View Full Version : My abiding memory of 99/00

Lewis MacLeod
31-03-15, 12:00 PM
Any time i wanted to manage Rangers, loading the game about 30-40 different times until eventually Michael Mols didn't start with an 18 month injury

The day i discovered the Tri Wasano editor was like Christmas

Kenny Dalglish's Smile
27-04-15, 02:49 PM
Andri Sigporsson scoring lots of goals...

And Dean Keates being brilliant

And winning the CL season after season with a big man little man John Hartson and Tonton

English Invader
24-09-16, 12:21 PM
Buying Zlatan Muslimovic for 800k and him going on to become the Swedish Michael Owen (Simon Davies and Matthew Etherington are also good buys at 500k a pop). I play as Tottenham and it's very important to get Darren Anderton and Sol Campbell into long-term contracts before they start looking elsewhere (especially as we all know what happened with Sol Campbell in real life).

I also like to try and raid Wimbledon for Kenny Cunningham and Neil Sullivan after the end of the first season as they're both on the last year of their contracts.