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17-02-16, 12:35 AM
I've always played .60 and never updated at all but looking at these threads it looks as if .68 scores more goals using the same tactics. Is this the case?

17-02-16, 01:45 AM
Depends on what team you play with I guess

17-02-16, 02:26 AM
Just as simple as team selection then? Nothing in the actual patch that makes you score more? I have a few save games going, trying different tactics in each game. Cant get the striker or strikers scoring anywhere near as many in some of the screenshots i've seen on here. I downloaded and tried FodFodCF2 with Inter, Vieri and Ronaldo upfront. I'm doing very well but they aren't scoring, seems to be Seedorf and Emre from midfield outscoring them. I thought maybe it was performing different because i'm using .60 version.

17-02-16, 03:21 AM
I dont think it was changed between .60 and .68 patches.

Single striker tactics will always grab you more goals.

FodFod2CF is great but the mids do score more than strikers in most cases, especially the wingers.

Try a single striker tactic and you will see a massive difference

Iodine CF: https://www.sendspace.com/file/z1oeho

Genius Steals: https://www.sendspace.com/file/7xfddo

4141tapani_iodine: https://www.sendspace.com/file/yvaqj9

The above are all WIB/WOB tactics.

The one I am currently using is Non Wib Wob and is a 4231 - very attacking: https://www.sendspace.com/file/ruv42q

17-02-16, 11:30 AM
Ok, cheers mate. Will do.

18-04-17, 11:33 PM
Does the 3.9.68 update the game by a year?

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19-04-17, 12:05 AM
.68 updates data. Not the year though.

19-04-17, 12:28 AM
I ment the teams not the actual year sorry for the confusion

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19-04-17, 01:18 AM
Does the .68 update, update the squads by a year but start in 2001?

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19-04-17, 08:20 AM

19-04-17, 09:42 AM
Easy enough to check ones self