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Offside Trap
01-05-15, 02:26 PM
Tried this a couple months back but it phased out after about 3 sessions, so nothing to lose in trying again I guess. Kicking off a casual network game, casual being exactly that, with there being an expected few people, always hard to get everyone online, so its a case pick a team, set yourself up, and on exit of a session, always put yourself on holiday mode with all your requests - in case your not around on the next session. I will host, and can do all the time, advantage of my new role of full time stay at home daddy -

Im currently using the brand spanking new update, and also have the EEU hack applied, the starting year is 2014, and we will have a game in the English League. I will choose Chelsea - now im broadcasting this game on a CM Facebook page so might be a few people you havent heard of.

As I havent explained WIB/WOB to some people yet, may aswell play the rule that you can have them as a tactic.

Keep it clean, and no offense as its all banter

I tend to find that in the later stages of a network game, friendlies and scouting causes game crashes, so let me know just before you do/have these as I can make a quick save, although weekly save will be on

On occasion, we will have a CM Crash, timings of these can be critical for some of us, but nothing we can do. Also, as fellow players, sometimes 1 of you may get booted, if so, we all wait on pressing continue until that person returns

Looking to start this asap, even if that means, me loading up a game, and leaving it open for you guys to join and sort teams etc...

First session will be a players/teams sort, and we can purchase off 1 another and also buy players from the moment we start

Anything else you wanna know, give us a shout, please see below for available hamachi groups to join, where on each of them the password is online


Offside Trap
02-05-15, 05:27 PM
Slowly and surely, as we kick off the season, alot of wheeling and dealing

Myself - Chelsea
Ian - Man Utd
Peter - Man City
Pep - Spurs
Gideon - Newcastle
Jamie - Liverpool

04-05-15, 03:14 PM
i am in. My hamachi's nickname is Jack-pc. i will join you today

04-05-15, 11:01 PM
Sorry guys i had technical problems. I havent done trick with cpuinf and compatibility, it seems that was the problem. I am eager to try one again.

Offside Trap
05-05-15, 10:04 AM
Ok Tech - let me know whens good for you and we'l run a test before you rejoin

We did state we'd stop at 7 of us, but if you can ensure all is good, then Arsenal still available but we need to be smarter about doing bids etc.. whilst people have games and you dont, as our fixtures are always different times and doing it this ways keeps everyone interested, of course theyl be times when someone needs to do stuff,

Offside Trap
15-05-15, 11:14 AM
So season 1 comes to an end, and its been a decent season of gameplay. Although we agree so long 4 out of the 6 of us are online for a session, we've had a real good run of sessions this week.

Premiership - Chelsea

F.A Cup - Man Utd

League Cup - Chelsea

Champions League - None of us

Uefa Cup - Tottenham

So a decent season for myself with my trophies, and a squad more than capable to retaining the league.

Ian's Man Utd seal 4th place and Champions League action next season, and an impressive 4-0 FA Cup win cemented a fine season of building at Old Trafford

Pep's Spurs did very well in winning the Uefa Cup, however, he'l be disappointed to have finished 5th in the league and not to mention, that FA Cup match.

Jamie's Liverpool had a storming run which at 1 point them, put them 2 points of the leaders, and with a Champions League Semi Final clash with Chelsea, was all looking good, but then it fell apart, although ending with no trophy, its Champions League Football again next season, although some purchases will be needed

Peter's Man City, last nights session was one to forget for the Swed, got hammered at home to Utd in the league, went out of the Champs Lg to Bayern, but has picked some real decent buys and will be a force next season

Gideon's Magpies, terrible season sees him only claim a top 10 finish, and although the Assistant has taken a few of the session the buck stops with the gaffer. It will be seen as a good finish, but was hoping for a top 6 finish

Onwards and Upwards to season 2

30-05-15, 12:22 AM
this is moving along nicely...back on it soon!

Offside Trap
20-06-15, 12:09 PM
Some real decent sessions as we power through season 2. Out of the 6 of us, its real neck and neck all ouver the shop, and we occupy the top 7 places between us. A good run from Gideon's Newcastly, although hes missed couple sessions so his assistant takes credit there. Peter's Man City looking good. Ian's Man Utd pulling off some amazing signings, notably, a 16 year old with an auto vale of 5.75m, my Chelsea, hoping to retain the title, have had it rough, Pep's Spurs doing well however, that Uefa Cup victory last season entered him into the dreaded World Championships so playing catch up. Jamie's Liverpool doing very well, especially in Champs League, where he's on 100%


20-06-15, 06:10 PM
nice dabbling at this one!...looking to win something this yr with UTD!

super Zaton coming into his own!