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20-03-16, 10:16 PM
Alright everyone,

I've thought of an idea for a competition that may or may not work.

I was thinking that a network game could be set up that's holidayed to the start of either the FIFA World Cup or UEFA European Championships (where you can submit your squad). This could be done using the original database or the most recently updated, depending on what people want. The patch we use could also be put to vote.

There would be no use of wib wob tactics and game speed would have to be set to one that won't take too much time, but that gives you enough time to make in game tactical changes and substitutions.

Depending on the interest, each player would be assigned with a national team (via luck of the draw) and they would have to take that national team through the competition. If say, only 8 players sign up then everyone would get to choose their 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th choice team. If more than one player chooses the same team then a draw would be done to decide who gets that team, with the other players having to settle for their 2nd, 3rd or 4th choice (depending on if they differ or not).

The player that wins the tournament with his national team will win an engraved trophy (which I would post to them).

If nobody wins the tournament then the player that finishes the furthest in the tournament would take the trophy (which makes the 3rd/4th place play off match, potentially important). If the last two remaining players go out at the same stage, then the trophy would be shared (just like the old charity shield used to be).

This would obviously need committed players that are willing to meet online on a certain day/time to play out the competition. Ideally it would be great if the competition is played out in one session, but if a large amount of competitors take place it could be done in sessions that would be pre-planned (failure to turn up for that session, will see you removed from the competition).

This is just an idea that I've had and something that could be held every so often, where a history of winners could be kept on the forum and perhaps a photo could be taken of the winners with the trophy.

It would be fantastic if we could get 16 for a Euro Champs or 32 for a World Cup, but I can't realistically see that happening, so the more the merrier really.

Let me know what you think and if you feel this is a good idea that could work and if there's enough interest maybe we can get this going.

Look forward to hearing your thoughts :-)


20-03-16, 10:31 PM
I`m interested

Would people be calling up players themselves or take over a full squad already picked?

20-03-16, 10:33 PM
I think if we started the competition at the stage where you can submit your squad for the tourni, that would be best. That way you can choose the players you wish to take part.

21-03-16, 11:14 PM
Wales please!

22-03-16, 07:43 PM
Hint: no need to holiday, you can set the exe to start on any date you want

23-03-16, 04:35 PM
Hint: no need to holiday, you can set the exe to start on any date you want

Even better mate ;)

It don't look like it's getting a lot of interest tho, which is a shame.

23-03-16, 04:57 PM
If anyone is interested, please state in this thread..