View Full Version : CM 00/01 patch 3.89 index error

18-04-15, 08:11 PM
Is there a fix to this or should I not use the patch with data?

Every time I start a game a warning box comes up with "V3.89 index error"...I have to use the task manager to end the program :(

Cam F
18-04-15, 08:37 PM
I don't play with 3.89 patch, I use 3.81 (original game) but sounds like a problem.

What data are you using? None of mine would work on 3.89 so if you are using a 3.81 db on 3.89 it wouldn't work.

18-04-15, 09:37 PM
I tried CM 00 01 with the 3.81 and the index issue is still there, I haven't touched the database either. It says now 3.81 index...cpp 5299

I'm using a Windows 8 pc if that makes any difference.

18-04-15, 09:42 PM
I`ve never experienced this on the 3.89 version, exept when i have used both the Tri wasano editor and the official editor on the same db.
I then got a crash at startup because the index got messed up.

Apart from that there`s no logical reason to get an index error. Best way to get rid of it is to either reinstall or use any backup
of the original db. Usually when using tri wasano I also take a backup of the game exe and reapply it when I`m done editing.

Edit: Try installing the game outside of the program files folder. Ex. C:\Games\(your game) Set compatibility on cm0001 to win98,

18-04-15, 10:05 PM
It continues after installing in my own folder away from Programs(64)

I try the compatibility setting changes and CM0001 won't even run till I'm at the XP SP2 configuration.

I'm using the Sold Out version of the game if that makes any difference.

19-04-15, 02:27 AM
I tried CM 00/01 on my "Studying/Business" PC and it works like a charm.

Whilst on my Gaming/Music PC it kept on doing that index error regardless of patches or compatibility. I think the version of Windows 8 I'm using on my Gaming PC is different to the one on my "Standard" PC....sods law :)

Cheers for the help guys!