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15-03-15, 11:59 AM
Hello friends!

I´ve recently started to play new game with original database from 01-02 season. I started to crreate my own backgrounds, especially player backgrounds. Everything works fine, but I will be thankful if some cm graphics will help me with this problem:

When I click on player who doesn´t have own face picture created, random picture of random player already created appears. I would like to see just classic background for player with no specific background. Is this possible to do? I think in milo facepack it works like that.

By the way, if you have and can share some facepack for original game database, I would be very thankful.

Thank you very much for your answers!

15-03-15, 12:22 PM
you need backgrounds for clubs and nations to avoid that, you can also attach the same picture to all the clubs and nations in db if you don't want to create one for each of them :ok:

16-03-15, 07:59 AM
Thanks a million for your reply! There´s about 13 000 teams in the game according to editor. Do I have to type every single team name into pics.cfg? Do you have any tips for that? :D

16-03-15, 10:54 AM
Database Exporter (http://www.champman0102.co.uk/downloads.php?do=file&id=10) will allow you export all Clubs at once

16-03-15, 11:32 AM
one picture for every nation is enough for this :ok:

20-03-15, 07:51 AM
Thank you guys for your help. Could you please tell me, what should I exactly type into pics.cfg for assigning one single picture to all nations/clubs? I´ve already created some, but just a few, does it matter when assigning one picture for remaining teams? thx

20-03-15, 12:34 PM
create a list of all the nations in db (use the exporting tools in download section for this) and type the name of the pictures, like this:

Argentina: xxxx.RGN
Brazil: xxxx.RGN
Cuba: xxxx.RGN

if you can use excel you just need 5 minutes with it, put everything in the pics file and that's it :ok:

29-03-15, 08:45 PM
Is there any other way how to convert BMP pics into RGN than using Piced?

30-03-15, 11:53 AM
Is there any other way how to convert BMP pics into RGN than using Piced?

hmmm, don't think so