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01-12-15, 10:54 AM
About the training... I usually give 2 weeks off and then go for one month/one month and half of intensive training (At everything). Then I go back to normal or I do give them some time to recover depending on the start of the season: if it is the supercup, I go back to normal until the week before (then I check the condition). In this case, I use friendly matches to get them fit for the season as I use a lot of players and I need them to be fit or near fit once the champion's league start.

If I start with the world club cup, I usually give then the light training for 2 or 3 weeks before the start of the competition... or no training at all if I see them struggling to recover. And I usually start the competition with some players above 90% and the majority between 80 to 90. Some aren't fit but that's life... I use them to fill the bench if I need :P

01-12-15, 10:30 PM
While African players are back from the CAN, one of them returns with the trophy: left-back Solomon with Nigeria!

It’s a key and busy month ahead for Os Guerreiros who will be without captain Ednilson. They make no mistake and comfortably beat Brescia at home (2-0) which means Setubal qualify for the CL quarter-finals (for the 7th time in their History). Title holders FC Bayern lose vs Arsenal (2-1) and are out! Vitoria go on and win in Münich, once again topping the group. A superb achievement.

http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/CL-Ph2-14_zpsxatqle63.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/CL-Ph2-14_zpsxatqle63.png.html)

The rest of the month goes well in the Liga, although Setubal are forced to three draws, including two at home vs FC Porto and Benfica, while Joséto nails a last second equalizer in Coimbra thus preserving the club’s incredible invincibility record.

http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/Mar.14_zpsvf757ojm.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/Mar.14_zpsvf757ojm.png.html)

At this stage it would take a calamity of biblical proportions to prevent Vitoria from being crowned champions again; however Sporting CP have 3 games in hand and with a visit to Bonfim in April, they could still have an outside chance…

http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/PL-table-01.04.14_zpsk3n26ghh.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/PL-table-01.04.14_zpsk3n26ghh.png.html)

Bocas picks a 3-weeks injury right at the end of the month, which is unfortunate since him and Ednilson will be missing for both upcoming CL quarter-final legs.

Player of the Month: Fernandes – 8.00 avg, 1 goa, 2 ass, 1 MoM – many possible contenders, the Academy midfielder gets the award for standing up as captain in the absence of Ednilson, and delivering a stellar performance in the crucial win vs Brescia.

Baron Zbimg
02-12-15, 11:49 PM
I understand you are tiring so I love the new format. Amazing season so far. Souzos looks like a beast, Ronaldo's regen ? If you had him you would break the game :) great to see Claudio doing so good. Hopefully Tito keeps on for a few more seasons. Besides the fact this story has been amazing, two of your new academy players look awesome so I'm curious to see them grow. To be honest even David should turn out ok. Great job as usual, I hope Ednilson comes back for a big game !

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03-12-15, 10:48 PM
I don't know whose regen Souzos is, but he really is quite something. Young Telmo and Bruno Sousa are indeed very promising you Academy guns! Thanks for continuing to read the story Baron.

08-12-15, 03:03 PM
As top of their CL Phase 2 group Vitoria would avoid the biggest names still in the competition – FC Barcelona, AS Roma and AC Milan – and instead be drawn up against either Rangers, Bordeaux or the surprise side of Austria Vienna. And... for the 2nd year in a row Os Guerreiros will clash vs Glasgow Rangers, a team not to be taken lightly having world-class players in their ranks such as Owen Hargreaves, Andrés D’Alessandro, Joe Cole, Mido and Zlatan Ibrahimovic. Setubal on their side are without 2 key players: Ednilson and Bocas.

http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/Rang-VS-02.04.14_zpszui45idg.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/Rang-VS-02.04.14_zpszui45idg.png.html)

A good result at Ibrox, but a disappointing one for Tito given how much the lads dominated the first half during which they took an early lead from Pinto Neves, beautifully set-up by Cleiton. Alas Humberto Barros spoiled it all at 52’ when he committed a foul in the area, Mido converting the penalty-kick to make it a lucky draw for the Scots.

http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/Apr1.14_zpssguyknh7.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/Apr1.14_zpssguyknh7.png.html)

The young Academy guns were sent to play in the Açores where they demolished Santa Clara (3-0), with a superb hat-trick from Joséto. Forbs had his best available XI ready (except Ednilson and Bocas, still out injured) for an explosive Cup semi-final in Bonfim against an on-fire Sporting CP… alas things did not go as planned. The match was tense and tight, both sides matching each other in terms of chances; however it was an old and feared face in Setubal, Romanian striker Marius Niculae, who scored the sole goal at the hour from a superb header.
http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/VS-SCP-11.06.14_zpsyfd1yrz5.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/VS-SCP-11.06.14_zpsyfd1yrz5.png.html)
Having won the trophy twice consecutively, Vitoria were now eliminated of the Taça do Portugal by their arch-rivals Sporting CP. Bruno Melo had both hands and feet in this as the Leones' playmaker and after initial marks of respect from the fans, he left the stadium under intense booing directed against their previous idol… always sad to see a great story between a player and a club tarnished in such manner, anyhow even Forbs found it difficult to blame Setubal's supporters on this occasion.

Os Guerreiros concluded the first half of this crucial month by an away win (1-0) in Chaves with a very good Claudio and another goal from Joséto. The Primeira Liga title was now inches away, but the Cup was gone and next up was the CL return leg in Bonfim against the Rangers…

09-12-15, 01:43 PM
Good luck for the match vs Rangers!!

09-12-15, 04:10 PM
Indeed - Good Luck against Rangers.

Have fully caught up and you are going great guns.
As you say, there is no way on earth you can lose the title from here so it's about concentrating on progression in Europe.

13-12-15, 10:19 AM
Bonfim is a fortress and the fans consider their team in a favourable position, having scored and drawn in Glasgow for the first leg. It all starts well with Pinto Neves scoring after only 12’, beautifuly set by Paulito. But the rest of the first half is dull, Os Guerreiros having no second gear and never looking dangerous again. However the 2nd half is shocking. The Scottish side pushes boldly, with a superb Joe Cole in midfield and back-to-back goals from Mido and Ibrahimovic. Worse: they continue to create mulitple chances and had it not been for Valter, it could have ended up being (1-4). Setubal are like petrified, rooted on the spot and will never look like coming back in that game. What a humiliation!

http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/VS-Rang-16.04.14_zpsxqtspilf.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/VS-Rang-16.04.14_zpsxqtspilf.png.html)

It’s a huge disappointment, very seldom have Vitoria been so utterly dominated at home. The absence of Ednilson in midfield is an issue for Os Guerreiros, and the CB pairing of Barros – Coutinho s not as bullet proof as when Bocas plays. Tito needs to reflect on this, since his captain is now 31 and Bocas 33… in any case it’s all over in the Champions League. Sporting CP have once again reached the UEFA Cup Final and now visit Bonfim with still a tiny hope of upsetting the odds. Setubal need to re-focus, knowing that a draw would be sufficient to be crowned champions once again.

http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/VS-SCP-25.04.14_zpsxd0xisnd.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/VS-SCP-25.04.14_zpsxd0xisnd.png.html)

Veteran Kaka gives Vitoria an early lead after only 7’, sending Bonfim wild. Alas on 25’, Claudio is booked a 2nd time for a foul in the area. Penalty, red-card and (1-1). It ain’t good. Sporting CP play well; Bruno Melo, once again booed by a crowd who now consider him a traitor, creates multiple chances but just before half-time Bruno commits another foul and both teams are on par at 10-a-side. It will be a tense and tight 2nd half, but in the end the draw is justified. It’s enough to send Setubal in heaven!

Champions for the 9th time in the History and 7th consecutive year – an all-time Portuguese record!!!

http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/Apr2.14_zpsfu6hi2b7.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/Apr2.14_zpsfu6hi2b7.png.html)

Os Guerreiros celebrate their title in style as Pinto Neves scores 4 goals vs Espinho, passing the 100 goals mark for Vitoria!

Player of the Month: Pinto Neves – 8.00 avg, 6 goa, 1 MoM – scored in both legs vs Rangers and managed an outstanding quadruple in the Liga. Finishes the season on fire.

It’s time for the last international friendly before the World Cup and there are many players from Setubal who are hoping to be called-up in the Seleção. While Tosa plays, captains and scores for Portugal B, both Fihado and Joséto get their very first international caps! it’s a little weird for coach Fernando Santos to be trying so many new players within a couple of months from the start of the competition. Nevertheless it is good news for the young Vitoria players, Joséto being the 3rd Bonfim Academy product (after Fernandes et Paulito) to be capped for Portugal.

13-12-15, 04:28 PM
Real shame against Rangers, but it sounds like they have a very strong team, and that's always the way with knockout football! How did the rest of the Champions League go?

Great to see Setubal tie up the league again, and to break the record too!

13-12-15, 11:59 PM
@kuy: it's the magic of football and cm! frankly that second leg in Bonfim, even against an excellent Rangers side, came out of nowhere. This typically never happens to us.

AC Milan won the European title, beating Arsenal in the Final.

14-12-15, 12:28 PM
Well... being eliminated by Glasgow Rangers that way... it happens :(

23-12-15, 10:29 AM
There were only 2 Liga games left in a very short month of May due to 2014 being a World Cup year. Vitoria litterally demolished both Belenenses and Maritimo, making it 15 goals scored in the last 3 domestic games, 2 of which away.

http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/May.14_zpsb08unxhs.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/May.14_zpsb08unxhs.png.html)

Player of the Month: Pinto Neves – 9.50 avg, 3 goa, 1 ass, 2 MoM – the international striker gets the award once again, in super form before the World Cup.

Here are the final standings for this 2013/14 season, yet another absolute trampling domestic success for Setubal who finish unbeaten for the second consecutive run, extending their Primeira Liga undefeated streak to an incredible 74 games!! The lead over second place Sporting CP is once again huge (+18pts) while Os Guerreiros have scored most goals (69) and beaten their own all-time record of least goals conceded with only… 12!!

http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/PL-final-14_zps7gk60gci.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/PL-final-14_zps7gk60gci.png.html)

After a great second half of the season a resurgent Sporting CP have managed to nail the second spot behind Vitoria, albeit losing both the UEFA Cup Final vs Crystal Palace (0-2, their 4th consecutive European final defeat!!) and the Taça do Portugal Final against Maritimo (0-2). Benfica have had their best season in 6 years, finishing 3rd thanks to the impact of their Brazilian strike force Souzos/Moedim.

Salgueiros continue to impress and qualify for the UEFA Cup, while Guimarães and Farense will play the Intertoto. At the bottom, promoted Varzim and Aves go straight back to Segunda while Chaves this time, get the axe after 6 consecutive seasons in the top flight. Leiria, Alverca and Beira-Mar, who were all relegated a year ago, win promotion from Segunda straight back; on the other hand the unthinkable happens with SC Braga being relegated to the lower leagues!!

24-12-15, 12:41 AM
For the 3rd time in his career, Setubal captain Ednilson is crowned Best Player of the Liga. He delivered his best ever season, in spite of his 3-month injury blow.

http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/PL-Top10-14_zpswxvsrhnq.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/PL-Top10-14_zpswxvsrhnq.png.html)

It’s been a tight race with surpise CB José Antonio Roberto a close 2nd, and Pinto Neves who finishes 3rd. The greatest surprise however is to see young Brazilian star Cleiton smash all records for his first full season in Portugal and finish 4th of the Liga!

After the orgy of awards last season, this year is more quiet although veteran Bocas (now 33) is named for the 2nd consecutive year Best European Defender… what an achievement!!

http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/EDY-14_zpsv1wy0joo.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/EDY-14_zpsv1wy0joo.png.html)

25-12-15, 10:12 PM
It’s a younger Starting XI this season (25.3 avg.) with 3 changes from last year: Brazilian prodigee Cleiton starts as LB ahead of Olembé and Barros; young Antonio Cruz just makes it ahead of Kolo Touré while Tosa re-integrates the AMC position alongside Paulo Antunes – which means that for the first time after 7 consecutive years, Kaka is on the bench. There are 3 Academy players who are starters, while Paulito is once again behind Bosingwa mainly due to recurring injuries. Ednilson starts for a record 11th year, his 4th as captain and he is once again for the 4th time elected Best Guerreiro of the season. The Bocas – Coutinho international CB pairing starts for the 7th season at the club, and a special mention is also due for Pinto Neves who delivered an outstanding season, scoring 29 goals and finishing with Liga’s most MoM (8).

http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/StartingXI-14_zpspo7ic9q0.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/StartingXI-14_zpspo7ic9q0.png.html)

Hall of Fame: Cleiton delivered the best ever performance at LB for the club, Ednilson the 3rd best ever at DMC and Pinto Neves the 8th best overall performance.

Here is a summary of the various Players of the Month awards throughout the season:

- Aug: Claudio
- Sep: Coutinho
- Oct: Ednilson
- Nov: Pinto Neves
- Dec: Tosa
- Jan: Claudio
- Feb: Paulito
- Mar: Fernandes
- Apr: Pinto Neves
- May: Pinto Neves

28-12-15, 10:10 AM
I know that I'm late but Merry Xmas!!

29-12-15, 07:22 AM
I know that I'm late but Merry Xmas!!
Thanks troza, merry Christmas to you too, hope you had a good one!

29-12-15, 08:14 AM

The anticipation of Fernando Santos' squad announcement ahead of the World Cup to be played in Norway & Sweden had been mounting in Portugal. Almost unbearable for a lot of present and ex Guerreiros, who have traditionally over the past decade formed the backbone of the team. As always, there are the happy ones and the disappointments.

> winners: Valter, Coutinho and Pinto Neves have always been called-up over the past 2 years so it was no surprise to see them in. The jury was out on Bocas, but he makes the trip as well. The good surprise was to see young Paulito be part of the adventure, after all he only had a few caps.

> losers: the major surprise was the absence of Fernandes, who had been core to Fernando Santos' plans over the past 4 years in fact. Recently selected Fihado and Joséto would also miss out, and there was no miracle for Tosa nor Bosingwa. Of course, Setubal's icon and Primeira Liga Best Player Ednilson, was once again snubbed.

> amongst ex players from Vitoria, 3 were selected: Cristiano Ronaldo, Felipe Oliveira and rookie Ricardo, which was definitely one of the surprise packages. However the other big shock, following his disappointing season in the Liga, was the absence of Bruno Melo! Tonel also had hopes but was not chosen amongst the CB.

> a few of the other iconic players which Tito Forbs had successfully selected when he was in charge of Portugal, would also make the trip: Nuno, Lourenço, Hélder Postiga.

> Setubal's left-back Solomon was included in the squad of the Super Eagles, recently crowned African Champions.

> 2 ex-Guerreiros filled the ranks of the Angolese: Mendonça and Artur Correia.

Burkina Faso
> They were the surprise African team to have made it and of course, ex-Vitoria utility back Rahim Ouedraogo would be present.

> At 32yr-old, Kaka was now getting on a bit and he was left out of the squad. Neither Cleiton (too young) nor Humberto Barros made it which meant the Auriverde would be without any Guerreiro, either present or past.

In total, 6 current and 6 ex Setubal players would participate in the competition, 8 of which in the Portuguese Seleção.

29-12-15, 10:07 AM
That Ednilson snub is something that... just wow.

About Brazil... I guess that's normal. I had a guy that won the FIFA player of the year 3 times and the other award for best in the world 6 times and didn't reach 10 caps for Brazil (if I'm not mistaken).

29-12-15, 02:53 PM
After a very good Group stage (2W, 1D), Nigeria were narrowly defeated in the 2nd Round by South Korea (0-1). Solomon started all 4 games and played well.

Having lost to Italy and Scotland in their Group stage, Angola did not manage to advance further. Neither did Burkina Faso who were wiped out losing all their Group games.

> Portugal were off to a difficult start, losing (0-1) to Germany from a last minute goal. Valter, Coutinho, Paulito and Pinto Neves started the game.
> They recovered well in the next game where they easily prevailed (2-0) over the USA. Pinto Neves was captain and gave an assist, Paulito the other assist, Valter and Coutinho played.
> The last Group game was a goal fest (4-0) vs minnows Kuwait, Pinto Neves and Coutinho scoring one each, Paulito having a great game and another assist, while Valter and also Bocas started.

With that, the Seleção progressed to the 2nd Round against the Czech Republic... all 5 Guerreiros started the match and played well, Portugal getting a (1-0) win and a qualification for the quarter-finals!

Ex-Vitoria players: Felipe Oliveira was one of the starting forwards and played all 4 games, while Cristiano Ronaldo only made one appearance as a sub. Was Fernando Santos protecting him for fear of yet another injury?

The draw for the quarters was made... it would be Argentina! one of the tournament arch-favourites, a nation who had a revenge to take since Portugal ousted them (0-3) in the previous 2010 World Cup. What a game...

29-12-15, 06:07 PM
In July 2010, a then Tito Forbs coached Seleção played a World Cup quarter-final against Ireland during which, after barely half-hour, young rising star Pinto Neves was red-carded. Portugal ended-up losing (0-1) in extra-time and the young Forward promised to one day redeem himself.

Well Pinto Neves just did so 4 years later, in the quarter-finals again, when he scored after 68' the sole goal of a tight breath-taking encounter against Argentina. Valter, Coutinho and Bocas all played superbly well in defense, while a tired Paulito was rested for that game. For the first time since 1966 the Seleção were through to the semi-finals where they would face another tournament favourites: Italy.

Valter, Coutinho and Paulito started the semi-final while both Bocas and Pinto Neves came on from the bench and greatly contributed to what was a furious and even match between two superb nations. Portugal really stepped up to the occasion and matched the Azzuri, vice-champions in 2006 and champions in 2002. No one managed to score and it went to the penalty-shoot-out!
http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/ITA-POR-09.07.14_zpsxcuv6tpq.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/ITA-POR-09.07.14_zpsxcuv6tpq.png.html)Although all 5 Guerreiros' contribution during the game was splendid, none of them took part in the penalty session. The men in blue missed 2 out of 5; Daniel, Lourenço and Miguel Cunha scored for Portugal, but both Santamaria and Hélder Postiga failed. It was tied (3-3). Veteran Bonera missed the 6th for the Italians and here came André, Benfica's right-back defender... GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL !!!!

Oh dear Mother of God, Portugal is in the World Cup Final !!!! unbelievable, the entire country goes berserk... it will be against European Champions Germany, who beat them in the Group stage (0-1).

What a day !!!

29-12-15, 10:09 PM
Great to see Portugal make the final.

I also am shocked by the Ednilson omission. Although making the final may mean the national manager got it right.

30-12-15, 10:20 AM
Well... so sad that you aren't the manager of Portugal that did that.

30-12-15, 11:06 AM
Well... so sad that you aren't the manager of Portugal that did that.
That's one way to look at it... but on the other hand, Tito is thankful to be alive to see his country finally reach such heights, and his work in Setubal has also greatly contributed to Portugal's performance with 5 current and 2 ex Guerreiros having played a key role in the team's results in this WC.

30-12-15, 11:37 AM
Great players strike in crucial games; but very few have scored 2 goals in a World Cup Final... he had had a rather average World Cup so far, but now the name of Cristiano Ronaldo will shine forever in the pantheon of great footballers. The ex-Bonfim idol, the gem from Madeira unearthed and nurtured in Setubal by Tito Forbs from 2001 to 2010, simply had a perfect game (rating 10). Valter and Bocas were the only Guerreiros to play the Final - Paulito, Pinto Neves and Coutinho all staid on the bench, exhausted by the previous 6 matches.

http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/POR-GER-13.07.14_zpszrgklegx.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/POR-GER-13.07.14_zpszrgklegx.png.html)

There were no words. An entire nation, a small nation when looking at land mass and population size, but a great nation in footballing terms, was now top of the world: PORTUGAL were the new WORLD CHAMPIONS, having successively beaten... Argentina, Italy and Germany!! for many, many Lusithanians this was the greatest day of their life.

This was the full squad of the 23 heroes that made this possible. Their names would live forever in the hearts of all Portuguese people.

http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/POR-squad-13.07.14_zpsm5zjp4lw.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/POR-squad-13.07.14_zpsm5zjp4lw.png.html)

Among which were the Fantastic Five from Vitoria Setubal; perhaps the players the club will be the most proud of, ever.

22-yr old Valter, 5 seasons in Setubal so far. Started all 7 games in this WC!... absolute legend.
http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/Valter-13.07.14_zpshgss78g2.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/Valter-13.07.14_zpshgss78g2.png.html)

33-yr old Bocas, 9 seasons in Setubal so far. 4 starts and 1 sub in this WC. The rock.
http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/Bocas-13.07.14_zpsqtcp6ceq.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/Bocas-13.07.14_zpsqtcp6ceq.png.html)

25-yr old Coutinho, 7 seasons in Setubal so far. 6 starts - 1 goal in this WC. Portugal's defensive gem.
http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/Coutinho-13.07.14_zpscaevtj91.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/Coutinho-13.07.14_zpscaevtj91.png.html)

23-yr old Paulito, 6 seasons in Setubal so far, the only Bonfim Academy graduate in the list. 5 starts - 2 assists in this WC. The creative sparkle.
http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/Paulito-13.07.14_zpsiellxjhv.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/Paulito-13.07.14_zpsiellxjhv.png.html)

26-yr old Pinto Neves, 6 seasons in Setubal so far. 5 starts, 1 sub - 2 goals, 1 assist in this WC. The great forward, who scored the sole goal of the quarter-final vs Argentina.
http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/PNeves-13.07.14_zpseo3oucsb.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/PNeves-13.07.14_zpseo3oucsb.png.html)

30-12-15, 04:28 PM
Now is time for the traditional 2013/14 season, player by player review.

31-12-15, 01:15 AM
Seems like Valter had an excellent World Cup, only conceding one goal - did he make into the team of the tournament? Who won the awards?

02-01-16, 02:03 PM
Seems like Valter had an excellent World Cup, only conceding one goal - did he make into the team of the tournament? Who won the awards?
Nope, no Portuguese player made it to the team of the tournament nor got any award. Germany's Markus Franke won the Golden Boot with 5 goals.

02-01-16, 02:12 PM
- Valter (22) / 56 app – 26 conceded, 1 MoM / 7.34. Awards: Member of the Primeira Liga Team of the Year.
Another mammoth of a season for the young keeper, which he ended in the apotheosis of a World Cup title with Portugal for whom he started all 7 games. He conceded only one goal in the entire tournament and saved the last penalty-kick vs Italy in the semis, thus entering the pantheon of all-time great goalkeepers at only 22yr-old…!
Contract: runs until 2019.

- Marco Tabuas (37) / 2 app – 0 conceded / 7.00
At 37yr-old the mythical goalkeeper has decided to hang-up the gloves after 18 professional seasons with Vitoria. Tito offered him to stay on as keepers’ coach, a job which he accepted with great pride!
Contract: retires as a player; signs a new contract as coach until 2019 for £475/w.
http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/Tabuas-coach_zpsnv8x6yt4.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/Tabuas-coach_zpsnv8x6yt4.png.html)

- Quim (38) / 1 app – 0 conceded / 7.00
It was time also for 38yr-old international keeper (35 caps) Quim. He enjoyed his final 3 seasons with Vitoria, Portugal’s best football club, and even though he only made 5 appearances (1 con, 1 MoM) he did play an important role in the development of young star Valter. His mentoring experience convinced him, like Marco Tabuas, to start a career as a coach – he signed a contract with lower league side União de Lamas. The club and Forbs in particular who got on very well with him, wish him all the best in his new career.
Contract: retires as a player.

Valter now is a Setubal and Portugal absolute hero and legend, but Tito needs to find his 2nd and 3rd keepers…

1/ For once and for the first time since Marco Tabuas, not even one but two neo-pro GK's come through the ranks of Bonfim Academy. André Sa may need to improve in the air but he does have interesting potential (wage: £625/w), while Luis Mendes seems much less of a bright prospect (wage: £350/w) but nevertheless also joins the squad.
http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/AndreacuteSa-27.06.14_zpskgmdrgbh.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/AndreacuteSa-27.06.14_zpskgmdrgbh.png.html)
http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/LMendes-26.08.14_zpsabga5kel.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/LMendes-26.08.14_zpsabga5kel.png.html)
2/ Forbs recruits from Farense and for £90k, another young and very promising goalie: Pedroso. His wage is £1k/w.
http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/Pedroso-18.08.14_zps96g5qyeh.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/Pedroso-18.08.14_zps96g5qyeh.png.html)
The club is now all set for its season between the sticks!

02-01-16, 09:18 PM
Pedroso looks very talented and Andre Sa is showing some good signs already, it'll be interesting to see how he develops - the future looks bright between the sticks at Setubal!

03-01-16, 12:22 PM
It had to end one day… Setubal home lad Marco Tabuas who had started his professional career in 1995 fresh out from Vitoria’s youth teams, will never play anymore and has become a coach for the club of his life. During 18 seasons he had become an icon and one of the leaders both on the pitch and in the dressing room, having worn the armband during 3 seasons. The only player left in Forbs’ squad who was present before the legendary coach was appointed in July 2001, he took part in all of the club’s great moments. A starter 7 seasons under Tito Forbs era, he now holds the all-time record of most games played for the club: 448 (for 1 ass, 6 MoM). More than Hélio (397, 3rd) and even better than legendary CB Quim (438, 2nd).

http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/MTabuas_zpsylexacmi.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/MTabuas_zpsylexacmi.png.html)

Nominated 4 times in the Primeira Liga Team of the Year, Marco Tabuas also wore 5 times the Portugal jersey. He has an amazing trophy list which includes:
5 Primeira Liga titles
7 Taça do Portugal, 5 Supertaça
1 Champions League
1 UEFA Cup
1 Intercontinental Cup
1 European Supercup
1 Club World Championship
An amazing career for a true club icon and a spectacular keeper. He now joins the coaching staff for many more seasons in Bonfim!

03-01-16, 02:51 PM
- Cleiton (22) / 34 app – 4 goa, 13 ass, 4 MoM / 7.62. Awards: Member of the Primeira Liga Team of the Year.
The Brazilian U21 international has delivered the best ever performance for a LB at Setubal (surpassing even Taribo West) and appeared in the Liga’s Team of the Year. With 13 assists and 2 superb direct free-kicks, he impressed everyone and left both Olembé and Barros on the bench! what a player…
Contract: runs until 2017.

- Salomon Olembé (33) / 15(6) app – 3 goa, 5 ass / 7.14
He could not prevent young Cleiton from being the starter but managed a decent amount of game time for a solid performance. Very attached to Setubal, he has decided to continue his career here, accepting his new role on the bench.
Contract: extended until 2016, at a reduced wage of £5.5k/w.

- Humberto Barros (28) / 15(1) app – 1 goa, 1 ass, 2 MoM / 7.56
Not a chance in the competition with his younger Brazilian team mate for the starting slot. Played very well when he appeared and adds much needed depth at CB.
Contract: runs until 2018.

- Solomon (29) / 6(14) app – 1 ass / 6.90
A lot of options in Tito’s hands at LB means very few starts for Solomon during his 2nd season at the club. Seems content though. Became a pilar of the Nigerian selection with whom he won the CAN in 2014!
Contract: runs until 2017.

A great young player as a starter, a lot of quality depth… no recruit needed at LB really.

03-01-16, 03:16 PM
- Antonio Cruz (20) / 25(6) app – 2 goa, 3 ass / 6.94
It was extremely tight, but in spite of a rather average season the young Portuguese U21 international nailed the starting slot from the jaws of Kolo Touré! very skilled, the future is his provided he works hard enough…
Contract: runs until 2017.

- Kolo Touré (33) / 25(5) app – 2 ass / 6.93
He had another solid season, yet was just beaten to the finish line by Cruz. Like Olembé, has decided to pursue his adventure with Setubal one more season.
Contract: extended until 2016, at a reduced wage of £5k/w.

- Nélson Veiga (36) / 8(6) app – 1 goa, 1 ass / 7.07
Managed 14 appearances and the cheers from Bonfim every time he touches the ball. The Setubal legend is getting old, will this be his final season?
Contract: runs until 2015, does not wish to extend so far.

- Ôscar (19) / 1(1) app / 6.50
His lack of improvement and the presence of Academy guns Sousa and David, convinced Tito to transfer-list the young right-back.
Contract: runs until 2016.

- Bruno Sousa (16) / 0(3) app / 6.67
Still a teenager, the Academy product appeared for his first pro season. Has improved and remains a great prospect. Available for loan.
Contract: runs until 2018.

- Pedro David (18) / unused
Not as skilled as his younger 2013 Academy graduate Sousa, he has nevertheless improved. Available for loan.
Contract: runs until 2018.

Tito has a young but solid starter in Cruz, a great option from the bench with Touré and a choice between a club legend and 2 very young prospects for depth. That’s enough.

03-01-16, 11:55 PM
- Bocas (33) / 40 app – 3 ass, 2 MoM / 7.28. Awards: Best European Defender of the Year.
At 33yr-old and after another superb season with Vitoria, the great defender reached the nirvana of his career when he played and won the World Cup Final with Portugal in July. He forms a formidable pairing both for club and country with Coutinho. Awarded for the second season running Best European Defender, he remains a pilar of Forbs’ defense and has agreed to stay in Setubal.
Contract: extended until 2016.

- Coutinho (25) / 40 app – 1 ass, 2 MoM / 7.08
Although he had a more quiet season for once, he was like Bocas crowned World Champion with Portugal at only 25yr-old with 60 international caps to his name. How such a jewel has not yet left Bonfim is a miracle to Tito.
Contract: runs until 2019.

- Jean-Ma (26) / 21 app – 1 ass / 6.76
The Guinean Academy player played a lot and delivered average performances. He is solid but Forbs still has doubts whether he can one day replace Bocas. The player is himself unsure about what to do next, having so far refused to extend with Vitoria.
Contract: runs until 2016, unprotected.

- José Maria Gama (28) / 6(2) app / 6.75
The Portuguese international played less than previously and continued to be frustrated about supposed “lack of squad depth”, thus refusing to extend his contract. Tito decide to put him up on the transfer list. With only 54 appearances (3 ass, 1 MoM) in 4 seasons at Setubal, José Maria Gama had not marked the club’s History in a major way – although he can claim a Liga and a Champions League title to his name. The club and entire staff wish him all the best.
-> Transferred for £1m to Leixões.

Bocas should have one, maybe two more seasons under the belt. With Jean-Ma, Humberto Barros, but also if necessary Solomon, Kolo Touré or Antonio Cruz as potential back-up solutions... no further recruitment is really needed at CB.

04-01-16, 09:46 PM
- Ednilson (c) (31) / 32 app – 15 goa, 8 ass, 5 MoM / 8.00. Awards: Best Player of the Liga. Member of the Primeira Liga Team of the Year.
As evidenced when he was out injured for 3-month, Vitoria is Ednilson-dependent. He delivered another stellar season, Best Guerreiro for the 5th time of his career and Liga’s Best Player for the 2nd time. Why such an incredible player continues to be left-out of the Seleção, whose success at the World Cup he watched with envy on television, is a mystery.
Contract: extended until 2018.

- Fernandes (24) / 39(2) app – 8 goa, 9 ass, 2 MoM / 7.54
In spite of a very good season with Vitoria (his 4th as a starter), Fernandes was left-out of the World Cup squad which deeply affected him. Vice-captain of Setubal, he nows vows to dedicate himself to his club of heart.
Contract: extended until 2019, with increased wage at £7k/w and a £750k sign-on bonus.

- Bosingwa (31) / 31(4) app – 2 goa, 1 ass / 7.43
As solid as ever, the midfielder just nailed a 6th starting slot ahead of prodigee Paulito. As he will turn 32yr-old though, he is likely to face increased competition and he knows it. In discussions with Forbs all summer long, the coach deemed the salary demands of his player unrealistic and Bosingwa decided to cash on as much as he could while there was still time. He will now earn a huge wage of £60k/w in Serie A Parma! A major club icon leaves Bonfim and everyone, fans, staff and Tito alike, wish him all the best in Italy.
-> Free-transfer to Parma.

- Paulito (22) / 30(2) app – 1 goa, 12 ass, 3 MoM / 7.53
The local prince of the midfield is exploding as he reaches maturity. He was just beaten by Bosingwa for a starting slot but played very well, delivering lots of assists. What was most extraordinary was to see him shine as he became World Champion at 23yr-old, being one of the pilars of the Seleção during the tournament. He is now fully ready to be Setubal’s playmaker, having further renewed his contract with the club.
Contract: extended until 2019, with increased wage at £7k/w and a £700k sign-on bonus.

- Claudio (24) / 25(2) app – 2 goa, 6 ass, 4 MoM / 7.89
What a season for the Academy player! He was not that far away from a starting slot at central DMC, was nominated twice Player of the Month and really had a major impact in midfield with outstanding performances. The departure of Bosingwa will see him move up the midfield ladder one notch.
Contract: extended until 2019, with increased wage at £1.9k/w.

- João (21) / 14(10) app – 2 goa, 1 ass / 7.17
Although very good, his season has not been as impressive as the previous one. Remains a strong prospect and great bench option in midfield for Tito.
Contract: runs until 2018.

- Marcio Jesus (21) / 4(2) app – 1 goa / 6.83
The Academy player started for the first time under a Setubal shirt, and scored his first ever goal. An interesting prospect, just behind João in the pecking order. Remains available for loan.
Contract: extended until 2019, with increased wage at £600/w.

- Armando Rosa (25) / 2(7) app / 6.44
Will continue to add depth but is 6th in the hierarchy of the DMC’s… may want to move to another club if an offer came along though.
Contract: runs until 2016, unprotected; not willing to renew for the time being.

With Bosingwa gone, Paulito will become the natural starter alongside Ednilson and Fernandes. Claudio and João, and to a lesser extent Marcio Jesus and Armando Rosa, will provide the required bench depth. Although 7 players were enough, Tito accepted to sign a pro contract with versatile and promising Jaime Pina, fresh out from the Bonfim Academy.
http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/Pina-12.08.14_zps56qtpfi6.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/Pina-12.08.14_zps56qtpfi6.png.html)

05-01-16, 09:51 PM
When he took office in July 2001, Tito Forbs had an eye on two young and very promising DMC’s; one was Ednilson who turned out to be the legend he has become, the other was Bosingwa. Over his 12 seasons at the club, the Portugo-Congolese gradually became a key element of the midfield. For a long time a super-sub with Paulo Teixeira, behind starters Luis Andrade and Binho, he finally managed to be a starter during 6 seasons. In the end he appeared in 373 games (4th ever in the HoF) for 19 goa, 27 ass (5th ever in the HoF), 11 MoM. Never a brilliant player, Bosingwa embodied the true Guerreiro, very consistent and bringing all the weight of his physical presence as central DMC.

http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/Bosing-dpt_zpsmjwu0msf.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/Bosing-dpt_zpsmjwu0msf.png.html)

During his tenure at coach of the Seleção, Forbs made him a Portugal international (10 caps) with whom he played in the 2010 World Cup. For this, Bosingwa will always be grateful to the old coach.

Having won litterally everything with Vitoria:

8 (!!!) Primeira Liga titles – a record
5 Taça do Portugal, 3 Supertaça
1 Champions League
1 UEFA Cup
1 Intercontinental Cup
1 European Supercup
1 Club World Championship
...it was time at 32yr-old to discover another major championship: the Calcio, with Parma, and earn the kind of wages that are being paid in Italy. It is a true Setubal legend who leaves, he was cheered and greeted all the way to the airport and is welcome back anytime at his true home: Bonfim.

05-01-16, 10:07 PM
- Tosa (25) / 33(2) app – 9 goa, 5 ass / 7.29
Already a starter for a 3rd time with Setubal, the Academy player has finally delivered a good and consistent season – being decisive when it mattered. With the continued decline of Kaka, is set to become an anchor for Vitoria at AMC. His dream would now be to get a few international caps…
Contract: extended until 2019, with increased wage at £5k/w and a £625k sign-on bonus.

- Paulo Antunes (23) / 26(7) app – 3 goa, 1 ass, 1 MoM / 7.03
The Academy gun managed to just beat Kaka and earned a 2nd consecutive year as a starter for Vitoria. He now needs to step-up one notch and deliver better performances, with more offensive impact.
Contract: runs until 2018.

- Kaka (32) / 26(6) app – 9 goa, 2 ass, 1 MoM / 7.03
The decline has started for the great Brazilian forward and Setubal legend, who failed (albeit very narrowly) for the first time since he arrived in Portugal (8 seasons now) to be a starter with Setubal. He was also snubbed by the Brazilian Seleção and did not take part into their disastrous World Cup campaign (2nd Round elimination). Can still provide great bench depth for at least another year.
Contract: extended until 2016, at a reduced wage of £7.25k/w.

- Fihado (23) / 19(12) app – 1 goa, 3 ass, 1 MoM / 7.06
Another frustrating season for the neo-international (1 cap) Forward, whose incredible talent is not reflected by his performance on the pitch nor his starting appearances. As his original club FC Porto landed a £7m bid over the summer (rejected by Forbs), he let it be known that he wished the deal had gone through. Such attitude infuriated the coach who is less likely to count on him next season…
Contract: runs until 2018.

- Antonio Ferreira (19) / 11(8) app – 2 goa, 3 ass, 1 MoM / 6.95
The young Academy forward has continued to show progress and clock more game time. He may well push for a starting slot sooner than expected, and is ideally positioned to benefit from the decline of Kaka and the demise of Fihado. Became Portugal U21 international.
Contract: extended until 2019, with increased wage at £675/w.

- Marajo (33) / 2(3) app / 6.80
He could have gone a little further but at 33yr-old, Setubal legend and ex-Bonfim idol has decided to call it quits and retire after 13 seasons at the club (3 of which as a starter at AMC). Tito, the entire staff and the fans wish this great Vitoria servant the best of retirement!
Contract: retires as a player.

- Telmo (16) / 1(5) app / 6.33
He will go down in History as the youngest ever player to have worn Setubal’s jersey. Great potential, must work hard and continue to improve. Available for loan.
Contract: runs until 2018.

- Ricardo Luis (20) / 1 app / 6.00
Steady progress for the Academy gun who could be the next surprise package after Antonio Ferreira. The staff keeps an eye on him. Remains available for loan.
Contract: runs until 2017.

- João Campos (19) / unused
His distinct lack of progress and poor commitment at training have convinced Tito Forbs to transfer-list the Academy winger.
Contract: runs until 2017.

The retirement of Marajo leaves 3 Academy players (Tosa, Antunes and Ferreira) compete for 2 starting slots, while a declining Kaka and a demised Fihado will provide depth. Ricardo Luis and Telmo are options for the future, and the Academy continues to be extremely prolific when it comes to the AMC position with 2 neo-pros just signing up, both very promising: Alfredo and José Freitas.
http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/Alfredo-27.06.14_zps2zfpaign.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/Alfredo-27.06.14_zps2zfpaign.png.html)
http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/JFreitas-24.08.14_zpsjwyou919.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/JFreitas-24.08.14_zpsjwyou919.png.html)

06-01-16, 01:06 PM
Tosa has a reasonable average rating but needs more goals and assists, and I'm not overly impressed by any of the others - are you thinking of signing a new top-quality attacking midfielder?

06-01-16, 01:08 PM
After Marco Tabuas and Bosingwa, another great figure of Vitoria Setubal under Tito Forbs puts an end to his career: Brazilian Marajo. When, following the recommandations of his scout Pedro Figueiredo, Tito saw this young and fragile attacker arrive on the Bonfim training grounds in July 2001, he would have never imagined that he would remain for 13 long years. He had an immediate impact in the first season, becoming a Fans’ favourite. He started again in 2002/03, but was gradually relegated on the bench as Cristiano Ronaldo, Moreira, Luis Figo and Kaka became the starters. He did however manage a spectacular come-back and was a starter at AMC a 3rd time in 2009/10.

In total he appeared a grand total of 221 games for a superb record of 70 goals (4th in HoF), 36 assists (4th in HoF) and 20 MoM (5th in HoF). Always well-tempered, he marked the club’s History with his goal-scoring instinct and his attacking flair. Most fans still remember how he would typically score in important matches – such as in the 2004 UEFA Cup Final.

http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/Marajo-ret_zpsvdan1j6f.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/Marajo-ret_zpsvdan1j6f.png.html)

He does have an impressive trophy list:

3 Primeira Liga titles
4 Taça do Portugal, 2 Supertaça
1 Champions League
1 UEFA Cup
Very attached to his country of origin, Brazil, he decided to retire there in a different field from football. There were hundred of fans cheering his name at the Lisboa airport to bid him farewell, which drew tears to the retired attacker. Forbs himself was part of the crowd and thanked a great professional for his dedication to Vitoria.

06-01-16, 01:10 PM
Tosa has a reasonable average rating but needs more goals and assists, and I'm not overly impressed by any of the others - are you thinking of signing a new top-quality attacking midfielder?
Tosa has indeed shown signs of further improvement which is good news, but I would agree that AMC is our weakest position overall. However, Tito wants to continue and even strengthen his "home talents" policy so he is not planning any recruits.

06-01-16, 01:19 PM
- Pinto Neves (26) / 44(1) app – 29 goa, 7 ass, 12 MoM / 7.96. Awards: 3rd Best Player of the Liga. 2nd Goalscorer of the Liga. 1st MoM of the Liga. Member of the Primeira Liga Team of the Year. Fans Player of the Year.
Domestically the great Forward has once again done it all, exploding all targets with 29 goals; he is again the Fans’ favourite. But his World Cup title with the Seleção surpasses everything else – his individual contribution having been outstanding with the sole goal of the ¼ final vs Argentina. Pinto Neves has now probably entered the pantheon of the sport’s best attackers, and he is not even 27… while he could have chosen to move to a great club, he decided to remain in Setubal and renew his contract.
Contract: extended until 2019, with increased wage at £8.75k/w and a £1m sign-on bonus.

- Joséto (22) / 12(9) app – 10 goa, 1 ass, 2 MoM / 7.38
The Academy player continues to score and impress whenever Forbs needs him upfront. He does however stand no chance to start as long as Pinto Neves plays striker. Was rewarded with his first international cap!
Contract: runs until 2017.

- Rock (26) / 1(2) app – 1 goa / 7.00
Is Rock now wasting his talent at Vitoria? He is considering his options given the small amount of game time he is getting as 3rd striker.
Contract: runs until 2016, unprotected; does not wish to extend so far.

- Valter Alberto (22) / 1(2) app / 6.67
Difficult for the Academy player to get more game time in this squad. Maybe next season, as AMC? Remains available for loan.
Contract: runs until 2017.

- João Litos (18) / unused.
Little sign of improvement for the Academy gun; needs to step-up now. Remains available for loan.
Contract: runs until 2017.

- André (24) / unused.
The Academy striker (2010 promotion, same as João) has not managed to find another home. Should leave next summer. Remains on transfer-list.
Contract: unprotected, runs until 2015.

Enough talent and depth, no need to recruit as long as Pinto Neves and Joséto are present.

06-01-16, 02:40 PM
It’s been a busy summer with 4 retirements (including 3 iconic players) and the departure of José Maria Gama, for 5 more Academy recuits (a record) and another keeper (Pedroso). The squad remains very large at 41, of which 25 are Academy players which is the highest ratio ever. The latter are shown in green below, in brackets the number of seasons at the club so far. Underlined are those players who have already been starters for at least one season, a * means the player has had an international cap.

>Keepers [4] : Valter* (4), André Sa (0), Luis Mendes (0), Pedroso (0)

>Defense [13] : Nélson Veiga* (14), Bocas* (9), Salomon Olembé* (8), Coutinho* (7), Humberto Barros (4), Kolo Touré* (4), Jean-Ma* (3), Ôscar (3), Cleiton (2), Antonio Cruz (2), Solomon (2), Bruno Sousa (1), Pedro David (1)

>Midfield [8] : Ednilson* (13), Fernandes* (9), Armando Rosa (9), Paulito* (6), Claudio (6), João (4), Marcio Jesus (3), Jaime Pina (0)

>Attack [16] : Kaka* (8), Paulo Antunes (7), Pinto Neves* (6), Tosa (6), Joséto* (5), Valter Alberto (5), Fihado* (4), André (4), Rock* (3), Antonio Ferreira (3), Ricardo Luis (2), João Litos (2), João Campos (2), Telmo (1), Alfredo (0), José Freitas (0)

Both André and João Campos are on transfer-list, while Nélson Veiga is in his last contract year. There remains an imbalance in the squad with far too many attacking players for only 3 starting slots, due to the very high number of Academy recruits in those positions every season.

06-01-16, 04:04 PM
Tosa has indeed shown signs of further improvement which is good news, but I would agree that AMC is our weakest position overall. However, Tito wants to continue and even strengthen his "home talents" policy so he is not planning any recruits.

That's fair enough - I wish you luck getting some good recruits through, or for one of the existing players to have a really good season :ok: Have you thought about retraining any of your attackers to play AM? You seem to have lots of strikers, with maybe some good potential going under-used...

06-01-16, 09:55 PM
@kuy: actually Pinto Neves is a Forward so he can play as AMC. This may be something Tito will try this season, with Joséto as Striker.

But what do you think of him, Antonio Ferreira?

http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/AFerreira-05.04.15_zpsambuck7y.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/AFerreira-05.04.15_zpsambuck7y.png.html)

07-01-16, 09:27 PM
Setubal fans learn about the retirement of ex-Setubal players Binho and Saliou Lassissi. Portuguese international and ex DMC in Vitoria, Paulo Teixeira, returns to the Primeira Liga and signs with Maritimo Funchal after a 4-years spell with Atlético Madrid, with whom he reached a UEFA Cup Final.

Tito Forbs iconic Assistant Manager Rui Lopes (64yr-old) decides to retire for health reasons; this was unexpected to Forbs who is caught off-guard. He decides to promote coach Diamantino Figueiredo (51yr-old) as his new assistant.

Finally another young high-profile Brazilian forward moves to Portugal: Ângelo Teixeira should strike fear in the hearts of Sporting CP’s opponents this season…
http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/ATeixeira-13.08.14_zpshsmxpfmd.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/ATeixeira-13.08.14_zpshsmxpfmd.png.html)

07-01-16, 09:41 PM
It’s been a very short summer break for the 6 players who took part in (and won, for 5 of them!) the World Cup: Valter, Coutinho, Bocas, Paulito, Pinto Neves and Solomon. Therefore, Tito won’t organise any friendlies and the squad goes straight in Jamor to try and reconquer the Portuguese Supertaça against… the surprise winners of last year’s Cup, Maritimo Funchal.

> Aug.9, 2014 / Supercup
Vitoria Setubal v Maritimo : 3-0 / goals: Ednilson (pen.), Tosa, Pinto Neves / assists: Pinto Neves, Ednilson, Antunes / MoM: Ednilson
Well… there was no round of observation as the Islanders are dominated and crushed from the start, picking up 3 goals in their nets within barely half-an-hour. Os Guerreiros triumph, with a magnificent Bocas in central defense.

http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/VS-Maritimo-09.08.14_zpsbkln5rux.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/VS-Maritimo-09.08.14_zpsbkln5rux.png.html)

It could have hardly started off better. Forbs’ staff have 2 weeks ahead of them to prepare for the Liga’s opener in Estadio José de Alvalade where Vitoria have not lost in 8 years, against their biggest rivals Sporting CP.

> Aug.24, 2014 / Pr.Liga (#1)
Sporting CP v Vitoria Setubal : 0-2 / goals: Pinto Neves, Tosa / assist: Paulito / MoM: Tosa
With left-back Satmar red-carded after only 2’, the game becomes a one-way street where the Champions humiliate their rivals on their home turf, winning by 2 goals when they could and should have won by 5.

http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/SCP-VS-stats-24.08.14_zpsbcoa7cje.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/SCP-VS-stats-24.08.14_zpsbcoa7cje.png.html)

http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/SCP-VS-24.08.14_zpshiku4bwj.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/SCP-VS-24.08.14_zpshiku4bwj.png.html)
It’s an amazing start to the season really, with a clear message passed to all Setubal’s rivals. It would have been a perfect evening was it not for Bocas’ one-month injury.

Player of the Month: Ednilson – 8.50 avg, 1 goa, 1 ass, 1 MoM – as he is about to turn 32 yr-old, the legendary captain shows he still means business.

For once, Setubal are drawn in a rather easy Champions League Phase 1 Group. While French champions Girondins de Bordeaux will be tough to overcome, neither Panathinaikos nor Rapid Bucharest are expected to be much trouble.

http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/CL-Ph.1-20.08.14_zpsiuz4x7wp.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/CL-Ph.1-20.08.14_zpsiuz4x7wp.png.html)

07-01-16, 09:55 PM
> Sep.9, 2014 / Champions League (Phase.1, #1)
Bordeaux v Vitoria Setubal : 1-1 / goal: Tosa / assist: Paulito / MoM: Tosa
It is never an easy game in Parc Lescure; Os Guerreiros play very well, dominate and score first by a great Tosa. But they end up conceding a draw when Argentinian striker Guiñazu equalizes in the 2nd half.

http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/Bor-VS-09.09.14_zpsu2vmuocf.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/Bor-VS-09.09.14_zpsu2vmuocf.png.html)

Not a bad away result to be honest. Vitoria now host Benfica, Forbs being wary of their fantastic Brazilian strike force Souzos – Moedim.

> Sep.14, 2014 / Pr.Liga (#2)
Vitoria Setubal v Benfica : 1-0 / goal: Fernandes / MoM: Ednilson
The scoreline does not reflect a much superior Setubal who easily control that game, led by their superb captain Ednilson. It’s a shame striker Pinto Neves seems to hit a low-tide following his great World Cup.

http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/VS-Benfica-14.09.14_zpszzvi2lg5.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/VS-Benfica-14.09.14_zpszzvi2lg5.png.html)

Back-to-back wins against both Lisboa giants – Sporting CP and Benfica – not a bad start in the Primeira Liga.

> Sep.17, 2014 / Champions League (Phase.1, #2)
Vitoria Setubal v Rapid Bucharest : 1-1 / goal: Cruz / assist: Olembé / MoM: Cruz
Although they are off to a great start with a goal after 4’ by in-form Antonio Cruz, Vitoria lose control of the game and concede an equalizer in the 2nd half. They get nervous in the end, Pinto Neves being sent-off in the last minute.

A poor result at home against a modest Romanian side. Tito rests several starters ahead of the next Liga match in Bonfim.

> Sep.21, 2014 / Pr.Liga (#3)
Vitoria Setubal v Leixões : 2-0 / goals: Fihado, Kaka / assist: Pinto Neves / MoM: Pinto Neves
It’s a much tougher game than anticipated, keeper Valter being kept busy. Pinto Neves plays well and redeems himself, as the home side manages a win in the end.

> Sep.24, 2014 / Champions League (Phase.1, #3)
Panathinaikos v Vitoria Setubal : 0-4 / goals: Joséto (3), Tosa / assists: Cleiton, Paulito (2) / MoM: Joséto
What a stunning performance from Setubal who destroy the Greek champions on their home turf, thanks in particular to a hat-trick from home striker Joséto.

A great away result which puts Vitoria back in the lead of their group. However, Brazilian CB Humberto Barros picks a 3-months injury in Athens – he will be unavailable until Christmas. Now is a last difficult trip to Porto’s Dragão before the month ends, which will have seen Os Guerreiros clash with all of Os Tres Grandes with only 4 games played in the league so far!

> Sep.28, 2014 / Pr.Liga (#4)
FC Porto v Vitoria Setubal : 0-2 / goals: Pinto Neves, Tosa / assist: Cruz / MoM: Coutinho
It was a very tight game against a good Porto side who probably deserved better. But Vitoria’s forwards were lethal while the defense looked extremely solid, Coutinho being the stand-out player in this match.

http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/FCP-VS-28.09.14_zpsoxaps0vp.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/FCP-VS-28.09.14_zpsoxaps0vp.png.html)

There has been the glitch at home against Bucharest, but it’s been a very good month overall with (4W, 2D) and a perfect start in the Liga with 4 victories (3 of which against the best teams) and no goal conceded!

Player of the Month: Tosa – 8.00 avg, 3 goa, 1 MoM – looked sharp and scored important goals in Bordeaux, Athens and Porto.

07-01-16, 10:14 PM
> Oct.1, 2014 / Pr.Liga (#5)
Salgueiros v Vitoria Setubal : 1-0
The trip to Porto against Salgueiros has always been one of the most challenging for Vitoria under Forbs. This one proves no different, and although Setubal dominate, their hosts score the only goal of the match while their keeper Nelson manages 8 saves!

All good things have an end, it is an incredible record that has been set here: Vitoria Setubal have remained 78 consecutive games undefeated in the Primeira Liga, ie 2 years and 5 months. Until Salgueiros finally got their scalps.

> Oct.14, 2014 / Champions League (Phase.1, #4)
Vitoria Setubal v Panathinaikos : 3-0 / goals: Antunes, Pinto Neves, João / assist: Cruz / MoM: João
The Greeks are once again no match for the skills of Os Guerreiros, solid and lethal. Young DMC João who comes on as a sub, shines and gets the cheers from the stands.

The house is back in order in the CL as Panathinaikois were just wiped-out (7-0) in aggregate. Forbs decides to rest several starters in Vila do Conde, which proves a mistake.

> Oct.19, 2014 / Pr.Liga (#6)
Rio Ave v Vitoria Setubal : 2-1 / goal: Kaka
Kaka scores early on (8’), but the hosts will pound 2 unanswered goals while their keeper young Hugo Pacheco manages 9 saves, scoring a perfect game. With 2 penalties “forgotten” by the ref and a goal from Rock disallowed for a very narrow offside, Os Guerreiros can feel very hard done.

http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/RioAve-VS-10.14_zpspnz7yzpd.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/RioAve-VS-10.14_zpspnz7yzpd.png.html)

It’s a second consecutive defeat in the Liga which has not happened to Setubal since Mathusalem. This one is even tougher to swallow for Tito who feels his lads were robbed of at the very least a draw.

> Oct.22, 2014 / Champions League (Phase.1, #5)
Vitoria Setubal v Bordeaux : 0-0 / MoM: Paulito
Les Girondins prove once again to be a very solid and good side, as they obtain a deserved draw in Bonfim despite all the efforts of playmaker Paulito.

Rapid Bucharest are proving a pain and this result will force Vitoria to get at least a draw in the Romanian capital if they want to qualify!

> Oct.26, 2014 / Pr.Liga (#7)
Vitoria Setubal v Farense : 1-0 / goal: Ednilson (pen.) / MoM: Paulito
The guys from Faro made the short trip north to park the bus and Os Guerreiros struggle all evening long in a tight game, managing only one goal at 82’ on a penalty-kick!

It’s been a painful month with (2W, 1D, 2L). Not only has the great start in the Liga been nullified by those losses to Salgueiros and Rio Ave, but it’s a shame that after 5 matches in such an easy CL group Os Guerreiros are still not yet qualified.

Player of the Month: Paulito – 8.20 avg, 3 MoM – the young World Champion is finally settling in as Vitoria’s playmaker, delivering brilliant performances.

08-01-16, 12:04 AM
@kuy: actually Pinto Neves is a Forward so he can play as AMC. This may be something Tito will try this season, with Joséto as Striker.

But what do you think of him, Antonio Ferreira?

http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/AFerreira-05.04.15_zpsambuck7y.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/AFerreira-05.04.15_zpsambuck7y.png.html)

I like the look of Antonio Ferreira, but I find it hard to tell how much young players will develop sometimes! I certainly think he should be given a chance though :ok:

Tosa seems to have started well, which is good news. Have you started Tosa and Antunes as your first-choice attacking midfielders? Kaka, Fihado and Joseto among the goals too.

Shame about the two league defeats, especially after such an impressive unbeaten record, but at the end of the season those three wins over Os Tres Grandes will be more important.

I hope you qualify from the Champions League group! What are the standings at the moment - could you even win the group or is second the best you can hope for?

08-01-16, 09:07 AM
@kuy: you will see that Antonio Ferreira will have received his fair share of play time this season and yes, he looks really promising. Whether he steps-up one or two more notches in the coming years is the question.

Tosa has never made such a good start so far, he is close to 7.80 avg, here's hoping he carries on. Kaka remains a class player but his physical stats are decreasing faster than I would have hoped so he is merely a bench option now. Fihado is by far the most talented of all AMC, alas since he complained he wanted to move clubs during the summer, Tito won't play him much I am afraid.
It is Paulo Antunes who gets most starting time besides Tosa so far, he's been ok but we expect more from him. What do you think?

http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/Antunes-08.06.15_zpspnsaoz0x.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/Antunes-08.06.15_zpspnsaoz0x.png.html)

You're right about the league, beating so early all of Sporting, Porto and Benfica (and away for the first two!) is worth gold. It also demolishes their mental.

Champions League: Setubal have 9 pts, Bordeaux and Bucharest 8 pts. If we we win in Romania we are first, if we draw we should be 2nd (if Bordeaux beat Panathinaikos), if we lose then we run the risk of finishing 3rd.

08-01-16, 09:44 PM
Nov.1, 2014 / Pr.Liga (#8)
> Vit. Guimarães v Vitoria Setubal : 0-3 / goals: Paulito, Kaka, Joséto / assists: A.Ferreira (2), Bocas / MoM: A.Ferreira
It’s a great start of the month against the “other Vitoria”, with a very good performance by young AMC Antonio Ferreira. A deserved victory.

Nov.4, 2014 / Champions League (Phase.1, #6)
> Rapid Bucharest v Vitoria Setubal : 0-2 / goals: Joséto (2) / assists: Solomon, Antunes / MoM: Antunes
The entire game is a constant siege of the Romanian area, which holds until the last 10’ when Joséto finds the nets twice. Vitoria have managed 24 shots, 15 of which on target – how on earth can it only be 2 goals to nil in the end?

It was not pretty but Rapid have finally proved to be not very worthy and in the end it is logical to see both Portuguese and French champions go through to Phase 2, Setubal topping the group.

http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/CL-Ph1-14_zpsntg2z4jx.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/CL-Ph1-14_zpsntg2z4jx.png.html)

There are a few big names who are out of the competition already: Bosingwa’s Parma, Feyenoord, Man City and Sporting CP. Benfica however, managed to qualify for Phase2.

Nov.9, 2014 / Pr.Liga (#9)
> Vitoria Setubal v Beira-Mar : 2-0 / goals: Pinto Neves (2) / assists: Paulito, Tosa / MoM: Pinto Neves
It was much more difficult than it seemed against a good side, but the class of Pinto Neves in front of the goals proved too much for the visitors.

Os Guerreiros now have an easy Cup Round 4 at home against lower league side Fanhões. Forbs starts with 9 Academy players on the pitch, giving their first ever professional caps to André Sa and Pedro David.

Nov.16, 2014 / Taça (Rnd.4)
> Vitoria Setubal v Fanhões : 3-1 / goals: V.Alberto, Joséto (2) / assists: A.Ferreira, B.Sousa / MoM: Joséto
It is not so easy for the young guns, but in the end they play well, win and provide a pleasant afternoon to their 10k fans.

Let’s just say that Setubal have had much tougher CL Phase 2 groups in the past. Although none of Galatasaray, Genk or Wolfsburg should be taken lightly, they are hardly title contenders.

http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/CL-Ph2-draw-14_zpsktplgqpc.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/CL-Ph2-draw-14_zpsktplgqpc.png.html)

Tito is however wary of the first away game in Belgium against a surprising Racing Genk who have been very good in Phase 1, topping their group with (5W, 1D)!

Nov.19, 2014 / Champions League (Phase.2, #1)
> Racing Genk v Vitoria Setubal : 1-5 / goals: Tosa, Paulito, Pinto Neves (2), A.Ferreira / assists: Paulito, Ednilson (2), Cleiton, Pinto Neves / MoM: Pinto Neves
Oh what a stunning game this was from Vitoria, who demolish their Belgian hosts with superb performances from midfielders Paulito and Ednilson, and a masterpiece by Pinto Neves.

http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/Genk-VS-19.11.14_zps40wh7504.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/Genk-VS-19.11.14_zps40wh7504.png.html)

The Portuguese champions stun their group and Europe with their showpiece in Genk. Os Guerreiros are looking very sharp right now.

Nov.23, 2014 / Pr.Liga (#10)
> Campomaiorense v Vitoria Setubal : 0-2 / goals: Pinto Neves, Tosa / assists: Ednilson (2) / MoM: Ednilson
It is not an easy game against a good Campomaiorense side, but Ednilson and Pinto Neves show once again the way while the defense continues to be extremely solid.

A quick glance at the table after 10 matches shows that FC Porto are likely to be Vitoria’s main rivals for the title this season. With the exception of Salgueiros who are hanging on so far, other teams are already lagging far behind – Benfica at -8 pts and Sporting at a disastrous -12 pts from the leader.

http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/PL-table-24.11.14_zpsyrjyi3rv.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/PL-table-24.11.14_zpsyrjyi3rv.png.html)

Nov.29, 2014 / Pr.Liga (#11)
> Vitoria Setubal v Académica : 2-0 / goals: Ednilson (2, pen.) / assist: Kaka / MoM: Kaka
A mixed team of Guerreiros does well against a soft Coimbra side, who give away a penalty (red-card for their keeper) into the 2nd half. Bonfim fans are delighted to see Kaka at such a good level!

Packed with 7 games November is always a tricky month. After a very poor October, Os Guerreiros show true spirit and score a perfect string of 7 wins, including a stunning start to their CL Phase 2 in Genk.

Player of the Month: Pinto Neves – 8.67 avg, 5 goals, 2 MoM – it’s great to see the World Champion find top form again. The fans agree.

http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/news-27.01.15_zpsvbduiahz.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/news-27.01.15_zpsvbduiahz.png.html)

08-01-16, 10:59 PM
Dec.2, 2014 / Champions League (Phase.2, #2)
> Vitoria Setubal v Galatasaray : 2-0 / goals: Antunes (2) / assists: Paulito (2) / MoM: Paulito
Os Guerreiros play a solid game at home against the Turkish champions, Paulo Antunes converting the wonderful passes from the little prince of Bonfim, Paulito.

Vitoria are off to a flying start to their CL Phase 2, with 2 convincing wins in 2 games.

Dec.7, 2014 / Pr.Liga (#12)
> Belenenses v Vitoria Setubal : 0-2 / goals: Pinto Neves, Tosa / assists: Fernandes, Ednilson / MoM: Pinto Neves
It’s another deserved away victory for Setubal, with a great Tosa and another outstanding performance by star striker Pinto Neves.

Dec.15, 2014 / Pr.Liga (#13)
> Vitoria Setubal v Alverca : 2-0 / goals: Paulito, A.Ferreira / assists: Fernandes, Ednilson / MoM: Ednilson
Alverca have travelled purely to defend their nets; without being spectacular, Vitoria dominate and score twice. However the very bad news of the night is the 3-months injury picked by Tosa.

Tosa out for so long really is bad news, he was in great form so far and was the team’s most efficient AMC - which is not the strongest position of the squad.

Dec.21, 2014 / Pr.Liga (#14)
> Santa Clara v Vitoria Setubal : 0-2 / goals: Ednilson, Pinto Neves / assists: Bocas, Paulito / MoM: Coutinho
Although they have not been very efficient (13 shots, only 3 on target), Os Guerreiros were the better side on the day and secure yet another win, their 12th consecutive.

All players take a week break to celebrate Christmas with their families, but are soon back in training to prepare for their last game of 2014, played on New Year’s Eve!

Dec.31, 2014 / Pr.Liga (#15)
> Vitoria Setubal v Espinho : 2-1 / goals: Pinto Neves, Ednilson / assists: Cruz, Pinto Neves / MoM: Ednilson
It’s been an entertaining game against a very offensive visiting side from Espinho; the 2nd half though belongs to the locals and in particular their amazing captain, Ednilson. It’s a deserved victory in the end.

It’s another perfect month with 5 wins in 5 games, Vitoria are clearly on a roll. This enables them to push to the top of the table with a cushion of 4-pts over FC Porto. The rest are no match with Benfica at -12pts and Sporting CP at -18pts!!

http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/PL-table-31.12.14_zps7ibtgz5j.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/PL-table-31.12.14_zps7ibtgz5j.png.html)

Player of the Month: Pinto Neves – 8.60 avg, 3 goals, 1 assist, 1 MoM – the international attacker is on fire and nails the award for a second consecutive time.

09-01-16, 07:52 AM
Jan.4, 2015 / Pr.Liga (#16)
> Vitoria Setubal v Leiria : 1-0 / goal: Paulito / assist: Bocas / MoM: Paulito
It’s a good thing that Paulito scores after just 5’, because Os Guerreiros appear rusted for the rest of the game and fail to impress. It’s a bit of a lucky win.

Jan.11, 2015 / Taça (Rnd.5)
> Vitoria Setubal v Campomaiorense : 2-0 / goals: Ednilson, Fernandes / assists: Cruz, A.Ferreira / MoM: Paulito
Once again it is a tighter and tougher game than the scoreline leads to believe. But the defense continues to impress with the likes of Cleiton and Bocas, while Paulito has another memorable night.

Jan.18, 2015 / Pr.Liga (#17)
> Maritimo v Vitoria Setubal : 1-2 / goals: Paulito, Pinto Neves / assist: Cruz
Although Yano scores after only 5’ for Funchal, Vitoria recover well, gradually take control of the game and score one goal in each half to secure victory. A job well done here.

Despite not being impressive since the New Year, Setubal have just won 16 consecutive games and will be hot favourites in Bonfim against their arch-rivals Sporting CP who are at an unbelievable 8th position in the league table…

Jan.24, 2015 / Pr.Liga (#18)
> Vitoria Setubal v Sporting CP : 2-2 / goals: Pinto Neves (2) / assists: Cruz, Paulito
Os Guerreiros play a perfect first half under the cheers of their fans, led by a great Pinto Neves who scores a magnificent double. Os Leones are in the ropes, but the man who will bring them back to life is no one else than Vitoria ex-captain, playmaker and idol of this stadium: Bruno Melo! the fans have never forgiven his betrayal when he came back to Portugal to wear Sporting colours, and the boing from the stands is astounding. It’s a crucial goal as it brings the visitors back in the game, and they do get their equalizer later for a fortunate draw.

http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/VS-SCP-24.01.15_zpswqeo1zcf.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/VS-SCP-24.01.15_zpswqeo1zcf.png.html)

It’s a disappointing result, at home after being 2-0 up, against a team Tito always love to beat. Next up is another home game in the Cup, but once again vs a fellow Primeira Liga side.

Jan.28, 2015 / Taça (Rnd.6)
> Vitoria Setubal v Santa Clara : 1-1 (e.t.) / goal: Pinto Neves / assist: A.Ferreira
A laborious afternoon, dominated by Setubal who manage to score late in the game by Pinto Neves again... before Trifonov flings in an equalizer from a free-kick at 86’. The extra-time brings nothing more and there will be a replay in the Açores!

It has not been a convincing month with (3W, 2D), the absence of Tosa seems to have destabilized Vitoria’s attack.

Player of the Month: Paulito – 8.20 avg, 2 goals, 1 assist, 2 MoM – the young international Academy player now goes by the nickname of the little prince of Bonfim, such is his talent.

11-01-16, 12:04 AM
Os Guerreiros have a very challenging month ahead of them, with at least 8 games and even 9 if they win the Cup 6th Round replay in the Açores. Tito will need to carefully manage his squad between the 3 competitions the club is involved in.

Feb.2, 2015 / Pr.Liga (#19)
> Vitoria Setubal v Salgueiros : 1-0 / goal: Pinto Neves / assist: Fernandes / MoM: Ednilson
It’s a good solid game played by the lads, who dominate in particular in midfield thanks a very good Claudio and an outstanding Ednilson. The loss in the first leg (0-1) is avenged.

2 days later the team must fly far away to the Açores archipelago and battle in a Taça do Portugal replay against a very good side of Santa Clara. Several starters are rested: Cleiton, Cruz, Coutinho, Ednilson, Fernandes; Forbs nevertheless fields a good side for he wants to win the trophy back this season.

Feb.4, 2015 / Taça (Rnd.6, replay)
> Santa Clara v Vitoria Setubal : 0-3 / goals: Pinto Neves, João, Fihado / assists: Paulito, Antunes, Solomon / MoM: Fihado
Os Guerreiros want to redeem themselves after the draw at home in the first match; they don’t let their hosts breathe and in return manage to pound 3 shots inside the nets for a convincing qualification. Bocas held the forst behind, young João impressed in midfield but above all it was unhappy Fihado that was the most brilliant. Will Tito finally re-instate a player who openly admitted he wanted to leave to FC Porto last summer?

Although Tito fears Benfica these days and with FC Porto not far behind in the league, he rests a few starters for the trip to Estadio da Luz given the proximity with the Champions League game against Wolfsburg.

Feb.7, 2015 / Pr.Liga (#20)
> Benfica v Vitoria Setubal : 1-1 / goal: Solomon
It all starts very well with a goal from close range by Solomon after 3’ only! the 1st half belongs to Setubal but just before half-time, completely unprovoked, Fihado pushes a player to the ground and is red-carded. What a shame, what a waste; Forbs and his entire staff are fuming. The 2nd half will be a long domination by Benfica, who equalize and deserved probably more than a draw in the end.

http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/Benf-VS-07.02.15_zpsragyfrrt.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/Benf-VS-07.02.15_zpsragyfrrt.png.html)

Here is a player, Fihado, who while getting solid amout of game time over the past 3 seasons, had publicly expressed his discontent not to be transfered to Porto when the club made their £7m bid last summer. With Tosa injured and such a tight schedule, he was granted a 2nd chance. He has just betrayed it. Forbs cannot take such attitude and won’t even receive the player in his office, letting Dimantino Figueiredo break the news that international Fihado is officially on transfer-list and is not to wear a Setubal jersey again.

Fortunately FC Porto have had a few hick-ups as well and remain 7-pts behind Vitoria in the classification.

http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/PL-table-09.02.15_zpsa1hrd2ft.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/PL-table-09.02.15_zpsa1hrd2ft.png.html)

Next up is the return of the Champions League in Bonfim as dangerous German vice-champions VfL Wolfsburg visit Portugal.

Feb.10, 2015 / Champions League (Phase.2, #3)
> Vitoria Setubal v VfL Wolfsburg : 1-1 / goal: Joséto / assist: Pinto Neves / MoM: Paulito
Wolfsburg are solid and well organized, it’s a tight and balanced game in Bonfim all along. Bocas holds the fort in defense while Paulito creates the sparkle in the midfield; Joséto comes in and finds the opening at 79’ but it is logical to see the Germans equalize 5’ from the end.

A rare sight: Wofsburg have created more chances than Vitoria, and the game was in Bonfim. They are a serious side and deserve their draw. Tito has yet another problem on his hands: Paulo Autunes picks a 1-month injury, which means that both him and Tosa are out, while Fihado is now effectively out of the squad… the AMC position remains a major concern. Forbs decide to start Joséto as a Striker, and move back one notch Pinto Neves.

Feb.15, 2015 / Pr.Liga (#21)
> Leixões v Vitoria Setubal : 0-2 / goals: Paulito, Joséto / assists: Solomon, Paulito
Os Guerreiros play a serious and solid game against a desperate Leixões side, bottom of the table. They score twice but it is Setubal very solid defense that wins that game. Joséto does not disappoint his coach, scoring again.

Feb.18, 2015 / Champions League (Phase.2, #4)
> VfL Wolfsburg v Vitoria Setubal : 1-0
Forbs starts his best possible side in the Ruhrgebiet after the disappointing draw at home against the Germans vice-champions. Os Guerreiros play a solid game, fighting toe-to-toe with their hosts… who are lucky to score 3’ from the end of the match and bag 3-pts. It’s a very tough defeat for Setubal.

http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/Wolf-VS-18.02.15_zps3impccrq.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/Wolf-VS-18.02.15_zps3impccrq.png.html)

The AMC disaster continues with Antonio Ferreira picking-up a 3-weeks injury early in the 1st half… which means that for the next 3 weeks, Forbs will be without Tosa, Antunes, A.Ferreira (injuries) and… Fihado (in disgrace). Veteran Kaka came in but only lasted until 77’, and young Academy gun José Freitas made his debut in one of the most difficult environments possible!

Setubal’s unbeaten run of 24 games has come to an end. With 2 matches remaining to be played, it’s all still very undecide in that CL Group; however a win early March at home vs Genk would guarantee qualification.

http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/CL-Ph2-18.02.15_zpsnilowhr9.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/CL-Ph2-18.02.15_zpsnilowhr9.png.html)

Rio Ave are struggling at the bottom, so Tito decides to rotate a lot for the next Liga home game.

Feb.23, 2015 / Pr.Liga (#22)
> Vitoria Setubal v Rio Ave : 3-0 / goals: Ednilson (pen.), Joséto, Rock / assists: Joséto, Kolo Touré, Marcio Jesus / MoM: Ednilson
Skipped by a very good Ednilson who re-assures everyone in tense times, Os Guerreiros convert most of their chances and get away with a bigger win than their actual domination on the pitch. It was good to see Academy players such as Ricardo Luis, Marcio Jesus and Rock get a good run.

It’s now an away Cup quarter-final in Leiria… a difficult game although Setubal are on a 13 consecutive winning streak against that club. Tito decides to field his strongest possible XI, given the injuries. Joséto as Striker and Pinto Neves – Kaka at AMC.

Feb.25, 2015 / Taça (Quarter-Final)
> Leiria v Vitoria Setubal : 1-4 / goals: Cleiton, Pinto Neves, Ednilson (pen.), Joséto / assists: Coutinho, Paulito, Joséto / MoM: Ednilson
It’s a unique opportunity for a good Leiria side this season, to progress far in the Cup. They start strong and score first, but cannot match the tactical and technical mastery of Os Guerreiros when they start to gear up, especially in midfield led by Ednilson. When keeper Sérgio is red-carded at the hour for Vitoria’s 3rd goal, it’s all over and ends in an emphatic win for the visitors.

http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/Leiria-VS-25.02.15_zpskmco65ek.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/Leiria-VS-25.02.15_zpskmco65ek.png.html)

A mixed side travels to Faro for the last game of this marathon-month…

Feb.28, 2015 / Pr.Liga (#23)
> Farense v Vitoria Setubal : 1-0
Young Guerreiros, amongst whom Jean-Ma, Claudio, João, Ricardo Luis and Rock are starters, play well but never manage to recover from the early goal of their hosts. It’s a tough result to swallow, this year’s 3rd defeat in the league.

It has been an exhausting month and Tito had to run a tight ship all along, with an AMC position depleted by injuries. Overall the record of (5W, 2D, 2L) cannot be fully satisfactory; nevertheless Setubal have qualified for the Cup semi-finals, still have their destiny in hands in the Champions League and remains leaders of the Primeira Liga with 4-pts over FC Porto.

Player of the Month: Ednilson – 8.00 avg, 2 goals, 3 MoM – the captain was very consistent and skipped firmly through troubled waters. He was well supported by a great Claudio who put in superb performances, often from the bench.

http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/news-feb-15_zps9xyzz51d.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/news-feb-15_zps9xyzz51d.png.html)

11-01-16, 10:08 AM
Great start of the season... but then some bad results.

Your streak is amazing. I don't think I reached that number of games with Barreirense (although I have one with Benfica over 100 games... but without your self imposed restrictions... so I would say that yours is more impressive... with Benfica I had some great players and so few portuguese :P)

Baron Zbimg
11-01-16, 07:46 PM
Lack of quality depth at AMC is hurting you a bit. The next CL games will be key. Insane talent signed by Sporting upfront although it's not helping them much it seems.

Fantastic run by Portugal, but I feel for Ednilson. Good to still see him dominating !

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11-01-16, 11:56 PM
I can't believe Fihado let you down like that when you gave him a second chance! How is Pinto Neves performing as an AMC?

12-01-16, 04:47 AM
@troza: yes I am quite proud of that record of 78 consecutive unbeaten matches in the Primeira Liga, and even more now that I know that even the great Barreirense of troza could not match it ;-)

@Baron: it's the limits of my in-house players policy, yep... am a bit thin at AMC, clear lack of international-class player there (well apart from Fihado, but that's another matter). Ednilson remains amazing, he's 32 now.

@kuy: Pinto Neves doing ok at AMC, but in my tactic the AMC position has always been a bit of an issue, not sure exactly why. What's important is that Joséto is a natural-born scorer, so an interesting repositioning in my XI.

20-01-16, 10:00 PM
March 2nd, 2015

It was a sunny late winter morning in Setubal; the air was dry and little cold, with a steady south-west Ocean breeze coming through the estuary of the Sado river. The entire squad bar the few injured players (Tosa, Antunes and A.Ferreira) was on the Bonfim training ground. The young lads, joined by disgraced Fihado, were going through drills with assistant head coach Dimantino Figueiredo while Tito was conducting a demanding training session with all 18 players who would be on the match sheet the following day in the key Champions League game against Racing Genk.

The old venerable coach had just turned 75. He had never really taken care of himself during his entire life, but his health was rock solid. Never ill, still going strong. As he was giving his last marching orders, correcting the positioning of one of the lads here, asking for more quality in the passes there... Forbs suddenly stopped and froze. As all eyes turned towards him, Tito suddenly collapsed in the middle of the pitch.

Like a son to a foster father, Ednilson was the first to come to him. Quickly, helped by Nélson Veiga and young coach Marco Tabuas, they carried him outside the grounds while scout Pedro Figueiredo was calling an ambulance from his mobile. Some of the players were in tears as it became obvious Tito had just suffered a massive heart-attack.

He fell into a coma and the doctors soon announced that it was unclear how his condition was going to evolve. The city of Setubal, the entire country and beyond that the entire football world were in complete shock.

Baron Zbimg
21-01-16, 12:16 AM
Oh no Tito ...

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21-01-16, 11:11 AM
That's a big twist in the history... I just hope that this isn't the end of the story!

23-01-16, 11:58 PM
Tito slowly opened one eye, then the other. He was feeling intense pain almost everywhere in his body. He looked around and saw he was in what looked like a hospital room filled with flowers and religious icons. There was a clock on the wall opposite the bed and on top of it was the date: June 6th 2015. The coach remembered clearly the intense pain in his chest that morning on the training grounds, which was… 3 months ago. It did not take him long to figure that he had been unconscious in a coma all that time.

Having no family of his own, his immediate thoughts went to… football. More particularly to Vitoria Setubal and his players. Dear Lord, the season was now over and he knew nothing of what happened! Did the lads make it through to the Champions League quarter-finals? Beyond that? Did they manage to fend off FC Porto’s threat in the Liga? What about the Cup? He looked around the room and there was a large file on the bedside table. After many unfruitful attempts, he managed to grab it and opened. He immediately recognized the handwriting of his assistant coach Dimantino Figueiredo. The first pages were a summary of the end of the season, addressed to coach Forbs. Although his head felt like it was about to explode, he started reading.


Dear Coach,

Since that day in March when you collapsed under our eyes, your entire staff and squad have never stopped praying every morning and every night, hoping that you would quickly recover and come back to us. At every single match in Bonfim since then, the crowd spent most of the game chanting your name rather than those of our players. You mean so much to us! What myself and your staff have tried to do in your absence is simply carry on the way you would have liked to do it, give it all we could every game with the exact same tactics and mindset that you have instilled in this club for the past 15 seasons. This is a short summary of how well did. Of course we would have done better with you, but we think you will be pleased to find out that we managed to retain our domestic title once again.

Champions League (quarter-finals)

The day following your heart attack, we managed to beat Racing Genk in Bonfim (1-0). It was a very emotional moment for everyone and especially for the lads who, although they gave it all they could, struggled to contain their emotions. This result was enough to see us through topping our Phase2 group, which led us to send a very young team against Galatasaray – Bruno Sousa, Jean-Ma, João, Alfredo, José Freitas all started and Telmo came from the bench. You would have been proud of them as we ended-up winning (3-1) in Istanbul, Kaka scoring twice in the last 15’.

We were not too unhappy with the quarter-final draw against Liverpool FC, since we had beaten them twice in the past. Our first leg in Bonfim was mediocre, drawing (0-0) with very few chances on either side while Tosa picked yet another injury (for 3-weeks). You would have enjoyed the night in Anfield, it was a classic European battle; we went in without Paulito, Fernandes and Tosa all injured while Joséto had a goal disallowed for a dubious offside after a few minutes. It was epic with a superb Ednilson (MoM) which won’t surprise you, but the sole goal of the game was from Liverpool new young (19yr-old) star, Dutchman Nico Westerhof – he was too strong for our rock-solid CB pair of Coutinho-Bocas. Despite all our efforts we were out of the CL at the quarter-final stage for the 2nd year running.

AC Milan managed to retain their trophy for the 2nd consecutive year, the first to do so since AS Roma in 2004. They dominated FC Barcelona in the Final (2-0), the Catalans losing their 7th CL final over the past 11 years – for only one victory.

Primeira Liga (champions)

It’s fair to say that after 2 seasons where we demolished all opposition and ran away with the title early on, this year was made tougher not because we struggled more, but simply because of the way FC Porto have raised their game and squad to really challenge us. A key moment we thought was our (1-0) win in Bonfim against Porto on March 8; a tight game during which the Portistas had lots of chances in the 2nd half in particular through our ex-player Cristiano Ronaldo who was excellent. It was our captain Ednilson who was once again the stand-out player for that key match. April was a difficult month with the Champions League quarter-finals, injuries as mentioned earlier and a 3-games suspension picked by Coutinho. We lost at home vs Campomaiorense (0-1) and were lucky to draw at Leiria (1-1) at the end of the month, at which point FC Porto seemed unstoppable and had narrowed the gap to 4-pts only with 3 matches left.

http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p580/RuiEsteves/PL-table-14-15-bis_zpswrhfhinb.png (http://s1156.photobucket.com/user/RuiEsteves/media/PL-table-14-15-bis_zpswrhfhinb.png.html)

In the end though, it was ironically Europe which may have made the difference. We were out of the CL and finished the season like a cannonball, beating Santa Clara (4-1, home), Alverca (3-0, away) and Maritimo (2-1, home) helped by a fantastic Pinto Neves who scored 5 goals during those games. While Porto reached (and lost 0-2, against Rangers) the UEFA Cup Final and finished 7-pts behind us in the end.

Thanks to your work boss, Setubal have managed to win their 8th consecutive Portuguese Champions title, the 10th in their History. We are so proud!

Taça do Portugal (winners)

We managed to win a tough away semi-final in Coimbra (3-2) and so there was a last mission to accomplish: regain our Cup trophy in Jamor against a talented Benfica side, in spite of their disappointing 6th final ranking in the Liga. Although Os Guerreiros utterly dominated the Final, it was a crazy game which we ended up winning (3-2). Paulito was the stand-out player that day and in truth, he had an astonishing season. It is the club’s 10th Taça do Portugal as well, and if we count the Supercup which we won earlier in the year, Vitoria have managed another amazing domestic trebble!!

We of course dedicate those victories to you, Mr Forbs.

At that point Forbs closed the file, just as medical staff entered the room in complete awe that their patient had finally awoken from his coma. Tito would learn later that day, that he was extremely fortunate to be alive but that his heart condition would remain very fragile for the rest of his days. His brain was intact and so were his vital organs, but he was devastated when he was told that he was never to walk again…

24-01-16, 12:36 AM
Love the new direction this story has taken, no idea what's going to happen next!

(Did you holiday those three months?)

24-01-16, 12:51 AM
(Did you holiday those three months?)
nope ;-)

Baron Zbimg
24-01-16, 08:04 PM
Tito is alive and it's all that matters. I hope we still get the awesome season review. And I hope this fantastic story is not over yet ;)

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25-01-16, 01:41 PM
nope ;-)

Aha. I hope not. That would be a waste of CM :P

But I like where you're going with the history. Let's see if this will still be the history of Tito or it starts to turn into the history of the Setúbal dynasty