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The fourth instalment in the CMSG Ltd Pass the Parcel series is now open for business, and looking for managers! To find out how to get involved and to familiarise yourself with the rules keep reading. The previous three versions of Pass the Parcel can be found below as well if people want to see how they turned out.

CMSG Ltd - Pass the Parcel (http://www.champman0102.co.uk/showthread.php?1177-CMSG-Ltd-Pass-the-Parcel)

CMSG Ltd Returns - Pass the Parcel - Part II (http://www.champman0102.co.uk/showthread.php?1147-CMSG-Ltd-Returns-PTP-Part-II)


What is CMSG Ltd?

CMSG Ltd (Championship Manager Sports Group Limited) is a sports based international investment fund. It works similar to the well known MSI group where the company owns rights to certain players and sells those rights on to interested sports clubs. Most famously they loaned Carlos Tevez to Manchester United over a 2 years period spanning 2007-09 where he helped United win an array of trophies including the English Premier League and the Champions League.

CMSG Ltd owns the rights to an array of managerial talent that are waiting in the wings to prove themselves to prospective employers. You are these managerial talent waiting for the opportunity to take over a club for one season to show your worth.

Back by huge investments from around the globe by an anonymous consortium, which has made us possible to branch out our expectations for the future and the long-term goal for the companies success in terms of the successful employers we want to have under our surveillance.

How it Works:

It works like this

-A game will be set-up of CM 01/02 March 2014 update, with the 10 nations that is stated below.

-Normal database will be used to reduce the game size as well as the minimum storage for matches (5000).

-Various forum members who have signed up will take control of the teams, one at a time.

-Each participant has a week (7) days at most to complete one season only, and a further three days to post a review of their season. If they haven't completed it by that time, the next guy in line will pick up the save game from the previous participant.

-When the season is effectively over (last game of the season or end of May for European leagues works well), the person in the hot seat must save and upload it for the next player.

-If CMSG Ltd are sacked whoever is responsible has to own up to their inadequacy post their progress, and the next person takes over at that point, until the end of the NEXT season. Therefore they will be playing for longer than 12 months and applies to domestic jobs only.

-Players must read and stick to the rules set out below.

The Rules

Rules for playing the game when it’s your turn

-Each player will control the club for a maximum of one season at a time.

-Your season should be completed within 7 days, but everyone is encouraged to be as quick as they can. This thread requires a good momentum to keep the story going. If you can't complete the season within seven days, you may ask for an extension which may or may not be given. If we feel that you've had too long, the parcel will be passed on to the next in line. I will make the final decision on whether to grant an extension or not.

-You must use compressed saving. This reduces the size of the file, hence upload/download times.

-Please use auto save. It’s disappointing when people lose their game and have to replay or give up.

-You must be using the latest available patch (3.9.68) and an untapanified version of your game.

-Everyone has other commitments. If you feel you can’t complete the season, please let us know so we can work out how best to progress. You will most likely go back of the list

When you’re finished

-The game must be saved after the final game of the season, and no later than May 31 for major European leagues. For other countries with seasons running at different times (such as Argentina and Brazil), just use your own judgement but I recommend that you do it as soon as the final game of the season is over to give the new manager as much time as possible to prepare for next season.

-The save game file must then be uploaded for the next player (using sendspace or similar)

-You takeover as the existing manager in the game. Edit the nickname to your username for correct identification if you like but DO NOT delete the existing manager.

Signing players

-Each manager has a free reign over signings (unless restricted otherwise). However, be sensitive in regards to players that other participants have said they like, or who've been at the club a while...be courteous and engage in some conversation before making anything that looks like a big decision. Following the story should identify such players to you as well as PM’s with previous managers if possible.

-Please try and cut down your shortlist by the end of the season and only leave players on there that you feel are relevant to the club on your departure. Otherwise, we will be building up pages and pages of possibly useless players.

-The next manager is not obliged to sign any bosman signings negotiated by the previous manager and hence has the power to cancel any signings that does not figure in their plans. Remember to check the future transfers page out first!

What’s considered cheating

-Please do not exploit flaws in the game by offering players who wouldn’t realistically join the club month to month contracts.

Rules of the thread

-This is an interactive thread for dedicated forum members who take a keen interest in the ups and downs of CMSG Ltd. Therefore if you're taking part:

-One post per season. You can make this post as long as you like but try to refrain from a complete match-to-match review. Make it a summary and highlight key players, runs, transfers, league positions, cup runs and games if you wish. Anything you think is relevant...and try to back up with some screenshots. Using one post means that I can edit the post below so that readers can navigate themselves to relevant seasons more easily once the story starts to take shape.

-At the start of the season, try to provide at least the following: the board's expectations; your OWN expectations; player predictions and players to look out for.

-At the end of the season, provide a summary of the season, with screenshots.

-Also provide some feedback to the next person, with a discussion of which players to keep, sell, and potential signings.

How to Post a Screenshot

-While in CM, press 'Alt + Prt Sc' buttons (Prt Sc is usually next to F12 on your keyboard).

-Open an image editing program such as Paint and paste the image, delete any white bits around the edge
Save the file as a JPEG

-Upload the image to an image hosting website such as Photobucket or Imageshack or Tiny Pic.

-Post the direct Url to the image here with IMG tags around.


There are a couple of menubars available to use in game should you wish, these can be found in the first pass the parcel thread below,

Menubars (http://www.champman0102.co.uk/showthread.php?1177-CMSG-Ltd-Pass-the-Parcel&p=15510#post15510)

Manager Restriction, External Tools and Overall Objective

- At the end of their writeup, the manager will set a restriction for the next manager in line. By all means make it a challenge but don't make it impossible. If we think that the restriction is too harsh, we will ask the user to change it.

- A saved game editor may be used to change the manager's nationality ONLY. Do not use external CM tools (CM Scout, CM Explorer etc.) for any other purposes, such as scouting players, editing attributes, CA/PA, reputation or anything like that. It can be notoriously difficult to find a job abroad if you're not the right nationality so we have decided that in this case it would not be cheating. Swiss nationality is selected by default, which gives French, Italian and German languages so there may not be any need to change it anyway, as well as CA/PA of 160/160 which we allow in the challenges section.

- Please do not delete the save until the next in line has completed their season. That way, you'll definitely be able to pass on the link if the next manager does not complete their season in time. It is not enough just to keep the download links as they expire after a certain period of time.

-In order to fulfil our goal of returning clubs to their former glories we need to ensure they win all the major domestic trophies (e.g. in England - Premiership, FA Cup and League Cup) as well as the major continental trophy (Champions League or Copa Libertadores).

Selected Nations



To be added later.

How to Take Part

In case some of you intrigued people want to join this awesome story, post ''Four Nations" in bold, and you will be added to the waiting list. After a player has completed his season, and posted it in this thread – he shall pass it onto the next person in the list, as well as myself, and after that it will go, until every person in the list has played, where the next round will be starting. A new code word will be posted to determine the managerial order for the next round, although a person can't play two consecutive seasons.

The List!



Remember to post the code in bold to ensure your passage into the fourth re-enactment of CMSG Ltd's Pass The Parcel!


In order to fully develop the continued ambition and hard work of keeping up to the task, we shall record every season that is played and posted here - passed on for teh long haul, or a failure with the passing of the save - in order to fully be able to respect the people who have had an effect on our journey of gaming glory, and the little hinderous we put on each other to fully test our skills with the game we love!

Round 1:Year of Season -- Member -- Nation -- Club -- Seasonal Accomplishments

2001/02 -- Patinoz -- England -- Leeds Utd -- 5th English Championship (Playoff Winners!)
2002/03 -- AMC -- England -- Leeds Utd -- 2nd Premiership (CL Qualification!)
2003/04 -- Redknapp69 -- England -- Leeds Utd -- Premiership Winners!
2004/05 -- Dermotron -- England -- Leeds Utd -- 2nd Premiership (CL Qualification!)/FA Cup Winners!/League Cup Winners!
2005/06 -- Baz -- England -- Leeds Utd -- 3rd Premiership (CL Qualification!)/FA Cup Winners!/Charity Shield Winners!
2006/07 -- merkezekrem -- England -- Leeds Utd -- Champions League Winners!/3rd Premiership (CL Qualification!)/League Cup Winners!/Charity Shield Winners!
2007/08 -- ZanSnake -- Argentina -- Independiente -- Argentinian 2nd Division Winners!/Spanish Cup Winners!
2008/09 -- Mark -- Argentina -- Independiente -- 3rd Argentinian 1st Division Opening Stage/7th Argentinian 1st Division Closing Stage/Copa Mercosur Winners!
2009/10 -- Cafcjgreen -- Argentina -- Independiente -- Copa Libertadores Winners!/7th Argentinian 1st Division Opening Stage/3rd Argentinian 1st Division Closing Stage/Copa Mercosur Winners!
2010/11 -- Jesus -- Argentina -- Independiente -- 6th Argentinian 1st Division Opening Stage/3rd Argentinian 1st Division Closing Stage/Copa Mercosur Winners!

Round 2:Year of Season -- Member -- Nation -- Club -- Seasonal Accomplishments

2011/12 -- Mark -- Argentina -- Independiente -- 6th Argentinian 1st Division Opening Stage/3rd Argentinian 1st Division Closing Stage/Copa Mercosur Winners!/Inter-American Cup Winners!
2012/13 -- Dermotron -- Argentina -- Independiente -- Argentinian 1st Division Opening Stage Winners!/Argentinian 1st Division Closing Stage Winners!/Copa Mercosur Winners!
2013/14 -- merkezekrem -- Germany -- Borussia Dortmund -- 2. Bundesliga Winners!
2014/15 -- Jesus -- Germany -- Borussia Dortmund -- 4th Bundesliga (CL Qualification!)/German Cup Winners!
2015/16 -- Cafcjgreen -- Germany -- Borussia Dortmund -- 7th Bundesliga
2016/17 -- ZanSnake -- Germany -- Borussia Dortmund -- Sacked two games into season!
2016/17 -- kuy -- Italy -- Pro Vercelli -- Serie C1/A Winners!
2017/18 -- AMC -- Italy -- Pro Vercelli - Serie B Winners!

Round 3:Year of Season -- Member -- Nation -- Club -- Seasonal Accomplishments

2018/19 -- Mark -- Italy -- Pro Vercelli -- 12th Serie A
2019/20 -- Fourfourtwo -- Italy -- Pro Vercelli -- 5th Serie A
2020/21 -- Baz -- Italy -- Pro Vercelli -- 11th Serie A/Italian Cup Winners!
2021/22 -- AMC -- Italy -- Pro Vercelli/Uruguay -- 8th Serie A/Italian Super Cup Winners!
2022/23 -- Cafcjgreen -- Italy -- Pro Vercelli/Uruguay -- Serie A Winners!/FIFA World Cup Winners!
2023/24 -- Dermotron -- Italy -- Pro Vercelli -- Serie A Winners!/Italian Cup Winners!
2024/25 -- merkezekrem -- Italy -- Pro Vercelli -- 3rd Serie A (CL Qualification!)/Italian Super Cup Winners!

Round 4:Year of Season -- Member -- Nation -- Club -- Seasonal Accomplishments

2025/26 -- Mark -- Italy -- Pro Vercelli -- 7th Serie A
2026/27 -- Fourfourtwo -- Italy -- Pro Vercelli -- Sacked two games into season!
2026/27 -- Baz -- Germany -- Bayern Munich -- Bundesliga Winners!
2027/28 -- kuy -- Germany -- Bayern Munich -- 2nd Bundesliga (CL Qualification!)
2028/29 -- Dermotron -- Germany -- Bayern Munich -- Bundesliga Winners!/German Cup Winners!/German League Cup Winners!

Round 5:Year of Season -- Member -- Nation -- Club -- Seasonal Accomplishments

2029/30 -- Mark -- Germany -- Bayern Munich -- Champions League Winners!/Bundesliga Winners!/German League Cup Winners!
2030 -- Baz -- Russia -- CSKA Moscow -- 5th Russian Premier Division
2031 -- big JT -- Russia -- CSKA Moscow -- 5th Russian Premier Division
2032 -- merkezekrem -- Russia -- CSKA Moscow -- Russian Premier Division Winners!
2033 -- Dermotron -- Russia -- CSKA Moscow -- Russian Premier Division Winners!

Round 6:Year of Season -- Member -- Nation -- Club -- Seasonal Accomplishments

2034 -- merkezekrem -- Russia -- CSKA Moscow -- Russian Premier Division Winners!
2035 -- wato20 -- Russia -- CSKA Moscow -- Champions League Winners!/Russian Cup Winners!
2035 -- AMC -- Brazil - Fluminense -- 1st Brazilian 2nd Division (Promoted but not Champions!)
2036 -- Baz -- Brazil -- Fluminense -- 8th Brazilian 1st Division/6th Rio State Championship

Round 7:Year of Season -- Member -- Nation -- Club -- Seasonal Accomplishments

2037 -- merkezekrem -- Brazil -- Fluminense -- 4th Brazilian 1st Division/Rio State Championship Winners!
2038 - wato20 -- Brazil -- Fluminense -- Brazilian 1st Division Winners!/Brazilian Cup Winners!/Rio State Championship Winners!/Brazilian Champions Cup Winners!
2039 -- AMC -- Brazil - Fluminense -- Copa Libertadores Winners!/Brazilian 1st Division Winners!/Rio State Championship Winners!
2039/40 -- Mark -- Italy -- Pro Vercelli -- 3rd Serie B (Promotion!)
2040/41 -- Dermotron -- Italy -- Pro Vercelli -- Serie A Winners!
2041/42 -- kuy -- Italy -- Pro Vercelli -- Serie A Winners!/Italian Cup Winners!/Italian Super Cup Winners!

Round 8:Year of Season -- Member -- Nation -- Club -- Seasonal Accomplishments

2042/43 -- AMC -- Italy -- Pro Vercelli -- Serie A Winners!/Italian Cup Winners!/Italian Super Cup Winners!
2043/44 -- wato20 -- Italy -- Pro Vercelli - Champions League Winners!/Serie A Winners!/Italian Cup Winners!
2044/45 -- merkezekrem -- France -- Reims -- Ligue 2 Winners!/French League Cup Winners!
2045/46 -- Mark -- France -- Reims -- 20th Ligue 1 (Relegated!)/French League Cup Winners!

Round 9:Year of Season -- Member -- Nation -- Club -- Seasonal Accomplishments

2046/47 -- AMC -- France -- Reims -- Ligue 2 Winners!/French Cup Winners!/French League Cup Winners!
2047/48 -- Mark -- France -- Reims -- 11th Ligue 1
2048/49 -- merkezekrem -- France -- Reims -- 3rd Ligue 1 (CL Qualification!)
2049/50 -- kuy -- France -- Reims -- 13th Ligue 1/French League Cup Winners!

Round 10:Year of Season -- Member -- Nation -- Club -- Seasonal Accomplishments

2050/51 -- AMC -- France -- Reims -- Ligue 1 Winners!
2051/52 -- merkezekrem -- France -- Reims -- Ligue 1 Winners!

Round 11:Year of Season -- Member -- Nation -- Club -- Seasonal Accomplishments

2052/53 -- AMC -- France -- Reims -- Champions League Winners!/Ligue 1 Winners!/French Cup Winners!/French League Cup Winners!/French Champions Trophy Winners!


This is a collection of the competitions and cups we win over the course of the challenge with each club in each nation.


1x Premiership Champions
2x FA Cup Winners
2x League Cup Winners
2x Charity Shield Winners


1x Argentinian First Division Opening Stage Champions
1x Argentinian First Division Closing Stage Champions
1x Argentina Second Division Champions


3x Bundesliga Champions (Bayern Munich)
2x German Cup Winners (Borussia Dortmund, Bayern Munich)
2x German League Cup Winners (Bayern Munich)
1x 2. Bundesliga Champions (Borussia Dortmund)


6x Serie A Champions
5x Italian Cup Winners
4x Italian Super Cup Winners
1x Serie B Champions
1x Serie C1/A Champions


3x Russian First Division Champions
1x Russian Cup Winners


1x Brazilian First Division Champions1x Brazilian Cup Winners
3x State Championship Champions
1x Brazilian Champions Cup Winners


3x Ligue 1 Champions
2x French Cup Winners
5x League Cup Winners
1x French Champions Trophy Winners
2x Ligue 2 Champions

Continental Competitions/Cups

5x Champions League (Leeds Utd, Bayern Munich, CSKA Moscow, Pro Vercelli, Reims)
5x Copa Mercosur (Independiente)
2x Copa Libertadores (Independiente, Fluminense)
1x Inter-American Cup (Independiente)

National Competitions/Cups

1x World Cup (Uruguay)

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Yeeeees. In it to win it.

Erecti.... ehm, Resurrection

22-04-14, 09:19 PM
I can't go first this time around as I go to Vegas next week but once there's a few names on the list, I'll send the first person the save plus the restriction.

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Craig Forrest
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oh wait... zombie Jesus day.... can only be RESURRECTION (of the Dead..... it will be the next George Romero movie ;))

23-04-14, 09:16 AM
Resident Evil Resurrection was terrible. Didn't even have Milla Jovovich in it!

23-04-14, 11:07 AM
Resurrection of Baz on CM0102 forums :D

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Finally Resurrection of PTP!!

"-Downloaded tactics may not be used." this is new right?

23-04-14, 11:41 AM
Copied and pasted from the last actually :D

I'll take it out later, I'm not too bothered about it unless others are.

23-04-14, 12:17 PM
We could post a list of allowed or disallowed tactics I guess? Using top 50 in the OTL makes it no fun anyhow. Even playing with iodine most restrictions can be made redundant.

EDIT: on reflection, the guys willing to participate and contribute to the story are unlikely to use killer tactics anyhow. Decent of course.

23-04-14, 01:58 PM
The DB must not be tapanified, but what about Flex? It's only for cosmetic purposes plus disabled unprotected contracts...

Craig Forrest
23-04-14, 02:03 PM
We could post a list of allowed or disallowed tactics I guess? Using top 50 in the OTL makes it no fun anyhow. Even playing with iodine most restrictions can be made redundant.

EDIT: no reflection, the guys willing to participate and contribute to the story are unlikely to use killer tactics anyhow. Decent of course.

I have a 4-1-2-2-1 tactic that I made a while back and tend to use 99% of the time.... but it's wib-wobbed all to hell and does really well.... but it's not perfect, nor is it something that wins every game....

26-04-14, 03:56 PM
Is there a full list of fallen giants somewhere?

26-04-14, 04:39 PM
Btw; I thought we were allowed a delay by asking for it, and then getting permission by everyone?

Anyway, the sudden Resurrection of my dead voices is quite alarming!

27-04-14, 06:41 PM
Is there a full list of fallen giants somewhere?

Merk posted a list in the ideas thread, and obviously teams that fall on hard times during the save will become eligible.

Btw; I thought we were allowed a delay by asking for it, and then getting permission by everyone?

Anyway, the sudden Resurrection of my dead voices is quite alarming!

Copied and pasted again from the previous PTP threads.

Uploading the save now anyway and sending it to Pat.

28-04-14, 11:31 AM
Got the save and I am happy to announce that we have taken over .....


28-04-14, 11:37 AM
I am the Resurrection was a great song by the Stone Roses :ok:

Not done this in a LONG time!

29-04-14, 03:22 PM
Looks like the ball is rolling on this then! :)

Craig Forrest
29-04-14, 03:26 PM
Not done this in a LONG time!

I've never done this so you'll have to excuse my n00bness :D

29-04-14, 04:38 PM
I've never done this so you'll have to excuse my n00bness :D

It's Alright.

If we fuck up somewhere down the line, we know where to put the blame onto :D

"It was that funky Canadian n00b!"

29-04-14, 04:43 PM
You can +1 for a Welsh noob as well :)

And I think I'm up next! :lol:

30-04-14, 04:54 PM
Chapter I - La Vida Coca

Upside, inside out,
She's livin' la vida loca
She'll push and pull you down,
livin' la vida loca
Her lips are devil red
and her skin's the color mocha
She will wear you out
Livin la vida loca...

Ricky Martin was blasting out of the stereo while I was tottering down the stairs towards the pool; a bottle of Dom Perignon in my left hand, a piece of Latina ass in my right. The party was in full swing and I hummed the melody of the song while fighting my way through the crowd. Life was great, life was loca.


As every year, I was spending my summer at "Casa Patinoza" in Mendoza, the beautiful Argentine city whose football club I have helped achieve worldwide fame years earlier under the aegis of CMSG Ltd. I have worked with this organisation three more times after my stint at Independiente Rivadavia de Mendoza but eventually retired from managing to become a full-time playboy. In the meanwhile, it has also gotten very quiet around CMSG Ltd. and it was even rumoured that they disbanded altogether.

Anyway, as every year, I turned the night into day, opening the gates to all kinds of strangers to come party with me. I finally reached the pool and threw myself on one of the sun loungers. I asked Isabella or Sofia or Natalia or whatever her name was, to get me another bottle of champagne and closed my eyes to get away from it all for a second.

"Got yourself a bonnie lass there. "

I looked up to see a pale man with bad teeth smiling at me. I gave him a drunk nod.

"Wanna have some?" he asked and pointed towards a white substance on the little garden table in front of him.

"Nah, I am good. I don't take this kind of stuff, thanks!", I uttered.

"Come on lad, ye seem down a bit. I'll bob it into a nice line for ye."

"Fuck sake, alright alright. Once doesn't count, I guess." I kneeled down next to the table and snorted a long line of this mysterious white substance. And this was the last thing I remember about that particular night.


Chapter II - The Aftermath

http://s7.directupload.net/images/140430/cd2kbs7o.jpg (http://www.directupload.net)

"Eeeeeeeeeeeh .... aaaaaaaaaaaghhhh ........"

I woke up on the floor staring into fluorescent light. What the fuck happened? Did I get hit by a bus?

"Oh hello there matey! Welcome back!", said a familiar-sounding voice.

I picked myself up and looked around. Still being dizzy and the bright light shining straight into my face, I had trouble recognizing the shady character that I had a brief chat with at my home.

Me: "Where the fuck am I?"

Stranger: "Mendoza police station. In a holding cell.", he said.

Me: "Fuuck ... what did I do?"

Stranger: "Where shall I start? You went fully bonkers last night, matey. Covering the police chief's garage in graffiti. Going on a drug-fuelled rampage through town..

http://s14.directupload.net/images/140501/uup8xvpn.jpg (http://www.directupload.net) http://ak2.picdn.net/shutterstock/videos/1019875/preview/stock-footage-burning-street-after-riot-conflict-protest-with-police.jpg

Me: "Drug-fuelled.... You fucking c**t.. you are the one who made me snort that massive line of cocaine."

Stranger: "No no no matey. I prepared two lines; one for you and one for me. You just snorted all the way through.."

Me: "Oh fuck man. Call Isabella or Sofia or Natalia or whatever her name is and tell her to get me the fuck out of there.

Stranger: "Yeah... about your lass... I don't know how to put this..... ehm.... she is sueing you for all you got..."

Me: "What the fuck? Why?"

Stranger: "Hard to explain matey... I think it's best if you have a look yourself.."

He handed me his phone through the bars and I played back the video...


Me: "What the hell????!"

Stranger: "Yep... hilarious, innit? Ye are a proper nutcase. No strength in your arm either. Didn't quite threw her far enough matey. Not too worry though, she only broke a couple bones.. nothing too serious. Anyway, I don't think you got a big future in this town. With all the charges, ye are looking at 2-3 years time in an Argentine jail."

Me: "No no no no, I can't go to jail. I am way too pretty for that. Who the fuck are you anyway?"

Stranger: "Who I am depends on you matey. I can be your best friend. Or just a random Englishman passing through the beautiful town of Mendoza.

Me: "Cut the crap. I blackmailed enough people myself in the past. What do you want from me?"

Stranger: "Well... I really don't want anything from you and couldn't care less about your pitiful self. My employers on the other hand see something in you and have tasked me to present you with a job offer. You may have heard of them. They are CM...

Me: "..SG fucking limited.. Whereever they fucking are, mayhem isn't far. They can go fuck themselves. I don't manage football teams anymore.

Stranger: "I see..... never mind then, have a wonderful time. Bye bye matey." He started walking towards the exit.

Me: "Hey hey hey.. stay here. Jesus fucking Christ. You could have at least asked nicely. I'll do it. Just get me out of this shithole here.

Stranger: "That's music to my ears. I have managed to secure us a short window to get you out of Argentina. We need to be quick." He nodded towards a guard who opened the cell.

We walked outside where a car was already waiting for us.

Stranger: "Get in."

He pushed me into the car and it sped off.

Me: "Where are we going?"

Stranger: "To the airport. We are flying to England."

We sat next to each other silently while the driver navigated the streets of Mendoza.

Stranger: "By the way matey, I was bluffing back there. My employers told me to come back with you or not come back at all. I have seen their shortlist of managers in case I was to fail. Redknapp69, Craig Forrest etc... no-name run-of-the-mill managers with no accolades and no charisma. Men who can't be entrusted with a job as important as this."

Me: "You fu...."

Stranger: "Shshshs.... let's refrain from the name-calling. And I'd suggest you watch your language in my home country. Your excessive use of the F-word is inacceptable... Driver, turn up the radio!"

Woke up in New York City
In a funky cheap hotel
She took my heart and she took my money
She must have slipped me a sleeping pill...

It was the same song I have last heard at my place when all this mess started. "Go suck a dick, Ricky Martin.", I quietly muttered.


Chapter III - Dead wood is no good

We were about to touch down on English soil and I still didn't know where we were going. I asked several times but the stranger I was travelling with only spoke in riddles.

"They are a big English club", he said. "But struggled recently. You will be walking in the footsteps of managers such as Brian Clough. Legends like Ian Rush used to play for them as well."

So it was Nottingham Forest. Or Liverpool? Did Clough ever manage Liverpool? Did Rush ever play for Forest? I didn't quite know. Both would make sense managing. Once they were both big clubs but these days one of them is mediocre at best and the other one’s a bottler. Both in need of a strong man at a helm.

We landed and I had barely left the private plane we were flying with when I got pushed into a black limousine. Inside I got greeted by a smarmy Arab man.

Arab: "Mr. Inoz, so glad to have you here. I am Salah Nooruddin, chai..."

Me: "Gesundheit." He gave me a puzzled look.

Arab: "Mr. Inoz, I am chairman of Leeds United and absolutely delighted that you are here. CMSG Ltd have told me many a good thing about you.

Eeeugh. Leeds. I felt a bit disappointed and uninspired. They weren't the greatest side but far from the worst either. This season is hardly gonna pose a challenge. I exhaled loudly.

Me: "Alright Mr. Noodles, drive me to the training ground. And send word to the coaches to round up the first team and their reserve. And call their agents too. We gonna clear the dung out today."

I put on my Beats and ignored the poor fool for the rest of the way.


We arrived a short time later and I could already spot a large crowd standing around on the pitch from far away.

"Oi!", I yelled. Everybody turned their head.

Assistant Manager: "Ah, Mr. Inoz. Nigel Gibbs's my name. I have gathered everybody as you ordered. 43 players in total.

Me: "Forty-three? What am I supposed to do with forty-three players?!"

I stood there thinking for a moment.

Me: "Alright lads, line up and take turns at yelling “one” and two”.

They did as I asked.

Me: Alrighty lads, all the 1s go to centre of the pitch please. All the 2s; please go inside, clean out your lockers and tell your agents you need a new club.”

Both 1s and 2s looked at me flabbergasted.

Me: “Come on, I won’t say it again. Chop chop chop! Nigel, you take care of the remaining 22 players. Run a couple laps, do some sprints and cap it off with an hour in the gym. I have got more urgent business to attend.

He nodded and I walked upstairs to my office. I sat down inside and stared at the remaining names on the team sheet.

http://s1.directupload.net/images/140515/m4fhcujy.png (http://www.directupload.net)


Chapter IV - Wheeling and Dealing

I sat opposite a seemingly uncomfortable Mr Noodles aka Salah Noorusomething aka Dave.

Me: "Alweid Daf", I said between two bites of Bratwurst, "tess cough cough cough." I accidently swallowed a big piece of Bratwurst and had to wash the remaining pieces in my throat down with a large gulp of Pilsener. "Alright Dave, the squad isn't top quality but I have seen worse. Nonetheless, a couple of players to boost the squad quality are needed. What does our transfer kitty look like?"

He didn't respond but let his eyes still wander around my office.

http://s1.directupload.net/images/140515/zgjyy3it.jpg (http://www.directupload.net)

Me: "Decorated it myself. I can help you with your mansion as well. Anyway, money, dosh, coin. How much we got?"

Dave: "Mr. Inoz, you will be pleased to hear that I have sold my shares in a Bangladeshi sweat shop. You have got £4.3m at your disposal."

Me: "Hey hey, first words out of your mouth that I actually like."

I already had a couple of offers on my desk for a bunch of 2s so I was quite content that money didn't look to be a problem. I shoved Mr. Noodles out the door and was about to close it

Dave: "I also have to inform you though that, in agreement with CMSG Ltd., we look to be building a title-challening team of primarily English players combined with the finest foreign youth."

Me: "Who did you think I am gonna bolster the squad with? Read my vita. I don't play old has-beens. I am all for young talents I can shape as I want and pass my immense wisdom onto. Now leave me alone. I have to make a couple phone calls."

I phoned some contacts of mine, called in a couple of favours and it didn't take long for the deals to be sealed and the players to be greeted at Elland Road.

First signing of the season was a young Swedish right-back. We weren't exactly short on right-back as Byram, Lees and Wooton were all able to play the position but this was too good an opportunity to miss. 19-year old Emil Krafth joined us from Helsingborg for a fee of £950k and I fancied him to be Leed's right-back for the next decade.

http://s14.directupload.net/images/140515/xdp98ab8.png (http://www.directupload.net)

While we had enough central midfielders, we lacked a versatile attacking mid who could play all sides. CMSG and Dave asked for English players and young players so I was gonna give them both in one go. Tom Ince couldn't resist the chance to play under such a prestigous manager and joined us from Blackpool for £2m.

http://s14.directupload.net/images/140515/79f62oji.png (http://www.directupload.net)

Which left me with only 2 holes in the squad to fill. A centre-back was needed as none of the ones at the club inspired me with confidence. Martin Kelly left Liverpool and joined the Leeds revolution for £1.1m.

http://s1.directupload.net/images/140515/5mj5y9tg.png (http://www.directupload.net)

The last signing, and also the most important one, was going to be a big body upfront. Only 18-year old Luke Parkin was left after the cull earlier in the week and that wasn't gonna be enough for an entire season. So I scraped up the remaining pennies and lured 21-year old Pierre-Michel Lasogga from Hertha to Leeds for £3.5m.

http://s1.directupload.net/images/140515/n4lxm2jx.png (http://www.directupload.net)

So after all the 2s had gone...

http://s14.directupload.net/images/140515/a2maxqg8.png (http://www.directupload.net)

... I was left with 26 players to undertake promotion.


Chapter V - Rollercoaster

Referee Paul Rejer blew his whistle and the first league game of the season was under way. We played away at Watford and I lined the team up in a somewhat defensive 4-5-1 formation.

http://s14.directupload.net/images/140517/dhbdrpmk.png (http://www.directupload.net)

Young Jack Butland got the nod for the position between the sticks, Mowatt and Austin formed central midfield infront of defense and loaned in Kebe and Stewart played as wingers.

We went behind after half an hour but turned the game around in the second half to win 2:1. Luke Parkin, the 18-year old back-up striker scored our first goal of the season. We went on to win the next 2 league games against Leicester and Nottingham Forest (Ross McCormack scoring the winner with the last kick of the game against Leicester) and found ourselves in second position in the league. We also won in the first round of the League Cup; exactly the kind of start of the season I was hoping for.

Sadly we hit a brick wall after that. 2 draws and 2 losses in the next 4 league games saw us drop down to 9th position. On top of that, we conceded 12 goals in those first 7 league games not managing a single clean sheet. The players didn't put my tactical instructions into practice and I knew it was gonna be extremely hard to get promoted with such a leaky defense.

http://s14.directupload.net/images/140517/ihxonk3c.png (http://www.directupload.net)

A change of tactics was needed .

http://s14.directupload.net/images/140517/g23huego.png (http://www.directupload.net)

I switched to 3 at the back which, at first sight, might appear strange since I wanted to strengthen the defense but I wanted the boys to press high. The striker and the 5 midfielders were tasked to not even let anything get near our box.

We practiced this set-up in the 2nd round of the League Cup and while we didn't keep a clean sheet, we managed to win the game 2:1 and I liked what I saw. The next 3 league games confirmed my observations. We won them all only conceding once in those 3 matches. Our good form saw us move up to 4th spot on the table; within striking distance to the top 3.

But once again, it went pear-shaped soon after. No win the next 5 matches; drawing 3 and losing 2, saw us back to where we just been, 9th position. This was starting to piss me off massively. Every brilliant tactical idea of mine only seemed to work a couple of weeks.

The last game of October was to be the 3rd round match in the League Cup. We did well in the first 2 rounds beating Accrington and Charlton respectively but this was gonna be a big test if there ever was one.

We were to travel to the Etihad to play Manchester City. Well, that was just great. I had a slight hope of going on a decent cup run and sneaking into Europe. This was more or less out of the question now; at least regarding the League Cup.

The match kicked off and started with a bang. Norris crossed the ball to Lasogga who headed it past Hart. 1:0 up at the Etihad in the 3rd minute. Was this gonna be one of those magical days where everything just clicks into place. Sadly, it wasn't. Nasri and Aguero soon turned the game around and City won 2:1. Nonetheless, this was one of our better games in recent weeks.

I was disappointed for a while but had more pressing matters to take care of; our abysmal league form.

http://s1.directupload.net/images/140517/cwreq7dj.png (http://www.directupload.net)

So once again back to the drawing board. I had played with 4 defenders, and I had played with 3 defenders so there was only option left, play 5 at the back. 3 central defenders were tasked to shut up shop at the back and 2 offensive wingbacks were not only supposed to help them but also support the attack.

http://s1.directupload.net/images/140517/xw29iltc.png (http://www.directupload.net)

And it worked a treat. We not only found back to our winning form but we also won in style.

http://s1.directupload.net/images/140517/xw29iltc.png (http://www.directupload.net)

Of the next 11 league games, we won 8, drew 2 and only lost 1. We were sitting 2nd in the league table and life was good.

And then the inevitable happened. We lost form and played like a team battling relegation. 0:2 loss against Brighton, 0:0 in the FA Cup against Football League outfit MK Dons and finally a 0:1 loss against Nottingham Forest. 3 games, no win and not even a single goal scored. We dropped down to 4th and were even in danger of missing out of the playoff places.

http://s7.directupload.net/images/140517/452c5xd2.png (http://www.directupload.net)

It did my freaking head in. 29 games played, 17 to go and it was impossible to put a finger on where our season was heading.


Chapter VI - By the skin of our teeth

Having played with one striker the entire time, I finally abandoned the idea and put 2 men upfront. Lasogga and McCormack were tasked to just outscore the opposition as my defense was useless. I cramped up the middle of the pitch as my fullbacks were at least half decent and could deal with the additional pressure.

http://s7.directupload.net/images/140521/m5ycyw26.png (http://www.directupload.net)

As expected, it worked wonders. We won 10 of the next 11 games; our only loss coming in the FA Cup where we were yet again drawn against Manchester City. We were sitting at the top of the table, 7 points clear of second place and god knows how many of 3rd and 7th respectively having just won 9 league matches in a row. With only that many matches left to go, there was no way we were gonna bottle the title....

http://s7.directupload.net/images/140521/prba32yx.png (http://www.directupload.net)

... but something we did must have properly pissed off the football gods as we went on the biggest losing run I have ever experienced in my entire career. It started with us being complacent and then desperately looking for the switch to turn it all around; a switch we never found.

We lost the next 8 league games and dropped down to 5th. Self-destruction beyond belief. I frantically changed tactics, had conversations with the players etc. but nothing worked. We looked like a Sunday League outfit on the pitch.

With only 1 game to go, we were in danger of dropping out of the playoff positions altogether. Outrageous. Anybody who had bet on that 2 months ago would have been rich by now.

http://s14.directupload.net/images/140521/firhr229.png (http://www.directupload.net)

We were playing Doncaster who were sitting mid-table and had nothing to play for anymore. This wasn't a sign of hope though; the way we played recently, they could have rocked up with their B-team and we'd have struggled.

Leicester and Burnley were playing against each other which meant that, in case we lose, the winning team in that match will automatically overtake us. Blackburn was hosting 3rd-placed Derby and Birmingham played away at Ipswich. Both teams had the chance to overtake us on goal difference without needing crazy results go their way.

In other words, the situation was as serious as it gets. A draw would have sufficed but considering we lost the last 8 league games on the bounce, we definitely weren't gonna play for a draw. The games kicked off and I instructed my assistant manager to keep me up to date with results from the other stadiums.

11 minutes had gone and I received good news. Blackburn were 1:0 behind to Derby and momentarily seemed to be out of the promotion race. It was still 0:0 in the other games. We started brightly against Doncaster and kept them occupied in their own half but failed to convert on the dominance so far.

After half an hour, news broke from Ipswich. Scott Allan had put Birmingham 1:0 up. As soon as the result made its way around the stadium, I could see the fear in my player's face. Everything was ok as it was still 0:0 here but god forbid we concede a goal...

... which of course promptly happened. With one of their first attacks of the game and only 2 minutes after Birmingham went ahead in their game against Ipswich, Doncaster scored.

http://s1.directupload.net/images/140521/5u6er3ki.png (http://www.directupload.net)

We were now on equal points with Birmingham. We were still ahead but by the narrowest of margins; a single goal. Our goal difference was +18 at the moment; Birmingham's +17.

"Fuck my life! This cannot be happening!", I thought to myself. Thankfully enough, the team didn't appear too shocked. Some say that a cornered animal is the most dangerous animal and this was certainly true that day. We hit back only 10 minutes later; midfielder David Norris scoring of a Kebe cross. 1:1!

With the half-time whistle, we got another update from the other stadiums. Derby were now 2:0 up against Blackburn, Burnley were leading Leicester which only had relevance for 5th and 6th place though and Daryl Murphy had scored the equalizer for Ipswich against Birmingham in 45th minute.

I took a deep breath and tried to have a calming influence on my players at half time. Everything was under control, no need to worry.

We started the second half fiercely with several shots on Doncaster's goal but bloody Chris Weale, their goalkeeper, had his best game of the season. Shot after shot after shot he saved and I was starting to despair a little. Thankfully Ipswich turned the game around and were 2:1 up against Birmingham now; courtesy of Alex Henshall.

In the 77th minute, we finally managed to get one past Weale; Byram, after a mazy run down the wing, crossed it inside to Cameron Stewart who converted. 2:1 Leeds. However, it was symbolic for the last couple weeks that we couldn't hold onto that lead. Harry Forrester scored a nice freekick for Doncaster only a couple minutes later and the game ended 2:2. Didn't really matter now though, we made it into the playoffs as both Blackburn and Birmingham lost their games and we even stayed in 5th position as Burnley beat Leicester. Nonetheless, a win would have been nice to give the boys some self-confidence for the play-offs.

http://s14.directupload.net/images/140521/oeg4c24o.png (http://www.directupload.net)


Chapter VII - Dreading Reading

Having finished 5th, we were to play 4th placed Reading in the play-offs. We were at home for the first leg before travelling to the Madejski Stadium for the return leg. They were a good team with great attacking players but, similar to us, also had a leaky defence. Going from the regular season matches, it was gonna even games. They beat us 1:0 at home in the first half of the season and we beat them 1:0 at home in the new year.

I switched back to the 3-at-the-back formation we played earlier in the year.

http://s7.directupload.net/images/140521/hjo62fag.png (http://www.directupload.net)

We started brightly and were once again the dominant team without scoring a goal though. Just before the half an hour mark our supporters were in uproar. Kraft got fouled inside the box and Phil Dowd gave a penalty. Lassoga lined up and ....

.... missed :hurt: Un-fucking-real!

http://s1.directupload.net/images/140521/anveevqw.png (http://www.directupload.net)

"Great. Exactly what we needed...", I said to myself.

We continued to dominate and only 1 minute later ...

.... Lasogga redeemed himself! 1:0 Leeds!!

http://s14.directupload.net/images/140521/fjqpznsm.png (http://www.directupload.net)

Unfortunately my joy only lasted for a couple of minutes as fucking Pogrebnyak equalized. Reading had scored the important away goal.

http://s1.directupload.net/images/140521/vz2ogv4p.png (http://www.directupload.net)

The teams went into halftime with the score being 1:1.

We ran at them the entire second half, had chance after chance but were constantly denied by Jakupovic who later got voted MOTM. It was immensely annoying and we were slowly but surely running out of time.

We were already in the 90th minute when Norris sent a long ball from midfield into the box...

https://encrypted-tbn3.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcT1g5b_6NTXGc_2yt3r4V2eb1wP4o731 mWtzmwFj71Y-Lbm_Sz_

... and Krafth scored with a header!!!! 2:1 Leeds in added time!!! You Swedish beauty!

http://s14.directupload.net/images/140521/hgc6r8zn.png (http://www.directupload.net)

What a relief! For the first time in 10 games, we left the pitch as winners! This was surely gonna boost morale.

We travelled to Reading 4 days later with a clear task in our mind. Score an early away goal and then hit them on the counter. I made only one change: Sam Byram came in for our hero Emil Krafth who was in desperate need of a rest.

Mike Tingey blew into his whistle and the game kicked off. We attacked Reading early and I couldn't have dreamt of a better start when McCormack scored in the 2nd minute.

http://s7.directupload.net/images/140521/jv2kko6t.png (http://www.directupload.net)

We had scored the much needed away goal but didn't stop there. Lasogga made it 2:0 after only 15 minutes.

http://s1.directupload.net/images/140521/kgohdabd.png (http://www.directupload.net)

2:0 up away against Reading, 2:1 win at home against them; surely we had secured our ticket to the final in Wembley. Surely...

This was one of my main problems this season. I constantly jinxed it.

It was the 29th minute when disaster struck. Reading's striker Pogrebnyak dribbled into the box but Butland came out and took it cleanly from his feet. Butland was throwing it out to the wing to iniate the counter-attack when I heard a whistle. I watched in horror as that fat cunt Mike Tingey pointed to the spot. But it got even worse. He showed Butland the red card and that was when I lost it. I ran onto the pitch towards Tingley...

https://encrypted-tbn1.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSRmxi2oBwiyF8K4QE1763NfOXpN1ICx VZa1-phuV3Z35qoCnRd

... yelling "You fat fucking corrupt cunt! You won't be blowing your whistle anymore when I have cut your fucking fingers off and fed them to you!" Just as I was about to strike down Tingley I got tackled by security and escorted off the pitch..

https://encrypted-tbn1.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcREAlCkRkbR0JxYRdPcrLYYVyA6xJB12 I6wmuqDj1X_VyF1XuCZ

Le Fondre scored the penalty and it was 2:1. The team was completely shaken up now and Stephen Kelly equalized for Reading only 2 minutes later. Unbelievable! 3 minutes ago we were 2:0 up and on the bus to Wembley. Now it was suddenly 2:2 and we were down to 10 men. Football is fucking cruel.

http://s1.directupload.net/images/140521/mrzkvpjc.png (http://www.directupload.net)

Reading needed another 2 goals but considering they just scored 2 within 3 minutes and there was still an hour left, it was hardly impossible

Fortunately, we avoided the worst-case scenario. We parked the bus in front of goal for the remainder of the game and Reading didn't manage to score another one despite their dominance.

Wembley, here we come!!


Chapter VIII - The Art of War

I looked in the eyes of my soldiers and saw determination. War would commence in a couple of minutes and it would be my last one as general of this battalion. I had been ordered away by my superiors; new challenges were waiting for me.

I sent my warriors out onto the battlefield. Today's enemy was Derby County and there could only be one victorious party. We had to chance to be immortalized; to have songs written about us which the people would sing for centuries to come. But first, we needed to defeat the army on the other side of the battlefield. History always gets written by the winners.

We attempted to blitz them in the first couple minutes but their defensive wall withstood the pressure. The first half an hour of the battle was marked by trench warfare. Nobody gained significant ground; everybody was afraid to make the first mistake.

Suddenly, a Derby soldier managed to pierce a hole through our defense line and we suffered a near fatal blow. Just one second we were unfocused and it had cost us dearly.

http://s7.directupload.net/images/140521/mdj55uso.png (http://www.directupload.net)

We retreated after 45 minutes; licking our wounds. Some men were already marked by battle but we had no time to rest. There was still hope. The first of many battles may have been lost but the war was far from over.

Back on the battlefield, we remained close to our fortress. They knew they had superior position on the battlefield and were only waiting for us to come storming at them; letting their archers pick off our soldiers one by one. But all warfare is based on deception. Hence, when we are able to attack, we must seem unable; when using our forces, we must appear inactive, when we are near, we must make the enemy believe we are far away; when far away, we must make him believe we are near.

Time was starting to run out but we remained patient. I scouted our enemy's stronghold and finally found a weakness. We plotted a perfidious plan. Lieutenant Lasogga was tasked with silently making his way through our enemy's camp breaching their last line of defense and making them suffer a blow to remember.

http://s7.directupload.net/images/140521/ljo8xz2l.png (http://www.directupload.net)

He succeeded in his mission and the people rejoiced. We spent the time after that in a deadlock; nobody was giving an inch. It was becoming obvious that our men were not going home early today.

The battle went on for another thirty minutes with no result and the men were starting to tire. We called a truce and agreed on an honorable way to end this war once and for all.

Each army would send their 5 strongest warriors who'd engage in close-battle combat to determine the winner of this war. I gave Pierre-Michel Lasogga, Rodolph Austin, Sam Byram, Emil Krafth and Ross McCormack the chance to become heroes. Derby County sent Jamie Ward, Johnny Russell, Chris Martin, Craig Forsyth and James O'Connor. Everybody was holding their breath when the signal sounded to start fighting.

We got off to a glorious start. Derby's Jamie Ward fell early; closely followed by Johnny Russell. We now had the numbers in our favour but Derby wouldn't give up so easily. We suffered the first casualty shortly after; god bless Rodolph Austin. The fight went on but neither Martin and Forsyth nor Byram and Krafth commited any mistakes. But James O'Connor did. He lost focus for a split second and we made him pay.

http://s1.directupload.net/images/140521/wtd9hzla.png (http://www.directupload.net)

Derby County yielded and the brave men from Leeds United had won the war. The Fallen Giants have risen once again. Hooray!

30-04-14, 06:09 PM
WTF?! Nice start though!

Craig Forrest
01-05-14, 07:49 PM
Interesting so far... but Craig Forrest is hardly a no-name run-of-the-mill manager...... he's a star :D

02-05-14, 12:22 PM

I have accolades and i have charisma!

I just...

lost them, you see....

Ps. I am sure Ricky Martin will :ok:

02-05-14, 12:23 PM
Also, any chance you can update the play-list AMC?

Need to work out when and whereabouts i will be in the next coming weeks ;)

07-05-14, 02:55 PM
Give me a chance mate I've been in Vegas the last week and I'm a broken man (physically and mentally!).

Nice start Pat, can't wait to see how the footy goes!

07-05-14, 03:02 PM
Waiting list updated.

The DB must not be tapanified, but what about Flex? It's only for cosmetic purposes plus disabled unprotected contracts...

I'll say no mate, unprotected contracts are all part and parcel of the game.

08-05-14, 09:37 PM

08-05-14, 09:43 PM
Good point, where's the write up Pat? You should have at least sent the save on to next in line by now (me :D).

10-05-14, 04:15 PM
Received the save off Pat, but not got my restriction. His write up should be in the next few days.

Craig Forrest
10-05-14, 11:26 PM
soon it will be my turn and i can fuck everything up :)

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I removed my thanks and thanked again as you are eiditing that post pat :)

12-05-14, 08:03 PM
Received my restriction off Pat, so making a start now.

Been toying with an idea though, and was wondering what others thing. At the moment each manager has to be abide by one restriction passed to him by the previous manager, I was thinking to make it harder what if the incoming manager has to adhere to the previous two restrictions as well as the new one given to him by the manager who is handing over the reins to him.


12-05-14, 08:18 PM
Nah, 2 messy - could contradict each other more often than not.

12-05-14, 10:17 PM
I like the idea of longer-term restrictions but I'm not sure a rolling three-season pattern is the way to go. How about once every five (say) seasons anyone can propose a restriction to last for those five seasons, and then we all vote on which one we want (in addition to the usual one from the previous manager)?

13-05-14, 12:14 AM
Not to be a dick - but WHAT!

Restrictions for each season could be bad enough. Stick to the original format, imo.

13-05-14, 12:44 AM
I hope it's not too late for ressurection :rolleyes:

16-05-14, 09:16 AM
Finally some football!

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Finished my season and link sent to red.

Been really busy the last week will hopefully get up to date the next few days and have my write up done by thurs night :ok:

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Link received with thanks!

I'm away this weekend until Tuesday but will try my best to get it done by Friday!

Now need to read the rules and AMC's PM................ :typing: :ranger:

QUESTION - Can coaches/ass man/scouts etc be changed?

20-05-14, 07:01 AM
Yeah background staff can be changed mate.

Craig Forrest
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I've removed myself. Not going to be able to dedicate the time required to do this properly and don't want to do a half-assed job.

Good luck guys :ok:

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Do I put updates here or just do 1 massive write up after I have finished?


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depends, personally, i would prefer one MASSIVE post - unlike the previous one :P

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ok thanks.

I guess I would need to wait until Patinoz finishes and AMC writes thiers up anyway!

I haven't even started season yet but just been assessing squad

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Yep, one big post for me. This is nearly in need of a restart already given we are a fortnight over a week deal already :(

21-05-14, 11:17 AM
Yeah one big post is how it's meant to be.

Pat where the hell is your finished write up?!

21-05-14, 02:25 PM
I've been busy in the transfer market :)

Should have a good go on this in next 3 days and hopefully have it completed before Benidorm at wknd! (Don't ask!)

21-05-14, 02:30 PM
writing as we speak. one more chapter is already up. rest will be up in an hour.

21-05-14, 09:50 PM
Finished, might load up some stats tomorrow. Wish I had more time for this to develop a coherent story line.

21-05-14, 10:42 PM
Superb write up Pat!

LOVED the playoffs part - and what a way to get promotion on penalties in the final!

"Super Leeds" are back in the big time!

Great effort in getting them there - seemed like they put you through the mill with such random results patterns and constant formation changes!


21-05-14, 11:43 PM
Question - it says do NOT use downloaded tactics

Can I play the default 4-1-3-2?

I'm assuming a downloaded tactic is a cheat one?

Let me know as finishing pre-season friendlies now


22-05-14, 06:39 AM
Superb write up Pat!

LOVED the playoffs part - and what a way to get promotion on penalties in the final!

"Super Leeds" are back in the big time!

Great effort in getting them there - seemed like they put you through the mill with such random results patterns and constant formation changes!


Craziest season I have ever played in CM. I still don't know why it was such a roller coaster. I win 9 in a row and then lose 8 in a row. Makes no sense, even for CM.

Thought I lost when Reading scored the 2:2 and the Derby game was nerv-wrecking as well.

I immensely enjoyed the save as I usually don't play CM anymore and this reminded me how great this game is.

You are fine with a default tactic as long as it's fine with AMC's restriction.

24-05-14, 12:04 PM
Great write up Pat.

Sorry for the delay guys, been really busy since sending the save on to Red. Will defo have it up by tomorrow night.

Concerning tactics, I'm not too bothered what people use, each to their own. Default 4-1-3-2 is definitely ok though mate.

24-05-14, 03:53 PM
Am drunk in Benidorm at the mo but am 1/3 way through season and should have it all done and written up by beginning of next week

25-05-14, 10:11 PM
It had been a while since I last managed a football team, never mind one at this level, but here I was in front of the press as the new manager of recently promoted and former Premiership champions, Leeds Utd. It was all a bit of a whirwind as I was bombared with questions from the gathered media, but having had time to familiarise myself with the club and my surroundings I elected to play a straight bat to the questions, not giving much away. What I did know was Leeds had come through an up and down season last year, before triumphing in the playoffs to return to the Premiership, and they also had decent players in Lassoga, McCormack and Ince, although defence looked like a concern, having conceeded more than a goal a game in the Championship, which could only get worse against the likes of Suarez, Aguero and van Persie. Shoring up the defence was even more difficult when I was told by the board I could only play one centre back, and so out went my usual back four defence, and instead I hoped fielding two defensive mids may help stop the onslaught on the loan centre back, finally settling on the following tactic.


Deciding on going with two defensive mids was one thing, but bringing in 3 or 4 quality ones was another, so it was time to hit the transfer market. It wasn't just defensive mids I was in the market though, as in total 13 players joined the club for a combined £19m, with 8 players leaving the club for £5.7m. First up with only two Goalkeepers on the books, one of whom Jack Butland was on loan from Stoke, it was an area I was keen to strengthen, and it was Norwich and England Goalkeeper John Ruddy who was signed from relegated Norwich for £800k who was to be my first signing. Paddy Kenny the only other keeper was unhappy with the signing and so he was sold to Preston for £300k, with veteran Thomas Sorensen (free) and youngster Jonathan Maxted (£50k - Doncaster) providing back up to Ruddy. Onto defence and the full backs looked quie strong, but Left Back Stephen Warnock was looking for first team football so he left for West Ham in a £375k deal, with another Norwich player signed in Steven Whittaker as his replacement for £1.1m, and centre back Marius Zaliukas also left to join Charlton for £375k. Midfield saw the most change with Michael Brown, David Norris, Paul Green and Luke Murphy all moving on with Matias Fernandez, Francis Coquelin, Wilson Palacios, Mario Bolatti, Michu, Saido Berahino and Anthony Pilkington all joining the club. Finally up front, and it was 30 yr old Darren Bent who was signed for £2m to provide competition to Lasogga, with Noel Hunt also finding pastures new as he headed to Birmingham for £575k. With my squad assembled for the hard season ahead it was time to get to work with them and outline my style of play and my goals for the season. The board told me they wanted to fight against relegation, but I saw no reason why we couldn't aim for a top half finish, and possibly even sneak a European place. A good cup run would also be nice after the team unfortunately came up against Man City in both cups last year, losing on both occasions.

The league season started with an away trip to Southampton, and we got off to the perfect start winning 3-0 with debut goals for Michu and Darren Bent, and it actually took till the 5th league game of the season before we tasted defeat, losing at home to Man City 2-1 in a game we probably deserved a point from. Still we were holding our own in the league and it was only defeats against giants Liverpool (3-1 at home) and Arsenal (2-1 away) which didn't see us higher in the table after 10 games, although we were in the European places.


We continued to pick up the points and a run of four wins in our next five saw us threaten the top four, and we had also made steady progress in the League Cup, as the fringe members of the squad had impressed in overcoming Accrington, Southend and Norwich, but in a tough away game against Spurs in the quarter final we just couldn't find that winning goal, and despite recovering from 3-1 down to 3-3, we eventually lost 4-3 in extra time.


Defeat in the League Cup saw us also stumble slightly in the league, with just one win in our next 5 games, as we failed to triumph over Man Utd, Everton and Newcastle away, and Spurs at home, but despite this blip a win at home against Southampton on Boxing Day, saw us still on the fringes of the European places.


The Southampton result was actually the start of a very frutiful run of games for us, as we gathered 19 pts from a possible 21, and also beat Newcastle away 1-0 and Fulham 4-0 at home in the FA Cup, to set up a 5th round home tie against Spurs, and a chance for revenge. It was a terrible start as right back Kyle Walker gave the London side the lead after just 40 secs, but halfway through the first half centre back Martin Kelly levelled the scores with a towering header from a corner. Spurs took the lead again shortly after half time, with Paulinho getting his head to a free kick, but once again we equalised and it was former Spurs man Darren Bent with a real goal poachers goal. Unfortunately it weren't our day, as Spanish striker Roberto Soldado found a winner for Tottenham, and for the second year in a row, the same team would knock us out of both domestic cups.


We couldn't rest on our laurels though, our recent good league form saw us really climb the and we were up to the heady heights of 5th, and just one point behind of all teams Tottenham, perhaps we finally could get one over them! In fact over the next three games, we matched each others results, winning one, drawing one and losing one, to stay just a solitary point behind Spurs with just 8 games to go. Could we snatch Champions League football?


We had just one focus now and that was the league, while Spurs had the League Cup Final and and FA Cup Quarter Final to contest, which they both won, setting up a semi final against Man Utd. While teams were tiring coming into the final stretch of the league season, we instead started hitting our stride, as we began to score goals for fun, and it was mainly German striker Lasogga grabbing the headlines. 6 games, 6 wins and 21 goals scored saw us finally break the top 4, and despite losing our next game 4-2 away to of all teams Spurs and slipping to 4th, we re-gathered and back-to-back wins over Everton and Sunderland saw us finish in a quite unbelievable 2nd place!


What a season it had truly been, no one, me included thought Champions League football next season was a possibility, never mind finishing 2nd! It's hard to pick a player of the season, Lasogga got the goals, finishing with 25 in 24 for the season, but Bolatti (7.97) and Palacios (8.00) were collosuses in midfield, while young Swedish right back Krafth was a real star, and at just 20 should be a quality player for years to come, I'd be interested to see who gets the award. It's a shame I won't be around for next year, but I knew the deal when I joined, and so I wish the next manager all the best. Finally, the next restriction, and as it was money which led to Leeds demise IRL, I thought it was apt we made sure that didn't happen in game, so with that in mind, by the end of next season the wage bill needs to be reduced by 25%, it's currently at a nice round £240k per week, so by this time next year it needs to be down to at least £180k per week.

Best of luck Red!

25-05-14, 10:23 PM
Nice job AMC :ok:

25-05-14, 10:26 PM
Cheers mate, still can't believe how well we did, especially with playing just the one centre back!

25-05-14, 10:31 PM
Waiting list updated.

26-05-14, 01:40 AM
Nice work so far guys :ok:

AMC - you need to link the posts in the first post so peeps can find it later on, instead of scrolling through the pages ;)

26-05-14, 01:40 PM
Great stuff AMC - crazy end to the season with all those teams on 79 points!

And a hell of an effort with just 1 DC as well!

I'm back from holiday on Tuesday and hope to have the saved game passed over to someone - so I need to crack on playing whilst in airport etc :) :typing:

26-05-14, 02:24 PM
Good season :ok:

I actually had a look at Bent at the start of my season and think I even submitted a bid. They wanted something around the 2m mark as well; too much money for me back then; especially since Lasogga was available for the same amount.

Butland was an absolute twat so glad to see you didn't buy him. Countless times we had like 2 or 3 shots on target and you could rely on him letting at least one in.

26-05-14, 03:01 PM
Great season! Well played AMC.

Just seen how to take part... Resurrection

26-05-14, 10:39 PM
Amazing season, and nice restriction too... :ok:

27-05-14, 11:52 AM
@ Pat, great season for you in the end. Very inconsistent but got the result when it mattered. Loved that writeup in the context of a war :D

@ AMC, WTF! Did you stumble on a winning tactic?! Finishing 2nd is unbelievable especially with such an overhaul of the squad and no particular big names. I did like the sound of Lasogga joining when Pat signed him so glad he's settled in well for you there.

Just checked and I'm due to take charge in the 8th season - Hopefully Kraft is still with us by then :D

27-05-14, 02:21 PM
I'm potentially letting some big names go with the wage restriction :)

27-05-14, 02:36 PM
Out of curiosity, which Leeds are we resurrecting? Leeds that got to CL semi's actually won fuck all really and if CL football is the goal we've already achieved it.

27-05-14, 09:42 PM
Good season :ok:

I actually had a look at Bent at the start of my season and think I even submitted a bid. They wanted something around the 2m mark as well; too much money for me back then; especially since Lasogga was available for the same amount.

Butland was an absolute twat so glad to see you didn't buy him. Countless times we had like 2 or 3 shots on target and you could rely on him letting at least one in.

Bent was first choice to begin with and actually started the season well, but he soon lost his place to Lasogga who really started scoring for fun, but Bent did manage a respectable 13 goals in 20(9) apps. Whether at 31 he has a future at the club is up to future managers.

@ Pat, great season for you in the end. Very inconsistent but got the result when it mattered. Loved that writeup in the context of a war :D

@ AMC, WTF! Did you stumble on a winning tactic?! Finishing 2nd is unbelievable especially with such an overhaul of the squad and no particular big names. I did like the sound of Lasogga joining when Pat signed him so glad he's settled in well for you there.

Just checked and I'm due to take charge in the 8th season - Hopefully Kraft is still with us by then :D

What can I say, I'm a genius :D Who's to say we'll still be at Leeds then mate?

I'm potentially letting some big names go with the wage restriction :)

A manager's got to do what a manager's got to do.

Out of curiosity, which Leeds are we resurrecting? Leeds that got to CL semi's actually won fuck all really and if CL football is the goal we've already achieved it.

As outlined in the OP,

-In order to fulfil our goal of returning clubs to their former glories we need to ensure they win all the major domestic trophies (e.g. in England - Premiership, FA Cup and League Cup) as well as the major continental trophy (Champions League or Copa Libertadores).

- - - Updated - - -

Great season! Well played AMC.

Just seen how to take part... Resurrection

Cheers mate, added to the list :ok:

27-05-14, 10:07 PM
Cheers AMC, kinda got stuck on the original idea. Thats far more simple for sure. Gonna make things interesting for sure :ok:

28-05-14, 12:51 AM
Lads - got half the season done and into new year.

I have a bitch of a day in work tomorrow but tomorrow evening will look to have this completed and passed onto next person as I'm golfing the next 3 days!

31-05-14, 01:40 PM
Did you manage to send the save on mate?

31-05-14, 01:45 PM
I got it for some reason?

01-06-14, 02:13 AM
Back from golf holiday

Got all day Sunday free for CM so will have this sent onto next person on Sunday and will also try and get write up done by Sunday night as well

Apologies for the delay!

01-06-14, 02:38 AM
Back from golf holiday

Got all day Sunday free for CM so will have this sent onto next person on Sunday and will also try and get write up done by Sunday night as well

Apologies for the delay!

Derm is next, in case Fods got it by mistake :P

01-06-14, 02:44 AM
Thanks - I haven't sent anyone a save as not finished season yet! :)

02-06-14, 12:48 AM
trying to upload save and pass to Dermo now...........

02-06-14, 01:54 AM
16th May
Its a sunny day in South Wales. I am back in "God's Country" visiting my family and friends. I am down by the Gower Penninsula on the beach having a latte with the waves crashing on the Langland and Caswell shoreline.......

http://s10.postimg.org/lzxy3xb9l/caswell_bay_bigger.jpg (http://postimage.org/)

It's a far cry away from the bright lights of London and my home in the Surrey countryside

http://s16.postimg.org/mmtojot0l/london_night_2165822b.jpg (http://postimage.org/)

http://s16.postimg.org/lyku0quat/View_from_Box_Hill_Dorking_summer.jpg (http://postimg.org/image/48j5fpgpt/full/)

The next thing I get a phone call.............It's from my old pal yet rival manager in the CM World - AMC!

AMC: How you doing mate - long time no speak!
Redknapp69: Very well thanks. It's been a funny year not being in the game after I spent so long at Liverpool, sometimes I dont know what to do with myself!
AMC: Well - that's one of the reasons why I'm calling. I was wandering if you are willing to take the baton from me in a special project that has been bestowed upon us CM Members
Redknapp69: Interesting, tell me more.............
AMC: We have been asked to take the reins of a former "fallen giant" and take them back to the glory days!
Redknapp69: What?! - Manchester United?! :pound: :rofl:
AMC: Och no - that might be a step to far! It's the "Whites", "Super Leeds" - that's right - LEEDS UNITED!
Redknapp69: Wow - that sounds amazing, although a tough task indeed. I'd love to accept the challenge. I do have a distant relative in Carl Harris that used to play for them that might be able to give me some insights

http://s16.postimg.org/oil28l78l/car.jpg (http://postimage.org/)

AMC: Ah well - this is where the last 2 men in the hotseat, myself and Patinoz might be able to help and give you a brief rundown of how we've done so far. The full lowdown will be sent to you in the next day or so by Baz's sheep on an express service!

18th May
I arrive in Yorkshire and in Central Leeds. It's straight to work at Elland Road.

http://s29.postimg.org/9noqof91j/grou.jpg (http://postimage.org/)

Although AMC performed a stellar job I was keen to bring a couple of staff in to help me shape the squad needed to ensure I adhered to the restriction which was to reduce the wage bill to be no more than £180k come the end of the season (25% less).

Seeing it was this mis-management of the clubs finances that messed Leeds up before, AMC thought this restriction would be apt to make sure it doesn't happen to Leeds again!

Assistant Manager
I didn't feel as though Nigel Gibbs has the relevant skills to be my no. 2 so I thanked him for his work assisting AMC whilst I brought in a young Portuguese upstart called Alberto Samedo who has been getting rave reviews as the coach of União da Madeira

I retained the services of a number of AMC's coaching staff but did want to bring my own flavour to things so chose to replace Neil Sullivan with Arturo Guida as the main goalkpeeping coach.
Neil Redfearn was also thanked for his time at the club and replaced by an expert in coaching youngsters - Matt Lockwood at Dundee

I was happy with the scouting team AMC had assembled and get them to work on scouting a number of possible signings

As there was no restriction on tactics I decided to go the tried and tested 4-1-3-2 that had served me so well previously at Liverpool

As a result, AMC advised me that I would need to sure up the defence as he was restricted to play 1 DC! Crazy stuff and shows what a great job he did last year!

Jonathan Maxted would remain in reserves and available for loan.
Thomas Sorensen was thanked for his efforts last year but at 38 and taking up valuable wages was put on the transfer list. He actually ended up retiring - all the best fella!
John Ruddy and Jason Steele would be battling for the No.1 spot unless I could bring in a better 'keeper on less than the 10k Ruddy was earning

This was where a lot of "work" may need to be done from my team and scouts

Emil Krafth what is known in the CM World as a "wonderkid" and is a stick on RB or even CB
Sam Byram is another starlet who can play RB or AMR - can see him certainly being in the starting XI
18 year old Jake Peters has some great Marking and Positioning att's but maybe needs to work on his tackling. At his tender age he will play reserve team football, look to get a loan move and potentially play some early cup games for me and then will see how he progresses
Scott Wooton the 1 time Manure player doesn't look to have really impressed since leaving there and joining Leeds. His contract ends next year and wants a new one but i'll make a decision on him soon as he may be put on the open market
Aidy White has been at Leeds since an early age. He seemed first choice for AMC on the left side and did a solid job. Can certainly see him being in my squad going forward
AMC suggested Martin Kelly was the only CB that could cut it at this level which I wholeheartedly agree with. Although an injury for 2 months means he will miss a lot of pre-season
Tom Lees has some decent att's and as we are thin on the ground he will stay for the moment - but that could change of new recruits arrive.
Steven Whittaker looks versatile but at 30 he should have developed more now and I'm concerned he may not be able to perform at CL level - possible transfer list candidate
Jason Pearce looks another "much of a muchness" defender time will also tell on him

Based on that - I've asked my scouts to focus on the defensive targets I have identfied!

AMC accumulated some superb DMC in the squad but suggested I may not need them all with no tactic restriction from him and to cash on getting the budget down and using any spare cash for defence.

Rodolph Austin seems to be fuming with lack of first team action from AMC but I rate the guy and possibly see him as the No.1 DM for Leeds. I'll give him some pre-season games and see how he performs
In my opinion Francis Coquelin has never fulfilled early potential but again I'm willing to give him a chance
Michael Tongue already has a Bosman transfer arranged with MK Dons. I have no issues with this
Mario Bolatti looks to have been AMC's No.1 DMC but at 30 and Atletico Madrid interested at his £6,75m I may have to cash in on him
Wilson Palacios has always seemed inconsistent to me (but he had an average rating of 8 last year!) and due to his basic wage could be let go
Alex Mowatt looks to be a fine young CM and will certainly be in contention for one of the 3 CM spots
Tom Ince looks to have really performed under Patinoz but not under AMC. The kid has talent but also a bit of an attitude. He'll be given a chance under me at Leeds but we'll have to see whether he can adapt to a potential CM role
Matias Fernandez looks an experienced versatile CM with some class but at a £27k basic wage - he may have to be sacrificed

A number of strikers at the club and I felt as though I only needed 4

AMC suggested his concerns over Ross McCormack and whether he could perform at the highest level - I agreed and transfer listed him (even though he was player of the year last year!) :shocked: :eek:
Steve Morison didn't look to have the quality at this level either and was transfer listed
Antony Pilkington wasn't looking like he would fit into my system and also due to him being on a hefty £14k I had to put him up for sale
Luke Parkin looked a fine prospect and would be up for a loan contract and get more experience in reserves
Pierre Lassonga is a beast of a player and will surely be 1 of 2 to lead the line but currently has a 3 month injury. I hope to get back a few games into the season
Michu is on a whopping 24k but as I am born and bred in South Wales, I had seen him perform a number of times for Swansea and he again would be in the mix for one of the starting berths up top
Saido Berahino is a "starlet" and at the moment I feel that he will perform valuable cover and get his fair share of game time
Darren Bent is a proven goalscorer and England International. However AMC had concerns over his age and whether he could "cut it" at Champions League level that AMC so superbly guided Leeds to last year. I am undecided at the moment. I will see what we can bring in in the transfer market and that may have a bearing on Bent but with Lassonga injured he would certainly be in with a shout of being in the first XI

Transfers OUT

http://s17.postimg.org/b35ao7bm7/Start_Season_Transfers_OUT.png (http://postimage.org/)

The biggest suprise here was Michu going! But with £3.9m, 25%, James Milner, Zucullini and his £27.5k off the wage bill is was something I couldn't turn down

But it certainly ruffled a few feathers...........

http://s17.postimg.org/elhaklci7/Michu_Sale.png (http://postimage.org/)

http://s17.postimg.org/ra6zqit8v/Michu_Sale1.png (http://postimage.org/)

I'm still also looking to shift Bent, McCormack, Fernandez, Morison and Pilkinton off the wage bill

Transfers IN

http://s17.postimg.org/47ggrcrrj/Start_Season_Transfers_IN.png (http://postimage.org/)

With regards to transfers in I went down the potential stars that could come in on a reasonable wage to help achieve the restriction.

To sign Kolar, Nurishi, Brodic, Avdjiaj would all bode well and to guide them through the rigours of Prem football Frank Lampard was picked up on a 1 year deal - still class and would be a squad player with us fighting in a number of competitions.

I took AMC's advice and bolstered the defence no end! We now have some quality options there but I need to decide my first XI from the current squad..................

http://s17.postimg.org/d17d8geq7/Start_Season_1st_Team.png (http://postimage.org/)

http://s17.postimg.org/t3ehsl3tb/Start_Season_Reserves.png (http://postimage.org/)

As always I like to arrange some pre-season games to give everyone a go and get the fitness up. We took a tour to Wales where we would play Newport, Cardiff, Swansea as well as a requested game from QPR and not to be missed a Yorkshire "derby" against our local rivals Bradford!
However, the gate receipts from this game (over 27,000 people attended) would be donated to the families of the 56 that never returned in the tragedy of the 1985 fire :grouphug: :pray:

The results from the pre-season were largely positive - 4 wins and a 1 loss

http://s22.postimg.org/51madjiox/Friendly_results.png (http://postimage.org/)

It was time for the local press - Yorkshire Post - for my thoughts on the upcoming season.............

http://s14.postimg.org/vtv9si2g1/york.png (http://postimage.org/)
Journalist: Why did you take up the job?
Redknapp69: This is fantastic club, with a huge fan base and I want to carry on the work from Patinoz and AMC to bring Leeds United back where it should be - amongst the world's elite!

Journalist: What is your football philosophy?
Redknapp69: I want to play front foot attacking football. The pass and move game is critical to the way I want the team to play

Journalist: How do you handle criticism from fans?
Redknapp69: I'm happy to attend fans Q&A meetings that are organised by the Fanzine "The Square Ball". Everyone has an opinion and I respect that - but let's wait until we start the season before talking about any criticism shall wel!

Journalist: What are your thoughts of replacing a popular coach?
Redknapp69: Yes, Patinoz and AMC have been superb in the past couple of years. Patinoz taking the team to the "promised land" in an emotion draining season with so many highs and lows but ultimately he got the guys focused and they came through the playoffs for him in superb fashion. Whilst AMC has surely outperformed the boards expectations in the first season back in the EPL. To achieve a 2nd place is simply amazing!

Journalist: What is your off-season conditioning program like?
Redknapp69: We have had a fine pre-season. There has been in and outs like any club during transfer window and its been about embedding those new players into the group and ensuring fitness levels are in top shape come the 1st game of the season

Journalist: What is your opinion of youth football?
Redknapp69: This is very important to me - and with the restriction AMC passed on to run a steady ship with regards to finances, I have invested in youth where possible. I think the fans always like to see youngsters given a go if they have the quality

Journalist: If a player openly badmouths your coaching decisions, how will you handle the situation?
Redknapp69: That will be dealt with internally - I always like to keep things in house and not wash my dirty linen in public. But don't get me wrong - if a bold decision needs to be made on a players future at the club - I'm not afraid to make it!

Journalist: So - what are your and the boards expectations for this season?
Redknapp69: We want to represent the club as best as possible in the Champions League - a place we haven't been for over 10 years! The fans always enjoy cup runs so that is a target, and for the League - it will be tough fighting for 4 trophies but a European qualification is the target. Myself - I'm looking at minimum top 4

Journalist: Bold stuff there Redknapp69! - We wish you all the best - Thanks for your time!

16th August - 1st Game of season
The first game of the season was here and I arrived bright and early at Elland Road.............

The first opponent couldn't have been any harder..................last season champions - Man City! :shocked:

I told the lads to enjoy the game and not be intimidated by these - we came 2nd last year under AMC's stewardship and are at least as good as these if not better. Continue to play the football, pass and move, front foot attacking.

My team selection and chosen tactic are below

http://s14.postimg.org/oex7s0iqp/1st_Game_Tactics.png (http://postimage.org/)

The game was over in a blur (probably because "very fast" commentary is too fast but "fast" is really slow!......................anyway................. .I digress!)

The first 30 minutes zipped by and it was a tight affair. Then inexplicably, Fernandinho got flat footed by the ex-City player James Milner who left him for dead. Fernandinho tried to make up for his mistake but ended up pulling Milner's shirt on the break and the Ref pulled out the Red Card! Crazy! A decision which certainly went our way and we had to take advantage with 1 more man for 60 mins!

http://s14.postimg.org/7tu6q3h0h/1st_Game_comms.png (http://postimage.org/)

And 2 minutes later - we did just that! Another decision went our way as for some reason Aguero was back in his own box and barged Kolar - penalty given!

Lasogga scores!!!!!!!!!!! :cheer:

Just before half time our new summer signing and midfield maestro Nurishi passed 5 man City players before blasting in top corner! 2-0 at half time!

Great stuff and I told the lads to keep it going 2nd half - no letting up on them. We tried hard to get the 3rd but to no avail

But - heck - I'd take a 2-0 win v last season's champions any day of the week!

http://s14.postimg.org/e64qm6uox/1st_Game_Result.png (http://postimage.org/)

Game 2 - we recorded a 2-1 away win over Aston Villa. Kolar with both goals. We dominated the game but Villa had 2 penalty appeals turned down in last couple of minutes of the game

Game 3 - BATTERED Wigan 4-0 at home. We were certainly helped by another red card for our opponents. Stockdale sent off after 10 mins! Lasogga scores 2 penalties with Milner and Nurishi getting the others

Champions League
We knew we would get a tough draw having not been in the CL for a good while and a tough group it was - Atletico Madrid, Juventus and Copenhagen!

Game 1 - Away v Atletico and we come away with an AMAZING 2-0 win. 20 year old Alex Mowatt scores at Vicente Calderon with Nurishi scoring 10 mins later. Lasogga also missed a pen in 2nd half! Great start to Champions League. Leeds have certainly put themselves on the map!

Game 4 - West Brom away and 2 early goals from Nurishi and a Lasogga 3rd gave us a healthy 3-1 away win!

Played 4 - Won 4 and top of the league - great start!

Dominque Heintz joined for £4.5m to further bolster the defence. Am trying to sign Max Meyer for around £17m but board not sanctioning and I have to keep an eye on the wage bill!

Champions League
Game 2 - Juventus at home - a truly magnificent fixture for the loyal fans! A full house of 39,452 were there to watch us race into a 4-0 lead at half time! WTF! :shocked: :eek: Goals from Omeruo, Nurishi, Lasogga and Kolar. Kolar and Avdijaj score in 2nd half to complete a 6-0 rout - unbelievable stuff!

http://s27.postimg.org/gd1mcmdnn/Juventus_6_0_game.png (http://postimage.org/)

Game 5 - A nervy 2-1 home win v Cardiff. Kolar and then Ince at start of 2nd half gave us the points and although we dominated the game we were only that 1 goal away from dropping 2 points

Marko Kolar rightly had the local papers raving about him with 5 goals and 4 assists in 7 starts! I agreed he would be a fine player for Leeds in the years to come!

http://s10.postimg.org/i3ogtbzzt/Game_7_Kolar_Praised.png (http://postimage.org/)

Champions League
Game 3 - Copenhagen away. Crazy - what looks like the easiest game on paper never works out that way. We succumb to a 2-2 away draw which isn't a disaster but after 20 shots I would have liked to come away with the win. I rested Kolar for Avdijaj and maybe a mistake. Milner and Lasogga with the goals and after 3 games we are top by 3 points which isn't to be sniffed at!

http://s10.postimg.org/u2vdmwg6x/CL_Group_1_top_after_3_games.png (http://postimage.org/)

Game 6 - Spurs away and a BIG game against 2 teams at top of table. Started off well going ahead from Kolar then teams cancelled each other out until 38th minute when Martin Kelly gets a red card as he pushed Capoue! TV replays showed Capoue went down "like a girl" and a harsh red. I was forced to sub Lasogga (who was booked anyway) and leave just Kolar up top and bring a defender on.
Spurs equalise after half time from Townsend and then it was looking bleak, but somehow Lichnovsky was in the Spurs box and was brought down by Lloris - the ref deemed it a goal scoring opportunity and awarded a pen AND a red card! Crazy! Kolar stuck away the pen to send us 2-1 up! Spurs had now used all 3 subs so Siem de Jong was in goal! :pound: Seeing a random in goal Milner scored a 3rd with a header and for a game we could have lost we ended up winning!

http://s10.postimg.org/99xkc8d15/Game_6_Spurs_crazy.png (http://postimage.org/)

Transfer News
Alen Halilovic signs from Barca for a bargain £2.5m!

Game 7 - Liverpool away - Liverpool somehow in bottom 3 and in my experience Anfield is never an easy place to go. But an early Kolar goal was enough to come through unscathed!

Transfer News
Saido Berahino joins Newcastle for £5m. A sad one to let go but he didn't really fit into my formation and had a chunky wage

Game 8 - Newcastle at home. dropped points in a 1-1 draw. A game we completely dominated but after falling behind we get a last minute equaliser from Avdijaj

Game 9 - Fulham at home. Bit of tiredness kicking in so Lampard/White and Zucculini all start. A comfortable 3-0 win with Kolar (2) and Heintz

This is how the league table shapes up a quarter of the way through the season

http://s27.postimg.org/jltj5qzs3/Game_9_League_table_quarter_way_through.png (http://postimage.org/)

Champions League
Game 4 - Copenhagen at home. MASSIVE game this. If we can win it we look good for qualifying through the group. And we DEMOLISH Them 6-0! :) Kolar with a hat trick, Avdijaj, Nurishi and Ince

Game 10 - Manure away. And out first loss of the season. Looks like experience won the day for Man U. A 2-1 loss ward hard to take but maybe the lesson we needed if we want to challenge for title this year

Champions League
Game 5 - Atletico Madrid at home. Again, a 37 year old Lampard is brought in for experience and he was instrumental but the MOM went to 20 year old Mowatt for a brace in an amazing 4-1 win! That means that we qualify and will top the group for next phase!

Game 11 - Potentially tricky game vs Stoke and even though they are last but one in league they made us fight to the death. It was never over until got the 2nd goal from Krath. A 2-0 win was happily received!

League Cup
Fucking Man Utd away in 3rd round - couldn't get much tougher! :(

And that's the way it went. Nightmare of a game all around. Following our recent loss there in the league I tried to "sure things up" by playing Lampard and Milner that didn't really work. Nightmare start with our keeper going off. Then Sam Byram who has been superb all season gets pulled off at HT with a 5 rating. Didn't really have too much to play with to change things after that and we fall out of the League Cup with a fucking whimper! :(

http://s27.postimg.org/by219pbqb/Game_12_out_of_league_cup.png (http://postimage.org/)

Thankfully Darlow only injured for a week.

Following the match, reporters collared me for a post match interview

Reporter 1: How are you feeling after that Redknapp69
Redknapp69: How the fuck do you think I'm feeling?! - we've just been knocked out of a competition we wanted to win

Reporter 2: If you wanted to win it that much why did your midfield look more defensive minded?
Redknapp69: Have you seen Frank Lampard's career stats?! Hardly a defensive minded midfielder! I tried a different tactic from the league game which we lost there and it didn't pay off. I take the blame - not the players

Reporter 1: You have such a young squad - do you think there is a "fear factor" coming to Old Trafford?
Redknapp69: No - we fear NOBODY

And with that I leave the post match conference

The last question was fair and this is something I told my players after the game. We should not fear ANYONE. We are Leeds, we are SUPER LEEDS! We are top of the league. We have just spanked the 2 best clubs in the 1st CL group. Today was a harsh lesson and a mistake we won't make again. We must ensure we play on the front foot and attacking football. This is what our wonderful fans deserve. This is the noise they made even though we lost as Manure

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zeH3o_2NRE0&feature=kp (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zeH3o_2NRE0&feature=kp)

Champions League
Game 6 - Away to Juventues in Stadio Turin. With a tough league game v Everton in 4 days time I decide to freshen up the squad. I HATE doing this as I usually prefer to keep a consistent team where possible and this is maybe daunting for some of the players but will be a great experience and with the group sown up and we are 1st then a perfect time to give some players a rest and others a chance of 1st team footie.

We go down 2-1 but fought hard. To be fair Juve could have won by more but a great GK performance from Steele coming in for the injured Darlow. Fran Bodic scored which give him confidence and aid his development

Game 12 - Everton at home. They take an early lead which gives us a well needed shake. We then turn on the fireburners and score 5 goals in no time! Kolar with 2, Byram, Avdijaj and Nurishi - a convincing win over the Toffees!

Game 13 - Away to Crystal Palace. A rather comfortable 2-0 win which is always a pleasure given their vocal home support!

Group Stage 2
Zenit, Barca and Bayern Munich - fuck me.......................

1st Game - Zenit away and going to Russia never easy - and that's how it proved - going down 3-2. Darlow with a shocker in goal and Mowatt poor again. Zenit raced into a 3-1 lead and although we got a 2nd back with 10 mins to go it probably flattered us as we were never really in the game - disappointing start and would not have to get results against the "bigger" teams in the group!

Game 14 - Southampton away. We never got going and our biggest defeat of the season - losing 3-0! Immediately after the game official warning for poor performance were handed to Nery, Milner and Heintz. A shocking game which nobody came out shining. That leaves us top by just 1 point from Man City

Game 15 - Derby away. We go a goal down again and things are looking bleak. But then a spirited comeback rewards us with a fine 3-1 win and well needed. Avdijaj, Nurishi and a revitalised Mowatt with the goals. Jospic Basic came into the first XI and performed really well and will push for a place in next game

Transfer News
Leon Goretska joins for £11m. Will no doubt be first choice midfield and absolute quality and at 14k not too bad for the wage budget restriction

Game 16 - Arsenal at home. Goretska with a niggle so cannot make his debut so Basic remains in team. And after going a goal down AGAIN, Basic gets the equaliser for us! A draw to Arsenal never a bad result but we were at home. We are top from Many City by 2 points but they have a game in hand

Champions League
2nd Game - Bayern at home. Well and truly beaten. The final score was 2-1 to Bayern but they were stronger than us all over the park. Going to be an uphill struggle to get through this group now!

Game 17 - Away to Swansea. I wasn't too happy with the goals we had been leaking so moved Krafth back to CB and played him with Omeruo. Didn't seem to help that much though as we still conceded 2! But at least we scored 3 and saw out the game. Was an end-to-end encounter!

Game 18 - Home to the Black Cats. Goretska scores 2 on his home debut and a red card for Sunderland gave us a helping hand to win the game even though Sunderland got 1 back. Lasogga injured for 3 weeks is a massive blow though.

Game 19 - Chelsea away. A really tight game but was decided at the death......................with 2 Leeds goals! Nurishi and Avdijaj! Superb stuff to win at the bridge!

Game 20 - Man City away. MASSIVE, MASSIVE game. They are 1 point behind us in league. We go into the game with our 1st choice keeper injured for a week and Steele (Reserve GK) went out on loan for experience so I had in on loan Rafal Leszczynski from QPR. I had no plans to play him but my hand was forced (as the young keeper in reserves was too inexperienced). And what a game to bring him in - against the 2nd placed team. And what a game he had - an 8 rating! Man City had a 9 shots, 6 on target and more than we did - however it was the mighty Leeds that went 2-0 up in the 1st half from Halilovic and Kolar. Kelly was having a trauma in defence, booked and on a 5 rating so I subbed him mid-1st half but Lichovsky who replaced him then got injured as well as goalscorer Halilovic! Man City got a goal back 2nd half and put the pressure on but held out for a HUGE win!

http://s27.postimg.org/dol2b6t9f/Game_19_Man_City_win.png (http://postimage.org/)

Game 21 - Home v Villa. Kept Rafal in goal by mistake but another superb performance! Clean sheet. And at the other end we hit the onion bag 4 times with a brace from Mowatt, Krafth and Advijaj

FA Cup
Away to Norwich in 3rd round. Played a full team as next game not for a week. 1-1 draw and then Darlow sent off late - replay at home would be needed to progress!

Game 22 - Home to Liverpool. Nurishi gets a 1st half goal and although we had the better of the game it did feel as though we were hanging on for the last quarter. But we'll take a 1-0 win every time!

Over halfway through the season and this is how the league table currently looks. Some people are bigging us up for the League as well!

http://s13.postimg.org/gtqgs2utj/Game_22_Table_before_interview.png (http://postimage.org/)

http://s10.postimg.org/et9akxou1/Game_23_Leeds_win_league.png (http://postimage.org/)

The National press including tabloids and broadsheets have asked me for a mid season interview.......

http://s24.postimg.org/dc4u61jfp/Daily_Star.jpg (http://postimage.org/)

http://s24.postimg.org/nxopi1pr9/The_Times.jpg (http://postimage.org/)

Journalist 1: So Redknapp69, we're just over halfway through the season - what's your thoughts on how its gone so far
Redknapp69: I'm very happy with the progress we have made this season. A strong start in the league

Journalist 2: Strong start - you are top by 4 points!
Redknapp69: Yes - but it's only halfway through the season. I have been hearing of the fans "daring to dream" but there is plenty more football left to be played. We don't have the biggest squad and we are fighting on a number of fronts. I'm very disappointed to be out of the League Cup and although we were SUPERB in the 1st phase of Champions League - the 2nd phase is proving a lot tougher

Journalist 1: You seem to be damping down expectations - is that what you are saying to the players?
Redknapp69: What I say behind closed doors stays there. The players know what we are looking to achieve

Journalist 1: OK - so to achieve your goals do you think you need to get in more players?
Redknapp69: We are always scouting the market and that should be expected from a club the size of Leeds. But we do have to watch out wage structure this season. If we can maintain our standards then this should lead to the club pursuing more targets if necessary next season

Journalist 2: So - any irons in the fire?
Redknapp69: We have agreed a deal with defender Eder Balanta and are just waiting for International clearance

Journalist 1: Finally - what is the focus for the rest of the season? You say you have a small squad and limited wage budget so which competition are you prioritising?
Redknapp69: We focus on the next game - and that's all we can do. The Champions League experience is immense and we would love to go on a FA cup run for the fans, but our league form is always our "bread and butter". And on that comment, it's time for me to get lunch so thank you for your time!

FA Cup Replay
Home to Norwich and with a league game in 3 days time I play some of the 2nd string players. We go a goal down but then equalise and dominate the game but HEARTBREAK as we conceed a last minute goal! We are out of the cup at the first stage. I am devastated for the players and the fans. We did not deserve to lose that but we didn't take our chances.

http://s10.postimg.org/d2q9jg7ax/Game_23_FA_Cup_exit.png (http://postimage.org/)

Game 23 - Newcastle away. Start the game off great and go 2-0 up but once again we fail to convert chances and it bites us on the arse. We conceed 2 goals and drop 2 points. FFS!

http://s10.postimg.org/4yi5epkvt/Game_23_Newcastle_chances.png (http://postimage.org/)

Transfer News
Eder Balanta transfer collapses due to Work Permit not given :(

Game 24 - Away to Wigan and it was a disaster. We go 1 up and we concede goals AGAIN. 3 in fact and lose 3-1. Gutted!

Game 25 - We change formation for this game to 4-2-3-1 and the game is home to West Brom who gave us a helping hand by going down to 10 men after 20 mins. We then score 2 goals for a much needed victory and clean sheet! Man City lose to Chelsea as well which is a bonus and takes the lead to 4 points again

Game 26 - Fulham away and we get superkeepered by Stekelenberg. Lose 1-0. Thankfully Man City lose again as well so no real harm done in a game we should have got something from but sometimes 'keepers have these days!

Game 27 - Spurs at home. A really tense encounter that we sneak 1-0 with an early Nurishi goal. Some are saying it was payback for his "5" performance last week which he received a warning for

Transfer News
As the end of season slowly approaches and I need to ensure the wage budget is achieve its with great regret that I have to see one of the top earners - and top players Lasogga for £9.25m+25% future fee to Man Utd. Has been a superb servant for the club and my faith in Kolar to replace him has been justified so far as he has 24 goals in 33 games.

Champions League
Game 3 - Barcelona away. In what is back to back games against the Spanish giants we put out the strongest team possible to try and stay in the Champions League. A crazy 15th minute changes the game! 2 players sent off and Kolar scores the FK! We then score a couple more before a Barca consolation

http://s27.postimg.org/z2c5d5aqr/Game_3_CL_Barca_crazy.png (http://postimage.org/)

http://s27.postimg.org/qlh8fyvfn/Game_3_CL_Barca_score.png (http://postimage.org/)

Game 4 - Barcelona home. What a game this is for the Leeds fans - Barca at home in the 2nd stage of the CL. Just 1 of the signs the club is on its way back to where it should be but a long way still to go on and off the pitch. Aaaarrrrrrrrrrggggggggghhhhhh - completely smashed them in the game and restricted them to 2 shots on goal (vs our 14) but they score them both and we can only get 1 in the back of the net. We go down fighting 2-1

Game 28 - Cardiff away. We have 2 first half goals chalked off but finally take the lead and hang on for the win. 1-0 to the mighty Leeds! Only downside is Alex Mowatt injured for 3 weeks

Game 29 - Man Utd at home. We remember the experiences at Manure where we showed too much respect and got punished for it. This time is was recently transferred Lasogga who showed no respect by scoring against us! Losing 1-0 at HT but we had the better of the game and I told the lads to go do the same again. I'd like to say my words worked straight away but it didn't!..............But they did bear fruit with Kolar and Tom Ince scoring in the last 10 mins for a frantic but much deserved victory

Champions League
Game 5 - Home v Zenit. Our final chance of making the last 16 of CL and we blow it - BIG TIME. Nery gets sent off after 23 mins and Zenit score soon after. Try as we might to gt back in it they held firm and kept hold of ball. We whimper out of the CL back it has been a superb experience being back in it!

Game 6 - a game of pride for us vs Bayern away in the Allianz and considering we had our GK sent off in first 20 mins 2-0 wasn't the worst score it could have been. All kids an reserves played which will benefit them for the future. An extremely disappointing 2nd group phase but our focus is understandably on the league now

Here is the final 2nd stage table

http://s11.postimg.org/ufc7fof8j/CL_2nd_group_final_table.png (http://postimage.org/)

Transfer News
Lois Nery, Frank Lampard, Anthony Pilkington and Aidy White all released from the club in order to meet the wage restriction set to me

Game 30 - Everton away. A very very tough place to go and that's the way it worked out. A hard earned 1-1 draw and to be fair we were 2nd best

This is how the table looked after 30 games. As we are out of all cups it's a firm challenge on finishing as high as we can in the league! The supporters are still "daring to dream" but all I can do is dare to dream about a clean sheet at the moment!

http://s11.postimg.org/opvyvd92b/Game_30_table.png (http://postimage.org/)

Game 31 - Palace at home. Palace are fighting relegation and you can see why as we thumped them 4-0. Happy days!

Young Player of the year
We did quite well here - all 3 get recognition! :)

http://s11.postimg.org/kjb4g19gj/Game_31_Young_player.png (http://postimage.org/)

Game 32 - Away to Stoke - it's the game everyone worries about isn't it. It was looking that way for us as well until 5 minutes from time when Nurishi scores a late goal! Stoke are bottom of table and fighting for lives as well!. That could be a MASSIVE goal as it now looks like a 2 way battle for the title between us and Man City. 5 points ahead of City now as they didn't play today

Game 33 - Derby at home. We race into a 3-0 lead after 15 minutes. This is the way I like us to start games! Score ends up at 3-1 but Man City also win 3-0

Game 34 - Southampton at home. It was a largely forgettable 1st half apart from Nurishi getting injured. 2nd half we sprang into action with Goretska the playmaker and scored 3 goals in 12 minutes! Saints get 1 back in 75th minute but straight after Luke Shaw sees red which also ends their fight in the game. With Man City not playing today, this is a HUGE win that puts us a whopping 8 points ahead with 4 games to play (but Man City have 6 games to play).

Nurishi is out for at least 2 weeks which is a BIG blow as he is the lynchpin of the team

The sense of anticipation is now rising around the city and BBC Radio Leeds collar me for an interview after the game

http://s18.postimg.org/wa776efk9/BBC.png (http://postimage.org/)

Presenter: Redknapp69 - this is truly crazy stuff we are seeing from your side. 4 wins in a row and you are top by 8 points. It looks like Leeds might be gracing the heights from back in the day
Redknapp69: Hang on there fella - did you not see the same thing happen with Liverpool when everyone thought they had won the league only for the same Man City to come back.

Presenter: Ah - but that's real life footie bollocks - this is the mental world of Champ man!
Redknapp69: EXACTLY - and although we are on a good run there is always the possibility of that superkeeper, late goal after making a sub and other bonkers stuff that we need to be weary of

Presenter: But you must be chuffed with the teams form since the formation change and now having a fresh week before games
Redknapp69: Well yes, exiting the CL was very sad for all of us and even more losing in the Cup. Not to get past 1 round of either cup is bloody awful. I think the squad being trimmed due to wage restriction and us just having the 1 competition has maybe helped the form in a perverse way. But I'm just hoping we can have a successful end to the season

Presenter: By successful I guess you mean winning the league?!
Redknapp69: Stop trying to put words into my mouth! I know its a boring cliché buts its 1 game at a time and especially at this time when we have 4 "Cup Finals". If we can get a lot of positive results from those Cup Finals it could be a great end to the season. But if we don't then I will not have improved on the league performance from last year, done worse in Cups and although we were magnificent in 1st CL group I'm sure the media would focus on the 2nd group and everything I've just said before that and will probably want my head!

Presenter: Well - speaking on behalf of Leeds we wish you and the team well for the last 4 games
Redknapp69: Cheers presenter dude, now please play some of my favourite tracks

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s3Q80mk7bxE (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s3Q80mk7bxE)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yGKRxiffhSg (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yGKRxiffhSg)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nEdYhdS_qjA (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nEdYhdS_qjA) (watch from 2.20 min in)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VcjzHMhBtf0 (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VcjzHMhBtf0)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iUHjDJxkcSE (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iUHjDJxkcSE)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BR_DFMUzX4E (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BR_DFMUzX4E)

Game 35 - Sunderland away. Sunderland are fighting for UEFA Cup place. If we win here we would go 11 points clear! But the script wasn't written that way :( We go a goal down in 12th minute to Scocco........... Scocco - who the fuck is Scocco?! Anyway, that was the kick up the arse we needed and Goretska equalises in 40th minute.
I stress to the lads at half time the need for a result - this would put HUGE pressure on Citehhhhhh if we can win so let's go and get that win! But we can't even get the ball. Maybe not playing a proper DM was a wrong option here. And to compound things we concede a fucking penalty in the 82nd minute. Kagawa slots it away. BOLLOCKS! Never mind 3 points - we walk away with fuck all. A confidence boost sent to Man City by courier post :cry:

But wait...............Man City go to Everton and LOSE 2-0. Wahooooooooooooooooooooooo! I love you toffee boys!!

The boys realise they have been let off the hook. But not by me - #CONCENTRATE

Game 36 - Swansea at home. The club nearest to my home town. They are currently in the bottom 3 with Cardiff and Stoke who have already been relegated. They REALLY need the points.


But why worry about them when we have Marko Kolar! He bangs in a hat trick as we go 3 up before HT. I think make some changes to protect players and nearly works against us as well concede early but a 4th puts the finish on it. 4-1 final score

This is the current table - 11 points ahead an City have 3 games in hand. Goal difference wise it could be close as we are +10 but they have 3 games in hand - crucial games vs. Fulham who have nothing to play for, Cardiff (that are fighting relegation) and their last game in hand is 37th game and v Man Utd. I would be the first and only time I may have to hope Manure win!

http://s30.postimg.org/iwyog62rl/Game_36_table.png (http://postimage.org/)

Balls - they beat Fulham 2-0

Fuck sake - they beat Derby 4-1

Goal difference now down to 5 and they have 1 game in hand but 5 points behind

Game 37 - Arsenal away. Shhhhhhhhhhiiiiiiiiittttttttttt. They are 4th and need to win to get CL place. Nurishi is not fit for the game and can't even risk him on bench. We "go again" with the same team who won 4-1 v Swansea. The only problem is we don't "go again". We're nowhere near it, it's like a bunch of players I have never seen before. These are not my players. These are not LEEDS players. We lose 1-0. We have 1 fucking shot.........not on target - just 1 fucking shot in the entire match! Goretska and Tom Ince decide not to turn up to the game as they have play fucking awful. They are both hauled off. I make changes but nothing works and Arsenal get the win they need to stay in hunt for 4th spot

I am FUMING! :flame:

http://s30.postimg.org/ep3w7f1c1/Game_37_Ars_5s.png (http://postimage.org/)

It then comes to light that Tom Ince and Goretska were out with Oliver Giroud from Arsenal the night before the game when this came to light

http://s11.postimg.org/3yv2atqn7/ahotel.jpg (http://postimage.org/)

Although Ince and Goretska were not party to any of the "entertaining ladies" drinking before match day is strictly prohibited and they were dealt with from within.

The board also vented their feelings.........no shit board - I'm not exactly fucking pleased either you idiots!

http://s30.postimg.org/9zdyitabl/Game_37_Ars_board_reaction.png (http://postimage.org/)

Man City v Manure - Manure have nowt to play for but local derby pride whilst City will go above us if they win. Lasogga is playing for Manure - come on mate - put in a performance today and make the Leeds fans love you more!

Yaya Toure scores after 21 mins - FUCK. 1-0 to City. They are now top of the league.

Not much else happens in 1st half.

2nd half - Manure bring on Mata for Carrick - WTF?! Why isn't he playing anyway?! Ah that's because the idiot Moyes is still manager!

Still nothing 2nd half

Come on Manure - :pray: :pray:

Hernandez comes off for Angelo Henriquez - who?!

now moving into 80th minute - still nothing of note happening

Januzaj dribbles and feeds Henriquez - Henriquez SCORES!

Now I know who he is - GET IN THERE!

Full time 1-1

Final Gameweek
We are top by 1 point and have +3 better GD

Here is the fixtures and table at start of day

http://s30.postimg.org/p6ty36269/Game_38_fixtures.png (http://postimage.org/)

http://s30.postimg.org/qtekanou9/Game_38_table.png (http://postimage.org/)

So - basically - we are at home but have a fecking tough game v Chelsea going for CL

Man City are at the cauldron Britannia but they are already relegated. They have the easier game but I am hoping Mark and his fellow "Potters" can make a hell of an atmos which will spur the team on

Leeds v Chelsea
This is the team I name

http://s30.postimg.org/qbo08jon5/Game_38_team.png (http://postimage.org/)

It's a nervy tight game - no action for 30 odd minutes the BOOM..........

Milner (yes Milner!) SCORES with a low shot!

Wahooooooooooooo - we're gonna win the league!

At least that's what young Byram thought as he wasn't focused as Lukaku outjumped him on 42 mins and scored a headed equaliser

Bollocks! :(

1-1 half time

My half time team talk consisted of the following.............."This is all you've ever dreamed of...........IT IS IN YOUR HANDS.............go and win it...........do it for yourself...........your family.........the fans........whoever.........but just go and DO IT"


And that dream looked nearer reality when a guy I tried to sign Chalobah got sent off for nearly breaking Advijaj's legs - Dirty Dirty Chelsea............

38 minutes to get the winner v 10 men

But then Jose parked the bus.................a very big bus

http://s11.postimg.org/t65yb2tr7/bus.png (http://postimage.org/)

and we couldn't find the breakthrough

In fact - Chelsea were one on one from a breakaway with Ramires sprinting into our half with nobody in front of him when Heintz "took one for the team" by literally rugby tackling him! Red Card for Heintz but I didn't care. That COULD be crucial

Full time 1-1. A determined Chelsea needed that result to try and get in CL places

The question is from me, the players, the fans - everyone in the stadium, was it enough? Man City just need to beat relegated Stoke. Could they do it?


Stoke had held out!

City battered them but Marc Muniesa and the Stoke defence held firm!

http://s30.postimg.org/eillql2td/Game_38_man_city.png (http://postimage.org/)



http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=04854XqcfCY&feature=kp (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=04854XqcfCY&feature=kp)

http://s30.postimg.org/ynf5w1wn5/Game_38_league_champs.png (http://postimage.org/)

An unbelievable season. from getting used to the club taking over from AMC, wheeling a dealing transfers, a great start in the league which was then the obvious main focus, which put pay to 2 terrible early exits from the cups, the highs of CL group 1, and the lows of Group 2, to 1 game a week in the league, some storming runs we put together, but then to a nervy few draws and losses at the end to finish, and then Manure and Stoke helping us out and for us to win the league on our own ground on the last day of the season! I honestly though we may have had it sown up earlier but City won most of their games in hand whilst our young squad got nervous - but as the Leeds anthem says "Marching on Together"!

And all done with the restriction 25% budget achieved to 180k pw

http://s30.postimg.org/yxr9t50n5/Game_38_Stats_finances.png (http://postimage.org/)

After such a stressful season, I felt that it was only right for me to hand over the reins to a new CM coach who could now drive Leeds to domestic Cup or European Cup glory - that man would be DERMOTRON

All the best mate!

02-06-14, 08:14 PM
Nice start mate, plenty of wheeling and dealing so far, can't wait to see how the season goes!

02-06-14, 09:11 PM
I've done a MASSIVE write up and a line game by game - i'll just post it and then maybe summarise it later? That OK?

02-06-14, 09:58 PM
That's fine mate, the OP does say not to do a game by game review but as long as you summarise it later it'll be ok.

Forgot to mention can you send the save to me as well please? It's just in case the next person ever goes missing and the previous person deletes it after passing it on, we've always got a backup then.

Cheers mate and looking forward to the final write up.

03-06-14, 09:56 AM
Have the save and will be looking to have the write up at the weekend.

Can tell you now it won't be anything near the length of Redders write up :lol: Insane effort mate :ok:

03-06-14, 10:01 AM
Crikey, that was some write-up! That took me a good half hour to get through :D

Great stuff mate and very well done indeed. Everybody seems to be exceeding expectations and the fear now is who is going to royally mess things up?! :D

Gutted Lasogga left - Love the guy. Certainly punished you for it as well :D

03-06-14, 10:54 AM
I was just making notes as I was playing the game as I'd forget otherwise when trying to do a write up later!

Mark - now you know how it feels when we read your awesome massive write up for your story! :)

Although winning the league was a great effort, I was shocking in the cups. Something for Dermo to concentrate on as he doesn't need to win league now (but prob needs to try and get in top for for CL for next person to have a crack unless he wins it)

But he has a wedge of money and a good young squad. But it does need beefing up

Losing Michu and Lasogga were indeed big blows but as both were on nearly a 1/3 of the total wage budget between them they sadly had to go :( At least I got 25% on both future fees I think

03-06-14, 10:37 PM
Nice one, league champions! :party: Is there a restriction for Derm?

03-06-14, 11:12 PM
Fantastic season mate, great work on the League Title, one trophy down, three to go! Big call selling Lassoga but I trust your judgement!

I've edited your first write up to include your season one as updates should only be in one post, so just edit that one when you come round to summarising the season.

Kudos once again mate, I also can't wait to see what restriction you've set Derm.

03-06-14, 11:20 PM
Nice one, league champions! :party: Is there a restriction for Derm?

Yep - under 21's only in squad apart from 3 overs

I setup some rather nice Bosmans for him as well - not sure if he'll cancel them or not though!

04-06-14, 10:56 PM
3.5 hrs playing and still 2 months to the first game, 'nice' restriction Redders :lol:

05-06-14, 08:44 AM
Hope to read your novelette this weekend reds :)

09-06-14, 10:17 AM
Slight delay and will have this done Wednesday. Ended up having to work the weekend which is rare to say the least

10-06-14, 01:24 AM
Y6ou shall burn at the stake!!!!!

Or as the steak, we don't know yet - depends how hungry the locals are

10-06-14, 03:41 PM

12-06-14, 11:45 PM
I awoke to the sound of the postman delivering the daily mail. Given the mail doesn’t arrive until after lunch in my neighbourhood, unemployed life was either going extremely well or extremely, depending on your outlook on life.

After descending the stairs to fix some ‘breakfast’, I decided to peruse the day’s mail over a cup of coffee. The local businesses must be pooling resources these days as it was 10 different advertisement leaflets which were are heading straight for the recycling bin. In my haste I had nearly missed the letter in the middle of it. Or should I say ‘ominous letter’.

There was no mistaking the sender, it was a previous employer that I had enjoyed working for even if there employment methods were somewhat suspect. Yes, there at the top of the envelope, the watermark of the notorious CMSG Ltd.

Dear Dermotron,

It may have been a few years since your last employment with us but you ‘sold your soul to the devil’ back then and the devil is calling to collect his purchase.

We have a new project on the go at the minute. It has already been running for the last 3 years and you may have noticed the style of success with which fallen giants of English football, Leeds United, have been doing. This our latest undertaking and it’s now your turn to continue it.

A driver will be around tomorrow to pick you up and also has your flight and accommodation information. As you know we don’t go in for press conferences to announce a new managers arrival. Elsewise we would have to answer questions we don’t want answering. One question you will want answering, is what has the previous incumbent instructed you to do. Here it is:

All players must be under 21 players by the time the 1st match of the season comes around. All bar 3 that is. You can have 3 over 21 players but no more.

Good luck

Management Team

Oh well, what else have I to be doing. Will need to alter sleep patterns though, 5am to 2pm is out. It’ll be worse than trying to adjust from jet lag!

Next day I walked through the doors of Elland Road with absolutely zero fanfare other than being shown to the office and being asked if I took milk and/or sugar in a cup of tea.

On first look at the squad there wasn’t going to be too many to move on. Some of the most talented players at the club were also under 21 e.g. Kolar & Nurishi. One positive was Emil Krafth was under 21 but that turned into a negative on inspection, he would be 22 by the time our 1st game came around.

With a war chest of £38m available (before season ticket sales) I had plenty of ammo to demolish and then rebuild the squad. To aid the work I hired 4 new scouts and worked them (and the other 3) morning, noon and night. They brought list upon list of talented players to me but it took considerable time to assemble what I thought was the right blend.

The first game seemed to arrive in no time. I had managed to sell all bar one player (John Stones) before the first game and I think that should fine in terms of the restriction. I did make a mistake with an under 21 player I bought that turned 22 before 1st game. Letting him leave for free was a sore £1.8m hit to take.

The 3 players I’d chosen to be the overage players for the season were

Thibault Courtiois – who arrived on a bosman in the summer
Emil Krafth – far too good to sell. Ever
Miranda – top drawer Brazilian centre back

Was disappointed to be selling Lichnovskiy but a proven track record like Miranda’s was a better bet than potential. The squad needed a senior player to look up to too.

http://i898.photobucket.com/albums/ac186/Lowskys/agefor1stgame_zps5949bcf6.jpg (http://s898.photobucket.com/user/Lowskys/media/agefor1stgame_zps5949bcf6.jpg.html)

The monumental work the previous manager did meant our 1st game was the Charity Shield as league champions. Our opponents would be FA Cup winners Liverpool. This was quiet a big game as one of the tasks CMSG had set each manager was to win every comp available with whichever club they currently owned. The League title was in the in the bag but the Charity Shield, FA Cup and League Cup were still available domestically.

We played ok and probably just shaded the stats but goals win games and SAS done the business for the Pool by scoring all 3 goals in their 3-2 win over us. I was bitterly disappointed as it meant that even if I done the clean sweep after it, CMSG would still have us here trying to pick up the smallest trophy of the lot.

http://i898.photobucket.com/albums/ac186/Lowskys/charityshield_zpsb5ffed50.jpg (http://s898.photobucket.com/user/Lowskys/media/charityshield_zpsb5ffed50.jpg.html)

Our league form for the first 10 games was nothing short of shocking. I couldn’t lay the blame completely with the players as I spent way too long figuring out my best starting XI. Luckily the teams around us were taking points off each other also so we were still just about in the mix.

In the Champions League we drew Sevilla, Dynamo Kiev and Ajax. Our form in this competition was a world away from the EPL and won the group with 4 wins, a draw & a loss.

http://i898.photobucket.com/albums/ac186/Lowskys/1stphase_zpsc2467930.jpg (http://s898.photobucket.com/user/Lowskys/media/1stphase_zpsc2467930.jpg.html)

One of big problems early on was the goalkeeping position Courtois was simply not showing any of the form from his time at Atletico Madrid. By October I decided to scour the globe for a replacement and found one in the form of Oliver Schnitzler, a young German keeper from Leverkusen. It proved a pivotal moment in the season.

With a bit more defensive solidity we started to get a bit of consistency in the league and moved up the table. Ourselves and Man City pulled away a little from Everton and by March it was a clear two horse race. By March we were also going well in both the FA and League Cups. Very well indeed in the League Cup as April started with a final against QPR. With a special performance we made up for the disappointment of losing the Charity Shield with a 4-0 win.

http://i898.photobucket.com/albums/ac186/Lowskys/leaguecupfinal_zpsae03aed1.jpg (http://s898.photobucket.com/user/Lowskys/media/leaguecupfinal_zpsae03aed1.jpg.html)

Unfortunately our league and cup form meant something had to give somewhere and that was in the Champions League. We draw Bayern Munich, Monaco and Sevilla again in the 2nd Phase. A draw would have done in the last game but we lost 1-0 at home to Monaco on the last game day and they advanced ahead of us. The ultimate test of patience and resilience gave Monaco the win with their only shot on goal. It wasn’t to be.

http://i898.photobucket.com/albums/ac186/Lowskys/phase2draw_zpsfbe0fe0c.jpg (http://s898.photobucket.com/user/Lowskys/media/phase2draw_zpsfbe0fe0c.jpg.html)
http://i898.photobucket.com/albums/ac186/Lowskys/MonacoA_zps377bf19d.jpg (http://s898.photobucket.com/user/Lowskys/media/MonacoA_zps377bf19d.jpg.html)http://i898.photobucket.com/albums/ac186/Lowskys/monacoB_zps9117f4ea.jpg (http://s898.photobucket.com/user/Lowskys/media/monacoB_zps9117f4ea.jpg.html)http://i898.photobucket.com/albums/ac186/Lowskys/phase2_zpscd2ad40b.jpg (http://s898.photobucket.com/user/Lowskys/media/phase2_zpscd2ad40b.jpg.html)

Competing on all four fronts put a small bit of strain on the squad but the damage was really done with the poor start to the league. We did hit the top for one weekend but City had games in hand on us. We finished 3pts (or 1 win) behind City who broke the points record to win the league.

http://i898.photobucket.com/albums/ac186/Lowskys/finaltable_zps3ec2a273.jpg (http://s898.photobucket.com/user/Lowskys/media/finaltable_zps3ec2a273.jpg.html)http://i898.photobucket.com/albums/ac186/Lowskys/leagueform_zpsfc9501ce.jpg (http://s898.photobucket.com/user/Lowskys/media/leagueform_zpsfc9501ce.jpg.html)

On a positive note we had an FA Cup Final to look forward to against Championship side Brighton. A bit similar in performance of the League Cup, we dominated from start to finish. And identical to the League Cup, we won 4-0.

http://i898.photobucket.com/albums/ac186/Lowskys/facupfinal_zpsbf1a177a.jpg (http://s898.photobucket.com/user/Lowskys/media/facupfinal_zpsbf1a177a.jpg.html)

3 players stood head and shoulders above the rest and are awesome players - Emil Krafth, Marko Kolar and Miranda. Miranda having such a high average rating is quiet and achievement given he had 14 bookings and 5 reds! Emil Krafth was magnificent at right back, but majestic on the right wing. What.A.Player. And Kolar is just Kolar.

http://i898.photobucket.com/albums/ac186/Lowskys/krafth_zps03c5421f.jpg (http://s898.photobucket.com/user/Lowskys/media/krafth_zps03c5421f.jpg.html)http://i898.photobucket.com/albums/ac186/Lowskys/kolar_zpsca09a5ff.jpg (http://s898.photobucket.com/user/Lowskys/media/kolar_zpsca09a5ff.jpg.html)http://i898.photobucket.com/albums/ac186/Lowskys/miranda_zpse04a2817.jpg (http://s898.photobucket.com/user/Lowskys/media/miranda_zpse04a2817.jpg.html)

It was barely a day after the last game of the season when an absolute monster of a security guard with a CMSG logo on his shirt called into the office, “Pack up your things, get out and go home”. Proper gentleman.

13-06-14, 07:52 AM
bang bang bang

Whaat? Who could this be at this ungodly hour! The postman what does he want? He's about early? Wait...since when do people still send CD's in the post isn't it all electronic these days?

I head to the PC to play the CD and to my horror I see some bloke looking back at me

Is this thing turned on? Err hello? Baz it's Dermy, i've been told I need to pass on the save game to you, not sure why but it's the rules the boss said! You know how to extract the save game right? If you don't check the help files on the forum, you know which forum right? You know the one with the dodgy Scottish guy, and the even dodgier German guys! Anyway beer and football calls if you need help check out tech support! Oh before I forget there's a couple of instructions in the read me file, good luck, umm how do I turn this thing off now?

I scratch my chin at the message but I crack on to extract the save file to my folder and open up the read me file, thankfully Dermy knew how to type properly

As part of the Challenge out of all incoming signing, you need to keep the Benders and play Krafth and the right wing. Everything else is up to you

Right so Dermy wants to keep the Benders? I hope he's talking about Lars & Sven and not Bender and Bender.

I load up the save game and get right to work. Having browsed the history I noticed we haven't won The Charity Shield and The Champions League, so they were priorities this season

The Charity Shield


Playing league Champions Man City, I decided it would be best to play my strongest side to see how we really compare to last years title winners. With a host of new guys playing in the match I was expecting a tough match. Which in fairness it was, however new signing Daniel Sturridge hit a double to hand us the winners trophy!

The Champions League

In the first stage of the Champions League we got drawn in a group with Lyon, Wolfsburg & Sporting. After a tough set of games the group ended up like this.


After scraping through the first group stage by the string of our teeth, we got drawn with Barcelona, Napoli & PSG in the 2nd group stage. After another almighty battle, we ultimately lost our after failing to get anything from the game at the Camp Nou!


The Premiership

For much of the season we were playing catch up to Chelsea & Man City. This was mainly due to a sluggish start to the season. However the multi million pound signing of Adnan Januzaj lifted the team and we became a force to be reckoned with. Unfortunately for us Chelsea & Man City both continued to win too. The title race went down to the last week of the season. We would play Man City in the final league game, however City managed to win their two games in hand to hand themselves another league title. We spoiled their title celebrations by beating them at Elland Road to end the season on a high.


The Cups

I used the cups to play some of the squad players as I thought this would be best for the future development of the side. In the League Cup we made the Quarter Finals, but happily we went further in the FA Cup and retained the trophy.



The Squad

I used the majority of the squad to hand during the season but my most used players were as follows:


The keepers were really inconsistent this season, however that may well prove to be a one off. The strikers in the squad are more than capable of carrying on the trophy winning tradition of the club in the recent seasons.

13-06-14, 08:54 AM
Courtois is awful :lol:

13-06-14, 09:45 AM
Wow, two seasons done already then! By my reckoning, I am only three turns away!

Firstly - Derm. Great season despite the disappointing start. Winning the two domestic trophies is obviously a first and a 2nd place finish in the league is not to be sniffed at with the U21's restriction which I liked to see, by the way (Wonder why? :D). I can't believe how poor Courtois was for you!

Secondly - Baz. Another trophy in the bag :ok: and great work in the FA Cup too. Looks like the cash was spent by yourself in signing up Sturridge and Januzaj, two big names and in their peak by this stage of the save game, I imagine. Great stuff! Also, I'm glad to see Krafth is still with us. I want to see him there in 3 years time too :D

13-06-14, 10:09 AM
Sturridge was a freebie Mark :) Januzaj did take up my budget but he proved well worth the money. The Champions League is proving tricky though.

13-06-14, 10:14 AM
Surprised you play Bossearts DC, got great results from him as DR.

Did you take many of the Bosmans? Hope you cancelled some or released a few youngsters :lol:

13-06-14, 10:27 AM
Surprised you play Bossearts DC, got great results from him as DR.

Did you take many of the Bosmans? Hope you cancelled some or released a few youngsters :lol:

Corchia made the RB spot his own :) Overall I believe I kept 6 or 7 that you had signed up to join. Mendy was a genius find so props for that one :D I only made two of my own signings, playing staff wise anyway. Our assistant retired so had to replace him but I largely kept what I inherited.

13-06-14, 10:33 AM
Updated the in play list. Good luck merk :ok:

13-06-14, 10:35 AM
Great seasons guys, looks like we've really established Leeds as Champions League regulars and we're picking up a few trophies too :ok:

13-06-14, 03:46 PM
Great write up Dermo and top stuff winning both cups!

Unlucky on the league but a fine effort considering fighting 4 fronts - that Monaco CL game is a heart wrencher! Unbelievable! :cry:

Disappointed that Courtois was wank for you :(

Handed the baton on nicely though - congrats again!

13-06-14, 03:46 PM
A quick one two :)

Good seasons lads :ok:

That cl loose is so annoying derm. The curse.

With such good squad i wont need many signings it seems. Maybe a decent keeper

13-06-14, 03:51 PM
Good work Bazzzaaaaaaa on the Charity Shield - just 1 more trophy to get!

Unlucky on the CL - it's a toughie and looking at the last few years we have all had stinkers of groups

Looking forward to see the next restriction!

P.S - when it comes to Mark's turn can you put a restriction in that sells Krafth :)

13-06-14, 07:29 PM
To add on Baz's season, Real Madrid won the CL 4-3 against Bayern

18-06-14, 09:22 AM
All is going well.

18-06-14, 06:45 PM
Good work Derm and Gaz, just that pesky CL to win and we can leave England. Can't believe Courtois couldn't perform for either of you guys, maybe merk is the man to get him going!

Don't forget to edit your write up Red :ok:

- - - Updated - - -

Updated the in play list. Good luck merk :ok:

Cheers mate :ok:

Oh yeah can people remember to send me a copy of the save when they've finished their season as well as next in line please? Cheers.

18-06-14, 09:07 PM
Save sent to Zan and AMC. Write up soon :ok:

18-06-14, 09:47 PM
Really enjoying this thread gents - am sure that CL win is just around the corner. KUTGW.

18-06-14, 10:08 PM
Cheers Merk.

Stick ya name down by posting the code word from the opening post if ya fancy a go yourself mate :ok:

19-06-14, 03:14 AM
Received it, will start to play once Merk has written up (don't want any spoilers :D)

19-06-14, 04:49 PM

- Do you want to live?

- Yes, so I repeat, ARE YOU MAD?!

- We'll kill you if you don't accept.

- I will get killed if I do!

- Look, you are half German. We can show you as a 3rd generation Turkish/German. They like Ozil.. a bit.

- Ok, but I won't go alone. I want some scapegoat on the field.

- You can buy anyone you want. Just play with 4 defenders.

- Allright. I'll just go and start German lessons.

So, who would be dumb enough to accept an offer from Leeds? All the Turkish born players just ignored me and prayed for my soul. Finally Hakan Çalhanoğlu accepted my offer. I think he has no idea of the terrible history. I had to pay 13M£ for the poor bastard. I hope he'll get some steam off of me.

There were 2 more transfers arranged by Baz, the previous manager. Luke Shaw was a superstar DL with a great deal of 5.5M and Colombia national team defender (and sweeper) Jeison Murillo on a bosman.

When I checked the team sheet, I was really impressed. It was full of talented youngsters that can play right left and center and forward and defender midfielders and shit. I checked the reserves and promoted the good ones to first team only to find out the first team players were awesome. I had to do lots of rotation to keep this gems improving.

And as I was just getting ready to know the guys with some pre-season matches and some early league games the UEFA fucked it up. We were to play Champions Cup Qualifying match... away... against Sevilla... 4 days before the first game of the season... which was a Charity Shield match against Man. City...

I didn't touch the tactic they were used to. I tried to copy the starting line up from last year, with only Shaw and Çalhanoglu added to the team. Bentek and Kolar was up front, Sturrige was injured.

Kolar scored the away goal we needed in 42 and the goal we conceeded at 73 by Samper saw us with a good chance to the home leg.

I put the same starting eleven for the Charity Shield as they already were fit from the World Cup that Argentina won (against Chile). Kolar scored again at 70th and Courtois decided we want this so he won the shield.

I didn't like the way matches looked like it could go eather way and the teaming up front wasn't looking good so I took one of the forwards and added another midfielder in the center with an arrow to support man position. (This was the only change i made to the tactic - it was a non wib-wob to start with)

We lost league matches 1 and 3 but beat Tottenham 4-0 away in between. I started playing around with players (Hakan made me do it as he was playing shit) Krafth went up and Corchia went to DR for the match against Sevilla. It took Kolar 10 minutes to score, added 2 more by Krafth and Nurishi.

The group we got was Maritimo, Ajax and Barça. A fairly strong group for the first round. Started fairly bad with a 1-1 away draw with Maritimo but got a lot better after beating Ajax (2-0) and Barça (1-0) at home.

We won the next 3 matches in the league, one of them being Liverpool (3-0), drawed with Man. City at home. The F.A decided I was right about the poor display by the refree.

We won the next 5 league matches thanks to Avdijaj being a great back up striker while I rested Kolar between CL matches.


We lost the second match against Barça but managed to beat Maritimo at home 2-0 and Ajax away 1-0. We qualified 1st from the first group, hoping not to see Barça again.

As is usual, we lost our next league game away against ManU no thanks to whever fucking sold them Lasogga. (more on him later)

Second stage of CL was against Juve, Wolfsburg and Anderlecht. Thanks to Sevilla up front and Ajax+Barça first group, we were given a break... and we broke it with 5 wins and 1 draws ( a 2-2 draw against Wolfsburg away, just for the hope of getting rid of Juve :D )

Soo, to keep things short, we went up and down in the league, usually around 2 and 5, managed to top the table on 11th and 23th week. We lost 1-0 to Chelsea at the FA Cup 3rd Rnd but won the League Cup against Man. City 1-0, same score to take another cup off their hands :D

The CL Quarte Final got us... of course Barcelona. We gave them what we gave Sevilla, a 1-1 draw away, even after a red card of Miranda.
There was 8 more games to go and this was the situation:


teams battling for the championship, Everton was impressive. We won against Reading and Brighton but managed to loose at home against ManU, thanks to whom? Riight, Lassoga. The F.A again decided I was right about the poor display by the refree

Second match of CL was though, their keeper Guaita managed to keep us from scoring nearly half the match. Nurishi scored the only goal of the leg at 44th.

The morale of the CL semi showed good and my tactical geniusness of not playing any players from the CL second leg paid of for 2 matches in between CL fixtures. We beat Arsenal and Everton 2-0, Avdijaj scoring one to each. So 3 matches to go and this was the situation :


Still 5 teams were up for grabs. But our next oppenent was more important to us as CL aws the main goal this season: Dortmund. So we were to play against Dortmund away, Newcastle home and Dortmund home, in 8 days.

We wrapped up the CL final in the first match, wining 2-0 away, goals by Lars Bender and Kolar. We weren't so lucky in the league as we draw a poor 1-1 against Newcastle, Fraser Foster, their GK being the MOM. The F.A decided I was right about the poor display by the refree once more. Well, it was all ok if we can take it to the CL Final so we started to push against Dortmund and Kolar's goal in 23 was enough to get us through. We conceeded one at 75 from Kirchhoff :shrug: 1-1!

So we had Chelsea away next and smashed them 5-0! Coolest game of the season. Kolar scored 3, Goretzka scored one of his few 8 all season and Lars Bender scored his 3rd.

We had one game left, Sunderland away and this was how the table and fixture looked. I wasn't hoping for much but lots could happen in football right.



5 teams with a chance of winning the league right before the last match, quality league this is.

The games started and City scored 2 in the first 10 minutes, we scored 1 in 47th minute and this was the current table:


We scored another at 74th and City conceeded one at 78th. ManU was still 0-0... we were only a goal from Swansea away from the champinship!

That goal didn't come :( City scored one more at 86th and was waiting to be crowned:

If Lassago didn't score in the 90th!
WHO THE FUCK SOLD THIS ASSHOLE!!! He moved us to 3rd position :(


Well the final match of the season. The Champions League final against....Napoli somehow. They beat Fenerbahçe in the semis.

The fans unheartedly mumbled my name after we were crowned the champions of Europe, the top of the top, "A", number one!

I put on my fake glasses, mustache and jumped into a bus to the airport.


I hope I haven't offended anybody by puttting in the sad events of Leeds Unt. vs Galatasaray in the story. R.I.P.

It was a fanstastic season thanks to the quality of players, even a tactical noob like me managed to win the CL.

I played 4-5-1 all season. Adrajaj wasnt so bright, got injured often. I got some people shortlisted but didnt feel the need to buy any. I bought Hakan for the sake of the story and he rot in the reserves after shitty displays. Kolar was great 30 goals in 32. Sturrige was poor, didnt score up front and didnt play well on the wings or amc.


Keeper wasnt so bad. It was amazing the level of refrees at pinpoint matches where i could grab some crutial points. :rant: I dont want to fucking follow their further matches with interests, I want my fucking penalties and disallowed goals ffs!

So brace yourselves, the parcel is at my man Zan.

19-06-14, 05:00 PM
Umm i'm confused, what happened with the Champions League final :lol:

19-06-14, 05:33 PM
Nice write-up, thrilling end to the Premier League season! Congrats on the Champions League :ok:

19-06-14, 09:53 PM
Great stuff mate - CL Winners!

England DONE!

I sold Lassoga as he was on 1/5th of the budget I was allowed for entire squad!

Unlucky about the league but no worries

I hope you put all low buy out clauses for players?! ;)

20-06-14, 09:36 AM
Yeah, I was gutted when Lasogga was sold as I really like him as a striker as well. Should have know that he'd come back to haunt us!

Who cares about the Premiership, been there, done that... Now the CL is where it's at and YOU'VE DONE IT! Well done!

Is that actually every trophy that we've won now? Did we try UEFA Cup? Obviously got Super Cup to come too.

EDIT: Zan's next? Look forward to a story that makes no sense :lol:

20-06-14, 03:26 PM

20-06-14, 03:36 PM
Nice work on the CL win!

20-06-14, 03:59 PM
"-In order to fulfil our goal of returning clubs to their former glories we need to ensure they win all the major domestic trophies (e.g. in England - Premiership, FA Cup and League Cup) as well as the major continental trophy (Champions League or Copa Libertadores)."


20-06-14, 06:12 PM
Cheers merk, we didn't need to win the Charity Shield really, but every little helps as Tesco would say.

Well done on nailing the Champions League as well meaning we can move on from Leeds, will be interesting to see where Zan takes us next, and knowing Zan how we get there and get on in our first season with them.

26-06-14, 12:00 AM
How ya getting on Zan?

26-06-14, 01:37 PM
Haven't started yet, got some shit going on atm, but will be done for monday ;) Have you got a list of fallen giants? Looked through the first two pages but couldn't see it :P

26-06-14, 01:44 PM
Could you not have said sooner that you won't be done on time? I also sent you a PM at the time saying if you had any trouble finding a team to let me know.

I've PM'd you a list of teams, if you haven't played your season and posted your write up by Monday night the parcel will be sent to Mark.

26-06-14, 02:28 PM

26-06-14, 04:35 PM
Who was the sneaky bugger who turned fog of war off as well?

26-06-14, 08:12 PM
Thsnks AMC, sorry bout delay, like I said just had a few things to deal with plus internet connection hasn't been grand in my pc for awhile. I will do it by thrn, I promise ;)

27-06-14, 09:18 AM

28-06-14, 04:16 AM
Starting to play it now, as well as writing the Intro. Trying to make it worth the wait ;)

Sorry again :(

Might have it up tonight, or might not, depending on how the write up will go ;)

28-06-14, 06:48 AM


As thee blade sank deeper into the lung of the exiled King Informus, the tears of the fallen victims of his tyranny rained down from the Heavens. Clinching into the dirt that surround, hoping for an anchor to save him from his eventual condemnation in the mouth of Hell, Sir Markus Hendourious stood vigilant, shadowing over his slain foe with a sense of pride.

“Goneth in the slumber of Death will thee – for your reign of tyrant hoth be brought-th to the end-th!” He exclaimed from the bellow of his ginger beard, with a chuckle hanging from the breath of the final victory.

“Death I proclaim to thee author!” The death-stricken King announced to the flooding skies above,

“Death to he, which writes such drivel of me!”

Confused. The brave knight grabbed Informus by the scruff of his neck.

“Why are thou speaking such nonsense?” He asked with the curiosity of the Noble Cat of the land.

“But why You ask? because this is all drivel from the hands of a pyscho-path!”

The knight dropped the former king to the ground, in much need of thought he paced-


ZanSnake: Man writing shit like this should be ground-breaking! Breaking the fourth wall! Cool!

I screamed out in triumph

ZanSnake: If only there was someone I could give it too….

I thought to myself, lifting my hands away from the keyboard to pose the ‘thinking’ image to make it seem like I was thinking something majorly important when I am not. As I did the pose, suddenly the keyboard started to type by itself.


As the lightning speed of each key being tapped in front of me, all I could was stare in amazement as it finally stopped and read aloud the final sentence it had written.

ZanSnake: “An thus the almighty author was enforced to travel within the realm he had created, to be judge by those he had written by his own hand and to experience the journey in which he imagined.” What top shit!

I screamed out in amazement, suddenly realising.

ZanSnake: Wait, I am the author of this story that has an author within it, in which this story also has a story….

But before I could try to simplify and resolve the issue I was soon sucked into my old ass PC monitor and into a twirly wirly colourful thing!


As I span throughout the twirly whirly colourful thing, I soon saw the end and soon I fell into a conference room.


Journalist: Mr Snake, how did it feel to have been in the basement of such a ludicrous and pathetic person like Mr Informus?

ZanSnake: I say…. Death to all But Metal!!!!


As the Journalists started to strip and dance to the shitty song, and knowing I couldn’t stick around to see the semi-naked women since I could get a slap hand for doing so, I ran out for the doors, but was met with a sudden chase of chilling coldness.


ZanSnake: How the fuck am I on the side of a mountain?

JCVD: ZanSnake, do you like nice cold refreshing bull piss?

ZanSnake: Fuck this!!!

I said, dropping from the mountain, closing my eyes as I fell onto a rather nice and soft couch.


ZanSnake: Argh, you know what!

I said grabbing my phone and logging into the website (http://www.champman0102.co.uk) that was running this charade, which for some reason was Mexican, leaving the conversation on the website (http://www.champman0102.co.uk) to be:


Eventually, I was then transported into a meeting hall to be face in face with ‘them’.


ZanSnake: Ha! So it is you who was portraying me as a Mexican!

People: We are afraid not, Zan. We are members of an awesome group called Awesome Group – a subsidiary from CMSG Ltd.

ZanSnake: Alright, and you want what from me?

CMSG Ltd: You online personality has taken upon himself to do a challenge called ‘Fallen Giants’, but as of today, has not done it in time and so we need to spank his little ass.

ZanSnake: You ain’t touching my ass!

CMSG Ltd: Well, though we thought of it – we have just recently came up with a better idea!

ZanSnake: You are not going to stuff anything up there either!

CMSG Ltd: Ah, well excuse we need to think for a minute….

ZanSnake: Why don’t I just do the stupid job!

CMSG Ltd: Yes, that was our idea!!! And then we will help you escape to the reality you are from – of course, except something/someone takes you’re fancy when you are here or you fail what is assigned to you.

ZanSnake: Fair enough deal.

As so it started with….


….A decisive handshake.

* * * * * *

Chapter One

As I discussed what was needed with the new owners, it was clear that they’re overall goal was to help Fallen Giants, though I was reassured that it wasn’t literally Fallen Giants, but actually Fallen Giants of the Football Industry.

As we discussed the plans, they made it clear that a lot of pressure was among my shoulders as they went into the Hall of Game, the likes of Merk, AMC, Pat, etc. was etched into the memory of the one and great company, to which they presented me with a pile of paper.


CMSG Ltd: At Leeds United we have succeeded to recreate the giant which they once was, and more, so your job is to find the next location for the second phase of the ‘Fallen Giant’ project.

ZanSnake: And this pile of paper is?

CMSG Lid: Symbolic for how much shit you have to go through to find the right club!

ZanSnake: Arseholes!

As I arrived, I was proud to be in the foundation of success and with a list provided from the hands from above, the ceiling had hands for some reason, they passed me a list of possible ventures I could go for that reach the criteria that CMSG Ltd wanted. The teams all were sent my CV:


But it seemed either I was too late to process the application, or my lack of experience hindered me. As the list named clubs lowered with the number of vacancies and the chances of possible employment with a ‘Fallen Giant’ was being vanquished faster than a hot girl with her ‘hot’ friend as you glance to see the fat friend stomp around the corner!


Shuddering my body harder than an earthquake, I decided to try and chose another club that could, would and is a Fallen Giant. And finally I got the response which I had waited days for, after the horrid thought that maybe I would have to be trapped in the fat-moulds of the fat girl, a hand pulled me out!


Which, as you would imagine I had to accept!


Club Atlético Independiente


Leaving Europe for South America seemed the best option for Phase Two, not only could their be possible origin stories about cocaine/drug deals, or some kind of B action film storyline so that they would be ‘bought’ out for a deal to become manager – but also, it meant that the women were all fine!

It was also nice to someone actually show my full name!


After emerging onto land, I looked into the history of the once great team:

• Primera División (16): 1922 Aam,[e] 1926, 1938, 1939, 1948, 1960, 1963, 1967 Nacional, 1970 Metropolitano, 1971 Metropolitano, 1977 Nacional, 1978 Nacional, 1983 Metropolitano, 1988–89, 1994 Clausura, 2002 Apertura
• Copa Ibarguren (2): 1938, 1939
• Copa Adrián C. Escobar (1): 1939
• Concurso por Eliminación – Copa Competencia "La Nación"[f] (1): 1914
• Copa de Competencia Jockey Club (1): 1917
• Copa de Honor Municipalidad de Buenos Aires (1): 1918
• Copa de Competencia (Asociación Amateurs) (3): 1924, 1925, 1926
• Intercontinental Cup (2): 1973, 1984
• Copa Libertadores (7): 1964, 1965, 1972, 1973, 1974, 1975, 1984
• Copa Sudamericana (1): 2010
• Recopa Sudamericana (1): 1995
• Interamerican Cup (3): 1973, 1974, 1975
• Supercopa Sudamericana (2): 1994, 1995

14 years since they last won the Primera Division, Independiente have been relegated to the second division, recently in this reality gaining promotion before getting relegated again this season – hence the vacancy – leaving only Copa Mercosur as the competition for this season, which they did win last season.

To be able to bring the team to the accolades they earned in the seventies in which they won the Copa Libertadores four times in a row would be a magnificent capture for CMSG Ltd, but if that is what they would ultimately aim for – is only my guess.

So, it would be my task to win the Copa Mercosur and then await from the elders of CMSG Ltd if I should carry onward for next season, or pass on for the ‘Markus’ guy.

Come On You Diablos!!


* * * * *

Chapter Two


As my foreign nature came in, I was soon been told my stupid mistake – I was indeed here for a full season, but with the Copa Mercosur alongside it. The Copa Mercosur is a continental competition, which would make any victory even sweeter

* * Expectation**


The board gave the simple task of promotion, which of course would duly be my own target for the forthcoming season – but the only problem would be the mediocrity for the second expectation I hung around my neck – to win the Copa Mercosur!

When I arrived here, I thought that maybe there would be some kind of team of at least TWO or THREE star players but instead I had one decent 21 year old, a fuckload of strikers and a ‘decent’ amount of players.



On the scribblings at the bottom of one of the piles of paper was the managerial restriction that was put upon my head for the season which was:

You can’t sign more than three foreign players

Shaking my head as the ‘restriction’ was nothing more than futile attempt to break the shitty transfer period! I was able to only sign a few players and then sneezed – and it was over! Nevermind the disappearing amount of money I was told I had and then vanished!



Due to the number of DMC’s and strikers, though low quality, one of the best formations I felt towards the team was the 4-1-3-1 Zan formation that I had used in my reality for a game called CM010/02. Successive only through good players, it added enough to my save in that game to give more to the team as a whole, but I had a doubt towards it working for these selective players.


In order to hasten my doubts I also decided to have a ‘back-up’ strategy to make sure if the original tactic didn’t adhere well with the players then I could it. 3 defenders at the back to help support defence, with 2 DMCs to anchor the defence and the attack together, and the attacking three midfielders to support the two man strike force. All the players at my disposal fit more into the idea, but only time will tell if it had to be used.


With such a young squad, it was hard to determine the ‘Brilliant’ with the ‘Potential’, and with only 3 players coming in to add more depth into the squad to help. But the star players in the team would be:

Adrian Ledesma - AMC

At 21-years-old, he was skilful and was the number one midfielder at the club. One which I hoped would be decisive in the future of the CMSG Ltd reign, not only for myself but for future managers, he would be the main man in midfield no matter the chosen tactic.

Juan Levato - SC

22 years-old and seem to have the right attributes to be a possible main choice for striker. But, as you will find out, would miss his role for the more experienced and fan favourite Sangoy who had been at the club for recent seasons.

Franco Perez - DMC

One of the three players I brought in, Perez was the more skilled and effective looking DMC in the squad. Joining for £700k, at the age of 21 years-old I could see him as a long servant for the club.

Jaime Abellan - DC

Young Spanish defender who looked alright on paper, would that turn out well within the game? You will have to find out! 19 years old, he joined the club last season but failed to make an impact – but with a potential three at the back I am sure he could slot in.

But despite all the youth, the lack of options on the wings for the tactics and for the talent kind of scared me, but I held on, hoping that the talent elsewhere would resolve any such issues.

So, could I take the right steps to making the club back to the powerhouse that it was in the 70’s?

Only time will tell…..


* * * * *

Chapter Three
Copa Mercosur

Anticipation ran high in the air as the football season for the Independiente fans, with the second expected glory to be the main kick-off of the season I was buzzed to finally take my steps into football management – I mean I had done it with both Championship Manager 2001/02 and Football Manager 2011, so it couldn’t be that hard?

**Group Stage**

The fans gathered together at the Libertadores de America for the beginning match for the competition against fellow Argentine side Central.


The tactic of the first outing was the 4-1-3-1 formation, outling the support from Ledesma in the midfield to help build the talentless wingers. And in a game where the opposition seemed to have turned into a bunch of Heskey’s (7 shots on goals, 0 on target) we were able to beat them 2-0, thanks mainly due to the dismissal of Central’s goalkeeper and the resulting penalty, but a good debut in all!


By the time for the second Group Stage game, I was forced to change my tactic to the 3-5-2 formation, as to why you would know in the next chapter. The second game was an international showdown between a Brazilian and Argentinean clubs, and despite being on away soil we nicked a 1-2 win, with the defensive prowess forcing the Brazilian club Cruzeiro to only 3 chances all game, with our own attack making 13 shots.


With six points and four goals, we sat on top of the group comfortably, feeding my ego as much as Cookie Monster’s addiction.


This egotism caused me to call myself the ‘Diablo Uno’, in which didn’t really translate into what I had hoped through the media, as it was calling myself the Devil, an image I didn’t really want but I supported after the whooping results against Chilean side Univ. de Chile 3-0 at home and another win over Central.


The ‘Devil One’ embraced his ‘naughty’ side as he faced Cruzeiro at home, this time fitting the actual imagery around his proclamation, I was left in shock in despair as I was soon forced to answer to the press after a 0-2 home defeat in the costume I thought I could be gloating in.


The game was such a dud in terms of the actual performance from my attacking ‘starlets’, who had also started to show concern in the League with some result also (NEXT CHAPTER!) as none scored despite 11 chances created.


Knowing I had already Qualified, I wanted to ensure that this team I had, though still not great enough to become World Elites could really have a crunching chance at sealing the Copa Mercosur I wanted a result for the final game of the Group Stages! And luckily it was against the piss poor Univ. de Chile, and with more temptation then a kleptomaniac in a garbage dump – we controlled the game and the result to a 1-2 result, finishing the competition with 16 chances on goal but unluckily only could score two.


In the Group table it showed impressive stat in that in the whole six games we were able to allow 4 goals into the back of our net – a nice statistic despite the piss poor choices we have at goalkeepers – though, it also showed a very alarming low amount of goals scored also with only 10.


**Quarter Finals**

Crossing my fingers with the luck of the draw, I held my fingers crossed praying for an exotic location to catch some sun rays and to sell off some of the cocaine I was forced to buy after baking some after thinking it was flour for the Mafia kingpin.


But despite my hoping and praying, and my possible cocaine addiction, instead we were short fisted for:


Fucking Cruziero again!

Ruining my dream of relaxing in a hot-tub with beautiful models in a sexy beachside front while also empowering a drug cartel as Snakey Zontana, telling people to say ‘hello to my little friend’ and not giving a fuck because I was high as fuck!

Then I soon realised I was in South America – every place was the same.


With the game being first at home for us, I was hesitant to go into the game with a defensive tactic such as the 3-5-2 formation, instead I decided to go for the 4-1-3-1 formation, and the result?


Yeah, not fucking good!

A loss was kind of expected but to lose by such a margin at home felt like living on an island with Luis Suarez and Mike Tyson, you just knew you were going to be chewed up and spat the fuck out again! And once again the trouble came down to the lack of talent within the depth of the squad, the amount of chances were greater but yet we couldn’t finish them – they had less, but our defence couldn’t tell the difference between moving and sticking their fucking tongue out!!!

After the disappointing home defeat, we had already knew we have lost and once I stepped onto the land of Samba – no, not Cherno Samba – a routine of cocaine, marijuana, alcohol, super-models, monkey-tossing, and bursting young kids footballs, made a haze of the game – to which I couldn’t really gice a fuck about it.


“Fucking corrupted cock-carrot!”

That was the only thing I could remember of the game….

**Last Thoughts on Performance**


Ledesma was the star man with Hernan Sequeirra (who you will hear more of in the NEXT CHAPTER) with 3 and 4 goals in the competition, but otherwise it was like the picture above. Even though I didn’t expect much from this side in terms of quality, one thing I had hoped was consistency, which seemed to have gone astray.

* * * * *

Chapter Four:
Second Division

As I aligned to the job, I was soon approached by a jolly fat guy with a funny looking moustache.


The jolly fat man was smiling wider then Katie Price’s pussy, dancing around the room with animated forest animals – it was like an LSD daydream.

Fat Man: ZanSnake, ZanSnake!
If you don’t succeed,
I’ll eat your liver with kidney and beans!

He sang to me, as he held a squirrel in his hands.

Fat Man: Roberto Galando is my name,
Promotion is your aim,
If you don’t then I’ll have you in an Argentine Stew!

Nodding to his agreements, I walked out of the room more confused than a burger sitting in front of Luis Suarez. But, I was soon ready for my league debut – starting with the 4-1-3-1 formation, or know more likely as a 4-3-3 to the conformists of tactical naming. But I couldn’t give actual fuck!


No decent left-back, so left midfielder Coronel came in at the position and one of the three signings I was able to capture to start, with attacking midfielder Leandro Chaparro starting alongside Ledesma, I was hoping for a happy away win in my debut!

But instead…


We were annihilated like we were San Marino! Fucking shit arsed San fucking Marino!!!

John Swift made his debut, the only foreign player I had signed so fuck Merkez to try and limit that, but that did NOTHING, and the sole striker role didn’t work, so I was forced to make the shift to the 3-5-2 formation (correctly named as so, so fuck the tactic naming Nazis!) in which the team was more assorted to.


With Central also being in my Copa Mercusor group, I would have loved it to have beat them!


Which, unlike the talentless Keegan couldn’t when he wanted to, I was able to! A 3-1 win over Central (Sequeira, Tejero, Sangoy) solidified into a an undefeated streak in all comeptitions! IN which Sequiera scored 7 more goals, Adrian Lesdesma scored 5, Gaston Sangoy scored 3 and even Defensive Midfeilders Franco Perez (one of the three signees) and Juan Manuel Cobo scored 1.


But the most impressive performance in those ten games of the league was the amazing 5-0 demolishing of Temperly, another side aiming for promotion!


Ledesma showed his greatness with an outstanding hat-trick! And John Swift showed his creativity by making two assists as he replaced the man at half-time. But the most impressive thing was that over 9 games, we had only conceded 4 goals! Leaving looking like this in the table!


And despite our loss in the Copa Mercosur, we continued the form on coming agonising close with the top, with only teams with games in hand and more wins then draws, bridging the gap. But we only had to wait seven games to get to the top of the table after 4 wins and 3 draws, and without conceding a single goal!


Chuffed by our performances I met another enthusiastic fan of my awesome work!


Him: Zan Snake, I am pleased with your work!
ZanSnake: Cool, and thanks and all – but why the fuck are you wearing a BatMan costume in Argentina? Do you not know how fucking hot it is?
Him: I am a practising asphyxiaist!
ZanSnake: A fucking what?
Him: I am someone who wears a costume to wank in, and never leaves it.
ZanSnake: I thought it was when you choke yourself when you wank inside a Batman costume?
Him: Oh, that! I don’t do that! That can cause comma death.
ZanSnake: A what death?
Him: What?
ZanSnake: You said it causes a ‘comma death’.
Him: Know I didn’t!
ZanSnake: Well, it says you did about five lines of text ago.
Him: Oh, I meant comma death as in, comma, death. You know to add dramatic effect when people heard it/read it.
ZanSnake: Oh. You know I have a guy named Him in one of my stories!
Him: Cool story, Brah!

After this ‘narly’ conversation, it was back for the rest of the season, which started with a series of 1-0 wins, Ledesma scoring one and Sequira scoring the two other singular goals in the games. After slapping the lads in the face, we won 2-0 before the heart breaking 3-2 win over Atl. Tucuman – the first goals we conceded since we took the top of the table.


Devastated at now the total being 10 goals conceded, we earned a kind of redemption when the news was announced:


Yep, we fucking did it bitches!

We won the fucking league!!!

And for that, we went on to win two of the lasts games and drew one – meaning we won the league undeafted after the opening game of the season. And the amount of goals we let in, in comparison with the rest of the league was impressive!


After that, our season was basically over. No cups seemed possible in the Second Division, or in Argentina at all, and the rest of the season was basically promotion play-offs, so for the next two months I started to build the team more to what I thought would benefit ‘Markus’.


The signings weren’t that impressive, except Perez, that I had done so far. With Sequiera still being 19 years old, I invested in a striker for Markus, Nicolas Blandi who signed for £875k:


Also, aware that only Tejero was the best winger in the squad, I decided to help by signing a right winger for £900k in the form of Ariel Maidana:


Though only being allowed to sign two players in this Window, I then added more to the list for the start of next season in which Markus could cancel if he agreed with them or not (though he would be an idiot to do so!), with left back Leandro Anguirre to come in for £180k from our fellow pathetic friends Central:


Though he wasn’t first choice at Central, he was certainly a better option then the one left back we had in the team. I then decided to set-up a young striker to come in named Nahuel Gomez for £450k:


Despite the amount spent on Gomez, we would still earn a profit of £75k for the players leaving – people who just lived in the reserves and would add nothing to what had been set up!


Over the course of the season, I could tell that this squad had some nice gems within but didn’t have the brutal force it should have to match the prolific team of the 70’s. Ledesma has recently signed a new contract and looks set to be able to stay for the long haul. The major problem I had found was the lack of goals coming from the striker position, despite Sequiera’s 16 goals in 30 game, they came either too far between or not enough when needed – though he did score a few vital goals such as the 1-0 wins.

With the amount of youngsters in the squad, maybe it would need a person with a clearer eye for potential, but indeed there was some promising gems such as Sequiera and Perez, that could add something.

The inconsistency of the defenders bit us in the arse in the Copa Mercosur and it was constant changes to the back three that allowed us to continue our impressive form – but the MAJOR IMPORTANT ISSUE that was at the club was a lack of a DECENT GOALKEEPER! And with the only keepers that I have seen interested being ancient, I decided to leave the proper team building to the next man in charge.


As I am now seen as Royalty within the fans eyes, the restriction I have decided to put on Markus is simple: you have to sign one player that has either ‘Zan’ or ‘Snake’ somewhere in their name and play them at least 25% of the season.




And thus as I descended away from the footballing life, I decided to live the rest of my life within the confinements of this reality as a drug-lord.


With the super-model wife


....and await till the next time CMSG Ltd called upon me.

28-06-14, 01:36 PM
I have played half the season, will finish it off tomorrow and finish the next two chapters tomorrow and Monday ;)

28-06-14, 10:53 PM
Great start already, looking forward to seeing how it goes!

28-06-14, 11:06 PM
Hell of a write up! Good choice of country as well! :ok:

29-06-14, 03:37 PM
chapter three up now

29-06-14, 06:04 PM
How and what the hell is a 4-1-3-1 :lol:

I cant see chapter 3 :confused:

30-06-14, 10:23 AM
Still gutted that I don't get to manage Leeds and pick Krafth :D

Unlucky in the end there, Zan.

30-06-14, 04:46 PM
Chapter four should be up later ;) Finishing the season earlier because ____________________ whoops, looks like you have to wait :P

30-06-14, 05:41 PM
Chapter four DONE!


And it is DONE by Monday Night!

As i said :P

30-06-14, 08:49 PM
Amazing season! Does that mean Mark takes over a top-flight team next year? We're storming through these divisions!

30-06-14, 11:20 PM
Means he will still be there, have to win the Copa Libertadores and the Primera Division, but like i said i think it would be nice to try and match the 70's three years in a row win of the Copa Libertadores.

01-07-14, 12:13 AM
Superb stuff Zan - very very random - but I expect nothing else from you :)

Great stuff on getting promotion!

Lovely restriction as well for Mark!

Go and attack that Argie League!

01-07-14, 08:43 AM
Th Argentine Second Division is very boring if you win the league after 24 matches, you basically get the rest of the season off as reward :lol:

01-07-14, 09:25 AM
Th Argentine Second Division is very boring if you win the league after 24 matches, you basically get the rest of the season off as reward :lol:

Yeah I know:lol: I was so bored and confused what to do, so I started to look at a few players but was reminded it would be Mark in charge.

01-07-14, 10:01 AM
Great stuff, Zan. Always feel like I've got tough shoes to fill when I take on one of these saves. Especially after seeing this...



So Zan's sent me the save on the date 7th February. Is that the official end date of seasons in Argentina?

PS. A search for 'snake' returns no results. This is going to go well :lol:

01-07-14, 10:21 AM
So Zan's sent me the save on the date 7th February. Is that the official end date of seasons in Argentina?

No, it's generally end of May (possibly start of June). The Second Division is strange though, if you finished 1st after 1 round of games, you get promoted and the other 24 teams play-off to decide the remaining promotion play-off spots. The team that wins gets rewarded with a holiday until the next season :D

The transfer window is 10 days in July and 2 signings in January so make sure to have your business done. Even signings made after the window close dont join until the following July instead of being part of the 2 in January, those 2 can only be bought while the window opens and not beforehand!

01-07-14, 10:22 AM
Ah, I'll play on until the end of May seeing as we're now in the top tier.

Think I have only played in Argentina once before!

01-07-14, 07:00 PM
Looks like you need to sign ZANe somebody!

01-07-14, 07:39 PM
Great stuff, Zan. Always feel like I've got tough shoes to fill when I take on one of these saves. Especially after seeing this...



Told you the fans saw me as Royalty :D

01-07-14, 08:02 PM
I dunno if this will work, but this write up was only meant to be a one part in a trilogy, and so i hopefully i can make the ZanSnake Resurrection?

02-07-14, 09:51 AM
The code will change when the first round finishes. You can reresurrect then :ok:

And critisizing 4-1-3-1 is hardly tactical Nazizm, only basic mathizm, that adds to 9 players.

02-07-14, 04:29 PM
Could someone remind me what the restrictions are like in Argentina? In terms of FGN players?

08-07-14, 12:44 PM
"Take a break, have a Kit Kat!".

Not exactly one of the hardest scripts I've ever had to follow when advertising Kit Kat's latest luxury edition chocolate bar, coated in caramel. I spoke the words from the dugout after screaming at the players on the pitch. My popularity as a football manager had extended to doing national adverts on the TV.

As soon as I uttered the famous words, the phone rang. I picked it up, expecting to speak to my assistant manager at Stoke only for the dreaded phone number of CMSG Ltd appear on phone. My hand trembled. What could this mean? I'd already worked for them once in Germany where they'd kidnapped me and refused to give me back my passport until I had spent 10 years there. The only good thing that had come out of that was my reputation as a football manager after winning the Bundesliga titles with Hoffenheim and VfB Stuttgart.

Sighing, I knew that I had no choice but to answer the call. If I didn't, they'd find other ways of getting in touch.

"Hello, churky. What do you want now?"

"This ain't churky, you bitch. It's ZanSnake! I'm the king, you suck!"

"OK, that's a great way to start a conversation, I guess."

"No, a good way to start a conversation is to shag a fembot and then get your leg bitten off by a midget. That's right. That shit cray!"

"Hold on, hold on. Don't start going off topic. What do you WANT!"

"Oh. You need to come to Argentina. Forget the Stoke job for a year. CMSG need you, you can't say no. Bye."

Anyone else would have scoffed at those words but I knew that I really couldn't say no. Of course, I knew that this would happen one day. Once you sign a contract with CMSG, they never let you forget it. Within seconds of the phone call being disconnected, a post man tapped me on the shoulder and handed me a envelope containing flight tickets to Avellaneda which meant that I was going to Argentina. One thing was for sure, I was going to experience some of the most hostile atmospheres in a football stadium ever. It's all crazy down in South America!


It didn't take me all that long to get to grips with my new club. The stadium of course, was impressive and ZanSnake had done extremely well to get the best out of an average looking squad, winning the Argentine Second Division as well as reaching the Quarter Final's of the Copa Mercosur.

Before I made any decisions, I decided to have a look at where I could improve the club as a whole. As I always do, I started with the backroom staff where there were only an assistant manager, two coaches and a physio as well as seven scouts on the books. By the end of my first month at the club, I'd brought in 10 new faces to the backroom staff and got rid of five.

Assistant manager Daniel Jimenez was replaced by Marcos Casal.
Coaches Francisco Sa and Ariel Wiktor were replaced by Arturo Guida and Hermes Filho and were also joined by Juan Miguel Vacas, Jesus Maria Ferrera and Oriol Rubio.
Scout Jose Abaurre was replaced by Herve Maki Mvondo.
Physio Ezequiel La Grotteria was replaced by Robert Moritz who were also joined by Heinz Simon and Emanuel Suarez.

The changes didn't cost a penny so I still had a healthy £14.7M in the bank but only £2.7M to spend on players. Next, I decided to have a look at the squad that I had inherited and I have to commend ZanSnake for doing so well with this squad. There were a small group who looked like they had the ability to make the step up to the next level but the group was definitely not strong in reserve. There were 9 players over the age of 30 and at least 4 who were 35! There were four that were already on their way out:

Damian Martinez - 30 - DR - Estudiantes (LP) - £230K
Juan Pablo Luque - 25 - DMRC - Colon - £180K
Martin Benitez - 25 - SC - Boca Unidos - £250K
Mikhail Colombo - 26 - SC - Gimnasia y Tiro - £110K
Ceferino Ferreira - 21 - AMLC - Velez - Loan Return
Lucas Montenegro - 17 - FRC - Free Transfer - Free
Dario Hoyos - 18 - D/DMRLC - Free Transfer - Free
Diego Coronel - 22 - ML - Univ. San Martin - £400K

These were the players that ZanSnake had already sold. While I wasn't too bothered about strikers Martin Benitez and Mikhail Colombo leaving, I was disappointed that we'd lose the other two as Damian Martinez could still do a job at right-back and Juan Pablo Luque would definitely be a contender for my defensive midfield spot. The final four were let go by myself as Ceferino Ferreira, a decent looking player, returned to Velez after his loan spell while I released Lucas Montenegro and Dario Hoyos as youth players who looked like they'd struggle to stack shelves in a local Tesco. The final one was also sold by myself, Diego Coronel did look half decent and had got 4 goals in 17 games for ZanSnake but I preferred actual attacking left wingers so I decided to cash in on him.

We were now in March and I knew that I had plenty of time (four months to be exact!) to shape the squad and intended to buy only Argentinian players given that only four foreign players could be named in a squad and that I intended to keep just one foreign player in a squad which would be 19 year old centre-back Jaime Abdellan. While my seven scouts were all over Argentina in the hunt for new players, I cut down the squad to just 20 players after agreeing to sell:

Sebastian Osella - 20 - GK - Gimnasia (LP) - £500K
Roman Tejero - 21 - AMRL - Oeiras - £200K
Nicolas Luz - 21 - SW/DC - Lamadrid - £200K
Marcos Lopez - 29 - DC - Union - £600K
Gonzalo Mansur - 20 - DRLC - Colegiales - £50K
Juan Manuel Cobo - 35 - DMC - Olimpo - £50K
Leandro Chaparro - 29 - AMC - Union - £400K
Gonzalo Martin Ojeda - 30 - GK - Colegias - £50K
Marcos Galarza - 36 - DL - Union de Sunchales - £10K
Braian Resch - 29 - DRC - Gimnasia (LP) - £300K
John Swift - 25 - MC - Accrington - £400K
Lucas Ezequiel Lazio - 31 - DC - Platense - £200K
Guillermo Pereyra - 32 - AMR - Retired - Free
Alan Aguirre - 26 - SW/DC - San Martin (SJ) - £200K
Matias Garavano - 36 - GK - Chacarita - Bos
Rodolfo Cornejo - 23 - DMC - Free Transfer - Free

I didn't actually intend on selling Leandro Chaparro or Braian Resch but I've never particularly liked players in a squad when they won't commit to a new contract. Sign one or do one! All of this activity meant that having inherited a balance of £2.7M, I now had a healthy £19.3M in the bank yet only £2.8M to spend... A bit strange but I don't envisage signing too many players for big money anyhow. First of all, I took a look at the two players that ZanSnake had arranged to sign:

Leandro Aguirre - 31 - DL - Central - £250K
Nahuel Gomez - 20 - SC - Chacarita - £450K

Two players for £700K? That seemed quiet extreme to me and a big chunk of the £2.8M budget as well on just two players. I admit that Nahuel Gomez looks like a prospect but given that I'll be playing a 4-5-1 formation, I wouldn't need him. Especially as I had three strikers on the books anyway in Hernan Siqueira (who'd scored 16 in 30), Nicolas Blandi (A £875K signing by ZanSnake yet to make his debut) and Juan Levato (44 in 105 as well as 40 assists. Not bad for 22 year old).

As for Leandro Aguirre. We do need a left-back but £250K on a 31 year old? Nope. I wasn't having any of it and decided to cancel both deals. In fact, not long after doing so, Aguirre signed for a Venezuelan side for just £16K! As soon as I had fired off emails to cancel both deals, the phone rang and I didn't even have to ask who it was:

"Hey, the King here! You cancel my deals? You suck! Because you have done that, you are going to pay! You have got to sign someone who has part of my name in their name. You get me, peasant? Sign a Snake or a Zan! Play him in at least a quarter of the season, that's it! BANG!"

Well, that certainly sucked! By this point, I'd been at the club for four months and each one of my scouts had done the rounds of Argentina not once but twice and I now had a huge dossier of 304 players that were recommended. The problem? Not a single one had the word 'zan' or 'snake' in their name! That was hardly surprising, no-one is going to have 'snake' as part of their name, we are human, not lizards! I knew that I could find someone with 'zan' in their name though if I looked hard enough. Someone in the mould of Javier Zanetti would be superb but my options were limited. In the end, I found one player and it cost me £725K. ZanSnake was right, he made me pay:


The wheeling and dealing was still in full motion by the time my first game came around at the of July. Jorge Bazan was one of four new signings handed a debut as Marcelo Oviedo (Quilmes - £600K), Daniel Svab (Cottbus - £300K), Panagiotis Kone (Novara - £60K) and Guillermo Fernandez (Central - £200K) were all given starts as the Copa Mercosur got underway. We were in a group with 3 Brazilian teams - Corinthians, Flamengo and Palmeiras. Despite dominating in our first game at Corinthians, we fell behind three times and ended the last five minutes with 10 men after an injury following the use of all three substitutions. The 3-2 defeat highlighted the need for new goalkeepers to arrive.

I had a good 10 days to finalise my squad ahead of the next game which would be the start of the league and I was pleased to add a further six players to the squad as Mads Albaek (Monaco - £600K), Enzo Moreno (Gimnasia (LP) - £200K), Fernando Simeone (Velez - £240K), Leandro Marin (£400K), Adrian Peralta (£700K) and Miguel Pereyra (Tigre - £700K) all boosted the squad and especially in the goalkeeping and defending department.


At last, I felt as though we were ready to go! The only position I hadn't strengthened before the transfer deadline was at right-wing but Panagiotis Kone and Mads Albaek were both more than capable of playing there. Nevertheless, I had settled on the most preferred starting eleven for the season to come:


Premier Division Open
H - Estudiantes (LP) - 2:1 (Blandi, Bazan) - 5th
A - San Lorenzo - 3:0 (Blandi, Kone, Gonzalez) - 1st
H - Rafaela - 0:1 - 3rd
A - Boca - 1:0 (Villalva) - 2nd
H - Def. y Justicia - 5:0 (Perez, Ledesma, Blandi x3 - Oviedo sent off with the score at 3:0) - 2nd
A - All Boys - 1:5 (Blandi - Alegre sent off with the score at 1:1) - 3rd
H - Tigre - 0:0 - 6th
A - Quilmes - 0:2 - 8th
A - Racing - 1:1 (Albaek) - 8th
H - Gimnasia (LP) - 3:0 (Blandi, Kone, Alegre) - 6th
H - Belgrano - 2:1 (Blandi x2) - 4th
A - Crucero del Norte - 3:0 (Albaek, Ledesma, Kone) - 4th
H - Arsenal de Sarandi - 0:0 - 5th
A - River - 0:4 - 5th
A - Lanus - 1:1 (Maidana) - 7th
H - Newell's - 1:1 (Acevedo) - 7th
H - Velez - 2:0 (Ledesma, Levato) - 3rd
A - Union - 2:1 (Blandi, Fernandez) - 3rd
* At this point, Racing had won the Argentine Premier Division. We were 8 points behind with one game left to play.
H - Banfield - 2:1 (Fernandez, Maidana, Blandi) - 3rd

Considering we were back in the top flight for only the third time in the past 14 years, I think 3rd is pretty good going!


Copa Mercosur
A - Corinthians - 2:3 (Ledesma, Acevedo) - 3rd
H - Flamengo - 4:0 (Fernandez, Perez, Acevedo, Blandi) - 2nd
H - Palmeiras - 5:0 (Blandi x3, Ledesma, Bazan) - 2nd
H - Corinthians - 1:1 (Blandi) - 2nd
A - Flamengo - 1:0 (Herrera) - 1st
A - Palmeiras - 1:2 (Levato) - 2nd

Despite starting and ending with defeats to Corinthians and Palmeiras, we did enough to qualify:


Quarter Final - Leg 1 - H - Velez - 2:0 (Levato, Ledesma).
Quarter Final - Leg 2 - A - Velez - 2:1 (Fernandez, Kone - Ledesma sent off with the score at 1:1).

Two fantastic set of results against a team who were top of the league at the start of the season. That puts us through into the Semi-Final against a team who we have played twice and failed to beat. To make matters worse, we lost first choice centre midfielder Guillermo Fernandez and top scorer Nicolas Blandi to injuries for both games while captain Adrian Ledesma was suspended for the first leg:

Semi Final - Leg 1 - A - Corinthians - 0:0
Semi Final - Leg 2 - H - Corinthians - 3:0 (Levato, Kone, Ledesma)

We'd done it! At the fourth time of asking, Corinthians were finally beaten to put us into the FINAL! Playing without Fernandez, Ledesma and Blandi had been tough enough but for the final itself, we were without first choices Daniel Svab, Franco Perez, Fernandez again, Panagiotis Kone, Jorge Bazan and Bazan's backup Guillermo Acevedo wasn't particularly fit. Still... If we could get something in Rio de Janeiro, we may give ourselves a chance in the second leg as we had done against Corinthians. Our opponents? A team steeped with history, Vasco da Gama:

Final - Leg 1 - A - Vasco - 1:1 (Acevedo)
Final - Leg 2 - H - Vasco - 1:0 (Blandi)

We were unfortunate not to get something more out of the first leg after falling behind within a minute. After that we dominated to get an away goal and take it back home for the second leg where we were missing four first team players (Enzo Moreno, Marco Oviedo, Franco Perez and Panagiotis Kone). After half an hour, Jorge Bazan was added to that list after pulling up injured. However, that didn't stop us from being the better team once more and Blandi found the net to make it 2-1 on aggregate. We'd won the Copa Mercosur!

Wait a second...

Instead of going off to celebrate, we now had to play Vasco for a third time in a 'Final Decider'. What the...?! I don't understand how it works in Argentina! Now I feared that it'd be third time lucky for Vasco...

Final Decider - H - Vasco - ...

They did have the better of the chances for the first time but I needn't have worried. Blandi was the hero again and we were COPA MERCOSUR WINNERS!
I had to double check after the game but a reward of £2M confirmed it. We'd done it!

We now had a good six week break until the the 'close' season got underway and I used the gap as an opportunity to boost my squad and finally land that right winger that I was unable to get at the start of the season. Arriving from Douglas for £200K, Ariel Martinez looked a bargain and would take over from Panagiotis Kone as my first choice winger:


I did consider buying an extra 11 players to add a bit more competition but decided against it. That would form part of my restriction on the next manager and I decided to leave the £21M in the bank and hope that we wouldn't suffer with injuries as we had done during the 'open' season.

Premier Division Close
A - Estudiantes (LP) - 0:1 - 16th
H - San Lorenzo - 0:1 - 19th
A - Def. y Justicia - 3:2 (Ledesma, Fernandez, Albaek) - 12th
H - All Boys - 2:2 (Levato, Moreno) - 12th
A - Rafaela - 3:0 (Bazan, Perez, Martinez) - 10th
H - Boca - 1:2 (Blandi) - 13th
A - Tigre - 1:1 (Martinez) - 13th
H - Quilmes - 0:0 - 12th
A - Belgrano - 2:1 (Fernandez, Blandi) - 11th
H - Racing - 2:3 (Blandi x2) - 12th
H - Crucero del Norte - 1:0 (Ledesma) - 11th
A - Arsenal de Sarandi - 2:1 (Blandi, Fernandez - Marin sent off at 2:1) - 10th
H - River - 0:1 (Gonzalez sent off with the score at 0:0) - 10th
* After 13 games, we have lost one more game compared to the entirety of the 'open' stage.
A - Newell's - 0:0 - 10th
A - Gimnasia (LP) - 2:0 (Bazan, Martinez) - 9th
H - Lanus - 5:2 (Ledesma x2, Blandi, Fernandez, Bazan) - 8th
H - Union - 1:1 (Martinez) - 7th
A - Velez - 0:1 - 9th
A - Banfield - 3:1 (Ledesma, Blandi x2) - 7th

Not quite as exciting as the opening stage, I'm afraid. We started slowly and had some very bad luck in dominating games without picking up points and conceding late goals. At least we recovered somewhat to finish 7th which isn't bad going at all. Thankfully, the 3-1 win in the last game of the season was enough to put us 7th due to our goal difference.


Overall we finished 6th in the league which I'm really happy about, especially when you consider that we also won the Copa Mercosur!

Special mentions must go out to:
Adrian Peralta - Our 23 year old goalkeeper who played every single minute, conceding just 44 in 50 games.
Enzo Moreno and Marcelo Oviedo - Both were the first choice centre-backs and were absolutely solid. Moreno chalked up 42 games but Oviedo was unlucky with injuries that meant he only started 28.
Adrian Ledesma - Captain who managed 18 assists and 11 goals in 44 games. Definitely a star in the making.
Franco Perez - Solid and did the dirty work well in midfield.
Guillermo Fernandez - Vice captain who started 39 matches, scoring 8 and managing 8 assists.
Nicolas Blandi - Without a doubt, the player of the season. 26 goals from 43 games is a great return although they did dry up a bit in the second half of the season. Blandi had been signed by ZanSnake as his final signing and it's fair to say that it paid off!

What of Jorge Bazan, the player that I had to sign?


Not particularly brilliant! In fact, the physios reported that he had been carrying a thigh problem and I was reluctant to send him to physio in case it didn't work out and he required surgery, thus meaning I couldn't play him for at least 25% of the season as per ZanSnake's restriction.

Without further ado, I hereby set the next restriction...

This squad has exceeded all expectations by finishing 3rd in the opening stages, 7th in the closing stages and 6th overall. Winning the Copa Mercosur was truly the icing on the cake.

What the supporters do not want to see now is the spine of the squad being torn apart.

Your restriction is to simply keep hold of the 22 players that were part of this historic season. None must be sold. However, you may strengthen the the squad by adding no more than 11 players (one for each position of the tactic that you plan to use).

This is the 22 man squad for reference:
GLK: Adrian Peralta, Miguel Pereyra
DFR: Leandro Marin, Fernando Simeone
DFL: Daniel Svab, Ricardo Villalva
DFC: Enzo Moreno, Damian Alegre
DFC: Marcelona Oviedo, Jaime Abellan
DMC: Franco Perez, Ramiro Gonzalez
MDC: Guillermo Fernandez, Mads Albaek
AMR: Ariel Martinez, Panagiotis Kone
AML: Jorge Bazan, Guillermo Acevedo,
AMC: Adrian Ledesma, Julio Cesar Herrera
STR: Nicolas Blandi, Juan Levato

That means that Maximiliano Jara, Gustavo Serrizuela, Ariel Maidana, Gaston Sangoy, Carlos Henneberg and Hernan Sequeira may be sold if you wish. However, you should find that you have plenty of money in the bank. £22,453,326 to be exact!

Good luck!

08-07-14, 12:45 PM
Save game has now been sent to dekke in a PM.

08-07-14, 01:31 PM
Great season, well done on the Copa Mercosur win - crazy how different the final table is in the Closing Stage compared to the Opening Stage! Oviedo looks like a great player already, and only 19 too

08-07-14, 02:22 PM
Final decider :suspicious:

Well done Mark :ok:

09-07-14, 01:27 AM
Meh, i got what i could in the small amount of time i had to :P

Good to see my signee do well, guess he was the only one you kept :(

17-07-14, 11:18 AM
Has anyone heard from Dekke?

17-07-14, 11:32 AM
Good question Cafc.

Mark if you haven't heard from him at all can you forward the save to kuy please :ok:

17-07-14, 12:20 PM

17-07-14, 01:29 PM
OP Updated, kuy now in play :ok:

17-07-14, 02:55 PM
Got it, now just waiting to see if my laptop's working... If it's not working in the next day or two it'll have to be passed on again I'm afraid, I don't want to hold things up

17-07-14, 10:45 PM
Jut read Mark's season - great read mate.

Massive effort in winning the cup - very random final decider tho - loved that twist!

If you strengthened half way through maybe you got have got the league but I respect your thoughts on giving it a go with who you had and putting the next restriction in

All the best Kuy!

20-07-14, 08:41 PM
Afraid my laptop's still not working so I'll have to pass it on, sorry lads. Gutted, was really looking forward to this!

21-07-14, 10:55 AM
Have you forwarded it on or do I need to send a PM out to Cafcjgreen?

21-07-14, 11:10 AM
Send it to Cafc with the restriction mate :ok:

21-07-14, 11:32 AM
Done... Third time lucky?

21-07-14, 11:44 AM
I hope so!

Once Jesus has started the save there will be a new code word for the next list of participants

21-07-14, 01:46 PM
Received the save and will get playing straight away. Having never managed outside of England on any management game this is gonna be a real struggle for me. Don't expect great results :(

21-07-14, 01:54 PM
Good stuff Cafc. Looks like you've a solid squad to work with.

Just keep an eye on the transfer windows and fixtures, fixtures really pile up when playing the continental comps

25-07-14, 04:13 PM
Finished the season and will be posting the write up tomorrow

25-07-14, 04:33 PM
Nice one :ok:

26-07-14, 09:32 PM

As I was walking home from my day job managing the plumbing section at the local B&Q my phone started to beep...

Message from: Hendo

Alright mate, I'm back from Argentina. I'm at the pub come for a quick beer. I need to speak to you

I had planned to go home and have a nap but as I hadn't seen him in over a year I decided I might as well go for a quick pint to see what he wanted.

As soon as I got to the pub I could tell something was up, not only had Mark paid for my drink but he was also smiling which caused me to immediately regret going.

Mark - Thanks for coming mate, it's been a while
Me - Yeah, how was it out there?
Mark - Good, glad to be back though
Me - Yeah back to boring old Stoke!
Mark - Oi, I love this place. Just because you're from London doesn't mean you're better than everyone else!
Me - I was only joking! What did you want anyway? It sounded important!
Mark - Well, you know you've always played footie games and wished you could be a proper manager like me?
Me - Umm yeah sure
Mark - Well I've sorted you out! You are replacing me as manager of Independiente!
Me - Wha, whaa, what?
Mark - Brilliant isn't it! You best go get ready. CMSG Ltd will be sending someone to pick you up shortly! Good luck! Oh and by the way you can only sell the 6 players I've placed in reserves and you must not sign more than 1 player per position!

2 months later...

I've completed all of my transfer dealings for this window, it sees me sell all 6 of the players Mark allowed me to. Whilst I also bought in 5 new faces to help me challenge for honours this season!:

Transfers out:
Carlos Henneberg - Elche - £110k
Maximiliano Jara - Free agent
Ariel Maidana - Belgrano - £800k
Gustavo Serrizuela - Nueva Chicago - Bosman
Gaston Sangoy - Jub. Antoniana - £0
Hernan Sequeira - Chacarita - £140k

Transfers in:
Ricardo Morel - SC - £70K
Juan Manuel Caballero - CM - £180K
Lucas Romano - DC - £220k
Leandro Berti - DMC - £1.1M
Juan Martin Lucero - AMC £500k

I feel I have improved the squad whilst also sticking to the restrictions placed on me by Mark. Only time will tell though I guess!

I have decided to use a slightly edited version of the standard 4-1-2-1-2 tactic, which is a personal favourite of mine.


Premier Division Open

Gimnasia LP - Home - 2:1 - Ledesma, Morel.
Quilmes - Away - 2:1 - Morel.
Crucero del Norte- Away - 0:2 - Caballero, Morel.
Newell's - Home - 0:1.
Colon - Away - 1:0.

Position after 5 games - 13th

Velez - Away - 1:0.
Gimnasia J - Home - 1:0 - Fernandez.
San Lorenzo - Away - 3:2 - Herrera x 2
Banfield - Home - 2:2 - Herrera, Caballero.
Boca - Home - 2:0 - Morel x 2.

Position after 10 games - 14th

Estudiantes - Away - 2:0.
Racing - Home - 4:2 - Morel x 2, Herrera x 2.
Union - Away - 3:5 - Morel, Lucero x 3, Herrera.
Tigre - Home - 1:2 - Levato.
Belgrano - Home - 1:1 - Lucero.

Position after 15 games - 14th

Lanus - Away - 1:2 - Morel, Ledesma.
Arsenal de Sarandi - Away - 1:3 - Abellan, Lucero, Morel.
All Boys - Home - 1:1 - Ledesma.
River - Away - 2:3 - Lucero, Abellan, Herrera.

Position after 19 games - 19th.


Copa Mercosur

Also going on throughout the opening stage of the league was the Copa Mercosur. A tournament Mark had managed to win last year. I was secretly hoping to do the same!

Group Stage

Penarol - Home - 1:2 - Ledesma
River - Away - 0:0
Palmeiras - Home - 0:1
Penarol - Away - 1:2 - Villalva, Ledesma.
River - Home - 1:0 - Morel.
Palmeiras - Away - 1:3 - Ledesma x 2, Caballero.

Not quite sure how we managed to sneak through our group, but we have qualified for next round as one of the best 2nd placed teams!

Quarter Finals

Flamengo - Away - 0:1 - Ledesma.
Flamengo - Home - 3:0 - Ledesma, Herrera, Abellan.

We're through to the semi finals with a fantastic 4-0 win! If only we could perform like this in the league!

Semi Finals

River - Away - 0:1 - Levato.
River - Home - 2:0 - Morel, Herrera.

Can't believe we have reached the final! I now have a chance to carry on what Mark started by retaining this cup. Not sure how we will perform over a crazy 3 different finals but it's anyone's to win now!


Boca - Home - 1:0 - Herrera.
Boca - Away - 2:2 - Morel, Caballero.

These 2 results mean we take a 3-2 lead into the final decider! Can we go on to lift the trophy for a second time?

Final Decider

Boca - Away - 0:2 - Levato, Morel.


We've done it! So proud of the lads! It took me a while to get used to the league and managing abroad but with us finishing 7th and winning the Copa Mercosur I'm happy with what I have achieved so far!

Premier Division Closing

We head into the final stage of the season hoping to carry on our form from the back end of the opening stage. I also decided to bring in a RB during the transfer window as I felt we desperately needed cover in this position.

Transfers in

Cristian Arguello - RB - £80K.

Gimnasia LP - Away - 4:1 - Morel.
Quilmes - Home - 2:0 - Morel, Fernandez.
Colon - Home - 2:0 - Moreno, Morel.
Gimnasia J - Away - 1:2 - Lucero, Caballero.
Crucero del Norte - 2:1 - Lucero, Abellan.

Position after 5 games - 1st

Newells - Away - 2:1 - Levato.
Velez - Home - 1:1 - Martinez.
Banfield - Away - 3:1 - Lucero.
San Lorenzo - Home - 0:1.
Boca - Away - 3:1 - Levato.

Position after 10 games - 13th

Racing - Away - 0:1 - Moreno.
Union - Home - 2:0 - Lucero, Levato.
Tigre - Away - 1:0.
Lanus - Home - 2:1 - Lucero, Morel.
Estudiantes - Home - 3:2 - Morel, Lucero, Berti.

Position after 15 games - 6th

Belgrano - Away - 2:2 - Ledesma x 2
All Boys - Away - 1-1 - Lucero.
Arsenal de Sarandi - Home - 3:0 - Simeone, Levato, Caballero.
River - Home - 1:0 - Lucero.

Position after 19 games - 3rd.


A much better closing stage sees us finish 5th overall which seeing as I've never managed outside of England before isn't a bad result!


An added bonus of Mark winning the Copa Mercosur last season is that we were also entered into the Copa Libertadores!

Copa Libertadores

Group Stage

Univ San Martin - Home - 1:0 - Morel.
Univ de Chile - Away 0:4 - Lucero, Ledesma x 2, Caballero.
Bolivar - Home - 1:0 - Morel.
Univ San Martin - Away - 0:3 - Lucero x 3
Univ de Chile - Home - 2:3 - Levato, Ledesma.
Bolivar - Away - 0:2 - Levato, Morel.

An easy group in which we only dropped 3 points! Could we go on to do the cup double?

Second Round

Colo Colo - Home - 2:0 - Lucero, Morel.
Colo Colo - Away - 0:2 - Abellan, Caballero.

A very easy second round sees us through to the quarter finals! Starting to get nervous now!

Quarter Finals

Corinthians - Home - 1:0 - Morel.
Corinthians - Away - 1:2 - Ledesma, Levato.

Somehow we have reached the semi finals of the Copa Libertadores! Just 4 matches stand in the way of us doing an amazing cup double!

Semi Finals

Cruzeiro - Away - 0:1 - Herrera.
Cruzerio - Home - 3:0 - Gonzales, Levato, Romano.

We are in to the final! The final for this cup is split over 2 legs and we are playing All Boys a team that finished 4th in our league! This is gonna be tough.


Leg 1 - All Boys - Away - 1:1 - Herrera.
Leg 2 - All Boys - Home - 2:1 - Ledesma, Morel.


YES! A late goal from Morel clinches the cup double for us! This has been a fantastic season and I've done better than I ever thought possible.

Key Players


Squad Average Rating



The restriction for Jesus is to play the players I consider to have been the spine of the team for my season in every single match they are available for during his season. These players are:

Adrian Peralta - GK
Damian Alegre - DC
Jaime Abellan - DC
Juan Martin Lucero - MC/AMC
Adrian Ledesma - AMC
Ricardo Morel - SC

27-07-14, 09:08 AM
Superb stuff mate! Cup double is awesome! Congrats!

What else is there to win? Just league? If so Jesus - all eggs in 1 basket and forget the cups!

27-07-14, 10:14 AM
Well done, Cafc! Like me, not much success in the league but glory in the cups and the copa libertadores too!

Similar restriction for Jesus then! Nice to see Peralta and Moreno be key again. Ledesma, Alegre and Abellan are players I got from Zan. How did Blandi do?

27-07-14, 10:28 AM
Great stuff Cafc :ok:

What's left to win in Argentina now?

27-07-14, 10:30 AM
Nice one Jamie!!

27-07-14, 11:50 AM
Cheers boys! The Argentinian league is weird, still not sure I completely understand how it and the cups work!



27-07-14, 12:23 PM
So, just the league left? Let me know before I crack on with this :)

27-07-14, 12:24 PM
Yeah should be! unless winning the copa libertadores qualifies you for another cup?

27-07-14, 12:39 PM
Let's get a new round of players into the list. Given it's summertime I think we should have an appropriate word . . .

28-07-14, 11:53 AM
I love the summertime, it means lots of wheeling and dealing!

28-07-14, 01:11 PM

Summertime by Sublime!

01-08-14, 03:59 PM
Just a quick update: the season has been completed and I'm uploading the save now :ok: Write up to follow.

01-08-14, 04:02 PM
Nice one Jesus.

Gonna be the end of summertime before we get a few more to use the code word for the next list

01-08-14, 04:41 PM
I imagine a lot of people will be going on holiday during the summertime so won't have much time for CM.

01-08-14, 04:47 PM
I imagine a lot of people will be going on holiday during the summertime so won't have much time for CM.

Damn these people with lives!

Summertime is for CM :D

02-08-14, 09:43 AM
The summertime is overrated

02-08-14, 09:52 AM
In the Summertime when the weather is fine....we play CM :D

04-08-14, 09:24 PM
I'm not much of a story teller so I'll just stick to the facts.


For the forthcoming season I would be adopting my usual Gung-Ho tactic that I had tried and tested. It had some special requirements in terms of what calibre of player I would require for it to be successful and so I went on to review the squad that Jamie had left me.



Having adopted my usual tactic I noticed a severe lack of quality at on the left side of defence. Immediately I bought 21-year-old Brazilian left back Vander Santos da Silva from ABC for a modest £1.3million. I also brought in another left back in the form of Milan Massop from PSV for the same amount. I was pleasantly surprised when Rodrigo González was added to my squad; a transfer that Jamie had negotiated prior to me taking over. However, due to the tactic I had adopted, I could not see a role for the central midfielder. To round off my summer spending, 31-year-old Ezequiel Cirigliano was recruited for his experience in the defensive midfield department. He cost me £2.1million which took my total spending up to £4.7million.

Premier Division Open

Having never managed in Argentina before I didn't know what to expect. As it happens the league is split in to two halves, both consisting of 19 games and the winner is the team who has the most points at the end of the two stages. We opened the season with a 2-1 defeat to the hands of Estudiantes (LP) but bounced back with a thrilling 5-4 victory aganinst All Boys in the next game. From there our form was dreadful; a win, followed by three defeats and a draw left us in 16th place after seven games. Despite the poor start, the team showed great character and we embarked on a three game winning streak to catapult us up to 5th place; unfortunately we came crashing back down to 17th just three games later. We had just six games left to make a difference and a string of narrow wins saw us finish strongly in 6th place.. Well that certainly could have gone better..


Premier Division Close

Having had a taste for what Argentinian football had to offer, I was determined to make amends for the erratic form in the opening stage. We began the closing stage with a high scoring draw, which was followed by a defeat. It seemed as we were again going to yo-yo our way up and down the table again. However in the next five games we managed to collect 13 of the 15 points available to us and after seven games we were 3rd. I had hoped we would push on from there and recover some of the ground we had lost in the opening stage but a bad patch of form saw us record three 2-2's in a row and we had slipped to 8th place after 12 games. With seven games to go I had given up hope on winning the league but the team kept going and a draw, followed by two wins, a draw and three wins on the bounce saw us move from 8th to 3rd.



In the end it was too late to make amends for the poor form that had plagued us throughout the season. River ended up winning the league by just two points, and we were only five points away from winning it. Due to the restrictions in place from Jamie, I had no choice but to start inconsistent defenders that didn't fit my system and I feel we would have won the league had we kept more goals out.

Copa Mercosur

Group 2 of the Copa Mercosur wasn't a tough contest and four wins and a draw saw us comfortably in to the quarter finals. We progressed further with a 3-1 aggregate win over Flamengo, a team that we had previously faced in our group. The semi-final that followed was against San Lorenzo and it went all the way to a penalty shootout which we won 3-0 thanks to San Lorenzo having a shocker in front of goal. This lead us to the final where we would face the formidable River Plate. The first leg ended in a 2-2 draw with Fernández getting a 90th minute equilizer to keep us in the final. However, despite his heroics in the first leg, we were defeated 2-0 in the second leg and we had just lost the Copa Mercosur...

BUT, as it happens, we had to play one final fixture which was the decider! We turned River inside out and goals from Morel, Lucero and Pérez saw us run out 3-0 winners and, because we were the higher ranked team, we won the cup! :confused:


Intercontinental Cup

Two days after the Copa Mercosur Final, we were against FC Bayern in the Intercontinental Cup. This came as a surprise to me in what was already a tight schedule and due to fitness issues we were at a disadvantage from the off. Despite the disadvantage we fought bravely and a single goal from Sergio Aguero was the only thing that ensured that Bayern would be taking home the silverware.

Copa Libertadores

With Jamie's heroics of the previous season putting pressure on my shoulders, I knew we had to perform well in the Copa Libertadores to defend our title. We began our campaign by demolishing Danubio, El Nacional and Blooming in all six fixtures of group six to take home the maximum 18 points on offer; in the process we scored 22 goals and conceded just three. Things looked good as we progressed to the quarter finals and we continued our high-scoring record by beating All Boys 8-2 on aggregate. Our semi-final opponents would be Santiago Wanderers who played in the Chillean leagues. It seemed that the team were on a mission and we dismantled them in the first leg and put them to bed in the second as we scored six goals against them. That took our total goals for the competition up to 36. On the other half of the bracket Newell's had progressed quietly to meet us in the final. The first leg was an intense affair and an even match ended in a 0-0 draw. In the second leg we got off to a fantastic start, Ledesma netted twice inside 16 minutes and I thought that the flood gates were well and truly open.. unfortunately Newell's had other ideas and they rallied together to score two goals of their own to tie the score. The game went straight to penalties....


DEVASTATING! We had completely steamrolled the opposition up until the final but came unstuck when it really mattered. I was fuming as I boarded the plane back to England and wished that I never had to manage in stupid Argentina ever again!

Player Performance & Team Evaluation

Alegre, the 23-year-old Argentinian central defender was a stand out player for me. He averged a whopping 5 tackles per game and had an average rating of 7.98. Close behind him was Ivanildo da Silva who averaged 7.95 across 44 games that he featured. Morel managed to score 41 goals in 64 appearances and new boy Santos da Silva topped the assists chart with 12 assists from left back.

I feel the squad is good, but could be improved. The place where I really struggled was out wide. There is no quality on the wings and it's up to the next manager to improve that if they want to secure the league title; had I signed some quality wingers I believe we would have been more potent in attack which may have secured me more points.


So... an up and down season, one which I am not particularly used to in my managerial career. I won some silverware, I lost some silverware, but what I didn't win was the league, and that was the most important. I feel had I not been so heavily restricted to feature SIX players in every game they were available I would have done better. A lot of the time I had to play these six players when they were only partially fit and I could not drop them when they had a stinker. This messed with my managerial superstitions and traditions terribly and in the end I did not enjoy my time in Argentina. I guess it's up to Mark to pick up from where I've left off and win that league!


During my season the team leaked far too many goals. So, the best way to prevent that is to get men behind the ball.. right? As a result, the next manager will have to come up with a formation that does not feature a striker. He can have AMCs with forward arrows if he wishes, but the days of the striker are up. Good luck.

04-08-14, 09:28 PM
Nice one Jesus :ok:

Have you passed the save on to Mark?

04-08-14, 09:30 PM
Nice one Jesus :ok:

Have you passed the save on to Mark?

Indeed, I passed it on on Friday I think, when I posted that I'd done my season.

04-08-14, 09:40 PM
Good stuff and best of luck to Mark. Be good to take at least one of the league stages down soon.

It's a great league to play in, all clubs are similarly balanced.

04-08-14, 10:01 PM
Great write up and such an action packed season full of highs and lows!

the first league stage seemed crazy - but you had a steady climb in 2nd stage and were on the right track - did you do anything different in 2nd stage?

So - the league still awaits...........

Great restriction by the way - will probably suit Mark as he only plays 1 up front anyway so wont have to change much!

04-08-14, 10:09 PM
Great write up and such an action packed season full of highs and lows!

the first league stage seemed crazy - but you had a steady climb in 2nd stage and were on the right track - did you do anything different in 2nd stage?

So - the league still awaits...........

Great restriction by the way - will probably suit Mark as he only plays 1 up front anyway so wont have to change much!

I didn't do anything drastically different other than that my team seemed to hit a patch of good form at the right time. I think with some added quality to the squad on the wings, the league should be ours. I was a bit gutted that I didn't identify it whilst I was spending at the start of the season to be honest.

04-08-14, 11:43 PM
Sounds like im somewhat to blame for you not winning the league. Sorry Jesus!

Glad to see Morel scoring goals, I rate him highly

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05-08-14, 09:58 AM
Great progress chart there Jesus :lol:

First the decider and now the winning because of being higher seeded :suspicious: this is a wierd cup

05-08-14, 12:41 PM
Great progress chart there Jesus :lol:

First the decider and now the winning because of being higher seeded :suspicious: this is a wierd cup
I had the better goal difference after the final decider (by one goal) but I'm not sure if that was really the influence.. either way I won a cup haha.

05-08-14, 12:44 PM
Sounds like im somewhat to blame for you not winning the league. Sorry Jesus!

Glad to see Morel scoring goals, I rate him highly

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That fucking goalkeeper you loved so much was my worst nightmare. I even publicly criticised him following a run of defeats, all of which seemed to come from him having poor games. I really wanted to drop him but because of your restriction I was forced to keep playing him.

05-08-14, 12:50 PM
Sorry :(. Hope I didn't make it that shit of an experience for you!

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05-08-14, 12:55 PM

Seems like the job is harder then originally thought.

06-08-14, 12:21 PM
The goalkeeper that I signed? He was brilliant for both me and Cafcjgreen! Shame he had an off season, perhaps the gung-ho tactic didn't suit him.

Well done on winning the Copa Mercosur. Bad luck in the final of the Copa Libertadores and of course, with the first stage of the league.

Argentina is definitely a strange league to play in!

I have the save and hopefully I'll get it done and written up by next Monday or Tuesday. Only back in work today due to sick bug and got DTL, Chat Box and Vipers to run for the rest of this week.

06-08-14, 12:33 PM
The goalkeeper that I signed? He was brilliant for both me and Cafcjgreen! Shame he had an off season, perhaps the gung-ho tactic didn't suit him.

I think the bigger issue was that I couldn't drop him when he had a bad game. Call me superstitious but I like to think rotating your keepers based on performance helps in the long term and morale changes as a result (how effective morale really is is another matter). There was many a game where we took the lead and then it was thrown away at the last minute.

06-08-14, 11:38 PM
Couple of great write-ups guys, sounds like it's really hard to get the required consistency in this league. I like the no-striker restriction too, good luck Mark!

13-08-14, 05:03 PM
Laptop's working again, just in time for the end of summertime...

18-08-14, 03:33 PM
Yo Marky, how is this going?

18-08-14, 04:08 PM
It is still alive! I've been playing when I could on my breaks. About half way through at the moment and the story is already written up as I've gone along too.

25-08-14, 09:29 AM

25-08-14, 09:52 AM

I know Mark posted somewhere he was on holiday soon. If he is away the save will need to be passed on as it's supposed to be passed on after a week and it's 3 now. Plus Mark's holidays and that could be 5.

If he's not gone away yet all good if he can get his season posted up today or tomorrow, otherwise I'll ask Jesus to send the save game on to me.

25-08-14, 10:26 AM
Think he is in work tomorrow then goes on holiday

26-08-14, 09:31 AM
Sorry guys, I am nearly done (in the 'close' part of the season now). Just haven't been able to crack on with this as much as I'd have liked considering the DTL, Vipers, etc take up my own personal time... Have loaded up the save this morning to get it done once and for all.

26-08-14, 10:00 AM
I know Mark. That's why the list is there so if you get tied up ya can always drop out and join the back of the queue. Any later than this week and I'll have to drop to the back myself.

26-08-14, 10:37 AM
"It is with immense pride and delight that I announce I am back as manager of Independiente. Winning the Copa Mercosur when I was here before was without a doubt one of the highlights of my career and I simply cannot wait to meet the players again and continue on from where I left off... It's only been two years but I have followed with great interest the way that Cafcjgreen and Jesus both managed to retain the Copa Mercosur and Cafcjgreen also of course, winning the Copa Libertadores... My aim is to try and retain the Copa Libertadores which Jesus came so close to doing last season but also to finally launch an assault on the title. It is time that this great club and its fans gets what it deserved and I will do everything I can to achieve this... It will be difficult, for sure. Playing without a striker means that I don't have that player who I would guarantee gets at least 20 goals a season like Nicolas Blandi did when he got 26 for me. It means we have a lot of adjustments but I will go off now and meet the players to start working on a new system in readiness for the new season that starts in just over two month's time."

It had been a well received press conference as I became the first manager for CMSG Ltd to return to Argentina. I couldn't wait to see the lads again and hoped that those that I had managed were still around. I had made it a rule for Cafcjgreen that he was to keep hold of the 24 man squad that I had built in my year at the club but unfortunately, four (Daniel Svab, Mads Albaek, Panagiotis Kone and Jorge Bazan) has since moved on and of the rest, they weren't as good as they were back then which makes sense considering I had signed players just after we were promoted to the league.

I was really happy to see a lot of the players still at the club though. Especially Franco Perez, Adrian Ledesma and the centre-backs (Marcelo Oviedo, Enzo Moreno, Jaime Abellan and Damian Alegre). I knew I had some tough decisions to make and to do so, I enlisted the help of the backroom staff. They hadn't been touched since I left so naturally, I 'upgraded' in making a few changes with two new physios, seven new scouts and three new coaches for a combined cost of £1.2M. Not a problem, the club had £56M in the bank yet £4.6M to spend! That didn't seem right to me so I politely requested more money:

https://8435e9e7d5de6f50a2464f9e40165cc8ad056a26.googledri ve.com/host/0B3mF1hcU_RBQczJrVE16QWZQa3c/give_me_money.jpg

It only went up to £4.9M!

Ordinarily, I would focus on shipping out players before bringing in replacements. However, I took a different tack this time around, knowing that there was a transfer deadline at the end of July while my return to the dugout was scheduled in 26 days time. On top of that, Independiente were invited to the World Club Championships and would face Dalian Aerbin, FC Bayern and MC Oran in Group 1. As a result, I knew it didn't make sense to sell anyone just yet and instead, asked three of my scouts to scour South America for new talent while also sending four scouts on a tour of Argentina. There was one thing that I was considering though and that was to sell all the strikers that were on the books. Doing so would mean selling the striker who'd scored 41 goals in 64 matches for Jesus - Ricardo Morel. Why? Well, Jesus left behind that rule indicating that I couldn't field a striker so it may be beneficial to get the wages of the strikers off the wage bill to free up some money for midfielders that could get us the goals for the next 12 months. I actually quite liked this as a challenge and it meant I only made a minor tweak to the formation that I liked to use, bringing back the lone striker to an advanced midfielder position where I suspect a forward rather than an out and out striker may enjoy the role.

https://8435e9e7d5de6f50a2464f9e40165cc8ad056a26.googledri ve.com/host/0B3mF1hcU_RBQczJrVE16QWZQa3c/no_striker.jpg

While the scouts were busy finding me new talent, I got to work on offering contracts to the players who I definitely wanted to keep hold of. Julio Cesar Herrera, Ezequiel Cirigliano, Ledesma, Rolando Cisneros, Guillermo Acevedo, Vander Santos da Silva, Fernando Simeone, Ariel Martinez, Adrian Peralta, Oviedo, Abellan and Juan Acosta all penned new deals. Meanwhile, some players did leave the club:

Juan Levato - Banfield - £1.4M. This is a forward who'd scored 11 in 29 for Jesus last season and I could have used him in my new tactic except he'd already agreed a pre-transfer to Banfield.
Leandro Marin - Cerro - £600K. The right-back that I had signed is now 31 and left the club with his contract becoming unprotected, meaning we'd made a £200K profit on him.
Guillermo Fernandez - Valencia - £1.2M. A £1M profit on this midfielder who was a favourite of mine and continued to be a regular since. However, the board felt he was a disruptive influence and wanted him out. At 31, I was happy to encourage him to go when his contract became unprotected.
Cristian Arguello - San Martin (SJ) - £1.1M. A great profit on an £80K signing. This versatile defender/midfielder was already on his way out under Jesus and I wasn't too worried about that.
Nicolas Blandi - Released - £0. Now 33, I made a sad decision to let Blandi leave upon the expiration of his contract. He was a player signed by ZanSnake scored 26 for me but had hardly featured since. With the new striker restriction in place, it's not worth keeping him.
Ricardo Morel - S-Pulse - £5M. Ching! We cashed in on a player that Cafcjgreen signed for £70K. He'd scored 66 goals in 128 games which is a fine record indeed but I got him off the wage bill to help me get new players in to fit the new system.

Copa Mercosur - Group 1
H - Univ. de Chile - 1:0 (Lucero)
A - Penarol - 3:0 (Ledesma, Naguel, Martinez)
H - Palmeiras - 1:2 (Caballero)
A - Univ. de Chile - 1:1 (Trotta)
H - Penarol - 0:0
A - Palmeiras - 1:1 (Acevedo)

My scouts hadn't got their reports back to me by the time the Copa Mercosur kicked off with a home game against Univ. de Chile. The line-up contained some surprises with Miguel Pereyra given the nod in between the sticks and Simeone was recalled from the fringes of the squad to play at right-back as well as Oviedo returning to play in the heart of defence. Some things didn't change though and Ledesma was once again leading the team out. I've got to admit that I was worried as I took my place in the dugout before the game kicked off. Would the lack of a natural striker mean that we'd struggle in front of goal? I was hoping that Ledesma and Herrera would both act as 'false 9's' and pop up in the box when needed. As it happened, they didn't have a shot at goal until the last 10 minutes and we were looking rather strong defensively. Abellan was a tower of strength and ensured we kept a clean sheet. At the other end, an 88th minute goal by substitute Juan Martin Lucero was enough to win the game to get my return off to a fine start!

https://8435e9e7d5de6f50a2464f9e40165cc8ad056a26.googledri ve.com/host/0B3mF1hcU_RBQczJrVE16QWZQa3c/copa_mercosur.jpg

After the first group game of the season, I added four new faces to the squad on transfer deadline day.
Santiago Naguel is a natural right winger signed from Quilmes for £650K, Franco Cejas is a central attacking midfielder signed from Gimnasia (LP) for £1.5M, Alisson is an attacking midfielder capable of playing in the middle or on the right signed from Nautico for £325K and finally, Roberto Trotta was also signed from Quilmes for £650K and he's capable of playing on the left or in the middle of attacking midfield:

https://8435e9e7d5de6f50a2464f9e40165cc8ad056a26.googledri ve.com/host/0B3mF1hcU_RBQczJrVE16QWZQa3c/naguel.jpghttps://8435e9e7d5de6f50a2464f9e40165cc8ad056a26.googledri ve.com/host/0B3mF1hcU_RBQczJrVE16QWZQa3c/cejas.jpg
https://8435e9e7d5de6f50a2464f9e40165cc8ad056a26.googledri ve.com/host/0B3mF1hcU_RBQczJrVE16QWZQa3c/alisson.jpghttps://8435e9e7d5de6f50a2464f9e40165cc8ad056a26.googledri ve.com/host/0B3mF1hcU_RBQczJrVE16QWZQa3c/trotta.jpg

World Championship - Group 1
N - FC Bayern - 0:3
N - Dalian Aerbin - 0:2
N - MC Oran - 2:0 (Trotta, Alisson)

Unfortunately, the genius that decided to play the Copa Mercosur early gave us a disadvantage with the World Club Championship kicking off in Germany just three days later where we'd be up against FC Bayern in the toughest of starts! My first choice team were clearly not fit but I elected to start them anyway given that their backup aren't of the same calibre as these giants of German football. We were given a lesson in football as Thomas Muller, Asier Illarramendi and Luis Batioja condemned us to a 3-0 defeat in which we ended with 10 men after left back Santos da Silva came on in the 66th minute and was sent off in the 74th minute! One of my main concerns in the squad was a lack of wingers. Martinez was the only player who could play on the right and Acevedo was the only one who could play on the left and both couldn't play in our next game against Dalian Aerbin due to fitness. Instead, I had to field a 4-3-1-2 lineup where I employed three defensive midfielders against the Chinese. Despite such a defensive line up, we lost 2-0 and we were out of the competition already! The first two group games were played prior to the arrival of the four players that I had signed on transfer deadline day. They arrived and were able to play the final group game so it was no surprise to cruise to a 2-0 win. Of course, FC Bayern went on to win the competition itself.

https://8435e9e7d5de6f50a2464f9e40165cc8ad056a26.googledri ve.com/host/0B3mF1hcU_RBQczJrVE16QWZQa3c/world_championships.jpg

Copa Mercosur - Quarter Final
Leg 1 - A - River - 3:1 (Perez, Abellan, Trotta)
Leg 2 - H - River - 1:0 (Cejas)

Having earlier secured qualification from the Copa Mercosur, we were up against last year's league winners in the two legged Quarter Final. I decided to keep faith with the tactic that I had adopted thus far. We'd already beaten River at home in the league so hopefully it was the right decision. A fantastic come back in the first leg after falling behind with Abellan scoring his first of the season along with Trotta's 5th. I wasn't actually able to play the usual tactic as Caballero wasn't fit so I employed two defensive midfielders instead which worked to some affect as Cirigliano was Man of the Match. Despite the win, Cirigliano made way for the return of Caballero for the second leg which was won by a single goal.

Premier Division Open
H - Tigre - 1:0 (Cirigliano)
H - Newell's - 5:0 (Caballero x2, Ledesma, Trotta, Herrera)
A - Quilmes - 0:2 (Trotta, da Silva)
H - Lanus - 0:3
A - Velez - 2:0 (Ledesma x2)
A - Colon - 1:1 (Acosta)
H - Estudiantes (LP) - 2:2 (Acosta, Caballero)
A - Banfield - 0:1
H - River - 2:0 (Caballero, Perez)
A - Arsenal de Sarandi - 1:1 (Acevedo)
A - Union - 3:2 (Cejas, Martinez, Alisson)
H - Crucero del Norte - 1:4 (Cejas)
A - Racing - 1:0 (Acevedo, Martinez)
H - Gimnasia (LP) - 1:1 (Perez)
A - San Lorenzo - 2:2 (Herrera x2)
H - All Boys - 1:2 (Alisson)
H - Rafaela - 2:1 (Naguel, Ledesma)
A - Belgrano - 3:0 (Cejas, Caballero, Romano)
H - Boca - 1:1 (Gonzalez)

What everyone really wanted to see was Independiente back in action in the league in order to see whether we could genuinely challenge for the title this time around. We kicked off with a tough workout against Tigre at home and Cirigliano's goal won us the game. We then followed it up with a fine 5-0 win over Newell's (Caballero x2, Ledesma, Trotta and Julio Cesar Herrera) and then won our first away game 2-0 at Quilmes with Trotta and Ivanildo da Silva scoring. The first three games had given us a dream start that put us third but after that, we were incredibly inconsistent. It wasn't helped by our involvement in the Copa Mercosur which led to fixture congestion and injuries to key players. Finishing 6th was a major, major disappointment. Especially when you consider that a win in our last game could have put us 3rd and on the exact same amount of points that I had accumulated three years ago.

https://8435e9e7d5de6f50a2464f9e40165cc8ad056a26.googledri ve.com/host/0B3mF1hcU_RBQczJrVE16QWZQa3c/open_division.jpg

Copa Mercosur - Semi Final
Leg 1 - A - Palmeiras - 1:0 (Trotta)
Leg 2 - H - Palmeiras - 2:0 (Caballero x2)

The disruption to our league season was getting a little bit annoying. We now had to play our Semi Final fixtures against Palmeiras, the very same team who'd we'd failed to beat in the group stages. Playing the first leg away from home could be seen as an advantage with the second leg being at home. However, it soon turned into a disadvantage when Cejas stupidly raised his hands to push a Palmeiras player down to earn a red card after just three minutes. As it happened though, we ended up the stronger looking team by half-time despite there being no goals. We were certainly the stronger team for the entirety of the game and naturally, we were delighted by Trotta's 63rd minute winning goal. The second leg was played three days later and Moreno and Trotta himself were rested along with Cejas being suspended. Having the strength in depth was key here with Alegre, Ledesma and Acevedo called in to help us qualify with a 2-0 win thanks to a brace from Caballero. We were through to the Final for a 4th year running!

Transfer Window
Out - Milan Massop - 30 - DL - Cardiff - £1.7M.
Adrian Bravo - 23 - MC - Arsenal de Sarandi - Loan.
In - Juan Pochettino - 20 - AMRLC - Free - £0.
In - Jorge Rios - 19 - FRLC - San Lorenzo - Loan.
In - Diego Carrizo - 19 - Newell's - Loan.
In - Maximiliano Bueno - 24 - Tigre - £325K.

The conclusion of the Open Premier Division led to a two month period where I was free to work in the transfer market once again. Unfortunately, there were a few players having problems with each other and I resolved it in the only way that I knew how. By selling them! Milan Massop was one who was having problems settling down in Argentina, so much that he was now annoying his teammates with his talk of returning to Europe. A £1.7M offer from Cardiff was accepted despite him being my first choice left-back.

In terms of signing players, we could only add two men to the squad and I knew where I needed to strengthen. Caballero had been great at CM but we needed competition there and I also wanted an all round attacking player. As a result, Adrian Bravo was signed on loan for the season while my second signing was actually a free transfer in 20 year old Juan Pochettino. It was here when I realised that loanees was a way to get around the two man limit and I brought in a further two players on loan in Jorge Rios and Diego Carizzo and signed Maximilano Bueno as my second permanent signing. Now, I really was happy with the options that I had in the squad.

https://8435e9e7d5de6f50a2464f9e40165cc8ad056a26.googledri ve.com/host/0B3mF1hcU_RBQczJrVE16QWZQa3c/bravo.jpghttps://8435e9e7d5de6f50a2464f9e40165cc8ad056a26.googledri ve.com/host/0B3mF1hcU_RBQczJrVE16QWZQa3c/pochettino.jpg
https://8435e9e7d5de6f50a2464f9e40165cc8ad056a26.googledri ve.com/host/0B3mF1hcU_RBQczJrVE16QWZQa3c/rios.jpghttps://8435e9e7d5de6f50a2464f9e40165cc8ad056a26.googledri ve.com/host/0B3mF1hcU_RBQczJrVE16QWZQa3c/carizzo.jpg
https://8435e9e7d5de6f50a2464f9e40165cc8ad056a26.googledri ve.com/host/0B3mF1hcU_RBQczJrVE16QWZQa3c/bueno.jpg

Copa Mercosur - Final
Leg 1 - H - Vasco - 0:1
Leg 2 - A - Vasco - 0:0
Decider - A - Vasco - 2:0 (da Silva x2)

Losing the first leg at home made it extremely tough for us to go to Brazil and win the second leg. However, we gave it a crack and were aided by a red card to a Vasco player on the hour mark. Unfortunately though, no-one had their shooting boots on and we could only draw 0-0. But then came the decider which I was already aware of from when we'd won the competition last time. Losing Ledesma to injury early on felt like conceding a goal but then they had another player sent off for a headbutt. da Silva scored and suddenly the signs were good. With 10 minutes left on the clock, da Silva scored a second goal of the game and we'd won the Copa Mercosur for a fourth year in a row!

https://8435e9e7d5de6f50a2464f9e40165cc8ad056a26.googledri ve.com/host/0B3mF1hcU_RBQczJrVE16QWZQa3c/copa_mercosur_winners.jpg

Inter-American Cup
I'm not overly sure how it works but we were put up against Atlas in the Inter-American Cup for the first time since taking over at Independiente. It was also for these games that I decided to experiment with two defensive midfielders and a centre midfielder, changing from playing 1 DMC, 1 MC and 2 AMC's to 2 DMC's 1 MC and 1 AMC. I wasn't sure what to expect against Atlas having never played them before but I was definitely happy with the fact that they didn't have a single shot and we cruised to a 2-0 win. The second leg saw a much changed team but we still got a good win and CMSG Ltd had a new trophy in their cabinet!

https://8435e9e7d5de6f50a2464f9e40165cc8ad056a26.googledri ve.com/host/0B3mF1hcU_RBQczJrVE16QWZQa3c/tactic2.jpg

Leg 1 - A - Atlas - 2:0 (Ledesma, Gonzalez)
Leg 2 - H - Atlas - 3:0 (Naguel, Bravo, Trotta)

Premier Division Close
After the success in the Inter-American Cup, I was pleased with how my change in tactics had panned out and as a result, I stuck with it for the Premier Division Close, knowing that we had to have a superb season to make up for finishing 6th in the Open.

H - Velez - 1:1 (Abellan)
A - Tigre - 0:0
H - Colon - 0:0
A - Estudiantes (LP) - 3:3 (Acevedo, Cejas, Naguel)
A - Newell's - 2:0 (Naguel, Trotta)
H - Quilmes - 0:0
A - Lanus - 2:1 (Naguel, Cirigliano)
H - Arsenal de Sarandi - 1:0 (Caballero)
A - Crucero del Norte - 2:0 (Cirigliano, Caballero)
H - Banfield - 2:0 (Cejas x2)
H - Union - 1:1 (Cejas)
A - Gimnasia (LP) - 0:3
H - Racing - 1:0 (Cirigliano)
A - River - 1:1 (Cejas)
A - All Boys - 2:2 (Acevedo x2)
H - San Lorenzo - 2:1 (Perez, Trotta)
H - Belgrano - 1:0 (Pochettino)
A - Rafaela - 2:1 (Cejas, Rios)
A - Boca - 0:0

Well, the 'Close' was definitely an improvement on the 'Open' season as we lost just once in 18 games. However, drawing 9 of those games meant that we found it difficult to catch up to All Boys who also lost just once during this stage. It's clear that the change of tactics midway through the season made us tougher to beat but we then found it difficult to score goals without a striker.

https://8435e9e7d5de6f50a2464f9e40165cc8ad056a26.googledri ve.com/host/0B3mF1hcU_RBQczJrVE16QWZQa3c/close_stage.jpg

It's not been all bad though. The Inter-American Cup is a new trophy for our cabinet while a final place finish of 2nd is a record for CMSG Ltd and hopefully that means we are a step closer to landing the title and of course, the Copa Libertadores.

https://8435e9e7d5de6f50a2464f9e40165cc8ad056a26.googledri ve.com/host/0B3mF1hcU_RBQczJrVE16QWZQa3c/league.jpg

For the next manager, their challenge is to integrate a young player into the first team. Juan Pochettino was a free signing this season. Still aged just 20, he is a player of incredible work rate and technique and thrilled the fans when scoring the winner on his professional debut in a 1-0 win at home to Belgrano. The fans only saw him play twice this seasonm and now they want more.

The restriction is simple - Play Juan Pochettino as often as possible!

https://8435e9e7d5de6f50a2464f9e40165cc8ad056a26.googledri ve.com/host/0B3mF1hcU_RBQczJrVE16QWZQa3c/pochettino2.jpg

26-08-14, 10:56 AM
Oh I'm sure I can find good use for young Pochettino, looks a good prospect.

All Boys were so dominant, rarely see that in Argentina!

26-08-14, 11:50 AM
We did well not to lose to them in the end too. 2-0 down and a man sent off but fought our way back to a 2-2 draw.

26-08-14, 12:19 PM
Gives me hope of bridging the gap next year.

We still have to win both Opening and Closing League titles?

26-08-14, 01:00 PM
Good season Mark, always nice to win a trophy or two! Looks like it was too many draws that cost us in the end.

I can't remember CMSG Ltd taking so long to achieve their goals at one club before, it makes for really interesting reading! :ok:

26-08-14, 07:28 PM
I might have to come back in for this - Argentina sounds crazy!

Congrats on the new trophies Mark

Question - are you boys playing "weaker" team in non-league games? That's what I would be doing and ensuring I'm fully focused on league with my strongest XI for every league game. However, if we do shit in other comps that means less money and potentially less players wanting to sign

26-08-14, 09:04 PM
Great write up Mark, congratulations on retaining the cup and it looks like the no striker formation didn't hinder you too greatly! Had you turned some of those draws in to wins you might have been in with a shout but All Boys really did dominate this season. Still, you've finished the highest so far so no pressure for Dermo :D

Gives me hope of bridging the gap next year.

We still have to win both Opening and Closing League titles?

Surely not? The champion isn't decided until both stages have finished and whoever has the best points tally is awarded the trophy.

Question - are you boys playing "weaker" team in non-league games? That's what I would be doing and ensuring I'm fully focused on league with my strongest XI for every league game. However, if we do shit in other comps that means less money and potentially less players wanting to sign

Whenever I take over a club it takes me a while to determine who my best XI really is. As you only have one season during your CMSG reign I found it difficult to keep chopping and changing without knowing who my stars were. As a result I kept rotating based on fitness for all competitions and I think it had an negative impact on the league performances. From Mark's write up it seems our players are developing nicely and we have a good reputation to attract the calibre to win the league. Fingers crossed for Dermo!

26-08-14, 10:23 PM
Good point actually about not sure who best XI is when only 1 season! :doh:

27-08-14, 08:42 AM
Argentina is proving tough to crack. Nice work though, especially scoring 55 goals without strikers!

27-08-14, 09:08 AM
Surely not? The champion isn't decided until both stages have finished and whoever has the best points tally is awarded the trophy.

In theory you can win neither stage, finish with the highest points total but win nothing. There's no prize for it. The Opening (Apertura) and Closing (Clausura) stages are separate championships. Top points wins you nothing.

27-08-14, 10:06 AM
Can't believe you sold Morel! At least you got a good profit though.

Well done on winning cups and finishing 2nd. Hopefully we can win this league soon

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27-08-14, 12:45 PM
I wasn't allowed to play any strikers so I transfer listed all of them. In hindsight, I should probably have kept Morel for the next manager but then he'd only get unhappy after a whole year of no football. I could have played him as a AMC, I suppose? Unless that would have still broken Jesus' rule.

27-08-14, 12:58 PM
It wouldn't have broken the restriction but I'm glad you've got shut of them all, it gives the next manager a chance to find the next Tsigalko

27-08-14, 01:11 PM
So we need to win each STAGE, and not the total league?

Or all 3 (both stages and final league?)

27-08-14, 01:41 PM
Yeah, each stage is a different competition. It's like that in most South American countries. Scroll down to 1990-2012 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Argentine_football_champions

28-08-14, 08:39 AM

01-09-14, 09:08 PM
Season complete. Write-up and save passed on to merk tomorrow evening :ok:

04-09-14, 10:50 PM
So I was back on the CSMG horse and there was no sign of the finishing line. We are still in Argentina as the Opening and Closing Tournaments were still to be won.

Previous manager Mark's restriction was a basic one, Juan Pochettino must play. No problem there, Pochettino is a terrific prospect and hopefully it would help accelerate his development by having him playing week in week out.

Firstly the squad. It looked great with the exception of a lack of strikers. Having scoured the globe I managed to bring in a Brazilian, a Swede and a Georgian. In fact, I bought a load of foreigners before it dawned on me that there might be a restriction in regards foreign players. An of course there is , 4 per match, which led to me having to sell some of the current foreign players like Vanderson, Ivanildo and Alisson. I also had planned 5 across the middle so I recruited plenty of bodies to help in that regards. The defence this squad has is amazing. With a couple of small additions, this turned from a large hill into a mountain, as you'll see as we go through the season review, just how good it was.

With the early start at the club I had the opportunity to harass the board into expanding the stadium. They duly obliged and added an amazing 14000 new seats to the Libertadores Stadium.

Opening Stage

Aim. Win the most points in the first 19 games.

We started the season by breaking our attendance record, no surprise give the investment over the summer.

http://i898.photobucket.com/albums/ac186/Lowskys/recordatt_zpsc485f292.jpg (http://s898.photobucket.com/user/Lowskys/media/recordatt_zpsc485f292.jpg.html)

We made a great start to the campaign and it was great to see that the fans were happy with the sides progress

http://i898.photobucket.com/albums/ac186/Lowskys/saveyourdaddy_zps702cb3de.jpg (http://s898.photobucket.com/user/Lowskys/media/saveyourdaddy_zps702cb3de.jpg.html)

After starting him as our middle 'attacking' midfielder in a flat midfield, it took awhile to find Pochettino's main position.
He didn't really come into his own until he moved out on the left wing. Himself and incredibly talented Alexis Cerro formed
a devastating duo on the left side of midfield. Towards the end of the Opening Stage, the press began to take notice too.

http://i898.photobucket.com/albums/ac186/Lowskys/praise_zpse0d7ceac.jpg (http://s898.photobucket.com/user/Lowskys/media/praise_zpse0d7ceac.jpg.html)

We added another Copa Mercosur to the trophy cabinet which now takes CSMG Ltd's total haul to 5. And that's 5 on the spin.
Quite an incredible record.

http://i898.photobucket.com/albums/ac186/Lowskys/mercosur_zpsce3e8712.jpg (http://s898.photobucket.com/user/Lowskys/media/mercosur_zpsce3e8712.jpg.html)

Onto the main event, winning the Opening Stage title. A title that has eluded us so far. But not anymore. THAT DEFENCE.
Just look at the final table. 5 goals conceded in 19 games is sensational. The lynchpin of that defence, Damian Alegre,
got his reward by being in the Argentine squad for each international call up of the season. Yet to make his debut though.

HURRAY, another trophy!! Even if we only hit the front on the last day, a win is a win. (technically it was the 2nd last game
due to games in hand)

http://i898.photobucket.com/albums/ac186/Lowskys/openingstage3_zps46ded0c7.jpg (http://s898.photobucket.com/user/Lowskys/media/openingstage3_zps46ded0c7.jpg.html)
http://i898.photobucket.com/albums/ac186/Lowskys/openingstage1_zps60512f7c.jpg (http://s898.photobucket.com/user/Lowskys/media/openingstage1_zps60512f7c.jpg.html)
http://i898.photobucket.com/albums/ac186/Lowskys/openingstage2_zpscbcb7b69.jpg (http://s898.photobucket.com/user/Lowskys/media/openingstage2_zpscbcb7b69.jpg.html)

The gap between the Opening and Closing Stages is brief but we did manage to snap up this promising youngster.
Extremely promising ;)

http://i898.photobucket.com/albums/ac186/Lowskys/nicesigning_zps4a139687.jpg (http://s898.photobucket.com/user/Lowskys/media/nicesigning_zps4a139687.jpg.html)

Closing Stage

The club was a buzz after clubs first Argentine league title in 13 seasons. The fans and press were also interested to
see how wonderkid Vargas would progress. Unfortunately not so good. Only 1 goal in 10 appearances. That could have been
down to the form of others though.

Another league, another late show. This one would go to the wire.

This was the final day fixtures and league table. Very very close. Buuut, we had home advantage and it was our title to lose

http://i898.photobucket.com/albums/ac186/Lowskys/finalday_zpsa329253c.jpg (http://s898.photobucket.com/user/Lowskys/media/finalday_zpsa329253c.jpg.html)
http://i898.photobucket.com/albums/ac186/Lowskys/progress18_zps58ef7552.jpg (http://s898.photobucket.com/user/Lowskys/media/progress18_zps58ef7552.jpg.html)
http://i898.photobucket.com/albums/ac186/Lowskys/table18games_zps66cc1e62.jpg (http://s898.photobucket.com/user/Lowskys/media/table18games_zps66cc1e62.jpg.html)

How would it go . . . .

A total classic to finish the season

Behind, level, ahead, level, winner winner chicken dinner.

http://i898.photobucket.com/albums/ac186/Lowskys/lastgame_zps6aca72e2.jpg (http://s898.photobucket.com/user/Lowskys/media/lastgame_zps6aca72e2.jpg.html)
http://i898.photobucket.com/albums/ac186/Lowskys/lastfixtures_zps14db6b30.jpg (http://s898.photobucket.com/user/Lowskys/media/lastfixtures_zps14db6b30.jpg.html)
http://i898.photobucket.com/albums/ac186/Lowskys/closingstage_zps2e995c74.jpg (http://s898.photobucket.com/user/Lowskys/media/closingstage_zps2e995c74.jpg.html)

Combined tables :)

http://i898.photobucket.com/albums/ac186/Lowskys/fullfinaltable_zps393eda2d.jpg (http://s898.photobucket.com/user/Lowskys/media/fullfinaltable_zps393eda2d.jpg.html)

Juan Pochettino

http://i898.photobucket.com/albums/ac186/Lowskys/pochettinoend_zpsc65ca43e.jpg (http://s898.photobucket.com/user/Lowskys/media/pochettinoend_zpsc65ca43e.jpg.html)

Not the fittest guy in the world, hence he missed a lot of games (most have 44 appearances)


have you read the rest first? This is a spoiler after all

There is none. Merk will be starting a new club in a new country :)

04-09-14, 11:32 PM
Absolutely smashed it Dermo. Conceeding so few goals in the league was really the key to this, congratulations on both titles in one season.

04-09-14, 11:40 PM
Indeed it was. Our main striker only scored 15 goals which is incredibly low for a 1 man strike force

05-09-14, 02:48 AM
Fucking finally!!

Congrats on actually grabbing the hands on that elusive title!

Derm is the man who has out-shined those who have tried before hand. ;)

05-09-14, 10:14 AM
Boom! Dermo domination! Shame we can't have a crack at the Libertadores too but it's onwards and upwards for CMSG Ltd...

05-09-14, 10:28 AM
Boom! Dermo domination! Shame we can't have a crack at the Libertadores too but it's onwards and upwards for CMSG Ltd...

:lol: & :shocked:

eh, merk, you can't leave Argentina yet! Shite, did we not win the Libertadores yet?

EDIT: We are good, Libertadores won in 2010 :ok:

05-09-14, 11:54 AM
Great stuff on the league Dermo - MEAN defence! :boxing:

Still in Argie land for Libertadores or another country?

05-09-14, 11:57 AM
Just edited my post, Libertadores was won be us in 2010 (apologies that I don't know who won it, need to add a list of honours to OP)

New country :)

05-09-14, 04:02 PM
Ahh right you are, forgot about that! :lol:

05-09-14, 09:15 PM
Congrats Derm, finally!

What tactic did you use? wibwobbed?

I have the save and will start playing right after I finish the last 6 games of Vauxhall's season :ok:

05-09-14, 09:25 PM
It's the one the save called Predators :ok:

06-09-14, 04:34 AM
Germany should be the next one, with that German side!!

Hown far am i till i cock it up by being me Zan, and screwing more people over than SyB?

06-09-14, 05:49 PM
First of all my thanks to Derm for keeping this going while I've been away, very much appreciated!

Secondly, well done to everyone who's managed Independiente, and it was great to see a bit of a struggle landing the league title(s) until Derm finally managed it last season, can't wait to see where Merk takes us next.

Derm/Merk any chance you can send me a copy of the latest save?

Cheers guys, and once again good work :ok:

12-09-14, 07:42 PM
Did you get a chance to start yet merk?

13-09-14, 01:55 AM
First of all my thanks to Derm for keeping this going while I've been away, very much appreciated!

Secondly, well done to everyone who's managed Independiente, and it was great to see a bit of a struggle landing the league title(s) until Derm finally managed it last season, can't wait to see where Merk takes us next.

Derm/Merk any chance you can send me a copy of the latest save?

Cheers guys, and once again good work :ok:

Hence my questions not to have another Story mod :becky:

Can i say to whoever is in charge of my restrictions, that i have a fucked up restriction for myself, so therefore either that restriction won't be met (depending on the area of management is needed) or will completely add to a FUCKED-up though entertaining season. :D

13-09-14, 02:30 PM
How ya getting on Merk?

13-09-14, 05:45 PM
Hope to finish tomorrow but no internet at home so might have to wait for a day or two for passing

14-09-14, 10:51 AM
No way! This can't be happening! Borissia Dortmund relegated to 2nd division! My people needs me! I have to call GMSG and start managing Dortmund ASAP!

That was the moment my phone rang and Derm told me "OK" and hung up.

I went to Dortmund and got into a transfer frenzy. I wanted to make sure the team wouldn't fall this low again in some 10 years in the future. I sent scouts all aorund and scouted the U-21's myself. With the help of Derms shortlist, I got some players from South America too. In the end I broke the transfer fees paid in a season record about 10 times. Final spending was 67M €!






We easily dominated the league with highest points ever in German Second Division.



Something funny happened on the way:


This guy is promising!!


Team Average Ratings:


Restiriction for Jesus: Don't buy anyone over 25 and fill the 50 player quota.

14-09-14, 07:39 PM
Super stuff Merk!

50 players :shocked: - gonna be a massive squad full of youngsters!

14-09-14, 07:44 PM
And a mass cull the next season :D

Great choice of club and a fantastic season Merk :ok:

Need to get my name down for a season!

14-09-14, 07:46 PM
Is the code word still that Mungo Jerry classic in the summertime​?

19-09-14, 04:41 PM
Finished my season at Dortmund, just need to write it up.