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24-01-16, 01:20 PM
Copy the offsets above in to a notepad and save it as FinancialChanges.patch (note: ensure that it becomes a .patch file and not a .patch.txt file. You need to show hidden extensions for known file types in order to remove the .txt extension. To do this go in to a folder > press alt > tools > folder options > view > untick the box next to "Hide extensions for known file types". Alternatively copy an existing .patch file and right click > edit > notepad).


Then go in to the Flex 2.0 and choose the Patch Installer option from the drop down menu (NOTE: click the drop down menu under the cross in the top right corner to bring up a list of tools).


Select your CM0102 file


Click apply.


Select your FinancialChanges.patch file


Click open and in the CMD prompt you should see the line "Patch Installed. (X bytes written to file).



24-01-16, 01:22 PM
This helped me out massively. Very simple to follow :ok:

24-01-16, 02:55 PM
Very good guide! It will help lots of gamers!

10-04-16, 12:00 PM
CHANGE AUS$ SYMBOL TO GBP SYMBOL (http://champman0102.co.uk/showthread.php?t=68&page=74&p=290401#post290401)

0x58B474 0x41 0xA3
0x58B475 0x75 0x0
0x58B476 0x73 0x0
0x58B477 0x24 0x0
0x58b3fc 0x24 0xA3

Download .patch file: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B5POvkz6bjyrWjJuS0FkSHVvZEE

10-04-16, 12:14 PM
TRANSFER WINDOW FIX (by Saturn) (http://champman0102.co.uk/showthread.php?t=1769&page=4&p=286568#post286568)

Download .patch file: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B5POvkz6bjyrWE9OTjlRUkZ1X0E (Transfer Window Reversal)
Download .patch file: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B5POvkz6bjyrWWZhMHhQdUE2b1k (Transfer Window)

With the help of Tapani's new method from 2.21 I've addded windows for all countries in the game. I've taken the dates from here (http://www.fifatms.com/en/data-and-reports/transfer-windows/), with a few minor modifications, eg international dates (July 1st) are used instead of domestic dates (various June dates) for European leagues. The full list of dates included in the patch are below:

Argentina 2016-06-19 2015-09-10 2016-01-25 2016-02-24
Australia 2016-07-28 2016-10-19 2017-01-04 2017-02-01
Belgium 2016-07-01 2016-09-01 2017-01-01 2017-02-01
Brazil 2016-01-28 2016-04-20 2016-06-20 2016-07-19
Croatia 2015-07-01 2015-09-01 2016-01-18 2016-02-15
Denmark 2016-07-01 2016-09-01 2017-01-01 2017-02-01
England 2016-07-01 2016-09-01 2017-01-01 2016-02-01
Finland 2016-02-12 2016-05-05 2016-08-05 2016-09-02
France 2016-07-01 2016-09-01 2017-01-01 2016-02-01
Germany 2016-07-01 2016-09-01 2017-01-01 2017-02-01
Greece 2016-07-01 2016-09-01 2017-01-01 2016-02-01
Holland 2016-07-01 2016-09-01 2017-01-01 2017-02-01
Italy 2016-07-01 2016-09-01 2017-01-01 2016-02-01
Japan 2016-01-09 2016-04-01 2016-06-27 2016-07-27
N Ireland 2015-07-01 2015-09-01 2016-01-01 2016-02-01
Norway 2016-01-08 2016-03-31 2016-07-22 2016-08-18
Poland 2015-07-01 2015-09-01 2016-02-01 2016-03-01
Portugal 2015-07-01 2015-09-22 2016-01-01 2016-02-01
Rep Of Ireland 2015-12-01 2016-02-22 2016-07-01 2016-07-31
Russia 2015-06-09 2015-09-01 2016-01-27 2016-02-26
Scotland 2016-07-01 2016-09-01 2017-01-01 2017-02-01
South Korea 2016-01-05 2016-03-28 2016-06-30 2016-07-29
Spain 2016-07-01 2016-09-01 2017-01-01 2017-02-01
Sweden 2016-01-08 2016-03-31 2016-07-22 2016-08-18
Turkey 2016-07-01 2016-09-01 2017-01-01 2017-02-01
USA 2016-02-18 2016-05-11 2016-07-04 2016-08-03
Wales 2016-07-01 2016-09-01 2017-01-01 2017-02-01
Other changes include:

Removal of the two player limit in Argentina's winter window.
Belgian and German clubs can buy players from lower league clubs in their respective nations (when the windows are open).
Norwegian clubs no longer have to sign players before a registration deadline.
Various ASCII changes made to reflect the above in your News feed.
Squad registration dates for European competitions will always occur after both windows shut.

The Transfer Window patch is below, compatible for a .68 exe:

0xa6aa 0x88 0x66
0xa6ab 0x58 0xc7
0xa6ac 0x2 0x40
0xa6ad 0xc6 0x2
0xa6ae 0x40 0xff
0xa6af 0x3 0x13
0xa6b0 0x18 0x90
0xa6b4 0x6 0x5
0xa6c5 0x88 0x66
0xa6c6 0x50 0xc7
0xa6c7 0x2 0x40
0xa6c8 0xc6 0x2
0xa6c9 0x40 0xff
0xa6ca 0x3 0xa
0xa6cb 0x6 0x90
0xa6cf 0x7 0x8
0xa6df 0x88 0x66
0xa6e0 0x58 0xc7
0xa6e1 0x2 0x40
0xa6e2 0xc6 0x2
0xa6e3 0x40 0xff
0xa6e4 0x3 0x19
0xa6e5 0xe 0x90
0xa6e6 0xc6 0x88
0xa6e7 0x40 0x58
0xa6e9 0xb 0x90
0xa6fc 0x88 0x66
0xa6fd 0x50 0xc7
0xa6fe 0x2 0x40
0xa6ff 0xc6 0x2
0xa700 0x40 0xff
0xa701 0x3 0x18
0xa702 0x4 0x90
0xa706 0x2 0x1
0xa9bf 0x7e 0xeb
0xaa9d 0x9c 0x48
0xaa9e 0x79 0xa1
0x12cd5 0xc 0x18
0x12ce6 0x1 0x2
0x12d55 0xb9 0x6a
0x12d56 0x6 0x2
0x12d57 0x0 0x59
0x12d58 0x0 0x89
0x12d59 0x0 0x8
0x12d5a 0xc6 0xc7
0x12d5b 0x0 0x40
0x12d5d 0x88 0xff
0x12d5e 0x58 0x1c
0x12d5f 0x1 0x6
0x12d60 0x88 0x1
0x12d61 0x48 0x89
0x12d62 0x2 0x48
0x12d63 0xc6 0x6
0x12d64 0x40 0xc7
0x12d65 0x3 0x40
0x12d66 0xb 0x8
0x12d67 0xc6 0xff
0x12d68 0x40 0x13
0x12d69 0x4 0x9
0x12d6a 0x5 0x0
0x12d6b 0xc6 0xb5
0x12d6c 0x40 0x1
0x12d6d 0x5 0x89
0x12d6e 0x1 0x48
0x12d6f 0x8b 0xc
0x12d70 0x46 0xc7
0x12d71 0x4 0x40
0x12d72 0x3 0xe
0x12d73 0xc1 0xff
0x12d74 0xc6 0x4
0x12d76 0x2 0x1
0x12d77 0x88 0x89
0x12d78 0x58 0x48
0x12d79 0x1 0x12
0x12d7a 0xc6 0xc7
0x12d7c 0x2 0x14
0x12d7e 0xc6 0x1
0x12d7f 0x40 0x1
0x12d80 0x3 0x0
0x12d81 0x11 0xc6
0x12d82 0xc6 0x46
0x12d83 0x40 0x13
0x12d84 0x4 0x6
0x12d85 0x3 0x90
0x12d86 0x88 0x90
0x12d87 0x58 0x90
0x12d88 0x5 0x90
0x12d89 0x88 0x90
0x12d8a 0x4e 0x90
0x12d8b 0x13 0x90
0x24c0b 0x24 0x18
0x24c0f 0x3 0x2
0x24c83 0x80 0xc6
0x24c84 0xca 0x0
0x24c85 0xff 0x3
0x24c86 0xb1 0x88
0x24c87 0x1 0x58
0x24c88 0xc6 0x1
0x24c89 0x0 0xc6
0x24c8a 0x3 0x40
0x24c8b 0x88 0x2
0x24c8c 0x58 0xff
0x24c8d 0x1 0xc6
0x24c8e 0x88 0x40
0x24c8f 0x50 0x3
0x24c90 0x2 0x1
0x24c91 0x88 0xc6
0x24c92 0x48 0x40
0x24c93 0x3 0x4
0x24c94 0xc6 0x6
0x24c95 0x40 0xc6
0x24c96 0x4 0x40
0x24c98 0x88 0x1
0x24c99 0x48 0x8b
0x24c9a 0x5 0x46
0x24c9b 0x8b 0x4
0x24c9c 0x46 0x83
0x24c9d 0x4 0xc0
0x24c9e 0xc6 0x6
0x24c9f 0x40 0xc6
0x24ca0 0x6 0x0
0x24ca2 0x83 0x88
0x24ca3 0xc0 0x58
0x24ca4 0x6 0x1
0x24ca5 0x88 0xc6
0x24ca6 0x58 0x40
0x24ca7 0x1 0x2
0x24ca8 0x88 0xff
0x24ca9 0x50 0xc6
0x24caa 0x2 0x40
0x24cab 0xc6 0x3
0x24cac 0x40 0x1
0x24cad 0x3 0xc6
0x24cae 0x1e 0x40
0x24caf 0xc6 0x4
0x24cb0 0x40 0x8
0x24cb1 0x4 0x88
0x24cb2 0x5 0x58
0x24cb3 0x88 0x5
0x24cb4 0x58 0x8b
0x24cb5 0x5 0x46
0x24cb6 0x8b 0x4
0x24cb7 0x46 0xc6
0x24cb8 0x4 0x40
0x24cb9 0x83 0xc
0x24cba 0xc0 0x3
0x24cbb 0xc 0x83
0x24cbc 0xc6 0xc0
0x24cbd 0x0 0xc
0x24cbe 0x3 0xc6
0x24cbf 0x88 0x40
0x24cc0 0x48 0x1
0x24cc2 0x88 0xc6
0x24cc3 0x50 0x40
0x24cc5 0x88 0xff
0x24cc6 0x48 0xc6
0x24cc7 0x3 0x40
0x24cc8 0xc6 0x3
0x24cc9 0x40 0x1
0x24cca 0x4 0x88
0x24ccb 0x5 0x58
0x24ccc 0x88 0x4
0x24ccd 0x48 0xc6
0x24cce 0x5 0x40
0x24ccf 0x8b 0x5
0x24cd0 0x46 0x1
0x24cd1 0x4 0x8b
0x24cd2 0xc6 0x46
0x24cd3 0x40 0x4
0x24cd4 0x12 0x83
0x24cd5 0x3 0xc0
0x24cd6 0x83 0x12
0x24cd7 0xc0 0x5e
0x24cd8 0x12 0xc6
0x24cd9 0x88 0x0
0x24cda 0x48 0x3
0x24cdb 0x1 0xc6
0x24cdc 0x88 0x40
0x24cdd 0x50 0x1
0x24cde 0x2 0x1
0x24ce1 0x3 0x2
0x24ce2 0x1f 0xff
0x24ce5 0x4 0x3
0x24ce6 0xb 0x1
0x24ce7 0x88 0xc6
0x24ce8 0x58 0x40
0x24ce9 0x5 0x4
0x24cea 0x8b 0x1
0x24ceb 0x46 0x88
0x24cec 0x4 0x58
0x24ced 0x83 0x5
0x24cee 0xc0 0x5b
0x24cef 0x18 0x81
0x24cf0 0xc6 0xc4
0x24cf2 0x3 0x2
0x24cf3 0xc6 0x0
0x24cf4 0x40 0x0
0x24cf5 0x1 0xc3
0x24cf6 0x2 0x90
0x24cf7 0x88 0x90
0x24cf8 0x50 0x90
0x24cf9 0x2 0x90
0x24cfa 0x88 0x90
0x24cfb 0x48 0x90
0x24cfc 0x3 0x90
0x24cfd 0xc6 0x90
0x24cfe 0x40 0x90
0x24cff 0x4 0x90
0x24d00 0x5 0x90
0x24d01 0x88 0x90
0x24d02 0x48 0x90
0x24d03 0x5 0x90
0x24d04 0x8b 0x90
0x24d05 0x46 0x90
0x24d06 0x4 0x90
0x24d07 0x88 0x90
0x24d08 0x58 0x90
0x24d09 0x23 0x90
0x24d0a 0x83 0x90
0x24d0b 0xc0 0x90
0x24d0c 0x1e 0x90
0x24d0d 0x5e 0x90
0x24d0e 0x5b 0x90
0x24d0f 0xc6 0x90
0x24d10 0x0 0x90
0x24d11 0x3 0x90
0x24d12 0xc6 0x90
0x24d13 0x40 0x90
0x24d14 0x1 0x90
0x24d15 0x2 0x90
0x24d16 0x88 0x90
0x24d17 0x50 0x90
0x24d18 0x2 0x90
0x24d19 0xc6 0x90
0x24d1a 0x40 0x90
0x24d1b 0x3 0x90
0x24d1c 0x1f 0x90
0x24d1d 0xc6 0x90
0x24d1e 0x40 0x90
0x24d1f 0x4 0x90
0x24d20 0x2 0x90
0x24d21 0x81 0x90
0x24d22 0xc4 0x90
0x24d23 0x0 0x90
0x24d24 0x2 0x90
0x24d25 0x0 0x90
0x24d26 0x0 0x90
0x24d27 0xc3 0x90
0x24db8 0x74 0xeb
0x2516d 0x8d 0xe9
0x2516e 0x44 0x89
0x2516f 0x24 0x0
0x25170 0xc 0x0
0x25171 0x52 0x0
0x251c3 0x70 0x20
0x25243 0xc8 0x20
0x2527d 0x70 0x20
0x252fd 0xc4 0x70
0x3f135 0xc 0x18
0x3f146 0x1 0x2
0x3f1b5 0xb2 0x6a
0x3f1b6 0x3 0x4
0x3f1b7 0xb1 0x59
0x3f1b8 0xb 0x89
0x3f1b9 0xc6 0x8
0x3f1ba 0x0 0xc7
0x3f1bb 0x4 0x40
0x3f1bc 0x88 0x2
0x3f1bd 0x58 0xff
0x3f1be 0x1 0x1c
0x3f1bf 0x88 0x0
0x3f1c0 0x50 0x1
0x3f1c1 0x2 0x89
0x3f1c2 0x88 0x48
0x3f1c3 0x48 0x6
0x3f1c4 0x3 0xc7
0x3f1c5 0x88 0x40
0x3f1c6 0x48 0x8
0x3f1c7 0x4 0xff
0x3f1c8 0xc6 0x14
0x3f1c9 0x40 0x3
0x3f1ca 0x5 0x0
0x3f1cb 0x1 0xb5
0x3f1cc 0x8b 0x1
0x3f1cd 0x46 0x89
0x3f1ce 0x4 0x48
0x3f1cf 0xc6 0xc
0x3f1d0 0x40 0xc7
0x3f1d1 0x6 0x40
0x3f1d2 0x4 0xe
0x3f1d3 0x83 0xff
0x3f1d4 0xc0 0x14
0x3f1d5 0x6 0x5
0x3f1d6 0x88 0x1
0x3f1d7 0x58 0x89
0x3f1d8 0x1 0x48
0x3f1d9 0xc6 0x12
0x3f1da 0x40 0xc7
0x3f1db 0x2 0x40
0x3f1dc 0x5 0x14
0x3f1dd 0xc6 0xff
0x3f1de 0x40 0x13
0x3f1df 0x3 0x6
0x3f1e0 0x8 0x0
0x3f1e2 0x40 0x46
0x3f1e3 0x4 0x13
0x3f1e4 0xa 0x5
0x3f1e5 0x88 0xc6
0x3f1e6 0x58 0x46
0x3f1e7 0x5 0x13
0x3f1e8 0x88 0x32
0x3f1e9 0x56 0x90
0x3f1ea 0x13 0x90
0x118555 0xc 0x18
0x118566 0x1 0x2
0x1185d1 0x80 0x6a
0x1185d2 0xc9 0x5
0x1185d3 0xff 0x59
0x1185d4 0xc6 0x89
0x1185d5 0x0 0x8
0x1185d6 0x5 0xc7
0x1185d7 0x88 0x40
0x1185d8 0x58 0x2
0x1185d9 0x1 0xff
0x1185da 0x88 0x1
0x1185db 0x48 0x6
0x1185dc 0x2 0x1
0x1185dd 0xc6 0x89
0x1185de 0x40 0x48
0x1185df 0x3 0x6
0x1185e0 0x1 0xc7
0x1185e1 0xc6 0x40
0x1185e2 0x40 0x8
0x1185e3 0x4 0xff
0x1185e4 0x5 0x1
0x1185e5 0xc6 0x8
0x1185e6 0x40 0x0
0x1185e7 0x5 0xb5
0x1185e9 0x8b 0x89
0x1185ea 0x46 0x48
0x1185eb 0x4 0xc
0x1185ec 0x83 0xc7
0x1185ed 0xc0 0x40
0x1185ee 0x6 0xe
0x1185ef 0xc6 0xff
0x1185f0 0x0 0x12
0x1185f1 0x5 0x0
0x1185f2 0x88 0x1
0x1185f3 0x58 0x89
0x1185f4 0x1 0x48
0x1185f5 0x88 0x12
0x1185f6 0x48 0xc7
0x1185f7 0x2 0x40
0x1185f8 0xc6 0x14
0x1185f9 0x40 0xff
0x1185fa 0x3 0xf
0x1185fb 0x1e 0x1
0x1185fc 0xc6 0x0
0x1185fd 0x40 0x90
0x1185fe 0x4 0x90
0x1185ff 0x2 0x90
0x118600 0x88 0x90
0x118601 0x58 0x90
0x118602 0x5 0x90
0x179b85 0xc 0x18
0x179b96 0x1 0x2
0x179c01 0xb1 0x6a
0x179c02 0x2 0x7
0x179c03 0xc6 0x59
0x179c04 0x0 0x89
0x179c05 0x7 0x8
0x179c06 0x88 0xc7
0x179c07 0x58 0x40
0x179c08 0x1 0x2
0x179c09 0xc6 0xff
0x179c0a 0x40 0x1
0x179c0b 0x2 0x6
0x179c0d 0x88 0x89
0x179c0f 0x3 0x6
0x179c10 0xc6 0xc7
0x179c12 0x4 0x8
0x179c13 0x5 0xff
0x179c14 0xc6 0x1
0x179c15 0x40 0x8
0x179c16 0x5 0x0
0x179c17 0x1 0xb5
0x179c18 0x8b 0x1
0x179c19 0x46 0x89
0x179c1a 0x4 0x48
0x179c1b 0x83 0xc
0x179c1c 0xc0 0xc7
0x179c1d 0x6 0x40
0x179c1e 0xc6 0xe
0x179c1f 0x0 0xff
0x179c20 0x7 0x1
0x179c21 0x88 0x0
0x179c22 0x58 0x1
0x179c23 0x1 0x89
0x179c24 0xc6 0x48
0x179c25 0x40 0x12
0x179c26 0x2 0xc7
0x179c27 0x4 0x40
0x179c28 0xc6 0x14
0x179c29 0x40 0xff
0x179c2a 0x3 0x1
0x179c2b 0x1a 0x1
0x179c2c 0x88 0x0
0x179c2d 0x48 0x90
0x179c2e 0x4 0x90
0x179c2f 0x88 0x90
0x179c30 0x58 0x90
0x179c31 0x5 0x90
0x1a99a5 0xc 0x18
0x1a99b6 0x1 0x2
0x1a9a21 0x80 0x6a
0x1a9a22 0xc9 0x8
0x1a9a23 0xff 0x59
0x1a9a24 0xc6 0x89
0x1a9a25 0x0 0x8
0x1a9a26 0x8 0xc7
0x1a9a27 0x88 0x40
0x1a9a28 0x58 0x2
0x1a9a29 0x1 0xff
0x1a9a2a 0x88 0xc
0x1a9a2b 0x48 0x1
0x1a9a2c 0x2 0x1
0x1a9a2d 0xc6 0x89
0x1a9a2e 0x40 0x48
0x1a9a2f 0x3 0x6
0x1a9a30 0x10 0xc7
0x1a9a31 0xc6 0x40
0x1a9a32 0x40 0x8
0x1a9a33 0x4 0xff
0x1a9a34 0xa 0x5
0x1a9a35 0xc6 0x4
0x1a9a36 0x40 0x0
0x1a9a37 0x5 0xb5
0x1a9a39 0x8b 0x89
0x1a9a3a 0x46 0x48
0x1a9a3b 0x4 0xc
0x1a9a3c 0x83 0xc7
0x1a9a3d 0xc0 0x40
0x1a9a3e 0x6 0xe
0x1a9a3f 0xc6 0xff
0x1a9a40 0x0 0x5
0x1a9a41 0x8 0x7
0x1a9a42 0x88 0x1
0x1a9a43 0x58 0x89
0x1a9a44 0x1 0x48
0x1a9a45 0x88 0x12
0x1a9a46 0x48 0xc7
0x1a9a47 0x2 0x40
0x1a9a48 0xc6 0x14
0x1a9a49 0x40 0xff
0x1a9a4a 0x3 0x2
0x1a9a4b 0xf 0x8
0x1a9a4c 0xc6 0x0
0x1a9a4d 0x40 0x90
0x1a9a4e 0x4 0x90
0x1a9a4f 0x7 0x90
0x1a9a50 0x88 0x90
0x1a9a51 0x58 0x90
0x1a9a52 0x5 0x90
0x1c1670 0x6 0xff
0x1c1674 0x1e 0x1
0x1c1675 0x88 0x66
0x1c1676 0x50 0xc7
0x1c1677 0x4 0x40
0x1c1678 0x88 0x4
0x1c1679 0x48 0x6
0x1c167a 0x5 0x1
0x1c168b 0x3 0xff
0x1c168f 0x1f 0x1
0x1c1693 0x7 0x8
0x1c16a3 0x88 0x66
0x1c16a4 0x50 0xc7
0x1c16a5 0x2 0x40
0x1c16a6 0x88 0x2
0x1c16a7 0x48 0xff
0x1c16a8 0x3 0x1
0x1c16bd 0x88 0x66
0x1c16be 0x50 0xc7
0x1c16bf 0x2 0x40
0x1c16c0 0xc6 0x2
0x1c16c1 0x40 0xff
0x1c16c2 0x3 0x1f
0x1c16c3 0x14 0x90
0x1c16db 0x5 0xff
0x1c16df 0x15 0x1
0x1c16e3 0xb 0x0
0x1c16f7 0xc6 0xc7
0x1c16fb 0x88 0xff
0x1c16fc 0x50 0x1
0x1c16fd 0x2 0x1
0x1c16fe 0xc6 0x90
0x1c16ff 0x40 0x90
0x1c1700 0x3 0x90
0x1c1701 0xa 0x90
0x1e008e 0xf 0x1
0x1e0092 0x7 0x8
0x1e00a8 0xc6 0x88
0x1e00a9 0x40 0x58
0x1e00ab 0x6 0x90
0x1e00c5 0xc6 0x66
0x1e00c6 0x40 0xc7
0x1e00c7 0x3 0x40
0x1e00c8 0xf 0x3
0x1e00c9 0x5b 0x1
0x1e00ca 0x81 0x1
0x1e00cb 0xc4 0x5b
0x1e00cc 0x0 0x81
0x1e00cd 0x2 0xc4
0x1e00cf 0x0 0x2
0x1e00d0 0xc3 0x0
0x1e00d1 0x90 0x0
0x1e00d2 0x90 0xc3
0x1e0172 0x74 0xeb
0x1e01a2 0x75 0xeb
0x1e04dd 0x8d 0xeb
0x1e04de 0x44 0x52
0x1e04df 0x24 0x90
0x1e04e0 0xc 0x90
0x1e0537 0x70 0x90
0x1e0538 0xa0 0xce
0x1e0539 0x98 0x9c
0x1e0575 0xc8 0xe8
0x1e0576 0x9f 0xaa
0x1e0577 0x98 0x9e
0x1e05b3 0x70 0xe8
0x1e05b4 0x9f 0xaa
0x1e05b5 0x98 0x9e
0x1e05f2 0xc4 0x70
0x1ecfab 0x88 0x66
0x1ecfac 0x58 0xc7
0x1ecfad 0x2 0x40
0x1ecfae 0xc6 0x2
0x1ecfaf 0x40 0xff
0x1ecfb0 0x3 0x1
0x1ecfb1 0x16 0x90
0x1ecfb5 0x4 0x6
0x1ecfcb 0x6 0xff
0x1ecfcf 0x1d 0x1
0x1ecfd3 0x7 0x8
0x1ecff8 0x58 0x48
0x1ed009 0x14 0x1
0x1f96e5 0xc 0x18
0x1f96f6 0x1 0x2
0x1f9761 0xb1 0x6a
0x1f9762 0x5 0xc
0x1f9763 0xc6 0x59
0x1f9764 0x0 0x89
0x1f9765 0xc 0x8
0x1f9766 0x88 0xc7
0x1f9767 0x58 0x40
0x1f9768 0x1 0x2
0x1f9769 0xc6 0xff
0x1f976a 0x40 0x1
0x1f976b 0x2 0x6
0x1f976c 0x6 0x1
0x1f976d 0xc6 0x89
0x1f976e 0x40 0x48
0x1f976f 0x3 0x6
0x1f9770 0x8 0xc7
0x1f9771 0x88 0x40
0x1f9772 0x48 0x8
0x1f9773 0x4 0xff
0x1f9774 0xc6 0x1
0x1f9775 0x40 0x8
0x1f9776 0x5 0x0
0x1f9777 0x1 0xb5
0x1f9778 0x8b 0x1
0x1f9779 0x46 0x89
0x1f977a 0x4 0x48
0x1f977b 0x83 0xc
0x1f977c 0xc0 0xc7
0x1f977d 0x6 0x40
0x1f977e 0xc6 0xe
0x1f977f 0x0 0xff
0x1f9780 0xc 0x1
0x1f9781 0x88 0x0
0x1f9782 0x58 0x1
0x1f9783 0x1 0x89
0x1f9784 0x88 0x48
0x1f9785 0x48 0x12
0x1f9786 0x2 0xc7
0x1f9787 0xc6 0x40
0x1f9788 0x40 0x14
0x1f9789 0x3 0xff
0x1f978a 0x4 0x1
0x1f978b 0xc6 0x1
0x1f978c 0x40 0x0
0x1f978d 0x4 0x90
0x1f978e 0x3 0x90
0x1f978f 0x88 0x90
0x1f9790 0x58 0x90
0x1f9791 0x5 0x90
0x23c265 0xc 0x18
0x23c276 0x1 0x2
0x23c2e1 0x80 0x6a
0x23c2e2 0xc9 0xd
0x23c2e3 0xff 0x59
0x23c2e4 0xc6 0x89
0x23c2e5 0x0 0x8
0x23c2e6 0xd 0xc7
0x23c2e7 0x88 0x40
0x23c2e8 0x58 0x2
0x23c2e9 0x1 0xff
0x23c2ea 0x88 0x1
0x23c2eb 0x48 0xb
0x23c2ec 0x2 0x1
0x23c2ed 0xc6 0x89
0x23c2ee 0x40 0x48
0x23c2ef 0x3 0x6
0x23c2f0 0xa 0xc7
0x23c2f1 0xc6 0x40
0x23c2f2 0x40 0x8
0x23c2f3 0x4 0xff
0x23c2f4 0x4 0x16
0x23c2f5 0xc6 0x1
0x23c2f6 0x40 0x0
0x23c2f7 0x5 0xb5
0x23c2f9 0x8b 0x89
0x23c2fa 0x46 0x48
0x23c2fb 0x4 0xc
0x23c2fc 0x83 0xc7
0x23c2fd 0xc0 0x40
0x23c2fe 0x6 0xe
0x23c2ff 0xc6 0xff
0x23c300 0x0 0x1
0x23c301 0xd 0x6
0x23c302 0x88 0x1
0x23c303 0x58 0x89
0x23c304 0x1 0x48
0x23c305 0x88 0x12
0x23c306 0x48 0xc7
0x23c307 0x2 0x40
0x23c308 0xc6 0x14
0x23c309 0x40 0xff
0x23c30a 0x3 0x1f
0x23c30b 0x1f 0x6
0x23c30c 0x88 0x0
0x23c30d 0x58 0x90
0x23c30e 0x4 0x90
0x23c30f 0x88 0x90
0x23c310 0x58 0x90
0x23c311 0x5 0x90
0x26149b 0x4 0xff
0x26149f 0x1b 0x1
0x2614a3 0x9 0x8
0x2614b9 0x2 0x1
0x2614d3 0x1f 0x1
0x2614d5 0x58 0x48
0x26150c 0x1e 0x1f
0x261510 0x3 0x2
0x266cce 0x6 0xff
0x266cd2 0xc 0x9
0x266cd3 0xc6 0x88
0x266cd4 0x40 0x58
0x266cd6 0xb 0x90
0x266cec 0x88 0x66
0x266ced 0x50 0xc7
0x266cee 0x3 0x40
0x266cef 0x88 0x3
0x266cf0 0x50 0x1
0x266cf1 0x4 0x3
0x266d05 0x6 0xff
0x266d06 0xc6 0x66
0x266d07 0x40 0xc7
0x266d08 0x3 0x40
0x266d09 0x1e 0x3
0x266d0a 0x88 0x1b
0x266d0b 0x50 0x5
0x266d0c 0x4 0x90
0x266d27 0x1d 0x1b
0x266d2b 0x9 0x6
0x26e685 0xc 0x18
0x26e696 0x1 0x2
0x26e701 0xb1 0x6a
0x26e702 0x19 0x1b
0x26e703 0xc6 0x59
0x26e704 0x0 0x89
0x26e705 0x1b 0x8
0x26e706 0x88 0xc7
0x26e707 0x58 0x40
0x26e708 0x1 0x2
0x26e709 0x88 0xff
0x26e70a 0x58 0x5
0x26e70b 0x2 0x0
0x26e70c 0x88 0x1
0x26e70d 0x48 0x89
0x26e70e 0x3 0x48
0x26e70f 0xc6 0x6
0x26e710 0x40 0xc7
0x26e711 0x4 0x40
0x26e712 0xa 0x8
0x26e713 0xc6 0xff
0x26e714 0x40 0x1c
0x26e715 0x5 0x2
0x26e716 0x1 0x0
0x26e717 0x8b 0xb5
0x26e718 0x46 0x1
0x26e719 0x4 0x89
0x26e71a 0x83 0x48
0x26e71b 0xc0 0xc
0x26e71c 0x6 0xc7
0x26e71d 0xc6 0x40
0x26e71e 0x0 0xe
0x26e71f 0x1b 0xff
0x26e720 0x88 0x1e
0x26e721 0x58 0x5
0x26e723 0xc6 0x89
0x26e724 0x40 0x48
0x26e725 0x2 0x12
0x26e726 0xff 0xc7
0x26e727 0x88 0x40
0x26e728 0x48 0x14
0x26e729 0x3 0xff
0x26e72a 0xc6 0x1d
0x26e72b 0x40 0x6
0x26e72c 0x4 0x0
0x26e72d 0x6 0x90
0x26e72e 0x88 0x90
0x26e72f 0x58 0x90
0x26e730 0x5 0x90
0x393725 0xc 0x18
0x393736 0x1 0x2
0x3937a1 0xb9 0x6a
0x3937a2 0x6 0x10
0x3937a3 0x0 0x59
0x3937a4 0x0 0x89
0x3937a5 0x0 0x8
0x3937a6 0xc6 0xc7
0x3937a7 0x0 0x40
0x3937a8 0x10 0x2
0x3937a9 0x88 0xff
0x3937aa 0x58 0x1
0x3937ab 0x1 0x6
0x3937ac 0x88 0x1
0x3937ad 0x48 0x89
0x3937ae 0x2 0x48
0x3937af 0x88 0x6
0x3937b0 0x48 0xc7
0x3937b1 0x3 0x40
0x3937b2 0xc6 0x8
0x3937b3 0x40 0xff
0x3937b4 0x4 0x1
0x3937b5 0x4 0x8
0x3937b6 0xc6 0x0
0x3937b7 0x40 0xb5
0x3937b8 0x5 0x1
0x3937b9 0x1 0x89
0x3937ba 0x8b 0x48
0x3937bb 0x46 0xc
0x3937bc 0x4 0xc7
0x3937bd 0x3 0x40
0x3937be 0xc1 0xe
0x3937bf 0xc6 0xff
0x3937c0 0x0 0x1
0x3937c1 0x10 0x0
0x3937c2 0x88 0x1
0x3937c3 0x58 0x89
0x3937c4 0x1 0x48
0x3937c5 0xc6 0x12
0x3937c6 0x40 0xc7
0x3937c7 0x2 0x40
0x3937c8 0xff 0x14
0x3937c9 0xc6 0xff
0x3937ca 0x40 0x1
0x3937cb 0x3 0x1
0x3937cc 0x14 0x0
0x3937cd 0xc6 0x90
0x3937ce 0x40 0x90
0x3937cf 0x4 0x90
0x3937d0 0x2 0x90
0x3937d1 0x88 0x90
0x3937d2 0x58 0x90
0x3937d3 0x5 0x90
0x394545 0xc 0x18
0x394556 0x1 0x2
0x3945c1 0x80 0x6a
0x3945c2 0xc9 0x11
0x3945c3 0xff 0x59
0x3945c4 0xc6 0x89
0x3945c5 0x0 0x8
0x3945c6 0x11 0xc7
0x3945c7 0x88 0x40
0x3945c8 0x58 0x2
0x3945c9 0x1 0xff
0x3945ca 0x88 0x8
0x3945cb 0x48 0x0
0x3945cc 0x2 0x1
0x3945cd 0xc6 0x89
0x3945ce 0x40 0x48
0x3945cf 0x3 0x6
0x3945d0 0x1 0xc7
0x3945d1 0xc6 0x40
0x3945d2 0x40 0x8
0x3945d3 0x4 0xff
0x3945d4 0x8 0x1f
0x3945d5 0xc6 0x2
0x3945d6 0x40 0x0
0x3945d7 0x5 0xb5
0x3945d9 0x8b 0x89
0x3945da 0x46 0x48
0x3945db 0x4 0xc
0x3945dc 0x83 0xc7
0x3945dd 0xc0 0x40
0x3945de 0x6 0xe
0x3945df 0xc6 0xff
0x3945e0 0x0 0x16
0x3945e1 0x11 0x6
0x3945e2 0x88 0x1
0x3945e3 0x58 0x89
0x3945e4 0x1 0x48
0x3945e5 0x88 0x12
0x3945e6 0x48 0xc7
0x3945e7 0x2 0x40
0x3945e8 0xc6 0x14
0x3945e9 0x40 0xff
0x3945ea 0x3 0x12
0x3945eb 0x1f 0x7
0x3945ec 0xc6 0x0
0x3945ed 0x40 0x90
0x3945ee 0x4 0x90
0x3945ef 0x7 0x90
0x3945f0 0x88 0x90
0x3945f1 0x58 0x90
0x3945f2 0x5 0x90
0x394647 0xf 0xe9
0x394648 0x84 0xcf
0x394649 0xce 0x0
0x39464c 0x0 0x90
0x394952 0x74 0x20
0x394953 0x99 0xa0
0x394954 0xa6 0x98
0x3949d6 0xf8 0x20
0x3949d7 0x98 0x9f
0x3949d8 0xa6 0x98
0x3cd885 0xc 0x18
0x3cd896 0x1 0x2
0x3cd901 0x80 0x6a
0x3cd902 0xc9 0x12
0x3cd903 0xff 0x59
0x3cd904 0xc6 0x89
0x3cd905 0x0 0x8
0x3cd906 0x12 0xc7
0x3cd907 0x88 0x40
0x3cd908 0x58 0x2
0x3cd909 0x1 0xff
0x3cd90a 0x88 0x1
0x3cd90b 0x48 0x6
0x3cd90c 0x2 0x1
0x3cd90d 0xc6 0x89
0x3cd90e 0x40 0x48
0x3cd90f 0x3 0x6
0x3cd910 0x1 0xc7
0x3cd911 0xc6 0x40
0x3cd912 0x40 0x8
0x3cd913 0x4 0xff
0x3cd914 0x6 0x1
0x3cd915 0xc6 0x8
0x3cd916 0x40 0x0
0x3cd917 0x5 0xb5
0x3cd919 0x8b 0x89
0x3cd91a 0x46 0x48
0x3cd91b 0x4 0xc
0x3cd91c 0x83 0xc7
0x3cd91d 0xc0 0x40
0x3cd91e 0x6 0xe
0x3cd91f 0xc6 0xff
0x3cd920 0x0 0x1
0x3cd921 0x12 0x1
0x3cd922 0x88 0x1
0x3cd923 0x58 0x89
0x3cd924 0x1 0x48
0x3cd925 0x88 0x12
0x3cd926 0x48 0xc7
0x3cd927 0x2 0x40
0x3cd928 0xc6 0x14
0x3cd929 0x40 0xff
0x3cd92a 0x3 0x1
0x3cd92b 0x14 0x2
0x3cd92c 0xc6 0x0
0x3cd92d 0x40 0x90
0x3cd92e 0x4 0x90
0x3cd92f 0x1 0x90
0x3cd930 0x88 0x90
0x3cd931 0x58 0x90
0x3cd932 0x5 0x90
0x3d3e87 0x5 0x6
0x3d3e9b 0x88 0x66
0x3d3e9c 0x48 0xc7
0x3d3e9d 0x3 0x40
0x3d3e9e 0xc6 0x3
0x3d3e9f 0x40 0x16
0x3d3ea0 0x4 0x8
0x3d3ea1 0x8 0x90
0x3d3eb7 0xf 0x1
0x3d3eb8 0xc6 0x88
0x3d3eb9 0x40 0x58
0x3d3ebb 0xb 0x90
0x3d3ed5 0xc6 0x88
0x3d3ed6 0x40 0x48
0x3d3ed8 0xf 0x88
0x3d3ed9 0x5b 0x48
0x3d3eda 0x81 0x4
0x3d3edb 0xc4 0x5b
0x3d3edc 0x0 0x81
0x3d3edd 0x2 0xc4
0x3d3edf 0x0 0x2
0x3d3ee0 0xc3 0x0
0x3d3ee1 0x90 0x0
0x3d3ee2 0x90 0xc3
0x3ec872 0xf 0x9
0x3ec876 0xb 0x5
0x3ec888 0x88 0x66
0x3ec889 0x50 0xc7
0x3ec88a 0x2 0x40
0x3ec88b 0xc6 0x2
0x3ec88c 0x40 0xff
0x3ec88d 0x3 0x1
0x3ec88e 0x18 0x90
0x3ec892 0x2 0x8
0x3ec8a6 0x2 0xff
0x3ec8aa 0x1c 0x1b
0x3ec8ae 0x5 0x0
0x3ec8c6 0x88 0x66
0x3ec8c7 0x50 0xc7
0x3ec8c8 0x3 0x40
0x3ec8c9 0xc6 0x3
0x3ec8ca 0x40 0x1a
0x3ec8cb 0x4 0x1
0x3ec8cc 0x7 0x90
0x3f63e5 0xc 0x18
0x3f63f6 0x1 0x2
0x3f6461 0xb2 0x6a
0x3f6462 0x1e 0x15
0x3f6463 0xb1 0x59
0x3f6464 0x4 0x89
0x3f6465 0xc6 0x8
0x3f6466 0x0 0xc7
0x3f6467 0x15 0x40
0x3f6468 0x88 0x2
0x3f6469 0x58 0xff
0x3f646b 0xc6 0x6
0x3f646c 0x40 0x1
0x3f646d 0x2 0x89
0x3f646e 0x6 0x48
0x3f646f 0x88 0x6
0x3f6470 0x50 0xc7
0x3f6471 0x3 0x40
0x3f6472 0x88 0x8
0x3f6473 0x48 0xff
0x3f6474 0x4 0x1
0x3f6475 0xc6 0x8
0x3f6476 0x40 0x0
0x3f6477 0x5 0xb5
0x3f6479 0x8b 0x89
0x3f647a 0x46 0x48
0x3f647b 0x4 0xc
0x3f647c 0xc6 0xc7
0x3f647e 0x6 0xe
0x3f647f 0x15 0xff
0x3f6480 0x83 0x1
0x3f6481 0xc0 0x0
0x3f6482 0x6 0x1
0x3f6483 0x88 0x89
0x3f6484 0x58 0x48
0x3f6485 0x1 0x12
0x3f6486 0x88 0xc7
0x3f6487 0x48 0x40
0x3f6488 0x2 0x14
0x3f6489 0x88 0xff
0x3f648a 0x50 0x1
0x3f648b 0x3 0x1
0x3f648c 0xc6 0x0
0x3f648d 0x40 0x90
0x3f648e 0x4 0x90
0x3f648f 0x2 0x90
0x3f6490 0x88 0x90
0x3f6491 0x58 0x90
0x3f6492 0x5 0x90
0x4594fe 0x3 0xff
0x459502 0x11 0x1
0x459506 0x5 0x6
0x45951c 0x4 0xff
0x459520 0x14 0x1
0x459524 0x7 0x8
0x45953b 0xf 0x1
0x45953f 0xb 0x0
0x45954b 0x58 0x48
0x45955c 0x1f 0x1
0x4d2893 0xc9 0x39
0x4d2894 0x2b 0xe
0x4d2895 0xc8 0xec
0x4d2d06 0x76 0xe6
0x4d2d07 0x10 0x17
0x4d2d08 0xfc 0xec
0x5020f5 0xc 0x18
0x502106 0x1 0x2
0x502171 0x80 0x6a
0x502172 0xc9 0x18
0x502173 0xff 0x59
0x502174 0xc6 0x89
0x502175 0x0 0x8
0x502176 0x18 0xc7
0x502177 0x88 0x40
0x502178 0x58 0x2
0x502179 0x1 0xff
0x50217a 0x88 0x1
0x50217b 0x48 0x6
0x50217c 0x2 0x1
0x50217d 0xc6 0x89
0x50217e 0x40 0x48
0x50217f 0x3 0x6
0x502180 0x1 0xc7
0x502181 0xc6 0x40
0x502182 0x40 0x8
0x502183 0x4 0xff
0x502184 0x5 0x1
0x502185 0xc6 0x8
0x502186 0x40 0x0
0x502187 0x5 0xb5
0x502189 0x8b 0x89
0x50218a 0x46 0x48
0x50218b 0x4 0xc
0x50218c 0x83 0xc7
0x50218d 0xc0 0x40
0x50218e 0x6 0xe
0x50218f 0xc6 0xff
0x502190 0x0 0x1
0x502191 0x18 0x0
0x502192 0x88 0x1
0x502193 0x58 0x89
0x502194 0x1 0x48
0x502195 0x88 0x12
0x502196 0x48 0xc7
0x502197 0x2 0x40
0x502198 0xc6 0x14
0x502199 0x40 0xff
0x50219a 0x3 0x1
0x50219b 0x1f 0x1
0x50219c 0x88 0x0
0x50219d 0x58 0x90
0x50219e 0x4 0x90
0x50219f 0x88 0x90
0x5021a0 0x58 0x90
0x5021a1 0x5 0x90
0x505916 0x4 0xff
0x50591b 0x1 0x4
0x505935 0x1 0xff
0x50593a 0x2 0x4
0x50b995 0xc 0x18
0x50b9a6 0x1 0x2
0x50ba11 0xb1 0x6a
0x50ba12 0x7 0x19
0x50ba13 0xc6 0x59
0x50ba14 0x0 0x89
0x50ba15 0x19 0x8
0x50ba16 0x88 0xc7
0x50ba17 0x58 0x40
0x50ba18 0x1 0x2
0x50ba19 0xc6 0xff
0x50ba1a 0x40 0x12
0x50ba1b 0x2 0x1
0x50ba1c 0x3 0x1
0x50ba1d 0x88 0x89
0x50ba1f 0x3 0x6
0x50ba20 0x88 0xc7
0x50ba21 0x58 0x40
0x50ba22 0x4 0x8
0x50ba23 0xc6 0xff
0x50ba24 0x40 0xb
0x50ba25 0x5 0x4
0x50ba26 0x1 0x0
0x50ba27 0x8b 0xb5
0x50ba28 0x46 0x1
0x50ba29 0x4 0x89
0x50ba2a 0x83 0x48
0x50ba2b 0xc0 0xc
0x50ba2c 0x6 0xc7
0x50ba2d 0xc6 0x40
0x50ba2e 0x0 0xe
0x50ba2f 0x19 0xff
0x50ba30 0x88 0x4
0x50ba31 0x58 0x6
0x50ba33 0xc6 0x89
0x50ba34 0x40 0x48
0x50ba35 0x2 0x12
0x50ba36 0xff 0xc7
0x50ba37 0xc6 0x40
0x50ba38 0x40 0x14
0x50ba39 0x3 0xff
0x50ba3a 0xf 0x3
0x50ba3b 0x88 0x7
0x50ba3c 0x48 0x0
0x50ba3d 0x4 0x90
0x50ba3e 0x88 0x90
0x50ba3f 0x58 0x90
0x50ba40 0x5 0x90
0x50f0d5 0xc 0x18
0x50f0e6 0x1 0x2
0x50f151 0xc6 0x6a
0x50f152 0x0 0x1a
0x50f153 0x1a 0x59
0x50f154 0x88 0x89
0x50f155 0x58 0x8
0x50f156 0x1 0xc7
0x50f157 0x88 0x40
0x50f158 0x58 0x2
0x50f159 0x2 0xff
0x50f15a 0xc6 0x1
0x50f15b 0x40 0x6
0x50f15c 0x3 0x1
0x50f15d 0x7 0x89
0x50f15e 0xc6 0x48
0x50f15f 0x40 0x6
0x50f160 0x4 0xc7
0x50f161 0x4 0x40
0x50f162 0xc6 0x8
0x50f163 0x40 0xff
0x50f164 0x5 0x1
0x50f165 0x1 0x8
0x50f166 0x8b 0x0
0x50f167 0x46 0xb5
0x50f168 0x4 0x1
0x50f169 0xc6 0x89
0x50f16a 0x40 0x48
0x50f16b 0x6 0xc
0x50f16c 0x1a 0xc7
0x50f16d 0x83 0x40
0x50f16e 0xc0 0xe
0x50f16f 0x6 0xff
0x50f170 0x88 0x1
0x50f171 0x58 0x0
0x50f173 0xc6 0x89
0x50f174 0x40 0x48
0x50f175 0x2 0x12
0x50f176 0xff 0xc7
0x50f177 0xc6 0x40
0x50f178 0x40 0x14
0x50f179 0x3 0xff
0x50f17a 0x14 0x1
0x50f17b 0xc6 0x1
0x50f17c 0x40 0x0
0x50f17d 0x4 0x90
0x50f17e 0x2 0x90
0x50f17f 0x88 0x90
0x50f180 0x58 0x90
0x50f181 0x5 0x90
0x5ccf56 0x44 0x4a
0x5ccf57 0x65 0x61
0x5ccf58 0x63 0x6e
0x5ccf59 0x65 0x75
0x5ccf5a 0x6d 0x61
0x5ccf5b 0x62 0x72
0x5ccf5c 0x65 0x79
0x5ccf5d 0x72 0x2e
0x5ccf5e 0x2e 0x0
If you wish to use this with Tapani 2.21, use the Transfer Window Reversal code below beforehand:

0x12d54 0x38 0x37
0x12d89 0xc6 0x88
0x12d8a 0x46 0x4e
0x12d8c 0x4 0x8b
0x12d8d 0x8b 0x8c
0x12d8e 0x8c 0x24
0x12d8f 0x24 0xc
0x12d90 0xc 0x2
0x12d91 0x2 0x0
0x12d93 0x0 0x8b
0x12d94 0x8b 0xc6
0x12d95 0xc6 0x5e
0x12d96 0x5e 0x5b
0x12d97 0x5b 0x64
0x12d98 0x64 0x89
0x12d99 0x89 0xd
0x12d9a 0xd 0x0
0x12d9e 0x0 0x81
0x12d9f 0x81 0xc4
0x12da0 0xc4 0x10
0x12da1 0x10 0x2
0x12da2 0x2 0x0
0x12da4 0x0 0xc2
0x12da5 0xc2 0x14
0x12da6 0x14 0x0
0x12da7 0x0 0x90
0x3f1b2 0x32 0x3
0x3f1e8 0xeb 0x88
0x3f1e9 0xc5 0x56
0x3f1ea 0x90 0x13
0x179b85 0x18 0xc
0x179b96 0x2 0x1
0x179c01 0x6a 0xb1
0x179c02 0x7 0x2
0x179c03 0x59 0xc6
0x179c04 0x89 0x0
0x179c05 0x8 0x7
0x179c06 0xc7 0x88
0x179c07 0x40 0x58
0x179c08 0x2 0x1
0x179c09 0xff 0xc6
0x179c0a 0x1 0x40
0x179c0b 0x6 0x2
0x179c0d 0x89 0x88
0x179c0f 0x6 0x3
0x179c10 0xc7 0xc6
0x179c12 0x8 0x4
0x179c13 0xff 0x5
0x179c14 0x1 0xc6
0x179c15 0x8 0x40
0x179c16 0x0 0x5
0x179c17 0xb5 0x1
0x179c18 0x1 0x8b
0x179c19 0x89 0x46
0x179c1a 0x48 0x4
0x179c1b 0xc 0x83
0x179c1c 0xc7 0xc0
0x179c1d 0x40 0x6
0x179c1e 0xe 0xc6
0x179c1f 0xff 0x0
0x179c20 0x1 0x7
0x179c21 0x0 0x88
0x179c22 0x1 0x58
0x179c23 0x89 0x1
0x179c24 0x48 0xc6
0x179c25 0x12 0x40
0x179c26 0xc7 0x2
0x179c27 0x40 0x4
0x179c28 0x14 0xc6
0x179c29 0xff 0x40
0x179c2a 0x1 0x3
0x179c2b 0x1 0x1a
0x179c2c 0x0 0x88
0x179c2d 0x90 0x48
0x179c2e 0x90 0x4
0x179c2f 0x90 0x88
0x179c30 0x90 0x58
0x179c31 0x90 0x5
0x1c1670 0xff 0x6
0x1c1674 0xd 0x1e
0x1c1675 0x66 0x88
0x1c1676 0xc7 0x50
0x1c1677 0x40 0x4
0x1c1678 0x4 0x88
0x1c1679 0x5 0x48
0x1c167a 0x1 0x5
0x1c168b 0xff 0x3
0x1c168f 0x1 0x1f
0x1c1693 0x8 0x7
0x1c16a3 0x66 0x88
0x1c16a4 0xc7 0x50
0x1c16a5 0x40 0x2
0x1c16a6 0x2 0x88
0x1c16a7 0xff 0x48
0x1c16a8 0x1 0x3
0x1c16bd 0x66 0x88
0x1c16be 0xc7 0x50
0x1c16bf 0x40 0x2
0x1c16c0 0x2 0xc6
0x1c16c1 0xff 0x40
0x1c16c2 0x1f 0x3
0x1c16c3 0x90 0x14
0x1c16db 0xff 0x5
0x1c16df 0x1 0x15
0x1c16e3 0x0 0xb
0x1c16f7 0xc7 0xc6
0x1c16fb 0xff 0x88
0x1c16fc 0x1 0x50
0x1c16fd 0x1 0x2
0x1c16fe 0x90 0xc6
0x1c16ff 0x90 0x40
0x1c1700 0x90 0x3
0x1c1701 0x90 0xa
0x1ecfac 0x50 0x58
0x1ecfb1 0x1 0x16
0x1ecfb5 0x6 0x4
0x1ecfcb 0xff 0x6
0x1ecfcf 0x1 0x1d
0x1ecfd3 0x8 0x7
0x1ecff8 0x48 0x58
0x1ed009 0x1 0x14
0x26149b 0xff 0x4
0x26149f 0x1 0x1b
0x2614a3 0x8 0x9
0x2614b9 0x1 0x2
0x2614d3 0x1 0x1f
0x2614d5 0x48 0x58
0x26150c 0x1f 0x1e
0x261510 0x2 0x3
0x266c40 0x53 0x81
0x266c41 0x51 0xec
0x266c42 0xc6 0x0
0x266c43 0x41 0x2
0x266c44 0x8 0x0
0x266c45 0x2 0x0
0x266c46 0x6a 0x53
0x266c47 0x18 0x56
0x266c48 0xe8 0x8b
0x266c49 0xf9 0xf1
0x266c4a 0xe1 0x6a
0x266c4b 0x2d 0x18
0x266c4c 0x0 0xc6
0x266c4d 0x5b 0x46
0x266c4e 0x59 0x8
0x266c4f 0x51 0x2
0x266c50 0x85 0xe8
0x266c51 0xc0 0xf1
0x266c52 0x8a 0xe1
0x266c53 0x5c 0x2d
0x266c54 0x24 0x0
0x266c55 0x24 0x33
0x266c56 0x89 0xdb
0x266c57 0x41 0x83
0x266c58 0x4 0xc4
0x266c59 0x75 0x4
0x266c5a 0x68 0x3b
0x266c5b 0x81 0xc3
0x266c5c 0xec 0x89
0x266c5d 0x0 0x46
0x266c5e 0x2 0x4
0x266c5f 0x0 0x75
0x266c60 0x0 0x62
0x266cba 0x81 0x5e
0x266cbb 0xc4 0x5b
0x266cbc 0x0 0x81
0x266cbd 0x2 0xc4
0x266cbf 0x0 0x2
0x266cc0 0x59 0x0
0x266cc1 0x5b 0x0
0x266cc5 0x88 0xc6
0x266cc6 0x18 0x0
0x266cc7 0x90 0xf
0x266cc9 0x78 0x58
0x266cce 0xff 0x6
0x266cd2 0x3 0xc
0x266cd6 0x0 0xb
0x266ce2 0x88 0xc6
0x266ce3 0x18 0x0
0x266ce4 0x90 0xf
0x266ce6 0x78 0x58
0x266cec 0x66 0x88
0x266ced 0xc7 0x50
0x266cee 0x40 0x3
0x266cef 0x3 0x88
0x266cf0 0x1b 0x50
0x266cf1 0x2 0x4
0x266cf3 0x78 0x58
0x266cf8 0x88 0xc6
0x266cf9 0x58 0x40
0x266cfb 0x90 0xf
0x266d05 0xff 0x6
0x266d06 0x66 0xc6
0x266d07 0xc7 0x40
0x266d08 0x40 0x3
0x266d09 0x3 0x1e
0x266d0a 0x6 0x88
0x266d0b 0x6 0x50
0x266d0c 0x90 0x4
0x266d16 0x90 0x5e
0x266d18 0x78 0x58
0x266d1a 0x88 0xc6
0x266d1b 0x18 0x0
0x266d1c 0x90 0xf
0x266d27 0x5 0x1d
0x266d2b 0x7 0x9
0x266d2c 0x59 0x5b
0x266d2d 0x5b 0x81
0x266d2e 0xc3 0xc4
0x266d2f 0x90 0x0
0x266d30 0x90 0x2
0x266d31 0x90 0x0
0x266d32 0x90 0x0
0x266d33 0x90 0xc3
0x3d3df0 0x53 0x81
0x3d3df1 0x51 0xec
0x3d3df2 0xc6 0x0
0x3d3df3 0x41 0x2
0x3d3df4 0x8 0x0
0x3d3df5 0x2 0x0
0x3d3df6 0x6a 0x53
0x3d3df7 0x18 0x56
0x3d3df8 0xe8 0x8b
0x3d3df9 0x49 0xf1
0x3d3dfa 0x10 0x6a
0x3d3dfb 0x17 0x18
0x3d3dfc 0x0 0xc6
0x3d3dfd 0x5b 0x46
0x3d3dfe 0x59 0x8
0x3d3dff 0x51 0x2
0x3d3e00 0x85 0xe8
0x3d3e01 0xc0 0x41
0x3d3e02 0x8a 0x10
0x3d3e03 0x5c 0x17
0x3d3e04 0x24 0x0
0x3d3e05 0x24 0x33
0x3d3e06 0x89 0xdb
0x3d3e07 0x41 0x83
0x3d3e08 0x4 0xc4
0x3d3e09 0x75 0x4
0x3d3e0a 0x68 0x3b
0x3d3e0b 0x81 0xc3
0x3d3e0c 0xec 0x89
0x3d3e0d 0x0 0x46
0x3d3e0e 0x2 0x4
0x3d3e0f 0x0 0x75
0x3d3e10 0x0 0x62
0x3d3e6a 0x81 0x5e
0x3d3e6b 0xc4 0x5b
0x3d3e6c 0x0 0x81
0x3d3e6d 0x2 0xc4
0x3d3e6f 0x0 0x2
0x3d3e70 0x59 0x0
0x3d3e71 0x5b 0x0
0x3d3e73 0xb1 0x80
0x3d3e74 0x1 0xca
0x3d3e75 0x88 0xff
0x3d3e76 0x18 0xb1
0x3d3e77 0x88 0x1
0x3d3e78 0x78 0xc6
0x3d3e79 0x1 0x0
0x3d3e7a 0xc7 0x13
0x3d3e7b 0x40 0x88
0x3d3e7c 0x2 0x58
0x3d3e7d 0xff 0x1
0x3d3e7e 0x1 0x88
0x3d3e7f 0x6 0x50
0x3d3e80 0x1 0x2
0x3d3e81 0x8b 0x88
0x3d3e82 0x46 0x48
0x3d3e83 0x4 0x3
0x3d3e84 0x83 0xc6
0x3d3e85 0xc0 0x40
0x3d3e86 0x6 0x4
0x3d3e87 0x80 0x5
0x3d3e88 0xca 0x88
0x3d3e89 0xff 0x48
0x3d3e8a 0x88 0x5
0x3d3e8b 0x18 0x8b
0x3d3e8c 0x88 0x46
0x3d3e8d 0x78 0x4
0x3d3e8e 0x1 0xc6
0x3d3e8f 0x88 0x40
0x3d3e90 0x50 0x6
0x3d3e91 0x2 0x13
0x3d3e92 0xc6 0x83
0x3d3e93 0x40 0xc0
0x3d3e94 0x3 0x6
0x3d3e95 0x1 0x88
0x3d3e96 0xc6 0x58
0x3d3e97 0x40 0x1
0x3d3e98 0x4 0x88
0x3d3e99 0x8 0x50
0x3d3e9a 0x88 0x2
0x3d3e9b 0x78 0x88
0x3d3e9c 0x5 0x48
0x3d3e9d 0x8b 0x3
0x3d3e9e 0x46 0xc6
0x3d3e9f 0x4 0x40
0x3d3ea0 0x88 0x4
0x3d3ea1 0x58 0x8
0x3d3ea2 0xc 0x88
0x3d3ea3 0x83 0x58
0x3d3ea4 0xc0 0x5
0x3d3ea5 0xc 0x8b
0x3d3ea6 0x88 0x46
0x3d3ea7 0x48 0x4
0x3d3ea8 0x1 0x83
0x3d3ea9 0xc7 0xc0
0x3d3eaa 0x40 0xc
0x3d3eab 0x2 0xc6
0x3d3eac 0xff 0x0
0x3d3ead 0x1 0x13
0x3d3eae 0x0 0x88
0x3d3eaf 0x1 0x48
0x3d3eb0 0x8b 0x1
0x3d3eb1 0x46 0x88
0x3d3eb2 0x4 0x50
0x3d3eb3 0x83 0x2
0x3d3eb4 0xc0 0xc6
0x3d3eb5 0x12 0x40
0x3d3eb6 0x88 0x3
0x3d3eb7 0x78 0xf
0x3d3eb8 0x5 0xc6
0x3d3eb9 0x88 0x40
0x3d3eba 0x18 0x4
0x3d3ebb 0xc7 0xb
0x3d3ebc 0x40 0x88
0x3d3ebd 0x1 0x48
0x3d3ebe 0x1 0x5
0x3d3ebf 0xff 0x8b
0x3d3ec0 0x1 0x46
0x3d3ec1 0x1 0x4
0x3d3ec2 0x59 0x88
0x3d3ec3 0x5b 0x58
0x3d3ec4 0xc3 0x16
0x3d3ec5 0x90 0x83
0x3d3ec6 0x90 0xc0
0x3d3ec7 0x90 0x12
0x3d3ec8 0x90 0x5e
0x3d3ec9 0x90 0x88
0x3d3eca 0x90 0x58
0x3d3ecb 0x90 0x5
0x3d3ecc 0x90 0xc6
0x3d3ecd 0x90 0x0
0x3d3ece 0x90 0x13
0x3d3ecf 0x90 0x88
0x3d3ed0 0x90 0x48
0x3d3ed1 0x90 0x1
0x3d3ed2 0x90 0x88
0x3d3ed3 0x90 0x50
0x3d3ed4 0x90 0x2
0x3d3ed5 0x90 0xc6
0x3d3ed6 0x90 0x40
0x3d3ed7 0x90 0x3
0x3d3ed8 0x90 0xf
0x3d3ed9 0x90 0x5b
0x3d3eda 0x90 0x81
0x3d3edb 0x90 0xc4
0x3d3edc 0x90 0x0
0x3d3edd 0x90 0x2
0x3d3ede 0x90 0x0
0x3d3edf 0x90 0x0
0x3d3ee0 0x90 0xc3
0x3ec872 0xa 0xf
0x3ec876 0x5 0xb
0x3ec888 0x66 0x88
0x3ec889 0xc7 0x50
0x3ec88a 0x40 0x2
0x3ec88b 0x2 0xc6
0x3ec88c 0xff 0x40
0x3ec88d 0x1 0x3
0x3ec88e 0x90 0x18
0x3ec892 0x8 0x2
0x3ec8a6 0xff 0x2
0x3ec8ae 0x0 0x5
0x3ec8c6 0x66 0x88
0x3ec8c7 0xc7 0x50
0x3ec8c8 0x40 0x3
0x3ec8c9 0x3 0xc6
0x3ec8ca 0x1b 0x40
0x3ec8cb 0x1 0x4
0x3ec8cc 0xc6 0x7
0x3ec8cd 0x46 0x5b
0x3ec8ce 0x13 0x81
0x3ec8cf 0xa 0xc4
0x3ec8d0 0x5b 0x0
0x3ec8d1 0x81 0x2
0x3ec8d2 0xc4 0x0
0x3ec8d4 0x2 0xc3
0x3ec8d5 0x0 0x90
0x3ec8d6 0x0 0x90
0x3ec8d7 0xc3 0x90
0x4594fe 0xff 0x3
0x459502 0x1 0x11
0x459506 0x6 0x5
0x45951c 0xff 0x4
0x459520 0x1 0x14
0x459524 0x8 0x7
0x45953b 0x1 0xf
0x45953f 0x0 0xb
0x45954b 0x48 0x58
0x45955c 0x1 0x1f
0x4d27ca 0xb2 0xc2
0x4d27cb 0x15 0x23
0x4d27cc 0xf0 0xb5
0x4d2893 0xe9 0xc9
0x4d2894 0x14 0x2b
0x4d2895 0xf0 0xc8
0x4d299f 0xdd 0xcd
0x4d29a0 0x13 0xd5
0x4d29a1 0xf0 0xd0
0x4d2a25 0x57 0x67
0x4d2a26 0x13 0x6c
0x4d2a27 0xf0 0xd2
0x4d2b74 0x8 0x58
0x4d2b75 0x12 0xb
0x4d2b76 0xf0 0xec
0x4d2bb7 0xc5 0x75
0x4d2bb8 0x11 0xac
0x4d2bb9 0xf0 0xef
0x4d2c80 0xfc 0xc
0x4d2c81 0x10 0x37
0x4d2c82 0xf0 0xf2
0x4d2dd0 0xf 0xc2
0x4d2dd1 0xf0 0x3
0x4d2dd2 0xff 0x0
0x4d2e12 0xba 0x1a
0x4d2e13 0x3d 0xb8
0x5ccf56 0x4a 0x44
0x5ccf57 0x61 0x65
0x5ccf58 0x6e 0x63
0x5ccf59 0x75 0x65
0x5ccf5a 0x61 0x6d
0x5ccf5b 0x72 0x62
0x5ccf5c 0x79 0x65
0x5ccf5d 0x2e 0x72
0x5ccf5e 0x0 0x2e

So to play on 2.21 you:
1. Apply 2.21 onto a normal .68 exe
2. Run Transfer Window Reversal.patch in Flex
3. Run Transfer Window.patch in Flex

To play on .68 simply run Transfer Window patch in Flex on a normal .68 exe.

Finally, the following news items won't occur:

Belgium: Transfer Deadline Lifted message in second window (January 1st)
Denmark: Any deadline lifted/approaching/reached news items at all
Germany: Transfer Deadline Lifted message in second window (January 1st)
Norway: Transfer Deadline Lifted message in either window
Sweden: Any deadline lifted/approaching/reached news items at all

10-04-16, 12:17 PM
MANAGER JOB FIX (by Saturn) (http://champman0102.co.uk/showthread.php?t=5737&page=2&p=241057#post241057)

0x29d315 0x7e 0xeb
0x29d664 0x3b 0xff
0x29d6e4 0x7d 0xeb
0x29ea36 0x74 0xeb
0x29ea7e 0x74 0xeb

Here's an exe with just the above changes made to it: http://www.mediafire.com/download/tu73yk8ghzbkdlt/cm0102.exe (http://www.mediafire.com/download/98vyuhx7rs8j05d/cm0102.exe)

This should hopefully be everything. The second line increases the upper age limit to 255, the third line skips the lower age limit altogether, while the last line skips the check to see whether a manager is from a developed/developing/non-developed country.

The usual test with Spanish clubs after one season:http://i.imgur.com/hA77yEc.png

So it looks like it works for human managers, just need to see if there's any negative long-term effects for the AI managers.

There is also this bit of code:

0069D6EF MOV ECX,DWORD PTR DS:[ESI+69] ; person.nonPlayerId
0069D6F2 MOV DWORD PTR SS:[ESP+10],32 ; 50
0069D6FA MOVSX EAX,WORD PTR DS:[ECX+6] ; nonPlayer.PA
0069D6FE MOVSX EDX,WORD PTR DS:[ECX+4] ; nonPlayer.CA
0069D702 SUB EAX,EDX ; EAX = PA-CA
0069D704 CMP EAX,32 ; 50
0069D707 JG SHORT 0069D70D
It looks like it checks a manager's Potential Ability, subtracts his Current Ability and then compares it to 50, jumping to a bit of code that I don't understand if it does. I'm presuming the piece of code it skips makes it more likely that the manager will be hired. I tried to change the code from checking the PA to instead check the Coaching Outfield Players stat for 16+, but didn't get anywhere. Maybe someone else will have better luck (plus the code is skipped at the moment anyway).

Here's my attempt for reference:
0069D6F2 MOV DWORD PTR SS:[ESP+10],32
0069D--- NOP (a few lines of NOPs, writing this from memory)
0069D704 CMP EAX,0F
0069D707 JG SHORT 0069D70D

Download .patch file: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B5POvkz6bjyrSldqQkljM2ZyUTA

10-04-16, 12:19 PM
YOUNGER REGENS FIX (By Fiestita) (http://champman0102.co.uk/showthread.php?t=68&page=73&p=278242#post278242)

Flex code for JohnLocke's small nation younger regens fix.

0x3abeab 0xf 0xe9
0x3abeac 0x8d 0x2d
0x3abead 0x2c 0x5
0x3abeae 0x5 0x0
0x3abeb0 0x0 0x90

Download .patch file: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B5POvkz6bjyrdTV4QjBnMzVCcHM

10-04-16, 12:20 PM
TRAINING SCHEDULE / SLACKING OFF FIX (By Fiestita) (http://champman0102.co.uk/showthread.php?t=7729)

Okey fellows. I've made this thread to get some feedback about slacking/training in different leagues. I'd appreciate some feedback about which dates should be set for a general patch to fix the fitness issues when reaching final stages of international club cups or when starting a new season in preliminaries. I'll be noting the changes in the first posts.

+ Created over a clean v3968 executable.
+ Can be applied both before or after a Tapani patch.


0x432198 0x17 0x1
0x4321b6 0x13 0x1
0x432678 0x3 0x18
0x432681 0x7 0x5
0x4330a1 0x90 0x66
0x4330a2 0x90 0xc7
0x4330a3 0x90 0x46
0x4330a4 0x90 0x41
0x4330a5 0x90 0x18
0x4330a6 0x90 0x0
0x4330a7 0x90 0xc6
0x4330a8 0x90 0x46
0x4330a9 0x90 0x43
0x4330aa 0x90 0xb
0x4330ab 0x90 0xe9
0x4330ac 0x90 0xcf
0x4330ad 0x90 0x0
0x4330ae 0x90 0x0
0x4330af 0x90 0x0
0x433158 0x18 0x19
0x433161 0x6 0x5
0x43316d 0xb8 0x66
0x43316e 0x4 0x89
0x43316f 0x0 0x4e
0x433170 0x0 0x35
0x433171 0x0 0x66
0x433172 0x66 0xc7
0x433173 0x89 0x46
0x433174 0x4e 0x41
0x433175 0x35 0x1
0x433176 0x66 0x0
0x433177 0xc7 0x88
0x433179 0x41 0x43
0x43317a 0xe 0xb8
0x43317b 0x0 0x4
0x43317c 0x88 0x0
0x43317d 0x46 0x0
0x43317e 0x43 0x0
0x4333f3 0x90 0x66
0x4333f4 0x90 0x89
0x4333f5 0x90 0x46
0x4333f6 0x90 0x37
0x4333f7 0x90 0xc6
0x4333f8 0x90 0x46
0x4333f9 0x90 0x34
0x4333fa 0x90 0x5
0x4333fb 0x90 0xe9
0x4333fc 0x90 0xb1
0x4333fd 0x90 0x0
0x4333fe 0x90 0x0
0x4333ff 0x90 0x0
0x4334a8 0x1b 0x18
0x4334aa 0x66 0xe9
0x4334ab 0x89 0x44
0x4334ac 0x46 0xff
0x4334ad 0x37 0xff
0x4334ae 0x88 0xff
0x4334af 0x46 0x90
0x4334b0 0x34 0x90
0x4334c4 0xe 0x1
0x433741 0x90 0x66
0x433742 0x90 0xc7
0x433743 0x90 0x46
0x433744 0x90 0x32
0x433745 0x90 0x18
0x433746 0x90 0x0
0x433747 0x90 0xc6
0x433748 0x90 0x46
0x433749 0x90 0x34
0x43374a 0x90 0x5
0x43374b 0x90 0xe9
0x43374c 0x90 0xb5
0x43374d 0x90 0x0
0x43374e 0x90 0x0
0x43374f 0x90 0x0
0x4337fd 0x66 0xe9
0x4337fe 0x89 0x3f
0x4337ff 0x4e 0xff
0x433800 0x32 0xff
0x433801 0xc6 0xff
0x433802 0x46 0x90
0x433803 0x34 0x90
0x433804 0x7 0x90
0x433818 0x18 0x1
0x43381d 0x4 0x5
0x433ce3 0x90 0x66
0x433ce4 0x90 0xc7
0x433ce5 0x90 0x46
0x433ce6 0x90 0x32
0x433ce7 0x90 0x19
0x433ce8 0x90 0x0
0x433ce9 0x90 0xc6
0x433cea 0x90 0x46
0x433ceb 0x90 0x34
0x433cec 0x90 0x0
0x433ced 0x90 0xc3
0x433d9a 0x66 0xe8
0x433d9b 0xc7 0x44
0x433d9c 0x46 0xff
0x433d9d 0x32 0xff
0x433d9e 0x1d 0xff
0x433d9f 0x0 0xeb
0x433da0 0x88 0x2
0x433da1 0x46 0x90
0x433da2 0x34 0x90
0x433db8 0xc 0x18
0x433dbd 0xa 0xb
0x434094 0x9 0x18
0x43409d 0x7 0x5
0x4340b1 0x18 0x1
0x4340b6 0x4 0x5
0x434498 0xa 0x18
0x4344a1 0x7 0x5
0x4344b5 0xe 0x6
0x434868 0xf 0x18
0x434871 0x7 0x5
0x43488a 0x15 0x1f
0x434bc1 0x10 0x18
0x434bc4 0x46 0x4e
0x434e53 0x90 0x66
0x434e54 0x90 0xc7
0x434e55 0x90 0x46
0x434e56 0x90 0x32
0x434e57 0x90 0x18
0x434e58 0x90 0x0
0x434e59 0x90 0xc6
0x434e5a 0x90 0x46
0x434e5b 0x90 0x34
0x434e5c 0x90 0x5
0x434e5d 0x90 0xc3
0x434f08 0x1 0x18
0x434f11 0x7 0x5
0x434f25 0x17 0x1
0x434f2a 0x3 0x5
0x4353c4 0xc6 0xe8
0x4353c5 0x46 0x8a
0x4353c6 0x34 0xfa
0x4353c7 0x8 0xff
0x4353c8 0x66 0xff
0x4353c9 0x89 0xeb
0x4353ca 0x46 0x1
0x4353cb 0x37 0x90
0x4353cf 0x32 0x37
0x435d38 0xc 0x18
0x435d41 0x7 0x5
0x435d58 0x4 0x5
0x4360fd 0x66 0xe8
0x4360fe 0xc7 0xe1
0x4360ff 0x46 0xdb
0x436100 0x32 0xff
0x436101 0xc 0xff
0x436102 0x0 0xeb
0x436103 0x88 0x2
0x436104 0x46 0x90
0x436105 0x34 0x90
0x436119 0x1f 0x18
0x43611e 0x9 0xb
0x4363f4 0x11 0x18
0x4363fd 0x6 0x5
0x436411 0x1b 0x1
0x436416 0x4 0x5
0x436788 0x19 0x18
0x436791 0x7 0x5
0x436b6a 0x2 0x0
0x436b80 0xc 0x18
0x436b85 0xa 0xb
0x436e71 0x2 0x18
0x436e74 0x46 0x4e
0x436e89 0x18 0x1
0x436e8e 0x4 0x5
0x437609 0x1 0x18
0x43760e 0x8 0x5
0x437627 0xe 0x8
0x437a94 0xc6 0x66
0x437a95 0x46 0x89
0x437a96 0x34 0x46
0x437a97 0x3 0x37
0x437a98 0x66 0xe8
0x437a99 0x89 0x46
0x437a9a 0x46 0xc2
0x437a9b 0x37 0xff
0x437a9c 0x66 0xff
0x437a9d 0x89 0xeb
0x437a9e 0x46 0x1
0x437a9f 0x32 0x90
0x437ab3 0x1a 0x18
0x437ab8 0x9 0xb
0x437e18 0x8 0x18
0x437e21 0x7 0x5
0x437e3a 0x15 0x1f


1) Argentina
+Slacking Jul 1st
+Training Aug 1st
2) Australia
3) Belgium
+ Slacking Jun 1st
+Training Jun 24th
4) Brazil
5) Croatia
+ Slacking Jun 1st
+Training Jun 24th
6) Denmark
+ Slacking Jun 1st
+ Training Jun 24th
7) England
+ Slacking Jun 1st
+ Training Jun 24th
8) Finland
+ Slacking Dec 24th
+Training Jan 25th
9) France
+ Slacking June 1st
+Training Jun 24th
10) Germany
+ Slacking June 1st
+Training Jun 24th
11) Greece
+ Slacking May 31st
+Training Jun 24th
12) Holland
+ Slacking Jun 7th
+Training Jun 24th
13) Italy
+ Slacking Jun 8th
+ Training Jun 24th
14) Japan
15) Northern Ireland
+ Slacking Jun 5th
+ Training Jun 24th
16) Norway
+ Slacking Dec 24th
+Training Jan 25th
17) Poland
+ Slacking Jun 1st
+ Training Jun 24th
18) Portugal
+ Slacking Jun 8th
+ Training Jun 24th
19) Republic of Ireland
+ Slacking Jun 1st
+ Training Jun 24th
20) Russia
+ Slacking Dec 24th
+Training Jan 25th
21) Scotland
+ Slacking Jun 1st
+ Training Jun 24th
22) South Korea
23) Spain
+ Slacking Jun 8th
+ Training Jun 24th
24) Sweeden
+ Slacking Dec 24th
+Training Jan 25th
25) Turkey
+ Slacking May 31st
+Training Jun 24th
26) United States

Download .patch file: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B5POvkz6bjyra1lYRU13NGllU3M

03-05-16, 12:51 PM
Where I can download the patch FinanceCHange ?

Thank you!

03-05-16, 01:20 PM
Where I can download the patch FinanceCHange ?

Thank you!

Not sure there has been one? Could you be more specific, what are you after?

03-05-16, 01:54 PM
There is a patch that modifies revenue tv and many more things ... I need to add that partche with Flex2

04-05-16, 03:33 AM
Anything in here: http://champman0102.co.uk/showthread.php?t=7739

15-11-17, 09:03 PM
Can someone reupload Flex 2? The link is dead in the download section... Thanks!

16-11-17, 12:56 PM
It's also part of the JLCollection http://champman0102.co.uk/downloads.php?do=file&id=201

09-12-17, 05:23 PM
I downloaded the JL Collection, but Flex 2 is not in there.

11-12-17, 10:33 AM
All the programs are there, just as separate .bat files

There's a new link to Flex 2 here anyhow https://champman0102.co.uk/downloads.php?do=file&id=147