View Full Version : How to make nation playable?

05-07-16, 12:17 AM
Hey guys how i can start new game and play with the nation i want? Any trick?

05-07-16, 04:10 AM
Download and deploy a tool in the downloads/tool section called the Dirty Editor

Make sure you run as administrator :ok:


Dirty Editor

The Dirty Editor allows you to make all nations within the game available for management with just one click.

It is a much easier method than going through all nations with Graeme Kelly's editor.

Installation Instructions

Download from either of the above links and extract to anywhere on your computer.

Run DirtyEditor, load your uncompressed game (To check, load up the game and select Game Options, click Game Settings and make sure Save Compressed is set to No) and click 'Stupidity1'.

Run the game and away you go!

05-07-16, 11:24 AM
depending on what nation you want to manage, lets say one of the main ones like "france" start a game the same way as you would to manage a club, put in ur name blah blah, choose a club with a frence player in it, EG Man Utd, click man utd, then rather then click manage, just click martial if ur on the update or barthez if ur on the ODB, then click france were it says there nationality, then click manage,,,,then you should be manager of the national squad.