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Offside Trap
21-06-16, 02:21 PM
We have tried this before, and it's very very difficult to maintain so wanna put the feelers out on this. A 'Casual Network Game' this is exactly what it says, as not everyone can make a session, so basically anyone who cant make a specific session, is "Holidayed" with no complaint.

Over time we launched the BIG 6 game, we've several people join the Whatsapp Group that we've created (dont care if it sounds sad, its the best way of communicating) :) and couple others via the forums and Facebook, and they all wanna play the network side of the game

I've several Hamachi Groups now, and If.... everyone was online, would be a massive game, but lets not get carried away, more players, the slower the game, which can be frustrating for the more advanced users, so primarily, this is for all those who are yet to participate in networking

So... Im thinking.... An English Top Flight game with a few rules which we'll go through as and when

Let me know your thoughts

All Welcome, newbies and legends, maybe get a few people outta retirement

What's your views,

21-06-16, 04:40 PM
Sounds great to me mate :-)

Offside Trap
21-06-16, 04:49 PM
From a personal point of view, Ill always make time where I can to continue the Major 3 game I got with Pepe and London35, but I figure, with the new clan wanting in, and to involve them, this casual game could/might work