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18-01-12, 01:15 PM
Since Tiger's demise some of the sheen seems to have dulled on the illustrious game of sport, it isn't that the level of skill displayed isn't top notch, or indeed that there aren't exciting finishes (the Euro order of merit came down to a few quid this year in the last tourney) but it's the fact that Nicklaus' majors and Tigers' ultimate career goal to surpass them will now almost certainly never transpire.

11-03-12, 02:39 AM
Especially as the Northern Ireland hero Rory McIlroy has assumed his position as world number one now.

11-03-12, 06:54 AM
Never write off the Tiger, do so at your own peril!

26-03-12, 01:16 AM
Well said, he looks to be back in action now :ok:

Augusta next, more or less his home turf, for the Masters. These are the ones he needs if he is to ever catch the Golden Bear in major wins (18)

26-03-12, 01:17 AM
Did you see that snap hook he put into the garden on Round 3... hes still capable of shit like that... but a great performance... putter was hot too :tup:

27-03-12, 01:55 AM
yeah, the putter is the difference with him when he gets on a roll, 20-25ft putts are 90% chance of dropping.

I am really looking forward to the masters now, should be great to watch.

27-03-12, 02:06 AM

That place looks phenomenal.

I cant wait either buddy! :ok:

27-03-12, 06:14 AM
Love the Masters and would love to play the course!

You boys play much golf? I'm off 9. When I was a kid I played off 5 and could have made something but I found alcohol and women instead! :)

27-03-12, 07:45 AM
Same as me mate, I got down to 4 in England, playing week in week out, shot a 76 around St Andrews Old Course and level par round the back 9 at Carnoustie :D Didnt play when I first got to Oz 5-6 years ago, only when my old man came to visit, now hes here for good and been playing alot regular. Got a 10 handicap when I first joined the club and in 3 months I got down to 7 :ok:

Shame its sideways :(

View My Video (http://tinypic.com/r/2hmj153/5)

Few pics of my time golfing attached :

http://img405.imageshack.us/img405/5128/standrewsoctober08055.jpg (http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/405/standrewsoctober08055.jpg/)
http://img593.imageshack.us/img593/1827/standrewsoctober08063.jpg (http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/593/standrewsoctober08063.jpg/)
http://img833.imageshack.us/img833/9076/standrewsoctober08064.jpg (http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/833/standrewsoctober08064.jpg/)

Escaping one of the huge traps:

http://img140.imageshack.us/img140/6811/standrewsoctober08081.jpg (http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/140/standrewsoctober08081.jpg/)

Me old man in a mammoth trap...

http://img844.imageshack.us/img844/1410/standrewsoctober08090.jpg (http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/844/standrewsoctober08090.jpg/)

Me in the rough down 17th, Road Hole, pin was cut tight to the bunker... I went for it and went out the back landed on the road..... actually chipped off the road and got up and down...:hi:

http://img839.imageshack.us/img839/4853/standrewsoctober08100.jpg (http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/839/standrewsoctober08100.jpg/)

Me, me old and me bro... the memories :tup:
http://img31.imageshack.us/img31/2192/standrewsoctober08106.jpg (http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/31/standrewsoctober08106.jpg/)

Still hit the ball a fooking mile though :D

U can guess which ones me, check out the guy who hits it through his own legs :rofl:

Can you say Gargantuan... (http://tinypic.com/r/2ezmw0p/5)

27-03-12, 03:38 PM
some cracking images there mate.

I couldn't play those places they would throw me off for taking divots :lol:

Like to play with Funky G the odd time though, when the weather permits. Perhaps later this week actually if it holds out.

28-03-12, 01:08 AM
Quality pics Foddy! I played St Andrews last year and amazing to play it but had the worst wind ever! Went around in 12 which was ok considering (they said they would have closed course if tournament was on as wind was so bad!)
Although its iconic, I didn't think it was that great or that hard but with all these courses I would love to play them just before/after a major championship to see the difference
My highlight was parring 17 and driving the 18th green and just missing eagle (got birdie)
Played in Marbella last wknd and Algarve last year as well as Vegas (doing that again this year) and Thailand recently
Also playing Portrush in May
Didn't manage to play in Oz last year but my mate plays Royal Melbourne a lot

31-03-12, 12:23 AM
Just off for a round now, pairs competition with my old man at our local course. 1/4 Final Stage, will let you know who we go...

31-03-12, 01:32 AM
Good luck fella!

02-04-12, 01:04 PM
Thanks mate, we won... 4th play off hole... crazy game, went 3 down after 3! Pulled it back to level after 9 and then went two up with 6 to play... lost the 17th and 18th to tie... played 1 (par), 2 (par), 3 (par) and stiffed one to a foot down 4 ( a hole I birdied on the main round) to win and take the win. I hit driver off the tea and then dogged a 52 deg wedge to a foot, best shot ive played for a while. Pumped. Love this game :ok:

02-04-12, 08:16 PM
Fooling hell of s game mate! Good job you won after losing 17&18!

Good luck for final!

I am playing in Zimbabwe next week when on hols!

02-04-12, 11:21 PM
That'd be interesting mate, keep us posted with how you go, and take some pics too :ok:

02-04-12, 11:22 PM
Pairings for the masters today


02-04-12, 11:36 PM
vBookie Event for The Masters (http://www.champman0102.co.uk/showthread.php?947-US-Masters) :ok:

03-04-12, 12:34 AM
I was MVP in Marbella for golf but played crap and only had 30 points and 28 points! That shows the standard of everyone else!

Missing the WHOLE of Masters as will be on hols :(
Not sure if the missus will be happy if I can tune in!

04-04-12, 09:01 AM
The draws been made: http://www.masters.com/en_US/players/pairings/index.html

Nothing exceptional stands out for the first two days...

These look to be decent groupings:

Scott, Van pelt and Kaymer
Stricker, Harrington and Cink
Immleman, Fowler and Rose
Donald, Molinari and Watney
Couples, Clarke and Ishikawa

and my fav, McIlroy, Bubba and the Angel

Bring it on!

04-04-12, 09:26 AM
Ah well, that will be why bubba was 50's :tup:

04-04-12, 07:25 PM
Anyone see Kaymer in practice get hole in 1 on par 3 that u have to skim water - quality!

Gutted I am missing all of this :(

04-04-12, 10:38 PM
What time does this kick off then?

05-04-12, 03:11 AM

Prob live on SKY from around 1pm daily I would say

05-04-12, 05:03 AM
Anyone see Kaymer in practice get hole in 1 on par 3 that u have to skim water - quality!

Gutted I am missing all of this :(


06-04-12, 05:05 AM
L Westwood (Eng)
L Oosthuizen (SA), P Hanson (Swe)
P Lawrie (Sco), F Molinari (Ita), M A Jimenez (Spa), B Crane (US), J Dufner (US), B Watson (US)
R McIlroy (NI)
T Woods (US), J Rose (Eng), I Poulter (Eng)
D Clarke (NI)
P Mickelson (US)
L Donald (Eng), G McDowell

08-04-12, 08:17 PM
just seen the albatross there that was sick, it rival's woods chip for masters history shots

08-04-12, 08:34 PM
Don't think I'm winning money on the masters this year!

08-04-12, 08:56 PM
Why is Michael Vaughan on the BBC coverage. Has he had a blow to the head and forgotten what sport he played?

08-04-12, 09:33 PM
I was thinking the exact same thing.

I think he has licked enough arse to save his abysmal career by being a pundit for the BBC...

08-04-12, 09:55 PM
Thank fuck i'm watching it on Sky then :P

08-04-12, 10:21 PM
BBC Isnt live though is it?

08-04-12, 10:54 PM
BBC Isnt live though is it?

It is, live on both channels mate :tup:

09-04-12, 12:19 AM
I should have taken Bubba at 50/1. :shake:

He WILL win! :) just a matter of time :)

09-04-12, 12:21 AM
Ok, based on his last shot I havemy doubts, until O did the same,...

This could be a long night ! :)

09-05-12, 03:20 PM
Playing tomorrow on my day off,
i think im getting the bug again :ok:
used to be a member of a club and was a 14 handicap but hadn't swung a club for 5 years or so untill last week when one of my mates took me for a game, didn't think i would play againg tbh but it's weird how you start things up again, i got 4 pars last week :ok: had a few shockers as well tho :lol: just need to get back to being consistent.
frustrating game :lol:

09-05-12, 06:42 PM
Played 3 rounds in 2 days last weekend for a Ryder Cup type event

Playing Royal Portrush next week! Ooooossshhhhttt! :)

09-05-12, 10:31 PM
fecking weather forecast aint good for tomorrow where we are,
hope it's wrong as i ain't walking round a golf course in the pishing rain :lol:

10-05-12, 12:04 AM
Thought youd be used to it mate, always rains in Scotland... apart from when I play Old COurse at St Andrews, was a lovely day in the middle of October...

10-05-12, 12:15 AM
Thought youd be used to it mate, always rains in Scotland... apart from when I play Old COurse at St Andrews, was a lovely day in the middle of October...

oh im used to it all right, just cant be fucked walking round in it for 3 hours :lol:

what was the old course like? you lucky bastard :lol:

10-05-12, 12:21 AM
3 hours... these cunts in Australia are so slow... looking at 4.5 minimum for a round here

was fucking legendary mate, check out the OP :ok:

10-05-12, 07:48 AM
golf is off :mad:
fucking raining all night and still pishing donw!!!!

10-05-12, 09:33 AM
Off Cos your all weak and dont like the rain or off cos the course is closed?

10-05-12, 12:05 PM
Off Cos your all weak and dont like the rain or off cos the course is closed?

All weak :ok:

10-05-12, 01:26 PM
All weak :ok:

Pussay patrol


23-05-12, 11:46 PM
Fore! Errant golf ball knocks out Tennessee motorcyclist's teeth
Written by Brian Haas - The Tennessean

An errant golf ball from the 14th hole on Murfreesboro’s Indian Hills Golf Course knocked a motorcyclist’s teeth out as she and her husband rode blissfully along South Church Street.-

A man teeing off at the 14th over the weekend hooked his shot, watched the ball disappear and then heard screams, according to a Murfreesboro Police Department incident report. He followed the scream to find a woman clutching her bloody mouth.

Her husband told police that they were riding their motorcycles when he saw the ball bounce across the road and near her motorcycle. There, it careened into her face. She was able to avoid wrecking her bike, but the ball knocked out “several” teeth, the report said. She was taken to Middle Tennessee Medical Center for treatment.

An officer scoured the area for the offending golf ball and found multiple potential culprits, but, alas, he wrote, “none of which had blood on them.”

24-05-12, 10:37 PM

Played Royal Portrush last weekend - awesome course and hell of a challenge!

05-06-12, 09:38 AM
What a shot... The Tiger is Back... anyone want to bet with me that he wins the next 3 majors?


05-06-12, 03:23 PM
i'll have a bet he doesn't win the next 3 majors mate :ok:
no chance.

06-06-12, 09:22 AM

06-06-12, 03:41 PM
Deal :ok:

06-06-12, 11:57 PM
First one kicks off this weekend :ok:

18-06-12, 12:58 PM

Just pop that into my paypal foddy :ok:


18-06-12, 01:01 PM

PM me your paypal email address mate and will send it over :ok:

18-06-12, 01:05 PM

PM me your paypal email address mate and will send it over :ok:

Nah it's ok mate,

Get youself a couple of nice Cold Ones on the Beez :ok:

20-06-12, 09:43 AM
Looked a tough course did that US Open - especially 1st hole!

20-06-12, 09:49 AM
makes you think the kinds scores you and I would shoot around somewhere like that :eek:

20-06-12, 07:29 PM

Am gonna be golfing more now do can hopefully get some consistency going - handicap slipped back to 11 now. Vegas golf holiday in Oct/Nov!

22-07-12, 03:55 PM
Some muppet keeps shouting 'roast potatoes' every time Tiger tees off............ must be some lunatic Yank :lol:

22-07-12, 07:37 PM
Nice to see Big Easy back on top, feel sorry for Scott though, how he managed to fluff that up i'll never know.

22-07-12, 08:10 PM
Worse than McIlroys implosion. Unreal.

Be a lot of 'what could have been' from the likes of Snedeker, McDowell and Woods. Any sort of solid day could have seen them win.

22-07-12, 08:24 PM
Woods was awful at the end.

22-07-12, 08:33 PM
Majorly bottled it! Why the feck did he hit a wood on last?!

23-07-12, 01:56 AM
Thought this was the breakthrough victory for Scott that would set him up for a career with a few major wins, wake up to the news of his implosion and the reality that he'll never win 1 :(.

Oh well, I suppose he'll get over it in his private jet full of the finest food and plonk and wall to wall supermodels.....

16-09-12, 03:49 PM

16-09-12, 09:39 PM
old guy "there was some mines" young guy "land mines?"

Naw, coal mines you fucking fanny......

and the bbc are paying him?

17-09-12, 01:33 AM
Ryder Cup in 2 weeks! Woop!

25-09-12, 10:21 AM

25-09-12, 11:06 AM
What about that fella (Snedeker I think) getting that $10m BONUS for winning something or other today.

TEN MILLION DOLLAR BONUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!

That is fucking sickening!!!!! I still can't believe it, $10m fucking dollars......

25-09-12, 11:50 AM
Yep - that was the culmination of FedEx tournament I think

Lucky fecker

10-10-12, 11:48 PM
How good was the Ryder Cup :)

10-10-12, 11:49 PM

One of the best I have seen in my lifetime..

is it true Tiger conceding cost the bookies around £10,000,000

10-10-12, 11:51 PM
What about that fella (Snedeker I think) getting that $10m BONUS for winning something or other today.

TEN MILLION DOLLAR BONUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!

That is fucking sickening!!!!! I still can't believe it, $10m fucking dollars......

Met that dude at the Australian Open at Kensington a couple of years ago when he was a no one... now look at him. Arrogant little fucker back then... well maybe just confident ;)

10-10-12, 11:57 PM
Tiger conceding that putt won me £75 :)

11-10-12, 12:00 AM
Anybody see Michael Phelps (greatest swimmer/Olympian in history) putt in that tourney last week??????? Fucking unbelievable......

11-10-12, 12:09 AM
70m werent it?

11-10-12, 12:41 AM
46m. Apparantley its the longest putt ever caught on camera!!!!!


07-11-12, 05:56 PM
14 year old chinese boyqualifies for the masters :eek:

Guan Tianlang is an eighth-grader from China who barely weighs 125 pounds and doesn’t hit the golf ball far enough to reach some par 4s. The next stop for the 14-year-old prodigy will be the Masters, where he will tee it up with Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson and Bubba Watson at Augusta National. (nationalpost.com)

27-12-12, 09:35 AM

05-03-13, 08:24 AM

05-03-13, 01:40 PM
I cant stand that Cunt Bubba Watson

in other news... this is the new Natalie Gulbis....


With Schmeiks...


Not a bad figure....


26-03-13, 11:02 AM

27-03-13, 02:30 AM
Yeah - saw that. Awesome!

02-04-13, 07:36 AM
Holly Sonders :nom:


02-04-13, 07:39 AM

14-04-13, 07:13 PM
Come on Cabrera. I'll join you in a victory cigar if you win

14-04-13, 11:58 PM
That's taking pressure from Angel.
After Scott finished his round, for him to make that approach into the 18th was coolness personified.

Don't miss the three footer though.

15-04-13, 12:39 AM
Fuck it. Had 20 on Carbrera this morning at 11/2

Mate had 5 ew @110/1 before the tournament :lol:

15-04-13, 12:41 AM
The aussies are going crazy over here on FB about this.

He will go down in the history books.

15-04-13, 12:45 AM
Deserved for Scott to be fair.
Has been there or there abouts for a while now.

Could be a catalyst for him. He's got a decent caddie in his corner so no reason why not.

15-04-13, 02:27 AM
Good win!

Love Cabrera's attitude!

Just back in Blighty after a weekends golfing in France

13-06-13, 12:00 PM
Nice one Bubba


13-06-13, 12:37 PM
That's quality.

Why has no one come up with that before?
Why did I not come up with that and make my fortune?!

14-06-13, 03:55 PM
Played Royal Birkdale yesterday - amazing course and a hell of a challenge. No wonder its voted in top 3 courses in UK
Stevie Gerrards hotel nice in Southport as well! WAGS everywhere!

14-06-13, 04:04 PM
The Vincent? I'm literally 10 mins from Birkdale.

14-06-13, 04:23 PM
yep - that's the one!

14-06-13, 04:30 PM
Never been in, too posh for me :D

14-06-13, 06:59 PM
Played for free with work but thinks its £185 a round!

16-07-13, 05:54 PM


18-07-13, 04:06 PM
After McIlroy telling Faldo to mind his own business, he'll do well to better him after today, both 8 over

18-07-13, 04:13 PM
Rory needs this kind of form back!


21-07-13, 11:56 AM
Gonna be a cracking final round, c'mon Westy!!

21-07-13, 12:49 PM
Would be nice for Westwood to finally win a major, but I've £10 on Woods at Betfred's enhanced 14/1 and the money would come in handy :D

21-07-13, 05:15 PM
Fair play to Mickleson!

Westwood looks to have blown it - amazingly tee to green let him down which is usually best part of his game

21-07-13, 05:56 PM
Scott blew it, 4 bogeys in 4 holes when. I flicked it off. And that was on the back of 3 birdies in 4 holes, all over the shop....

At least a Brit didn't win :D.

10-09-13, 11:50 PM

10-09-13, 11:50 PM
Playing Royal St Georges and Port Cinque this weekend!

11-09-13, 12:31 AM
Was just gonna post this Redders, a lot of footballers are very good golfers, all the spare time they have, Id be out there every minute I could. Weren't Julian Dicks a good player? he played on Challenge Tour too I think...

11-09-13, 12:50 AM
Yeah - he went on some tour. Tim Henman off scratch as well

11-09-13, 12:53 AM
What do you play off Redders?

11-09-13, 10:15 AM
Is Sheva actually left handed or is the pic in the link the wrong way round?

11-09-13, 11:44 AM
What do you play off Redders?

7 when I was 17

10/11 now but just a social thing now. Found beer/women at an early age which stopped any golf career happening!

11-09-13, 11:50 AM
Same mate, I am off 12 now, was off 4 before I came to Oz.

Absolutely love the game. I am a member of a local club but I am normally always pissed after 6 holes :loco:

12-09-13, 12:25 AM
That's the bad thing about UK - not enough cart girls and lack of beer supplied on course :(

Horrendous weather for this weekend - St George's is gonna play like a bitch!

12-09-13, 01:26 AM
U get to play some good courses, is it corporate stuff?

12-09-13, 07:43 AM
Mostly corporate but this weekend is trip I planned myself

Was at Pebble Beach a couple of weeks ago when on hols in US - would love to have played that course if had more time

12-09-13, 11:39 PM
Fair play to you mate, the most known courses I have played are, Carnoustie and St Andrews (Old, New & Jubilee)

Some cracking courses here in Oz. Check out this one: http://www.brookwater.com.au/golf.php - Greg Norman design with a few holes based on some of Augusta's holes

13-09-13, 01:43 PM
Shot 79 this morning - boom!

Might go back out for foursomes this arvo


17-09-13, 01:36 AM
82 at Walmer&Kingsdown (2 over front 9 but bad back 9)

88 at Royal Cinque Port. 5 over front 9, fell apart and golfed out back 9

5.5hr drive back to Wales for the footie was a fecking killer!

20-11-13, 11:34 PM

24-11-13, 03:31 AM
The old handicap is coming down just nicely.... aiming for 5 before the end of Jan 14


24-11-13, 04:21 AM
Par 64?!


You hitting a wedge of the tee or something?!

24-11-13, 06:14 AM
7 par 3s and 1 par 5

Not many people play to their handicap around there. Very very tight course

07-01-14, 09:42 PM
The golf is going v well right now, played to 1 yesterday around a tough track. Never too old to join the Tour :)

07-01-14, 10:30 PM
1?????? Im happy with 1 over for every hole.

God I wish I could play golf like that, it must be so enjoyable to put the ball pretty much where you want it 9/10...

07-01-14, 10:39 PM
That was the first time in a while I had played so well, played off 4 for years in England and didn't play much when I came here, actually got my handicap up to 12 and is now down to 8. Regular used to shoot 69/70 around my par 72 at home, nice feeling indeed.

Mods maybe move to Golf Thread :)

07-01-14, 11:52 PM
Mods maybe move to Golf Thread :)


Well Done on that mate.
I'm happy if I go round in 90-95.
More often 100+

07-01-14, 11:55 PM
Thanks mate, its a game that requires practice and more practice, muscle memory. I can not play for a month, go out and slap it around in 90, play twice a week and it all starts to feel very natural. Of course there has to be a hint of natural ability in there to start with.

My aim is to get down to 5 in the next 2 months and then play A Grade in May when that starts up. That's when you are playing off the stick against +2/+3 players...:pound:

07-01-14, 11:57 PM
I try to play a bit but no chance of affording twice a week at the mo.

Once that lottery win comes in though.....................

08-01-14, 12:01 AM
Might be cheaper to join somewhere as a member?

08-01-14, 12:06 AM
I played 9 holes last week, 10 over, chuffed with that.

Ive always hit it like a girl off the tee, but Im decent with my irons and can putt fairly well.

Really need to invest in some new clubs, mine must be 20 years old, golf tech has moved a long way in that time. Would probably add another 40-50 metres off the tee :D.

08-01-14, 12:13 AM
Let me know what you need mate, Ive got a few sets of TaylorMades at home and have contacts in the states :ok:

08-01-14, 12:29 AM
It wasn't long ago that I noticed the difference in using different brands of ball!

The slightest little thing can make everything go wrong.
I know my problem but I can't get out of it.
My move my head too soon after striking the ball. Trying to see where I've hit it.

If I could keep my head still, looking at where the ball WAS for like 0.3 of a second longer, I reckon I could take 6/7 shots off a round probably even more.

Oz - if you're stuff is about 20 years old, equipment has come on massively. Have you even heard of a rescue wood or a hybrid?! :lol:

08-01-14, 12:33 AM
Everyone I play with has 1, except me :ok:.

08-01-14, 01:19 AM
I know the pros are good but if you can imagine the advantages they get, for a) start most of the rough is stamped on so they can slap it anywhere and get a decent lie and b) they have 10,000 people looking for their ball when they hot it in the rough... c) they have a freaking Caddie to tell them what to do, where to play and what club to hit... easy game with all those.. they even have private coaches for god sake.

08-01-14, 01:44 AM
I know the pros are good but if you can imagine the advantages they get, for a) start most of the rough is stamped on so they can slap it anywhere and get a decent lie and b) they have 10,000 people looking for their ball when they hot it in the rough... c) they have a freaking Caddie to tell them what to do, where to play and what club to hit... easy game with all those.. they even have private coaches for god sake.

I say this to mates and said if that happened for us we'd have a few shots of the handicap

Not played for a couple of months but shot 6 over last week which I was chuffed with - driving and putting on fire! Handicap down to 8.5 now on back of 1 lucky round!

Booking Spain/Portugal golf holiday in May

Still not a member anywhere but I get to play my mates course for £25 while he forks out around £2k+ per year membership :)

Ozzy - new clubs is a must mate - makes big difference and get measured
I was playing with 15 year old pings before that were measured for me when I was 14 or something!
Used to love my hybrid/rescue but now changed it and can't hit this for shit so stays in bag :(

But yeah - practice is key if you can afford it in cash/time

09-01-14, 10:15 AM
It's like no other game in that respect.
Change your tennis racket, you won't see that much of a difference. Change your boots, you'll still score goals but one little thing can ruin a whole round.

Last time I was out, my mate who's usually a really consistent driver, was way off! Shanking and hooking all over the place.
It wasn't until he got to the 10th tee that he found the reason why.

He still had his wallet in his back pocket and it was messing with his alignment and body weight.

Tiny little things like that can cost you 2, 3, 4 maybe more shots over the course of a round and screw your card!

09-01-14, 10:54 AM
That's the beauty (and frustration!) of golf. Even the best players in the world can shoot 10 over or worse on a bad day

02-04-14, 11:30 AM
Masters soon who is your money on?

03-04-14, 03:05 AM
No idea dude! Need to check the odds! Tigger out then!
Am really looking forward to watching it this year as been away (1 was actually a golf holiday!) for past 2 Masters

Beautiful course - would LOVE to play it

10-04-14, 05:23 PM
The Sky Sports coverage of this tournament so far has been shocking. For a live a event there is little to fuck all golf actually been shown. Oh yeah there's plenty of re-runs alright. To annoyed to create the 'if you could just show some golf , that'd be great' meme

10-04-14, 06:18 PM
Looked up an American live stream of the golf. No golf. WTF

11-04-14, 11:17 PM
its all very odd - I'm sure its all to do with what they are allowed to show but usually 1 UK channel (prob SKY) should be able to show ALL the golf from the WHOLE day?

Bubba killed it today

12-04-14, 12:51 AM
Welsh guy under par! :cheer:

12-04-14, 02:41 AM
Aussies right in the mix, happy about that. Bubba looking very very good though.

Aussie amateur has already wrapped up the amatuer title, only 1 to make the cut, happy about that too.

12-04-14, 10:00 PM
if only lee westwood could putt....

maybe be challenging tiger's major record?

drives for show putts for dough :ok:

13-04-14, 01:53 AM
Bubba shit himself today!

Wide open field for final round!

12-05-14, 02:39 AM
Congrats to Martin Kaymer for a great win at TPC Sawgrass.

Gutted for young Speith, he looks the real deal tho

13-05-14, 12:06 AM
Kaymer's already a legend :hail:

13-05-14, 12:09 AM
if only lee westwood could putt....

maybe be challenging tiger's major record?

drives for show putts for dough :ok:

Monty mk2 mate, tee 2 green hes 2nd 2 none ;)

13-05-14, 01:45 AM
Missed TPC :(

Would love to play 17th!

Off to Portugal for golf on Thur :)

13-05-14, 01:55 AM
Luck bastard :boom:

17th would be class to play.

I played here Sunday, cracking course...



13-05-14, 09:44 AM

18-07-14, 03:47 AM
Cracking start by Rory and a decent enough start for Tiger. Nice to see Sergio up there, not sure he will stay wth the leaders for long...

Stunning first day golf and weather wise, if the wind pics up that there will be some high scoring rounds.

18-07-14, 09:45 AM
Yeah - watched most of it yesterday. Good comeback from a bad start for Tiger. Rory needs not to blow up today now like last week
Sergio is one of my bets
Sat/Sun weather may get worse

18-07-14, 12:25 PM
When the course is dry, it's fairly predictable. Last time, Tiger only hit irons off the tee and decimated the place. If it rains and the course gets wet, this whole tournament could turn on its head.

Craig Forrest
18-07-14, 02:36 PM
When the course is dry, it's fairly predictable. Last time, Tiger only hit irons off the tee and decimated the place. If it rains and the course gets wet, this whole tournament could turn on its head.

He destroyed a tenth of it?

sorry... misuse of the word decimated is one of my pet-peeves.....

although I believe that the constant misuse of the word has led to it being defined these days as a synonym for "destroy a large portion of"... but it still bothers me :D

18-07-14, 05:48 PM
I also have a pet peeve over the usage of the word "infer". It does not mean imply.

We had severe electrical storms nationwide overnight, it's the hottest day of the year and very humid. The weather forecast is so unsettled, the Met Office have said that their forecast might be way off because they haven't seen such unsettled weather in some time. Rory has a grip on it right now but who nows what comes tomorrow?

19-07-14, 03:54 PM
Rory with a 6 shot lead then - surely good enough?

I put pre-tournament cash (only £1) on Garcia/Dustin Johnson and Eduardo Molinari) - all of them in top 6 so if they can have decent rounds tomorrow that'll net me a few £'s

19-07-14, 05:26 PM
Nice and solid from McIlroy, didn't panic and played sensibly when in trouble. One or two under tomorrow should guarantee the win

20-07-14, 01:28 AM
He won't blow it again this time!...

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20-07-14, 12:11 PM
Ive gambled with $10 on Sergio at 25/1....

long shot really as cant see Rory (and I hope he doesnt) lose it from here.

20-07-14, 06:32 PM
I only put £1 on Sergio at the start but £7 is £7 :lol:

Great stuff for Rory!

20 Jul 14 / 18:29 Bet Winnings The 143rd Open Championship - Tournament Winner Live – Sergio Garcia @ 25/1 + £7.25 O/6078398/0000355/F

21-07-14, 01:57 AM
Rorys drive on the 1st hole of the final round :hail:

21-07-14, 01:59 AM
I love the tracer on the drives :ok:


21-07-14, 02:26 AM
Look at the difference in ball flight on the third for Sergio from Friday to Saturday.


21-07-14, 02:29 AM
Rory gets a fan ejected for coughing in his backswing.



21-07-14, 03:19 AM

21-07-14, 10:11 AM
https://vine.co/v/M2m0pJn2wDm = Dick

- - - Updated - - -
https://vine.co/v/M2ZTiPADULP Dick mk 2

21-07-14, 10:29 AM
Nothing wrong with that Beez, hes in the middle of his round and needs 100% concentration. Any pro would be the same!

28-07-14, 09:33 AM
A collection of Tiger tracers:


01-08-14, 11:09 PM
Garcia just got 8 birdies in 9 holes :shocked:

11-08-14, 01:47 AM
Rory! :hail:

That was some of the best golf I've seen for years - amazing quality from a host of players!

19-08-14, 10:09 AM

20-08-14, 12:38 AM
Had a round today after work - crap 1st 9, better 2nd 9 (5 over) but far too inconsistent as not playing enough

Was 2 down after 14 but ended up winning against my mate though :)


Playing Belfry again next month and looking to book a lads golf trip to Miami and Florida golf next year. - some pimpin' PGA courses being mentioned.......

20-08-14, 12:07 PM
Nice man, Id like to give you a game :ok:

20-08-14, 12:09 PM
Nice man, Id like to give you a game :ok:

I hit the ball like this


20-08-14, 12:18 PM
I am the last one, funny first ones before me :lol:

267KPH, Im a big versatile boy tho.

View My Video (http://tinypic.com/m/i6dxea/3)

20-08-14, 12:21 PM
I am the last one, funny first ones before me :lol:

267KPH, Im a big versatile boy tho.

View My Video (http://tinypic.com/m/i6dxea/3)

edit: the girl who said WOW, I nobber her that nioght in the clubhouse toilets :lol:

Drive for show... putt for dough. im skint!

20-08-14, 12:26 PM
You dirty dog!!

Nice drive though!

20-08-14, 12:27 PM
You dirty dog!!

Nice drive though!

Was funny, was a charity day and you can choose the pro to play 2 shots for you per round. He turned to me and said, Ive never played from here before. He hit 6 into a 510m par 5 :D

20-08-14, 06:18 PM
hell of a swing on you Foddy! :shocked:

Here's me smashing one at 1.05 in red top

And my team came 2nd - 2.44


2nd in the individual last year at Wentworth - a massive mickey trophy, won an ipad and re-auctioned it for charity - raised £500. But I still haven't owned an ipad so maybe should have kept it! :lol:

21-08-14, 01:36 AM
Nice nice, u give it a good whack too!

ha ha should of kept it for sure. Love my ipad.

How hard was Wentworth? where else u played, high profile courses?

21-08-14, 02:42 AM
Didn't play West Course (the one all the champs played on) but the other 2

Off top of me head, played the following from the top 100 on this link


Royal St Georges (shot 6 over!)
Royal Birkdale (one of hardest courses I ever played. Terrible weather but I was awful)
Royal Portrush (awesome!)
St Andrews (overhyped - did enjoy driving the 18th and birdieing it tho!)
Troon (played to single figs here as well)
Woodhall Spa a few times in past couple of years
Royal Portcawl
Belfry load sof times and soon again
Celtic Manor
Royal Cinque Ports
West Sussex

Then played some IMMENSE courses in Thailand


This year played one of best courses in Portugal


Been to Portugal a couple of other times and done a couple of areas like \http://www.valedolobo.com/en/golf/

This was pretty cool in Argentina


Vegas golf holidays twice

Butch Harmon course Rio Secco - http://riosecco.net/
Cascata - http://www2.cybergolf.com/sites/courses/layout9.asp?id=1050&page=61753
Badlands - http://badlandsgc.com/
Wolf Creek - http://www.golfwolfcreek.com/
Bali Hai - http://www.balihaigolfclub.com/

Went to Pebble Beach on road trip last year but no time to play :cry:

Couple of the courses mentioned for next year trip are........Doral and Sawgrass


25-08-14, 01:16 PM
Woo-hoo - we got a Welshman in Ryder Cup Team! :cheer:


1st and 2nd for this for Wales as well! :humble:

09-09-14, 09:02 AM


26-09-14, 04:06 PM

26-09-14, 08:11 PM
Cracking day in Ryder Cup!

26-09-14, 09:51 PM
Some day of sport tomorrow http://www.joe.ie/joe-life/life-features/our-20-step-guide-to-get-through-saturdays-23-hour-sporting-marathon/

Be missing the golf from 5-7 though

26-09-14, 10:24 PM
Did Watson really fuck up with selection or just how these things go?

27-09-14, 12:12 AM
Did Watson really fuck up with selection or just how these things go?

He should have put rookies back out as they are young and had energy (a reason for not putting Phil Mick back out) and as they walloped us they had about 2 hours rest time

That was only bad call really (and letting Phil back out)

Poulter with Gallacher was a bad call as well but Captains make decisions and some work and some do not

As long as we do not come out of tomorrow worse than even we should be well placed to retain/win

27-09-14, 01:16 AM
I think McGinley should split Garcia and McIlroy tomorrow.

EDIT: And so they have:
Rose & Stenson v Watson & Kuchar
Donaldson & Westwood v Furyk & Mahan
Bjorn & Kaymer v Reed & Spieth
McIlroy & Poulter v Walker & Fowler

Watson also rests Mickelson for the afternoon.

27-09-14, 07:01 PM
10-6, not sure I see USA closing the 4 pts gaps with these singles to come tomorrow

McDowell v Spieth
Stenson v Reed
McIlroy v Fowler
Rose v Mahan
Gallacher v Mickelson
Kaymer v Watson
Bjorn v Kuchar
Garcia v Furyk
Poulter v Simpson
Donaldson v Bradley
Westwood v Walker
Dubuisson v Johnson

27-09-14, 07:48 PM
Great afternoon for us :)

28-09-14, 03:55 AM
Thought it strange to take your best match play golfer and stick him last but assume Dubuisson is McGinley's insurance policy in case things go wrong.

28-09-14, 04:20 PM
Dubiusson hasn't played 1 game of fourballs in this - he only played alternate shot games

28-09-14, 09:03 PM
Dubuisson was runner up in the World Matchplay this year, which was what I made reference to. Didn't matter though as Europe won the day again. All the talk now is about preparation. McGinley has been groomed for this for years, captaining the UK & Ireland team in the Seve Trophy and seemed to take the preparation more seriously than Tom Watson. He's been to tournaments, met with players, stayed at Victor Dubuisson's house. You can win the Presidents Cup with a scratch team and an adhoc mentality as Team International doesn't prepare but that won't cut it in the Ryder Cup.

Even when they've won, the US have had their issues with team unity. I assume this is why Mickelson has called for Paul Azinger's "pod" system to return. The last two cups were reasonably close, this one not so much.

29-09-14, 02:40 AM
So happy Europe won again and great for the Welsh lad to help see it home!

What a comeback from G-Mac tho and Rory was superb today!

Fair play to McGinley as well - superb stuff. I don't even recall seeing any of the US vice captains whilst his extra 2 really helped

29-09-14, 08:02 AM
Watson took just two vice captains.

07-10-14, 10:20 AM
I wish I could get a tracer n my ball flight, I played like Rory on the weekend.


Craig Forrest
07-10-14, 03:31 PM
I always play like Rory :ok:

Rory Jones, the one-armed retarded midget :D

I suck at golf :D

27-11-14, 09:51 AM
Any advice from the golfers here when buying a new driver?

27-11-14, 10:19 AM
Make sure they have a clean license! :pound:

Nah - seriously. I would first decide what sort of specific you want (degree loft, shaft type etc). If you are not sure of that then see local pro or even American golf type person who can recommend etc

Also, some clubs are not suitable depending on your handicap as they will not help you. Go for the club that is right for you - don't just think of buying the latest club or go on brand name

Try out a few drivers at a golf range that sells clubs (they will tape up the face for you and give you a few if they think you might buy one from them)

I have found I had my heart set one 1 club then after an hour or 2 trying out a few you may go for a different one based on feel/ball flight etc

Once you know the club you want then either buy new or go on eBay or golf outlets for maybe lower price or 2nd hand if you are not too worried by that

27-11-14, 10:51 AM
Make sure they have a clean license! :pound:


Cheers mate. Nice advice there as I was looking them up and being a proper 24 handicapper (probably 17-18 when I bother to get one) I thought 'the red one' looked good on a local golfing webstore :lol:

To be honest I'm probably better off spending money on longer shafts for my set of irons, they are a bit on the short side imo.

27-11-14, 11:21 AM
Best piece of advice I can recommend mate is similar to redders but I would defo go and get fitted up, you dont have to buy from these expensive outlets but they will monitor your swing and give you your 'ideal' specs for your clubs. Then, like Redders says go to eBay and grab them for half the price. Onyl thing I would say is for a driver, I wouldnt bother, get a strong 3 wood, 13 degree or somthing simailr. I think Taylormade just released a mini driver. (Exy tho).

I didnt use a driver (couldnt hit one cos I had such a strong grip) until I got down to around 9/10 handicap. Now I have an extra strong shaft and 8.5 degree loft :D

27-11-14, 11:24 AM
I edited Derm and added more :)

27-11-14, 11:30 AM
I was similar at the start of the year, smashing a 3 wood further than the lads I was playing with and they were using driver. I've gotten the control right now but the driver I have doesn't belong to the set so it's taken awhile to get used to. Plus it's about 15 years old so defo due an upgrade.

In fairness I should really have gotten advice in regards my irons, I hit a 6 where most would use an 8 or 9 :confused:#

Will for sure looked to get fitted, sounds the best. Put my back out over compensating with an iron shot in July and don't wanna be going through that shit again.

27-11-14, 11:37 AM
Whats your ball flight like, do you hit it high or low? What shafts tdo you use at the minute? (I am guessing regular if you only hit a 6 as far as the boys hits 8/9's)

27-11-14, 12:08 PM
Interesting question, generally on the low side off a drive but it's somewhat intentional as slightly low is slightly low where as slightly high can be anything. Worked quiet a bit on repetition in stance and tee placement and preferred drive height is a little lower than 'midway'. It works well, generally hit 8/10 fairways on par 4's and 5's.

Just regular iron shafts. I'm 6'4 so I'm fairly sure they are too short. Ironically I used hit a 9 where others hit 6 or 7, the offset of that is I was teeing off with an iron too as my tekkers where total gibberish. Some slap of a ball though :lol:

27-11-14, 12:37 PM
Get measured up (so to speak) - that's what I did for my irons. Ended up trying a few and had heart set on some for £500+ but the ones I felt most comfortable with were £300!

08-04-15, 10:56 PM
Justin Rose and Jimmy Walker my 2 bets for this

Any idea who Chapman in the Racing Post tipped?

08-04-15, 11:44 PM
Jordan Spieth and Ricky Fowler for me.

09-04-15, 02:06 AM
Spieth on fire form wise

Looking forward to it :)

09-04-15, 10:27 PM
Spieth tearing it up!

Done him to win, Rose, Walker, Lowry and Westwood each way. The last 3 gonna need to pick up sharply

09-04-15, 11:17 PM
didn't put any bets on - yet :doh:

31-05-15, 01:54 AM

19-06-15, 07:53 AM
Anyone been watching US Open?


21-06-15, 04:22 PM
Course looks shite from what I saw on Thursay

Been away rest of the wknd so not seen since then

Sounds like Day done great stuff following collapse and Speith on fire?

22-06-15, 03:21 AM
Everyone says course looks shit, its just been made harder, which is how it should be. Long rough, narrow and slick fairways.

Dustin Joshnson 3 stabbing the last whe he had a putt to win, 2 to tie and then 3 stabs :humble:

22-06-15, 03:57 AM
Did he go for win with first putt or just bottle it?

22-06-15, 04:02 AM
He was about 12 ft away Id say and he went for it yeh but left it 5 foot past...

Can imagine the nerves, chance to win the comp and now you need to make a Dennis Wise to just stay in the comp.

Speith made it all possible with his double bogey on 7, u tried to murder a 6 iron 220 yards instead of dabbing a 4 iron to the front of the green.He was 3 ahead at this point.

22-06-15, 07:00 AM
Ah right - sounds like the right man won overall then?
Sounds like Rory was giving it a good go in last round and could have done the same the round before
Not sure where Tiger goes now - crazy he puts a decent effort in at Masters but his driving accuracy is fucking shocking - can't see him winning a major again now. He'll prob put his game right and pick up some tour wins but a lot of good young players out there now

16-07-15, 08:36 AM
Predictions for the open?

Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

16-07-15, 09:49 AM
McIlroy!! :lol:

I don't think it will be Speith.
Who it might be? Not a clue.

I'll pluck Rickie Fowler and Adam Scott out.

18-07-15, 12:01 AM
I bet on a European in Liam's bookie - gutted I've not seen a ball hit in first 2 days but will catch some tomorrow and Sunday :ok:

19-07-15, 03:40 AM
Its gonna run into Monday due to the rain!

20-07-15, 11:02 AM
Yesterday would probably have been the greatest last day at any major ever. Be class if today lives up to it.

C'mon Paul Dunne :ok:

11-08-15, 06:57 PM
Thoughts on USPGA? Speith favourite?

12-08-15, 02:30 AM
I think goes into every tourney he plays as favourite.... Until Rory returns at least!!

14-08-15, 11:34 PM
I could sit and watch these Pro-tracer videos all day long!


- - - Updated - - -

Id love to see Jason Day win this one, he is always there or there abouts in every tourney he plays!

15-08-15, 09:28 AM
Yep - indeed

Another tourney I'm not going to see anything of as away but Day indeed may deserve to get one

Looks like Rory had a poor day

Justin Rose always solid and could be in the mix to stay near the top

17-08-15, 12:17 AM
I fucking new it, I said to my old man last week I fancy Day, was gonna chuck a hundge on him, the old man hates me gambling so couldn't do it. Fuck fuck.

08-01-16, 03:02 PM
Been paying a bit handicap is now 7.9, meaning I play off 8!

My old man today, he had a wipe, 2 x 1 points and came in with 44 points ::spit:

My mate had 43...

Paid if burglars

I had 32

08-01-16, 03:04 PM
Here we are at the home of golf, me, old man and me bro!


09-01-16, 03:12 AM
I drove and birdied 18th :)

Never played with so much wind though - was crazy

09-01-16, 04:36 AM
Which courses are you playing when you go away mate?

09-01-16, 01:25 PM
In Texas? Not sure yet. Only had a date confirmed. Awaiting more details!

28-01-16, 07:18 AM

28-01-16, 09:22 AM
Texas golf trip is booked :)

28-01-16, 09:37 AM
Texas golf trip is booked :)

Where you playing at or that not sorted yet?

29-01-16, 01:31 AM
Not sorted yet. Flights booked, accom and golf is next. Supposed to be some wild girls in Austin :horn:

29-01-16, 04:13 AM
Yeh, isn't that where Coyote Ugly was filmed :D

06-04-16, 02:14 PM
Anyone got Jeremy Chapman's tips for the masters?

06-04-16, 02:55 PM
Anyone got Jeremy Chapman's tips for the masters?

Lazy bastard.. only took 2 seconds of searching


06-04-16, 03:43 PM
What good are tips for the Open :D

06-04-16, 04:55 PM
What good are tips for the Open :D

:doh: Pasted wrong one :lol: Think these should be the ones.


06-04-16, 07:07 PM
Last years mate :lol:

I suspect they might even be 2014's tips.

Ah herself is going to the shops, I'll get her to take a pic of his tips :D

09-04-16, 03:28 PM
Foddy - I'm playing these courses in Texas in a couple of weeks.

No idea if they are any good etc

Falconhead golf club
The golf club at star ranch
Teravista golf club
Avery ranch golf club

09-04-16, 09:40 PM
I bet Ernie Els never wants to see the 1st at Augusta ever again!!

11-04-16, 09:28 AM
Looks like Speith imploded? Even though Saturday they were saying he was blessed to have any sort of a lead even when he lead by 4 shots. Basically his short game and recovery were doing all the work and that his driving was terrible. Must have brought it into Sunday.

Westwood close again!