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Dr. Conquest
07-03-16, 05:10 AM
As the thread title suggests, I have noticed an odd issue with CM 00/01 3.89 (vanilla and modified, but not tested with 3.81 or 3.86) where newly generated officials end up with second names from the wrong nation. First names are fine. My testing hasn't been extensive, but there seems to be a pattern to it. What I know for sure is that if I'm playing in England with every other league running in the background, new referees get Brazilian names, so I end up with chaps like John Lima dos Santos and Dave Godoy Gimenez. Similarly, when running only four other background leagues, the names are consistently Belgian, so we get Steve Nilis and Andy Jacquemain. As I have to run through a couple of seasons every time to get new officials generated, this is about the extent of my testing so far. However, it highlights the basic point of what's happening. Has anyone else noticed this behaviour, and is there a solution for it? It's not game killing, but it is very annoying.

07-03-16, 05:20 AM
This happens in 01/02 too! Not sure there is a fix for it.

Dr. Conquest
07-03-16, 05:55 AM
Thanks, Fodster. That's surprisingly reassuring. I was playing a version I'd heavily modified when I first noticed the issue and thought it was something I'd done. So I went back and tried the vanilla game and there it still was. Now I know it's also in 01/02, it's definitely a core programming issue. I curious to see if others have noticed this and been able to fix it at all.

07-03-16, 06:06 AM
I am playing EPL wt the latest patch which has all the most up to date (do-able changes) and my last few games refs are:

Alex Koko-Lomell
Ken Belodovic
Jason Abdel Rahem
Frederik Geldhof
Martin Gubser

07-03-16, 03:51 PM
In my long-test game of the Women's DB I'm getting some of the same things, the refs in the last 10 WSL1 matches are:

Shirley Rocha da Silva
Maddie Pessall
Imogen Montanini
Alex Sato
Nat Beaumont
Natalie Walker *
Stephi Paulino Santos
Sam Pinto Martins
Jenny Pereira da Silva
Ivy Pereira Junior

* means real ref

Keeping in mind I've got only 17 English refs in the DB.

With 200 German refs, these are the refs in the last ten 1. Frauen-Bundesliga matches:

Paula Rhola
Chiara Melo dos Santos
Laura-Sophie Klemz *
Peggy Nestler *
Selina Foster
Christine Imhof
Bibiana Steinhaus *
Katja Mattig *
Anja Klimm *
Maren Thoden *

6/10 here, so rather better than England, but still somewhat surprising considering there's over 10 times more German refs than English...