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07-08-14, 02:26 PM
CM 3 - Downloads

Any downloads that are available for this particular version of Championship Manager will all be kept updated here. If you have any files that you'd like to share with us, please post them here.


Cam F
12-08-14, 08:20 PM
CM3 official 3.04e patch - https://www.sendspace.com/file/6le5v2

27-06-15, 12:39 PM
Guys, please give a link to the game!

25-06-17, 01:46 PM
CM3 Download link - https://www.mediafire.com/?8xxh5pq958v9v5a

Please bear in mind that you need to install the patch to make it work under recent versions of Windows

01-07-17, 08:26 PM
Is there any way to play it without the cd? Because the game in the link requires the cd and I don't have (like a lot of people). Is there a no-cd crack, like for cm 0001?

Cam F
02-07-17, 09:37 AM
Well a quick google search would indicate so, try googleing championship manager 3 no cd crack...

02-07-17, 07:09 PM
Thanks Cam, but I did that already. Don't find any trustworthy link. Isn't there a simple solution? You know everything about cm0001, how is it done there? Can the process be copied for cm3?

Cam F
02-07-17, 07:58 PM
Gamecopyworld is the same one I used for 0001 & is first which comes up in a google search for championship manager 3 no cd crack.

Easier to just buy it. You can get it from 1p on Amazon with postage takes it to barely over 2.


03-04-18, 03:30 PM
I am trying to play it, but I don't have the CD or a crack. Does anyone knows if it's possible to play it if I download a save game?

Currently, I can run the cm3.exe and start a new game, but when I choose the countries it asks for the CD.

(As I live in South America, I don't think I can get a copy easily).

02-07-18, 01:18 AM
Here's how to get CM3 up and running from previous thread with a link: https://www.mediafire.com/?8xxh5pq958v9v5a

1. Use AnyBurn program and convert its cm3.nrg file into an iso file ready to mount.
2. Run the setup.exe file. If its not loading up, go to task manager and into the details section, right click and access analyze wait chain. Then press end process on file that was preventing the file from installing.
3. Install the CM3 file and eventually you be up and running with the game.

Hope it helps for anyone who can't access the game from anywhere.

Mark M
23-07-18, 02:10 PM
Does CM3 using original big blue box disc have a built indata editor?

Cam F
23-07-18, 07:43 PM
No, use the 0001 editor - https://www.sendspace.com/file/44ie6e , it doesn't delete histories like the 0102 one.

18-10-18, 12:07 PM
CM3 official 3.04e patch - https://www.sendspace.com/file/6le5v2

Hi Cam,

Please can you repost link


Cam F
22-10-18, 06:27 PM

15-06-19, 09:01 AM

Has someone the original clonecd image of the game? (I think the first release of Championship Manager 3, released 1999 spring)

30-09-19, 10:43 AM
Does anyone have a sensitivity fix for CM3?

01-10-19, 09:33 AM
Does anyone have a sensitivity fix for CM3?

Is anyone playing CM3 currently? CM3 and CM99-00 have my favourite version of the database.

09-04-20, 06:25 PM
tried cm3 on tablet. Works perfect but asks cd. Does anyone has an image?

edit: sorry, found it several posts above

09-04-20, 06:50 PM
maybe anyone know what to do with exe to avoid "insert cd"?

Cam F
24-04-20, 09:32 AM

Cam F
25-04-20, 09:04 AM
303f patch - https://www.sendspace.com/file/23wwgj

20-05-20, 04:23 PM
Hi guys someone has the cm scout or something similary for CM3 98/99?

20-05-20, 08:05 PM
for the scout you can use the same of cm scout 2.0...

20-05-20, 09:51 PM
@isitanywonder1 thank you very much :)

20-05-20, 09:58 PM
I have tried the cm scout 2.0 but i have an error message when it's loading at the contract, at 2% there is the error message

19-06-20, 07:41 PM
Hopefully someone can help, I keep getiing stuck as it says insert CD?

I have tried both links Cam F posted above, can any suggest what i am doing wrong?

Thanks in advance guys, depsreate to play CM3 and guide the legend Willie Howie to be the legend he was meant to be.

19-06-20, 09:21 PM
303f patch - https://www.sendspace.com/file/23wwgj

Help Cam F, i cant get past needing to insert the CD