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16-05-14, 09:33 AM

the top 7 levels in england [may be a year or 2 old tho]
found it lying around and thought if anybody wanted to use it they could,
all pics are bmp and have been resized, you just need to add them to your game.
I must have got it off a FM site as they all have the ID numbers instead of club names but you can make most of them out :ok:

here it is - http://www.sendspace.com/file/qiacb5

I also have a HD stadium pack as well if you wanted that? same thing tho, the ID numbers instead of stad names [but these can be identified thru the FM editor is somebdy has the time to do it, or im pretty sure we could get them all between us :ok:]
it's here is you guys want a crack at it anyhow.

also have millions of other top quality pics on my machine,

here is one of rotherhams new stad, this is the kind of quality i will be dealing with from now on.
It still has to be resized down to fit.

i only deal in HD photos now, clearing out all my normal photos and replacing them all with HD one by one :ok: