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15-12-14, 01:28 AM
how to get a work permit scraped or make it so the player can come to the club

15-12-14, 01:34 AM
Offer over 40k in wages or use a tool called EEC Hack (http://www.champman0102.co.uk/downloads.php?do=file&id=24)

Have you ever wished that you could purchase that fantastic 19 year old Brazillian, but been turned down by the Department of Employement. What about if you usually play in Serie A? Sick of being limited to three foreigners?

Then wish no more, with this program, you can easily make countries part of the EEC, thereby removing the need for a work permit altogether which will be useful for bringing in talented non-EU players who wouldn't normally qualify for a work permit. This would also allow you to drop foreigners without being stuck with a player who has no work permit.