View Full Version : Grrrrr. Sacked after qualifying for the WC.

03-11-15, 06:19 PM
Just taken Ghana to the WC for the first time in 12 years in my game, and have been given the boot for my troubles.

I have a saved back-up from about 6 weeks before it happened, at which stage the FA are 'delighted' with my performance. All I then did was win the last two matches, qualify, and the very next day I'm canned. It's very annoying.

Is there any way that the game can be edited at the with GK or CME to prevent this from happening?

03-11-15, 06:28 PM
Just re-apply for the job. Usually does the work for me.

03-11-15, 06:31 PM
Sadly it happens with most African national teams

Cam F
03-11-15, 06:43 PM
Yup, I won every game scoring minimum 5 in each and the feckers sacked me. Never bothered again with African Nations.

04-11-15, 05:50 AM
Sadly it happens with most African national teams

Which database does this happen on? Both 3.9.60 and 3.9.68?

Cam F
04-11-15, 01:47 PM
Happens in 0001 also.

04-11-15, 07:05 PM
Boy, is this irritating me.

Tried reapplying, but apparently they haven't forgiven me for my performance earlier in the year.

Also tried playing around with the reputation of the nation in the editor by setting to lowest possible - even set my own nationality to Ghanaian and PA/CA to 200, still no dice.

What I'll try next is resigning when they love me, which is right before the last group match, and immediately reapply.

04-11-15, 10:08 PM
You should've taken the bung!

04-11-15, 10:27 PM
Happened to me 3 times over the last few updates with Cameroon,Senegal and Ivory Coast despite qualifying easily from the group...I shouted out one word the last time it happened......'BASTARDS!!'...:rockon: