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Offside Trap
23-01-15, 08:27 PM
People that know me will think... how's he got time for this, so here's how it is... When myself, London and Pep are online, we'll all have a session on our current game, there are times when one of us are not on, or we fancy a change that night, in the meantime, I get alot of requests asking to play a game (something I used to do all the time, didnt I Chris?) so.....

Last night kicked it all off, started a new EPL game

5 Of us, thats right 5 of us playing at once and we got through a session. Now next session is due in about 15 minutes or so, 1 guy cant make it, so gonna leave him on hols, and play on, so what im suggesting is, if anyone fancies a casual game, feel free to join, although the hamachi group full, got another for you to join then choose a team and join in the fun,

When ending a session, leave your player on Hols with your requirements should you not attend the next session. Password if you can, (not sure if you can holiday mode and password it and we can play on without you) Ill host the game and we are using the site's most upto date database, and the starting year is 2014. Clearly I have a good track record of hosting games without problems, you get the odd boot, but weekly save is on

So Teams that are gone are:

Chelsea (Me)
Man U (Ian)
Man C (Pep)
Arsenal (Jax)
Leicester (Mark)

Couple rules:

No Wib/Wob tactics

Play nice

Accept anything said is banter

PM Offline as communication of non attendance

Let us know: :)

Hamachi Network CMHotline
password online

23-01-15, 08:30 PM
Hey Hey

Offside Trap
23-01-15, 08:42 PM
Lets do this......

Good Luck Mark

23-01-15, 08:46 PM
Casual is good.

I might join in later guys

23-01-15, 08:47 PM

23-01-15, 10:05 PM
Are you guys still on?

Offside Trap
23-01-15, 10:46 PM
Janis, if you join the hammi group il brief ya there

25-01-15, 06:06 PM
5 games in....top of the league!

thanks to my assistant manager...a few nice buys...a few wierd ones!

Offside Trap
26-01-15, 01:30 PM
5 Games in with 5 players, gotta be a record there?

Mark's Leicester have got some work to do, a thrashing from Man Utd certainly didnt go down well with the fans
Pep's Man City have come out the blocks pretty slow with a couple of defeats, despite alot of money being spent
Jax's Arsenal looking good, following the Shield victory of City, they will be a force
Ian's Utd do look good with a 100% record, the firepower looks superb
My Chelsea have started well with some decent buys to make the squad complete.

07-02-15, 06:42 PM
Little dabble last night....up to 8 games played now i think...

going a bit too slow for my liking....think we need to CONT more and look less for players....(as no point scouting players if its gonna take 3/4 months to play a season!...)...I think we'll all get bored of it long before we get onto the 2nd season...

a quicker aspect to the gameplay will improve the enjoyment of the game!

nice to have 6 players though!

Offside Trap
17-02-15, 01:05 PM
So the causal game is what it is, casual, and a slow-mo, but all fun. We agreed that as long as 3-4 people online, we'd have a session and holiday the remaining. The game is still open if anyone wants to join, just give me a yell or join the above hamachi group, just to confirm though (as we had a slight issue with this) No wib/wob tactics which also include no changing of a player(s) to wib/wob during a game, Yes it has happened :) but all is forgiven, and if your reading this... (know who you are) your welcome to rejoin back, your team still on hol mode

So anyone fancies a dabble, feel free, below are the teams currently in use, its only an EPL league, or the lower divisions if you fancy it, so far we're about 11 games into the season, and although slow at times waiting, enjoyable, plenty time to make those deals. Man Utd have started very brightly indeeed, with 34 points from a possible 36, no champions league will be very rewarding domestically. Ars,Chel,City,Liv all occupy the next positions in the table with Tot in 8th and Leic doing very well in 8th after a bad start, amazing the assistant manager does when your on hols mode :)

Mikey C (me) - Chelsea
Tech (aka Jax) - Arsenal
Terry (aka London35) - Man Utd
Pep - Man City
Mark Taylor- Leicester
Jamie Baxter- Liverpool
Neel Pat - Tottenham