverwear this season

Myself (Scunthorpe) claimed a 3rd straight title by winning Division 1 and will now apply my
trade next season with the big boys of the Premiership. To be fair, I've been quite lucky where
I've received big bids for players, and able to do plenty of wheeling and dealing

Ian (Wycombe) Claimed a 2nd promotion and won the 2nd Division, along with the Vans
trophy. After a shaky start to his career as boss, the squad is building very nicely with some
real decent additions made through-out the last 12 months

Pep (Mansfield) Now for me, Pep deserves manager of the year from the 3 of us. Although a
beaten finalist in the Vans, and pipped to the 2nd Division title by the same team, Wycombe,
promotion wasnt a good enough consolation for this gaffer, he had to go win the F.A Cup along
the way. So will be in Division 1 next season and a European Adventure thrown in.

Cracking on for the next session

Offside Trap
13-03-14, 11:58 PM

Theres the saved game if anyone fancies a nose around. Screenshots to follow:

16-03-14, 05:14 PM
Well finally its a hello from me. Mike told me about the forums, so figured it was high time I got myself into this :)

Loving our game at present, well winning the FA Cup in Div 2, why wouldn't I? :)

23-03-14, 03:30 PM
Into season 4...

Sunthorpe - Mikey has taken the prem by storm...tops the table after 3 months
Southampton/Mansfield - PEP....jumped ship after 2 months from championship mansfield to premier team Southampton....he did have Uefa cup games with mansfield...but has decided to try his luck in a higher div!
Wycombe - ..me....for the first timein 3 yrs i have money in the bank and a squad im proud of (for the championship!)....going well at the top of the league by 10 points....with pep jumping up a div...shouldnt be too much trouble winning the title and being in the prem next yr....out of the league cup early...little bit disappointing!...


Offside Trap
25-03-14, 10:25 PM
Cracking on nicely in season 4, I for one a pleased with my own team, although finances do worry me going forward, about to sell a decent striker in order to keep the people upstairs happy

Pep, was a little shocked at his decision to take the Southampton job, after the work he done at Mansfield, especially after winning the FA Cup, but to be fair to him, all goes on his managerial CV, and Southampton looking good so far,

Ian - The squad is becoming very impressive, and no doute you will be a force come next season

26-03-14, 07:10 PM
Welcome PeP :wave:

02-04-14, 04:58 PM

Offside Trap
06-04-14, 09:47 PM
After 2 monster sessions today, we bring season 4 to an end.

For me, it was Premiership glory, only losing once,

Pep, the man decided to desert his Mansfield post and take over Southampton to battle in the Prem, and to be fair, he didnt do too bad a job. Runners up in the Prem and beaten finalist in the FA Cup

For Ian - he's finally nailed his squad and has managed to set season 5 up with his beloved Wycombe in the Premier, following Div 1 championship

For me and Pep, we've been busy bees in the market, wheeling and dealing, preparing for Champions league action, and in fairness, Pep has beaten me to many duels for signatures of players, some of which, the twi-light of their careers, RVP, Gerrard, Vidic, but the best - at 31 years of age, Rooney. Ian meanwhile has found himself a few bargains as most of his kitty was used on ground improvements

Roll on season 5

06-04-14, 09:56 PM
with the other 2 games in champs league and me only just promoted to prem im playing catch up..but ive got a few decent deals in the bag....just need to add quality...
bamford for 2 mill could be the key......hopefully fulfills his promise...munoz not getting injured would be good...but have matthaues as a decent reserve (albeit on loan).....got a few wild cards in midfield...and giggs regen should add some quality....not too sure about my defence though!?....could be leaky!

Offside Trap
06-04-14, 10:02 PM
For me, my big buy was Phil Jones, that rock for the back. And that Spanish veteran between the posts has still got 1 more year in him, even at 36

10-04-14, 10:51 AM
Powered Through Season 5 Now.............. Wycombe doing well ............................ Scunthorpe not doing aswell as they did last season ................... Southampton dropping down like soldiers at the moment and it all started with a defeat at Wycombe:(

Until Next Time

10-04-14, 02:52 PM
Seasons flying by now :bolt:

Must be around the time the old guard starts to retire and the new heroes come to the fore...

Offside Trap
10-04-14, 08:56 PM
Pep should Know about the old guard - he has most of them :)

For me this season - Phil Jones has been a waste of money, but Douglas Baggio is coming along nicely, as is David Henen

12-04-14, 12:09 AM
Old Guard FC = Southampton!! :happy:

Offside Trap
12-04-14, 03:31 PM
:) Pepe - Im just bitter you've beaten me to a load of players, Rooney too,

Not happy that you scrape into the next stage of the CL and I breeze it, only to get a group of death and you, what looks like a walk in the park :)

12-04-14, 03:39 PM
still got a few of the world class players knocking about....the little gems are beginning to surface....game should even out then!
looks like the 3 of us battling for all the trophys this yr!

League - Scunthorpe
CL - Scunthorpe
cups shared between wycombe and southampton

all 3 finish in CL spots !

Offside Trap
13-04-14, 10:38 AM
Awww - thanks, your prediction is that Im gonna win 2 major's, now Im under pressure!

13-04-14, 11:17 AM
The Stick I Got For Jumping Ship From Mansfield To Southampton, Ian Just Dumped Wycombe For The Red Devils!!

13-04-14, 02:19 PM
i had to done all i could with wycombe...it was time for the next chapter in my career!
Left with the fans blessing having got them promoted 3 times and left them 2nd in the league!

Saying that ...i did go back and took a load of ex players to man utd!!...oops!

Offside Trap
13-04-14, 02:52 PM
Ill happily take the loyalty award, but, I get you both on taking on the next chapter of a different job. Who knows what's installed come the end of our 5th season. Will I sign a rolling 1 year deal, or will I fancy a new challenge? only time will tell

As for season 5, Pep's Southampton, in my opinion, dropped many points, and not fighting for top spot like I guessed they would. The old guard might not of been the correct way of doing it, but I do fancy Pep bring a cup home

As for the Man Utd gaffer, well, e Devils are fighting a relegation battle with over a dozen games left, and despite that, still have 1 of the best stadiums and set-up's in the league. Some decent players purchased along the way, rebuilding has certainly started at Old Trafford

For me, my final piece of the jigsaw defensively was bringing in Shaw from my biggest rivals (shocked he sold to me) 17.5m well spent. Got some decent players coming through the ranks. And whilst I might only be a couple points clear of Wycombe, my fingers are crossed that their new manager will struggle and I can break away

13-04-14, 03:48 PM
what othrleagues are running, and do you guys have nationalities that will allow you to move to decent clubs in any of them?

13-04-14, 04:10 PM
Just England Open

Offside Trap
14-04-14, 01:14 PM
As season 5 comes a close, a quick summary of how its gone:

For Scunthorpe, they have retained the Premiership, won the League Cup along the way, have an F.A Cup final against Southampton to look forward to, and still riding high in the Champions League, although will have have to over-turn a 2-1 deficit against Real Madrid in the 2nd leg of their semi final match. The squad looks good, although Keeper is abitm dodgy at times

Southampton, Pep switched from Mansfield roughly 14 months ago, and although he's assembled a decent squad, he'l be disappointed he's only just scraped 4th place in the Premiership. Whilst the old guard still do their part, come next season, some youth is needed, if they are to fight for all trophies, on the positive side, an F.A Cup final showdown with the Champions is a hugh game, stop the Iron Men achieving a possible quadruple?

Man Utd, after shocking the world of football, the gaffer took the old trafford job just after half way through the season, they were in the bottom 3, out of all domestic cups, not in Europe, and a squad of average standard. But the new man at the help has ringed the changes, bought in some decent buys, and although 1 game to go, will be finishing 6th, which is superb. Whilst the kitty for the summers looks better, next season could see the Red Devils challenging.

Elsewhere, Previous clubs taken on by Pep and Ian, Mansfield made it to the Premiership despite Pep's exit, but have struggled this season, and is it goes to the wire, their Premiership status is on the line. Meanwhile, Wycombe have does very well in ensuring its Champions League football next season alongside the Champions, Southampton and Chelsea, and with 1 game to go, they can ensure runners up slot, which would be a massive achievement

Unitl next time guys


Offside Trap
18-04-14, 12:28 PM
Hitting pre-season as we set off into season 6. For me as Scunthorpe, I ousted Pep in the FA Cup to conclude the domestic treble, however Real scuppered my quadruple attempt in the Semi's of the Champions League

Despite losing the FA Cup, Pep and he beloved Southampton secured 4th slot and will be playing Champions League Football in the new season. Some very decent purchases from the Pep camp, could this be their season?

The re-invented Man Utd with Ian at the helm, finished 6th and earnt Uefa Cup football this season. Managing to clear some junk that Moyers had left and slowly builiding a side more than capable for challenging for silverware this season

Key Players for the forth coming season including summer purchases

Scunthorpe - Luke Shaw, although due to serve a 7 game ban, Leon Goretzka, a summer 12.75m swoop, Julian Draxler, superb since his move mid-last season

Southampton - Gabigol, steal of the summer, following a bosman move, Max Meyer, amazing stats, and still only 22, Damiao, another superb freebie at Xmas has proved to be undisputed number 1 striker

Man Utd - Zaton, finally nailed him for 7.25m, only a matter of time before he pays that back, Manuele Pinna (regen) star in the making here, Patrick Bamford, the striker that was pouched from former club Wycombe, fast becoming amongst the best in the league, still only 24

18-04-14, 01:40 PM
Gabigol/Damaiao could well swing things southamptons way this season i think

(Man Utd) I'll be happy to have a decent cup run...maybe win uefa...and a top 4 finish...
Scunny and saints have had the advantage of pillaging all the quality players...so on a mission to get the regens and youth to improve so that I have a chance to battle for top honours!

nicely set up for season 6!

Offside Trap
18-04-14, 01:57 PM
http://s29.postimg.org/s5vz9ccdv/Premier_History.jpg (http://postimg.org/image/s5vz9ccdv/)

Offside Trap
22-04-14, 07:02 PM
Getting through season 6. Something tells me its gonna be between the 3 of us come the end of the season,

22-04-14, 08:51 PM
will be a tough one to call....think im (man utd) behind regards the talents of the squads....not being in champs league has cost me a few players...hopefully all on an even keel next season .....but the top players are already in Scunthorpe or Southamptons squad!...need to find the newbies!....and get the best out of what ive got!

Offside Trap
27-04-14, 08:36 PM
Well what a great few sessions we have had today - season 6 has come to a close, and a great turnaround from Man Utd which has seen them clinch the Premiership crown, and a beaten finalist in the Uefa Cup too. Southampton cleaned up on cups, winning the League and FA, and to rub salt in the wound, won the Champions League against Scunthorpe in the final. So no glory for the Iron men, and finishing 2nd will just have to do. As we've powered through pre-season and kicked off season 7, Scunny have been busy, spending almost 100m in the summer, the champions have also spent well, whilst Southampton have picked up a few bits and bobs

Lets Rock and Roll

Offside Trap
02-05-14, 10:09 PM
Another 90 minute session passes, and boy its tight at the top. Although Im leading the way, Pep's beloved Southampton can claim top spot if they win their games in hand, still bragging an unbeaten run along the way. They will be hard to beat, but they're picking up a few up and coming stars Ive noticed. Our reigning champions meanwhile, well they have some real young stars on the horizon. My own scout bought their names back to, and most of them have age on their side. Although dropped 5 points in their last few games, a long way to go. As for myself, Im a little inconsistent at times, but being top at New Year will, I guess, :)

Until next time

04-05-14, 02:20 PM
Bragging all the way to a 4-1 drubbing at home to the champions

05-05-14, 10:27 AM
Fallen Link can return to the place?

07-05-14, 12:27 AM
is that some sort of code!?...makes no sense?

07-05-14, 01:15 AM

Offside Trap
07-05-14, 08:10 AM
As Season 7 comes to an end, Trophies went to us big 3

I as Scunthorpe reclaimed the Premiership crown, with 4 games to spare. Although was beaten in the champions league quarters and then beaten to the same team in the FA Cup final (will reveal in a moment who) I'm happy to have won the main domestic competition, The main focus

Meanwhile, Pep's Southampton , finished runners up in the league this time around, (1 place better than last season) but proved for another season, they are kings of Europe by retaining the Champions League at the expense of... (tell you in a moment) Also a beaten finalist in the League Cup final by the same team as above, Pep will be aiming Im sure for the competition to have eluded him so far - The Premiership

Man Utd, well, what can you say, the defence of their Premiership crowen might not have gone to plan in finishing 3rd, however, runners up in Champions League and a domestic cup double, Im sure the gaffer will be happy with that. Europe will be the main thing on the agenda for season 8

So that's it in a nutshell - we all got a trophy and a broken heart somewhere along the line

Roll on season 8

09-05-14, 09:51 PM
Firing through Pre season!...towards season 8...Looks like all the top players are at our 3 teams.....so now its all bout finding the youth talent first!....game has now taken another twist....3 equal teams....winning all the trophies......big games between us!!

Offside Trap
11-05-14, 08:14 PM
Lively start to life in season 8.

I myself am pleased to have claimed the Shield with a 2-1 win over Man Utd
Meanwhile Pep has slipped up in both the World Club Cup and the Super Cup.
Ian has had a shaky start in the league, claiming just 1 point from the 1st 2 matches

Whilst we all continue to build our reserves/youth teams, as pointed out before, its all about locating them little gems that have been regenerated into the game. I've just offloaded Yokoslu for 91M and luckily for me, Charly Musonder is an equal replacement ready and waiting.
Pep and Ian have just shook hands on a player exchange deal, and Ian also landed a nice little 19 year Brazilian ahead of myself. Pep's weakness is possibly his keeper, so am sure he'l have his targets.

Meanwhile Ian is on the brink of leading Ireland to the 2022 World Cup finals, a draw against the Swiss in the last qualifying game will be enough. Credit where its due, he didnt inherit the greatest of teams, and its not as if he can go buy like we do at club level

So a nice little Sunday session comes to a close, as us net game veterans now decide to spend sometime with our families. :)

11-05-14, 08:42 PM
As club manager disappointed with my start to season..loss in charity shield and a draw and loss in forst 2 league games....not good enough...did qual for Champs Leagues..but was expected!....got a Cb..LB...LW ..RW..ST....all under 22 and pushing for first 11 place..so future is bright.....want to win something this year though!

As for Ireland...top of WC qual group with 1 game home to swiss....but swiss and wales on 13pts alongside Ireland so gonna be a close call!.....some achievment getting them to WC.....

Scunny have bought well but yokulu will be major loss....
Southampton losing the super cup and club cup was a surpise....they do have world club cup in january to go for...(but it will provide a fix back log at end of season to get through!)...all in all a good start and another competitve season on its way!

8 seasons and counting......alongside our 12 season game previously we are indeed net veterans!...wheres me walking stick?!

11-05-14, 09:09 PM
I've Just Found My Zimmer Frame!!

18-05-14, 10:01 AM
A mega 4 and half hour session has propelled the 8th season towards its close...
A dire dire campaign for me (UTD)...decided to blood the youngsters this year and got rid of a few old dead woods....its taken its toll....quite respectable in the league....but will finish 3rd behind Scunthorpe and Southampton this year for sure....(too many losses to them )...dismal perfromance in CL..not getting out of 2nd group....lost in semis of League Cup....I do have a small consolation prize as im still in FA cup...fingers crossed...hopefully this poor season will benefit my squad (not looking to buy any first choice players during the summer at all)

Southampton lost both the world club trophy and euro super cup surprisingly...but did take the world club championship in january....they did have 5 games to catch up and are slowly eating into the lead of Scunthorpe....but i think the fixture pile up will prove to much...

Could be a quad for scunny this year....still in all comps and looking strong...

one more sesh should decide the trophies!

Offside Trap
18-05-14, 11:10 AM
As stated above - a monster of a 4 hour session, for me personally, was 4 hours well spent. Southampton still have 2 games in hand, but still 7 points off me. Although the The Saints have had a run of drawing games, you'd feel the Iron's blip of form could be right out around the corner, if so, then the title will be blown right open. Having won the League Cup against them too, I'm in a good position as I'm about to take on Man Utd in the F A Cup semi's, the one competition that could save the Red Devils' managers job :)

As for Champions League - in fairness, Man Utd had a group of death in their 2nd Phase, and were unlucky not to make the quarters. Now although the gaffer has ruled himself outta winning the league, these Mourinho's tactics wont work on me wont work on me :)
But the Red Devils team certainly will be battling on all fronts next season Im sure, as their are some little gems

Sothampton are the team to beat in Europe having won the Cl for the last 2 seasons but their main aim this season Im sure is to win the Premiership as its the cup to have eluded them so far, for Scunthope, its the CL that I want, and as for Man Utd, its all about next season, The F.A Cup and dont rule them out of this seasons title.... just yet

Offside Trap
25-05-14, 02:10 PM
Season 8 comes to a close, and an interesting end to say the least. It went down to the wire, but the goal difference proved decisive at the end. Scunthorpe retained the Premiership, their 4th in 5 years. Whilst Southampton were shocked in the CL final against Barcelona where they lost 2-0 to 2 90th goals. So only trophy for Pep this year was the World Club Cup. Scunthope claimed the League Cup earlier, but the F.A Cup was a shock, Ian's Man Utd were shocked 3-2 against Hull, therefore a trophyless season for the Red Devils, but the Gaffer has the World Cup to look forward to, with his Ireland squad, something the other 2 gaffers have yet to explore.

As the grooming of youngsters continue on all fronts, Man Utd looking promising, with some up and coming stars. Southampton possibly need to strengthen there 1st team class in order to deal with fixture pile ups, something that surely affected them during season 8. Scunny meanwhile, are selling a few fringe players and bringing in some more youth.

The search continues for the new gen players, as all 3 of us, try to stay 1 step ahead of the other 2. Pre Season will be about Ireland for Ian whilst myself and Pep will have some time to prepare for season 9

The Premiership still on the agenda for Southampton, as yet to win it, or maybe re-claim the Euro crown having been denied a hat-trick of titles. Scunthorpe, like last season, will be all about Euro glory im sure, away goal rule is what busted them in the Semi against the eventual champions. As for Man Utd, well the squad is there to challenge on all fronts, although am sure The League and maybe a domestic cup will be welcomed

Roll on season 9

26-05-14, 11:32 PM
Piss Poor end to a bad season for me....i knew i had to have one to give the youth a chance......hopefully pays off in the future seasons....

got a ton of u21s just pushing for their chance....Bale/Erikson/Gotze & Hazard are there at the moment....but cracking prospects to come through...

worth investing in youth as ALL the talent is at our 3 clubs....nothing worth buying on the market really...

Season 9 ready to go....Ireland into last 16 at WC for me....wont win it as squad not good enough but a nice distraction!

Offside Trap
01-06-14, 03:09 PM
As we kick off season9. Pep is looking good with Southampton, my Scunthorpe have started ok, although Man City have been an early surprise as they currently lead the table. Ian's Man Utd have had a shaky start with few draws, and somewhat 10 points off the pace now.

On the International front, the good work done by Ian for Ireland has lead him to becoming the new England boss. And whilst the Ireland job became vacant as a result of that switch, I decided to try my luck on the international stage. Pep Im sure will be hoping to get an international job at some point, although I feel, first thing on his agenda will be to win the Premiership with Southampton

Youth team at Man Utd looks promising, some decent finds on the Scunthorpe books. Pep meanwhile made a hugh sale in selling Gabigol for 75m, which surprised me, as it is hard to find quality. The regens are hard to locate,

Let crack on

Offside Trap
04-06-14, 02:19 PM
As we sail through season 9, its been an interesting one, to say the least:

The League Cup goes to Man Utd having beaten Scunny in the final on Pens, but Scunny will have a chance to seek revenge as the 2 giants meet in the FA Cup final. Meanwhile in the Champions League, twice winners Southampton will meet Scunny in a mouth watering Semi final clash, whilst Man Utd will play the other semi against current champions, Barcelona

As for the Premiership, its looking good for Scunny, 1 point behind Southampton with 2 games in hand. Man Utd, had another disappointing season again, having slipped up a few times, but still in with a shout on all cups

The highlight of the season, or of the game so far


04-06-14, 04:21 PM
You Do Know No One Can See That, It's Too Small

07-06-14, 03:03 PM
End of season 9....Scunny the run away silverware winners - Prem/Champs League/FA CUP
Utd - league 3rd and up....and a vastly improved 2nd half of the season (could the kids be breaking thru!!)
Saints - 2nd but no trophies!

Mikey - ireland manager
Ian - Eng manager

Moving into the end of the regular players and the unknowns now!....we all have all unearthed a few gems ...see how they improve.....onto season 10!

07-06-14, 09:34 PM
My Fans Are Calling For Silverware. It's My Time For The Prem Title.

Could It Be My Last Season In Charge Of The Saints??

Time Will Tell.............................................. .................................................. .................................................. ..............................................

19-06-14, 08:07 PM
Back on it after 7 days break!...
Think this seasaon is gonna be the closest yet!

tight after the first 10 games!!

Offside Trap
22-06-14, 04:22 PM
As we power through to the new year of season 10, that world record of 12 seasons is that little bit nearer.
Still looking for that 1st Premiership crown, Pep's Southampton, lead the table after 22 games, by 1 point
of suprise team 'Man City' who have a 2 point gap over my beloved Scunthorpe, however I have 2 games in
hand, due to my runners up medal in the World Championships (stupid cup) Man Utd are 4 points behind me
in 4th on equal games of 20 played so far.

We're all riding high in the Champions League, where Ian is looking for his Man Utd boys to secure their 1st Euro Cup.
My Scunny are the remaining team from us big 3 left in the Semi of the league cup. We all have home bankers in the F.A
Cup 3rd round

Players are becoming harder and harder to locate, them regens seem to be hiding out, but it just takes time. Money it
seems is no problem, I for one have spent a lot on the building of my reserves as I also see, Man Utd kids looking very
promising. Pep took some stick when bringing in Messi, but at 35, he's failed to shine, but.... atm... they're still top of the
table, and he could have the last laugh

Gabigol's 43m return to England deffo given Man Utd that missing link, that they've needed. Scunnys capture of rivals'
Sothampton LB Chaparro given them the edge for a 2nd generation after Luke Shaws switch 5 seasons ago. Pep is a no-
nonsense manager and wont tolerate players fueling moves and will get rid, Scunny meanwhile will gladly pick up a
bargain so long they can tame them. Man Utd's Zaton and Gotze looking strong this season, could this be their year?
Can Southampton cross the line, or reclaim the Euro crown? Can Scunny go 1 better and win the League Cup along
with everything else?

Only time will tell

Offside Trap
26-06-14, 10:27 AM
As Season 10 gets closer to a conclusion:

Premiership is still blown right open, with Man Utd having the upper hand, goal difference could be the title decider as the Reds have been smashing some in recently. Sunny arent far behind, and Southampton and Man City still in with a shout

CL, all us big guns safely through to the quarters

FA, all us big guns safely through to the quarters, although 2 of us clash, Hmm, interesting

Lg Cp, Sunny take on West Ham in the final

So pretty much everything to play for

Offside Trap
28-06-14, 08:13 PM
Season 10 finishes in the most dramatic fashion

Man Utd pip current champions Scunthorpe to the title on the last game of the season, winning their final match 3-0 and claiming the title on goals scored.

Man Utd also clinched their first Euro crown, beating Southampton on pens

Scunthorpe claim both domestic cups in the League and FA

Trophyless season for Pep and his Southampton

29-06-14, 08:01 PM
It was an amazing end....
needed to win my last game by more than 1 goal of Scunny result....never seen a title come so close!....great to top it off with a champs league win....been on the back foot to scunny and saints since i took over Utd....but kept faith in youth and knew they would come good a cpl of seasons down the line....hopefully this squad will goon to bigger and better things before a rebuild is needed!

Season 11 on the way....nearly at the record breaking seaosn 13 level!!!

29-06-14, 08:05 PM
All Ready To Start Season 11. After The Biggest Spending Spree Since I Took Charge, It Must Be My Turn To Become Champions Of England!!

I'm Getting Desperate Here! :pray:

29-06-14, 08:50 PM
Mikey went Awol??

Offside Trap
02-07-14, 08:06 PM
As we kick off season 11, the young guns at Man Utd looking good,
Scunthorpe completed some re-building following last seasons mis-fortune
Southampton... well, some work is needed there, if their to reclaim their CL crown or maybe win a first EPL

As we all continue you search for the regens, the world record is not too far away, and as stated prior, and in last game, this just doesnt get boring, at least not for me anyhow

Tabloid say this:




05-07-14, 08:43 PM
Hey Guys, Check This Out :-


15-07-14, 10:02 PM
Season 11 rocking on!

tight as usual at the top..

powering ahead in 30 min - 45 min....mini sessions....

Pressure on PEP to bring some silverware this season!

Offside Trap
20-07-14, 10:43 AM
The league is tighter than a nuns crutch :)

Youngsters breaking through on all fronts

Regens turning up here and there

Money doesnt seem to be an issue

20-07-14, 11:51 PM
PEP has finally had a breakthrough!....and what a way to do it!
the fantastic QUAD!!....all 4 main trophies won!
league on 103 pts (utd on 102 - highest for 2nd place)...

and beat mikeys scunny in the FA and Euro cup finals!

all 3 teams having a major rebuild this summer!

onto the magical 12 season!..
1 more to break the record!

21-07-14, 09:44 AM
Finally Silenced The Critics!! And What A Way To Do It!!! Won Every............................................. .................................................. .................................................. .................................................. .................................................. .................................................. .................................................. .................................................. .................................................. .........................................(Sorry Had To Silence The Fans Calling For Scunny And The Red Devils Manager's To Be Sacked) LOL, Trophy!

Now Onto Retain The Lot In The 12th Season!!

A Week's Break To Rest And Reccuperate!!!!


27-07-14, 06:38 PM
And ...were back...onto season number 12
after a lot of purchasing mid season - (lots of youth bought by all 3 clubs!).....the charity shield went to Southampton with a comprehensive 2-0 win over Utd....

looks like saints are the team to beat again this yr

27-07-14, 07:39 PM
Look To Start As I Mean To Go On! :boom:

Offside Trap
29-07-14, 08:12 PM
As the World Record nears, season 12 is off and running

Credit where it's due for Pep, with his season 11 exploits, I for one felt like slitting my wrists after losing the CL to him aswell as the FA. Hitting 100 points and finishing 3rd in the league, proves just how strong the league is between us 3

On the international front, Ian doing a good job as England boss, with the World Cup around the corner, for me, its a sore subject, having lead Ivory Coast to the World Cup with 2 wins outta 2 and winning the group that I'd inherited, I was then.... SACKED... not happy, and to rub salt in the wounds I've got, Pep gets the Ivory Coast job :)

So it's all to play for, as youth arrives, although money doesnt seem to be an issue, I couldnt turn down a straight 100m offer for Charly Musonda, I for one, have got rid of some dead wood at Glanford Park, including Shawn Parker, question is... have I messed up?

Only time will tell

30-07-14, 06:50 PM
selling musonda....your best player....and parker ...your top goalscorer (and I think he swept the boards for end of yr individual awards)...you might have replacments....but no need to get rid of either....could come back to haunt you!!!

Offside Trap
02-08-14, 12:12 PM
Morning All

Although we're going at slow pace these last couple weeks, due to holidays etc.. even the slightest little session, like last night (20 minutes) can get you though a week or so, they all add up. Traditionally, Saturday evenings are always a good time for a 2 hour session, tends to be suitable time for all of us. As Season 12 kicks off, and at the very first hurdle, I've dropped 2 points. I have linked a copy of the saved game below, if anyone would like to have a glance, or check out records etc... theirs plenty to go through, that's for sure



03-08-14, 11:29 PM
OK Saints still powering on this yr..looking to take the quad AGAIN!....so drastic measure....changing my tactics for the 1st time in a decade....Hopefully able to get more games for key players ...and a few games for players who need to improve..
working so far....7 wins from 7....and 2 wins over bogey team Hull!

lets see how this pans out!

06-08-14, 10:20 PM
February Of Season 12 And I Am Still Unbeaten At The Top Of The Prem. Still Going Strong In All Comps On Way To Hopefully Retain All the Silverware!

As For Ivory Coast, Currently Champions Of Africa But Not Many Players. And I Still Lasted Longer Than The Previous Gaffer!!

Now Just Waiting For A European International Job To Come Available. Roll On World Cup 2026

Offside Trap
08-08-14, 06:31 PM
You enjoy your moment of glory Pep, your fans have waited long enough :)

The season ent over until Susan Boyle sings, remember that :)

10-08-14, 01:08 AM
End of the 12th season!
domestic treble for Saints
champs league for scunny!

Saints 1st
Scunny 2nd
utd 3rd

bad season for me (utd)...but a lovely bit of rebuilding in the preseason....got a right back from saints and ronaldo regen from scunny(amazed he was let go)....scunny also sold best player perez for 100m!....hopefully those 2 sales wont screw scunthorpe up!

moving onto season 13...the record will be broken!!

Offside Trap
10-08-14, 05:58 PM
As stated above, season 12 comes to a close, so credit where its due to Pep, domestic treble again, for me, Im happy to take the champions league, for Ian, well I've given him some help in selling him a player :)

For me and Scunthorpe, yes I sold a Ronaldo regen for 70m + 3 players, who all could break into the first team over the next 12-24 months, so good business. The other 100m i raked in, means, im now at a place where money is of no worry, and whilst I have the players to step up, Im more than confident it will prove to be a good couple of sales.

Southampton continue to look strong, a few new recruits added over the summer, give them stability on an all-ready championship squad.

Man Utd make some impressive signings, so a trophy a must this season.

As for International jobs, I failed as South Korea at the World Cup and therefore resigned, Pep the same after his Ivory Coast failed. England managed 3rd overall, and Ian still going strong there. I've acquired a new post in taking over World Champions Russia, whilst Pep Im sure will apply for the many vacant jobs available on the international stage, as we kick off Euro qualifiers

So the World Record has gone, and I now hear you all saying 'arent you getting bored' answer, Hell No!

10-08-14, 10:20 PM
beacuse all 3 of us have shared the trophies in the last 6/7 seasons it makes the games even less boring....the start of EVERY season is as good as the first as we are all in with a shout of winning .....

the games between us usually decide the trophies....but finding and bringing on the youngsters is another part of the game ...as well as international management!

roll on the next 12 seasons!

18-08-14, 03:45 PM
Back from Hols and raring to GO!...

Bring on that 13th season (unlucky for some!)...hopefully Pep and Mikey!!!

Offside Trap
22-08-14, 09:53 AM
Hopefully back on it after today, we've all had hour hols now, and a new tower with a cherry on top.

But dont worry folks, I backed up our game on usb stick (twice)

24-08-14, 04:12 PM
router problems sorted!

27-08-14, 09:18 PM
just over halfway in the 13th season...and the tables have turned!
after a few season of obscurity...Utd decide to ditch some of the bigger names and bring thru the youth....and what a success
unbeaten in the league 22 wins..1 draw!....and defeating pep and mikey along the way (havent beateb both of them in same season for AGES!)....

does appear that a successful season for utd is on the cards!
pep/saints....are the biggest challengers....and will be there if utd slip up...
mikey/scunny...have really taken a fall this yr....some major rebuilding needs to go.......Mikey even resorted to 'borrowing' my tactic for our league cup semi...to try and get a result....(almost did so as well!).....

well in the record breaking 13th season....could the silverware come to Old Trafford for a change!?!....van gaal you watching!....

Offside Trap
28-08-14, 10:15 AM
I got no defence at all, my season is the worse I've had at Glanford Park. But.... I am building, and maybe, I just need this season to build for the next 3. Either way, what i've done for this for this club speaks for itself, and whilst the fans are not against me and the board maintain wanting me at the helm, I shall be continuing my roll as manager

No more questions please as I've got training to attend to

Offside Trap
03-09-14, 08:45 PM
Season 13 comes to an end:

Premier League - Man Utd
League Cup - Man Utd
F.A Cup - Man Utd
Champions League - Southampton

So a domestic treble for Ian and his red devils, only downside to his season was his last couple games of the season, couple of thumping's, 1 of which, the Champs League final. A strong team, more than ready can capable of defending the crowns achieved this season

For Pep and Southampton, Champions League glory is a lovely way to finish what had been a season playing 2nd fiddle to Utd from the moment go. So real quality players making their mark, as they will bid to re-claim their crown

For Scunthorpe, and me, my worse season to date, nothing to scream about what so ever, paid the ultimate price for selling key players. Onwards and upwards, have a good average age and final few games were promising which included a 5-0 win against Man Utd

As far as International Management is concerned, Ian and the England boys looking good for qualification to Euro 2028, as are Russia and myself, having taken over the world champions, they too look good for a Euro slot

So us online veterans live to fight on yet another season, as regens dominate most players in the game nowadays, locating them little gems is a battle in itself. The heat is on, as we hit pre-season and prepare for SEASON 14!

09-09-14, 01:54 PM
Just been reading this, it sounds like you're having a lot of fun!

This is realyl taking me back to when I played a long network game with my uni housemate at on the ODB. Not sure how long it was but Michael Owen retired, so could work it out from there I guess.

Keep the updates coming!

21-09-14, 12:05 AM
Little break while new internet is connected!!
will be back on this ASAP!

23-09-14, 12:12 AM
im confident i can join now and catch u guys up, challenge?

Offside Trap
23-09-14, 11:45 AM
Not a chance Rasbeebs - :)

But was looking at getting a clan together for an additional weekly game with a few people, but so many people say they can play and are never online or send any pm's,

Offside Trap
24-09-14, 08:56 PM
That was a close one - having to reinstall Hamachi as just couldnt get the game loaded because of a sticky problem with the IP number: but all sorted now! :)

Its been a slow month, but moving house has just edged being more important than CM, only just mind you

Offside Trap
28-09-14, 09:32 PM
After some time out for 1 reason or another, we finally back on it tonight with a tidy session, As season 14 nears the end. All 3 of us fighting like its a war. Man Utd have an 8 point gap at the top of the league with 10 games to go (11 for me and Pep) We're all pretty much in the CL quarters, and should avoid each other. F.A Cup we all avoided each other in the quarters, so potential theres an explosive Semi clash. Scunny Vs Man U in the league cup final, having just battled out a 4-4 draw, that game will be interesting:

Still plenty money about, regen's are harder than ever to locate. Youth is key, as we continue to break the record of the longest serving CM Network game

Offside Trap
30-09-14, 08:24 AM
After some time out for 1 reason or another, we finally been back on it with a tidy session, As season 14 nears the end. All 3 of us fighting like its a war. Man Utd have an 8 point gap at the top of the league with 10 games to go (11 for me and Pep) We're all pretty much in the CL quarters, and should avoid each other. F.A Cup we all avoided each other in the quarters, so potential theres an explosive Semi clash. Scunny Vs Man U in the league cup final, having just battled out a 4-4 draw, that game will be interesting:

Still plenty money about, regen's are harder than ever to locate. Youth is key, as we continue to break the record of the longest serving CM Network game, its onwards and upwards

The link below is a copy of our current saved game, if anyone wishes to have a peek, although very few players you'll notice. Mind you, most Ex players are turning up in coaching roles etc..


04-10-14, 10:21 PM
Season 14....
Utd retaing the league....but lose in champs final on pens to scunny...2nd champs league final loss in 2 yrs!
saints win fa cup...

so we all end up with silverware....
non of my squad are over 30 ....so hopefully ill be able to take utd onto a 3rd title in a row and maybe more next season!

season 15 awaits us!

05-10-14, 10:44 AM
3rd Place For Me Again But This Time I Won The F.A Cup Over Scunny On Penalties!

Selling My Oldest Player To The Red Devils Leaving My Eldest Players Hovering Around The 24-25 Mark. Is That A Mistake Or Will The Fan's And Pundits Saying "You Can't Win Anything With Kids" Be Proved Correct?

Time Will Tell When We Start Season 15!!

Bring It On!

Offside Trap
05-10-14, 01:20 PM
Loving this game more so than since we first started it: Season 15 awaits, after a decent season for each and everyone of us.

For Pep, his Southampton clinched the F.A Cup against me, on pens, although it was a pure revenge mission following me winning the Champs League Semi battle. His 3rd place finish and his Cup will keep the fans at bay. As he shifts out some dead wood, and the squad looking very decent, question is, are they old enough to make a challenge on the title?

For Ian, defended the title Im sure would have been first priority, so in that respect, job done. Some players leaving for big dosh. Russian Captian arriving for the heart of defence, can the Devils gain revenge on Scunny in domestic cups? The squad looks stronger than ever, as Zaton reaches the twilight of his career, as a squad, they have it all

For me, winning a trophy was main focus, the League Cup against Man Utd was the start, in fairness, I didnt expect to make such a late challenge for the title, which ended in misery on the last day of the season, not to mention losing the FA Cup, but winning the Champions League, all be in, against the run of play, made up for the last couple seasons of misery. So abit of tweaking in the squad, nothing major

So that's it really in a nutshell, as we begin pre-season leading to season 15. Ian will have his England battling at the Euro 2028 whilst I take my Russia there too. Pep been abit unlucky on the international front

Until Next Time

05-10-14, 03:50 PM
But Since You Wrote This, You Resigned As Russia Manager And I Was Offered It Without Applying For It But Turned It Down.

Offside Trap
06-10-14, 08:48 AM
Well I failed with Russia, Ian got England to the final, so thats the end of that chapter for me following my resignation. Its all about club football for me. And with pre-season out of the way as we kick off season 15. Man Utd take the shield on pens, against Southampton

Few buys here and there, nothing massive from any of us, in fairness, the only players we would really want, are owned by the other 2 managers

13-10-14, 06:53 PM
gonna be another close run season!...think its gonna be Zatons last!...can he go out with a bang!
3 prems in a row would be some achievement....tough though!

25-10-14, 02:41 PM
back on this ASAP.

25-10-14, 11:32 PM
Season 15 ending with a bang....
all 3 of us in Champs League semi....with Werder!
Scunny for the league cup
Utd or Saints for FA cup...

the league will go to Old trafford for the 3rd year in a row....baring a catastrophy!!!
my squad is looking strong at the moment....

have ibrahimovich regen to help brige the gap next yr when Zaton goes....
but replacing him long term might prove tricky....so need to win the trophies this yr...to set his legacy!

season 16 almost upon us!

26-10-14, 05:13 PM
Treble of ....League...FA CUP and Champs League!....Nice!!

3 titles in a row...

4 titles hasnt been done yet!!!!

26-10-14, 08:40 PM
You Wont Make It 4 Titles In 4!

Well Not If I Can Help It!!! :llama:

Offside Trap
28-10-14, 03:43 PM
So season 16 is off and running after a monster of a session on Sunday which saw us conclude season 15 and power through pre-season. I've taken the shield :) woop woop but I have to agree with Pep, I've be doing everything in my power to prevent a 4th straight title at Man Utd, I'm sure Ive helped that case though following our bit of business over the summer. Pep too has also done some wheeling and dealing with me, so I'm.... pretty confident for the new season, so far.... so good

In fairness, Man Utd are stronger than ever, especially up top, with what looks like regens of Ronaldo,Bale,Messi,Ibrahaimovic but question is, are they secure defensively?

Pep meanwhile has some decent players coming though, but even I was shocked to have a bid accepted for a superstar (messi regen) and although Man Utd won his signature, I feel selling such talent to a rival.. could prove.. critical

Only Time Will Tell

29-10-14, 09:33 PM
my front line is scarily good...will miss zaton though...!!!

i think my keeper and back 4 should be good enough...ashely cole and lahm regens as full backs....and some capable DC's should see me home again!....gonna be a long season with the world club champs in January....thats usually upset the apple cart and cost a team at the end of the season....think i have the squad for it though!

be interesting how this season goes...some major rebuilds for saints and scunny to hang onto my coattails!....both of you have had your eras of dominance....so happy to revel in mine for a while!

Offside Trap
01-11-14, 09:00 AM
Speeding through season 16 with roughly 12 games to go. That's what happens when the wife goes away for half term with the kids :) my joblist is almost complete Im sure the wife will agree, finishing the season in record time is a number 1 priority:

We're all still fighting in the CL, as per usual, question is, who will land who in the Semi, as thats the case every year. As holders of the League Cup, Pep ensured I wouldnt retain following a 1-0 at my ground, however Man Utd then thumped him 4-0 in the Semi 1st Leg. We're still there in the F.A Cup 5th Round. As for the league, im having a decent run which sees me top, Man Utd are somewhat 10 points behind with a game in hand, but theres some big games to come between us which ultimately will decide the title. Pep having a torrid run with dropped points coming from all angles. Having your keeper sent off twice in as many matches doesnt help, rewarded with a 7 game ban. Cardiff are the surprise team up there in the top 4. They've built a team now, not a title threat but a hurdle for each of us where the others can take advantage

01-11-14, 10:16 AM
I Thoroughly Agree, Finishing Then Season In Record Time MUST Be No.1 Priority :happy:.

Goalkeeper Is The Reason For My Struggles, So I Was Happy To Flog Him To Scunny For 32.5m BEFORE His 7 Game Ban Begins!

Dominating Games By Shots For Example 25-1 But Losing 1-0, And That's Just Not Good Enough!

So It Seems The Saints Are Destined For A Third 3rd Place Finish In 3 Seasons.

Major Rebuilding Is A Must To Keep Me Up There In The Title Race For Future Or I Could End Up Visiting The Job Centre!

01-11-14, 07:19 PM
Saints defo need some silverware....last few seasons have been poor....though you have the talent and some quality players!...they might need a change of manager!!!

think its scunnys title this year...unless a disaster befalls them..(fingers crossed)!!

Utd already won their first ever World Championships ....

lets see who grabs the silverware this yr!

01-11-14, 11:11 PM
I'm really enjoying reading about this save, keep the reports coming! :ok:

Just one small request. PepeP, please could you stop capitalising every word? I guess it's a predictive text thing or something, but for me it makes your posts hard to read.

01-11-14, 11:59 PM
Season 16 finished and in record time!

Scunthorpe won the first title in 7 years!
And to top it off they also took the champions league by beating ian's man Utd in a close fought game.

Man Utd finished 2nd for the first time in 5 years. They nabbed the league cup by defeating division 1 preston!
They also took the world club championship, intercontinental cup and the European super cup.

Me (Southampton) suffered the worst finish under my management with a shocking 4th place finish! A whole 14 points behind man utd in 2nd place. An FA Cup victory kept me in the hot-seat for now!
Drawing too many games has been my downfall of a long season BUT as they say .................................................. .....................

Onwards and upwards!

Major firesale at st. Mary's including a neymar regen joining the Scunthorpe regime. Keeping all players happy is proving to be a major problem for all of us as players keep fueling moves in an attempt to force there way out!

As we enter the 2030 world cup, England must win or ian may be receiving the dreaded call from the f.a terminating him!! At which point mikey and myself shall be watching like hawks!

Until next time

02-11-14, 01:58 PM
Decent review of the season Pep..

small margins at the moment....
Utd away to scunny....lost 3-2 was the decider fcor the title...and 1-0 in CL final!...difference between success and failure!

4 titles on the bounce was just a touch too far....

keeping 90% of my Utd squad ...the quality is there....

Scunny are the ones to beat now!..
Saints were piss poor....the 1 trophy kept pep in a job!!

England flew through their group in World Cup and beat Italy in last 16.....hopefully the can win the big one!!!

onwards to season 17th!

Offside Trap
05-11-14, 01:25 PM
Season 17 is off and running, building all over the shop from the 3 of us. Youth blending through, dead wood being chucked out. It's all very very exciting. The Shield, Intercontinental, Super Cup, have all gone with me in last night's session. Although we all know what we really really want, The Premier League Crown and the Champions League, then theres the 2 domestic cups to fight for

Offside Trap
12-11-14, 02:52 PM
As we're over a dozen games into season 17, I felt it's time for an over-see as to what's been happening over the last 16 years. And for a quick low-down, have a look at the screenshots via sendspace, can someone let me know if they all came out ok

So far this season, not the kind of the start Ian (Man Utd) would've wanted, 3 defeats so already their's some catching up to do. Having said that, the forward line is outstanding, in what looks like regens of Messi, Bale, Neymar and Ibrahimovic, it could just be.... that the 4 arranged friendly matches in pre-season have back-fired, who knows... but for sure there's some fire power up there

For Pep, (Southampton) an early elimination on pens in the League Cup, wont have pleased him. His Charity Sheild loss too wasnt exactly the perfect start. But slowly and surely, Pep is building, and over the last 4 years hes failed in the League, he's certainly becoming a cup team

Me, (Scunthorpe) to be honest, things have never been better, for the last 6 seasons prior to last, I was in the shadows, a few bad-timed sales back-fired rapidly, but some good buys and good youth certainly paying off in dividends. The Shield, Super and Intercontinental are all welcomed. And a decent start to the season

Every season their's a teams that pulls a few surprises, last season it was Cardiff, but credit where it's due, this season, Its Peterborough (ironic as its mine and pep's hometown) who lead the table with just 1 defeat (against scunny) and have won all their other games. Aston V could be the new bogey team, they've taken 3 points of both Man U and Southampton so far this season.

Money is still of no problem, for me, Im refusing 100m bids from Germany for the simple fact, these world class squad players can't be replaced. As Ian has stated prior, the main players that would improve one anothers squad, belong to the 3 of us already. Having said that, Pep is a ruthless gaffer, and will ship out anyone who fuels moves, turns up late for training, which has lead to BIG transfers between us.


Offside Trap
13-11-14, 09:43 PM
A personal record went in last nights session, other may have achieved this prior, sold a player for 150M, yep, 100m up front, then another 50m after 1 international match

16-11-14, 03:40 PM
Season 17 Just came to a shocking close!

Saints pick up the premiership for the first time in 6 seasons. On top of that also a 1-0 victory over scunny in the champions league final giving the saints the trophy for the first time in 4 seasons.

Red devils finished 3rd but picked up both domestic cups, with a 4-1 thrashing of scunny in the league cup and a close fought 3-2 victory over the saints.

Scunny finished 2nd but picked up the 3 worthless trophies at the start of the season - charity shield, intercontinental cup and the super cup. As it turns out, it's these 3 trophies that keep chambers in the hot seat for now...

Offside Trap
16-11-14, 04:13 PM
Hands Up! I didnt produce the goods that the fans wanted, however my record speaks for itself, so I have no worries about my job being safe as houses: Rebuilding has commenced with 2 key players leaving as they reach towards 32 years of age, some decent fringe players go, and some youth promoted following good loan spells.

It means I have an extended pre-season as I wont be involved in the shield, so searching for them gems is key, as it is for all of us. So season 17 to a close, as we look to kick in season 18, this world CM record reaches a new chapter!

18-11-14, 11:06 PM
season 18 starts....after 14 games ...utd have won first 14...to lead the way
a few dropped points from scunny and saints.............. 1-1 v each other!

a long way to go...

alfaro to utd could be big mistake...shepherd and neto are playing out of their skin at full backs for utd!

Offside Trap
25-11-14, 12:02 PM
1 more session should conclude season 18. Premiership is more than certainly heading back to Old Trafford after a 2 year absence. It was glory for Southampton who 'stole' the League Cup on penalties. As for the F.A Cup, my Scunthorpe and Pep's Southampton will battle it out. The Champions League, we're all there in the Semi.


Will the cup jinx continue this season for Man Utd?
Can Pep steal the FA Cup like he did the League?
Trophyless season again for Scunthorpe?

28-11-14, 12:02 AM
a great league win...highest pts in a season record...109..( i think?)
a great champs league win....
a team with tons of potential....ronaldo 23...messi 22 (regens!)

hopefully have few yrs of dominance again!!!

major work to be done at scunny and saints!

season 19 just started....utd beat scunny in early game to take an advantage!

bring it on

02-12-14, 08:45 PM
whats happened to hamachi..gone all wierd...have to sign up to login???

Offside Trap
03-12-14, 10:53 AM
As we approach the 1 year anniversary since we kicked off our current game. Here we are... mid flow into season 19. We are the 3 big teams of the world, theirs no question about that. The fallen giants of Real/Milan etc... pretty much dont have a squad of more than 12 players. As for domestically, their's always a team who causes a few upsets here and there, recently, Peterborough started season 18 off very bright Cardiff the year before, Aston V causing problems, Hull a bogey team, but no one near to being a championship winning team. The battle is always between the 3 of us. its the games against one another that really conclude this.

Me, Scunthorpe, the most loyal man in the world, been with them since the start. Bought them through the ranks, was first from the 3 of us to claim the Premiership. To be honest, dominated when the current big guns were building. Although averages out at a trophy per season

Pep, Southampton, was first to jump ship when he'd started off with Mansfield, on way to leading them out of the 2nd tier, he took on his new challenge, and lead them to runners up in his first season in the top flight. Pep has a very good success rate in the Champions League, and is known for his ruthlessness, as he wont tolerate anyone disrupting the squad and quickly moves to sell them, even if that means selling to a rival

Ian, Man Utd, having lead Wycombe to the top flight, took over a dis-mantled Old Trafford outfit. Credit where it's due. he has transformed them into the giants they were back in the 90's. Has a habit of developing fringe players into superstars, in doing so, works his reserves brilliantly. Got a good eye for that little gem knocking about. Is the team to beat and has been for the last few seasons.

On the International front - Ian has been England boss for many many seasons, and recently lead them Euro Glory. The World Cup still awaits. I've recently got the Spain job, with an aim for that to be long term, following spells with Ivory Coast (sacked after 2 wins) and Russia whilst Pep hasnt had much look, and having to settle with the non-euro countries. At present, he is seeking a country to take to the world cup

15-12-14, 12:00 AM
Season 19...entering the final stages,...

champs league
utd 1 v scunny 1...winner will play saint in the final...

league cup to saints..(job saver!)

league should go to scunny baring any upsets in last 8 or so games!

all to play for!!!!

Offside Trap
17-12-14, 05:43 PM
Season 19 to a close

Premiership - Scunthorpe
FA Cup - Man Utd
League Cup - Southampton
Champs League - Man Utd

A remarkable season sees us 3 legends all get abit of glory. Youth making its way through the ranks in each of our squads, some big fees paid out aswell as received, so whats installed for season 20? only time will tell

01-01-15, 01:35 AM
Happy New Year guys!!

Played this game just over a year now!!

onwards and upwards!

Offside Trap
02-01-15, 01:23 PM
After a session last night to kick start the new year, season 20 is up and running:

Up until the save, we all had 100% records to the season, but the 1st of the big games saw Man Utd win 3-0 at Southampton. With Utd already having won the shield,and the minor early season trophies, the gaffer has enjoyed Leading England to Confederations glory over my beloved Spain, and the team at Old Trafford looking very sharp indeed

With Both England and Spain already heading to the forth-coming world cup, can Pep land an International job that he can sustain. Meanwhile, Pep's club form needs a kick-start, the recent defeat against the rivals was met with angry protests from the fans at St Marys

Meanwhile, Scunthorpe, who have spent a bob or 2, will look to continue their good league form, although to have a chance of retaining the title, they have to take points in the crunch games that really count.

04-01-15, 05:50 PM
As we enter February of season 20 it is the 3 of us at the top once again.

Scunny top the lot with a 5 point lead ahead of the saints in 2nd. 2 points separate the saints and the red devils but the devils are playing catch up with 3 games in hand due to the world club cup. We all have dozens of youngsters pushing there way towards the 1st team but injuries and red cards push squads to the bare bones.

We are all safely through to the fa cup 5th round, whereas a heartbreaking penaly shootout defeat elimanted the men from st. marys in the league cup quarters.

The devils take a 2-0 lead into the 2nd leg of their league cup semi against the league leaders.

All 3 of us are walking the cl group stages and we all can taste the trophy.

Ian's England are heading to the world cup as are Mikey's Spain.

And the big news is:-

I am going aswell!!

im heading to try my luck at the world cup with the underdogs of japan.

However the major question is:

Who is going to win the big one??

Time will tell.

Offside Trap
07-01-15, 01:22 PM
We are into March of season 20. What a rollercoaster it has been. Every season has it's moments, and am sure the conclusion of this one, wont be any different. With my Scunny's planned last 2 games against my biggest rivals, its sure to be an exciting finish.

Hopefully the link below will work, a few screenshots of the game


10-01-15, 09:45 AM
End of Season 20!...TWENTY!....just over a year of online gameness!!

Scunny take the title....but should have taken more....

league cup to Utd....
and FA cup to Saints (beat scunny)

then champs league final...with Utd pipping Scunny for their 4th CL trophy in 6 yrs!

Saints manager PEP hangs onto his job by the skin of his teeth with an FA cup win...but the vultures are circling over St Marys!!

World cup and Japan (PEP)..lose all 3 group games for a disappointing campaign....
England (ME!)...lose in quarters to germany....hopefully hang onto my job for another crack....(been reasonably succesful so should do!)
Spain (Mikey)...gets Spain to the final....only to lose 3-2 to Brazil with 90 min winner from Utd striker Azevedo!

a few end of yr sales by all teams...strangely....
Scunny sell Rooney regen to UTD...and
Saints sell RVP regen to UTD!....

Utd will look to push on with the 4 major att regens of rooney/RVP/messi and ronaldo in the firing line!!

and new boy German striker BAUN...(world and Euro player of the year!)

onto season 21!

Offside Trap
13-01-15, 06:01 PM
Stay Tuned Guys, London35 (Ian) (Man Utd Gaffer) is going through the game over the 20 seasons and is hoping to do a full review :)

18-01-15, 08:11 PM
20 Years and counting!!

It all started in back in 2014 when 3 managers went to the 3rd division looking for a club...

Mikey - Scunthorpe
Ian - Wycombe
Pep - Mansfield

The first few seasons all 3 teams powered through the leagues...

Mikey's Scunthorpe had the edge from the off with some great sales and the abilty to buy better quality Ian and Mikey were always a division below and a standard below...

Things began to change when PEP moved to the Southampton job in 2017 and Ian moved to the Utd job in 2019

the 5 yrs between 2014-15 and 2018-19 looked like this
Mikey (scunthorpe) 5 titles...(3rd/2nd/1st and Prem x 2).... 1 FA cup....1 League Cup....1 Vans Trophy
Pep (Mansfield/Southampton) 1 title (3rd div)...1 FA cup...1 charity Shield...
Ian (Wycombe/Utd) 2 titles (1st and 2nd div) ..1 vans trophy...

As you can see....mikey was steamrollering his way throught the trophies....

However from the 2019 - 2020 season things began to even up

Next 15 yrs - (2019-20 - 2033-44)

Prem Titles
Mikey(Scunthorpe) - 6
PEP (Southampton) - 3
Ian (Utd) - 6

FA Cups
Mikey(Scunthorpe) - 3
PEP (Southampton) - 6
Ian (Utd) - 5

League Cups
Mikey(Scunthorpe) - 4
PEP (Southampton) - 5
Ian (Utd) - 6

Charity Shields
Mikey(Scunthorpe) - 5
PEP (Southampton) - 2
Ian (Utd) - 7

Champions Leagues
Mikey(Scunthorpe) - 4
PEP (Southampton) - 5
Ian (Utd) - 5

Super Cups
Mikey(Scunthorpe) - 4
PEP (Southampton) - 4
Ian (Utd) - 4

Intercontinental Cups
Mikey(Scunthorpe) - 3
PEP (Southampton) - 3
Ian (Utd) - 4

World Club Championships
Mikey(Scunthorpe) - 0
PEP (Southampton) - 4
Ian (Utd) - 2

in terms of national teams
Ian has been in charge of Republic of Ireland and England...
with England....3rd in World Cup 2026....runner up in Euros in 2028 and won the euros in 2032...confederation cup winner 2033

Mikey has been in charge of Republic of ireland, Ivory Coast, S.Korea, Russis and Spain
with Spain....runner up in world cup 2034

Pep has been in charge of Cameroon, Ivory Coast, Ngeria, japan and uruguay (twice)
Ivory Coast - African Cup of Nations Winner 2026

Mikey -11
Ian - 8
Pep - 4

ian - 36
pep - 32
mikey - 28

Transfer Records

Ian - 56 mill
Mikey - 50 mill
PEP - 24 mill

Pep - 115 mill
Mikey - 109
Ian - 81 mill

18-01-15, 09:03 PM
What a summary but I have noticed a glaring mistake!!:second:

My record sale was actually 125m.


Offside Trap
19-01-15, 05:21 PM
That really was a cracking summary of the last 20 seasons, and to this moment, we're all going strong, battling for all trophies on all fronts. Hardest part of the game, in my opinion, is keeping your squad happy,

My wife said to me with 1 of her looks - Don't you get bored?

I know what you're all thinking, but don't worry, I'm filing for divorce as I type

20-01-15, 11:11 PM
The correct response to that is "you look after your children by dressing them and feeding them, I look after mine by rotating for cup games and selling the trouble makers"

Offside Trap
21-01-15, 06:56 PM
Brilliant Bob, so true!

Offside Trap
22-01-15, 01:12 PM
We're into season 21, and a flying start from the champions Scunny, see's them on top with 9 out of 9 and not conceding a single league goal. Whilst Man Utd took 3 points in the first of the big games, winning at Southampton, they have since slipped up with 2 draws.

A big transfer involving a quality fringe playing leaving the Champions for St Marys,
Old Trafford have been active in the market too with what could be a couple of gems found.
Whilst Scunny clear out another fringe player to Germany for yet another 100m, fringe players in the reserves look to step up, with loaned out players being recalled

All 3 of us looking good in the first phase of the CL, And Utd have cleaned up in their South American cups, and with Scunny stealing the shield from the Saints on pens, it's still all to play for in these early days

If anyone has any specific questions about any part of the game, feel free to ask

Offside Trap
26-01-15, 01:24 PM
Another decent session last night see's us into March of season 21. All to play off at the top as Sunny lead Utd by 2 points on equal games. A dip in form saw Scunny go out the League Cup and slip up to their 2 biggest rivals, but whilst Utd recently have slipped up with a couple of draws and a heavy defeat against the Saints, the season is likely to go right down to the wire. Southampton are well off the pace, having dropped points all over the shop. But their League Cup Semi Final 2 leg win over Utd could spare the blushes of the men upstairs wanting a trophy.

Meanwhile, We're all still riding high as we enter the Quarters of the Champs League, and have all avoided each other at the same stage of the F.A Cup

Offside Trap
02-02-15, 11:54 AM
And so... Season 21 comes to a close:

On the major fronts, it was no trophy for Ian and his Man Utd, although the squad is looking stronger than ever. The attacking line could well peak during season 22

Pep's Southampton proved to be the cup team of the season after they took The League Cup, The FA Cup against Utd and then the Champs League on pens against Scunny. Although finishing out the top 2 yet again, its no secret the gaffer needs a Premiership crown sooner rather than later

Scunny retain the Premiership, once again, for the 2nd time, its a hatrick of title for the Iron men. The squad is looking good, their's some good ages too, but Champs League is a must next season

02-02-15, 09:27 PM
shocking season really...no silverwear!!!

power on to season 22!

15-02-15, 04:15 PM
A short break from the game has allowed all 3 of us legends to rest and recuperate after a hectic schedule :cry:!!

Season 22 could be the year the saints go marching back to the promised land of premier league glory.

A shock drubbing at the hands of scunny in the shield, has been followed by a long winning streak culminating in the saints clutching both the intercontinental cup and the European super cup under their arms.

In the first BIG game of the season scunny hosted the saints and were left crying after a 2-1 defeat.

We all safely made it through the 1st phase of the champions league which is a MUST. Also all 3 of us made it to the league cup 4th round!

The saints offloaded yet another 2 unhappy souls over to scunny along with a young scottish international striker with a decent record (26 Caps 19 Goals) who struggled to break into the saints 1st team.

The red devils top league with 11 out of 11.
Scunny 2nd with 10 out of 11.
Saints 3rd with 9 out of 9.

Offside Trap
16-02-15, 03:33 PM
I don't wanna nit-pick here Pep, but..... I lost the big game at my ground, not yours :) after you'd got my player sent off ;)

19-02-15, 02:14 PM
As we enter February 2036 the premier league looks tight yet again. However this time around it's a 3 horse race!

Man Utd lead the way, 2 points ahead of Scunthorpe. Southampton are 6 points behind scunny with 2 games in hand.

The 3 games in hand due to the World club cup for me all ended with defeats ruining my chances of a first premiership since 2030/31.

We shall fight all the way is the message to the players!!

Offside Trap
20-02-15, 04:29 PM
Season 22 nears the end (1 more session should do it)

The Premiership looks to be a 2 horse race now, after Scunny's defeat against Man Utd, the Devils have the advantage over the Saints for a first title in 4 years. The League Cup went to Scunny with victory over Utd but revenge was sweet in the FA Cup Semi where Utd will meet the Saints. As for the Champs League, Scunny have Real Madrid whilst Ut must Tack the Saints again over the 2 legs of their Semi final.

21-02-15, 12:10 AM
results of season 22

League Title = UTD....easy in the end...saints 2nd...scunny a surprise 3rd..scunnys lowest finish in 7 yrs!
Champs League = scunny....convincing win over Utd
FA cup... = Saints
League Cup = Scunny!

International scene...Eng and Spain qualify for Euros...to play next
Uruguay = in the mega S.american qualifiers for workd cup!

honours even really....onwards to season 23!!

Offside Trap
23-02-15, 05:07 PM
And so the Euro's are out of the way, it was joy for myself as I led Spain to Euro Glory, whilst Ian could only manage England to the quarter, although its becoming harder to ensure strength in the domestic national team. Meanwhile Pep has finally landed a decent European job, in taking the role as France Boss. So with World Cup qualification just around the corner.

25-02-15, 10:16 PM
As we enter October 2036, Man Utd top the charts with an impressive 8 out of 9. with 1 draw Scunthorpe are 2nd with 7 out of 7 whilst Southampton are going through their customary slump with a record of played 9, won 5, drew 2 and lost 2, so falling behind as normal!

A stuttering start on the international front as world cup qualifying as my record as france coach is played 3, won 1 and drew 2.

Spain has played 4, won 3 and drew 1.

Whilst Ian is recovering from his shock early exit from the euro's by not having to qualify for the world cup due to England hosting the event.


01-03-15, 12:15 AM
end of season 23..

bad for me...

uts 2nd in league....to scunny...
runner up in CL...to Saints
out of FA cup ..after Utd were only ones left in!....1st time in ages that non of us have won it.
League cup won by saints!

always exciting when we hit march as the business end starts....

spain and france on the way to world cup ..doing well in qulaifiers....ENG are hosts so just playting friendlies!...

everyone had a bit of a squad revival during the pre season....onto season 24!!

Offside Trap
09-03-15, 10:15 AM
After a few days break, we should be back on it this week, these odd hour sessions really pay off, and has got us where we are today, around 4 league games into season 24. Pep has already dropped points at home to Aston Villa whilst I'm on 4 out of 4 and Ian tops the charts with 5 out of 5. As we all kick off our champions league games, can Pep retain it, and will the World Championships fixture pile up scupper his Premiership challenge? Can I retain the league after a summer of wheeling and dealing? Can Ian's regen of mega stars lead him to glory on all fronts? - only time will tell -

Over the turn of this season spends and sales are as follows

Scunthorpe - 98m Spent, 184.5m Sales

Man Utd - 44m Spent, 30m Sales (+ a 25m bonus from a 25% add on of a player sold by scunny for 100m)

Southampton - 118m Spent, 90m Sales

So as you can see, Pep has really splashed the cash this season, having not won the title in 6 years, something needed doing at St Marys, and a transfer record of 56m for an ex Saints player could be what the doctor ordered

Ian been less busy in the market this season, mainly, he doesnt need to, whilst youth is at at old trafford, the regen stars already there, really showcase what great attacking power they have

And me, well keeping everyone happy is a tough nut to crack, so although didnt need the money, gotta keep everyone happy and get rid of some dead wood

20-03-15, 12:04 AM
Season 24 rolling on

the dreaded world club world cup curse has kicked in...Saints took part....but now languish in 3rd place with games to catch up but a lot of pts behind

scunny lost a game and drew 2 in a row...to virtually hand the title to UTD...

business end of the season now..with the 1/4 finals of competitions and the prospect of us meeting each other to dish out the silverware!

26-03-15, 09:49 PM
As we crawl our way through April of season 24 this is the state of play :-

Man Utd lead the way a whole 13 points clear of Scunny in 2nd but have played 2 more games.

Saints a point further back but have 3 games in hand on the leaders.

Saints win the league cup by thumping Scunny 3-0.

Scunny fell at the semi final stage in the fa cup to Ian's united.

Champions League should be a piece of cake to reach the semi's but then depends on who gets the other side.

On the international front Spain ready for the world cup on English soil. The hosts warmed up by losing 3-0 to France. Going down to 9 men can't have helped but I cant help thinking if that happened during the group match between these 2 mega nations, Ian's time in the Wembley hot seat could be coming to a shattering end.

Until next time.


28-03-15, 04:04 PM
It's only taken 24 seasons...but I think the World cup at the end of the season will be exciting as we are all in it...with excellent teams/squads...

not often , if ever, we had that!

28-03-15, 10:08 PM
Oh when the saints go marching in!!

My Southampton are back where they belong having clinched their first premier league title in 7 years!

It all came down to the very last league game between 1st placed Man Utd hosting 2nd placed Southampton.

A comprehensive 3-0 victory to the saints sent the away fans wild and the home fans home crying!

However United got their revenge a few days later by dominating the saints in the champions league final 2-0.

So in summary -

Premier League - Saints!!
FA Cup - Man Utd
League Cup - Saints
Champions League - Man Utd

Sweet F.A - Scunthorpe!!

Onto the world cup now!

Game on!!


Offside Trap
29-03-15, 10:55 AM
Hands Up! it was a bad season for me, and a good one for you guys. So rebuilding ha commenced by me off loading some major players who seem to put the whole squad down on moral, and am all set for season 25. I'm still the longest serving manager in the world - so to the delight of my loyal fans, my signed 1 year rolling contract will be a hugh boost

Now for war on the international front, first time ever where all 3 of us have decent nations at the World Cup, with My Spain, Ian's England, and Pepe's France, it will be a very interesting World Cup, given the fact, France and England are in the same 1st Round Group

31-03-15, 09:19 PM
Well, well, well, France fly home from the world cup after failing to get out of the group stages after 2 shock defeats.

Match-Fixing allegations are swirling after Nigeria defeated England and eliminated France.

We hope to bring you more on this news as we get it.


05-04-15, 03:18 PM
England have nothing to answer for!..

and won the World Cup! beating Spain in the final...thanks to a southampton player!

Offside Trap
13-04-15, 04:20 PM
Slowly and Surely making our way through the quarter century 25th season. Shaky start by Man Utd sees them lose the shield to the Saints on pens, drop 4 points in the first 2 league games before losing to both the Saints and Scunny in the league, but on the positive side, they claimed the Super Cup and the Intercontinental Cup. Saints lead the table with 38 points out of 42 whilst Scunny sit 4 points behind all be it, with 2 games in hand, having slipped up to a draw once. CL Phase 2 all up and running, and the League Cup Quarters awaits all 3 of us, with Man U will tackling Scunny for a place in the Semi's

Goalkeeping crises is what crushed Utd, with 1st and 2nd choice injured and 3rd being sent off in the game against Scunny. So maybe a keeper on the agenda there, which will add to the rest of the recent impressive purchases

Saints have really invested in Youth this early part of the season with some real gems unearthed, although 33 year old Billy Fowler (Rooney regen) was the shock free transfer recruit, as advised by the board apparently

Scunny quite active in the market following last seasons disaster, few youngsters bought in to train not to mention the 6 players sent out on loan, and couple few remaining superstars around the globe, also bought in to balance the squad.

As we enter December of the year 2038 (we started in 2014 btw) Its all looking good for all of us:

The international front looks like this, my beloved Spain looking good for Euro 2040 with 3 wins outta 3, Coming upto 6 1/2 years in charge, although some stars starting to age. The pain of losing the World Cup Final for a second time on the bounce is gonna be hard to take, especially against a rival

Ian's England claimed that very Cup, which was the remaining trophy for any of us not to have won. He too is looking good in the Euro's with 4 outta 4 - after 16 1/2 years in charge, the gaffer will have to search on the rising stars to break through

Pep might of though he had his dream job (pre world cup) but after being knocked out in group stage, only thing waiting for him when he returned was the sack. But he bounced back by being given the Belgium job who have a decent squad to work from, except, his Euro group includes England, Round 1 has gone to the World Champions as Pep currently sits 2nd with 3 outta 4 but will fancy his chances as finishing best 2nd place team

15-04-15, 09:09 PM
As we enter January of season 25, this is the state of play:-

The mighty saints are sitting pretty at the top 10 points ahead of scunny who sit 4 ahead of the devils.

Drawing his first 2 games is what's costing ian and his devils their chance of lifting yet another premier league trophy.

League cup semi finals saw the elimination of scunny at the hands of the devils, whilst the saints needed extra time to book their place in the final.

After this defeat scunny have struggled for form in the league, but the main question is - Will chambers justify his new deal?? Time will tell

We are all still flying high in the champions league amd the fa cup 3rd round is just around the corner.

until next time. :brick:

Offside Trap
15-04-15, 09:56 PM
My board have given me a vote of confidence after an appalling Xmas which has een me draw 2 and lose 1 league games not to mention this all started with my elimination from the league cup.......


11-05-15, 07:48 AM
After a month's break to acclimatize ourselves with a new multiplayer network game we returned to our legendary game.

What's more is that season 25 is now done and dusted. The scoreboard reads -

Premier League Champions - Southampton
FA Cup - Scunthorpe
League Cup - Southampton
Champions League - Southampton

Sweet FA - Man Utd

Fans protest at Old Trafford!


11-05-15, 08:27 PM
bad season for me...small margins ....happy with squad and quality...just need to win the big games!

Offside Trap
13-05-15, 01:14 PM
The FA Cup for me was lucky, very lucky, in fairness, Pep's Saints looking very strong, and as pointed out, it should always be about the big games in the season, between 1 another, so credit where its due to Mr Pep

Now having spent a quarter of a century in charge at Scunny, its time for me to Put Up or Shut Up, I've got the squad more than capable of tackling the Saints not to mention The Red Devils

As we approach season 26, the 2 legends and myself continue to take 'Network CM' by storm. But also as pointed out by Pep, we seem to have side-tracked abit from this 3 way game in favour of our alternative 6-way game

30-05-15, 12:22 AM
Just taking a break...back on this soon!

06-06-15, 09:04 PM
Got back on this after a break....powered through the preseason!!


Offside Trap
20-06-15, 12:04 PM
Quite a season going on. Pep's victory in the World Championships will not have helped, hes a some points behind now after dropped matches, and although a few games in hand, he really needs to rely on the big boys slipping up

My Scunthope - well, they always lose the big ones, crushed in the shield and recently beaten at home to Utd but winning the 3 games in hand could claim top spot

Utd sit proudly on top, with some real decent gems purchased and what looks like a squad to rule for at least the next 5 years

20-06-15, 06:11 PM
Utd tend to go through feast and famine...3 yrs of trophy winning..3 yrs of losing in finals!

12-07-15, 12:13 PM
were just on a hiatus at the moment....not as much game action but 1 or 2 sessions a week keeps it ticking over

19-07-15, 11:19 AM
after what seemed a mammoth 2 weeks off we cracked on in style last night...

season 27 came to end with Utd cleaning up!
League/Champs League and League cup treble...
FA cup went to saints...9-0 v norwich!!

major firesale at scunny to reclaim some trophies..also rumours of chelsea sniffing around the manager and the fact he held a meeting at an unamed London hotel means the scunny fans will be on his back if he doesnt do well next yr!

Euro champs now
England - Ian
Spain - Mikey
Belgium - Pep

all strong teams wit great squads....who will prevail!?!?

Offside Trap
19-07-15, 02:30 PM
England deserved Euro 2040 winners, against my Spain in the final. After 8 years with Spain, 1 Euro crown, 1 Confederations and 2 World Cup runners up medals, its time to focus on club football only for the time being. As rebuilding has commenced at Scunthorpe, over 200m spent over the summer, which a few Ex-players making a return. Only time will tell what season 28 has installed for us

Btw - Id like to state on record, when Chelsea approached me about their vacant managerial vacancy, I stated to them (via fax) I was under contract at Glanford Park and had no intention of leaving

30-07-15, 04:22 PM

SCUNTHORPE have FAILED to qualify for the 2nd group stage for the first time ever.

Their main objective now is to win the UEFA Cup because if they don't surely heads will roll at glanford park.

We will have more on this HUGE story as we get it.


Offside Trap
01-08-15, 04:55 PM
On the positive side of that, I have an opportunity to win something that none of us have managed to win, thats right, the Uefa Cup :)

I got not excuses, except all my players hate me at present and therefore are playing shit :(

Offside Trap
14-08-15, 03:00 PM
Storming through season 27, after a couple of decent sessions which has seen the Premiership become a 2 horse race between Utd and the Saints. My blip of form for Scunny cost me the Champs League aswell as my Premiership challenge. So Uefa Cup quarters await as does a League Cup final against the Saints, and a quarter final replay for both myself and the Saints in the FA Cup, where' we've avoided a clash in the semi's should we get there. A shock saw Utd eliminated in the 5th round, but with the League and Champs League in sight, they will always have been top of the list

As it stands, goal difference separates the top 2 with Pep having the upper hand with a swing of +12. Both teams with 83 points from a possible 87. And my fallen giants sit in 3rd 11 points of the pace. Quality of players remains between the 3 of us with just under 300 Million spent by myself since end of last season, thats right - 300M and I may well have nothing to show for it. Champions Utd only needed to spend 13 Million as the squad was pretty much set from last season. 116 Million was spent by the Saints as they look to bring back the title.

As it stands the domestic trophy count is as follows (worth mentioning ones)

Premierships--FA Cup--League Cups--Champs League---

Myself - Scunthorpe---


Ian - Man Utd---


Pepe - Southampton---


19-08-15, 10:24 PM
Mikey getting very forgetful - we are in season 28 not 27!!

19-08-15, 11:10 PM
Season 28 is now done!!

Review is as follows:-

Premier League = Southampton
FA Cup = Scunthorpe
League Cup = Southampton
Champions League = Southampton

AND for the first time ever:-

UEFA Cup - Scunthorpe

SWEET FA - Man Utd!

meaning the European super cup will be contested by 2 of our clubs for the first time ever!

Onwards to season 29!

20-08-15, 07:35 PM
As we slowly make our way through pre-season into season 29 -

Man Utd have undergone a massive overhaul, with a number of players leaving and new ones arriving, could this be the way they get back into the trophy hunt?

Scunthorpe have cleared the decks with a lot of deadwood leaving and a few new faces arriving to boost there ranks including a contract rebel left back from the champions.

Southampton have had to release a couple of reserves who just couldn't make the grade to make space for the next generation of youngsters. Also sold an unhappy striker for 125m to Germany, with ready made replacements to cover and money no object is it a mistake to sell??

Time will tell!!


20-08-15, 10:52 PM
Lets be having some screenshots of star players etc!

21-08-15, 07:11 PM
Man UTD:

Was in the hunt till the last month....always the way....the odd goal here and there decides the trophies!

sold a few reserves....and 2 CBs (the only one of my 1st choice 11)

but the majority of 1st team squad are staying....31 yr old messi regen brough back to the club after a 3 yr abscence....

onto season 29!!...great game!

26-08-15, 10:56 PM
As we enter February of season 29 the state of play is as follows -

Premier League - Man Utd lead by 1 point over Scunthorpe having played a game more. The saints are 7 points behind the leaders with 2 games in hand. Saints suffered 2 defeats straight after the successful World Championships (Curse?) where they defeated Scunny in the final. Whilst United dropped points to a nemesis for this season - WELSH CLUBS! :music:

League Cup - Shock early eliminations for both United and Scunny leaves the saints in pole position to retain the trophy they walked away with last season.

FA Cup - All through to the 5th round however, Saints travel to Scunny so SOMEBODY is going home.

Champions League - All competing in the 2nd group stage.


Offside Trap
27-08-15, 04:06 PM
I think Pep you must of wrote this prior to our cup game, I won 3-0, remember? think we saved shortly after

Screenshots to follow

Offside Trap
27-08-15, 04:10 PM






Offside Trap
12-09-15, 09:05 AM
As we crack on to season 30, Sunny,Utd and the Saints have all tweaked their squads, with some purchases, and a good crop of youth coming through. As the World Cup ends, champions and Ian's England went out in the Semi's whilst Pep's Belgium couldnt defeat their conquerors in the final - Spain, of couse my former nation who I resigned from after the last 2 world cup finals i'd lost them both. (Typical) however I've back on the international scene with a new job, something I've never actually had in all my CM history, im Brazil manager now

This game just doesnt get old ;)

03-10-15, 07:30 PM
still on this bad boy..just hard getting the 3 of us on at the same time!...

Offside Trap
09-10-15, 12:03 PM
After some time out, we return with a decent 2 hour session last night, early doors in season 30, but Utd have taken 6 points from 2 of there 4 biggest league games this season, 3 points off both myself and Pepe, My scunny had a shocking start with 2 draws aswell as that defeat, Utd's squad looks decent, and worthy of retaining the league, meanwhile Pepe just pulled a cracking purchase, not sure who he's the regen of,


25-10-15, 08:19 PM
season 30 comes to a close...

League - Southampton
League Cup - Southampton
Fa Cup Southampton...beat scunny on pens!
Champs League - Utd...beat scunny in final!

A trophyless season for scunny this year....fans getting impatient...

Saints pipped to the quad by utd in the champs league semis after having the hoodoo over them all season....
Utd winning the champs league the hard way..beating the 2 rivals along the way!

Onwards to season 31

cant speak for the other two...but a bit of an overhaul for Utd in pre season is due....youngsters chomping at the bit...a few overage players...and a few unhappy...so could be some major changes for utd this close season!

16-11-15, 10:25 PM
Think we lost count somewhere....so not sure what season were on! LOL...28 rather than 31??

Awful start by me (UTD)...lost more league games 4 or 5 in first 12 games than i have in previous 2 seasons..
Mikey also lost 3 ( i think)...while pep is played 13 won 13....this league title is already gone to the saints methinks!

All about the cups and building that squad up again!

challenging season ahead!

Offside Trap
17-11-15, 12:36 PM
I can confirm, we're on season 30, :)

And as stated above, Pep's Saints looking to claim their 8th Premiership, with a superb start to the season, whilst Utd and Scunny have slow starts

My own personal best of a sale went in the summer, selling to Bayern for 200m (100 upfront and 100 after 1 international) which along with Bayerns other spending of another 412m, has seen them current declared bankrupt, yep, thats right, so Im sure I speak for all 3 of us when I say, we're all keeping tabs on their star players

On the International front, Ian still doing a grand job with England, has lead them to everything available, although locating decent English talent isnt easy, whilst Pep's Belgium continue to do well. As for myself, I had the Brazil job, whom I led to Copa America glory (only person to do this) and was eliminated by England in the Confederations Cup, before resigning. I think has an African Nations Cup winners medal to his name somewhere

Offside Trap
22-11-15, 11:18 PM
Wow - after a hell of a few sessions over the weekend, season 30 is complete

Premiership - Southampton

F A Cup - Scunny

League Cup - Man Utd

Champs Lg - Scunny

A complete overhaul at Man Utd, as Ian has splashed the cash in a massive way, after dropped points at the start of the season proved costly, the bank card has come out with some decent purchases, and will surely be a push next season. Pep's dream of the Quad, just fell apart, but he'l be happy with his Premiership title, a few tweaks here and there. My scunny enjoyed a decent end to the season, and too have made a few tweaks. Who knows what season 31 has installed

As Euro 2044 gets underway, both Pepe's Belguim and Ian's England have been eliminated at the group stage. Time will tell if they keep their jobs, but tbf, Englands record speaks for itself so should be safe

29-11-15, 04:23 PM
We begin season 31.

Both myself and Ian were both given the boot by our respective F.A'S. Ian ended up TRYING to fill my boots after being handed the reigns at Belguim.

As previously stated a few tweaks to all 3 of our squads especially Ian's red devils who splashed out over 150m on new talent to bolster his squad.

Can he get them to gel in time to push forward to the premier league title?


Till next time!

Offside Trap
07-12-15, 03:40 PM
Business end of season 31 -

Its a 2 horse race for the title with both Southampton and Utd neck and neck, the big games between 1 another is likely to settle this. For me, its been yet another shocker of a Premiership season, looks like 3rd, thats 8 year years with out a title. Pep has claimed the League Cup against myself with a 3-2 win. Whilst The Saints will meet Utd in the F A Semi and my Scunny in the other Semi. We're all safely into the quarters of the Champs League, so its a question now of who will meet who in the Semi's (should we advance)

07-12-15, 09:07 PM
Could you upload the save?

Offside Trap
08-12-15, 10:12 PM
Yea should be able to, leave it with me,

Offside Trap
08-12-15, 10:14 PM
Took me a while, but think I got there. Sendspace has a max of 300mg for files and the save is 432 or so, hence the problem of just uploading the file alone, however I've zipped it up, and you can download it from the link below. You'll need an unzip program I think, I use Winrar, extract it, and then move the file into your CM directory and restore it as a normal game

Let me know



08-12-15, 11:24 PM
Season 31 is moving on nicely....

Scunny again not to win the title...bad times up north! (they can affect it,,as they play the other 2 in run in)
Utd and saints going toe toe

from my point of view...
UTD....made some cracking signings in the summer...all ex scunny/saints players...but defiently added quality to my team...
hopefully a few more titles/cups in the next few yrs...

Offside Trap
12-12-15, 01:37 PM
And so we come to the end of season 31, thats right guys, 31, and all 3 of us still going strong, Pep manages to equal both mine and Ian's record of a hatrick of successive premiership titles, as he claimed the crown unbeaten. FA Cup went to myself, whilst Pep took the League Cup, and we concluded last night as Pep stole the Champions League from me, so a cracking seasons for him. I guess, Im happy, but for Ian, and the money spent at Old Trafford - well, the papers this morning are saying he only has 1 more year to ensure a trophy,

13-12-15, 10:35 PM
Also in the newspapers - Uruguay manager leaves for the 3rd time!

Offside Trap
18-12-15, 09:34 PM
Omfg - guys, we been playing this game for over 2 years now, we first started it on the 15th Dec 2013, and here we are, still going strong into season 32. Thats not to mention the 12 season EPL game we had going prior to starting this one

01-01-16, 12:31 AM
Season 32...
so far
Utd played 28 won 28
saints won all games bar 2 they lost and drew...
scunny in 3rd place but a fair few points behind....

utd did some big spending 18 months ago...paying off this season....

business end now....cup semis/finals will decide the trophies!!!

02-01-16, 01:01 AM
End of the season....

Utd won the title on goal difference ....but lost the league cup final to scunny and lost the champs league to saints!....small margins...

the other final of the season was saints v scunny in the FA cup.....saints win!

trophies all round shared!

scunny have done some major wheeler dealing to close the gap...as they go another season without the title!

season 33 on its way after the world cup..

Ian - belgium...
pep - brazil

02-01-16, 01:02 AM
Overall....32 seasons..

CL - 12
prem - 9
FA cup - 11
League cup - 12

CL - 6
prem - 10
FA cup - 8
League cup - 9

CL - 8
prem - 10
FA cup - 7
League cup - 8

Offside Trap
11-01-16, 11:19 AM
After a monster weekend which included 4 hours Saturday and a couple last night, season 33 is concluded.

Man Utd Claim the the Premiership which now sees my Scunthorpe go 10 years without winning the title.

Southampton claimed the League Cup against lower division opposition after Scunny knocked Utd out, then the Saints knocked Scunny out.

Man Utd narrowly claimed the FA Cup against Southampton on penalties having endured 120 minutes of dominance from the Saints, of 15 shots to 1, but spot kicks proved vital as Utd clinched it

Champions League glory went to myself in Scunthorpe with a golden goal victory over Southampton. A competition which will keep the disgruntled fans at bay for the time being as the Ironmen look to season 34 and challenge for a first title in 11 years

- - - Updated - - -

And finally A direct link to our game if anyone fancies a gander at it


Offside Trap
26-01-16, 02:36 PM
Firing through season 34 nicely. Inconsiderate Pepe now works on a sunday which is normally our game day, so we'll have to work around that, Ill have a word with his boss or something and tell him to get his priorities right

28-01-16, 05:02 PM
good news, my boss sacked me as some muppet rung her and said I should be playing championship manager on a Sunday instead of finding the business money!


:):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):) :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):) :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):) :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):) :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):) :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):) :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):) :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):) :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):) :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):) :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):) :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):) :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):) :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):) :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):) :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):) :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):) :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):) :)

28-01-16, 11:37 PM
SEASON 34 is over and what can I say!!

My beloved Southampton walked away with all the trophies with another quad.

A world club cup trophy for Mikey's Scunthorpe was enough to keep him in the hot-seat for another season at least.

The charity shield ended up with the red devils after an undeserved victory over the saints.

So now we sit in the middle of Euro 2048, my Germany have made it through to the semi finals but a heart-breaking exit via the golden goal rule ended their tournament.

So as we wheel and deal, making tweaks to our various squads, several questions need answering?

1. How long will mikey survive at Scunthorpe without a premier league title to show for?
2. Will ian's red devils walk away with anything this season?
3. How many of the saints 4 trophies can they successfully defend as we enter season 35?


Until next time!


Offside Trap
28-01-16, 11:42 PM
Im speechless, that session tonight totally killed me, I lost all 3 cups to you in the final and the back log of games, (which were against you 2) sandwiched with the CL Semi 2 matches against Utd, just took its toll

But... Ive tweaked here and there, I had many positives to take from that season, namely, I can still compete, and in fairness, that's possibly 1 of the best seasons we've had as far as a 3 horse race is concerned. It had it all, but.. you came good, I admit, well done ;)

Now enjoy it, as I plan to put an end to the Saints Dominance

Offside Trap
01-02-16, 11:05 AM
Season 35 coming along nicely as we approach Xmas of the year 2048 - getting some decent time in, which is down to the wife working nights, ;) but firing through season at real good pace

Man Utd lead the way with 46 points from a possible 48

Scunny in 2nd with 40 from a possible 45

Southampton with 30 from a possible 39

So been a tough start for last seasons Quad winners, after defeats against the big 2 along with a shock loss at Woking, whilst Utd and Scunny battled out a draw, being the only 2 points Utd have dropped, whilst Scunny also lost ground following defeat at Swansea.

All systems go in the CL and League Cup with all the big guns advancing, with a possible League Cup semi final clash between Utd & the Saints a strong possibility

Some real gems being unearthed and some youth breaking through nicely on all the big 3, with sending players out on loan real key, in order for limited 1st team action.

On the International front, Ian's Brazil are on course for the World Cup of 2050 as they sit top of their South American group with 10 outta 10, whilst Pep's Germany were pitted into the same group as my newly appointed Belgium setup, as it stands, I have the upper hand with 4 outta 4, whilst Germany slipped to a shock defeat against Andorra, but the 2 games against 1 another gonna prove key

07-02-16, 10:53 PM
Season 35 Is now over and it was a shocker for me!

Scunthorpe win their first premier league crown in 11 years by 3 points over man utd. My saints ended 3rd, after a dismal start to the season, 3 points further back.

Fitness levels played a huge part in the cup finals as Man utd took out a makeshift saints quite easily to walk away with the FA Cup.

Mikey's saints made it a double by walking away with the champions league defeating man utd in the final.

My saints only have the charity shield and the league cup to show for the poor season. hung-over from the celebrating the previous season's quad has been suggested as a reason.

We shall see what season 36 brings!

Game on!

Offside Trap
07-02-16, 11:07 PM
Its a bloody relief I can tell you that, the Champs League, for me is a bonus - as it was always about the league.

Offside Trap
22-02-16, 03:24 PM
With no update for a while, its not that we ent been playing - we're powering through season 36, with the F A Cup final around the corner, which will be contested between my Scunny and Pep's Southampton. A rerun of the League final which the Saints claimed with ease. Then the 2 will go head to head in the Champs League final after Scunny knocked out Utd. As far as the leagu is concerned, Its Scunny's to lose, game or so in hand, can put them 9 clear, but 2 away league games to come against Utd & Saints could cause another hiccup then it can go pair shaped -

On the International front, we're all going to the World Cup, with Ian's Brazil looking deadly, my own Belgium an outside bet with such an aging squad, and Pep's Germany, who in fairness have a decent setup, but needed a play off to book their ticket - we're all in different groups for the 1st Round Group Stages

22-02-16, 11:25 PM
Season 36 is now over and what a season it was!

The premier league title is like buses at Scunthorpe! You wait ages for 1 and then 2 come together as they claimed their 2nd successive title.

The f.a cup went to my Southampton with a 2-0 victory over scunny.

The league cup also went to Southampton via another victory over Scunny (3-0)

The champions league also went to the men from st. marys, with a penalty shootout victory over.... GUESS WHO?? (Scunny)

and that means ian's man utd were left crying in 3rd place, meaning a qualifier to get to the champions league.

World Cup 2050 to come and then we will arrive at season 37.


Offside Trap
23-02-16, 11:26 AM
You totally fucked me in all the cups Pep - but... primary target is always gonna be the league, so I guess Im happy, dont fancy my chances at the world cup though ;)

Offside Trap
02-03-16, 03:24 PM
Time for a quick update -

World Cup complete - and in fairness, quite a shock, My Belgium won it, despite using that of the tactics of Brazil/Man Utd, taking out the Samba stars on route. Pep's early exit for Germany cost him his job, as expected, but days later, he was back on the international scene as he took the Colombia job - however, days later the temptation of the upcoming Euro's was too much to resist as he took the Holland job. With Belgium now an aging squad, I decided to resign whilst on top, and took over as Argentina, therefore will go head to head with Brazil a few more times, already Brazil have taken bragging rights with a 3-2 friendly win

So domestically, we're well into Season 37 now, and state of play so far, my Scunny took the Shield on pens to the Saints, whilst my opening league victory came at home to Man Utd, and have scored a point at Southampton in the league already, other than that, we've all started with wins, after minor tweaking in the squads here and there.

Personally, Im finding it harder and harder to locate regen gems, so relying on my players out on loan to develop, not to mention my new formation of using an Attacking Midfielder on each side.

23-03-16, 12:31 AM
We have taken a short break from this game for 2 reasons.

1. We are in a new 5 way game.


2. Mikey (Offside Trap) has moved house and is awaiting an internet connection.

Hopefully won't be too long!

23-03-16, 06:43 AM
It would be awesome to see some screenshot guys? Either way, this is awesomeness!

23-03-16, 11:34 PM
Did wonder where you had both gone!..


27-03-16, 04:11 PM
Off for 2 weeks...!...
Sad times!

Offside Trap
10-04-16, 09:46 PM
Back on this tonight, been a while, with 1 thing or another, Moving House, New Routers, Working Lates, and of course not to mention, all us 3's participation in the Big 6 Game, but just to ensure you all know we're still on this, and 1 of us will porst an update after tonights session

Offside Trap
11-04-16, 12:08 AM
Back with a bang as we conclude a monster of a session, (2 and a half hours) and season 37 is now complete.

Pep took the League Cup for a 5th successive year, whilst Ian took the F.A Cup and I took the Champs League. As for the Premiership, well that went the distances, right to the death - but it was Scunthorpe that scraped over the finishing line couple points ahead od Utd with the Saints now having to play a qualifier

Tweaks here and there expected during the pre season. Copa America on the agenda for both myself (Argentina) and Ian (Brazil) which will give Pep plenty of time for a rebuild should he feel he needs to

Offside Trap
23-04-16, 08:45 AM
And we're well into season 39 as he approach the festive period. Utd having the upper hand, although Saints ent far behind, whilst my champions have has a poor start having dropped several points already. We all easily take our places in the CL 2nd Phase Groups, and on the International front, Brazil took the Copa, my Argies took the Confederations and Pep's Holland having a decent Qualifying WC run of results

23-04-16, 02:46 PM
hopefully Ibra regen will do the business upfront...

seem to have the right belnd of youth and experience at the moment....

i think ive got one more world cup with brazil to go for...as they do have a massive amount of quality players to choose from...then i think ill pop back to Europe...as missing the Euros!....and won about 4 copa americas now!!!


Offside Trap
24-04-16, 12:18 AM
Another 2 hour session done on this tonight - Season 39 well and truly being powered through. Pep's Southampton lookign good for League at this stage, as he won at Utd 4-0 and that with another Utd defeat ensure its the Saints to lose. Although a 100% session from myself, points dropped prior still gonna prove costly is Scunthorpe are looking to be the first team to clinch 4 Premiership titles in a row. All 3 of us safely in the League Cup Semi where my Scunny will take on a Pep's Saints side that haven't lost a League Cup match in over 5 and a half years. We're all through to the 5th Round of the FA Cup and all looking good in our Phase 2 of the CL

Not much to shout about with transfers, as regens becoming harder and harder to locate. its all about bringing in youth, and hopefully sending them out on loan and developing them. We all have a few success rates of that, however, I for one, also have a couple of flops that just haven't made the cut

Pep's Holland looking forward to Euro 2050 whilst my Argentina and Ian's Brazil will just play friendlies here and there, until WC Qualifying commences

30-04-16, 07:34 PM
Game on hold - Due to broken wrist.....

the jokes write themselves!

Offside Trap
06-05-16, 11:45 AM
Im back in full training hopefully after this afternoons hospital

07-05-16, 12:15 AM
hope the fitness test went well!!!

Offside Trap
07-05-16, 09:21 AM
No, was a fucking nightmare - fresh full cast on now for another 4 weeks, not happy, but my right hand working fine, so looking to get back on it soon

07-05-16, 05:22 PM

fingers crossed! (on the right hand of course)

21-05-16, 03:12 PM
hows peps comp looking??

dead forever?

Offside Trap
22-05-16, 07:11 PM
Looks like it yeah, but luckily, hes not the host so the game still good, he's off this week so plans to get a laptop, then we can crack on

24-05-16, 07:30 PM
Pep is back from the land of dead laptops!!!


Offside Trap
30-05-16, 12:29 PM
After a lengthy lay off from this game, we finally back on it last night with a solid 2 hour session. For some reason we all get our season number wrong from time to time, but I can confirm, its season 38 we have just concluded.

Pepe's Saints took the title ending Scunny's last 3 years of dominance, and also took a 6th straight League Cup on the bounce, his 18th of all time. Southampton also took the F.A Cup against Utd, albeit on Pens, the 14th in the last 38 seasons. So a domestic Treble for Pepe and his Southampton. Team looking strong, although am sure their will be couple of additions over the summer.

Ian's Man Utd settled for the Champions League, his first in 9 seasons, and his 9th overall since we started. Some decent quality coming through the ranks at Old Trafford, and always gonna be a threat

My Scunny - well a piss-poor season, finished 3rd so gonna have to Qualify for the CL and got thumped in the CL Final against a deadly Utd. So a trophyless season and an overhaul of players coming and going. Work to be done.

Onwards to season 39, the real season 39

30-05-16, 10:51 PM
Powered through pre season....onto season 39..

I bought some people...pep bought some people...mikey bought some...I left brazil to go back to eng job..holland lost in semis of the Euros

30-05-16, 11:12 PM

18-06-16, 09:42 PM
Back on board this soon??

Offside Trap
23-06-16, 09:40 PM
After a split couple of sessions today, we safe to say, we're back on this. Well into season 39 now as we approach Xmas. Pepe looking for a 7th League Cup triumph on the bounce, and he's made to the final once more, where he'll meet me after I just edged Ian in our Quarter Final clash

All of us looking good in the CL although I settled for runners up in the 1st phase after a poor start, and the possibility was that I could end up in a phase 2 group with 1 of my rivals, but avoided that.

Our squads, all looking as strong as ever, abit of tinkering here and there, nothing major, unless you're ruthless like me that when a player does poor in his 1st game, he get's put in the reserves, okay maybe Im not that bad, but the guy who just got his 3rd red card in 13 games, he can get out :yield:

Offside Trap
19-07-16, 09:46 AM
So we hit March of season 39, and the year is 2053. Man Utd looking good for their 1st title in 5 years, as they have a 7 point gap over the champions Southampton, with a further 3 points lead over 3rd placed Scunthorpe. With 9 games remaining for all of us, still time for twists and turns as Utd need to host the Saints and play at Glanford Park.

The League cup final will consist of Scunthorpe and Southampton with the latter looking for a 7th straight final victory, their last defeat in this competition stretching back to 20th Dec 2046 which came at home to Scunthorpe in the quarter finals

It was an early exit this season for Southampton in the F.A Cup, having said that, they drew Man Utd away in the 3rd Round. It won't be a Human managed final as Utd take on Scunny in the quarters

With 1 game to spare of Phase 2 of the CL, all 3 of us are safely though to the quarters having already won our group

We been on this game since Dec 2013, I think we done a decent job over the period of time, with stop gaps here and there

19-07-16, 10:32 AM

19-07-16, 01:44 PM

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19-07-16, 01:47 PM
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Craig Forrest
19-07-16, 03:03 PM
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Craig Forrest
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19-07-16, 05:04 PM
not in any way moderating....it was a question...hence the question mark.

19-07-16, 11:13 PM
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