View Full Version : Adding Player Background Pics CM97/98

04-05-15, 01:47 PM
Hi I don't know if I'm allowed to post this but does anyone know how to add player backgrounds and stadium backgrounds to cm97/98

Cam F
04-05-15, 08:53 PM
Man Scotty boy you are like a yo yo jumping between games.

No idea, will be simple enough, there will be instructions in the 9798 files.

The 9798 forum has up to date pics - http://www.cm97-98.eu/6-backgrounds.html

29-06-15, 05:05 AM
Sorry to dig this up.

I have stock of many .PCX in the cm9798 folder but the game didn't random any while playing. How to let the game random the backgound?

What I can recall from my young memory, I saw many of background random.

Thanks that this game still alive :)