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Offside Trap
09-09-14, 12:58 PM
For those of you that follow the 'Network' forum, you'll already know
what Im about to right. On a scale, in everyone's game, how many seasons
do you play after starting a new game on CM? for me, about 10-12

Me and a couple of the guys, are just about to kick off season 14 on a network
game. Thats right, season 14, we started this way back in December last year,
and here we are, neither of us bored at all.

Although we are the 3 giants of the EPL, the battle is always on for who can claim
the most amount of trophies each season. Finding them regen players, as all the
old guard are way above 30 now. I have Messi and RVP on my staffing

Money is now of no object to either of us, after all, we find ourselves turning down bids
of 90 M + for players as theirs just not the quality to replace. The latest big transfer news
involves myself, having sold a regen at end of season 12 for 98M, i purchased him back for 48M,
a fee that I would never dream of paying out, but like I say, money isnt an issue, quality between us 3

Feel free to have a look at the thread below of the game


09-09-14, 01:31 PM
I usually play one save after every update and it lasts about 8-10 seasons. After that, I'm done until the next update and so.

09-09-14, 01:43 PM
Usually 1-3 seasons for me.

Offside Trap
09-09-14, 02:01 PM
Only 1-3 seasons?

I assume you always choose top tier teams?

09-09-14, 02:06 PM
Choose top teams when I play online. And play single player rarely these days, so not often I`m Stoke anymore.

09-09-14, 02:42 PM
I usually play 5-7 seasons before I quit and start a new save. I guess I would go on for longer if that pesky "can't get a job abroad"-bug was fixed - I quit because I get bored with dominating a league/nation but can't land a decent job elsewhere without tinkering with editors and stuff. I often end up in an amateur club with no players in Italy Serie C2A, play for a couple of months before I go "nah, f** this, I'll start over".

09-09-14, 04:53 PM
Just started a new save because my previous installed 01/02 was fucked up. To me it feels like a downfall, since my previous, beloved, save was in the 2071/2072 season. So 60-ish season underway. With the new save I'm in 2011 :pout: Feels like a drama to me.

Usually try to keep it up as long as possible.

Offside Trap
09-09-14, 04:55 PM
I know that feeling, our network game was on a back of a prior game well into our 12th season,then fuck knows what happened, but all 3 saved games (i double them) corrupted and lost the lot