View Full Version : Create a game online possible ?

05-09-15, 01:17 PM

First of all it's been a long time since i'm on this website but it's my first post and i'm not english.
I tried to find on the forum the answer of my question but i didn't found it, and it's sometime difficult for me to understand the meaning of some posts.

I would like to create an online game on my computer that can be played with my brother who lives 600kms away from me is it possible ?

Like if we have the same game data, is it possible for him to connect to my game and play with me just like if we were on the same computer ?

Sorry if my english isn't great.

Cam F
05-09-15, 10:09 PM
Yes we had a Friday night online forum game a few years ago. You would set up a network game then ask your Bro to join.

06-09-15, 05:05 PM
Ok so can i create that network game on my own ?

Do I need any software of something ?