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25-01-15, 11:28 AM
The main rivals of Vitoria Setubal - Os Tres Grandes - have been trying to strengthen their respective squads over the summer to compete with the Champions of Portugal. As usual they turned to Brazil which seems to have an infinite pool of talents, and so far there were two stand-out recruits: international 30yr-old star Denilson joined Sporting while U21 international Diego (whom Forbs had declined to recruit at the very last minute a few years ago) signed with FC Porto.

The summer training camp had been completed messed up this year with the dozen of players who had been involved at Euro 2008 and who therefore, had started their commando/fitness regime much later. Nevertheless, all starters bar Olembé and Bras, were fit enough to play the Supercup against arch-rivals Sporting. This was the 3rd time both clubs clashed in this competition, each having won once.

> Aug.9, 2008 / Supercup – Vitoria Setubal v Sporting CP : 1-0 / goal: Bruno Melo / assist: Nélson Veiga / MoM: Nélson Veiga
Sporting start well but Marco Tabuas holds the fort between the sticks and on 14', captain Bruno Melo silences the sceptics and opens fire with a powerful floor-shot. Both sides are a bit rusty and the game stalls a little after that, but it is Os Guerreiros who get most chances. Nélson Veiga has a blinder on his right flank and puts a lot of pressure on the Lisboans. That early goal is enough in the end to secure the trophy!

http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/VS-Sporting-160808_zpsed36fb57.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/VS-Sporting-160808_zpsed36fb57.png.html)

Without being neither fully fit nor ready, Setubal have nevertheless managed to win their 3rd Portuguese Supercup and start their season showing their main challenger that they intend to keep their domestic crown. Taribo West (now 34) was very pleased to play his first game in a year following his terrible injury.

25-01-15, 03:40 PM
It was definitely his time to go. Shame he never got the chance to shine though, he's one of my favourite ODB players!

25-01-15, 09:19 PM
There's a 2-weeks gap between the Supercup and the opening game of the Liga at Bonfim, so Forbs decides to pay tribute again to British football and 3 years after Scotland, Os Guerreiros will tour Northern Ireland. All internationals involved in the Euro stay in training camp in Portugal while a lot of the younger players will get their chance. 2 games are played.

> Linfield v Setubal : 0-3 / A solid first game with a double from Mendonça and a superb captain Bosingwa. Young Academy product Armando Rosa (19) wears the Setubal shirt for the first time.
> Portadown v Setubal : 0-0 / Academy product Tiago Pereira (19) and recruit Pinto Neves appear for the first time in a game during which minnows Portadown have their moment of glory as they draw against the Champions of Portugal.

It's time for the season opener in the Championship at home against an always dangerous side of Belenenses. Bras and Coutinho are not 100% fit and are replaced by a West-Bocas pair at CB.

> Aug.24, 2008 / Pr.Liga (#1) – Vitoria Setubal v Belenenses : 1-0 / goal: Bruno Melo / MoM: Nélson Veiga
Marco Tabuas once again saves the day in the opening minutes as the 3rd Lisboan side pushed hard. Gradually, Os Guerreiros take control of the game with Nélson Veiga being once more outstanding. Obviously rusted, the attacking trio miss plenty of chances in spite of the efforts of Olisadebe. It is again Bruno Melo who seals a deserved victory with a goal at 64'.

Tito now turns on the radio for the draw of Phase 1 of the 2008/09 Champions League, in which Setubal is now considered a serious outsider following their superb run last season which ended only in semi-finals. Well, lady luck had been on Forbs' side recently but this time it's an all-time horror group as far as 1st Phase is concerned :

http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/CL-1-Group-200808_zps18a3ac41.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/CL-1-Group-200808_zps18a3ac41.png.html)

With the victory over Juve in last year 1/4 final the all-time record vs Italian sides was now favourable again at 7v6. Perugia were not favoured to qualify from that Group but had to be taken seriously.

- UEFA Cup 1966/67 - Round 1 - Juventus (0-2, 1-3)
- UEFA Cup 1968/69 - Round 3 - Fiorentina (3-0, 1-2)
- UEFA Cup 1972/73 - Round 2 - Fiorentina (1-0, 1-2)
- UEFA Cup 1972/73 - Round 3 - Inter Milan (2-0, 0-1)
- UEFA Cup 1999/00 - Round 1 - AS Roma (1-0, 0-7)
- UEFA Cup 2002/03 - Quarter-Final - Bologna 1909 (0-3, 0-2)
- European Supercup 2004 - AS Roma (0-0, pen)
- Champions League 2005/06 – Phase 2 – AS Roma (2-0, 1-2)
- Champions League 2005/06 - Quarter-Final - Inter Milan (0-3, 0-1)
- Champions League 2006/07 - Phase 1 - AS Roma (0-2, 0-2)
- UEFA Cup 2006/07 - Final - Napoli (1-2)
- Champions League 2007/08 – Phase 2 – Udinese (1-0, 0-0)
- Champions League 2007/08 – Quarter-Final – Juventus (2-0, 1-1)

Obviously the main challenge would be against both Spanish giants, although having topped the Phase 2 Group last season just ahead of Barça had put the all-time record at 2v3 and gave some glimmer of hope to the Portuguese.

- UEFA Cup 1974/75 - Round 1 - Real Zaragoza (1-1, 0-4)
- UEFA Cup 2004/05 - Round 1 - Real Betis Balompié (1-0, 0-2)
- Champions League 2005/06 - Phase 1 - Real Celta de Vigo (2-0, 3-0)
- Champions League 2005/06 - Phase 2 - FC Barcelona (0-4, 3-2)
- Champions League 2007/08 - Phase 2 - FC Barcelona (0-0, 0-0)

25-01-15, 09:36 PM
It was time to switch back to the Seleção who after a great Euro 2008, had been drawn in an achievable Group 7 for the World Cup Qualifiers with: Albania, Bulgaria, Northern Ireland and Slovakia (none of which had managed to qualify for a major tournamement in the past decade). The opening game was in Tirana and quite naturally Forbs had chosen continuity in his squad selection after his first 2 years in charge. Hélder Postiga had now taken the starting Striker slot from an ageing Nuno Gomes (32) while Luis Boa Morte (31) was also on the downside and it was time for Lourenço to show all his worth at AMC.


Nélson Veiga.............................Coutinho........ ......................Rui Marques..........................Mario Silva

Bruno Melo (c).................Petit....................Ednil son

Cr. Ronaldo..............................Lourenço

Hélder Postiga

(Subs: Marco Tabuas, Bruno Basto, Bocas, Bosingwa, Boa Morte, Pinto Neves, Nuno Gomes)

> Aug.30, 2008 / World Cup Qualifications Gr.7 (#1) – Albania v PORTUGAL : 1-4 / goals: H.Postiga (2), Nélson Veiga, Petit / assists: Ednilson, Cr.Ronaldo / MoM: H.Postiga
The locals start surprisingly well and dominate the first half-hour, the Seleção owing it only to Quim not to concede a goal. Gradually the Portuguese use their much superior technical skills and will score four goals, including a double from a decisive Hélder Postiga and the 1st ever goal for superb right-back Nélson Veiga. It's a convincing win altogether; Guerreiro Bosingwa gets his 1st ever cap at the age of 25.

A great start for Portugal in the competition - although some in the Federação seem to complain that the fans are not entirely behind their team... whatever this means.

http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/news-020908_zps296acc7d.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/news-020908_zps296acc7d.png.html)

25-01-15, 10:20 PM
Tito could feel the attacking power of his squad in danger of slipping off: Olisadebe was turning 30 in a couple of months and Pena 35, while Kaka and to a lesser extent Cr.Ronaldo were not world-class. Pinto Neves was a great addition, but Forbs asked his faithful scout Pedro Figueiredo to sign a young promising Brazilian player. The talent pool over there was simply amazing and Figueiredo submitted several superb candidates to his boss. In the end the coach agreed to pay £2.9m to São Caetano for 19-year old AM-L/C Mauro Oliveira de Sa, now nicknamed Oliveisa. He looked very promising and with hard work, could soon have quite an impact for Os Guerreiros. The staff would try to retraining him also as a Forward for more versatility. He would be on £2.7k/w and was starting his 4th season as a pro.

http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/Oliveisa-010908_zpsa82405d4.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/Oliveisa-010908_zpsa82405d4.png.html)

(I think he may be Leonardo's regen)

Baron Zbimg
26-01-15, 12:13 AM
I have been away so I had a lot of catch-up to do. Unfortunate loss against France but good tournament overall. Good to see Tito pursuing his mission with his mother country.

Joao Paiva definitely has the look of a striker who could have scored a lot of goals, I think you should have given him more opportunities, and you may try to give him a chance with Portugal in a friendly.

Eejit is absolutely right, this kind of message usually happens when things are going great at the club, and it's definitely due to the transfer request from three years ago. It's likely they will also soon add Bruno Melo in the message. BtW once players are pissed against another one it takes a while for them to forget. Although incredibly difficult, it may be time to let your playmaker go ...

I don't think Oliveisa is Leonardo as I think he's a forward in the game.

Also, have you tracked Rui Costa's and Paulo Sousa's regens ?

Baron Zbimg
26-01-15, 12:14 AM
Oh and one last thing, please give a chance to Bocas upfront !!! :)

26-01-15, 07:41 AM
Wow, tough group. I didn't even know it was possible to get 2 teams from the same country in the same group?!
It will be all the sweeter when you qualify ;)

26-01-15, 11:48 AM
Real and Barca in the same group :jaw: That is the ultimate in bad luck, although with Tito there too, just think what poor Perugia are thinking.

Sad to see Joao Paiva go, but like you said, he hadn't broken into the team as a starter and didn't look like doing so.
What is the plan with Bruno Mella ? How old is he and how long is on his contract ? I guess he is not likely to sign a new contract so will you make him see it out (and lose him for nothing) or will you cash in with a year to go ?

26-01-15, 01:10 PM
For some reason I had a bad feeling about this season, and that was before I saw the Champions League group! One of Barcelona or Real Madrid must be doing poorly though because I think there's only one top seed per group (and presumably Setubal are at least a second seed by now) - have you looked at the Champions League seedings?

26-01-15, 09:20 PM
I've never seen that happening on CM... two clubs from the same country in the phase 1 of the champions league? I guess that's a bug :P

26-01-15, 10:06 PM
I have been away so I had a lot of catch-up to do. Unfortunate loss against France but good tournament overall. Good to see Tito pursuing his mission with his mother country.

Yep, we were not that far off but the French deserved to go trough. Tito has grown fond of the Seleção and really wants to take them to the World Cup! that and a new exciting generation popping up...

Joao Paiva definitely has the look of a striker who could have scored a lot of goals, I think you should have given him more opportunities, and you may try to give him a chance with Portugal in a friendly.

Maybe. Let's see how he does in Salgueiros first, this is the perfect club for him to shine and so far he is in fierce competition with George and Chonos for a starting slot upfront.

Eejit is absolutely right, this kind of message usually happens when things are going great at the club, and it's definitely due to the transfer request from three years ago. It's likely they will also soon add Bruno Melo in the message. BtW once players are pissed against another one it takes a while for them to forget. Although incredibly difficult, it may be time to let your playmaker go ...

I think Forbs has now accepted that fact, but the issue is that 1/ he is not unhappy and has never asked to be transfer-listed and 2/ Real Madrid wanted to pay their £14m in 12 months installment, which Tito thought was kind of a joke. And there is no way Setubal are going to put him just like that on transfer-list, with half of the squad being "honoured to be training alongside Bruno Melo". So let's see how this develops. The 3 players that were unhappy because "they hope Bruno Melo will learn from his mistakes" are now back to normal.

I don't think Oliveisa is Leonardo as I think he's a forward in the game.

He is not in ODB v3.9.68 - this is Leonardo in August 2001
http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/Leonardo_zpsbdf15da3.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/Leonardo_zpsbdf15da3.png.html)

Also, have you tracked Rui Costa's and Paulo Sousa's regens ?

Rui Costa's regen popped up 2 years ago at Belenenses as "Carlos Vidal". He is quickly developping into a star player but with a stamina of...3.
I have actually just located Paulo Sousa's regen who just popped up as free transfer. He's got a stamina of 7, I may recruit him though as back-up.

As for Bocas, I have thought many times (under your guidance) to field him upfront and have done so as a sub on a few occasions. The thing is, solid CB are hard to find and this year he is having a cracking start of the season alongside Coutinho, so... ;-)

26-01-15, 10:12 PM
Real and Barca in the same group. That is the ultimate in bad luck, although with Tito there too, just think what poor Perugia are thinking.

Actually Perugia makes it even worse! they finished 3rd of the Calcio and may well have the key to who qualifies...

Sad to see Joao Paiva go, but like you said, he hadn't broken into the team as a starter and didn't look like doing so.
What is the plan with Bruno Mella ? How old is he and how long is on his contract ? I guess he is not likely to sign a new contract so will you make him see it out (and lose him for nothing) or will you cash in with a year to go ?

Bruno Melo is 27 and we've renewed his contract last year, until 2013. So there's at least 2 protected years left. I've just checked and indeed, he will not renew his contract anymore. So basically, any decent bid (north of £10m) that comes in and he's gone - as long as it is not in Portugal.

26-01-15, 10:16 PM
For some reason I had a bad feeling about this season, and that was before I saw the Champions League group! One of Barcelona or Real Madrid must be doing poorly though because I think there's only one top seed per group (and presumably Setubal are at least a second seed by now) - have you looked at the Champions League seedings?
The game is really doing a good job: between the ridiculous Phase 1 Group and the perspective of losing both Cr. Ronaldo and Bruno Melo, we are in for a rough ride. But the squad is solid and Tito commands huge respect ;-)

I checked the seeds and indeed, Real Madrid are in the second seeds, while Barça and Setubal are first seeds. Madrid qualified as 3rd of the Liga, this may explain? they've won the CL in 2005 and were semi-finalists last season...

- - - Updated - - -

I've never seen that happening on CM... two clubs from the same country in the phase 1 of the champions league? I guess that's a bug :P

26-01-15, 10:25 PM
Fate had decided that the first European game this season would be at one of the toughest and most intimidating venues of the continent: Estadio Santiago Bernabeu in Madrid, where Setubal had never played before. Hosts Real Madrid have last won the Champions League in 2005 and only bowed last year in semi-final against future winners AS Roma. Os Guerreiros would be up against legends such as Iker Casillas, Michel Salgado, Fabricio Coloccini, Esteban Cambiasso, Fernando Morientes and young skillful striker Portillo. Forbs selected West ahead of a more offensive Olembé at LB, Bocas ahead of Bras at CB while Rodolfo started for an injured Bosingwa.

> Sep.10, 2008 / Champions League (Phase.1, #1) – Real Madrid v Vitoria Setubal : 2-3 / goals: Kaka, Olisadebe, Cr.Ronaldo / assists: Cr.Ronaldo, Olembé / MoM: Cr.Ronaldo

- The 65k crowd roars in order to put as much pressure on the Portuguese Champions
- 5’: it seems to work splendidly as following a superb move, Morientes finds Portillo for a winning header that stuns M.Tabuas! (1-0).
- 7’: Os Guerreiros react with Cr.Ronaldo who finds West, the Nigerian shoots with his right foot and ho, Casillas parries!
- 28’: the Spanish duo upfront is quite something, as Morientes combines again with Portillo but this time, Marco Tabuas saves.
- the game evens out as Vitoria share posession on their turf with La Casa Blanca.
- 44’: the visitors combine well just before half-time, Cr.Ronaldo finds Kaka in the area who strikes a superb volley under the crossbar and it’s… GOOOOOOOOOOOOL! (1-1), the Brazilian has levelled it! A blessing before going back to the dressing room. Kaka has actually picked-up a knock right after his goal, and is subbed for the 2nd half by young Pinto Neves.

- 47’: Real must take the lead and Morientes evades the defense and is through in the area -> oh he misses, it’s high…
- 49’: Casillas’ goal-kick is too short, Pinto Neves deflects for Olisadebe always on the lookout for chances, he advances and does not miss! Setubal take the lead!! (1-2). What a striker.
- 60’: Ednilson now in midfield with a great inspiration for Olisadebe in the area, he has time -> it’s wide. Olembé subs a limping West on the left flank.
- 63’: Pablo Sierra has just come in for Madrid and the man-marking of Vitoria is slightly disorganized; the Spanish winger manages to break free on the left flank and finds the header of Torsten Frings on the far post and BOOM! It’s the equalizer, oh no! (2-2). What a thriller this game is, both teams play really well!
- 64’: Pinto Neves takes it back to the Spaniards immediately after and shoots from a distance -> parried by Sanct Iker.
- 68’: oh when Cristiano Ronaldo breaks free on a run like that, it means trouble… the wonderkid silences the Bernabeu as he sprints past 2 defenders and delivers an amazing stike in the back of the net, oh what a GOOOOOOOOOOOL! and Setubal are back in front (2-3), it’s amazing! the Madrid scouts have had an eye on Bruno Melo for a while, but it’s Ronaldo who is turning their heads tonight!
- Real struggle to create chances anymore as Coutinho and Bocas have now taken the advantage over Morientes-Portillo.
- 91’: we’re in overtime and there’s a last free-kick from the Man of the Match -> Casillas parries, he could not avoid defeat but spared humiliation for his side. It’s over!

http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/RM-VS-100908_zpsde8ba1d8.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/RM-VS-100908_zpsde8ba1d8.png.html)

Oh what a fantastic win this is, one of the most impressive ever in Setubal’s European history for sure. A great game of football and a real thriller with no less than 5 goals! In the other game of the Group, Perugia have prevailed (2-0) over Barça, making it a terrible start for both Spanish giants!

26-01-15, 10:57 PM
Nice win :)

27-01-15, 12:16 AM
Great result! That and Perugia's win sets the rest of the group up nicely...

27-01-15, 12:23 AM
Great result against Madrid there Rui! Perugia's win against Barça shakes the group up from the start.
Are these results being achieved with your future lynchpin Fernandes in midfield? That boy will stand you in good stead for years I'm sure.

27-01-15, 06:54 AM
Great result against Madrid there Rui! Perugia's win against Barça shakes the group up from the start.
Are these results being achieved with your future lynchpin Fernandes in midfield? That boy will stand you in good stead for years I'm sure.
We have played 3 official matches so far this season and young Fernandes (he is still 18) has appeared in none. He has however continued to improve and is likely to get more play time this season in midfield (see post below); in fact we have just agreed to renew his contract until 2013 - unlike fellow 2005 Academy graduate Sérgio Daniel (19) who has been placed on transfer-list.

27-01-15, 07:02 AM
3 days later Setubal host Maritimo in the Liga. The schedule being so tight and the Champions League group so tough that Tito decides to rest several starters (Nélson Veiga, Coutinho, Ednilson, Cr.Ronaldo, Olisadebe) and rely on his squad’s depth.

> Sep.13, 2008 / Pr.Liga (#2) – Vitoria Setubal v Maritimo : 1-0 / goal: Pena / assist: Bruno Melo / MoM: P.Teixeira
The game starts well and Os Guerreiros dominate… until the 27’ when Rodolfo is sent-off for a two-foot tackle (3-games suspension). Down to 10-men, Vitoria however manage to squeeze in one goal just before half-time by veteran Pena. Paulo Teixeira has a phenomenal 2nd half and when Maritimo’s CB Moises collects a 2nd yellow card at 69’, Bonfim knows Funchal is never coming back. The crowd enjoyed seeing veterans Binho and Diop out-muscling the midfield towards the end.

It was a narrow win but it worked, while each of Sporting, Porto and Benfica have only managed 2-pts in the first 2 games. Bosingwa is the only one missing out for they key Champions League home tie against a surprising Perugia side.

> Sep.16, 2008 / Champions League (Phase.1, #2) – Vitoria Setubal v Perugia : 1-1 / goal: Rodolfo / MoM: Olembé
The Italian side does not have any big names but is full of very solid, mostly Italian players. Setubal start well, winning the midfield battle and creating several chances by Cr.Ronaldo or Nélson Veiga… until a great run by Ednilson sees the ball fall back to Rodolfo who redeems himself and opens fire with the opener after 28’! (1-0). From that point the Italians play more offensive and get dangerous, until 47’ with the superb run on the right flank by Pierini who finds Rosa in the area and it’s (1-1). While Salomon Olembé does some damage on the left flank, it is a run by Cr.Ronaldo that almost gets the locals ahead -> alas, his powerful strike shatters the crossbar. Os Guerreiros now apply more and more pressure score… but Rodolfo goes recklessly in a tackle and is immediately red-carded, for the 2nd game in a row! Oh no! there’s a last inspiration by Kaka who finds Cr.Ronaldo free for a header which is close, but slightly wide. The lads have to share the points at home…

After the superb win at the Bernabeu, this is a disappoiting result. The anger of Forbs is directed towards his Brazilian DMC Rodolfo who gets a 2-weeks salary suspension for his back-to-back red-cards. The coach is on the brink of transfer-listing him but that would be acting on emotion, he decides to wait a little. In the meantime, Madrid have won in the Camp Nou (0-1) which means Barça are in a dreadful situation and will have to beat Setubal to stay alive!

It’s really one game after another at a frantic pace; prioritizing Europe, Forbs this time really fields a 2nd string side in Faro for the next Liga match, with Fernandes starting and Brazilian recruit Oliveisa playing his first ever game for Os Sadinos.

> Sep.20, 2008 / Pr.Liga (#3) – Farense v Vitoria Setubal : 1-3 / goals: Oliveisa, Binho, Lassissi / assists: West, Bras, Oliveisa / MoM: Oliveisa
Farense know it’s their chance to beat the Champions today and they will dominate the game. Setubal are really lucky to have a keeper such as Marco Tabuas who manages no less than 7 saves. Oliveisa has an amazing start for his club, his class being immediately obvious to all, while young Fernandes also shines in midfield. A very lucky win that one!

It had been a long time since Vitoria had not been dominated in this manner in the Primeira Liga; yet the start of the season remains very positive. Next up is Barça visiting Bonfim (for the 3rd time!) in a life or death game for the Catalans...

Baron Zbimg
27-01-15, 11:21 AM
Great start for Oliveisa and a huge game ahead !

27-01-15, 04:38 PM
What a start to the season and what an exiting UCL group. Can't wait to see how it unfolds.

Glad to see that Bruno Mello will not be going to a direct rival.

27-01-15, 10:44 PM
FC Barcelona is visiting Bonfim once again, after the now famous 2006 game (3-2) which qualified Vitoria for its first Champions League quarter-final, and last year’s draw (0-0). A few legendary players have left (Cannavaro, Ayala, Montella, Giggs) but their side remains studded with great players such as Nowotny, Pujol, Gerard, Xavi or Saviola. Louis van Gaal submits his match sheet and it’s a surprise to see ex-Setubal forward Almani Moreira starting the game! On his side, Forbs is able to field his best XI.

> Sep.23, 2008 / Champions League (Phase.1, #3) – Vitoria Setubal v FC Barcelona : 3-0 / goals: Olisadebe (2), Kaka / assists: Bruno Melo (2), Cr.Ronaldo / MoM: Bruno Melo

- when the name of Moreira is spelled out by the speaker, the crowd stop booing and send in a round of applause for the ex-Guerreiro (4 seasons at the club – 2003/07)
- the quadruple Spanish Champions have only failed once (in 2003) over the past 7 years to reach the quarter-finals of the Champions League, and managed to play 3 finals (all lost); this time however in this group of death, their terrible start (2L) means they need a result in Fortaleza Bonfim tonight.
- 2’: they are quick in action with a great free-kick by Saviola -> saved by Marco Tabuas.
- 11’: the fans roar as the local midfield combines really well and the amazing Bruno Melo finds Olisadebe in the area, who places the ball under the body of Abbiati and…. GOOOOOOOOOOOOL! oh the opener for Vitoria on their first chance, it’s (1-0).
- there is a lot of tension on the pitch and after 20’, Os Guerreiros have already collected 3 YC’s, 2 of which for fouls on ex team-mate Moreira.
- 26’: Kaka had been somewhat criticized lately in Portugal for “failing to become a true world-class player”; in a moment of magic, the Brazilian gets the ball in midfield, resists the challenge of no less than Iniesta and Xavi, shuns the ball away from Nowotny and pounds an amazing floor-strike which ends into Spanish nets! oh GOOOOOL! GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL! this is a fantastic goal by Kaka and it’s now (2-0)!
- 30’: good move between Arca and Xavi, for Moreira in the area -> another save by M.Tabuas.
- the last push before haf-time and Olembé crosses-in the far post for Kaka -> great save here by Abbiati… it’s a counter-attack and young Dutchman Winjgaard turns with the ball and aims, but Marco Tabuas once again delivers a superb save!
- half-time, Setubal are up (2-0) and the crowd is extatic!

- it’s a race against the clock now for the Catalans, and on 53’ Xavi centres for Moreira’s header -> parried again by the great keeper!
- 60’: we have not seen much of Cr.Ronaldo so far, here he goes with a free-kick -> amazing strike and Abbiati puts it into corner with his fingertips, oh close!
- 64’: Argentinian superstar Javier Saviola is trying to turn the table here, aims from long-range and it’s going fast under the corner of the crossbar, this has to be a goal but Holy Mary, Marco Tabuas is flying tonight and he gets to that ball and somehow tips it away! oh this is an extraordinary save which leaves the crowd in admiration while van Gaal holds his head between his hands in despair…
- 79’: the triumph is not complete yet, Bruno Melo has posession in midfield, and with an inspiration which is the mark of the greats he slots a superb pass in the area right for Olisadebe who controls and pounds the 3rd GOOOOOOOOOL! Barça are humbled by the Portuguese minnows and are down (3-0)! oh this is a dream…
- 81’: the Catalans are truly stunned now and Olisadebe’s half-volley almost finds the net again!
- 89’: the game ends with yet another winning tackle by the great Bocas, who has dominated Saviola tonight heads & shoulders…
- the ref blows and that’s it, game over and what a stunning result this is for Vitoria!

Tito Forbs himself did not expect such a victory… while everyone dances and sings around, he has a closer look at the match sheet and realizes how much the entire team owes to an amazing Marco Tabuas who at 31yr-old is in the form of his life.

http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/VS-Barccedila-230908_zpsa6be4ae0.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/VS-Barccedila-230908_zpsa6be4ae0.png.html)

In the other game, Real Madrid have dominated and beaten Perugia (2-0). All remains open in the Group but it would take something of a miracle if Barcelona pulled through.

27-01-15, 10:47 PM
There are two games in the Liga before the October 2-weeks international break.

> Sep.28, 2008 / Pr.Liga (#4) – Vitoria Setubal v Salgueiros : 3-1 / goals: Cr.Ronaldo, Kaka (2) / assists: Cr.Ronaldo, Bruno Melo / MoM: Kaka
Since the 2006/07 season, Tito is always wary of Salgueiros. It is by no means an easy game in Bonfim, but great performances from Cr.Ronaldo, Kaka and again Bocas ensure victory.

> Oct.1, 2008 / Pr.Liga (#5) – Leixões v Vitoria Setubal : 0-3 / goals: Kaka (2), Olisadebe / assists: Olisadebe, Ouedraogo, Kaka / MoM: Olisadebe
What may appear when looking at the score sheet as an easy game against promoted Leixões, was in fact a very tight and contested match in which Marco Tabuas was once again superb, letting none of the 4 shots on target of the locals into his nets. Offensively, Os Guerreiros are on fire with truly outstanding performances by Kaka and Olisadebe.

The paradox is that in spite of having really struggled in its last 3 Liga games, Setubal is up to a flying start with 5W and has already built a 6-pts lead on top of the table over 2nd placed Sporting CP.

27-01-15, 10:52 PM
After the easy win in Tirana, the Seleção now has more challenging back-to-back games, at home then away. Tito has a full group and goes with :


Nélson Veiga.............................Bocas........... ...................Rui Marques..........................Mario Silva

Bruno Melo (c).................Petit......................Edn ilson

Cr. Ronaldo..............................Lourenço

Hélder Postiga

(Subs: Marco Tabuas, Bruno Basto, Beto, Paulo Teixeira, Edgar, Pinto Neves, Nuno Gomes)

> Oct.4, 2008 / World Cup Qualifications Gr.7 (#2) – PORTUGAL v Slovakia : 2-0 / goals: H.Postiga (2) / assists: P.Teixeira, Pinto Neves / MoM: H.Postiga
A one-sided game dominated by Portugal who find the nets twice late in the game, with the great assistance of subs Paulo Teixeira and Pinto Neves, and an outstanding finish by Hélder Postiga.

Although Portugal comfortably won there in friendly last March (0-3), the trip to Sofia should be more difficult. Coutinho (for Bocas) and Boa Morte (for Lourenço) start the game.

> Oct.8, 2008 / World Cup Qualifications Gr.7 (#3) – Bulgaria v PORTUGAL : 0-4 / goals: Bruno Melo (pen), H.Postiga, Boa Morte (2) / assists: H.Postiga, Mario Silva, Cr.Ronaldo / MoM: H.Postiga
Without even utterly dominating the game, the Seleção ships 4 goals past a helpless Bulgarian defense, with great performances by Cr.Ronaldo and H.Postiga. The end of the game is a bit chaotic as the local crowd gets mad in front of such an apathic display from their national team.

3 very comfortable wins in 3 games, this Group is looking more and more like a walk in the park for the Seleção …

27-01-15, 11:20 PM
Unlike the Seleção, for Setubal the crazy agenda continues as it is now time for a 3rd trip to the Camp Nou. The first one in 2005 ended in a routing (4-0), however last season Vitoria played a superb game which impressed Europe and should have gotten them more than a point (0-0). Luckily, the squad is spared from injury and the lads go into this game with passion! they will need it, as the Catalans want to avenge the slap they received in Bonfim (3-0) three weeks ago…

> Oct.15, 2008 / Champions League (Phase.1, #4) – FC Barcelona v Vitoria Setubal : 1-0

Like an enormous beast, the Camp Nou can be quite intimidating with its steep curves and 85k Catalans crammed inside cheering for the Blaugranas. Football fans around the world are blessed with these Iberic clashes as this is once again, a superb game of football. Os Guerreiros storm on Abbiati’s cage during the first 10’ with Kaka, Bruno Melo and Olisadebe all having great chances. Throughout the entire first half, it’s going from one goal to the other with intense midfield battle and superb saves by both keepers which makes it a (0-0) score at half-time.

Barça intensify their pressure at the start of the 2nd half and on 51’, Vitoria’s captain Bruno melo goes out injured (he will be away for a full month), replaced by Paulo Teixeira. On the 53’, Coutinho manages an incredible steal on Javier Saviola, rushes forward and delivers a perfect pass for Kaka who can really kick himself for wasting that chance. From that point onwards, the locals will besiege the Portuguese area with a heroic Marco Tabuas who parries 3 near-goals…. Until the 73’ when Gerard finds Nowotny completely free behind the back of the defenders for the sole goal of the game! (1-0). It was close, it was tight, but in the end Setubal concede defeat.

It has once again been an amazing game of football, quite balanced; but champions are champions and FC Barcelona have at least salvaged their pride and are not quite dead yet. It is Tito’s first defeat of the season; but the worst news could be Bruno Melo’s injury which rules him out for the final games against Real and Perugia.

http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/EC-Group1-151008_zps833b0e44.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/EC-Group1-151008_zps833b0e44.png.html)

Forbs wants a fully fit side for the Madrid match in a week and fields a reserve team at home against promoted Espinho, whom Forbs meets for the first time!

> Oct.18, 2008 / Pr.Liga (#6) – Vitoria Setubal v Espinho : 4-1 / goals: Fernandes, Mendonça (pen), Pena (2) / assists: Pinto Neves (2), Diop / MoM: Mendonça
With young Fernandes scoring his 1st ever goal after 3’, the “reserves” march to a comfortable victory under the guidance of Mendonça. Pena, one of Bonfim idols, comes from the bench at 68’ and sends the crowd wild as he manages two goals of his own! the crowd also cheered for their ex-striker Rui Miguel who is back 7 years later and also manages a goal, but for the visitors.

28-01-15, 09:13 AM
Other teams in Portugal must be getting pissed off that you keep winning all the time. Are Vitoria now the most hated club by supporters of other teams ?

28-01-15, 11:11 AM
Just make sure to get through that group... it is hard to imagine you having a second group better than that.

Still... 7 points in 4 games is good... the only result that was bad was the draw vs perugia... but I don't know their team and we all know that CM likes to shift things a lot.

28-01-15, 02:02 PM
Some great results there, and you're in a good place in the Champs League. Not something I expected if I'm honest when you first showed us the group draw!


28-01-15, 09:34 PM
Other teams in Portugal must be getting pissed off that you keep winning all the time. Are Vitoria now the most hated club by supporters of other teams ?
The fans of Os Tres Grandes? oh yes, they hate us to their guts especially those of Sporting since we are depriving them of several years of winning streaks at the summit of Portuguese football, after they have for long lived in the shadow of the other two. That's what? 50% of the Portuguese fans? but the other half, they still love us. Not only have we broken the cartel, not only do we make Portugal proud when we manage for instance to win (2-3) at the Bernabeu, not only do we field more Portuguese nationals than any other of the big teams.. but there is also the special aura of Tito Forbs who is national coach and who now carries probably unrealistic hopes of a great World Cup run in 2010, similar to that of 1966.

28-01-15, 09:37 PM
Still... 7 points in 4 games is good... the only result that was bad was the draw vs perugia... but I don't know their team and we all know that CM likes to shift things a lot.
Perugia are a good side. I would say on paper, they are mid-table of Serie A and in Portuguese world the current equivalent of FC Porto. They have a very solid defense with seasoned veterans such as keeper Lucchetti, Jiranek, Falsini, Di Loreto and Viali plus 2 young talented Italian regens as their strikers. But, on paper, we should have beaten them. We're a better team. Rodolfo's red-card in that game really set Tito mad.

28-01-15, 09:54 PM
It feels unreal to be battling against both Real and Barça so early in the year, but it is once again a huge and high-profile game in Bonfim with the first ever visit of La Casa Blanca in the small stadium. And the reality is there: a win would qualify Os Guerreiros! Forbs has a full confidence in his lads and the squad, they’ve been extremely consistent and solid for over a year now and nothing seems to be able to shatter them. Not even the absence of their playmaker Bruno Melo? we’re about to find out, but Paulo Teixeira is a very credible back-up for the position. On Madrid’s side, Raul is back and this could make a big difference.

> Oct.21, 2008 / Champions League (Phase.1, #5) – Vitoria Setubal v Real Madrid : 1-0 / goal: Olisadebe / MoM: Olisadebe

The ferocity with which Vitoria’s warriors get into this game is baffling, and as early as the 7’, on a corner-kick, Olisadebe is inexplicablty left free of any marking in the area and executes Casillas for the opener (1-0). The entire first half is utterly dominated by Setubal who create many chances, Kaka in particular shoots wide a shot that should have gone inside. Ednilson picks an injury in the 2nd half and young Fernandes comes in and does a very good job; other than that Iker Casillas manages several superb saves preventing a more heavy loss while Marco Tabuas parries the only real obvious chance from Real by Portillo. It’s a deserved victory through and through, the Spaniards having not really tried to cause an upset.

http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/VS-RM-211008_zpsd3f501b9.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/VS-RM-211008_zpsd3f501b9.png.html)

Well the game was a bit of an anti-climax and here it is: Vitoria Setubal have upset the odds once more and are through to the 2nd Phase of the Champions League ! Perugia have sunk in the Camp Nou (4-0) and cannot go further in the competition, while Barcelona will need a win in the Bernabeu to level in points with their Madrid rivals and maybe go through on the away goal rule…

Tito can concentrate on the Liga for a few weeks and would like to continue with the winning streak away at Naval.

> Oct.26, 2008 / Pr.Liga (#7) – Naval v Vitoria Setubal : 1-2 / goals: Cr.Ronaldo, Kaka / assists: Bosingwa, P.Teixeira / MoM: Cr.Ronaldo
It’s once again a hard-fought away game in the Championship and although Cr.Ronaldo had given an early lead, the penalty conceded by young Fernandes on the 84’ levelled the score. But Setubal really are special, they rush forward and manage to snatch the win with a determined header by Kaka.

It’s mission accomplished for this first quarter of the season: 7 wins/7 in the Liga and a qualification in the CL.

28-01-15, 10:28 PM
Vitoria are yet to meet any of Os Tres Grandes in the Championship this season, and the first will be Benfica who are visiting Bonfim. It’s incredible that they cannot do better than 3rd or 4th position with the quality players they have, such as Seleção players Vitor Oliveira, Petit and Nuno Gomes. 2 ex-Guerreiros will start the game: Filipe Oliveira and Maniche.

> Nov.2, 2008 / Pr.Liga (#8) – Vitoria Setubal v Benfica : 3-0 / goals: Olembé, Ednilson, Bosingwa / assists: Bosingwa, Kaka, Pinto Neves / MoM: Bosingwa
There is a gulf in level between both sides as Setubal get a hand on the game early on and will dominate entirely, creating many chances. They manage 3 goals with Bosingwa as the stand-out player and Paulo Texeira, Olisadebe and sub Pinto Neves also shining. It’s painful for the Benfica fans to see their great team so helpless.

All starters (bar Marco Tabuas and Ednilson) can relax a little as Vitoria who are already qualified travel to northern Italy and will face a Perugia side which is only fighting for a spot in the UEFA Cup.

> Nov.5, 2008 / Champions League (Phase.1, #6) – Perugia v Vitoria Setubal : 0-2 / goals: Pena (2) / assist: Ednilson / MoM: Ednilson
Setubal’s reserves under the guidance of an inspired Ednilson play a very solid 1st half, demonstrating their superiority over the current leaders of the Serie A. Pena who will soon turn 35, scores twice and young Academy product Armando Rosa makes his first ever appearance. With a shot on the post and a goal disallowed for offside, Perugia deserved to claw one back in the end.

With 3L in their first 3 games, Forbs was quoted saying that it would take a miracle for Barça to make it through. Well the miracle did happen in the Bernabeu, Real having both keepers causing a penalty and red-carded!!
http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/Real-Barccedila-051108_zps28b679a3.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/Real-Barccedila-051108_zps28b679a3.png.html)
There is every reason to be super proud when one looks at the final Group standings…

http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/EC1-Group-051108_zps3302f581.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/EC1-Group-051108_zps3302f581.png.html)

But there is no time to dwell on the performance of Setubal in Phase 1 as the draw for Phase 2 is being made, and here we go…

http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/EC2-Group-051108_zps185bb166.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/EC2-Group-051108_zps185bb166.png.html)

Celtic shattered Portuguese hearts when they went through to the Final last season on the away-goal rule v Setubal in the semis (1-0, 1-2). They will be favourites as they have managed to improve their already star-studded squad with the likes of Pablo Aimar (!!), Gianluca Zambrotta and Harry Kewel; but for sure Os Guerreiros will want to settle the score here. Parma finished 3rd in the Calcio last season, are extremely solid and have star-striker Adriano as their main weapon. Finally, German outfit Burghausen are the surprise package with their 4th place in the Bundesliga 07/08; they are not fancied to go through but may end up tough to handle.

Binho picks a 1-month injury in training which means that for the trip to promoted and so far unbeaten Chaves, Fernandes is a starter again.

> Nov.9, 2008 / Pr.Liga (#9) – Chaves v Vitoria Setubal : 0-1 / goal: Cr.Ronaldo
Somehow Os Guerreiros disappear in the 1st half and owe it to Marco Tabuas to be level at half-time. They will move into 2nd gear during the next half and led by captain Ednilson, squeeze in a deserved goal on 74’.

At the same time, Sporting CP fall (2-0) in Estadio Luz which means that Setubal now have a 9-pt lead at the top. Their last defeat in the Portuguese Championship goes back to April 2007 or... a total of 50 consecutive unbeaten games in the Liga. An extraordinary feat.

28-01-15, 10:53 PM
The Czech Republic is an opponent of a higher calibre than any team of their WC Qualification Group, and that’s exactly what Forbs was looking for. In the absence of Bruno Melo, the armband goes to Ednilson :


Paulo Ferreira.............................Coutinho..... .........................Rui Marques..........................Bruno Basto

Bosingwa......................Petit............... ......Ednilson (c)

Cr. Ronaldo..............................Boa Morte

Hélder Postiga

(Subs: Marco Tabuas, Nélson Veiga, Bocas, Frechaut, Fernando Meira, Edgar, Lourenço, Pinto Neves, Nuno Gomes)

>Nov.12, 2008 / Friendly – PORTUGAL v Czech Republic : 1-1 / Jamor, Lisboa / goal: H.Postiga / assist: Boa Morte / MoM: Boa Morte
The Seleção plays a very solid game and in particular a good 1st half with a goal from Hélder Postiga following a superb service by Luis Boa Morte. At 35yr-old, Pavel Nedved remains an exceptional player and he levels the score right after half-time and in spite of all their efforts, the Portuguese cannot get a 2nd goal.

Not what Tito expected in terms of result, but the content is satisfying.

29-01-15, 09:31 AM
Burghausen !

That is a name I never expected to see in phase 1. Need you to smash Celtic this time. Pep talk should be easy enough for Tito after last season

Is there any creditable oposition in Portugal now ? You look to be totally dominant domestically.

29-01-15, 10:44 AM
I have to admit I had never heard of the Bavarian city of Burghausen, let alone its football club. I looked it up and no wonder: their best run in RL is one season in Bundesliga 2.

Domestically, Tito is very wary of Sporting CP. First because they remain the only side to have a positive record against the venerable coach. But mostly because of the quality of their squad: Niculae still is the Liga's best player, their midfield is very strong and with a lot of depth while they have one of the world's most talented GK in Petr Cech. Their (mostly Brazilian) defense is solid, but ageing now and this could be their main weak point this year. Other than them, well, FC Porto have not managed to renew their squad and may have their worst season in a long while, and Benfica just seem unable to step-up in spite of a talented group of players. Besides Os Tres Grandes, no other team is emerging - tier2 clubs such as Braga, Boavista and Academica are in Segunda while Guimarães, Belenenses and Maritimo are mid-table sides in the Primeira nowadays...

29-01-15, 08:06 PM
It’s the 4th Round of the Cup now against lower-league minnows Vianense. Time for the reserves to prove their worth.

> Nov.15, 2008 / Taça (Rnd.4) – Vianense v Vitoria Setubal : 0-2 / goals: Rodolfo, Pena / assist: Tiago Miguel / MoM: Rodolfo
20 shots, 12 on target and only 2 goals – says all about the clumsiness of Os Guerreiros tonight, in spite of all the efforts from Rodolfo.

Vitoria will travel to Italy for the first game of their Champions League – Phase 2 Group, facing Parma a side whom they have never met yet. The record v Italian clubs has now switched back to positive at (8-6).

- UEFA Cup 1966/67 - Round 1 - Juventus (0-2, 1-3)
- UEFA Cup 1968/69 - Round 3 - Fiorentina (3-0, 1-2)
- UEFA Cup 1972/73 - Round 2 - Fiorentina (1-0, 1-2)
- UEFA Cup 1972/73 - Round 3 - Inter Milan (2-0, 0-1)
- UEFA Cup 1999/00 - Round 1 - AS Roma (1-0, 0-7)
- UEFA Cup 2002/03 - Quarter-Final - Bologna 1909 (0-3, 0-2)
- European Supercup 2004 - AS Roma (0-0, pen)
- Champions League 2005/06 – Phase 2 – AS Roma (2-0, 1-2)
- Champions League 2005/06 - Quarter-Final - Inter Milan (0-3, 0-1)
- Champions League 2006/07 - Phase 1 - AS Roma (0-2, 0-2)
- UEFA Cup 2006/07 - Final - Napoli (1-2)
- Champions League 2007/08 – Phase 2 – Udinese (1-0, 0-0)
- Champions League 2007/08 – Quarter-Final – Juventus (2-0, 1-1)
- Champions League 2008/09 – Phase 1 – Perugia (1-1, 2-0)

Parma are not an easy opponent especially at the Tardini, probably one step higher than Perugia. Besides Brazilian panzer Adriano in attack, they field very solid Italian and Argentinian internationals such as Samuele Dalla Bona, Diego Crosa, Daniel Bonera, Matteo Brighi or Tomas Locatelli. Neither Bruno Melo nor Paulo Teixeira are fit to play, and Forbs starts Rodolfo (ahead of Fernandes) at DMC whom he has forgiven (but not forgotten) for his 2 dreadful red-cards earlier this year.

> Nov.18, 2008 / Champions League (Phase.2, #1) – Parma v Vitoria Setubal : 0-1 / goal: Kaka / assist: Rodolfo / MoM: Rodolfo

Solid as ever and now seasoned in European competitions, Os Guerreiros put pressure on the hosts during the 1st half, dominate and are rewarded when an inspired Rodolfo finds Kaka’s winning header for an-all Brazilian goal! (0-1). The battle is intense at the back and just before half-time, Bocas collects a 2nd YC for a rough takcle on Adriano and is sent-off. It’s a difficult 2nd half for the Portuguese, with Parma creating more and more chances as the game nears the end. Marco Tabuas is once again exceptional and preserves a very crucial away victory.
http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/Parma-VS-181108_zps3297ff34.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/Parma-VS-181108_zps3297ff34.png.html)
Setubal again start their Group with an away-win, a tad lucky considering half the match was played 10v11. In the other game, Celtic really struggled in Bavaria and managed an equalizer (1-1) in the dying seconds by França.

> Nov.21, 2008 / Pr.Liga (#10) – Vitoria Setubal v Aves : 3-1 / goals: Bruno Melo, Olembé, Cr.Ronaldo / assists: Olisadebe, Nélson Veiga (2) / MoM: Nélson Veiga
Caught sneezing by an early goal from star striker Jung Jo-Kook, Os Guerreiros react getting 3 back, 2 of which by Olembé and Cr.Ronaldo following superb services from the right flank by Nélson Veiga.

> Nov.28, 2008 / Pr.Liga (#11) – Beira-Mar v Vitoria Setubal : 0-3 / goals: Nélson Veiga, Olisadebe, Kaka / assists: Bruno Melo, Nélson Veiga, Pinto Neves / MoM: Kaka
Setubal dominate their hosts in every facet of the game and continue to stump the Portuguese Primeira Liga.

Never has Vitoria had such a perfect start and overall an easy ride in the Liga before… Sporting CP already have an 11-pt deficit!

http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/PL-table-011208_zpsa52dc5d9.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/PL-table-011208_zpsa52dc5d9.png.html)

29-01-15, 09:27 PM
Dominating domestically! Good luck in the double header vs Celtic in the New Year!

29-01-15, 10:09 PM
SV Wacker Burghausen really are the surprise team of that Champions League and bizzarely, Setubal under Tito have never played against a German side up to now. Historically though, Os Sadinos have always been eliminated and the record is (0v3) :

- Cup Wnners’ Cup 1967/68 - Round 2 – Bayern Munich (1-1, 2-6)
- UEFA Cup 1969/70 - Round 3 – Herta Berlin (1-1, 0-1)
- UEFA Cup 1973/74 – Quarter-Final – VfB Stuttgart (2-2, 0-1)

There are no injuries in the squad and Bras steps-in for a suspended Bocas. Os Guerreiros walk into the unknown in Bonfim, against a side who are currently struggling at 17th place of the Bundesliga.

> Dec.3, 2008 / Champions League (Phase.2, #2) – Vitoria Setubal v Burghausen : 2-0 / goals: Kaka, Olisadebe / assists: Olisadebe, Cr.Ronaldo / MoM: Olisadebe
One wonders how on earth that team reached thus far in the competition (let alone ever getting there) as they are completely dwarfed by the Portuguese champions, with inspired Cr.Ronaldo and Olisadebe.

http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/VS-Burg-031208_zps00957213.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/VS-Burg-031208_zps00957213.png.html)

Well the unknown was not really impressive and Vitoria will keep warm during the winter with those 2W in 2 games of the Group. In Glasgow despite a tight game, the class of Celtic forwards have resulted in a (3-0) win for the home side v Parma.

It is now time for the traditional big clash of the Primeira Liga between the sides that have won all titles in the past 4 years: Sporting CP travel to Bonfim. They are trailing so much this year that they know that only a win would maybe have them see Setubal again before the end. Both squads are fit and available for the game; although Vitoria has won the last 2 encounters (Supercup and Cup Final), it’s been 2.5 years since they beat their Lisboa rivals in the Championship.

> Dec.7, 2008 / Pr.Liga (#12) – Vitoria Setubal v Sporting CP : 1-0 / goal: Pinto Neves / assist: Olisadebe / MoM: Ednilson

It’s quite clear on this wet southern Portugal day that Sporting have come to Bonfim to defend, and defend hard. After 30’ they have collected no less than 4 YC’s, including one for a reckless two-footed tackle by Gravesen on Kaka which should have seen him go for an early bath. In the last minutes of the 1st half, Os Guerreiros finally manage to shake things up but their attacking trio finds the great keeper Petr Cech on their way. Local domination continues and intensifies in the 2nd half, with Bosingwa and Ednilson reigning over the midfield; on 66’ Bruno Melo finds the crossbar following a corner-kick. Helped by the devastating runs of Olembé on the left flank, both Pinto Neves and Olisadebe are inches from scoring a little later; Sporting are cracking and when Lourenço has to walk out limping on 86’ leaving them at 10 men on the field, the pressure they suffer ends in a last minute goal in overtime, when the Nigerian striker deflects for the winning header of Pinto Neves, who scores not only a crucial goal but the very first of his career at Setubal!!!

http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/VS-Sport-071208_zps52cdca54.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/VS-Sport-071208_zps52cdca54.png.html)

Well it’s as tough as ever to score goals to Petr Cech and this game was a thriller and looked a lot like the (0-0) in April 2007 which cost us the title… except this time, we nailed it. And for Pinto Neves to achieve that with a superb header, what a first goal this is for the young man! the fans won’t forget that any time soon…

30-01-15, 09:59 AM
Nice! You're doing well in the league... incredibly well! I don't remember doing that well in 50 years with Barreirense. On the other hand, I know that I did something like that in my 14 year game with Benfica (but I was able to be undefeated for 100 or more games in the league, I need to find those save files to check that) but I play with "detonante" (3-4-3 tactic with the central striker wib wobbed... it wasn't me doing that and I only used that on one season with Barreirense).

In the champion's league it is clear to me that you have one more step to make: start winning. Your results are already the ones of a top team year after year. You're starting to win big duels and you actually play well in the ones you loose so... I would say that all you need to do is win it. Go for it!

And great great win against Sporting! :)

I started badly the my last one with Barreirense... already 7 points behind the 1st place (5 games, 2 wins, 2 draws and 1 defeat while sporting started with 5 wins). I need to use my best players in the league although it is still not time to panic.

30-01-15, 02:53 PM
Absolutely flying - now to smash Celtic!

30-01-15, 03:29 PM
Must be 14 points clear of Sporting now. Game, Set and Match !

30-01-15, 04:31 PM
@troza: yes, winning the Champions League is obviously our dream. But as I said, we're up against Celtic and teams such as Bayern, MU, Inter, AC Milan and AS Roma, going all the way will require a lot of stars being aligned! but we'll give it our very best shot I can guarantee that much.

@Eejit: yep, 14-pts, that's right! what a lead that is...

30-01-15, 10:48 PM
I'm not saying that it will be easy. But looking at what your team hás been doing in the big games, I feel that you're playing great and all you need is a bit of luck... Or just the lack of it for your opponents. Don't forget that you were onde goal away from a champion's league final...

31-01-15, 10:40 PM
Tito Forbs was on top of his glory. Never had Vitoria Setubal been so dominant; domestically they seemed invincible and in the Champions League they had managed to overcome both Real and Barça and were going strong, impressing everyone. Yet, the coach was feeling awkward. He had always defended “football for the people”, lambasting the modern game and the insane amounts of money in it; and yet, was he managing Vitoria differently? true, players would stay longer in Setubal and there were fewer transfers than elsewhere – and much more Portuguese nationals - but Forbs had recently paid over £3m to Tottenham for Countiho and over £5m to América MG for Pinto Neves; Kaka was on £11k/w and the salary mass had skyrocketed since he arrived at the club. Sure, he had invested in a Youth Academy but in his 8 years spell only 6 youth players had signed a pro-contract and only one of them (Fernandes) was likely to ever make it in the starting XI.

A few months ago, Tito called his faithful scout, right-hand man and now friend Pedro Figueiredo into his office. Pedro was just back from a tour of Africa and was wondering where his boss would send him now searching for the next stars of the game.

- Tito: “good morning Pedro, how was Africa? who’s the next Pape Diop to strengthen our central defense?”

- Pedro: “hi coach, well… it’s not as it used to be you know, all European powerhouses now have their academies all over the place, Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Senegal… they tend to taper the continental ressources before they actually start to play in the local clubs so my entire network is quickly getting obsolete. I’m sorry to report that I have not really find any obvious gem this time, only a couple of prospects.”

- Tito: “well, that’s good news Pedro”.

- Pedro: “pardon me Sir?”

- Tito: “Pedro, you and I both come from the vicinity of this city, Setubal. I was never on the radar of our great club in my days, but they gave you a chance and you had a great carrier here. We must give their chance to the kids of today, our own kids. The kids of the people who come to watch us every week-end in Bonfim. This is what this game should be about.”

- Pedro: “but we have built our Academy, don’t we?”

- Tito: “We do Pedro. But first, the purpose has been perverted; the kids who enrol have in fact been scouted throughout the country and none of the 6 we have are originally from the surroundings of Setubal. And second, putting aside Fernandes who is gradually turning into a very good player, the quality has been very poor so there is obviously something wrong in our scouting. My gut feeling is that there are many players who are nothing special when they are 13yr-old, but are probably worthy of good pro careers 5 years later, and no one even knows they exist. They used to be there 30 years ago, they must stil exist today. I want you to find them Pedro. Your next scouting mission is 70kms around Setubal. Don’t get too close to Lisboa.”

Pedro was stunned. His immediate reaction was to think his boss was turning senile; but on second thought, every time Forbs had appeared to be insane, his ideas ended-up being the right ones in hindsight.

- Pedro: “Sure boss, I’ll get on it tomorrow. At least my wife and children will be delighted to see me home every evening!”

And the coach did not hear from Pedro until December 11th, when the scout called him up. “Sir, I’ve got tickets for a game on Saturday. You and I.” - “A game Pedro? You know I never go to any game except when Setubal play, and we only play on Monday in the Açores” – “oh it’s a special kind of game. In the small town of Pinhal Novo. Do you remember the little stadium of Campo Santos Jorge by the hills? I’m sure you’ve played there in your days too, I certainly have…”

http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/Vista_de_Pinhal_Novo_zps8ade64d4.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/Vista_de_Pinhal_Novo_zps8ade64d4.png.html)

“In Pinhal Novo?? amateur league? why would I go there while I need to prepare our match v Santa Clara? I’ve got no time for your jokes Pedro, that and the fact that appearing in public has become an issue these days, with all those journalists following me everywhere…” – “it’s related to the mission you gave me a few months ago, if you remember… the people from our area, our people, and their kids who play football. I’ve seen them for weeks and weeks everyday and what I found in Pinhal Novo is worth you having a look. I’ll pick you up at the entrance of our 3rd training pitch at 5pm, no one will notice us taking the back door and we’ll drive together”… the old coach mumbled “ok”…

http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/Pinhal1_zpsc822d344.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/Pinhal1_zpsc822d344.png.html) http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/Pinhal2_zps62d9f3f3.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/Pinhal2_zps62d9f3f3.png.html)

They were seated in the stands amongst the few dozens spectators in the little stadium; it was a senior amateur game, a few players had a pro contract only. Pedro leaned to Tito “now, take a look at the home side n°9, their striker. He’s 19 and he’s a raw talent considering he has always played in Pinhal Novo up to now – watch his incredible pace, flair and obvious technical skills. Then, take a look at their small n°7 in midfield. He just turned 17 and plays with the seniors; he looks very fragile and out of breath and sure, his fitness and capacity to play pro football may be an issue, but the first time I saw him I was amazed by his vision, creativity and technical skills when he has the ball. None of our Academy players have those skills”. Tito watched. Carefuly. And Pedro was right. The striker was pro material for sure, he scored 2 goals and was all over the defense. The midfielder was even more impressive, although he had to go out after an hour. Forbs lost count on the number of amazing passes he delivered; his talent had in fact not gone unnoticed as even Setubal Academy had scouted him – as well as the 3 big Lisboa clubs – but he failed fitness tests in all of them.

“Pedro”, said Tito… “offer them a contract; right after this game. A pro contract in our squad. Don’t be cheap - ~£300k/w for each one. They’ll do part of the training in the Academy to polish their basic skills, but will be training with us most of the time. How are they called by the way?”.

They’ve been best buddies for years, I’ve done a little search on them. Their life is simple, and is centered around football. Their dream is the Seleção but like all kids of their generation they are fans of Vitoria with the success we have had those past years. The striker is an Antonio Ribeiro but his idol as a young kid was Ricardo Sa Pinto; “Tosa” is the nickname by which he goes (he is I think the regen of Sa Pinto).
http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/Tosa-151208_zps2797e1a3.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/Tosa-151208_zps2797e1a3.png.html)
The midfielder was all about Paulo Sousa, his childhood hero; everyone here calls him “Paulito” (he is I think the regen of Paulo Sousa).
http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/Paulito-151208_zps66daa367.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/Paulito-151208_zps66daa367.png.html)

31-01-15, 11:08 PM
Shortly after returning from his visit at Pinhal Novo, Forbs had the pleasure to receive the visit in Bonfim of young retired, ex-Guerreiro legend Luis Andrade. He was accompanied by a young man – his nephew Claudio Andrade (his regen, I think) who firmly shook the hand of Forbs, unimpressed although respectful, looking at hime right in the eyes.

- Luis: “coach, how is life? congrats for the amazing run by the way you’re making all of us so proud!”

- Tito: “thanks Luis, thanks. We miss you though, you had a great impact in the dressing rooms on our younger players; Binho has taken a little that role of yours but I fear he too will leave us at the end of the year. Anyway, how’s life? getting on? And who is this young man next to you? He has the same determined look in his eyes as yours…”

- Luis: “oh, I have enough to keep myself busy, taking care of my family for a change. But I miss the pitch, everytime I am in Bonfim I get gose bumps… let me introduce my nephew, Claudio. Coach, my stubborn sister never wanted him to play football (not a real job she always argued) and he’s had to endure going to school and get his A-level all those years, only playing in the local district club. But I have known him forever and I know he has a pro footballer potential in him. Why don’t you try him out coach?”

- Tito: “I see stubborness runs in the family, hey? hmmm… never in an Academy, you said? a good student… Claudio, why would you want to play for me?”

- Claudio: “I want to give all my heart and passion for Vitoria. This is my club. The club of my uncle. I would die for this shirt”

- Tito was in a good mood today: “put on this shirt and come with me in the Youth team training grounds. We’ll give it a try.”

3 hours later, Forbs had made up his mind. Claudio was raw. He lacked the most basic technical skills, his Passing was shocking. But he had exhausted all the Academy players around him. Outpaced, outmuscled them. He was brave like a toro bravo. Like his uncle. A true Guerreiro. He was offered a contract and joined the pro team, as easy as that.
http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/Claudio-151208_zps6a68ed0f.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/Claudio-151208_zps6a68ed0f.png.html)
Tito was happy, he had 3 new recruits with potential – all locals and as he had guessed, talents which had gone un-noticed. He was building the future and giving it back to the people he loved. His people. Setubalians.

31-01-15, 11:20 PM
> Dec.15, 2008 / Pr.Liga (#13) – Santa Clara v Vitoria Setubal : 1-2 / goals: Cr.Ronaldo, Bruno Melo / assists: Olembé, Kaka / MoM: Kaka
The trip to the Açores is always one of the most challenging of the year; the Invincibles play a tough game but prevail partly due to the class of Kaka.

> Dec.19, 2008 / Pr.Liga (#14) – Vitoria Setubal v Vit. Guimarães : 4-1 / goals: Bruno Melo (2), Kaka, Olisadebe / assists: Ednilson (3), Nélson Veiga / MoM: Ednilson
An impressive Setubal side overpower ex-rivals Guimarães with no less than 4 goals, and 3 assists by an outstanding Ednilson. The visitors do get several chances and behind a very solid defense, keeper Marco Tabuas is once again excellent.

After a superb 2007/08 spell, 32-yr old Marco Tabuas is having an incredible start of the season, the best ever for a keeper at Setubal. The ex-club captain has recovered incredibly well from his dip in form 3 years ago and is now one if the most prized asset of Tito’s squad, and as the sole home town boy definitely one of the fans’ favourites.
http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/Tabuas-301208_zps6cfceae5.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/Tabuas-301208_zps6cfceae5.png.html)
Meanwhile Sporting CP are desperately trying to put up a challenge against Champions Vitoria. They explode the transfer-fee record for a Portuguese club with £15.75m for one of the world’s best players: French international David Trézéguet! he will be on a whopping £60k/w, but pundits (rightly) question this move when the Lisboa side plays with a single striker and already has the undisputed best player of the Liga in Marius Niculae…
http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/Treacutezeacuteguet-311208_zps0fa72a0f.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/Treacutezeacuteguet-311208_zps0fa72a0f.png.html)
As it has already happened twice in a recent past (2 losses), Setubal prepare for their year end trip to the Dragão. They first enjoy a one-week break with the family for Christmas, getting back to training on the 27th to get ready for the game which is scheduled on New Year’s Eve…

> Dec.31, 2008 / Pr.Liga (#15) – FC Porto v Vitoria Setubal : 2-1 / goal: Olisadebe / assist: Bras
It’s a great game of football in the Dragão with a very tight 1st half; Vitoria are fortunate to be up (0-1) when Olisadebe scores, but Dario equalizes just before half-time. The 2nd half will be more and more dominated by the visitors who hit the post and the crossbar, and yet it is right-bank Ibarra who nails the match for FC Porto! oh it’s a tough one, in spite of playing a good game, Setubal lose!

It was bound to happen: the Invincibles have fallen in the Primeira Liga. FC Porto were the last team to have beaten Setubal (0-1, in Bonfim on 8th April 2007) and are the first one to interrupt their unbelievable unbeaten streak of 56 games in the Championship ! An all-time record in Portugal’s footballing History. It’s a little sad though to end such a fabulous year 2008 (Primeira Liga title + Taça + Supertaça) on a defeat; but the Table still looks very comfortable, Os Guerreiros being arch-favourites to keep their crown next May.

http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/PL-table-311208_zps5d6d6651.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/PL-table-311208_zps5d6d6651.png.html)

01-02-15, 01:19 AM
I would end someday. The good thing? You didn't need that particular win as you are 13 points ahead of the second place!

Baron Zbimg
01-02-15, 03:23 PM
Good to see young local blood joining the ranks, they all look good. Paulito's stamina is shocking but that can improve. This story is as good and entertaining as ever !

And Tabuas is having a truly amazing season. Surely he deserves to start for Portugal now ?

01-02-15, 04:13 PM
Great to see Forbs building up the youth teams at Setubal! Hopefully some of the juniors will go on to have great careers for Os Guerreiros :ok:

01-02-15, 09:21 PM
Good to see young local blood joining the ranks, they all look good. Paulito's stamina is shocking but that can improve. This story is as good and entertaining as ever !

Thanks, that's kind of you to say. I'm having fun telling it, for sure! yes Paulito's stamina is a shame, but I'm sure he'll fit in the squad somehow.

And Tabuas is having a truly amazing season. Surely he deserves to start for Portugal now ?

He's been called for a while now, but sitting on the bench. Quim has really been very good for the Seleção - let's see if it lasts... I agree Tabuas would deserve more caps!

@kuy: we certainly hope so!

01-02-15, 10:23 PM
and I noticed now that I forgot to say something about the stories of your new young players: amazing! Great reading! :)

01-02-15, 10:42 PM
Thanks troza, and thanks a lot for enlightning this story with your comments and advices! they're much appreciated.

01-02-15, 11:36 PM
Vitoria had to bounce back after that defeat and start well the year 2009. This was going to be a tough month with a series of tricky away matches.

> Jan.4, 2009 / Pr.Liga (#16) – Campomaiorense v Vitoria Setubal : 0-2 / goals: Olisadebe (2) / assist: P.Teixeira / MoM: Olisadebe
Bruno Melo picks (once again) a nasty injury which will keep him away for a month; he is subbed by a very good P.Teixeira after 22'. Vitoria comfortably prevail with a double from Olisadebe, their hosts finishing the game down to 10-men after the dismissal of Pedro Emanuel.

It's an easy Rnd.5 of the Taça away at lower league side Marco. Young Paulito is slightly injured, but Tito calls up both Tosa and Claudio and tells them that they will be on the match sheet. Sitting on the bench alongside... Pena, the player they used to imitate when they were 13yr-old. A dream come true.

> Jan.11, 2009 / Taça (Rnd.5) – Marco v Vitoria Setubal : 1-5 / goals: Binho, Fernandes, Ricardo, Marajo (2) / assists: Tiago Miguel (2), Oliveisa, Ricardo / MoM: Marajo
The reserves play a superb game, Rodolfo being the playmaker and both Ricardo and Marajo having outstanding performances. Tosa comes in at half-time for a disappointing Oliveisa and will play very well (he gets a mark of 8), while Claudio Andrade has the honor to play the last 15'.

In the last part of the game there were 4 Setubalians on the pitch: Marco Tabuas, Fernandes (1 goal), Tosa and Claudio. Something the fans could really be proud of!

> Jan.16, 2009 / Pr.Liga (#17) – Leiria v Vitoria Setubal : 1-2 / goals: Olisadebe (2) / assist: Cr.Ronaldo
Leiria are a good side and Os Guerreiros led by an inspired Ednilson, are fortunate to win that one thanks to an efficient Olisadebe and the erros of keeper Ricardo.

> Jan.26, 2009 / Pr.Liga (#18) – Maritimo v Vitoria Setubal : 1-1 / goal: Olisadebe / assist: Pinto Neves / MoM: Bocas
In a tight game in Madeira, Vitoria equalize 8' from the end of the match once again by the Nigerian striker. Bocas had a gigantic game at CB with 13 tackles, 8 of which were key.

> Jan.28, 2009 / Taça (Rnd.6) – Braga v Vitoria Setubal : 0-3 / goals: Mendonça, Marajo (2) / assists: Tiago Miguel, Mendonça, Ricardo / MoM: Marajo
Poor Braga who are lingering in mid-table of the Segunda are dominated and handsomely beaten by a Vitoria side led by inspired Mendonça and once again, a great Marajo.

> Jan.30, 2009 / Pr.Liga (#19) – Vitoria Setubal v Farense : 1-0 / goal: Cr.Ronaldo / MoM: Ednilson
Setubal dominate a very defensive Farense side (4th in the Championship) and only prevail thanks to a superb free-kick on 77' from Cr.Ronaldo.

01-02-15, 11:44 PM
19 games... 1 draw and 1 loss... great great form in the domestic league!!


02-02-15, 12:37 AM
Great to see the youngsters thrash Marco in the Taca! Was it a back-up team against Braga too?

02-02-15, 12:43 AM
Great to see the youngsters thrash Marco in the Taca! Was it a back-up team against Braga too?
Yes: M.Tabuas - West, T.Miguel, Bras, Matoukou - Binho, Rodolfo, Fernandes - Oliveisa, Mendonça - Ricardo (Diop, Armando Rosa and Marajo came in from the bench).
So 2 young Academy players appeared: Fernandes and Rosa.

02-02-15, 11:53 AM
Wow, how many away games in a row?! The fans must have been short of cash in January!

Like the change in recruiting tactics, bring the local lads in!

How big is the stadium these days, and any plans for an expansion? I guess you'll need more seats with everyone from the local boys' families coming to games too! :ok:

02-02-15, 09:00 PM
Wow, how many away games in a row?! The fans must have been short of cash in January!

Well spotted, never had this before! counting the Dec.31 game in Porto, it's been 6 away games in a row (4 in the Liga, 2 in the Taça).

Like the change in recruiting tactics, bring the local lads in!

Tito has not set himself any quota but he would really like some of them to be in the starting XI in the future...

How big is the stadium these days, and any plans for an expansion? I guess you'll need more seats with everyone from the local boys' families coming to games too! :ok:

I struggle with that one. Stadium is 35k "all seater with undersoil heating facilities", and yet average is ~14k per game, increasing by maybe one or two hundred every season. We have broken the highest ever attendance a few months ago when we hosted Burghausen (16.8k). I have thought about asking for a stadium extension but it makes little sense doesn' it? I guess the board would reject it. In other words, Bonfim is large enough to accomodate all the local families and even the entire town of Pinhal Novo, when either Tosa or Paulito play a game!

02-02-15, 09:14 PM
Belenenses are becoming a better side with their smart recruitement policy, fielding internationals such as Edgar, Semedo and Scot Gary Naysmith.

> Feb.6, 2009 / Pr.Liga (#20) – Belenenses v Vitoria Setubal : 0-3 / goals: Olisadebe (3) / assists: Olembé (2) / MoM: Olisadebe
The match has not been as easy as the score may lead to believe, but Olisadebe put in a tremendous performance with another hat-trick. He has scored 11 goals over the past 8 games.

Still going strong in the Liga, it is time to turn to the Champions League for the double clash against Celtic Glasgow, the “auld ennemy”. It will indeed be the 4th time (a record) Vitoria clash with the Scottish Champions in the competition, and each time it was a defeat at Celtic Park and a victory in Bonfim – for 1 qualification and 2 eliminations, the last one having been particularly heart-breaking in the semi-final (on the away goal rule) :

- Champions League 2005/06 - Phase 2 – Celtic Glasgow (1-0, 0-2)
- Champions League 2006/07 – Phase 1 – Celtic Glasgow (0-3, 3-0)
- Champions League 2007/08 – Semi-Final – Celtic Glasgow (0-1, 2-1)

Celtic field an impressive squad full of world-class players: Germans Butt and Klose (who had been the key players in last year Semi-Final), English Dyer and Bowyer, Brazilians Dédé and França, Frenchman Dalmat and superstars Cristian Chivu and Pablo Aimar. An all-star team really. Os Guerreiros are all fit, including their captain Bruno Melo back from injury; the weather in Scotland is awful (hail, -1°C) but the lads don’t need a pre-match warm-up talk by Forbs. They all remember the bitterness of last year’s elimination and want Glasgow to pay tonight for this.

> Feb.11, 2009 / Champions League (Phase.2, #3) – Celtic Glasgow v Vitoria Setubal : 0-2 / goals: Olisadebe, Cr.Ronaldo / assist: Bosingwa / MoM: Cr.Ronaldo

Os Guerreiros storm out of the dressing rooms under freezing conditons and in their typical fashion which has become their landmark, shocking their prestigious opponents with intense pressure. The hero of last year’s semi-final Hans-Jörg Butt delivers a poor goal-kick after 10’ and Olisadebe is quick to convert it into a GOOOOOOOOOOL! and Setubal are already up (0-1), what a start! On top of their game, Vitoria continue to utterly dominate and after a superb solo run, Cr.Ronaldo pounds a 2nd goal at 33’ into the nets, GOOOOOOOOOOL! oh what a performance this is, (0-2) and Celtic are nowhere to be seen on their own turf! The rest of the match is just unbelievable, with chance after chance for Setubal who could have scored 4 or 5 goals and a totally apathic Glasgow side properly spanked in front of their 58k fans. What a night!

http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/Celtic-VS-110209_zps0bf273f1.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/Celtic-VS-110209_zps0bf273f1.png.html)

Well, that’s quite a statement Tito and the lads have made here, after dominating Barça and Real earlier this season. With 3W in 3 games in the Group, they now sprint towards the quarter-finals and are regularly quoted as one of the main title challengers.

With a home Liga game against promoted and 17th place Leixões, Forbs decides to field a reserve side.

> Feb.14, 2009 / Pr.Liga (#21) – Vitoria Setubal v Leixões : 0-0 / MoM: P.Teixeira
In spite of all the efforts of captain Paulo Teixeira, who finds the crossbar late in the game, the reserve side hand-out a very lame copy and Setubal drop 2-pts in an easy home game.

It had been a long time Vitoria had not counter-performed at home like this; Forbs knows they should be careful with the lead over on-fire Sporting CP being now reduced to 9-pts.

> Feb.17, 2009 / Champions League (Phase.2, #4) – Vitoria Setubal v Celtic Glasgow : 1-0 / goal: Kaka / assist: Nélson Veiga / MoM: Ednilson
Os Guerreiros impress again, controlling the game superbly in a fashion Tito Forbs has always liked. Ednilson in midfield is at the peak of his talent and the Portuguese prevail with a single goal from Kaka.

Celtic have been beaten twice fair and square, and with 4W in 4 games, Vitoria Setubal are the only team already qualified for the Quarter-Finals! a truly great achievement.

> Feb.22, 2009 / Pr.Liga (#22) – Salgueiros v Vitoria Setubal : 0-1 / goal: Kaka / assist: Olisadebe
Never an easy match in Salgueiros and Tito fields his best XI. It’s once again a solid game from Os Guerreiros with another winner by Kaka, the only bad news being the 3-weeks injury picked by Cr.Ronaldo.

As 4 times title holders, Vitoria have no intention of letting go off the trophy; Forbs selects a strong side to travel to Guimarães.

> Feb.25, 2008 / Taça (Quarter-Final) – Vit. Guimarães v Vitoria Setubal : 1-3 / goals: Bruno Melo, Olisadebe (2) / assists: Mendonça (2), Bosingwa / MoM: Mendonça
It’s a very solid game by Setubal who after being down following an unfortunate own goal by Ednilson, utterly dominate their northern rivals with a double from on-fire Olisadebe and a superb performance by Mendonça.

In the meantime Sporting CP are having a phenomenal winning streak of 13 consecutive games; they are through to the Taça de Portugal semi-finals, well positioned to qualify for the Champions League quarters and are trailing by only 9-pts in the Liga. David Trézéguet (who has relegated Marius Niculae on the bench!) has had a huge impact with 15 goals in 13 game so far!

02-02-15, 09:25 PM
Sporting have won away again so the next 2 Liga games vs FC Porto and Benfica suddenly look quite critical. This Championship is far from over.

> Mar.1, 2009 / Pr.Liga (#23) – Vitoria Setubal v FC Porto : 1-0 / goal: Olisadebe / assist: Ednilson / MoM: Olisadebe
Porto have come to Bonfim with a purely defensive spirit and although they control and dominate the game, Os Guerreiros struggle to create chances. Until the 69’ when the great Emmanuel Olisadebe resists 2 defenders and finds the net with a low, powerful strike. A key goal!

Times are changing: there’s a Calcio side visiting and Forbs will field a reserve side to host them! the qualification being in the bag, squad rotation really is a must.

> Mar.4, 2009 / Champions League (Phase.2, #5) – Vitoria Setubal v Parma : 2-0 / goals: Pinto Neves, Ricardo / assists: P.Teixeira, Lassissi / MoM: Matoukou
The reservists do the fans proud in a tight game, coming out on top thanks to a rock-solid defense led by a great Eric Matoukou.

Vitoria are cruising in this Group while the 2nd qualifying spot will be decided at Tardini in the Parma v Celtic game.

> Mar.8, 2009 / Pr.Liga (#24) – Benfica v Vitoria Setubal : 1-2 / goals: Ednilson, Olembé / assists: Pinto Neves, Bosingwa / MoM: Bruno Melo
The Estadio da Luz remains intimidating but Benfica are not a real threat anymore; both teams show an attacking mindset and get many chances but very logically, led by their captain Bruno Melo, Setubal show great consistency to keep the upper hand and win the match.

An important away win before the reserves get another run this time in Germany, in the Champions League.

> Mar.10, 2009 / Champions League (Phase.2, #6) – Burghausen v Vitoria Setubal : 0-3 / goals: Ricardo, Marajo, Mendonça / assist: Mendonça / MoM: Marajo
It’s a walk in the park for Setubal B team against a very weak Burghausen who get spanked properly at home.

It’s been a perfect Phase 2 campaign with 6W in 6 games! in the other Group’s game, Parma dominate and beat (3-1) Celtic thus eliminating last year’s finalists!

http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/CL-Group2-100309_zps9f1d5e30.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/CL-Group2-100309_zps9f1d5e30.png.html)

In the other groups, 2 powerhouses have bitten the dust: FC Barcelona and FC Bayern Munich !!

Representatives from only 3 countries have qualified for the Quarter-Finals, Italy being again the main providers:

- AS Roma, Inter Milan, AC Milan, Parma
- Manchester United, Liverpool
- Vitoria Setubal, Sporting CP

Parma are probably the weakest side but unfortunately we cannot be drawn against them. Forbs would like to avoid Sporting CP since they are fellow Portuguese. There has always been a good winning ratio against English teams under Tito but on the other hand there is revenge to be taken against Inter or AS Roma…

Kaka picks a 3-weeks injury going into Vitoria’s last Liga game before the 2-weeks international break.

> Mar.16, 2009 / Pr.Liga (#25) – Vitoria Setubal v Naval : 1-0 / goal: Silva (o.g.) / MoM: Bruno Melo
In what should have been a walk-through against bottom of the table Naval, Os Guerreiros work very hard during 82’, hitting post and the crossbar, until an own goal gives them much needed 3-pts.

There are no words to describe the incredible goal machine Trézéguet is with Sporting CP; Vitoria struggle to maintain their lead but with just 9 games to go, they are still 9-pts clear on top.

http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/PL-table-160309_zps362c8177.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/PL-table-160309_zps362c8177.png.html)

Baron Zbimg
03-02-15, 01:42 AM
Everything on the line now ! Olisadebe seems to be as good as Trezeguet ! Niculae must be pissed of by the situation right ?

03-02-15, 09:57 AM
How's that only 9 points clear? Sporting is in a winning spree, for what I see... You still have a big advantage.

Your results in the second group show what I was saying: all you need to do is have some luck to win the champion's league. You already have one of the best teams in the competition.

About the home games: ask for the expansion anyway... in Portugal, you'll never get a good average home crowd... After 50 years, I have little more than 20000 per game. Sure, my stadium only has 33000 of capacity for the last seasons (7 or 8) but still... after all the titles, I would expect a bit more... :P

03-02-15, 09:59 AM
Everything on the line now ! Olisadebe seems to be as good as Trezeguet ! Niculae must be pissed of by the situation right ?
It's crazy to think a striker like Niculae is now bench material but the French international is just phenomenal. Olisadebe has had a very quiet start of the season, but he has picked serious form since the beginning of 2009 it must be said.

03-02-15, 10:06 AM
How's that only 9 points clear? Sporting is in a winning spree, for what I see... You still have a big advantage.

Sure, but our lead used to be 14-pts in December. I can guarantee Sporting are quite formidable right now, I've never seen them so good. We will visit them at the Alvalade twice - in the Liga and in the Cup semi-final.

Your results in the second group show what I was saying: all you need to do is have some luck to win the champion's league. You already have one of the best teams in the competition.

Forbs was actually surprised that we quite easily topped both Phases. You're right, we are really solid, we will just need a little bit of luck on our side this time.

About the home games: ask for the expansion anyway... in Portugal, you'll never get a good average home crowd... After 50 years, I have little more than 20000 per game. Sure, my stadium only has 33000 of capacity for the last seasons (7 or 8) but still... after all the titles, I would expect a bit more... :P

Ok, I may ask just for the sake of it. The way crowd attendance works is really weird: in super home games such as vs Barça or Sporting, there seems to be a ceiling of 13.5k. On the other hand when Burghausen, Moreirense or Santa Clara visit, we jump above 16k. Makes little sense in a 35k seater (even taking into account a higher yield of tickets for the bog clashes).

Now given the demography in the area (and same goes for Barreirense), I am not shocked that average crowds remain around 15k/20k even if the club is extremely successful; however in a Champions League quarter or semi-final, I am sure there would thousands of Lisboans (and beyond) making the trip south and Bonfim should be filled to the max for such games.

03-02-15, 04:33 PM
In Portugal, the games in the middle of the weak don't have a full stadium to go full.

As for everything else... I will say that my stadium is only full (or near it) vs one team: Amora.

I would bet that an official game vs Fabril would be just great but I haven't faced them in the portuguese cup and they can't find a way to stay on the second division B. But when I do a friendly tournament and I play against them, I have more than 20000 in for that game.

By the way... other teams that draw well: Seixal. But not as good as Amora. I would say Vit. Setúbal but I'll admit that I have the idea that it was good at the beginning but now it isn't that good... a regular game.

Check your rivals and you'll need teams from your area... and I can't remember other teams. Maybe Pinhalnovense or Palmenense?

And, just for the record, the biggest game ever in terms of income was against Amora in the champion's semi-final... I need to check but my stadium was nowhere near 30000 capacity... and now Amora will be in the second division... this makes me sad... I had some seasons with Amora and Seixal in the 1st division... I need to find a way to get Fabril there...

03-02-15, 05:07 PM
While Tiago Miguel and Fernandes played again with Portugal U21, Brazilian recruit Oliveisa was called up and did play with Brazil U21 becoming in the process the first Setubal player to represent Brazil at national level.

Tito had 2 home games vs Northern Ireland and Albania in the Seleção's World Cup Qualifications, and was looking at 2 wins to seal it. Apart from Mario Silva injured, it's a full squad and he goes with:


Nélson Veiga.............................Bocas........... ...................Rui Marques..........................Bruno Basto

Bruno Melo (c) ................Petit.....................Ednilson

Cr. Ronaldo..............................Boa Morte

Hélder Postiga

(Subs: Marco Tabuas, João Morais, Paulo Ferreira, Paulo Teixeira, Pinto Neves, Lourenço, Nuno Gomes)

> Mar.21, 2009 / World Cup Qualifications Gr.7 (#4) – PORTUGAL v Northern Ireland : 4-1 / goals: Nélson Veiga, Boa Morte (2), H.Postiga / assists: H.Postiga, Rui Marques, Pinto Neves / MoM: H.Postiga
In front of the home fans, the Seleção plays a superb game of football leaving no chance to the Brits, with 2 goals from veteran Luis Boa Morte and another cracking game from Hélder Postiga.

Forbs is really pleased with that great win against a nation not to be taken lightly; a landmark game surely. Ednilson twists his ankle in training the following day and will be out for a full month; he is replaced for the next game by Paulo Teixeira.

> Mar.25, 2009 / World Cup Qualifications Gr.7 (#5) – PORTUGAL v Albania : 3-0 / goals: Cr.Ronaldo, H.Postiga, Fernando Meira / assist: Boa Morte / MoM: Cr.Ronaldo
It's an easy game against a weak opponent this time; Cr.Ronaldo opens fire with a brilliant free-kick and Newcastle striker Hélder Postiga remains in top form, scoring his 13th goal in 22 caps for Portugal.

Deprived of any credible rivals in this Group, the Seleção are now arch-favourites to make it to the 2010 World Cup !

http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/WC-Group-250309_zpsfb207d67.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/WC-Group-250309_zpsfb207d67.png.html)

03-02-15, 10:02 PM
There's a home match v Santa Clara in the Liga before the first leg of the Champions League Quarter-Finals. With a 9-pts lead, Tito continues to rotate the team although Marco Tabuas, Bruno Melo, Cr.Ronaldo and Olisadebe all start the game.

> Mar.29, 2009 / Pr.Liga (#26) – Vitoria Setubal v Santa Clara : 0-1
Os Guerreiros play a terrible game, creating very few chances and losing on the sole counter-attack from a very defensive Açoran side. As it happens, young Paulito makes his debut during this home defeat.

It's a major blow and the limits of Forbs' rotation system. Sporting CP have won again and are like a bullet train chasing behind, traling only by 6-pts now.

Forbs does not go in too hard on the lads for this defeat as they are 3-days away from a memorable clash: the revenge quarter-final of 2006 against Inter Milan (0-4 on agg.) which has left a very, very bitter mark in Setubal. It was not only the spanking received at the hands of the Serie A side, but also the very negative style of play, aggressivity and banter of the Nerrazzuri. Since then Tito has vowed to have them pay back one day.

http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/CL-quarters-110309_zps6488a3ba.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/CL-quarters-110309_zps6488a3ba.png.html)

Inter are the current Italian Champions and althoug the side has changed since their CL victory in 2006, they remain quite formidable: Mattero Ferrarri and Sol Campbell in defense, Andrea Prilo and Cristiano Zanetti in midfield, Mohamed Kallon and young star Paolo Costagliola in attack. They will however be without Ivan Cordoba and Hernan Crespo, both with their national teams in South America. On their side, Setubal are deprived of injured Ednilson subbed by Paulo Teixeira while Tito surprises everyone fielding Pinto Neves at AMC instead of a demotivated Kaka.

> Apr.1, 2009 / Champions League (Quarter-Final, leg.1) – Inter Milan v Vitoria Setubal : 0-0
Inter have not changed much and they basically sit in defense and refuse to play football - in San Siro! it's one of the most boring games ever played at this level as Inter manage only 2 shots with none on target. Vitoria are prudent and don't push too hard; their only real chance at goal comes at 70' when Olisadebe sees his attempt parried by the Italian keeper.

Well, an anti-climax but nevertheless a good result. All will be decided in Bonfim!

03-02-15, 10:30 PM
Forbs gathers his players before the trip to Aves. He convinces them that the title is far from being in the bag and that no game should be taken lightly from now on.

> Apr.5, 2009 / Pr.Liga (#27) – Aves v Vitoria Setubal : 1-7 / goals: Olisadebe (5), Nélson Veiga, Cr.Ronaldo / assists: Bruno Melo (2), Ouedraogo, Nélson Veiga, Rodolfo / MoM: Olisadebe
24 shots, 15 on target and 7 goals! Os Guerreiros demolish their opponents and show their coach how much they want to be crowned champions again. Nélson Veiga has a superb game on the right flank while Bruno Melo and Cr.Ronaldo also shine; but the star of the day is Emmanuel Olisadebe who some say has the most impressive game ever by a Setubal player, scoring an unbelievable 5 goals!!
http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/Aves-VS-050409_zps9642bf2f.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/Aves-VS-050409_zps9642bf2f.png.html)
It's a crazy performance; 1-7 is the biggest margin of the victory in the Liga over the past 8 years and Olisadebe also breaks the record of most goals in a game!

> Apr.8, 2009 / Pr.Liga (#28) – Espinho v Vitoria Setubal : 1-2 / goals: Kaka (2) / assists: Bruno Melo, Bocas / MoM: Kaka
It's good to see Kaka back in business with 2 goals that seal a much-needed win. Nélson Veiga is once again superb.

Sadly Sporting have also won, recording their 13 straight consecutive win the Primeira Liga! Tito goes with a mixed side at home vs promoted Chaves, fielding Ouedraogo, West, Bras, Binho, Rodolfo and Mendonça.

> Apr.12, 2009 / Pr.Liga (#29) – Vitoria Setubal v Chaves : 0-0
After 12' Tito freezes; Rodolfo shoves a player and is dismissed, for the third time this season. The coach was wrong to give the Brazilian a last chance, he has jeopardized the entire match. Bravely, Os Guerreiros will push and dominate the entire game - even more so after Chaves' defender Fredy picks a red at 65'. Keeper Ivo has a great day and Setubal lose 2 more points on their home ground...

As the game ends, for once good news comes from the Alvalade: Benfica have managed to draw (0-0) in the Lisboa derby. Which means that with 5 games to go, Vitoria keep their 6-pts lead. The coach does not even want to see the Brazilian midfield: he is handed a 2-weeks salary fine and Rodolfo is immediately transfer-listed and never to wear a Setubal jersey again.

A few days later, a big crack is heard during an intense training session before the Inter return leg. Pape Malik Diop has broken his plevis and will be out for 7 months! At 34yr-old with his contract at the club ending in 3-months, this could mean the end of the pro career for the Senegalese Rock...

03-02-15, 11:23 PM
Well... don't take the league lightly. 6 points with one game against Sporting and a champion's league fight may be all they need to make some stuff happen in their favor.

And a draw against Inter isn't that bad. Too bad that it was without goals but you'll do good at Bofim!

03-02-15, 11:39 PM
Inter travel to Bonfim, 3 years after, for a massive game... last year Juventus fell (2-0) here in the return leg; will the Nerrazzuri follow through? they have a better side than for the first leg: Frenchmen Julien Escudé and Patrick Vieira play, while Argentinian superstar Hernan Crespo is present this time. On the Setubal side, only Ednilson is missing.

> Apr.15, 2009 / Champions League (Quarter-Final, leg.2) – Vitoria Setubal v Inter Milan : 0-1

It's a wet day in southern Portugal as the Italians start in their typical defensive formation; after 6', young Luciani subs an injured Ferrarri. Cr.Ronaldo is in action after 26' and his superb strike is parried by the great keeper David Dei; but Inter are the most dangerous when on 39' Kallon combines well with Crespo in the area, who hits the woordwork -> oh close, so close here! It's been an intense and contested first half especially in the midfield with a great Paulo Teixeira. On 53' the sky collapses on Bonfim as fuori-classe striker Hernan Crespo dribbles past both Bocas and Coutinho for a killer away-goal (0-1). Os Guerreiros rush forward and push like mad, but they need 2 goals and will get none. Kaka is almost there on 70' but Dei parries twice, and again at 79' in front of Olisadebe who was clear. It's once again a heart-braking defeat as the game really could have gone either way.

http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/VS-Inter-150409_zps2878448e.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/VS-Inter-150409_zps2878448e.png.html)

What is there to say... the players really are shaken this time, they were full of confidence after playing so well in the first phases of the competition. Tito wonders whether his side, and himself for that matter, will ever have a better shot at the Champions League. It's a very, very tough competition in which one needs to beat 4 or 5 world-class sides in a row to prevail.

http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/CL-quarters-150409_zpsb568f248.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/CL-quarters-150409_zpsb568f248.png.html)

While AC Milan have demolished holders AS Roma and will face a lucky Manchester United in the semis, Sporting have resisted at Anfield Road andare through, up against... Inter!

03-02-15, 11:45 PM
Well... don't take the league lightly. 6 points with one game against Sporting and a champion's league fight may be all they need to make some stuff happen in their favor.

Sporting are amazing and I knew it would be tough. The reserves had done really well up to now and I needed some rotation for the CL... but they've been under-par against both Santa Clara and Chaves, and now I'm also out of the CL. Poor form, but still 6-pts lead and a game at the Alvalade coming up next!

And a draw against Inter isn't that bad. Too bad that it was without goals but you'll do good at Bofim!

Inter are our nemesis and I am truly gutted to be out of this competition, we played so well up until then and we have to face catenaccio type of football and are beaten by the class of Crespo.

04-02-15, 09:25 AM
This is a telling moment in a club's History. 4 days after crashing at home against Inter, Vitoria travel to the Alvalade for a key game in the race towards the Portuguese title. They face a Sporting side who seem unstoppable: they have made it to the Champions League semi-finals (where they will face Inter!) and have reduced the gap in the Liga from 14-pts to 6. If the Lisboans prevail tonight, anything can happen with only 4 games left afterwards. Olembé plays with Cameroon and Ednilson is still injured, other than that Tito trusts his usual starters.

> Apr.19, 2009 / Pr.Liga (#30) – Sporting CP v Vitoria Setubal : 0-1 / goal: Nélson Veiga / assist: Kaka / MoM: Kaka

Os Guerreiros are immense. While Sporting set out to attack with players such as Denilson, Beckham, Källström and Trézéguet, Vitoria just want it more. They win all the duels, on every clash they just put in more intensity, and will dominate from start to finish in an incredible and unexpected fashion. Petr Cech has a great game and parries all attempts from Kaka, Olisadebe and Cr.Ronaldo... until the Brazilian manages a superb deflection in the area on 85' for Nélson Veiga, out of all players, and the Setubal icon pounds a volley into the nets for the winning goal. YES!!!

http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/Spor-VS-190409_zps323fbaf3.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/Spor-VS-190409_zps323fbaf3.png.html)

What an achievement. Setubal are truly great, Tito has always trusted his lads and knew that they would never, ever, keep their heads down. The Alvalade is stunned. With a 9-pts lead again, and only 4 games to go 3 of which at Bonfim, the 4th domestic title is almost in the bag now!

Baron Zbimg
04-02-15, 12:33 PM
What a crushing defeat against Inter ! Although you'll want revenge, avoiding them in the future seems a bit better. Once again so close but so far. Amazing reaction against Sporting with a world class display.

Don't be too hard on yourself, it will happen eventually.

BTW it seems the injury to Ferrari was a blessing in disguise for Inter, as young Luciani was a rock ...

04-02-15, 08:58 PM
That defeat just sucks... I hate when this game makes it so hard to win the first and then you start to have all the luck.

I remember when I loss the first 3 finals of the champion's league that I played... I went back to see the first team that loss (cause it was my best year in goals scored in the champion's league) and I did have a great great team. I would say that it was better than the one I have today but for some reason it was so hard to win the first...

I will say that you are needing a win there... I call that a complete BS... I'm frustrated by your loss.

04-02-15, 09:50 PM
What a crushing defeat against Inter ! Although you'll want revenge, avoiding them in the future seems a bit better. Once again so close but so far. Amazing reaction against Sporting with a world class display.

Sporting managed only one shot at goal in the whole game against us, I never expected that. And you know the best part? a few days later, they eliminated Inter in the semi-finals on the away goal rule and will play th CL Final v Manchester United!

Don't be too hard on yourself, it will happen eventually.

We hope so, but really the goal is to remain on top of our football domestically and enjoy the way we play. If we are to get more lucky in the CL then so be it, but it is the hell of a tough competition that's for sure. We're a bit like Olympique Lyonnais in the 2000's: always there, quarters or semis, playing bloody good games against the best team, but always lacking that little something.

BTW it seems the injury to Ferrari was a blessing in disguise for Inter, as young Luciani was a rock ...

Ironically Ferrarri was MoM of the game in San Siro... I don't know who Luciani is the regen of, but he is only 19 and he tackled his heart out of Olisadebe, Kaka and also (which is worse) Bruno Melo, depriving us of much possession. He truly had a great game. To be frank I can't say they did not deserve, we did not dominate them like we did vs Celtic last year in the semis. Crespo hit the post and fair play to him, managed to beat all my best defenders + Tabuas when he scored.

04-02-15, 09:57 PM
That defeat just sucks... I hate when this game makes it so hard to win the first and then you start to have all the luck.

When I saw Inter just sitting back at San Siro, I thought "this is a trap to score one goal in a counter-attack" and did not push too hard tactic wise, never having my CB coming into the box on corners, etc... and I thought (0-0) was a good result, but when you play against fuoriclasse strikers such as Crespo, a goal can come any time even at home. Maybe this lack of ambition away has cost me, after all I managed to win at the Bernadeu and Celtic Park this season.

I remember when I loss the first 3 finals of the champion's league that I played... I went back to see the first team that loss (cause it was my best year in goals scored in the champion's league) and I did have a great great team. I would say that it was better than the one I have today but for some reason it was so hard to win the first...

Well, that's also what makes European competitions so beautiful: it's not the best team throughout the tournament that always win. Unlike a domestic championship.

It's been 2 seasons in a row that this current generation of Setubal players were quite something, they've done great things in Europe - it's a bit of a sad thing that they may never see a CL Final in their career... let's hope future generations will fare better!

04-02-15, 10:17 PM
Croatia is always a tough fixture and it was already the 3rd time (1W, 1L) both teams would clash in friendlies during the Forbs era. Tito had decided to do a full squad review, give the crowd a run for their money in trying to play an expansive game. No one imagined it would end in such a ngithmare.


Nélson Veiga.............................Bocas........... ...................Rui Marques..........................Mario Silva

Bruno Melo (c)....................Petit.....................P aulo Teixeira

Pinto Neves..............................Boa Morte

Hélder Postiga

(Subs: Marco Tabuas, Bruno Basto, Paulo Ferreira, Bras, Fernando Meira, Bosingwa, Lourenço, Cr.Ronaldo, Nuno Gomes)

> Apr.22, 2009 / Friendly – PORTUGAL v Croatia : 0-3 / Jamor, Lisboa

During an hour it all went rather well, the Portuguese dominated while Bocas ruled in the back - and all that was missing really was a goal which keeper Vedran Runje had stubbornly prevented from happening. And then suddenly, maybe as all the replacements started coming in, the Seleção lost its focus and completed exploded. Obviously the second yellow card picked by Cr.Ronaldo on 78' may have also helped. The Croatians banged in 3 goals almost at every opportunity, with sub Bosko Balaban getting a double and looking very sharp. The crowd started booing and turned against keeper Quim who had an atrocious game (4 rating), Forbs had to sub him with 7' left on the clock to prevent further meltdown. What a night...

http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/POR-Cro-220409_zps8c56b8ae.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/POR-Cro-220409_zps8c56b8ae.png.html)

Portugal had looked so solid since Euro 2008 that such thrashing, at home, came out of nowhere and certainly did not reflect the level of both teams. Poor Beira-Mar keeper Quim, now 33-yr old and who had been so great going into the Euro, may never recover from such an atrocious performance and Jamor having turned against him...

04-02-15, 10:37 PM
4 games left 3 of which at home, and 4 points are enough to keep the trophy.

> Apr.25, 2009 / Pr.Liga (#31) – Vitoria Setubal v Beira-Mar : 2-0 / goals: Bruno Melo, Olisadebe / assist: Kaka / MoM: Bruno Melo
No problem here as Setubal control and dominate the game, managing 2 goals. Fatigue starts to take its toll as Coutinho (3-weeks) and Nélson Veiga (3-months) pick injuries, the latter's season being now sadly over.

It's now Bruno Melo who hurts himself in training and will be out for 10 days, in the run-up to the trip to Guimarães out of which Vitoria need only a draw to be crowned.

> May.3, 2009 / Pr.Liga (#32) – Vit. Guimarães v Vitoria Setubal : 1-1 / goal: Olisadebe
Obviously tense, Os Guerreiros concede a goal after 2' and struggle, playing poorly. Defender Giordano is red-carded just before half-time for a professional foul, which will help and on 59' Olisadebe pounds the equalizer. It's as simple as that really, and Vitoria are Champions!

It's done and it's deserved! after a long season in which Os Guerreiros have always been in the lead, after seeing Sporting CP attempt a superb come-back in the heart of the winter and beyond, finally Vitoria Setubal keep their title and are crowned Champions of Portugal for the 4th time in their History! oh Forbs is extatic and once again the whole city goes berzerk: their footballers have made them the kings of the Nation.

The home game v Campomaiorense, 3 days before the Cup semi-final at the Alvalade, suddenly becomes irrelevant. The reserves get a run with players such as Tiago Miguel, Pepe, Matoukou and Fernandes starting.

> May.10, 2009 / Pr.Liga (#33) – Vitoria Setubal v Campomaiorense : 3-0 / goals: P.Teixeira, Ricardo, Paulito / assists: Ricardo, Mendonça, Fernandes / MoM: Mendonça
It's a nice surprise to see the reserves play so well, driven by Ricardo and Mendonça. Paulo Luis also comes in, and on the 80' Fernandes combines well for Paulito's header - the young (17) local lad scoring for his 2nd appearance only (and on a header, when he has a 3 at Jumping!).

04-02-15, 11:12 PM
There you go... champion again :) Congrats!

05-02-15, 09:58 PM
Just a few days after being crowned Champions one more time, Os Guerreiros travel again to the Alvalade where they will face no less than the Champions League finalists (!) who will want to take their revenge for the loss in the last Liga clash between both sides, a match that sealed this year’s Portuguese title.

> May.13, 2009 / Taça (Semi-Final) – Sporting CP v Vitoria Setubal : 0-1 / goal: Olisadebe / MoM: Olisadebe
This time Sporting change their tactic and position themselves higher up on the pitch which results in a more balanced game. Both keepers manage to fend-off all shots at goal up until the hour mark when Olisadebe does not miss the chance offered by a poor goal-kick from Petr Cech, as he pounds the sole goal of the match into the nets which means that Vitoria will play the Cup’s Final, again!

It’s now 4 wins in a row for Setubal over their big rivals Sporting CP, and a chance to win a 5th consecutive Taça de Portugal – against FC Porto in the Final at Jamor. Domestically, Vitoria really are unrivaled. Cr.Ronaldo has picked-up a 2-weeks injury during the semi-final and his season finishes right there.

There is one last game in the Liga, at home, and for once Tito would like to use it as a farewell opportunity for a few iconic players who have not extended their contract and are thus probably leaving the club this summer. Brazilians Binho (31) and Pena (35) will start, both having enjoyed 6 long years in Setubal and featured 4 times in the season’s Starting XI; Portuguese legend Luis Figo, now 36, cannot start a game anymore but is set to come in from the bench at some point.

> May.17, 2009 / Pr.Liga (#34) – Vitoria Setubal v Leiria : 2-1 / goals: Binho, Pena / assists: Olembé, Kaka / MoM: Coutinho
The game is quite tight, Leiria are a good side and they score first on a corner-kick; but Os Guerreiros bounce back and offer the crowd a marvelous gift when incredibly, both goals are scored by… Binho and Pena !! (the latter netting his 120th goal for the club, a record). Figo comes in 15’ from the end under a thunder of applause, some thinking this is maybe the last ever appearance on a football pitch by the Seleção all-star.

It’s been a pefect jubilee for these players, and for the entire team who have once again topped the Primeira Liga managing an impressive tally of 88pts, 9-pts clear of rivals Sporting CP who have made them sweat but had too much poor a start to reclaim the title. As usual it is the defense which was mostly impressive with only 17 goals conceded, by far the best total.

http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/Table1-0809_zpse06b3416.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/Table1-0809_zpse06b3416.png.html)

FC Porto are really far behind and were challenged by an unexpected team of Farense who enjoy their best ever season in the Liga; Benfica on the other hand had one of their worst, finishing only 6th and beaten on the finish line by a strong Leiria. Vitoria Guimarães disappoint once again while Naval, Aves and mores surprisingly a promising Leixões side, sink back to Segunda. Promoted from Segunda next season will be two traditional strongholds of Portuguese football in Boavista (who have thumped the league) and Académica (coached by… José Mourinho!), while minnows Estrela Amadora have also managed to make it to the first tier.

06-02-15, 12:03 AM
At the end of the Leiria game, while everyone was celebrating, one person was in the stands in Bonfim. Crying. He could barely walk, having broken his pelvis a few weeks ago. He too should have been on the pitch with Binho, Pena and Figo for his "jubilee" since his contract had also ran out, after 6 seasons at the club. Tito Forbs had spotted him in the crowd, and when things quieted down a little, he climbed the stairs and walked up to him and the "Senegalese Rock" fell into his arms. "Coach", announced Pape Malik Diop tears running down his black cheeks, "I can't do it anymore. By the time I recover, I will be 35yr-old, this is pointless. I am going to retire from professional football". Tito took a long look at him right in the eyes and said "Thank you Pap', for everything you have done for us here. Any chance you would continue a non-playing career with us?" - "Coach, I appreciate very much but my family are all back there in Dakar - I can't stay". Forbs continued... "well son, this is your second home. You can come any time you like we will welcome you with open arms and you can maybe remember those glorious days, that season when you had just arrived and barely spoke the language and we ended-up winning.... the UEFA Cup!". And both men smiled, remembering those happy times...

http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/Diop-ret1_zpsfacfefeb.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/Diop-ret1_zpsfacfefeb.png.html)

Diop started his pro career at Dakar's Jeanne d'Arc relatively late at the age of 23, and played professional football for a total of 11 seasons. He quickly went to Europe and tried his luck at Norwich City (1), Racing Club de Strasbourg (2), Neuchâtel Xamax (1) and really broke-through at French Ligue 1 club FC Lorient (2). He was already a seasoned Senegalese international by then when Tito was desperately looking to strengthen his Central Defense in 2003/04 and recruited both Diop and Emerson Thome who formed a great partnership that season. In total Pape Diop was a starter 3 years at Vitoria, winning 2 Championships when he was associated with Bras at CB. He played a total of 142 games for Os Guerreiros, with 5 assists.

He was an extremely physical player with decent pace, out-muscling the opposition's forwards with great defensive skills and also excellent in the air. The ultimate rock-solid CB with no real weaknesses. The highlight of his career was probably that 2004 UEFA Cup victory which Forbs had just reminded him of, as it was completely unexpected and came out of nowhere for a player who had always been far away from European spotlights.

06-02-15, 12:10 AM
I must admit... those posts about retirements and singnings are just too good. Great stuff to read!

06-02-15, 12:19 AM
I must admit... those posts about retirements and singnings are just too good. Great stuff to read!
Thanks! I liked Diop, always sad to end a career on an injury. He was a really good player, in another game if I ever get the chance to coach him, he would be worth trying at DMC as well. I have a feeling this will not be the only retirement from our squad this summer...

06-02-15, 12:35 AM
Olá Rui, olá a todos
Just caught up with this story again, riveting reading. :ok:

The young signings look interesting. Tosa will probably need to get some first team action soon if he is to progress. I think Paulito will be a fantastic player if a fitness regime does the necessary work for him. Good luck with Claudio though, I think he might have two left feet.
Of course none of these will be as superlative as Fernandes.

Oh, and btw, I assume you will have the scouts on full alert if Figo retires. Would be great to get his regen while he's at youth level.

Keep scribbling.

06-02-15, 01:02 AM
Ola RandomPlayer, great to have you here and thanks for the compliments!

The young signings look interesting. Tosa will probably need to get some first team action soon if he is to progress. I think Paulito will be a fantastic player if a fitness regime does the necessary work for him. Good luck with Claudio though, I think he might have two left feet.

Tosa has already progressed quickly but he will soon turn 21 and I have the same feeling: he needs to play. Sadly I never ever receive any loan offer for any of my youngsters, and Setubal do not have a reserve team. So he will need to play in the A team next season. He could develop into a damn good Striker but he has one major flaw: he can't jump. Paulito has already impressed everyone ay 17yr-old when he played and scored against Campomaiorense. Should I really put him under "Intense Fitness", will this really have an impact on his Stamina? As for Claudio, sadly I think you may be right since unlike the other two, I have not seen his attributes change much in this first season. Forbs may have been a bit soft in handing-out a pro contract to Luis Andrade's nephew...

Of course none of these will be as superlative as Fernandes.

I am surprised how well he is developping and have decided to invest decet play time in him this past season. He is still quite young so if he progresses more he can really become a solid player. Have a look:
http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/Fernandes-030609_zps8021f455.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/Fernandes-030609_zps8021f455.png.html)

Oh, and btw, I assume you will have the scouts on full alert if Figo retires. Would be great to get his regen while he's at youth level.

Oh Pedro Figueiredo is in the starting blocks :-) we will be carefully looking at the news because Vitor Baia, Jorge Costa and Pauleta may also decide to retire this summer!


06-02-15, 11:05 PM
Evening Rui / all,
Not only are Fernandes' stats looking impressive, he also looks like he will be captain before he's 23. Considering he has played, what, less than 50 matches that's a massive statistical improvement. The other midfielders must be looking over their shoulders now.
For Paulito, while he isn't playing for the first team an intensive fitness regime for a period of time should improve his stamina by a noticeable amount.
As for Claudio, re-training him as a right back might be an option worth exploring. He doesn't look as though he will make much of a midfield general, more like a competent right back who may attract a small fee from a Segunda Liga club.

Champions League this season please maestro :director:

07-02-15, 03:34 PM
@RandomPlayer: in 4 professional seasons, Fernandes has appeared 29 times for Setubal (including 2 friendlies) + 13 times with Portugal U21 = total 42 games.

Thanks for the other tips on Paulito and Claudio. As for the Champions League... we'll try hard as usual!

07-02-15, 03:43 PM
In mid-week all Portuguese football fans watched Sporting CP get hammered in Amsterdan by Manchester United (0-3) in the Champions League Final. Well done for getting there, but what a let down to end in this manner…

It was then time for the Final of the Taça de Portugal. This is a trophy Setubal have owned for 4 straight years, equalling the record of two great Benfica sides of the past. The fans were really attached to the Cup and a 5th consecutive win would truly be historic. Obviously Vitoria were favourites given how they were currently dominating the domestic scene - even deprived of both Nélson Veiga and Cristiano Ronaldo (injured).

> May.24, 2009 / Taça (Final) – FC Porto v Vitoria Setubal : 1-1 (pen.) / Jamor, Lisboa / goal: Olisadebe / assist: Olembé / MoM: Olisadebe

Os Guerreiros have really become so strong now; they take hold of the game from the start and just push on Porto’s goals non-stop, creating several chances in the first half until Olisadebe (who else) pounds a header into the nets before half-time (0-1). The match is so easy that there is maybe a lack of focus at the start of the 2nd haflf, with Portista Diego finding the post. At 68’ Romanian left-back Satmar has a fantastic run on his flank and finds Dario in the area for the equalizer! (1-1). One shot on target, that’s all Porto really needed. It’s then wave after wave of attacks by Setubal inspired by a great Ednilson in midfield, but keeper Fabio is one of those days, making no less than 9 saves in total!... the Cup will be decided on the penalty shoot-out!

Brazilian Diogo Rincon steps up first and sees his attempt parried by Marco Tabuas! Mendonça converts his, then Diego for Porto, alas the count is levelled when Setubal’s 2nd shooter Salomon Olembé, has his shot parried. Clayton and Bruno Melo score and it’s (2-2), Montaño gives the lead to Porto (3-2) and here comes Paulo Teixeira, oh he runs fast towards the ball and BOOM! over! oh it’s well above the crossbar! Dario, Porto’s best player and this season Top Goal Scorer in the Liga, won’t miss and the trophy leaves the banks of Rio Sado and goes north to Porto! oh terrible!
http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/FCP-VS-240509_zpsb27d86b3.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/FCP-VS-240509_zpsb27d86b3.png.html)
It’s a game Os Guerreiros dominated completely and really should have won. The fans are bitterly disappointed and Tito very frustrated, but then I guess they can’t win everything and the Gods of football sometimes have to let others clubs get their share of glory… this is Porto’s 17th Cup, the last dating back in 2003. Setubal in their History have played 14 Cup Finals and won the trophy 6 times.

http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/FCP-VS-stats-240509_zpsbd19ae7a.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/FCP-VS-stats-240509_zpsbd19ae7a.png.html)

Shortly after that disappoiting and dramatic loss, the transfer market re-opens and 2 players leave the club. The first one is 22yr-old Portuguese CB Nuno Rodrigues who had joined 4 years ago from Boavista. The staff do not believe in his ability to become a solid Primeira Liga Defender and he moves to lower league side Vilafranquense against a symbolic £5k amount. He has made only one appearance under Setubal colours…

The other player is of a much different caliber. At 24yr-old, Brazilian DMC Rodolfo is already a very good midfielder whom Tito had envisaged as a starter in his XI in the near future. However, in a very calm and peaceful Setubal environment, his departure was very brutal and reminded a little that of Sandro a few years ago - albeit for different reasons. Rodolfo has managed to collect 2 red-cards early in the season, one in the Liga and the next in the following game v Perugia in the Champions League. On both occasions it was early in the match and easily avoidable. The player was sternly warned, and after a cooling period the coach decided to trust him again… and in the very tense final sprint to the Liga title, in a home game vs Chaves, Rodolfo got dismissed again early on, contributing to the loss of 2-pts which could have potentially jeopardized the 4th title. That was enough for Forbs : he was never to wear the Vitoria colours again and a deal with FC Porto was swiftly agreed for £1.7m transfer-fee. Rodolofo has appeared 62 times under the club’s colours, getting 5 goa, 8 ass, 3 MoM. He can pride himself with the Portugal Champions 2007/08 title.
http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/Rodolfo-030609_zps2bbd715f.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/Rodolfo-030609_zps2bbd715f.png.html)
We wish him… to collect many red cards every time he will wear the blue colours against Os Sadinos!

Baron Zbimg
07-02-15, 03:48 PM
Rodolfo looked good but I understand Tito's decision. What I don't understand is why he agreed to sell him to a direct rival !

07-02-15, 04:02 PM
Rodolfo looked good but I understand Tito's decision. What I don't understand is why he agreed to sell him to a direct rival !
The reason is impulsion. It was painful to have him in the squad at that point, betraying the coach's confidence in that manner was shocking. Porto just came in with £1m and there was no other bidder, we raised and it was done. Now FC Porto sure are rivals, but they're a level below ours for the time being (despite them just beating us in the Cup Final...) and Rodolfo is good, but not THAT good - or at least I hope.

07-02-15, 09:56 PM
All internationals had to delay their vacation this year too, because of a last Friendly game with the Seleção in Bucharest. For the Romanians it was an opportunity to avenge the loss in Euro 2008 quarter-final (0-2) while Forbs would want to erase from memory the terrible dross (0-3) at the hands of Croatia in Jamor 2 months ago. There were a few changes in the team: Marco Tabuas was rewarded for his great season and replaced Quim between the sticks; Bocas who had also impressed, started ahead of Rui Marques while Pinto Neves replaced Luis Boa Morte in the starting line-up - which featured an all-time record of 7 Guerreiros !

Marco Tabuas

Paulo Ferreira............................Bocas......... .......................Coutinho................... .......Mario Silva

Bruno Melo (c)....................Petit...................... ....Ednilson

Cr. Ronaldo..............................Pinto Neves

Hélder Postiga

(Subs: Vitor Oliveira, Bruno Basto, André, Rui Marques, Fernando Meira, Bosingwa, Boa Morte, Lourenço, Nuno Gomes)

> Jun.3, 2009 / Friendly – Romania v PORTUGAL : 0-3 / Stadionul, Bucharest / goals: Pinto Neves, H.Postiga (2) / assists: H.Postiga, Pinto Neves / MoM: H.Postiga
Well it was just about the exact opposite of the previous game: Portugal both dominated and converted its chances with Pinto Neves and once again a superb Hélder Postiga. Defense had been solid against a good Romanian side, this large away-victory was an excellent result!

A nice way to go on vacation. Pinto Neves is gradually entering another dimension, what a player this is going to be...
http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/PintoNeves-070609_zps7abf429e.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/PintoNeves-070609_zps7abf429e.png.html)

07-02-15, 11:01 PM
Now was the traditional time of year for post-season wrap-up. The starting XI was almost identical as last year's, the only change being Bocas replacing Bras in CB. The team was older (26.7 average) and there still was only one Youth Academy player (Marco Tabuas). The subs are those who have played enough to be considered "Champions of Portugal".

http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/StartingXI-0809_zpsb47c92ae.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/StartingXI-0809_zpsb47c92ae.png.html)

The average ratings were excellent, the lowest at 7.32. Emmanuel Olisadebe and Ednilson had been the best performers and by quite a lot of margin.

Primeira Liga Top10 Players

http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/Ratings-0809_zps6f5d009c.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/Ratings-0809_zps6f5d009c.png.html)

Marius Niculae, even after being replaced by Trézéguet as starting Striker for Sporting in January, was best player of the Liga for the 4th consecutive year: an impressive all-time record. Ednilson and Bruno Melo were in the Team of the Year for the 5th time, and Marco Tabuas for the 4th. It was Nélson Veiga and Kaka first ever appearance.

07-02-15, 11:58 PM
- Marco Tabuas (32) / 54 app - 25 conceded / 7.35. Member of the Primeira Liga Team of the Year.
After claiming his starting slot back last year with a superb season, Marco Tabuas continued to impress with an astonishing first part of the year (averaging close to 7.80). He went back to more normal levels of performance thereafter, but still very consistent. Played the highest ever number of games in a season for Setubal (54!) and conceded only… 25 goals. A starter at Vitoria for the 6th time, and was named for the 4th time in his career in the Liga Team of the Year. He also managed to get 2 more caps with the Seleção following Quim’s meltdown against Croatia. We hope he can maintain the same level for (at least) another year and who knows, maybe he will get to play in the World Cup?...

- Hugo Pinheiro (28) / 1 app - 0 conceded / 7.00
Not a chance against a Tabuas at that level. Seems comfortable sitting on the bench, which is also the sign of a lack of ambition.

- Ricardo Neves (20) / unused. The young keeper is unlikely to get any playtime soon, which seems to be fine with him.

Marco Tabuas all the way next season. Tito’s scouts will be on the look-out for promising Portuguese youngsters though, to start building the future.

08-02-15, 12:03 AM
- Salomon Olembé (28) / 35(1) app – 3 goa, 6 ass, 1 MoM / 7.33
The 2nd season as a starter for the Cameroonian left-back, even better than last. A very complete performance, took a bigger share of corner-kicking.

- Rahim Ouedraogo (28) / 18(2) app – 2 ass / 7.05
He’s played well, mostly on the left but sometimes on the righ flank. Has lost nothing of his qualities and fighting spirit.

- Taribo West (35) / 12(18) app – 1 ass / 6.93
After his 1-yr injury, he enjoyed a good solid season both at LB and CB and remains a very solid defender. Only one year left on his contract: will he carry on until 2010?

With Tiago Miguel able to cover, and even if West retired, enough quality and depth at that position.

08-02-15, 12:06 AM
- Nélson Veiga (31) / 39 app – 3 goa, 7 ass, 3 MoM / 7.41. Member of the Primeira Liga Team of the Year.
A stunning year at RB, one of his very best out of the 8 he has had as a starter under Tito Forbs! as usual he was always important in the big games, scoring that crucial goal at the Alvalade in the Liga last April. Has also started most games for Portugal this year. One can only hope he will carry on for as long as possible!

- Saliou Lassissi (30) / 9(6) app – 1 goa, 1 ass / 6.60
Played a little less than usual and had an average season. Remains a solid option on the bench.

- Tiago Miguel (20) / 4(1) app – 4 ass / 7.80
Played mostly easy Cup games but did extremely well in them; decent corner-taker. Played all games with Portugal U21. An interesting future.

- Paulo Luis (18) / 0(3) app / 6.67
The Academy product is still young, but showed little progress. Will struggle to get more playtime.

No changes as long as Nélson Veiga remains so good, and plenty enough depth (with in additiona, Ouedraogo able to cover).

08-02-15, 12:25 AM
- Bocas (28) / 40 app – 2 ass, 1 MoM / 7.40
Spectacularly regained his starting slot at CB, ahead of an ageing Bras. He has put in the best performance ever for a DC under Forbs and has been devastating with his tackles and physical defense. Also managed to break into the Starting XI of the Seleção this season. A landmark year for Bocas!

- Coutinho (20) / 37 app – 1 MoM / 7.32
Managed to improve on his performance last season. Is now an undisputable starter and also a leader of his defense, both for club and country. And he just turned 20!

- Bras (32) / 15(1) app – 2 ass / 6.88
After 4 years a starter, the 32-yr old Portuguese international lost his spot to Bocas. Lacked fitness at the start of the season and never really got back in the rythm. Managed 2 appearances for the Seleção.

- Eric Matoukou (25) / 10(1) app - 1 MoM / 7.09
Played more and was solid. Still a real option for Tito at CB, and in any case seems happy to just add depth.

- Pape Malik Diop (34) / 1(5) app - 1 ass / 7.17
Got little playtime before breaking his pelvis, which forced the "Senegalese Rocks" into an early retirement. Has served the club superbly well for 6 years.

- Pepe (26) / 1 app / 7.00.
Still transfer-listed and only one (unprotected) year left on his contract.

- Nuno Rodrigues (22) / unused. Has now been transfered to lower-league club of Vilafranquense.

With Bocas and Coutinho firmly established, Bras and Matoukou as solid back-ups, and both West and Lassissi also able to cover - there are no real needs at CB.

Baron Zbimg
08-02-15, 12:30 AM
These write-ups are awesome as always, keep them coming !

Ednilson consistency is incredible at that level. He's the typical player who completely outplays his stats. What an asset !

08-02-15, 12:43 AM
Ednilson consistency is incredible at that level. He's the typical player who completely outplays his stats. What an asset !
He probably is Tito's favourite player, with Nélson Veiga. I just know that a game without him will be more complicated. Even Bruno Melo (who has been slightly sub-standard this year) cannot match his consistency!

Baron Zbimg
08-02-15, 12:47 AM
Definitely my favourite player too. Could you post a screenshot of his stats and those of Bruno Melo ?

08-02-15, 10:05 AM
- Ednilson (26) / 35 app – 2 goa, 5 ass, 5 MoM / 7.91. Member of the Primeira Liga Team of the Year. 2nd Best Player of the Liga.
His 6th straigth appearance in Setubal's Starting XI and his best season to date in terms or rating! he was inches from being named best Guerreiro of the season and finished 2nd best in the Liga behind Niculae, a huge achievement. He obviously also appeared (for the 5th time!) in the Liga Team of the Year. A cornerstone in Vitoria and the Seleção.
http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/Ednilson-160609_zpsd93c4133.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/Ednilson-160609_zpsd93c4133.png.html)
- Bruno Melo (c) (27) / 35 app – 8 goa, 8 ass, 4 MoM / 7.63. Member of the Primeira Liga Team of the Year.
After the melo-drama of his failed departure to Real Madrid in August 2008, Tito hesitated to reconduct him as captain; he eventually did and eveything settled down, and although he made it for the 5th time in the Liga Team of the Year, Bruno Melo had a slightly sub-par season by his own extraordinary standards. Has he grown a little weary of the Setubal jersey by now? Has skipped the Seleção through a good year.
http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/BrunoMelo-160609_zps0401b365.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/BrunoMelo-160609_zps0401b365.png.html)
- Bosingwa (26) / 38(1) app – 1 goa, 5 ass, 1 MoM / 7.33
Solid, but not as impressive as last year. His tackling ratio ought to be higher than 2.8 as central DMC. Has finally managed 4 caps for Portugal and will try to make in the squad for the World Cup 2010.

- Paulo Teixeira (28) / 22(12) app – 1 goa, 3 ass, 2 MoM / 7.47
The luxury bench option for Forbs who is also using him (6 caps this season) in the Seleção. Not quite defensive enough for central DMC slot, but really adds punch when he plays. 8 years at the club for 149 games played - and never a starter!.. will want next year to be a World Cup year too.

- Fernandes (19) / 12(6) app - 2 goa, 1 ass / 7.39
Has exploded this season and at his still young age, is perfectly comfortable playing a full game with the big boys. Has become a real bench option and the question now is: when can he challenge for a starting slot? his agent RandomPlayer believes it will be very soon... Fernandes is also the cornerstone of Portugal U21 midfield.

- Rodolfo (24) / 12(6) app – 2 goa, 2 ass, 2 MoM / 7.22
This was supposed to be his year and he ruined it with 3 red-cards, betraying Forbs' trust. Was shown the door and will now play for FC Porto (£1.7m transfer-fee).

- Binho (31) / 10(6) app – 3 goa / 7.31
Played well when he appeared, still an option at 31yr-old and Tito is not happy to see him go. Alas his contract has now expired and he does not want to renew it...

- Paulito (17) / 0(2) app - 1 goa / 7.50
In 6 months only the young Pinhal Novo prodigee has already impressed and managed to score with the first team!! if he improves on his stamina, could become quite some player.

- Armando Rosa (20) / 0(2) app / 6.50
A decent Academy player now, has improved. Needs to continue to work hard and strengthen his stamina.

- Claudio (19) / 0(1) app / 6.00
Luis Andrade's nephew appeared once, but lacks technical skills at the professional level. Can he change his fate and work a future for himself?

- Sérgio Daniel (19), Josinho (20), Tiago Pereira (20), Paulo Rocha (21) / unused. The former two are on transfer-list, the latter two available on loan. Paulo Rocha was called-up in Portugal U21 so there is some hope for him.

With Rodolfo and most likely Binho going, will the depth be too young and unexperienced to cope with a very long season? also, everyone wonders whether Bruno Melo will be targeted once again by world-class clubs...

08-02-15, 11:11 AM
- Cristiano Ronaldo (24) / 38 app – 9 goa, 5 ass, 3 MoM / 7.42
At now 24yr-old there were big expectations for this season but although good, he was a little disappoiting - scoring and assisting less than usual. Does not look like he can really become a world-class player. Is now starting every game with the Seleção whom he expects to take to the World Cup.

- Kaka (27) / 41 app – 15 goa, 6 ass, 5 MoM / 7.37. Member of Primeira Liga Team of the Year.
He made it into the Liga's Team of the Year and scored again a very generous amount of goals. Setubal sometimes win games due to his sole class, and yet his consitency and overall performance are far from perfect. Now has an unprotected contract but is willing to renew. What will Tito decide?

- Mendonça (26) / 13(8) app – 3 goa, 5 ass, 3 MoM / 7.38
A great sub to have for Tito at AMC, capable of turning a game on its head. Seems happy in this role.

- Pinto Neves (21) / 11(18) app – 2 goa, 6 ass / 7.21
The new young Portuguese recruit has all the marks of a future great. It's difficult to imagine that he will not be a starter next season - but should he play AMC or Striker? he now is also a key asset of the Seleção and he is already looking forward to the World Cup!

- Oliveisa (20) / 5(7) app – 1 goa, 2 ass, 1 MoM / 7.08
The young Brazilian oozes class and needs game time to continue to develop. Forbs tried to re-train him into a striker but it did not quite work-out. Stunned everyone for his first ever appearance with Vitoria: 1 goa, 1 ass, MoM and a rating of 10! has played with Brazil U21, which says a lot in itself...

- Marajo (28) / 3(5) app – 5 goa, 3 MoM / 7.75
What an impact when the ex-Bonfim favourite comes on the pitch... he could be desperate to see young talents such as Pinto Neves and Oliveisa having just arrived, but he seems ok with it. A Setubalian forever?

- Luis Figo (36) / 0(3) app / 6.67
Was it one season too much for Luis? he can barely play for an entire half of pro football now. His contract is expiring this summer; time to retire?

- Tosa (20) / 0(2) app / 7.00
Young recruit from the small nearby town of Pinhal Novo really is talented. He needs more play-time, but should it be at AMC or as a Striker??

- Paulo Antunes (19) / unused. Has improved and is still young, but with the depth and quality of the squad at AMC the Academy product will struggle to appear.

Enough depth and quality at this position. Pinto Neves should now challenge either Kaka or Cr.Ronaldo for the starting slot.

08-02-15, 11:27 AM
- EMMANUEL OLISADEBE (30) / 43 app – 30 goa, 5 ass, 9 MoM / 7.93. 2nd Best Scorer of the Liga. Fans Player of the Year.
After a slow start of the season, "Oli" managed 30 goals and was for the 2nd year in a row best Guerreiro (just beating Ednilson to it). He remains a remarkable striker even at 30yr-old, unrivaled in the air and so strong into the defense. Was voted again Fans Player of the Year - his unbelievable quintuple vs Aves in the Liga having marked the club's History for sure. Can he still carry on for a while at the same level?

- Ricardo (24) / 6(6) app – 4 goa, 3 ass / 7.50
As he reaches maturity Ricardo becomes a real option again, having impressed every time he played. However his contract is now unprotected and he does not want to renew it unless he appears more often!

- Pena (35) / 5(1) app – 7 goa / 7.50
What a goal-scorer he is... in his last season at the club (will he now retire??), he still managed to score more than he appeared! Bonfim gave him a huge standing ovation for his "jubilee game" vs Leiria.

- Tiago Mota (28) / unused. Still no bid for the transfer-listed striker, what a waste. Could he become a bench option again, with Pena going?

Can Olisadebe carry on at 31yr-old? should Pinto Neves, Tosa or even Marajo be used as options on the bench? or will Forbs decide to recruit a Brazilian star-striker?

Baron Zbimg
08-02-15, 11:46 AM
Fantastic season really you have the team to both dominate the league and win the CL with a bit of luck. You should target a few world class players though, it would really help. Are Eto'o or Aghahowa available ? And good ? Can't you try to sign Lucio ?

I'll trust Tito anyway !

08-02-15, 12:11 PM
@Baron: Eto'o is 28 and plays for Mallorca. He's very good but I can't say that attributes-wise he would be better than any of Cr.Ronaldo, Kaka, Pinto Neves or Olisadebe. 27yr-old Agahowa on the other hand is probably one level above that lot, but at £40k/w at Glasgow Rangers he is out of reach. Lucio is one of the game's best players for sure, he is a starter for AS Roma where he makes £80k/w.

With the salary cap at ~£15k/w and the highest wage going to Kaka at £11k/w, the recruitement of top stars is impossible until they get older (such as Figo who joined us at 32, after Bayern had let him go free). Forbs just tried to sign Romario's regen (he's 22 and is amazing) but he did not accept our offer and stayed in Brazil. Our best bet would be to recruit a future Brazilian star (maybe Oliveisa is one of them), there are plenty incredible players popping up over there. We can't do what Sporting has done With Trézéguet who earns £60k/w in Lisboa. The area where we seem to be under-performing in terms of average ratings is AMC but I am wondering how much of it is due to the tactic I play, because clearly Kaka should achieve more than just 7.35 a season (and he actually scores a lot).

On the other hand and for this story's credibility's sake, Tito has decided to pursue a different path and wants to groom local talents into his Starting XI. The consequence of this could be that we will never win the CL, but that's fine.

Baron Zbimg
08-02-15, 12:14 PM
I had forgotten about the wage restriction, that definitely makes it impossible to recruit established stars. Brazil definitely is your best bet then.

08-02-15, 12:21 PM
Oh I forgot Baron Zbimg about two things:

1/ João Paiva. He has appeared in ~20 games for Salgueiros and played very well (~7.50 average) but did not manage to earn a starting slot ahead of Greek Chonos and Brazilian George.

2/ Bocas. He has been amazing at CB, and finding such CB's is tougher than finding excellent SC. So I'm sorry but I won't start him upfront ;-)

Baron Zbimg
08-02-15, 12:24 PM
You'll have to give him one game upfront just for the sake of it :) I agree he had a fantastic season at CB. Paiva has a low reputation, it makes it difficult for him to be a starter, but I'm not surprised he's highly effective when he plays.

08-02-15, 04:38 PM
He hesitated. After all, he still managed to score 7 goals in only 6 games last season, even getting one on his jubilee vs Leiria! Yes he was 35 and this was really old for a Striker, but it was tempting to do one more year. Moving clubs was not going to be an option because it was too much of a challenge, but Brazilian PENA was an absolute idol in Bonfim and in the city, and he knew he could extend his contract and still get the thrills of Champions League games or Liga clashes against Os Tres Grandes. He briefly met with the coach who was ready to keep him and, as a gesture for all he had brought to the club, without reducing his wage (£3.5k/w). However early July he announced in a press conference what was probably the right choice, in front of a record crowd of fans who had gathered after hearing the rumour: it was time for the great striker to retire, after 6 wonderful years at the club.

http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/Pena-ret1_zps8115233f.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/Pena-ret1_zps8115233f.png.html)

Pena turned pro quite late (24) in Brazil's Rio Branco (1). Before he could settle in Palmeiras (1), FC Porto's scouts had noticed him and he arrived on the banks of Rio Douro where he stayed for 3.5 years. He made quite an impression in his first year becoming the Liga's top scorer in 2000/01 (22 goals), but the arrival of José Mourinho as head coach changed his fate since he was less utilized first, and then his amazing talent was wasted in Porto B. At the surprise of most pundits, Tito Forbs was the quickest to nail him for £1.8m fee and managed to convince the Brazilian to join in December 2003 what was then a very good, but still 2nd tier, Vitoria Setubal side.

The rest is History. Pena was hungry for football and in 27 games that season, he played what most consider as the best football ever produced by a forward at Setubal in its History, scoring 31 goals, winning the UEFA Cup for an average rating of 8.37 (club record). He went on to start for Os Guerreiros 4 years in a row, winning for them 2 Championships, 3 Cups and finishing for his personal 2nd time Liga's Top Scorer in 2004/05 (25 goals). It's impossible to single-out any particular highlight since in 168 games played, he managed an incredible total of 120 goals (club record), for 22 assists and 27 MoM (another club record).

A Fans' favourite (he got their award in 2004/05), he is all the way up in the Club's Hall of Fame and is the most iconic player to retire since Hélio. An entire generation of children will have celebrated their goals at school and around, sticking out their arms and shouting "PeeeeeeeeeNA!", reproducing the celebrations of the incredible Brazilian panzer, whose goals were the ones that helped Setubal to their first ever Portugal Champions title.

Baron Zbimg
08-02-15, 04:46 PM
Bye bye legend !! Great career and a true guerreiro.

08-02-15, 06:08 PM
Sad to see Pena go, but I think the time was right. A Setubal legend for sure!

1/ João Paiva. He has appeared in ~20 games for Salgueiros and played very well (~7.50 average) but did not manage to earn a starting slot ahead of Greek Chonos and Brazilian George.

How many goals did Paiva score in those games?

08-02-15, 10:12 PM
How many goals did Paiva score in those games?
13(5) app - 8 goa, 1ass - 7.44

08-02-15, 10:55 PM
It was more than time. His body could not endure a full half of a professional game anymore and it would have been an insult to his awesome talent and magnificient career to carry on. At a press conference held in a Lisboa hotel LUIS FIGO announced his retirement, flanked on his left by the president of his club of youth and his club of heart - Sporting CP - and on his right by the coach which had enabled a last honeymoon in Portugal after his adventures abroad: Tito Forbs. With 103 caps and 27 goals with Portugal, some say that he was the 2nd best Portuguese footballer ever - behind the great Eusébio. He explained that he wanted to continue working into football - maybe as a scout, or coach?

http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/Figo-ret1_zps2fd91c0a.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/Figo-ret1_zps2fd91c0a.png.html)

Big Luis enjoyed a very long 19-years career which started off superbly in Sporting (5) where he quickly became an idol - although he never won the Championship. He then went on to Barça (5) and was the Camp Nou hero, until he switched for Real Madrid (2) and became a vilain. He did not stay there too long and went to FC Bayern Münich (3) where he had the worst spell of his career - usually remaining on the bench, and ending up released on a free transfer. Tito stunned his own fans and the whole of Portuguese football when he managed to recruit him in the summer of 2005. He spent 4 great seasons in Setubal, being a starter the first year and totalling 125 games for 30 goa, 24 ass, 3 MoM. Used a lot as Forbs' "super sub" he regularly gifted Bonfim with sublime inspirations in attack. He managed to win 2 Portuguese titles which was a great final touch to his collection of trophies.

It was a pleasure to have him at the club where he certainly increased the merchandising revenues, and an honor for most other players especially the younger ones, to train and play alongside such a national legend.

09-02-15, 12:56 PM
2 nice write-ups for the retirees. Once a legend of Vitoria Setubal, the other a legend of Portugal.

Now get those scouts looking for a young Portuguese who plays FRLC ;)

09-02-15, 09:16 PM
Now get those scouts looking for a young Portuguese who plays FRLC ;)
They've been busy at it, but cannot find him for the time being! he could be outside Portugal (I found Coutinho at Spurs and Pinto Neves in Brazilian lower leagues)...

09-02-15, 10:37 PM
Tito had tried all summer long to agree on terms with him as he felt the Brazilian warrior would be useful to add depth in midfield, especially with the departure of Rodolfo. He had been running on a very low salary up to now (£925/w) and the club was offering to triple it for one year. But BINHO wanted 2 years of contract on the basis of £10k/w!! in the end he had to be released, and eventually he went with Brazilian Segunda Liga side Juventude for £5K/w. It was another one of the club's figures who was leaving, after 6 very successful seasons in Setubal.

http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/Binho-bra1_zpsc6019376.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/Binho-bra1_zpsc6019376.png.html)

Binho had already been on the lists of Tito's scouts when he was playing in the Segunda Liga, but it was really his performance with Moreirense v Setubal in December 2003 which decided the coach to recruit him. He never disappointed, being a starter 4 seasons in a row and appearing in 163 games - for 19 goa, 13 ass and 6 MoM. Very similar to Luis Andrade (whom he ended up replacing at central DMC in 05/06 and 06/07) in his warrior-like spirit and immense phsyical abilities, he also scored a lot from headers on corner-kicks.

His trophy collection is impressive as he won everything with the club: 2 Championships, 3 Cups, 2 Supercups, 1 UEFA Cup, 1 Eur Supercup and the FIFA Club WC. He was a leading figure of the dressing room and will be missed in Vitoria. We wish him all the best for the end of his career in Brazil.

09-02-15, 10:49 PM
With the news that ex- Left Back Carlos (59 games) and ex- star Striker Rui Miguel (30 goals) had retired, an on-line poll was conducted inviting the fans of Os Sadinos to vote for their preferred player out of the 18 which had played as starters during the 8 years of Tito Forbs' tenure, and which had now either retired or left the club. The results were:

1. Pena - 32%
2. Hélio - 28%
3. Luis Andrade - 12%

There was no one else without a contract or asking to leave, the squad was fat with 38 players so Forbs decided not to make any recruit this summer - except for a new Academy product who had been deemed talented enough to be handed-out a pro contract: Forward Valter Alberto. He would have to go on the same Fitness program as Paulito but who knows, maybe he could turn out a decent enough striker one day.
http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/Alberto-020809_zps943608a9.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/Alberto-020809_zps943608a9.png.html)

09-02-15, 11:05 PM
After touring Scotland in 2005 and Northern Ireland in 2008, Tito decided that some of his younger players needed game-time and embarked the entire squad on a tour of Northern England where 3 games were scheduled in spite of very low fitness levels for most of the Guerreiros.

- Bradford v Setubal : 0-1 / Not an easy game against one of the best 1st Division sides. New recruit Valter Alberto (17) was very surprised to start the game and to.. score the only goal!
- Leicester v Setubal : 1-2 / again not so easy against another 1st Division side, but a double by in-form Ednislon was just enough to secure victory.
- Sheffield United v Setubal : 1-1 / what should have been the easiest game against a 2nd Division side was made the hardest by some of the younger players, especially Claudio who caused a penalty in the first half and got sent-off in the second. Ricardo managed a late equalizer, salavaging some pride.

With the exception of Cr.Ronaldo and Bosingwa out injured, everyone else was fit on-time for the Supercup where Os Guerreiros wanted to avenge the unjustified loss at the hands of FC Porto last June in the Cup Final (1-1, pen.). They would meet again with Rodolfo who had switched sides in the interseason...

> Aug.15, 2009 / Supercup – Vitoria Setubal v FC Porto : 0-3
The club, the team and the fans were not prepared for that. It had been a long since they had received such a dross by a domestic side, FC Porto pounding 3 past a helpless Marco Tabuas while the Champions could not even manage one. The keeper, the defense especially on the flanks and Olisadebe upfront had a very poor performance. The trophy was lost and went up north, there was a lot of loud cheering by the Portistas and banter by Rodolofo at his former teammates...

Forbs knew his midfield had held the battle and that his team had created as many chances as Porto. Nevertheless it was a shocking result. A blip in a blue sky, or an early sign of more worries ahead??

09-02-15, 11:35 PM
Tito would still have to do without Cr.Ronaldo and Bosingwa (injured), while Olisadebe was so affected by the loss in Jamor that he had been left at home to reflect upon it.

> Aug.21, 2009 / Pr.Liga (#1) – Vit. Guimarães v Vitoria Setubal : 0-2 / goals: Pinto Neves, Ricardo / assists: Nélson Veiga, Olembé
Os Guerreiros play a very solid 1st half scoring on a header from striker Pinto Neves; the second will be tougher but Ricardo gets a late 2ns goal. Guimarães have not managed a single shot in the entire evening.

It was now the first game in Bonfim under a torrid heat (34°C). Forbs now had a full squad but decided to trust Pinto Neves upfront and left Olisadebe on the bench.

> Aug.30, 2009 / Pr.Liga (#2) – Vitoria Setubal v Boavista : 3-0 / goals: Pinto Neves (3) / assists: Kaka, Nélson Veiga, Bocas / MoM: Pinto Neves
The numerous fans enjoyed a solid game by their heroes, with Ednilson and Kaka providing the sparks. But the show of the day was for Pinto Neves, whom Forbs did well to trust as he managed a superb hat-trick, scoring all goals from headers!

Being drawn with the current European champions was not the best idea; it's a tough group, but not as impossible as last year's Phase 1...

http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/CL-Group1-260809_zps908cd3e2.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/CL-Group1-260809_zps908cd3e2.png.html)

Real Zaragoza brought bad memories as it was the last game of Setubal in the Golden 70's, which they handsomely lost. However with last year's qualification ahead of Real Madrid and FC Barcelona, the record against Spanish sides had now turned positive (4v3):

- UEFA Cup 1974/75 - Round 1 - Real Zaragoza (1-1, 0-4)
- UEFA Cup 2004/05 - Round 1 - Real Betis Balompié (1-0, 0-2)
- Champions League 2005/06 - Phase 1 - Real Celta de Vigo (2-0, 3-0)
- Champions League 2005/06 - Phase 2 - FC Barcelona (0-4, 3-2)
- Champions League 2007/08 - Phase 2 - FC Barcelona (0-0, 0-0)
- Champions League 2008/09 - Phase 1 - Real Madrid (3-2, 1-0)
- Champions League 2008/09 - Phase 1 - FC Barcelona (3-0, 0-1)

AC Sparta Prague were the minnows but an unknown since Vitoria had never played against Czech clubs.

Finally Manchester United were the Champions League holders and the ogres of the Group. Vitoria have never crossed their path in Europe before, but the record vs English sides is good at (5v3):

- UEFA Cup 1969 - 1/4 final - v Newcastle United (3-1, 1-5)
- UEFA Cup 1970 - Round 2 - v Liverpool (1-0, 2-3)
- UEFA Cup 1971 - 1/4 final - v Leeds United (1-1, 1-2)
- UEFA Cup 1973 - 1/4 final - v Tottenham Hotspur (2-1, 0-1)
- UEFA Cup 1974 - Round 3 - v Leeds United (3-1, 0-1)
- UEFA Cup 2003 - Round 4 - v Leeds United (3-2, 1-0)
- UEFA Cup 2004 - 1/2 final - v Southampton (3-0, 3-0)
- Champions League 2006 – Phase 1 – v Liverpool (3-0, 1-1)

10-02-15, 12:43 AM
Alberto looks reasonably promising but in addition to a fitness regime I think you need to take him to a churrascaria twice a week for 6 months. Get some strength into the kid.
At least with Paulito I could see him coming off the bench in cup matches during this season. Alberto will be exhausted after putting his kit on.

10-02-15, 01:17 AM
Alberto looks reasonably promising but in addition to a fitness regime I think you need to take him to a churrascaria twice a week for 6 months. Get some strength into the kid.
At least with Paulito I could see him coming off the bench in cup matches during this season. Alberto will be exhausted after putting his kit on.
:) :)

by the way I have put Paulito on Intense Fitness (and the rest on Light) and he cannot take it, he plummeted to 30% fitness and does not seem to recover from there...

Baron Zbimg
10-02-15, 05:52 AM
Alberto would be exhausted reading this story !

I've found that keeping the exact same team from one year to another works rarely well in CM and I think it's something I never do but it's a good move here as you have plenty of young talents who could be the best recruits of all. I also know Tito, he'll still add on his strengths as he has before if the right opportunity arises.

10-02-15, 09:09 AM
Alberto would be exhausted reading this story !

Will stop bothering the kid you lot? :) please remember that Michel Platini was deemed too physically weak when he was a teenager, and local powerhouse of FC Metz actually snobbed him as "unfit for professional football" - it was a miracle that AS Nancy agreed to try him. So before you know it, Vater Alberto could be triple Ballon d'Or!...

I've found that keeping the exact same team from one year to another works rarely well in CM and I think it's something I never do but it's a good move here as you have plenty of young talents who could be the best recruits of all. I also know Tito, he'll still add on his strengths as he has before if the right opportunity arises.

I know what you mean, I really hesitated to shake things up a little since this would eb the third season in a row the team almost does not change (only one change in 08/09 compared to 07/08). But I've decided to stick to the story line and "give it back to the people", if I don't give more play-time to Fernandes, Tosa, Paulito, Rosa or Antunes, then it was pointless pretending I wanted to grow local roots more. Also I have a gem in Pinto Neves and while he does not quite deliver the goods at AMC, as soon as I started him as Striker -> boom boom, amazing stuff. Olisadebe will have competition upfront this season!

What's a little lacking (and somewhat surprising) is that I have not yet had one single player wanting to leave the club for good (either to move to bigger club, or for a new challenge). Only Cr.Ronaldo tried but changed his mind quickly, and Bruno Melo was tempted only when there was an offer, but went back to happiness. That feels very weird (actually a flaw) considering how much more cash they could make elsewhere. The other issue I have is that no one ever offers to loan any of my young players, some of them are good and would definitely add something to a lower-league side.

10-02-15, 12:18 PM
It's a shame to lose Binho but at least (unlike Rodolfo) he went somewhere where he can't hurt you in the future! What does Forbs think went wrong in the SuperCup?

- - - Updated - - -

by the way I have put Paulito on Intense Fitness (and the rest on Light) and he cannot take it, he plummeted to 30% fitness and does not seem to recover from there...

I would just leave him, Valter Alberto and the rest on a normal training regime, they'll develop as they get older :ok:

10-02-15, 02:55 PM
Use the kids for those burn out substitutions... at least, they'll have some minutes here and there to show.

You have 7 subs... choose 6 good ones and one young player. That way, I guess that you'll be fine. But make sure that you don't take it too lightly... I've done that when winning 2-0 and lost the game... thankfully it was only once or twice and when it didn't matter :P

11-02-15, 08:33 AM
What does Forbs think went wrong in the SuperCup?

A conjunction of bad circumstances: a poor Marco Tabuas (he got 5) which is very rare these days, a poor Olisadebe who hit the post and missed a sitter (which is also rare), full backs unable to stop their opposite wingers, an early goal on set piece from a Porto side that wanted it more and took every chance. Maybe complacency from himself towards the Portistas, also...

I would just leave him, Valter Alberto and the rest on a normal training regime, they'll develop as they get older

That's what I ended up doing, I thought I had killed the poor Paulito!

@troza: yes, it's a good and reasonable idea. I know the risks you refer to.

11-02-15, 09:20 AM
After 5 Wins in 5 games, the Seleção is now ideally positioned if they can manage good results in the next two matches. Can Tito continue with the same players knowing that a few of them (Marco Tabuas, Mario Silva, Petit, Boa Morte) will be 33 next in June 2010?... he decides to test Guimarães' keeper Nuno between the sticks as well as give more play-time to Lourenço at AMC (in spite of him now playing at relegated Leixões).
http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/Nuno-200909_zpsb5312379.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/Nuno-200909_zpsb5312379.png.html)
> Sep.5, 2009 / World Cup Qualifications Gr.7 (#6) – Slovakia v PORTUGAL : 1-4 / goals: H.Postiga (3), Bocas / assists: Lourenço, Ednilson, P.Teixeira / MoM: H.Postiga
A completely crazy game of football in Bratislva, the Portuguese being obviously much better but the Slovakians decide to attack and are emboldened by the very harsh red-card to Nélson Veiga after 23'. They will nevertheless be punished by another superb hat-trick from Newcastle forward Hélder Postiga who is gradually turning into a world-class striker. Ednilson is his usual self in midfield and Bocas scores his first ever intrnational goal late in the game despite Petit having collected a second YC which meant Portugal finished the game with 9 men!
http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/Slo-POR-090909_zpsf89500af.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/Slo-POR-090909_zpsf89500af.png.html)
Although there are still 2 games to be played, it has been such an easy Group that Portugal becomes the first European team (after World Champions France) to qualify for the 2010 World Cup! this has probably been the easiest qualification campaign in the History of the Seleção and Forbs rejoices to have achieved that for his country. But he has high ambitions in the final tournament itself where he feels Portugal could be the surprise side.

The next game suddenly becomes unimportant against a Bulgarian side which the Seleção has easily dominated in Sofia (0-4).

> Sep.9, 2009 / World Cup Qualifications Gr.7 (#7) – PORTUGAL v Bulgaria : 3-1 / goals: H.Postiga, Bruno Melo, Boa Morte / assists: Bruno Melo (2), Mario Silva / MoM: Bruno Melo
Despite an early goal from Berbatov (17'), Bulgarians really don't stand much chance in Jamor especially when Bruno Melo plays at such level. Hélder Postiga is once again on the scoreboard.

Once again the job is done and it's a nice boost of confidence for the team who will look at ending their so-far perfect run with a last victory in Belfast.

11-02-15, 10:36 AM
Yay for another successful journey with Portugal!

15-02-15, 11:14 AM
Poor young Claudio Andrade seems to have an uncertain destiny as he picks-up a nasty 4-month hip injury. At the same time a late bloomer pops up from our Youth Academy and he actually looks decent enough so is given a pro-contract. His name is José Pinto, but since we already have a Pinto Neves in the squad, the staff nicknames him Joséto. There are now many local attacking players (Tosa, Antunes, Alberto and Joséto) who will be hoping to be part of the club’s strike force in a few years!
http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/Joseacuteto-130909_zpsf1aabba4.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/Joseacuteto-130909_zpsf1aabba4.png.html)
Forbs takes no chance for the next Liga game v Santa Clara, fielding his best XI while a torrid heat is forecasted on the Açores…

> Sep.12, 2009 / Pr.Liga (#3) – Santa Clara v Vitoria Setubal : 0-1 / goal: Pinto Neves / assist: Bruno Melo
It’s indeed 33°C and the game is tight and undecided; while Olembé picks-up a 3-weeks injury at 32’, Pinto Neves manages his 5th goal of the season again from a header, and it’s enough to seal a lucky win for Vitoria.

Next up is a trip to Prague in the Champions League and Forbs decides to rotate; he rests Coutinho, Ednilson, Bruno Melo, Kaka and Pinto Neves.

> Sep.15, 2009 / Champions League (Phase.1, #1) – Sparta Prague v Vitoria Setubal : 1-1 / goal: Olisadebe
Was it complacency from Forbs? Sparta start well and score by a header from Jun after 17’. From that point it’s an uphill battle for Os Guerreiros who dominate but can only salvage a draw.

Definitely not a good result and not what was expected; meanwhile a 10-men Real Zaragoza manage to miraculously draw at Old Trafford (0-0) which is probably not the best result either…

> Sep.20, 2009 / Pr.Liga (#3) – Vitoria Setubal v Campomaiorense : 0-1 / MoM: Ednilson
The perfect trap against 3rd tier side in Bonfim: Os Guerreiros dominate with again a great Ednilson, concede one goal on a counter-attack at 53’, and convert none of their 14 shots at goal (7 of which on target).

This one hurts, at home and so early in the season. 4 starters had been rested ahead of the clash v Manchester United. There are signs of lassitude in the squad, the leaders must gather and react for the reception of no less than European Champions Manchester United!

> Sep.23, 2009 / Champions League (Phase.1, #2) – Vitoria Setubal v Manchester United : 1-1 / goal: Ednilson (pen.) / assist: Pinto Neves / MoM: Ednilson
There are all the ingredients for a great game, both teams showing an offensive spirit. While Os Guerreiros own the midfield with a superb Ednilson, MU are dangerous with Forlan, Mutu or Veron and get chances. As the match seems to go towards a goal-less draw, the Englishmen score by Vignal following an indirect free-kick. Setubal show spirit, push hard and are rewarded when Skeletenburg is red-carded on the last minute for a foul in the area. Ednilson converts and Vitora share the points.
http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/VS-MU-230909_zps20ee88dc.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/VS-MU-230909_zps20ee88dc.png.html)
It’s still all very open in the Group since Prague manage to draw in La Romadera (0-0).

Forbs does not want to take any chances in the Liga and does not rotate the team for the Chaves game.

> Sep.27, 2009 / Pr.Liga (#4) – Chaves v Vitoria Setubal : 1-0
In spite of 15 shots (8 of which on target), Os Guerreiros remain mute and fail to score in part because of a superb keeper Ivo. On the 59’ captain Bruno Melo gets nervous and complains to the ref for a foul called against him: he is red-carded on the spot! this emboldens the hosts who create chance after chance (7 shots on target) and eventually Marco Tabuas is beaten by Licinio. It’s harsh to lose such game, Setubal really are struggling right now…

2 defeats in a row in the Primeira Liga this had not happened to Vitoria since… February 2004. Journalists surround Tito like bees on a pot of honey, looking for signs that the mighty Setubal and their legendary coach may be crumbling. But Forbs remains calm and composed. His lads still dominate the games they play and Os Tres Grandes, Sporting CP included, have had an even poorer start of the season. Time to gather the troops and get a good result in Zaragoza.

> Sep.30, 2009 / Champions League (Phase.1, #3) – Real Zaragoza v Vitoria Setubal : 0-1 / goal: Kaka / assist: P.Teixeira
3rd of the Spanish Liga last season, Zaragoza are however not in the same league as Real or Barça. The Portuguese Champions are superior both on paper and on the pitch, but the Aragonese resist well. 7’ from the end of the match, in-form Kaka manages to pound a header into the nets and thus gets a crucial win for Setubal.

MU have beaten Sparta (1-0) in Old Trafford, now leading the Group with Vitoria.

It’s been a disappointing month for Os Guerreiros with those 2 shock defeats in the Championship; this away victory in Spain is however worth its weight in gold.

15-02-15, 11:04 PM
Time to get back into winning!

16-02-15, 08:51 AM
The fans are not used to this and are wondering if Tito has lost his magic touch. Campomaiorense and Chaves are not exactly top sides so Tito had better find something soon to reassert Vitoria's stranglehold on the domestic scene.

16-02-15, 11:27 AM
At least Os Tres Grandes have had a poor start too - are there any smaller teams who have made a good start and are at the top of the league? Any chance we could see what the table looks like?

Hopefully that win in Zaragoza is the start of a run of form for Setubal :ok:

17-02-15, 09:15 AM
The fans are not used to this and are wondering if Tito has lost his magic touch. Campomaiorense and Chaves are not exactly top sides so Tito had better find something soon to reassert Vitoria's stranglehold on the domestic scene.
The fans trust their legendary coach. It's true though that the losses against Chaves and Campomaiorense were shocking and something is not working right in this season start.

17-02-15, 09:17 AM
At least Os Tres Grandes have had a poor start too - are there any smaller teams who have made a good start and are at the top of the league? Any chance we could see what the table looks like?

I'm a bit further down the game, I'll show the table early November. It's tight at the top and out of the other teams who have made a good start, Maritimo do have the squad to pull a major surprise this year.

17-02-15, 09:22 AM
Portugal are already qualified for the World Cup but can achieve something unique in Belfast: winning all games in the Group. Forbs goes with :


Nélson Veiga...........................Bocas............. .................Coutinho......................... .Mario Silva

Bruno Melo (c) ..................Ednilson.......................P .Teixeira

Boa Morte..............................Lourenço

Hélder Postiga

(Subs: Marco Tabuas, Bruno Basto, Frechaut, Fernando Meira, Edgar, Cr.Ronaldo, Pinto Neves)

> Oct.10, 2009 / World Cup Qualifications Gr.7 (#8) – Northern Ireland v PORTUGAL : 0-1 / goal: Lourenço / assist: H.Postiga / MoM: Lourenço
Another game controlled, dominated and won by the Portuguese, thanks to a great run with superb finish from Lourenço. Ex-Sadino Frechaut gets a cap.

They did it! it’s 8 wins in 8 games, what a superb performance by the Seleção who have crushed Group 7.

http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/WCQ-Gr7-101009_zpsb6c0370d.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/WCQ-Gr7-101009_zpsb6c0370d.png.html)

A few days later and for the first time since Tito Forbs is at the helm of the club, one player requests to be put on the transfer market. Appearing more and more for the national team while he has always remained a super-sub with Vitoria, 28yr-old Paulo Teixeira wants a new challenge in his career.

http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/PTeixeira-request_zps68b0fa47.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/PTeixeira-request_zps68b0fa47.png.html)

17-02-15, 09:25 AM
After 2 defeats in a row in the Liga, it is time to bounce back. Ednilson skips the side in the absence of Bruno Melo, Fernandes starts.

> Oct.5, 2009 / Pr.Liga (#6) – Vitoria Setubal v Belenenses : 3-0 / goals: Kaka (2), Ednilson / assists: Ednilson, P.Teixeira, Olembé / MoM: Ednilson
Helped by the early dismissal of Naysmith (23’), Os Guerreiros power their way to victory with a double from Kaka and an outstanding game by Ednilson.

> Oct.17, 2009 / Pr.Liga (#7) – Académica v Vitoria Setubal : 0-2 / goals: Pinto Neves, Kaka / assists: Nélson Veiga, Ricardo / MoM: Ednilson
It’s good to see Coimbra back in the Primeira after 6 years of absence; Setubal dominate and prevail with once again Ednilson being the best player on the park.

Having restored some order in the Liga, Forbs is able to field his best XI for the game v Zaragoza knowing that a victory would almost qualify his Guerreiros for Phase 2.

> Oct.20, 2009 / Champions League (Phase.1, #4) – Vitoria Setubal v Real Zaragoza : 1-0 / goal: Bruno Melo / assist: Cr.Ronaldo / MoM: Cr.Ronaldo
A sole goal from Bruno Melo on 38’ is enough to ensure victory in a match during which the Spaniards don’t work too hard. A solid game.

With United beating Prague again (1-0), both Vitoria and MU top the Group with 8-pts and just need one point in the next 2 games to go through. Funchal have had a good start in the Liga, sharing the top spot with Vitoria at 15-pts; they’re a solid side and it’s a major clash in Bonfim!

> Oct.25, 2009 / Pr.Liga (#8) – Vitoria Setubal v Maritimo : 1-1 / goal: Pinto Neves / assist: Bruno Melo
Setubal play well led once again by an unstoppable Ednilson; but Maritimo score first and resist towards the end, securing a draw in Bonfim.

There is some improvement but Vitoria are yet to dominate domestically like they have for the past 2 seasons. Sparta Prague visit next and although a point is still needed, Tito takes the risk to rotate the entire squad.

> Oct.28, 2009 / Champions League (Phase.1, #5) – Vitoria Setubal v Sparta Prague : 1-0 / goal: Olisadebe / assist: Marajo / MoM: Fernandes
Os Guerreiros dominate but the Czech resist well, and it is only at the 77’ that Olisadebe finds the nets. Young Fernandes was the best player on the field tonight. Setubal are through!

They have not been splendid but the job is done as Vitoria are now qualified for Phase 2. Having lost (1-0) in Zaragoza, MU still need a point in their last game to accompany them.

17-02-15, 01:07 PM
Much more like it. Just a shame that Maritimo spoiled a perfect month and judging by your earlier comments, that could be an important draw. Lets all hole that Sparta can pull off the result that could dump United out of the Champions League. I guess that would also need you to lose in Zaragoza, so will you be looking at the scores to see if it is worth letting the Spanish side win ? (Maybe I'm the only evil bastard that considers such bad sportsmanship)

Will Teixeira be a loss ? He is hardly a key player and if he moves and gets regular football it might help the National side.

18-02-15, 07:08 AM
Much more like it. Just a shame that Maritimo spoiled a perfect month and judging by your earlier comments, that could be an important draw. Lets all hole that Sparta can pull off the result that could dump United out of the Champions League. I guess that would also need you to lose in Zaragoza, so will you be looking at the scores to see if it is worth letting the Spanish side win ? (Maybe I'm the only evil bastard that considers such bad sportsmanship)

Actually our last game will be at Old Trafford so if we manage to win there, and Zaragoza win in Prague, then yes current Champions United would be out on individual goal difference with Zaragoza. I can't say this scenario has not crossed Tito's mind ;-)
The draw v Maritimo was indeed a shame, but sort of half-deserved from them. Yes it could be important, they have a solid squad and will further strengthen it during the winter.

Will Teixeira be a loss ? He is hardly a key player and if he moves and gets regular football it might help the National side.

He'll be a big loss. He has been THE back-up DMC all those years and considering we play with 3 of them, he gets to play >30 games a season, and is really good. There have been no offers for him so far though...

18-02-15, 10:42 AM
Shame about Teixeira, I hate the "wants a new challenge" message :(

I would love it if you could help knock Man U out! LOVE IT!

18-02-15, 05:07 PM
> Nov.1, 2009 / Pr.Liga (#9) – Salgueiros v Vitoria Setubal : 0-4 / goals: Pinto Neves (2), Olembé, Ednilson / assists: Bruno Melo, Kaka, Cr.Ronaldo / MoM: Pinto Neves
Os Guerreiros finally land a reference game, completely overpowering Salgueiros with a great Kaka and a double from the outstanding Pinto Neves.

> Nov.7, 2009 / Pr.Liga (#10) – Estrela Amadora v Vitoria Setubal : 0-1 / goal: Kaka
Vitoria dominate but Bruno Melo fails to convert a penalty-kick after 17’; there will be a single goal from Kaka while P.Teixeira rules in midfield.

Following much welcome back-to-back away victories, Setubal are top of the table after 10 games (7W, 1D, 2L). It’s a tight Championship so far with FC Porto and Maritimo as the two most solid contenders; Sporting CP are unexplicably 9th and already trailing by 8-pts while Benfica are in the relegation zone!

http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/Table-111109_zps0233ca78.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/Table-111109_zps0233ca78.png.html)

Already qualified, Tito rotates a little the squad but will still be looking for a result in one football’s temples: Old Trafford. Some of the club's fans on champman0102 (The Eejit and BobMem) have voiced the fact that they would be extatic if Os Guerreiros contributed to a shocking early exit of the current continental champions!

> Nov.10, 2009 / Champions League (Phase.1, #6) – Manchester United v Vitoria Setubal : 0-2 / goals: Fernandes, Olisadebe / assist: Bosingwa / MoM: Olisadebe
After only 8’ young Academy product Fernandes stuns the venerable stadium when he dribbles past 2 players and pounds a superb long-range strike into the nets! (0-1). It’s as if Setubal were suddenly back to their best, they choke the European Champions and add a 2nd goal by Olisadebe on the 19’ (0-2). The Red Devils will push in the 2nd half but the Portguese defense is solid, with Marco Tabuas and Bocas holding the fort superbly. The rumour spreads through the stands as the crowd hears that Real Zaragoza have managed to prevail in Prague (1-3) which means that to their astonishment... MU are out and will play the UEFA Cup!!
http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/MU-VS-101109_zps346559f9.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/MU-VS-101109_zps346559f9.png.html)
What a win this! against last year's Champions League winners, who are out while they only needed a single point in their last 2 games! oh this was unexpected...

http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/CL-Ph1-table-101109_zps86ce40e5.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/CL-Ph1-table-101109_zps86ce40e5.png.html)

It’s time for a more relaxing game with the 4th Round of the Cup against Segunda Liga side Naval. It’s a great opportunity to rotate the team entirely and give a run to the younger guns. Fernandes who starred in the Manchester game is given the armband, Paulito and Tosa start the match while both Armando Rosa and Valter Alberto will come from the bench.

> Nov.15, 2009 / Taça (Rnd.4) – Vitoria Setubal v Naval : 3-0 / goals: Ricardo, Marajo, Alberto / assists: Marajo, Ricardo / MoM: Ricardo
The young Setubalians don’t choke and the team easily prevails with Paulito having a solid game and young Alberto scoring on his debut! Both Marajo and Ricardo are phenomenal and run the show.

Baron Zbimg
18-02-15, 07:50 PM
Teixeira has been a great guerreiro for all those years so it's a sad loss but he's not a key guy in the team. Please beat United !

Baron Zbimg
18-02-15, 07:53 PM
Obviously my phone hadn't loaded your last post. What a win ! This proves once again that you have the team to win the CL. You'll need a bit of luck at last.

18-02-15, 07:53 PM
Teixeira has been a great guerreiro for all those years so it's a sad loss but he's not a key guy in the team. Please beat United !
I just did! Look above...

18-02-15, 11:00 PM
Fantastic!! Great win, great work dumping them out, great stuff!!

18-02-15, 11:20 PM
Brilliant win! Looks like things are just starting to click for Setubal... The league is very tight though, I think it's going to be an exciting season in Portugal!

19-02-15, 09:27 AM

19-02-15, 10:25 AM
Yugoslavia had shocked Portugal in Jamor in November 2007 (0-1); it is time for the Seleção to take their revenge against a nation which has failed to qualify for the next WC.


Nélson Veiga.............................Bocas........... ...................Coutinho....................... ...Mario Silva

Bruno Melo (c) ...................Petit........................Ed nilson

Cr. Ronaldo..............................Lourenço

Hélder Postiga

(Subs: Marco Tabuas, Bruno Basto, Paulo Ferreira, Rui Marques, Fernando Meira, P.Teixeira, Boa Morte, F.Oliveira, Pinto Neves)

>Nov.18, 2009 / Friendly – PORTUGAL v Yugoslavia : 2-0 / Jamor, Lisboa / goals: Bruno Melo, H.Postiga / assist: Petit / MoM: H.Postiga
It’s a superb, controlled game by the Portuguese against a strong side. The Seleção scores twice amidst a torrent of chances, hitting the posts three times! A convincing victory, if any.

Everyone did their job right including the defense when the visitors pushed hard in the last 15’. That team has a backbone and is ready for next June.

19-02-15, 11:00 AM
Time for the draw of Champions League Phase 2. There would be a 4th clash with FC Barcelona, current leaders of la Liga and Spanish Champions for the last 5 consecutive seasons (!!); a revenge against VfB Stuttgart who had eliminated the glorious Setubal of 1974 in the UEFA Cup Quarter-finals, and finally a rather easy draw against Steaua Bucharest. There could have been worse Groups than this one.

http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/Cl-Phase2-111109_zpsb8a74142.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/Cl-Phase2-111109_zpsb8a74142.png.html)

Against Spanish sides the record was now (5v3), and against Barça specifically it was very tight (2W, 2D, 2L).

- UEFA Cup 1974/75 - Round 1 - Real Zaragoza (1-1, 0-4)
- UEFA Cup 2004/05 - Round 1 - Real Betis Balompié (1-0, 0-2)
- Champions League 2005/06 - Phase 1 - Real Celta de Vigo (2-0, 3-0)
- Champions League 2005/06 - Phase 2 - FC Barcelona (0-4, 3-2)
- Champions League 2007/08 - Phase 2 - FC Barcelona (0-0, 0-0)
- Champions League 2008/09 - Phase 1 - Real Madrid (3-2, 1-0)
- Champions League 2008/09 - Phase 1 - FC Barcelona (3-0, 0-1)
- Champions League 2009/10 - Phase 1 - Real Zaragoza (1-0, 2-0)

Historically German sides had always been tough to handle (1v3), although Burghausen last year were push-overs:

- Cup Wnners’ Cup 1967/68 - Round 2 – Bayern Munich (1-1, 2-6)
- UEFA Cup 1969/70 - Round 3 – Herta Berlin (1-1, 0-1)
- UEFA Cup 1973/74 – Quarter-Final – VfB Stuttgart (2-2, 0-1)
- Champions League 2008/09 – Phase 2 – SV Wacker Burghausen (2-0, 3-0)

Finally Forbs had never met a Romanian side before, but Vitoria in its previous European History did for a (1v1) record:

- UEFA Cup 1969/70 - Round 1 – Rapid Bucharest (3-1, 4-1)
- UEFA Cup 1971/72 – Round 3 – UT Arad (1-0, 0-3)

It was important to start well in Bucharest where Tito could field his best XI.

> Nov.25, 2009 / Champions League (Phase.2, #1) – Steaua Bucharest v Vitoria Setubal : 0-0
A typical trap-game on a cold Romanian evening and the hosts hit the crossbar on a free-kick after only 5’. The 2nd half is better than the first, but in spite of all the effort of captain Bruno Melo, Setubal do not score and have to settle for a disappoiting draw.

It’s two points lost as far as Forbs is concerned, which is a shame. In the other game, Barça have prevailed over Stuttgart (2-0).

> Nov.29, 2009 / Pr.Liga (#11) – Vitoria Setubal v Espinho : 3-2 / goals: Pinto Neves, Marajo (2) / assist: Bruno Melo
5 goals and a win but not a well controlled game by Vitoria, who prevail thanks to 2 superb free-kicks by Marajo.

19-02-15, 02:04 PM
On the face of it an away draw in Europe is a good result, but I suspect that Steaua might be the weakest in this group. I hope that these dropped points don't cost you.

20-02-15, 12:18 AM
Can see you going through in second, but the games against Stuttgart will be crucial!

20-02-15, 04:30 AM
Ricardo picked a 1-month injury just before the squad was getting ready for the FC Porto game; it was a major clash against the 2nd in the Liga who had prevailed in the last Cup Final and thrashed Vitoria (3-0) in Jamor for the Supercup.

> Dec.4, 2009 / Pr.Liga (#12) – Vitoria Setubal v FC Porto : 0-0
As Bonfim booed ex-Guerreiro Rodolfo when he entered the pitch wearing a blue shirt, it was quickly clear than the Portistas had come for the (0-0). They camped in defense all night and although Setubal tried until the very end, they did not manage to beat keeper Fabio who made no less than 7 saves (!).

http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/VS-FCP-041209_zps3b11870c.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/VS-FCP-041209_zps3b11870c.png.html)

Not the result Tito had expected before hosting Barça in the Champions League; Fernandes was now out for 3-weeks while Olembé and Bocas would also miss out. The Catalans would also be without several key players, all injured: Saviola, Xavi, Babangida and Govou. They were none the less leaders of the Liga and their defense of Arca – Silvestre – Burdisso – Puyol looked awesome.

> Dec.8, 2009 / Champions League (Phase.2, #2) – Vitoria Setubal v FC Barcelona : 1-3 / goal: Coutinho / assist: Bruno Melo

The Spanish giants were visiting Bonfim for the 3rd time, having lost twice and drawn once so far. They started well and still had an amazing team albeit with different players, such as Frenchman Thierry Henry who received a great pass in the area after 21’ and pounded his low-shot into the nets for the (0-1). Barça were better with a rock solid defense, and on 31’ Wijngaarde hit the post. It was only late in the first half that Cr.Ronaldo found Pinto Neves in the box but alas, his shot went wide.

The killer blow came early into the 2nd half as Henry was clear once again, and shot twice to beat Marco Tabuas (0-2). Bonfim was not silenced still, roared when Abbiati managed a superb double-save in front of Kaka at 50’ and erupted as Coutinho scored on a superb header after 66’ for the (1-2). His first ever goal at Setubal! Yet, it was the Blaugrana who dominated the last half-hour with ex-Sadino Almani Moreira having 2 good chances and Gerard adding a 3rd goal in extra-time (1-3) right after Bras had collected a 2nd YC leaving his team mates at 10 on the pitch. A humbling defeat for the lads.

http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/VS-Barccedila-081209_zpsbbde42ee.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/VS-Barccedila-081209_zpsbbde42ee.png.html)

There was not much Setubal could do against such a superior side and with Stuttgart having prevailed over Steaua (1-0), qualification was looking more and more uncertain. The physios confirmed Cr.Ronaldo’s injury was serious: he would be out for 3-months, his longest spell without playing in his career, after a very disappointing first half of the season (zero goal in 16 games, 7.00 average rating).

> Dec.13, 2009 / Pr.Liga (#13) – Beira-Mar v Vitoria Setubal : 1-4 / goals: Marajo (2), Pinto Neves, Nélson Veiga / assists: Bruno Melo, Mendonça / MoM: Marajo
Os Guerreiros had to bounce back away against the 4th of the Liga and in spite of a penalty converted by the hosts after only 4’, they did react in style with 4 goals! Ednilson and Bruno Melo ruled in the midfield while upfront, Pinto Neves scored once again and Marajo seemed to have resurrected from the past with yet another double!

> Dec.18, 2009 / Pr.Liga (#14) – Vitoria Setubal v Farense : 1-0 / goal: Pinto Neves / assist: Ednilson / MoM: Pinto Neves
It was a little more difficult against a very defensive Farense, but in the end Vitoria prevailed with a superb Ednilson and another goal from striker Pinto Neves (his 12th in the Liga so far).

Sporting CP were now up next in Bonfim; they were inexplicably trailing 10-pts behind Vitoria in the table, sitting 6th and knew they needed to grab points tonight to kick-start what was so far a very poor season.

> Dec.23, 2009 / Pr.Liga (#15) – Vitoria Setubal v Sporting CP : 1-0 / goal: Pinto Neves / assist: Kaka / MoM: Bocas
A tense and tight game against Setubal’s arch-rivals, with Ricardo Quaresma forcing Marco Tabuas to an early save. On the 30’ a superb pass by Kaka sees Pinto Neves free in the area score the only goal of the match. Until the very end the Lisboans push and create chances, but a rock-solid defense led by Bocas resists well.

A very important win, the 5th in a row against Sporting, which enables Setubal to comfortably sit on top of the table after 15 games, the most dangerous rivals looking to be Maritimo and FC Porto.

http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/Table-231209_zpsc095930c.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/Table-231209_zpsc095930c.png.html)

20-02-15, 08:05 AM
Ronaldo was holding you back! 3 straight wins since his injury! :)

20-02-15, 08:09 AM
Ronaldo was holding you back! 3 straight wins since his injury! :)
He's been very poor this season. I am playing instead old Brazilian star Marajo and he is enjoying a second life!

Baron Zbimg
20-02-15, 11:36 AM
Marajo is definitely looking like an upgrade over Ronaldo this season, still this is an area where you should upgrade in the near future. Tough start in the CL, the games against Stuttgart will be absolutely key.

20-02-15, 01:20 PM
2 or 3 points from the Stuttgart games is an absolute must. You don't want to leave yourself needing a result at the Camp Nou

20-02-15, 09:33 PM
Marajo is definitely looking like an upgrade over Ronaldo this season, still this is an area where you should upgrade in the near future.
I think it is due to the tactic I use but I have never really been fully satisfied with my AMC's in 8 seasons. In terms of average ratings they struggle to go beyond 7.50, and also struggle to go into double digits for goals and assists. I don't think it's the players, both Kaka and Cr.Ronaldo are excellent.

20-02-15, 09:34 PM
2 or 3 points from the Stuttgart games is an absolute must. You don't want to leave yourself needing a result at the Camp Nou
It won't be enough. I need more points than them over those 2 games, which means minimum 4 pts.

20-02-15, 10:03 PM
A new decade starts for Vitoria and Tito, and all the fans hope that it will be as successful and inspiring as the previous one! Os Guerreiros travel to Leiria on New Year’s Day.

> Jan.1, 2010 / Pr.Liga (#16) – Leiria v Vitoria Setubal : 0-3 / goals: Marajo, Pinto Neves (2) / assist: Nélson Veiga / MoM: P.Teixeira
Fit and motivated, Vitoria start superbly and quickly score on a free-kick from Marajo (10’) and a header by Pinto Neves (19’). Following which their captain Bruno Melo lets them down, dismissed after a 2nd YC on 26’! But the entire team reacts well and continues to dominate, adding a third goal by Pinto Neves. A spirited victory to start the New Year!

Next up is the Taça de Portugal and a visit to lower league side Vila Real. The reserves are fielded and friends Paulito and Tosa start the game, while Fernandes is captain.

> Jan.10, 2010 / Taça (Rnd.5) – Vila Real v Vitoria Setubal : 0-2 / goals: Ricardo, Tosa / assist: P.Teixeira / MoM: Tosa
The young team has a lot of fun and prevails once again, Paulito having a good game and Tosa scoring his 1st ever professional goal and being named MoM! Paulo Antunes and Joséto will come from the bench, the latter making his first ever appearance.

A struggling Benfica (13th) who have just sacked their coach now travel to Bonfim, while Setubal is without suspended Bruno Melo.

> Jan.17, 2010 / Pr.Liga (#17) – Vitoria Setubal v Benfica : 0-1
The Lisboans have come here to win, supported by their army of fans and they will give a lot of trouble to Setubal. Os Guerreiros dominate just slightly, hit the post twice but the sole goal of the match is a penalty converted by the visitors just before half-time following an unbelievable fluke between Marco Tabuas and Bocas, the latter handballing in the area. Keeper Vitor Oliveira is MoM and parries until the end all attempts on target.

It’s a shattering home defeat for Vitoria, the 2nd in the Liga this season and yet another sign that Os Guerreiros are not this year as dominant and invincible as they had been the previous two seasons. They will be looking to bounce back against Chaves who have beaten them (1-0) last September; 2 days later there is an away Cup tie at Porto but Forbs decides to prioritize the Championship.

> Jan.25, 2010 / Pr.Liga (#18) – Vitoria Setubal v Chaves : 2-0 / goals: Olisadebe, Kaka / assists: Kaka, Nélson Veiga / MoM: Kaka
For 84 long minutes Os Guerreiros utterly dominate but in spite of the efforts of their midfield trio Fernandes, Ednilson and Bruno Melo, don’t manage to score. Until Kaka decides to show his class, gifting a goal to Olisadebe and scoring another one of his own in added-time.

A much needed and deserved victory which helps keep a little cushion on top of the table. Inevitably a few starts must be rested for the trip to the Dragão and the following reserves will start: Ouedraogo, Lassissi, Bras, young Paulito, and Oliveisa.

> Jan.27, 2010 / Taça (Rnd.6) – FC Porto v Vitoria Setubal : 1-3 / goals: Olisadebe, Oliveisa, Bosingwa / assists: Paulito (2), Marajo / MoM: Bocas
One recognizes future greats of the sport at how they perform when the going gets tough; after only 3’ young 18yr-old Paulito delivers s sublime pass for Emmanuel Olisadebe who opens fire; Porto are stunned, and on 13’ Oliveisa adds another goal from a header! The hosts feel humiliated and will try to get back on the scoreboard but Setubal’s defense is very solid. Until the 60’ when Marco Tabuas takes Dario down in the area and is red-carded… Diego converting the kick for (1-2). But Os Guerreiros are not done yet and 2’ later at 10 v 11, Paulito agains superbly sets Bosingwa in the box for the (1-3). They hold the fort until the end and the reserves have stromed the Dragão!
http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/FCP-VS-270110_zpsee9e8d2f.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/FCP-VS-270110_zpsee9e8d2f.png.html)
What a superb qualification this is, the squad does have depth and Paulito’s name is now known in Portuguese football. Marco Tabuas is suspended for 3 games following his red-card and will be subbed by Hugo Pinheiro.

> Jan.31, 2010 / Pr.Liga (#19) – Boavista v Vitoria Setubal : 0-2 / goals: Nélson Veiga, Kaka / assists: Ednilson, Pinto Neves / MoM: Kaka
Os Guerreiros play a superb game away in Porto, utterly dominating from start to finish with once again a superb Kaka. A very solid performance.

Baron Zbimg
20-02-15, 10:25 PM
Back on tracks, except for the bad result against Benfica. Doesn't Oliveisa deserve an extensive run in the first team while Ronaldo is out ?

20-02-15, 10:43 PM
Back on tracks, except for the bad result against Benfica. Doesn't Oliveisa deserve an extensive run in the first team while Ronaldo is out ?
It's tempting, especially with Mendonça at the CAN with Angola. But Marajo has been doing really well and as ex-club starter in 01/02 and 02/03, he gets priority. Young guns Paulito and also Tosa coming up nicely, while Fernandes is now competing with Bosingwa for central DMC slot.

21-02-15, 04:04 PM
Interesting to see how Pinheiro does with a run of three games...

23-02-15, 01:03 PM
Well, you're doing well now.

Just one question: are you playing in the new stadiums? Cause that game, the big clubs all have their previous stadium. I know that only one of them changed the names they are known but still... just wondering.

24-02-15, 09:12 PM
Interesting to see how Pinheiro does with a run of three games...
He did well... got called up in Portugal B actually.

24-02-15, 09:24 PM
Just one question: are you playing in the new stadiums? Cause that game, the big clubs all have their previous stadium. I know that only one of them changed the names they are known but still... just wondering.
No the names in my games are the old ones such as "das Antas"; but since I loaded relatively recent pictures of the stadiums as background I am referring to them in the story under their current names such as "Dragão".

24-02-15, 09:47 PM
> Feb.6, 2010 / Pr.Liga (#20) – Vitoria Setubal v Vit. Guimarães : 2-1 / goals: Olembé, Marajo / assists: Fernandes, Marajo / MoM: Marajo
A difficult and tight game at home against a good Guimarães side, the winning goal from Marajo coming at 89’.

For the away Cup Quarter-Final at Alverca (current 3rd of the Segunda), Tito takes a risk and fields the same young side which has thus far progressed in the competition and which incudes T.Miguel, Paulito, Fernandes, Oliveisa, Tosa, Ricardo and Antunes.

> Feb.10, 2010 / Taça (Quarter-Final) – Alverca v Vitoria Setubal : 1-3 / goals: Ricardo (2), Tosa / assists: Oliveisa, Tosa / MoM: Ricardo
It’s a poor start with Ouedraogo’s injuy after 4’ and Alverca’s opener after 14’, but thereafter Os (young) Guerreiros start to play really well and repeat their Dragão performance with 3 goals: a double from Ricardo and another by young Tosa. Another great performance which takes them to the Semi-Finals of the Taça!

> Feb.13, 2010 / Pr.Liga (#21) – Campomaiorense v Vitoria Setubal : 1-2 / goals: Bruno Melo, Olisadebe / assists: Marajo, Nélson Veiga / MoM: Bruno Melo
Setubal play very well and dominate comprehensively, yet in spite of the efforts of Bruno Melo and Marajo, the winning goal by Olisadebe only comes 5’ from the end.

Going strong domestically, Vitoria now has to turn things around in the Champions League and prevail in their back-to-back clashes against VfB Stuttgart. Kaka has picked an injury and is replaced by young Oliveisa, while the Germans field an experienced and solid team which includes Portuguese international Fernando Meira :

http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/VfB-16.02.10_zpsnzib1gl0.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/VfB-16.02.10_zpsnzib1gl0.png.html)

> Feb.16, 2010 / Champions League (Phase.2, #3) – VfB Stuttgart v Vitoria Setubal : 0-1 / goal: Oliveisa / assist: Bruno Melo / MoM: Olisadebe
Very solid everywhere, Setubal deliver a master-piece against a good German side, dominate slightly and manage to score one goal. A superb result.

Exactly the result which was needed to bounce back in the Group; meanwhile Barça narrowly prevail (3-2) at home vs Steaua.

One player has truly been exceptional since the beginning of the season and he gets justified praise from the press, the fans and his coach alike.

http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/news1-16.02.10_zpsgfcn8a6m.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/news1-16.02.10_zpsgfcn8a6m.png.html)

> Feb.21, 2010 / Pr.Liga (#22) – Vitoria Setubal v Santa Clara : 2-0 / goals: Ednilson, Kaka / assists: West, Olisadebe / MoM: Ednilson
In spite of a solid domination, Os Guerreiros do not have it so easy as they score both goals in the last 5’, with the help of an exceptional half-hour by sub Taribo West (35yr-old).

Forbs knows that a win tonight vs Stuttgart would open wide the gates to the Quarter-Finals. The Germans are likely to be more defensive than at home and he therefore expects the lads to struggle.

> Feb.24, 2010 / Champions League (Phase.2, #4) – Vitoria Setubal v VfB Stuttgart : 1-0 / goal: Bosingwa / assist: Marajo / MoM: Marajo
It’s a much more balanced and defensive game that the first leg at Daimler Stadion; Setubal are now an experienced side in Europe and it shows when they still manage to score following a superb free-kick in the box by Marajo. A crucial goal which hands them back-to-back victories against their German rivals in the Group.

Marajo has once again been decisive and even though Cr.Ronaldo is expected to have fully recovered from his injury next week, the Brazilian is likely to retain his starting AMC slot alongside Kaka. Barcelona have crushed Bucharest in Romania (0-4) and all that is now needed for Setubal is a win in Bonfim against Steaua.

http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/CL-table-24.02.10_zpsgt26rjn7.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/CL-table-24.02.10_zpsgt26rjn7.png.html)

> Feb.28, 2010 / Pr.Liga (#23) – Belenenses v Vitoria Setubal : 0-2 / goals: Olisadebe (2) / assist: Nélson Veiga / MoM: Olisadebe
It’s once again a superb away victory by Setubal led by an inspired Olisadebe who may be about to reconquer his starting Striker slot ahead of Pinto Neves...

7 wins in 7 games in February and a recovered situation in the Champions League: it’s been a perfect month. All included Setubal are now 10 wins on the trot…

Baron Zbimg
25-02-15, 12:18 AM
Wow what a series. You should once again reach the quarter finals, then it will be wide open once again. Your youngsters seem to be very good, I really like the look of your team.

Also, very nice to add a screenie for the big European Cup clashes.

25-02-15, 02:13 AM
> Mar.5, 2010 / Pr.Liga (#24) – Vitoria Setubal v Salgueiros : 3-0 / goals: Bruno Melo (2, pen), Mendonça / assists: P.Teixeira, Bruno Melo / MoM: Bruno Melo
The Portistas hold for an hour until keeper Hilario is sent-off for bringing down a superb Bruno Melo in the area. The captain converts and 2 more goals follow for a comfortable win.

Os Guerreiros now host Steaua in the Champions League, knowing that a win will see them through to the quarters.

> Mar.9, 2010 / Champions League (Phase.2, #5) – Vitoria Setubal v Steaua Bucharest : 2-1 / goals: Marajo, Kaka / assists: Bruno Melo, Olembé
The Romanian keeper is in a great day and at half-time Vitoria are only up one goal; on 57’ Bocas receives a second YC and yet at 67’ Kaka pounds a winning header on a corner-kick. A bright idea since Steaua claw one back, but victory is secured!

It was not so easy and with Stuttgart having beaten the great Barça (1-0), Kaka’s 2nd goal was crucial to secure qualification for the quarter-finals for the 3rd year in a row, whatever the outcome of the final game at the Camp Nou. Yeah!

Setubal now have a challenging trip to Madeira where they will endeavor to continue their superb domestic streak.

> Mar.14, 2010 / Pr.Liga (#25) – Maritimo v Vitoria Setubal : 1-3 / goals: Ednilson, Kaka, Mendonça / assists: Olembé, Bruno Melo, Bosingwa / MoM: Kaka
Technically superior and helped by Lino’s red-carded after half-an-hour, Os Guerreiros easily prevail with a great Kaka leading his side.

Particularly solid domestically, Setubal have not dropped anything while their rivals did, which means the lead on top is considerable (+11pts over Porto, +14pts over Sporting). Which is a good thing since both key midfielders simultaneously pick injuries – Bruno Melo out a month, Ednilson out 3 weeks.

http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/Table-15.03.10_zpsesgw5cw1.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/Table-15.03.10_zpsesgw5cw1.png.html)

Vitoria have already visited thrice the Camp Nou and always failed to even score a goal (0-4, 0-0, 0-1). Does the game matter? not for qualification, but the winner will be top of the Group which does have an impact on the quarters draw. The current leaders of the Spanish Liga chose to rotate entirely their squad and field a reserve team from la Masia with only Fabio Liverani, Sidney Govou and Nano being first team players. Forbs is without several injured players and rotates as well, but still goes with Marco Tabuas, Nélson Veiga, Bosingwa, Kaka and Olisadebe.

> Mar.17, 2010 / Champions League (Phase.2, #6) – FC Barcelona v Vitoria Setubal : 0-4 / goals: Kaka (2, pen), Olisadebe, Oliveisa / assists: Fernandes (2), Olisadebe, Kaka / MoM: Kaka
The young Catalan guns are no match for the Portuguese champions and guilty of arrogance, the Blaugrana are humiliated at home in front of 85k socios. Fernandes is amazing in midfield, Olisadebe in a great day and Kaka simply breathtaking, the best Setubalian those past few weeks. It’s a historic win which erases the December 2005 routing (0-4) on that pitch.

http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/Barccedila-VS-17.03.10_zpsaxwapmiw.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/Barccedila-VS-17.03.10_zpsaxwapmiw.png.html)

This was Barça U21 but still, winning (0-4) in this mythical stadium is quite an amazing feat which lands Setubal the first place of the Group!

http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/CL-table-17.03.10_zpsegcboezu.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/CL-table-17.03.10_zpsegcboezu.png.html)

It's far from negligeable since Vitoria will be drawn against the teams who came 2nd from their Phase 2 Groups. The last 8 :

1st place: AS Roma, Bayern Munich, Liverpool FC, Vitoria Setubal
2nd place: FC Barcelona, Sporting CP, Borussia Dortmund, Feyenoord Rotterdam

Back to the Liga...

> Mar.22, 2010 / Pr.Liga (#26) – Vitoria Setubal v Académica : 3-1 / goals: Kaka (2), Olisadebe / assists: P.Teixeira, Olisadebe, Marajo / MoM: Kaka
Even deprived of Ednilson, Bruno Melo and Pinto Neves out injured, Os Guerreiros easily prevail with solid performances from Olisadebe and Kaka.

25-02-15, 01:11 PM
Amazing win at the Nou Camp! And looking at the teams who have qualified, I bet you're glad to come 1st in the group :D Who has Forbs been playing in midfield while Bruno Melo and Ednilson are injured? Will they be back for the Champions League quarter-finals?

25-02-15, 02:22 PM
Yes, except Barcelona the teams in the second group look more manageable. But honestly I played against an U21 side at the Camp Nou so they did not stand much chance.

I am playing Teixeira - Bosingwa - Fernandes at DMC in the absence of the two stars, young Paulito on the bench. Ednilson should be back on time for the first leg of the CL QF, Bruno Melo sadly only for the return leg...

25-02-15, 02:37 PM
Wow, what a couple of updates (just caught up)!

What's that, 15 wins in a row?! Great stuff.

25-02-15, 03:21 PM
Dominating the league? Check!

Surviving the worst form of the team in years? Check!

Humiliate one of the top teams on their own field? Check!

All you need now is to win the champion's league! Go get it!

25-02-15, 03:33 PM
Amazing scenes at Camp Nou. This could be your year.

You do know that it has to be Feyenoord in the quarters. It is the way stories work :)

25-02-15, 03:37 PM
And I had already informed samsami that Feyenoord it is indeed!

Baron Zbimg
25-02-15, 08:34 PM
Great run of form. Olisadebe seems to have taken his spot back. Also, Maritimo has completely broke down. Good luck against Feyenoord !

25-02-15, 09:24 PM
@BobMem: yeah up to March 22 the count was 15 in a row...

@troza: we're back indeed to a lot of solidity and also that lucky star which means that we win even tight games. We have another shot at the CL and will play our guts out!

@Eejit: good guess btw! it was either Feyenoord, Dortmund or Sporting - I believe the German side would have been on paper the toughest.

@Baron: yep Olisadebe back in form and he usually delivers in important games. But Pinto Neves is back from injury and has shown great skills this season. Yes Maritimo broke down, they are poorly managed, they had a good squad this year the best they've had in 9 seasons. Salgueiros also has a very good squad (but João Paiva remained a sub, but a good one).

25-02-15, 09:38 PM
It was now time for the first of the two friendlies to be played before the trip to South Africa. A home game against a football powerhouse and 2004 European Champions : England. Which would be a great test for the Seleção since the draw for the World Cup Group stage had been made and it was not be simple :

http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/WC-Group-28.12.09_zpscwlhgniq.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/WC-Group-28.12.09_zpscwlhgniq.png.html)

Holland were another powerhouse and came 4th in the 2006 WC; Morocco were technical and always an unknown, while Ausralia was full of more than decent players used to the English leagues. While the Portuguese Federação expected a 2nd Round qualification, the usual pundits refused to see Portugal as a challenger. Forbs remained silent, but had bigger ambitions. He knew his team was better now than we he took control in 2006, or even than at Euro 2008 (semi-final).

http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/news1-28.12.09_zpskkccumif.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/news1-28.12.09_zpskkccumif.png.html)

Tito was without several key starters, all injured – Ednilson, Bruno Melo, Hélder Postiga, Pinto Neves. He gave the armband to young Coutinho while 2 uncapped players appeared on the match sheet: 23 yr-old DC José Maria Gama (Sparta Rotterdam) and 28 yr-old Striker Nuno (Boavista).


Nélson Veiga.............................Bocas........... ...................Coutinho (c) ........................Mario Silva

Petit.........................Bosingwa............ ..........P.Teixeira

Cr. Ronaldo..............................Boa Morte


(Subs: Marco Tabuas, Bruno Basto, Paulo Ferreira, JM Gama, Frechaut, Fernando Meira, Edgar, F.Oliveira, Nuno)

> Mar.27, 2010 / Friendly – PORTUGAL v England : 2-1 / Jamor, Lisboa / goals: Boa Morte, Lourenço / assists: Lourenço, Bosingwa / MoM: Lourenço
It’s been a great, open football game against those who invented it and whom Forbs admires so much. Portugal opens fire on the 7’ with Boa Morte while Coutinho tackles everything wearing white at the back, probably boosted by the fact he is captain. Just before half-time a superb Lourenço manages a 2nd goal which will be enough to win the match, although the English push hard in the 2nd half and claw one goal back at 66’. The locals continue to try and attack until the very last minute and vanquish the Three Lions under a thunder of applause.
http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/POR-Eng-27.03.10_zpscwegcwto.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/POR-Eng-27.03.10_zpscwegcwto.png.html)
A superb result, and the way it was obtained is gratifying too. This is definitely the highest profile Nation which Portugal has beaten under the Forbs era and it bodes well for the World Cup!

Baron Zbimg
25-02-15, 09:45 PM
Good first game for Gama as à sub and awesome first start for Lourenço upfront. I know Postiga has been very good but that has to give Forbs ideas.

25-02-15, 09:50 PM
Good first game for Gama as à sub and awesome first start for Lourenço upfront. I know Postiga has been very good but that has to give Forbs ideas.
With the current poor form of Cr.Ronaldo he is now thinking that Portugal's attacking trio will be Lourenço (AMC) - H.Postiga (SC) - Pinto Neves (AMC). He is very pleased to have dominated England in such a way! 10(10) shots vs 3(3) shots...

Baron Zbimg
25-02-15, 09:54 PM
It seems that both Lourenço and Neves perform better upfront though.

25-02-15, 09:57 PM
It seems that both Lourenço and Neves perform better upfront though.very true, but I am now convinced it is due to my tactic - AMC's don't perform so well in my system...

28-02-15, 11:59 PM
Hello Rui / all,
Just caught up with this story again. Hopefully better luck in the CL this season.
Looking back through the most recent 5/6 pages it's encouraging to see Fernandes' name mentioned more regularly (including a goal at the Glazerdome). International cap after the WC?

What does the honours list look like for old Forbs now?

Baron Zbimg
01-03-15, 12:01 AM
International cap after the WC?

Maybe he'll be the surprise player for the World Cup

02-03-15, 09:51 PM
@RandomPlayer, @Baron: Tito has thought about Fernandes for the Seleção. He is actually competing mostly with his own team-mates Paulo Teixeira and Bosingwa. It may be too early for the WC, but if he carries on like that... he's been really good.

Tito Forbs trophies list :

x4 Portuguese Primeira Liga titles
x4 Taça de Portugal
x3 Supertaça de Portugal
x1 UEFA Cup
x1 European Supercup
x1 FIFA Club World Championship

02-03-15, 10:13 PM
> Mar.31, 2010 / Pr.Liga (#27) – Espinho v Vitoria Setubal : 0-1 / goal: Kaka / assist: Olisadebe
A solid game by the entire team, logically won thanks to yet another goal from Kaka (header). The superb winning streak continues…

Having built such a lead in the Primeira Liga and with the Champions League quarter-final coming only 3 days later, Tito decides to field a reserve side to play at the Alvalade. Frustrating maybe for many fans since this has been THE Portuguese clash for the past 5 seasons now, but a necessity given the agenda ahead of Setubal. Young Paulito and Tosa will start the match!

> Apr.4, 2010 / Pr.Liga (#28) – Sporting CP v Vitoria Setubal : 1-1 / goal: P.Teixeira / assist: Tosa / MoM: P.Teixeira
Surprisingly to some but Forbs, young Guerreiros play with great composure and calm, matching Sporting's challenge. At the hour mark Trézéguet jumps higher than M.Tabuas and opens fire, only for Vitoria to react 2’ later with a great Paulo Teixeira. It’s a deserved draw in the end and a great result, which renders the Lisboans nervous with left-back Satmar being sent-off in the final seconds.

It is now time for a trip to Holland since Vitoria have been drawned with Netherland Champions Feyenoord Rotterdam. The Dutch are a solid side, similar in a way to VfB Suttgart – they have eliminated in Phase 2 nothing less than AC Milan and Atlético Madrid. They don’t really have star-profile players but field a few very solid lads: Brett Emerton, Tieme Klompe, Igor Tudor, Mark Kerr and 35-yr old Vincenzo Montella. Os Guerreiros may have travelled a fair bit in Europe lately, but De Kuip is probably one of the most intimidating stadia to visit on the continent. Tito has gotten them ready for a big battle, reminding them that the outcome of all previous clashes vs Holland clubs has always been successful (3v0):

- Champions League 2005/06 – Phase 1 – Ajax Amsterdam (2-0, 3-1)
- Champions League 2007/08 – Phase 1 – Heracles Almelo (3-1, 2-0)
- Champions League 2007/08 – Phase 2 – PSV Eindhoven (3-0, 1-1)

Both Bruno Melo and Ednilson are ruled out injured unfortunately, which means P.Teixeira – Bosingwa – Fernandes will be the midfield.

> Apr.7, 2010 / Champions League (Quarter-Final, leg.1) – Feyenoord v Vitoria Setubal : 1-4 / goals: Olisadebe, Kaka (2), Marajo / assists: Fernandes, Olisadebe / MoM: Kaka
Unimpressed by the roaring crowd, well in place and bursting with confidence, Setubal stun the Dutch within half-hour reminding a little of how they had prevailed 2 years ago in Eindhoven (0-3). Olisadebe scores very quickly (7’) which destabilizes a less experience Rotterdam team, and a superb Kaka pounds 2 more goals within the first half-hour and it’s game/set/match. Os Guerreiros manage in the 2nd half, adding a 4th goal by Marajo but conceding one from sub Tomasson. The only bad news of what has otherwise been an idyllic evening is young Paulito being red-carded very stupidly in added-time – impulsivity of the youth…

http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/Fey-VS-07.04.10_zpsfn68ehnl.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/Fey-VS-07.04.10_zpsfn68ehnl.png.html)

What a statement this is! a hammer blow to Feyenoord and qualification for the semis is almost in the bag now. While Barça have managed to win a very tight game in Munich, there was another stunning result as fellow Portuguese from Sporting CP have been very fortunate but did manage to win in Roma (1-3). What a night in the Champions League.

http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/CL-quarters-07.04.10_zpsyunhg6fc.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/CL-quarters-07.04.10_zpsyunhg6fc.png.html)

Olembé picks a 3-weeks injury at training and Tito rotates again, fielding a mixed team for the host of bottom of the table Amadora.

> Apr.10, 2010 / Pr.Liga (#29) – Vitoria Setubal v Estrela Amadora : 1-0 / goal: Ouedraogo / assist: P.Teixeira / MoM: P.Teixeira
It is never easy to play a side, even vastly inferior, who will only defend during 90’. Os Guerreiros try for long, and find the opening late (84’) when a great Paulo Teixeira deflects for Ouedraogo who scores.

The title is now more or less won and Forbs can focus on the Taça de Portugal Semi-Final at home, against a dangerous Guimarães whom Tito has already elminated twice from the Cup in the past. He fields his best XI.

> Apr.14, 2010 / Taça (Semi-Final) – Vitoria Setubal v Vit. Guimarães : 2-1 (e.t.) / goals: P.Teixeira, Ouedraogo / assists: Kaka, Fernandes / MoM: Fernandes
Tito was right to be wary as Guimarães are not shy and score early on by Peixoto (6’). Os Guerreiros react quickly though, with Kaka finding P.Teixeira for the equalizer (16’). Setubal utterly dominate the rest of the game although the northerners will have a few other chances. Young Fernandes is astonishing and manages a great assist in extra-time (116’) for Ouedraogo’s winning goal. Paulito comes in at 78’ and adds a lot of weight during 40'.

It’s been tough but Setubal have once again prevailed and will play a 6th consecutive Cup Final against… Académica who have shocked Portugal, beating Sporting CP (3-2).

02-03-15, 11:24 PM
A brilliant result against Feyenoord, and you fought well in the Cup semi-final too. It shows how strong your team is that even the reserves can now get a point away to Sporting!

Baron Zbimg
02-03-15, 11:32 PM
Boum ! And inter is not there to spoil the party !

04-03-15, 01:08 PM
Well... you have one foot and 3 fingers on the semi-finals of the champions league, 9 fingers on the title and you're on the portuguese cup final. Another great season, no matter how it ends (cause I don't see you loosing the league title)... and it can be the season where dreams come true! Good luck with the champion's league and don't loose it to sporting... it is one of the worst things to happen to loose the champion's league to a team of the same league, the league that you've dominated (actually never happened to me in my good games but those are the games that makes me super nervous... and I lost the european super cup - one of the many I've played - to Marítimo...).

05-03-15, 03:03 AM
There are 5 games left to play in the Primeira Liga and with Sporting CP beating FC Porto (2-0) on Saturday April 17, neither team can now get ahead of Os Guerreiros. Which means that even before the game in Faro, Vitoria Setubal are crowned Champions of Portugal for the 3rd consecutive season, and the 5th time in their History !!! this has probably been the easiest of all 5 titles, it’s again a fantastic achievement for Forbs and a blessing which will help focus on the Champions League during the next few weeks. Forbs rests most of his starters ahead of the Feyenoord return leg.

> Apr.18, 2010 / Pr.Liga (#30) – Farense v Vitoria Setubal : 0-2 / goals: P.Teixeira, Pinto Neves / assists: T.Miguel, Bosingwa / MoM: Pinto Neves
The reserves play once again a very serious match and prevail, with solid games from Bosingwa and Pinto Neves in particular.

Having won (1-4) in Rotterdam nobody can even think Setubal won’t qualify for the semi-finals. Forbs is nevertheless cautious and fields his best XI.

> Apr.21, 2010 / Champions League (Quarter-Final, leg.2) – Vitoria Setubal v Feyenoord : 2-1 / goals: Kaka, Marajo / assists: Olisadebe, Coutinho / MoM: Kaka
In 25’ and with a lot of authority, Setubal score twice by both their attacking midfielders and march on in the competition. Kaka is having a phenomenal season and is really inspirational for the team. Feyenoord get a consolation goal in added-time but they have been wiped-out (2-6, aggregate) by the Portuguese Champions.

In the other games there has been a thriller at the Alvalade with AS Roma getting back 2 goals, but Sporting are through on the away goal rule! Barça seem unstoppable and are now favourites while Liverpool FC have narrowly managed to overcome Borussia Dortmund.

http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/CL-quarters-21.04.10_zpsfkgebcqj.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/CL-quarters-21.04.10_zpsfkgebcqj.png.html)

Usualy Tito never comments before a European Cup draw but this time, he makes it clear that for him FC Barcelona are the overwhelming favourites of the competition and therefore best be avoided. He does not have to wait long and the semi-finals will feature…

http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/CL-semis-24.04.10_zpswjfflk8z.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/CL-semis-24.04.10_zpswjfflk8z.png.html)

An all-Portuguese semi-final against Sporting CP, who were finalists last year!! Oh what a clash this is going to be, Vitoria know how solid and talented Sporting are, nevertheless they have failed to beat Setubal for 9 games now (3D, 6L). It’s a unique chance for Tito and his lads to finally touch the Graal and reach the Champions League Final…

> Apr.24, 2010 / Pr.Liga (#31) – Vitoria Setubal v Leiria : 3-1 / goals: Kaka, Marajo, Bruno Melo (pen.) / assists: Marajo, Bruno Melo, Nélson Veiga / MoM: Bruno Melo
No real problems in this Liga game with the great Bruno Melo finally back at his best. Cruise mode for Os Guerreiros.

This is already a superb season: Portuguese title in the pocket, Cup Final and Champions League semi-finals coming up in May.

05-03-15, 03:10 AM
The last friendly game before Tito announces his squad of 23 players for the South-African World Cup. Against a Croatian team who have last humiliated Portugal in Jamor (0-3) exactly a year ago. Forbs had a full set of players except star striker Hélder Postiga who is injured and now in doubt for the tournament itself…


Nélson Veiga............................Gama............. .................Coutinho........................M ario Silva

Bruno Melo (c) .......................Petit...................... ......Ednilson

Pinto Neves..............................Boa Morte


(Subs: Marco Tabuas, Bruno Basto, Paulo Ferreira, Bocas, Fernando Meira, P.Teixeira, Cr.Ronaldo, Carlos Vidal, Nuno)

> Apr.28, 2010 / Friendly – Croatia v PORTUGAL : 0-0
The Seleção plays superbly well, dominating the game and creating no less than 20 chances. Croatian keeper Vedran Runje is the hero of a match which ends without any goal scored. In the absence of H.Postiga, forwards Lourenço and Pinto Neves will have to be sharper on target during the tournament.

http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/Cro-POR-stats-28.04.10_zpsiyngwqng.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/Cro-POR-stats-28.04.10_zpsiyngwqng.png.html)

While José Maria Gama has maybe taken an edge over Bocas at DC, Tito Forbs has granted his first cap to young starlet Carlos Vidal, 20 yr-old from Belenenses… will he be the surprise player of the squad announcement?
http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/CarlosVidal-05.05.10_zpsectwtiox.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/CarlosVidal-05.05.10_zpsectwtiox.png.html)

05-03-15, 03:34 AM
A crucial few weeks in the History of the club which starts with bad news: key star midfielder Ednilson is ruled out for an entire month, his season with Setubal being over. That’s a big blow to the squad. In addition, the club’s physios find out what may have been the source of the incredibly poor season ex-star Cristiano Ronaldo is having: a recurring groin injury which prevents him from playing at his best potential.

Tito does not want to take any risk ahead of the semi-final clash vs Sporting, he fields a reserve side to play at the Dragão.

> May 1, 2010 / Pr.Liga (#32) – FC Porto v Vitoria Setubal : 0-0 / MoM: Marco Tabuas
Even a reserve side with players such as Paulito, Paulo Rocha, Tosa, Ricardo or A.Rosa manage to play a good game and salvage a draw in Porto, helped by a very good Marco Tabuas.

It’s time for the Battle of Portugal with a first leg in Bonfim. Forbs is without Ednilson replaced by P.Teixeira, and he decides to start Fernandes over Bosingwa and Olisadebe over Pinto Neves. There are more players out for Sporting: Satmar, Borges, Lopes, Gravesen (ineligible) but also Petr Cech and David Trézégue, injured. Both of Sporting’s best players absent, this is a big blow. But Tito knows the solidity of his Lisboan rival and anticipates a tight game.

> May 5, 2010 / Champions League (Semi-Final, leg.1) – Vitoria Setubal v Sporting CP : 1-0 / goal: Marajo / MoM: Coutinho

It’s not a surprise to see Sporting start with a very defensive line-up, they still have several men to watch such as Kim Källström, Ricardo Quaresma, Denilson and of course Marius Niculae. Vitoria are first in action with P.Teixeira finding Kaka, then Marajo in the area but keeper Luis saves both attempts. On 20’ it’s a free-kick just outside the area and Marajo slots it just under the crossbar for the GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL!!! (1-0). Sporting react, turn more offensive and start building where their strengths are: on the flanks; the danger-man is Quaresma and on 30’ he manages a cross for Niculae who heads to goal, and M.Tabuas saves twice, well done! Tito asks Paulo Teixeira and Olembé to mark-man the Sporting winger from now on…

(1-0) at half-time, a good score but what to do now? Push for the 2nd goal at the risk of conceding one? it’s a slow start to the second half, neither team wanting to take too many risks while Coutinho is having a field day in central defense. On 58’, Bruno Melo is inspired and finds Olisadebe in the box who shoots twice from close range… but the Brazilian keeper saves the day. It’s now a counter-attack by the Lisboans, the ball falls to Quaresma at the angle of the area, he aims… Tabuas lays down and saves! Phew… Sporting put a lot of pressure now with a series of coner-kicks and free-kicks but Os Guerreiros resists, what a great battle this is. At 78’ Bocas storms out of defense and what is he doing? he goes in a solo run, dribbles past 2 players and chips it for Pinto Neves who has time, he will score surely… oh the ball grazes the crossbar and goes out. Damn! Let’s hope this wasted chance will not haunt Vitoria as this is the end of a tight, fiercely contested first leg.

It’s been a hotly contested game. Half the job done, but still 50/50. It won’t be easy in the Alvalade for sure, and it will be without Coutinho and Fernandes who have been booked and will be suspended. There is less suspens in the other semi-final as Barça have trashed Liverpool (3-0) at the Camp Nou.

Last game in Bonfim this season and Tito tries something special: he starts 5 Academy players with Marco Tabuas, Paulito, Claudio, Fernandes and Tosa (and Armando Rosa and Antunes will come from the bench in the 2nd half). Something which has not been seen in Setubal for a long time….

> May 8, 2010 / Pr.Liga (#33) – Vitoria Setubal v Beira-Mar : 1-0 / goal: Claudio / assist: Paulito / MoM: Paulito
The young guns, supported by a delighted Bonfim, play well and overcome Beira-Mar with a header from Claudio (Andrade) who was playing his first ever Liga match. Playmaker Paulito has an amazing day, impressing everyone once again.

05-03-15, 04:11 AM
The team is ready for THE big game. Setubal failed in 2008 against Celtic Glasgow (0-1, 2-1) on the way goal rule; this time they feel solid and confident but need a good result at the Alvalade to reach the Graal, and know the quality of their opponents. Ednilson is still out injured; Coutinho and Fernandes, suspended, are replaced with respectively Matoukou and Bosingwa. For Sporting Petr Cech remains ruled out but Trézéguet, although diminished (83%), will start.

> May 12, 2010 / Champions League (Semi-Final, leg.2) – Sporting CP v Vitoria Setubal : 3-1 / goal: Olisadebe / assist: Marajo

- 3’: we’ve played only a few minutes and Sporting show their attacking intentions. But it Marajo who has a free-kick just in front of the area. Will he shoot and score like in Bonfim a week ago? He goes for the cross and Olisadebe powers his header… into the nets! GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL (0-1), the Alvalade is stunned and Setubal have a foot in the Final!!
- Os Guerreiros are superb and litterally own the field. On 31’ following a superb triangle mov, Kaka sets-up Olisadebe in the area who has time, but Silvio Luis saves. At 33’ following great vision from P.Teixeira, the Nigerian striker jumps higheer than the keeper and scores!... but the goal is disallowed for a very narrow offside.
- 44’: Sporting are on the brink of sinking, they barely react before half-time when Becham finds Joãzinho who sees his attempt parried by Marco Tabuas.
(0-1) at half-time, an away goal scored – it’s just the perfect scenario for the lads so far.

- nothing changes much at the start of the 2nd half, Os Guerreiros are in control and at 55’ a great Marajo crosses for Kaka whose header is just parried by the keeper, who saves again at the feet of the Brazilian.
- at that point, no one watching this game can imagine what is about to happen. It’s right then, at the 56’, that the key event happens for Sporting: an out-of-form David Trézéguet is replaced by the man who has been the terror of the Primeira Liga those past few seasons only to be benched this year: Romanian Marius Niculae. He is hungry.
- immediately Sporting play much better, press and start creating chances; on 72’ Niculae crosses for Baiano whose header is just parried by Marco Tabuas.
- and there is nothing Vitoria’s keeper can do when David Beckham delivers a pass on the Romanian’s head at 74’ for the equalizer (1-1). Matoukou is really struggling in central defense and suddeny fear strikes in Setubalian hearts. The Guerreiros stop being warriors.
- 82’: free-kick. 35 yr-old Beckham again for Niculae who towers above the defense and sends the Alvalade wild with a 2nd goal. It’s (2-1). Both teams are tied on aggregate (2-2) but Vitoria is still through on the away goal rule.
- powerless as if under a bad spell, the players from Vitoria Setubal watch in horror 3’ later Källström’s long pass in the area connecting with Denilson’s head. The Brazilian winger has jumped higher than Marco Tabuas who has completely fumbled here, and the ball simply bounces once and enters the empty nets… (3-1).
- Forbs sends his boys rushing towards attack and, desperate, subs Bosingwa with young Paulito. But it’s too late. They’ve let it slip. They are out of the competition. What a disaster.

http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/Spor-VS-12.05.10_zps9cayy8bq.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/Spor-VS-12.05.10_zps9cayy8bq.png.html)

There are just no words. Some people call this a Black Swan event. Vitoria have conceded 3 goals in 11 minutes while they have only conceded 13 in 33 games of the Primeira Liga this season so far. A single player, Niculae, has changed the fate of the game and qualified Sporting CP for their 2nd consecutive final, while for the first hour Vitoria were so much superior and in total control, inches from adding a 2nd goal. This is football, it is cruel. Forbs is shattered, so are his players and the fans. Once again the Champions League proves too tough a competition for the southern Lisboa side.
http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/Spor-VS-stats-12.05.10_zpsfn6toqdt.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/Spor-VS-stats-12.05.10_zpsfn6toqdt.png.html)
There’s no need to look for culprits. Marco Tabuas who had a good season overall, played his worst game and was rated 5. The absence of Coutinho in CD weighed heavily for sure and Matoukou was exposed. Finally, many fans think that with Ednilson in midfield such a disaster would have never happened….

A week later Sporting play a very good Final at Hampden Park against giants FC Barcelona, narrowly losing (1-2) with 2 goals from Javier Saviola and after leading in the first half.

05-03-15, 11:35 AM
That's what I keep saying... winning the first is the most difficult. How many games did you make against Sporting without loosing? 10... It doesn't matter... 11 minutes to just end your dreams as always... that sucks... And I think that you won't loose against them again in the next season... this was just to mess with you. The game usually does that until you win the first time (it was like that in my Barreirense game... after I won the first...)

And you really need a better goalkeeper. Been saying that since I started to read and I will keep my position!! You need a keeper that will defend on those tight games!

05-03-15, 08:40 PM
@troza: yes it was 10 games in a row without losing to Sporting before that return leg. I am new to cm0102 but had played quite a lot of cm3-98/99, and I think this is the most shattering moment ever for me so far playing this game. I was truly gutted.

And you really need a better goalkeeper. Been saying that since I started to read and I will keep my position!! You need a keeper that will defend on those tight games!
Marco Tabuas will be turning 34 next season. We will bring in another keeper.

05-03-15, 08:49 PM
Tito has a long conversation with his players. They’ve had a fantastic season and he won’t hold grudges over them for this heart-breaking defeat. They should have done better and qualify for the Final especially with such a favourable scenario leading (2-0) with 20’ on the clock… but this is football. While some rumours had flourished in the press about the old man’s retirement, he wanted to personally re-assure all of them that he is there to stay and is excited to open up a new chapter in the club’s History with more and more young guns, a lot from the Academy, pushing through the ranks. He expects next season to be one of transition with quite a few departures within the group, but wants to focus on the final two games before embarking to the World Cup with some of his Guerreiros. And there’s a 7th Cup to win for the club, a competition particularly dear to the fans!

> May 16, 2010 / Pr.Liga (#34) – Benfica v Vitoria Setubal : 1-2 / goals: Marajo, Pinto Neves / assists: Bruno Melo, Nélson Veiga / MoM: Pinto Neves
It’s always a special occasion to travel to Estadio da Luz; both teams play an attacking game which is dominated by Setubal who prevail thanks in particular to Bruno Melo and Pinto Neves.

Vitoria Setubal easily top the table with a superb points tally (85) and a considerable lead over FC Porto (+18) and Sporting CP (+20!! which renders the Champions League elimination all the more bitter…). The number of goals scored is much lower (61) than past seasons, however Vitoria break a new record of 14 goals conceded over 34 games. After a slow start and 2 shocking defeats in September 2014, this season ended up being probably the most comfortable out of the 5 titles the club has managed.

http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/Table1-16.05.10_zpsplsuoenn.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/Table1-16.05.10_zpsplsuoenn.png.html)

FC Porto and Sporting CP remained the most dangerous rivals although their points total is unusually low. Benfica recovered from a nightmarish first half and finish 6th. Maritimo looked like a challenger early on but faded (7th) and it was Salgueiros and Guimarães who nailed the UEFA Cup slots. All 3 promoted sides are relegated back – a close call for Boavista who should have managed better. Leixões, Varzim and SC Braga win promotion from Segunda.

Os Guerreiros get ready to play their 6th consecutive Taça de Portugal Final (the 15th in the History of the club), and it will be a remake of the 1967 final against a (relegated) Académica Coimbra side coached by… José Mourinho!

> May 23, 2010 / Taça (Final) – Vitoria Setubal v Académica : 3-0 / goals: Marajo, Pinto Neves, Tosa / assists: Bruno Melo, Fernandes, Pinto Neves / MoM: Marajo
It’s a one way story with clinical Guerreiros who score twice in the 1st half through Marajo and Pinto Neves. Ouedraogo shines on the left flank while young Paulito and Tosa come from the bench in the 2nd half and it is only justice when the latter scores a 3rd goal, a testimony to how much they’ve contributed to the Cup campaign this year.

Setubal win their 7th Taça de Portugal (a record after Os Tres Grandes), their 5th under Tito Forbs. Another trophy for the coach – his 16th actually. It is also the club’s 4th double, a fantastic domestic achievement. Vitoria remain kings of Portugal!

05-03-15, 11:15 PM
It is a very similar Starting XI as the previous season, with only 2 changes: Marajo ahead of Cr.Ronaldo at AMC and Pinto Neves ahead of Emmanuel Olisadebe as Striker. An older team (27.3 avg.) with still only one player from the Academy (M.Tabuas). Nélson Veiga features for the 9th time (!!) while Ednilson, captain Bruno Melo and Marco Tabuas are present for the 7th time; all of them absolute club legends. Ouedraogo, P.Teixeira, Cr.Ronaldo and Olisadebe appear as subs for they have played enough games to be granted the Primeira Liga title.

http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/Starting-XI-0910_zpscobhiwuf.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/Starting-XI-0910_zpscobhiwuf.png.html)

For the first time in the History of the club one player, EDNILSON, manages to be elected Best Player of the Liga. A remarkable achievement.

http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/Liga-top10-16.05.10_zps9ravk7zo.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/Liga-top10-16.05.10_zps9ravk7zo.png.html)

Bruno Melo finishes a close 2nd and appears in the Team of the Year for the 5th consecutive time (like Ednilson), alongside Pinto Neves who had a cracking first season and Kaka. Despite him being a sub, Paulo Teixeira also appears in this Top10 at a remarkable 5th spot!

05-03-15, 11:24 PM
Tito was relieved to learn from Newcastle United medical staff that Hélder Postiga would be fit in time for the start of the tournament. Just like Ednilson, both would therefore be included and the coach had a full choice of players to compose his group of 23. Coutinho and Bocas were suspended for the opener vs Holland, but were too good to be left home.

GK : no context here, all 3 usual keepers are selected with Nuno being the starter.

DL : he is 33 yr-old but Mario Silva is the undisputed starter here. Bruno Basto should have accompanied him but he is completely unfit after a long season with FC Metz in French 2nd Division. Forbs pulled a surprise name from his hat, calling for the first time Salgueiros U21 international Miguel Cunha, very useful thanks to his great versatility.
http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/Cunha-30.05.10_zpsqvuxgyn3.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/Cunha-30.05.10_zpsqvuxgyn3.png.html)
DR : no real contest at that position

DC : only 4 slots possible and José Maria Gama nails the last position ahead of players such as Bras, Gamarra or Santamaria.

DMC : young Sadino Fernandes was considered, but deemed too tender yet for such a tournament. Petit is getting older now (33) but his experience means a lot to Forbs. The real contest for 5th spot was between Fernando Meira and Bosingwa, the latter just nailing it due to his bigger physical impact.

AMC : Cristiano Ronaldo was now out of favour for the first time in his career under Forbs, both in club and country. Felipe Oliveira and young Carlos Vidal will travel to South Africa, the former had had a superb season in Turkey and the latter’s talent was simply breathtaking. Edgar (now 32) stays at home, so do Hugo Viana and Semedo.

SC : it was too late for Nuno Gomes at 33 yr-old, and younger Nuno from Boavista will second Hélder Postiga as striker.

http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/POR-squad-29.05.10_zpspqa1hcff.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/POR-squad-29.05.10_zpspqa1hcff.png.html)

Just like for Euro 2008, there are again 9 Guerreiros in the squad which is once again a testimony of how much Vitoria is dominating Portuguese football right now. In 2 years Forbs had worked with great continuity since the Euro semi-final and 17 players from the Euro squad were still present this time – although for quite a few this woud probably be the last international competition (Marco Tabuas, Mario Silva, Rui Marques, Nélson Veiga, Boa Morte, Petit). 6 missed out: Quim, Bruno Basto, Bras, Fernando Meira, Hugo Viana and Nuno Gomes.

The run to the World Cup had been superb since 2008 and Forbs was confident and actually excited to start the tournament.

Finally, 3 other Guerreiros will participate in the tournament: Saliou Lassissi with Ivory Coast, Mendonça for Angola and surprisingly but what a reward this is… Kaka with Brazil !!

06-03-15, 09:51 AM
Domestic double, but still that loss to Sporting must hurt. I thought it was the 1-0 at home where you might not have done enough.

Lets add the World Cup to the honours and it will be a season to remember.

06-03-15, 03:23 PM
Yup... that's why I said that about loosing against teams of the same league. I always get my players ready for those matches and I'm always stressed out.

More so, when I don't like the clubs I'm facing... or I just don't like the idea of loosing against teams that show to be inferior to my all season long.

I will say from my head that I only lost once in europe against another portuguese team but I'll need to confirm (talking about knock-out stage of finals... I can care less about defeats on the group stage as long as I get through in the end).

But I had some great games: semi-finals of the champions league vs amora (still the biggest game I ever had in terms of incoming... even if it has been a long time since that was the game with more people at my stadium), semi-finals of the champion's league vs Penafiel (after a season where it seemed that they could really contend for the league title ahead of me... they just did horribly on the final part of the season and I took the league title and I got them out of the champions league), a final vs Boavista (after a great title run, I won the champion's league final but lost the portuguese cup final against them in the last year of some of my best players ever... I think that I won the portuguese super cup in the next year but it was great) and the european super cup vs Porto after I sold them on of my best players. Won the game 5-2. Started loosing 1-0, got the draw, they managed to get to 2-1 (this need some confirmation) with them dominating the play (and they were relegated in the previous year... relegated and won the UEFA Cup) but I just destroyed them on the second half to win the match (that was really epic!).

I remember a quarter-final match vs sporting... and I think that I've played porto but it was before my break and I don't really remember that.

Oh, and I lost against Maritimo one european super cup... lol.

About your game: you seem to be entering those advanced seasons where you just score less but you'll win some league titles with a worst record. I don't remember if this is a norm, but that happened in my Barreirense game.

Just keep dominating in Portugal. Don't forget that. Then you just need to win the first champion's league...

06-03-15, 04:14 PM
Vitoria have conceded 3 goals in 11 minutes while they have only conceded 13 in 33 games of the Primeira Liga this season so far. A single player, Niculae, has changed the fate of the game and qualified Sporting CP for their 2nd consecutive final, while for the first hour Vitoria were so much superior and in total control, inches from adding a 2nd goal. This is football, it is cruel. Forbs is shattered, so are his players and the fans. Once again the Champions League proves too tough a competition for the southern Lisboa side.

I know the feeling! But the answer is simple. Buy Nicolae! Buy Nicolae!! Buy Nicolae!!!

06-03-15, 04:28 PM
Has Nicolae got a second nationality yet ?

I think you already have the players, just need the rub of the green at the right time.

06-03-15, 05:12 PM
You'll get it one day - that's the thing about knockout competitions, it all comes down to one or two games. Looking forward to the summer of rebuilding, next year might be a tough one if you bring in too many new players :ok:

06-03-15, 10:19 PM
Domestic double, but still that loss to Sporting must hurt. I thought it was the 1-0 at home where you might not have done enough.

Possibly. Somehow I find the home games tougher because visiting teams (and that includes Sporting) almost always park the bus.

Lets add the World Cup to the honours and it will be a season to remember.

ah! that's probably even harder than winning the Champions League I would think!

06-03-15, 10:22 PM
@troza: thanks for the insights on your Barreirense game... how did it happen that all those Portuguese teams (Arouca, Maritimo, Penafiel, Boavista...) are so successful on the European scene in your games??

About your game: you seem to be entering those advanced seasons where you just score less but you'll win some league titles with a worst record. I don't remember if this is a norm, but that happened in my Barreirense game.
I read somewhere on this site that it happens after a while because regens have on average much higher positioning. But it's a little too early in my game to see that effect I would think.

06-03-15, 10:26 PM
I know the feeling! But the answer is simple. Buy Nicolae! Buy Nicolae!! Buy Nicolae!!!
I can't! he's Romanian and I do have severe self-imposed recruitement limitations (minimum 7 Portuguese nationals on any match sheet; any foreigner in the squad must have either Brazilian or an African citizenship; maximum 2 Brazilians in any starting XI).

@Eejit: Marius Niculae has now acquired Portuguese citizenship as his 2nd nationality so theoratically I could try to recruit him, but a) his wage is much higher than my max and b) he will soon turn 29

Is he a "famous" excellent player in the ODB?

06-03-15, 10:28 PM
You'll get it one day - that's the thing about knockout competitions, it all comes down to one or two games. Looking forward to the summer of rebuilding, next year might be a tough one if you bring in too many new players
The new challenge to this story will be to gradually increase the number of Academy players in the starting XI, which should complicate things a little yes...

06-03-15, 11:04 PM
This is the 19th World Cup in History and only the 5th Portugal is taking part in; therefore Tito’s qualification and the way it was obtained (all games won in the Group) was already an achievement. Twice (1986, 2006) the Seleção had failed to get out of the Group stage, once (2002) with its Golden Generation it had managed to reach the Second Round and in 1966 Os Magriços had famously finished 3rd of the competition, led by legend Eusébio.

No one back home realistically expects that this squad can achieve anything close to what the 1966 heroes did, but Tito Forbs is a bit of a magician figure by now and pundits recognize both the solidity of the team as well as the rebirth of a few great, young talents. The first game is against arch-favourites of Group E, Holland; it will set the tone for the rest of the Group stage and will sadly be played with both Coutino and Bocas suspended. The Dutch have great talents such as Kevin Hofland, Patrick Kluivert, Ruud van Nistelrooy and Paul Winjgaarde. The coach goes with :


Nélson Veiga.............................Gama............ ..................Rui Marques........................Mario Silva

Bruno Melo (c) .......................Petit...................... ....Ednilson

Pinto Neves..............................Lourenço


(Subs: Vitor Oliveira, Cunha, Paulo Ferreira, P.Teixeira, Boa Morte, Carlos Vidal, Nuno)

> Jun.12, 2010 / World Cup 2010, Group E (#1) – Holland v PORTUGAL : 1-0 / Newlands, Cape Town

- The Flying Dutchmen ask no questions, push from the start and dominate. At 27’ Nuno is forced into a double save at the feet of Kluivert and he is beaten at 33’ by van Nistelrooy but the goal is disallowed for a marginal offside position. 2’ later Bouma crosses-in from the left and Kluivert’s header is just over. Portugal are really suffering, but react just before half-time when Lourenço’s low drive is parried, and Postiga’s header is just above on the ensuing corner-kick. The Seleção seems rusted, and is lucky to be on par at half-time.

- 49’ and full-back Bakkati pounds a heavy strike towards goal but Nuno is there and manages a great save. The game then stalls for a while, as if it was going to a draw. Forbs send in Carlos Vidal for Pinto Neves. At 76’ CB Hoogervorst performs a great run forward and finds Arjen Robben in the area who easily beat Nuno this time (1-0). The Portuguese will push hard in the end but don’t get any serious chance to score. Without producing much, Holland has won and made a big step towards qualification.
http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/HOL-POR-12.06.10_zps5vjjwemf.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/HOL-POR-12.06.10_zps5vjjwemf.png.html)
Not the start Tito had expected. Offensively the lads are struggling and Hélder Postiga, back to competition after a few months of injuries, is clearly not at his best level. With Australia having thumped Morocco (3-0) in the other game, it seems Portugal will now fight hard to try and nail that 2nd place.

The next game vs Morocco is a must win. Coutinho is back for Gama, P.Teixeira replaces a disappoiting Petit while Boa Morte starts ahead of Pinto Neves.

> Jun.19, 2010 / World Cup 2010, Group E (#2) – PORTUGAL v Morocco : 1-1 / Johannesburg Stadium, Johannesburg / goal: Bruno Melo / assist: Mario Silva

Pressure is on the Seleção who almost concede a goal after 3’ but Nuno saves a header from Ouhsaine. The North-Africans defend well and in spite of Portuguese domination, the score is (0-0) at half-time. It does not get better in the 2nd half with the Moroccans almost getting a penalty at the hour mark – the game stops for 5’ because of the vehement protests of the players and even staff towards the ref. Boa Morte and Postiga struggle to be dangerous, and it gets better when Pinto Neves and Carlos Vidal come from the bench. At 71’ Lourenço turns around in the area and smashes the ball on the crossbar… but 5’ later the sky falls on Lusitanian heads when Moha jumps higher than everyone on a corner-kick and scores for Morocco! (0-1). Forbs urges his players forward, that young generation cannot die like that. Coutinho attacks and almost heads the ball home on a free-kick. At 83’ full-back Mario Silva rushes on the left flank and crosses into the far post for captain Bruno Melo whose low shot hits the post and… GOOOOOOOOOOOL! (1-1), a lifeline for Portugal but boy they are struggling.

Although Portugal dominated, Morocco played well, took their chances and deserve the draw. Fortunately Australia are hammered (0-4) by Holland which means that a win vs the Kangoroos can still probably qualify the Seleção.

http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/WC-Group-19.06.10_zpskw1moibq.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/WC-Group-19.06.10_zpskw1moibq.png.html)

06-03-15, 11:10 PM
Australia. It may sound like an easy game but they do have seriously good players such as Emerton, Harry Kewell, Bresciano, Wehrman and Tallan Martin. It won’t be easy given that a draw would qualify the Ozzies. Forbs has an issue with his attack and he believes the reason is that his star striker Hélder Postiga is simply not as good as he was pre-injury, during the Qualifications. He decides to bench him, will play Lourenço as Striker and starts young Carlos Vidal. It’s a bold move but it will reap a lof of fruits.


Nélson Veiga.............................Coutinho........ ......................Rui Marques........................Mario Silva

Bruno Melo (c) .......................Ednilson................... .....P.Teixeira

Pinto Neves..............................Carlos Vidal


(Subs: Vitor Oliveira, Cunha, Bocas, Bosingwa, Boa Morte, F.Oliveira, H.Postiga)

> Jun.24, 2010 / World Cup 2010, Group E (#3) – PORTUGAL v Australia : 4-0 / Free State Stadium, Bloemfontein / goals: P.Teixeira, Vidal, Lourenço, Pinto Neves / assists: Bruno Melo (2) / MoM: Bruno Melo

It seems the changes brough to the side have lit a sparkle and in 15’ of pure magic, the Portuguese salvage their tournament. After 6’ Ednilson has a good run and Paulo Teixeira scores his first evel goal under the national shirt with a low drive (1-0). 5’ later, young Carlos Vidal writes his own legend when he bends a free-kick under the cross-bar for the 2nd goal (2-0). Barely time to breathe and an inspired Bruno Melo finds Lourenço who scores a 3rd (3-0). Before half-time Pinto Neves volleys another one into the nets; the Australians are knocked-out and Portugal are through to the 2nd Round!
http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/POR-Aus-24.06.10_zpsorwor34s.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/POR-Aus-24.06.10_zpsorwor34s.png.html)
Exactly the kind of win which was needed to kick start their tournament. 4 goals, plenty of talent and inspiration upfront finally.

http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/WC-Group-24.06.10_zps6yzqadeo.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/WC-Group-24.06.10_zps6yzqadeo.png.html)

3 major (European) nations haven bitten the dust: European Champions Germany, powerhouse Spain and challengers Romania. Having finished 2nd of their Group, Portugal were exposed to a tough draw for the next round but it could have hardly been worse that this…

http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/WC-Rnd2-25.06.10_zpsypvzlpgr.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/WC-Rnd2-25.06.10_zpsypvzlpgr.png.html)

Argentina are clearly one (if not the) best teams in the world and a tournament favourites. It’s an Everest this young Seleção will need to climb to advance further.

06-03-15, 11:26 PM
Argentina is a very tough draw, you'll need a great performance or a lot of luck to progress any further! Looks like Postiga will struggle to reclaim his place up front now...

07-03-15, 12:02 AM
Arouna no... Amora.

They only did well on one or two seasons then they faded away. Académica and Sporting are the more constant (at least, in the seasons I did recently) but, for whatever reason, Academica usually starts well but then they fade...

And good luck vs Argentina!! :)

07-03-15, 12:35 PM
Tough one, especialy as the alternative would have been USA if you had topped the group.

Baron Zbimg
07-03-15, 09:06 PM
I had a lot to catch up on. What a terrible blow in the CL, the first one is always the toughest, you definitely have the team to win it one day. What happened in the final ? Did Sporting got spanked once again ?

Tough start but great win against Australia for Portugal. Lourenço upfront is the right decision, although as Bocas agent, I remind you that this is also a possibility. Looking forward to the clash against Argentina, this should be a classic.

09-03-15, 11:01 PM
Argentina is a very tough draw, you'll need a great performance or a lot of luck to progress any further! Looks like Postiga will struggle to reclaim his place up front now...
Yes. He's had his chance, Lourenço is our new striker upfront now.

09-03-15, 11:02 PM
I had a lot to catch up on. What a terrible blow in the CL, the first one is always the toughest, you definitely have the team to win it one day. What happened in the final ? Did Sporting got spanked once again ?

No. They played well, scored first and lost (1-2) vs Barcelona in a tight game.

Tough start but great win against Australia for Portugal. Lourenço upfront is the right decision, although as Bocas agent, I remind you that this is also a possibility. Looking forward to the clash against Argentina, this should be a classic.

I actually thought about Bocas, he is there as an option and given how long the tournament can be you never know...

09-03-15, 11:12 PM
Argentina is a star-studded side; they are without injured Juan Roman Riquelme and Martin Demichelis but feature an incredible team with the likes of Diego Placente, Walter Samuel, Fabricio Coloccini, Cristian Ledesma, Carlos Tévez, Fernando Cavenaghi, Javier Saviola and Julio Arca (with Crespo and Milito on the bench!). The only good news on Portugal’s side is that there are no injuries and the players’ fitness is good; Mario Silva is struggling a little and Tito wants to push his luck and throws in Miguel Cunha, 22 yr-old, for his first cap as LB. The old coach tells his players they have zero pressure and everything to win, convincing them they have the talent to cause a major upset.

> Jun.29, 2010 / World Cup 2010, Round.2 – Argentina v PORTUGAL : 0-3 / Johannesburg Stadium, Johannesburg / goals: Vidal, Lourenço, Boa Morte / assists: Lourenço, Pinto Neves, P.Teixeira / MoM: Lourenço

The tone of the game is set immediately, both teams engaging fully into every contact and with an offensive mindset. Defenses hold well, the Seleção’s midfield does not give in and shares posession. The only real chance for Argentina throughout the half is on 16’ when Saviola turns around shoots low, finding a great Nuno who saves. The final 10’ before half-time will remain forever in Portugal’s footballing History. On 38’, Nélson Veiga’s cross finds Lourenço for a half-volley saved by Lucchetti; 2’ later it’s a Portuguese counter-attack, Lourenço again deflects for Carlos Vidal who is free of any marking, he needs to shoot twice but finds the net and it’s a GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL for the Seleção who open fire!!!! (0-1). The Albiceste is groggy and the crowd watches, amazed, Pinto Neves on 42’ lift the ball into the area for the amazing Lourenço who dives for a winning header, oh Good Lord GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL, it’s a knock-out blow here, Portugal lead (0-2)!!! This is out of this world and young Vidal is inches from scoring again just before both teams go back to the dressing room – and what an upset this is so far!

Portugal’s attacking trio is on fire, Vidal and Lourenço combine beautifully again at 50’ and oh! Carlos Vidal hits the post!... finally Argentina start to react and 1’ later, Ledesma is inches from scoring following a header from Cavenaghi – but Nuno saves. The match’s turning point comes around the hour mark when, first at 56’, Nuno delivers another brilliant save on Saviola and then at 58’ when it seems the Portuguese keeper has brought the Barcelona striker down in the area…. but the ref decides this is not a penalty and waves to play on. Oh, the roar amongst the fans in blue… The Argentinians are now getting nervous while Forbs sends in Mario Silva for Cunha, and Luis Boa Morte for Vidal. Ednilson has had a superb day in midfield, but picks a sight knock and is subbed at 76’ by Bosingwa. Portugal is leaving a dream and the dream turns into triumph when at 80’, Paulo Teixeira chips in for veteran Boa Morte who calmly lobs Lucchetti for a 3rd humiliating goal!!!!! (0-3). Oh the words are lacking here, surely Argentina cannot score 3 goals in 10’ and they will only get a last chance by Cavenaghi, once again parried by Nuno and… this is it, Portugal have done it and caused a major, major upset in the competition and in what fashion, oh boy!

http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/Arg-POR-stats-29.06.10_zpsrvpixv1o.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/Arg-POR-stats-29.06.10_zpsrvpixv1o.png.html)
http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/Arg-POR-29.06.10_zpskxzt3xun.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/Arg-POR-29.06.10_zpskxzt3xun.png.html)
The entire country erupts. This is THE biggest win for Portugal, ever, since the Group stage victory against Brazil (2-1) at the 1966 World Cup. It has also been a great game of football and one which may enter the legend of the sport. Everything went well for Tito and his lads: solidity in the set-up, great defense and an inspired attacking trio lit up by the world-talent of Lourenço who is now recognized by pundits :

http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/Lourenccedilo-29.06.10_zpsytahnrle.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/Lourenccedilo-29.06.10_zpsytahnrle.png.html)

England are the only other big name (besides Argentina) to bite the dust.

http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/WV-Rnd2-29.06.10_zpsgavq1mvx.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/WV-Rnd2-29.06.10_zpsgavq1mvx.png.html)

Japan having topped the Group in which Germany had been seeded, and then lost their 2nd Round game… it means Portugal will be facing another challenger in the quarter-finals: IRELAND!! oh can there be a bigger chance than this to emulate Os Magriços in 1966??

10-03-15, 09:32 AM
Very much opening up for you now. Ireland won't be easy, but could have been much worst and then it looks as if you'll get the winners of Norway v (dirty cheating) Uruguay for a place in the final. Just keep Lourenco on form and you could do this.

10-03-15, 11:29 AM
Well... I wouldn't forget the 5-3 vs Korea at 66, the 3-2 vs England at the Euro 2000 either but I would say that's really a great win for Portugal and with those numbers? Just wow!

10-03-15, 12:07 PM
Very much opening up for you now. Ireland won't be easy, but could have been much worst and then it looks as if you'll get the winners of Norway v (dirty cheating) Uruguay for a place in the final. Just keep Lourenco on form and you could do this.

If this is indeed how the draw works (I haven't played much international football in CM) then beating Argentina really has given you a nice path for the rest of the tournament! No easy games at this level though... Who did Ireland have in their group?

10-03-15, 02:49 PM
Mainly after some years, some of those National teams (Norway and Ireland) are teams that I've seen doing well... Ireland went to a couple of finals (nothing that spectacular) but Norway had a run with 3 confederation's cup and 1 EURO, if I'm not mistaken. Look out... if they are there, they are good.

And there is always the conditioning problem...

10-03-15, 03:18 PM
Ireland have lost to Brazil, beaten Jamaica and drawn South Korea in their Group. They did beat us (2-0) in the Euro 2008 Group stage so we know it will be tough, they have a very complete team.

No injury nor suspension in the Selecao and condition remains surprisingly good (above 90%).

11-03-15, 01:09 PM
Well... that's good. I always have trouble with that but you play with a tactic that might keep your own players to end the game on a condition too low...

11-03-15, 08:58 PM
Ireland have a very solid and balanced team; not many stars, but experienced players from the English Premier League such as John O’Shea, Steven McPhail, Richie Partridge or Damien Duff. Both teams had clashed in the Group stage of Euro 2008 and the Irish prevailed (2-0). Tito knows it won’t be easy, but is confident. A few of his players are tiring and he is forced to make 2 changes: Paulo Ferreira will start ahead of Nélson Veiga as RB, and Bosingwa replaces Paulo Teixeira in midfield.

> Jul.3, 2010 / World Cup 2010, Quarter-Final – PORTUGAL v Ireland : 0-1 (e.t.) / Newlands, Cape Town / MoM: Ednilson

The Irish rush forward with no fear and it takes them only 2’ to have a major chance by Clinton Morrisson, brilliantly saved by Nuno. The forward injures himself on the play and walks off. Gradually though, the Seleção takes control and dominates. At 6’ Lourenço shoots too high, on 20’ Carlos Vidal aims low but the keeper saves and on 21’, with Manuel Rui Marques tackling and stealing posession, Bruno Melo rushes forward and pounds towards the goal, but a great Gerry O’Donnell saves again. The match was maybe decided on the 29’: Irish captain Gary Doherty goes in hard on a tackle on Pinto Neves and collects a yellow card; angered, the young Portuguese forward kicks the Irishman and is sent-off !! oh the Setubal player has lost it and let his country down, Forbs on the sideline is livid. Paulo Teixeira for Portugal, and Andy Reid for Ireland will each get a chance before half-time. It’s (0-0) and Portugal will play 10v11, a few players are starting to get exhausted. The scenario is not looking great.

Ireland make 2 changes which means they cannot afford any injury anymore. Portugal’s midfield continues to dominate and Ednilson who has a superb day, sets-up up his captain Bruno Melo in the area who is alone, oh this is it and… O’Donnell, what a save oh no!! what a wasted chance here… On 58’ Hélder Postiga replaces young Vidal. It’s now 63’ Mario Silva fires a free-kick near the post, but the keeper fingertips it into corner; H.Postiga manages a header but once again the Irish flying man saves his side, it’s his 6th save of the day! The game stalls, boht teams are tiring and Paulo Teixeira comes in for a limping Ednilson. On 86’ H.Postiga gets a last chance but his volley is parried, and on 88’ Reid rushes forward and has the goal at the end of his boot, but a great Nuno forces the game into extra-time. Lourenço is tired, Tito throws in Boa Morte.

The extra-time won’t last long: 7’. Until Partridge manages a superb cross to the far post which goes past the entire Portuguese defense and Damien Duff, unmarked, scores the Golden Goal and shatters the dreams of an entire footballing nation. What a shame, to end like this.

http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/POR-Ire-stats_zpsdyycpjbx.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/POR-Ire-stats_zpsdyycpjbx.png.html)
http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/POR-Ire-03.07.10_zpsxajufbpx.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/POR-Ire-03.07.10_zpsxajufbpx.png.html)
It’s been a tight game ruined by Pinto Neves who will have to bear this red-card as a black mark for the rest of his career; still the Seleção could have won, had it not been for the superb performance of the Irish goalkeeper. A unique opportunity to reach the semis again and maybe, the Final, is gone. It’s mixed feelings for Tito and the lads, the pride of a great run and a legendary game against Argentina and the disappointment to go out so narrowly against a side who were not really better.

Fair play to them, Ireland will beat Uruguay in the semis (2-1) but they crash in the Final (0-3) against new World Champions Holland.

Another individual highlight for the Portuguese midfielder: Ednilson is named in the Dream Team of the competition.

11-03-15, 09:05 PM
The coach is getting old (70) and having managed both his dear Vitoria and the Seleção from 2006 to 2010 has been exhausting. The Federação are very happy with his performances and he is regarded as a national hero back home, but his decision is taken and he wastes no time to make it public upon the squad return from South Africa.

http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/news-11.07.10_zpsbhnljfdo.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/news-11.07.10_zpsbhnljfdo.png.html)

He considers his mission as accomplished: he had the difficult task to turn the page of the Golden Generation and still qualify for Euro 2008 – he did even better, reaching the semi-finals. And he then had to re-build around a younger generation of players and go to the World Cup – which he again achieved, getting as far as the quarter-finals and stunning the world in the 2nd Round against Argentina (3-0). He scouted and brought into the squad a number of very promising young players: Pinto Neves, Carlos Vidal, Coutinho, Miguel Cunha and José Maria Gama. He stabilized the team around a number of key players from the “intermediate” generation: Ednilson, Bruno Melo, P.Teixeira, Lourenço, H.Postiga, Bocas, Nuno…

All in all he played a total of 38 games for : 23W, 5D, 10L. A very solid ratio.

The Federação waste no time to nominate a new head coach and it will be…. Fernando Santos!! (the current Portugal coach in real life).

12-03-15, 08:59 AM
A petulant player and a superkeeper. No luck for Portugal in this one. Can't believe that Ireland made it to a World Cup final.

Great record for Tito with the national side a 60% win ratio when the friendlies are against good sides is a great effort. Time to concentrate on getting Setubal to the top of the pile in Europe now.

12-03-15, 10:17 AM
Well... That's heartbreaking... And sad to hear that a great coach will leave the national team... here comes the old but popular players again...

13-03-15, 08:35 PM
What an absolute bummer. :cry: Thought it was time for the seleção to triumph, especially after giving Argentina a drubbing.
Oh well, this must mean the Champions League is an absolute shoo-in now. Fernandes to score a last minute winner. :eyebrows:

Baron Zbimg
13-03-15, 09:47 PM
Tough defeat against Ireland, I'm very sad to see Tito leave the Seleçao. Let's hope Fernando Santos keeps on calling your young stars. Looking forward to the awesome season recaps.

16-03-15, 02:46 PM
Don't you hate these knock-out rounds :(

Baron Zbimg
08-04-15, 09:20 AM
Is this over ? I'd be very sad :( But if it is, this should go to the Hall of Fame.

08-04-15, 01:27 PM
It can't be over. The champion's league is just a step away!

21-04-15, 10:39 PM
Hi lads, apologies for the silence, had a pc problem and ran out of steam a little. Still planning to continue Tito's adventures on this one, at some point...

21-04-15, 11:23 PM
Good to read that :)

03-09-15, 10:21 PM
Alright folks.

After the crash out of the World Cup in the quarter-final and his sudden resignation from head coach of the Seleção, let's say Tito Forbs really needed a break. Away from football. He owns a little wooden hut on a beach by the Algarve coast, in a remote location unscathed by mass tourism. A secret spot. The entire Portuguese media were looking for him, the board members of Vitoria Setubal Futebol Clube thought he may have died or something, and the players went back to training under the orders of faithful assistant Rui Lopes. It was the beginning of August 2015 and the season was about to start. And one fine morning... the legend was simply back, Tito greeted everyone in Bonfim as if nothing had happened and simply carried on with his job. The passion was back.

He was focused again solely on his dear Vitoria, and had a mission he wanted to fulfill: trust the new young generation of Portuguese talents, most especially those who had come out of Setubal's Academy which he Tito had created 9 years ago. There were bound to be many sudden changes in the squad in the next few weeks...

(Tito does however still have PC issues which have not been fixed, which may continue to slow down the updates of the story a little further down the road)...

03-09-15, 10:29 PM
It is now time to embark on the traditional player by player review for the 2009/10 season, starting with keepers.

- Marco Tabuas (33) / 52 app – 28 conceded, 1 MoM / 7.13
A solid 7th season between the sticks at Vitoria, although not as impressive as the previous two. Affected by his poor performance in the Champions League semi-final return leg v Sporting. Made it to the World Cup squad but did not appear. Will turn 34 soon and may accept to mentor a new younger keeper next year.

- Hugo Pinheiro (29) / 6 app – 3 conceded / 7.17
Not really a contender for starting slot anymore. Only 1 year left on his contract which Tito expects him to honor as 3rd keeper.

- Ricardo Neves (22) / unused. Transfer-listed, he moved to SC Braga for a £100k fee.

With Tabuas ageing and R.Neves gone, Tito needed a new, preferably young, keeper who could become the n°1 choice. He had had an eye on Portugal U21 international Valter Mario - nicknamed Valter - for a while and decided to invest £1.8m on him as a fee to his club PSV Eindhoven. He joins on £3K/w salary and posess great skills for his young age.

http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/Valter-17.06.10_zps5sf4gitz.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/Valter-17.06.10_zps5sf4gitz.png.html)

05-09-15, 09:39 AM
- Salomon Olembé (29) / 33(2) app – 2 goa, 4 ass / 7.09
A more quiet performance this season, although honorable, for the Cameroonian full back. Would more competition on his flank stir him up?

- Rahim Ouedraogo (29) / 21(10) app – 2 goa / 6.97
Played a lot on both flanks and did really well. Still hopes he can nail back the starting slot from Olémbé, and has thus agreed to extend his contract for a £100k sign-on fee.

- Taribo West (36) / 2(11) app – 1 ass / 6.69
Although his defensive vista remains intact, he has weakened physically and thus appeared much less. Forbs has not offered to renew his contract further.

The Nigerian international becomes a free agent and signs with Segunda Liga side Rio Ave. Taribo West has in total played 5 seasons with Vitoria, being a starter only in the 2006/07 season during which he set the club's best ever performance at LB with an avg. rating of 7.41. Shattered by a 10-month injury the following year, he managed in total 96 app for 6 goa, 7 ass and 1 MoM. The ex-player from Auxerre, Inter, AC Milan, Derby and Dundee, greatly embellished his trophy list while at Setubal with 2xLigas + 2xTaças + 2xSupertaças! The club wishes him a smooth ramp-down towards retirement in northern Portugal!

Forbs needs to recruit at LB and is strongly tempted to bring in a quality player to contend for the starting slot, while at the same time being versatile in the backline. Very few defensive players having come through the academy recently, Tito’s scouts turn once again towards Brazil hoping to be luckier than with previous recruits Rodrigo and Tiago Silva, none of whom left a major mark in the club’s History. It’s a heavy investment at £2.5m transfer fee and a salary of £8.25k/w, but 24yr-old Humberto Barros is likely to be worth it. The ex-Guarani (2 seasons) and Fortaleza (5 seasons) player can also be an excellent option at CB.

http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/Barros-17.07.10_zpsgujwzew0.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/Barros-17.07.10_zpsgujwzew0.png.html)

05-09-15, 09:51 AM
- Nélson Veiga (32) / 45(1) app – 2 goa, 9 ass / 7.35
Another great season (his 9th at the club!) for the legendary right-back, both for Vitoria and country – he appeared in 4 games at the World Cup. Tito certainly hopes he has at least another year at the same level. Unprotected contract now.

- Saliou Lassissi (31) / 10(4) app / 6.93
Did well when he appeared, adds much required depth on the bench. His last year of contract and does not intend to renew.

- Tiago Miguel (21) / 3(1) app – 1 ass / 7.00
Limited playtime to really evaluate his progression. Forbs is unsure about extending his contract, which runs out in 2011.

- Paulo Luis (19) / unused. Transfer-listed, he moves to Trofense for a £60k fee. He is the first Academy product (promoted in 2006) to leave.

Here again, it may be time to bring more depth recruiting, if possible, a versatile defensive player.

05-09-15, 10:15 AM
- Coutinho (21) / 39 app – 1 goa, 1 ass, 1 MoM / 7.31
Another superb season (his 3rd as a starter for Os Guerreiros). Has become a real cornerstone both for club and country; played 4 games in the World Cup. Unprotected contract, has started discussions to renew.

- Bocas (29) / 48 app – 1 ass, 2 MoM / 7.04
Another strong season although a little tarnished by his poor discipline (15YC, 1RC). Travelled to the World Cup but appeared only once.

- Bras (33) / 17 app / 6.71
Has lost some sharpness, struggled in the bigger games. Unprotected contract while some rumours report he may retire…

- Eric Matoukou (27) / 10(1) app / 6.91
Solid when he appeared, but was badly exposed in the CL return semi-final vs Sporting. Unprotected contract and is now also having personal problems too… time to leave?

- Pepe (27) / unused. His contract finally came to an end and the Brazilian CB was released on a free transfer. He signs-up with Brazilian regional club of Tubarão. Whilst Tito originally had great hopes for him, Pepe only managed 20 app in 8 seasons while at Setubal, ending up as a major disappointment.

With Brazilian D-L/C Humberto Barros Tito now has an additional option for one of the two starting slots, while Lassissi can also cover as back-up. Will this be enough depth?

05-09-15, 10:52 AM
It came a bit as a surprise when the very quiet and humble Bras announced, just before he turned 34, that he would retire from professional football. This last season had left a bitter taste on the Portuguese international (3 caps which he owed to Tito Forbs). As he was having a relatively anonymous career in Portuguese domestic leagues at Marinhense (4), Farense (2), Oriental (1) and Paços de Ferreira (2), the coach spotted his robustness and potential at CB when he recruited him for Vitoria in 2004. A genius signing (for £30k!) since the CB pairing Bras-Diop helped Setubal to their first ever Primeira Liga title in 2004/05! He went on to play during 6 seasons at the club, 4 of which as a starter, recording the 4th ever CB highest avg. rating with 7.30. With a superb total of 190 app, for 6 ass and 6 MoM, Bras has won litterally every competition with Os Guerreiros including 3 Liga titles.

http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/Bras-ret1_zpsd35tbbde.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/Bras-ret1_zpsd35tbbde.png.html)

The club and fans wish Bras the most happy of retirements and assured him he would forever be in the HoF of Os Guerreiros!

We also learn the retirement at the age of 32 of AMC Marco Ferreira who finished his career with Leiria. The Portugal B international has spent 5 seasons at Setubal (1999-2004) and was a conerstone of Vitoria during the first 2 seasons when Forbs was in charge. He remains to this day in 3rd position in the club’s HoF for number of assists (38) and the best ever over a single season (16).

05-09-15, 02:46 PM
- EDNILSON (27) / 37 app – 5 goa, 3 ass, 5 MoM / 7.95. Best Player of the Liga. Member of the Primeira Liga Team of the Year. Member of the 2010 World Cup Dream Team. Fans Player of the Year.
At 27yr-old, Ednilson achieved what no other player from Vitoria had ever done: be named the season’s best player of the Primeira Liga!! A starter for the 7th consecutive season, named for the 6th time in the Liga Team of Year, he was outstanding and many consider that Setubal’s failure in the CL semi-finals (vs Sporting CP) is due to his absence. He went on to shine at the world stage, starting all 5 games for the Seleção during which he excelled, especially in the knock-out games vs Argentina (3-0) and Ireland (0-1, e.t.) which earned him a spot in the coveted World Cup Dream Team. An absolute club legend and Tito’s founding stone for next year in midfield, also a Fans’ favourite (he got their awards for a 4th time, a record).

- Bruno Melo (c) (28) / 39 app – 5 goa, 13 ass, 3 MoM / 7.77. Member of the Primeira Liga Team of the Year. 2nd Best Player of the Liga. 2nd nb. assists in the Liga.
Starter a 5th consecutive year for Setubal, captain of Os Guerreiros for the 4th consecutive season and member for the 6th time in a row of the Liga Team of the Year, legend Bruno Melo was only beaten by team-mate Ednilson for the trophy of the Liga’s best player. He was once again outstanding as a playmaker, recording 13 assists. Captain of the Seleção since Forbs took office (2006-2010), he led them through a superb World Cup starting all 5 games and scoring a late crucial equalizer in the pool stages vs Morocco, keeping Portugal alive. With an unprotected contract and at the summit of his fame, he could be a summer target for one of the major European clubs…

- Bosingwa (27) / 41 app – 2 goa, 3 ass / 7.12
Starter for the 3rd time as central DMC and although solid, he had an average season and lacked lustre. He however managed to appear 4 times during the World Cup, starting once in the quarter-final vs Ireland. May struggle to retain his starting slot in the future, faced with the pressure from the Academy young guns…

- Paulo Teixeira (29) / 21(11) app – 3 goa, 6 ass, 3 MoM / 7.59
Once again the “super-sub” (he ranked 5th best player of the Liga!), many pundits and fans have voiced out and complained that Paulo Teixeira, now a Seleção cornerstone, has never been a starter at Vitoria over the 9 years at the club. He had a great World Cup, appearing in all 5 games and recording a goal and an assist. Discontent to be too often on the bench, he has asked to be put on the transfer-list and offers have already started to pile-up on Tito’s desk…

- Fernandes (20) / 23(6) app – 1 goa, 6 ass, 2 MoM / 7.48
A key season for the young Academy player, who played a lot and very well, leader of the Taça campaign and starting the final. A true Guerreiro in spirit, and now clearly eyeing a starting slot in midfield.

- Paulito (18) / 8(8) app – 3 ass, 1 MoM / 7.25
For his 2nd professional season and in spite of his poor stamina (9), the still very young Academy product showed once again his amazing talent especially in the Taça campaign – the Portistas will remember both his assists at the Dragão (1-3 victory). Another option for Tito as a starter?

- Armando Rosa (21) / 0(5) app / 6.80
Turning into a decent player, although unlikely to ever be starter material at DMC.

- Paulo Rocha (22) / 1(1) app / 6.50
An all-around good player, but not enough to really contend in a club like Setubal. With only one year of contract left, Tito decides to transfer-list him given the better and younger Academy players in competition (Fernandes, Paulito).

- Claudio (20) / 1 app – 1 goa / 8.00
There may be hope for Luis Andrade’s nephew: his mental and physical skills enabled him to score a goal on his first ever Liga game in Bonfim vs Beira-Mar.

- Sérgio Daniel (20) / unused. Let go as free agent, the second Academy product (promoted in 2006) to leave joins Segunda Liga side Paços de Ferreira without having ever appeared for Vitoria.

- Josinho (21), Tiago Pereira (21) / unused. Both in their last year of contract, the young Brazilian remains unwated and transfer-listed while the Academy player is still offered on loan with a very uncertain future…

With 2 outstanding talents and many great young guns, Vitoria’s midfield is blessed with skills and depth… however, there are transfer rumours for several players which were further fostered by Tito Forbs’ resignation from the Seleção and his long absence from the club during the summer. In the meantime, assistant coach Rui Lopes decides to sign a pro contract with promising 17yr-old Academy product Duarte João.
http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/Joatildeo-22.07.10_zpssradghxy.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/Joatildeo-22.07.10_zpssradghxy.png.html)

Baron Zbimg
05-09-15, 03:00 PM
Awesome to see this back. I missed Ednilson !

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05-09-15, 03:09 PM
They had tried 2 years ago with a £12m bid, while Real Madrid came in last year with a stunning £14m offer - both rejected by Forbs. The scouts of the Lombardian giant were still following Portugal's star midfielder and knew Tito Forbs had disappeared from the club for over a month this summer. They also knew Bruno Melo's contract was unprotected and so they made their move, convincing him to join the Calcio for a whopping £70k/w salary!!! A hefty £5.75m would go into Setubal's coffers as compensation and the soon-to-be 29yr-old Portuguese international finally left Os Guerreiros after 7 seasons at the club, having skipped them during 4.

http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/BMelo-28.07.10_zpsqhxsct3m.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/BMelo-28.07.10_zpsqhxsct3m.png.html)

It's not easy to put words on Bruno Melo's career while at Vitoria; first on loan from Celtic, the Açoran player finally transferred to Setubal for £2.4m in 2004. He wrote his legend there, playing 244 games (3rd best ever) for 43 goals (4th best ever), 75 assists (club record) and 39 Mom (club record). He also appeared an incredible 6 times in the Liga Team of the Year, leading Vitoria to all of their 5 Liga titles. He also won 4 Portuguese Taças and 3 Supertaças, snatching several individual awards in the process.

By far the best playmaker ever in the entire History of the club, hundreds of fans spontaneously gathered when they heard the news to pay him hommage. Os Guerreiros won't be the same without him and he will be massively missed by all Primeira Liga fans. Best of luck in Italy with mighty AC Milan!

05-09-15, 05:27 PM
Can't believe you sold him!

05-09-15, 05:31 PM
Can't believe you sold him!
I didn't, the £5.75m is a compensation. His contract was unprotected and he would not renew! (my salary cap is £15k a week).

05-09-15, 08:50 PM
It was less unexpected, nevertheless another big blow to Vitoria's midfield. Frustrated to be the eternal sub, Paulo Teixeira had requested last year to be transfer-listed, and Forbs had given his word that he would consider all offers. It was Spanish club Atlético Madrid that were the quickest with a £3m transfer fee and an astronomical wage of £70k/w! Tito and the Portuguese international shook hands, remaining on good terms.

http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/P.Teix-05.08.10_zpsoazxxyrr.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/P.Teix-05.08.10_zpsoazxxyrr.png.html)

Paulo Teixeira had been Tito's very first transfer in July 2001. 9 seasons at the club and in spite of 181 appearances, not a single season as a starter! 15 goa, 21 and 14 MoM (5th best ever) for Teixeira, who has 4 Liga titles in his trophy list along with 3 Taças do Portugal. He gradually became a key player for the Seleçéao under Forbs, with 23 caps and 5 appearances in each of Euro 2008 and World Cup 2010. Despite being often left on the bench behind the likes of Ednilson, Bruno Melo, Binho or Bosingwa, he will have left a big mark left in the history of the club.

05-09-15, 08:52 PM
I didn't, the £5.75m is a compensation. His contract was unprotected and he would not renew! (my salary cap is £15k a week).

Ah, fair enough then! Will you be buying a replacement, or will you play Ednilson and two of Bosingwa/Teixeira/Fernandes? If Bosingwa leaves too you might be a bit short of first-team quality in defensive midfield...

EDIT: Just seen your latest post!

05-09-15, 09:28 PM
Ah, fair enough then! Will you be buying a replacement, or will you play Ednilson and two of Bosingwa/Teixeira/Fernandes? If Bosingwa leaves too you might be a bit short of first-team quality in defensive midfield...

Teixeira gone now so yeah, we're short. Tito will bring in someone, wait until the next post!

05-09-15, 10:52 PM
Tito felt the midfield, the right-hand side of the defense and the central back position lacked depth a little. He went through his notes collected over the years, with scouting reports from thousand of players. This one was too good to be true: twice Premier League champions with Arsenal in 01/02 and 02/03, he clashed with Arsène Wenger and went on exile in the USA. Forgotten by most. Ivory Coast international Kolo Abib Touré required a massive wage of £10k/w and £3m in transfer-fee to the Orlando Pirates, but he eventually inked the contract.

http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/Toureacute-16.08.10_zpsxylwln4c.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/Toureacute-16.08.10_zpsxylwln4c.png.html)

At 29yr-old he remained an excellent player, but even better, able to cover 3 positions - DMC, D-R and D-C. He was a high profile and superb recruit, here was Tito hoping that his integration in Portugal would be quick and smooth. Exactly what Vitoria needed.

06-09-15, 09:53 PM
- Kaka (28) / 44 app – 19 goa, 6 ass, 7 MoM / 7.66. Member of the Primeira Liga Team of the Year.
Finally THE reference season for the Brazilian star with Setubal; not only was he a prolific and decisive scorer, but he managed to be consistent at the best level all throughout the season. Named in the Liga Team of the Year for the 2nd time, he was also called up in the Brazilian squad for the World cup where he started all games. Kaka feels good in Portugal, Tito sat down with him and he agreed to extend his contract for an £800k sign-on bonus.

- Marajo (29) / 29(5) app – 14 goa, 9 ass, 4 MoM / 7.68
What a surprise it has been, and a delight for the fans, to see Marajo as a starter for Setubal again! With Cr. Ronaldo’s problems, and seeing his outstanding performances on the field, Forbs simply gave him his chance. This prompted the 29yr-old to renew his contract (£300k sign-on bonus) for a 10th season at the club!

- Cristiano Ronaldo (25) / 19(3) app – 2 ass, 1 MoM / 6.86
A meltdown of epic proportions. Portugal’s wonderkid started the season extremely poorly, not even scoring a single goal in the end. Plagued with injuries, Setubal’s physios have lost confidence he can recover. And Tito’s has lost confidence in the player whom he did not bring to the World Cup. At this stage a departure would suit both parties…

- Tosa (21) / 9(3) app – 3 goa, 2 ass, 1 MoM / 7.25
Much like his childhood friend Paulito, this was a telling season for Tosa at AMC where he performed over Tito’s expectations, especially during the Taça campaign. A bright future ahead of the Setubal kid!

- Mendonça (27) / 5(11) app – 2 goa, 1 ass / 6.94
Played less often, and more as a sub, than in previous seasons. Disappointed that Marajo nailed the starting slot over him…

- Oliveisa (21) / 7(5) app – 3 goa, 1 ass / 6.83
Another season for the Brazil U21 international to learn and develop. How long will he agree to be bench material though?

- Paulo Antunes (19) / 0(3) app / 7.00
The young Academy product has improved, but struggled to get game time. Maybe next season?

With both Kaka and Marajo having extended, and even if Cr.Ronaldo was to leave, Tito is happy with the depth he has at AMC (knowing that Pinto Neves can also cover).

07-09-15, 08:30 PM
- Pinto Neves (22) / 32(4) app – 18 goa, 3 ass, 5 MoM / 7.56. Member of the Primeira Liga Team of the Year. 2nd Best Scorer of the Liga.
The young Seleção star grabbed his chance early in the season as Setubal’s striker and managed to rob the starting slot from an ageing Olisadebe! He had a great first half of the season, ending up 2nd best scorer, member of the Liga Team of the Year and 4th best player of the championship. A complete success. His World Cup however, where he played in all games for Portugal, ended in a disaster with his red-card after 29’ in the quarter-final vs Holland probably costing his country a semi-final slot.

- Emmanuel Olisadebe (31) / 21(14) app – 12 goa, 6 ass, 3 MoM / 7.54
It was unexpected, but the Nigerian legend had a slow start of the season and ended-up losing his slot to young star Pinto Neves. Nevertheless, he appeared in many games, scoring a lot and bringing his awesome physical power. He only has a year left on his contract, will it be his last in Setubal or will he renew?

- Ricardo (25) / 5(6) app – 5 goa, 2 ass, 2 MoM / 7.55
As usual, played very well each time he appeared but did not manage to challenge Pinto Neves or Olisadebe for more game time. As expected, refused to renew his contract and was released during the summer.

> Ricardo joins Spanish Secunda Liga side Levante after 5 seasons at Vitoria during which he achieved a superb total of 31 goals in 75 games. Never a starter, he impressed during his first season in 2005/06 but then never managed to really challenge neither Pena nor Olisadebe. Has a Primeira Liga title, a Taça do Portugal and a Supertaça in his trophy list. Tito, the staff and all the fans wish all the best for the Portugal B international who has a superb potential and a great career still ahead of him at 25yr-old.

- Valter Alberto (18) / 0(1) app – 1 goa / 7.00
The young and fragile Academy product appeared once in the Taça 4th round… and managed to score! Needs time and a lot of work.

- Joséto (18) / 0(1) app / 6.00
Graduated the same year as Alberto, Joséto has progressed quicker over his first season and also appeared once. Maybe a decent option upfront in the future for Os Guerreiros.

- Tiago Mota (29) / unused. With the influx of young attacking guns from the Academy, poor Tiago Mota has lost any chance to appear for the club. Still transfer-listed, his contract expires in summer 2011.

Tito has enough depth at that position (Marajo, Tosa and Mendonça also able to play the part) and still relies on Olisadebe to challenge Pinto Neves for the starting slot. Joséto and Alberto, Academy products with potential as strikers, are joined by new graduate André (20yr-old) who really has an interesting profile…
http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/Andreacute-11.07.10_zps4dmh0cct.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/Andreacute-11.07.10_zps4dmh0cct.png.html)

07-09-15, 08:44 PM
The love story between Cristiano Ronaldo and Setubal lasted 8 years. The Madeira-born wunder-kid transfered out from Sporting CP the age of 16yr-old, Tito Forbs just feeling how much potential the young forward had in him. He was not not be disappointed for during his 9 seasons at the club, he amazed Bonfim times and times again with his blitz runs and lightning strikes at goal, capable of winning a game by himself on his sole talent. Although individualist, Cristiano decided to trust Forbs who rewarded him mightily, making him 6 seasons a starter for Vitoria and earning him 31 caps with the Seleção. But plagued with minor muscles injuries, he failed to become the world-class player he was destined to be and actually grew tired of playing during this past season. Losing his starting slot, scoring zero goal and missing out on the 2010 World Cup. Shattered, a transfer was unavoidable and when FC Porto landed a bid at £7m (club record), Forbs instantly accepted. The board who had grown tired of the player’s prima dona’s ways, and in fact the entire staff, were kind of relieved. Tito was saddened, they looked at each other and he wished him all the best at their northern rivals.

http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/CRonaldo-19.07.10_zpsvrewsyxb.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/CRonaldo-19.07.10_zpsvrewsyxb.png.html)

Ronaldo played an incredible 312 games for Vitoria (2nd ever, behind legend Hélio), scoring a whopping 87 goals (2nd behind Pena), with 51 assists and 29 MoM (2nd in both, behind Bruno Melo). Truly astonishing figures in Setubal’s Hall of Fame. Even better: he won litterally everything while at Bonfim: 5 Liga titles, 3 Taças, 3 Supertaças, UEFA Cup 04, European Supercup 04, FIFA World Championship 05 – and he was absolutely decisive in many of those finals. He has left an immense mark in the club’s History, up there with Bruno Melo in terms of all time achievements.

07-09-15, 08:53 PM
Well Tito was now back in charge and started planning out for the season ahead of him. He immediately spotted that several of the players who had been involved in the World Cup were late in their fitness program, two in particular needing another month to get back to competition: Coutinho and Pinto Neves. With no time for friendlies, Forbs went straight into the Supercup final against Académica Coimbra who had just relegated to Segunda Liga after having made it to the final of the Taça do Portugal where they got hammered by Vitoria (0-3).

> Aug.14, 2010 / Supercup – Académica v Vitoria Setubal : 0-1 / goal: Kaka / assist: Olembé / MoM: Olisadebe
Although they cleared dominated, Os Guerreiros were rusty. 18yr-old Valter started between the sticks while Brazilian Barros played CB. 3 Academy products – Fernandes, Paulito and Tosa started the game while Ednilson was naturally named captain. Kaka scored an early goal (18’) and that was all, in spite of in-form Olisadebe’s efforts upfront.

It was not too pretty, but a win is a win and this was the club’s 4th Supertaça and Tito Forbs 18th trophy!

> Aug.20, 2010 / Pr.Liga (#1) – Vitoria Setubal v Beira-Mar : 2-0 / goals: Olisadebe, Kaka / assist: Ednilson / MoM: Ednilson
It’s always important to start well in the Liga, especially in Bonfim where the fans cheered like crazy for Tito’s name. Os Guerreiros played a good game with Kaka and Ednilson being the stand-out players. All lines looked solid; Kolo Touré made his first ever appearance as a sub, so did new Academy product André.

> Aug.29, 2010 / Pr.Liga (#2) – SC Braga v Vitoria Setubal : 0-3 / goals: Olisadebe, Ouedraogo, Kaka / assists: Fernandes, Marajo / MoM: Olisadebe
Promoted Braga were blown apart on their own turf by a superb Vitoria, once again led by Ednilson and Olisadebe although every player performed very well.

Os Guerreiros looked as sharp as ever and as if 3 wins in a row without conceding was not enough good news, Tito managed to convince Coutinho to extend his contract for a £500k bonus and an increased wage at £6.25k/w.