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10-03-16, 03:51 AM
Greetings Forumers!

First-off, I would like to apologize, if I have posted an unnecessary thread / posted in the wrong forum. I tried searching for the subject but couldn't find anything and this seems to be the most applicable, active forum.

I'm currently reliving my teen days replaying CM 97/98 but have been struggling finding a formation, which is good. I've seen many varying formations on the web but none are successful over a long stretch of games.

This site seems to be the place-to-be, when it comes to queries on CM so I'm trying my luck in finding a good formation + play style (i.e. Long Ball, Passing or Direct). Better yet, is there a "Diablo" tactic for CM 97/98 v2.93GBR?

I'm trying to play CM 97/98, in a couple of different leagues till i get sick of the game, after which I will move on to CM 01/02. For CM 01/02, I know I will be able to find more than sufficient tactics from this amazing website :happy:

Many thanks for any help / advise rendered!

10-03-16, 04:14 AM
There is a sub-forum dedicated to CM97/98 here: http://champman0102.co.uk/forumdisplay.php?f=241

10-03-16, 04:22 AM
There is a sub-forum dedicated to CM97/98 here: http://champman0102.co.uk/forumdisplay.php?f=241

Hi Fodster, yes, I've seen that sub-forum but could not find any tactic mentioned and also the posts were dated prior to 2016 so not sure, if anyone refers to that sub-forum anymore.

Hence, I posted on this forum, cos it seems people are still posting here.

Cam F
10-03-16, 07:06 AM

10-03-16, 08:51 AM

Thx for the link, Cam! I've been to this site before and have seen Tactics 1 to 5 but the link i've accessed did not have the top "Queen's Park" tactic. I've tried Tactics 1 & 2, with varying success. Away to top tier teams in my league, it struggles, and matches against the likes of Barcelona Real Madrid are also a struggle, both home and away. I've not tried Tactics 3 & 4 cos they have only 1 striker and Tactic 5 doesn't mention style.

I will give the "Queen's Park" tactic a go. I'm currently using:

GK-DR (fwd arrow to mid)-DC-DC-DL (fwd arrow to mid)-DMC (fwd arrow to mid)-AMC-AMC (fwd arrow to strikers)-AMC-SC-SC

Style: Direct

Using Lazio

It's a pretty successful tactic but, again, struggles against the bigger teams...was looking for a "Diablo" tactic or a tactic, like what you guys have unearthed on CM 01/02, where you have strikers banging in the goals and winning games by double-digits :)

10-03-16, 09:03 AM
This is a CM0102 forum, IMO any posts about tactics etc should be posted in that sub forum or on another site. Otherwise, why would we have a sub forum.

Just get onto CM0102 :ok:

Wait for all the attacks on me!