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15-12-14, 08:16 PM
Like the title says, would people be interested in a CM series? I done one or two a while back, but never posted them here.

I feel it'd be a good way to get popurlarity back on my channel, and on for this (very old) game.


01-01-15, 03:21 AM
I'm still wondering if anyone would be interested in a youtube series?

Baron Zbimg
01-01-15, 11:44 AM
Probably if it's good

08-01-15, 03:07 PM
I figure it would be easier to make it entertaining by writing it rather than doing videos, since I would imagine commentary would be a pain (plus I think writing would give you a lot more freedom to develop characters etc if you wanted to expand from just the matches themselves). I'd give it a watch like and see if it is entertaining.

16-01-15, 10:25 PM
Yeah, I might give it a look as well. Depends what kinda series it ends up being, really.

silent alarm
24-07-15, 08:27 PM
Hi guys,

I've been a long-time member but I usually just lurk these forums.

I thought you'd appreciate this article on Cherno Samba posted on BBC Sport a couple of hours ago:

The story about ordering a phone reminded me of a book I read a while back with loads of Champ Man anecdotes:

It was a fun read but I'm not sure it's worth £10.

Anyway, I just thought you guys might enjoy the Cherno article!

24-07-15, 09:32 PM
Nice one - maybe explains 10 sales on ebay for us on past few hours!

I read that book as well - worth reading :ok:

24-07-15, 10:24 PM
I was just about to post a thread about this! Yeah, it's a shame he's had to retire so early, and that his career was less illustrious than CM01/02 had predicted. Whenever I see articles about footballers who were more well-known for their Champ Man exploits than their real-life exploits, I can't tell whether it's amusing or sad. There were so many: Samba, Mark Kerr, Tonton Zola Moukoko, Justin Georcelin... how many of them truly held such promise and how many of them were just poor judgement? I doubt we'll ever know.

24-07-15, 10:48 PM
Some were poor judgement. More recent being 'The New Thuram' Tony Huston and his stellar career of Le Mans II, Verona (0 apps), La Louviere Centre (7 apps), free agent for over a year

25-07-15, 05:00 AM
Just saw this posted on our CM Facebook page.

25-07-15, 03:50 PM
Freddy Adu is another perfect example. Shame his career didn't work out although wasn't he decent at Plymouth?

26-07-15, 03:49 AM
Hes still only 19 isnt he?

27-07-15, 01:39 PM
26 now, I think.

27-07-15, 02:10 PM
26 now, I think.

Thanks :happy:

27-07-15, 05:21 PM
man was a legend. i remember him at Plymouth Argyle. seemed like everyone knew who he was even before e got here, scored for us away at coventry, place went nuts.
he tried his best and played to the crowd, but he was never really going anywhere, shame really.

22-11-15, 07:35 AM
Hi guys,

I've been a long-time member but I usually just lurk these forums.

I thought you'd appreciate this article on Cherno Samba posted on BBC Sport a couple of hours ago:

The story about ordering a phone reminded me of a book I read a while back with loads of Champ Man anecdotes:

It was a fun read but I'm not sure it's worth £10.

Anyway, I just thought you guys might enjoy the Cherno article!

Oh wow! Straight to my wishlist!

On the same topic, I recenly asked Wael Reyad (my fav CM/FM player all time) on Twitter if he knew about his virtual fame (although I'm sure he does).
No answer :D
I'm sure most of them see it in a negative way more than anything. People know them for virtual gaming, while they are actual player, and they wish they were known for whom they really are, not in a game

06-04-16, 05:53 PM
Hi all don't know if this is the correct forum to post this but this is an article I did for the Wigan Athletic fanzine "The Mudhutter" which came out last week.

Championship Manager
(On a budget)

We all love football management games don’t we? If you can’t stand them just take a minute before you rip this page out and persevere with me. Now you might not like them but maybe your kids do or even your grandkids so stick around and let me save you some money and get one up on’t t’other granddad.

The current Football Manager 2016 game retails for around £40 on Amazon. So let’s say you decide to have Spam butties for a week so you can afford to buy this for the kids. In a couple of days the said game plops onto your Welcome mat and you and the kids fire up the old computer so you can blaze a trail across the football world. Except you can’t... unless you upgrade to a new computer that can support the specifications this game so hungrily needs. I won’t bore you with the details (Has if you’re not bored already) but the good ol’ USA landed a man on the moon in 1969 with a ZX Sinclair Speccy with 16kb of ram (No need to Google just trust me)

So your dream of winning the Champions League with Wigan Athletic is over, or is it...
Fear not skint dad/granddad I have the answer to your Championship Conundrum and it won’t cost you a penny! (Unless you want to buy me a pint of cider such is your gratitude ahem) First of all head over to the excellent website http://champman0102.co.uk

Once there you can download the official Eidos Championship Manager 2001/2002 game free. Eidos have made this freely available as long as you get it from their site which the download link will take you to. Also download Virtual Clone Drive from https://www.elby.ch/en/products/vcd.html with this you can “mount” (Stop sniggering at the back) the game. This means you can install the game without copying it to a disk.

Next up download SI Games Official Patch v3.9.68 from the Championship Manager site this fixes a lot of bugs in the original game. Unzip the patch and it will automatically install into the game. That’s it you can play Championship Manager 01/02. What’s that? You wanted an up to date version? With all the latest transfers? Okay, okay it’s time for a brew and surely you don’t need me to tell you how to do that? No sugar and light on the milk please. Oh and throw in a couple or six chocolate digestives too...

Right let’s get cracking again. On the Championship Manager 01/02 website go to the “downloads” section and under the “Patches” section find and download “Tapani 2.21.1” and run it. This patch will allow you to apply updates to data, graphics, tactics etc.
Now go to the download section again and under “Data Updates” find and download “October 2015 update” Follow the tutorial on the site to install this to your game and viola you have all the players from the 2015/16 season!

Now for the fun bit with no torpid technical details because the Championship Manager 01/02 website has all the tutorials you’ll need to make it a supercharged visual delight.
Take a look at the Forum section on the site and you’ll see different sections such as Data Updates, Graphics, Networking, Patches, and Tactics etc. From these groups you can modify Champ Manager to your own tastes. For instance you can play the game with a Legends Database that will include at least 6 legendary players from each Premiership Club. You can also play seasons like 87/88 or 95/96 etc

The site has just posted an April 2016 preview and with this you can look at the Wigan Athletic data and inform the programmers of any changes you think should be made and they will update the data so that when the April update is finalised it will be completely up to date. The work the team of volunteers do on this game is amazing and you can donate as little as £1 towards the cost of running the site. This will give you a VIP subscription but you don’t have to if you would rather not.
I actually spend more time tinkering with the game than I do playing it. I’ve changed the fonts to my tastes. Imported tactics (I’m currently using the Paris Saint - Germain formation) Picked up training tips, refined my set piece routines, played tika taka, long ball (Ooo which ones best latics fans?) You can set your team to tackle like Charles Hawtrey or Charles Bronson. Say a player on the opposing team gets a yellow card you can make one of your team to keep running at him so that he’d be loathe to tackle for fear of getting a red card or he will actually get sent off. Some players will dislike other players in the same side and have to be kept apart!

I have also imported all the current team logos to the game plus stadiums, legends pictures etc. You can even set up your own database which I’ve not got round to yet but a league comprising all the players and teams from the 1970/71 Northern Premier League is on my ever lengthening to do list.
So what are you waiting for Dad/Grandad/Mum/Grandmother? Follow the tutorials on the Championship Manager 01/02 website and you will soon get the hang of it.
If you prefer a simpler Football Manager game I recommend you get Dosbox you can Google it or visit www.dosbox.com its a free emulator that allows you to play old games or D-Fend Reloaded from http://dfendreloaded.sourceforge.net/

Then go to www.homeoftheunderdogs.net and download Ultimate Soccer Manager games, the Premier Manager series etc. Many other websites have old games for free but only use trusted sites. You can find guides and tutorials on these sites and YouTube etc. It may seem complicated at first but it’s worth persevering and hey if I can do it (and I’ve only just learned to tie my shoelaces) then anybody can.

Happy gaming!

Tony Topping

Please forgive any inaccuracies

06-04-16, 06:05 PM
A good read apart from one glaring error.

You failed to mention me, the funniest man on the forum (2015) and winner of Post of the Year (2015).

The more people on here the better mate, nicely done!

06-04-16, 10:56 PM
Nice one mate - good article - cheers for getting us out there in the Wigan fanzine!

Good luck for rest of the season! :ok:

07-04-16, 11:17 AM
Phew! Thanks lads glad it was okay :-)

07-04-16, 12:21 PM
Thanks Terry, I had been meaning to share the article this week but been a bit bogged down with work at work (fancy that!).

A great read and I trust it went down well in the fanzine?

07-04-16, 01:34 PM
Thanks Mark, yes it went down well and hopefully some of those who read it made their way to this excellent site.

And we sold out :-)

Thank you

20-05-16, 01:45 PM
Afternoon lads,

I answered a few questions for a chap who emailed me directly. He's since published the questions as part of a blog about the game which is an interesting read.

Here it is: https://smfyfe.wordpress.com/2016/05/20/what-happened-to-the-heroes-of-championship-manager-0102/


20-05-16, 02:18 PM
Interesting read :ok: Hearing from real life players is great

20-05-16, 03:02 PM
It was a good read. Some of the players mentioned weren't ones I am familiar with. Would be good to try and do a feature on the other ODB players too.

20-05-16, 04:59 PM
Nice read... although Inzaghi's younger brother had some nice years in his pro career... at least I remember watching goals of him at that time, when I watched euronews after the breakfast :P

12-02-17, 11:36 AM

12-02-17, 12:52 PM
Awesome read. Bloody brilliant. Keep screaming at my screen "use a decent .tct you absolute arse!!".

12-02-17, 10:35 PM


12-02-17, 10:50 PM

Absolutely brilliant.. The injury to fowler, followed up with injury to Andy Cole and not being able to add an injured Sheringham :lol:

13-02-17, 11:22 PM
Brilliant :D

17-02-17, 10:00 AM
'Dunn in the Butt' by the way.


09-09-17, 08:14 PM

please vote :)

09-09-17, 09:17 PM
Voted for Frey :)

09-09-17, 10:14 PM

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10-09-17, 04:34 AM

my fave wasnt on the list. CM 93/94 Michale Stensgaard!

10-09-17, 10:26 AM
Nice tweeter page <ok> started to follow :)

10-09-17, 01:56 PM
No one said Eneyama?! Seriously :P. Best GK ever...

10-09-17, 09:11 PM
Voted other - was always partial to picking up Jamie Langfield relatively cheaply!

11-09-17, 03:45 PM
Cheers people, will put the next poll up next week.

Yeah I should have added Jamie langfield really.

11-09-17, 04:44 PM
Chiotis all day long

17-09-17, 11:13 AM
please vote here


17-09-17, 12:34 PM
Hope you have the duff duff music ready for when Duff wins :lol:

17-09-17, 01:37 PM

17-09-17, 01:39 PM


17-09-17, 02:29 PM
Where's the Swedish dude, Andersson? Better than Duff...probably.

17-09-17, 08:22 PM

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18-09-17, 07:21 AM
Where is Javier Zanetti ?

18-09-17, 10:18 AM
Was always a big fan of Daniele Bonera

20-09-17, 03:51 PM
Emil Krafth for me followed closely by Michael Duff and Carl Laurie.

20-09-17, 03:53 PM
Honourable mention for Kristian Ravneng.

Craig Forrest
20-09-17, 04:13 PM
I always bought Luciano Zauri back in the day.... always.... he was my go to DR

20-09-17, 04:20 PM
I always bought Luciano Zauri back in the day.... always.... he was my go to DR

Atalanta was one of my favourite ODB teams, some class players there.

21-09-17, 01:45 PM
Okoronkwo (and Left or Centre, wherever needed), Thuram, Francisco Arce and Jesus Arellano

21-09-17, 01:49 PM
Arellano was an end boss if you got a low injury proneness value

https://s6.postimg.org/ku4bxn0a9/jesus_arellano.jpg (https://postimages.org/)

Craig Forrest
21-09-17, 02:06 PM
I always bought Arellano too, due to my love of Monterrey..... but I played him as a winger/forward

he was D/AM/F wasn't he?.... or is the senility affecting my brain again

21-09-17, 02:15 PM
Could be Omar Arellano?

21-09-17, 02:15 PM
He was a D/AM/FR indeed CF :ok:

I didn't use wingers until I joined this forum so have 9 years of him playing RB :D

24-09-17, 09:54 AM
You can vote here.


will post end results when we have the full team.

24-09-17, 05:02 PM
Mexes is a fave irl but in 93/94 there was noboby better than Paul Warhurst!

25-09-17, 09:16 AM
Probably the most difficult choice yet. Went for Taribo West over Said but I'd also throw in Mario Yepes as a favourite, and John Curtis from CM 97/98

25-09-17, 09:21 AM
Ibrahim Said :ok:

Lewis Buxton though? :lol:

26-09-17, 03:55 PM
Assane N'Diaye for me tbh.. Solid pairing him and King Taribo West

26-09-17, 10:25 PM
Christian Chivu for me, I think.

27-09-17, 05:19 PM
Hofland, Klompe, Okoronkwo, N'Diaye, Nesta, so hard to choose :D

01-10-17, 02:22 PM

01-10-17, 07:58 PM
Toss up between Lizarazu and Volodenkov

02-10-17, 08:44 AM
Chivu, although if I had a few FGNs in my squad already I'd opt for Gareth Barry instead

02-10-17, 09:39 AM
Vincent Candela was always solid for me playing ODB with Roma. But Dorsin belonged to my favorite swedish team so got my vote.

02-10-17, 09:42 AM
Jamie Victory gets an honourable mention for lower league teams.

02-10-17, 09:49 AM
Andrey Milevskiy :love:

02-10-17, 10:00 AM
Okoronkwo again :D

He was a DLRC on .60

02-10-17, 10:28 AM
Arca and Milevskiy were favourites of mine. Used Okoronkwo across the back too, along with Fabio Rustico though he's not mentioned

02-10-17, 10:38 AM
Giampaolo Bellini was another favourite, I preferred to play Rustico at centre back with Bellini left back.

02-10-17, 11:38 AM
Gareth Jelleyman :D Wasn't he more 00/01 than 01/02?

Kenny Dalglish's Smile
02-10-17, 01:19 PM
Lee Young-Pyo.

No Georgatos, no Paul Dillon - so many good DLs over the years. Silvestre also crazy good on 0102.

02-10-17, 02:02 PM
Super Greek Kalogeras as well.

02-10-17, 02:27 PM
Runar Normann from Coventry was always my favorite in the early days along with Jamie Victory.

02-10-17, 05:21 PM
Arca. If you could get him then he rarely got injured, notched up over a hundred appearances for Argentina and averaged around the 8 mark every season I had him.

Victory was a great back up, never complaining.

Oh...and Tiatto. Great bombing forward.

02-10-17, 07:31 PM
Jamie Victory used to do a great job all the way to the premiership.

Jamie Victory DL/Mike Duff DR (legends)

02-10-17, 08:16 PM
Duffman was the best bar none!

Kenny Dalglish's Smile
03-10-17, 12:54 PM
This is gonna be my theme in these threads, but there are so many premium options missing here. Mike Duff is the best cheap right back you can get, isn't he? Surely? Well, yes, if you ignore:

Ravneng (mentioned here)
or Danny Boxall (can easily rate close to 8 season after season in top leagues)
or Marcin Kaczmarek who is actually the best right back and the best left back and is free in 0102

You could also spend some money.

Zanetti (mentioned here already) - I mean, he MUST be in this poll, surely?
and then Zauri (mentioned here)
and Arellano (mentioned here)
and so many from Serie A, including all the big clubs but even guys like Comotto at Torino (has a release clause even)
and what about Joaquin? Or Biscan? Or Contra?

So Mike Duff is probably the best, if you ignore all the other best ones :p

03-10-17, 05:15 PM
Arca and Bouma were favorites of mine back in the early days.

03-10-17, 11:46 PM
Taribo West

04-10-17, 07:45 AM
Taribo West

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04-10-17, 07:46 AM
Mike Duff

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04-10-17, 07:46 AM
Frey, closely followed by nigmatullin

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06-10-17, 04:40 PM
Cafu :peace:

06-10-17, 04:41 PM
Roberto Carlos :noidea:

06-10-17, 04:43 PM
Have you ever A. Nesta? :whistle:

06-10-17, 04:44 PM
Teddy Lucic

06-10-17, 04:47 PM
Nesta or Walter Samuel.

08-10-17, 11:15 AM

08-10-17, 11:44 AM
Where's Mark Kerr?
[EDIT] Didn't see that it said DEFENSIVE midfielder.

08-10-17, 12:09 PM
Couple of random ones, Daniel di Donato and Adrian Bastia. I used to take fallen giants back to the top, Napoli when in Serie C, Reims, Fortuna Düsseldorf and had them both from quite low down right through to Champions League winners.

08-10-17, 12:24 PM
Lucio, Said, Hofland

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08-10-17, 01:08 PM
Taribo West

08-10-17, 01:09 PM
Marajó, Kallstrom, Nikiforenko, Kerr

08-10-17, 01:10 PM

08-10-17, 01:11 PM

08-10-17, 01:12 PM
Hugo Pinheiro

08-10-17, 01:18 PM
Anyone not saying Kaluzny is clearly doing meth !

08-10-17, 01:38 PM
Marajó, Kallstrom, Nikiforenko, Kerr

None are DMC’s.

- - - Updated - - -

Anyone not saying Kaluzny is clearly doing meth !

I don’t but if you’ve got some going :D

08-10-17, 03:37 PM
P. Vieira :D

08-10-17, 05:57 PM
Wasn't Kallstrom a DM/FC in one update?

08-10-17, 06:12 PM
I've tried Assane N'Diaye plenty of times but he never provides the required performances for me for some reason. Kieron Dyer, on the other hand, that's a name I'm missing from that list.

08-10-17, 06:13 PM
You could be right I think on .68 he was at Djugarden and was a DMC.

09-10-17, 01:01 AM
Igor Biscan - Utter shite in real life (even if he did help us reach the CL Final in 05)

But in game, he was a god :hail:

09-10-17, 01:55 PM
Lee Guttridge :cool:

13-10-17, 05:09 AM
searching for Kieron Dyer..... nothing. :confused:

13-10-17, 07:33 AM
Check post 9, he’s more a winger for me than a DMC.

13-10-17, 07:47 AM
No Edgar Davids? I think Vieira was the beast but rarely got to buy him. Damiano Tommasi mostly did the work for me in a satisfying way at Roma!

13-10-17, 11:32 AM
Voted Kaluzny as he was always a bargain bosman to pick up.

My favoured formation required two DMCs (3-2-3-2 if you're interested) so always a key position and so many greats - Keane and Butt (with Michael Stewart as backup/future prospect) were always ready made for it at United, Michael Carrick, Guardiola on a free in .60, Billy McKinlay as a free for a lower league club, Kallstrom in .68 (although he'll always be AM/F C to me), Kieron Dyer (he'll always be a DM RC to me) and, most obscurely, Marcus Jones for my hometown team Northwich Victoria (D/DM C, pretty awful stats even by Conference standards but always seemed to perform)

Kenny Dalglish's Smile
13-10-17, 11:56 AM
Lotthar Matteus when he was SWC/DMC...

Honourable shouts: davids, vieira, kaluzhny

From this list... Dean Keates and Carl Laurie on CM98/99

Kenny Dalglish's Smile
13-10-17, 11:58 AM
any other love for Paull Dillon?

Nesta across many editions.

15-10-17, 11:07 AM

please vote, full voted for team will be posted later.

15-10-17, 11:40 AM
Don Hutchinson!!!!!

15-10-17, 11:48 AM
Rafael van der Vaart, I think.

15-10-17, 01:32 PM
Stefan Selakovic, cheap as chips and performs at any level.

15-10-17, 01:37 PM
Of course Joe Cole. Carrick as DM with Aimar, Riquelme and J.Cole as the midfielders and Defoe or Saviola as striker.

15-10-17, 03:38 PM
Mark Kerr :ok:

Kim Kallstrom gets a special mention too as does Tonton Zola Moukoko although he was more of a legend on 00/01.

17-10-17, 09:47 AM
Hardest choice yet but Mark Kerr gets it by a whisker from Kallstrom, Joe Cole and Aimar

17-10-17, 10:15 AM
Aghahowa was cheap as a nut and would perform at top level for 10+ seasons no matter where you put him.

17-10-17, 11:02 AM
Juan Roman Riquelme and Abgar Barsom

17-10-17, 03:37 PM
Where is Paulo Ferreira (very good on CM 01/02, original database) or Pah Modou Kah? :P aha. I can't remeber who I used to buy on CM 98/99 so... :P

Okoronkwo is also great... Van Den Borre... I remember him from the only FM I played :P

17-10-17, 03:56 PM
I must admit that's one of those positions where I wouldn't give much (detonante played with a forward there... the only game I have, I remember Bruno from Grémio, Ronaldo - the original - or José Mari and with 4132Pool... with Barreirense I played most of the game with regens). So, I have to go with CM 98/99 (where I played with 4-1-2-1-2) and my recent games with 5-3-2 attacking (where my goal is actually play with these guys. I voted Ronaldinho because that's the only one that I really love for more than a game (one of the few names I remember from CM 00/01... he and Claudio Oeiras would be my forwards for long years). But here is a list:

- João Pinto (CM 98/99): just wow!! Great player in that game (and on 01/02, although I only bought him in my last game with Benfica this month and he already retired, but on 01/02 I only liked him at F C);
- Robbie Keane (CM 98/99): my favourite player from this game. I actually started a game with Wolves and I lost a save file when the power went off while I was saving... I had Figo on my team... bah. When I got this guy playing with Benfica, João Pinto always moved to forward :P
- Ryan Giggs (CM 98/99): only played him there a couple of times (Robbie Keane was always the onwer of the position even when I played with Man Utd) but this guy was a dribbling machine (it is just me or he did had games with more than 20 dribles on that game?)

- Ronaldinho (CM 00/01 and 01/02): do I need to say anything?
- Nikiforenko (CM 01/02): only sold him cause I started a game to buy Ronaldinho to Benfica... but he is not bad :P ahaha;
- Totti (CM 01/02): made a game with Rome, using 5-3-2 and tried to make him a real number 10 (freedom or whatever it is called in english, forward movements, hold ball, through passes and he was the organizer) and he played great until he was 37 or 38 and still had his moments until he had 40 years hold. Loved that game... now stuck a couple of days after he retired (I actually went back to schedule a friendly on the day that he retired);
- Véron (CM 01/02): he is just great in this game;

Honorable mention (guys that I enjoy playing with recently or that I have an idea of using):
- Roberto Baggio (CM 01/02): he was the first one I chose to be Totti's sub on my Rome game. He didn't play much but I enjoyed him (he is F C right?)
- Zahovic (CM 01/02): I never like him when I use Benfica but he was amazing for me in my long save with Barreirense and helped me to get my first league title and made team of the year. Just for that reason, he's here. Also... In CM 98/99 I nevel played with him but he always had 10 with the computer... sometimes he was the man of the match even unfairly. I must admit that I didn't see many of the other stats when I played that game but there was a game between Porto and Inter that Inter won 5-2. Ronaldo scored 5 goals, Zahovic scored one and had one assist or only had one assist... something like that... he was the man of the match!! lol.

I must admit that I never played with Mark Kerr. That's stupid, I know. The game has almost 20 years and I never got him for whatever reason! Agahowa never played in that position for me, Kim Kallstrom is good but I never though that he was that great, I remember Aimar being great on both CMs but I can't cleary remember anything besides signing him a lot... I liked Bruno from Grémio... Riquelme did great for me but always on other position (M C) and I bet that there are some other great names there that I'm forgetting.

17-10-17, 04:06 PM
I don't get to vote (is it over?) but Chiotis was my first choice but I must admit that recently I'm doing a lot better with Hugo Pinheiro (I always got both).

Voulgaris is the third keeper I would always get on CM 01/02. Can we say Buffon? And Marco Sartoari or Sartori or whatever... he was great in my Rome game. Amazing keeper... not that good in my last Benfica game.

On CM 98/99... I must admit that I don't remember who did I get... Dida? I think it was him, from Corinthians!

17-10-17, 04:11 PM
CM 98/99: I remember Litos, Beto and Walter Samuel... Sebastian Mendez? Those two I'm not sure.

CM 01/02: besides the classic ones (West would be my vote because he is free at the start, N'Diaye, Okoronkwo, Rio Ferdinand, Nesta, Walter Samuel, Cannavaro): Lassissi (from Rome), Rustico (Atalanta), Baldini (Salernitana?), Fernando Couto, Argel...

And Samuel Okikiolu (from Wimbledon)? He is rubbish almost all games... but I had one where he was better than any other center back, including Rio Ferdinand... and I had both with Nesta!!

17-10-17, 04:17 PM
Gattuso? He was great in the game... :P Dyer, Hargreeves, Zé Elias, Kaluzny, N'Diaye, Ibrahim Said (I never though he was a beast but was a cheap alternative), Mark Van Bommel, Edgar Davids, Guardiola, Roy Keane,... Some mentions from my last games:
- Liverani (Perugia? I don't remember and I signed him in my last 2 games);
- Pedro Emanuel (DM/F C), he is a starter in the national team for me even if I didn't sign him... and I'm playing with him at MC C;
- Pelé (Imortal?)... these two just for fun.

I should know more players but I don't remember... lol. I don't remember buying Patrick Vieira... Kaluzny has some nice moments for me but I don't remember it working as expected... he was good but I expected a best in the world :P ahaha.

17-10-17, 11:30 PM
Having played ten seasons as Newcastle manager, its Kieron Dyer in 01/02 without question - the only problem is having to reject twenty offers a week EVERY sodding week from the likes of Real Madrid and Man Utd!

18-10-17, 07:04 AM
I've been looking at all the lists and didn't see Dillon's name and had completely forgotten him but was awesome for me in many a game

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Kenny Dalglish's Smile
18-10-17, 11:55 AM
Considering how brilliant he was in certain versions and what happened to him in real life, Willie Howie.

18-10-17, 12:11 PM
Justin Walker from Lincoln.

18-10-17, 01:03 PM
Ronaldinho :ok:

18-10-17, 01:31 PM
Mark Kerr :hail:

18-10-17, 03:33 PM
I have a long-term game running now, and I had Ryan Williams, and AMRLC originally with Hull City, who was amazing in any of the six M and AM positions. I usually played him AMR, but he was a perfect fit in an attacking minded MC role.

Big fan of Aimar and Kerr of course, and Van Bommel too, who was better at MC than DMC (I think he has 15 DM and 15 AM, and the DM rating overrides the AM in the visible position in the game).

As a #10 behind a front 2 you couldn't go far wrong with Luis Enrique for a couple of seasons.

The Twitter account of the OP considers all old-school CM games - in this case there is no match for Real Madrid B legend Carlos Sierra Fumero Sandro from CM2 Spain (although the CM2 Neil Lennon runs him close). Sandro is, in my mind, the best CM player ever.

18-10-17, 05:24 PM
A few of these stories knocking around, but how's this one:

A CHINESE football fan has made a 12,000-mile pilgrimage to visit his favourite English football team.

Huang Wenbin was not heading for Liverpool or Manchester United - but the humble surroundings of Millbank Linnets Stadium to see Runcorn Linnets of the ninth-tier North West Counties League Premier Division.

His love for the club dates back to his days spent playing Championship Manager 01/02, when he decided to take charge of Runcorn FC Halton as they were then known, taking them all the way to the top-flight.

http://www.runcornandwidnesworld.co.uk/news/15604827.Football_fan_travels_6_000_miles_from_Chi na_to_visit_Runcorn_FC_after_falling_in_love_with_ them_on_Football_Ma/

Runcorn have traditionally been my most local non-league club, though Widnes FC and Runcorn Town have sprung up in recent years.

The thing that's bugging me about this story is that they aren't even in the Conference on the game, so he's obviously gone with a bit of trickery in the editor to get them in!

18-10-17, 11:19 PM
Editor crazy if he signed the likes of Beckham as well.

19-10-17, 08:51 AM
Well... it can happen natually if you play one season and take charge of a recently promoted club? Or not? I must admit that I never played in the conference a full season (I think I tried Telford on CM 98/99).

If someone here played with Barreirense and comes to Barreiro (only me? Ok... :P), I will be glad to show where the old Campo Manuel the Mello was and see a game (hopefully, the derby Barreirense vs Fabril or the basketball derby Barreirense vs Galitos) :P aha.

19-10-17, 09:11 AM
Haha fair play! Don't remember Runcorn ever being a manageable team though?

19-10-17, 11:21 AM
Haha fair play! Don't remember Runcorn ever being a manageable team though?

The only game they have been manageable on is FM2005, when they were in Conference North.

As troza said, they could have maybe come up after one season (someone more knowledgable than me might be able to confirm what happens to the teams that finish in the relegation in the Conference - do they actually disappear or do they stay in)

19-10-17, 02:18 PM
Runcorn aren't manageable at the start but they're often promoted into Conference, if not after the first season so not too long after.

20-10-17, 05:46 PM
Nikiforenko, Messera, Leandro Romagnoli, D'Alessandro were a few of my favourites.

20-10-17, 06:57 PM
Obviously you idiots never played 93/94

22-10-17, 10:01 AM

22-10-17, 11:17 AM
Saviola for me, more on 99/00 than 01/02, but he's one of my all time favourite CM players.

22-10-17, 12:33 PM
Jermain Defoe, part of the great talented 'West Ham 4' (Carrick, Ferdinand and Joe Cole). Altough gotta admit I always used him next to Saviola :D

22-10-17, 12:52 PM
A few random names for me, Pierre Webo, Jay Lucas and Fausto Rossini.

22-10-17, 02:09 PM
For me it has to be the The Legendary To Madeira.

For many years he would be my go to striker (Way before I found out he wasnt real)

Other than him, I would say Justin Georcelin or Cherno Samba. Never ever purchased Tsigalko and as I would never start with a club in a country where he could get a work permit.

Oh and a final shout out to the Legend that is Leon Fortune-West :hail:

Kenny Dalglish's Smile
22-10-17, 05:29 PM
In 0102 Luca Toni could be absolutely brilliant and not expensive if Brescia are relegated, which they usually are

Andri Sigthorsson on CM99 where he had PA: 200 is probably the greatest CM striker IMO.

23-10-17, 09:32 AM
In 0102 Luca Toni could be absolutely brilliant and not expensive if Brescia are relegated, which they usually are.


Anelka and Konstantinou on CM0001 (both decent on CM0102 also)

Joao Paiva

23-10-17, 09:34 AM
Per Erikson-Olsson

23-10-17, 09:35 AM
Mark Kerr and re-train him into a DMC :)

23-10-17, 09:54 AM
A who's who of childhood heroes if there ever was one.

Went for Cherno Samba - simply because of the first 01/02 season I played (and continued to play for many, many years) he was my talisman, signed on a free after a few years in Roma's reserves, and as I wasn't bothered about researching the game online etc it felt liked I'd unearthed a gem (who turned out to be probably the most famous gem in CM/FM history)

But there are so many on (and not on) that list

Leonenko and a pre-United Solskjaer in 95/96
Nevland, Negri, Neset, Rozental, Bakayoko, Salas in 97/98
Skalidis, Madeira, Papadopoulos, Cavenaghi (who I only had for the first time in a recent game when I moved clubs), Paiva, Georcelin, Defoe, Dunwell and probably far too many more to mention in 01/02

23-10-17, 11:47 AM
A no brainer for me. Tsigalko always was, and always will be, the king of cm 01/02.

25-10-17, 08:56 AM
I must say that my favourite striker ever on CM 01/02 was Samba but I only made one game with him as a starter (on Man Utd I always used van Nistelroy as a starter).

But I had to vote for Tó Madeira... starter or not, I have a great number of game where he was the best.

About Tsigalko... if I keep playing my game with Benfica I will use him for the first time :D

26-10-17, 03:35 PM
Got to be Samba for me!

26-10-17, 05:00 PM
For 01/02 it's got to be To Madeira for me, although I've had the most success when playing Morientes up front as a lone forward.

If we're talking any CM, then it'll be Ignacio Arteaga on 03/04. Stats don't make him look overly special but he always gets a ton of goals for me and pushes out whatever top striker I had. Rarely hear him mentioned but complete legend to me, and I look forward to seeing if he can replicate that on 01/02 in the new CML.

Also a shout for Supat Rungratsamee.

29-10-17, 11:09 AM

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29-10-17, 02:02 PM
You voted for can be found here.


30-10-17, 11:10 AM
I don't think any of my votes made it into the final XI :D

30-10-17, 06:05 PM
This was the team that was voted for by the CM0102 Facebook and Twitter followers in October 2014.

https://s1.postimg.org/5jmwuszq67/allstar.png (https://postimages.org/)

01-11-17, 08:24 PM
Someone else who I forgot until sadly just learning of his death aged 35 - RIP Abubakari Yakubu, always a great option at RB or DM

Kenny Dalglish's Smile
03-11-17, 12:24 PM
Akinfeev the greatest CM keeper? Didn't see that one coming!

03-11-17, 12:28 PM
Or Fredy Guarin

03-11-17, 12:45 PM
Tó Madeira is missing... how is that possible? :P ahahaha

03-11-17, 07:48 PM
It's CM and FM lads.

03-11-17, 11:29 PM
David Collins

05-11-17, 11:31 AM
Robert boateng in cm 0102 v.60. Put him behind two forwards with an arrow up in between them and he's friggin' unstoppable. When he scored the golden goal against the invincible roma in the champions league final by dribbling past the whole team was epic.

The Porridge Flo
19-11-17, 12:14 PM
Without a doubt that is the magic man Tonton Zola Moukoko who single-handedly dragged my OGC Nice team over to the line to win my very first league championship, in the 00/01 version. Time flies...

03-12-17, 12:19 AM

05-12-17, 12:42 PM
Hakan Mild

05-12-17, 06:13 PM
To Madeira.

Joao Paiva.

Maxim Tsigalko.

16-06-20, 10:27 PM