View Full Version : Phantom players, why?

04-08-14, 03:56 PM
I'm now at a stage in my game playing were I 'go on holiday' quite a bit, to avoid playing through every single game of the, now quite busy, season.

However, I've started to notice that some 'greyed' out youth team players are getting far more games than (I think) they should.

Now, I might have a slight shortage of DL players, but this player is selected even if my first choice left back is fully fit (this is also a players that has won european defender of the year, three years in a row! Wilfred Bouma).

Make it stop!

Many thanks :)

05-08-14, 08:36 AM
When you holiday you throw your team selection into the hands of the ASS man. Do you select the option to choose selected starting line up?

05-08-14, 07:22 PM
I do.

I have chosen both 'Use Current Tactics' (always) and 'Use Current Team Selection'
He still changes some players around, sometimes (rarely) replacing a perfectly fit player with a 'greyed out' non-entity.
Choosing 'use current selection' seems to lessen this, but that just means it's a different 'actual' player being used than a phantom one.



05-08-14, 07:44 PM
Here's some visual evidence.

Me getting ready for me hols...

Here's who I actually picked to play (ignore the conditions, I took this screenshot later)

And here's who got picked to play by the ASS

Should I sack my assistant?? ;)

05-08-14, 11:50 PM
Ner, its well know that ASS Mans do weird things.

In the DTL the guys running that have the same issues when placing the ASS Man in charge. He chops and changes no matter what instructions you leave him.

08-08-14, 08:33 AM
I have also started using holiday mode as I was running different tactics with multiple clubs in different leagues. It initially seemed good as the seasons flew by but after season 4 all the players were unhappy. A lot of the good young players never get any games as the assistant manager insists on playing the same players even if they are recovering from injury.

I have done this a few times and after a number of seasons I end up restarting as I cant be bothered sorting out an unhappy squad. The flip-side to this is that now I cant face playing game after game :/