View Full Version : CM3.04e Error Loading Database (after CMExplorer editing)

19-04-16, 11:10 PM

I've been working in a custom CM3's (98/99) original database 'update' for a week. Just fixing mistakes and doing more 'consistent' to that season. I was using CM Explorer and everything was going fine. No problem loading leagues. But today I've tried to see ones of the multiples changes that I'm doing everyday... and when I try to load a new game, CM3.exe crashes. In the last two days I've added some new players to database. Could that be the problem?

It would be a shame to start again all the work done. Any suggestions? Better using CM01/02 official editor for the next time?

Thank you very much.

19-04-16, 11:28 PM
I've just fixed it using the Validate tool from CM01/02 official editor. Now it loads fine :).

19-04-16, 11:38 PM
Always use the official editor IMO

19-04-16, 11:51 PM
It seems the main problem was the staff history added to the new players created, because it has disappeared from all of them and the game works perfectly.

19-04-16, 11:52 PM
Yeh I am not sure you can add histories into the pre-game editor, there is a history project tool in the downloads section!

Cam F
20-04-16, 06:36 AM
Use the official editor. From memory there was something that caused it to crash when editing but can't mind what it was tho.