View Full Version : Greavsie

05-05-15, 09:08 PM
Legend. Everyone remembers West Spaz Hurst but it was King Greavsie's goals that got us there, his ratio is BOSS! Hope he makes a recovery but it sounds like he's proper battered.

06-05-15, 08:32 AM

The man was streets ahead of anyone English, then or since!
If he had got the games he deserved for England, we wouldn't be talking about Rooney taking the England scoring record yet.
He'd still be maybe 20 or 30 goals behind.

06-05-15, 10:24 AM
Sounds like he's on the mend now after suffering the major stroke. Although he can't talk at the moment, it's a long road to recovery.

I'm too young to even remember anything of Greaves but wish him all the best all the same!