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23-08-16, 01:58 AM
Hi guys,

i played this game since 2001 but first time there is a outstanding bug or something i saw.

i tried many different tactics ( mentalist, sw22331 etc. ) but in every tactics, opposite goalkeepers play like their best matches. average rating always 9 or 10. i tried different leagues but this bug or something ( whatever it is ) always same.

i won games like 1-0, 2-1. and they scored often after 80. minutes. and lose against weaker teams in my league often.

did you see something like that in your games?

PS. currently i am playing with leicester. and using april 2016 database.

23-08-16, 02:50 AM
Not a bug, if you dominate games it means you have more possession and more chances, this means keeper will make more saves hence getting a good rating.

Take a look at your tactic, are all your attempts from distance? if so change long shots off. Read the commentary and see what's happening in the game then adjust your tactic accordingly.

The latest update is a little harder in my opinion as the update team have mastered the attribute lay out for players to make them perform better

23-08-16, 03:37 AM
If you mean you get superkeepered, than this is how game was designed and in some games you will see that. Most likely, due to dominating too much, game will try to halt you via super keeper and one - shot one - goal thing.

Nothing you can do about that.