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19-08-16, 04:44 PM
Are there any legends of the game that you've never signed or inherited when you've took over a team?

Just having a think and I seem to have a blind spot for Argentinians as I don't think I've ever managed Saviola, Palermo, Aimar or Riquelme!

Other notable legends I haven't managed include some of the Super Greeks in Papadopolous and Tobros, while for those who remember him Robert Javier of Helvete update fame has never been under my tutelage.

19-08-16, 04:53 PM
Being a super stingey manager when I play, I rarely splash out on the established big name guys.
I would have managed a lot of them in their twilight years (bosman rule transfers :)) but a few legends that I've never had at my team:

Juan Veron
Oliver Kahn
Diego Simeone

Also, the super beast players that everyone talks about on here, I have never even seen them in my own games and was never aware of them before reading this forum. Have never managed any of them.

19-08-16, 05:04 PM
Pretty much all the .68 legends as I played only .60 until I joined here and started using updates

My team would inevitably end up like this

GK - Chiotis / Pinheiro
DL - Milevskiy / Arca
DR - Okoronkwo / Arce
DC - West / Klompe
DC - Yepes / Viali
DMC - N'Diaye / Kaluzny
MC - D'Alessandro / Messera
MC - Barsom / Aghahowa
SC - Konstantinou / Nikiforenko
SC - Toni / Tsigalko
MC - Riquelme / Kerr / Bakirkiolgu

19-08-16, 07:16 PM
Messera is another for me, don't think I'd even heard of him until I read the Being Ernest Happel story.

19-08-16, 11:27 PM
Chiotis always fail for me in .60 DB . Dont know why but every shot on target by opponents turn into goal :P All those years i play the game he never be good Gk for me..as i have transfer him thousand times as he is Greek like me :( :P

20-08-16, 09:35 PM
I don't think I have ever played the original db, neither. 60 nor. 68, so... Tsigalko, West, Madeira... They are all unknown territory to me.

30-08-16, 07:28 PM
Never bought Skalidis, did he exist only in the .68 version? I always played the .60 one and bought Tsigalko, Kerr, Aghahowa, West, Okrowonkwo, Virtanen, Hadzemehmedovic.... you name them. Never Skalidis though!

05-09-16, 01:15 PM
Yeah I think most of the super Greeks were only in .68 although Chiotis and possibly a few others were still in .60

05-09-16, 02:28 PM
Chiotis and Konstantinou were good low budget signings. :nod:

Craig Forrest
09-09-16, 04:26 PM
I've never used Tsigalko. I bought Skalidis once but he was so injury prone it was ridiculous..... Chiotis always played poorly for me so I gave up using him.

I also never used To Madeira.

I would usually buy Hugo Pinheiro, Mark Kerr, Taribo West, and Alexandros Papadopoulos.... and I'd often snag Bojan Djordic from Man United and Gattuso from Milan..... the rest of the squad I'd fill in with whoever

10-09-16, 07:04 AM
Nevee played Skalidis, Riquelme or Madeira

11-09-16, 12:07 AM
Never once signed Maxim Tsigalko. Never got the attraction.

11-09-16, 12:52 AM
Never once signed Maxim Tsigalko. Never got the attraction.

Have you even played the game?

11-09-16, 01:37 PM
Never had Tsigalko or Zola Mokouko

I always remember Skalidis scoring all 7 on his debut for me.

13-09-16, 01:57 PM
I never sign Nikiforenko :D

13-09-16, 02:11 PM
I never sign Nikiforenko :D

shame on you!

03-11-16, 06:02 PM
Never used To Madeira, Mark Kerr, Aghahowa

I've used Skalidis and Papadopoulos. They are ridiculous. It's borderline cheating. Oh and Tobros.

17-11-16, 02:16 AM
Never ruined my game with To Madeira. It was like a personal rule.

17-11-16, 12:58 PM
From the ODB the only two that I don't remember signing are Pawel Brozek and Tallan Martin (could never get a work permit and wasn't going to give him silly wages to do so!)

17-11-16, 01:07 PM
I forgot about them two, don't think I managed either as well.

20-11-16, 07:50 PM
Never once signed Maxim Tsigalko. Never got the attraction.

He does have -1 potential so in some saves he was better than others.

03-01-17, 08:21 PM
To Madeira, because I always had .68 patch!
And probably many others that I can't think of