View Full Version : more money/not get sacked when i lose

15-12-14, 01:45 AM
i need infinite cash and to not get sacked when i lose please

15-12-14, 01:48 AM

15-12-14, 01:51 AM
its true i cant get a good team with Dundee there all 30 year olds 4 or 5 get injured every two minutes into a match

15-12-14, 01:52 AM
Use a Save game editor to give yourself more cash and also use a cheat tactic and you will never get sacked

15-12-14, 01:58 AM
cheat tactic how what do you refer too

15-12-14, 02:02 AM
Have a read here Tactics (http://www.champman0102.co.uk/forumdisplay.php?f=261)

01-02-15, 08:09 PM
I'm about to begin my 6th season and have a 200 million transfer fund. Not infinite and took a lot of sacrifices to get there but if you keep your wage bill down and do well the money builds up quickly.

04-02-15, 08:23 AM
It also builds up very quick if you win things

Cam F
04-02-15, 06:25 PM
A good tac will do fine, you don't need much money in 0001, there are amazing players all round world you can pick up from free to 200k. I never spend big and scout all top nations with a scout from that country and works a treat.