View Full Version : Global Network Championship

Carlos Z
24-04-15, 11:46 PM
I will be starting a network game beginning on Sunday 10th May 2015. I will be checking for any potential players from Sunday-Thursday every late evening (after 9pm GMT).

If there are no players then I guess there will be no network game.

For anyone who puts themselves forward, please state days/times you are available to play (Greenwich Mean Time) each week.

Also, what team you will want to manage.

I will decide on the deadline day Sunday 3rd May which players will be selected to play the game. This decision will be based purely on available times each player can commit to therefore enabling an efficient and (hopefully) fun game. Obviously, each player will have to be available at times when I will be available in order for the game to function.

Sunday 3rd May

Once the players have been selected, a trial game will be played prior to the starting date of 10th May. This will probably involve a couple weeks of pre-season where we buy a few players & play friendlies etc. This will be done to ensure there are no problems before the big kick-off as I have never played or hosted a network game before. This trial will occur during the week leading up to the Sunday official start date (10/05/15).

Network Rules

All managers have free reign to WIB WOB etc. There will be no restrictions on managers expressing themselves freely.

England, Germany, Spain & Italy will be the selected leagues.

October 2014 player database will be used with 3.9.68 patch & Tapani 2.19 patch used therefore starting in 2014/15 season.

To allow for a more competitive game, nobody can manage Real Madrid, Barcelona or Bayern Munich at all during the game.

The game will be played for 6 seasons ending in the 2019/20 season. Therefore, plan accordingly.

Any ideas, tips or suggestions will be most welcome. Furthermore, if anyone feels they will be more suitable to host the game once all potential players have requested to play the game, I will have no issues with this if it will allow for a better game.