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10-10-14, 11:26 PM
Tito Forbs decided not to go to Geneva for the draw. There was a key home game vs Benfica that his squad needed to prepare for, sandwiched between the Porto return leg and the first game of the quarter-finals. Setubal had the immense honour to be the last Portuguese club still standing in Europe this season, all TV and radio reporters were tuned on... Tito did not have to wait long since Os Guerreiros were drawn in second position and would travel to... Galatasaray SK ! There may have been easier draws, the Turkish giant was an institution in European football with a lot of experience. But there was one upside, he thought: the clean sheet so far of Setubal vs Turkish clubs:

- UEFA Cup 2003 – Round 2 – Besisktas (2-0, 1-1)
- UEFA Cup 2004 – Round 3 – Samsunspor (2-1, 0-0)

The draw:

http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/UEFA-quarters_zps02f3b49f.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/UEFA-quarters_zps02f3b49f.png.html)

11-10-14, 02:58 PM
Benfica was the form team of the Primeira Liga with a run of 16 unbeaten games. The game was key if Tito's boys were to have a chance to contend for 3rd spot - but as the coach feared it, they already had they mind set on Istanbul.

Mar.15 / Pr.Liga – Vitoria Setubal v Benfica : 1-4
All that could have gone wrong went wrong in a horrific 1st half at Bonfim. An opportunistic Nuno Gomes (9'), an unstoppable Toni (25') and a splendid free-kick by Mantorras (MoM, 30') sealed the game, the Lisboa side scoring on virtually every chance while Vitoria created many opportunities but failed to convert any. Captain Marco Tabuas had a terrible day (rating of 4), just like the rest of the defense. Pena gave some hope after half-time (1-3) but Mantorras (MoM) bemused Os Guerreiros on the hour mark for what was the worst defeat of Forbs' spell at Setubal.

Deep down Tito was fuming, but he did not lash out at his players. The game could have gone 2-2 in other circumstances given how much posession Vitoria had. Marco Tabuas had had a splendid season so far, one off-day like that was forgiveable. Moreover Forbs had known for a while that the Liga was over for his team, all his hopes were in Europe. He gathered the team the next day, told them to forget the Benfica game entirely, keep the confidence they had in themselves for they would need it in the next game.

Ali Semi Yen - a name which sent shivers down the spine of most players and fans alike. The furore of the Turks, the stands overwhelming the pitch... on the face of it, this game was much more impressive than last year's first leg at Bologna.

"Remember Besiktas, remember Samsunspor... we've done it before. These guys are not better than us and you are Guerreiros. You don't chicken out. The plan is simple: come out blasting and make it clear from the start how unimpressed you are to play in their mighty stadium". The guys were ready.

Mar.18 / UEFA CUP Quarter-Final (leg1) - Galatasaray v Vitoria Setubal : 1-1
The Turks never saw this one coming. They were used to visitors sitting back and looking for counter-attack opportunities - and Setubal were clearly minnows of the competition at this stage. When Os Guerreiros lashed out in attack, fought like hell on every contest from the start and got all the posession, Tito on his side knew the evening would go well. On the 5' C.Ronaldo headed the ball on the crossbar and for the next 15' keeper Inan Kerem saved his side on numerous occasions, until another header by C.Ronaldo (21') gave the Portuguese a much deserved early lead. Galatasaray were overwhelmed, especially in midfield with a splendid Binho (MoM) who delivered a perfect pass on the 24' to Moreira who found the woodwork. (0-1) at half-time, it should have been worse for the locals who were lucky to see Pena's goal disallowed for a fractional off-side on the 64'. This is probably were the experience of the Turks payed off; humiliated at home, they resisted and scored a very lucky goal 2' from the end by Preciado. Marajo smashed a half-volley on the crossbar in overtime but it was a draw (1-1). A great result, and yet such a cruel one for a much superior Setubal side!

http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/VS-Gala-180304_zps82022572.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/VS-Gala-180304_zps82022572.png.html)

"I'm proud of you, sons" - said Tito in the changing room. "You've shocked Europe tonight, every who saw that game knows who the better team is. Let's get ready for the welcome party in Bonfim next week."

11-10-14, 03:14 PM
Was going to say Gala as you tend to draw Turkish teams a lot. Handy away goal for you.

Benfica resuly must be disappointing, but generally still going well. Need a run to start now though.

11-10-14, 03:20 PM
Mar.21 / Pr.Liga – Gil Vicente v Vitoria Setubal : 1-4
Again Vitoria were caught off-guard at struggling Gil Vicente when on the 29' Marco Nuno was left unmarked at the far-end of the area and easily converted the crossing. But Setubal dominated through and through the 1st half. It had to pay-off in the end, and it did spectacularly with playmaker Bruno Melo (MoM) delivering 2 gems for Pena (51', 56'). The Brazilian striker was rested and replaced by Fary, who scored twice (68', 77') in what ended up being a very easy win for Vitoria. Quite some a confidence-builder ahead of THE game...

Pundits had been discussing all week in Portugal: had Vitoria let their chance pass by them with that draw in Istanbul, a game they should have won ten times? would they freeze under pressure at Bonfim, having failed 5 times before in the UEFA quarter-finals? Considering no Portuguese team outside Os Tres Grandes (Benfica, FC Porto, Sporting) had ever reached the semi-finals of a European competition, was this game the biggest in the club's history? All agreed on the fact that for sure, the home side had its chances as opposed to last year.

Tito had a full squad - outside Bruno Melo who, on loan from Celtic, was not qualified to play Europe. He gathered them in the changing rooms before the game, and they all listened as if he was delivering a sunday preach. "This is what we play fotball for, lads. The whole city is in that stadium just otuside, can you hear their passion? The whole country is watching. You've crushed them on the pitch, if not on the scoreboard, in their home turf. You will make history. Keep confident, for you are the better side. Don't panic, I've shown you countless times how fragile their defense is. The goals will come in due time. Do it for the Setubal kids who will talk about this game for their entire life. Do it for yourselves, for those are memories that you will cherish and remember until the day you die. Galatasaray have a big name, but you've got a bigger heart". There were tears running along the cheeks. Some of the youngest players (Carlos Fernandes, Ednilson, C.Ronaldo, Moreira) were shaken, but in a positive way.

Would they rock the boat and finally climb their mountain towards the last four of the UEFA Cup???

11-10-14, 03:40 PM
Was going to say Gala as you tend to draw Turkish teams a lot. Handy away goal for you.
Benfica resuly must be disappointing, but generally still going well. Need a run to start now though.
I should have won that Galatasaray game by 4-goals margin; let's hope this does not bite me at home. They're not as strong as I would have thought, although very dangerous upfront with a guy like Preciado.

Benfica's routing at home was rather unexpected. I dominated the game, Marco Tabuas let me down completely and the defense was poor. Let's say it was a one-off, but this is going to be the worst Liga for Tito since he took office... generally speaking the team is playing really well, no injuries, Pena is just amazing, CR7 really coming to maturity now and Bruno Melo brings the spark in midfield. Shame he can't play Europeans games.

11-10-14, 10:17 PM
Mar.25 / UEFA CUP Quarter-Final (leg2) - Vitoria Setubal v Galatasaray : 4-1
Had Forbs' speech been too emotional? was the pressure too much to bear? no matter what it was it caused Os Guerreiros to freeze as the game started. On the very first minute, Kontsevoy followed up a superb free-kick from Preciado and scored, silencing Bonfim. Within 60 seconds, Galatasaray had scored that crucial away goal and if they scored again in the game it would almost certainly mean they would go through. What a terrible start, and the Turks continued to push and create chances and it was only from 20' onwards that Vitoria somehow regain their composure and began to take control of the game. Forbs had an outstanding 30yr-old striker and on the 31', greatly set by C.Ronaldo, Pena levelled the score sending Bonfim to heaven, and 3' later he hid the post. From that moment the game titlted and Os Guerreiros pushed like mad until half-time, and on a corner-kick the impeccable Nélson Veiga (MoM) pounded a superb header in the nets. (2-1), things were suddenly looking much, much better.

The Turkish giand would never recover. Setubal came out of the changing room blasting and killed the game when Binho scored from a lose ball on a corner (50'), and Pena doubled from a beautiful header coming after a perfect crossing by Nélson Veiga who had once again stepped up when the going got tough. (4-1), the whole city was cheering and the sound in Bonfim was simply astonishing during the last half-hour. Vitoria Setubal had prevailed (5-2) on aggregate and for the first time, were through to the semi-finals of the UEFA Cup !!!

http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/VS-Gala-250304_zpsd5db396e.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/VS-Gala-250304_zpsd5db396e.png.html)

In only 3 years at the club, Tito Forbs had surpassed in European competitions what the great Setubal of the 60's and 70's had achieved. It was a monumental result and the adventure would continue further! the record again Turkish sides was still a perfect 3 out of 3 :

- UEFA Cup 2003 – Round 2 – Besisktas (2-0, 1-1)
- UEFA Cup 2004 – Round 3 – Samsunspor (2-1, 0-0)
- UEFA Cup 2004 – Quarter-Final – Galatasaray (1-1, 4-1)

Other results of the night were :

http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/UEFA-results_zps0e2ec719.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/UEFA-results_zps0e2ec719.png.html)

All 3 of Lyon, Mallorca and Southampton had had very convincing return legs. There would be no easy draw, Tito really had no preference really.

11-10-14, 10:31 PM

12-10-14, 02:02 PM
Southampton look strong, and I have a feeling about Mallorca, so I hope you draw Lyon!

12-10-14, 09:04 PM
Well gentlemen, Southampton FC it shall be. They're currently 12th of the Premier League and are playing Europe as FA Cup 2003 winners. Like Setubal, it is the first time in their history they go as far as semi-finals in any continental competition.

After prevailing v Leeds last season, Vitoria's record against English clubs is now perfectly even at 3 v 3 :

- UEFA CUP 1969 - 1/4 final - v Newcastle United (3-1, 1-5)
- UEFA Cup 1970 - Round 2 - v Liverpool (1-0, 2-3)
- UEFA Cup 1971 - 1/4 final - v Leeds United (1-1, 1-2)
- UEFA Cup 1973 - 1/4 final - v Tottenham Hotspur (2-1, 0-1)
- UEFA Cup 1974 - Round 3 - v Leeds United (3-1, 0-1)
- UEFA Cup 2003 - Round 4 - v Leeds United (3-2, 1-0)

The biggest problem Tito and his boys will have to solve is this :

http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/Shearer-080404_zpsa41f4310.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/Shearer-080404_zpsa41f4310.png.html)

The rest of the team is good but not exceptional, however the English international striker is still a beast, even at 33.

12-10-14, 09:23 PM
Mar.31 / Pr.Liga – Vitoria Setubal v SC Braga : 4-1
The heroes of Bonfim host a struggling Braga side and will score an unbelievable 3 goals in... 3 minutes, between the 9' and 11' - from Pena (2) and C.Ronaldo (1). Ex-Setubal player Mario Loja will make it (1-3) for Braga. Nélson Veiga once again has a great game, so does Ednilson. In the 2nd half playmaker Bruno Melo (MoM) will deliver another assist for the hat-trick of superstar Pena. Nothing seems to be able to come in the way of Os Guerreiros at the moment.

Apr.5 / Pr.Liga – Vitoria Setubal v Farense : 3-1
Another relatively easy game at home, although the start of the match is rather quiet. Emerson Thome livens things up as he is sent off on the 21' for contesting with the ref - akin to a professional foul in the eyes of Forbs. But Vitoria are too strong and Pena scores a double, while Bruno Melo (MoM) is once again the stand-out player. Pape Diop also has an excellent game in the back, compensating well for the red-card of his usual partner in CB.

With an unbelievable 20 goals in 19 games for Setubal since he arrived at the winter mercato, Brazilian striker Pena is having an astonishing ride with Vitoria, having become the star player adored by the fans in very little time.

http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/Pena-080404_zps45b45c33.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/Pena-080404_zps45b45c33.png.html)

12-10-14, 10:33 PM
Pena is having a great season, shows you were right to bring him in ahead of Fary. Hope your defenders can handle Shearer!

13-10-14, 10:41 PM
The big day had arrived. Setubal was going to play the UEFA Cup semi-final first leg in Bonfim, and Os Guerreiros were calm. They had nothing to lose after all; Tito Forbs who was for many of them like a father figure, was composed and confident. Besides Bruno Melo who was not qualified, he had a full and fit squad at his disposal. His tactical plan was quite simple: Luis Andrade was to man-mark Alan Shearer, the rest was business as usual.

http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/VS-tactics-120404_zps72792a14.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/VS-tactics-120404_zps72792a14.png.html)

There was no doubt Southampton FC was travelling with a top quality squad with good players in every line. But with the exception of Shearer, none were really preventing Tito to find sleep at night.

http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/South-tactics-080404_zps9c46faaf.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/South-tactics-080404_zps9c46faaf.png.html)

Bonfim got filled up early on that day and the chants could be heard from very far away. The little cauldron or the "Lusitanian Fortress" as it was coined by the English press, was reaching its boiling point as both teams entered the pitch...

13-10-14, 10:57 PM
Apr.8 / UEFA CUP Semi-Final (leg1) - Vitoria Setubal v Southampton : 3-0
And it all happened just like in a perfect dream. Focused from the start it was obvious that Os Guerreiros were tactically well set tactically to pose major issues to the classical 4-4-2 of the Southern England side. On the 11' emblematic Guerreiro Nélson Veiga rushed along its right-hand corridor and found the head of Pena who shook the nets (1-0). Bonfim erupted with sheer joy. Portuguese pressure was strong and the visitors were struggling, and cracked just before half-time when C.Ronaldo (MoM) scored in an empty goal after another header by Pena which goalkeeper Niemi could only parry. It was (2-0), and just before the hour mark Binho blasted a goal following a corner-kick which sent the Englishmen crumbling on their knees. Shearer was subbed about that moment, he had been shut down by Luis Andrade all game long. Southampton would push hard though as the game drew closer to the end, and should have probably scored was it not for 2 great saves by captain Marco Tabuas in the final moments. Even he played his part right. Except Emerson Thome's YC which meant he would miss out on the return leg, everything went as fine as one could have imagined.

http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/VS-Southampton-080404_zps99bbf5ff.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/VS-Southampton-080404_zps99bbf5ff.png.html)

Tito Forbs was chased by reporters after the game as if he was a rock star. They only wanted to talk about the final. He called them fools, refused to answer any such nonsense and said he would simply focus on the very tough return leg because as he put it, "even one knee down, an Englishman is never beaten until the last whistle".

14-10-14, 06:53 AM
Great game, and lovely write up. Just need a goal in the second leg and you're done and dusted.

14-10-14, 11:08 PM
Apr.12 / Pr.Liga – Vitoria Guimarães v Vitoria Setubal : 1-3
Guimarães are having a great season and this is a key game for the 4th place of the Primeira Liga. It will be an evenly disputed and tight match, but there's one difference between both Vitoria's: one has Pena (MoM) who scores yet another unbelievable hat-trick, the other does not. The talent and goal-scoring instinct of the Brazilian striker is enough to seal the game. One piece of worries for Tito though: AMC Almani Moreira breaks a wrist and will be out for 2 months.

Apr.18 / Pr.Liga – Vitoria Setubal v Leiria : 2-1
4 days before the return leg of the UEFA Cup semi-final in England, players and fans in Bonfim have their mind elsewhere than on the Primeira Liga, although Leiria is another side which has been in the championship's top tier since the beginning of the season. Once again, Pena (MoM) will do the job and score 2 goals in the 1st half which will be enough to give 3pts to Setubal - Silas superb long-range strike on the 37' being not enough in the end for the visitors.

Os Guerreiros are clearly on a roll, just breezing through game after game, almost invincible. They've come a long way and have managed to claim the 4th spot as theirs, but will have to fight hard to keep it until the end. Benfica (3rd) have a 6pts lead and that seems too much, while the final sprint for the title between Sporting CP and FC Porto is breathtaking.

http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/Table-top-210404_zpse0692d81.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/Table-top-210404_zpse0692d81.png.html)

14-10-14, 11:24 PM
Tito Forbs is worried as his players land in Heathrow and head towards the southern coast. More so than before the 1st leg. He is concerned that the astonishing (3-0) victory in Bonfim will somehow demobilize his players and fire-up her Majesty's subjects. Moreover, he has to do without Emerson Thome (suspended, replaced by Matoukou) and Almani Moreira (injured, replaced by Marco Ferreira). As he will soon find out, the coach had in fact nothing to worry about.

Apr.22 / UEFA CUP Semi-Final (leg2) - Southampton v Vitoria Setubal : 0-3
The English are not what they used to be in the 60's and 70's, thought Tito to himself as his Guerreiros stormed out on the pitch and shocked St. Mary's Stadium with an early goal on a corner-kick by midfielder Binho (MoM). From disillusioned, Southampton turned to angry when Ednilson's header found the net again on the 28'. They resorted to violence, which caused a 2-weeks injury to Pape Diop and got them rewarded with 4 YC's. Until the spectacular red-card handed to keeper Niemi on the 66' for a foul in the area on Fary. Marco Ferreira converted the penalty for an amazing and completely deserved (0-3) victory for the Portuguese side. Everyone expected a thriller and cut-throat game, it had in fact been a walk in the park since the home side simply failed to turn up.

http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/VS-Southampton-220404_zps6c8782c3.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/VS-Southampton-220404_zps6c8782c3.png.html)

Vitoria Setubal was through (6-0) on aggregate and would play the UEFA Cup Final on May 19th in Copehaguen. They would face Olympique Lyonnais, current French champions who had managed to overcome Mallorca (2-1) on aggregate and would also play their very first continental final. Vitoria's track record against England became net positive (4 v 3) :

- UEFA CUP 1969 - 1/4 final - v Newcastle United (3-1, 1-5)
- UEFA Cup 1970 - Round 2 - v Liverpool (1-0, 2-3)
- UEFA Cup 1971 - 1/4 final - v Leeds United (1-1, 1-2)
- UEFA Cup 1973 - 1/4 final - v Tottenham Hotspur (2-1, 0-1)
- UEFA Cup 1974 - Round 3 - v Leeds United (3-1, 0-1)
- UEFA Cup 2003 - Round 4 - v Leeds United (3-2, 1-0)
- UEFA Cup 2004 - 1/2 final - v Southampton (3-0, 3-0)

There were no words. Forbs and the entire city of Setubal felt like time had been suspended and they were living some kind of dream. There was even less celebration and euphoria than after the Galatasaray qualification, for only one thought was in everyone's mind: "we're in the final...".

15-10-14, 06:27 AM
Wow. Smashed them!

Good luck in the final!

15-10-14, 08:29 PM
Apr.25 / Pr.Liga – Santa Clara v Vitoria Setubal : 0-4
Santa Clara who finished 2nd of the Liga in 2001/02 are now the shadows of their former selves and set to go back to Secunda Liga. An unstoppable Setubal storms the Açores with 4 goals from the outstanding Pena (MoM), Ednilson, Nélson Veiga and C.Ronaldo. Marco Tabuas also has a superb game and manages to preserve his goal until the end.

May.2 / Pr.Liga – Vitoria Setubal v Moreirense : 4-1
Although final scoreline is heavy, Moreirense were tough to beat at Bonfim and created many chances, converting one by an unstoppable Flavio. C.Ronaldo (MoM) was the man to watch that day with 2 goals of which one superb long-range free-kick, Pena and Fary (74’) also finding the net. It is the 10th consecutive victory for Setubal, a club record and an amazing streak.

http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/VS-series_zps9eb15f3d.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/VS-series_zps9eb15f3d.png.html)

Meanwhile in France Olympique Lyonnais are battling like mad for a 2nd consecutive title against RC Lens, LOSC and Montpellier. They have managed to move to the 1st spot of Ligue 1 but Tito Forbs’ scouts in the capital of the Gauls have informed him that it came at a price. Captain and key CB Florent Laville, as well as Malian midfielder Mahamadou Diarra are both out injured for 3 months, while RB Kléberson will be doutbful for the final having picked a 2 weeks injury. All 3 players were starters for Lyon all season long… on his side, Tito is confident Pape Diop will be back in time, but Moreira’s participation is much more doubtful.

15-10-14, 08:32 PM
Just noticed that both Nando (Guinea-Bissau) and Marajo (Brazil) have suddenly acquired Portuguese citizenship as 2nd nationality ! that’s great news in terms of non-EU players limitation, but I was wondering how that worked exactly? (minimum number of years in Portugal? randomly generated? based on adaptation skill level?...)

15-10-14, 08:50 PM
May.9 / Pr.Liga – Maritimo v Vitoria Setubal : 0-2
It’s a very solid and controlled game which Os Guerreiros deliver in Funchal. Bruno Melo (MoM) shines with a goal on 51’ and a splendid pass for Pena who seals the game at the 80’ after having been unusally clumsy in front of the goals until then. The defense was particularly solid and confidence is at its highest 10 days before D-Day.

Moreover this victory enables Vitoria Setubal to be certain to finish at the 4th spot of the Primeira Liga, like 2 seasons ago. The comeback in the last tier of the season has been remarkable, but a sloppy start and the dreadful winter crisis meant that Os Tres Grandes had a head start which proved impossible to overcome.

The last game of the season is featured in Bonfim vs Boavista just 3 days before the Copenhaguen UEFA Cup final. That’s too close and Tito takes no risk, deciding to rest all 11 players who will start the final. It’s a Setubal B side which will play the final game of the Portuguese season, captained by Hélio, with Bruno Melo being the only usual starter since he is not qualified to play European games.

May.16 / Pr.Liga – Vitoria Setubal v Boavista : 1-1
It’s a dreadful start for this reserve side with Pepe coming in with a terrible tackle on the 4’: he gets a red card (and a 3-games suspension). The much diminished Setubal side will play 10 v 11; they manage to score from Marajo (MoM) on the 22’ and will be dominated by the Porto side almost the entire 2nd half. Youg keeper Hugo Pinheiro will save his team numerous times, but cannot prevent the very justified equalizer by Semedo on the 79’. It’s a lucky draw which has no impact on Vitoria’s final 4th spot.

Final table Primeira Liga 2003/04 :

http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/Table-190504_zps6aec1820.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/Table-190504_zps6aec1820.png.html)

In a dramatic finish with a (2-3) victory at Beira-Mar - while Sporting CP won at Estadio da Luz (1-2) with a double for Jardel – FC Porto finally win back the crown after 3 consecutive years of draught (Boavista in 00/01, Sporting CP in 01/02, 02/03). Benfica is 3rd again, but never really was in the title race which was like last season a 2-horses affair. Great season by Vitoria Guimarães who clinch 5th spot. Santa Clara who was playing the European Champions Cup last season, collapse and finish last; for minnows Gil Vicente, relegation is less of a surprise but it is a shock to see powerhouse SC Braga fall apart and descend into Secunda.

15-10-14, 09:00 PM
The entire attention of Portuguese football now turns to the UEFA Cup final of Vitoria Setubal on May 19th. The first continental final for Portuguese club football since FC Porto victory in 1987 of the Champions Cup. Whatever happens in that game, the Renaissance of Senhor Vitoria as Tito Forbs had dreamt it, and wished it, had already happened. The club’s name was back on the frontpages everywhere in Europe after an amazing run in the competition, having succesfully eliminated :

- Rnd.1 – MTK Hungaria FC (2-1, 2-0)
- Rnd.2 – FC Belasica (1-1, 2-1)
- Rnd.3 – Samsunspor (2-1, 0-0)
- Rnd.4 – FC Porto (4-1, 1-0)
- ¼ Final – Galatasaray SK (1-1, 4-1)
- ½ Final – Southampton (3-0, 3-0)

Vitoria being undefeated in the competition (9W, 3D), and having spanked no less than FC Porto, Galatasaray and Southampton (twice). Tito Forbs would have to do without Almani Moreira who was still suffering from his broken wrist (replaced by Marco Ferreira at AMC) but had other than that a fully fit and motivated squad (obviously, except playmaker Bruno Melo who has not been part of this European campaign). This would therefore be the line-up in Copenhaguen :

http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/VS-Final-190504_zps0a42beea.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/VS-Final-190504_zps0a42beea.png.html)

The coach tried to look composed but was in fact very nervous. The night before flying out of Lisboa international airport towards Denmark, he did not sleep and actually went towards the nearby church and spent almost an hour in devotion to Nostra Senhora. He trusted his Guerreiros. Captain Marco Tabuas was a true leader and on fire; Thome and Diop were finally the solid and experienced CB pairing he had been looking for while Nélson Veiga always stepped-up in key games with so much determination; only Carlos Fernandes was somehow under-par for this level. The engine room at DMC was solid with Binho-Andrade-Ednilson forming a no-nonsense, physical trio, but for sure the class of Bruno Melo would be missed. Upfront, Pena was a world-class talent which in the opinion of Tito gave his side an edge against almost any opposition while rising star Cristiano Ronaldo was now able to unlock games by his sole talent. Marco Ferreira may have been the other weak link, although he was a complete player and able to provide good ammunition to the other 2 forwards. Tito kept it simple with his players, they did not need any extra motivation; he just advised them to stay calm, play to their game and make sure they would have nothing to regret in the end. He did fear however a possible penalty shoot-out: in 3 years his side has never played any such thriller and may lack experience and nerve to go through it.

15-10-14, 09:12 PM
On the other side would be Olympique Lyonnais, French champions in 2002/03 and sitting 3rd of the Ligue 1 one game from the end. The rising force in French football had come out of Phase 1 of the Champions Cup group stage and successively eliminated in their UEFA Cup run, no less than :

- Rnd.3 – Benfica (1-1, 2-0)
- Rnd.4 – Betis Sevilla (0-0, 1-0)
- ¼ Final – NAC Breda (0-0, 3-1)
- ½ Final – RCD Mallorca (2-0, 0-1)

RC Lens had lost the final in 2003/03 against German giants Borussia Dortmund, would Lyon avenge French pride this season? Coach Paul Le Guen would have to work hard, being deprived of 4 key players injured: captain Florent Laville, Kléberson, Caçapa and Mohamadou Diarra. The Gones as they were nicknamed, would nevetheless field a very strong team with players such as French internationals Grégory Coupet, Eric Carrière, Sidney Govou, Johann Micoud, Russian international Sergey Semak and Brazilian star veteran Sonny Anderson, able to challenge any opposition.

Forbs did not get fooled by some pundits who were unimpressed by the relatively unknown name of this French side at such a level in European competitions. He knew they were the strongest opposition Setubal would have faced in the UEFA Cup this season, and considered that on paper they were favourites.

15-10-14, 09:29 PM
Good luck for the final.

Just seeing Nelson Veiga there... a great player for that game :P

15-10-14, 09:35 PM
Good luck for the final.

Thanks. I am actually going to start the game now...

Just seeing Nelson Veiga there... a great player for that game :P

What a player he is... he has been Tito Forbs favourite Guerreiro, maybe with Luis Andrade.

15-10-14, 09:44 PM
Paul Le Guen really stuns observers with his starting XI : neither Eric Carrière, nor Sidney Govou start. Very young and unexperienced Hatem Ben Arfa and Aurélien Brugnaud will play the final (!) and it is clear to Tito that CB pairing Brugnaud/N'Gotty is a weak spot. In midfield Philippe Violeau is somewhat past his best, however 33 yr-old Sonny Anderson is still very dangerous.

http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/Final-OL_zps9a5c3286.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/Final-OL_zps9a5c3286.png.html)

15-10-14, 10:08 PM
Lyon have an attacking tradition and boths teams get into the game with a lot of heart. What the spectators of the Parken Stadion are about to see is simply breathtaking...

- 4' : Micoud escapes Carlos Fernandes on the right flank, centers for Sonny Anderson's header -> well parried by Marco Tabuas.

- 10' : first posession by Pena, dribbles and sets beautiful Cristiano Ronaldo in the space, uses his speed and pounds the 1st GOAL ! (1-0)

- 13' : Marco Tabuas misses his kick, the ball bounces on Emerson Thome, onto to Ben Afra who centers for Anderson's header in an empty goal : (1-1). What a terrible blunder by Setubal's captain !

- 20' : Os Guerreiros combine well, the ball to Cristiano Ronaldo in the area who passes gently to Pena for the volley: GOAL! (2-1)

- 24' : Cristiano Ronaldo is on fire, gets tripped and obtains a free kick. He delivers a missile under the crossbar, GOAL! (3-1)

- 25' : a minute later while Setubal seemed to have dealt a knock-out blow, Luyindula uses the space well and shoots, Marco Tabuas parries but releases and trips the French striker in the area... oh no! it's a penalty and a red-card!! Semak converts, (3-2)

http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/VS-OL-1_zps55a45ff6.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/VS-OL-1_zps55a45ff6.png.html)

It is a crazy game, Lyon are all out in attack and there are gaps in defense, but 2 terrible mistakes by captain and great keeper Marco Tabuas mean that not only are the French side still in the game, but Os Guerreiros are down 10 v 11. Tito had a difficult choice to make, he chose to replace Marco Ferreira by 38 yr-old veteran Pedro Espinha...

15-10-14, 10:23 PM
- 28' : The Gones try to push their advantage, Luyindula's head meets a nice crossing from Micoud -> parried into corner-kick by Pedro Espinha.

- 32' : Os Guerreiros witheld pressure and move on to counter-attack, Pena is surrounded by defenders but pounds a long-range shot -> hits the post !

- 40' : the Portuguese have regained confidence and play well, find Pena's header from a deep pass -> well parried by Grégory Coupet.

- 43' : again the right flank for Lyon, Micoud combines well in the area, finds Philippe Violeau alone on the penalty spot, shoots -> superb flip into corner by 38 yr-old legend Pedro Espinha !

- 47' : last counter-attack by Vitoria, the ball falls on Binho who shoots -> deflected by a leg, into corner.

It's half-time. Tito Forbs' heart has stopped for the entire 45', and the stadium is cheering with joy at such an amazing spectacle. Setubal's situation is uncomfortable, in the changing room Marco Tabuas is wheeping his head between his hands... "what have I done, what have I done..." does he stutter as his teamates tap him on the back.

- "We have the score, 3-2. We are better than them. Stay composed sons, keep tight in the midfield. Nélson, Carlos, don't come too high on the flanks. Emerson, Pape, talk to each other and use your flair to sniff out every chance from their strikers. Pedro... you've already made 2 great saves, you'll have others to deliver for sure. We're 45' away from legendary status, COME ON LADS! Defense! Focus!"

15-10-14, 10:28 PM
Park the bus

15-10-14, 10:30 PM

15-10-14, 10:30 PM
Lyon may have tired a little and Setubal players have in mind the last words of their coach: Defense ! the start of the 2nd half is at a much slower pace.

- 56' : Vitoria combine really well and twice, Carlos Fernandes receives the ball unmarked in the area but hits a defender both times. The 4th goal was really close there !

- 75' : the French lack inspiration, Sergey Semak tries in midfield and delivers a great long pass -> Pedro Espinha reads it really well and secures the ball.

There have been no subs. Only 15' to go. The suspens is complete. Tito does not throw into the battle any new player, but he expects pressure to mount as the end nears...

15-10-14, 10:32 PM
Park the bus
f*cking sh*t, I thought of doing it (Men Behind Ball) but did not. But I have removed one AMC for the replacement GK so all in all am very defensive... sh*ting my pants right now... bloody Marco Tabuas, can*t believe it.

15-10-14, 10:36 PM
- 77' : both Emerson Thome and Pape Diop battle fiercly against Luyindula and Anderson, but they struggle. Thome got a YC in the 1st half, and now Diop just received one just in front of the area. It's a free-kick. Bruno N'Gotty passes, Sonny Anderson rises above Carlos Fernandes -> towards the far post, inside the net, it's a GOAL! (3-3).

F*ck me. They've equalized.

15-10-14, 10:39 PM
Oof. Hold out for penalties!

15-10-14, 10:40 PM
Lyon move into defense, it's a stalemate. End of the 90', we go into extra-time.

Cristiano Ronaldo has received a mark of 10, he's scored twice and gave the 3rd goal. But he's picked a knock and is only at 74%, Tito is pondering whether to sub him... Pena is also showing signs of fatigue (79%). Both Marajo and Fary go warm-up while Tito gathers his warriors and prepares them for the final battle.

The French are heartened by their come-back, they won't give in easily and are very dangerous upfront. Jo Micoud also, is creating havoc on the right flank.

15-10-14, 10:53 PM
- 92' : we're 2' into extra-time and Carlos Fernandes picks-up a knock and is down at 70%, while C.Ronaldo injury worsens and he can't carry on. Tito is forced to send in his last 2 subs, with veteran Carlos in at LB and Marajo replacing CR in AMC. Ednilson becomes the playmaker.

- 96' : Pena is very isolated but manages to get past 2 defenders and as he is about to shoot, Swierczewski delivers a great tackle -> corner kick.

- 97' : Tito shouts for Luis Andrade to move up on the corner-kick, he does, gets the ball by miracle and boom -> what a save by Coupet!

- 97' : coner-kick again, Carlos jumps high and finds Coupet's safe hands. Blimey, that was close!

- 100' : Lyon have stepped down one notch, but here is Sonny Anderson coming in full speed -> it's a great steal from Emerson Thome. We're safe.

- 104' : Binho uses his power in the midfield, creates the space and sets-up beautifully Marajo, alone in the area -> the Brazilian burries it. Arrgh...

15-10-14, 10:59 PM
Nooooo! :cry:

15-10-14, 11:01 PM
We're into the dying seconds of the 1st half of the extra-time. Stubborn Tito Forbs has not listened to Fourfourtwo, and although 1 man down has continued to press and get opportunities. Cristiano Ronaldo is out and Marajo, 23 yr-old, does not posess the same class. But he's got talent.

He gets the ball in midfield, looks up and sees a sea of blue jerseys and the isolated white and green of Pena in the middle. Remembering his difficult childhood in a Pernambuco village, his instinct pushes him into a series of dribbling, he eliminates 2 Frenchmen not knowing precisely where he's going. Suddenly he lifts his head and there he is, his Brazilian comrade, as sly as a fox, isolated far away behind Bruno N'Gotty, towards the far post.

He's got a split second, but Marajo knows he can do it. He freezes, stops the ball and in the same movement, hoofs it high looking for the great striker. The pass is long, the pass is high, the pass is perfect. Pena is a finisher and his heading game is second to none. He smashes the ball towards the nearest post, giving it all he has. The stadium freezes. Grégory Coupet is an experienced keeper, he saw it coming, he dives in... he's late though... will he get there...

15-10-14, 11:05 PM

We're there ! the 3k Portuguese fans in the stadium erupt with joy! in Setubal, it is madness! the ref blows, the game is over on golden goal rule and...

http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/VS-Cup_zps99a9e7cc.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/VS-Cup_zps99a9e7cc.png.html)

VITORIA SETUBAL win the UEFA Cup after an amazing game, 4-3 after extra-time vs Olympique Lyonnais, Vitoria having played most of the game 10 v 11 !! We're legend ! we've done it !


15-10-14, 11:08 PM
YES!! And Pena with the winner too, very fitting after his great season!

15-10-14, 11:15 PM
Yay!! Congrats :)

15-10-14, 11:17 PM
Outstanding stuff - well done mate

15-10-14, 11:30 PM
Thanks to all of you lads. Need to get some rest now, I don't remember ever having such a thriller in CM before. I really wanted this game. When Sonny Anderson equalized, I thought that was it. Reporting all this live made it all the more stressfull !

Tito Forbs is a star now :

http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/news1_zps286df400.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/news1_zps286df400.png.html)

16-10-14, 06:53 AM
Absolutely amazing write up, the tension was palpable!! Congratulations on a great win too! I've always had a soft spot for the UEFA cup, and am pretty unhappy with UEFA for ruining it these days.

Cracking effort, keep up the good work! :first: :cheer: :clap:

16-10-14, 09:00 AM
You actually won a competition that I almost never won in the countless games I made... :P

16-10-14, 07:12 PM
Absolutely amazing write up, the tension was palpable!! Congratulations on a great win too! I've always had a soft spot for the UEFA cup, and am pretty unhappy with UEFA for ruining it these days.

Thanks! I was actually really tense, I think the fact that I was reporting live added to the thrill! In hindsight it should have been a much easier game to win: 4 starters out injured for Lyon, and Le Guen puts neither Govou nor Carrière on the match sheet. But Marco Tabuas added a lot of spice to the story... about European competitions, am like you. I used to love also the Cup Winners' Cup, and preferred when all 3 cups were simple knock-out competitions. I am actually not looking forward to playing in the Champions Cup in this game, because the group stages (especially the 2nd phase) means that all big shots play each other countless times early on for an orgy of games, it kills a lot of the fun I think.

Cracking effort, keep up the good work! :first: :cheer: :clap:

Tito is now hungry for titles domestically. He will try to build a squad that will be a serious challenger for the title next season.

16-10-14, 07:14 PM
You actually won a competition that I almost never won in the countless games I made... :P
I suppose that's because you're so good at the game that you always play the Champions Cup?! I've played long games (5 seasons +) of CM 98/99 maybe 25 times and I think I only won once the UEFA Cup (I was with SC Farense and played the final vs Parma, won on penalty shoot-out...).

Tito's Setubal will have another shot next season by the way: 4th of the Liga and UEFA Cup winner means I get a ticket to ride again, directly in Rnd.1.

16-10-14, 07:47 PM
UEFA Cup Final match sheet :

http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/VS-OL-stats_zps36790f9f.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/VS-OL-stats_zps36790f9f.png.html)

Emerson Thome had a great game in central defense especially in the late part. The midfield trio dominated handsomely and both C.Ronaldo and Pena (MoM) were simply outstanding. It is worth mentioning the merits of veteran Pedro Espinha who played most of that final at 38 yr-old (!) and made several key saves, while Brazilian Marajo missed a great opportunity, but delivered the perfect crossing 2' later for the golden goal. All of them will be forever remembered in Setuba's Hall of Fame.

With the exception of Moreira who was injured and replaced by Marco Ferreira, the starting line-up for that game was the standard starting XI of Tito Forbs throughout this season 2003/04. A complete squad review will follow soon after.

A week later Italian monsters of AS Roma win their 3rd consecutive Champions Cup (all Italian-final vs Inter), which means Vitoria Setubal will play AS Roma in the European Supercup next August !!

16-10-14, 08:02 PM
After 2 years of domination by Sporting CP, FC Porto have claimed the title back after an amazing last-day thriller. They win with a 1-pt lead, but Sporting CP will take the Taça do Portugal home after their victory vs Boavista (2-0) in the final.

Nevertheless Tito Forbs is the hero this season with this UEFA Cup trophy (the first ever won by a Portuguese club, quite odly..) and therefore...

http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/news3_zpsde6cf522.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/news3_zpsde6cf522.png.html)

And because a good news never comes alone, the board had this to announce to the coach :

http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/news4_zpsfe45fba2.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/news4_zpsfe45fba2.png.html)

This is all very nice but Tito wonders when he will reap the fruits from this 5-stars facilities... no player has come out of the academy since he took the reigns of the club! (do top-level facilities have any impact on this btw?)

In spite of this heavy capital cost investment, the club treasury is very comfortable: above £20m, with ~£17m available on transfer fees to Tito !

16-10-14, 08:33 PM
- Marco Tabuas (c) (27) / 46 apps - 1 MoM / 7.39 - member of the Primeira Liga Team of the Year.
Another amazing season for the Setubal-born keeper to whom Tito has given the captaincy armband throughout this season. The only Guerreiro to be called-up in the Portugal squad for the Euro 2004 but did not get any cap. While extremely consistent all season-long, he had a nightmare at home vs Benfica (1-4) and almost cost his dear Vitoria the UEFA Cup final, having a tough time to overcome the shame after the game and in spite of victory.

- Hugo Pinheiro (23) / 3 apps
The young prospect has finally worn the Setubal jersey, and shown interesting skills. Some improvement.

- Pedro Espinha (38) / 0(2) apps
What a destiny for the old veteran international keeper, who ended-up playing most of the UEFA Cup final after Marco Tabuas got sent off. He denied several goals to Lyon and will remain in Setubal's HoF forever. After the game Tito tried to talk him into putting in another year but the keeper though that winning a UEFA Cup at 38yr-old was the perfect time to call it quit.

http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/PEspinha-270604_zpsa410eb7d.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/PEspinha-270604_zpsa410eb7d.png.html)

Goalkeepers hierarchy won't change next season but a 3rd keeper needs to be recruited / either a very young prospect or an old experienced veteran.

16-10-14, 09:07 PM
- Carlos Fernandes (26) / 24 app - 3 ass / 6.88.
Recruited during the winter mercato, Carlos Fernandes had a decent half-season but not quite at the level expected by Tito. As evidenced during the UEFA Cup final with the constant threats from the right wing of Johann Micoud, his defense is average and he does not bring enough in attack.

- Rodrigo (31) / 15 app - 1 goa, 1 ass /
The Brazilian international was sent home after several professional fouls and an obvious lack of engagement.

- Carlos (31) / 10(6) app
The veteran never complained and did a reasonably good job when called-up. Tito realized that renewing his contract may be a waste of time both for the club and the player, so he let him go for a meagre £140k to Secunda side Rio Ave.

http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/Carlos-140604_zps108e05f8.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/Carlos-140604_zps108e05f8.png.html)

This was the top priority recruitement area for Tito. He tried to convince Salomon Olembe (FC Nantes), Felipe (Galatasaray) and Taribo West (Dundee) but none were interested. Tito's scouts in Brazil presented interesting profiles and despite the failure that was the recruitement of Rodrigo 2 years ago, Tito spent £1.2m (to Portuguesa) and agreed to a record wage of £7,750/w for :

http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/TiagoSilva-250604_zpsc82d3a12.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/TiagoSilva-250604_zpsc82d3a12.png.html)

The squad lacked depth in general in lateral backs, so Tito did not stop there and recruited for £425k to Twente and a reasonable wage of £1,700/w, the very versatile Burkina-Faso international (with Dutch citizenship, which was handy) :

http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/Ouedraogo-250604_zps027a75ea.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/Ouedraogo-250604_zps027a75ea.png.html)

He would cover both left and right backs positions.

16-10-14, 09:15 PM
- Nélson Veiga (26) / 45 apps - 2 goals, 8 ass, 3 MoM / 7.51
An even better season that the previous two, critical impact in several of the high-profile games in the UEFA Cup campaign. Tito trusted him eyes wide shut. Was rewarded with a call-up in Portugal B.

- Lassissi (25) / 3(8) app
Played less than last season. Not able to seriously challenge the supremacy of Nélson Veiga.

No changes here, the recruitement of Rahim Ouedraogo would provide the required depth. Estica (21) was still on transfer-list.

16-10-14, 09:26 PM
Tito had finally found a CB pairing that was experienced and solid enough to weather the storm during the toughest games.

- Emerson Thome (32) / 42 app - 2 MoM / 7.05
Solid and consistent, athough not brilliant. Amazing duel against compatriote Sonny Anderson in the UEFA Cup final. Tito hoped he had in him another season at the same level, at 32yr-old.

- Pape Diop (29) / 40 app - 2 ass / 7.15
The best CB Tito had had in 3 years. The Senegalese rock had adapted real quick and was now a key member of the team. FC Porto just offered £1m to recruit him.

- Matoukou (20) / 11 app - 1 ass
Has improved, less nervous when he came on. At 20yr-old he still has the future in front of him.

- Pepe (21) / 5(2) app
A terrible red-card in the last game of the season. Showed however major improvements at training lately. Still a prospect.

Ricardo Carmo still transfer-listed, Alain Pilar's contract had just ended and he would be released free. Additional depth was still needed and there was a rock-solid defender available on a Bosman from Paços de Ferreira :

http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/Bras-010604_zps51103a7b.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/Bras-010604_zps51103a7b.png.html)

Maybe he would be able to challenge the Thome-Diop pairing next year...

16-10-14, 09:39 PM
Roma in the European Super Cup?

Yeah, you're gonna lose :)

16-10-14, 09:42 PM
How can you leave Hugo Pinheiro in the bench? Unless he hasn't his original stats but he is much better than Marco Tabuas :P

16-10-14, 09:56 PM
- Ednilson (21) / 45(2) app - 10 goa, 7 ass, 5 MoM / 7.87. Fans' Player of the Year.
What an amazing season by the young midfielder. He was given his chance and took it, being the most consistent of all DMC and very versatile : defending, scoring, passing. He ended up 2nd best Guerreiro of the season and 13th of the Primeira Liga. Bonfim loved his fighting spirit, has earned his starting spot in the team.

- Luis Andrade (30) / 28(5) app - 2 goa, 1 ass / 7.39
Challenged by the arrival of Binho, the emblematic Guerreiro fought hard and kept his place in the starting XI, having a better season than last's. At 30yr-old he still packs his physicality on the pitch. An asset for next year.

- Binho (26) / 21(2) app - 3 goa, 1 ass, 2 MoM / 7.61
The good surprise of the winter mercato. A tremendous physical presence in midfield, and great in the air. A serious challenge for Luis Andrade next year. Very much a Guerreiro in the making.

- Bruno Melo (22) / 20 app - 2 goa, 15 ass, 5 MoM / 7.95. Member of the Primeira Liga Team of the Year.
Arrived on loan from Celtic Glasgow in December, he soon became Setubal's playmaker with amazing natural class and talent. Had he been qualified to play in Europe he would have made the starting XI of the season. In 19 Liga games, he scored the mosts assists, finished 4th in the global ranking and made it in the Team of the Year. Tito would have gone to great length to recruit him, and he spent a record £2.6m to convince Celtic without a shadow of a doubt, for a 4 years contract and a wage of £1,400/w. Bruno Melo would be one of the key players for next season, no doubt.

- Hélio (34) / 16(9) app - 1 goa, 3 ass / 6.84
The emblematic Setubal player and long-time captain was always going to have it tough at 34yr-old. Did get reasonable amount of playt time though. Would he find the ressources to honor his last year of contract at his only ever club?

- Bosingwa (21) / 14(14) app - 1 goa / 7.00
A lot of playing time but still sub-status for the young midfielder. Not quite there yet.

- Paulo Teixeira (23) / 4(2) app - 1 ass, 1 MoM
Started well but a horrible red-card meant less play time in the 2nd half of the season. Uncertain future at the club, could be time to move.

- Sandro (27) / 0(4) app - 1 ass
The saga ended when Sandro moved to Santa Clara in December. He struggled there, stirred up issues and is now in Secunda Liga... he won't be missed.

DMC continues to be a strong position with sufficient depth, unless Teixeira or Hélio would decide to leave the club.

16-10-14, 10:00 PM
Roma in the European Super Cup?
Yeah, you're gonna lose :)
who knows? :cool:
seriously, why is AS Roma so invincible in this game? 3 Champions Cup in a row, 2 scudetti - this does not really reflect their strength in those years in real life...

16-10-14, 10:04 PM
How can you leave Hugo Pinheiro in the bench? Unless he hasn't his original stats but he is much better than Marco Tabuas :P
Many other posters have told me about Pinheiro being so good in this game. I am new to cm0102 so he will have to convince me! Marco Tabuas has just been Keeper of the Liga 2 seasons in a row; yes he does fumble on occasions (and I am not about to forget this UEFA Cup final), but in general he is simply very good. And now my captain (Marco Tabuas Influence and Determination stats are excellent). Pinheiro will continue to be given a chance though, and I hope he will be as impressive on the pitch as he is reputed on this board.

16-10-14, 10:34 PM
- Almani Moreira (25) / 38(4) app - 5 goa, 7 ass, 2 MoM / 7.24
Was competing against both Marco Ferreira and Marajo for his first season, and quickly conquered a starting position. Did reasonably well, but Tito expects more impact at AMC. Has some flair. Missed out on the UEFA Cup final. Will need to work harder next year and earn his fat paycheck (£7k/w).

- Cristiano Ronaldo (19) / 35(1) app - 16 goa, 7 ass, 4 MoM / 7.64
This was going to be his year, he did not disappoint. The rising star of Portuguese football now has the ability to turn around any game, as evidenced in the UEFA Cup final with 2 great goals and an assist. He has devastating pace and strikes superb free-kicks. The question in Tito's mind now is when will he ask to leave for a bigger club? Let's hope not too soon so that Bonfim can enjoy a little more of this gem.

- Marco Ferreira (26) / 23(12) app - 3 goa, 9 ass / 6.97
The playmaker lost his starting slot although he enjoyed plenty of game time. Challenged by C.Ronaldo and Bruno Melo in the passing game, he packed less offensive punch than Moreira in front of the goals. As he was pondering about his future after 5 seasons at the club, Sporting CP cut short the suspens and activated his release clause for a hefty £2.8m transfer fee. This was a major blow to Forbs' squad quality and depth for next year. Marco Ferreira will be missed by fans and coach alike, and fondly remembered in the club.

http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/MarcoFerreira-010604_zpsdb120d1c.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/MarcoFerreira-010604_zpsdb120d1c.png.html)

- Marajo (23) / 1(17) app - 1 goa, 1 ass, 1 MoM / 6.67
It must have been very tough for ex-starter Marajo to sit on the bench all season long for very little play time. He tried to do the job though, and had a decisive impact when he came on during the UEFA Cup final. Tito wants him to stay and continue to bring his contribution to the club, even more so now that he has acquired Portuguese citizenship.

- Meyong (23) / 1(5) app
The Cameroonian international played very little this year and had only one year of contract left. Tito did not believe he had enough talent and will to really become an offensive asset in the coming years, and thought it was better to let him go. West Ham were ready to pay £1.1m and after 5 seasons, Albert Meyong left Vitoria.

http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/Meyong-010604_zpsbd9b6205.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/Meyong-010604_zpsbd9b6205.png.html)

- Artur Correia (23) / 0(2) app
The Angolan international has improved but may still not be quite there yet to make it to match sheet regularly. Uncertain future.

- Hélder Mario (18) / 0(1) app
Still has the future in front of him. Shows great skills at training.

Younger César Silva (17) has not been tested yet.

AMC is THE priority recruitement for Tito from now on. The coach is looking both for a high-profile starter as well as more depth with a possible sub.

16-10-14, 10:41 PM
who knows? :cool:
seriously, why is AS Roma so invincible in this game? 3 Champions Cup in a row, 2 scudetti - this does not really reflect their strength in those years in real life...

This I don't know but they are the best squad at the start of the game and Totti might be the best player in the game

16-10-14, 10:49 PM
- PENA (30) / 27 app - 31 goa, 4 ass, 8 MoM / 8.37. Member of the Primeira Liga Team of the Year.
There are no words to describe what Brazilian striker Pena has done in only 27 games at the club, at 30yr-old. 31 goals, 2 of them in the UEFA Cup final including the golden goal, his ability to strike and finish the job in front of the goals is simply phenomenal. Tito Forbs did a master strike when he recruited him last December. He would turn 31yr-old next season, had only 1 year of contract left and a £3m release clause... what was in store for Pena? A lot of the older fans around Bonfim dared say that he was probably the best player the club ever saw in its history!

- Fary (29) / 21(14) app - 12 goa, 2 ass, 3 MoM / 7.11
There was nothing the big Senegalese could do to prevent Pena from taking his spot, such was the gulf in talent. He nevertheless proved a worthy sub, focused and still very capable in front of the goals. Again the ideal n°2 for next year.

- João Paiva (21) / 1(7) app - 1 ass
Major improvements in training earned him 8 appearances and 1 start. The future is his!

- Tiago Mota (23) / 0(4) app
Solid, but too much competition in the club. Uncertain future although Forbs has always sensed the potential in him.

Nando (30) had not been used all season long and was about to be released on free transfer, his contract having ended.

No recruits needed here provided Pena stays / continues to perform in spite of his age. Plenty of depth available, in any case.

Baron Zbimg
17-10-14, 08:18 AM
I caught up with this, the write-ups are excellent, it is an extremely good story, I hope you stick to it :)

I've played a lot in Portugal on the ODB and Pena was always a beast, strangely Meyong also. Another of my favourites players is Binho, I always tried to buy him when playing with a French D2 or National side, Naval is full of very good players at the start if I remember correctly. I think you still haven't uncovered THE gem in Portugal but I won't spoil it for you and it's better for the game and the story anyway.

Ednilson seems awesome (can you post a screenie please) and I like the look of your new signing Bras. Looking forward to next season, you could definitely threaten the big boys for the title.

Roma definitely is the best team on the ODB, Totti, Montella, Candela, Samuel, Tommasi are all amazing. Good luck for that game.

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17-10-14, 09:42 AM
I agree with Baron Zbimg, love reading this story.

Could you post a screenshot of Ronaldo's stats. I have never signed on him on the .98 database.

Thanks for writing this story.

17-10-14, 09:04 PM
@Baron Zbming, @vernon123 : thanks a lot! I am really enjoying this game and writing about it, but it's even better when readers are enjoying it too.

@ Baron : Pena amazed me. 31 goals in 27 games, wow. He was clearly a class above everyone else, probably world-class... and he was bench material at FC Porto (behind Dario). Let's see if he can do it again this season. You're right on Binho, I bought him for £150k from Moreirense and he is such a reliable DMC. He fits perfectly in what Tito is looking for at that position and he will probably start ahead of Luis Andrade this season. Plenty of good young players in Naval you're right. About THE gem, don't tell me! other posters have mentioned João Paiva and Hugo Pinheiro and both are in my squad...

Here is Ednilson :

http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/Ednilson-270804_zps15851f0f.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/Ednilson-270804_zps15851f0f.png.html)

His stats are not impressive, but he had a great, great season and I did not expect it. Was named Fans Player of the Year. I could recruit a DMC with much better stats than him but since I am role-playing, he's clearly earned his spot and will keep it. And at 21yr-old, he can still imrpove I guess.

AS Roma game coming up right now, let's see how much I am able to resist.

17-10-14, 09:09 PM
@vernon123 : here is Cristiano Ronaldo. He is one of the first players I recruited in August 2001 at the age of 16. He became a starter only in 2003/04 (last year), and at 19yr-old he is now such an asset in my team, even more than his stats would make you think. I play him as one of my 2 AMC's and he fires all the free-kicks (scored an amazing one in the UEFA Cup final).

http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/CRonaldo-270804_zpsbf8eb8e2.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/CRonaldo-270804_zpsbf8eb8e2.png.html)

17-10-14, 09:17 PM
Tito manages to convince Luis Andrade, Hélio, Moreira and Fary to extend their contract by one year, until June 2006 – the Senegalese striker is particularly pleased.

http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/news5_zpsdf91e63e.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/news5_zpsdf91e63e.png.html)

Nando finally leaves on a free transfer to Eendracht Aalst in Belgium. He has played only 14 games under Tito but scored an amazing 10 goals.

There’s a player Forbs has always had an eye upon and who does not, in his opinion, get the career he deserves. He is easily convinced at a wage of £1.5k/w and a sign-on bonus of £170k, while relegated Sporting Braga are happy to get £275k in compensation. Maniche arrives at Bonfim and will add depth to the AMC position.

http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/Maniche-110704_zps0f2f0ea2.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/Maniche-110704_zps0f2f0ea2.png.html)

Tito wants new blood and more options at that position, and he manages to convince Portuguese U21 international Felipe Oliveira to leave London for a loan of one year and quality playtime at Vitoria. The club will pay 50% of the player’s wage, ie £500/w.

http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/Oliveira-280704_zps3e1473d7.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/Oliveira-280704_zps3e1473d7.png.html)

Finally, unable to recruit a young promising Portuguese goalkeeper, Tito turns towards an old glory – 36yr-old veteran To Luis coming from Chaves for £14k and a wage of £1.4k/w. He will act as 3rd keeper in the squad.

And this completes the interseason mercato. The coach has a solid squad of 34 players.

17-10-14, 09:26 PM
Tito Forbs had always admired British football for its authenticity, simplicity and fighting spirit. He remembers fondly of the English and Scottish teams of what he still considers as football’s Golden Era – the 60’s and 70’s. The start of the season will be a rough ride, so he decides to take all 34 players on a Tour of Scotland as a testimony to a land in which football has developped and prospered maybe even faster originally than in England. The lads land in Edinburgh and play their first game the following day in the capital city.

Aug.8 / Friendly – Hibernian v Vitoria Setubal : 1-3
More than 7k are packed in Easter Road Stadium to watch the UEFA Cup holders on tour. Os Guerreiros are still in the middle of their physical training and not fully ready for 90’ of top-level football. Tiago Silva and Felipe Oliveira play their 1st ever game for their new club. C.Ronaldo has not lost any skills during the summer as he delivers a splendid free-kick on the 2’. The Scots battle hard and equalize before half-time. After that, visitors gradually take control of the game and will score twice by Pena and Marajo. Maniche comes in and will deliver an assist, while Luis Andrade picks up a thigh injury (3weeks off). Bosingwa is MoM.

The group gets to stay in the city for a few days, relax and visit the sites. There’s a few pubs being visited also at night, a good way to prepare for the next game.

Aug.12 / Friendly – Heart of Midlotian v Vitoria Setubal : 0-3
It’s a much easier game against a weaker Hearts side. Bras and Rahim Ouedraogo make their debut, as well as young César Silva who will enter as a sub in the last minutes. Setubal with a reserve team will dominate all game long and score 3 goals in the space of 10’ – a header by Paulo Teixeira who has had a great game, and a double by Fary (MoM) as efficient as always in front of the goals.

It’s a short trip north-east on the coast for the last game of the tour, against 1983 European Cup Winners’ Cup winner.

Aug.15 / Friendly – Aberdeen v Vitoria Setubal : 1-2
They’re 8k in the small stadium of Pittodrie cheering for Aberdeen, but Os Guerreiros are now starting to be in good shape and will dominate the game. Pena logically beats excellent keeper David Preece just before half-time, receiving a great crossing from Bruno Melo (MoM). Scott Michie will score a nice one on counter-attack and the locals are almost drawing with the UEFA Cup holders, when new recruit Tiago Silva pounds a volley in the net on the 79’, after great work by C.Ronaldo.

The Scottish Tour is a complete success, with 3 clean and undeniable victories against Premier League sides. The mood is great amongst the players, the team stable and the squad has depth. They’re ready for the new season to start a week from now with a visit to... la Luz !

17-10-14, 09:43 PM
Aug.21 / Pr.Liga (1) – Benfica v Vitoria Setubal: 0-1
Vitoria start the season with a trip to the Estadio da Luz in front of a 45k crowd cheering for rivals Benfica. On a personal level, Tito Forbs can feel the pain of the (1-4) defeat at Bonfim inflicted by Benfica last March. The home side pushes, but on the 6’ Pena leads a counter-attack and… hits the post. During the whole game Benfica captain Argel and Setubal’s star Pena will clash in a great duel. Os Guerreiros seem to be in better form, their Tour of Scotland having been a great preparation while Benfica exited the Intertoto Cup as early as the 2nd round… on the 22’ it’s a great combination in midfield with Maniche crossing for the victorious header of Nélson Veiga (0-1). Later at 35’ playmaker Bruno Melo delivers a superb pass for unmarked C.Ronaldo who stumbles on keeper José Moreira. A moment later, Bruno Melo holds his thigh… he is injured and will be out for a month. The 2nd half will be a different story with the Lisboa side pushing back. Mantorras could (and probably should) have scored but saw both attempts parried by an in-form Marco Tabuas. Ednilson (MoM) drives his team to final victory, in a tight game. What a great start of the championship by Vitoria !

While everyone expected him in Geneva for the draw of UEFA Cup Rnd.1, Tito Forbs stays in Setubal and prepares for the European Supercup. Everyone seems to consider the game vs AS Roma to be a showpiece against the best side in Europe. But Tito plays every game with the intent to win it, and he made it very clear to his players.

He is distracted during his training session by his faithful scout Pedro Figueiredo who runs through the pitch shouting: "it's Betis! it's Betis". Oh no. This time, real bad luck has struck Setubal which is ironic considering they are UEFA Cup holders. They will play the 1st Rnd. against Real Betis Balompié, 5th of the 2003/04 Spanish Liga. A terrible draw and a fearsome opponent.

Oddly, Vitoria Setubal have only clashed once before with a Spanish side in Europe, and it does not bring very good memories :
- UEFA Cup 1975 - Round 1 - Real Zaragoza (1-1, 0-4)

17-10-14, 10:43 PM
The game will be played at the Stade Louis II in Monaco. It is of course the first time Vitoria Setubal participate in the European Supercup. The sole Portuguese club to have played (and won) it before was FC Porto in 1987 vs Ajax Amsterdam. On their side AS Roma have played (and lost) in 2002 vs Chelsea, played (and won) in 2003 vs Borussia Dortmund.

This would be the 7th encounter between Vitoria Setubal and Italian clubs in European competitions, the precedents being :

- UEFA Cup 1966/67 - Round 1 - v Juventus (0-2, 1-3)
- UEFA Cup 1968/69 - Round 3 - v Fiorentina (3-0, 1-2)
- UEFA Cup 1972/73 - Round 2 - v Fiorentina (1-0, 1-2)
- UEFA Cup 1972/73 - Round 3 - v Inter Milan (2-0, 0-1)
- UEFA Cup 1999/00 - Round 1 - v AS Roma (1-0, 0-7)
- UEFA Cup 2002/03 - Quarter-Final - vs Bologna 1909 (0-3, 0-2)

The score was at 3 qualifications for 3 eliminations. The last one in March 2003 vs Bologna was under Tito Forbs and had been a disaster. Disaster also was the thumping (0-7) received against... AS Roma in 1999 on the return leg in Rome of Rnd.1 of UEFA Cup. Not a nice precedent neither.

Tito Forbs was going to have to do without several key players for the game:
- suspended: Marco Tabuas, Pape Diop
- injured: Bruno Melo, Luis Andrade, Hélio

This would be his starting line-up:

http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/VS-tactics-270804_zps6cbf13ce.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/VS-tactics-270804_zps6cbf13ce.png.html)

Hugo Pinheiro at keeper / Nélson Veiga would be captain for the 1st time / Bras would start at CB / Paulo Teixeira would start in DMC, ahead of Bosingwa / Maniche preferred to Moreira at AMC.

Tito had one hope: possible Roman arrogance. Serie A had not yet started and the sole game the European Champions had played this season was the Italian Supercup, which they lost (1-3) vs AC Milan. Other than this and Setubal's usual bravery, the Italian side was much better in each and every position.

17-10-14, 11:01 PM
AS Roma had an incredibly rich squad, and they had no player injured nor suspended for that game. Not even the slightest scratch. There were however a few odd choices made by Fabio Cappello...

http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/Roma-Tactics_zps039f0a43.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/Roma-Tactics_zps039f0a43.png.html)

1/ He had included in the starting team 2 young Italian players who were clearly not first team choice last season : Giuseppe Scurto and Damiano Ferronetti.

2/ The following players had not even been included on the match sheet: Walter Samuel, Francesco Totti, Pep Guardiola, Robert Pires and Amoroso (just transfered from Dortmund).

Portuguese star international João Pinto would play in attack against his compatriotes, alongside striker Vincenzo Montella. How does one defend against players of such calibers?...

The minnows of Setubal were now up against the mighty AS Roma, best team in Europe 3 years running. "Look at them right in the eye", said Tito in the changing rooms. "If you strike doubt in their mind, then all is possible. Go sons, you've got nothing to lose!".

17-10-14, 11:21 PM
It's Friday evening, Aug.27. The game starts in Monaco.

- The first 10' are quiet, but Setubal is positioned very high on the pitch and applies good pressure on the Italians.

- 11' : Emerson Thome gets a YC for an irregular tackle on Cafu.

- 18' : the Portuguese win the duals and AS Roma has little posession. It's the 3rd dangerous free-kick Vitoria get, Cristiano Ronaldo strikes from 25m out and... he hits the post ! oh no, what a strike, that deserved a goal !

- 19' : Binho is in great form, he rules the midfield and steals posession from Tommasi.

- The first half-hour has been very encouraging for Setubal who play better than Roma !

- 30' : the Italians finally wake-up, Montella finds space and volleys -> great save by young Hugo Pinheiro, into corner-kick.

- 41' : the tide has turned, João Pinto gets some space on the right flank and finds Montella in the area, he controls, Hugo Pinheiro is beaten -> he smashed the crossbar and it's out ! phew, that should have gone in...

- 42' : Os Guerreiros under severe pressure now, João Pinto towers above Thome for a header -> Hugo Pinheiro gets there first and flicks it away. Another great save by the 22yr-old keeper.

Half-time. When AS Roma have turned it on, they have put Setubal in great danger. But the score is still on par (0-0) and that Italian defense does not long impregnable...

17-10-14, 11:42 PM
It's going to be a long 2nd half now that the Romans have woken up and know they cannot take Setubal for granted.

- 48' : great play by Montella on the left flank, he crosses and finds Cafu alone at the far post, he shoots -> Pinheiro dives and catches the ball !

- 60' : in comes Roberto Muzzi, replacing João Pinto.

- 65' : Bras is struggling and get a YC for a push on Montella.

- 71' : it's a great pass into the space, Muzzi is quicker and loses Thome, he volleys -> over the cross bar. Antonio Cassano replaces injured Emerson.

- 72' : Maniche is struggling in this 2nd half. Tito subs him for Almani Moreira.

- 76' : an unstoppable Vincent Candela on the left, finds Delevecchio in the area who misses.

- 79' : Bosingwa comes in to bring muscle and fresh legs, replaces Teixeira who had a good game.

- 89' : tension is mounting, Italians dominate but can't score. Here comes Cafu on the right flank, maybe the most dangerous player tonight, no one can stop him, he crosses in the box -> Muzzi misses, again.

- 90' : Bonsingwa steals from Cufré in midfield, resist the return of Ferronetti, runs and shoots from a distance -> what a strike, Pelizzoli works hard to deflect it into corner-kick ! oh no !

- 91' : Binho runs in the box, gets the header -> the keeper parries.

- 93' : last sub for Cappello, Pierluigi Palumbo replaces Scurto

It's the end of the 90'. Who would have thought, they have suffered but resisted superbly well and Setubal forces AS Roma into extra-time! Forbs still has one sub available, it will be either tiring Tiago Silva at LB or slightly injured Ednilson in midfield.

17-10-14, 11:57 PM
The 30' of extra-time start.

- 97' : both teams have been sitting waiting so far. Tito subs Tiago Silva for the very first appearance of Rahim Ouedraogo as LB.

- 98' : free-kick to Roma, it's deflected in the area, Palumbo gets a volley -> oh it's a fingertip save by Hugo Pinheiro. What a night the young keeper is having !

- 103' : Roma attacks, Montella plays well and gets a shot at goal -> Ednilson does a desperate dive-tackle and deflects into corner. Well done son !

- 106' : Os Guerreiros make Tito proud, the battle in the midfield is intense. C.Ronaldo picks-up an injury but can stay on the pitch.

- 112' : Bosingwa really brought in something, he steals again in midfield, for Ronaldo who passes to Moreira, he gets a shot at goal but misses completely.

Emerson Thome gets the MoM award. It's been an intense and very solid game by Vitoria, who started out strong. They were dominated overall but never crushed.

Such are the laws of football: it's going to the penalties. Os Guerreiros under Forbs have never played such a session, while obviously AS Roma is used to them. Only Hélio (injured), Sandro and Marco Ferreira (gone) have taken penalty-kicks under Forbs. Tito tries to ponder everyone qualities and fatigue...

18-10-14, 12:19 AM
Tito has made his choice and announces his list to the players. They all focus. Young Hugo Pinheiro seems incredibly relaxed. Setubal will shoot first.

For the first striker Tito has chosen the most experienced and skillful of the lot...
1. Pena -> and Pellizzoli saves, oh what a terrible start !
1. Muzzi -> goal !

The second striker is another attacking player with enough experience...
2. Moreira -> goal !
2. Montella -> Hugo Pinheiro saves !

Forbs hesitated for the third striker because he had picked up a light injury, but still his talent...
3. C.Ronaldo -> goal !
3. Delvecchio -> Hugo Pinheiro saves !

Nerves of steel were needed for the 4th striker, captain Nélson Veiga had to be the man...
4. Nélson Veiga -> goal !
4. Cufré -> Hugo Pinheiro saves !

It's incredible ! 22yr-old sub Hugo Pinheiro has saved 3 shots from the best team in Europe !! VITORIA SETUBAL win on penalties (3-1) the European SUPERCUP against giants AS Roma !!! It's unbelievable... what a team, what a legendary result !

http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/VS-Roma-270804_zps76d06bfb.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/VS-Roma-270804_zps76d06bfb.png.html)

18-10-14, 12:20 AM
What an incredible result lads... again, nerve wracking. I love this team, I love this game.

@BobMem : told you I could do it ;-)

@troza: you were right about Pinheiro, he's legend! 3 penalties saved! humbled the great Montella ! incredible stuff...

18-10-14, 10:04 AM
Yay!! :) that's the way to go :)

18-10-14, 07:15 PM
Nice work RuiEsteves - got a feeling this is your year for the title...

18-10-14, 10:13 PM
Aug.30 / Pr.Liga (2) – Belenenses v Vitoria Setubal : 1-3
Tito immediately re-mobilizes his troops for a trip to Restelo which is never easy. He is also obliged to slightly rotate his starters, some of his players being exhausted from the intense extra-time played vs AS Roma. Os Guerreiros nevertheless start strongly, take the game to Belenenses and are quick to score by Moreira (13'). They dominate and Bosingwa (MoM) in midfield is on fire and will score a superb 2nd goal just before half-time. Nélson Veiga is also in good form and works hard on his right flank, being instrumental in the build-up of the successful header by Pena for the 3rd goal (49'). The locals combine superbly for Neca's goal on the 53', but Setubal will remain in control until the end for a deserved victory.

-> Ednilson (cpt), Hélder Mario (1 goal) and C. Ronaldo (who picks a 2w injury) play with Portugal U21 in Hungary.

Sep.11 / Pr.Liga (3) – Vitoria Setubal v Salgueiros : 0-0
Salgueiros have also had a good start of the season (2W), and have come to Bonfim with one ambition: defend and preserve the score. They will succeed in spite of the constant domination by Vitoria, partly due to a great game by their keeper Costinha. Os Guerreiros will try everything but their attackers are not in the best form (C.Ronaldo is out injured) and even the great Pena cannot find the opening. Bosingwa is once again MoM with a superb presence in midfield. The draw is very harsh on Setubal, but it could have been worse as on a blitz counter-attack Vicente is denied a goal for a very fractional offside...

19-10-14, 12:11 AM
UEFA Cup holders Vitoria Setubal open up their new campaign at Bonfim against the very dangerous side of Real Betis Balompié. Bruno Melo, Cristiano Ronaldo and Filipe Oliveira are all out injured.

Sep.16 / UEFA CUP Rnd.1 (leg1) - Vitoria Setubal v Real Betis : 1-0
The Spanish remain very defensive at first while Os Guerreiros have posession but no inspiration. It's a tight and very tactical game, no team wishes to take unnecessary risk and it's (0-0) at half-time. It could only be him: on the 46', Pena receives a good pass from Maniche (MoM), goes past 3 defenders and beats keeper Antonio Prats from close range. 10' later Romanian striker Laurentiu Rusu does exactly the same thing to Setubal's defense but he misses the target... Betis do have some offenisve punch and will remain dangerous until the very end, but they lose that first leg. Not a bad result for Vitoria, but qualifying in Sevilla will be tough.

Sep.26 / Pr.Liga (4) – Vitoria Setubal v Paços de Ferreira : 3-0
What was supposed to be an easy ride for Vitoria, has been, despite the scoreline, a very tough and spectacular game of football. Paços start out strong which is surprising for a promoted side playing at Bonfim; but around the 20', Pena finds the crossbar and Ednilson hits the post, before the latter sets beautifully the former in the space for the opener. 4' later, C.Ronaldo who is just back from injury converts a free-kick from 20m out, a great goal. The visitors are again dangerous before half-time, but the game will change radically at the start of the 2nd half as Pape Diop is red-carded for a foul as last defender (3 games ban). It does not prevent C.Ronaldo (MoM) from scoring a great volley after a superb pass by Ednilson on the 48'. From that point onwards, Setubal will greatly struggle and owe it to a great Marco Tabuas not to have conceded any goal. The last 15' are even tougher since Saliou Lassissi goes out injured, which means finishing the game 9 v 11 !

Baron Zbimg
19-10-14, 01:13 AM
Great start this season, the return leg in Sevilla will be tough but I have a good feeling about the league. If you're playing the .68 I'm not sure THE portuguese bargain stud is in that version, probably not as I think he's only in the ODB. Maybe Someone else knows that. Anyway Paiva and Pinheiro are very nice prospects.

Ednilson has been superb, I love it when players outperform their stats, you are absolutely right to stick with him.

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19-10-14, 06:47 AM
Superb result and great write up. I never doubted you for a minute... :)

Decent result at home vs Betis, keeping a clean sheet is good news, just need to score away to put one foot in the 2nd round.

19-10-14, 01:40 PM
Disappear for a couple of days and there's a UEFA Cup and a Super Cup in the Trophy Room. Quite some catching up to do.

Great updates, particularly the tension in the Lyon game. Can't immagine what you were thinking when they drew level. Penalty lessons at Roma this week I think !

Decent start to the new season too. Lets see that league title finally arrive.

19-10-14, 07:51 PM
If you're playing the .68 I'm not sure THE portuguese bargain stud is in that version, probably not as I think he's only in the ODB. Maybe Someone else knows that. Anyway Paiva and Pinheiro are very nice prospects.

Ah, I think you mean To Madeira. No he is not included in .68.

Ednilson has been superb, I love it when players outperform their stats, you are absolutely right to stick with him.

And it gets better for Ednilson: he's just been called up in the Portugal squad for the WC qualifier vs Russia !

19-10-14, 07:56 PM
Great updates, particularly the tension in the Lyon game. Can't immagine what you were thinking when they drew level. Penalty lessons at Roma this week I think !

After having led (3-1) and getting my GK sent off, I was thinking I was going to succeed in bottling that game. I really hesitated to park the bus, but am glad I did not since the lads took their responsibility in extra-time, dominated and scored! (I was also surprised about the golden goal rule, I thought we still had 15' to play when Pena scored the 4th.)

Decent start to the new season too. Lets see that league title finally arrive.

The objective is to be in the race until the very end, but it won't be easy. FC Porto are already on 5W after 5 games and in the Primeira Liga, there's such a gap in level between Os Tres Grandes and the rest that you need in the range of ~80pts of you are targeting the Portuguese title (which means for instance, 25W, 5D, 4L).

19-10-14, 08:23 PM
Great performance from Pinheiro in the Super Cup! How's Lassissi coming along? I thought he would become a great player for you...

19-10-14, 08:44 PM
Great performance from Pinheiro in the Super Cup! How's Lassissi coming along? I thought he would become a great player for you...
Oh yes Pinheiro had an amazing Supercup. Saliou Lassissi does not get much playing time. Nélson Veiga is untouchable as RB (because he's excellent, and because he's become iconic now) and in CB there's a lot of competition. Lassissi is always on the bench though, and does get reasonable play time but I can't say he has really stood out so far.

19-10-14, 09:01 PM
Sep.30 / UEFA CUP Rnd.1 (leg2) - Real Betis v Vitoria Setubal : 2-0
1 goal advantage is not much when one plays in front of a 34k crowd at Manuel Ruiz de Lopera. Setubal need a goal, start strong and could have scored in the opening minutes. But Betis gradually build their game on the wings and the whole game, both Tiago Silva and Nélson Veiga will struggle to prevent devastating crossings. On the first (13'), Casas jumps above Marco Tabuas (who timed his run very poorly) and scores in an empty goal. On the second (39'), Rosu is left unmarked and fires the Portuguese keeper from close range. Sevilla are now ahead. There was maybe penalty when Nélson Veiga collapsed at 45', but the ref waves to play on. It will be a long and sterile 2nd half, dominated by Setubal with a lot of corner ad free-kicks, but very few clear chances. Both teams were close and it was tight, but this time fortune did not smile and UEFA Cup holders Vitoria Setubal are out on the 1st Round, (1-2) on aggregate !

It was their Cup. It was Tito's Cup. This does not go down well, the players can feel the interior rage of their coach and they keep their heads down in the changing room. The record vs Spain is now 0v2.

- UEFA Cup 1975 - Round 1 - Real Zaragoza (1-1, 0-4)
- UEFA Cup 2005 - Round 1 - Real Betis Balompié (1-0, 0-2)

Oct.4 / Pr.Liga (5) – Varzim v Vitoria Setubal : 0-1
The Estadio do Varzim is one of the few stadiums in Portugal in which Forbs is yet to win. No changes are made to the starting XI (bar suspended Diop) and Os Guerreiros are eager to bounce back on the domestic front. They start strong, dominate and on the 18' Ednilson hits the post. In spite of the wet conditions it is a pleasant game which Vitoria dominate comprehensively, but they fail to convert their multiple chances. Pena is not in the same form as last season, out of 5 shots on goal only 1 is on target. At 72' Emerson Thome collects a 2nd YC and is red-carded. On the next goal-kick by Marco Tabuas, C.Ronaldo (MoM) gets the ball, sprints through the pitch and fires a rocket into the side of the net. What a goal, here are 3pts from Setubal. Deserved, but painful.

19-10-14, 10:22 PM
Oct.17 / Pr.Liga (6) – Vitoria Setubal v Estrela Amadora : 1-0
Promoted Estrela Amadora have come to Bonfim to draw. They won't get a single shot at goal the whole game, but will succeed in slowing down play and leaving only few chances to Setubal. At the start of the 2nd half Almani Moreira powers a header in the nets but the goal is disallowed for offside. Then playmaker Bruno Melo torns a muscle and will be out for... 3 months! that's a big blow for the club. Tito is starting to think Pena is in very poor shape so he decides to sub him 15' from the end by Fary (MoM) who on the 81' scores the winning goal. Great coaching by Forbs here, and another narrow but deserved victory.

Bruno Melo out for so long had not really been planned and it may affect Vitoria's gameplay. Pena must find the nets and get his form back quickly, as his poor records are starting to bear on this season.

It's the draw of the Portugal Taça and the Gods of football are still angry at Vitoria. They will play Benfica. At the Luz. On Rnd.4 of the Cup. It hardly gets any worse than this. Tito Forbs marks this one down as "must win" in his agenda.

Oct.20 / Pr.Liga (7) – Vitoria Setubal v Beira-Mar : 4-1
Beira-Mar have also come only to defend and they get punished thrice during a great 1st half by the hosts. C. Ronaldo strikes an amazing kick from 25m out into goal on the 7'. Then Pena finally scores, twice, from great headers (36', 41'). Moreira is denied again a goal for a fractional offside. But the tide changes in the 2nd half and Beira-Mar look dangerous. Even more so when Emerson Thome is red-carded, again (!!), for a 2nd YC. This is unprofessional behaviour and Tito is furious. Binho tries to control the game in midfield, but Zezinho manages to jump higher than Marco Tabuas on the 77'. At 80', an in-form Moreira (MoM) hits the ball low and finds the side-net for the (4-1). The victory has been tougher to get than the scoreline indicates.

But this hardly matters as with (6W, 1D), Vitoria Setubal take the lead of the Primeira Liga !

20-10-14, 08:43 AM
Well, with the UEFA cup out, you can always just focus on the championship. As far as we know, you're doing well :)

20-10-14, 09:07 AM
No UEFA cup to distract you and on a run of domestic form. This could be your year.

20-10-14, 11:32 AM
Real shame about the UEFA Cup but going well in the league, so hopefully you can make a push for the Champions League next year, if not the title!

I wondered if you might drop Pena and give Fary a start, but it looks like your faith in Pena paid off with those two goals against Beira-Mar :ok:

20-10-14, 08:16 PM
I wondered if you might drop Pena and give Fary a start, but it looks like your faith in Pena paid off with those two goals against Beira-Mar :ok:
The idea crossed my mind, even more as (I did not report this) Pena came late to training at the end of August and was given a warning. Although he is not in last year's form (it was probably those few months in a player's career where he walks on water), he clearly has gotten back to what he does best: score goals. But Fary and also João Paiva won't let their chance go by if Pena was to somehow get complacent...

20-10-14, 08:25 PM
Oct.24 / Pr.Liga (8) – Maritimo v Vitoria Setubal : 0-5
It’s a landmark game for Setubal, the largest winning margin under Tito Forbs and this is away against a dangerous Maritimo side ! There’s been no contest really as Os Guerreiros dominate from start to finish, creating multiple chances in a goal-less 1st half while Pape Diop at CB sets the tone in defense. On the 55’ Pena is tripped in the area and C.Ronado converts. At 67’, a great combination with Ouedraogo sees in-form Moreira shoot past Pontiroli into goal (0-2). In the last 10’ Maritimo’s defense and keeper crack completely, letting in 3 goals from Binho (header), Pena (MoM) and the 1st ever by Felipe Oliveira. It’s a routing for the Funchal side, and a boost in confidence for Vitoria ahead of the clash at Bonfim against the champions.

FC Porto have just beaten AC Milan (1-0) in Phase 1 of the Champions Cup and thus qualified for the next stage. The champions of Portugal have fallen 4pts behind Vitoria in the Liga, so they travel to Bonfim with one ambition : win!

Oct.31 / Pr.Liga (9) – Vitoria Setubal v FC Porto : 1-0
Tito knows it is one of the key games of the season in the Liga. Apart from Bruno Melo out with a major injury, he’s got all his players at hand. Bras has been so consistent that he has taken the spot of Emerson Thome in CB (who lost it after 2 consecutive red-cards) while Almani Moreira is in great form and has now gotten ahead of both Maniche and Felipe Oliveira as AMC. Os Guerreiros start well, pressure and will dominate a very defensive FC Porto. On the 22’, Moreira (MoM) combines well with Pena who is in the space and beats Vitor Baia with a perfect kick in the side-net (1-0). Porto realize they must change something in the 2nd half, with 3 subs, but the game stalls and they don’t manage to really threaten Setubal. Luis Andrade in midfield has one of those enormous games, tackling and nullifying the efforts of playmaker Deco. In the dying minutes, Rodrigo gets a shot for Porto that clips the post, but in the end it is a much deserved and great victory for Setubal who now have a 7pts lead on FCP!!

http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/VS-Porto-311004_zpsf1f0b954.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/VS-Porto-311004_zpsf1f0b954.png.html)

20-10-14, 08:32 PM
There are 3 Setubal players called up in the Portugal squad ahead of the friendly vs Holland: Marco Tabuas, Ednilson and for the first time at 19yr-old… Cristiano Ronaldo !

http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/Portugal-squad-041104_zpse33629ae.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/Portugal-squad-041104_zpse33629ae.png.html)

Nov.7 / Pr.Liga (10) – Infesta v Vitoria Setubal : 0-2
Minnows and promoted Infesta are battling hard in the Liga and the 1st half on their home turf is very much contested. A tackle by Binho in Setubal’s area could have given a penalty to the hosts, while C.Ronaldo’s free-kick just before half-time is parried by the tip of the keeper’s fingers. But in 2nd half, Os Guerreiros step-up a gear and will prevail. On the 69’, Diop chips in a quick free-kick for the header of Rahim Ouedraogo who scores his first ever goal as a professional footballer (!) and at 73’, it’s a great play by young and rising sub Artur Correia who crosses for a great shot by Pena (MoM). It’s a clean and deserved victory for Vitoria, who are on a roll in the Liga.

Setubal have made an almost perfect start, being (9W, 1D) and having conceded an astonishing… 2 goals in 10 games ! Sporting CP are only 3pts behind, Salgueiros are the surprise team at 3rd. FC Porto are already trailing by 7pts and Benfica at 5th spot are already far behind.

http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/Table-top-101104_zpsd05e2dbc.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/Table-top-101104_zpsd05e2dbc.png.html)

20-10-14, 08:38 PM
Nov.14 / Taça Rnd.4 – Benfica v Vitoria Setubal : 1-2
It’s a bit of a shame to see such a clash at la Luz, so early on in the competition. Forbs had made it clear that Taça do Portugal was one of the club’s objective this season, even more so since Vitoria had been eliminated from the UEFA Cup. Os Guerreiros were in great form and despite all the talent of the Lisboa side, they suffocated them from the start with an intense pressing, dominated and on the 25’ Toni spear-tackled Pena and got expelled. Free-kick, and C.Ronaldo put it in the back of the net from 30m out, another great goal by the young star. It seemed that the game was well over but Benfica would get one opportunity on the 55’, with Mantorras playing with both Bras and Diop and leaving no chance to Marco Tabuas for a shocking equalizer (1-1). But the game would not escape Setubal and after Ednilson smashed the crossbar from a distance, on the 72’ a superb Rahim Ouedraogo (MoM) crossed for the half-volley of Moreira (1-2). 4' later C.Ronaldo saw his penalty parried by the keeper, but that would not change the superb qualification of Vitoria for the next round! what a great success !

http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/VS-Benfica-141104_zpsf1337f1d.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/VS-Benfica-141104_zpsf1337f1d.png.html)

A few days later Cristiano Ronaldo made his first ever international appearance for Portugal in the friendly vs Holland (0-1 defeat) : he came on as a sub. Hélder Postiga also got his first cap during that game...

20-10-14, 08:44 PM
Nov.22 / Pr.Liga (11) – Vitoria Setubal v Boavista : 3-1
Once again Vitoria will cruise through the game with ease, far superior than Boavista. It only takes 2’ for a Pena (MoM) back in full force to score on a splendid delivery by Ednilson, and double just before half-time on a perfect servcie from Binho (MoM). He even scored a 3rd goal, disallowed for off-side. The 2nd half is a little less intense and on the 69’, Tavares surprises Bras and scores a great goal (2-1). Os Guerreiros push until the end and are rewarded in extra-time by an opportunistic goal from Ednilson.

Nov.28 / Pr.Liga (12) – Farense v Vitoria Setubal : 1-1
This game will be tougher than the previous ones since on the 1’, Binho is red-carded (3-games ban) for a late tackle. A harsh decision. From then the match will be hotly contested with plenty of chances for both sides. Hugo is the first to score on 15’ with a splendid volley, but on the 31’ C.Ronaldo finds Moreira on the far post for an easy chance and it’s (1-1). Farense is very close from a 2nd goal before half-time, with Fangueiro hitting the crossbar and Zamorano’s goal being refused for off-side. But this is not the end of it, and Setubal push hard in the 2nd half. Pena’s headers find the kepper (60’) and the post (69’), while on the 82’ Marco Tabuas saves what looked like a sure goal from Maki. A free-kick by C.Ronaldo grazes the crossbar just before the final whistle, and it is a deserved and entertaining draw at 10v11. Not such a bad result for Setubal, considering the opening red-card…

Dec.6 / Pr.Liga (13) – Vitoria Setubal v Moreirense : 1-2
It cannot always go the easy way in the game of football, and Tito knows it all too well. Moreirense are bottom of the table having won only 1 in 12 games. They come to Bonfim as most teams do, with a very defensive tactic and it’s a rather dull 1st half, with all the posession for Setubal but few chances… until Pena’s header hitting the post on 43’, and C.Ronaldo volleying the ball on the crossbar just before half-time. Pressure mounts in the 2nd half as Os Guerreiros assault the visitors goal. Pena should have scored on 2 occasions around the hour mark, but keeper Jorge Silva (MoM) is having a great day. Finally Bosingwa liberates the crowd on 71’ with a long-range shot… for 2’, until Ico pounds an equalizer past a helpless Marco Tabuas. Vitoria’s captain and goalkeeper is once again beaten on a blitz counter-attack by striker Flavio, who on the 77’ gives a completely undeserved victory for the minnows. After such a great first half of the season, it is a shame to see Setubal squander points like that. It’s a crushing home defeat, the first since March 15th (and since Feb 1st in the Liga).

20-10-14, 09:21 PM
Great win against Porto, Salgueiros will fall away as the year goes on but Sporting look like having another good season so you can't drop too many more points...

20-10-14, 09:52 PM
During the interseason Tito Forbs was worried about lack of depth at AMC. Marco Ferreira was gone to Sporting CP and Almani Moreira had not quite worked hard enough to fully convince the coach that he was the real deal, and Meyong had been transfered-out. So Forbs sent his best scout, faithful Pedro Figueiredo, for 2 weeks in Brazil with one objective: "find THE gem, like you did with Marajo 3 years ago but this time one class above!". Figueiredo would have gone to hell and back for Tito if he'd asked. He spent days and nights meeting agents, seeing games live and on videos. He had activated his own network of Brazilian scouts. And he stumbled upon the gem. Young. U21 international. Playing for Santos. And willing to come to Portugal, and Setubal. On a free-transfer! He managed to convince Forbs to sign a pre-contract, and now he was supposed to arrive at Bonfim for training on December 15th which was... in 3 days !

http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/Diego-121204_zps043c4c91.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/Diego-121204_zps043c4c91.png.html)

Dec 12 - Bonfim training grounds
Tito had called up his entire staff for an exceptional meeting. Assistant Rui Lopes, coaches, scouts and physios. They were nine in the board room plus him, the head coach. They were all invited to give their assessment on all the players in the squad who could cover the AMC position. There were 8 of them. Tito listened patiently and for over an hour and a half at everyone's opinion. Poor Pedro Figueiredo was livid, he knew what was at stake. Tito then stood up, hands behind his back, looking above Bonfim. He turned around and summarized the situation:

- Cristiano Ronaldo - I hear your fears, that he's too good for us and now that he got his first international cap, he will soon ask to leave. You could be right, but for the time being he is 19yr-old and he will at least end this season at the club. He is so good that he will start every game as long as the physios tell me he can. That's one.

- Almani Moreira - we all had doubts, me included. Maybe getting intense competition did stir him up, but here are the facts: he's got 5 goals, 2 assists and 2 MoM in 13 games so far, with only 10 as a starter. Average rating of 7.54. We are still to find out whether he can sustain such form, but he's regained his starter slot. That's two.

- Maniche - started 8 games for 3 assists. Has not convinced, but we all agreed back in July about his talent. Having him as a sub is a luxury. He may need more time

- Felipe Oliveira - U21 international. Impressive at training. 1 goal in 5 appearances (2 as starter). He's 20 and we all know his huge skills. He's Portuguese and as you know we've just agreed on his free-transfer on June 1st 2005 at the end of the loan from Chelsea. His future is Setubal, he needs playtime, as a sub.

- Marajo - let's not forget what he's done 3 years ago. He's got Portuguese citizenship now, and remains committed to the club. At 23, has improved lately. And is not even given a place on the bench right now.

- Artur Correia - most of us had given up on him, and now he's firing all cylinders at training, to the point of making 2 appearances and gentlemen, I liked what I saw! I want to see more of him in the near future...

- Hélder Mario and César Silva - our guarantees for the future, the former is already U21 international.

- "Pedro!" shouted Tito, what shall I do if I let your Brazilian U21 prima donna Diego in my squad, hey?".... Figueiredo froze

- "tell Moreira that in spite of his huge efforts and great games, he is now sitting on the bench? tell Maniche and Marajo that they are on transfer-list? tell Felipe Oliveira that we've signed him to leave him play with the youth teams? explain to Correia and Hélder Mario that they have no future in this club?" ... "you know it makes no sense, Pedro!"

- "But coach... we gave our word! signed a contract! Diego is about to board his plane!"

- "The contract has a clause in it, Pedro! like all pre-contracts! we can call it quit until the very last minute and don't fool yourself, your Diego and his agents already have a plan B, and a plan C, lined-up somewhere! Yes we may lose our credibility for a while in Brazil, yes we may also lose an opportunity to recruit a future footballing great, who knows... but I am not one to amass players like pieces of furniture and store them in a museum. I already have an over-extended squad of 34 players, amongst which 8 great AMC's!".

- "Pedro, call Diego and tell him we're calling the transfer off".

Pedro Figueiredo was shattered. The only one who would lose credibility was him, he thought. But hey, to hell and back, he would follow his boss, the man who had given Vitoria Setubal a UEFA Cup and a European Supercup. Diego would never come to Bonfim.

nota: if any reader can tell me if this Diego later becomes a superstar of the game...:shocked:

20-10-14, 10:00 PM
Great win against Porto, Salgueiros will fall away as the year goes on but Sporting look like having another good season so you can't drop too many more points...
Losing at home to Moreirense who were last of the table... gutt-wrenching. Sporting CP have won their games #11, #12 and #13 so I am now 2nd, 2pts behind them. The only good news is that Mario Jardel is line-up for a transfer on Dec.15th. I am playing them at the Alvalade on Dec.31st...

21-10-14, 08:15 AM
The Sporting clash is going to be a big one. Looking forward to that one and lets hope that they miss Jardel.

Like the backstory on Diego, although he does look quite some player and I wonder if you might regret not signing him.

21-10-14, 07:26 PM
The Sporting clash is going to be a big one. Looking forward to that one and lets hope that they miss Jardel.

I will post a very detailed report of that game later tonight!

Like the backstory on Diego, although he does look quite some player and I wonder if you might regret not signing him.

Yeah, you may be right, he does indeed look very good. Guarani signed him up. On the other hand I really have a lot of players coming to maturity at more or less all positions, and Tito does not like big squads. So no regrets.

21-10-14, 07:32 PM
Dec.12 / Pr.Liga (14) – Leiria v Vitoria Setubal : 0-1
Setubal must bounce back after that shocking home defeat. Leiria are struggling (17th) but are no push-overs. The game starts well, Bosingwa (MoM) is starting instead of suspended Binho, he’s on fire and scores from a great header on the 7’. Os Guerreiros will dominate handsomely, but striker Pena is not in a great day and misses plenty of chances, while some are parried by keeper Tiago. Leiria will get good opportunities later in the 2nd half but Marco Tabuas this time, does the job. It’s a deserved and much welcome away victory.

Dec.19 / Pr.Liga (15) – Vitoria Setubal v Aves : 5-1
For the last home game of a great 2004 year, Vitoria host… bottom of the table Aves. The Moreirense scenario won’t happen this time as Os Guerreiros steam-roll the visitors and score an incredible 4 goals in the space of only 6’ ! Bosingwa opens fire, then Ednilson (MoM) with 1 goal and 2 assists has an amazing game, Luis Andrade (1 goa, 2 ass) is also excellent. Pena (1 goa) was in a great day but leaves the pitch injured (2-weeks) on the 35’, and Diop follows later (1-month out). Fary scores one for an amazing (5-0) at half-time. Aves get a consolation goal 10’ from the end, but it’s a refreshing victory, the largest at Bonfim under Tito Forbs.

http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/VS-Aves-191204_zps02f15c71.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/VS-Aves-191204_zps02f15c71.png.html)

Sporting CP (without Mario Jardel who’s gone to Atletico Madrid for £5.75m, replaced by Brazilian striker Rafael from Guimarães) having drawn at Estadio da Luz (0-0), Setubal tops the table tied with Sporting 2 weeks before their clash at the Alvalade.

http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/Table-top-201204_zps759d5777.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/Table-top-201204_zps759d5777.png.html)

21-10-14, 07:48 PM
It’s not been a very quiet Christmas break for Tito. His scouts keep on bothering him with the greatest players in the world having contracts finishing soon and their agents willing to negotiate. "I've got a full squad! how many times do I need to tell you!" shouts the old grumpy coach.

There’s also a lot of tension around and in the club, due both to the 1st position in the Liga and the upcoming crucial clash vs Sporting CP, which Forbs has never managed to beat. All players get a week off, training resumes on Dec.26. Estrela Amadora, Belenenses and Boavista send bids for LB Carlos Fernandes. He’s been the starter of choice last season, with 24 games (3 ass) but failed to convince Tito. The Portugal B international got no appearance thus far this season, barred by both Ouedraogo and Tiago Silva. Negotiations start and he finally goes to Boavista for £1.7m. His 12-months in Setubal have got him a UEFA Cup victory on his CV; not bad.

Time to get ready for THE clash. Winning at the Alvalade, what a way that would be to end the year 2004, which arguably has been the best in the long history of Vitoria Setubal. Tito must do without Pape Diop still injured, and Bruno Melo not fully recovered. This will be his starting team :

http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/VS-tactics-311204_zps32711df2.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/VS-tactics-311204_zps32711df2.png.html)

At LB, Ouedraogo has earned his spot ahead of an unconvincing Tiago Silva. Emerson Thome is back at CB due to the absence of Diop, alongside impressive Bras. At DMC, on-fire Bosingwa is left on the bench but that was not an easy choice (and it will get worse when Bruno Melo will be back). The attacking trio is a no-brainer right now. Tito has however chosen Artur Correia instead of Maniche as a sub.

On their side Sporting CP have lost their superstar Mario Jardel (Best Scorer of the Liga for 3 consecutive years), and replaced him with Rafael who was… the 2nd best scorer last season (for Guimarães). Midfielder Anderson is suspended, so this is their starting XI :

http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/Sporting-tactics-311204_zpsa7259170.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/Sporting-tactics-311204_zpsa7259170.png.html)

What a team this still is. A good keeper, rock solid defense with 3 Portuguese internationals; pacy dangerous midfielders in Ricardo and Hernani, grafters with Källström and Tello and… ex-Setubal playmaker Marco Ferreira who will play on the right wing. Upfront the lone Rafael is only just slightly less frightening than Jardel. Forbs has never really managed to find a suitable tactic to counter their 4-5-1 formation (2D, 5L).

21-10-14, 07:55 PM
Kallstrom is a great player in ODB - I always played him in a more attacking position personally...

21-10-14, 08:01 PM
We now tune in to the radio broadcast for a full report on the game…

Bon Dia a todos e feliz anno novo, folks what better way to say farewell to 2004 as we watch the clash at the top of the Primeira Liga between favourites Sporting CP who want to reclaim their title, and co-leaders and heroes of 2004 challengers Vitoria Setubal, who have shocked the world of football and become Portugal’s team of the year as they won both the UEFA Cup (which no other Portugal club had ever done) and the European Supercup in a dramatic penalty shoot-out against giants and triple-European champions AS Roma. No less!

One word on the line-up / it’s nothing surprising neither from João Alves nor from Tito Forbs, although it’s worth mentioning that it feels weird to watch a game at the Alvalade without the towering stature of Brazilian Mario Jardel who sadly, has left the Primeira Liga. Let’s hope for a clean and great football match in spite of the wet conditions, the ref looks at his watch, blows the whistle and… off we go !

- There’s no observation round as the midfield battle is intense, neither team dominating the other.

- 7’ : Rafael shoots from a distance and that was close !

- 10’ : it’s a great counter-attack from Vitoria, Pena puts his head ahead of keeper Silvio Luis but the ball falls behind to C.Ronaldo, who is challenged by Marco Ferreira and that’s a great opportunity wasted for Os Guerreiros.

- 12’ : the visitors’ attacking trio is clearly on fire, C.Ronaldo gets the ball and crosses in the box for… the volley of Almani Moreira and… GOL! He scores from close range, it’s (0-1) !

- 15’ : Sporting are groggy, they must be careful now as Ednilson delivers a superb pass in the space for Pena, oh it’s looking good, the Brazilian striker shoots and… oh great save by Silvio Luis, what a dive !

- 20’ : Vitoria are impressive, and here is surprising Burkinabé Rahim Ouedraogo charging on the left flank, he avoids 2 tackles and Kim Källström gets in and gets a foot on the ball, but hold on... Ouedraogo outmuscles him, rushes forward and strikes furiously… into the back of the net, oh GOL, GOL for Setubal ! oh what a goal that was ! (0-2)

- 21’ : look at Swedish international Kim Källström, he is cheering up his teammates, and here comes Rui Jorge on the let flank, Setubal being complacent here and they let the veteran international deliver a superb crossing in the box, for Källström’s header and Marco Tabuas can do nothing about it, GOL! Sporting are back in the game, and what a game this is, it’s our end of year gift, fantastic football being played here ! (1-2)

- 26’ : Setubal are on fire, they build-up well in midfielf, C.Ronaldo combines with Pena who’s in the area, het gets a shot at goal -> too high, above the bar.

- 36’ : Sporting are on the edge of the cliff here as the challengers push, Ouedraogo gets his head on a corner-kick -> oh it’s a great save by Silvio Luis !

- 47’ : Setubal looking for that goal, the 43k crowd are hoping for the half-time whistle but here comes the crossing from Nélson Veiga, Pena deflects for Moreira who is clear, he shoots -> oh no, it’s too high and he misses.

Half-time. What a first half this has been, not a single yellow card, amazing football and who would have thought, Setubal played better and are leading! They must regret this goal by Källström since this is the life-line Sporting needed to get back into this 2nd half.

Stay tunned !

21-10-14, 08:17 PM
Should it not be


Or is that just Brazil ? Great first half, but not over yet. Need to keep this up for another 45

Baron Zbimg
21-10-14, 08:19 PM
Great first half, too much time to protect the lead, you have to keep on attacking.

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21-10-14, 08:41 PM
- 51’ : Luis Filipe comes in on the right flank, replacing an underperforming Marco Ferreira. C.Ronaldo drives the defense of his ex-club crazy, and Rui Jorge is YC for a heavy tackle on the young international.

- 52’ : C.Ronaldo strikes the free-kick -> oh it rebounds and is parried by Silvio Luis, Nélson Veiga will score -> and Baiano dives with a desperate tackle and the Alvalade jumps and cheers for the defender! What a tackle !

- 56’ : Sporting combine well in midfield, Tello is clear in the area -> Bras with a strong tackle, it’s clean, no foul. phew.

- 58’ : Tito notices both C.Ronaldo and Pena have picked slight injuries, nothing serious but he will keep an eye on them.

- 60’ : another attack from Setubal has stressed out Sporting’s defense. Silvio Luis goal-kicks, it’s too short, Litos and Beto are not paying attention and here comes Pena in between them, gets the ball and wastes no time to shoot -> oh it’s in! it’s a GOL ! GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL ! GOL ! GOOOOL! (better?) what a blunder from SCP, Pena (MoM) was opportunitic here ! (1-3).

- 62’ : Sporting fight back, the Alvalade roars, Ricardo has a devastating run on the left wing leaving 3 players on their a*se, he crosses -> Moreira (!) robs Rafael, here is what solidarity means for Guerreiros ! attackers making tackles in the area when defenders are outnumbered !

- 63’ : Vitoria must be careful, Rafael runs in the space and half-volleys -> Marco Tabuas parries, well done son. Disappointed and disappointing, Rafael is replaced by Romanian Marius Niculae, a fearsome attacker.

- 66’ : Sporting’s pessure is huge, another hot situation in the area but captain Marco Tabuas dives and saves the day.

- 70’ : as usual, Ricardo on his wing is the major threat. Luis Andrade is experienced, comes in with a strong tackle for the foul -> YC, but he hopes this will calm down the winger. The stadium booes.

- 77’ : C.Ronaldo has given all he could, he is limping now –> Tito choses Artur Correia to replace him, that’s a surprise !

- Sporting losing steam, they’re 2 goals behind and have been outplayed and outmuscled on their home turf. Their heads are starting to look down at their feet…

- 85’ : one of their last chances, it’s a crossing and Niculae dives above Marco Tabuas who once again has issues with some of his jumps -> the header is wide, what a chance wasted...

- 86’ : Tito subs Pena with Fary for more physical impact. Setubal bond and defend.

http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/VS-Sporting-311204_zpsdc61143e.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/VS-Sporting-311204_zpsdc61143e.png.html)

That’s it! The game is over and it is the first and a superb victory by Setubal over Sporting CP (1-3), at the Alvalade ! Oh this is a result that may weigh very heavily both in the final standings but also in the minds of all players. Vitoria have made quite a statement tonight !

21-10-14, 08:54 PM
@fourfourtwo: yep, Källström has been quite an asset for Sporting CP. He rallied the troops and scored, but this time he was not enough!

@Eijit: special GOOOOOOOOOOL for you in the 2nd half (and am not sure how radio reporters do their GOL's in Portugal...)

@Baron: I kept on pressing and was rewarded, although their keeper and defense really helped. The last half-hour was theirs, had it still been (1-2) I just could feel they would have managed to sneak a goal ;-)

Anyway it's a great ending to a fantastic 2004 for Tito. But the championship is still very, very, long.

21-10-14, 09:00 PM
Jan.9 / Taça Rnd.5 – Vitoria Setubal v Maia : 3-0
It’s a much easier draw this time around against lower league club Maia, at Bonfim. Tito is confident and rotates his squad, except for Bruno Melo (MoM) who is just back from his 3-month injury and opens the game with a penalty-kick on the 12’. It’s an easy game which the reserve team of Vitoria dominate from start to finish. Angolan Artur Correia shows his talent with a victorious free-kick on 36’, while Bruno Melo gets in another one (73’) with a superb long-range shot. The sparse crowd of 5k suddenly roars as Tito asks ex-captain Hélio to come in, which he does and he is symbolicly given the armband. The old skipper (35yr-old) is inches away from scoring a few minutes later. A very pleasant afternoon all in all. At the same time, Sporting CP is beaten (0-2) at Salgueiros and are out of the Taça do Portugal !

Jan.14 / Pr.Liga (17) – Beira-Mar v Vitoria Setubal : 1-2
It’s an open and tight game on the northern sea resort of Beira-Mar, and a good start from the visitors with a great combination between C.Ronaldo and Pena who scores (17’). Setubal dominate the first half-hour, but gradually Beira-Mar create chances. Just before half-time, a blitz counter-attack from C.Ronaldo (MoM) ends with a superb strike in the side-net (0-2), immediately followed by Romeu’s equalizer (1-2). There will be no goals in the 2nd half, mostly due to a good Marco Tabuas, although a draw would have been more justified in the end. Those 3pts are very precious to Vitoria who continue their run at the top of the Liga.

21-10-14, 09:08 PM
Obrigado !

Força Os Sadinos !

21-10-14, 10:07 PM
Great win against Sporting, and nice to see the reserves getting a run-out in the Taca

21-10-14, 10:24 PM
Great win against Sporting, and nice to see the reserves getting a run-out in the Taca
They'll get another run soon as the %*§!! Federação have scheduled my Rnd.6 Cup game vs Portimonense... 2 days after my Liga game vs Benfica.

21-10-14, 10:40 PM
Tito Forbs has 2 games to play in 3 days - a Liga match vs Benfica and the 5th Rnd. of the Taça at Portimonense. He decides that full priority should be given to the Primeira Liga, a reserve team will be fielded for the Cup game.

Jan.24 / Pr.Liga (18) – Vitoria Setubal v Benfica : 3-0
Another big game for Os Guerreiros at Bonfim. It's a great evening to play football, Bonfim chants as the invincible Guerreiros enter the pitch. They start the game pressing high and create chances by Moreira who drives the Lisboa defense crazy. On the 35', it's a nice build-up in midfield for a pass in the area to Pena who is brought down by the keeper. Moreira converts the penalty (1-0). Benfica are helpless as C.Ronaldo almost scores on a free-kick, and when Pena sees twice great headers parried by José Moreira. They do manage to counter-attack just before half-time with Nuno Gomes, but Marco Tabuas shows safe hands. Half-time. On the 52', Ednilson delivers a great pass for a victorious header by Ouedraogo. And 10' later, Bruno Melo launches Pena (MoM) in the space for a great volley. (3-0), it's been an amazing hour of football by Setubal who have steam-rolled over Benfica. The great Lisboa club will however react and should have scored at least one goal, their striker Mantorras seeing 2 of his headers hitting the upright.

http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/VS-Benfica-240105_zpsf64c7783.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/VS-Benfica-240105_zpsf64c7783.png.html)

Another great victory for Tito who is 3W/3games this season vs Benfica. Goal scorers happen to be the exact same, and in the same order, as in the game vs Sporting 3 weeks ago.

22-10-14, 08:06 AM
Jan.26 / Taça Rnd.6 – Portimonense v Vitoria Setubal : 0-1
Although this is a knock-out game, Tito has not choice but to field a "reserve" team at Portimão who are mid-table of the Secunda Liga. Paulo Teixeira who was going to be named captain, picks-up a 3-weeks injury just before the game and is replaced by Luis Andrade. The hosts play a very defensive and restictive game and as a result get very few chances. Setubal dominate with a very good Eric Matoukou behind, but the clock runs by and still no goal. At 64', Varão scores a great goal for Portimonense - invalidated for a narrow off-side position. This may have unsettled the locals as 10' later Fary (MoM) does not let his chance go by and qualifies Vitoria for the Quarter-Finals. It was not pretty but the job is done.

Jan.30 / Pr.Liga (19) – Vitoria Setubal v Vit. Guimarães : 2-0
Guimarães are having a reasonably good season so far, but suffer in Bonfim. They are deprived of posession for most of the game as Luis Andrade is again having a field day in the middle, and focus on preserving their nets. Os Guerreiros will need a bit of luck here, and... the ref awards them a not so obvious penalty-kick for a handball in the area. Moreira who has now become the specialist, scores (62'). Bras walks off the pitch injured (2-weeks) and the northern visitors try a desperate push towards the end. Instead they get a counter-attack, with a cross from Pena (MoM) for the header of C.Ronaldo. The last minutes are a bit crazy with a harsh red-card (3-games ban) for Diop (his 2nd of the season already!) and Bruno hitting the post on a free-kick. Sporting's draw at Salgueiros means Setubal extend their lead to 5pts; it is an important victory for Setubal but it comes with a price as Forbs will have to di without his CB pairing Diop-Bras for the next few games...

As Tito Forbs routinely checks and closes his office very late that night, he spots a fax on the machine with the FIFA logo as a header. He just cannot believe what it says... his club of Vitoria Setubal is invited (one amongst 3 European clubs!) to participate next summer to the World Championship which will be held in Portugal! This is just amazing news. From Primeira Liga mid-table anonymity to World Championship, ponders Tito as he sits back - this is where he has taken the club in 4 years.

http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/WChampions-news_zps18a352c8.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/WChampions-news_zps18a352c8.png.html)

note: other European clubs are AS Roma (as Champions Cup winners I would guess) and FC Porto (as champions of Portugal, as the host nation?). So is Setubal in there as UEFA Cup winner? is this how it works?

22-10-14, 09:47 AM
I don't know how it works... but I know that the first international trophy I won with Barreirense was just like that... I lost 3 champion's cup finals in a row but was in that competition and I won :)

22-10-14, 11:01 AM
Yes. UEFA Cup winners and CL winners are always invited. There is a random team from the host nation, not always the Champions.

22-10-14, 09:06 PM
I don't know how it works... but I know that the first international trophy I won with Barreirense was just like that... I lost 3 champion's cup finals in a row but was in that competition and I won :)
3 Champions' Cup finals? in a row? with... Barreirense?! they start lower league right? wow... in what years did you reach those finals? did you play ODB? patch .68? do you remember who were you core players in the build-up, and then your core players in the glory years?

22-10-14, 09:07 PM
Yes. UEFA Cup winners and CL winners are always invited. There is a random team from the host nation, not always the Champions.
Thanks. Well, it will be in Lisbon in 2005 and the "random home team" happens to be FC Porto, 2003/04 champions. Should be fun! I will play River Plate in the opening game.

22-10-14, 09:26 PM
It’s a difficult week for Setubal with a trip to Salgueiros in the Liga, followed 3 days later by Taça do Portugal Quarter-Finals at home v Guimarães. Again, priority will be given to the Championship over the Cup.

Tito must do without both Bras (injured) and Diop (suspended) for both games – luckily there is depth at CB with Thome, Matoukou, Lassissi and Pepe. Salgueiros are not to be underestimated; they’re sitting 4th in the championship, have drawn at Bonfim (0-0) in September and they field the real surprise recruit of the Primeira Liga this season, young Greek striker Lambros Chonos who is having an amazing season so far:

http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/Chonos-060205_zps056933cb.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/Chonos-060205_zps056933cb.png.html)

Feb.6 / Pr.Liga (20) – Salgueiros v Vitoria Setubal : 0-1
Os Guerreiros play a great game of football at Salgueiros, with defenders Emerson Thome and Eric Matoukou nullifying the efforts of the Porto strikers (including Chonos who was not a threat at all), and creating plenty of chances in front of goal. For a long time, the clumsiness of Vitoria’s attacking trio and the prowess of keeper Costinha keep a blank sheet, but on the 69’ Costinha blunders a goal-kick, it’s Pena for the pass to Moreira in the space who fires the unfortunate keeper for the victorious goal. That’s a great away victory and at the same Sporting CP are losing steam and fall at Funchal (0-2) which means Setubal increase their lead at the top of the table.

http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/Table-top-070205_zps3cff28e5.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/Table-top-070205_zps3cff28e5.png.html)

Feb.9 / Taça Quarter-Final – Vitoria Setubal v Vit. Guimarães : 3-2
9 days later and Guimarães are back at Bonfim for a quarter-final of the Taça. This is such an important game for Tito, and considering the trip to Salgueiros has been much easier than expected, that the coach only brings one change to his side with Binho coming in for Luis Andrade. Once again it is clear from the start who the boss is as Setubal get the posession and develop their now trademark direct play. They’re unlucky in the 1st half though, as both Pena (16’) and C.Ronaldo (45’) hit the post. It’s gets better in the 2nd half when following a great volley by C.Ronaldo, Pena is quick on the rebound and scores his 15th goal of the season. On the 54’ he is denied a double again by the post and as it sometimes happen on their sole counter-attacking opportunity of the game, Lixa crosses perfectly for João Tomas who jumps higher than Marco Tabuas (for the 4th time this season, this is starting to be an issue…) and Guimarães equalize. Os Guerreiros react immediately though, and on a corner-kick Binho pounds a header in the nets. Bosingwa (MoM) who came on half-time is immense once again and he delivers in the final minutes a great pass for Fary who concludes. On the 93’, the ref awards a penalty to the visitors for Thome’s handball in the area, and the final score is (3-2). It was a good game of football and a much deserved qualification to the Semi-Finals for Vitoria. FC Porto have lost to neighbours Boavista so the last four are Setubal, Boavista, Maritimo and Salgueiros !

22-10-14, 09:31 PM
Feb.13 / Pr.Liga (21) – Vitoria Setubal v Belenenses : 2-0
Belenenses look out to attack from the start and the ref hesitated to call a penalty after 1’ when Matoukou seemed to push Tiago in the area; on the 37’, Tiago again collapsed as he was tackled by the Cameroonian international and he got… a YC for simulation. In the meantime, C.Ronaldo scored a goal on a free-kick, which the ref forced him to retake. (0-0) at half-time, Setubal put on the gas in 2nd half and scored when Ouedraogo followed a great volley from C.Ronaldo (46’). Still it was a lose game with plenty of broken play, C.Ronaldo hitting the crossbar on the 63’ and Ricardo Jorge being very close from scoring on 65’. Ednilson (MoM) had a great day in midfield, and he gave a nice pass for a furious strike by Pena on 76’ (2-0). And that sealed the game… except for a terrible two-foot tackle by Matoukou which earned him a straight red card, the 4th of his career (and a 3-games ban). It was the 6th red-card of Setubal in the Liga this year, and with another YC for Thome, both CB would be suspended. The discipline record of Os Guerreiros, in particular central defenders, continued to be a joke. This was the only cloud within a blue sky of 11 consecutive victories for the club.

Feb.21 / Pr.Liga (22) – Estrela Amadora v Vitoria Setubal : 0-3
This was one of the easiest games of the season and one wonders how Estrela Amadora can be sitting 11th of the table. Vitoria get plenty of chances early on, C.Ronaldo hitting the crossbar (6’) before finding the net on a corner-kick (12’). Ednilson delivers a great cross for Pena’s header (48’) and at the hour mark, a superb Moreira (MoM) concludes a solo-run with a 3rd goal.

22-10-14, 11:26 PM
Great run of wins, hopefully the suspensions in defence won't slow you down!

22-10-14, 11:29 PM
Feb.27 / Pr.Liga (23) – Vitoria Setubal v Maritimo : 4-0
.goals : Pena (3), Bruno Melo
.assists : Bruno Melo (2), Ednilson
.MoM : Pena
-> very solid game with a hat-trick from Pena (>50 goals for the club, 20 this season) and a great Bruno Melo as playmaker. Ednilson shines as well. Thome picks 3-weeks injury.

Mar.5 / Pr.Liga (24) – Paços de Ferreira v Vitoria Setubal : 1-4
.goals : Moreira (2), C.Ronaldo (2)
.assists : Ednilson (2), Pena
.MoM : Moreira
-> an amazing game by Setubal who could have scored 7 or 8 goals. AMC's Moreira and C.Ronaldo on-fire while both Ednilson and Bruno Melo continue to impress in midfield. A local journo coins Os Guerreiros "the Invincible" as they are now on a 14 games winning streak.

Mar.16 / Pr.Liga (25) – Vitoria Setubal v Varzim : 1-0
.goal : Pena
.assist : Ednilson
.MoM : -
-> it has not been so easy against a very defensive Varzim, but it's a deserved 15th consecutive victory before a difficult trip to the Dragão. Vitoria do however now have a comfortable lead of 10pts over a Sporting CP who have not managed to keep up with the crazy pace of Os Guerreiros

http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/Table-top-160305_zps31692c3d.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/Table-top-160305_zps31692c3d.png.html)

22-10-14, 11:32 PM
Great run of wins, hopefully the suspensions in defence won't slow you down!
Thanks. No they haven't, between - Diop / Bras / Thome / Matoukou / Lassissi / Pepe - I do thankfully have a lot of depth in DC. But maybe FC Porto can stop me, they've just qualified for the Champions' Cup 1/4 finals which is quite an achievement.

Baron Zbimg
23-10-14, 08:45 AM
Wow, what a run !! It seems nothing can prevent Os Guerreiros from winning the league this year. Good luck at Porto !

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23-10-14, 08:58 AM
3 Champions' Cup finals? in a row? with... Barreirense?! they start lower league right? wow... in what years did you reach those finals? did you play ODB? patch .68? do you remember who were you core players in the build-up, and then your core players in the glory years?

Original database (yes, Tó Madeira was my star in my first 9 years, but he wasn't there in the first) and it took me a while... won the league in the 5th season and I will have to check when I finally won the champions league but I would say that was around 2015...

I might tell my story of that game, but I rather use my time to play but I have save files of almost every season...

I'll check on that latter today... but I'm now in the end of the season 2033/2034 and I have something like 27 championships in a row and I already have won 13 or 14 champion's league... but I'm playing badly... I forgot a lot when I didn't play from 2011 (after the last game of 2032/2033) until now and I did some mistakes (almost 50 players, some bad sells and so on). Yesterday I reached the semi-finals of the champions league but lost the semi-finals of portuguese cup... I almost have more leagues than Benfica but it has been hard for me to win the Portuguese cup as consistently as I would like. I still have a lot... but I lost some to Benfica.. so, more work.

And you're on a row. Nice :)

23-10-14, 12:27 PM
That is an amazing run. The cup semi finalists give you every chance of a domestic double.

9 games to go and a 10 point lead. With the form that you are in you've got to be confident.

23-10-14, 07:15 PM
Original database (yes, Tó Madeira was my star in my first 9 years, but he wasn't there in the first) and it took me a while... won the league in the 5th season and I will have to check when I finally won the champions league but I would say that was around 2015...

wow... winning the Pr. Liga after ~5 seasons considering it takes you at least 2 seasons to even get there with Barreirense, is quite an achievement!

I'll check on that latter today... but I'm now in the end of the season 2033/2034 and I have something like 27 championships in a row and I already have won 13 or 14 champion's league... but I'm playing badly... I forgot a lot when I didn't play from 2011 (after the last game of 2032/2033) until now and I did some mistakes (almost 50 players, some bad sells and so on). Yesterday I reached the semi-finals of the champions league but lost the semi-finals of portuguese cup... I almost have more leagues than Benfica but it has been hard for me to win the Portuguese cup as consistently as I would like. I still have a lot... but I lost some to Benfica.. so, more work.

2033/2034... !! that's a long time in the future, impressive. Thanks for all the details troza.

23-10-14, 07:21 PM
FC Porto have just qualified for the Champions’ Cup Quarter-Finals where they will face Real Madrid. They cannot realistically come back into the title race but as the reigning champions of Portugal, they will want to punish Setubal at the Dragão and break their incredible run of victories. They have to do so without Jorge Costa (sus), Diogo Rincon and Deco (inj). On his side, Tito Forbs has a full squad available.

Mar.20 / Pr.Liga (#26) – FC Porto v Vitoria Setubal : 2-4
.goals : Pena (3), Bruno Melo
.assists : Moreira (2), Bruno Melo, Ednilson
.MoM : Pena
-> the Invincible start strong and pressure Porto’s defense which is unsettled and concedes 2 early goals from Pena and Bruno Melo. Porto reacts well with Dario scoring from a narrow angle (1-2), but Vitoria is just so much better and following a great volley by C.Ronaldo and a classic touch by Moreira, Pena scores again (33’, 1-3). The locals are pushed by the Dragão, come-back strong in the 2nd half and are rewarded by a goal from Ibarra following lousy play by Bras and Marco Tabuas (62’). But on the 69’, the entire city is gob-smacked when Bruno Melo delivers a jewell of a pass for Pena’s hat-trick which ruins the last hopes of their side. The end game will be a complete domination by Os Guerreiros, who probably should have won with a bigger margin. It’s a demoralized and humbled FC Porto who concede a crashing home defeat (2-4).

http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/VS-Porto-200305_zps25f19af8.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/VS-Porto-200305_zps25f19af8.png.html)

Quickly the news spread that Sporting CP have just lost (1-2) in Faro which now means a 13-pts lead in the Liga with 8 games to go! For the pundits and the Portuguese world of football, it’s a done deal and the unthinkable will happen in a few weeks. Tito refuses to comment and knows how quickly fortune can change in this sport, he focuses on the next game. Both Bras and Diop have picked YC and will be suspended for 1-game, while playmaker Bruno Melo is unfortunate to pick a 1-month injury at this time of the season. That’s in aggregate 4-months of injuries this season for the young Portuguese midfielder.

23-10-14, 07:23 PM
It’s a fantastic achievement for Nélson Veiga who at 28yr-old, gets called up in the Portugal squad (alongside Marco Tabuas and Ednilson) for the WC Qualifier vs Azerbaijan (5-0 win) – and he comes on in the 2nd half for his 1st ever cap ! much deserved for Setubal’s iconic DR for those past 5 years.

http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/NVeiga-260305_zps86001544.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/NVeiga-260305_zps86001544.png.html)

In other news the draw of the Taça do Portugal semi-finals takes place… and Vitoria will play in Bonfim against Boavista. What a great game this should be with an opportunity to be back in the final for the first time since 1973!

23-10-14, 07:27 PM
Mar.30 / Pr.Liga (#27) – Vitoria Setubal v Farense : 1-0
.goal : Pena
.assist : C.Ronaldo
.MoM : Binho
-> Setubal dominate and control the game from start to finish and owe it primarily to keeper Quim for not having scored more than 1 goal. Binho in midfield has an outstanding day.

Apr.6 / Pr.Liga (#28) – Moreirense v Vitoria Setubal : 0-1
.goal : Pena
.assist : Binho
.MoM : Binho
-> On Dec.6, 2014 Moreirense shocked Victoria with a win at Bonfim. Since then, Setubal has won all its games (17!), is sitting top of the Liga and willing to avenge the home defeat. In truth there is such a gulf in talent between both teams that Os Guerreiros do not have to work hard really. Binho passes in the area for Pena who scores just before half-time the sole goal of the game. Now 16-pts clear on top of the table with only 6 games to go, Setubal will be crowned if they win the next home game vs Infesta.

http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/Table-top-060405_zps490e8685.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/Table-top-060405_zps490e8685.png.html)

23-10-14, 07:39 PM
Apr.10 / Pr.Liga (#29) – Estadio do Bonfim - Vitoria Setubal v Infesta
We tune in live from Bonfim with our radio host José Asunção –>

-José.A: Bom Dia a tudos y bem venido a estadio do Bonfim em la cidad de Setubal… this is a day that should be historical for the Portuguese Primeira Liga. I am here in the stands amidst a passionate crowd and sitting next to our consultant for the day ex-Portugal star player Fernando Chalana, himself 6 times champion of Portugal with Benfica.. tell us Fernando, would you have in your time ever imagined seeing Vitoria Setubal about to be crowned champions 6 games from the end of the Liga?

-Fernando.C: si obrigado José, bom dia a tudos… well José, when I started my pro career in 1975 Vitoria were still a very good club and always in the top10, I remember that coming here with Benfica in this same stadium 30 years ago was never easy… but to be honest with you and even though we know that in 1972 (2nd) and 1973 (3rd) they were not far from the title, no it would not have been and somehow still is not something the mind can fathom.

-JA: and yet it’s there! Os Guerreiros as their coach always refer to them have won an amazing 15 games in a row and are sitting 13-pts clear of Sporting CP who have played yesterday and won, so if my maths is correct a win today against Infesta and for the 3rd time in history after Belenenses in 1946 and Boavista in 2001, we would have a club outside Os Tres Grandes crowned champions! And in what fashion!

-FC: you can’t go against the maths José that’s right. Infesta are invited to the party today, they were in 3rd Divisião 2 years ago and are now 14th of the table of the Primeira fighting for their survival so they won’t make it easy, but it is difficult to see how they can prevent another victory for Setubal.

-JA: one word about the man who has made all this possible and already won an incredible UEFA Cup for the club: Tito Forbs?

-FC: … and a European Supercup José, let’s not forget about that one against AS Roma! Well what can I say? He was an anonymous player a long time ago, and already a coach in my days and I can’t say I had heard of him neither until he took over Vitoria 4 years ago. I admire the way he has transformed his team and created an incredibly solid and motivated group of players… its obvious they would all die on the pitch for him – and let’s not forget they play a Cup semi-final in their belowed Bonfim in 3 days!

-JA: well Tito is without Bruno Melo out injured again, but other than this he has a full squad and will go in no surprise here, with Marco Tabuas (c) / Ouedraogo – Diop – Bras – Nélson Veiga / Binho – Andrade – Ednilson / Moreira – C.Ronaldo / Pena. Are we all ready? The ref looks at the clock, and here it is live from Bonfim !

23-10-14, 07:46 PM
Tuning in to the live game!

23-10-14, 07:48 PM
-JA: Setubal dominate but are nervous and we can see Infesta going in hard on the tackles in these first 10’.

-14’, FC: the assault of the visiting goals has started. Oh here we go with a nice crossing and Pena – no, the defense clears…
-JA: hold on Fernando, watch out for Rahim Ouedraogo he shoots and it… GOOOOOOOOL! GOL! GOL! GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL!!! The African LB has done it again in a key game, he scores first with his rage!
-FC: oh what a shot that was, I never saw that one coming and Vitoria have taken an early lead! (1-0)

-22’, FC: they’ve let off the steam and have allowed Infesta back in the game now, they should not do this.
-JA: it’s an interesting free-kick Fernando, it’s in Setbal's area and it’s deflected.. oh João is clear on the right hand side and he strikes… post! It clipped off the post, wow that was close!
-FC: told you José, Vitoria are fortunate here.

-29’, FC: look at this José, the experience of Luis Andrade who slows down Infesta’s momentum with a mid-pitch foul, and robs posession in the area in the ensuing free-kick calmly clears.
-JA: at 31-yr old he sure brings his experience to the side, he’s been an inspirational player since Forbs took over the team, no doubt!

-36’, JA: finally we are starting to see the formidable 3, Setubal’s attacking trio who had been very discrete so far. Fernando, what’s your view of this lot?
-FC: well José, I’ll start with Pena. He was snubbed at FC Porto and Tito resurrected him, now that Jardel is gone is he the most prolific striker in the Liga and I just love his class and composure in front of goal. He just put a hat-trick past Vitori Baia at the Dragão a few weeks ago! Moreira was a surprise for me, and if I may, seeing what he has accomplishing this season, I wish he had been called up with Portugal and now it’s too late, he has a cap with Guinea-Bissau..
-JA: sorry Fernando, but this is C.Ronaldo on the flank, he finds Pena who cleverly deflects for Moreria, oh will he? Yes he goes for the strike 20m from goal and… GOL! GOL! GOOOOOOOOOOOOL de Almani Moreira! It’s (2-0) and maybe the killer blow here!
-FC: oh what a goal and have you seen how the 3 have combined? Anyway, I will finish on C.Ronaldo. At 20yr-old well he is the future of our football and credits goes to Tito for having seen that in him so early, and given him all the playtime and confidence he needed.

-JA, 42’: penalty! Oh it’s a penalty! Fernando, what do you say?
-FC: without a doubt, C.Ronaldo was clear in the area and he was brought down!
-JA: Tito has designated Moreira as the kicker. He is cool, the crowd is on fire… GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL! The 3rd goal for Os Guerreiros, they had a quiet first half but they have maximized their chances and it’s (3-0). Oh the title must be theirs now!

JA: it’s half-time here in Bonfim and you should see the stands around us. People are embracing each other, it’s a party already and there are still 45’ to go!

23-10-14, 07:53 PM
Easy, easy, easy!

23-10-14, 08:05 PM
JA: we're back here in Bonfim and I have no words to describe what is going on around us, Fernando what do you say?
FC: well it's certainly quite a sight we have here, there's a popular fever that is quite unique it's as if this city was born again and had forgotten the economic trauma and the looming recession...I can see grown-up and old men crying...oh God...

-JA: well this 2nd half has started really slow Fernando, Infesta seem to have given up at 3-goal down they can't do much can they?
-FC: no you're absolutely right José, and to be honest this was not the best game for Vitoria neither but here we go, they've got 3 goals and Bonfim is dancing...

-FC: there you go, Forbs is starting to prepare the Cup semi-final, this guy is unbelievable he is about to be crowned champions of Portugal and he is already thinking about the next game!
-61', JA: yes it's Bosingwa in For Ednilson...
-71', JA: ...Tiago Silva for Ouedraogo and Fary replacing Pena
-FA: Setubal have let off the steam now

-JA: oh what a volley here from Caju, and Setubal's captain Marco Tabuas parries! A word on their keeper and skipper, Fernando?
-FC: well here again, you don't have the most gifter goalkeeper that we have in Portugal and he does fumble occasionally, but what a commimtent from the lad you can't take it off from him can you, he will give it all he has and he helps the team gel together apparently. He's been the 3rd keeper in the Portugal squad for a year and it's about time he got his first cap, that's what I say José!

-JA: what a game from Luis Andrade, but he gets a YC for that late tackle! oh look at Forbs he is fuming! he knows his DMC will be out for the Boavista semi-final, just look at him!
-FC: I have to say the dedication of the man is frightening sometimes, chill out Tito, you're king today, come on!

- 90', JA: well here goes again on this corner-kick, what a save from Marco Tabuas! oh there is some pride in there, he wants to keep the crowd roaring and a clean sheet for this historic game, and my Lord, listen to the roar!
-FC: it's chilling, are we on a volcano José or what? I don't remember such a feeling, not even at la Luz in the glory days...

JA: aaaaaaaaaand...that's it, the ref blows and Vitoria win (3-0) an anticlimatic game. Listen to this very carefully if you can hear through Bonfim's roar:

VITORIA SETUBAL are crowned CHAMPIONS of PORTUGAL !!! For the first time in their long history and 5 games before the end, they did it!!

http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/news6_zpsb74400b3.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/news6_zpsb74400b3.png.html)

-JA: tell us Fernando, is this history in the making? are we really going to see a shift in power in Portuguese football? the end of Os Tres Grandes?
-FC: oh oh, hold on a second José, yes this is a historical day but what you are talking about here is entirely different! Setubal is a small, dare I say backwater city with no financial clout and limited fans support outside their urban area! their best players will want to go, and remember Boavista? they were there 4 years ago José, top of the world and also featured very well in the UEFA Cup in their days... tell me José, where are they now? where are they?
-JA: well Fernando, all I know is that they are in Bonfim in 3 days for their Cup semi-final against the new Champions of Portugal, Vitoria Setubal!

Congratulations to Os Sadinos, viva Setubal and thank you Fernando for your insight as usual, and we'll be back some other time!

23-10-14, 08:07 PM
YES! YES and YES! by Jove, what a run, what a season, this is great! what a team this is guys! oh Tito is happy... he does not show but he is damn, damn happy, YES!

23-10-14, 08:08 PM
Easy, easy, easy!
5 shots in 1st half, 4 on target -> 3 goals. It was our day ;-)

23-10-14, 08:29 PM
Great finish and congratulations to all at Vitoria Setubal!!

23-10-14, 08:39 PM
Coasted to the league title in the end - well deserved!

What happened to Sporting this year? Seems like a lot of their players must have gone off the boil?

23-10-14, 08:50 PM
What happened to Sporting this year? Seems like a lot of their players must have gone off the boil?
We were tied in December on top... the only thing that has changed for them is that they sold Mario Jardel to Atletico Madrid right at that moment. He had been 3 years in a row best goalscorer of the Liga. Since then, they've dropped a lot of points with the exact same team, but him. I have no other explanation.

I am also surprised at the current run Os Guerreiros are having. They really cruise. Sure the team has improved in several positions, so maybe it's all the little pieces together that can explain the current climax, but still it's quite spectacular (19 consecutive wins now).

23-10-14, 09:01 PM
19 wins. Wow!

It may be that the players are improving with training I guess? How many coaches do you use / what training regime?

23-10-14, 09:14 PM
It may be that the players are improving with training I guess? How many coaches do you use / what training regime?
For sure the younger players have improved (Ednilson, C.Ronaldo, Bosingwa...). I have 4 coaches + assistant manager. >23yr-old go into General (medium fitness, intense tactics, light shooting, medium skils) and <24yr-old go into Youth (medium fitness, medium tactics, light shooting, intense skills). I never change. 1 week vacation for Christmas, and~6 weeks vacation interseason, followed by 3 weeks of intense fitness regime for all before season starts.

In Jan.03 I brought in the team at the same time Pena, Bruno Melo and Binho - they have really stepped-up the level. And this season, defenders Bras and Ouedraogo have also been an improvement.

The other thing this season is that I have had zero player complain, ask to leave or be unhappy about anything. Incredible. Apart from Bruno Melo (4-month out in total) I have also been relatively spared from injuries (but not from red-cards!).

23-10-14, 09:34 PM
Champagne corks were being popped-out all around him in the dressing room but Tito was focused. He had never been a man to celebrate anything, his upbringing had been strict and he had no private life of any sorts, he was like a monk-soldier dedicated to his passion: football, and his only love: Setubal. If he let himself go into pleasure and partying, he would lose himself. There was a semi-final of the Taça in 3 days and that was another historical game. He would play without Bruno Melo (inj) and sadly LB Ouedraogo who had given so much during the last game that he was out for 1-month. Also Luis Andrade would be suspended - Tito had gotten angry at him after the game, but in the following days this happened :

http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/Andrade1_zps3534c95c.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/Andrade1_zps3534c95c.png.html)

The mutual respect between both men ran deep. He was the only player of the squad, with Nélson Veiga, to have always been a starter for the coach.

Apr.13 / Taça Semi-Final – Vitoria Setubal v Boavista : 2-0
.goals: Moreira (pen), Pena
.assists: Nélson Veiga, Moreria
.MoM: Moreira
-> Tito's fears of lack of focus were unjustified as the Champions of Portugal make it clear from the go that they were the bosses. Moreria was on top of his form and converted the early penalty. In midfield, Ednilson and Bosingwa ruled. The 2nd later goal by Pena enabled a much deserved victory.

Vitoria Setubal was in the Taça do Portugal Final for the first time in 31 years, and for the 10th time in total (2W, 7L). They would play Salgueiros who had overcome Maritimo after extra-time at Estadio do Barreiros (2-3). Setubal would have a unique opportunity at a double!

Baron Zbimg
23-10-14, 10:22 PM
Wow wow wow. Amazing achievement and I have the feeling Setubal are here to stay, contrary to Boavista ! What a season for your defensive midfielders, Ednilson, Binho, andrade and bosingwa have all been fantastic. Has Ednilson been capped already ?

Time to give some of your reserves a run out un the league, maybe we'll see Pinheiro and Paiva ?

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23-10-14, 10:26 PM
Wow wow wow. Amazing achievement and I have the feeling Setubal are here to stay, contrary to Boavista ! What a season for your defensive midfielders, Ednilson, Binho, andrade and bosingwa have all been fantastic. Has Ednilson been capped already ?

Yes I have 6 DMC's who are now all fighting for a starting spot: Ednilson / Binho / Andrade / Bruno Melo / Bosingwa / Teixeira. Hélio is 35yr-old and cannot really contend anymore. Ednilson has 1 cap at the start of the game, he's been called 5 or 6 times in the squad since - but no further cap yet.

Time to give some of your reserves a run out un the league, maybe we'll see Pinheiro and Paiva ?

Tito will rotate a little, yes. For instance, because the next Liga schedule is only 2 days after the Taça semi-final, and we're playing at... do Bessa!

23-10-14, 11:34 PM
Tito wants to plan ahead for the future and he thought this was a perfect time to start doing it. He has extended until 2010 the contracts of 3 players who are there to stay: Nélson Veiga (£3.6k/w), Ednilson (£3.5k/w) and Bosingwa (£3.7k/w).

The next Liga fixture has Setubal play - ironically - at do Bessa vs Boavista, only 2 days after the victorious Taça semi-final. Besides the injuries (Bruno Melo, Ouedraogo) the coach will rest several starters (Nélson Veiga, Bras, Ednilson, Moreira, C.Ronaldo, Pena).

Apr.15 / Pr.Liga (#30) – Boavista v Vitoria Setubal : 1-1
.goal: Felipe Oliveira
.assist: Marajo
.MoM: -
-> it's a different story without 7 regular starters and Setubal struggle at Boavista and are down (1-0) at half-time, in spite of Fary hitting the crossbar. While Artur Correia misses plenty of chances and disappoints, Os Guerreiros will fight until the end and dominate the last half-hour. They are rewarded with a great goal by young Felipe Oliveira. The incredible 19-games winning streak stops there, but the unbeaten run of now 20 games continues!

The flu spreads through the ranks of the team and the following players are unavailable for next fixture: Lassissi, Ednilson, Nélson Veiga, Emerson Thome, Binho and Ouedraogo.

May.1 / Pr.Liga (#31) – Aves v Vitoria Setubal : 1-1
.goal: Pena
.assist: C.Ronaldo
.MoM: -
-> clearly the momentum has now vanished and Vitoria deliver a very lame 1st half at minnows Aves. They look better in the 2nd half and take the lead, but the locals manage a deserved equalizer on the 85'. Hugo Pinheiro has shown his skills all game long... but he releases the ball on the Aves goal.

May.4 / Pr.Liga (#32) – Vitoria Setubal v Leiria : 3-1
.goals: C.Ronaldo (2), Ednilson
.assists: Binho, Bruno Melo, Moreira
.MoM: C.Ronaldo
-> It's much better for Setubal against an always dangerous Leiria side. With the help of Moreira, a great C.Ronaldo bags 2 goals while Bruno Melo in midfield shines. Nélson Veiga dominates his right flank and it's a comfortable victory at Bonfim. João Paiva comes in replacing a poor Fary, and has a goal disallowed for off-side.

24-10-14, 08:45 AM
Just to correct that Setúbal is still one of the biggest cities of Portugal... I guess that it is in the third place, behind Lisbon and Porto.

And why are people talking Spanish in Portugal? :P

Congrats on the title. The first is the hardest one. :P

24-10-14, 09:20 AM
Well done on the title and good luck in the Cup! Glad to see some of the youngsters/reserves getting a run-out in the league too :ok:

24-10-14, 09:28 AM

Brilliant work. That was an awesome run to the finish line and no team would have been able to live with you.

Make it a double.

24-10-14, 04:21 PM
Ronaldo has been a godsend!

Well done on the League, now to capture that double for a proper celebration for the end of the season.

24-10-14, 07:25 PM
Just to correct that Setúbal is still one of the biggest cities of Portugal... I guess that it is in the third place, behind Lisbon and Porto.

It's not me who said it, it's Fernando Chalana ;-)

And why are people talking Spanish in Portugal? :P

hum... I knew someone would notice... I don't really know Portuguese language that well.

Congrats on the title. The first is the hardest one. :P


24-10-14, 07:27 PM
@Kuy, Eejit, ZanSnake: thanks!

Ronaldo has helped although he is only 19 still ! I wonder when he will ask to leave the club...

24-10-14, 07:58 PM
May.8 / Pr.Liga (#33) – Vitoria Setubal v Sporting CP : 2-0
.goals : C.Ronaldo, Tiago Silva
.assist : Bruno Melo
.MoM : Bras
-> It’s a very defensive and unambitious Sporting that travel to Bonfim, for what could have been a final for the title. The game livens up when C.Ronaldo scores a wonderful free-kick from a distance (37’). Tiago Silva gets his 1st Setubal goal on a corner-kick (47’), but it is DC Bras and Emerson Thome who impress and whose solidity denies a late consolation goal to the visitors. Setubal have managed the incredible feat of having won both of their Primeira Liga games this season against each one of the Tres Grandes - Sporting CP (3-1, 2-0), FC Porto (1-0, 4-2) and Benfica (1-0, 3-0).

May.15 / Pr.Liga (#34) – Vit.Guimarães v Vitoria Setubal : 0-4
.goals : Moreira (2), João Paiva (2)
.assists : Ednilson (2)
.MoM : Ednilson
-> Os Guerreiros end their Primeira Liga victorious campaign on a great performance at Guimarães whom they trounce with 4 goals. Moreira has a great day, so does Ednilson who delivers amazing assists all game long. It’s a day young João Paiva will remember as he starts a Liga game for the 1st time in his career; in the 1st half he has 2 goals disallowed (handball, offside) but in the 2nd half he shows all his talent and scores a double! His enthusiasm is such that he picks a 3-weeks injury in over-time.

Final table Primeira Liga 2004/05:

http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/Table-final-05_zps17852f60.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/Table-final-05_zps17852f60.png.html)

- With 91pts (29W, 4D, 1L) Vitoria breaks the record. It’s ironic that the only defeat of the season (1-2) was at home and against the last of the Championship, Moreirense.
- Setubal is also the best attack with 77 goals, which is a sharp improvement from the previous seasons and quite an achievement for Forbs’ defensive tactic.
- And of course Setubal is the best Defense (was already in 02/03) with an incredible 15 goals conceded, a new historical record and one which should be very hard to break.

- The excellent season of Salgueiros should be noted (4th) and they are in the Cup final for the 1st time. Will play UEFA Cup.
- Benfica was let down by their poor defense and will again be in the Intertoto. What a waste considering their offensive talents.
- Promoted Estrela Amadora and Infesta managed to survive.
- It’s back in the Secunda Liga for Moreirense, Paços de Ferreira (with ex-Setubalians Sandro and Hugo) and Beira-Mar.
- Promoted for next season: Santa Clara, Leixões, União Madeira.

24-10-14, 08:03 PM
Bagging them in, while blocking them out at the other end, best way for business :ok:

24-10-14, 09:51 PM
The build-up to the Taça de Portugal Final had started.

Setubal was without Bosingwa and João Paiva, injured; but Tito Forbs had his usual starters ready and fit. Of course Vitoria had just been crowned Champions, but the city loved the Cup and the last (of the 9) final(s) was 32 years ago. The Invincible had not lost a single match of the last 25 so a historical double was at reach. Clearly, Setubal were favourites. The run-up to the final had been :

- Rnd.4 - (A) - Benfica : 2-1
- Rnd.5 - (H) - Maia (Lower Leagues) : 3-0
- Rnd.6 - (A) - Portimonense (D2) : 1-0
- Quarter-Final - (H) - Vit. Guimarães : 3-2
- Semi-Final - (H) - Boavista : 2-0

Salgueiros on the other hand would be the challengers. They were an anonymous 3rd club in the city of Porto and had never ever reached the Cup final. 2 of their usual starters were out injured: winger Afonso Martins and striker Artur Jorge Vicente. But their season in the Liga had been great with a superb 4th place finish, and they had players such as Satmar, Chonos or Jo-Kook which were dangerous. Moreover a look at their Cup run was enough to show that Setubal had better not take them lightly:

- Rnd.4 - (A) - Leça (Lower Leagues) : 2-0
- Rnd.5 - (H) - Sporting CP : 2-0
- Rnd.6 - (A) - Varzim : 2-0
- Quarter-Final - (H) - Beira-Mar : 3-1
- Semi-Final - (A) - Maritimo : 3-2 (e.t.)

This season in the Liga, both teams had drawn in Bonfim (0-0) and Setubal had won in Porto (1-0).

24-10-14, 09:57 PM
ooh Tension!

24-10-14, 10:01 PM
Could be low scoring based on previous results, 1 goal could win it!

Best of luck :ok:

24-10-14, 10:09 PM
May.22 / Taça de Portugal - Final – Salgueiros v Vitoria Setubal / (Estadio Jamor, Lisboa)

- There's a very big crowd cheering both teams as they come in: almost 50k. The majority seem to be wearing green and white colours in support for the southern city of Setubal.

- The first 20' are quiet, both teams slowly get in the game. It's a round of observation.

- It all kicks-off on a free-kick which C.Ronaldo shoots under the crossbar; keeper Costinha parries and Moreira almost scores from close range.
- 2' later on the 23', Salgueiros defense panicks and let's Moreira (MoM) run free. He beats the keeper and gives a lead to Vitoria (1-0).

- The Champions control this game with relative ease, they don't let any chance to Salgueiros who are helpless.
- Just before half-time, Pena on a rapid counter-attack goes to goal but Costinha parries by the tip of his gloves. That was close.

- The 2nd half gives the same impression of power and superiority for Vitoria. Their midfield combines really well and deprives their opponents of posession.

- 75' : great pass from Moreira in the space for C.Ronaldo, he loses out his duel against the keeper.
- Setubal just need a goal for the killer blow, they keep on pushing.
- 82' : 30m, free-kick. Here comes the young internationa C.Ronaldo and he... bangs it inside the net, it's (2-0). What an amazing strike that was.

It's over, Vitoria Setubal have won (2-0) a very one-sided game. They truly are invincible in Portugal right now.

http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/Taccedila-final-220505_zps0f244d67.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/Taccedila-final-220505_zps0f244d67.png.html)

The fans erupt in joy as Setubal win their 3rd Taça de Portugal and celebrate an incredible domestic double!

(ironically in RL, Setubal have also won their 3rd - and to this day last - Portuguese Cup in that same year 2005).

24-10-14, 10:12 PM
Could be low scoring based on previous results, 1 goal could win it!

It was a tight game and I got relatively few shots (7, all on target); they had only 2 shots (and none on target). I never doubted as they were never really dangerous. CR7 set pieces did the rest.

24-10-14, 10:13 PM
Congrats on the great season!! :)

25-10-14, 12:09 AM

Euro success should be on the horizon (hopefully), any chance of a screenshot on how well CR is?

Baron Zbimg
25-10-14, 02:17 AM
Fantastic season, total domestic domination, and 15 goals conceded in 34 games is incredible. Bras had made a huge difference. Looking forward to your end of season summary.

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25-10-14, 10:43 AM
Euro success should be on the horizon (hopefully), any chance of a screenshot on how well CR is?
If by Euro you mean Champions' Cup... well I doubt a coach like Tito Forbs and a team like Setubal can manage that. It's a very long and exhausting competition in which you battle day in day out against the likes of AC Milan or Liverpool, in group phases (this season btw, AS Roma winning streak came to an end as they were beaten in the semi-finals. Real Madrid beat Barcelona in the final)... there is little room for a minnow to cause an upset.

Tito's objective is clear: there are 2 competitions ahead of him - the Clubs World Championship and the Portuguese Supercup. The latter he wants to win (vs Salgueiros) and that would be a first for the club, the former he is very, very excited to play in it as it features all the best in the world and is held in Lisboa, Portugal; he's already focused on the first game vs River Plate. Once he has seen past those 2 objectives, we will see what to expect for the rest of the year !

(I will post a CR7 screenshot a little later)

25-10-14, 10:58 AM
This is a little excel table I keep updated every season so as to have a record of the main stats of the year.

http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/StartingXI-04-05_zps6fc85c56.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/StartingXI-04-05_zps6fc85c56.png.html)

Just in case it was not self-explanatory, here is the meaning for instance for Cr.Ronaldo :
- the * next to his name means he has had an international cap this season
- the (2) next to his name means he features in Setubal's season Starting XI for the 2nd time
- [7.68] is his average rating for the season all competitions included, and the '4th' next to it means he was the 4th best Guerreiro of the season
- 'POR - 19' indicates his nationality and his age on the 1st of Jan.05
- The '12th Avg.' means he was ranked 12th best player in the Liga this year
- '15th Go.(13)' means he was ranked 15th best goalscorer in the Liga this season with 13 goals
- '6th MoM(5)' means he was ranked 6th in the MoM in the Liga with 5 MoM.

- The blue colored cells below the names of Moreira and Ednilson indicate that they are part of the Liga's Team of the Year.
- The orange colored name and rating of Pena indicate he has been the best Guerreiro of the season.
- The yellow colored cell just below Pena's name indicates he has been the Liga's top goalscorer.

- In the bottom right are the number of changes compared to the Starting XI of the previous season, and below lists all nationalities featuring in this Starting XI
- In the bottom left, we have the number of players who came out of Setubal's Youth Academy (there is only Marco Tabuas) and the average age of the team.
- Just above that, Bruno Melo is stated. He does not feature in the Starting XI due to his 4-month injury, but he ranked 6th in the Liga so is worth a mention in the summary.

25-10-14, 11:09 AM
Fantastic season, total domestic domination, and 15 goals conceded in 34 games is incredible. Bras had made a huge difference. Looking forward to your end of season summary.

Thanks. Yes it is quite possible Bras had a major impact. His final rating of 7.30 is the best a DC has ever had for Tito so far. He replaced Emerson Thome in the Starting XI when the coach lost his patience with the Brazilian as he got his 2nd red-card around November. Bras is very sober, but does the job.

25-10-14, 09:12 PM
@ZanSnake: this is CR7 on 7th of June after 2 weeks of holiday in Madeira and a lot of caipirinhas. When Tito has him under his watch he is fitter than this ;-)

http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/CR7-070605_zps95a32c79.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/CR7-070605_zps95a32c79.png.html)

25-10-14, 10:06 PM
Amazing season! Nice work.

25-10-14, 10:11 PM
- Marco Tabuas (c) (28) / 39 apps / 7.26
Solid and consistent throughout the season, Marco Tabuas will enter the legend as the captain of the first Setubal side to become Portuguese Champions. Substitute in the Primeira Liga Team of the Year. Showed however weaknesses under long, high balls towards his goal.

- Hugo Pinheiro (24) / 4 apps
His talent exploded in the face of Europe when he stopped 3 penalty-kicks from AS Roma giants and gave Vitoria the European Supercup. Only 3 apps therafter, barred by iconic captain Marco Tabuas. Still happy to be at the club but at 24yr-old, Tito fears the day he will ask to leave.

- To Luis (37) / unused
The old veteran seems content at being the 3rd keeper for the Champions of Portugal. Only 1-yr of contract left.

No changes expected for next season.

25-10-14, 10:23 PM
- Rahim Ouedraogo (24) / 27(2) app - 5 goa, 3 ass, 1 MoM / 7.31
The Burkina-Faso international was relunctantly recruited by Forbs at the end of last season's mercato, in order to add depth on both flanks. His dedication and fighting spirit soon earned him a starting slot. He often scored very important goals in key games (at the Alvalade, at Dragão...). The best DL Tito has ever had, and a great asset.

- Tiago Silva (26) / 16(4) app - 1 goa / 6.85
Talented and capable of great attacks on his left flank, the Brazilian lacked consistency for his 1st season and was forced on the bench. At £7.75k/w (highest wage of the squad) he is a bit of a luxury as a substitute.

Only 2 players to cover DL may not be enough depth considering the long and intense season ahead. Tito may look for versality here, or a very young profile...

25-10-14, 10:25 PM
@ZanSnake: this is CR7 on 7th of June after 2 weeks of holiday in Madeira and a lot of caipirinhas. When Tito has him under his watch he is fitter than this ;-)

http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/CR7-070605_zps95a32c79.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/CR7-070605_zps95a32c79.png.html)


He's developed nicely :ok:

25-10-14, 10:30 PM
- Nélson Veiga (27) / 39 apps - 1 goa, 1 ass / 7.31
Could not reproduce his amazing performances of last season, but still did very well. A constant threat on the right flank. The ultimate Guerreiro. Was rewarded with his 1st Portugal international cap !

- Saliou Lassissi (26) / 4(7) app - 1 ass / 7.09
Still content with his role as a sub. In spite of his high wage, the situation also suits Tito who can count on such talent (and versatility, as DR or DC) coming off the bench.

No changes, Ouedraogo able to cover right flank as well, which offers the required depth.

25-10-14, 10:36 PM
He's developed nicely :ok:
Yes. I have no clue how much he still improves as the game goes on. His '11' in Acceleration and Pace are a little disappointing though when compared to RL, but I can't complain with the other stats!... he's a game changer, when he gets the ball or lines-up for a free-kick I just know something is going to happen.

25-10-14, 11:03 PM
- Bras (28) / 30 app - 1 MoM / 7.30
He arrived on a Bosman from relegated Paços de Ferreira but Forbs had had an eye on him for a while. He got his chance when Emerson Thome piled up 2 consecutive red-cards, and did not disappoint. The best DC the coach has had so far. Very consistent, strong, reliable. Did keep his nerves. A pilar of the defense for the years to come, hopefully.

- Pape Malik Diop (30) / 29 app - 1 ass / 7.14
The Senegalese rock delivered a 2nd very solid consecutive season. Him and Bras will go down in History as the pair that allowed only 15 conceded goals in the Liga this season. He collected however 2 red-cards which is a major letdown. His contract is now unprotected and Tito has not yet renewed it...

- Emerson Thome (33) / 17 app - 1 MoM / 7.41
The veteran Brazilian lost his slot not due to his age but to his nerves as he picked 2 consecutive red-cards (3 in 2 seasons) which infuriated Forbs. He did however deliver a stellar performance in the European Supercup and was very good whenever he played (except when he lost his nerves). Only 1-yr of contract left. Tito is unsure on what to do with him.

- Eric Matoukou (21) / 7(1) app - 2 ass / 7.38
Played less, but did well when he was on the pitch - except for that red-card he collected, the 4th (!!) in only 54 games for the club. Has acquired Portuguese citizenship which may convince Tito to keep him on board.

- Pepe (22) / 3(1) app / 7.00
Improved at training. Did not get much chance to start. Acquired Portuguese citizenship, which like Matoukou, makes him an even better investment for the future.

Estrica and Carmo were released on free transfer, and offered proper salary compensation in return.

Forbs was uncertain about transferring out one player... but now that he has recruited this gem (for £120k to Santa Clara and a wage of £1.8k/w) on which he had an eye upon for a long time :

http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/Bocas-010605_zps1fcb2d85.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/Bocas-010605_zps1fcb2d85.png.html)

The situation is now even less clear. Diop (unprotected contract), Thome (1-yr left), Matoukou and Pepe are now reviewing their options... considering that Lassissi can also cover the position, Forbs does not need more than 5 players as pure DC (and 4 would probably be enough).

Finally, Nuno Rodrigues (18yr-old) arrived on a Bosman from Boavista as an investment for the future. He was on a wage of £170/w. This meant 7 players as pure DC in the squad, plus Lassissi ! way too many...

Baron Zbimg
26-10-14, 01:16 PM
Bocas looks good and he could score a lot of goals playing upfront in your system. Looks like a strong CB too.

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26-10-14, 09:48 PM
Bocas looks good and he could score a lot of goals playing upfront in your system. Looks like a strong CB too.

Tito recruited him more with CB in mind but you're right, he would probably do well as striker.

26-10-14, 10:17 PM
- Ednilson (21) / 38(1) app - 3 goa, 16 ass, 4 MoM / 7.85. Member of the Primeira Liga Team of the Year. 1st Nb. Assists in Liga.
Another great season by the young midfielder, the 2nd in a row. Finished 4th in the Liga ranking and member of the Team of the Year. Became a true playmaker as well with 16 assists which got him the top spot in the Liga. A complete player and a major asset for Tito.

- Luis Andrade (31) / 31(5) app - 1 goa, 2 ass / 7.61
The iconic Guerreiro had a superb year and managed to salvaged his starting slot which was threatened by Binho and Bosingwa. His experience was key in several difficult games. 1-yr of contract remaining: will he maintain similar performances at 32-yr old?

- Binho (27) / 24(5) app - 2 goa, 4 ass, 3 MoM / 7.62
Managed a 2nd consecuitve starting slot despite intense competition. As solid and tough-minded as ever. He is there to stay.

- Bruno Melo (23) / 22 app - 4 goa, 8 ass, 1 MoM / 7.86
The young playmaker seems to be injury-prone (although Tito's physios are adamant he is ok) which cost him again, and very narrowly, his slot in Setubal's Starting XI. When he played he was excellent, finishing 6th in the Liga and being sub in the Liga Team of the Year. Has enough game to be considered Portuguese Champions. A definitive starter for Forbs... when he is fit!

- Bosingwa (22) / 10(9) app - 4 goa, 2 ass, 4 MoM / 7.68
Got decent amount of playtime and was truly amazing. He is however n°5 in the DMC hierarchy which Tito considers as a complete waste of a great talent. For the time being he is happy at Setubal, having just extended his contract. An asset for the team.

- Paulo Teixeira (24) / 4(6) app - 1 ass / 7.30
Has reached full maturity now at 24yr-old and his talent is undeniable - and shows when he comes on. How long will he accept his n°6 status? a great bench solution for the coach, for sure...

- Hélio (35) / 0(1) app / 6.00
It's gettting tough to feature in any game now for the old, iconic ex-Setubal captain. Only 1-yr of contract left...

Provided Luis Andrade decides to go for one more season, with 6 superb DMC's Tito's got sufficient depth here (with Hélio and also versatile Diop able to cover for a few games as well).

Baron Zbimg
26-10-14, 11:16 PM
Definitely a very strong part of your side, and a key one in your system. Ednilson numbers are truly amazing, and Bruno Melo also is a great playmaker when healthy. Grit and flair everywhere.

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28-10-14, 12:59 AM
Definitely a very strong part of your side, and a key one in your system. Ednilson numbers are truly amazing, and Bruno Melo also is a great playmaker when healthy. Grit and flair everywhere.

Yep, it's the engine room of Forbs' tactics. I could at this point recuit a "higher profile" DMC but I'm happy with this current lot.

28-10-14, 11:31 PM
- Almani Moreira (26) / 33(3) app - 18 goa, 7 ass, 6 MoM / 7.81. Member of the Primeira Liga Team of the Year.
THE good surprise of the season. From good in 2003/04 to great this year, Moreira finally showed his class. He scored a lot, passed, and was instrumental in several key victories. Now a major asset to the team.

- Cristiano Ronaldo (20) / 37 app - 15 goa, 8 ass, 5 MoM / 7.68
Reproduced a very good season in line with the previous. So much talent at 20yr-old. Scored several free-kicks which were match-deciders. Makes a big difference for the team to have him on the pitch.

- Maniche (27) / 8(3) app - 3 ass, 1 MoM / 6.82
Potential starter at the beginning of the season, he failed to impress and gradually moved to the bench as Moreira became untouchable. A decent playmaker but lacks finishing skills in front of goals; an interesting back-up option to have.

- Felipe Oliveira (21) / 4(6) app - 2 goa / 7.00
On loan from Chelsea, he managed several appearances and 2 goals. Does have the talent and class. Has now been free-transfered to Setubal for £400k sign-on bonus and a wage of £1k/w. Another asset and option for Tito at AMC next season.

- Artur Correia (24) / 3(5) app - 1 goa, 1 ass / 6.88
His constant improvements at training have earned the Angolan more appearances. A favourite of Tito, he has a great work-rate but may lack that touch of flair and finish in the area. Could break through for good next season.

- Marajo (24) / 1(1) app - 1 ass / 7.00
At 24yr-old the Brazilian had never had so little playtime. Tito still views him as a very good player who can contribute a lot to Vitoria, and he is adored by the fans. Should stay.

- Hélder Mario (19) & César Silva (18) / unused.
Competition at AMC means it will be tough for the youngsters to find their spot, but Tito keeps an eye on them. Mario got called up several times for Portugal U21.

No need for changes. Starters are clear, plenty of depth.

28-10-14, 11:47 PM
- PENA (31) / 38 app - 28 goa, 6 ass, 7 MoM / 7.97. Best Goalscorer in Liga. 1st Nb. MoM. Fans' Player of the Year.
The great Pena had once again an outstanding season. After a slow start although Tito still gave him his full confidence, he picked-up and did manage to score plenty at 31yr-old, ending up best scorer of the Liga (tied with Brazilian Rafael who scored 4 goals in Sporting CP's final game of the season). he also finished 3rd in the overall Liga's rankings, just behind Nuno Gomes and thus missing the Liga Team of the Year. The man is now legend in Setubal and the fans have made him Guerreiro of the season 04/05. At 31yr-old and with a single year of contract left, his future may however be uncertain...

- Fary (30) / 3(8) app - 4 goa, 2 MoM / 7.18
Used as Striker n°2, the Senegalese never disappointed and remains quite a threat. A single year of contract remaining, seems happy at the club.

- João Paiva (22) / 2(2) app - 2 goa / 7.50
Despite the low amount of play-time, he managed to score (and a double!) in a Liga game. Oozes class. Could it be his year finally next season?

- Tiago Mota (24) / unused.
It's getting more and more complicated for him to be a contender. Could opt to leave the club.

Pena and Fary's future are uncertain at this point. Would they remain as efficient at resp. 32 and 31 yr-old? was it time to give João Paiva the leadership, and should Tito look out for recruitement?

29-10-14, 09:46 AM
If he keeps playing well and you don't get anyone better than Pena, you can keep playing him until he is 34... after that, he will be good for the bench :P

But I guess that you'll start to get better players in no time :P And you can always go to João Paiva :P

Baron Zbimg
29-10-14, 12:55 PM
A settled squad is good, but not too much. You'll be in CL next year and will need a bit more quality if you want to be able to compete on both fronts. Quality depth may be needed at AM and S. Good luck !

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29-10-14, 09:26 PM
If he keeps playing well and you don't get anyone better than Pena, you can keep playing him until he is 34... after that, he will be good for the bench :P

But I guess that you'll start to get better players in no time :P And you can always go to João Paiva :P
Yeah Tito has managed to convince Pena to extend his contract by 1 year. He was just wondering whether he would be good enough at 32 years old. For sure Setubal is now able to recruit higher profile players, but Forbs is very conservative. There is however a spectacular recruit on the way from an opportunity which arised out of the blue...

29-10-14, 09:27 PM
A settled squad is good, but not too much. You'll be in CL next year and will need a bit more quality if you want to be able to compete on both fronts. Quality depth may be needed at AM and S. Good luck !

Thanks for the advice but I have a hard time convincing Tito Forbs. He does not like big quads and does not rotate his players too much, and he cherishes above all loyality... from the players to the club and to himself... and in return, from Tito to his players! nevertheless as I was saying, a spectacular recruit is on his way. He is an attacking player!

29-10-14, 09:43 PM
Tito Forbs was starting his 5th season as head coach of Setubal and the club was at its peak. Reigning Champions of Portugal, Taça de Portugal holders, Vitoria would play over the summer the Clubs World Championship, the Portuguese Supercup and enter directly the 1st Groupe phase of the Champions Cup for the 1st time in its History!

The coach had granted 5 weeks vacation to all players after their amazing 2004/05 season, immediately after their Cup final win. We were now at the end of June and the 33 of them were all back. During those 5 weeks Tito had worked. Mostly on his squad's contracts, spending days talking and meeting with his players' agents while they were having fun on some sunny island. For £100k bonus, Luis Andrade had extended by 1-yr; both Matoukou and Pepe had also been confirmed. Pena was tougher to convince, but for a hefty and well-deserved £450k bonus he would stay until 2007. Fary on the other hand, was not willing to negotiate and was transfer-listed.

Tito's scouts were suggesting as usual several high-profile players which the club, sitting on £25m cash, could afford. But Forbs would hear none of it, he had a solid squad and wanted to stick to it. However when THIS agent called directly Tito's office in Bonfim (he had no mobile phone), the old coach was startled. THAT player? the legend? the icon? was interested in talking to him? about what? Tito replied he needed some time to think about it... and a few days later something happened one evening after an exhausting training session, which accelerated the thought process of Tito.

29-10-14, 10:30 PM
The 2nd day of intensive fitness training had been very tough. As usual, Tito stayed late in his office, reviewing each player's stats and physio test results - those 5 weeks holidays had done them no good. There was a knock on the door. "Come in" said Tito, and when he saw his face, his heart stopped. He instantly understood.

- "Good evening coach, sorry for troubling you so late but there's something I need to ask. Face to face." Cristiano Ronaldo had a stern look on his face.

- "I've been talking to my agent over those past few weeks. He thinks that I should not wait any longer and move to a... well... more prestigious club. Preferably abroad, in the Spanish Liga or the English Premiership. I love working with you and I love this club... but he's convinced me. It's not about the money coach, my decision is made."

Tito remained silent.

- "I know my contract runs until 2011 but I was 16yr-old when I signed it 4 years ago. What I'd like coach is your permission to negotiate with other clubs, if any were to put in a bid which you would deem reasonable, of course".

- "Cristiano, you are only 20yr-old, you already have one international cap and what you've done for this club over the past 4 seasons is simply amazing. I am convinced that you have the brighest future ahead of you, and your professionalism means you will further improve. I have a policy never to keep any player in my squad if they want away. So basically, you have my word. I'll put you on transfer-list tomorrow morning".

- "Obrigado Senhor Forbs! you're a true gentleman!" smiled CR7 as he left the office.

Tito had his heart broken. The jewel of his team would soon leave, it was a matter of time until some club would put down the money to acquire him. He had hoped this conversation would come later. A year later.

http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/CRonaldo-280605_zps2e69dd8f.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/CRonaldo-280605_zps2e69dd8f.png.html)

This changed all his plans. He feverishly flipped a few pages back on his notepad, and found the phone number of the agent that had called him a couple of days back. He would talk to THAT player, in the end.

29-10-14, 11:02 PM
The following day, Tito had to endure another shocking news. This one would have less impact on the season, but was nevertheless an emotional moment for the club.

He was 35 yr-old. Tito had seen him struggle greatly those past few days at training. He could barely keep the pace with the younger lads, was visibly out of breath. That morning, HELIO came to Bonfim but had his civil clothes on. And a smile on his face as the kids recognized him and all wanted the autograph of the legendary skipper of Os Guerreiros. He then went up to Forbs and told him: "boss, I think that's the end of the road for me. Time to move on!". And that was it. Hélio was retiring from pro football.

His career at Setubal was simply breathtaking:

http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/Heacutelio-1_zps75e1f497.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/Heacutelio-1_zps75e1f497.png.html)

18 seasons at the club. No other club in his career. One international cap. The club's record of games played with 397. 2 solid seasons as captain for Tito Forbs in 2001/02 and 2002/03, when the coach relied on him to pass messages to the team and wheather the storms. Which he did. An example for all. One of the true all time greats of Setubal - some argued, THE iconic player in the club's history. He was not able to really contend on the pitch for a starting slot anymore, but remained very influential in the squad. Close friends with new captain Marco Tabuas, a product like him of the Youth Academy. He would be missed.

Another retirement attracted less publicity: 3rd keeper To Luis call it quits at 37yr-old. He had made no appearance for the club last year. Tito called up Paulo Sérgio, 34yr-old, who was sub at SC Braga and easily convinced (for £625/w) the ex-Setubal keeper (another Youth Academy product) to replace retiring To Luis.

Baron Zbimg
30-10-14, 08:36 AM
Crisitiano is definitely leaving early. Wondering who the star will be. Rui Costa ?
Love the write-ups and the style of Tito !

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30-10-14, 09:50 AM
Rui Costa, Figo, João Pinto? Rivaldo? :P

30-10-14, 10:27 AM
Jardel ? Tito handling Jardel would be interesting.

Quite a few changes going on. Glad to see this continue, I thought you might have fulfilled your goals by winning the league.

30-10-14, 11:57 AM
Rui Costa, Figo, João Pinto? Rivaldo? :P

João Pinto :hail:

Although I think it will be Rui Costa

Great story Rui :ok:

30-10-14, 02:58 PM
Hope it's Joao Pinto!

30-10-14, 08:09 PM
Crisitiano is definitely leaving early. Wondering who the star will be. Rui Costa ?
Love the write-ups and the style of Tito !

Thanks Baron! I was hoping one more year of CR7... that being said I am yet to receive a single bid for him.

30-10-14, 08:10 PM
Jardel ? Tito handling Jardel would be interesting.

Quite a few changes going on. Glad to see this continue, I thought you might have fulfilled your goals by winning the league.
Jardel is one of Atletico Madrid's strikers, so it ain't him. Of course Tito continues! the fun is only starting!

30-10-14, 08:15 PM
Tito picked-up the phone and called the mobile number the agent had given him. It rang in Germany. The Portuguese international picked-up. In December 2002 he accepted a transfer from Real Madrid to FC Bayern Münich, against a fee of £11.75m. He now deeply regretted it as he failed to consistently make it into the first team of the Bavarian giants. He had nevertheless all those years continued to play and start for the Portuguese Seleccão. Both men had never talked – one was a galactical star, the other an unknown coach 4 years ago whose name had only gradually started being spoken about when he took Setubal to UEFA Cup victory in May 2004. He wanted to end his career in Portugal, his country, and there was an opportunity to do so now on free-transfer. He had considered his ex-club Sporting CP, but ruled it out because did not get on well with the head coach. Going either to FC Porto or Benfica would have then be the normal choice to make, but as an ex-Sporting legend this was not going to go down well with the fans. Against the will of his agent, he had requested to talk to Forbs. Vitoria were the champions, they would play the Champions League, and he had a lot of respect for what Tito had built and the incredible atmosphere in the squad. He was tempted, but was concerned his arrival may disturb the team.

-“Listen, said Tito, it’s a genuine question. But as you have maybe heard I’ve just had Cristiano asking to leave the club, and I have agreed. Even if his transfer does not materialize quickly, you’ll take his spot at AMC. That’s not an issue, he’ll understand. The entire squad will welcome you Luis. We have amazing challenges. There’ll be plenty of time in 12 months to decide whether we continue the partnership”.

The deal was sealed; it was a free-transfer with a £450k sign-on bonus and a wage of £7.5k/w (which was 7 times less than the player’s previous salary at Bayern, an incredible bargain for Setubal). There was a release clause however (£2.9m) to which Tito had agreed. At 32yr-old and 102 Portuguese caps, he arrived at Bonfim and it stunned Portugal :

http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/Figo-030705_zps5962ba0a.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/Figo-030705_zps5962ba0a.png.html)

The secret had been well kept so everyone had been taken by surprise. The fans were delighted.

http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/news7_zps45c3cd05.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/news7_zps45c3cd05.png.html)

30-10-14, 08:18 PM
@kuy, Zé : no João Pinto, sorry (we played against him vs AS Roma in European Supercup in Aug.04 though)!

@troza: good guess! he's turning 33yr-old soon, let's seen what he can do for Tito. It's just amazing to be able to play him. I can tell you the players are delighted! and the fans, wow!

30-10-14, 08:22 PM
Tito was angry. He had specifically requested to his coaching staff that the squad should be fit and ready for July 30th and the opener of the FIFA World Championship. This is why everyone was back at Bonfim one week earlier than usual on June 26th. The state of the players was really poor at that point, and the coaches still insisted on a full 3-weeks of intense physical preparation, commando-style. This would do well in the longer-run for their fitness throughout the season, but as they came back to Bonfim for normal training schedule on July 23rd … it was clear by then that most would never be fit on time for the opening game.

Forbs was really looking forward to this competition. It put his dear Setubal on the world stage and it was taking place in Portugal! The group games would all be played either at Jamor or at Estadio da Luz. There were 3 groups :

http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/WC1_zpsf2be5fa5.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/WC1_zpsf2be5fa5.png.html)

-In 2003, AS Roma had beaten Chelsea in the final so this year again, the 3 European sides – AS Roma, FC Porto and Vitoria Setubal – would be amongst the favourites.
-For South America, Boca Juniors and River Plate would be the contenders – and these guys knew how to play great football.
-Mexicans were in force with América and Pachuca. They would be outsiders.
-There were then 5 other sides from “the rest of the world”: Zamalek and Kaizer Chiefs from Africa, Al Ittihad and F Marinos from Asia and finally, Perth Glory from Australia. It would be tough for them to manage through to the semi-finals.

Os Guerreiros would open up the tournament at Jamor against River Plate. That was a might clash!

30-10-14, 08:47 PM
Figo! What a great signing for Setubal! Can't believe you managed to get him for only £7500pw too, hope he does the business for you :ok: If no-one signs Ronaldo, will Figo be in the starting eleven or will Ronaldo?

30-10-14, 08:48 PM
Jul.30 / Club World Championship (Group#1) – Vitoria Setubal v River Plate : 1-0 / Jamor, Lisboa.
.goal : C.Ronaldo
.assist : Moreira
.MoM : Marco Tabuas
-> River Plate was a legendary club in Argentina; they had reached those past 2 seasons the final of the Copa Libertadores and were fielding great players such as Pereyra, D’Alessandro, Cavenaghi, Maxi Lopez and Demichelis. They were favourites and would be facing an unfit Setubal squad. Forbs had put last season’s Starting XI except for Moreria who was not ready yet, and was replaced by Luis Figo who was THE attraction of the day as he wore the green and white of Setubal for the 1st time. He would play alongside C.Ronaldo for that game! Not much happened in the 1st half and the spectacle was more in the stands with fans really enjoying this pre-season atmosphere, with a rather large Argentinian contingent in Lisboa. Right before half-time, Figo picked-up a knock and would be out for 2 weeks, well... that was not an impressive start from the Portuguese legend. Things picked-up in the 2nd half and while Vitoria managed to play good football with interesting moves, the best chances were clearly for the team from Buenos Aires. Captain Marco Tabuas (MoM) made no less than 4 key saves in that 2nd period, and as the match was going to end in a fairly logical goal-less draw, a last blitz counter-attack saw Moreira set C.Ronaldo in the space, he got past the last defender and beat keeper Costanzo with a clean left-foot strike in the side-net. An unfit Vitoria side had managed to overcome the famed River Plate in the dying seconds of the opener, what a great result this was!

Aug.3 / Club World Championship (Group#2) – Vitoria Setubal v F Marinos : 3-1 / Estadio da Luz, Lisboa.
.goals : Lassissi (2), Andrade (pen.)
.assists : Ednilson (2), Fary
.MoM : Ednilson
-> The Japanese were less of a threat and in any case Tito had no choice but to rotate the team. Pinheiro, Bosingwa, Artur Correia, Felipe Oliveira and Fary would start; Bocas was playing his 1st ever game for Setubal and Ednilson would be captain. There were 60k in the Luz and the game started very well as playmaker Ednilson (MoM) made 2 great passes on Lassissi’s head for 2 goals by the big Ivorian right-back. So (0-2) down and with Kurihara sent-off for a foul as last defender, the Yokohama side was toast before the end of the 1st half. Os Guerreiros would have a quiet and controlled 2nd half, Luis Andrade converting a late penalty-kick while the Japanese scored a consolation goal in added-time. An easy win and Setubal was top of the group!

Aug.6 / Club World Championship (Group#3) – Vitoria Setubal v Zamalek : 2-0 / Estadio da Luz, Lisboa.
.goals : Binho, C.Ronaldo
.assists : Tiago Silva, Nélson Veiga
.MoM : C.Ronaldo
-> River have won their 2nd and 3rd games and therefore Vitoria needed at least one point that night to finish top of the group. The arab team from Cairo had not to be underestimated and for a long time during the game, Os Guerreiros dominated but failed to score. Tito feared a deadly counter-attack, but on the 78’ Binho scored with a powerful half-volley. 3’ later, C.Ronaldo (MoM) got into open space on a counter-attack and beat the keeper one-on-one.

The team was exhausted but the first week of the competition had been a great success as Setubal was qualified for the semi-finals :

http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/WC2_zps7ee123f2.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/WC2_zps7ee123f2.png.html)

Roma has cruised through Group 3 (3W) while FC Porto has crashed and finished last of Group 2, which Boca has dominated. Qualified as best 2nd, River Plate get into the semi and will play Setubal again, in Guimarães!

30-10-14, 08:52 PM
Figo! What a great signing for Setubal! Can't believe you managed to get him for only £7500pw too, hope he does the business for you :ok: If no-one signs Ronaldo, will Figo be in the starting eleven or will Ronaldo?
kuy, that's precisely the dilemna Tito is contemplating right now. Since he wishes to leave, CR7 should be on the bench and Moreira has had such a great season last year... but look at how Ronaldo has started the season, again! its very tempting to associate him and Figo I have to admit. We'll see.

30-10-14, 09:18 PM
Setubal have had 5 days to prepare the game but their schedule is becoming hectic and the team is not yet fully fit. This lack of fitness is probably going to haunt Os Guerreiros for the whole month of August…

Aug.11 / Club World Championship (Semi-Final) – Vitoria Setubal v River : 1-1 (pen, 5-3) / Estadio D.Afonso Henriques, Guimarães.
.goal : Pena
.assist : Ednilson
.MoM : -
-> The Estadio Afonso Henriques is litterally packed (33k) in Guimarães for this “World Cup” semi-final and a remake of the 1st game of the competition between Vitoria Setubal and River Plate. Figo is injured and Emerson Thome replaces an unfit Bras for Os Guerreiros, who start well and on the 12’ Moreira finds the post. The Argentinians will gradually settle into the game and Marco Tabuas, again, makes 2 great saves before half-time. On the 45’, Setubal try a last attack, Ednilson sets Pena for the header and it’s a goal! (1-0). Forbs tries to have his players kill the game at the start of the 2nd half since he knows they will lack fitness towards the end; Nélson Veiga on his flank is in great form, passes for Bruno Melo who dribbles through the entire defense but shoots above target (50’). River move to a more attacking set-up and are rewarded when on the 70’, a crossing from the right flank meets the victorious header of Fernandez (1-1). The game goes into extra-time with Vitoria players completely out-of-breath, trying not to concede a goal. They narrowly avoid a penalty being awarded against them on the 92’, and Conca alone in the area inexplicably misses on the 114’. It will be decided on penalties !

http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/VS-River-110805_zps47a10f7e.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/VS-River-110805_zps47a10f7e.png.html)

12-months after the success in Monaco vs AS Roma in the European Supercup on penalty shoot-outs, Setubal once again prevail with a perfect strike of 5/5 while Alvarez hits the post. Setubal are through to the final! and they will clash with another Argentinian side Boca Juniors, who have witheld Roman onslaughts and have also managed to qualify, on penalties.

Baron Zbimg
30-10-14, 09:36 PM
Great signing! At 33 Figo should still be class in the Portuguese Liga. I still think you need another striker to bring true competition for Pena. Nice results with an unfit squad, and Boca still is a bit easier than Roma. Setubal on top of the world ?

Ps: Another fantastic start for Ednilson, definitely my favourite player of the series.

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30-10-14, 09:51 PM
Great signing! At 33 Figo should still be class in the Portuguese Liga. I still think you need another striker to bring true competition for Pena. Nice results with an unfit squad, and Boca still is a bit easier than Roma. Setubal on top of the world ?

I got lucky. Both games vs River were very tight, they had as many shots (on and off goal) than we did. Marco Tabuas was very solid in both matches. I completely mis-timed the fitness ramp-up of the squad and I also have not built enough depth at LB and RB (whilst I knew it). And on top of that you're right, Boca in the final is easier than Roma (who should have gone through).

Ps: Another fantastic start for Ednilson, definitely my favourite player of the series.

Definitely : 3 assists + 1 MoM aready. Very focused, and captained the team vs F Marinos in the absence of Marco Tabuas. A key player, am glad you like him!

About Pena and lack of depth at striker, Tito is still considering his options. That being said we play with single-striker and there are several AMC (Moreira, Ronaldo, Marajo) that can also cover the position. And Fary is on transfer-list, but still there for the time being. So it's not really depth I need, it may be a high profile striker who could challenge and potentially replace Pena. Do I want to do this now? is João Paiva not about to try anyway?

Note: Mamadou Niang is available on free-transfer, I have been considering getting in touch with his agent...

30-10-14, 10:04 PM
Am I the only one to have concerns about Figo ? 33 years old and already his stamina is down at 11 and not going to get any better. He has all the talent, but if he doesn't last past the hour then will he become a liability. I guess Tito has earned the right to go for it.

Great start in the WCC. Just smash Boca and another cup is yours.

30-10-14, 10:05 PM
Tito’s squad is being tested to its limits as the Club World Championship final is only 3 days after an exhausting semi-final which went into extra-time, and only 3 days before the Portuguese Supercup game (also in Jamor) vs Salgueiros !!) Forbs’ has a depleted squad with:

-Diop, Lassissi and Fary out on international duty (for a friendly game, and only the Ivorian will play - great timing guys)
-Figo injured
-Emerson Thome, Ednilson, Bruno Melo, Moreira and Pena exhausted and therefore unable to play.

Tito fields the following XI, and is so short on wing-backs that both Nélson Veiga and Ouedraogo will start the game on very low fitness. It’s a big, big day for both João Paiva and Artur Correia who have the opportunity to make a statement and mark history.

http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/VS-tactics-140805_zps7a03be93.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/VS-tactics-140805_zps7a03be93.png.html)

On their side, Boca are without La Paglia, Marchesini and Gaitan out injured. But they are fielding fearsome players in a great squad, such as keeper Cordoba, Burdisso, Crosa, Carlos Tévez, Estevez or Battaglia…

It is a very prestigious game broadcast throughout the planet. The publicity for the club (and the players) is absolutely incredible and Tito is delighted to have reached thus far. It’s going to be tough, but he makes it however clear to the players entering the pitch that they are out there for the win today and should have no complex versus the Copa Libertadores holders.

30-10-14, 10:08 PM
Am I the only one to have concerns about Figo ? 33 years old and already his stamina is down at 11 and not going to get any better. He has all the talent, but if he doesn't last past the hour then will he become a liability. I guess Tito has earned the right to go for it.

His stamina is indeed a concern, but then it may give the opportunity for a little bit of rotation at AMC. There's other issues with Figo: he wants to be playmaker (normally Bruno Melo), take the corner-kicks (also Bruno Melo) and the free-kicks (CR7). Trouble ahead!

30-10-14, 10:14 PM
Just a side note : at 24yr-old this is how the Angolan/English AMC Artur Correia has developped. He's obviously caught the attention of Tito who recently gave him more play time, for mixed though encouraging performances.

http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/ACorreia-170805_zpsf6ca8bf4.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/ACorreia-170805_zpsf6ca8bf4.png.html)

I've tried to make him a DMC but he refused. I'd like to know whether the readers think he can really deliver offensively, or whether his average stats in Creativity, Crossing, Off the Ball, Passing and his terrible Finishing, are too much of an issue.

30-10-14, 10:44 PM
Aug.14 / Club World Championship (Final) – Vitoria Setubal v Boca Juniors / Jamor, Lisboa.

- the 44k crowd cheer loudly as both teams get on the pitch. National anthems are being played and clearly, Portuguese outnumber Argentinians here in Jamor! Tito Forbs is glowing with pride as his dear Setubal is on top of the world.
- Os Guerreiros start out well and press their opponents in their own half.

- 14': João Paiva is in the area for a volley, parried by Cordoba... C.Ronaldo follows and scores in the empty net! (1-0)

- 15': Carlos Tévez is on fire as Boca react, he dribbles pas 3 defenders but captain Marco Tabuas parries!

- 21': nice left crossing by Correia, João Paiva smashes the header -> saved by the keeper.

Half-time. Setubal have the edge and have been a little sharper here.

- 46': Tiago Silva is in for out-of-breath Ouedraogo
- 55': Pepe replaces an exhausted Nélson Veiga and will have to cover the right flank

- 59': magic C.Ronaldo (MoM) throws a missile from 30m out, Cordoba has to work hard to deflect it!
- 60': Boca Juniors, just like River 3 days ago, throw in a 3 attackers tactic to get a goal in.
- 60': Tiago Mota is in for João Paiva who played well during an hour.

- 61': another great play by Tévez the most dangerous Boca man tonight -> parried by Marco Tabuas.
- 67': Battiglia does the show on the right wing, driving defenders crazy; he crosses into the box for a great heder from Sousa, and it's (1-1)!

- 75': again from a distance, C.Ronaldo is on target but Cordoba parries.
- 77': it's a great play in front of the area by Os Guerreiros, chip-in for Artur Correia who volleys -> oh no, it smashes the crossbar!
- 78': now Tévez on the free-kick -> Marco Tabuas, again, saves the day.

- 86': Setubal push, the crowd also... a shot is deflected just outside the area, Tiago Mota is there and sees an opportunity, he fires a low shot... GOL! he scores the most important goal of his career and it's (2-1)!

-90': Vitoria defend, there's a last free-kick from Delgado, but again Marco Tabuas shows safe hands.

http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/VS-Boca-140805_zps20766f38.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/VS-Boca-140805_zps20766f38.png.html)

Oh it's over! they did it, in a very tight and contested game, VITORIA SETUBAL have become World Champions, nothing less! It's another consecration for Tito Forbs who is visibly very moved to have won this tournament, and another trophy!

http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/news8_zpsd5e25e6d.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/news8_zpsd5e25e6d.png.html)

The additional unexpected bonus of £6m is not bad either. Setubal has become a rich club with ~£35m treasury which the board does not know where to invest!

Baron Zbimg
30-10-14, 10:58 PM
Incredible result, the reserves came through at the right time !! Correia would be an awesome DM, too bad he doesn't want to be, he'll give you a different skillset at the AM position, and if you press high he can do a job for you. You need a polyvalent fullback also it seems. Good luck for the season !

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30-10-14, 11:59 PM
You bemoaned me for Euro success but then you win a WORLD Cup competition?


Stick to the formula and you'll get more gold in the cabinet

31-10-14, 12:03 AM
You bemoaned me for Euro success but then you win a WORLD Cup competition?


31-10-14, 12:34 AM
Figo! Brilliant. Not a 90 minute player but he oozes class...

31-10-14, 01:00 AM
On a roll now. Am expecting a Champions League challenge next season... have a hunch you may even win it...

31-10-14, 01:10 AM
On a roll now. Am expecting a Champions League challenge next season... have a hunch you may even win it...

if he bemoans it, it means he will ;)

31-10-14, 09:23 AM

What's left that you've not won ? Champions League and Portuguese Cup ? How about a treble this season ?

31-10-14, 09:50 AM
Amazing! :)

With Figo, just use him from the bench to finish games or at the start. I had him in Barreirense and he was still very good. We can't overlook old players when they are amazingly good like Figo

31-10-14, 09:14 PM
On a roll now. Am expecting a Champions League challenge next season... have a hunch you may even win it...
I have had a ridiculous draw for the 1st Group phase, will post later. It would take a continuous streak of good luck for Setubal to go far into this competition.

31-10-14, 09:16 PM
What's left that you've not won ? Champions League and Portuguese Cup ? How about a treble this season ?
I've won the Portuguese Cup last year, in fact I sort of did a treble: Champions/Cup/European Supercup. I think there are only 2 more trophies I can win in the game: Champions League and Intercontinal Cup (oh, and Intertoto, plus of course the lower Portuguese league titles).

31-10-14, 09:17 PM
With Figo, just use him from the bench to finish games or at the start. I had him in Barreirense and he was still very good. We can't overlook old players when they are amazingly good like Figo
I agree, the greatest players remain real assets until very late in the game. So far he's starting games and lasting at least an hour. He seems to form quite an amazing duo with CR7... :-)

31-10-14, 09:25 PM
Tito had 2 objectives in this early part of the season: have a good tournament in the World Championship (Setubal did more than that, going on to win it!) and get the Portuguese Supercup in the trophy cabinet at Bonfim. He was wary of Salgueiros though, they were a good side last season and are potential even more dangerous now with the signing of winger Bakero.

Aug.17 / Portuguese Supercup – Salgueiros v Vitoria Setubal : 1-2 / Jamor, Lisboa
.goals : Bruno Melo (pen), C.Ronaldo
.assist : Figo
.MoM : -
-> This was the 3rd game in Jamor over the past 3 weeks for Setubal, and the 4th in a few months if one considers the Taça de Portugal final last May against… Salgueiros. Forbs had pondered for a while, and decided to field both Figo and C.Ronaldo at AMC, giving all playmaking and set pieces responsibilities to the former. This may have unsettled the team somehow, since they started poorly and were clearly dominated by the Porto side, who logically scored the 1st goal by Vicente (15’). It was not going well… until the 25’ when Figo was clear in the area and brought down by keeper Costinha. Red-card, penalty-kick converted by Bruno Melo (1-1). From that moment, Salgueiros’ domination stopped but Os Guerreiros were struggling to creating chances. Gradually throughout the 2nd half, they established more control over the game and shortly after Luis Figo was subbed by Moreira, C.Ronaldo received the ball outside the area, rushed into the box and beat the keeper with a perfect cross-kick for the winning goal!

http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/VS-Salgueiros-170805_zpscd6a833f.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/VS-Salgueiros-170805_zpscd6a833f.png.html)

It had not been easy and Vitoria had some sort of lucky star above them, which meant that in the end they won another trophy and took the Portuguese Supercup back home, for the 1st time in the club’s history.

Once again, Cristiano Ronaldo had been decisive – like vs River in the opener of the World Championship, or vs Boca in the final of that same tournament, and now for the Supercup.

Tito’s previously virgin CV had suddenly taken a sharp turn for the better in 2004 :

- UEFA Cup 2004
- European Supercup 2004
- Portugal Champions 2004/05
- Portuguese Cup 2005
- Club World Championship 2005
- Portuguese Supercup 2005

And as he was proudly contemplating the trophies in the cabinet underneath Bonfim that evening, he felt someone entering the room behind him… he turned around. It was Cristiano Ronaldo. He had a smile on his face, but seemed a little embarrassed. Soon Tito found out why :

http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/CRonaldo-190805_zps6af167a1.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/CRonaldo-190805_zps6af167a1.png.html)

That was quite some turn around in the space of less than 2 months. Maybe the fact that Setubal had since won 2 trophies and was officially “World Champions” had something to do with it; or the recruitement of Luis Figo… needless say, Forbs was pleased although he knew that at some point in the near future, his young star would once again change his mind. In the meantime he would associate both him and Figo in a dream duo at AMC, and would have Moreira as a super-sub.

31-10-14, 09:30 PM
The Primeira Liga was about to start and Setubal would open their season with a major clash vs FC Porto at Bonfim. Vitoria was amongst the favourites that was quite obvious, as title holders and having had a superb pre-season. But their main rivals had worked hard on their squad over the summer and had recorded a few spectacular signings:

Sporting CP :
- Brazilian Lopes (AMC, £8m)
- Danish international Thomas Gravesen (MC)
- Brazilian international Junior (DL)
- Brazilian international Marinho (DC, £2.1m)
- Right wings Martelinho and Duda

FC Porto :
- Brazilian Fernando (DMC, £7.75m)
- Brazilian international Luisão (DC, £7.25m)
- Guinea-Bissau right-wing Lino
- Ex-Setubal DC Tonel

Aug.20 / Pr.Liga (#1) – Vitoria Setubal v FC Porto : 2-1
.goals : Binho, Figo
.assist : Pena
.MoM : Pena
-> For the first half-hour Setubal played an amazing football, completely outclassing their opponents. With Bruno Melo back as playmaker, the attacking trio of Figo-Ronaldo-Pena was on fire. It was Binho who opened the score from a corner-kick (22’), and 3’ later Pena (MoM) deflected perfectly for Luis Figo who fired Vitor Baia and scored his 1st ever goal with Setubal which was celebrated very vocally by the crowd. Os Guerreiros lost a bit of confidence as Dario scored at 38’ on the very first chance from FC Porto. The 2nd half was more balanced, but the hosts kept control and start with a key and much deserved victory!

Aug.27 / Pr.Liga (#2) – Leiria v Vitoria Setubal : 0-1
.goal : C.Ronaldo
.assist : Figo
.MoM : Figo
-> Tito Forbs was now accomplishing every coach’s dream of associating Luis Figo and Cristiano Ronaldo together in attack. Both players seem to get on superbly well together and on the 3’, the veteran international sets C.Ronaldo for an easy opener. Leiria’s defense just watches powerless as Figo (MoM) hits the crossbar and the post later in that half. Os Guerreiros are in complete control and leave no room for the hosts to ever be dangerous. It’s a comfortable away win.

31-10-14, 09:37 PM
Now was the 2 weeks international break. Marco Tabuas, Nélson Veiga and Cristiano Ronaldo are all called-up with Portugal but none get a cap; Luis Figo for the 1st time in a decade, is not. The price to pay for not sticking to a major club, probably.

Tito is finally presented with 3 youngsters from the Youth Academy and signs them all on a pro contract :

http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/Rosa-100905_zps3cc0c39c.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/Rosa-100905_zps3cc0c39c.png.html)

http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/Fernandes-100905_zps4f3f85c9.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/Fernandes-100905_zps4f3f85c9.png.html)

http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/Daniel-110905_zps340cac07.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/Daniel-110905_zps340cac07.png.html)

The investment Forbs had pushed so hard the board to make is starting to pay off...

31-10-14, 09:41 PM
Setubal has already played 8 games in July/August and it had been a complete succes with (7W, 1D) and 2 trophies! Now is the time for the Champions’ Cup draw in Geneva. This year, Vitoria is with all the footballing legends; Tito hates that formula of Group phases, he wishes it was still Round-Robin like in the old days. No matter what the draw is, he knows his team will face European giants from the very first round… and indeed according to pundits, Setubal have been particularly unlucky :

http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/news9_zpsbecb7fa0.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/news9_zpsbecb7fa0.png.html)

There’s not much to say. It’s 2 of the biggest clubs in European history + Celta Vigo, one of the best in Spain right now. Finishing 3rd and going into the UEFA would already be a superb performance for the small Portuguese club.

If August was terrible in terms of schedule, September does not look too bad either :

http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/news10_zpsd66670e5.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/news10_zpsd66670e5.png.html)

31-10-14, 11:28 PM
It’s the start of a crazy 3 weeks for Vitoria, with games every 3 days basically. Tito knows his squad depth will be tested further. Ednilson and Tiago Mota have picked-up slight knocks, but other than that he has a full set of fit players. Are Os Guerreiros strong enough to endure a rotation on some Liga games? Forbs is reluctant but has little choice, so for the next home game he decides to rest Ouedraogo, Bras and Pena – and plans to sub 3 starters by the hour if things go well.

Sep.10 / Pr.Liga (#3) – Vitoria Setubal v Maritimo : 3-2
.goals : Andrade, Fary, Binho
.assists : Bruno Melo, Bosingwa
.MoM : Bruno Melo
-> Setubal start strong and score early, one by Luis Andrade the other by Fary – both after a great effort from Bruno Melo (MoM). In spite of their constant domination, the locals show some weaknesses in defense and let in 2 goals from Maritimo. But a header from Binho on the 64’ secures a deserved victory.

Tito knows that his team will have to step-up if they are to unsettle in Bonfim the reigning English champions and European legends Liverpool. He fields his best XI, apart from Ednilson still out injured. Under his tenure, Setubal had faced English clubs twice and prevailed each time (Leeds United, Southampton) for an overall favourable record of 4v3 :

- UEFA CUP 1969 - 1/4 final - v Newcastle United (3-1, 1-5)
- UEFA Cup 1970 - Round 2 - v Liverpool (1-0, 2-3)
- UEFA Cup 1971 - 1/4 final - v Leeds United (1-1, 1-2)
- UEFA Cup 1973 - 1/4 final - v Tottenham Hotspur (2-1, 0-1)
- UEFA Cup 1974 - Round 3 - v Leeds United (3-1, 0-1)
- UEFA Cup 2003 - Round 4 - v Leeds United (3-2, 1-0)
- UEFA Cup 2004 - 1/2 final - v Southampton (3-0, 3-0)

And looking closely, Vitoria had already met liverpool in the 1970 UEFA Cup, and had (narrowly) prevailed! Tito looks at the Reds' starting line-up and in spite of some very big names (Gerrard, Owen, Diouf) he feels his team may well have a chance after all.

http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/Liverpool-140905_zpsf3b842dc.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/Liverpool-140905_zpsf3b842dc.png.html)

Sep.13 / Champions Cup (Phase 1, #1) – Vitoria Setubal v Liverpool : 3-0
.goals : Pena, Bruno Melo (pen), Moreria
.assists : Binho, Pena, Bruno Melo
.MoM : Bruno Melo
-> Liverpool have won back-to-back English Premier League titles, but are nevertheless startled by the cauldron that Bonfim is tonight. After all they play the World Champions, and on the 4' Pena reminds them as he turns and shoots just inches wide of the post. Os Guerreiros push and are on fire, and on 13' Binho sends a long ball through in the area for Pena's victorious header: (1-0)! The English suffocate and sink completely at the half-hour as on another great pass from Binho, keeper Kirkland takes Pena down in the area... it's a red-card, and (2-0) when Bruno Melo converts the penalty. Vitoria continue to push and dominate, creating multiple chances until the 75' when sub Moreira receives a great pass from Bruno Melo (MoM), and fires a shot in and off the post for the kill (3-0)!! Complete humiliation was amost there as Nélson Veiga volleys on the crossbar a little later. The glorious Liverpudlians receive a proper spanking and leave Portugal with a (0-3) historical defeat!

What a start to the Champions Cup campaign this is for Setubal! this is one of the biggest scalp they got in Europe and a superb win. Liverpool have managed zero shot on goal and have been tactically played off the park in Bonfim.

31-10-14, 11:34 PM
so you now have a European success under the belt, good work man ;)

31-10-14, 11:42 PM
so you now have a European success under the belt, good work man ;)
completely outclassed them, never expected that tbh...

31-10-14, 11:47 PM
completely outclassed them, never expected that tbh...

signs of a good squad then if they over-expect there own manager :lol:

01-11-14, 12:54 AM
Brilliant result against Liverpool, and good to see that Ronaldo wants to stay too!

01-11-14, 11:09 AM
Brilliant result against Liverpool, and good to see that Ronaldo wants to stay too!
yeah that was indeed some kind of turn-around! not sure what prompted it (club's reputation increased due to Wold Championship trophy?)...

01-11-14, 02:51 PM
It's a dangerous away game in the Liga vs .... Salgueiros, again. Tito decides to continue his rotation and rests Bruno Melo, Binho and C.Ronaldo. It will end up being one of the most memorable victories under Forbs' era.

Sep.18 / Pr.Liga (#4) – Salgueiros v Vitoria Setubal : 1-6
.goals : Figo, Pena (2), Moreira, Fary (2)
.assists : Pena (2), Moreira, Correia (2)
.MoM : Pena
-> It's a goal fest at Estadio Vidal Pinheiro, Setubal scoring 6 in front of a bemused crowd. Moreria shows he is worth more than a spot on the bench while Pena (MoM) has an amazing game. Ednilson also has a great day in the middle, but the most remarkable is the performances of subs Artur Correia (2 assists) and Fary (2 goals). A great day, shadowed by the 3-weeks injury picked by Nélson Veiga.

http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/VS-Salgueiros-180905_zpsf24d34cf.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/VS-Salgueiros-180905_zpsf24d34cf.png.html)

After Liverpool in Bonfim, Setubal travels to its 2nd European giants visiting the impressive Amsterdam Arena. The Dutch have a good, solid team but looking at it closely Tito comes to the conclusion that the only real outstanding player to watch is Zlatan Ibrahimovic. He is confident his Guerreiros have what it takes to look for a result in Holland.

Sep.21 / Champions Cup (Phase 1, #2) – Ajax v Vitoria Setubal : 0-2
.goals : Binho, Figo
.assists : Figo, Bruno Melo
.MoM : Bruno Melo
-> The game starts full blast, with a header from Lassissi parried by Skeletenburg and Bocas making a few minutes later a great last chance tackle on Ibrahimovic in the box. On the 6', Pena goes out injured (3-weeks) and Moreira comes in as striker. Both teams continue to press and battle hard in midfield, but Setubal push around the half-hour. At 30' Moreira seeing his shot parried into corner - and it is Binho who pounds the ball into the nets from a header (0-1). Ajax tries to react and the danger-man is Zlatan; he gets the ball in the box and a great Marco Tabuas parries twice from close range! It's going towards half-time when Bruno Melo (MoM) destabilizes the entire Dutch defense on the right flank and crosses on the far post for Figo who scores! (0-2). The Amsterdam side will push and create more chances than the Portuguese in the 2nd half (Ibrahimovic is close on the 46'). Vitoria look for counter-attacks and Luis Figo hits the crossbar on 52' following a great pass by C.Ronaldo. In the last 10' Ajax really deserved a goal, their forwards Mido missing two clear chances on goal.

This time both teams were much closer to each other but Setubal played an almost perfect game, very solid in defense and too strong in offense for Ajax defense - although Tito never managed to shut down Ibrahimovic who was constantly a threat. It's a historical away win and one which may weigh heavily in the final standings of this Group.

01-11-14, 07:57 PM
Forbs continues to rotate his squad in the Liga, and rests Ouedraogo, Binho, Ednilson, Figo and C.Ronaldo while Pena, Bras and Nélson Veiga are out injured.

Sep.25 / Pr.Liga (#5) – Vitoria Setubal v Varzim : 1-0
.goal : Teixeira
.assist : Correia
.MoM : -
-> This time it was close. The quality of the Starting XI is not as good and Setubal are fortunate to score by Paulo Teixeira on their 1st real chance (20’). The game is tight and Varzim will have several opportunities to equalize throughout the game, most of them parried by captain Marco Tabuas. Even when they play an average game, Vitoria still prevail.

It's now time for a trip to Spain at Balaidos against a very dangerous Celta Vigo side. Even without Vagner, Edu and Jesuli out injured, the Iberian neighbours remain a very solid side with stars such as keeper Cavallero, Juanfran, Sergio, Gustavo Lopez and John Carew. It should be tough and the past encounters os Setubal with Spanish sides have not gone down too well :

- UEFA Cup 1975 - Round 1 - Real Zaragoza (1-1, 0-4)
- UEFA Cup 2005 - Round 1 - Real Betis Balompié (1-0, 0-2)

Sep.28 / Champions Cup (Phase 1, #3) – Celta v Vitoria Setubal : 0-2
.goals : Figo, Bruno Melo
.assists : Ednilson (2)
.MoM : Ednilson
-> Os Guerreiros are incredible and the crowd cheer them with a roar as they come in, now preceeded by their 2 spectacular wins v Liverpool and Ajax which has shaken Europe.On the 3' Moreira would plays striker tonight, shoots twice and is close from the 1st goal... which comes 3' later when a super Ednilson (MoM) finds Figo's victorious header in the box (0-1). Setubal are in control, simply much better, thwarting all attacks from Celta and after a great midfield combination on the 37', Bruno Melo has a clean shot at goal and it bounces under the crossbar for the (0-2). Oh what a goal! The 2nd half is a long humiliation for the local Vigo side, losing most duels and letting Luis Figo almost score in a blitz counter-attack (70'), then later C.Ronaldo on a free-kick which smashes the crossbar. It's a competely deserved, and another stunning away victory for Tito's boys who are now 3W in 3 games in this Group!

http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/VS-Celta-280905_zps7f54e20f.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/VS-Celta-280905_zps7f54e20f.png.html)

Again the only bad news of the night is when Tito is informed by the physios that Saliou Lassissi has picked-up a 3-weeks injury.

01-11-14, 10:53 PM
Oct.2 / Pr.Liga (#6) – Belenenses v Vitoria Setubal : 1-4
.goals : Bruno Melo, Moreira, Figo (2)
.assists : Ouedraogo, Bruno Melo, Tiago Silva
.MoM : Bruno Melo
-> Tito fields its best team at Restelo and Belenses are smashed. Bruno Melo (MoM) has a great day, but Luis Figo in the 2nd half shows off his talent with 2 great goals from splendid volleys.

It's the 2 weeks October break for internationals. Luis Figo is called back in the Portugal squad; he captains his country to victory (0-4) in Azerbaijan, which qualifies Portugal for WC 06 !

Oct.15 / Pr.Liga (#7) – Vitoria Setubal v Boavista : 3-1
.goals : Moreira, Binho (2)
.assists : Ednilson, Figo (2)
.MoM : Binho
-> Boavista are the only team with Setubal to have recorded 6W. The Bonfim game is supposedly a clash at the top, but in reality the Porto side is simply torn apart in the 1st half by the power of Vitoria. It's first Ednilson's perfect pass in the area for Moreira, and then 2 great corner-kicks by Luis Figo on the head of an in-form Binho who scores twice. There's a lack of focus in the 2nd period, Tinaia gets a long-range consolation goal and Boavista play better, but the end result is never in doubt as Os Guerreiros continue to cruise through the Primeria Liga.

The Champions Cup campaign has been perfect so far and now is a crucial home game vs Celta Vigo: a win would most proably qualify minnows Setubal for the 2nd Phase.

Oct.18 / Champions Cup (Phase 1, #4) – Vitoria Setubal v Celta : 3-0
.goals : Bruno Melo, Pena, C.Ronaldo
.assists : Ednilson, Figo
.MoM : Pena
-> With the return of Pena, Forbs is able to field his best XI against the Spaniards. Os Guerreiros don't lose time and create chances from the go, and on the 14' Bruno Melo heads the ball home on a corner-kick (1-0). Celta seem powerless and are happy to have only conceded one goal in a 1st half controlled by the Portuguese. On the 47', Ednilson delivers a superb pass in the area for Pena (MoM) who scores (2-0). There's not much Vigo can do, and they have to watch the ball enter the net again as C.Ronaldo powers a free-kick past Cavallero for the (3-0).

It's done and in what fashion! Celta Vigo are crushed (5-0) on aggregate and Vitoria Setubal are through to the 2nd Phase with 4W, having scored 10 goals and conceded... none.

The historical record vs Spain gets a little better at 1v2 :

- UEFA Cup 1975 - Round 1 - Real Zaragoza (1-1, 0-4)
- UEFA Cup 2005 - Round 1 - Real Betis Balompié (1-0, 0-2)
- Champions League 2006 - Phase 1 - Real Celta de Vigo (2-0, 3-0)

01-11-14, 11:04 PM
Wow - a long time since you lost now - is an undefeated season on the cards?

01-11-14, 11:14 PM
Wow - a long time since you lost now - is an undefeated season on the cards?
My last defeat was a Liga home game vs Moreirense (1-2) on Dec.6, 2004. We are now Oct.23, 2005. Since then I have played 43 games, for 40 Wins and 3 Draws !!! it's almost becoming embarassing...

Next 2 games are trips to Estadio da Luz and Anfield Road. And I have to rotate my squad. Could be a defeat somewhere there (Liverpool have won their next 3 Champions League games after their Bonfim 0-3 spanking).

01-11-14, 11:52 PM
@fourfourtwo: you black cat! I just lost (1-3) to Benfica... it's all your fault :mad:

02-11-14, 12:39 AM
Tito knew it was bound to happen, he just did not know when, where and how. Benfica will always be Benfica and Forbs would always respect at trip at the Luz, so he fielded his best team to travel there as Setubal - nicknamed 'the Invincible' - were on an astonishing series of 43 games without defeat, the last one being on Dec.12, 2004 at home vs Moreirense...

Oct.23 / Pr.Liga (#8) – Benfica v Vitoria Setubal : 3-1
.goal : Pena
.assist : -
.MoM : -
-> It started out well in front of a 45k crowd as the Champions applied their traditional midfield pressure and created plenty of chances in this 1st half. Like all other teams since the beginning of the season, Benfica was struggling to stay alive and were fortunate to only be 1 goal down after Pena scored following a poor goal-kick. In 10 terrible minutes into the 2nd half, the game was turned upside down. First Nuno Gomes jumped above Bras for the equalizer, then Hélder dived on a corner-kick for a 2nd goal. Marco Tabuas could have done better on both headers, and as the players were getting into position for the central-kick, Rahim Ouedraogo lost it. Was it verbal abuse? simply nerves leeting go? he punched Argel in the face and got red-carded (turned into a 7-games suspension!). Disorganized, Vitoria let go a 3rd goal on 59' by Feher. It is a shame because even at 10 v 11, the visitors continued to press, dominate and created multiple chances - but keeper José Moreira was in a great day and earned the MoM award.

http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/VS-Benfica-231005_zps006acb34.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/VS-Benfica-231005_zps006acb34.png.html)

Losing away to Benfica was in no way shameful, but it was nevertheless a crashing defeat which no one saw coming. Forbs knew it would weigh in the minds of his players, and was furthermore handicaped by the very heavy ban imposed on Ouedraogo, which would severly limit his options at Left and Right Backs - positions in which depth lacked. It was Anfield in 3 days. Setubal was already qualified for Phase 2, but Tito wished to avoid a 2nd defeat in a row...

02-11-14, 11:03 AM
It has to end sometime, and like Arsenal ending their unbeaten league run against Man Utd, you lost yours to title rivals.

Got to pick yourselves up now because, although you don't need to win your next 2 champs league games, you don't want to lose previous momentum!!

Baron Zbimg
02-11-14, 02:17 PM
Bruno Melo has been on fire. Your academy graduate Fernandes already looks awesome at 15, how is he doing in the reserves ?

Christiano withdrawing his transfer request is awesome also, he has realised how good this team is !!

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02-11-14, 02:42 PM
It has to end sometime, and like Arsenal ending their unbeaten league run against Man Utd, you lost yours to title rivals.

Yep. Benfica have great forwards and always score plenty. If their dum coach was investing into good defenders then yes they would be title contenders.

Got to pick yourselves up now because, although you don't need to win your next 2 champs league games, you don't want to lose previous momentum!!

Exactly the way Tito sees it, the only issue being that the next game is 3 days later at Anfield Road...

02-11-14, 02:47 PM
Bruno Melo has been on fire. Your academy graduate Fernandes already looks awesome at 15, how is he doing in the reserves ?
Christiano withdrawing his transfer request is awesome also, he has realised how good this team is !!

- Bruno Melo has been excellent these past 2 seasons, but plagued by injuries. So far this year, he is spared and indeed playing amazing football. He's been the best Guerreiro so far with Figo and Pena.
- Agreed, Fernandes looks a possible great in the making (unlike the other two, sadly). The thing is Vitoria Setubal have no reserve team so he gets no play time at all. There is the option to loan him out...
- I could not believe my eyes when I saw CR7's turn-around so quickly after his initial request to leave. It's just great to see Figo/Ronaldo side-by-side on the match sheet before each game, I love it!

02-11-14, 03:11 PM
Oct.26 / Champions Cup (Phase 1, #5) – Liverpool v Vitoria Setubal : 1-1
.goal : Pena
.assist : -
.MoM : -
-> It’s a wet and cold October evening in Liverpool as Setubal, who are already qualified, will try and avoid a 2nd consecutive defeat. Ednilson who had a poor game at the Luz is rested, and Bocas starts ahead of Bras… only to be red-carded after 9’ for a two-footed tackle! It’s a terrible start, Tito decides to play defense and brings on Lassissi for C.Ronaldo. For most of the 1st half Os Guerreiros are brave, defend, win their duels and are rewarded on the 40’ as at the end of a counter-attack, Pena is quicker on the rebound and scores (0-1). Anfield starts singing, and just before half-time Spaniard Victor bends a long-range shot from the right flank into the side-net, it’s (1-1). The 2nd half will be much tougher, the English dominate the game now and Michael Owen will hit twice the crossbar. In the end it’s a bit of a lucky result, but Forbs is particuarly happy that his boys have had the guts to hold at Anfield whilst playing 1-man down.

The draw is enough though to see Liverpool through to the next phase. The record against English clubs gets better, now 5v3 and the great Liverpool dominated twice :

- UEFA Cup 1969 - 1/4 final - v Newcastle United (3-1, 1-5)
- UEFA Cup 1970 - Round 2 - v Liverpool (1-0, 2-3)
- UEFA Cup 1971 - 1/4 final - v Leeds United (1-1, 1-2)
- UEFA Cup 1973 - 1/4 final - v Tottenham Hotspur (2-1, 0-1)
- UEFA Cup 1974 - Round 3 - v Leeds United (3-1, 0-1)
- UEFA Cup 2003 - Round 4 - v Leeds United (3-2, 1-0)
- UEFA Cup 2004 - 1/2 final - v Southampton (3-0, 3-0)
- Champions League 2006 – Phase 1 – v Liverpool (3-0, 1-1)

Oct.30 / Pr.Liga (#9) – Vitoria Setubal v Leixões : 4-0
.goals : C.Ronaldo, Pena, Ednilson, Bruno Melo
.assists : Nélson Veiga, Ednilson, Figo, C.Ronaldo
.MoM : C.Ronaldo
-> Without being as dominant as a few weeks back, Setubal win comfortably with great midflield play by Ednilson and Bruno Melo, and C.Ronaldo (MoM) finally back at his best after a couple of months under the radar. Starting now that Ouedraogo is suspended after showing his boxing skills at the Luz, Tiago Silva delivers a very solid performance.

Emerson Thome was on his last year of contract and would have been happy to renew. But at £6.75k/w and 33yr-old he was a burden on the salary mass of the club and had lost Tito's confidence in October 2004 when he collected 2 red-cards in the space of 3 games, in spite of the coach's warning. Bras had taken his starting slot last year, and now Bocas was also a preferred option at DC while Matoukou and Pepe has seen their contracts extended and were pushing hard behind. This should have been sufficient to explain Tito finally putting the Brazilian CB him on transfer-list... but the player took it as a personal betrayal. He made it public as he left for Fluminense (for a symbolic £100k transfer-fee).

http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/Thome-041105_zps3dc29ac9.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/Thome-041105_zps3dc29ac9.png.html)

Thome has played a total of 61 games for Vitoria, and will be particularly remembered for his great performances during the UEFA Cup 2004 Final and even more, the Aug.04 European Supercup vs AS Roma (for which he won the MoM award). The club wishes him well and he will have left his mark in Setubal's HoF.

Nov.5 / Pr.Liga (#10) – Estrela Amadora v Vitoria Setubal : 1-3
.goals : Binho, Pena (2)
.assist : Ednilson
.MoM : Pena
-> Another comfortable away win at Amadora with a very convincing 1st half. Pena (MoM) scores a double and is still the deal at 31yr-old.

Baron Zbimg
02-11-14, 04:10 PM
Besides the game at Benfica Setubal seems unstoppable. I'd be curious to see Bocas play as a striker.

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03-11-14, 10:49 AM
What is the portuguese for "bouncebackability" because you have certainly shown that. Hope you can get another couple of years out of CR7

Thome doesn't look like a loss.

03-11-14, 10:53 AM
Well... it looks like you're in a row. Don't mind... one defeat and no draws in a great number of games... what is your point advantage for the second place?

Is that tactic available for download in here? I use the 4132pool but I have an hard time playing well enough when the computer decides to play with some tatics (4-1-3-2, your tactic...). With Barreirense I can get through (because I have the better roster... and I can start with 3 central defenders vs your tactic and with players that are strong and jump a lot... or because I just win more because there are lots of draws when everyone is using 4-1-3-2) but I have an hard time with National teams :P

03-11-14, 11:11 AM
What is the portuguese for "bouncebackability" because you have certainly shown that. Hope you can get another couple of years out of CR7

I have no clue how to say this in Portuguese - maybe troza will ! Tito has selected his players for their fighting spirit and has not nicknamed them "Os Guerreiros" (aka the Warriors) for nothing... ;-)

Emerson Thome was a solid and experienced CB, but at 33yr-old he was struggling to be on the bench so his departure should not affect the squad really.

As for CR7, let's see how long until he newt asks to leave ! I don't know why but I have remarkably few bids coming for my players, it's been going on for a couple of years now.

03-11-14, 11:20 AM
Well... it looks like you're in a row. Don't mind... one defeat and no draws in a great number of games... what is your point advantage for the second place?

End of November I have 2pts lead on Boavista and 4pts lead on FC Porto.

Is that tactic available for download in here? I use the 4132pool but I have an hard time playing well enough when the computer decides to play with some tatics (4-1-3-2, your tactic...). With Barreirense I can get through (because I have the better roster... and I can start with 3 central defenders vs your tactic and with players that are strong and jump a lot... or because I just win more because there are lots of draws when everyone is using 4-1-3-2) but I have an hard time with National teams :P

I have tried to explain in post#6 on the 1st page of this thread what I have done with my (defensive) tactic. The starting template was a tactic called "wineandcoke" except that instead of having 3 MC's, I have 3 DMC's. I have then modified the wib/wob screens so that my players (in particular DL, DR and both AMC) would be less centralized than on "wineandcoke" - so most likely, if tested, my "Os Guerreiros" tactic would be much less efficient than the template it was derived from (since I understand the more centralized in the wib/wob screens, the better). In any case if you still want it (and explain to me in a private message were to upload it...), I will be happy to share.

03-11-14, 11:29 AM
Nov.8 / Champions Cup (Phase 1, #6) – Vitoria Setubal v Ajax : 3-1
.goals : Pena (3)
.assists : C.Ronaldo (2), Figo
.MoM : Pena
-> Another stunning 1st half at Bonfim with Ednilson and C.Ronaldo setting-up the platform for a great hat-trick by Pena (MoM). The Dutch are groggy, but will fight back in a much more balanced 2nd half. In the end it s another convincing victory for Setubal who finish top of their group with an impressive (5W, 1D).

The 2nd Phase draw was always going to be terrible considering that it is done amongst the 16 best European sides – and Setubal being part of such gotha is simply mind-bobbling. Yet it is difficult to imagine a worst schedule with legends 2005 finalists FC Barcelona, triple European Champions (2002/03/04) AS Roma, and on-fire Scottish of Celtic Glasgow. Os Guerreiros will get to play at the Camp Nou, Celtic Park and Stadio Olimpico… wow.

http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/Phase2-091105_zpsfeed7262.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/Phase2-091105_zpsfeed7262.png.html)

Nov.13 / Taça (Rnd.4) – Famalicão v Vitoria Setubal : 0-3
.goals : Bosingwa, João Paiva, Correia
.assists : -
.MoM : Andrade
-> The 1st round of Taça de Portugal is an opportunity for Tito to rotate his squad and give a run to his younger players (Pinheiro, Matoukou, Pepe, Teixeira, Bosingwa, Felipe Oliveira, João Paiva, Correia and even 18yr-old Rodrigues for his 1st app) against lower league side Famalicão. They have a difficult 1st half but Pinheiro shows once again his skills as keeper, and then veteran Andrade (MoM) guides them to victory in the 2nd half. Artur Correia delivers a splendid free-kick on the 84’.

Nov.20 / Pr.Liga (#11) – Aves v Vitoria Setubal : 1-1
.goal : Moreira
.assist : -
.MoM : -
-> Tito is once again forced to rotate with a home game vs Celtic in 3 days. He rests Bras, Ednilson and Binho. It’s a wet day in Aves who are a solid side this season (ranked 5th), and unfortunately both Pena and C.Ronaldo struggle greatly. Setubal push and are rewarded with an opportunitic goal by Moreira on the 69’, but the home side don’t give up and will equalize on their sole real chance at 80’. Vitoria are forced to draw points.

03-11-14, 11:35 AM
Make sure you beat Celtic ! Just remind your players that the shirts look like Sporting !

03-11-14, 11:43 AM
Make sure you beat Celtic ! Just remind your players that the shirts look like Sporting !
stay tuned! match report coming soon :-)

03-11-14, 12:08 PM
It was already a key game. Although they had walked out of their Phase 1 group in pole position (5W, 1L), Celtic Glasgow were probably the least frightening name of the three opponents Setubal would be facing - therefore a win at Bonfim was a must if Vitoria were to entertain any (crazy) hope to battle for the quarter-finals. Even with Edgar Davis and Marco di Vaio out injured, Celtic were full of great talents with Swedish legends Hedman and Larsson, Italian grafter Gattuso in midfield, Spaniard Joaquin on the righ-flank and English internationals Southgate and Dyer.

http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/Celtic-241105_zps1791fa28.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/Celtic-241105_zps1791fa28.png.html)

Nov.23 / Champions Cup (Phase 2, #1) – Vitoria Setubal v Celtic : 1-0

- The Scots remain defensive early on and it is Vitoria pushing in front of a passionate crowd at "fortaleza Bonfim"
- Rahim Ouedraogo starts strong and fights hard against Joaquin on their flank
- 29': Setubal increase pressure and C.Ronaldo's header is just wide from the post!
- 32': it's a great play in midfield with Ednilson finding Pena in the area -> he's brought down by Gattuso -> oh the ref points to the 10m, it's a penalty! Bruno Melo (MoM) steps-up, lots of pressure on the Portuguese midfielder... it's in! (1-0).
- Setubal have taken the lead and the game comes to a stall until the hour
- 61': Tito has been urging from the sideline his boys to push and look for a 2nd goal, and it's a great combination between Pena and Luis Figo, who advances on the keeper -> oh Hedman parried that!
- 63': free-kick. C.Ronaldo starts his run -> it's on target, saved by the Swedish keeper.
- 64': Celtic about to crack, an impressive Pena dribbles through the defense and gets Figo alone in the area -> the Portuguese international star shoots -> oh no, he misses, it's above the crossbar! that's the 2nd goal just vanished... Luis Figo is not having a good game that's for sure.
- The Glasgow side, who play in black today, try to react but get no clear chances on goal while Binho in the midfield impresses by his defensive skills
- 92': dying minutes of the game, ball falls to Luis Andrade who delivers a glorious pass in the space for Pena, he advances on Hedman -> oh he misses, it's wide!

Setubal win, it's (1-0) on a penalty-kick but the 3pts are very much deserved against a solid, but inferior Celtic side tonight. Well done lads (and thanks for keeping The Eejit happy, too).